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					                                      The Beacon
  The Official Newsletter of NAMI Greater Orlando                                        November/December 2012

   Inside this issue:                               Create a New Year Now
President's Message           1
                                      Dear NAMIGO Family,
Education Update              2
                                      Today, I am thankful.
NAMIGO &                      3-10                                                 What you do makes a difference. You
Community News                        I am thankful that I could get out of bed.   might not think so, but it does. Your
Announcements                 11-12   I am thankful that I could take a shower.    support is an act of relentless love.
                                      I am thankful I could prepare my own
Support Groups &              13      food. I am thankful I could leave the        But while your loved one may be the
Activities                            house. I am thankful I could drive my        "designated patient", your mental health
                                      car. I am thankful I could go to a job.      recovery must become your number one
   2012 NAMIGO                                                                     priority. Don't be a victim.
 Board of Directors                   In the past, mental illness has robbed
                                      me of these simple things - the ability to   Take action.
Rosemary Steinbach, President         do them and the will to do them.
                                      Mental illness makes you forget who          Have the courage to step inside a
Muriel Jones, Vice President
                                      you are and who you can become.              NAMI support group room. Take
Jan Ellison-Seay, Secretary                                                        time to attend a NAMI class - 3
                                      Mental illness lies to you and tells you
Deborah Parrott, Treasurer            that your life will never get better.        Family-to-Family, 1 Basics, 1 Provider,
Carla Bresnahan                                                                    and 1 Peer-to-Peer classes are starting in
Lt. Sue Brown
                                      Don't believe the lie.                       the new year. These classes change
Donna Helsel
                                      I see you - the woman trapped in her
Eddie Imbriani                        house by agoraphobia, the man who            Become an advocate. "Make your
Paula Kegelman                        sleeps days away due to depression, the      mess your message." There is nothing
Wanda Keller                          girl with borderline personality disorder    more powerful than a individual
                                      who cannot connect, the man with             speaking their truth through action. Tell
Michael Mangan
                                      bipolar disorder who can't shut down         your friends, colleagues, and doctors
Christina Mollick
                                      the energy crackling through his veins,      about NAMI's work.
Ron Wilensky                          and the woman whose voices keep
Linda Winters                         repeating the same negative story every      Sign up to volunteer. Performing
                                      day.                                         service is the highest form of gratitude.
                                                                                           “If you can't fly then run,
                                      You are not powerless. You can take                 if you can't run then walk,
Staff: Barb Aikens                    steps - even baby steps - to make your             if you can't walk then crawl,
       Tracy Lutz                     life better.                                            but whatever you do
Contact Us:
                                      Your mental health recovery can               you have to keep moving forward.”
Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
                                      become your number one priority. Ask                 ― Martin Luther King Jr.
Phone: (407) 253-1900
Fax: (407) 253-1912                   yourself, what can I do to take care of      When you're ready, we'll be here. You
E-mail:,            my recovery today?                           are not alone. Not ever. Get into
                                                                                   action. Don’t wait for a new year to
Website:               I hear you - the despairing mother, the      start.
                                      heart-torn brother, the angry daughter,                 Tracy Lutz
                                      and the exasperated therapist.                          Communications Administrator

                                  2012 Education Overview
Education is at the heart of our mission.
NAMI education exists because people who
have “lived experience” take their time and
energy to pay it forward. During a period
when training budgets are being slashed,
NAMI Greater Orlando maintained its record-
breaking pace of classes offered in 2012.

With your help, we taught
6   Family-to-Family classes
1   Family-to-Family in Spanish
3   Peer-to-Peer classes
2   Basics classes
1   Provider Education class

With your help, we trained
3 Provider Education teachers
5 Family-to-Family teachers
2 Peer-to-Peer mentors
9 Connection facilitators
(6 facilitators for our Vet-to-Vet group)
1 In Our Own Voice presenter

Help us continue educating others by
considering NAMI Greater Orlando in your
charitable giving. Here’s the return on
your investment:
$50 helps teach one consumer to learn how
to live in recovery in Peer-to-Peer.
$30 helps one parent learn to take the best
care of their school-aged child and advocate
for them in Basics.
$25 helps teach one family member, friend,
or caregiver how to take care of themselves
while caring for their adult loved ones in
What does your gift mean?
The Faith that life can be better
The Hope that people can recover
The Love of an engaged heart                                   From top to bottom:
                                                              Peer-to-Peer training
And the greatest of these is…                                     Fall Basics class
                                                            Fall Family-to-Family class

                                               For more information or to register for upcoming classes,
                                                            please call the NAMI Office at
                                                   (407) 253-1900 or e-mail:

                  Mental Illness Awareness Week 2012

CIT Motorcycle/Card Run
Top left: Rosemary Steinbach & Donna Helsel
break out the poker cards
Top right: Joe Mendoza & Rosemary Steinbach
man the NAMI information table
Right: Treble Damage plays to the crowd

Into the Light Program & Candlelight
Bottom left: Pastor Barton Buchanan inspires
Bottom right: A mental health advocate shares
her story of struggle and forgiveness

                   Mental Illness Awareness Week 2012

Choices in Recovery is a           physiology,       biochemistry,    But, with all his training, Dr.
helpful website where you can      endocrinology, and psychiatry      Petty has found two things
go for support and information     and – on the side – he’s done      are most important to
on mental health conditions.       advanced work in homeopathy,       recovery:
Visitors are empowered with        Tai Chi, and Reiki.                    Hope, and
the tools needed to create an                                             Appropriate contact
effective    mental     health     Dr. Petty is not your average             with people
recovery plan and to become        psychiatrist. He uses words
more engaged with their            like “healing” and “energy”.       It’s not often that you get to
recovery team. A recovery plan     He    talks    about   dynamic     hear someone like Dr. Petty.
can help people with a mental      systems and the ability to turn    If you would like to learn
health condition meet personal     adversity into opportunity.        more, you may read his
goals.                                                                book, “Healing, Meaning and
                                   According to Dr. Petty, the        Purpose”         or       visit
NAMI Greater Orlando was           body is designed to heal itself.
pleased to partner again with      The body does this by being
Choices in Recovery to bring       resilient.   Resilience is the
another dynamic presentation       process of being able to adapt
to our members.                    and to thrive under stress.

On Monday, October 8th, a          Dr. Petty touched upon cutting
psychiatrist named Dr. Richard     edge       topics     such    as
Petty came to speak with us        neuroplasticity      and     the
about “A Journey of Wellness       mounting       evidence     that
and Recovery.”                     inflammation       and    mental
                                   illness are interlinked.
This could have been a talk
where someone runs through a
PowerPoint presentation and
offers a few insights. It could
have been a talk about the
latest pharmaceuticals on the
market or how to work best
with your health care provider.
But it wasn’t.

It was, well, a talk about
everything. Dr. Richard Petty
is a Renaissance man who
approaches healing in an
holistic manner:       physical,
psychological,    social,   and
spiritual. He holds degrees in

                    Mental Illness Awareness Week 2012
Lakeside Luncheon with Jessie Close & Calen Pick of Bring Change 2 Mind
 Bring Change 2 Mind is a
 national anti-stigma campaign
 founded by Glenn Close, The
 Balanced      Mind    Foundation,
 Fountain House, and Garen &
 Shari Staglin of the International
 Mental       Health      Research
 Organization (IMHRO), aimed at
 removing misconceptions about
 mental illness. The idea was born
 out of a partnership between         helped me with my life and my        the psychiatric medications we
 Glenn Close and Fountain House,      son Calen’s life in the very         take."
 where Glenn volunteered in order     beginning of our journeys to get
 to learn more about mental           well.”                               Calen     shared,    "The     most
 illness, which both her sister,                                           important that I'll say… to each
 Jessie Close, and nephew, Calen      Calen Pick is a visual artist who,   and every consumer is: Be aware
 Pick, live with.                     in addition to being very            of your confidence… We can't
                                      handsome,          lives      with   be… understood by others or
 NAMI members were honored to         schizoaffective disorder. Both       ourselves without it… We need
 meet both Jessie Close and her       radiate a warmth, intelligence,      to be social.        There is a
 son, Calen Pick, who spoke at        and inquisitive spirit.              therapeutic value in human
 Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare’s                                          interaction. We know that each
 Luncheon at the Sheraton             "Bring Change 2 Mind has             individual has the capacity to heal
 Downtown.                            partnered with NAMI on many          another."
                                      NAMI Walks and, as a founder of
 Jessie Close is a mother, writer,    BC2M, I am proud to see this         "Cancel all the apathy you can,
 pet lover, and she lives in          alliance," Jessie related. "NAMI     hold yourself responsible for
 recovery from bipolar disorder.      is there for all of us and I must    becoming a caring spirit who
 She’s smart, sharp- witted, and a    say that I think going to NAMI       knows that we should admire
 great admirer of NAMI’s work.        meetings to support a loved one      people for their strengths but love
 “NAMI is the Alliance that           should be prescribed along with      them for trying to overcome their

                      Mental Illness Awareness Week 2012
   Thanks to Everyone Who Came Out to Our Legendary Consumer Picnic!!

A very special thanks to Oscar Montoya and
StarCare    Transportation   of   Starwood
Vacation Ownership for bringing Pathways
participants to the picnic!

Pathways Holiday Gift Bag Project
by Donna Helsel, Education Director

Help make the holidays truly                Spread some cheer by donating any
happy for our friends at Pathways           of the following items:
Drop-In Center by donating items for
the Pathways Holiday Gift Bag                      Disposable Razors
Project.                                           Shampoo
                                                   Soap/Body Wash
Last year, through your generosity,                Deodorant
NAMI delivered 100 big gift bags to                Socks                              Your donations can be dropped off at
Pathways filled with hygiene pro-                  Candy                              any support group location, the
ducts, candy, socks, and other
                                                   Playing Cards                      NAMIGO Office, or during the
miscellaneous goodies. We hope to
                                                   Single-Serve Canned                Annual Meeting at Beardall Senior
meet and surpass that amount this                                                      Center on December 3rd at
                                                    Food (with a pull top)
holiday season with your help.                                                         6:30 p.m. If you would prefer to
                                            So many of us take these necessities       donate money for NAMIGO to buy
For those unfamiliar with its services,
                                            for granted, but, for the Pathways         these items, please make the check
Pathways Drop-In Center is a
                                            members, these are precious gifts and      payable to “NAMIGO” and note
community mental health center that
                                            often the only ones they receive for       “Pathways” in the memo section.
delivers cost-effective services to
those living with serious and                                                          Any questions, please call Donna
persistent mental illness.                                                             Helsel at (321) 695-6790.

Mission Gratitude                           appreciation for the guests who are        For those who can't make it, perhaps
        by Scott Michaud                    dining inside the main hall. We also       you could take an hour out of your day
It's so simple to take a few minutes        create cards to send overseas to our       before the holiday and create a card
each      day    and      reflect   on      military troops for their holidays.        for me to send overseas to our troops.
what I'm grateful for and who I'm           Local businesses such as Michaels, K-      One simple card can make a
grateful for. This act has become for       mart, Target, and Office Depot donate      big difference. I know this to be so
me a daily ritual when I wake up in         art supplies to the cause.                 true since I have been getting
the morning and before I go to sleep at                                                feedback and even letters from
night. I write down my top ten things       Working with my team comprised of          soldiers who received cards in the
in a simple journal to remind me of all     friends, families, and even some of the    past.
the positive things in my life.             homeless of our streets, we have
                                            surpassed our goal of creating over        Let's make their holiday this year an
My list reminds me of what's                2000 cards in just one day.                unforgettable one. Come and join me
important and, also, to be very                                                        by        emailing       me         at
thankful     of    others.     Showing      Last year over 25,000 meals were 
appreciation costs so little, but its re-   provided and this year's numbers look
wards can make such a big difference.       to be much higher. Over 1100
Scientific research has shown that          volunteers have registered to serve
there is a release of chemicals in the      meals and my team of twenty (and
brain in not only the giver of the act,     counting) will be manning the tents
but also in the receiver and even           where the cards will be created. It is
witnesses who have shared the               amazing to see both the young kids and
experience            as            well.   the retired adults create cards with
                                            paper and crayons. The joy under the
Since 2008, I have dedicated myself to      "big white tent" is magnetic and
volunteering       at      the      local   contagious.
Salvation Army on Thanksgiving. My          It's never too late to volunteer to help
mission for the day has been to             me out on this big day if you can
coordinate with my "Gratitude Team"         only spare a couple of hours. All ages
a project to create cards of thanks and     are invited.

                       Bewildered by Medicare?
         6 Things to Know about Fall Open Enrollment for 201343
    Fall Open Enrollment is the                Plans can change how they cover          protect you       if there are
    time of year when you can change            your care each year. This means          problems with enrollment. Write
6   your Medicare coverage. You can do          that pharmacy and provider               down everything about the
    this by joining a new Medicare              networks can change, costs can           conversation when you enroll
    Advantage plan or by joining a new          change and drugs covered by the          through Medicare. In your notes,
    stand-alone prescription drug plan          plan’s formulary can change.             record the date of the
    (PDP). You can also return to                                                        conversation, whom you spoke
    Original Medicare with or without a     3. Help is out there.                        with, and any information you
    stand-alone Part D plan from a                                                       were given during the call.
    Medicare Advantage plan during this        If you want to join a stand-alone
    time. Listed below are six things to        prescription drug plan (PDP) ,          Before      you    enroll   with
    keep in mind while you are deciding         use the Plan Finder tool on              Medicare, confirm all of the
    on your Medicare coverage for 2013. The Plan Finder            details about your new plan with
                                                tool compares plans based on the         the plan itself.
    1. Fall Open Enrollment occurs              drugs you need, the pharmacy
    from October 15 to December 7 of            you go to and your drug costs.       5. If you are dissatisfied with your
    every year. Learn more about Fall                                                Medicare Advantage plan, you can
    Open Enrollment choices here.              If you want to join a Medicare       disenroll from that plan and join
                                                Advantage plan, call 800-            Original Medicare during the
       If you enroll in a plan during          Medicare to find out what plans      Medicare Advantage Disenroll-
        Fall Open Enrollment, your              are in your area. When you           ment Period (MADP).
        coverage starts January 1.              receive the list of plans, check
                                                the plan websites to see which          The MADP is every year from
       In most      cases, Fall Open           best fits your needs.                    January 1 to February 14.
        Enrollment   is the only time you
        can pick      a new Medicare           After you have researched a plan     6. Understand what you will pay
        Advantage    or Medicare Part D         online, call the plan itself to      for drugs and what new drugs will
        plan.                                   confirm what you learned. Make       be covered by Medicare Part D in
                                                sure your doctors, hospitals and     2013.
       If     you      have    Medicare        pharmacies are in network, that
        Advantage, you can also switch          the plan covers all your drugs,         Starting January 1, 2013,
        to Original Medicare. To get            and includes the pharmacies you          Medicare Part D will begin
        Medicare drug coverage, you             use. Write down everything               covering      barbiturates    and
        can must a stand-alone Part D           about that conversation. In your         benzodiazepines.
        plan at this time. A Medigap            notes, record the date of the           Medicare coverage of drugs in
        policy     will    pay   original       conversation, whom you spoke             the doughnut hole is also
        Medicare costs, but you may be          with, and the outcome of the             changing. In 2013, when
        limited in your ability to buy a        call. This helps to protect you in       someone is in the doughnut hole,
        Medigap during the Fall Open            case a plan representative gives         they will have greater discounts
        Enrollment period, depending on         you misinformation.                      than in previous years. To learn
        where you live. For more                                                         more about 2013 doughnut hole
        information about purchasing a         Call or visit the website of your        discounts, please click here.
        Medigap please click here.              State      Health       Insurance
                                                Assistance Program or SHIP.
                                                Your state SHIP can help you to      This article was excerpted
    2. Review your Annual Notice of
    Change (ANOC).                              understand all of your Medicare                  from
                                                coverage options.          
       Even if you like your current
        Medicare coverage and want to       4. The best way to enroll in a new
        continue with that plan, you        plan is to call 800-MEDICARE.
        should carefully read your
        ANOC to make sure the plan             Enrolling in a new plan through
        still features the coverage you         Medicare is the best way to help

                                                      SAVE THE DATE!

 Meeting Changes for Support Groups
                                                      2013 NAMIWalks for Mental Health
   Christmas & New Years fall on Tuesdays             9th Annual Fundraising Walk to Benefit
  this year so Asbury & Southwest Orlando                     NAMI Greater Orlando
 support groups will not meet on December
             25th and January 1st.
Asbury support groups will meet on Thursday,
              December 27th.

 Additionally, Asbury support groups will not
                                                           Saturday, May 4, 2013
       meet on Tuesday, January 10th.
                                                             Lake Lily Park, Maitland
                                                             Registration @ 8:00 a.m.
                                                             Walk Kick-Off @ 9:00 a.m.

                                                  2013 Fundraising Goal = $175,000!!!

                                                        2013 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
        2013 CONSUMER COUNCIL                              MEETING SCHEDULE
          MEETING SCHEDULE                                          January 14
                                                                    February 18
                 January 28                                          March 18
                 February 25                                          April 15
                  March 25                                            May 20
                   April 22                                           June 17
                   May 27                                             July 15
                   June 24                                           August 19
                                                                   September 16
                  August 26
                                                                    October 21
                September 23
                                                                   November 18
                 October 28
                                                          Annual Membership Meeting
                November 25
                                                                  December 2
Meetings start at 6:00 p.m. and are open to all    Meetings start at 6:30 p.m. and are open to all
         NAMI consumer members                                    NAMI members
        Mark Street Senior Center                            Beardall Senior Center
             99 East Marks Street                               800 Delaney Avenue
              Orlando, FL 32803                                  Orlando, FL 32801

For more details on NAMIGO's events and meetings, visit our website
             @ or call (407) 253-1900!

                                                                                 The Office is in need of 4
                                                                                 very sturdy bookshelves,
                                                                                 of approximately 72"H x
                                                                                 36"W x 14"D, and 2
                                                                                 locking 4-drawer filing
         SPECTRUM DISORDERS                                                      cabinet (with keys), of
          No Medications Involved                                                approximately 53"H X
                                                                                 20"W X 31" D.
     If you are 18 – 55 years old and live with
    schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, or        Before casting yours away, or donating somewhere
schizotypal personality disorder, you may qualify to   else, please consider donating these essential office
  participate in a completely confidential UCF         items to NAMI Greater Orlando. We are happy to
           Psychology Department study.                provide you with a tax deductible receipt for your
                                                       donation. If you are able to donate and deliver these
It involves a psychological interview and some tests   items, please call us at (407) 253-1900.
     of thinking ability during EEG (brain activity)
         Compensation is $15/hr. for an
             estimated 3 hr. meeting.
      Possible 2 meeting w/compensation.

Call (407) 823-4386 to leave a phone message with
your name, phone number, and best time to call you.

                                                       **Important Change to Social Security***
       SAVE THE DATE!                                  Everyone     who    receives    Social    Security/
                                                       Supplemental Security Income or other federal
                                                       benefit payments by paper check is required by the
   NAMI Florida 2012 Conference                        U.S. Department of the Treasury to switch to an
  “Empowerment 2012: A Healthy Mind                    electronic payment option by March 1, 2013.
         in a Healthy Body”
                                                       There is less than one year left to ensure people
                                                       switch to one of the two Treasury-recommended
         Thursday, December 6th to                     electronic payment options: direct deposit to a
           Sunday, December 9th                        checking or savings account or the Direct Express®
           at the Hyatt Regency                        Debit MasterCard® card.
                in Sarasota.                           It's fast, easy and free for people to make the switch
                                                       online at or by calling the U.S.
To learn more information, contact NAMI Florida @      Treasury Electronic Solution Center at (800) 333-
  (850) 671-4445 or watch          1795. For direct deposit, people can also sign up at
                   for updates.                        their bank or credit union.

   For more details on NAMIGO's events and meetings, visit our website
                @ or call (407) 253-1900!

  NAMIGO Support
     Groups                              Bowling is held every Thursday at Aloma     Lunch Bunch is a social group for
                                         Lanes in Winter Park @ 2:00 p.m. Call       consumers and family members that meets
Consumer Support Groups                  Rick Scott at (407) 929-1527 for further    the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Smokey
& Family Support Groups                  details.                                    Bones in Casselberry @ 11:30 a.m. Call
                                                                                     the NAMI Office at (407) 253-1900 for
When: Tuesdays @ 6:30 p.m.               Craft Group enjoys making arts and craft    further details.
Where: Asbury United Methodist           projects together, such as quilting,
Church, 220 West Horatio Avenue,         scrapbooking and designing jewelry. Call    Second Harvest is a community service
Room 14 (Consumer)
                                         Christina Mollick at (407) 937-8049 for     group that meets the 1st Friday of each
Room 15 (Family)                         further details.                            month. Consumer participants enjoy a
                                                                                     lunch and are paid for their time. Call Pat
When: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the        Consumer Council is a consumer              Purcell at (407) 875-3758 if you are
month @ 6:30 p.m.                        advisory board that meets the 4th Monday    interested in helping others.
Where: St. Luke’s United Methodist
Church, 4851 S. Apopka-Vineland          of each month @ 6:00 p.m. For more
Rd., Bldg. B, Orlando                    details, please contact Christina Mollick
Rm. 201 (Consumer)                       at (407) 937-8049.
Room 202 (Family)
When: Wednesdays @ 5:30 p.m.             Consumer Lunch & a Movie takes place
Where: Sedona House,                     the 1st Tuesday of each month. The group
3950 N. Hwy. 17-92, Suite 1026,          meets @ 11:00 a.m. in front of Subway at
Lake Mary (Consumer)                     the Altamonte Mall food court for lunch
(407) 321-7015                           before enjoying the movies. Call the
NAMI Conexión
                                         NAMI Office at (407) 253-1900 for further
(in Spanish / en Español)                details.
When: Tuesdays @ 6:30 p.m.
Where: Engelwood Community Ctr.,
6123 La Costa Drive, Orlando

Other Support Groups

Central Florida Bipolar
Support – a local independent
support group. (407) 808-6343

People, Inc.
~ The Mental Health Association’s
support group for anyone living with a
mental illness.
When: Mondays @ 2:00 p.m.
Wednesdays @ 2:00 p.m. (en
Español) – call to confirm day of.
Where: 1525 Robinson St., Orlando
Contact: MHA Office at (407) 898-

Healing After a Loved One’s
Suicide (HALOS)
~ Peer-led open support group.
When: 2nd & 4th Thursdays of each
month. Call David Zampella for
times and locations at (407)947-

Suicide Anonymous Online                  Go to to share
~ A 12-step program provided in an
online environment designed to help
                                         your story and to view the 2012
people with suicidal preoccupation             “Monuments” PSA.
and behavior.
Subscribe at: sagroupsupport-

   NAMI Greater Orlando
   1800 Mercy Drive
   Suite 300, Mailbox 4
   Orlando, FL 32808
   (407) 253-1900

   Central Florida’s Voice on
   Mental Illness

    Happy Holidays!

NAMIGO Membership Form
All donations, contributions, and membership monies are used to continue the support of our programs and
services for those living with mental illness and their families in Central Florida. NAMI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

                  Individual Membership in NAMI                              $35.00

                  Professional Supporter w/NAMI Membership                $100.00
                     Check here to be recognized in the Beacon Newsletter

                  Open Door One – Full Membership                            $3.00

                                  New Membership              Renewal

                  Donation to NAMI                                           $ ______________

Name _______________________________________                  Phone ________________________________

Address _____________________________________                 E-mail ________________________________


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