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					Estimate for conversion of existing I.E.P. to A.I.R.P. at Head Work Site of Gobardanga Municipal W/S Scheme, Zone
- II, under Habra Sub - Division, P.H.E.Dte., under Barasat Division, P.H.E.Dte.
Item                                                                                    Qnty     Rate    Unit Amount
                                    Description of Items
   1 Taken out of entire mixed media from 2nos. Shells 3.250 mtr. dia. X 1.40
        mtr. height X 2nos. Shell                                                        23 cum   457.60 cum   10524.80
   2 Taken out of exhausted strainers from base plate of existing two numbers
        of filters. Each filter contains 900 strainers total 1800 nos. by semi skilled                    M/
        labours.                                                                         18 nos.  200.00 day    3600.00
   3 Cleaning of 2 nos. shell inside weap cotton wools etc. and water flushing                            M/
        for 2 nos. shells by semi skiled labour                                          20 nos.  200.00 day    4000.00
   4 Removing of old paint from blistered painted surface (inside only) by
        cheaping cracking etc.                                                          120 sqm    33.13 sqm    3975.60
   5    Painting inside with two coats ready mixed Black Japan of approved make
        and brand including smoothing surface                                           120 sqm    44.54 sqm    5344.80
   6 Supply & fixing P.V.C. make strainer.                                             2700 nos.   24.75 each  66825.00
   7 Providing extra support (11 nos.) by 65 mm. X 65 mm. X 8 mm. M.S. angle
      iron with 100 mm X 100 mm. X 12 mm. thick M.S. base plate as per
      drawing from the soffit of base plate of primary treatment unit to the top
      surface of bottom dish plate including necessary welding to base plate
      with the body of shell wall, additional support with 12 mm. thick plate of
      required size & shape from RST leg to RST leg over 8 mm. thick M.S. plate
      padding which welded with the soffit of bottom dish end of said unit
      including supply of materials, cutting to required shape & size, necessary
      welding etc. all complete as per specification, drawing & direction of E.I.C.         1 item 112779.00 each       112779.00
  8   Cutting of existing 3.25 mtr. (2nd filter) dia M.S. make pressure vessel by
      gas cutter at top dishend with proper support dismantling the same by
      chainpully with help of tripad etc. Providing support inside the shell with
      angle, welding the same to prevent bulging of the shell before dismalting
      the same. Cutting of 3.25 mm dia M.S. plate of adequate thickness making
      drill in all over the plate for the provision of fixing strainer etc. and
      positioning the above plate inside the shell just below the top disend and
      providing welding the circumference with proper support by angle welding
      in the body and making manhole one at the perforated plate of 0.5m. dia.
      & other at the vertical wall of the shell of 0.75m² in size by adding
      additional necessary, pad, flange etc. again with all materials blank flange,
      gasket, nuts & bolts etc. complete as per specification, drawing &
      direction of E.I.C.                                                                   1 item 204944.00 each       204944.00
  9   Changing of part of inlet line of 125mm dia M.S pipe (heavy type) provision
      of additional 125mm. Dia. M.S. pipe (heavy type) to maintain up flow for
      both primary treatment unit & polishing unit & down flow for both units
      for back wash, changing entire 63mm. dia. M.S. pipe connecting to blower
      & at sludge retention unit after withdrawing of existing rusted pipes
      including supply of M.S. pipes of different dia. (heavy type), necessary M.S.
      bends, tee, cross, flange etc. and gas cutting, welding etc. complete as per
      direction of EIC.                                                                     1 item   66338.00 each       66338.00
 10   Supply including fitting & fixing in position of C.I.D.F. Butterfly Valve of size
      125 mm. dia. P.N.- 1.6 as per IS: 13095 - 1991 with latest ammendmend at
      site / departmental store having shut & open indicator and as per direction
      of E.I.C. icluding packing charges all taxes and charges as applicable flange
      drilled as per IS: 1538 - 1993 (Wayfer type)
                                                                                            9 nos.    3775.00 each       33975.00
 11   Supply & filling of Pulverized Manganese Di-Oxide of Mess / Passing 300
      (90%) & Grade - 78 to 80%. Test certificate from recognised Govt. Agency
      as per directin of E.I.C. to be produceed.                                          250 kg         73.11 kg        18277.50
                                                                                                     C.O. to page 2 =   530583.70
Item                                                                                     Qnty        Rate      Unit    Amount
                                    Description of Items
                                         BF from page 1                                                                 530583.70
 12 Supply of thoroughly cleaned Red Hematite ore to be packed properly at
       primary treatment unit over catalytic filter media and sludge separation
       chamber. Test certificate from recognised Govt. Agency as per direction of
                                                                                          31 MT     17716.00 M.T.       549196.00
 13 Supply of activated Alumina of granular shape & size as per specification &
       packed at polishing unit in nylon bag as per drawing and direction of E.I.C..
       Test certificate as per IS: 9700 - 1991 from recognised Govt. Agency as per
       recommandation of E.I.C. to be submitted to be produced during supply of
                                                                                        6470 Kg       171.00    Kg     1106370.00
 14    Re-alignment of 25 mm dia. G.I. air line with valves & necessary fittings
                                                                                          24 mtr.     309.00 mtr.         7416.00
 15 Repairing of 125 mm. dia. Sluice Valves.                                               2 nos.    1500.00 L.S.         3000.00
 16 Hire charges of 5 KV Generator Set including operated by manually for
       continuous power supply to avoid voltage drop which effect the welding &                              per
       electrical works.                                                                  30 days     185.00 day          5550.00
 17    Supply of fuel (Disel) as per local rate @ 1 lit/hour Total Hour : 30 X 10 =                          per
       300 hours                                                                         300 lit       51.00 lit.        15300.00
 18 Lubricant (Mobil) as per local rate @ 1 lit/36 lit consumption                                           per
                                                                                        8.33 lit      290.00 lit.         2415.70
 19 Catalytic filter media for supporting red hematiteore and sludge
       separation chamber & activated alumina
       (π x 4 x 0.175 + 3.9 x 4.9 x 0.15) = 4.3Cum.                                      4.3 cum     4250.00 cum         18275.00
 20    Supply of gravels as per required specification - 3.6 x 4.9 x 0.15 = 2.87 cum.
                                                                                        2.87 cum     4250.00 cum         12197.50
 21 Seving exhausted mixed media to separate gravels, washing the gravels
       properly and refilling it to the shell by semi-skiled labour                       16 nos.     200.00 day          3200.00
 22    Supply at site, laying, fitting, fixing & jointing of HDPE pressure pipe
       conforming to IS: 4984 - 1995 with material grade P.E. - 80 (P.N. - 6) with
       all specials & valves upto and av. Depth so as to maintain through out the
       length of pipe line and an average cussion 1 mtr. over the top of pipe
       including cutting trenches in any kind of soil, back filling in layers & road
       restoration including testing and disinfection of pipe line etc. complete as
       per direction of E.I.C. Materials of approved make by E.I.C. should be used.      150 mtr.     895.00 mtr.       134250.00
 23 Removing of old paint from blistered painted surface (out side only) by
       chipping including scraping and cleaning and exposing the original surface.       125 sqm       33.13 sqm          4141.25
 24 Priming one coat on steel or other metal surface with synthetic oil bound
       primer of approved quality including smoothening surface by sand
       papering etc.                                                                     125 sqm       23.13 sqm          2891.25
 25    Painting with best quality synthetic enamel paint of approved make &
       brand including smoothening surface by sand papering etc. including using
       of approved putty etc. on the surface, if necessary

       a) On steel or other metal surface
       With other than Hi-Gloss of approved quality
       i) Two coats (with any shed except white)                                         125 sqm       54.14 sqm          6767.50
 26 Supply of Orifice assembly of M.S. make from 100 mm. dia. upto 200 m
       dia. with necessary Orifice plate in between inlet & outlet connection
       complete as per instruction of E.I.C.                                               1 no.     9500.00 each         9500.00
 27    Supply of C.I. specials.
       i) 150 mm. dia. flanged Spigots = 4 X 23 Kg = 92 Kg
       ii) 200 mm. dia. 150 mm. dia. C.I.P.E. reducer = 1 X 20.8 Kg = 20.8 Kg

       iii) 200mm. X 200mm. X 200mm. Dia. C.I.P.E. Tee = 1 X 50.3 Kg = 50.3 Kg
       Total = 163.10 Kg Say 165 Kg                                                      165 kg         54.00 kg          8910.00
                                                                                                    C.O. to page 3 =   2419963.90
Item                                                                                       Qnty          Rate     Unit    Amount
                                  Description of Items
                                       BF from page 2                                                                    2419963.90
 28 Making socket joint to the spigot of C.I./D.I./M.S. Pipes sith C.I. specials
       (Suitable for Mechanical Joint) by Mechanical jointing procedure as per
       maufactures specification including cleaning the spigot end, Rubber gasket
       and socket. Applying suitable lubricant etc., all complete as per
       specification (C.I. Mechanical Joints along with nut, bolts, gland and gasket
       will be supplied departmentally in free of cost.

       i) 200 mm. dia.                                                                       3 nos.        38.95 each           116.85
       ii) 150 mm. dia.                                                                      4 nos.        35.15 each           140.60
 29    Making flange joint to C.I./D.I..G.I. pipes, specials and valves where
       necessary with supply necessary insertion, bolts, nuts, washers etc. of
       approved quality and type and painting complete as per specification &
       direction of E.I.C.
       i) 150 mm. dia.                                                                       6 nos.       241.30 each       1447.80
 30 Supply of 150 mm dia. flange type Flow Metre                                             1 no.      20685.00 each      20685.00
 31 Supply & installation of Pressure Guage with all accessories including cost
       of specials as per manufacturer's specification, supply, installation of
       Pressure Guage.                                                                       1 no.        117.40 each           117.40
 32    Supply of automatic bleaching solution doser of 16 galon capacity
       including IS: fitting polytubing for conection all 15 mm. dia. 16 gallon
       rubber bag complete in all respect.                                                   1 no.      32500.00 each      32500.00
 33    Labour charges to install the doser including excavation, cutting of
       C.I./D.I./A.C. pipes to be required to install the orifice assemble, back filling
       of soil complete as per instruction of E.I.C.
                                                                                             1 no.       3500.00 each       3500.00
 34    Supply of slip on M.S. flange properly ribbed including cost of materials,
       transportation, gas cutting, drilling to requisite holes as per standard table
       to match with values/counter flange as complete as per specification &
       direction of E.I.C.
       i) 150 mm. dia.                                                                       2 nos.      1105.00 each       2210.00
 35 Repairing platform, compressor & blower room, sludge separation
       chamber & other allied works as per current PWD Schedule & rates &
       current Department all rates.                                  1 item 400000.00 L.S.                               400000.00
                                                                                      Total ` =                          2880681.55
                                                                                 Add 1% Cess =                             28806.82
                                                                                      Total ` =                          2909488.37
                                                                                       Say ` =                           2909488.00
                                                                           Contingency @ 2% =                              58189.76
                                                                                      Total ` =                          2967677.76
                                                                                       Say ` =                           2967678.00
(Rupees Twenty nine Lakh Sixty seven Thousand Six Hundred Seventy eight)

 Sub-Assistant Engineer                    Assistant Engineer               Executive Engineer        Superintending Engineer
  Habra Sub-Division                       Habra Sub-Division                Barasat Division              Eastern Circle
      P.H.E.Dte.                              P.H.E.Dte.                      P.H.E.Dte.                    P.H.E.Dte.

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