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					Spin Winz | The Most Clever Way to Decide who wins the
Tennis Serve serve?id=powerkeg                      January 3, 2013

Deciding who wins the Tennis Serve before a match is boring (Not

Deciding who wins the t ennis serve before a match does not have to be boring.

At least not anymore.

It is time to put “some grin in your spin.”

Imagine this for a second.

You spend all that time working on your tennis game.

You work out regularly.

You practice 3 days a week.

You bought that new outfit to wear on Saturday.

You are ready.

And then you get to the court and you are stuck with spinning your Prince racquet, while your
opponents call “P” or “d.”


Well now the Tennis Serve can be decided in a much more stylish fashion.

I want to introduce you to Spin Winz.

Spin Winz will spice up the process of deciding who wins the tennis
No more boring tennis racquet spins before a match.

Spin Winz is a new product just recently developed.

It attaches to the butt cap of any tennis racquet like so:
Now when you spin the racquet, to decide who wins the tennis serve, you have many different
options, for you opponent to call out.

Options like:

There are a bunch of designs to choose from.

And they come in packs of three, so if you are feeling more “cutie” than “hottie,” that day, you can
change your design.
They are completely interchangeable.

And they can be removed completely from the racquet before play begins.

Can Spin Winz help you improve your tennis serve?



But you will certainly look more cool prior to your tennis serve.

**Disclaimer – Spin Winz certainly will not help you improve your t ennis serve or game. But it will
certainly bring more style to both.

Here is a look at some other designs:

I think “Mixed Doubles” might be my favorite (personal experience with that one)

Tennis is a social sport and these certainly add some color to the game.

And there is no better “ice breaker” before a match than the smile that these bring.

Now even if you lose your Tennis Serve, with the spinning of the
racquet, Spin Winz can at least call your opponent a “Deuce Bag”
Tennis should be fun.
And Spin Winz makes it more fun.

If you do happen to lose your t ennis serve on the spin, at least some of these designs will make it
a little more interesting:

How funny would it be to begin a tennis match and then turn to your opponent and say….

“Watch my OR Balls?”

You will certainly get some strange looks.

But again, it should be fun.

For more inf ormation on Spin Winz:

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Description: Spin Winz is the most clever way to decide who serves first in a tennis match.