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					                            eUCi presents a symposium on:
                                      Utilities and data
                                     Managing, Working With, and
                                       attraCting data Centers

                            December 3-4, 2012 • The Fairmont San Francisco • San Francisco, CA

                                                                         EUCI is authorized by IACET to
                                                                         offer 0.9 CEUs for the symposium.

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Utilities and data Centers

December 3-4, 2012

  OVERVIEW                                                                                       IACET
  Data centers are the primary source of new major load-seeking facilities. With stringent
  reliability requirements and large load expectations, data centers can pose planning and                       EUCI has
  business obstacles for utilities that aren’t prepared.                                                         been
                                                                                                                 as an
  Highlighting trends and technology advances, this program is designed to assist utilities in
  managing, working with, and attracting data centers in their service territory.                Authorized Provider
                                                                                                 by the International
  Led by expert instructors with experience building and managing data centers from              Association for Continuing
  both the utility and industry side of the table, this symposium will provide attendees         Education and Training
  with the tools to successfully manage the increasing reliability requirements, complex         (IACET), 1760 Old
  interconnection schemes, and ever-evolving technological complexities in the industry.         meadow Road, Suite 500,
  Attendees will gain valuable insights into:                                                    mcLean, VA 22102. In
  • Data center design trends                                                                    obtaining this approval,
  • Redundancy and reliability requirements                                                      EUCI has demonstrated
                                                                                                 that it complies with the
  • Rate structures and impacts on data centers
                                                                                                 AnSI/IACET Standards,
  • Incorporating renewables into data center generation portfolios                              which are widely
  • Energy efficiency programs and incentives for data centers                                   recognized as standards
  • Environmental considerations of new data center construction                                 of good practice
  • Direct current (DC) applications for data centers                                            internationally.

                                                                                                 As a result of its
  LEARnIng OUTCOmES                                                                              Authorized Provider
                                                                                                 membership status,
  •   Review current trends in data centers and explore how new developments are                 EUCI is authorized to
      impacting utilities                                                                        offer IACET CEUs for its
  •   Evaluate data center expectations of utilities with regard to service, redundancy,         programs that qualify
      interconnection, and power pricing                                                         under the AnSI/IACET
  •   Explain utility rate structures designed for data centers and their potential impact on    Standards.
      attracting and retaining them
  •   Identify strategies for utilities to manage, and attract data centers in their service     EUCI is authorized by
                                                                                                 IACET to offer 0.9 CEUs
                                                                                                 for this symposium.
  •   Recognize the attraction and potential pitfalls and reliability issues with data centers
      generating power on-site                                                                   requirements for
  •   Discuss incorporating fuel cells and solar PV into the generation mix for data centers     successful Completion
  •   Review the current state of energy efficiency programs and incentives for data             of Program
      centers, including incentives for retrofitting new facilities                              Participants must sign
                                                                                                 in/out each day and
  •   Recognize the environmental considerations for data centers impacting utilities, and       be in attendance for
      discuss potential future environmental impacts of increased data center development        the entirety of the
  •   Review municipal utility experiences and challenges with new data centers                  conference to be eligible
  •   Examine utility experiences with their own data centers and how energy efficiency          for continuing education
      programs have been explored in utility service territories                                 credit.
  •   Discuss the potential for direct current (DC) technology as applied to existing data       instructional Methods
      center systems                                                                             Case studies, PowerPoint
                                                                                                 presentations, and
                                                                                                 classroom exercises will
                                                                                                 be used in the program.
  •   Utility distribution planners, engineers and executives
  •   Utility business development professionals
  •   Load management professionals
  •   Data center developers, owners, and managers
  •   Energy efficiency professionals
  •   Utility attorneys and regulatory staff

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Utilities and data Centers

December 3-4, 2012

             PROgRAm AgEnDA
             Monday, deCeMber 3, 2012
             8:00 – 8:30 a.m.         registration and Continental breakfast
             8:30 - 10:30 a.m.        overview of data Center technical requirements and emerging trends
                                      The data center industry poses many potential issues for utilities seeking to manage and attract
                                      the facilities within their service territory. Reliability demands and timetables can prove difficult
                                      for utilities that are not prepared for the unique specifications of the industry. This presentation
                                      will highlight current trends in the industry and discuss some of the technical requirements data
                                      centers are currently asking of their utility. Topics will include:
                                       • Data center design considerations
                                       • Reliability requirements
                                       • Project timetables
                                       • Emerging technologies
                                      – KC Mares, President and Chief Executive Officer, Megawatt Consulting
             10:30 – 11:00 a.m.       networking break
             11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Utility rate structures designed for data Centers
                                      • A crash course on what utilities charge for
                                      • Do rate structures really matter given data center load shapes?
                                      • Rate options: service level, reliability, demand response, and real time pricing
                                      • Purchasing your own supply
                                     – Mark Bramfitt, PE, Principal, Bramfitt Consulting
             12:00 – 1:00 p.m.        group luncheon
             1:00 - 1:30 p.m.         state of energy efficiency Programs
                                       • Utility energy efficiency programs for new facilities
                                       • Incentives for retrofits of existing data centers
                                       • A high-level view of utility program offerings in the US
                                      – Mark Bramfitt, PE, Principal, Bramfitt Consulting
             1:30 – 2:15p.m.          doe research, data Centers, Utilities, and efficiency

                                      This presentation will review recent research conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley national
                                      Laboratory and discuss how utilities can apply new developments in the data center industry to
                                      help improve efficiencies in their own data centers and meet the expectations of third-party data
                                      centers seeking to accomplish the same.
                                      – Bill Tschudi, Leader - High Tech and Industrial Systems Group,
                                      Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
             2:15 – 3:00 p.m.         Colorado springs Utilities and the Municipal experience
                                      Colorado Springs Utilities is a municipal utility serving over 200,000 electric customers. For

                                      utilities of this size, interacting with new data centers moving into a utility’s service territory
                                      can pose problems if the expectations of the data center and the utility are not aligned. This
                                      presentation will share Colorado Springs Utilities’ experience meeting expectations and
                                      designing strategies to accommodate data center requirements.
                                      – Mike Allison, Senior Engineer, Colorado Springs Utilities
             3:00 – 3:30 p.m.         networking break
             3:30 – 4:15 p.m.         silicon Valley Power
                                      Silicon Valley Power (SVP) is the City of Santa Clara's municipal electric utility, serving approximately
                                      50,000 customers. Among those customers are over 30 data centers and numerous server

                                      rooms and server closets. SVP has been working closely with these customers for over 10 years
                                      to meet their business needs. This presentation will share SVP's experience in working with data
                                      centers to provide their electric infrastructure requirements within the necessary timeframes,
                                      while working together to improve energy efficiency in the data centers. Some of these solutions
                                      have included unique partnerships.
                                      – John Roukema, Director, Silicon Valley Power

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Utilities and data Centers

December 3-4, 2012

     PROgRAm AgEnDA
     Monday, deCeMber 3, 2012 (ContinUed)
     4:15 – 5:00 p.m.          Utility data Centers, green it, and lower-Cost Computing at bC hydro
                               With the addition of smart devices, utilities are tasked with managing more data than ever before.
                               This has increased demands to strengthen technical specifications and improve efficiencies in utilities’
                               own data centers. BC hydro is currently in the process of moving their data center to the BC interior
                               to a more stable seismic region in a CoLo type data center environment. This new data center is

                               purported to become the most energy efficient data center in Canada and is currently in the process
                               of being constructed. BC Hydro is currently conducting an engineering technical review of this data
                               centers' energy conservation measures and some are eligible for BC Hydro Power Smart incentives.

                                Additionally, the utility has also launched last year the first utility green IT energy conservation
                                program in the world and plans a new low-cost computing program for local schools.
                                – David Rogers, IT Advisor, BC Hydro Power Smart
     5:00 – 6:00 p.m.          networking reception

     tUesday, deCeMber 4, 2012
     8:00 – 8:30 a.m.          Continental breakfast
     8:30 – 9:15 a.m.          environmental Considerations for dC’s impacting Utilities
                                • You get what you pay for: cheaper power is usually “dirtier”
                                • The regulatory landscape: renewable energy requirements
                                • The political landscape: ngOs calling data center operators to account
                                • Peering in to a crystal ball: some predictions for the future
                               – Mark Bramfitt, PE, Principal, Bramfitt Consulting
     9:15 – 10:00 a.m.         self-generation trends and Considerations
                                • What’s the attraction of generating on-site?
                                • Where most solutions miss the mark: reliability
                                • Fuel cells and solar PV
                               – Mark Bramfitt, PE, Principal, Bramfitt Consulting
     10:00 – 10:30 a.m.        networking break
     10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. data Centers as the backbone for a dC-Powered Micro grid
                              For nearly 100 years, alternating current (AC) has been the base for our power distribution systems.
                              modern technology such as IT equipment, electronics, LED lighting etc., is increasingly based on
                              direct current (DC) technology. And renewable energy sources also generate power in DC. It is
                              therefore a natural progression to develop a DC-based power distribution topology, especially for
                              data centers. It is not only more energy-efficient but also more compact, more reliable and lower in
                              total cost. This presentation will discuss the DC-powered "grid-to-chip" architecture and the share
                              the experiences from a 840 kW DC-system recently installed in a Swiss colocation data center. It
                              concludes with the concept for a DC-powered micro grid.
                              – Lutz Boettger, Vice President - Global Product Group Manager Data Centers & Infrastructure, Low
                              Voltage Systems, ABB Inc.
     12:00 p.m.                symposium Concludes

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Utilities and data Centers

December 3-4, 2012

  kC Mares, President and Chief executive officer, Megawatt Consulting
  KC has managed energy options and a member of the build team for Exodus Communications, at the time the largest
  data center provider in the world. He managed the second-largest budget (energy) and led co-generation options as well
  as utility negotiations globally. KC led similar management for Sun microsystems and Target/mervyn's stores, with each
  earning the EPA's EnergyStar Partner of the year awards for KC's money and energy-saving strategies.
  For Yahoo!, KC led data center strategy, procuring all data center services and developing several large data centers
  while leading the charge to reduce energy consumption and costs, achieve carbon neutrality goals and develop large
  wind and solar projects. Also in 2004, KC worked for google managing data center operations.
  KC has led projects throughout the US in many major cities as well as rural areas. He has also led projects around the
  globe, including in the UK, Ireland, Iceland, netherlands, Switzerland, germany, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, India,
  Singapore, Hong Kong, and others.
  Mark bramfitt, Pe, Principal, bramfitt Consulting
  mark Bramfitt’s consulting practice leverages the expertise and knowledge he gained at Pacific gas and Electric
  Company, where he was responsible for designing and delivering programs and services to help Pg&E’s customers
  manage their energy use in the high tech, biotech and healthcare industry segments. mark was also charged with
  strategic engagement with the high tech industry with regard to technology evaluation, and new opportunities related to
  “smart grid” deployment.
  Under mark’s leadership, Pg&E developed a utility industry-leading program portfolio for data centers and information
  technology infrastructure, including training and education, technical support, and financial incentives and rebates. In
  2009, energy efficiency projects at data centers supported by Pg&E resulted in over seven megawatts of load reduction,
  80 gigawatt-hours of energy savings, and over $7 million in incentive payments to customers.
  mark also led the formation of the Utility IT Energy Efficiency Coalition, promoting the adoption of Pg&E’s program and
  service models by over forty-five utilities throughout north America.
  david rogers, information technology advisor, bC hydro Power smart
  David graduated with a B.Sc. in agricultural engineering from Cranfield University, one of Europe’s largest academic
  centers for strategic and applied research, as well as development and design. David began work with BC Hydro in 1994
  as BC Hydro’s Agricultural Specialist. In 2001 he introduced new computer power management software to BC Hydro’s
  computing environment, making it the first utility in Canada to adopt desktop power management.
  Since 2001 on desktop power management projects alone David’s work has helped save an estimated 500 million kWh/yr
  in cumulative energy savings, which is enough power to supply over 45,000 homes in BC. He helped create Canada’s first
  server virtualization utility incentive program in 2008, and a new Construction Data Center incentive program in 2009.
  bill tschudi, leader, high tech and industrial systems group, lawrence berkeley national laboratory
  Bill Tschudi is the Leader of the High Tech and Industrial Systems group. Bill currently leads LBnL’s data center and
  cleanroom energy efficiency projects. Bill is a licensed mechanical engineer with over 35 years of experience in design
  of high tech, mission critical and industrial facilities, and power plants. He is a member of ASHRAE and participates in
  Technical Committees TC9.11 - Cleanspaces; and TC 9.9 which addresses Datacom Facilities. Prior to joining LBnL, Bill
  managed multi-disciplinary engineering offices for leading firms in the design of clean room and data center facilities
  and was a project manager for cleanroom design projects. Prior experience also included engineering management for
  industrial and power projects.
  Mike allison, senior engineer, Colorado springs Utilities
  mike Allison has worked for Colorado Springs Utilities for over 23 years. The first ten were at the gas Department,
  starting in construction and then the Propane-Air Peak Shaving Facility. After completing his degree, he moved to the
  Customer Service Department where he worked on the Automated meter Reading project and performed energy audits
  for residential and commercial customers. mike moved to the Electric Department first as a Field Engineer then as a
  Project Engineer in the Electric Planning group and a Senior Project Engineer in the Substation Engineering group. most
  recently, he is a Senior Electrical Engineer with the Energy Construction, Operations, and maintenance group. mike
  holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Colorado Technical University
  lutz boettger, Vice President, global Product group Manager data Centers & infrastructure, low Voltage
  systems, abb inc.
  Lutz Boettger is Vice President and global Product group manager, Data Centers & Infrastructure at ABB. He is also
  north America Region manager for ABB's Low Voltage Systems business. He has been with the company for over
  15 years and has held global responsibilities in a variety of power systems related functions, working in germany,
  Switzerland and the USA. Lutz holds a masters degree in electrical engineering from the Rheinisch-Westfaelische
  Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen, one of the premier german engineering schools.

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