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  1.   2nd Grade Math

  2.   4th Grade Math Games

  3.   Elementary Math Lesson Plans

  4.   Homework Math

  5.   Math Activities

  6.   Math Assessment Test

  7.   Math Elementary Worksheets

  8.   Math Games

  9.   Math Homework Help

  10. Math Lessons

  11. Fun math games 4 kids

  12. Why are math games effective?

  13. What research says?

  14. Selecting the right games for your kids:

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  2nd Grade Math

                            When it comes to looking for ways to help the second
                            grader who lives in your house do better in school,
                            there are two concepts that you can count on being
                            true and within those two concepts may lie the answer
                            to your child's math problems. Those concepts are (1)
                            your second grader may hate math but (2) they love
being on the internet and playing with the computer. In actual fact, your child
doesn’t really hate math itself. But the academic teaching of math at a second
grade level often puts children off simply because math concepts are new to
them and the methods to teach them are sometimes dry and abstract.

That second basic principle is one you no doubt had a loud amen to share
because you know your youngster loves to play on the home computer and be on
the internet. The reason that rule can be stated so confidently is that virtually all
young people love computers and the fun they can have using online games and
other resources modern technology has made available to us all. As parents, we
have to be wary so our kids are safe online and the amount the kids love to be
online can be a real frustration. But that same love of computers can be a
salvation of your second graders math success in school if we use the internet
intelligently and guide the kids to the right kind of web sites.

There are ample web sites that take the basic math principles that second
graders must deal with and integrates games, quizzes, puzzles and other fun
activities to make the learning process far more enjoyable than the kids
experience in the academic situation at school. Some of these sites still utilize
standard math quizzes and teaching styles but they do so on a colorful and
interactive screen. It really is amazing how much children at this age respond to
even something as basic as an online quiz when they can give the right answer
and see a visual celebration or hear a happy tune when they get it right.

Other math software products or online educational sites use more creative
math games that create interactive story problems that a math principle must be
utilized to solve the puzzle and win the game. The depth and quantity of games,
puzzles and story problems that sites like this will provide to your young
mathematician is just the thing to keep them coming back week after week.

www.coolmathgameskids.net                                                           4
In most cases there will be a menu of dozens of games and fun activities built
around each basic math concept. Don’t be surprised if you leave your child to
explore that math idea only to find that they played every game on the site and
were eager to move on to next week's lesson to have new toys to play with on
their math gaming software or web sites. Also don’t be surprised that when your
second grader gets that kind of excitement about math because he or she is
enjoying these web sites that you see their math grades shoot to the top and their
enjoyment and confidence in math become rock solid just like you always want it
to be for them. That, to say the least, is an outstanding use of the internet.

 4th Grade Math Games
The fourth grade is a big year for students in elementary school because it is the
year that the curriculum for math that they have ahead of them includes learning
multiplication and eventually division. While at the earlier grade levels, the
students did begin to appreciate number relationships, that awareness of the
depth and the scope of the diversity of the math universe expands tremendously
when the students get an understanding of these two core math principles.

                       Stepping from third to fourth grade is more than just a one
                       year jump. It is the beginning of the child's really
                       sophistication of their knowledge of math. Parents and
                       teachers of fourth graders who have been hands on in
                       helping the kids learn the very basic number principles
                       should redouble those efforts in the fourth grade because
                       many young people stall out trying to grasp the concepts of
multiplication and division. And despite many new advances in learning
multiplication, there still is no substitute for memorizing the multiplication
tables to lay that groundwork for a lifetime of success in math.

There are a number of helps that parents can use to move the process of getting
those math tables down for their fourth grader just learning multiplication.
Posters can be hung in the child's room that are colorful and that utilize the
youngsters favorite television star or cartoon characters as they surround the
various tables that need to be memorized. Since children love to be read to, you
can find many age appropriate books where happy and comical characters work
parts of the multiplication table into a story.

www.coolmathgameskids.net                                                       5
These are good small steps forward that put off the dreaded drilling with flash
cards that is so difficult and is often a tedious method for learning these skills.

It also helps to make the multiplication tables a fun part of family life by using
them as a game in many situations. You can create songs of various tables to
sing in the car on a long road trip. Or it can be a challenge game that calls on the
youngster to "think fast" when dad suddenly surprises him or her with "think fast
eight times nine". The fun of turning those boring tables into a part of the fun of
family life is often all it takes to eventually get all of the tables under control.

These are just a few simple methods that can be used to put off or avoid
completely the specter of drilling using flash cards that everybody hates. Your
child's fourth grade teacher may have many more interesting games that can be
used to incorporate the multiplication tables into a fun activity. And that only
scratches the surface because, like everything else, the internet is overflowing
with great online games that will do a great job of making the multiplication
tables roll off your fourth graders tongue like he was saying his name. Its just a
matter of looking for creative and fun alternatives that can make even something
boring like learning the math tables a happy and memorable experience for
parents and child alike.

  Elementary Math Lesson Plans
A lesson plan for teaching math to elementary school children must have two
priorities that seem to be at cross purposes. The plan must enable the teacher
to be totally prepared not only for each day's curriculum but to look down the
                        calendar for what will be needed by the students as the
                        lessons build upon one another. In this way, the teacher
                        can keep clearly delineated the lesson objectives that are
                        important for that week's work from the lesson priorities
                        that are crucial to understanding the more complex math
                        concepts that are coming in the weeks ahead.

                       At the same time the lesson plan must have built into it as
                       much flexibility as possible for the instructor to adapt the
plan and make changes on the fly as the class needs dictate. If the teacher
perceives that the class is advanced and taking to the lessons extraordinarily
well, he or she must be able to make adjustments to the lesson plans to take
advantage of the aptitudes of the students.

www.coolmathgameskids.net                                                             6
Similarly if there is remedial work that needs to be done, the lesson plans must
allow for the teacher to slow down on certain key concepts and even allow more
class sessions to those ideas so the material doesn’t race ahead of the
elementary schools student's ability to keep up.

As the school year approaches, many elementary school teachers become
concerned if their math curriculum lessons plans will fit both of those objectives.
The preparation time is nothing short of crucial because to stand in front of a
classroom of elementary school youth with no roadmap to follow will result in a
catastrophe. That moment of truth when you look up from your carefully
developed lesson plan at that sea of 20-30 young faces that you need to both
teach as well as inspire and motivate tolerant math is a time when you really get

Probably the best way to fine tune your math lesson plan is to
a feel for whether that lesson plan is grounded in reality.

work with seasoned teachers or even take a year before you
take on math as part of the curriculum you teach and work in a
classroom with an experienced teacher to get a good feel for
the relationship between that lesson plan and how the teacher
conducts the class.
The lesson plan is a master strategy for teaching. But it is also a basic outline
that you as teacher must be able to deviate from to meet the needs of the class
to assure that the teaching objectives are met.

It will take time to develop lesson plans that are put together well enough to
carry you for an entire semester of teaching math to elementary school students
and achieve your learning objectives and still stay on
track week to week. It will take time, wisdom and some
thought to fine tune those lessons plans until they are
guides that really will work. But once you have a set of
working lesson plans for math and the other subjects
you will teach at the elementary school level, they will
be gold to you as you use them over and over each year.

www.coolmathgameskids.net                                                           7
 Homework Math
As parents it is hard to find ways to help your kids be successful in getting their
homework done. Then problem is compounded when the subject is math
because of all the subjects, math can be the most challenging and difficult to a
young person. In many ways math is like a foreign language because the ideas
are abstract and expressed in relationships between numbers and math
concepts. So anything you can do to make it easy for your child to settle in and
tackle challenging math homework will be a great help to him or her.

                         One thing that helps a child or teenager get used to the
                         idea of getting that homework done each night is a set
                         schedule for when homework will be done. Young people
                         thrive on routine and if they know what to expect each
                         evening, the time to do homework will become a natural
                         part of the evening. It is best to think through when the
best time is for the homework. Right after the child gets home from school may
not be perfect because it takes some time to settle in and be in a good mental
state to take on homework. Often a time right after supper but before any
recreation time is a good choice because the child is refreshed and the
anticipation of fun helps them get through the tough work of doing their math

However it will pay to show some flexibility in this schedule. If

the child has a social engagement on a particular evening that
conflicts with the designated math homework, that is a good
time to agree to allow the youngster to do their homework
immediately after school to get it out of the way.
The student will be motivated to do well so they can have the fun of the outing
that lies ahead. Also be careful not to forgive the Friday night homework time by
suspending it until some "promised time" over the weekend. If that system is
tried, the student must follow through on their promise or future negotiations
cannot happen.

Along with a defined time when the homework will be done, parents should think
through where in the home the homework will be done. The room should be a
quiet place free of distractions. However, many young people do poorly if left
alone to do their homework because they get lonely or distracted.

www.coolmathgameskids.net                                                             8
It might be a good plan to have the youngster do their homework in the family
office or at a table where mom or dad are also working on paperwork. That
establishes a working environment but the youth has a parent there to help out if
they get stuck.

Parents have to walk a line between being partners and enforcers of the house
rules particularly when it comes to helping the youngster get their math work
done. But if the system is reliable and something the youth knows will be part of
their evening, the sense of fulfillment of completing that homework and going to
school prepared and informed for class the next day will become a feeling they
look forward to having at the end of each successful math homework session.

  Math Activities
Children and even teenagers often do not know how often math concepts occur
in daily life. If they did have a greater appreciation of how practical math is on a
daily basis, they would not complain so often how boring their math lessons are
or how useless it is to learn some particularly abstract math idea. One way to
help kids make that connection between real life and math ideas is to look for
activities you can do with the                kids that will put those math ideas to
work in an active way. If                               you can pull off the activity
and make it fun and                                      fascinating, you will see the
look of amazement when                                  you reveal that they just
learned or used an                                      important math concept in a
very real way.

Many math concepts like                                set theory, volume, weight and
relative sizes can be                                  easily demonstrated with real
life comparisons. Weight can                          be quickly understood by
simply putting four or five items of                 similar size on the table and
playing "guess the weight" for each one. After the kids try with varying digress of
success to figure out the relative weights, a scale can reveal the actual weights.
If you as the master of ceremonies of the game then demonstrate some math
aptitude by discussing the weights in relative terms (percentage of weights,
weight to size ratios, etc.), the kids will admire your ability to compute those
values and a stimulating math discussion can occur because suddenly math
became very real.

www.coolmathgameskids.net                                                                9
Many games are also great math exercises. In fact, with a little internet
research, you can find many games that you can introduce simply for the fun of it
only to reveal much later that the game called for the kids to use applied
mathematics to do well with that game. Other games where number
relationships are important such as Sudoku and Yahtzee call up on the kids to
learn to compute math answers in their heads and learn to appreciate math
based relationships naturally and easily. The important thing is to point out how
the family play time exercised math ideas and it was great fun.

By being alert to learning circumstances in real life, you can ask your children to
participate in impromptu math exercises based on something you encountered
together. Many geometry ideas come about easily when you observe in nature
triangles and other geometric shapes and how those shapes influence the
usefulness of the item. Kids will even take notice when you compute the tip in a
restaurant in your head because you know the formula for figuring out 10% or
15% (or whatever you tip) of the bill to compute the tip. They will want that skill
themselves and that turns a dinner out into math homework time.

  Math Assessment Test
Of the many areas of study a young person takes on in elementary and then
secondary school, math is perhaps the one that is of greatest concern for parents
and teachers alike in terms of assuring the students grasp the subject and move
along with the material in step with the curriculum. Unlike history or many other
topics, math is heavily structured so the students must understand each
mathematical concept along the way because each lesson is a building block for
the next one.

                         So when you have a student at any level of the academic
                         hierarchy that is approaching a new school year and with
                         it a new level of complexity in their math skills, it is
                         important to know that the young person is well
                         grounded in the basics of their math knowledge so they
                         do not start at a deficit of knowledge when the instructor
gets the class moving on the new curriculum. A math assessment test is just the
thing to make that determination and to discover early on if there is a need for
any remedial training so the student doesn’t walk into class already behind the
other students in his or her math development.

www.coolmathgameskids.net                                                       10
There is nothing more discouraging and frightening to a young student than to sit
in a math class without the background education that he or she needs and to
listen to a lesson that there is no possibility of understanding without those core
mathematical principles well understood by the student. Many times students
will hide their lack of knowledge from the teacher and their parents so week
after week they fall further and further behind. It doesn’t take long before the
situation is a crisis which could have been avoided if the child's parents had
simply utilized a good assessment process to make sure the young person was
ready for the new academic year in mathematics.

It isn’t difficult to find grade appropriate assessment tests to measure where the
student is in his or her knowledge of fundamental math concepts. Many are
published by commercial book sellers so you can access them at a book store or
on Amazon and get the assessment to your child quickly. There are also online
assessment sites that can do the same job for a reasonable fee. Often these are
preferable because the child enjoys working an internet testing software system
more than working from a book.

The academic counselor at your child's school can also provide assessment
opportunities and follow up with tutoring or remedial math classes that can be
taken to get the young student up to speed with their grade level before week one
of class begins. This is an excellent step to take the summer before the next
grade level to prepare for the next step in the child's academic life.

 Math Elementary Worksheets
Any study in the best way to prepare children to be competitive academically and
eventually in a competitive world comes to the same conclusion that math
preparedness is central to achieving that goal. You only have to look at who is
excelling in higher education to see that our educational system is not preparing
students to be competitive in the advanced scientific and technical areas. Part of
the reason for that is that children at an early age must develop a comfort level
and even a love of math to go on to success in these technical areas of
specialized study. Math is the cornerstone of that future success.

As a parent, it falls to us to take it upon ourselves to help our children do better
than they are expected to do by the academic system that is charged with their
education. This is especially true if your children are in public school.

www.coolmathgameskids.net                                                          11
Because public schools must accept and teach a huge diversity of children, the
curriculums are designed to be understandable for children who are well
prepared for harder material or for those that are not. The phrase "dumbed
down" is one way of describing the math curriculums of most public schools.
But rather than complain about it, as parents, there are ways you can step in
and "smart up" that math curriculum in cooperation with your child's
elementary school teacher.

It takes a commitment at the parental level to help your child see the priority and
the value of putting extra work into their math curriculum, especially if you set
out to set a higher standard of achievement than the school has defined. It is not
difficult to come up with the material. Most math lesson plans are purchased
from educational publishing houses. If you look at your children's math books or
talk to the teacher, very often those materials have supplemental worksheets
that can be accessed through the internet.

These additional materials are provided for teacher and parents alike to help out
if a student needs remedial help. But additional math worksheets can be
adapted into a program that you and the teacher can partner on to give your child
that extra boost to lay a firm math groundwork that will benefit them throughout

                         One benefit of bringing your child's teacher
                           their academic careers.

                         in on the plan is that the children can be
                         rewarded academically for the extra effort
                         they put in at home completing the
                         supplemental worksheets.
That incentive plus the extra attention from parents each evening will let your
kids know that success in math is a priority that will pay them handsomely both
in the short term and over time.

www.coolmathgameskids.net                                                       12
 Math Games
When you think about it, games are just a way to incorporate fun into any
learning experience. And when it comes to a somewhat dry topic like math,
games are a perfect way to make lesson time go by more quickly and to help
each new math concept more understandable for the student in your home.
Many times parents are as baffled and intimidated as the kids are when they
come home with math homework0. So if your child's teacher sends along games
that make each lesson more interesting and understandable, that’s a huge leap

                    Games that make math enjoyable are not "dumbing down"
                    the discipline of math. If anything, they are using math in the
                      way that makes the most sense, in an applied situation.
                      Games take an abstract math idea and make it usable and
                      concrete by putting it into a challenge that tickles the mind
                    with a scenario or a puzzle while making the math principle
                  spring to life. That is one reason games are by far one of the
best teaching techniques that any math teacher can use. And they are great
ways for you as parents to help your kids "sink their teeth" into math.

If the teacher of your son or daughters math class does not send home at least
one or two games to match up with each new math concept, it may not be the
teacher's fault. Math textbooks are notoriously dry and often the homework that
is sent home is nothing more than various abstract formulas using the new math
idea with nothing concrete for the student to use as a point of contact to the idea.
So if the math teaching aids did not come with games, the teacher may not have
had the time to look for good games to add to the homework or he or she may be
constrained to only use the homework that was provided.

But that doesn’t mean you as a parent are so constrained. The internet is
bursting with homework help web sites that you can often access for free or for a
reasonable fee. By tapping into a section of a math tutorial web site that fits your
child's curriculum, you can find activities to fit each and every lesson or math
idea. Using these supplemental materials, you can design a system fro you to
use at home to get the kids over their math phobia and help you past those fears
as well.

www.coolmathgameskids.net                                                        13
You can use the games you find as a reward for doing the preliminary work of
reading the material, discussing it with the parent who is becoming the child's
math tutor and trying a few homework problems. Then when a serious effort has
been made, the games can begin. The enjoyable part of the game will be made
better because the student took on the problems beforehand. As an
understanding of the math principle comes upon your child, that "ah ha" moment
will be precious. Then the student can finish their math homework with ease.
The math concept is well entrenched in his or her brain and the student goes to
school prepared and confident each day. That is the kind of program that make
math a favorite subject rather than the one your child and you dread each year.

 Math Homework Help
                                     There may not be a formal "phobia" for the
                                     fear you may feel set in when you get a big
                                     math homework assignment to take home
                                     but there should be. Of all of the subject
                                     areas students face in school, often it is
                                     math that strikes the most fear for lots of
reasons. The new math concepts come fast and furious during a semester of
math instruction. You can be on top of the world one week and following the
progression of ideas quite well only to find yourself hopelessly lost the next

When you fall into the "hopelessly lost" category, coming home with a long math
homework assignment to face down alone can be a terrifying idea. You know you
have to try to tackle that homework. But you feel intimidated, lost and frightened
which leads to procrastination. This is a cycle that will not end well. One solution
may be to open the book and read the chapter over and over in hopes you get a

If that works, you are one of the lucky ones. But if you were lost in class, the
problem is probably much worse when you are alone with your homework
assignment and that textbook that might as well be written in ancient Sanskrit
for all the good it is to you. Instead of beating yourself up about the math issues
you have, there has to be a better way. The better way is to find someone to give
you some help and get you back "in the groove" as to where you are in your math

www.coolmathgameskids.net                                                        14
Obviously you want to find the path of least resistance in getting some help. Your
network of immediate friends is a good resource. Someone you know well may
understand this particular assignment. Don’t be afraid to approach that friend
for study date to pick his or her brain. In addition to the help you get, its much
easier to do tough homework with a friend than to face it alone. But if you can't
find the help in your inner circle of trusted friends, think about the other kids in
the class and which ones always seem to know what the heck is going on. One of
them may be willing to tutor you.

It might seem like a your least favorite place to go for help but there are two
places you can go that are easy to get to, free and who want you to be a success.
That is your parents or your teachers. Too many students are afraid to go to the
teacher after class to admit that you just don’t understand the assignment. But
the teacher will be thrilled you were willing to seek help and if anything, reaching
out for help can only help your final grade.

Similarly, you may fear getting yelled at if you go to your parents for help. But
they would far rather help you than see you fail. Your parents may be closet
math whizzes and you just didn’t know. But even if they aren't, they will be
willing to get you the help you need. Better to swallow your pride and go to one
of these sources than to sit and suffer with "math phobia" which only leads to
frustration and potential failure.

 Math Lessons
When it comes to the academic study of math that all students working their way
through their elementary or secondary education must have, it is easy to start to
         wonder if there is a law somewhere that math lessons have to be boring
             and dry. While there really is no academic requirement for math to
               be a subject that kills the soul while educating the mind, in many
                public and even private school situations, math is one of the
                               topics that becomes an ordeal for students to get

It doesn’t have to be this way. Much of how the students feel about math comes
from the instructor. Any real math enthusiast would take extreme offense at the
very idea that math is boring.

www.coolmathgameskids.net                                                        15
If the teacher of the math class is not someone who is passionate about the
subject, the teacher is going to be disinterested in the teaching of math and will
treat it as though he or she was teaching on variations of the color grey. The
instructors lack of interest will be passed to the student which could kill many
young peoples love of math entirely.

It is important at the administration of the school to see math as a topic that
needs to be taught as a fundamental life skill by an instructor who lives and
breathes math ideas. If the instructor is passionate about the topic and
considers math to be the most exciting area of study in the world, that passion
will be passed to the students. While it may not convert every student into a
math fanatic, it will make the kids enjoy their time in math class and the job of
learning important math skills will be much easier than if math is tedious and

Parents and educators can work together to make sure math
painful to get through.

does not become something students come to dread. As
parents, its good to look inward to find out if you have "math
phobia" because your attitude toward the subject could be
passed to your child.
If you have a negative attitude about math that you may have picked up on when
you were young, it’s a good idea to address that as an adult so your enthusiasm
for math is not phony when you are trying to inspire your children on to better
performance in this important area of their studies.

Along with giving the math students in your life plenty of encouragement and
support, there are lots of ways to make math fun. Math games and puzzles and
math based online adventures can take each math idea and turn it into an
exciting exploration for each child. Parents can also work with the school
administration to hold math fairs where many math based games and social
events can change the perception of math and make it one of the "cool things" to
do. That effort to make math interesting and valued to your kids will pay off in a
big way throughout their academic career and on into their adult lives as well.

www.coolmathgameskids.net                                                           16
 Fun math games 4 kids

Most kids like playing video games because they are fun and gives them a great
adrenalin rush. If we can make this practice of them advantages, whereas they
would learn while they play, you will find great ways to make their play time
productive. That is the main motto of fun math games 4 kids

 Why are math games effective?
As a child approaches level after level in a gaming platform, they feel themselves
to be improving on the subject which is a very difficult feeling to be induced by
plain teaching methods. When a kid feels the improvement from within, they then
to keep going at it for a much longer time, hence, they get to spend more time
learning, which isn't the case, otherwise.

The other reason is that fun math games provide instant results which can be
very advantageous. Most of the time, when a child scored an A in his/her class,
the adrenalin rush that he/she has at that moment to outdo others in the class is
high but wears down in time. In games, they get an instant result which gives
them a feel of achieving A in their scorecard and gives them an enthusiasm to
keep going.

  What research says?
Math games have positive impact on how students look at the subject.
All the reports show either an improvement in their score or maintenance of the
same grade but none shows a decrease in scores.

A research conducted by Seigler and Ramani indicates that playing number line
games helps students improve in:

www.coolmathgameskids.net                                                      17
  •   Identifying numerals
  •   Counting
  •   Comparing number magnitudes
  •   Understanding a number

All in all, playing math games has many positive aspects and proven results to
be taken out of contest.

 Selecting the right games for your kids:
This is the most important aspect for you to consider as a parent/guardian.
Choosing the right games for your kids depending on their attributes and grade
level will provide better results than just playing a random game.

Here on our website, we help you make this decision simpler. All the math
games are categorized according to the grade level and you can also see a
detailed description on the topics the game covers. So, you can choose a game
depending on the topics or the grade level your child is in. For example, for a 4th
grader, playing Multiplication Baseball would be the right option as that is one of
the topics that he has to prepare for as per his curriculum.

                             Every game has been tested throughout to have a
                             positive learning curve of the topic and contain
                             enough level to take the learning at a slow but
                             effective pace. By the end of every game, you can be
                             sure that your child has a good grasp on the topic the
                             game was on.

We have a huge collection of games based on all the topics starting from Number
sense, Multiplication, word games, geometry etc. You can be sure that you can
find games on any topic here. So, anytime your child is having problem with a
specific topic, all you have to do is, find a game specific to that topic and have
your child play it. At the end of the game, you can be sure that your child will have
a better grasp of the topic. This is an advantage that you can get from fun math
games 4 kids.

www.coolmathgameskids.net                                                        18
    Recommended Product!
    Be sure to check out Teresa Evans' Making Math More Fun Secrets and





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