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					                      Community Education Programs
for Adults with Developmental Cognitive Disabilities
                                  April - June 2012
                                                            Coordinator’s Corner
       m   munity Bri   dge
                                     Community Bridge participants have demonstrated over the years that

                                     they enjoy serving others just as much as learning and playing. They have
                                     reached beyond themselves in a variety of service opportunities, the latest
                                     sorting at the Arc Value Village Thrift Shop in St. Paul. Being a ‘thrifter’
   CONSORTIUM                        myself, I was anxious to join the group behind the scenes at a thrift shop.
   Consortium Members                I was not disappointed in my experience! Our group – including my
North St. Paul-Maplewood-            colleague and friend, Roxi – were met by Arc employee, Theresa. After
Oakdale Schools*                     a brief in service, half of the group began sorting through large boxes of
2520 East 12th Avenue                spring holiday donations; the other half untangled, bagged and tagged
North St. Paul, MN 55109             colorful Mardi Gras beads. Before we knew it, our 90-minute shift was
Patricia Svendsen, Coordinator       up. We all promised to return next Wednesday. We cannot wait to see the
651-748-7436                         new tasks Theresa will have ready for us.
Cheryl Gysbers, Facilitator          In addition to having a great time, all we sorters were given a 20% Off
651-748-7437 (Consortium Office)
                                     Value Village Coupon. [I already used mine toward the purchase of a
Dawn Wheeler, Registration Clerk       really cool scarf.]

Roseville Area Schools               Check out page two in this brochure to learn about the SCOOP Project
1910 West County Road B              if you have not volunteered in a while. Community Bridge has pledged
Roseville, MN 55113                  twenty-five volunteers! Register soon or this chance for you to help the
Cyndi Arneson, Coordinator           hungry will be filled.                                         Pat Svendsen
White Bear Lake Area Schools
4855 Bloom Avenue
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
Andrea Wildman Hilal, Coordinator

Mahtomedi Schools
1520 Mahtomedi Avenue
Mahtomedi, MN 55115

South Washington
County Schools
8400 East Point Douglas Road S
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
Gretchen Carlson, Coordinator
                                    Sunday Classes
                          Take Me Out to the Ball Game
                  St. Paul Saints Baseball Game and Tailgating Party
The St. Paul Saints will celebrate their 20th season in 2012. They will unveil a new
logo and the 5,000,000th fan will enter the gates. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity
to enjoy some good baseball as the St. Paul Saints challenge the Sioux Falls Fighting
Pheasants. What’s a ball game without a tailgate party - we’ll do that too.
Date: June 10, 2012
Time: Tailgate picnic starts at 11:30 am , Game begins at 1:05 pm. Arrive between
        11:20 am and 1 pm to take advantage of the tailgate picnic.
Where: Midway Stadium, 1771 Energy park Drive, St Paul, 55108 - Note: There is
       no bus for this event
Cost: $22 ($22 staff) - Note This is not a drop-off event. Staff or family member is
       required to attend with participants.
Includes: Ticket to the game, games prizes and a tailgate picnic meal (choice of 2 hot
       dogs, hamburger or chicken sandwich plus chips, potato salad, baked beans and
       soda or water).
Location of tailgate picnic: The Midway Grill which is located inside Midway stadium, just down the third
       base line. Maps of the park and picnic area can be found at or call the
        Community Bridge office at 651-748-7434.
Weather: The picnic and game will be held rain or shine. Dress appropriately for the weather. There is no
       shelter in the picnic area so remember hats, sunglasses and sunscreen. If the game is cancelled due
       to severe weather you will be notified by the Community Bridge office of a replacement date for the
        game however the picnic will not be rescheduled.
CBNSE1                       Sunday, June 10 - register by May 10 – No Refunds after this date
Cost $22 ($22 Staff)         Tailgate Picnic between 11:30 am – 1:05 pm, Game begins 1:05 pm
             At least one staff or family member required to attend, this is not a drop-off event.
                                       There is NO BUS for this event.
 Directions: West on Hwy 94,north on Snelling Ave, Right on Energy Park Drive and right into the stadium
                         parking lots. There is a fee for parking in the stadium lots.

             Community Bridge Choir
The Community Bridge Choir can always add new
                                                                    Monday Classes
members – the more the merrier, the better the
music! Director Karen Hillman is a phenomenal
musician with years of experience directing choirs                                  April Art
and performing with her band, Cord Authority. Karen          You never know what medium - paper, clay, fabric,
directs; Renee Turner designs the props. All you do is       wood, beads - Kitty will have for you to express your
sing!                                                        creativity, imagination and bring out the artist in you.
Karen Hillman with Renee Turner                    $40       Kitty Anderson and Renee Turner                      $10
CBNM1        Apr 15, 29 May 6, 13                            #CBNA1        Apr 16                        6:30 - 8 pm
             Concert – May 20                                John Glenn, Rm 116
Lakeview Lutheran Church                 6:30 – 8 pm

                         Monday Classes Continued
                          Bingo                                            Line Dances and Party Dances
I - 12; G - 9; B - 4; and don’t forget to cover the FREE                          at Tropical Ballroom
spot! Join in an evening of bingo and laughter. See old          Learn the group dances and line dances that are so
friends and have a chance to make new ones. Bring a              popular: the Hokey Pokey, YMCA, Chicken Dance,
treat to add to the prize pile.                                  Macarena and the Cotton Eyed Joe. You’ll also learn
Pat Boon and Melanie Groth                             $25       the Electric Slide, Boot Scoot Boogie, Tropical Twist,
#CBRR1         Mar 26, Apr 9, 23, May 7, 21                      Hawaiian Stomp, Bandana Boogie and Fancy Feet. Get
Fairview Community Center                        7 – 8 pm        ready for some fun! Caregivers are encouraged to stay
                                                                 and help if needed.
                       Open Gym                                  James and Tricia Wood                               $15
Enjoy an evening of exercise, physical games, friends            #CBSS1         Apr 23, 30                     7 – 8 pm
and fun! We will supply the equipment. There will be             Tropical Ballroom Dance Studio
different activities each night. Bring a water bottle and
wear casual clothes, including tennis shoes. This is not
an event to miss!
Pat Boon & Melanie Groth                             $19                          No Bake Cookies
CBRR2          Apr 16, 30, May 14, June 4 7 – 8 pm               No time to bake? You can still make these sweet treats
Brimhall Elementary School, Multi-purpose room                   from ingredients that you probably even have in the
                                                                 cupboard. The recipes for this class contain chocolate
                                                                 and peanut butter.
                                                                 Alice Cox                                            $9
                       Cookies                                   CBNF2        May 7                         6:30 – 8 pm
New cookie ideas to bake for quick treats for family             Phoenix Alternatives
and friends. Some of the recipes include chocolate,
some fruit and some peanut butter. Learn to make and
decorate with frosting as well.
Alice Cox                                           $9                          Patriotic Party Foods
CBNF1         Apr 23                      6:30 – 8 pm            Having a 4th of July party or just looking for some
Phoenix Alternatives                                             new party food ideas? Try these festive foods with a
                                                                 red, whit and blue theme.
                                                                 Alice Cox                                            $9
                                                                 CBNF3         June 25                      6:30 – 8 pm
                                                                 Phoenix Alternatives
                  VFW Flyers
    Let’s get moving! Why stay at home when you can
   drop-in to VFW Flyers! Join your friends and make                            Demontreville Cruise
   new friends doing arts, crafts, games and much more.          The popular Demontreville pontoon cruise continues.
        Meets every Monday & Wednesday                           Wheel chairs are welcome. Can’t make this date?
                                                                 Another cruise is being planned for July. Cruise begins
                    6:15 - 8:15 pm
                                                                 boarding at 6:15 pm and will leave the dock promptly
      Drop-in: No preregistration necessary                      at 6:30 pm. Only staff required for one-to-one
  White Bear Lake Area Central Middle School                     assistance should plan to cruise as space is limited.
         4857 Bloom Ave, White Bear Lake                         Pat Svendsen                                          $7
                                                                 #CBNR1        June 25                      6:15 – 8 pm
    Program questions to: Mary Beth Magnuson at
                                                                 Demontreville Lake, Public Access

                                      Tuesday Classes

Swimming can be water exercise, lap swimming,               Nature’s Inventions
group games such as water polo, learning swim skills,       The Science Ladies are back looking into Nature’s
or just ‘splashing’ around to release stress - that’s       Inventions. Many of today’s inventions were actually
swimming. Volunteers are available, but anyone              “invented” by nature first. Velcro, chisels, paper, and
requiring one-to-one supervision must provide a             zippers are only a few inventions that can be found in
personal assistant in the locker room and in the pool.      nature. Try your hand at making paper to take home.
The pool is accessible by a corner stairway.                Laura Ericksen and Joyce Gokey                       $8
Lynn Snyder $38                                             CBNSK1 May 22                              6:30 – 8 pm
#CBNSW1 Apr 10 – May 15                                     John Glenn, 116
John Glenn, Pool                            7 – 7:45 pm

                                  Wednesday Classes
                                                                          Saints North Roller Skating
                    Adventure Plus –                         Skate away safely at Saints North. The rink is reserved
        Climbing, Rope Course & Archery                      just for Community Bridge so it’s a good place to
For the adventurous among us! Experience wall                learn to skate, listen to music, get some exercise and
climbing, a rope course and indoor archery at the new        meet your friends. Skates are included in the fee,
Boy Scouts of America Base Camp INDOOR facility.             but you may bring your own. Supper or snacks are
Visit for a sneak preview            available to purchase at the snack bar. (Wheel chairs
of the facility – it is “first class”! Registration deadline are welcome but can only be pushed by non roller
is April 9 due to Base Camp requirements. Don’t miss skaters. Motorized wheel chairs are on their own!)
this one-of-a-kind adventure. A waiver and map will be Pat Svendsen                                  $8 ($4 wheelers)
sent upon registration.                                      #CBNR2        May 30                            6 – 8 pm
Ron Sushak                                             $30 Saints North Roller Rink
CBNSE8         Apr 18, 25, May 2              7 – 8:30 pm
Base Camp, 201 Bloomington Road,
Fort Snelling, MN 55111
                                                                       Community Bridge “Cash Cab”
                                                             If you think you have “hired” the Community
                                                             Bridge “cab” for an evening on the town, you will be
                                                             surprised when you discover that you have become
      Flower Painted Necklace and Bracelet                   an instant contestant in this new Community Bridge
String brightly painted wooden floral beads for a             activity. During the event you will be competing in the
matching necklace and bracelet set for summer. A great “cab” for about 45 minutes and the rest of the time is
Mother’s Day gift! Caregivers are encouraged to stay spent at our “destination” with refreshments and other
and help if needed.                                          activities. The cab itself is not wheelchair accessible
Mary Bouska                                            $13 but participants using a wheel chair are welcome to
CBSC1          May 2                       6:45 – 7:45 pm join in the rest of the activities.
East Ridge High School, 1040                                 Cheryl Gysbers and John Hayes                          $8
                                                             CBNR3         June 20                        6:30 – 8 pm
                                                             District 622 Education Center, 101/103
   or tee y
 pp n d a
O lu s                    SCOOP: Global Hunger Response Service Project

     tu r
   Vo dne

               SCOOP is a service event sponsored by The Parable Fund, a local 501(c)(3) educational non

            profit. The event will be held right here in our Community Bridge Consortium area - Oakdale.
         The goal is to pack 545,000 meals in just three days to feed 1,400 people for an entire year; people
       who face severe hunger in places like Haiti and pockets of Africa.
   SCOOP needs 2,700 youth and adult volunteers to pack these meals.
Twenty-five of those volunteers can be Community Bridge participants!
Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) provides all the ingredients, packaging
and equipment that will be used for this event through their MobilePack
The cost of ingredients for each meal packed is twenty-two cents. Your
suggested donation of $6.00 will pay for 27 meals! The Parable Fund will
be doing additional fund raising in the community to pay for meals not covered by packer donations.
After the meals are packed FMSC will ship them to one of seventy countries where they are desperately needed.
Community Bridge Staff
CBNSE2        May 23 6:30– 8:30 pm           Skyview, Gymnasium             $6 suggested donation*
*The $6 donation is not required for participation. Your gift of time to serve is very generous and highly
valued by SCOOP. If you choose to donate, send a separate check for the donation to the Community Bridge
office. Checks for your donation should be made out to “Parable Fund” with “SCOOP” written in the memo
line. The Community Bridge Office will forward your donation to the Parable Fund.

                                   Thursday Classes
                                                                                   The Foreigner
              Brush Up on the Basics                                         North High School Play
Brush up on reading, writing and math under the               The Foreigner has a bit of everything: comedy,
guidance of Kelli Dean. One of our best Survival              drama, emotion and a bit of intensity. The play is set
Reading and Writing teachers, Kelly continues to lead         in a resort-style fishing lounge in Georgia. The plot
this new and updated class. You can work individually         revolves around two guests of the lodge: Englishman
or in a small group to enhance your skills for home           Charlie Baker and Staff Sergeant Froggy LeSueur.
and in the workplace.                                         Charlie is so shy he is unable to speak. To explain this
Kelli Dean                                          $25       non verbal behavior, Froggy tells the other guests that
CBNB1         Apr 5 – May 3                6:30 – 8 pm        Charlie is from an exotic country and does not speak
Skyview, 202                                                  English. Suddenly, Charlie finds himself privy to all
                                                              sorts of secrets and scandals that are freely discussed
                                                              in his presence – after all he cannot speak English!
          Call 651-748-7434 for class                         Come see the outcome of this unusual situation. Pick
      availability or program information.                    up your tickets in the North High atrium between
                                                              6:30 – 6:45 pm.
 Participants must preregister for all classes
                                                              North High School Drama Department (under the
 and activities unless drop-in or walk-in is
                                                              direction of Kevin Barnard)
 indicated in description. Register using
                                                              CBNSE5         Apr 12                       $6 ($8 staff)
 form on page 11.
                                                              North High School, Auditorium            6:30 – 9:15 pm
       This brochure is available online
                      Thursday Classes Continued
                                            T-Ball/Beginning Softball
Softball is the name of game no matter how one hits the ball! Join one of the three Community Bridge
Consortium very basic softball/t-ball teams. Develop team spirit, learn the game, improve skills and engage
in a bit of competition. Batters can hit from a batting ‘T’ or a coach-pitched ball. The season includes practices,
scrimmages, and concludes with a Saturday tournament, June 23. Three teams to choose from:
#CBNTS1 North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale Team, Coach Ron Sushak
               Robinhood Park (2039 Manton St), Maplewood                     $45
#CBWTS2       White Bear Lake Area Team,
              Sunrise Fields, White Bear Lake                                      $45
#CBSTS3       South Washington County Team, Coaches Judy Ptacek and Jim Ricard
              Hemingway Field #41, Cottage Grove                 $45
            All Teams will meet for 6 sessions, from 6:30 – 8 pm, Thursdays, May 17 – June 21
            Tournament Saturday, June 23, 9:30 am – 2 pm, Casey Lake Park, North St. Paul*
                           **Note: This is a new location for the tournament.**

    I Love Springtime Animals on the Farm                                  I Love My American Flag Pillow
Make a spring farm scene to display on your table                Let’s try trapunto, an easy and adapted sewing/stuffing
or dresser. Stain and embellish animal and barnyard              technique that will make your American flag theme
wood cutouts. Caregivers are encouraged to stay and              pillow more festive! Caregivers are encouraged to
help if needed.                                                  stay and help if needed.
Mary Jo Schneider                                  $12           Mary Jo Schneider                                  $12
CBSC2          Apr 12                     6:30 – 8 pm            CBSC3          May 17                     6:30 – 8 pm
Cottage Grove Middle School, A111                                Cottage Grove Middle School , A111

                                        Friday Classes
                Bingo and Pizza Party
Join your friends and have fun playing B-I-N-G-O!                                 Once Upon an Island
Prizes, a treat and pizza dinner included. Staff or family               Tartan High School Spring Musical
members are requested to stay and help participants.             Once Upon an Island is an adaptation of the popular
Mary Bouska                               $12 (staff $3)         fairy tale, The Little Mermaid. The show is set in the
#CBSR1         Apr 20                   6:30 – 8:30 pm           Caribbean. It tells the story of Ti Moune, a peasant girl
District 833 Program Center, Senior Center                       who rescues and falls in love with Daniel, a wealthy
                                                                 boy from the other side of her island. The gods who rule
               Friday Night Pizza Party                          the island test Ti Moune on the strength of her love for
Relax at the end of the week and join your friends for a         Daniel against the powerful forces of prejudice, hatred
fun night out! We’ll provide pizza, music, games and a           and even death. Once Upon an Island is an evening of
craft. If you have a favorite game, music cassette or CD         non-stop song and dance. Pick up your tickets in the
you’d like to share, bring it along.                             Tartan atrium between 6:30 – 6:45 pm.
Judy Ptacek                                $9 ( $3 staff)        Tartan High School Drama Department (under the
#CBSR2A Apr 27                          6:30 – 8:30 pm           direction of Ryan DeLaCroix)
Lake Middle School, Cafetorium                                   CBNSE6 Apr 20                               $5 ($8 staff)
#CBSR2B May 11                            $9 ( $3 staff)         Tartan, Auditorium                      6:30 – 9:15 pm
Lake Middle School, Cafetorium          6:30 – 8:30 pm
               Cinco De Mayo Dance
Celebrate Cinco De Mayo Community Bridge Style
                                                                     Saturday Classes
– with a dance! Visiting D.J, Chad Gillispie will play                         Spring Flower Décor
Latin inspired music as well as your favorite music            Design a wonderful sunflower made from styrofoam,
for dancing. Don’t miss your opportunity to join in the        paint, wiggle eyes pompoms and chenille stems.
largest Mexican Hat Dance in Gladstone history. No             Stand it up in a colorful ceramic pot with grass.
dance is complete without refreshments. They will be           Mary Bouska                                        $15
“south of the border” style.                                   CBRC1         May 19                         9 – 10 am
Chad Gillispie                                      $10        Fairview Community Center, 105
#CBNSE7 May 4                          6:30 – 8:30 pm
Gladstone, Gym

                     Disco Fever!                                             Decorative Photo Holder
            Songs from the 70’s & 80’s                          Paint and decorate 1 of 2 kinds of photo holders. The
Join us for a fun evening of dancing with your friends          first kind is a large “clip” design attached to a wooden
at the Tropical Ballroom in Woodbury. Our DJ will               block; the second is a wooden animal holding a 1 inch
play oldies from the 70’s and 80’s. Caregivers are              square frame.
encouraged to attend, but must register and pay as              Mary Bouska                                         $15
well.                                                           CBRC2          May 19                  10:15 – 11:15 am
James and Tricia Wood                  $10 ( $10 staff)         Fairview Community Center, 105
CBSSE1         May 18                  6:30 – 8:30 pm
Tropical Ballroom
                                                                             Jump, Slither and Slide
                 Beach Party Dance                             Meet a variety of reptile and amphibian ambassadors
Kick up some sand as you dance to the music of the             as you discover some of the amazing adaptations
Beach Boys, the Hawaii Five-O theme song and other             these scaly and slimy animals possess. Learn why
beach party classics. The beach balls are inflated and          amphibians are called “environmental indicators”
the limbo sticks are ready - it’s a beach party!               and how fingernails and snake scales are related!
Dan Glimes                                           $10       In addition to this program, the Como Zoo and
#CBNSE3 June 15                          6:30 – 8:30 pm        Conservatory is hosting a Party for the Planet today.
Gladstone, Gym                                                 This means that you will be able to visit additional
                                                               displays and join in on activities throughout the zoo
          Special Education Family                             and conservatory on your own following the Jump,
             Recreation Night                                  Slither and Slide program.
         For Families and Group Homes
               All Ages Welcome
                                                               Kathy Greeder- Wiegert                               $10
                                                               #CBNSE9 Apr 21                         10:30 am – noon
                  Fridays: 3/16, 4/20                          Como Park Zoo and Conservatory
              Activities start at 6:30 pm
                  Crafts at 7:00 pm
       Ice Cream & Cookies Social at 8:00 pm
                                                                         Call 651-748-7434 for class
                 Otter Lake School,                                  availability or program information.
    1401 County Road H2, White Bear Lake, 55110
     (Corner of Otter Lake Road and County H2)                  Participants must preregister for all classes
              No registration Necessary.                        and activities unless drop-in or walk-in is
     Family or staff must attend with participants              indicated in description. Register using
                                                                form on page 11.
             Sponsored by ISD 916 foundation
            and ISD 624 Community Education.                          This brochure is available online
       For information call Teddie at 651-489-9577          
      Let’s Go Twin Cities Trips and Tours
Explore exciting places and attend events in the Twin Cities!                   •   Staff or family attending
Transportation is provided; however, let us know prior to the trip if there         MUST register as well.
                                                                                •   A care provider must
are any special accommodations (such as wheelchair) required so we
                                                                                    attend if medication
may make your trip as accessible and enjoyable as possible.
                                                                                    needs to be administered
                                                                                    during any event or if
The pickup site for all LGTC trips will be at:                                      a participant requires
White Bear Lake Area High School                                                    personal assistance.
South Campus (south parking lot)                                                •   Events have limited space
3551 McKnight Road                                                                  - register early.
White Bear Lake, MN 55110                                                       •   If wheel chair
                                                                                    accommodations are
                                                                                    required, please arrive
                                                                                    early for loading.
                      ST ride                                                   •   Participants MUST ride
         ticipa nts MU vents.                                                       the bus to and from
  All par o and from e                                                              events - no pre-event
  the bu                                                                            ticket pick up available.

Minnesota Twins Vs. Toronto Blue Jays
Come enjoy the game of summer, BaseBall! Watch the Minnesota Twins battle the Toronto Blue Jays.
#CBWT1                    Sunday, May 13 - Register by April 30 - No refunds after this date
Cost $25 ($25 staff)      Departs: 11:30 am           Returns 5:45 pm (Bus departs by 5:15 pm
                                                      regardless of the status of the game.)

Join us for this annual favorite! Flip upside down to the max on Chaos; enjoy the scenery from a chugging
steam-powered train; catch the view from the Ferris Wheel; zoom round and round on the Flying Trapeze; or
even go wild at 74 M.P.H. on the Wild Thing. Whatever speed you like your fun, Valleyfair has a ride for you.
Admission also includes all of the spectacular entertainment throughout the grounds. Our group will not be
taking in the water or challenge park. Participants and staff should bring sunscreen as well as a cooler with a
bag lunch and beverage (lunches/beverage will be left on the bus until time to eat).
#CBWT2                          Saturday, June 2 - Register by May 15th - No refunds after this date
Cost: $31 ($31 staff)           Departs 9 am                 Returns 5:15 pm

 Volunteers are the Community Bridge’s greatest resource. A class assistant’s extra hands/heart
 can better individualize the experience for a participant. The classes and activities listed in this brochure
 would be greatly enhanced by the hands and hearts of a volunteers. Call 651-748-7436. If you know
 someone who is looking for an opportunity to help in the community, let them know about the Community
 Bridge. The Reward is Great!

                 Guidelines for Participation
 The Community Bridge promotes inclusion of adults with disabilities in a variety of Community Education
 programs and makes reasonable accommodations to provide an enriching experience for all participants.
 Your cooperation in following the guidelines listed below helps to make the classes and trips run smoothly
 and safely.
1. Preregistration is required for all classes,           6. If more than 3 people are registering from the
    activities, and trips. No walk-ins will be accepted      same address, a care provider should attend the
    except for VFW Flyers and Roller Skating.                class or trip and supervise the participants.

2. You will be notified if classes, trips, or activities       7. If a behavioral incident occurs, a primary caregiver
   are canceled. Plan to attend unless you are                   may be required to accompany the participant to
   notified.                                                      all future classes and trips.

3. Participants must be accompanied to the                    8. Refunds will be given for cancellations received
   classroom. The instructor/ facilitator is in the              two days before a scheduled class (except Trips/
   classroom no earlier than 15 minutes before class             Tours).
   starts. Be prompt in picking up participants
   following a class or trip.                                 9. All Community Bridge activities are school
                                                                 sponsored, so there is no smoking or drinking.
4. A care provider must attend if medication needs
   to be administered during any event.                       10. Transportation to and from the class/activity is the
                                                                  responsibility of the participant or care provider.
5. Participants who require one-to-one personal
   attention for physical and/or behavioral issues            11. All Let’s Go Twin cities participants MUST ride
   must be accompanied and supervised in classes                  the bus to and from the events. The bus leaves
   and on trips by a primary care giver.                          from and returns to White Bear Lake Area High
                                                                  School South Campus as listed on page 8.

          Your Donations are Needed
               and Appreciated
    Consider making a tax deductible donation                                  Learning for All
    to the Community Bridge Consortium to
                                                                Adults with disabilities are encouraged to
    support the costs associated with running
                                                                participate in general classes and activities
    the Community Bridge—brochure printing
                                                                listed in consortium members’ Community
    and postage, reduced fees, special events,
                                                                Education catalogs.
    and transportation. We can also use white
    elephant items for activity prices.                         The sponsoring district will make every effort
                                                                to provide reasonable accommodations to make
    Please make checks payable to and send to:                  your experience successful.
    District 622 - Community Bridge
    2520 E. 12th Ave.
    North St. Paul, MN 55109

                                 Direction Information
Base Camp, Fort Snelling                                                     Lake Middle School
201 Bloomington Rd, fort Snelling, 55111                                     3133 Pioneer Drive, Woodbury, 55125
I-35 E, exit then right on W 7th St/MN-5/Fort Road. Take the                 From I-494: Lake Road East to Pioneer Drive. Turn right on
MN-55W ramp, keep left to Fort Snelling, left on Bloomington                 Pioneer Drive.
Rd. Base Camp will be on the right.
                                                                             Lakeview Lutheran Church
Brimhall Elementary School                                                   1194 E. County Rd. C, Maplewood, 55109
1744 County Road B West, Roseville, 55113                                    From Hwy 36: North on Hwy 61, right on Co. Rd. C and right
From Hwy 36, south on Snelling, right (west) on Co. Rd. B                    into parking lot.

Cottage Grove Middle School                                               North High School and North Polar Arena
9775 Indian Blvd S, Cottage Grove, 55016                                  2416 E 11th Ave, North St Paul, 55109
From I-94: South on County Rd 19 (Woodbury Dr/ Keats) to                  Hwy 36 in North St Paul, north on McKnight Rd, east on 11th
Indian Blvd. School is on the corner of County Rd 19 and Indian           Ave (becomes 12th Ave) Use entrance #1 and park in lot near
Blvd.                                                                     Polar Arena. Use west entrance for American Indian Drumming.
Como Zoo and Conservatory
1225 Estabrook Drive, St Paul, 55103                                      Phoenix Alternatives, Inc.
From Hwy 36: South on Hamline Ave., left on Midway Parkway,               3595 Linden Ave, WBL 55110
left on Estabrook Drive to Palm parking lot.                              Hwy 694 North to Hwy 61 North; east (right) on County Road E
                                                                          to Linden Ave. Enter by middle doors.
Demontreville Lake Public Access                                         Robinhood Park
East on Hwy 36: Right on Highland Hills Trail. Turn onto De-             Manton St and Skillman, Maplewood, 55109
montreville Trail, Public access is just north of the intersection of    From Hwy 36: South on White Bear Avenue. Right on Frost
Demontreville Trail and 53rd St.                                         Ave.; right on Manton St. Robinhood Park is one block north of
District 622 Education Center
2520 E. 12th Ave, No. St. Paul, 55109                                        Saints North Roller Rink
From Hwy 36: North on McKnight Rd., right (east) on 11th Ave.                1818 Gervais Court, Maplewood, 55109
(becomes 12th Ave. at North High School. Continue to the District            From Hwy 36: North on White Bear Ave; left on Gervais; left on
Education Center, park in the east lot.                                      Gervais Court (just past the large apartment complex).

District 833 Program Center and Senior Center                                Skyview Community School
8400 East Point Douglas Rd. S., Cottage Grove, 55016                         1100 Heron Ave, N., Oakdale, 55128
Hwy 61 south to Jamaica. Left on Jamaica, left on E. Point                   From I-694 in the Oakdale area, east on 10th St. Left on Heron
Douglas Rd., two blocks down on the right - just before                      Ave. N. (Oakdale Library is on the corner.)
Applebee’s. The Senior Center is in the Program Center.
                                                                             Sunrise Fields
East Ridge High School                                                       2399 Cedar Avenue, White Bear Lake
4200 Pioneer Drive, Woodbury, 55125                                          From I-694: North on White Bear Ave; right on Cedar Ave; go
From I-494: Lake Rd east to Pioneer Dr. Turn right (south) on                past McKnight Rd.; fields are on the left behind the school.
Pioneer Dr.
                                                                             Tartan High School
Fairview Community Center                                                    828 Greenway Ave, Oakdale, 55128
1910 W. County Road B, Roseville, 55113                                      From I-694: Take 10th St exit, west on 10th St, left on Greenway
From Hwy 36 in Roseville, south on Fairview, right on Co. Rd. B.             and right into the parking lot.
1945 Manton St, Maplewood, 55109                                          Tropical Ballroom
From Hwy 36: South on White Bear Avenue. Right on Frost Ave.              1750 Weir Drrive, Woodbury, 55125
Turn right on Manton St. Park behind building.                            From I-494: West on Valley Creek Rd to Weir Dr; left on Weir,
                                                                          right into the parking lot of Valley Creek Mall. The Tropical
Hemmingway Field, Cottage Grove                                           Ballroom is located inside the mall.
Directions will be sent upon registration.
John Glenn Middle School                                                     White Bear Lake Area High School South Campus
1560 E County Rd B, Maplewood, 55109                                         3551 McKnight Road, White Bear Lake, 5511,
From Hwy 36: South on White Bear Ave; Right on County Road                   School is south of County Rd. E, on McKnight Rd. Let’s Go Twin
B. John Glenn is approximately 3/4 mile, on the left.                        Cities trips leave from southwest parking lot.

Name________________________________ Day Phone_______________ Evening Phone ____________
Address____________________________________________ City_________________ Zip___________
Contact Person ________________________ Day Phone ______________ Evening Phone ___________

               This is a new address or phone number
 Class #               Class Name                                    Location                         Fee
___________       ________________________________               ____________________             ___________
___________       ________________________________               ____________________             ___________
___________       ________________________________               ____________________             ___________
___________       ________________________________              ____________________              ___________
___________       ________________________________               ____________________             ___________
Photo Waiver: May your name and picture be used for press releases/promotions/publications? Yes ___ No ___
Wheelchair/Mobility Access_______      Requires one-to-one assistance? _______
List any medical, seizure, behavioral, diet or other condition the instructor needs to be aware of: ____________
Checks payable to Community Bridge. Mail: Community Bridge 2520 E 12th Ave, North St Paul, MN 55109

or charge Visa or MasterCard ________ _________ ________ ________ Exp__________ Total Charge $________

 Signature ___________________________________ Name on Card______________________________________
                               For Questions or to register by phone call 651-748-7434

                        STAFF REGISTRATION FORM - When staff fee required.
 This portion of the registration form must be completed when there is a fee charged for staff to attend
 an activity with the participant(s). The staff is part of the total count in such activities.
                                                                         # of Staff          Staff Fee(s)
   Number                 Activity                     Staff Fee         Attending           per Activity
   #CBNSE1 Take Me Out to the Ball Game                    $22                               $
   #CBNSE5       The Foreigner                             $8                                $
   #CBSR2A       Friday Night Pizza Party                  $3                                $
   #CBSR2B       Friday Night Pizza Party                  $3                                $
   #CBSR1        Bingo and Pizza Party                     $3                                $
   #CBNSE6        Once Upon an Island                      $8                                $
   #CBSSE1       Disco Fever                               $10                               $
   #CBWT1        Twins vs. Blue Jays                       $25                               $
   #CBWT2        Valleyfair                                $31                               $
                                                                     Total Staff Fee:        $ _________
           Group Home Name
           Street Address

    m munity Bri                                                                             NON-PROFIT ORG
                                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE

                      d ge
                                                                                             TWIN CITIES MN
                                                                                             PERMIT NO. 4263

Independent School District 622
2520 E 12th Avenue
North St. Paul, MN 55109
651.748.7437 / 651.748.7434

                         Take Advantage of These Special Events in the Community!

       American Indian Drum & Dance Expo                         Maplewood Figure Skating Show
  The evening will consist of a ‘Drum’ which is a                           Dress Rehearsal
  group of singers who play a large, specifically          Be part of the final preparations for the Maplewood
  designed drum and sing traditional songs. Traditional   Figure Skating Ice Show at Polar Arena. Its dress
  dancers will perform and discuss different types        rehearsal for the spring show and you are invited to
  of dance styles. There will be an opportunity to try    watch. There will be costumes, lots of skating and
  some traditional foods and learn about and play many    plenty of seating available. The show starts with
  traditional American Indian games.                      a production number that includes select skaters
   May 3                                        FREE      (sometimes they run through it twice) followed by
  North High School, Gym                   6:30 – 8 pm    various group numbers and solos.
  Enter school through west entrance off of 2nd St.       May 17                                          FREE
                                                          North High Polar Area                      6 - 8 pm

                                          Show Choir Extravaganza
  A taste of Broadway right here in North St. Paul! Enjoy this fully choreographed song and dance performance
  by the award winning North High School Show Choir. Community Bridge has arranged for the special rate of
  $5 participants, $8 staff. Performance dates are May 3, May 4, or May 5. All performances begin at 7 pm. If
  you are planning to attend \Contact the Community Bridge office at 651-748-7434 to pre-order tickets. Tickets
  will be picked up at the North High School theater ticket window immediately before the performance .

                   Note: These are NOT drop-off events. Staff must accompany participants.

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