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					                                                                         Annual Report 2008-2009
                                       to change the course of history.
                                       or from what it would be if left alone:
                                       future course, different from what it is
                                       To make the form, nature, content,
                                                                       Cha• nge (verb)
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 Mis sion (noun)   •

 Canadian Crossroads International
 works to create a more equitable
 and sustainable world by engaging
 and strengthening individuals,
 organizations and communities
 through mutual learning, solidarity
 and collective action.
 Vis ion (noun)•

 One world where human rights are
 respected, poverty is eliminated and
 the impact of HIV and AIDS is reduced.

Karen Takacs                                                         Darlene Bessey

Collective IMPACT
Five years ago we made a decision to focus our resources to          As we begin planning for our next five years, we are sobered by
strengthen women’s rights, mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS       the toll the economic crisis has already had on partners and the
and reduce poverty through local economic development. Today,        world’s poor. With a billion people living in poverty and millions
thanks to the collective efforts of Crossroaders and our partners,   more at risk of being driven into extreme poverty in the next two
women’s rights are recognized in the home, the community, in         years, it is critical we redouble our efforts to ensure programs are
policy and among decision makers in ways they were not five          efficient, effective and maximize impact on the ground. And we
years ago. People affected by HIV and AIDS are receiving services    must all raise our voices to ensure economic stimulus plans do
— from lower priced medicine to prevention programs — that           not leave the poor behind.
otherwise might not have been available to them. Women and           Never has the continued support of Crossroaders, donors, friends
other marginalized groups are working together to raise their        and funders been more critical.
incomes and their voices for the betterment of their families and
their communities.                                                   We know Canadians care. This is increasingly reflected in public
                                                                     opinion polls on Canada’s role in addressing global poverty and
CCI’s 26 partnerships are bringing knowledge, expertise and          for CCI most poignantly this year, by the hundreds of members
resources where they are needed most, revealing extraordinary        of the Crossroads community who gathered from Vancouver to
local leadership and tenacity in the face of great obstacles. As     St. John’s to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Crossroaders retold
you will read, the lives of individuals touched by this work are     stories of their experiences and the people they lived and worked
stories of hope and change. This year, CCI’s partner the Swaziland   with as vividly as if they had just returned. Many expressed pride
Action Group Against Abuse (SWAGAA) launched a girls’                in how Crossroads continues to engage Canadians and to evolve
empowerment program after several exchanges with CCI’s local         and innovate to meet changing needs.
partner in Zimbabwe, the Girl Child Network, who pioneered the
successful program. Today SWAGAA is piloting six empowerment         We are heartened by CIDA’s renewed support for our work with
clubs throughout Swaziland, providing Swazi girls with a space       a new five year agreement and would like to express our gratitude
where they can explore their creativity, learn about their rights    to all those whose generous support makes our work possible.
and reach their full potential. In Niger, an exchange between        Crossroaders, partners, volunteers, donors and funders have
CCI partners the Association malienne pour la promotion des          made immeasurable contributions to effect positive, sustainable
jeunes (AMPJ), based in Mali, and ONPHDB in Niger, enabled           change. Together we are building a more just and equitable
a women’s collective in Niger to replicate the success of a Malian   future for all.
shea butter cooperative supported by AMPJ in just one year.
Today the Niger cooperative is generating steady income for
more than 300 women.
                                                                       Karen Takacs                   Darlene Bessey

                                                                       Executive Director             Chair, Board of Directors
Im•pact (noun)
The power of an event,
idea, to produce changes.

Confronting poverty,
HIV and AIDS, and building
respect for human rights
This year, Canadian Crossroads International worked with 45 partner
organizations, leaders and innovators in the global South and in Canada.
Through these partnerships CCI is enabling people to improve their lives
and increase the health and vitality of their communities. The stories in
this report, and the many others we could not include here, attest to the
impact of CCI’s work — tangible positive change for women and men, and
their families. This year, CCI projects increased women’s participation and
representation in decision-making and reduced violence against women
and girls. In the area of HIV and AIDS, CCI-supported projects helped
people in numerous ways — from making vital medication more affordable
to prevention initiatives that speak specifically to women. The integration of
social and human rights goals in our programming is critical. As economic
systems fail, plunging more people into poverty, CCI’s investment in
community-based economic development projects are improving people’s
lives materially, while also improving their ability to assert their rights and
hold their government accountable.
By supporting the development of local economies, increasing the voice of
women in their communities and by bringing individuals and organizations
together in collective action on some of the world’s most pressing issues
we are creating positive change that is real, measurable and lasting.

E•qual•i•ty (noun)
The state of being equal,
especially in status, rights
and opportunities.

Girl Power
One week, the guest might be a female doctor, invited by the girls to                         “They can express themselves
talk about sexual health. Another week, these young women, members                             now, they know how to prevent
of a local Girls’ Empowerment Club in Swaziland, might elect to                                HIV and AIDS, they can tell
attend a major AIDS conference in the region. Or they might get at                             you about their rights…To see
a challenging issue by writing poetry. For these formerly shy pre-teen                         these little African girls express
and teenage girls, education is anything but passive.                                          themselves in this way, express
                                                                                               the issues, and demand their
“We really wanted the girls to own their clubs, to say what they want to do and how
                                                                                               rights, I tell you, I was so
 they want to learn these things,” explains Crossroader Julie Ouellet. Ouellet, a Canadian,
 spent six months this year in Swaziland working with CCI partner the Swaziland Action         impressed.”
 Group Against Abuse (SWAGAA). Ouellet was supporting SWAGAA’s efforts to bring               Phesheya Vilakazi,
 the girls’ empowerment program, a Zimbabwean success story in that country’s struggle        SWAZIlAND ACTION GROuP AGAINST
 to advance women’s rights, to Swaziland. In a country where some 49 percent of               ABuSE (SWAGAA).
 women between the ages of 25 and 29 are HIV positive and where sexual abuse
 of young women is both a common occurrence and quietly condoned, empowerment
 of girls is a radical concept.
With two volunteer teachers facilitating weekly meetings of empowerment clubs,
the young women deal with issues that range from gender stereotyping and gender
rights to abuse, reproductive health and HIV transmission. They also get involved in
advocating in their own communities, becoming role models for even younger girls.
 The Girl Child Network (GCN), another CCI partner, originated the girls’ empowerment
 program concept in Zimbabwe and now boasts some 500 empowerment clubs across
 that country, empowering girls from early childhood to young adulthood. Swaziland’s
 culture and social conditions differ greatly from Zimbabwe, so it was important to not
 just mimic the successful Zimbabwean model in bringing the concept to Swaziland.
“We really had to go back and look at how they started,” Ouellet explains.
CCI facilitated exchanges between SWAGAA and GCN and provided seed funds to
pilot the project in six schools in both rural and urban settings, working with young
women from ages ten to twenty. Helping them become assertive and knowledgeable
about their rights is crucial to improving their chances at protecting themselves from
abuse and disease, and being able to make decisions about how to live their lives.
“Really the change was quick and it was amazing,” Ouellet says. Ouellet is back in
 Canada now but continues to provide project support out of CCI’s Halifax office.
“From what I hear now, the girls are actively planning their activities, what they want
 to do, speaking on their own behalf… girls who were so shy before.”

One in three women in Swaziland experience
sexual violence before the age of 18.                                                                                     05
Sol•i•dar • i•ty (noun)
Union or fellowship arising
from common responsibilities
and interests.

Making their Mark                                                                           Strengthening the Status
                                                                                            of Senegalese Women
“Now it’s the women who come looking for us!” says Yacine Diagne.                              F
                                                                                            •	 	 ollowing	leadership	training	offered	
                                                                                               by CCI partner Anne Pasquier,
 For Diagne, a long-time women’s rights activist used to pounding the
                                                                                               40 women candidates decided to
 pavement to spread her message, it’s a powerful sign of how things                            run in the next municipal elections.
 have changed for the Association des Femmes de la Médina
                                                                                            •	 	 mboldened	by	meetings	with	
 (AFEME), a CCI partner since 2003.                                                            Canadian organizations, many
 Back in 2007, Diagne and her colleagues came to the conclusion that bigger picture            AFEME	members	are	now	actively	
 thinking was required if a real difference was to occur in the lives of women in Médina,      speaking out in the media about
 the district of Dakar, Senegal where AFEME concentrates its work.                             women’s rights.
                                                                                            •	 	 FEME’s	batik	and	soap	workshops,	
In December of 2007, Diagne sought CCI’s support in helping AFEME dramatically
                                                                                               founded in collaboration with CCI,
increase women’s participation in Senegalese politics. CCI brought Diagne to Canada
                                                                                               employ 50 women workers who
to meet with potential collaborators. After meeting with several Canadian organizations,
                                                                                               produce more than 1,200 bars of
Diagne and AFEME settled on La table des groupes de femmes de Montréal,
                                                                                               soap for market resale each week,
a Montreal organization whose work offered distinct parallels with AFEME’s current
                                                                                               a production that earns them a
work and projected needs.
                                                                                               living wage and also serves more
Despite the energetic women’s movement in Senegal, gender-based violence remains               than 500 people in the community.
widespread and there are very few women in positions of power. The feminization of
poverty, leaving women economically dependent on men, has been a key obstacle to
addressing rights issues. In response, AFEME created economic development projects,
including batik and soap-making micro-enterprises supported by Crossroaders and CCI.
“But there needs to be women’s representation where decisions are made,” says Diagne.
CCI organized a partnership visit, bringing members of la table des groupes de femmes
to meet with AFEME in Dakar. Representatives from la table brought educational videos
on getting into politics as well as other materials to help Senegalese women not only
enter the political arena, but win.
“The women found it stimulating,” says Montreal councillor Soraya Martinez, a participant
 in the visit. “Knowing that there were women [like them] on the other side of the ocean,
 this pushed them to keep moving forward.”
Moved by what they learned, the Senegalese women have set up their own, brand new
organization — inspired by the Montreal women, they’ve called themselves La table
des groupes de femmes de la Médina — to help train and support other women who
want to become politically active. In this way, hundreds of women in Senegal will have
the support they need to become leaders and transform the country. The partnership
with CCI has also increased AFEME’s exposure and grown their membership, Diagne
says they’re hoping to see a doubling of the current membership of 500 local women,
to 1000 by 2011.
“It’s the partnership that has given us that. It’s the same with
 the media. Now they come to us.”
Em•pow•er (verb)
Provide with the means,
opportunity, necessary for
independence, self-assertion.

                    Justice                                        Strength                            Support

                       Power                                       Non-                                  Politics

Taking a Stand                                                                              Helping West African
                                                                                            Women Assert Their Rights
After Juliana Awi’s husband died following a long illness, it was                              C
                                                                                            •	 	 rossroaders	in	Toronto	held	a	
                                                                                               fundraising concert for the Almond
inevitable that her life would change. But for a widow in her home
                                                                                               Tree group, a social enterprise
village in the Volta Region of Ghana, traditions impose a heavy burden.                        supporting women living with
It is not uncommon, for example, for a newly widowed woman to be                               HIV and AIDS in Ghana.
forced to shave her head, spend two weeks in isolation in a darkened                           C
                                                                                            •	 	 rossroader	Blaise	Noucheueh	
room, eat off the floor, remain barefoot and then wear black for a year.                       trained HIV-positive women in
But Awi, a typist in her fifties, had recently taken a domestic violence                       Togo about their rights so they
                                                                                               could stand up to discrimination
workshop offered by CCI’s Ghanaian partner organization, Women in
                                                                                               and share their knowledge with.
Law and Development-Ghana (WiLDAF-Ghana) which inspired her                                    others in their communities.
to take a personal stand.                                                                      F
                                                                                            •	 	 unding	from	the	Ken	&	Oli	
“We learned a lot about the law,” Awi explains. They learned that new legislation, passed      Johnstone	Foundation	and	the	
 in 2007 partly in response to the tireless advocacy of WilDAF and other organizations,        Harrison	McCain	Foundation	
 made domestic violence a criminal offence in Ghana for the first time. Armed with             supports CCI’s work with Women
 knowledge of her legal rights, she argued against community members who wished                in Law and Development in
 to force her to mourn in the traditional way.                                                 Africa	(WiLDAF)	to	monitor	the	
                                                                                               implementation of Ghana’s
“Were it not for the training from WilDAF, I would have gone into the widowhood rites.
                                                                                               Domestic Violence Act.
 Because of the knowledge [I gained], I had the boldness to say what is right for me.”
Awi offered a number of arguments, including economic hardship caused by the various
limitations imposed only on widowed women (not on men who have lost their wives),
health risks and the illegal nature of some of the requirements of widowhood rites.
Despite hostility, especially to her threats of legal action, she won the right to mourn
in her own way.
“Some want to reject me.” She enlisted the local pastor to support her claims that the
 law defends women’s rights. “I’m lucky that the pastor says: the law of the land
 protects them.”
A third of women in Ghana experience physical abuse sometime in their lives, and
traditions like the widowhood rites continue to make life more difficult and dangerous.
Although the new legislation is very exciting, it’s the gradual empowerment of women
like Awi that is the real harbinger of change. For Awi, now is the time to help other
women fight for their rights.
“Now I have the boldness to talk, to give a message, especially in my community, in
 my area. Where there is violence, I have courage to get involved,” she says. “And it’s
 getting results.”

One in three women worldwide
has experienced abuse in her lifetime.                                                                                     09
Shar•ing (verb)
To use or benefit from
jointly with others.

Realizing their Potential                                                                   Crossroaders Making
                                                                                            a Difference
They were a loose association of workers. But this ad-hoc group                                A
                                                                                            •	 	 	photo	exhibit	organized	by	
of shea butter producers in Niger was struggling. The women found                              Crossroader Carine Ricci celebrating
                                                                                               the Coprokazan shea butter
they couldn’t always count on each other and it was hard to stay
                                                                                               cooperative toured Quebec.
motivated when, despite their efforts, there were no guarantees
                                                                                            •	 	 his	year,	Niger-born	Crossroader	
of economic success.                                                                           Hannatou Hassane travelled back
In neighbouring Mali, another group of women working at the Coprokazan shea butter             to the country of her birth to work
cooperative had experienced similar frustrations.                                              with	CCI	partner	Plate	Forme	
                                                                                               Paysanne du Niger to engage young
“We were living the same problems,” recalls Yidrisa Mhassane, who coordinated support          people in the farmer’s movement.
 for the Niger women through CCI partner, the Organisation nigérienne pour la
 promotion de l’hydraulique et du développement à la base (ONPHDB). “Problems                  C
                                                                                            •	 	 rossroader	Marie-Claude	Lacroix	
 of motivation, of taking direct responsibility, of being accountable. We had many             helped partner ONPHDB increase
                                                                                               efficiency, training staff in the use
 questions on this subject, on the form of organization that could be most effective.”
                                                                                               of IT tools. Once back in Canada,
So CCI facilitated a meeting between ONPHDB and a partner in Mali, the Association             Marie-Claude shared her experience
malienne pour la promotion des jeunes (AMPJ), which helped develop the                         with school students in Montreal,
Coprokazan cooperative. Some of the women travelled to Mali to visit Coprokazan                giving them a glimpse of life in Niger
where members of the Malian collective were able to share their hard-earned knowledge          and the challenges facing the country.
about running a co-op. The Niger women followed the process of making shea butter all
the way from harvesting the nuts to producing butter and even as far as commercializing
the final product. They also learned how to maintain equipment.
Returning to Niger, the women transformed their own organization into a productive
co-op that has taken off with remarkable speed. Canadian Crossroaders Yvon
Desrochers and Marie-Claude lortie volunteered with ONPHDB, helping improve
communications and sharing expertise in developing co-operative organizations. The
close, committed and disciplined working relationships demanded by the co-op format
have translated into increased incomes and better lives for the women and their families.
The new co-op boasts a membership of 300 women from five neighbouring villages.

Sixty-one percent of Niger’s population lives
in extreme poverty on less than a dollar a day.                                                                             11
 Com•mu•ni•ty (noun)
 Sharing, participation,
 and fellowship.

Banking on the Future                                                                        Supporting Local
                                                                                             Development in Bolivia
Fanny and Martha are two busy mothers, both living in the Bolivian                              C
                                                                                             •	 	 rossroader	Joanna	Griffiths	helped	
city of Potosí. One is a widow, the other a single mother of five. They                         find new markets for Bolivian fair
                                                                                                trade producers. A large Canadian
piece together their livings from a patchwork of insecure jobs, mostly
                                                                                                chain is now considering carrying
outside the formal economy. With their irregular earnings and low                               their products.
income they would be credit risk nightmares to an ordinary bank.                                C
                                                                                             •	 	 rossroader	Clémence	Tatin-Jaleran	
But these women have the drive and commitment that can make                                     worked with partners in Bolivia to
a success of small businesses, given credit and the social support                              launch micro-insurance products for
to save their modest earnings.                                                                  poor rural producers.
                                                                                             •	 	 CI	organized	a	meeting	in	Lima,	
For Fanny Barahona Mamani and Martha Ali, the small amounts of credit they earn                 Peru between partners from Mali,
from their local communal savings banks, supported by Bolivian micro-credit pioneer             Bolivia and a Peruvian micro-finance
Foncresol in a CCI-funded project, are key to getting by — and to seeing a way out              network to explore strategies and
of poverty for their children. Crossroaders have been working with Foncresol to train           approaches for local economic
credit officers, who work with micro-credit recipients like Fanny and Martha, and develop       development.
organizational infrastructure so that more women like them can benefit.
                                                                                             •	 	 he	Canadian	Auto	Workers	gifts	
Fanny Barahona Mamani, 41, is a part-time classroom assistant, part-time shopkeeper,            to CCI support local economic
part-time clothing trader and the widowed mother of three school-age children. You’d            development in Bolivia and this year
be forgiven for supposing she has no time for anything else. And yet Barahona Mamani            will enable hundreds of people to
has also held the offices of president and treasurer of her communal savings bank,              access micro-finance products.
la union where she has been a member for the past five years. These days she
also hosts meetings of the twelve members at her house. The dozen women who
make up the savings bank each put in small amounts every month, and receive their
disbursement on a rotating basis.
“The money I take out is to stock my store, and also to increase the capital I have for
 bringing clothes,” Barahona Mamani explains.
Martha Ali, 40, sells products for knitting and embroidery on the street, in local markets
and at a weekend fair. Since 2005, she has used monthly credit earned through her
membership in the San Benito communal savings bank. Her five children are all in
school; the eldest, a girl, is studying at university to become a social worker.
The investment is tiny, the loans are small, but the difference that communal savings
make in the lives of Ali’s family is incalculable. “My children study with what I earn,”
she says.

59 percent of Bolivians
live below the national poverty line.                                                                                        13
                                                                                  Charles Brown, a lifelong CCI volunteer speaks
                                                                                  at the 50th anniversary celebration in Toronto.

Celebrating 50 Years of                                                                        “I had always been concerned with
                                                                                                how to improve the world we are

Community and Solidarity
                                                                                                in. CCI provided an opportunity
                                                                                                to build bridges between Africa,
                                                                                                Canada and the United States.
From every province and territory in Canada and countries across                                We were trying to build a better
the global South, Crossroaders have made the road by walking.                                   world, but what has kept me
Since 1958 more than 8,000 people have volunteered overseas                                     involved is the quality of people
to build understanding and a better world.                                                      in the program.”
As CCI celebrated its 50th anniversary this year it was hard not to be struck by the            Charles Brown
hundreds of individual stories of lives changed. These include the stories of early             (uganda, 1963)
Crossroaders, now leaders in their fields and in advancing social justice — people
like OISE’s dean Dr. Jane Gaskell, who built schools in Burkina Faso (then known as
upper Volta) while exploring identity and race with a group of Americans, Canadians
and Africans. Then there are the stories of recently returned Crossroaders, like
actuary Clémence Tatin-Jaleran, who supported the development of micro-insurance
products for poor rural producers in Bolivia. Crossroads volunteers are making tangible
contributions to development through their placements and for years afterwards,
sometimes throughout their entire careers and lifetimes! In Whitehorse, Vancouver,
Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, london, Toronto, Halifax
and St. John’s, in Bamako, Mali and Manzini, Swaziland, Crossroaders and friends
gathered to share their stories and to celebrate 50 years of working toward One World.
In 2008, Crossroaders also continued to engage Canadians in the fight against global
poverty and inequity. Whether raising funds for the Almond Tree Group, an income
generating program for people living with AIDS; speaking out at public meetings and
in the media about development issues; mounting photo exhibitions or meeting with
elected officials to discuss Canada’s role in development, members of the Crossroads
community continue to work for change.
This year, Crossroaders’ volunteer contributions were valued at almost $1.7 million
and represented more than 60,000 hours overseas and in Canada. CCI reached more
1.5 million Canadians through the media and directly engaged thousands of Canadians.

More than 8,000 people from Canada and
around the world have volunteered overseas
with Canadian Crossroads International.                                                                                       15
CCI ValueS:


     reCIProCIty                                                INg
                                                                                              u    Ntab

Partnerships are at the heart of CCI’s work. The value of the relationships we foster among organizations
in Canada and in the countries of the global South lies most of all in their effect on the lives of individual
people. Community members served by CCI’s diverse partners — everyone from high school girls in
Swaziland to the voters who will one day elect women into office in Senegal — will reap the harvest
of the knowledge exchange, skills sharing and genuine solidarity and friendship. This past year, CCI
worked with 45 organizations on 26 partnership projects.

CCI Partners 2008-2009
BOLIVIA                          Centre d’organisation           Pro-Link Organization             AFEME	(Association	des
Fondo	de	Credito	Solidario         mauricien de services         Women in Law and                  	 femmes	de	la	Médina)
	 (Foncresol)                    	 et	d’éducation	populaire        Development in Africa           APROFES	(Association	pour
Associación Nacional             	 (COMSEP)                      	 (WiLDAF)	Ghana                    la promotion de la femme
	 Ecuménica	de	Desarrollo        CREC	de	St-Léonard              ABANTU for Development            	 sénégalaise)
	 (ANED)                         CDEC	Centre	Nord                                                  Réseau	Siggil	Jigeen	(RSJ)
Asociación Boliviana para el
                                 Fédération	de	l’UPA	de	                                           SWAzILAND
                                                                 Association Jeunesse Action
	 Desarrollo	Rural	(Pro-rural)    St-Jean-Valleyfield
                                                                 	 (AJA)	Mali                      Swaziland Action Group
CANADA                           Promotion	des	Estriennes        Association des groupements       	 Against	Abuse	(SWAGAA)
Centre for Community               pour initier une nouvelle     	 villageois	féminins	(AGVF)      The AIDS Information and
	 Enterprise	(CCE)               	 équité	sociale	(PEPINES)                                        	 Support	Centre	(TASC)
                                                                 Association malienne pour
Community	Futures	South          Table des groupes de              la promotion des jeunes         Family	Life	Association	of
	 Fraser	(CFSF)                  	 femmes	de	Montréal	(TGFM)     	 (AMPJ)                          	 Swaziland	(FLAS)
AIDS Committee of London         Maison	de	l’Escale              Kilabo
	 (ACOL)                         Fédération	des	ressources
                                                                 NIGER                             Groupe	de	réflexion	et
Metropolitan Action              	 d’hébergement	pour
                                                                 Action	Démocratique	pour	         	 d’action	femme	démocratie
  Committee on Violence          	 femmes	violentées	et	en
                                                                 	 le	Développement	(ADD)          	 et	développement/Centre	
  against Women and              	 difficulté	du	Québec
                                                                 Organisation	nigérienne	pour        de recherche d’information
	 Children	(METRAC)              	 (FRHFVDQ)
                                                                   la promotion de l’hydraulique     et de formation pour la
YWCA Canada                      Transition House Association
                                                                 	 et	du	développement	à	la        	 femme	(GF2D/CRIFF)
Société	d’aide	au                	 of	Nova	Scotia	(THANS)
                                                                 	 base	(ONPHDB)                   Aides	médicales	&	charité
	 développement	des              SIDA/AIDS Moncton
                                                                 Plate	Forme	Paysanne	             	 (AMC)
	 collectivités	(SADC            AIDS Saint John
                                                                 	 du	Niger	(PFPN)
	 Mauricie)                      YWCA Halifax                                                      zIMBABWE
CDEC	de	Rosemont	                                                SENEGAL                           Girl	Child	Network	(GCN)
                                 AIDS Coalition of Cape
 Petite-Patrie                   	 Breton	(ACCB)                 ALTERCOM	(Association	            Women and AIDS Support
Corporation de                                                    pour les femmes et la            	 Network	(WASN)
                                 GHANA                            communication)	                  Women’s Coalition of
	 développement	économique
                                 West	Africa	AIDS	Foundation                                       	 Zimbabwe	(WCoZ)
  et communautaire

This year’s Crossroaders are a testament to the power of international solidarity. The commitment of these
volunteers is the fuel for what we do. Crossroaders from North and South are citizens of the world. Through
patient collaboration and persistence on activities as diverse as training, web sites, databases, funding
proposals, new program approaches and evaluation, Crossroaders are making substantive contributions
to assist people to assert their rights and elevate themselves out of poverty. Last year CCI organized 60
Canadian placements in West Africa, Southern Africa and Bolivia, 40 exchanges between Southern partner
organizations and 13 Southern volunteer placements here in Canada. In addition we facilitated
10 partnership visits in the South and 22 partnership visits in Canada.

Powerful Impact
NORTH-SOUTH                       Hannatou Hassane Ousmane         Mélanie	Legault	                   Thandi Nhlengethwa
CROSSROADERS                      	 (Saint-Luc-De-Vincennes,	QC)   	 (Saint-Eustache,	QC)             	 (Swaziland)
Alejandro Zuluaga                 James	Leong	(Vancouver,	BC)      Mylène Blanchette                  Rose	Muzerengi	(Zimbabwe)
	 (London,	ON)                    Janelle	Gerestein	(Brooks,	AB)   	 (Rimouski,	QC)                   Mary	Sandasi	(Zimbabwe)
Alexandre	Bérubé                  Jessica	Sage	(Québec,	QC)        Philippe Coulombe                  Duduzile	Simelane	(Swaziland)
	 Nyaburerwa	(Repentigny,	QC)     Joanna M. Griffiths              	 (Québec,	QC)
Anna	Beaupré	Moulounda	           	 (Toronto,	ON)                  Rachel Goubau
	 (Montréal,	QC)                  Julie	X.	Ouellet	(Halifax,	NS)   	 (Gatineau,	QC)
                                                                                                      Amadou	Boubacar	(Niger)
Ariane	Paul-Roy	(Montréal,	QC)    Julie-Christine J. Lamy          Reena Shadaan
                                                                                                      Doreen	Ngwenya	(Swaziland)
Audray	Forest	                    	 (Trois-Rivières,	QC)           	 (Brampton,	ON)
                                                                                                      Duduzile	Simelane	(Swaziland)
	 (Trois-Rivières,	QC)            Junie	Latte	(Montréal,	QC)       Samuel Bernier
                                                                                                      Eddie	Donton	(Ghana)
Blaise Noucheueh                  Karen L. Matthews                	 (St-Dominique,	QC)
                                                                                                      Ellen	Dzah	(Ghana)
	 (Montréal,	QC)                  	 (Edmonton,	AB)                 Samuel	J.	Slover	(Toronto,	ON)
                                                                                                      Eugène	Novon	(Togo)
Caroline	Lemay	(Montréal,	QC)     Katherine J. Marshall            Samuel	Juru	(Halifax,	NS)
                                                                                                      Lucy	Dompreh	(Ghana)
Christine Boutin                  	 (Toronto,	ON)                  Sébastien	Olivier	(Québec,	QC)
                                                                                                      Mariam	Seydou	(Mali)
	 (Sherbrooke,	QC)                Laurence Champagne               Sonia St-Onge
                                                                                                      Mary	Sandasi	(Zimbabwe)
Clémence	Tatin-Jaleran	           	 (Trois-Rivières,	QC)           	 (Sainte-Cécile-de-Milton,	QC)
                                                                                                      Netsai	Mushonga	(Zimbabwe)
	 (Vancouver,	BC)                 Marianne Carle-Marsan            Valérie	Boucher	(Québec,	QC)
                                                                                                      Nontobeko	Dlamini	(Swaziland)
David-Alexandre Brassard          	 (Montréal,	QC)                 Valérie	Savard-Bergeron	
                                                                                                      Patricia	Essel	(Ghana)
	 (St-Augustin,	QC)               Marie-Christine Guay             	 (Québec,	QC)
                                                                                                      Pierrette	G.	Gayibor	(Togo)
Dominique Bouchard                	 (Québec,	QC)                   Véronique	Pomerleau	
                                                                                                      Rita	Nyampinga	(Zimbabwe)
  (Saint-Georges-De-              Marie-Claude Lortie              	 (Montréal,	QC)
                                                                                                      Rose	Muzerengi	(Zimbabwe)
	 Champlain,	QC)                  	 (Montréal,	QC)                 Yvon Desrochers
                                                                                                      Ruth	Bikwa	(Zimbabwe)
Élise	Busilacchi	(Montréal,	QC)   Marie-Hélène	Morin	              	 (Ste-Marcelline	de	Kidare,	QC)
                                                                                                      Thandi Nhlengethwa
Erin	M.	Sirett	(Montréal,	QC)     	 (Saint-Nicolas,	QC)
                                                                   SOUTH-NORTH                        	 (Swaziland)
Francis	Farraminah	               Mariève	Corbeil	(Montréal,	QC)
                                                                   CROSSROADERS                       Xolile	Mazibuko	(Swaziland)
	 (Montréal,	QC)                  Mark Bergshoeff
                                                                   Melody	M.	Darkey	(Ghana)           Gustavo Diez de Medina
Frédéric	A.	Bastien	Forrest	      	 (Mississauga,	ON)
                                                                   Rhoda	A.	Panford	(Ghana)           	 (Bolivia)
	 (Montréal,	QC)                  Martha Lucia Gomez Davila
                                                                   Seydou	Daou	(Mali)                 Gertrude	Nunoo	(Ghana)
Gabrielle	Joly	(Laval,	QC)        	 (Montréal,	QC)
                                  Maxime Ravary-Renaud
                                  	 (Laval,	QC)                                                                               19
Com•mit•ment (noun)
The act of pledging
or engaging oneself.


A Family Affair
Monthly donor James R. Lane comes honestly
by his commitment to ‘One World’.

“These people came round to our house and discussed these things
 round the dining room table,” he recalls. Lane’s father Dr. Alan Lane
 was a cofounder of Canadian Crossroads International. James himself
 is named for his godfather James Robinson, a preacher and civil rights
 leader who inspired his father and a small group of Canadians to join
 him in service in Africa. So engagement in social justice was a truly
 family affair. In this early memory, of course, Lane was just five or six                   CCI’s founder James Robinson
 years old. “I peered from behind the furniture and quickly lost interest.”
 But it didn’t take long for those family values to sink in. “Early on I caught the travel
 bug — and the social responsibility bug,” lane explains. “The idea that each of us
 here has a responsibility to help others in need, especially in a global sense.”
After he travelled as a Crossroader to Singapore in 1984 and then stayed with
Crossroaders in Indonesia, that responsibility became a personal affair as well.
“I was profoundly affected by the poverty I saw [in Indonesia…] I resolved to try to
 do something more meaningful for people living in conditions like that.”
Returning to Canada, lane co-founded the Canadian branch of Médecins sans                    Alan Lane with his wife Corinne
frontières. He has also been closely involved with the Canadian Centre for Victims           and	former	CCI	ED	Michael Cooke.
of Torture. Most recently, lane — who is a partner at a Toronto law firm — has become
actively re-engaged with CCI, which he says has evolved over the years.
“There’s more of a focus on selecting people with skills that are needed overseas so
 it’s not just cross-cultural cooperation but also a more meaningful contribution.” As
 an example, lane cites Nonhlanhla Dlamini from the Swaziland Action Group Against
 Abuse, who he recently heard speaking about Crossroads’ support for their advocacy
 for legislation against violence against women.
“It’s really good to see that the work done to help individuals in need can be magnified
 to legislation that can affect the whole country.”
Along with his brother, Rick, and his father, lane has remained a loyal donor to CCI.
“It’s an expression of gratitude for the opportunity that the organization gave me and
 the impact it has had in my life.”                                                          The lane brothers with their father, left to
                                                                                             right:	Rick	(Lesotho,	1971),	Rob	(Japan,	
                                                                                             1972),	Peter,	seated,	David,	Alan	and	
                                                                                             James	(Singapore,	1984)

Our Donors
We wish to thank all of the donors who generously support CCI’s development work. In challenging times,
we count ourselves incredibly lucky for your commitment to making a difference in people’s lives — including
the people you’ve read about in these pages.

CCI would like to           International              Françoise	Goutier       Bohdan Czarnocki         Dr.	Eliseo	Orrantia
acknowledge the               Development              Michel Labrecque          and Susan Hook         Vera Radyo
generosity of all our       	 &	Research	Centre        Make Poverty              Czarnocki              Jean-François	Renaud
donors. The following       Margaret Motz               History Halifax        Développement	           Rotary Club
donor list includes                                    Manitoba Council          international          	 of	East	York
JRS members and
                                                        for International        Desjardins             Soeurs de Sainte-Croix
                            Anonymous	(2)
individuals and                                         Cooperation            Lyse Doucet              Dawn	Elizabeth	Straka
organizations who have      Léo	Hurtubise
                                                       Brandur Olafsson        Roger	Ebacher            Teleglobe Canada
made an annual gift         Les Productions
                                                        and Terril Calder      Susan	Edwards            Tremaine	Family	
between April 1, 2008       	 Télé-Génik	inc.
                                                       Province de             Denise	Fullum              Trust DTD
and March 31, 2009.         Chantal Ouellet and
                                                        Saint-Joseph           Geneviève                Agnès van ‘t Bosch
                            	 Florent	Morasse
FUNDERS                                                 des Servantes du       	 Fullum-Locat           John Wonfor
                            Saskatchewan Council
Canadian International                                  St-Coeur de Marie      Dr. Charles and
                              for International                                                         JRS MONTHLY
  Development Agency                                   Randy Pepper and          Catherine Gardner
                              Cooperation                                                               DONORS
	 (CIDA)                                                Maryann Jansen         Patsy George
                            Karen Takacs                                                                Belinda Abraham
Ministère des relations                                Endowment	Fund          Dr. Catherine Groh
                            $1,000-$2,499              Francis	Waddell                                  Maya Ahmad
  internationales du                                                             and John Tyler
                            Anonymous                                                                   Kathy Allan
	 Québec                                                                       Dr. Shelagh Hamilton
                                                       GLOBAL CITIzENS                                  Martha C. Anslow
                            Dr. Mark Addison                                   Alan and Corinne Lane
ONE WORLD                                              $500-$999                                        David Armstrong
                            Blumberg	Family	                                   Antoine Latte
CIRCLE                                                 Anonymous	(3)
                            	 Foundation                                                                Josephine Asmah
$25,000+                                               Pierre Bastien          Les Soeurs des Saints
                            Rev. James Cairney                                                          Patricia	Aubé
Anonymous	(2)                                          Odette	Bélanger         	 Noms	de	Jésus	et	de	
                              and Ann Mcray                                    	 Marie	du	Québec        Anne Catherine Bajard
Genuine Health Inc.                                    Chantal Benoît
                            Campbellcraft                                      Dr.	T.A.	Loeffler        Norine Baron
Harrison McCain                                        Harry Bergshoeff
                              Consulting                                       Meredith Low             Walter Barss
	 Foundation                                           Francine	Bérubé	
                            Canadian Imperial                                  John Martens             Joseph Bartol
Ken	&	Oli	Johnstone	                                     and Gaetan Leblanc
                              Bank of Commerce                                 Isabella Martiliani      Julia Beddoe
	 Foundation                                           Darlene Bessey
                            Jonathan Carlzon                                   Dorothy McCabe           Pearl Benyk
                                                       Valérie	Boucher
$5,000-$9,999               Michael Cooke                                      MTS Allstream Inc.       Irene Bleton
Alberta Gaming and          Amanda Dale                                                                 Kathleen Boies
                                                         Brassard              ND Insight Corporation
 Liquor Commission          Jacob Dare                                                                  Alphé	Boudreau
                                                       Caisse Desjardins       Heather Neun
Fondation	Internationale	   Sylvia	Flood                                                                Lisa Boyle
                                                       	 Cité-du-Nord	         Emilie	Newell
 Roncalli                   Fondation	du	CEGEP	                                                         Sarah Bradshaw
                                                       	 de	Montréal           Lambrina Nikolaou
                              de Trois-Rivières Inc.                           Kelly O’Brien            Barbara Brockmann
                            Anne Gardner                                                                Aukje Byker

JRS MONTHLY                 Isabelle Johnson           lambrina Nikolaou       Wade Watson              Fédération des caisses
DONORS                      Allan Johnson              Kelly O’Brien           Don Whyte                  Desjardins du Québec
(continued)                 Warren Johnston            M.J. O’Keefe            Mindy Willett            Danielle Fisette
Rev. James Cairney          Jayne Kozovski             Brandur Olafsson        Ruth Wilson              Flextherm Inc.
 and Ann Mcray              Helmut Kuhn                Simon Pagé              Claire Winterton         Fonds John-Forbes
lynn Calder                 Richard laberge            Hang Thuy Phan          Sean Wolfe               Audray Forest
Christine Campbell          Pattie laCroix             Solange Plamondon       John Wonfor              Farraminah Francis
Marlene Celinski            Emeline lamond Herle       Ian Potts               lana Wright              Jean-François Gagnon
Adrienne Chow               D.A. landry                Harry Qualman           Russell Wyatt            Claude Gauthier
Mary louise Conlin          Richard lane               Vera Radyo              Judy Zachariassen        Janelle Gerestein
Michael Cooke               James lane                 Andrew Reynolds         Margaret Zurbrigg        Jocelyne Giroux
Denise Côté                 Megan leslie               Janet Riehm                                      Kathy Glazier
Anne Creighton                                                                 $250-$499
                            ursula lipski              Marjorie Robb-Aquino                             Francois Grandmaison
Bohdan Czarnocki                                                               APCHQ
                            Janet lockington           Michael Rochester                                Georges Grandmaison
Derrick Deans                                                                  Anna Beaupré
                            Daphne loukidelis          David Roe                                        Dr. Anne Griffiths
Paul Delaney                Meredith low               Mark Rogers                                      Marie-Christine Guay
                                                                               Ghislaine Benoit
Michel Dupré                Iain lowe                  Michael Rudiak                                   Rev. Nancy Hudson
                                                                               Jacques Benoit
Gabrielle Duchesne          Joyce lundberg             Paul Saunders                                    Michèle Joanisse
                                                                               Dominique Bouchard
Susan Edwards               Bonnie MacDonald           Tricia Schers                                    Allan Johnson
                                                                               lisa Boyle
Ernest Epp                  Danae Mack                 Charles Seiden                                   Helmut Kuhn
                                                                               Sarah Bradshaw
Denis Fafard                Rénald Mailhot             laura Sie                                        Jacinthe laprés
                                                                               lynne Brennan
Joan Fair                   Peggy Mann                 Rosa Skiby                                       les Filles de Marie-de-
                                                                               Caisse Desjardins
Christopher Francis         Anne Marceau               Pamela Skinner                                     l’Assomption
                                                                                de la Vallée-du-
Dr. Charles and             Dorothy McCabe             Nancy Smith                                      les Petites Soeurs
 Catherine Gardner          Fabian McGaugh             Hélène Soumis                                      de la Sainte-Famille
                                                                               Caisse populaire
Anne Gardner                Wayne McGill               Kevin St. Michael                                Daphne loukidelis
Mary Gauld                  Megan McIlroy              Rosella Stoesz                                   Iain lowe
                                                                               Carmen and
Constance Gerwing           Donald McMaster            Dawn Elizabeth Straka                            Donna and
                                                                                Frances D’Intino
Suzanne Gibson              Veronica McNeil            Kathy Stuart             Charitable Trust          Jeffrey lozon
Françoise Goutier           Catherine Meyerhoff        Janet Sutherland        laurence Champagne       Dr. Joyce lundberg
Michael Gray                Catherine Miller           Roderick Syme           Mariève Corbeil          Valérie Martin
George Greig                Catherine Mitchell         Karen Takacs            louise Cornfield         Ruth Mattheis
Audrey Greves               Pierre Morasse             Diane Trahan            Anne Creighton           Audrey Mclaughlin
Jean-Marc Hachey            Alex Morosovskiy           Ghislaine Tremblay      Paul Delaney             Rosemary Nation
Janice Hamilton             Jane Mulkewich             Carol A. van der Veer   Christina DeMarco        Sébastien Olivier
laurie Hannah               Shannon Nelson             Agnès van ‘t Bosch      Terry DeMarco            Simon Pagé
Kenneth Hoffman             Heather Neun               Virginia Van Vliet      France Desjardins        Georges Paul
lee Holland                 Barbara Neuwelt            Harry Vedelago          Maureen Fair and         Betty Plewes
Kathryn Jarrett             Emilie Newell              William Wallace          Wendy Shaw              Marie-Claire Renaud
Elizabeth Johnson           Nicole Newell              Mary-Jane Walsh                                  Janet Riehm

$250-$499                 Pearl Benyk                 Adrienne Chow            Jacqueline	Francis      Archie	and	Evelyn	Horn
(continued)               Lucie Bergeron              Penny Cochrane           Sylvia	Franke           Imprimerie	F.L.	Chicoine
David Roe                 Mark Bergshoeff             Congrégation	de	         Merrill	Fraser          Institut Notre-Dame
Mélanie	Sarazin           Matthew Bergshoeff            Notre-Dame             Pierre C. Gagnon          du Bon-Conseil
Valérie	Savard-Bergeron   Samuel Bernier              	 du	Québec              Mary Gauld and          	 de	Montréal
Gurchran Singh            Fernand	Bikatal	            Denise	Côté                Robert Stevens        Arlene Jackson
Rosa Skiby                Bi-Tonye                    Éthel	Côté               Gisèle Gauthier         Carol Jackson
Slover Realties Limited   Irene Bleton                Dr. Rebecca Coulter      Geresco Inc.            Susan Jacobs
June Smith                Dr. Kathleen Boies          Gilles Couture           Constance Gerwing       Réjean	Jacques
Soeurs de Sainte-Anne     Luc Bouchard                Maurice Couture          Dr.	Ronald	E.	Gibson    Radmila Jaksic
	 du	Québec               Alphé	Boudreau              Derrick Deans            Suzanne Gibson          Bernadette Janvier
Martin St-Jean            David Bragg                 Frank	and	Mary	          Robert Gilgen           Nassim Jebran
Natasha St-Jean           Lisa-Marie Brassard         DeMarco                  Dominique Goubau        Elizabeth	Johnson
Sun	Life	Financial        Justine Brousseau           Wayne and Iris Dresser   Michael Graham and      Isabelle Johnson
Ghislaine Tremblay        Aukje Byker                 Eusébie	Duclay             Hulene Montgomery     Suzanne Johnson
Patrice Vachon            Caisse Desjardins de        Michel	Dupré             Michel Grandmaison      Warren Johnston
Marcia Wilson               Sillery – Saint-Louis-    Daniel Duranleau         Martin Greenberg        Supria Karmakar
Sandra Witherspoon        	 de-France                 Emballages	Stuart	Inc.   George Greig            Biba Kaur
                          Caisse populaire            Dr.	Ernest	Epp           Pierre Grenier          Ali	and	Farzaneh	
                            Desjardins Bellevue       Judy	Erker               Robert Grenier            Kazemi
Anonymous	(10)
                          	 de	Québec                 Christian	Ethier         Audrey Greves           Fahad	Khan
Belinda Abraham
                          Caisse populaire            Denise Éthier            Razvan Grigoroiu        Peter G. Kirby
Maya Ahmad
                            Desjardins de Joliette    Raymond Éthier           Angelo Guilbault        Kit Motion Inc
Lisa Alexander
                          Caisse populaire            Dr.	David	Evans          Jean-Marc Hachey        Kula Yoga Studio
Maya Ali
                            Desjardins de la          Denis	Fafard             Janet Haddock           Aku Kwamie
Kathy Allan               	 Pointe-de-Sainte-Foy      Joan	Fair                Janice Hamilton         La	Congrégation	
Philippe Angers           Lynn Calder                 Pierre	Fanuel            Barry Hammond             des Soeurs de
Maurice April             Christine Campbell          Claudia Rosario            and Mary Mathias        Notre-Dame
Atlantic Council          Carrefour Jeunesse –        	 Farias	Reyes           Hannatou Hassane          du Bon-Conseil
 for International        	 Emploi	de	                Fédération	nationale	      Ousmane               André	Lacroix
 Cooperation              	 Côté-des-Neiges             des enseignants        Bob Hawkesworth         Pattie LaCroix
Bar Les Pas Sages         Marthe Carrier                et enseignantes        Mary Hearnden           Dr. Roger Ladouceur
Norine and Garth Baron    Robert Carrier              	 du	Québec              Hénault,	Sabourin,	     Denise Laferrière
Dr. Walter Barss          Marlene Celinski            Kelly	Fitzgerald         	 Bédard	Notaires       James Lane
J. Daniel Bartol          Centre Dentaire             Jane	Foster              Sylvain	Hétu            Richard Lane
Emily	Beam                Stéphane	Girard             Agathe	Fournier          Chelsea Hicks           Michel Lapalme
Normand	Beaupré           Centre	des	Femmes	          Caroline	Fournier        Eilis	Hiebert           Michel Lapierre
Joannie	Bédard              de Laval Inc.             Fernand	Fournier         Heather Hill            Marie-Christine Latte
Julia Beddoe              Stephane Chamberland        Christopher	Francis	     Kenneth Hoffman         Richard Laurin
Chantal	Bélanger          Inga M. Chapman             	 and	Janis	Elliot

$100-$249                 Stéphane Massicotte         Dr. lucie Pagé           Maxime Roy              Diane Trahan
(continued)               William Matheson            Papeterie                Michael Rudiak          France Trahan
André lauzon              Ray Matthews                  St-Georges Inc.        Paul Saunders           Tremblay et Cie ltée,
Vincent lauzon            Donna McGee                 Catherine Paquin         Dominique Scali          Syndics et Gestionnaire
Edgar and Barbara lea     Wayne McGill                Mylène Paquin-Déry       Kirk Schutz             Johanne Truchon
Normand legault           Margaret McIntosh           Janine Paquin-Forrest    Charles Seiden          Martine Trudel
Diane lemay                 and laurence Hebb         Ariane Paul-Roy          Billy Sharma            Ray Tucker
Annie lemieux             Donald McMaster             Pavillon Marianiste      Cheryl Shenton          Margaret Tudor-Roberts
I-Gene leong              Ian McNeil                  Chantal Pépin            laura Sie               Virginia Van Vliet
les Antoniennes           Veronica McNeil             Mary Anne Peters         Simard Boivin lemieux   Bob Vandenberg
  De Marie                Catherine Meyerhoff         Ed-Esther Petit-Homme    Pamela Skinner          Harry Vedelago
les Chevaliers Colomb     Hayley Mezei                Hang Thuy Phan           Michele Slepekis        Richard Veenstra
  de Coaticook            Rev. Catherine Miller       Jocelyn Pilote           Frank Slover            Josephine Vickers
les Religieuses de        Margaret Miller             Solange Plamondon        David Smith             Ville de Châteauguay
  Notre-Dame du           Ministère de l’Éducation,   Bill Plummer                                     Paul Villemaire
                                                                               Nancy Smith
  Sacré-Coeur               du loisir du Sport                                                         Caroline Wagner
                                                      Jean-Philippe            Soeurs de Notre-Dame
Ian leslie                Catherine Mitchell            Poirier-Potvin                                 William Wallace
                                                                                du Saint-Rosaire
Megan leslie              Pamela Mitchell             Victor Pomerleau                                 Wade Watson
                                                                               Soeurs de Saint Paul
Sylvain lessard           Dr. Brian Montgomery        Ian Potts                 de Chartres            Annie Wester
ursula lipski             Dr. lisa Moore              Provincial Employees     Soeurs Servantes du     Cheryl Whitman
Janet lockington          Pierre Morasse                Community               Saint-Coeur de Marie   Don and Nora Whyte
Myles lu                  Marie-Hélène Morin            Services Fund          Aranka Somlo            Mindy Willett
Sister Elizabeth lynch    Nancy Morissette            Harry Qualman            Hélène Soumis           Marian Williamson
Bonnie MacDonald          Fernand Morneau             lise Quimper-Sobolta     Kevin St. Michael       Greg Wilson
John MacFarlane           Murray Morrison             Kathleen Quinn           Dianne Staruch          Dr. Ruth Wilson
Dr. Douglas MacIntosh     Gary Mullins                Maxime Ravary-Renaud     Pierre-Paul St-Jean     Claire Winterton
Danae Mack                Municipalité de Cantley     lianne Raynor            Rosella Stoesz          Sean Wolfe
Rev. Francis Elwood       Municipalité de             Isabelle Renaud          Karen Streich           James Wong
  MacPherson                Saint-luc-                Andrew Reynolds          Caroline Stuart         lana Wright
Malcolm MacRury             de-Vincennes              Frédéric Richard         Kathy Stuart            Russell Wyatt
Rénald Mailhot            Shannon Nelson              Diana Richter            Janet Sutherland        Nizam Yar Khan
Mary Malainey             Barbara Neuwelt             Jorge Rivera             Sharon Sutherland       Elena Yeung
Mallette et associé       Nicole Newell               Bruce Roberts            Simone Swail            Michael Young
Peggy Mann                Sothen Nhek                 Wallace Robertson and    Roderick Syme           Judy Zachariassen
Anne Marceau              Satoko Norimatsu              Joanne Coleman         Verne Tant              Johanne Zakaib
Caroline Marchand         Gary O’Connor               Robertson                Don Tapscott            Jillian Zavediuk
Denys Marchand            Œuvres caritatives          Dr. Michael Rochester    Nicole Tapscott         Emmanuelle Zuber
Stephen Marshall            des Filles de Jésus,      Mark Rogers              The HYDRECS Fund        Margaret Zurbrigg
Willamine Marshall          Canada                    Jacinthe Rousseau        Rachel Tabita Tonye
Gilles Massicotte         June Page                   Jean-Denis Roy            and Isaie Tonye

    Statement of Income
                                                                                                         2009                      2008
                                                                                                            $                         $
    Federal	Government	–	CIDA-Volunteer	Cooperation	Program                                         2,583,328               2,603,013
    Federal	Government	–	CIDA-IYIP	&	NetCorps	programs                                                234,535                 743,292
    Federal	Government	–	One	Time	Project	Funding                                                     525,193                 840,416
    Other	Federal	Government                                                                                0                   3,779
                                                                                                    3,343,056               4,190,500

    Provincial	Government	Contributions	(Québec)                                                      290,738                 457,708
    Fundraising                                                                                     1,347,744                 476,308
    Other Revenues                                                                                    127,684                  41,570
    Volunteer	Contributions	(in-kind)                                                               1,677,834               2,298,782
                                                                                                    3,153,262               2,816,660
                                                                                                    6,787,056               7,464,868

    Program	Expenses                                                                                1,412,119               1,878,445
    Program Salaries and Benefits                                                                   1,684,469               1,636,020
    One	Time	Program	Expenses                                                                         507,314                 840,416
    Administration, Governance and Overhead                                                           583,642                 523,169
    Fundraising	                                                                                      131,707                 130,412
    Contributions	by	Volunteers	(in	kind)                                                           1,677,834               2,298,782
                                                                                                    5,997,085               7,307,244
    NET INCOME                                                                                        789,971                 157,624

    Statement of Financial Position
                                                                                                         2009                      2008
                                                                                                            $                         $
    Current                                                                                        1,522,275                1,980,836
    long-Term Investments                                                                          1,002,750                  394,452
    Capital Assets                                                                                    29,374                   33,367
                                                                                                   2,554,399                2,408,655

    Current liabilities                                                                              931,672                1,575,899
    Net Assets                                                                                     1,622,727                  832,756
                                                                                                   2,554,399                2,408,655

                                   REVENUE                                                        ExPENDITURES
                                   (excluding in-kind contributions)                   2          (excluding in-kind contributions)
                           2       1. CIDA – Volunteer                                            1. Program Expenses 2               71%
3                                     Cooperation Program              51%                  3     2. Administration, Governance
      1                                                                      1
                                   2. Fundraising                      26%                           and1Overhead               14%
4                                                                                            4
                               3   3. CIDA – One Time Projects         10%                        3. One Time Program          3
                                   4. Provincial Government            6%                            Expenses                         12%
                       4                                                                                                   4
                 6 5               5. CIDA – IYIP & Netcorps                                      4. Fundraising     6 5              3%
                                      Programs                         5%
                                   6. Other Revenue                    2%

    Friends of Canadian Crossroads Foundation
    The Friends of Canadian Crossroads Foundation (FCCF) is a separate charitable foundation that supports other registered
    charities and, in particular, Canadian Crossroads International. As of March 31, 2009, FCCF had accumulated a surplus of
    $481,606. As of March 31, 2008, the accumulated surplus of FCCF was $474,433.

    The 2008-2009 audited financial statements for Canadian Crossroads International and FCCF are available on our web site
    ( or upon request by calling our national office (1-877-967-1611).

CCI Board 2008-2009
ExECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                  BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Darlene Bessey – Chair, board of                     Mark Blumberg – Director                          Aku Kwamie – Director
Directors Consultant in Organizational               Lawyer, Blumberg Segal LLP,                       Research Officer, Governance and
Development, Saskatoon, Sakatchewan.                 Toronto, Ontario                                  Health International Development
Stéphane Massicotte – Treasurer                      Jonathan Nils Carlzon – Director                  Research	Centre	(IDRC),	Ottawa,	Ontario
Coordinator,	Résidence	Souriez-moi	Inc.,	            Lawyer	&	Advocate,	Office	of	the	Child	           Heather Neun – Director
Montreal, Quebec                                     &	Youth	Advocate,	Alberta	Children	&	             Lawyer, Vancouver, British Columbia
Meredith Low – Director                              Youth	Services,	Edmonton,	Alberta                 Souleymane Sarr – Director
Director,	Strategic	Planning	&	Initiatives,	         Éthel Côté – Director                             President, Association jeunesse action
CIBC Retail Markets Canadian Imperial                Consultante,	L’Art	du	Développement,	             (AJA),	Bamako,	Mali
Bank of Commerce, Toronto, Ontario                   Plantagenet Nord, Ontario
Betty Plewes – Director                              Nonhlanhla Dlamini – Director
Consultant, Carp, Ontario                            (former	SWAGAA	ED) Member
Pattie Lacroix – Director                            of Parliament, Swaziland Manzini,
CEO	Catapult	Media,	Halifax,	                        Swaziland
Nova Scotia                                          Patsy George – Director
Karen Takacs – Director                              Retired Social Worker,
Executive	Director, Canadian Crossroads              Vancouver, British Columbia
International, Toronto, Ontario

CCI Honorary Patrons

Lyse Doucet              Ann McCain Evans    Lawrence Hill        The Honourable    Senator                Dr. Peter Paris         J. Robert S. Prichard
(Côte	d’Ivoire,	1982)	   (Ethiopia,	1976)	   (Niger, 1979;        Audrey McLaughlin Donald Oliver          (Nigeria,	1958)	        (Zambia,	1969)	
Senior Presenter         Chairperson,        Cameroon, 1981;      (Barbados,	1986)	 (Ethiopia,	1962)       Professor	Emeritus,	    President	and	CEO,	
and Correspondent        Harrison McCain     Mali,	1989)	Writer   Consultant and                           Princeton Theological   Metrolinx
for BBC World            Foundation                               former leader                            Seminary
television and BBC                                                of the New
World Service radio                                               Democratic Party

Executive Director: Karen Takacs
Director External Relations: Christine Campbell
Writing: Carlyn Zwarenstein
Coordination: Laurier Brown
Linguistic Services:	Jérémy	Landa
Concept and Design: Campbell Symons Design
Charitable Registration Number: 12981 4570 RR0001

Francine	Baril	(pg.	6,	pg.	7),	Jérémy	Landa	(pg.	1),	James	Lane	(pg.	21),	
Katherine	Marshall	(pg.	12,	pg.	13),	Karen	Takacs	(	pg.	1,	pg.	4),	
Anice	Wong	(Cover,	pg.	14,	pg.	15),	pg.	9	courtesy	of	WILDAF	Ghana,	
pg. 10 courtesy of ONPHDB.

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