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									Stories between Chinese qipao, oriental woman and the


Author: Chinese uniques Boutiques

A word will come up into your mind when seeing an oriental woman wearing Chiniese qipao smoking,

that is enchanting. In the period of the Republic of China, there are some women make up themself with

white face, red lips, black and thick eyebrows, that makes them charming and not so easy to be closed.

Women wearing traditional cheongsam walking on the streets, they would be misses in a wealthy family

or just ordinary girls from ordinary family. But the attention of the passersby always be catched by the

visually bad woman who wear traditional cheongsam but smoking at the same time. Perhaps they may

not be bad in fact, that is just a style of living to them.

The first one to let everybody learn the stories or the relationships of Chinese qipao, oriental woman and

the cigarettes is the television – Flower Like Years. Maggie Cheung is a star who is wealthy of characters.

She show the bottom of her heart through the varies traditional in the television. Then the traditional

cheongsam is becoming more and more fashion in the world.

Then we learn that the women who wears Chinese cheongsam but like cigarettes can be regarded as a

free and sometimes sentimental in their heart.

The stories of the Chinese qipao, oriental women and the cigarettes show a kind of mystery to us, it

pushes us to learn more and even to try to experience that way of life.

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