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					    NASA IV&V
New Employee Orientation

       Welcome to NASA IV&V

Providing orientation for new employees,
to ensure a safe stay while on site is the
   goal of our Staff. This orientation is
   required for new employees at both
        Building 1 and Building 2.

                 Vision/ Mission
Vision: The NASA IV&V Program provides confidence and
  integrity in software that cannot be found elsewhere.

Mission: The NASA IV&V Program will reduce the inherent
  risk in the Agency’s ability to procure, develop, deploy
  and operate software within desired cost, schedule and
  performance goals
   – Performing IV&V on safety and mission critical software
   – Providing software expertise to the Agency’s SMA activities
   – Conducting research that improves IV&V and software
     assurance methods, practices and tools
   – Performing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
     (STEM) outreach
   – Performing management and institutional services with
     excellence                                                  3
                 Program Values
The Program’s success requires uncompromising commitment to its core
values, which guide individual and organizational behavior. NASA IV&V
Program values include:

Safety        Focus on Safety is a must!
Integrity     To be respected, we must operate with Integrity
Respect       We must Respect others and ourselves
Balance       Maintaining Balance keeps healthy and happy employees
Teamwork      Integrity and Respect build and foster Teamwork
Innovation    Integrity, Respect, and Teamwork breed Innovation
Excellence    All of the above promote Excellence

       Elaboration of Program Values
Being safe and ensuring personal safety for employees and the public; providing security for everyone
and protection of our resources and assets; being good stewards.
Doing what was said would be done; having trust; being honest, fair, and accountable, both personally
and organizationally; having steadfast ethical conduct; living by high standards of individual behavior.
Noticing individual worth; being open-minded; accepting diversity; seeking first to understand and then
to be understood; having credibility; empowering oneself and others; welcoming every idea; listening;
being civil.
Working together; supporting each other; collaborating effectively; sharing accomplishments and
successes; providing collective wisdom; being responsible; helping others; leveraging synergy;
exhibiting open communication.
Being well rounded with work, family, and self; balancing professional and personal time; giving to the
community; practicing wellness of living; having a balanced involvement that enhances all; being
there; coaching others.
Seeking better ways or new methods to do things; being imaginative to enhance processes; staying on
the leading edge; being original, agile, adaptive, and responsive to change.
Producing quality goods and services; doing the right thing; performing second to none; practicing
continuous improvement; being distinctive, creative, and committed; leading in best practices; being
                      In case of Fire
Follow the Emergency evacuation plan located on
our Facility Services page @ Evacuation Policy.pdf

Building 1, 100 University Drive
  Everyone must move as far away from the building as possible so that
  passage of emergency vehicles and emergency personnel is not
  obstructed. If exiting from the front entrance, stand beyond the flag poles.
  If exiting from the rear entrance, stand on the second tier parking lot. If
  exiting from a side door, stand 100 feet away from the building.

Bldg 1: First Floor Evacuation Plan

Bldg 1: Second Floor Evacuation Plan

          In Case of Fire (cont.)
Building 2, 5000 NASA Boulevard
 Everyone must move as far away from the building as possible so that
 passage of emergency vehicles and emergency personnel is not
 obstructed. If exiting from the rear entrance, stand in the front of the
 building on the grass. If exiting from a side door, stand 100 feet away from
 the building. Follow the diagrams on page 4 and page 5 in this document to
 find the nearest exit.

Bldg 2: Second Floor Evacuation Plan

Bldg 2: Third Floor Evacuation Plan

 In case of medical emergency
• Follow the Medical Emergency Procedure
  located on our Facility Services page @

• Call 8200 or 9-911 direct.
• All Security Officers are first aid,CPR &
  AED trained.

        Health & Safety issues
• Follow the IV&V Safety reporting located
  on our Facility Services page procedure @

• Report all close calls to 8200/5200
• Report all accidents to 8200/5200
• Report all Health & Safety concerns to

   IV&V Emergency Action Plan
Please review the Facility EAP located on
the services page.

  If you host Visitors & Guests
• Stay with your guest as required
• Ensure they return their badge upon
  leaving the Facility
• Review Visitors responsibilities located on
  our Facility Services page @

   Employee Safety Committee
• We are an OSHA Voluntary Protection Program
  (VPP) Star work site. The OSHA VPP is
  designed to promote excellence in safety and
  health by recognizing facilities with outstanding
  occupational safety and health management
  systems. It is based on a cooperative
  relationship between management and
  employees to promote employee protection and
  emphasize the continual identification and
  elimination of hazards in the workplace.
• To participate on the committee please contact
  your supervisor AND email
        Ergonomics program
• We take a proactive approach and strive to set
  up your work station properly from day one.
• Ergonomics is the science that characterizes the
  effects of physical exertion on the human body.
• The practical application of ergonomics is the
  study of how working affects people.
• Please work with our IT department to ensure
  your work station is set up ergonomically.
• If you need assistance and are supported by
  Adnet please contact the IT Help Desk @ 8237.

Ergonomics setup

             IT Security
As a new employee you must complete the
basic IT Security training located on
   Plateau Learning → Login

              Contact information
• Emergencies dial ext 8200/5200 or 9-911
• Security Services ext. 8200/5200
• Security Services email

•   Network Operations(NetOps) IT Help Desk ext. 8237
•   NetOps Help Desk email
•   Help Desk Web Page
•   NASA IV&V Facility guide
• NASA related Policies & Procedures
    Services - IV&V - NASA

 NASA IV&V Program welcomes you!

I have read and understood the new Employee Orientation.

Print name          Signature                  Date

If you have any questions please contact our security desk
    @ 8200.

*Please print, sign, and return to Security

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