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Jane M. Simon


A legal writing professor at Notre Dame Law School, extensive experience while working in a well known Chicago area law firm and experience with Law Review Executive Editorial to define a unique legal writing firm.

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									Legal Staff Profile

Jane M. Simon
By Donna McGill

Jane M. Simon has an impressive resume. Not only has she served as a federal district court law clerk, but she also heads her own
legal writing service, Law Writer, that continues to grow as the firm remains in big demand. Keep reading for more information on this
week’s Legal Staff Profile and how she continues to raise the bar in the legal arena.

                       Jane Simon offers the total legal              to an outsourcing mode, many law firms have discovered the
                       package to her clientele. She combined         practicality of their decisions. Not only do they pay only for
                       nearly two decades of experience as            those services they receive, but they are also not saddled
                       a federal court law clerk, four years          with lay-offs during slow periods, the expenses of hiring and
                       as a legal writing professor at Notre          training on site employees and of course, they do not have
                       Dame Law School, extensive experience          to worry about vacations, unemployment considerations and
                       while working in a well known Chicago          other federal laws that employers must remain in compliance
                       area law firm and experience with Law          with.
                       Review Executive Editorial to define a
                       unique legal writing firm. Her clients rely    With nearly all states recognizing and allowing outsourcing
                       on her and her associates to provide           of legal writing and research efforts, a firm’s ethics are never
                       superbly written projects that are on          questioned. Her staff includes an eclectic group of American
                       time, affordable and targeted to their         lawyers and support personnel who are licensed in many
needs.                                                                jurisdictions. Each employee with Jane Simon’s firm is bound
                                                                      by a definitive confidentiality agreement as well as a non-
Her educational highlights include a degree from Indiana              disclosure contract. Each request for proposal the office
University School of Law and Michigan State University.               receives is first researched to ensure there are no potential
Although her legal writing firm is still in its infancy (it’s         conflicts of interest. With her own commitment to an ethical
preparing to celebrate its first year in October, 2010), she has      practice, the firm is clear in that it will decline any of those
quickly raised the bar for other legal writers. Her commitment        cases that have the remote appearance of impropriety.
to perfection, kind disposition (she is very well liked and
respected by her employees) and her ability to hone in on a           Make no mistake, her clients are loyal to a fault. With
project really speaks volumes about Simon’s personality and           comments such as ‘’Jane...knows exactly how to attack a
dedication.                                                           project…I was constantly impressed by her ability to see the
                                                                      heart of the issue’’, potential clients are quickly convinced of
A firm that chooses to outsource its legal writing and legal          not only Simon, but the Law Writer firm as a whole. Adjectives
researching needs finds that it’s an efficient, effective and         used to describe this dynamic woman include ‘’thorough’’,
customized approach. It adds value to the services offered by         ‘’knowledgeable’’, ‘’reliable’’ and ‘’extremely competent’’.
the law firm and allows its lawyers to focus on their clients.
She and her staff remain current on the legal climate in its          For more information on Jane Simon and her firm, visit
entirety, which instills remarkable trust by those firms she
represents. By moving this specific aspect of trial preparation


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