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Which one is better Stock trading or Forex trading by nitishtrifid


Trifid Research is a leading intraday tips providers for all segments in Indian Stock Market. They have a team of fundamental and technical analysts who track the market from opening to closing. They observes every small movement in the market second to second and also seen very closely all types of bearish trends & bullish trends in the market.

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									Which one is better Stock trading or Forex trading

For a long time stocks have been a popular investment. Investors invest their amount in stock
and gain profits. Companies issue stocks to raise capital for expansion and new projects. Each
share of the stock represents a partial ownership in the company. When company makes profit
the value of the stock rise. Stock owners can sell their shares for a profit, or hold on to the stock
for even more gain in the future. There are a lot of aspects to consider if you're planning on
investing in any one of the investment markets. There are commodities, currencies, futures, and
stocks and each one has there upsides and downsides. Firstly let us know that what is stock and
forex market???

Stock Market
Stock market is a place where the share of companies are bought and sold or we can say that
Stock market is a virtual exchange of securities like as share and debenture of companies. Stock
market is a word that cannot be readily in a sentence. To well understand market you should
have a lot of experience. If you want to earn money from this market then don’t invest your
money without knowledge taking Stock Tips is helpful for you to earn money.

Forex Market
Forex market is also known as Currency market, Foreign exchange and FX market. Forex market
is the world largest financial market. Forex is the international market for the free trade of
currencies. Traders place orders to buy one currency with another currency. For example, a
trader may want to buy Euros with US dollars, and will use the forex market to do this. There are
four major currency pairs that are traded most often in the foreign exchange market. These
include the EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF. In forex market It is fact that you
don’t earn money without taking proper Forex tips.

It is very difficult to say that which one is better stock or forex because in some prospect Forex
trading is better and in some cases Stock trading is better. There are some point which can
explain that which one is better.

     In Stock we can’t predict about the future position. This is very difficult because for exact
      prediction you have a better knowledge and experience sometimes stock tips provider is
      also fail to guessing the future position but if we talk about forex trading we can predict
      the position of the currencies.
     Forex trading offers a much higher level of leverage than stock options trading, making it
      more risky that stock options trading in terms of leverage risk. Forex allows you to trade
      from 50:1 up to 400:1 on your initial margin deposit but Stock market allows up to 50% of
      your available equity.
   In forex we can trade 24 hour , 5 days in a week. But stock market can open from 9:30a.m.
    to 4:00p.m.
   One thing which is most important in trading is risk level. In forex trading risk level is not
    more than stock trading. We can easily invest in forex and earn better profit.
   In forex trading everything is online there is no dabba system. This is helpful to make
    much better economy of any country.
   In the stock market there are hundred and thousand kinds of stocks, then choosing stock
    will be a very difficult matter. But in the Forex market, the currency combination is
    extremely limited

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