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Shawn Chapman Holley


It's been a tough year for celebrity lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley. Not only has she represented one of the most watched - and troubled - celebrities take a hard fall from grace.

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Shawn Chapman Holley
By Donna McGill

It’s been a tough year for celebrity lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley. Not only has she represented one of the most watched - and
troubled - celebrities take a hard fall from grace, but she has demonstrated the value of fairness and commitment to her clients, even
as she struggled to protect her client. We’re proud to induct her into this week’s Law Star.

                       Though she would never admit it, those         quickly gained experience in some of the most serious legal
                       who know Hollywood attorney Shawn              cases. From there, she went to work for another well known
                       Chapman Holley best say that she likely        and respected law firm, The Cochran Firm, where she oversaw
                       approaches her most recent client,             the Criminal Defense Section in its entirety. She played a
                       troubled Lindsay Lohan, with a bit of          crucial role in the infamous O.J. Simpson murder trial and
                       maternal instinct, an authenticity the         most recently, has represented some of the most well known
                       young celebrity was likely not familiar        celebrity names, including Paris Hilton, the Kardashian sisters,
                       with in her life and coupled with an           Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Black Panther leader Geronimo
                       endless knowledge of the law. This, of         Pratt and Axl Rose.
                       course, all in an effort to provide the
                       best representation to a client she’s          Chapman Holley attended Southwestern University School
truly fond of. She certainly has her work cut out for her.            of Law as well as UCLA. She was recently named in the fifty
                                                                      annual Lawdragon 500 Leading Lawyers in America guide
Chapman Holley is a partner with Kinsella Weitzman Iser               and she, along with several of her fellow attorneys with her
Kump & Aldisert, LLP, located in Santa Monica, CA. The firm           current firm, were named 2010 Super Lawyers. She has been
itself is a representation of a spectacular contemporary              featured at for her impressive defense of the
legal firm that offers its clients the latest in technological        New Orleans Saints Reggie Bush. She has made many media
advances and relaxing artwork, which is always a bonus for            appearances on a national level, including ABC’s PrimeTime
clients who are not sure what to expect. Most recently, the           Live, Court TV, Fox News, CNN and MTV. She was the chief
firm successfully obtained a judgment for several big name            legal correspondent for the E! Network and takes pride in her
Hollywood heavy hitters, including Mark Burnett, Sylvester            faculty lectures at Benjamin N. Cardozo Law School and its
Stallone and Jeffrey Katzenberg. The firm was recently named          Intensive Trial Advocacy Program at Yeshiva University in New
one of only thirteen Tier 1 status legal offices in the nation        York City. She juggles all of these responsibilities flawlessly
in the field of Entertainment Law. Chapman Holley certainly           and makes it look easy.
played a significant role in this prestigious award. It should
also be mentioned more than 9,500 American law firms                  Shawn Chapman Holley is married to Dorian Holley, who
identified KWIKA as ‘’one of the best’’.                              is a gifted singer, and the couple has three daughters,
                                                                      Nayanna, Sasha and Olivia. Visit Chapman Holley’s website at
What many may not know about this diverse and extremely     
talented legal mind is that she chose to begin her career as a
public defender for Los Angeles County. In this capacity, she


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