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									                                                               In Summation
Vol 1, Issue 1                                                 Newsletter from the Firm of Sandman, Levy and Petrich

Experience, integrity, stability                               Opening Statement                              Under One Roof
                                                                                                              A powerful passion for trial work flows
and achievement define                                         Ask someone with a                             through our firm. When cases require
Sandman, Levy and Petrich.                                     legal issue what they                          litigation, our clients know they will have an
                                                               want from a law firm                           experienced trial attorney with them every
The law firm of Sandman, Levy                                  and they will most likely                      step of the way. This also means a continuity
and Petrich is a plaintiff ’s personal                         say, “A quick, hassle-                         of care. All too often, people begin a case with
injury firm concentrating in medical                           free, favorable resolution                     one firm only to be “farmed out” to another at-
malpractice, automobile claims,                                to my case.” However,                          torney at a different firm should a trial become
product liability, premises liability,                         whether or not someone uses a firm again       necessary. Our clients enjoy the confidence,
                                                               or recommends it to a friend has less to do    comfort, and convenience of having their case
FELA and work-related injuries. The                            with the outcome of the case and more to       handled by a single firm.
firm was founded in 1963 by Sheldon                            do with how they were treated throughout
J. Sandman and Morris A. Levy.                                 the process. Sandman, Levy and Petrich         Clients who begin working with Sandman,
David Petrich started working with                             is founded on a culture in which we treat      Levy and Petrich because of a personal injury
                                                               each other and our clients with dignity,       case are pleased to learn that almost all of their
the firm when he was in college. After                                                                        other legal needs can be handled right here in
passing the bar, he joined the firm                            respect and compassion. Come visit us
                                                               and you will see what this strategy has        our suite. In addition to personal injury cases,
as an associate and then became a                                                                             we help people with legal issues including:
                                                               produced. Over the years, we have served
partner in 1991.                                               multiple generations within our client         workers’ compensation, medical malpractice,
                                                               families. In order to sustain this tradition   nursing home negligence, uninsured motorist
Sandman, Levy and Petrich                                                                                     claims, wrongful death, dram shop, product
                                                               of well-cared for clients, we hold ourselves
continues to grow and thrive. Several                                                                         liability, and premises liability. For other issues
                                                               to a higher standard than most.
other lawyers in the suite of offices                                                                         such as wills and trusts, divorce, real estate or
are affiliated with the firm and act                           When I was in law school, I worked for         corporate matters, immigration law, and traffic
                                                               a firm where I witnessed the dramatic          or criminal matters, we have an exceptional
as co-counsel. Occupying the entire                            impact inaccessibility had on clients.         group of attorneys in our suite of offices that
9th floor at 134 North La Salle Street                         Clients would call and leave message after     can be called upon to assist.
in Chicago, IL, the warmth and                                 message with the firm’s receptionist. Often,
friendliness of this bustling firm                             they waited for days to hear back from an      Open Lines of Communication
offer clients, both new and old, a                             attorney. When people are in the middle of     A while back, we surveyed the landscape of
welcoming atmosphere. As part of                               a case, they want reassurance and answers.     our business proudly noting the landmarks
the firm’s commitment to service,                              Morris Levy and I decided that, although       of outstanding service we had carefully
                                                               screening calls was Standard Operat-           constructed. We have made working with
several staff members are fluent in
                                                               ing Procedure at other firms, it would be      our firm pleasant even for clients facing the
Polish and Spanish to help clients                                                                            most devastating of tragedies life has to offer.
                                                               100% unacceptable at ours. We wanted to
who would rather communicate in                                                                               Instead of sitting back on our laurels, we have
                                                               build a firm where clients are our number
their language.                                                one priority. The first thing new attorneys    embarked upon this newsletter. It is our way
                                                               learn when they start working here is that     of opening up another line of communication
                                                               they are to return client calls before ad-     with you so that you:
Table of Contents                                              dressing any other messages. In addition,      • Are better informed about your rights
Opening Statement  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 1                       our receptionist never screens calls. Try      • Become acquainted with our attorneys and
                                                               this some time. Call the firm and ask for        learn more about what they can do for you
                                                               Sheldon or Dave. The receptionist will put
Today’s Topic  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 2            you through to me or Dave directly. We
                                                                                                              • Stay current with relevant legal issues
                                                                                                                and updates
                                                               have arranged the workload so that, while
Ex Parte .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 2   the other attorneys are in court, I am here
                                                                                                              Our vision is to provide you with an
                                                                                                              informative, interesting, thought-provoking
                                                               in the office accessible to clients. When I
Side Bar .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 3   am out of the office, Dan Petrich, my legal
                                                                                                              newsletter you will look forward to even more
                                                                                                              than you do our holiday card and calendar!
                                                               assistant, is available to help clients with
Noteworthy Results .  .  .  .  .  .  . 3                       questions or concerns. We are serious
                                                                                                              Feel free to call me with your feedback and
                                                                                                              suggestions for articles.
                                                               about our commitment to accessibility.
Firm Appeal  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4                                                          Best Regards, Sheldon Sandman
                                                                                                                           In Summation

Today’s Topic                                    without their issues. During each tour, care-      If you suspect a friend or family member
                                                 fully assess the level of cleanliness. Lingering   is the victim of nursing home negligence,
Keeping Loved Ones Safe from                     odors are indicative of insufficient staffing.     call Sheldon Sandman or David Petrich at
Nursing Home Neglect                             Spend time watching the residents. Are their       312-726-1692 to learn about patients’ rights
                                                 needs being met? Do they look clean and            under the Nursing Home Act.
The peace of mind people feel when they
                                                 well-fed? Watch the staff ’s interaction with
believe a family member in need of around-
                                                 the residents and with each other. Listen to
the-clock care is safe and comfortable in a
                                                 your gut. Do not dismiss a “red flag” as being
                                                                                                    Ex Parte
caring place vanishes in an instant when
                                                 overly cautious. Have the patience to locate       Power of Attorney
they learn that their loved one’s nursing
                                                 a facility that “feels right” and is a good fit
home experience is in reality a nightmare.                                                          You would have to be in seriously good
                                                 for your loved one’s needs and personality.
According to Matthew Baker, an attorney                                                             shape to literally catch up with attorney
with Sandman, Levy and Petrich who con-          Make Your Presence Known                           Stephanie White. She is a competitive run-
centrates in plaintiff ’s medical malpractice,   Reverence for those in the medical profes-         ner, Extreme Beach Volleyball player, and a
personal injury and wrongful death cases,        sion is fine but not at the expense of com-        gifted trial attorney. Fortunately, proverbi-
“People expect a nursing home to provide         mon sense. You do not have to be a doctor          ally “catching up” with her is much easier
their loved ones with at least enough care to    to recognize signs of potential neglect. Ask,      because, like all Sandman, Levy and Petrich
ensure a respectable quality of life. Unfor-     observe and check. Ask questions about             attorneys, she strives to be accessible. In
                                                           the choices being made on your           between training for her next marathon and
                                                           loved one’s behalf. Extend visits        preparing cases, Stephanie took a few min-
                                                           to observe how different shifts of       utes to share her experiences as an athlete
                                                           personnel tend to your parent or         and an attorney.
                                                           grandparent. Check that medica-          Q: Tell us about your life as an athlete.
                                                           tions, bathing and position changes
                                                                                                    A: I have traveled internationally and na-
                                                           (turning) are actually happening on
                                                                                                    tionally competing in tournaments with the
                                                           schedule and with appropriate care.
                                                                                                    Extreme Volleyball Professionals tour. Most
                                                           Speak out and speak up for the per-
                                                                                                    recently, I have been training with a group
                                                           son in your life who can no longer
                                                                                                    of runners called the “Run to Eat Club.” It
                                                           speak for themselves. Chances are
                                                                                                    is a very competitive team. I have run three
tunately, the severity of their debilitation               the patient whose family is present
                                                                                                    marathons in the last five months and five
subjects nursing home patients to an array       and vocal will tend to receive the lion’s share
                                                                                                    half-marathons within seven months; each
of medical issues that are easily exacerbated    of the staff ’s attention.
                                                                                                    time setting a new record.
by lack of attention. Families are truly sur-    Act Early
prised and appalled to find their loved ones                                                        Q: Most people belong to the “Eat to Eat”
                                                 If a health issue such as bed sores or dehy-       club. How did you come up with the name
suffering from conditions such as bedsores
                                                 dration occurs, be on alert. Do not let the        “Run to Eat?”
and other tell-tale signs of neglect. Medicare
                                                 medical staff intimidate you and do not
cut-backs, staffing issues, and a growing                                                           A: We call ourselves the “Run to Eat Club”
                                                 allow denial to delay your response. At the
nursing home population have created                                                                because after we train together we meet for
                                                 first symptom of neglect, act swiftly and per-
a perfect storm of events that is produc-                                                           breakfast to reward ourselves for the hard
                                                 sistently on your
ing more and more cases of nursing home                                                             work. It is always a well-earned meal. We
                                                 loved one’s behalf.
negligence.” Matt believes the best strategy                                                        get up at 4am to train no matter what the
                                                 When in doubt,
for preventing or addressing nursing home                                                           weather. That means running in blizzards,
                                                 call us. We have
negligence is to be an advocate for our loved                                                       thunderstorms and heat waves. As a team,
                                                 access to healthcare
ones. Here are some ideas he shares with                                                            we run in open competitions in Illinois,
                                                 experts who can
those who have family members in need of                                                            Florida, Tennessee and Wisconsin to name
                                                 educate you on
nursing home care.                                                                                  a few.
                                                 what to expect and
Go On Tour                                       help you recognize                                 Q: It sounds like a full-time job! What
Take an in-person tour of several facilities     things that should                                 drives you?
before enrolling a loved one as a resident.      not be happening.                                  A: The competition. I believe that com-
For multi-facility “chains,” visit more than     Find a caring firm like Sandman, Levy and          petition is about discovering limitations
one location. Do not be satisfied with just a    Petrich with attorneys who will listen, answer     and constantly striving to work past those
tour of the “flagship” location. Although a      your questions, keep you informed and give         limitations. I love knowing that I am being
chain of facilities may have won an award        you personal care throughout the process.          challenged. It is great to be part of a team,
that does not mean individual locations are                                                         but my performance is driven by intrinsic

Newsletter from the Firm of Sandman, Levy and Petrich

motivation. Recently, I shifted from a             favor was the same adrenalin rush as cross-         Noteworthy Results
concern about what others expected of me           ing the finish line at a marathon!                  • Sandman, Levy and Petrich obtained a
to focus on my performance and desire to                                                                 $5,750,000 settlement from a major teaching
                                                   Q: What makes you exceptional as an attorney?         hospital in Chicago for an unmarried 57 year old
excel. It has taken my results to a new level.
                                                   A: I thrive on the thrill of litigation. I am         woman with terminal lung cancer. The plaintiff
                                                                                                         was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis
                                                   able to pay close attention to all of the action      of lung cancer and had her right lung surgically
                                                   at once: the judge, the jury, my client, my           removed. While in the hospital, an epidural
                                                   opponent. Then, I use what I have observed            catheter was placed in the plaintiff ’s back for
                                                   to craft a compelling argument that con-              administrative narcotic pain medication. In the
                                                   vinces the jury we have the stronger case.            ensuing 12 hours, the hospital gave the patient
                                                                                                         heparin and lovenox, both anticoagulants, and
                                                   There is a lot of pressure in personal injury         toradol resulting in permanent paralysis from the
                                                   litigation. It is a life changing experience for      chest down.
                                                   our clients, and I want to do the very best           The plaintiff ’s life expectancy at the time of her
                                                   that I can for them. I leverage my Masters in         injury was 1 to 2 years. The case was resolved at
                                                   Social Work to provide clients with empa-             mediation within one year of filing the lawsuit.
                                                   thy and counsel. I listen. I understand and         • Sandman, Levy and Petrich obtained a
                                                   translate their plight in a way that makes the        $1,975,000 settlement in Lake County for birth
                                                   judge and jury feel for their pain. I’m here          injuries. The settlement occurred at the start of
                                                                                                         the trial.
                                                   for my clients fighting for their best interest.
                                                                                                         The new born boy was delivered at a Lake
                                                                                                         County hospital on February 13, 2002. His
Q: What do your colleagues think about             Side Bar                                              mother had contracted the flu four days prior
                                                                                                         to the delivery. During labor, the mother’s
your lifestyle of athlete-attorney?
                                                   The Option That’s Less Trying                         temperature increased, and the child was
A: It is truly amazing to have such a high                                                               delivered via cesarean section. He was
                                                   than a Trial                                          subsequently diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
level of support from my co-workers and
teammates! At one race, there were over            Many people choose not to pursue legiti-              The defendant doctor claimed that the child’s
forty people along the route cheering me on.       mate legal claims for fear of the emotional,          cerebral palsy was due to an invetro infection
                                                   physical and economic drain of a trial. They          that occurred days before his delivery. The doc-
Q: How has your athletic career impacted           dread the long wait for their case to ever            tor supported this claim with testimony from
your work?                                                                                               a nationally known placental pathologist and a
                                                   reach a courtroom and the stress of having
                                                                                                         nationally known pediatric neuroradiologist who
A: The skills I have learned as an athlete         twenty-four strange eyes peering into their           testified that the child’s brain injury as shown on
translate into my profession. A few years ago,     lives. Most people are not aware that in              CT scans predated his delivery. Also, a neo-ma-
I was in trial advocacy training. The judge        many cases there is an alternative available          ternal fetal medicine specialist testified that the
teaching the class compared a trial to a mara-     to them. Mediation is an excellent option for         defendant doctor complied with the standard of
                                                                                                         care and that the child’s injury occurred two days
thon. It is a competition that requires endur-     resolving legal issues. Clients find mediation        before his birth.
ance. You have to respect the race just like       far less menacing and intimidating than a
                                                                                                       • The Firm obtained a $2,000,000 verdict for the
you have to respect the law. Success as a run-     trial. In this process, a mediator meets with         death of an unmarried 34 year old man with a
ner and an attorney comes down to prepara-         both parties in a neutral location such as            5 year old daughter in California. The plaintiff
tion and persistence. Even if you have a bad       the conference room in an office building.            suffered multiple injuries including a traumatic
day, you have to maintain your commitment          When the circumstances are appropri-                  brain injury when he was struck by a car. He was
to the process and have faith that if you stay     ate, clients and attorneys prefer mediation           transferred to a nursing and rehabilitation center
                                                                                                         located in a northwest suburb of Illinois. While at
the course the outcome will be worth it. I do      because:                                              that center, the plaintiff was fed through a gastric
not like to lose. Whether it is for a marathon     • It is a more relaxed experience.                    feeding tube through his abdomen.
or for a case, I go the distance determined to     • Mediators are often ex-judges who typi-             On March 14, 2005, the plaintiff pulled out his
come out a winner. I am a competitor. The            cally conduct a more realistic, fair evalua-        feeding tube and it was improperly reinserted by
best way to get me fired up is to have the guts      tion of cases than juries.                          a nurse at the center. The plaintiff was fed through
to tell me I shouldn’t or can’t do something.                                                            the feeding tube, and on March 15 immediately
                                                   • Mediated cases tend to be resolved in a             complained of abdominal pain. His treating phy-
I ran back to back marathons this year
                                                     half to full-day session; making it a far less      sician was called, and the doctor transferred the
because everyone said it shouldn’t be done.                                                              plaintiff to a nearby hospital where he died.
                                                     expensive procedure for both parties.
I perform better when people try to tell me
                                                                                                         This matter was tried with a jury finding both
I can’t. When others might have shied away         If you have been hesitant to pursue a legal           the nursing home and the doctor liable, and the
from the amount of work involved, I pursued        matter for fear of a jury trial or to find out if     estate was awarded $2,000,000. The plaintiff ’s
a client’s case all the way through the appeal     mediation is an option for your case, contact         only next of kin was his daughter who he saw
process. Hearing that the appellate court                                                                three times since her birth and was not providing
                                                   Sheldon Sandman or David Petrich at                   any financial support to her.
affirmed the trial court’s ruling in my client’s   312-726-1692.

Firm Appeal                                        Associates of the Firm                              Mr. Baker is a member of the Illinois Trial
                                                                                                       Lawyers Association, Illinois State Bar As-
                                                                        WARREN E.                      sociation, American Association for Justice
The Partners
                                                                        ABRAHAMSON, an                 and Society of Trial Lawyers. Mr. Baker has
                         SHELDON J.                                     associate with the firm        also been an instructor for IICLE (Illinois
                         SANDMAN                                        since 1996 concentrating       Institute for Continuing Legal Education)
                         received his JD from                           in plaintiff ’s personal       with regard to medical malpractice and
                         The John Marshall                              injury cases including         personal injury cases.
                         Law School and                                 wrongful death
                                                                                                       Mr. Baker received his JD from Washing-
                         his BA from the                                and medical/dental
                                                                                                       ton University School of Law in 1981 and
                         University of Illinois.   malpractice, has obtained numerous
                                                                                                       received his BA in Political Science from
                         He began his legal        six-figure settlements. Prior to joining
                                                                                                       Washington University in St. Louis, MO,
                         career as an associate    Sandman, Levy and Petrich, Mr.
                                                                                                       in 1978.
                         with famed criminal       Abrahamson worked for several high
defense attorney Julius Lucius Echeles. After      profiled plaintiffs personal injury firms
serving in the United States Army, Mr.             and has substantial trial experience.                                  STEPHANIE L. WHITE,
Sandman represented the State of Illinois as                                                                              an associate with the firm
                                                   Mr. Abrahamson received his JD from Chi-
an Assistant Attorney General working to                                                                                  since 2009 concentrating
                                                   cago-Kent Law School in 1967 and received
protect Illinois consumers from predatory                                                                                 in personal injury litiga-
                                                   his BA from Luther College in Decorah, IA,
business practices. Thereafter, he served                                                                                 tion, is an experienced
                                                   in 1964. Mr. Abrahamson is a member
the people of Cook County as an Assistant                                                                                 trial attorney. Prior to
                                                   of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association.
State’s Attorney. Mr. Sandman founded the                                                                                 joining Sandman, Levy
law firm of Sandman & Levy in 1963 with                                                                                   and Petrich, Ms. White
Morris A. Levy, focusing their practice on                               MICHAEL P.                    worked for a firm concentrating in personal
representing injured persons. Mr. Sandman                                HOLVERSON has been            injuries and clerked for several public offices
is a member of the Chicago Bar Association,                              an associate with the firm    and law firms. Prior to becoming a lawyer,
Illinois State Bar Association, American                                 since 1999 concentrating      Ms. White was a policy analyst for the Chil-
Association for Justice, Illinois Trial                                  in plaintiff ’s personal      dren’s Action Alliance.
Lawyers Association and the American                                     injury cases, specifically,
                                                                                                       Ms. White received her JD from The John
Bar Association.                                                         automobile accidents, slip
                                                                                                       Marshall Law School in 2002, received her
                                                                         and fall and dram shop.
                                                                                                       Masters of Social Work from Arizona State
                                                   Mr. Holverson previously worked as a defense
                          DAVID S.                                                                     University and received her BA in Psychol-
                                                   attorney in insurance defense litigation and
                          PETRICH received                                                             ogy and Sociology from the University of
                                                   has extensive trial litigation experience.
                          his JD with honors                                                           Iowa in 1996.
                                                   Mr. Holverson is a member of the Chicago
                          from Chicago Kent
                                                   Bar Association, Illinois State Bar Association,
                          Law School and his
                          BBA from Loyola
                                                   American Bar Association, Illinois Trial              Areas of Expertise
                                                   Lawyers Association and the American
                          University Chicago                                                             • Automobile-Uninsured/
                                                   Association for Justice.
                          Cum Laude. He is                                                                 Underinsured Claims
                          a licensed attorney      Mr. Holverson received his JD with
                                                   Distinction from The John Marshall Law
                                                                                                         • Dram Shop
                          and certified public
accountant. Mr. Petrich had worked for the         School in 1976 and received his BA in                 • Premises Liability
firm as a clerk during undergrad and law           History and English from Trinity College,
                                                                                                         • Medical Malpractice
school, joining the firm as an associate in        Hartford, CT, in 1973.
1986. He was made partner in 1991 and                                                                    • Product Liability
oversees all litigation. His background as a                                                             • Professional Malpractice
                                                                      MATTHEW I. BAKER,
certified public accountant gives him an edge
                                                                      an associate with the firm         • Workers’ Compensation
in negotiating million-dollar settlements
                                                                      since 2002 concentrating
on behalf of clients. He was intimately                                                                  • Wrongful Death
                                                                      in plaintiff ’s medical mal-
involved in the cases leading to the verdicts
                                                                      practice, personal injury
and settlements that are listed within this
newsletter and our website.
                                                                      and wrongful death cases,          Contact Us
                                                                      has obtained numer-
Mr. Petrich is a member of the Illinois State                         ous six and seven-figure
                                                                                                         Sandman, Levy & Petrich
Bar Association, American Association              settlements and jury verdicts. Mr. Baker is           134 North La Salle Street
for Justice and the Illinois Trial Lawyers         an experienced trial attorney. Prior to join-         9th Floor
Association. He has dedicated himself to           ing Sandman, Levy and Petrich, Mr. Baker              Chicago, Illinois 60602
representing those who are injured as a            worked for firms concentrating in medical   
result of other’s negligence.                      malpractice and wrongful death cases.                 Phone: 312-726-1692


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