Wellington: A Capital City of Amazing Contrasts

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					Wellington: A Capital City of Amazing Contrasts
Located in the South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand might look small on world map, but it is as diverse
as several countries are rolled into one. Jam packed with amazing attractions, gourmet lifestyle,
latest shopping trends make it difficult for its visitors where to start from.

New Zealand is a small country, similar in size to Great Britain or Japan is situated in South-West
Pacific is inhabited by only four million people. Spectacular glaciers, snow covered mountain ranges,
rolling hills , subtropical forests , volcanic plateau , gorgeous sandy beaches and miles of coastline
makes country truly spectacular and one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is now
becoming a popular location for movies as well. So grab an opportunity and book cheap flights to
New Zealand and fell in love with its panoramic beauty.

Wellington the coolest little capital in the world is an experience that will reveal the creative,
political and cultural nature of the country that provide truly magnificent scenery which falls short of
words in its description. The city is blessed with fantastic tourist attractions and travel activities with
something to suit all ages, tastes and budgets. The city decked with various art galleries and
museums telling amazing stories about country. Te Papa is an innovative national museum and is
truly a world leader in interactive experiences that showcased history, art and people of the country
in its interesting exhibitions makes it one of the most visited museums of country.

At the top of Wellington’s Cable Car, Carter Observatory is a world class attraction of country
bringing the view of The Milky Way close to Earth is a unique and interesting experience in itself.
Carter Observatory is one of country’s longest serving national observatories that is well equipped
with the state-of-art digital planetarium offerings and limitless range of virtual space journeys. No
trip to Wellington is complete without a ride on famous cable car. Enjoy great views from the
lookout and provides easy access to Botanic Garden, Cable Car Museum and Carter Observatory. In
2012 the Cable Car celebrates 110 years of its service to the city of Wellington and is among the
major attractions. So to get the glimpses of all this and much more, book tickets to Wellington from
Birmingham and enjoy fun filled activities.

The best way to appreciate the beauty of natural environment of Wellington is to visit The Karori
Sanctuary. The valley is a home to some of New Zealand’s rarest wildlife including kiwi and tuatara.
The exhibitions over here explain the 500 year old vision for the conservation of this natural habitat.
Northwest of Wellington is the Kapiti Coast, where visitors can enjoy beauty of stunning beaches and
gourmet lifestyle. Kapiti Island Nature Reserve on Kapiti Coast is one of country’s leading
conservation islands and is quite popular among tourists. Kapiti is also a hub of good food and is
renowned for its culinary delights. Tempt your taste buds at Lindale Tourist and agriculture centre
where you can enjoy local Kapiti cheese and ice cream tasting. Guests can also visit Southwards Car
Museum which has largest collection of antique and unusual cars.

So just don’t stop here, as there is so much to see and explore in the city that it needs several visits.
From culture to coffee, music to movie making, wellington’s sights and sounds will leave you
wanting for more. Catch low fare flights from London to wellington and explore the city which has
something for everyone.

Description: Wellington the capital city of New Zealand is one of the major hot spot of the country that allure visitors from far off places. From wineries to amazing coastal line, culture to coffee, music to movie making the city of Wellington has something for its every visitor.