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DETAILED COMPETENCIES                                     NAME:___________________________________________

                   Category                                              Competency
ADMINISTRATIVE                                  Accounting/Book Keeping
ADMINISTRATIVE                                  Accounts Receivable
ADMINISTRATIVE                                  Billing
ARCHITECTURE                                    Application Architecture
ARCHITECTURE                                    Architecture Framework
ARCHITECTURE                                    Architecture Management
ARCHITECTURE                                    Corporate Solutions Architecture
ARCHITECTURE                                    Data Architecture
ARCHITECTURE                                    Data Modeling
ARCHITECTURE                                    Enterprise Architecture
ARCHITECTURE                                    Infrastructure Architecture
ARCHITECTURE                                    Quality Assurance
ARCHITECTURE                                    Security Architect
ARCHITECTURE                                    Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
ARCHITECTURE                                    Systems Architect
ARCHITECTURE                                    Technology Architecture
ARCHITECTURE                                    The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)
AUDITING                                        Financial Auditing
AUDITING                                        Systems Auditing
BUSINESS ANALYST                                BABOK Best Practices
BUSINESS ANALYST                                Business Case Development
BUSINESS ANALYST                                Business Process Analysis
BUSINESS ANALYST                                Business Re-Engineering
BUSINESS ANALYST                                Business Systems Analyst
BUSINESS ANALYST                                Environmental scanning feasibility studies
BUSINESS ANALYST                                Feasibility Studies
BUSINESS ANALYST                                Operations Analysis
BUSINESS ANALYST                                Organization Analysis
BUSINESS ANALYST                                Package Requirements & Selection
BUSINESS ANALYST                                Process Modeling
BUSINESS ANALYST                                Requirements Analysis
BUSINESS ANALYST                                Training
BUSINESS ANALYST                                Use Case Development
BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE                           Align BI Architecture with Corporate Architectures
BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE                           Leadership of BI solutions
BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE                           Planning/Development
CHANGE MANAGEMENT                               Business Change Management
CHANGE MANAGEMENT                               Business Transformation
CHANGE MANAGEMENT                               Project Change Management
COLLABORATION                                   Advise & Collaborate with Diverse stakeholders
COLLABORATION                                   Common Solutions
COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE                             BAAN
COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE                             COGNOS Suite

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DETAILED COMPETENCIES                                    NAME:___________________________________________

                   Category                                             Competency
COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE                             COTS
COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE                             EDP (Electronic Data Processing Software)
COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE                             ERP
COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE                             ETL Tools
COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE                             GARP
COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE                             Oracle Asset Mgmt.
COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE                             Oracle Financials
COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE                             Oracle Materials Mgmt.
COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE                             Oracle OBIEE
COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE                             PeopleSoft
COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE                             SAP
COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE                             Siebel
COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE                             VMware ESX and/or VMware View
CONTRACT MANAGEMENT                             Agreement Management
CONTRACT MANAGEMENT                             Contract
CONTRACT MANAGEMENT                             Contract Negotiations
CONTRACT MANAGEMENT                             Establish Contract
CONTRACT MANAGEMENT                             Manage Contracts
CONTRACT MANAGEMENT                             Monitoring
CONTRACT MANAGEMENT                             Service Level Management
DATABASE                                        Crystal Reports
DATABASE                                        DB2
DATABASE                                        Management
DATABASE                                        Microsoft SQL Server
DATABASE                                        MS Access, MS, MS Office
DATABASE                                        MS Project
DATABASE                                        MS Vision
DATABASE                                        Oracle
DATABASE                                        Sybase
DESIGN                                          Application Design
DESIGN                                          Data Modeling
DESIGN                                          Database Design
DESIGN                                          e-Commerce
DESIGN                                          Internet Solution Design
DISASTER RECOVERY                               Continuity Planning
DISASTER RECOVERY                               Disaster Recovery
DISASTER RECOVERY                               DRP Planning
DISASTER RECOVERY                               DRP Testing
DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT                             Content Management Enterprise - Alfresco
DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT                             Documentum Records Management
DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT                             Microsoft SharePoint
EDUCATION & TRAINING                            Adult Education
EDUCATION & TRAINING                            Seminars

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DETAILED COMPETENCIES                                    NAME:___________________________________________

                   Category                                             Competency
EDUCATION & TRAINING                            Training
EDUCATION & TRAINING                            Training Material Development
FACILITATION                                    Consensus Building
FACILITATION                                    Focus Group
FACILITATION                                    JAD (Joint application development sessions)
FACILITATION                                    Workshops
FINANCE                                         Audit
FINANCE                                         Banking
FINANCE                                         Budget Management
FINANCE                                         Corporate Finance
FINANCE                                         Finance Accounting
FINANCE                                         Financial Management Solutions (FMS)
FINANCE                                         Financial Regulation
FINANCE                                         Financial Reporting
FINANCE                                         Oracle
FINANCE                                         PeopleSoft
HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES                             Consumer Health Information
HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES                             Digital Imaging & Communications in Medicine (DICOM)
HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES                             EHR Electronic Health Records
HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES                             EMR      Electronic Medical Records
HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES                             Imaging Information
HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES                             Informatics
HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES                             Lab Info Systems
HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES                             Meditek Product Suite
HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES                             Personal Health Information (PHI)
HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES                             Pharmacy Systems
HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES                             Public Health Informatics
HUMAN RESOURCES                                 Job Description Development
HUMAN RESOURCES                                 Oracle
HUMAN RESOURCES                                 Organizational Design
HUMAN RESOURCES                                 People Management
HUMAN RESOURCES                                 People Soft
HUMAN RESOURCES                                 Recruiting
IMPLEMENTATION                                  Package
IMPLEMENTATION                                  System
INFRASTRUCTURE                                  Cloud Computing
INFRASTRUCTURE                                  Datacenter
INFRASTRUCTURE                                  Deployment
INFRASTRUCTURE                                  Mainframe
INFRASTRUCTURE                                  Network Mgmt.
INFRASTRUCTURE                                  Operations

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DETAILED COMPETENCIES                                   NAME:___________________________________________

                   Category                                             Competency
INFRASTRUCTURE                                  Servers and Routers
INFRASTRUCTURE                                  Service Delivery
KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT                            Business Administration
KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT                            Knowledge Management (KM)
KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT                            Public Policy
MANAGEMENT                                      Advisory Leadership
MANAGEMENT                                      Business Case
MANAGEMENT                                      Change Management
MANAGEMENT                                      Cost Benefit
MANAGEMENT                                      Feasibility
MANAGEMENT                                      Governance
                                                Information & Communication Technology Management
MANAGEMENT                                      (ICT)
MANAGEMENT                                      Information Management
MANAGEMENT                                      Interim Management
MANAGEMENT                                      IT Delivery Management
MANAGEMENT                                      IT Management
MANAGEMENT                                      Performance Management
MANAGEMENT                                      Portfolio Management
MANAGEMENT                                      Post Implementation Reviews
MANAGEMENT                                      Quality Assurance
MANAGEMENT                                      Relationship Management
MANAGEMENT                                      Risk Management
MANAGEMENT                                      Vendor Management
MARKETING                                       Advertising, Branding, Sales Promotion
MARKETING                                       Market Analysis
MARKETING                                       Media Buying
MARKETING                                       Printing, Publication, Internet
MARKETING                                       Product, Pricing, Distribution
METHODOLGIES                                    Agile Developer
METHODOLGIES                                    Cobit (IT Management and IT Governance)
METHODOLGIES                                    Iterative Development
METHODOLGIES                                    ITIL
METHODOLGIES                                    Performance Management
METHODOLGIES                                    PMO Leadership
METHODOLGIES                                    Rational Unified Process (RUP)
METHODOLGIES                                    Stewardship
METHODOLGIES                                    System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
METHODOLGIES                                    Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM)
METHODOLGIES                                    Unified Modeling Language (UML)
OPERATING SYSTEMS                               Active Directory (AD)
OPERATING SYSTEMS                               HPQC
OPERATING SYSTEMS                               Linux

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DETAILED COMPETENCIES                                   NAME:___________________________________________

                   Category                                             Competency
OPERATING SYSTEMS                               Mac OS
OPERATING SYSTEMS                               Microsoft Access/Office
OPERATING SYSTEMS                               Unix
OPERATING SYSTEMS                               Visio
OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SUPPORT                   Desktop Coordination
OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SUPPORT                   Infrastructure
OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SUPPORT                   IT Performance Coordination
OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SUPPORT                   IT Security Administration
OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SUPPORT                   Resource Management
PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT                          Application Performance
PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT                          Resource Performance
PLANNING                                        Business Planning
PLANNING                                        Business Strategic Planning
PLANNING                                        Communication Planning
PLANNING                                        Consensus Skills
PLANNING                                        IT Strategic Planning
PLANNING                                        Operational Planning
PLANNING                                        Organizational Planning
PLANNING                                        Tactical Planning
PLANNING                                        Visioning
PLANNING                                        Workshop Facilitation
POLICY                                          Development and Implementation
                                 Best Practices
                                 Establish Standards
                                 Measure Performance
                                 Monitor Project Progress
                                 Project Frameworks
PRIVACY & SECURITY                              Applications Security
PRIVACY & SECURITY                              Business Model for Information Security (BMIS)
PRIVACY & SECURITY                              Data Integrity
PRIVACY & SECURITY                              Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy (FOIP)
PRIVACY & SECURITY                              Identity Management Systems
PRIVACY & SECURITY                              Information Security
PRIVACY & SECURITY                              IT Security
PRIVACY & SECURITY                              Network Security
PRIVACY & SECURITY                              Operations Security (OPSEC)
PRIVACY & SECURITY                              Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)
PRIVACY & SECURITY                              Secure Disposal of Confidential Information
PROCUREMENT                                     Best Practices
PROCUREMENT                                     Chain Supply Management
PROCUREMENT                                     Chain Supply Procurement
PROCUREMENT                                     Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
PROCUREMENT                                     Cost Benefit Analysis

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DETAILED COMPETENCIES                                    NAME:___________________________________________

                   Category                                              Competency
PROCUREMENT                                     Fairness Monitor
PROCUREMENT                                     Internal Trade Specialist
PROCUREMENT                                     Procurement Process
PROCUREMENT                                     Proposal Development
PROCUREMENT                                     RFP Development
PROCUREMENT                                     Subject Matter Expert
PROCUREMENT                                     Supply Management
PROGRAM                                         Legislation/Regulatory Development
PROGRAM                                         Program Design
PROGRAM                                         Program Development
PROGRAM                                         Program Evaluation
PROGRAM                                         Program Management
PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE                  ,
PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE                            Ajax
PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE                            Alfresco
PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE                            Java, Java Script
PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE                            JFS, JDBS
PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE                            Pascal
PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE                            Visual Basic, V.B. Net
PROJECT MANAGEMENT                              Business PM
PROJECT MANAGEMENT                              Business Process Improvement
PROJECT MANAGEMENT                              Governance
PROJECT MANAGEMENT                              PMBOK
PROJECT MANAGEMENT                              Portfolio Management
PROJECT MANAGEMENT                              PRINCE2
PROJECT MANAGEMENT                              Program Management
PROJECT MANAGEMENT                              Project Management
PROJECT MANAGEMENT                              Project Management Office (PMO)
RECORDS MANAGEMENT                              Classification Schemes Development
RECORDS MANAGEMENT                              Functional Classification System
RECORDS MANAGEMENT                              Managing Electronic Records
RECORDS MANAGEMENT                              Managing Physical Records
RECORDS MANAGEMENT                              Records Management Training
RECORDS MANAGEMENT                              Records Mgmt. Policies & Procedures
RECORDS MANAGEMENT                              Retention Schedules Development
RESEARCH                                        Environmental Scanning
RESEARCH                                        Qualitative Research
RESEARCH                                        Quantitative Research
RESEARCH                                        Technical Scans
SERVICE MANAGEMENT                              Information Technology Information Library (ITIL)
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            .NET
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            Action Script
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            Agile

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DETAILED COMPETENCIES                                    NAME:___________________________________________

                   Category                                              Competency
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            Alfresco
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            C++, C, C#
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            Eclipse, Mantis, Trac
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            Flash Animation
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            HTML
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            Java/JSP
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            Joomla
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            Mainframe
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            PHP, ASP
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            Post Implementation Reviews
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            RUP, SCRUM
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            Sharepoint SQL, MY SQL, SQL Server
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            UML ABAP
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            Visual Basic
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            Web Design
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            Web Development
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                            XML, XSLT, XSL
SOURCING                                        Alternative Service Delivery
SOURCING                                        Co-Sourcing
SOURCING                                        In-sourcing
SOURCING                                        Outsourcing
STANDARDS                                       Agile
STANDARDS                                       Data
STANDARDS                                       Dublin Core
STANDARDS                                       HISCA (AHW)
STANDARDS                                       HL7
STANDARDS                                       Information Management
STANDARDS                                       ISO
STANDARDS                                       ITIL
STANDARDS                                       Project Ethics/Quality
STANDARDS                                       Technology Standards
TESTING                                         Auto Testing
TESTING                                         Conformance Testing
TESTING                                         Data Quality
TESTING                                         General Testing
TESTING                                         Integration Testing
TESTING                                         QA Testing
TESTING                                         Solution Testers
TESTING                                         Systems Testing
TESTING                                         Test Tools
TESTING                                         Usability Testing
TESTING                                         User Acceptance
WRITING & DOCUMENTATION                         Policy Writing

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DETAILED COMPETENCIES                                  NAME:___________________________________________

                   Category                                            Competency
WRITING & DOCUMENTATION                         Release Notes
WRITING & DOCUMENTATION                         RFP Writer
WRITING & DOCUMENTATION                         System Documentation
WRITING & DOCUMENTATION                         Technical Writing
WRITING & DOCUMENTATION                         User Acceptance (UAT)
WRITING & DOCUMENTATION                         User Guidelines

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