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 A milestone for British
    science as Cardiff’s
    Sir Martin Evans
    receives the Nobel
    Prize for medicine
Making it better Legacy of life
How Cardiff researchers are   7,500 UK citizens are waiting
tackling the biggest health   for transplants – how can we
challenges of our time        encourage organ donation?
   Cardiff University Magazine

This past year has been one of great success for Cardiff University.We have entered the rankings of the top 100 world universities for the first
time – news that followed on only weeks after we learnt that Cardiff’s Sir Martin Evans had received the Nobel Prize for Medicine.The work
to which Sir Martin and his collaborators have dedicated their working lives has been recognised by the Nobel Assembly for the benefits it will
have for humankind in the future. Last month, the Institute of Medical Genetics, part of Cardiff University’s School of Medicine, won one of
this year’s Queen’s Anniversary Prizes, which recognise world class levels of excellence in UK Higher Education.These examples are surely the
essence of what universities are about – to change lives for the better; to make a real difference to society.
   These achievements are only possible with the support and participation of many talented and dedicated individuals. This magazine tells a
little of the vast array of exciting and groundbreaking work going on at the University today in the area of Society and Health. From the science
behind Sir Martin’s Nobel Prize, to the design of healthcare buildings and to schemes that recognise the nutritional needs of vulnerable patients
and put practical solutions in place, Cardiff University staff and students are striving to make the world a better and healthier place in which to
live, work and learn.
   I hope you will find the stories inspiring. As we enter our 15th Anniversary year in 008, we will share with you, and ask you to share
with us, our celebrations of all that our University has done over its history. Looking forward, our continued development needs your support.
We aim to continue to changes lives for the better – to carry out more groundbreaking research and life-saving discoveries and to support even
more students in their quest for learning.We know that to be the best we need the best staff, the most able students, innovative partnerships with
industry and increased levels of funding. I hope that you will help us in any way that you can.

Thank you for your continued support of Cardiff University.
Dr David Grant, CBE FREng FIEE, Vice Chancellor

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                                                                                                      Sue Hemming, Cardiff graduate and head
                                                                                                      of the CPS Counter Terrorism Division

                                                                                                     Autumn 007   

Nobel Prize for Cardiff Professor
The 2007 Nobel Prize for Medicine         targeting and therapy that are helping      pleased that British science is being
has been awarded to Sir Martin Evans,     the drive to develop new treatments         honoured in this way. It is a pleasure
Cardiff University’s Professor of         for a range of human illnesses,             and it is the highest honour in science.
Mammalian Genetics at the School of       including breast cancer, and offering       It is a boyhood dream come true.”
Biosciences. Sir Martin shared the        hope to millions of people around               Cardiff University’s reputation as a
award with Oliver Smithies of the         the world.                                  world-leading centre for biomedical
University of North Carolina and             Sir Martin’s award also represents       research is already well established. In
Mario Capecchi of the University of       an important milestone for British          2006, it was listed among the world’s
Utah for groundbreaking work in the       science. This is the first science Nobel    top 100 for biomedicine in the Times
field of stem cell research that is       Prize received in Britain for four          Higher Education Supplement World
fundamental to our understanding of       years. Prime Minister Gordon Brown          University Rankings. However, Sir
gene function and embryonic stem          said: “This is a proud day for Sir          Martin’s Nobel Prize award takes
cells. According to the Nobel             Martin, for Cardiff University and for      the University’s scientific standing to
Assembly at the Karolinska Institute,     the country. It is my hope that our         a whole new level.
Sweden, “the benefits of their work to    budding young scientists will follow            Professor John Harwood, Head of
humankind will continue to increase       the lead of Sir Martin Evans and that       the School of Biosciences, said:
over many years to come”.                 the UK can produce many more                “Cardiff improves year on year and
   Already a hugely respected figure      Nobel Prize winners.”                       this is another accolade for the
in the field of biomedicine, Sir Martin      Sir Martin compared the award to         University. In science it doesn’t come
has made breakthroughs in gene            winning the “World Cup”: “I’m very          any higher than the Nobel Prize.”

Cardiff makes the world’s top 100
Cardiff University has broken into the        What is particularly pleasing about this          new building for its School of
top 100 world universities for the first      study is that it is based heavily on the          Optometry and Vision Sciences,
time. The University rose 42 places from      opinions of international academic                and almost £30 million of new
last year’s ranking of 141st to 99th in the   experts in all fields, indicating high regard     biomedical imaging centres
world in the recently published annual        around the world for Cardiff University’s       ■ Continued popularity as the UK’s
Times Higher Education Supplement             research, teaching and innovation in the          8th most sought-after university,
(THES) world rankings.                        sciences, humanities and health-related           with some 37,000 applications
   The THES world league table is based       disciplines. The rating is further                for undergraduate places and
largely on a survey of thousands of           confirmation that in Cardiff University,          increasing numbers of applications
international experts, who are asked          Wales has an internationally-recognised           from students worldwide
which universities are most respected in      institution it can be truly proud of.”          ■ Continued innovation, including the
their field. Citations, recruiters opinions      Cardiff ’s rise to this highest ever           unique Cardiff International Academy
and staff to student ratios are also taken    position reflects a year of achievement           of Voice, providing individual training
into account.                                 which has seen:                                   for the opera stars of the future
   The Vice-Chancellor, Dr David Grant,       ■ Record levels of new research                 ■ The multi-million pound deal with
said: “The University’s continued rise in        funding, with awards totalling more            intellectual property firm Biofusion
the THES international rankings reflects         than £110 million                              for the commercial development of
the success of all staff in pursuing our      ■ Investment in teaching and research             University research bring more jobs
vision of being a world-leading university.      facilities, including the £21 million          and growth to Wales.

           Cardiff University Magazine
  National excellence award for University
  The institute of Medical genetics, part of                                                  laboratories for more work on cancer
  Cardiff University’s School of Medicine, is                                                 genetics. The focus will be on
  a winner in this year’s Queen’s                                                             developing new methods of earlier
  Anniversary Prizes, which recognise                                                         diagnosis and treatment.
  world class levels of excellence in Uk                                                          institute of Medical genetics director
  Higher Education.                                                                           Professor julian Sampson said:
     “The Prizes confer the highest                                                           “our approach is to work with patient
  national recognition on the work of our                                                     organisations, the NHS and other
  universities and colleges and the part                                                      local, national and international
  they play in the country’s economic                                                         partners, ensuring that advances in
  advance, social wellbeing and industrial                                                    genetic knowledge deliver direct
  self-fulfilment. The scheme establishes a                                                   benefits to patients and their families.
  benchmark for excellence and validates                                                      it is a huge honour to have our work
  Britain’s contribution to innovation,                                                       recognised in this way.”
  knowledge and skills on the world scene,”     Professor Julian Sampson                          The vice-Chancellor of Cardiff
  said Robin gill, Chairman of the Royal                                                      University, Dr David grant, said:
  Anniversary Trust, in announcing the              NHS and abroad, allowing earlier and      “Professor julian Sampson and the
  prizes. The Prize will be presented to the        more accurate diagnosis and               institute of Medical genetics team are
  institute by Her Majesty the Queen at             increasingly more effective               to be congratulated on this recognition
  Buckingham Palace.                                treatments                                of the excellence of their research,
     it is the third time that excellence at    ■   trials of new treatments for tuberous     training and healthcare work.
  Cardiff University has been recognised            sclerosis and Huntington’s Disease            He added: “The institute has identified
  with a Queen’s Anniversary Prize.             ■   enhanced screening for families at        the causes of several major diseases
     The institute has earned the award             risk of disease                           and developed innovative and effective
  for its success in identifying genetic        ■   training counsellors to support           new approaches to the treatment and
  causes of diseases and developing new             patients and families in coming to        support of patients and families with
  diagnostic tests and treatments for them.         terms with the results of genetic tests   inherited conditions.
     its achievements include:                  ■   helping develop the wales gene Park,          “This prize is the second significant
  ■ identifying genes linked to bowel               enhancing the welsh knowledge             honour for Cardiff University geneticists
      cancer, Huntington’s Disease,                 economy and public understanding of       in recent weeks, following Professor Sir
      muscular dystrophy, tuberous                  genetic science.                          Martin Evans’ Nobel Prize for stem cell
      sclerosis and polycystic kidney disease                                                 research, and is testament to our world-
  ■ developing tests for these and other           The institute is now expanding with        leading standing in this increasingly
      disorders that are now used in the        a £4.8 million investment in new              vital science.”                                                                                          Autumn 007         5
Reading for recovery
Doctors prescribing self-help books       The programme directs patients to
to patients with mild to moderate         their local library where they check
depression are seeing improvements,       out reserved titles such as Overcoming
thanks to a programme developed by        Depression and The Feeling Good
Neil Frude, a Cardiff University          Handbook.
psychology professor.                              “In a small but significant
                                                percentage of cases, this
                                                approach reduces symptoms
                                             sufficiently that the sufferers no

                                               longer seek additional help,” said
                                               Frude. “Until recently, the only
                                             thing available to a physician was
                                             to write a prescription for a drug.
                                            What this does is give the doctor
                                             two prescribing pads.”
                                                                                        rallying call
                                                The treatment is called
                                             bibliotherapy, and health officials
                                          have approved a list of 35 books that         Cardiff University student Dan
                                          have been stocked at local libraries.         Tennant-Ralphs is helping to fight
                                          The programme can also include a              racism in football with his ‘One
                                          series of meetings with a mental              Game For All Without Racism’
                                          health worker to discuss any issues           campaign. He has designed a T-shirt
                                          arising from reading the books.               with the slogan and enlisted the
                                              Meanwhile, further research led by        help of sporting celebrities to aid
                                          a Cardiff University academic has             his cause.
                                          shown that patients can be coached               Tennant-Ralphs said: “My goal is
                                          into having a more effective                  to set up a charity with the idea
                                          experience when visiting the doctor.          that the message from various
                                              Dr Paul Kinnersley from Cardiff ’s        footballers will help young people
                                          School of Medicine and his team               to deal with racism at all levels,
                                           concluded that coaching patients to          especially in schools.
                                              help them figure out what to ask             “Schools have a major part to
                                               resulted in them expressing more         play, because when children grow
                                              satisfaction with their care.             up in multicultural areas and are
                                                                                        studying with classmates from
                                                                                        various nationalities and
                                                                                        backgrounds, this can help create
                                                                                        a more tolerant society.”

    The future’s academic for                                                              Stars that have backed the
                                                                                        campaign include Sven
                                                                                        Goran-Eriksson, Theo Walcott,

    pharmacy graduates                                                                  Anton Ferdinand and Glenn
                                                                                        Hoddle. “Messages from the big
                                                                                        names in the game have a big
    The pharmaceutical world is               pharmacy graduates to continue into       influence on children,” said
    constantly developing, so it is           postgraduate research and training,       Tennant-Ralphs.
    important that excellent pharmacy         ensuring the brightest possible future
    graduates are encouraged to continue      for the profession. The two successful
    their research and learning through an    schools were selected, in part, for the
    academic career. Cardiff University’s     excellent research environment and
    Welsh School of Pharmacy has              supervisory experience they will
    recently been given a vital boost in      provide to researchers.”
    enabling graduates to do this. Along          Professor Stephen Denyer, Head of
    with Nottingham University, Cardiff       the Welsh School of Pharmacy at
    has been chosen by the Royal              Cardiff, said, “This is a mark of
    Pharmaceutical Society of Great           excellent training, which should make
    Britain (RPSGB) to host a PhD             it easier to persuade our graduates to
    studentship next year as part of the      come and work with us.”
    Academic Excellence Awards.                   For information about the RPSGB
       Ann Lewis, Chair of the Academic       and the Academic Excellence Awards,
    Excellence Awards Panel, said, “It is     visit
    fundamental that we continue to           awardsscholarships/
    encourage the best pharmacists and        academicexcellenceawards.html

           Cardiff University Magazine
               Your chance to weigh in against disease
               If you’ve ever thought that you’d like to      health and lifestyle, and measures blood
               do your bit towards changing the world         pressure, weight, lung function and bone
               but, beyond recycling your glass,              density. A small donation of blood is
               cardboard and plastic, have no idea            taken, which, with the participant’s
               where to start, fear not. If you live in       permission, is used to track that person’s
               Cardiff, you have a chance to ensure the       health over the next 30 years and more.
               good health of future generations.                 Through long-term tracking, UK
                   Biobank Cymru, based at Cardiff            Biobank will become a huge repository of
               University, is part of the UK Biobank          information about a range of diseases,
               project, a visionary initiative that’s         including cancer, heart disease and
               setting out to improve our understanding       diabetes. It aims to provide insights into
               and treatment of serious and                   why some people contract particular
               life-threatening illnesses. Participation is   diseases and conditions, how we can
               by invitation only, but most people aged       treat them more effectively and,
               between 40 and 69 years old who live           ultimately, how to prevent them.
               within a ten-mile radius of Cardiff will be        Researchers at Cardiff University
               asked if they would like to take part.         have already taken a lead in shaping this
               Cardiff is the first assessment centre to      UK-wide project and, with the help of the
               open in Wales and the fourth in the UK.        people of Cardiff, can further contribute
               The project eventually aims to recruit         to building the most detailed resource of
               more than 500,000 people across Britain.       its kind, benefiting the health of
                   So, what exactly does it involve? UK       generations to come.
               Biobank asks participants about their              Website:

back to school                                                Serving suggestion
Underwriters at life insurance provider Legal                 The days of terrible hospital food           amount to aid their recuperation.
& general (L&g) are to receive medical                        may be long gone but, according to              “Nutrition plays such an
training through a new underwriting                           Sister Lindsey Bradley at Cardiff ’s         important part in a patient’s recovery,
academy at Cardiff University. The academy                    School of Nursing and Midwifery,             I thought something must be done
will supply L&g staff with the skills they need               many patients’ nutritional needs are         to tighten up the system,” said
to accurately assess applications for life                    still being overlooked at mealtimes.         Bradley. The scheme is easy and
insurance and critical illness cover.                         To help tackle this problem, Bradley         economical to implement and should
    Russell whitworth, L&g’s Claims and                       has launched the Red Tray Scheme             significantly improve the nutritional
Underwriting Director, said: “This course will                as part of her evidence-based Practice       intake of elderly patients in busy
allow senior underwriters and claims                          in Health Care course.                       hospitals.
assessors to specialise in a particular                           Bradley was concerned that
medical field, which means we can build a                     elderly patients can have
team of experts. it’s vital that an insurance                 difficulties eating, and
company as large as us demonstrates best                      food trays are often
practice, and we intend to have the best                      mistakenly taken away
underwriting team in Europe.”                                 before the patient has
    The academy will cover eight modules:                     finished a meal. The
cardiology, oncology, neurology, mental                       scheme proposes
health, endocrinology (principally diabetes                   serving meals on red
and thyroid disorders), gastroenterology,                     trays to patients who
renal and urogenital disorders, and                           need extra help with
incapacity (diseases of the joints and                        their food. Plates on
biopsychosocial influences on disability).                    red trays will not be
    Courses will last four to six weeks and                   removed by hospital
include workshops, discussion groups,                         staff until someone has
lectures, online learning and visits to clinics               checked that the
and hospitals. The launch of the academy                      patient has actually
comes in the wake of the successful Medical                   finished eating or a
Foundations for Underwriting course, the                      nurse has made an
result of an earlier collaboration between                    assessment that he or she
Cardiff University and L&g.                                   is eating a sufficient

                                                                                           Autumn 007       7
design for health

  Building a
                  healthier future
   Modern healthcare facilities are more than just venues for treatment – they have
   to deliver emotional support and integrate state-of-the-art technologies. we find
   out how Cardiff University alumni are shaping the healthcare of the future

   words: Mark Alexander

                Visiting the doctor can be as     Judges described it as “a building that lifts   management at Cardiff University in
                habitual as brushing your teeth   the spirits”. Meanwhile in Scotland, the        2003, and says Maggie’s homely approach
                or as unpleasant as having        bold designs that epitomise the approach        is beginning to be replicated in the wider
                them pulled out. It depends       of the cancer support organisation              healthcare world. “People are coming
   on the reason for your visit and what’s        Maggie’s Centre helped it to win a clutch       to the conclusion that it doesn’t have
   waiting for you when you get there.            of awards from the likes of RIBA, the           to be all about large, clinical spaces,”
   ‘Healthcare’ can be a fairly inaccurate        Royal Fine Arts Commission and the              she says. “You can incorporate some
   description if the surroundings you find       American Institute of Architects.               elements of hospice design in something
   yourself in fill you with dread. Indeed,           “We get no end of compliments about         that’s very functional. Our centres are
   although healthcare facilities are places      our environment,” says Sarah Beard,             extremely functional as well as being
   of recovery, this process can be unduly        business development director at Maggie’s       very domestic. We’ve had a lot of interest
   influenced by the way they are designed.       Centre. “People feel comfortable because        from organisations, including health
      In his speech at the launch of the          it’s familiar. Part of our brief is to design   organisations, about how to kit out their
   2006 Health Week organised by the              buildings on a domestic scale. Much of          information centres or their civic spaces.
   Commission for Architecture and the            the design is focused on a very accessible      I think people are taking inspiration from
   Built Environment (CABE), Andy                 kitchen table, so that when people walk         us and considering how they can push
   Burnham, the Minister of State for             into a centre they can immediately see          the design boundaries.”
   Delivery and Quality, commented on             a communal space that reminds them of               Maggie’s is currently involved in an
   the critical role architecture plays in our    their own kitchen at home, which starts         ambitious expansion programme that
   health. “The physical environment of           to disperse any feelings of anxiety. When       includes a new £2.8 million centre
   our NHS facilities is vital to delivering      you first walk into a hospital, it’s very       in Swansea that has been designed by
   effective healthcare,” he said. “Design        clinical. We’re about creating familiar         Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa and
   quality on both the large and small scale      surroundings. Nearly everyone has a             is set to begin construction in 2009. This
   can deliver a wide range of benefits,          kitchen and a kitchen table, so that’s          approach has been praised by much of the
   from reducing the operating costs of a         the focus of our centres.”                      architectural world, but it has also sparked
   building and improving staff performance                                                       debate about the appropriateness of this
   to affecting health outcomes and               Bringing home to healthcare                     free-form approach to the regimented
   strengthening patient safety. We must          This domestic design ethos is explicitly        confines of the NHS.
   challenge the notion that hospitals should     laid out in the design briefs that are given        “The buildings they produce are
   be depressing environments.”                   to the impressive list of architects who        fantastically inventive,” says Susan Francis,
      Thus the minister threw down the            give their designs to the charity – Zaha        special advisor for health at CABE.
   gauntlet for designers to come up with         Hadid and Richard Rogers to name just           “Without exception, they are one-off
   something different for health care            two. Describing the central sitting area,       pavilion buildings set in particularly
   provision. In some cases, they already         the brief states: “There should be as much      beautiful surroundings, which is part of
   have. The innovative and enchanting            light as possible. There should be views        their ethos. However, it’s quite hard to
   Evelina Children’s Hospital, designed by       out to grass/trees [and] sky.You should         translate general lessons from that into
   Cardiff architecture alumnus Jan Mackie        be able to see where the kitchen area is,       routine NHS practice.”
   and part of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS           equally the sitting room and fireplace-area         Another inspired project planned for
   Foundation Trust in London, has won            (hearth & home). We want to make spaces         early 2008 is a £5.5 million redesign
   a string of accolades from the Royal           that make people feel better rather than        of the Annedd Care Home in rural
   Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and     worse (most hospitals).”                        Carmarthenshire by the Design Research
   has been presented with the Better Public         Beard was brought up in Llantrisant          Unit (DRUw) – an independent
   Building Award from the Prime Minister.        and completed an MSc in health service          architectural practice that sits within the

   8          Cardiff University Magazine
                                             ARCHiTECT: HoPkiNS ARCHiTECTS / PHoTogRAPHER: PAUL TyAgi

  Evelina Children’s
  Hospital, London,
  designed by Cardiff
  architecture alumnus
  jan Mackie, has won
  a string of accolades,
  including the Prime
  Minister’s Better
  Public Building Award   Autumn 007   
                                                                                            *     ThRee of The beST

                                                                                            in its Designed with Care report, CABE
                                                                                            identified 15 buildings that provide
                                                                                            “models of good design in the front line
                                                                                            of health provision at the neighbour-
                                                                                            hood level”. Here are just three of them:

                                                                                             1) Chiddenbrook Surgery,
                                                                                             Crediton, Devon
                                                                                             Architect: Smith Roberts Associates
                                                                                             Completed: 1996
                                                                                             Cost: £451,000
                                                                                            “A survey of patients and practice staff
                                                                                             produced high approval rates, particu-
                                                                                             larly from patients. Staff enjoy working
                                                                                             at the surgery and this is reflected not
                                                                                             only in their demeanour but also in high
                                                                                             levels of staff retention. As one patient
                                                                                             wrote in The Architects’ Journal soon
                                                                                             after the surgery opened, Chiddenbrook
                                                                                             is ‘a far cry from what NHS patients are
                                                                                             used to, and we are all extremely proud
                                                                                             of it’.”

                                                                                             2) Hove Polyclinic
                                                                                             Architect: Nightingale Associates
                                                                                             Completed: 1997
Welsh School of Architecture at Cardiff           The novel thinking evident in the          Cost: £2.35 million
University. The care home will be the         Annedd Care Home project and Maggie’s         “The public have taken to the new
first care model of its kind in Wales,        Centre is just what CABE wants to              building enthusiastically and the
providing an integrated living facility       see. Its aim is to improve quality of          feedback is good. ‘it must be a private
for elderly people requiring a variety        life through good design. In 2006, the         clinic,’ said one overawed visitor, unable
of levels of care.                            organisation published Designed with           to believe that the NHS was capable of
    Despite the high level of functionality   Care, a study of best practice guidance for    producing good-looking buildings that
required of the new home, designers           neighbourhood and healthcare facilities.       work. The building’s success owes much
Wayne Forster and Rhian Thomas of             “Buildings for healthcare are buildings        to the fruits of long-term planning, an
DRUw, which was recently shortlisted in       for people,” the report noted. “The            enlightened brief, wide consultation and
the Young Architect of the Year Awards,       most successful achieve an atmosphere          careful collaboration between architect
were keen to avoid an institutional           in which patients feel more relaxed and        and client.”
atmosphere. The design is inspired by the     the workforce more content… in well-
distinctive geometric patterns, colours       designed buildings, people smile more.”        3) Maggie’s Centre, inverness
and dimensional rules governing the                                                          Architect: Page & Park, glasgow
local craft of traditional quilt making,      From concept to reality                        Completed: 2005
and these are translated into building        However, applying this concept to the          Cost: £850,000
form and landscape.                           practical realities of front-line medical     “This is very much what the American
    “We want the care home to be              care can be difficult, as Susan Francis        sociologist Ray oldenburg calls a ‘third
domestic and familiar, rather than            explains: “The useful lessons to learn         place’, somewhere between work and
institutional and sterile,” says Rhian        [from Maggie’s] are around place-making        home, a place of solace, advice and sup-
Thomas. “We will quilt textures and           – how to make a place feel supportive          port. There are surely lessons here for
colours as a means of helping residents       and imaginative. Many of the centres are       others, and for dealing with the emotional
to find their way around – there’s a lot      designed with very good light and views,       effects of the diagnosis of other life-
of research that suggests that colours and    which are general principles that you’ll       threatening or chronic illnesses.”
patterns are particularly important to        find in Designed with Care. So there are
people with dementia.”                        synergies, but the difference is [Maggie’s]

10         Cardiff University Magazine
                                                                        Above left, centre & right:
                                                                        Chiddenbrook Surgery, Devon
                                                                        Left: Hove Polyclinic
                                                                                                                   *    10 key elemeNTS
                                                                                                                        ThAT helP CReATe
                                                                        Opposite page: Maggie’s Highlands,              A good heAlTh-
                                                                        Raigmore Hospital, inverness                    CARe buIldINg.
                                                                                                                   ● good integrated design
                                                                                                                   ● Public open space
                                                                                                                   ● A clear plan
                                                                                                                   ● A single reception point
                                                                                                                   ● Circulation and waiting areas
                                                                                                                   ● Materials, finishes and
                                                                                                                   ● Natural light and ventilation
                                                                                                                   ● Storage
                                                                                                                   ● Adapting to future changes
                                                                                                                   ● out-of-hours community use

buildings are on a small scale without            projects, including a new accident and             than the other way around. This will
a high-tech brief in terms of service             emergency facility, a mental health centre         be possible by creating a series of
delivery. Their brief is open-ended in            and a complete new hospital.                       consultation rooms for doctors to visit
comparison to that found in complicated              “Medical science is always changing,”           in order to treat their patients.
inner-city hospital sites.”                       he says. “Our knowledge is therefore                  The bewildering spectrum of design
   Back in Wales, the Welsh Government            continually improving and we have a                requirements stipulated by the healthcare
has embarked on a grand scheme to                 better understanding of what works. For            sector is perhaps best illustrated by
rebuild, renew and improve the country’s          example, there is a strong move towards            Leverton’s proudest achievement to
national health service. In a strategy            providing facilities with a light and airy         date – the Bristol Heart Institute.
document published in 2005, the then              feel. This was the case in the past, when          The new £57 million cardiac centre
Minister for Health and Social Services,          we built large, open wards with lots of            wasn’t designed around pleasing vistas
Dr Brian Gibbons, said: “Design needs             beds in them. Back then, we were able              or comforting scenes of domesticity,
to be inspired, yet practical, actively           to achieve natural ventilation paths but           but rather on weaving state-of-the-
planned, modelled and built by experts.           infection control and patient dignity              art technologies into the fabric of the
High-quality design is durable, safe and          were severely compromised. We’re now               existing Bristol Royal Infirmary.
effective. In short, it is fit for purpose, and   achieving a light and airy feel but with              “The facility has been integrated into
our purpose here is an improved quality           infection control and patient dignity very         the hospital within a really tight and
of life for the people of Wales – adding          much in mind.”                                     complex city centre site on the side of a
not just years to life, but life to years.”          Leverton, who graduated from                    hill,” he says. “It links in at four different
   One of the experts charged                     Cardiff University in 1980 with a BSc              levels to the existing building, so it’s been
with delivering that vision is David              in Architectural Studies, says this new            shoe-horned in but it has addressed an
Leverton, health sector design leader             approach has resulted in a shift towards           array of complex planning and design
for construction firm Laing O’Rourke              single-bed wards with ensuite facilities           issues. And yet it’s going to be a good-
in Wales and the West of England. The             that minimise the risk of infection and            looking facility that will give the users
privately owned firm is one of three              build in a degree of privacy. He also              exactly what they need. It’s going to be
contractors to be appointed by Welsh              believes that increasing specialisation            very special and it’s a project we should
Health Estates to work on a variety of            means doctors will visit patients rather           be very proud of.”                                                                                                      Autumn 007      11
journalism and risk

   A recent report from Cardiff’s School of journalism, Media and Cultural
   Studies highlighted the dangers journalists face in trouble spots. in his
   first print interview following his release, alumnus Alan johnston spoke
   to Cardiff University magazine about his own kidnapping
   words: Alex Mead

                When BBC correspondent            to feel that the longer I hung about in
                Alan Johnston was kidnapped       places of conflict, the more likely it was
                in March this year by             that something bad would happen,” he
                Palestinian militants while       says. “Anybody working in these places
   covering the troubles in Gaza, it brought      has close scrapes, so you do get the feeling
   to light the risks journalists take in order   you’re not going to stay lucky forever.”
   to deliver the news.                               On March 12, Johnston was captured
      The four-month ordeal that followed,        in Gaza at gunpoint by a group calling
   before his release on 4 July, was              itself the Army of Islam. His confinement
   tumultuous enough for Johnston, but he         caused an outcry. More than 180,000
   can still consider himself lucky. According    people signed a petition for his immediate
   to Killing the Messenger, a report compiled    release. His four-month captivity was the
   by Cardiff ’s School of Journalism, Media      longest period a western hostage has ever
   and Cultural Studies and published by          been held in Palestinian territory and was
   the International News Safety Institute        only brought to an end due to pressure            Johnston feared for his life during
   (insi), more than 1,000 journalists have       put on the Army of Islam by the powerful       the dank days in his cell. “There were
   been killed over the past decade. A            militant group Hamas.                          four times when I thought death was a
   quick glance at the insi website (www.                                                        possibility, although for the first three it also reveals that, at the      When death was a possibility                   didn’t make sense to kill me, so it was
   time of going to press, 166 journalists        “It was an utter nightmare and the most        really only the last time that I felt lucky
   have become casualties of war in 2007          difficult thing that I’ve ever had to cope     to get out alive. I always had hope, but
   – 65 of them in the Middle East.               with psychologically,” says Johnston.          I was never sure how it would end.
      Johnston cites general friction between     “I remember one night in solitary              I knew the demands the kidnappers
   two cultures as the cause of these             confinement I heard the BBC radio              were making were not going to be
   alarming figures. “I think that the tensions   service – who I work for – reporting           answered, so it was hard to see how
   between east and west have led to more         claims that I’d been executed. I had to        I would get out. I thought I might
   problems for journalists,” he says. “There     listen to that repeated story in the dark,     become the John McCarthy or Brian
   are elements in certain parts of the           hour after hour. I’d pushed that way of        Keenan [both kidnapped for five years
   Middle East who might regard western           reporting – that way of living on the edge     in Lebanon] of Gaza.”
   journalists with more suspicion – they         – too far. One of the major sensations I’ve       In terms of protection, Johnston
   might see us more as part of the enemy         had post-capture has been the deep regret      doesn’t believe the BBC could have
   camp than they did in the past. In my          that I’d taken the risks I had. I’d decided    done anything more. “Journalists can’t
   case, the people who caught me described       to stay so long in Gaza and the longer         continually protect themselves – nobody
   me as a prisoner in a war between              you stay in one of these places, the more      can,” he says. “There are reasons why
   Muslims and non-Muslims.”                      likelihood there is that your luck will run    these places are unstable and limits to
      Johnston sensed before his capture          out. When you’re banged up and pacing          what you can expect even the best
   that it was only a matter of time before       up and down your cell, you do wonder           organisation to do on your behalf.
   something would happen to him. “I used         why you stayed so long.”                          “The BBC did everything it could and

   1         Cardiff University Magazine
                                                                                              Left: Alan johnston’s release on 4 july 2007
                                                                                              Above: johnston is reunited with his family after four
                                                                                              months in captivity

                                                                                              says Johnston. “Western journalists
                                                                                              can leave. They have no family there
                                                                                              and they often have the money, resources
                                                                                              and training of a big organisation.
                                                                                              Very often it’s the local journalists who
                                                                                              are under extraordinary pressure, and
                                                                                              they don’t have the immunity that a
                                                                                              foreign visitor has. I’ve come across a
                                                                                              lot of extraordinarily brave local guys
                                                                                              around the world.
                                                                                                  “Since I was freed, I read about a
                                                                                              Filipino journalist working on one of
                                                                                              the islands on a story about a corrupt
                                                                                              policeman. He had hand grenades thrown

“I heard the BBC reporting claims that                                                        at his house, he had threatening letters,
                                                                                              but he kept going until he was shot one
                                                                                              day while going to work. Now that guy
 I’d been executed. I had to listen to                                                        was extra brave – a lot braver than I was.”
                                                                                                  For now, Johnston has ceased to live
                                                                                              on the edge and is taking a well-earned
 that repeated story, hour after hour”                                                        rest and enjoying life at home. “I’m quite
                                                                                              happy in Britain at the moment,” he says.
                                                                                              “I used to think it was a dull place and I
                                                                                              was always working out ways to get back
 I had continual close liaison with security   enough to know the risk”, he does              abroad to places that had more trouble
 people. Things have changed a lot and         believe cases such as his will lead to fewer   and were more intense.
 organisations such as the BBC have got        journalists being given permission to go.          “Working as I did for three years in
 much better at being aware of the threats     “And that’s sad, because the situation         Gaza is hard-going professionally and
 you’re facing. I once went to a country       in Gaza is so important,” he says. “The        socially. It takes over your entire life and
 that was very unstable in the aftermath of    Palestinian story is central to the problems   it goes in violent roundabouts hour after
 a civil war, and I’d had no equipment or      between east and west, and one of the          hour, day after day – and that’s before I
 training. That would never happen today.      damaging effects of my kidnapping is that      got kidnapped. Some people come back
 We all get days of extensive, continually     the Palestinian people might not have          and are instantly ready to get out there
 – updated training.”                          their story told as it should be.”             again, but in my case I just feel I need to
                                                  Despite his ordeal, Johnston believes       rest and get my strength back. Maybe I
 Playing the risk game                         western journalists are the lucky ones.        will get that thirst back again and I’ll get
 While Johnston believes that those people     “Far more at risk are those guys locally       bored of waiting for the train, but for the
 who choose this line of work are “smart       on the ground in unstable countries,”          moment it’s all about rest.”                                                                                                    Autumn 007          1
Cardiff & health

  Action on                              we regularly face
                                         alarming statistics

                                         about our nation’s
                                         deteriorating wellbeing
                                         but, there is plenty
                                         of work going on at Cardiff
                                         to improve the situation

   1      Cardiff University Magazine
      Cardiff and health

words: Alex Perchard                                 A glance at recent       on the substantial body of evidence     interventions that are effective
                                                     media headlines is       pointing the impact of lifestyle        in bringing about these changes
                                                     enough to leave one a    on health.                              across the population is a far
                                                     little depressed about       “in 21st-century Britain the        bigger challenge than many
                                     the chances of leading a long and        biggest causes of disease, death        people appreciate.”
                                     healthy life – ‘obesity “as bad as       and rising NHS costs are largely             improving population health
                                     climate risk”’, ‘jobs stress linked      preventable,” says Professor            in key areas such as mental
                                     to repeat heart attacks’, 1.7 million    Laurence Moore, Director of             health, cancer and heart disease
                                     ‘will have dementia by 2051’,            the Cardiff institute for Society,      also requires input from many
                                     ‘Cancer “to become bigger burden”’.      Health and Ethics (CiSHE).              disciplines. “To make progress,
                                     Although average life expectancy         “Although an increasing armoury         it is necessary to bring together
                                     is a respectable 77 for men and          of sophisticated and expensive          multidisciplinary research groups
                                     81 for women, our national               treatment options are available,        that have complementary expertise
                                     health is still blighted by several      the logic and cost of focusing on       in disciplines such as epidemiology,
                                     vast health challenges. So, it is        treatment rather than prevention        psychology, sociology, geography,
                                     encouraging to know that Cardiff         is becoming increasingly                economics and ethics. within the
                                     devotes vast resources each year         unsustainable. There is a growing       Uk and internationally, there are
                                     towards alleviating and solving          realisation that tackling the social,   few groupings of researchers
                                     health-related problems through          environmental and behavioural           that bring together all these key
                                     a wide variety of academic schools       determinants of these diseases          disciplines,” says Moore. “Cardiff
                                     and individuals.                         is a priority.”                         University can build on great
                                         Besides seeking new and                  This understood, the challenge      existing strengths in these areas.”
                                     improved cures and treatments,           is learning how to change                    Here, we take a look at how four
                                     the experts at Cardiff are               behaviour. “it is not rocket science    of the biggest health issues of
                                     increasingly looking towards a           to say that people should exercise      the day – food and fitness, mental
                                     preventative rather than remedial        more and eat more healthily,”           illness, cancer and heart disease
                                     approach to health issues based          says Moore. “But engineering            – are being tackled at Cardiff.

food ANd fITNeSS: AT home ANd AbRoAd
It’s no secret that we are getting fatter
and doing less exercise. More than half of
                                                   leisure centre will be effective in increasing
                                                   physical activity and improving heart             “Nothing will
the Welsh population is now obese, and             disease risk and mental health outcomes.”
a recent UK government study suggests
that this could be true of the entire UK
                                                       At the same time, researchers at the
                                                   Cardiff School of City & Regional                  change overnight
population within 25 years. Obesity goes           Planning, led by Professor Kevin Morgan,
hand in hand with all manner of associated
health risks, including diabetes, high blood
                                                   have been working on a project called
                                                   ‘Delivering Sustainability: the creative
                                                                                                      but the benefits of
pressure and heart disease (see below).            procurement of school food in Italy and
    One well-recognised way of addressing
this problem is through exercise. Exercise
                                                   the UK’, funded by the Economic and
                                                   Social Research Council (ESRC) .The
                                                                                                      good food can kick
                                                                                                      in quite quickly”
referral schemes – where people with a             research compares the school meal system
medical condition are offered supervised           in Italy, widely praised for its healthy
exercise programmes to aid recovery                school food, with the UK, where a number
– have therefore become very popular,              of initiatives are under way to improve
and the Welsh Assembly Government is               children’s diets. It includes case studies of         Development Goal of reducing
seeking to invest more than £4 million             five areas in England, Scotland,Wales and             extreme hunger) and local markets for
over the next three years to support the           Italy that are considered to be exemplars             local producers, thus triggering local
development of a national exercise referral        of good practice, and has recently been               development. “The main beneficiaries will
scheme (NERS) in Wales. But, with a lack           extended to include case studies in the US.           be local farmers, producers and children,”
of any independent evidence as to the real             Professor Morgan and his team are                 says Morgan. “None of this will happen
value of such schemes, Professor Moore             applying lessons learnt through this research         overnight, but the benefits of good food
and Dr Simon Murphy of CISHE have                  to developing countries through their                 can kick in quite quickly.”
embarked on an independent evaluation of           work on the UN World Food Programme.                     The work is particularly important
the NERS, assessing its effectiveness as it is     “Our ESRC work and our WFP work                       in highlighting the need for global/local
rolled out in 13 implementation areas over         are two sides of the same coin – school               collaboration. “The international aid
the next two years.                                food reform,” he says. “While obesity is              community can play a very important
    “The exercise referral programme will          a driving force of school food reform in              role if it changes the way it thinks and
target patients at raised risk of coronary         the EU, hunger is the driving force in                acts about aid: exhibiting less donor
heart disease, and also those with anxiety         developing countries.”                                paternalism, for example, and being more
and depression,” says Moore. “The aim is               WFP aims to secure a double dividend              receptive to the fact that developing
to assess whether intensive support from           of nutritious food for children (which                countries can be the agents of their own
a trained exercise professional based in a         will help to meet the first Millennium                transformation,” says Morgan.                                                                                                           Autumn 007        15
                                                                                                                      As we are generally
                                                                                                                      living much longer, it
                                                                                                                      is estimated that one
                                                                                                                      third of the global
                                                                                                                      population will suffer
                                                                                                                      from high blood
                                                                                                                      pressure by 2025

                     hANdlINg heART dISeASe
                     Wales has the highest incidence of heart disease in the      with 50 per cent of that risk resulting from smoking.
                     UK and one of the highest incidences in the whole                Cockroft has also led important research relating to
                     world. Sadly, many people die from heart attacks             one of the big risk factors in heart disease – high blood
                     without any advance warning or awareness that they           pressure.The Systolic Hypertension and Endothelial
                     are at risk. It was with this in mind that Professor         Program revealed that nitric oxide can keep elasticity
                     John Cockroft set up the Cardiff Hypertension and            in the artery walls, which will prove valuable in treating
                     Cardiovascular Risk Factor self-referral clinic in 2000.     high blood pressure.
                        Self-referral enables people who feel they may be at          This is big news, considering that high blood
                     risk from heart disease due to family history or lifestyle   pressure is the second biggest cause of death and
                     factors to be assessed before they experience symptoms.      morbidity worldwide. “Once you get to a certain age,
                        “It’s been amazingly popular,” says Cockroft of the       there is about a 90 per cent chance of high blood
                     clinic, the first of its kind in the UK. “We’ve seen about   pressure. As we are generally living much longer, it is
                     15,000 patients.We see people with no symptoms               estimated that one third of the global population will
                     and those who have already had heart attacks. And we         suffer from high blood pressure by 2025.”
                     provide them with a report on their level of risk.”              Presently though, his main research focus is the
                        The report sets out clearly the patient’s chances         lifestyle changes that can help to prevent high blood
                     of having a heart attack and what lifestyle factors are      pressure and related problems in the short term: “We’re
                     affecting that. For example, you might have a 30 per         fighting against the preventable, premature deaths.
                     cent chance of having an attack in the next 10 years,        Everyone should be offered a screening for heart
                                                                                  disease risk factors at the age of 50. People need to be
                                                                                  told what the likelihood of a heart attack is, what their

Wales has one of the world’s
                                                                                  risk factors are and what they can do to reduce them.”
                                                                                      “The UK government and Welsh Assembly are
                                                                                  now suggesting we give people access to all-over health

highest incidences of heart disease                                               screenings – this is something Cardiff has been saying
                                                                                  (and doing) since February 2000.”

1   Cardiff University Magazine
                                                            CANCeR: ouR bIggeST feAR
                                                            Cancer has long been the diagnosis that every family
                                                            dreads and still remains a very real threat. Fortunately
                                                            though, significant progress is being made both in
                                                            understanding and tackling cancer. In particular, early
                                                            diagnosis can make a tremendous difference in the
                                                            efficacy of treatment, which is why the latest research
                                                            to emerge from the Cardiff School of Medicine is all
                                                            the more important.
                                                               A team led by Dr Duncan Baird of the Department
                                                            of Pathology published a study in October 2007 on
                                                            telomeres – small structures at the end of human
                                                            chromosomes that can play a crucial part in the onset
                                                            of cancer.The study could enable the development
                                                            of a test to detect the very early stages of the disease.
                                                               “This study threw up a number of significant results.
                                                            The fact that telomeres can be deleted at random
                                                            in otherwise normal cells indicates that some of the
                                                            earliest cancerous changes can be initiated without
                                                            any obvious extraneous influence,” says Baird. “Our
                                                            long-term aim with this research is to develop a
                                                            clinical test to pick up these events.The fact we can
                                                            now detect chromosome fusions at the single molecule         Breast cancer cell
                                                            level offers hope that we will be able to achieve it.”

                                                            All IN The mINd: meNTAl heAlTh
                                                            For developed countries in particular,
                                                            depression and stress-related disorders
                                                                                                            a placement and assessment in that field.”
                                                                                                               But our nation’s mental wellbeing is         “The new
                                                            are fast reaching epidemic proportions.         about more than how patients are treated
                                                            Statistics also show a rise in dementia
                                                            and substance misuse problems. Greater
                                                                                                            by the medical profession. Legislation
                                                                                                            says a great deal about our attitude to          legislation still
                                                            awareness of mental illness needs to be         mental illness and, since 1999, Phil Fennell,
                                                            matched by formidable mental healthcare
                                                            and Wales is leading the way in this field.
                                                                                                            Professor of Law at Cardiff University,
                                                                                                            has been closely involved in the process
                                                                                                                                                             leans very much
                                                                One clear advantage for all nursing         of mental health reform. His most recent
                                                            students training in Wales is that they
                                                            receive a bursary for degree-level training.
                                                                                                            appointment was as specialist legal adviser
                                                                                                            to the Parliamentary Joint Committee
                                                                                                                                                             toward the public
                                                                                                                                                             protection angle”
                                                            Cardiff itself offers very strong educational   on Human Rights (JCHR), advising on
                                                            programmes in mental health.The Mental          whether new mental health legislation is
                                                            Health Nursing Branch programme                 compatible with the European Convention
                                                            emphasises an evidence and values-based         on Human Rights.
                                                            recovery approach to mental healthcare,            The JCHR’s two reports informed              immense complexity of the new legislation,
                                                            and the National Thorn programme                the Mental Health Act 2007 passed by            and, it leans very much towards the public
                                                            promotes skills in assessment and care          Parliament in July this year.The Act            protection angle, which means that more
                                                            management, cognitive behavioural               broadens the definition of mental disorder      people will be caught up in the scope
                                                            interventions and evidence-based                and potentially allows more people to           of compulsory powers. One of the risks
                                                            interventions with families.                    be subject to compulsory treatment              associated with this is that people may be
                                                                The Nursing and Midwifery Council           and detention. It also gives nurses, social     less likely to seek treatment for mental illness
                                                            is about to review pre-registration             workers and psychologists powers to             for fear of being lumped in with offenders.
                                                            nursing education, which will have major        act as the responsible clinician in charge      But, it has removed some stigmatising

                                                            implications for future training: “I believe    of treatment of a detained patient or of        language such as ‘psychopathic disorder’
                                                            a specialist pre-registration mental health     a patient on a compulsory community             from the legislation.”
                                                            preparation is needed to train a workforce      treatment order. Previously, these powers           Fennell is currently involved in discussions
                                                            equipped to provide care to mental health       were only granted to doctors.                   about whether Wales would benefit from
                                                            service users and carers,” says Linda Cooper,      Fennell’s priority is to look at the         separate mental health legislation from
                                                            Vice Chair of Mental Health Nurse               balance that legislation strikes between        that applicable in England and will attend
                                                            Academics (UK) and Director of Mental           enabling access to effective treatment,         a BMA Wales seminar on this issue in
                                                            Health & Learning Disability at Cardiff ’s      upholding individual rights to liberty and      December. “It would certainly allow for a
                                                            School of Nursing & Midwifery Studies.          integrity, limiting the use of stigmatising     more flexible response, but the 2007 Act
                                                                “One of the things we do particularly       language and protecting the public.             is already very flexible and regionalising it
                                                            well in Cardiff is linking theory with             So, does he feel this balance has been       might prove too complex – I think a strong
                                                            practice: students will do a module on the      achieved with the new Mental Health             case still needs to be made for separate
                                                            mental health needs of older adults, then do    Act? “The main minus point is the               mental health legislation.”

                                                                                                                                                    Autumn 007      17
                                    Cardiff international

                                     Where the
                                    world meetsFor six years, Cardiff’s international Foundation
                                               Programme has helped students from around the globe
                                               to get up to speed on their chosen subjects before
                                               embarking on degree courses. we catch up with their
                                               progress and hear one undergraduate’s story

                                               words: Alex Perchard

                                                           Each year more than          qualifications are deemed slightly      progression into an undergraduate
                                                           3,000 new international      lower than A-level standard.            course is that students are a part of
                                                           students are welcomed           Each year, between 60 and 80         the University from day one.”
                                                           at Cardiff University. As    students from these countries enrol         The wellbeing of each student is
                                               well as contributing to the diversity    in the programme, which is offered      monitored throughout the year and
                                               of the University community, they        in Business, Law, Engineering and       beyond. “We are big on pastoral care,
                                               have an increasingly important           Health & Life Sciences.                 and feedback on how well we look
                                               impact on its growing status as a           While other universities have        after our students is excellent,” says
                                               player on the international stage. In    similar programmes, Cardiff offers      Evans. “There are two members of
                                               the past, variations in school leaving   students automatic progression to       full-time staff in the dedicated IFP
                                               qualifications have prevented students   a degree course provided they pass      office whose job it is to know all
                                               from certain countries taking            their exams. “Many other universities   about the students, and we continue
                                               undergraduate degrees in the UK.         offer foundation programmes that        to track them throughout their
                                                  With this in mind, Cardiff            are quite isolated from the life of     undergraduate courses.”
                                               University launched its International    the university, sometimes at separate       Support also extends beyond
                                               Foundation Programme (IFP) in            further education colleges,” says       the purely pastoral: “Medicine and
                                               2001. The year-long course gives         Helen Evans, Deputy Director            dentistry students will be facing
                                               access to the University to countries    of International Development at         interviews early next year, so
                                               – including China, Russia, Japan and     the University. “The advantage of       we’ll be starting coaching sessions
                                               Gulf Nations – whose school leaving      the Cardiff IFP and the seamless        shortly, followed by as many practise
                                                                                                                                interviews as we can,” says Evans.
                                                                                                                                    The level of care extended to IFP
                                                                                                                                students has had a positive impact
                                                                                                                                on entry numbers to the course. For
                                                                                                                                example, elsewhere in the country
                                                                                                                                numbers of Chinese students have
                                                                                                                                dropped in recent years but, the
                                                                                                                                IFP programme has gone against
                                                                                                                                the trend and seen an increase in
                                                                                                                                applicants from China this year.
                                                                                                                                    “We ask all new students why
                                                                                                                                they applied for the Cardiff course,
                                                                                                                                and ‘word of mouth’ has become

                                                                                                                                increasingly important in the past
                                                                                                                                few years. More than 35 per cent of
                                                                                                                                our students joined the course on
                                                                                                                                the recommendation of a former
                                                                                                                                student,” says Evans.
                                                                                                                                    Happily, this means that the IFP
                                                                                                                                is achieving its purpose of creating
                                                                                                                                opportunities for as many students

                                    18      Cardiff University Magazine
“More than 5 per                           * IN my exPeRIeNCe...
 cent of our students                      kuwaiti student Ali Ashkanani came to Cardiff University in
                                           September 2003 to embark on an international Foundation
                                           Programme in Health and Life Sciences before going on to do a
 joined the course on                      degree at Cardiff’s School of Medicine.

 the recommendation                                                 “i saw studying
                                                                    abroad as a
                                                                    way to help
                                                                                      from different backgrounds in the
                                                                                      university setting.
                                                                                         i felt integrated into university life
 of a former student”                                               me build a
                                                                    rapport with
                                                                                      throughout the iFP because we had
                                                                                      lectures in the international division
                                                                    people outside    and also in the School of Bioscience
                                                                    my country,       and Chemistry, which meant that we
                                                                    strengthening     made friends with people from different
 as possible. As Evans points out:                                  my self-esteem    backgrounds and countries studying for
 “We set up the programme to allow                                  and improving     different degrees.
 people access to the University           self-confidence. i chose the iFP course       As the iFP was my first year of study
 who wouldn’t otherwise have had           because i thought it would prepare me      in the Uk, there wasn’t a lot of time to
 the opportunity to study here. That       for academic life by enhancing my skills   get involved in activities outside the
 remains our main aim.                     but also helping me to manage day-to-      academic course but over the years,
     “Cardiff is keen to be a player on    day life and academic studies.             i’ve got involved in more and more,
 the world stage and now sits within          i personally found that the iFP was     particularly sports. i am now also
 the top 100 universities in the world:    more demanding and required more           concentrating on organising activities
 that would be difficult without           work and time than the first couple        with my friends for students from
 having a cosmopolitan, thriving           of years of my medicine degree,            kuwait. i’m now in my fourth year at
 international student community.”         which were lectures-based years.           Cardiff’s School of Medicine, doing the
     “The international students           Nevertheless, the demands of the iFP       best i can! i’m hoping to get a good
 add to the diversity of the student       and the assignments i did prepared         degree and will probably work in the Uk
 body and bring valuable cultural          me well and configured my skills,          for a time before returning home.
 understanding for all students,”          making life during the degree course          Cardiff is one of the best places
 adds Sandra Elliott, Director of the      much easier.                               i have seen in the United kingdom.
 International Development Division.          As well as helping me academically,     it is a lovely city where everything
 “We now have students from almost         the course helped me develop my study      is accessible within minutes – the
 100 countries outside the EU              skills including time-management,          university is just five minutes walk
 studying at Cardiff. That brings a        improving my academic English and          from the city centre. Also, people in
 wealth of different perspectives into     building on my social skills, which        Cardiff are friendly and seem happy
 the learning experience and builds        helped me to interact with people          to help each other.”
 lifelong friendships across the globe.”                                                                                 Autumn 007       1
positive working

   words: Simoney Girard
                 It can start with working later    billions of pounds of turnover generated       concern that employees are not being
                 than usual one night to finish     each day in the UK. But, if you add to         trained to do the jobs they are asked to
                 a piece of work and end with       this union dissent over pay and conditions     take on, a lack of personal development
                 a breakdown: an inability to       such as the recent postal workers’ strike,     opportunities and a perceived lack of pay
   achieve work-life balance has plagued            the economy faces deeper problems.             or promotion-related motivation add to
   people across all industries and disciplines.    Companies that cannot provide for staff        the general sense of dissatisfaction.
   Consider, for example, the woman whose           risk losing business. They may have to
   employer expected her to work hours of           cut jobs, which in turn creates ill-feeling,   Filling the motivation void
   overtime every evening. She ended up             bad publicity and ultimately a rise in         This year’s British Social Attitudes report
   getting home at midnight each night, too         unemployment levels.                           published by the National Centre for
   stressed to talk with her husband. This put         These are not scare tactics. Edmund         Social Research looked at the area of
   a strain on their marriage and it was only       Heery, Professor of Employment                 work-life balance and found that only
   when her husband threatened to leave             Relations at Cardiff Business School, has      eight per cent of the 3,000 people
   her that she sought help from the human          done extensive research showing that an        surveyed ‘hardly ever’ or ‘never’ find their
   resources department at the company              increasing emphasis on meeting targets         work stressful, compared with 16 per
   where she worked.                                and a shortage of support and inflexible       cent in 1989. Twenty-one per cent said
       This case study was taken from a leading     working practices across UK industries         that the demands of their job always or
   FTSE 100 company that felt confident it          are weighting the work-life balance in         often interfered with home life. Women
   had succeeded in implementing flexible           favour of the employer, not the employee.      in particular said that there were higher
   working practices, decent working hours
   and a positive attitude to its employees.Yet

   it evidently had not communicated these
   effectively within the organisation, with
   the result that some staff suffered untold
   stresses. Sadly, these stories can be repeated
   across many companies of all shapes and
   sizes and in all industries.
       There have, however, been positive
   changes from the bad old days of
   piecework, when employee pay was                 getting the right work-life balance can be difficult,

                                                    while you
   dictated by individual output. Over
   the past few decades, we have seen
   improvements in technology allowing
   people with disabilities, for example, to
   work from home. We have seen job share

   posts created to allow part-time working.
   Various governments have implemented
   policies on more flexible working
   initiatives, such as providing crèche            but Cardiff University is serious
   facilities in offices, giving new fathers
   paternity leave, increasing maternity pay
   and protecting staff against discrimination.

   The nation’s lost millions
   However, the shift towards a target-based
   working mentality has negated a lot of
   this positive work. If employees feel they
   have to meet an unreasonable quota of            about creating a positive working environment
   products or tasks each day, the positive
   benefits of flexible working environments
   are lost. An unhappy workforce brings
   significant problems, not just for the
   individual organisation but for the UK           Heery says: “It is difficult to be absolute,   levels of work-life conflict, and this
   as a whole.                                      but research shows that employees are          was especially true if they worked in
      According to the Health and Safety            dissatisfied with the core issues – pay,       managerial positions.
   Executive (HSE), the number of                   conditions, lack of training and personal         This picture is backed up by extensive
   stress-related illnesses resulting from poor     development, a rising workload and             research by Professor Alan Felstead of the
   working conditions has risen significantly       the growing stress of having to meet           Cardiff School of Social Sciences, who has
   over the past 20 years. Work-related stress      stringent targets.                             recently written a book entitled Changing
   accounts for more than one-third of all              “For many people – and the NHS is          Places of Work. He says: “Changes have been
   new incidences of ill health and, HSE            a prime example – the intensity of work        gradual, but it is clear that, particularly for
   figures claim, 12.8 million working days         has become more of an issue: their work        office-based workers, the boundaries have
   were lost in the UK in 2004/2005 due to          is always measured and they are always         shifted between work time and home time.
   stress, depression and anxiety.                  accountable. This sense that they are             “This has been facilitated largely by
      This has accounted for more than              being monitored all the time is adding         the proliferation of laptops and mobiles,
   £30 million worth of lost time over the          to the stress of the job. The processes are    which has consequences for people in that,
   past year, a tiny figure compared with the       becoming ever more unforgiving.” The           because they can still work on the move,

   0          Cardiff University Magazine
it becomes more difficult to define when      help deliver the University’s mission of
they are working and when they are not.”
    This may resonate with many readers
                                              becoming a world-leading institution. We
                                              want people to feel that this is a great place    * howfIve key AReAS of Pwe
                                                                                                      CARdIff IS AddReSSINg
who feel the blood, sweat, toil and tears     to work, where success attracts success.”
demanded of them is unreasonable.Yet,            PWE focuses on five core areas:
as Felstead says: “This new form of
presentee-ism means the onus is as much
on the employee as the employer: the
                                              positive relationships and valuing people,
                                              communication, environment and
                                              access, wellbeing and health, and equality
                                                                                                1    Positive relationships and
                                                                                                     valuing people
                                                                                                     Recent developments and activities
employee feels there is more pressure to be   and diversity. New policies have been                  include the implementation of the
seen, but the employer should also respect    developed for each of these areas and are              Dignity at work and Study Policy, the
the boundaries.”                              workable across the many disciplines of the            appointment of a Staff Counsellor,
    Many employers are starting to do this.   University. The team has also established a            the establishment of several staff
With more than 6,000 members of staff,        conceptual framework to ensure that the                networks and the implementation of
Cardiff University is one of the biggest      PWE applies to new and existing staff.                 investors in People and Leadership
employers in Cardiff and has embarked on                                                             and Management standards.
a positive working environment (PWE)          A more flexible work climate
project. Chris Williams, head of the PWE
project team, says: “We are developing
a positive working environment for
                                              In some academic schools, personal
                                              development is taken very seriously.
                                              Professor Edmund Heery says Cardiff
                                                                                                2    health and wellbeing
                                                                                                     The University is now a smoke-free
                                                                                                     campus and provides a smoking
                                                                                                     cessation service. Stress management
                                                                                                     guidance is available to support staff.

                                                                                                3    Physical environment and access
                                                                                                     Energy, sustainability and
                                                                                                     environmental issues are being
                                                                                                     addressed through an Energy group
                                                                                                     and Eco-Champions have been
                                                                                                     introduced in each of the University’s
                                                                                                     Schools and Directorates.

                                                                                                4    Communication
                                                                                                     Communication and access of
                                                                                                     information are key to the Positive
                                                                                                     working environment (PwE) project,
                                                                                                     which aims to bring together
                                                                                                     information on University life via
                                                                                                     the staff website and associated

                                                                                                5    equality and diversity
                                                                                                     work on equality and diversity is
                                                                                                     ongoing. Funding has recently been
                                                                                                     obtained to purchase an e-learning
                                                                                                     package on equality and diversity.

                                                                                                     Source: Cardiff University

all our staff, where people feel valued,      Business School has allocated £2,500             school to build social relationships among
enjoy positive working relationships and      for each academic each year for training,        team members. Ultimately, there are
work in a safe, supportive and responsive     overseas research or conferences.                hopes that the Cardiff PWE model will
environment that is accessible.                  Increasingly, senior administrative           become a blueprint that other employers
    “We believe that the health and           roles in the faculty have been added to          may consider so that staff, employers,
wellbeing of our staff should be supported.   take the pressure off academic staff so          stakeholders and end users alike benefit
The business benefits to us are that we are   that instead of tutors having to juggle          from a happier and healthier workforce.
seen as an employer of choice and have        teaching, research, booking rooms and               After all, it is better for an employer
the ability to maximise the potential and     administration, they can concentrate on          to have a flexible approach to working
contribution of all our staff towards the     teaching and research. “This has been a          practices than have to finance covering
University’s goals.                           good investment,” says Heery.                    long-term sickness if staff are so
    “The PWE programme of activities             He cites colleagues being able to             overworked they are off with stress. The
will facilitate the University’s commitment   rearrange teaching hours to look after           onus is on both the employer and the
to the development, recruitment and           children or to care for a vulnerable relative,   employee to ensure the right work-life
retention of high-calibre staff. This will    as well as various initiatives within the        balance is being struck.                                                                                               Autumn 007       1

   Yn rhugl trwy’r
   trac cyflym
   Bydd myfyrwyr o bedwar ban y byd yn gwneud eu ffordd bob haf i
   ysgol haf Caerdydd i ddysgu Cymraeg ar y cwrs ‘wlpan’

   geiriau: Petty Bozonelos

                Efallai nad yw              ac felly mae yna sgôp ar gyfer    fod mwy o bobl yn ymdrechu
                treulio llawer o’ch         ehangu pellach.”                  i ddysgu a siarad yr iaith o
                gwyliau haf mewn               Mae’r ysgol haf yn denu        ddydd i ddydd. Ceir llawer
                ystafell ddosbarth          ei myfyrwyr o dros y byd i        o gymunedau Cymraeg ar
   yn syniad pawb o sut mae cael            gyd, gan gynnwys o’r Almaen,      draws y byd, fel yr un ym
   hwyl, ond eleni gwelwyd y                Sbaen, Gwlad Pwyl, Iwerddon,      Mhatagonia, sydd am ddal
   nifer fwyaf eto o oedolion o             De Affrica, y Ffindir, yr Eidal   gafael ar yr iaith.”
   Gymru a thu hwnt yn cymryd               ac UDA. Mae rhaglen noddi            Mae’r Ariannin newydd
   rhan ar raglen ddwys ysgol haf           pobl o Batagonia, wedi’i          agor ei hysgol gynradd
   y Gymraeg ym Mhrifysgol                  chydariannu gan y Cynulliad       cyfrwng Cymraeg gyntaf yn
   Caerdydd.                                Cenedlaethol a’r Cyngor           Nhrelew, Patagonia, a dywed
      “Mae’r niferoedd yn                   Prydeinig, wedi bod yn ei lle     Gareth fod “y maer etholedig
   profi ein llwyddiant,” meddai            am 15 mlynedd a thrwyddi          cyntaf ym Mhatagonia i fod
   Gareth Kiff, prif diwtor y               bydd pum myfyriwr, ar             yn rhugl ei Gymraeg yn
   Ganolfan Dysgu Cymraeg                   gyfartaledd, o’r Ariannin yn      gyn-fyfyriwr yn ysgol haf
   (CDC) ym Mhrifysgol                      mynychu’r dosbarthiadau bob       Caerdydd”.
   Caerdydd, sy’n goruchwylio’r             blwyddyn. Mae yna hefyd              Yn 2004, cafodd un
   rhaglen haf.                             nifer gynyddol o fyfyrwyr sy’n    dosbarth peilot pedair wythnos
      “Eleni roedd gennym 66                oedolion o Gymru sydd am          ei gynnal yng Nghaerdydd
   o fyfyrwyr wedi cofrestru ar             wella’u Cymraeg.                  am y tro cyntaf. Dair blynedd
   y rhaglen, mwy na dwywaith                  Cred Kiff fod poblogrwydd      yn ddiweddarach, mae wedi
   gymaint â’r llynedd,” eglurodd.          y cwrs yn arwydd sicr             ehangu yn bedwar dosbarth
   “Mewn gwirionedd, roedd                  o adfywiad gan yr iaith           trac cyflym - dechreuwyr,
   rhaid inni wrthod dyrnaid o              Gymraeg. “Mae’r Gymraeg yn        canolig a dau gwrs uwch.
   fyfyrwyr am nad oedd digon o             mynd yn fwyfwy poblogaidd.        “Rydym yn bwriadu dal ati i
   le yn yr ystafelloedd dosbarth,          Yng Nghymru fe gewch chi          dyfu. Rwy’n gobeithio y bydd

  Fast track to fluency                                                                             and the British Council, has been running
                                                                                                    for 15 years and sees an average of five
                                                                                                    students from Argentina attend the classes
                                                                                                    each year. There is also a growing number
   Students from all corners of the world make their way each                                       of adult students from Wales seeking to
   summer to Cardiff summer school to learn welsh the ‘wlpan’ way                                   improve their Welsh.
                                                                                                        Kiff believes the popularity of the
   words: Petty Bozonelos                                                                           course is a sure sign of a Welsh language
                                                                                                    revival: “Welsh is becoming ever more
   Spending much of your summer holidays               in the programme, more than twice            popular. In Wales you’ll find more
   in the classroom might not be everyone’s            as many as last year,” he explains. “In      people are striving to learn and speak the
   idea of fun, but this year saw a record             fact, we had to turn down a handful of       language on a daily basis. There are many
   number of adults from Wales and beyond              students since there wasn’t enough space     Welsh communities around the world,
   taking part in the intensive Welsh summer           in the classrooms, so there is scope for     like the one in Patagonia, that want to
   school programme at Cardiff University.             expanding further.”                          hold onto the language.”
      “The proof of our success is in the                 The summer school draws its students          Argentina has just opened its first
   numbers,” says Gareth Kiff, principle tutor         from all over the world, including           Welsh medium primary school in Trelew,
   of the Welsh Language Teachers Centre               Germany, Spain, Poland, Ireland, South       Patagonia, and Gareth points out that “the
   (WLTC) at Cardiff University, who                   Africa, Finland, Italy and the US.           first fluent Welsh-speaking mayor ever
   oversees the summer programme.                      A Patagonia sponsorship programme,           to be elected in Patagonia was a former
      “This year we had 66 students enrolled           jointly funded by the Welsh Assembly         student at the Cardiff summer school”.

            Cardiff University Magazine
                                                                    gennym ddau ddosbarth ar           iddi hefyd.”
                                                                    gyfer pob lefel cyn bo hir.           Felly, rhan hanfodol o’r
                                                                    Ac yna fe gawn ni weld -           rhaglen haf yw’r achlysuron
                                                                    does dim pen draw iddi!”           cymdeithasol arbennig pan
                                                                    meddai Kiff.                       wahoddir siaradwyr brodorol i
                                                                        Mae gwasgu cwrs blwyddyn       gwrdd â’r myfyrwyr a’r teithiau
                                                                    lawn tu mewn i gyfnod o            wythnosol sy’n trwytho
                                                                    bedair neu wyth wythnos            myfyrwyr yn y bywyd a’r
                                                                    yn gryn gamp. Mae’r rhaglen        diwylliant Cymraeg.
                                                                    wedi ei seilio ar y system            Er bod pob blwyddyn
                                                                    Wlpan - dull dwys o ddysgu         yn gweld llawer o newydd-
                                                                    iaith i ddechreuwyr a dysgwyr      ddyfodiaid i ysgol haf
                                                                    pellach sy’n pwysleisio’r          Caerdydd, bydd rhai wynebau
                                                                    iaith lafar yn hytrach na’r gair   cyfarwydd yn dychwelyd
                                                                    ysgrifenedig.                      flwyddyn ar ôl blwyddyn.
                                                                        “Rydym yn ceisio gwneud        Dechreuodd Bettina
                                                                    iaith yn hawdd cael ati ac yn      Kuppers o’r Almaen ddysgu
                                                                    realistig. Felly nid ymarferiad    Cymraeg wrth wneud gwaith
                                                                    academaidd mohono ond              gwirfoddol mewn ysgol
                                                                    ymarferiad mewn sgiliau            gynradd yn Nhrefdraeth, Sir
                                                                    cyfathrebu,” meddai Kiff.          Benfro, ym 1992. Daeth o
                                                                    “Mae’n caniatáu ichi ddysgu        hyd i’r cwrs yng Nghaerdydd
                                                                    iaith yn gyflym dros ben.          bedair blynedd yn ôl ac mae
                                                                    Cyn pen dwy flynedd gall           yn ei fynychu byth oddi ar
                                                                    myfyrwyr fod yn rhugl trwy         hynny. Mae Kuppers hyd yn
                                                                    ddilyn cyfuniad o gyrsiau haf      oed yn llwyddo i ymarfer ei
                                                                    a phrif ffrwd.”                    Chymraeg pan aiff yn ei hôl i’r
                                                                        Mae Dr Rachel Heath-           Almaen: “Byddaf yn defnyddio
                                                                    Davies, cyfarwyddwraig             MSN a Skype i sgwrsio gyda
                                                                    Canolfan Cymraeg i Oedolion        chyfeillion yn Gymraeg a
                                                                    Caerdydd a Bro Morgannwg,          hefyd yn defnyddio gwefan
                                                                    yn egluro bod y dull Wlpan         y BBC ar gyfer cael deunydd
                                                                    yn mynd law yn llaw â’r nod        darllen a gemau,” meddai.
                                                                    o gael myfyrwyr i gysylltu â          “Y nod sydd gennym yw
                                                                    siaradwyr brodorol.                cynhyrchu siaradwyr Cymraeg
                                                                        “Un o’r rhwystrau mwyaf        sy’n defnyddio’r iaith bob
                                                                    yn yr ystafell ddosbarth yw        dydd,” meddai Gareth Kiff.
                                                                    nad ydyw siaradwyr Cymraeg         “Pan fydd myfyrwyr a oedd
                                                                    yn weladwy,” meddai Dr             heb air o Gymraeg wrth
                                                                    Heath-Davies. “Rydym               gychwyn ar y rhaglen yn
                                                                    wrthi’n edrych drwy’r amser        dod atoch chi ac yn siarad
                                                                    ar wella’r dysgu anffurfiol sy’n   gyda chi yn Gymraeg yna
                                                                    digwydd nid yn yr ystafell         rydych yn gwybod eich bod
                                                                    ddosbarth yn unig ond tu allan     chi wedi llwyddo.”

   In 2004, a single pilot four-week         “It allows you to learn a language very          While each year sees many newcomers
class of 15 students was run in Cardiff      quickly. Within two years, students can       to the Cardiff summer school, some
for the first time. Three years on, it       reach fluency by taking a combination of      familiar faces return year after year.
has now expanded to four fast-track          summer and mainstream courses.”               Bettina Kuppers from Germany started
classes – beginners, intermediate and two       Dr Rachel Heath-Davies, director           learning Welsh while doing voluntary
advanced courses. “We intend to continue     of the Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan          work at a primary school in Newport,
to grow. I hope we will soon have two        Welsh for Adults Centre, explains that        Pembrokeshire, in 1992. She discovered
classes for each level. And then we’ll see   the Wlpan method goes hand in hand            the Cardiff course four years ago and has
– the sky’s the limit!” says Kiff.           with the aim of linking students up with      been attending ever since. Kuppers even
   Squeezing a full-year course into a       native speakers.                              manages to practice her Welsh when she
four- or eight-week period is quite a           “One of the greatest barriers in the       goes back to Germany: “I use MSN and
feat. The programme is based on the          classroom is that that Welsh speakers         Skype to chat to friends in Welsh and
Wlpan system – an intensive language         are not visible,” says Dr Heath-Davies.       I also use the BBC website for reading
teaching method for beginners and            “We are always looking to improve the         material and games,” she says.
advanced learners that emphasises the        informal learning that takes place not just      “Our aim is to produce Welsh speakers
spoken language as opposed to the            in the classroom but also outside.”           who use the language everyday,” says
written word.                                   Integral to the summer programme are       Gareth Kiff. “When students who didn’t
   “We seek to make language                 special social events where native speakers   know a word of Welsh when they first
accessible and realistic. So it’s not an     are invited to meet students and weekly       started the programme come up to you
academic exercise but an exercise in         excursions that immerse students into         and speak to you in Welsh, then you
communication skills,” says Kiff.            Welsh life and culture.                       know you’ve succeeded.”                                                                                          Autumn 007    
                                         When life
                                        in the
                                    why is organ donation so rare in the Uk?
                                    Two Cardiff researchers think they know the
                                    answer – and are trying to reverse the trend
                                                                    words: david baker
                                                             photograph: Johanna ward

   Cardiff University Magazine
      organ donation

               When it comes to donating           September last year prioritises patient’s          and sitting attached to a machine for four
               organs to help someone, the         wishes over those of their surviving relatives.    or five hours at a time. Other patients will
               British, it would seem, are quick   But few physicians would go against a              dialyse at home, either with haemodialysis
               to promise but slow to deliver.     family if it refused consent, says Ravanan.        or using a technique called peritoneal
According to UK Transplant, the NHS                    For both Ravanan and Williams, the big         dialysis. Both of these give people more
body that oversees the nation’s transplant         challenge is changing the culture around           control over their own lives, and this is
services, 90 per cent of us say we support         transplants as a whole. “We need to educate        something we are encouraging.”
organ donation but only 24 per cent                the public at large and get as many people             Haemodialysis involves pumping blood
actually get round to joining the register.        on the transplant register as possible,” says      through a filter and back into the body,
Add to that the reluctance of relatives to         Williams. “And we need to help them                while peritoneal dialysis, a pioneering
consent to organ transplantation when a            discuss the fact with their families so that it    technique that was first developed at Cardiff
loved one dies and it becomes clearer why          doesn’t come as surprise to them.Talking to        University, involves inserting a plastic tube
the number of transplants carried out in the       your family about it can make their decision       into the cavity of the abdomen, through
UK is relatively small.There are currently         easier after your death.”                          which fluid is run into the abdomen four
about 7,500 people waiting for a suitable              Both are also fans of the opt-out              times a day.Through a process of osmosis,
organ to become available but, only 2,317          approach to donating, whereby everyone is          this removes excess fluids and waste
transplants were carried out in 2006.              assumed to have agreed to have their organs        products from the body and restores its
   Researchers at Cardiff University are           used for transplant after their death unless       electrolyte balance.
currently looking into the reasons why we          they indicate otherwise. Spain operates an             The advantages of peritoneal dialysis
are so reluctant to donate. “We are deeply         opt-out system and has 35 to 40 donors             are that patients can administer it for
ambivalent about the whole topic,” says            per million population per year, compared          themselves and can carry on with a
Professor Tony Manstead from the School            with 20 per million in the UK. The UK              reasonably normal life.The costs are lower
of Psychology, who specialises in attitudes        government has expressed interest in               compared with haemodialysis in a hospital
to medical decisions. “As the figures show,        moving to an opt-out transplant scheme,            and the longer-term benefits can also be
there is a yawning discrepancy between             but there is little sign it will happen soon.      significant. “Interestingly, patients seem to
what we think and what we do.”                         One area that is growing in the UK is          do better when they come to transplant
   According to Manstead, the problem is           that of live transplants, where a donor gives      after peritoneal dialysis than after [the more
that few people like to think about their          away one of their kidneys or a part of their       usual] haemodialysis,” says Williams.
own deaths and so, while the giving aspect         liver or lungs while still alive.This is usually       Peritoneal dialysis is not without
of being a donor appeals to most, the dying        to a partner or family member, though a            its problems, however.The peritoneal
side is far less attractive. “We need to have      new pairing scheme that began this year            membrane inside the body can degrade
a more frank and open discussion about             enables a pair of individuals to donate to         over time and there is always a danger of

                                                   While the giving aspect of being
                                                   a donor appeals to most, the
                                                   dying side is far less attractive
the whole subject,” he says. Even when             each other’s partners. Live kidney transplants     infection. In general, however, patients do
someone has indicated that they want their         now make up 33 per cent of all kidney              better when they start on peritoneal dialysis
organs to be used for transplant, at the           transplants in the UK, up from about 15            and move, if they need to, to haemodialysis
moment of their death families often feel          per cent in 2000.                                  after three or four years.
unable to give consent.                                Kidneys taken from someone after they             Ultimately, though, patients need
   Dr Rommel Ravanan, Consultant                   have died usually last about 10 years in           transplants, and that comes down to the rest
Nephrologist and Transplant Physician              the recipient (live transplants last for about     of us being more open and accepting of
at Cardiff, says: “Between 40 and 50 per           16 years) but Ravanan,Williams and their           the idea of organ donation. “People simply
cent of families approached say no. It is          colleagues are researching ways to increase        don’t know the extent of the problem,”
a difficult time to put themselves in the          these lifetimes. Cardiff is one of the UK’s        says Professor Manstead. “There are 7,500
patient’s shoes.You                                leading centres of research in this area. It       people in the UK waiting for organs.These
are in the position of putting pressure on         is also, coincidentally, consistently in the       people’s lives are being blocked while they
a family that is falling to pieces.”               top three centres of organ-donor numbers           wait. I don’t think the average citizen knows
   His colleague, John Williams, Professor         in the country. Yet many people still have         just how much help they could give.”
of Medicine, agrees. “Ninety per cent of           a long wait for a donated organ.These
the time, this is a sudden event dropped on        individuals will have to go on to dialysis and
to the family,” he says. “The family will be       many will never get a transplant – some for
having major problems coming to terms              medical reasons and others because there
with the fact that the patient became ill or       are simply not enough organs to go round.           For more information about organ
had an accident that led to their death. If            “Right now,” says Williams, “the                transplantation, kidney dialysis and
this is the first time they have been faced        majority of patients on haemodialysis               UK Transplant, tel: +44 (0) 845 6060 400
with the question, they are likely to say          undergo dialysis three times a week, which          or visit
no.” Legislation that came into effect in          involves them coming into the hospital                                                                                                      Autumn 007      5
development news

           Today and beyond
              Cardiff University is passionate
              about building on its existing
              strengths and offering
              students the greatest possible
              opportunities, now and in the
              future. Here is a selection of
              recent development activities
              plus visual evidence of how
              much today’s undergraduates
              appreciate your support

                                                                                                     Left to right: Professors Patrick Minford,
                                                                                                     Bob McNabb, David Smith and kent Matthews

                                                                              Cardiff Alumni Business Lecture
                                                                              Series launched
                                                                              David Smith, Economics            1970s, through Mrs Thatcher’s
                                                                              Editor of the Sunday Times        early years – an era he dubbed
                                                                              and Cardiff Business School       “sado-monetarism” – to the
                                                                              graduate, returned to Cardiff     greater stability of recent years.
                                                                              in October to give a personal        “David has set a high
                                                                              perspective on Britain’s          standard for an exciting line-
                                                                              economic recovery, in the         up of lectures from other
                                                                              first of a new Cardiff Alumni     distinguished alumni,” said
                                                                              Business Lecture Series.          Bob McNabb.
                                                                                  At the start of the event,       The author of a number of
                                                                              David was introduced to           books, David has also worked
                                                                              guests from the business world    for The Times, Lloyds Bank
                                                                              and the University by Dean of     and the Henley Centre for
   From students to the alumni                                                the Business School, Professor    Forecasting. He has held his
   community: a big ‘thank you’                                               Bob McNabb. His lecture
                                                                              then covered the history of
                                                                                                                present post since 1989 and
                                                                                                                has recently been appointed
   The new Annual Fund                      that our alumni community is      the British economy from the      to a visiting professorship by
   Programme is starting to make            still very much involved with     economic crisis of the late       the Business School.
   a real difference to today’s             Cardiff and cares about the
   students here in Cardiff.                future of their institution and
   Cardiff University is extremely
   grateful to the many alumni
                                            the wellbeing and success of
                                            its current students.
                                                                              Support from Bloomberg
   who have generously given                    The Annual Fund is making     Bloomberg, the world-leading      Bloomberg,” said Corporate
   their support over the past              many students appreciate          information services, news        Development Officer Michael
   year. Some of the students               the importance of an alumni       and media company, has            Rees. “Their reputation for
   who are benefiting from                  community – so from them,         supported the Cardiff School      providing accurate financial
   that generosity were keen                and us, thank you very much.      of Journalism, Media &            and news information to
   to express their gratitude                                                 Cultural Studies by donating      millions of people around
   in their own way (see                                                      and installing a large plasma     the world is well known,
   photograph above)!                        if you would like to support     screen facility in the foyer of   and I’m sure that together
      The students we spoke to               the Annual Fund Programme        the University’s Bute Building.   with Cardiff University’s
   said that the Annual Fund                 you can do so by giving          Cardiff University is also        academic schools expertise
   and the support provided                  securely online at               working with Bloomberg            and the many talented Cardiff
   by alumni made them feel                 to help recruit more Cardiff      graduates seeking employment
   that they belonged to an                  or contact gerard kennedy,       graduates on their internship     in global companies such
   institutional family extending            Tel: +44 (0)29-2087-6413         programmes.                       as Bloomberg, we can
   beyond the University itself.             Email:      “We’re delighted to be         continue to have a close and
   They were amazed to discover                                               working in partnership with       productive relationship.”

            Cardiff University Magazine
Be a good friend
– to CIAV
Launched in January 2007,
the Cardiff International
Academy of Voice (CIAV)
provides the opportunity for
singers of exceptional talent to
perfect their vocal techniques
and stylistic ability within a
highly specialised and unique
environment. In establishing
the Academy, Cardiff
University has demonstrated
its commitment to the
professional development and
tuition of singers to create
world-class talent for the
international operatic stage.
    To help support CIAV and
provide music lovers with the
opportunity to form a closer
connection with it, Cardiff
University has established
‘The Friends of the Academy’
– offering members priority
booking on all public
performances and exclusive
events. Annual membership
is just £20 (£30 for joint
                                     Giving Cardiff the gift of a lifetime
                                     Earlier this year, to expand our donations
  if you are interested in joining   programme, Cardiff University launched        if you would like to find out more about
  the Friends or for further         its Legacy Programme. This provides           the Legacy Programme, which will help
  information on supporting          graduates, friends and supporters of          build new facilities, support studentships
  the Cardiff international          Cardiff University with another way to        and purchase vital teaching and research
  Academy of voice, please           play a major part in the success of the       equipment, then please contact Caroline
  contact Caroline Thomas,           University by bequeathing a gift. Free        Thomas, Development officer, who would
  Tel +44 (0)29 2087 0375            from inheritance tax, the bequest could       be happy to talk to you in the strictest of
  Email                              be a gift of money or an alternative          confidence.            financial asset.                              Tel +44 (0)29 2087 0375 or

                                                                                  School of Optometry
                                                                                  opens for business
                                                                                  July 2007 saw staff and students of the
                                                                                  School of Optometry and Vision Sciences
                                                                                  moved into a new building on Maindy Road
                                                                                  in Cardiff. Housing world-class facilities and
                                                                                  with support from both the corporate and
                                                                                  charitable sectors, the new building houses
                                                                                  outstanding research facilities, teaching
                                                                                  spaces, a low-vision clinic and a new eye
                                                                                  clinic, which is open to the public.
                                                                                      Professor Tim Wess, head of the School,
                                                                                  said of the new facility: “Not only will you be
                                                                                  examined with the most modern equipment,
                                                                                  you will know you are helping to train the
                                                                                  next generation of professional optometrists.”                                                                                   Autumn 007       7

                                   Welcome to the Cardiff Network.          008 sees Cardiff University      interest in coming to these events
                                   Over the last six months Cardiff      celebrate it’s 15th anniversary,    by returning the slip with this
                                   alumni have been gathering –          which will be an opportunity for     magazine – or emailing alumni@
                                   from Cardiff to Sydney and from       alumni to contribute in many ways
                                   Athens to Hong Kong – and             during the year-long celebrations.      So, wherever you are, keep in
                                   proving beyond doubt that the         Events are taking place throu-       touch with us here in Cardiff
                                   Cardiff alumni community exists       ghout the year but, of special       – and celebrate 15 years of
                                   in every corner of the globe.         significance to alumni are three     being a part of one of the top
                                      Nearer home, we’ve established     particular dates: Saturday 1th      100 universities in the world and
                                   the ‘Cardiff Club’ over the past      June – The Decades Dinner – for      one of the best networks in the
                                   few months. It is aimed at alumni     all of you who graduated in 18,    world – the Cardiff Network.
                                   still living and working in the       188, 178, 18, 158 and              With my very best wishes to
                                   Cardiff area and events are           18; Saturday 5th October          you all.
                                   arranged every three months           – The Presidents Dinner – for all
                                   – check our website (www.cardiff.     former Student’s Union Presidents
                          for more details.       and their sabbatical officers; and
                                      We also plan to launch ‘Cardiff    Saturday th November – a
                                   in London’ during 008; if any        special 5th Anniversary Dinner
                                   alumni in London are interested       for the Class of 18, hosted by
                                   in helping us with this, please do    BBC 10 O’Clock News presenter        Sarah Price
                                   get in contact with us by emailing    and fellow 18 alumnus, Huw         Deputy Director of Development
                                          Edwards.You can express your         & Head of Alumni Relations

     Alumni event
     marks 0 years
     of LAMP
     On Friday 6 and Saturday 7 July, Cardiff
     Law School welcomed graduates going
     back to 1987 to celebrate 20 years of
     the LLM in Legal Aspects of Medical
     Practice (LAMP). What started, in its
     first year, as a weekend course for
     just 24 students has grown to become
     increasingly international and now
     welcomes students from South Africa,
     Malaysia, China and Germany.
         The weekend of activities kicked off
     with the LAMP annual lecture, sponsored
     by Morgan Cole. Philip Havers QC gave a              alumni with a number of lectures on           from Sir Keith Peters, Professor Bernard
     stimulating lecture on the law’s approach            topical issues in the field of medical law,   Knight and Professor David Whittaker.
     to life and death issues and the impact of           which were given by academic staff in            “The whole weekend was a huge
     the Human Rights Act, entitled ‘The Right            Cardiff Law School.                           success,” said Professor Viv Harpwood,
     to Die: Whose Life is it Anyway?’                        The weekend culminated in a               Course Director. “It was wonderful to see
         A teaching and practice day followed,            champagne reception sponsored by the          so many of our alumni back in Cardiff
     generously sponsored by LS Law and                   Medico-Legal Society, followed by dinner      and hear how their professional careers
     Medical Law Monitor. The day provided                in the Park Plaza Hotel, with speeches        have grown since LAMP.”

8   Cardiff University Magazine
                                                                                         down under!
                                                                                         On 18 October on the rooftop of the
                                                                                         exclusive Park Hyatt Hotel Sydney and
                                                                                         against the splendid backdrop of the
                                                                                         Sydney Opera House and the Harbour
                                                                                         Bridge, a group of 20 alumni from
                                                                                         every decade from the 1950s to the
                                                                                         present, gathered to celebrate the first

our students: 60 years on
                                                                                         ever Cardiff alumni event in Australia.
                                                                                           The alumni had the chance to catch
                                                                                         up with old friends, meet new ones
For those who started their time as          President Jonny Cox then explained          – and hear about Cardiff University
students in Cardiff between 1945 and         to everyone what life as a student in       today from Cardiff staff member
1954, 19 October 2007 was a special          2007 is all about – and how much
day; it was when more than 70 people         things have changed over the years.
met in Cardiff for a reunion event.             The day ended with a drinks
Fellow classmates Sir Ronald Mason,          reception and dinner. Among the
Herbert Edmonds and Gwyn Davies –            after-dinner speakers was Herbert
close friends since their days at Cardiff    Edmonds, who said: “The reason I
60 years ago – originally proposed           asked to say a few words was that
the event. Before it began, Sir Ronald       Cardiff University had a major
said: “We’re all really excited about        influence on my life and career. I
this special chance to get back              arrived in South Wales in April 1939
together again.”                             at the age of eight and a half without
   Alumni enjoyed one of four                speaking a word of English; I was
tours around academic schools. This          a refugee from Nazi Germany. We
was followed by a buffet lunch and           were made welcome by all and that
presentation by Pro Vice-Chancellor          applied particularly to my days at this
Professor Jonathan Osmond bringing           university. After the first week or so at
them up to date with developments            Cardiff, I felt completely at home and
at Cardiff University over the past          that was largely due to those gathered
60 years. Current Student Union              here for the reunion.”

Athens alumni meet
On 22 June, Cardiff Business School,
in association with Cardiff Alumni
Hellas, held its first alumni event at the                                               Rachel Dillon who was in Australia
National and Kapodistrian University                                                     this autumn. They were also given the
in Athens, Greece. The evening began                                                     chance to learn about the work of
with a talk on corporate governance                                                      the evening’s sponsors, International
by Professor Nikos Travlos, Dean                                                         Business Wales (IBW), and their
of ALBA Business School and                                                              promotional work in Australia.
distinguished Research Fellow at                                                         The IBW team, based in Sydney, is
Cardiff Business School, which was                                                       predominantly made up of Cardiff
followed by an update on recent                                                          University alumni – including ex-Wales
developments at the school by                “We hope to be back in Athens soon          rugby international Gareth Davies.
Professor Robert Morgan, Associate           for more events – I’m always impressed         Plans are afoot to develop a more
Dean of Cardiff Business School.             by the enthusiasm we find at alumni         formal network for Cardiff alumni in
   The formal part of the evening            events from our graduates. We would         Australia – both among those who
was followed by drinks and a buffet          like to thank the Cardiff Alumni Hellas     were able to come to the event and the
– and was thoroughly enjoyed by the          members for all their help and support      many who were unable to make it.
Greek alumni and friends who came            in organising the event.”                   If you are interested in taking part in
to the event. “We really enjoyed the            If you are a Cardiff Business School     the group or have any suggestions how
opportunity to meet some of our              alumnus living in Greece and would          Cardiff University Alumni Australia
Greek alumni and are glad that so            be interested in getting involved in or     might develop, please contact the
many people could join us, especially        organising future events, please email      Alumni Office – .
given the sweltering heat!” said Robert.                                                                                                Autumn 007   

     honorary fellowship presented in hk
     Cardiff University has awarded an
     Honorary Fellowship to Dr Fong
     Yun-wah, a prominent Hong Kong
     businessman with a distinguished
     record of success in both business and
     public service.
        Yun-wah is Chairman of the Hip
     Shing Hong Group of Companies and
     Managing Director of the Kam Wah
     Investment Company. He also sets
     aside a portion of his business profits
     each year to support education, social
     welfare and charity work through the
     Fong Shu Fook Tong Foundation and
     the Fong Family Foundation.
        He has contributed significantly
                                                     L to R: Fanny Fung, Robert Yeung, Rose Poon, Allan Berezny, Sharon Fong, Professor Andrew Finlay, Dr Fok Tai-Fai,
     towards promoting academic exchange             Dr Fong Yun-wah, Dr David Grant, Professor Wen Jiang, Sandra Elliott, Russell Coleman, John Robertson.
     between mainland China, Hong
     Kong and Western universities – an              attended and met with Yun-Wah. In                         Cardiff University in its world-leading
     area where Cardiff University’s own             2004, Wen Jiang’s team identified a                       research into the causes and effects
     worldwide networks include strong               protein molecule that could be vital                      of cancer.
     and mutually beneficial links.                  in controlling breast cancer. He now                         “It is my sincere hope that the
        The award was made by the                    leads a team of scientists and clinicians                 researchers from Cardiff and the
     University’s Vice-Chancellor, Dr David          looking at how and why cancer spreads                     universities and institutions of China
     Grant, at a ceremony held in Hong               and how to stop it.                                       and Hong Kong will collaborate to
     Kong. One of the University’s leading              Yun-wah said: “As a lifelong                           advance the field of knowledge in this
     cancer researchers, Professor Wen Jiang         believer in the importance and value                      area and to provide important health
     from the School of Medicine, also               of education, I will try my best to assist                benefits to people in all countries.”

       Keeping in                                                        Queen’s Birthday Honours
       touch online                                                      for Dame Mary
                                                                          On 18 October 2007, Cardiff
       The social networking website Facebook                             alumnus and co-founder of
       has more than 42 million users worldwide                           Specsavers Mary Perkins
       and is expected to have over 60 million                            travelled to Buckingham Palace,
       users by the end of this year. Many Cardiff                        where the honour of Dame
       alumni are beginning to use Facebook as a                          Commander of the British Empire
       means of talking to each other – and for                           was conferred upon her.
       those of you based overseas it’s a great                              Specsavers, the largest
       way of keeping in touch.                                           private eyecare business in
          Nearly 3,000 alumni have joined the                             the world, was founded 23
       ‘Cardiff Uni Alumni’ group – with many                             years ago by Mary and her
       more having signed up to the country                               husband Doug – also a Cardiff
       specific groups that we’ve created                                 alumnus. The company is the
       including Ghana, Hong Kong, Singapore,                             largest commercial employer in
       Middle East, Pakistan, India, Nigeria and                          Guernsey, where the Specsavers
       Hellas (Greece).                                                   headquarters are still based.
          If you would like to network with                               Dame Mary has been recognised                   special people who, despite
       Cardiff alumni on Facebook, go to www.                             for her services to business and                working hard in the business, register your details and                            the Guernsey community, which                   all day, always finds the time
       search for ‘Cardiff Uni Alumni’ where you                          includes involvement in many                    and energy to commit herself to
       can sign up to the different groups you                            charitable organisations.                       others in the community. I am
       want to be a part of.                                                 Her co-founder, Doug Perkins,                immensely proud of her, as are
                                                                          said: “Mary is one of those                     we all at Specsavers.”

0   Cardiff University Magazine
All aboard!                                                                                                                 What responsibilities
                                                                                                                            are associated with
                                                                                                                            your new role?
                                                                                                                            I look after the interests of the
                                                                                                                            other ships and captains within
                                                                                                                            the P&O fleet. The fleet is now
                                                                                                                            expanding and the cruising
                                                                                                                            business is hectic, so I have
                                                                                                                            plenty to occupy my time.

                                                                                                                            What are your memories
                                                                                                                            of reading Maritime
                                                                                                                            Studies at Cardiff?
                                                                                                                            I attended Cardiff after I had
                                                                                                                            been at sea for a while, so I
                                                                                                                            was a mature student. There
                                                                                                                            was a number of us and we all
                                                                                                                            relished student life and took
                                                                                                                            part in all that was going on.
                                                                                                                               I lived at Penarth in a house
                                                                                                                            with four other guys and
                                                                                                                            our parties were renowned,
                                                                                                                            both throughout the campus
                                                                                                                            and further afield, as the ones
                                                                                                                            to attend!
                                                                                                                               University taught me how
                                                                                                                            to approach subjects with an
                                                                                                                            analytical mind and helped
                                                                                                                            me throughout my career.
                                                                                                                            Our class of ’75 still meets up
                                                                                                                            for reunions.

                                                                                                                            Do any quirky or
             INe                                                                                                            interesting experiences
STePheN buRgo                                                                                                               stand out from your time
                                                                                                                            as a student?
                                                                                                                            I’d better not say too much
                                                      in 1975, Commodore Stephen Burgoine                                   or I might get into trouble…
                                                                                                                            I did find that the Welsh
                                                      graduated from Cardiff in Maritime Studies.                           people I met were friendly and
                                                      Now Senior Master of the P&o Cruises fleet,                           welcoming and they added
                                                                                                                            to my enjoyment of my time
                                                      he speaks of life at sea, parties in Penarth and                      at Cardiff. Sadly, I have not
                                                      why maritime careers are still popular                                been back. I probably wouldn’t
                                                                                                                            recognise Cardiff now.

                                                      Your recent promotion              of elimination and I judged        Are enough people
                                                      to Commodore is in                 P&O to be where I wanted to        signing up to maritime
                                                      recognition of 40 years’           be. I joined my first ship, MV     careers today?
                                                      service with P&O Cruises.          Soudan, on 14 April 1966.          The cruise industry is very
                                                      What made you choose                                                  busy and we have a large cadet
                                                      P&O in the first place?            Any tales of adventure on          programme to supply the Deck
                                                      I attended the Thames Nautical     the ‘high seas’?                   and Technical officers of the
                                                      Training College, HMS              Life at sea is varied and          future, but we are always ready
                                                      Worcester, from age 14 to 17. We   there are many tales, from         to see more people of the right
                            iNTERviEw: RiCk PEARSoN

                                                      used to see the various ships      negotiating difficult weather      calibre joining our team. We
                                                      trade up and down the Thames       conditions to working with the     are always busy recruiting for
                                                      and had great fun looking          different countries we visit and   everything from medical staff
                                                      up where they were sailing         their authorities.You’ll have to   to hotel, entertainment and
                                                      to and from. It was a process      wait for the book!                 retail services.
                                                                                                                  Autumn 007
                                                                                                                                                    Spring 007   1

     The beautiful game
     Table football at Mount Everest base camp is all in a day’s work for postgraduate Andy Sloan
     Twenty-six countries, 12                                                                        at Cardiff ’s School of
     months and one football                                                                         Journalism, Media and
     table – those were the                                                                          Cultural Studies. I’d
     ingredients for Andy Sloan’s                                                                    originally read Law at
     debut novel,  Sweet                                                                           Bristol, but a brief spell
     FAs. Now studying as a                                                                          wading through contracts
     postgraduate at Cardiff ’s                                                                      convinced me that it wasn’t
     School of Journalism, Media                                                                     for me.
     and Cultural Studies, he                                                                           “My next idea is to travel
     speaks of his adventures on                                                                     the length of Africa in the
     the road.                                                                                       run-up to the 2010 World
        “Being British, I have a                                                                     Cup. We’re loading a jeep
     genetic inclination towards                                                                     with as many footballs as we
     ambitious trips of dubious                                                                      can lay our hands on and
     importance. From Captain                                                                        heading into the wilds of
     Scott to Sir Ranulph                                                                            Africa to interview the FA
     Fiennes, Britain boasts a                                                                       and hand out footballs to
     rich history of explorers                                                                       locals. The provisional title is
     who delight in taking long                                                                      Balls to Africa. If there’s one
     and painful journeys, always                                                                    thing I learned from the
     against the odds and often     the age-old pursuit of         we narrowly missed                previous trip, it’s the power
     against logic.                 table football.                catching a plane that was         of football to unite people.
        “An idea formed in             “The obvious high point     accidentally shot down by         You can produce a football
     my mind of a sporting          of the trip was Everest. We    the Ukrainians and we were        anywhere in the world and
     pilgrimage. The plan was       had a lot of fun taking the    caught up in a petrol bomb        people forget about their
     simple: travel towards the     table up to the base camp –    attack by Basque terrorists       situation for a while. “
     2002 World Cup in Japan,       possibly because our brains    in San Sebastian.
     interviewing officials and     were starved of oxygen.           “When I returned               For more information about
     players and challenging           “We did have a number       home, I decided to take           Andy’s next adventure, visit
     the brave among them to        of close calls. In Sochi,      a postgraduate diploma  

                                                             Three decades of medicine
                                                             “When I was applying to                  Vipul has witnessed many
                                                             university in 1977, I had offers     changes in the field of medicine
                                                             from Leeds, Birmingham and           in the past 25 years. Some have
                                                             Cardiff,” said Dr Vipul Masharani.   been positive – “keyhole surgery
                                                             “I chose Cardiff because I liked     has revolutionised the way
                                                             the city and had heard good          things work” – while some have
                                                             things about the course.”            had a less desirable effect – “the
                                                                 It seems to have been the        philosophy of healthcare has
                                                             right decision. After graduating     moved from a patient-centred
                                                             from Cardiff University in 1982,     approach to a business model of
                                                             Vipul set up the Masharani           management, which focuses on
                                                             Practice in Leicestershire. He       money rather than the ability to
                                                             may have celebrated 25 years in      help a patient”.
                                                             medicine this year, but he’s not         As well as his work at the
                                                             done yet: “I’ll probably carry on    practice, Vipul is busy doing a
        dR vIPul mASh
                                    ARANI                    until I’m 65.”
                                                                 Vipul is realistic about the
                                                                                                  BSc in Information Technology
                                                                                                  and Computing with the Open
                                                             work involved in becoming a          University and will graduate in
                                                             doctor: “Medicine has always         spring 2008. He said: “I think
                                                             had a reputation for being quite     it reflects what is happening in
                                                             onerous in terms of time and         medicine, where information-
                                                             effort – people should know that     sharing will be a very important
                                                             before applying.”                    way of how we work.”

   Cardiff University Magazine
Uniting nations                                                                      Do any key moments stand out in your career?
                                                                                     After the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989,
                                                                                     I wrote a paper for Margaret Thatcher that proposed
                                                                                     a new relationship with the emerging democracies
                                                                                     and looked forward to their membership of the EU. I
                                                                                     did that in 1990. Today, they’re all in the EU, with the
                                                                                     exception of the former Soviet Union.

                                                                                     What are you most proud of having achieved
                                                                                     during your time as ambassador?
                                                                                     In terms of my time in New York, it would be
                                                                                     presiding over the EU in the second half of 2005,
                                                                                     when the UK had presidency of the EU. I led the
                                                                                     member states in the negotiation of the UN Summit,
                                                                                     which was held in September 2005. That would rank
                                                                                     pretty highly.

                                                                                     The UN was heavily criticised for being slow
                                                                                     to act over the atrocities in Darfur. Are you
                                                                                     satisfied with what has been achieved?
                                                                                     The UN managed to get peacekeepers into the
                                                                                     south of Sudan, which stopped a 35-year civil war,
                                                                                     so that’s quite a plus. But it’s nothing like as much as
                                                                                     should have been achieved. The responsibility for that
                                                                                     rests partly with the government in Khartoum and
                                                                                     also, to a considerable extent, with the 13 or 14 rebel
                                                                                     groups in Darfur that were not prepared to take part
                                                                                     in the recent peace talks in Libya.

                                                                                     How does the UN need to adapt to meet the
                                                    IR emyR JoNeS
                                                                                     challenges of the 21st century?
                                                   S                                 There are four specific reforms that the UN has to
                                                                                     implement. First, change the management culture:
                                         Born in Carmarthenshire, Sir Emyr           concentrate on priorities, stop repeating itself, work
                                         Jones Parry was educated at Gwendraeth      out what it should do and then evaluate performance
                                         Grammar School before attending             against what you put in. Secondly, the UN has got
                                         Cardiff University. During his time at      to improve its service delivery and act effectively
                                         the university, he was elected President    without duplication. Thirdly, there must be policies
                                         of the Students’ Union, with his wife,      to match tomorrow’s problems – that’s climate
                                         Lynn Noble (now Lady Jones Parry),          change, terrorism, HIV, poverty and so on. Fourthly,
                                         elected as Vice-President. He graduated     there’s got to be an institutional change, reforming
                                         in Theoretical Physics in 1969 and          the membership of the Security Council and making
                                         completed his education at St Catharine’s   the General Assembly more effective.
                                         College, Cambridge, where he gained a
                                         PhD in Polymer Physics.                     How was your degree in Theoretical Physics
                                            In 1973, Sir Emyr began a career with    relevant to your job?
                                         the Foreign and Commonwealth Office         What I was trying to do was solve lots of problems
                                         and went on to hold posts in Canada,        – the difference was that the problems were more
                                         Madrid and the European Parliament          difficult and didn’t have simple answers. I think
                                         in Brussels. He was appointed UK            Einstein once said: “Physics may be very difficult, but
                                         ambassador to the United Nations in         politics is impossible.” What I brought to my career,
                                         July 2003. Operating from the Security      however, was a rigour and discipline that stemmed
                                         Council headquarters in New York, he        from my degree.
                                         was at the centre of decisions that make
            iNTERviEwS By RiCk PEARSoN

                                         peace or war. Sir Emyr stepped down         What advice have you got for anybody
                                         from his position in August 2007 and is     wanting to ‘make a difference’?
                                         now looking forward to “a portfolio of      First, never assume that you can’t; it’s always possible
                                         interests”, which includes presiding over   to have an impact. Secondly, identify what needs to
                                         the constitutional convention on the        be done and try to assess what you can do to help
                                         future of devolved government in Wales.     achieve it. Thirdly, go for it.
                                                                                                   Autumn 007
                                                                                                                                     Spring 007   
first person

 Sue                               Legal supremo Sue Hemming
                                   oBE on the challenges
                                   of prosecuting terrorists

 interview: Alex Perchard

              Sue Hemming’s graduation from Cardiff University in
              1986 was the start of a stellar legal career. After
              attending bar school, she joined the Crown Prosecution
              Service (CPS), working first in Cambridgeshire and then
 at the CPS headquarters in London.
    In 2005, she was appointed Head of the newly-formed CPS Counter
 Terrorism Division and now leads a team of 38 lawyers and case
 workers who prosecute and advise the police on all terrorism cases
 in England and Wales. Her division also deals with the war crimes,
 crimes against humanity, racial hatred cases and Official Secrets Act
 cases. Sue acted as Senior Prosecutor in the case of Abu Hamza, the
 Muslim cleric from Finsbury Park and, though she no longer takes on
 individual cases herself, she is often involved in the charging process,
 particularly in more high-profile cases.
    Her wider role includes working with other criminal justice agencies
 and departments on terrorism related issues and communicating the
 work of the CPS within the community and to the media: “I suppose

                                                                                                                                                         PHOTOGRAPH: CPS
 I am the face of terrorism for the CPS in the media. We’re quite
 proactive in the information that we provide so that the public can find
 out what’s going on in our cases,” says Sue.
    In 2004, Sue was awarded an OBE in the Queen’s New Year’s
 Honours List.
                                                                            do and why you do it. You do feel quite a big sense of responsibility
 What are your main recollections from your time at Cardiff?                dealing with an area of work that can affect everybody’s lives.
 Cardiff was a great place to go to university. It was ideal for someone
 who was not bought up in a big city – I was bought up in Devon – but       How well are we striking a balance between communicating the
 was lively enough to have all the things that students like: theatres      risks of terrorism to the UK public and creating a climate of fear?
 and bars etc. And it was a good law course; there was a lot of choice in   I think we are striking the balance in the middle. But, it is a very
 the options that you could take.                                           difficult thing to do – a lot of the time you can’t explain exactly what’s
                                                                            happening and why it’s happening in cases that are ongoing, until
 What encouraged you to go into counter terrorism?                          they get to trial. We don’t want to make the public fearful but we have
 Terrorism is not new but it was quite a challenge to take on something     to make sure that they get enough information and that we give the
 that had changed in size and had also become more global. The              defendant a fair trial. So there are really three things to balance.
 international aspect, together with the new legislation, made it a
 very exciting area to go into.                                             You’ve travelled widely advising on the co-ordination of terrorist
                                                                            prosecutions: how does the UK compare with other countries?
 What are the challenges in prosecuting terrorists?                         We have more experience in some areas than other countries because
 The international and high-profile nature of the work. Not only are you    we’ve had more terrorist incidents. But, other countries might have
 dealing with the challenges of advising and prosecuting on the cases,      experiences that differ from ours or might have decided to deal with
 you have to deal with people always asking you to explain what you         things slightly differently.
                                                                               One of the most important things is to work together because it is a
                                                                            global problem. It’s not just about sharing experiences – it’s important
                                                                            that different legal systems and ways of doing things don’t allow
“It’s important that different                                              terrorists, or any other criminals for that matter, to exploit boundaries.

 legal systems don’t allow
                                                                            Do you think the Government’s proposals to tighten anti-terror
                                                                            laws are necessary and, if so, why?
                                                                            We would support the use of telephone intercepts provided there were

 terrorists, or any criminals,
                                                                            proper safeguards for people who carry out the intercepts and for
                                                                            the defendants, to ensure that they can properly defend themselves.
                                                                            Pre-charge detention is a matter for parliament and we will deal with

 to exploit boundaries”                                                     whatever parliament gives us. But, we are satisfied that the 28 days
                                                                            we have is proper and we do use it when it’s absolutely necessary.

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                                                                      Calendar of
                                                                      Events 2008
The 125th anniversary of Cardiff University will be celebrated with a programme of events and
initiatives, enabling the entire University community to mark this important milestone in our history
of achievement and service to wales and the world. visit for more details
 JANuARy 2008                                 Student Musicians take to the stage                                                         AuguST 2008
Celebration of Giving                         No fewer than four concerts are planned      Alumni                                        National Eisteddfod of Wales
                                              for this month, but the highlight of the     Event
january will see the official launch of                                                                                                  we celebrate our partnership with the
                                              University’s musical calendar will be when
the year of giving – our focus for                                                                                                       National Eisteddfod by sponsoring the
                                              the massed ranks of the University’s
celebrating Cardiff University’s 125th                                                                                                   Crown at this year’s competitions, to
                                              Symphony Choir and orchestra appear
anniversary. Come back to our website                                                                                                    be held here in Cardiff. The University
                                              together at St David’s Hall. Performing
over the next few months to find out                                                                                                     will also be welcoming the public to its
                                              Brahms’s choral masterpiece ‘Ein
more about our plans.                                                                                                                    stand on the Maes, where there will
                                              Deutches Requiem’, the 300-strong
                                                                                                                                         be competitions, activities and events
Chamber Concert                               body of performers are sure to be an
                                                                                                                                         throughout the week. visit this website in
A Chamber Ensemble from the BBC               impressive sight – and sound!
                                                                                            SATuRdAy 25 oCTobeR                          the spring for further information.
National orchestra of wales will open          APRIl 2008
a year of concerts hosted by Cardiff                                                        The Presidents Dinner                        Cardiff Festival
University School of Music. The School        RHS Spring Flower Show, Cardiff               Hosted by Cardiff’s Alumni office,           The University will be stepping out at
will host a series of celebratory events      The University is planning to reflect on      former Presidents of the Students’           this year’s Cardiff Festival, bringing
throughout the year to celebrate its own      its research in the form of a garden, at      Union and their sabbatical officers will     a travelling exhibition to the Cardiff
anniversary as one of the 12 original         the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)         meet on Saturday 25th october, follow-       Children’s Festival and the research
subjects taught at the University in 1883.    Spring Flower Show in Cardiff. Staff from     ing dinners bringing together gradu-         vessel guiding Light to the Harbour
                                              across the University have contributed        ates from each of the last five decades      Festival at the end of the month. Plans
                                              their ideas to design plans which are now     and a selection of the University’s          are at an early stage but visit the website
Alumni                                        awaiting approval by the RHS.                 closest supporters and friends.              again at the start of the summer for
Event          ThuRSdAy 17 APRIl                                                                                                         more details.
                                              The Varsity Match
               Cardiff in London              Cardiff and Swansea Universities meet to                                                    SePTembeR 2008
                                                                                           Celebrating 125 Years in Print
 join fellow Cardiff graduates living         compete for BUSA (British Universities’      Cardiff University Alumni will receive        Freshers’ Fair
 and working in London for informal           Sports Association) league points, and,      a celebratory issue of the University’s       Cardiff bids a warm welcome to the 125th
 drinks at the Pitcher & Piano, Trafalgar     of course, local pride. Thousands are        magazine. Focussing on key points in the      cohort of new students arriving to begin
 Square on Thursday 17 April 2008,            expected to watch the big match – when       University’s history and the exciting plans   their studies at the University. A host of
 6:30pm onwards.                              the two Universities’ rugby teams kick off   for the University’s future, it is sure to    exciting events await every ‘fresher’ in
                                              at Cardiff Arms Park. Thanks to Swansea      bring back happy memories for all our
 febRuARy 2008                                                                                                                           their first term!
                                              University for agreeing to host the 125      former students.
Cardiff for Africa                            varsity Match in Cardiff.                                                                   oCTobeR 2008
                                                                                            JuNe 2008
A conference highlighting the challenges                                                                                                 24 October 2008 – The Big Day!
facing Africa in the 21st Century is                                                       Bike Week 2008                                This is the date on which the University
currently under consideration. it             Alumni                                       Take the greener route to work, and           celebrates its official 125th Birthday.
would focus on success stories and            Event                                        help us celebrate Bike week 2008. The         keep an eye on the countdown clock
opportunities for knowledge-transfer;                                                      University will be supporting a range of      and visit the website to see what other
suggesting ways in which universities in                                                   events for enthusiastic cyclists and those    exciting events are planned – not just
Britain can contribute their knowledge to                                                  who just want to give it a try.               for the big day itself, but throughout the
the benefit of African society.                                                                                                          anniversary year.
                                                                                            July 2008
Early Music and Cardiff
                                                                                           Degree Congregations 2008
The School of Music will celebrate
its status as a leading centre for the         SATuRdAy 14 JuNe
                                                                                           Around 6,000 students will graduate           Alumni
study of early music and performance
                                                                                           from Cardiff University in this               Event
                                               The Decades Dinner                          anniversary year. Each of the University’s
practice by welcoming the celebrated
                                               Alumni from the graduating years of         28 Academic Schools is busy making
soprano Dame Emma kirkby, supported
                                               1998, 1988, 1978, 1968, 1958 and            plans to ensure that this year’s
by London Baroque.
                                               1948 will come back to Cardiff for a        celebrations are extra-special. Don’t
 mARCh 2008                                    celebratory dinner.                         forget – if you can’t visit us in person,
                                                                                           you can still watch the ceremonies live
National Science and Engineering                                                           on the internet. For further details visit
Week 2008                                      mAy 2008                           .                 NovembeR
The University focuses its attention on
bringing science and engineering to the       The Urdd Eisteddfod                          University Exhibition                          The Class of 1983
public with a series of events designed to    The University will be visiting the Urdd     A special exhibition celebrating the past,     25th Anniversary Dinner
entertain, enthuse and excite. over the       Eisteddfod in Conwy, bringing ideas and      present and future of Cardiff University       join Cardiff alumnus and BBC 10
course of a single week, hundreds of local    entertainment to the thousands of young      will be held in the old Library, right         o’clock news presenter Huw Edwards
school children, families and members         people who are expected to attend. The       in the heart of the city of Cardiff. visit     for a dinner celebrating 25 years since
of the public will join us to find out more   University is sponsoring the Crown at the    the 125 website in the New year for            the graduation of the Class of 1983
– more information will be published on       2008 Eisteddfod. visit us again in the       further details.                               in Cardiff – it promises to be a very
the website in the run up to the events.      New year to find out more.                                                                  special event.                                                                                                                                Autumn 007           5
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