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  WIP PDF Version, May 1st 2012
Editorial Board:    Julyan Holmes, Tony Snell, Polin Preece, Neil Kennedy, Tony Hak,
                    Andrew Hawke, and Jenefer Lowe
Editor-in-chief:    Albert Bock
Contributors:       Daniel Ryan-Prohaska, Nicholas Williams , Laurence Rule, Benjamin
                    Bruch, Bernard Deacon, and Pol Hodge

Meur ras a wodhyn dhe bubonan a wrug kesoberi genen ha’gan gweres gans an ober ma, yn
arbennek Elizabeth Stewart, Esme Tackley, Steve Harris, Rod Lyon, Philip Chadwick, ha
Steve Penhaligon.

            (c) 2012 MAGA - Cornish Language Partnership, Truro, Cornwall, UK

Abbreviations used

abbr                 abbreviation
adj                  adjective
adv                  adverb
art                  article
cnj                  conjunction
contr                contraction
int                  interjection
n                    noun
n.coll               collective noun
n.dl                 dual noun
n.f                  feminine noun
n.m                  masculine noun
n.m(f) or n.f(m)     noun; masculine in some versions of Cornish and feminine in others                 plural noun
num                  numeral
part                 particle
prfx                 prefix
prn                  pronoun
prp                  preposition
sffx                 suffix
top                  toponym
vb                   verb

Order of translated equivalents
After much discussion over which criteria should be given precedence, the following order
for Cornish entries under English headwords has been decided:
    1. Untagged words – which are by definition common to both Revived Middle and
       Revived Late Cornish – will be given priority over tagged forms, i.e. they will be
       listed first.
    2. Leaving tags aside, the basic order is as follows:
           a. attested words of Cornish/Brythonic origin; e.g. kamm~kabmL ‘crooked’ < Br.
           b. assimilated borrowings; e.g. eglos ‘church’ < Lat. ecclesia
           c. neologisms based on Cornish roots; e.g. gwiasva ‘web-site’ < gwias ‘web’ + -va
           d. unassimilated borrowings; e.g. leper, pl. lepers ‘leper’
    3. Similar criteria apply to the names of countries; e.g. Pow an Sowson and Pow Sows
       precede the unassimilated borrowing Inglond.

Please note that this particular order isn’t used universally in this PDF but will be
implemented step by step in the online and printed dictionaries.
M (‘Middle’) and L (‘Late’) tags
Today’s Cornish speakers use several different forms of the language. This applies to the
spoken varieties as well as to orthographic systems. Basically, two positions can be
identified, one at each end of the continuum that includes all kinds of spoken Cornish:
Revived Middle Cornish (RMC) and Revived Late Cornish (RLC). In order to make things a bit
clearer to learners, two tags have been chosen to mark words that are perceived as either
exclusively Revived Middle Cornish (marked M) or Revived Late Cornish (marked L). Words
that are in use across different groups of speakers with both RMC and RLC backgrounds are
thought of as ‘common’ and are therefore not marked by any tag. Tags apply until the next
semicolon or full stop or until the end of the entry – whichever comes first, e.g.

      poor adj bohosek; bohojekL. poor person bohosek m, bohosogyon; bohojekL m,

In the example, the adjective bohojek and the noun bohojek m, bohojogyon are marked as
While in theory RMC and RLC may be defined as sharply distinct varieties of Cornish, the
language spoken by many today is situated somewhere in between. For example some
users of Middle Cornish-based orthographies (see the following table) will pronounce
Middle Cornish long nn in words like penn ‘head’ as dn and say pedn, which is normally
considered a feature of RLC. The SWF does not have a bias towards any end of the
continuum and tagging is simply meant to help people choose forms that suit their style of
Cornish. All kinds of Cornish are encouraged. Tagging provides additional information and
makes forms that have hitherto been used by only one group available to everybody.

Revived Middle Cornish and Revived Late Cornish – an overview
Orthography (Abbr.)             Based on the Cornish of... Represents...
Unified Cornish (UC)            c. 1350-1500 (Middle)       RMC
Kernewek Kemmyn (KK)            c. 1350-1500 (Middle)       RMC
Unified Cornish Revised (UCR)   c. 1550-1600 (Late Mid)     RMC; some RLC features
Kernûak Noweja (KN)             c. 1650-1750 (Late)         RLC

This PDF does not include phonetic transcriptions. However the online dictionary will
feature recordings of recommended Middle and Late Cornish pronunciations as well as
transcriptions in IPA (the International Phonetic Alphabet). The printed dictionary will
feature IPA for Cornish headwords.
Traditional graphs
This dictionary always writes <k> for /k/, <hw> for /ʍ/ or /hw/, and <-i> for word-final
/i/. It is recognized that a considerable number of Cornish speakers prefer to write
so-called ‘traditional graphs’ such as universal word-final <-y>. Possible ways of
accommodating their preferences in the online dictionary are being explored. If you are a
user of UC, UCR, Revived Late Cornish or if you use ‘traditional graphs’ when writing the
SWF, please refer to the following table:

‘Traditional’                ‘Main’
(UC/R, RLC, SWF/T)           (used in official MAGA publications such as this one)

c before a, o, u, l, r       →k
qw (or: qu)                  → kw
x                            → ks
wh                           → hw
unstressed final -y          → -i

Upcoming online and printed editions
This PDF marks the state of the SWF dictionary database as of May 1st, 2012. Exactly one
month after its publication on the internet, it is to be followed by the online SWF dictionary.
An easy-to-use mechanism for feedback, corrections, and the addition of new items will be
provided. This means that the online dictionary is always going to be up to date as far as
future developments - including next year’s review of the SWF - are concerned. Updated
iterations of this PDF will also be provided for download at irregular intervals until the
official publication in print of the SWF dictionary.

   PDF Version, May 1st, 2012

a                                                                                             a-dhelergh

a int ah; oh                                               farming. abmeth organekL n.f organic
a2 (1) prp of; from. a bris outstanding;                   farming
 renowned. a vri famous; prominent;                       a-borpos I adj deliberate; intentional II adv
 relevant; significant; renowned                           deliberately; intentionally; on purpose;
 Personal forms (RMC): 1sg ahanav, 2sg ahanas,             purposely
  3sgm anodho, 3sgf anedhi, 1pl ahanan, 2pl               abostel n.m abesteli apostle
  ahanowgh, 3pl anedha(ns)
 Personal forms (RLC): 1sg ahanamL, ahana vyL, 2sg
                                                          a-boynt I adj punctual II adv punctually;
  ahanasL, ahana jyL, 3sgm anodho, 3sgf anedhi, 1pl        promptly
  ahanan, ahana neiL, 2pl ahanowgh, ahana hweiL,          abrans n.m abransow, dl dewabrans
  3pl anedhans, anedhan'jeiL                               eyebrow
a 2 (2) part (vocative particle; sometimes
                                                          a-bresL adv (= a-brys) early; on time;
 lenites following names) o                                timely
a2 (3) part (verbal particle; used after the              a-brys adv (= a-bresL) early; on time;
 subject or direct object)                                 timely
a4 cnj if. a pe henna gwir, a pe hedna                    absolut adj absolute
 gwirL if that were true                                  abusya vb abuse
a-ban2 cnj since                                          acheson n.m achesonys, achesonyow (=
a-barth prp (= 'bar'L) in the name of; on                  cheson) motive; occasion; reason. acheson
 behalf of; for the sake of; in favour of.                 rag skonya n.m objection
 a-barth a-woles down below. a-barth                      a-dal prp (= a-doalL) facing; opposite
 Duw for God's sake. a-barth dyhow dhe2                   adamant n.m adamantys, adamantow
 on the right side of. a-barth kledh dhe2 on               diamond. shap adamant n.m lozenge
 the left side of. a-barth woles dhe2 on the              adamantek adj adamant
 bottom of                                                addya vb add
abas n.m abasow abbot                                     addyans n.m addyansow addition
abasel adj abbatial                                       aden n.f adenyow cover
abases n.f abasesow abbess                                a-denewen adv aside; aloof; sidelong.
abatti n.m abattiow abbey                                  gorra a-denewen set aside; reserve
abecedari n.m abecedaris alphabet                         a-der I adv rather than II prp outside;
abel adj able                                              except
a-bell adv afar. galow a-bell n.m                         a-derdro adv all around
 long-distance call                                       a-dermyn adv in time; on time
aber n.m aberyow river-mouth                              a-dhadnL prp (= a-dhann2) from beneath;
a-berth prp within. a-berth yn, a-berth enL                from under
 within                                                   Personal forms (RLC): 1sg a-dhadnamL, a-dhadna
a-bervedh adv, adj indoors; inside; interior;              vyL, 2sg a-dhadnasL, a-dhadna jyL, 3sgm a-dhadn
 internal. gorra a-bervedh insert.                         evL, 3sgf a-dhadn heiL, 1pl a-dhadnanL, a-dhadna
                                                           neiL, 2pl a-dhadnowgh, a-dhadna hweiL, 3pl
 politegieth a-bervedh n.f domestic                        a-dhadnansL, a-dhadn anjeiL
 politics                                                 a-dhann2 prp (= a-dhadnL) from beneath;
abhorrya vb abhorr                                         from under
a-ble5 adv whence                                         Personal forms (RMC): 1sg a-dhannov, 2sg
abmL n.m abmow (= amm) kiss                                a-dhannos, 3sgm a-dhanno, 3sgf a-dhanni, 1pl
abmaL vb (= amma) kiss. abma dhe                           a-dhannon, 2pl a-dhannowgh, 3pl a-dhanna(ns)
 nebonanL kiss somebody                                   a-dhedro adv round about
abmethL n.f (= ammeth) agriculture;                       a-dhelergh adv aft; at the back; behind.

                               SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
a-dherag                                                                                       agan

 a-dhelergh dhe2 prp at the back off;                   chyL, 3sgm a-dhywarnodho, a-dhywar evL,   3sgf
 behind                                                 a-dhywarnedhi,     a-dhywar      heiL,     1pl
                                                        a-dhywarnanL,     a-dhywara      neiL,     2pl
a-dherag I adv in front of II prp before                a-dhywarnowgh,     a-dhywara     hweiL,    3pl
Personal forms (RMC): 1sg a-dheragov, 2sg               a-dhywarnedhans, a-dhywar anjeiL
 a-dheragos, 3sgm a-dheragdho, 3sgf a-dherygdhi,
 1pl a-dheragon, 2pl a-dheragowgh, 3pl
                                                       adla n.m adlyon outcast; outlaw; rogue
 a-dheragdha(ns)                                       a-doalL prp (= a-dal) facing; opposite
Personal forms (RLC): 1sg a-dheragamL, a-dheraga       adoptya vb adopt
 vyL, 2sg a-dheragas, a-dheraga jyL, 3sgm              adoptyans n.m adoption
 a-dheragtoL, a-dherag evL, 3sgf a-dheragtiL,          -adow sffx -able
 a-dherag heiL, 1pl a-dheraganL, a-dheraga neiL,
 2pl a-dheragowgh, a-dheraga hweiL, 3pl
                                                       a-dre adv from home
 a-dheragtansL, a-dherag anjeiL                        a-dreus adv across. a-dreus dhe2 prp
a-dhesempis adv (= 'dhesempis) at once;                 across. kewsel a-dreus, kowsel a-dreus
 forthwith; immediately; instantly                      argue; interrupt
adheskansL n.m adheskansow (=                          a-drevL adv (= a-dryv) behind. a-drev
 adhyskans) education                                   dhe2L prp behind
adheskanselL adj (= adhyskansel)                       a-dro I adv about; around II prp a-dro dhe2
 educational                                            about; around; concerning; (of clothing) on.
adheskiL vb (= adhyski) educate                         an eskisyow a-dro dhe'th treys the shoes
a-dhewis adj optional                                   on your feet. mos a-dro get about
a-dhia prp from; since. a-dhia ban2 cnj                a-droos adv on foot
 since. a-dhia nenaL since then                        a-dryv adv (= a-drevL) behind. a-dryv dhe2
a-dhistowgh adv immediately                             prp behind
a-dhiwedhes adv recent; late                           adverb n.m adverbow adverb
adhvejiL vb (= adhvesi) mature; ripen;                 affirmya affirm
 grow up                                               affordya vb afford
adhves adj mature; mellow; ripe                        affordyadow adj affordable
adhvesi vb (= adhvejiL) mature; ripen;                 afia vb affirm
 grow up                                               afina vb adorn; beautify; decorate;
adhvetter n.m mellowness; ripeness                      illuminate; ornament; refine
a-dhyhow adv on the right. a-dhyhow dhe2               afinus adj decorative; ornamental
 to the right of                                       afinuster n.m afinusterow cosmetic
a-dhyhowbarth adv on the south side                    afinys adj refined
adhyskans n.m adhyskansow (=                           Afrika n.m Africa
 adheskansL) education                                 Afrikan n.m Afrikans (male) African
adhyskansel adj (= adheskanselL)                       afrikan adj African
 educational                                           Afrikanes n.f Afrikanesow (female)
adhyski vb (= adheskiL) educate                         African
a-dhywar2 prp from on, from over, from on              afydhya vb assure; confirm
 top of                                                aga3 adj (poss) their; them. aga3 … i adj
Personal forms (RMC): 1sg a-dhywarnav, 2sg              (poss) their; them. aga3 … anjeiL adj (poss)
 a-dhywarnas, 3sgm a-dhywarnodho, 3sgf                  their; them. aga re prn (pl) theirs
 a-dhywarnedhi,    1pl    a-dhywarnan,   2pl           agan prn our. Agan Tavas (name of
 a-dhywarnowgh, 3pl a-dhywarnedha(ns)
Personal forms (RLC): 1sg a-dhywarnamL,
                                                        organisation) Our Tongue. agan honan prn
 a-dhywarna vyL 2sg a-dhywarnas, a-dhywarna             ourselves

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
a'gan                                                                                      Alban

a'gan contr (object) us                                akademoges n.f akademogesow (female)
agas prn (pl) your. agas honan prn                      academic
 yourselves                                            akont n.m akontys, akontow account.
a'gas contr (object) you (pl.)                          akont arhantti n.m bank account. akont
a-gensowL adv (= a-gynsow) recently; a                  arhow n.m deposit account. akont kesres
 little while ago; lately                               n.m current account. fugya an akontys
ages prp (= es (2)) than. moy ages kans                 cook the books. lyver akontow, lever
 over a hundred                                         akontysL n.m account book
 Personal forms (RMC): 1sg agessov, 2sg agessos,       akontya vb account
  3sgm agesso, 3sgf agessi, 1pl agesson, 2pl           akontyades n.f akontyadesow (female)
  agessowgh, 3pl agessa(ns)
agh (1) int oh; fie
                                                       akontyas n.m akontysi, akontyjiL (male)
agh (2) n.f ahow offspring; race
aghskrif n.m aghskrifow pedigree
                                                       akontydh n.m akontydhyon (male)
a-gledh adv on the left. a-gledh dhe2 prp to
 the left of
                                                       akontydhes n.f akontydhesow (female)
a-gledhbarth adj on the north side
agnosteges n.f agnostegesow (female)
                                                       akord n.m accord; agreement;
                                                        understanding. yn akord gans, en akord
agnostek I adj agnostic II n.m agnostegyon
                                                        genL consistent with
 (male) agnostic
                                                       akordus adj conciliatory
agria vb agree; accord
                                                       akordya vb accord; agree. akordya gans,
a-gynsow adv (= a-gensowL) recently; a
                                                        akordya orth agree with. akordya y
 little while ago; lately
                                                        golon gans be consistent with
ahanan adv hence; from here
                                                       akordys adj agreed
a-has adj severe; stressful
                                                       akoustek I adj acoustic II n.f accoustics
ahel (1) n.f aghlow axle
                                                       akrylek I adj acrylic II n.m akrylogyon
ahel (2) adj racial
a-hesL adv (= a-hys) along
                                                       akt n.m aktys act
ahwer n.m anxiety; trouble. heb ahwer
                                                       aktivita n.m aktivitys activity
 readily. na borth ahwer! don't worry!
                                                       aktya vb act
ahwerek adj sorrowful
                                                       akusacyon n.m akusacyons accusation
ahwesydh n.m ahwesydhes lark; skylark
                                                       akusya vb accuse
a-hys adv (= a-hesL) along
                                                       akwirya vb acquire
a-is adv lower
                                                       akwytya vb discharge; pay off
a-jeiL adv (= a-ji) indoors; inside. a-jei
                                                       akwytyans n.m akwytyansow receipt
 dhe2L prp within
                                                       alamand n.m alamandys, alamandow
a-ji adv (= a-jeiL) indoors; inside. a-ji dhe2
                                                        almond. toos alamandys n.m marzipan
 prp within
                                                       alargh n.m elergh swan
ajonL vb (= aswon) know; be familiar with;
                                                       alarm n.m alarmow alarm. alarm ladron
 realise; recognise; acknowledge
                                                        n.m burglar alarm. alarm tan n.m fire
ajwaL n.f ajwaow (= aswa) breach; gap
akademek I adj academic II n.m
                                                       Alban I n.m Albanyon (male) Scot II top
 akademogyon (male) academic
akademi n.m akademiow academy

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
albanek                                                                          ambosys

albanek adj Scottish                            alkemi n.m alchemy
Albanes n.f Albanesow (female) Scot             alkohol n.m alcohol
Albani n.f Albania                              alkoholek I adj alcoholic II n.m
Albanian n.m Albanians (male) Albanian           alkohologyon (male) alcoholic
Albanianes n.f Albanianesow (female)            alkohologes n.f alkohologesow (female)
 Albanian                                        alcoholic
Albaniek n.m Albanian language                  alkohologeth n.f alcoholism
albaniek adj Albanian                           Alman n.m Almanyon (male) German
albom n.m albomow album                         Almanes n.f Almanesow (female) German
alebmaL adv (= alemma) hence; from here.        Almayn top n.m Germany. Republik
 alebma ragL from now on. pell alebmaL a         Keffrysek Almayn n.m Federal Republic of
 long way from here. termyn pell alebmaL         Germany
 long ago                                       Almaynek n.m German language
a-lebmynL adv (= a-lemmyn) present              almaynek adj German
alejya vb allege                                aloes aloes
alejyans n.m alejyansow allegation              alowa vb allow; acknowledge; permit
alejys adj alleged                              Alpys Alps
alemma adv (= alebmaL) hence; from here.        als n.f alsyow, aljyow cliff
 alemma rag from now on. pell alemma a          alsen n.f alsennow, alsednowL razor
 long way from here. termyn pell alemma         altenM n.f altennow razor
 long ago                                       altrewen n.f altrewenyow stepmother
a-lemmyn adv (= a-lebmynL) present              altrow n.m altrowyon stepfather
alena adv from here                             aluminiom n.m aluminium
alergedh n.m alergedhow allergy                 alusen n.f alusennow, alusednowL alms;
alergek adj allergic                             charity
a-lergh adv recently; lately                    aluseneth n.f alusenethow charity (body)
a-les adv apart                                 alyon n.m alyons alien; stranger
alhwedh n.m alhwedhow (lock) key.               a'm (1) contr (object) me
 alhwedh korkyn n.m corkscrew. alhwedh          a'm (2) contr of my
 know n.m spanner; wrench. ger alhwedh          amal n.m emlow border; edge; margin;
 n.m keyword. toll alhwedh n.m keyhole           periphery; side; verge
alhwedha vb lock                                amalek adj marginal; peripheral
alhwedhen n.f alhwedhennow,                     amalgam n.m amalgamys amalgam
 alhwedhednowL (typing) key                     amanyn n.m amanynnow (= 'manynL)
alhwedhor n.m alhwedhoryon (male)                butter
 treasurer                                      amari n.f amaris (= ambriL) cupboard;
alhwedhores n.f alhwedhoresow (female)           locker. amari gweli n.f bedside cabinet
 treasurer                                      amber n.m ambrys amber
alibi n.m alibis alibi                          ambos n.m ambosow agreement; contract;
aligator n.m aligators alligator                 obligation; pact; promise. ambos
alinya vb align                                  demedhyans n.m engagement
alinyans n.m alinyansow alignment               ambosa vb agree; promise
aljebra n.m algebra                             ambosys adj engaged. gour ambosys n.m
alkan n.m alkenyow metal                         fiancé. mowes ambosys, mo's ambosysL

                        SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
ambriL                                                                               anewn

 n.f fiancée                                      this; these. an … na adj (demonstrative)
ambriL n.f ambris (= amari) cupboard;             that; those
 locker. ambri gweliL n.f bedside cabinet        a'n (1) contr of the
ambulans n.m ambulansys ambulance                a'n (2) contr (object) him; it
amendya vb make right; make amends;              an- prfx un-; non-
 revise                                          anabel adj incapable; unable
amendyans n.m amendyansow reform;                anadhves adj immature; unripe
 revision. amendyansow ledan                anal n.f breath
 sweeping reforms                                analog adj analogue
amendys amends. gul amendys, gwul           analogieth n.f analogiethow analogy
 amendysL make amends                            anbarhus adj temporary
Amerika top America                              andhemedhys adj unmarried; single
Amerikan n.m Amerikanyon (male)                  andhesiradow adj undesirable
 American                                        andheskrifadow adj indescribable
amerikanek adj American. pel droos               andhiblans adj imprecise; indistinct;
 amerikanek n.m American football                 unclear
Amerikanes n.f Amerikanesow (female)             andhidro adj indirect
 American                                        andhien adj incomplete
amethi vb farm                                   andhiogel adj insecure; unreliable
amkan n.m amkanow goal; aim; objective           andhiogeledh n.m andhiogeledhow
amm n.m ammow (= abmL) kiss                       insecurity
amma vb (= abmaL) kiss. amma dhe                 androw n.m androwyow afternoon
 nebonan kiss somebody                           androweyth n.m androweythyow
ammeth n.f (= abmethL) agriculture;               afternoon-time
 farming. ammeth organek n.f organic             anedhel adj residential
 farming                                         anedhi (1) vb inhabit
amnesti n.m amnestis amnesty                     anedhi (2) prn of her
amontya vb count. jynn amontya n.m               anedhyades n.f anedhyadesow (female)
 computer. ny amont it is of no avail             inhabitant
amovya vb agitate                                anedhyans n.m anedhyansow occupation
amovyans n.m amovyansow emotion                  anedhyas n.m anedhysi, anedhyjiL (male)
amovys adj agitated                               inhabitant
amser n.f amseryow tense. amser                  anedhys adj inhabited; residential. heb bos
 a-lemmyn, amser a-lebmynL n.f present            anedhys non-residential
 tense. amser anperfydh n.f imperfect            aneffeythus adj ineffective; inefficient
 tense. amser berfydh n.f perfect tense.         anella vb breathe
 amser worberfydh n.f pluperfect tense.          anemek adj anaemic
 amser a dheu n.f future tense. amser            anemia n.m anaemia
 dremenys n.f preterite tense                    anes I adj uneasy; uncomfortable II n.m
amseryow menstruation; period                disquiet
amstyryus adj ambiguous                          aneth n.m anethow marvel
amyttya vb admit; accept; acknowledge            anethek adj fabulous
amyttyans n.m amyttyansow admission              anewn adj (= anownL) unfair; incorrect;
an part the. an … ma adj (demonstrative)          unjust

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
anfel                                                                           anporthadow

anfel adj naive                                      inconvenient
anfeus n.m misfortune                               ankombrynjiL n.m (= ankombrynsi)
anfeusik adj (= anfujikL) wretched;                  bother; difficulty; embarassment;
 unhappy; unfortunate                                inconvenience. ankombrynji ithikL n.m an
anfujikL adj (= anfeusik) wretched;                  awful drag
 unhappy; unfortunate                               ankombrynsi n.m (= ankombrynjiL)
anfur adj unwise                                     bother; difficulty; embarassment;
anfurvus adj casual; informal                        inconvenience. ankombrynsi euthyk n.m
angespos n.m angesposow imbalance                    an awful drag
Anglikan I adj Anglican II n.m                      ankombrys adj embarrassed
 Anglikanyon (male) Anglican                        ankompes adj uneven
Anglikanes n.f Anglikanesow (female)                ankonvedhadow adj incomprehensible
 Anglican                                           ankor n.m ankoryow anchor
Anglikanieth n.f Anglicanism                        ankorva n.f ankorvaow anchorage
angos n.m anguish                                   ankoth adj unknown; strange
angra vb (intransitive) be angry; get angry;        ankov n.m ankovyow oversight
 (transitive) make angry                            Ankow n.m (personified) Death
anhedhek I adj perpetual II adv perpetually         ankres n.m unrest; disquiet
anhegol adj sceptical                               ankresya vb disturb; disquiet
anhwek adj unkind; unfriendly                       ankresyans n.m ankresyansow
ania vb (= 'niaL) annoy; disturb; irk; worry         disturbance
 (a person or animal). parys dhe ania               ankrydor n.m ankrydoryon pagan
 disruptive                                         ankrysadow adj unbelievable
anion n.m anions anion                              anlahel adj illegal; unlawful
anjeiL prn (= i) they; (enclitic) they;             anlehadow adj irreducible
 themselves                                         anles n.m anlesow disadvantage. gorra
anjust adj unjust                                    nebonan yn-dann anles disavantage
anjustis n.m injustice                               somebody
ankablus adj innocent; not guilty                   anlettrys adj illiterate
ankebmynL adj (= ankemmyn) uncommon                 anlettryseth n.f illiteracy
ankelmys adj unrelated                              anlowr adj insufficient
ankemeradow adj unacceptable                        annedh n.f anedhow abode; dwelling.
ankemmyn adj (= ankebmynL) uncommon                  annedh tus koth old people's home
ankempen adj untidy                                 anodho prn of him
anken n.m ankenyow grief; misery                    anorak n.m anorakys anorak
ankensi adj grievous; painful                       anorganek adj inorganic
ankevi vb (= nakeviL) forget. gwra y                anownL adj (= anewn) unfair; incorrect;
 ankevi! forget it! no way!                          unjust
ankewar adj inaccurate; incorrect                   anoyntya vb anoint
ankewerder n.m inaccuracy                           anperfydh adj imperfect. amser
anklevesadow adj medically immune                    anperfydh n.f imperfect tense
ankombra vb bother; hamper;                         anpethekL adj (= anpythek) abstract
 inconvenience; disturb                             anplegadow adj unsatisfactory
ankombrus adj embarrassing;                         anporthadow adj unbearable; intolerable

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
anpythek                                                                                  arbrov

anpythek adj (= anpethekL) abstract              appel n.m appelyow (law) appeal
anresnadow adj unreasonable                      apperya vb appear; feature
anreyth adj abnormal                             appla adj (SEE abel) more able
anserhek adj independent                         apposya vb examine; test by questions;
anserhogeth n.f independence                      interrogate
ansodhogel adj unofficial                        apposyans n.m apposyansow examination.
ansur adj uncertain                               apposyans skrifys n.m written
ansurneth n.f ansurnethow uncertainty             examination. apposyans war anow n.m
Antarktek n.m Antarctic                           oral examination
antavadow adj untouchable; legally               apron n.m apronnyow aprodnyowL apron
 immune                                          Arab n.m Arabyon (male) Arab
antempna n.m antempnys, antempnow                Arabek n.m Arabic
 anthem                                          arabek adj Arabian
anteythi adj incapable; unable                   Arabes n.f Arabesow (female) Arab
anvas adj immoral                                arader n.m ereder plough
anvaseth n.m anvasethow immorality               araderor n.m araderoryon ploughman
anvenowgh infrequent                             a-rag I adj front II adv forward; in front; in
anvlasus adj tasteless                            the presence of; on. an keyn a-rag back to
anvodhek adj reluctant                            front
anweladewder n.m invisibility                    Personal forms (RMC): 1sg a-ragov, 2sg a-ragos,
anweladow adj invisible                           3sgm a-ragdho, 3sgf a-rygdhi, 1pl a-ragon, 2pl
                                                  a-ragowgh, 3pl a-ragdha(ns)
anwewL adj (= anwiw) improper;                   Personal forms (RLC): 1sg a-ragamL, a-raga'maL,
 unsuitable; unqualified; unworthy                2sg a-ragesL, 3sgm a-ragdho, a-rag evL, 3sgf
anweythresek adj inactive                         a-ryghdhi, a-rag heiL, 1pl a-ragon, a-raga neiL,
anwir adj untrue                                  2pl a-ragowgh, a-raga hweiL, 3pl a-ragtansL,
anwirder n.m untruth                              a-rag anjeiL
anwiw adj (= anwewL) improper;                   aral pl erel I adj another; other; alternative
 unsuitable; unqualified; unworthy                II prn another
anwoheladow adj unavoidable                      aras vb plough
anwos n.m anwosow cold (in the head);            aray n.m arayys, arayow arrangement;
 chill                                            layout; order. yn aray diyskynnus, en
anwosek adj chilly                                aray deskydnusL in descending order. yn
anwosi vb to catch cold                           aray yskynnus, en aray yskydnusL in
anwosva n.f influenza                             ascending order. yn aray termyn, en aray
anyagh adj unwell; unhealthy                      termynL in chronological order
apa n.m apys ape                                 araya vb arrange; bring in order; put in
aparel n.m apparel; gear; outfit; tackle          order; structure
apert adj, adv apparent; candid; obvious;        arbednekL adj (= arbennek) distinctive;
 openly; patent; plainly; plain to see            particular; special. der vaner arbednekL
apertya vb lay open                               especially
aperya vb impair                                 arbeniger n.m arbenigoryon specialist
apoyntya vb appoint; ordain                      arbennek adj (= arbednekL) distinctive;
apoyntyans n.m apoyntyansow                       particular; special. yn arbennek especially
 appointment                                     arbrevi vb experiment
                                                 arbrov n.m arbrov experiment

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
arbrovji                                                                        arhwithrans

arbrovji n.m arbrovjiow laboratory                  arghel n.m argheledh archangel
ardak n.m ardagow delay                             arghepskop n.m arghepskobow
ardh n.m ardhow height; high place                   archbishop
ardyghtya vb cope (with)                            arghpedrevan n.m arghpedrevanes
arenebedh n.m arenebedhow area                       dinosaur
arenebel adj superficial; surface                   argibya vb kidnap
arenep n.m arenebow surface                         argibyans n.m argibyansow kidnap
areth n.f arethyow lecture; oration                 argol n.m perdition; risk
arethek adj rhetorical                              argos n.m woodland
arethor n.m arethoryon (male) lecturer;             argraf n.m argrafyow impression
 (male) orator                                      argrevel n.f argrevellow amplifier
arethores n.f arethoresow (female)                  argument n.m argumentys argument
 lecturer; (female) orator                          argya vb argue. argya orth argue with
arethva n.f arethvaow platform                      argyans n.m argyansow argument
arethya vb lecture                                  arhadow n.m arhadowyow command;
argas n.m argasow aggression                         order; commandment. an Deg Arhadow
argasor n.m argasoryon (male) aggressor              the Ten Commandments
argasores n.f argasoresow (female)                  arhans n.m silver; money. arhans byw,
 aggressor                                           arhans bewL n.m quicksilver. arhans
argasus adj aggressive                               gweres n.m subsidy
arge n.m argeow dam                                 arhansek adj silvery
argebmynL n.m argemydnow (=                         arhanser n.m arhansoryon (male) banker
 argemmyn) advertisement; notice                    arhansores n.f arhansoresow (female)
argel n.f argelyow refuge; retreat; secluded         banker
 place. bos trigys yn argel live at the back        Arhantina n.f Argentina
 of beyond                                          Arhantinan n.m Arhantinans (male)
argemmyn n.m argemynnow (=                           Argentinian
 argebmynL) advertisement; notice                   arhantinek adj Argentinian
argemydnaL vb (= argemynna) advertise.              Arhantines n.f Arhantinesow (female)
 garm argemydnaL n.f advertising slogan              Argentinian
argemydnansL n.m argemynanjow (=                    arhantti n.m arhanttiow bank. akont
 argemynnans) publicity                              arhantti n.m bank account. kespos
argemynna vb (= argemydnaL) advertise.               arhantti n.m bank balance. kostow
 garm argemynna n.f advertising slogan               arhantti n.m bank charges
argemynnans n.m argemynansow (=                     arhas n.m arhasow fund
 argemydnansL) publicity                            arhasa vb fund
argerdh n.m argerdhow process                       arhasans n.m funding
argerdhes vb process                                arholyades n.f arholyadesow examiner
argevri vb donate                                   arholyas n.m arholysi examiner
argevro n.m argevrohow donation                     arhwilas vb audit; scan
argh n.f arhow ark; bin; chest; coffer. argh        arhwilel n.f arhwilellow scanner
 dhillas n.f chest of drawers. argh lyvrowM,        arhwilyans n.m arhwilyansow audit; scan
 argh levrowL n.f bookcase. argh vona n.f           arhwithra vb survey
 money box                                          arhwithrans n.m arhwithransow survey

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
arlenans                                                                            askusya

arlenans n.m arlenansow adhesion                   evaluation
arlenwel vb top off                               arvreusyas n.m arvreusysi, arvreusyjiL
arliw n.m arliwyow tint                            (male) critic
arliwa vb tint                                    arvwisk n.m armour
arlodhes n.f arlodhesow lady; mistress.           arwask n.m arwaskow oppression
 arlodhes kadys n.f drag queen                    arwaska vb oppress
arlottes n.m jurisdiction                         arwedhya vb symbolise
arlotteth n.f arlottethow domain                  arwodh n.f arwodhyow symbol; sign;
arludh n.m arlydhi lord; master. Chi an            signal; symptom. post arwodh n.m
 Arlydhi, Chei an ArlydhiL House of Lords          sign-post
armatur n.m armaturyow armature                   arwodhik n.m arwodhigow badge;
armel n.m armels bracelet                          (computer desktop) icon
arnewa vb storm; damage by weather                arwostel n.m arwostlow pledge
arnowyth adj modern                               arwostla vb pledge
arnowythhe vb modernise                           -as sffx -asow -ful
arnowythheans n.m arnowythheansow                 a's (1) contr (object) her; it
 modernisation                                    a's (2) contr (object) them
arta adv again; back. arta mar pleg please        ascendya vb ascend; climb
 repeat it. unweyth arta once more                ascendyans n.m take-off
artikel n.m artiklow (text) article               asen n.m asenes donkey. margh asen n.m
artydh n.m artydhyon (male) artist                 jackass
artydhes n.f artydhesow (female) artist           Asi n.f Asia
arv n.f arvow arm; weapon. den arvow n.m          Asian n.m Asians (male) Asian
 man-at-arms. kota arvow n.m                      Asianes n.f Asianesow (female) Asian
 coat-of-arms. mos dhe arvow take up              asiek adj Asian
 arms                                             askal n.coll askallen thistles
arva vb arm                                       askel n.f eskelli fin; wing. askel dro n.f
arvedh vb insult                                   helicopter. askel grohen n.f bat
arvedhen n.f arvedhennow,                         asklos n.coll asklosen chips
 arvedhednowL insult                              asklosi vb chip
arveth vb I arvethow n.m hire II vb               asklotti n.m asklottiow chip shop
 employ; hire                                     askor n.m produce
arvethesiges n.f arvethesigesow (female)          askoreres n.f askoreresow producer
 employee                                         askorn n.m eskern bone. askorn keyn n.m
arvethesik n.m arvethesigyon (male)                backbone
 employee                                         askornek adj skinny
arvethor n.m arvethoryon employer                 askorra vb produce
arvethores n.f arvethoresow employer              askorrans n.m production
arvor I adj maritime II n.m arvoryow coast        askorras n.m askorasow product
arvreus n.f arvreusow criticism                   askorrer n.m askororyon producer
arvreusi vb criticise; evaluate                   askrifa vb attribute
arvreusyades n.f arvreusyadesow                   askrifys adj attributed
 (female) critic                                  askus n.m askusyow excuse
arvreusyans n.m arvreusyansow                     askusya vb excuse

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
aslabmaL                                                                                          aval

aslabmaL vb (= aslamma) bounce                      acknowledgement; acquaintance
aslam n.m aslammow, aslabmowL bounce               aswonys adj familiar; known
aslamma vb (= aslabmaL) bounce                     Asya n.f Asia
asnodhow resources                            atal n.m junk; mine waste; refuse; rubbish.
asow n.coll asowen ribs                             atal mor n.m flotsam and jetsam
asper adj grim                                     atalgist n.f atalgistyow dustbin;
aspia vb observe; scout                             waste-paper basket
aspians n.m aspiansow observation;                 a'th5 contr (object) you (sg.)
 surveillance; espionage                           athlet n.m athletys (male) athlete
aspier n.m aspioryon (male) scout                  athletek I adj athletic II n.f athletics
aspiores n.f aspioresow (female) scout             athletes n.f athletesow (female) athlete
asran n.f asrannow, asradnowL                      atlantek adj Atlantic. Keynvor Atlantek
 department                                         n.m Atlantic Ocean
ass int how. ass ywa teg! how sweet it is!         atom n.m atomow atom
assa int how                                       atomek adj atomic
assay n.m assays attempt; effort; essay;           atomva n.f atomvaow nuclear power
 exercise; rehearsal; try                           station
assaya vb attempt; endeavour; exercise; try        attal n.m attelyow repayment. yn attal, en
assentya vb agree; assent; consent.                 attalL as repayment
 assentya gans agree with; take the side of        attamya vb attempt; tackle
assoyladow adj soluble                             attendya vb attend; pay attention; make
assoylya vb absolve; solve                          out; note
astel (1) I n.m stoppage; suspension II vb         attendyans n.m attendyansow attendance;
 abort; cease                                       attention
astel (2) n.f estyl plank; shingle; splint.        attent n.m attentys attempt; endeavour
 astel an oles n.f mantelpiece                     attes adj comfortable; easy
astelwolya vb go windsurfing                       attesva n.f attesvaow lavatory; toilet
astelwolyans n.m windsurfing                       atti n.m malice; spite. rag atti out of spite
astiveri vb compensate; make amends;               attyli vb repay
 restore                                           a-ugh I adv above II prp a-ugh dhe2 above;
astiveryans n.m astiveryansow                       over
 compensation                                      Personal forms (RMC): 1sg a-uhov, 2sg a-uhos, 3sgm
astranj adj strange                                 a-ughto, a-uho, 3sgf a-ughti, a-uhi, 1pl a-uhon, 2pl
                                                    a-uhowgh, 3pl a-ughta(ns), a-uha(ns)
asvaba vb adopt. maynorieth asvaba n.f             Personal forms (RLC): 1sg a-uhamL, 2sg a-uhesL,
 adoption agency                                    3sgm a-ughto, a-uho, 3sgf a-ughti, a-uhi, 1pl
asvabans n.m asvabansow adoption                    a-uhanL, 2pl a-uhowgh, 3pl a-ughta(ns), a-uhans,
Asvens n.m Advent                                   a-uhan'jeiL
aswa n.f aswaow (= ajwaL) breach; gap              a-vadnL adv (= a-vann) aloft
aswiwa vb adapt                                    aval n.m avalow, lavalowL apple. aval
aswiwer n.m aswiworyon adapter                      briansen n.m larynx. aval dor n.m potato.
aswon vb know; be familiar with; realise;           aval dor brewys n.m mashed potato. aval
 recognise; acknowledge. sevel orth aswon           gwlanek n.m peach. aval kerensa, aval
 ignore                                             kerenjaL n.m tomato. aval lagas n.m
aswonvos n.m knowledge;                             eyeball. aval paradhis n.m grapefruit. aval
                                                    saben n.m pine-cone

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
avalednekL                                                                                         awos

avalednekL n.f avalenegi, avalenegow (=                     progress; promotion; headway
 avalennek) orchard                                        a-vorow adv tomorrow
avalen n.f avalennow, avalednowL apple                     avoutrer n.m avoutrers, avoutroryon
 trees                                                      adulterer
avalennek avalenegi, avalenegow (=                         avoutres n.f avoutresow adulteress
 avalednekL) orchard                                       avoutri n.m adultery
avalowa vb gather apples                                   avowa vb admit; accept; acknowledge;
avan n.coll avanen raspberries                              confess; justify. res yw avowa, res ew
a-vann adv (= a-vadnL) aloft                                avowaL admittedly
a-varr adv early                                           avowadow adj justifiable
avaylya vb avail                                           avowans n.m avowansow confession
avel adv (= 'velL) as; like. I did it as a joke            avoydya vb (= avodya) avoid; distance
 my a'n gwrug avel ges                                      oneself; go away
Personal forms (RMC): 1sg avelov, 2sg avelos, 3sgm         avresnel adj preposterous
 avello, 3sgf avelli, 1pl avelon, 2pl avelowgh, 3pl        avresonus adj unreasonable
                                                           avrewlys adj irregular
aven n.m avenyow image
                                                           a-vusur adj bespoke; custom-made
aventur n.m aventurys, aventuryow
                                                           a-wartha adv on top. a-wartha dhe2 prp on
 adventure; venture; speculation
                                                            top of. (an pyth) a-wartha dhe-woles
aventurus adj adventurous
aventurya vb speculate (financially)
                                                           awedhya vb influence
a-ves adj external; outside. a-ves dhe2 prn
                                                           awedhyans n.m awedhyansow influence
 outside of
                                                           awel n.f awelyow wind; weather; gale.
avi (1) n.m jealousy; enmity; malice. perthi
                                                            awel glor n.f breeze. hager-awel n.f bad
 avi orth be jealous of; bear malice against
avi (2) n.m aviow liver. fagel avi n.f
                                                           awen (1) n.f genius; imagination;
                                                            inspiration; muse
avis n.m avisyow advice; opinion; motion
                                                           awen (2) n.f awennow, awednowL, dl
avisya vb note; observe; superintend. bos
                                                            diwawen jaw
 avisys a2 be advised that
                                                           awenek adj creative
avisyer n.m avisyoryon (male)
                                                           awenekter n.m creativity
                                                           aweni vb inspire
avisyores n.f avisyoresow (female)
                                                           awenydh n.m awenydhyon (male) genius
                                                           awenydhes n.f awenydhesow (female)
avius adj jealous
avlan adj unclean
                                                           aweyl n.f aweylys, aweylyow gospel
avlavar adj mute; dumb
                                                           awgrym n.m mathematics
avochya vb vouch
                                                           a-wojaL adv (= a-wosa) afterwards
avodya vb (= avoydya) avoid; distance
                                                           a-woles adv below; downstairs; lower; on
 oneself; go away
                                                            the bottom. a-woles dhe2 prp below;
avokado n.m avokados avocado
                                                            under. a-barth a-woles down below. leur
avon n.f avonyow, avenow (= awonL) river
                                                            a-woles n.m ground floor
avonsya vb (intransitive) advance;
                                                           awonL n.f awonow (= avon) river
 progress; (transitive) promote
                                                           awos cnj because of; for the sake of; in spite
avonsyans n.m avonsyansow advance;

                               SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
a-wosa                                                                                banna

 of; on account of. awos Duw for crying out        badh (2) n.m badhes boar
 loud; for God's sake                              badhya vb bathe
a-wosa adv (= a-wojaL) afterwards                  badminton n.m badminton
awotta int behold! awott an trobel! there's        badnL n.m badnyow (= bann) prominence
 the rub!                                          badnaL (= banna) I n.m banahow drop; bit
awra n.m awra aura                                  II adv at all
awtomatek adj automatic                            badnekL adj (= bannek) prominent
awtorita n.m awtoritas authority. an               bad-ober n.m bad-oberow bad deed;
 awtoritas the powers that be                  misdemeanour
awtoritaus adj authoritarian                       badus adj lunatic
awtoritauster n.m authoritarianism                 bagas n.m bagasow, bagajow band; bunch;
awtour n.m awtours (male) author                    gang; group. bagas gwaskas n.m pressure
awtoures n.f awtouresow (female) author             group; lobby. gorra yn bagas, gorra en
ayr n.m air                                         bagasL group
ayrborth n.m ayrborthow airport                    bagasik n.m bagasigow batch
ayrbost n.m airmail. der ayrbost by airmail        bagh (1) n.f bahow cell
ayredh n.m ayredhow climate                        bagh (2) n.f bahow hook
ayrek adj aerial                                   baha vb trap
ayrel n.f ayrellow ventilator                      bakteriom n.m bakteria bacterium
ayrella vb ventilate                               bal n.m balyow mine. den bal n.m (male)
ayrellans n.m ayrelansow ventilation                miner. benyn val n.f (female) miner
ayren n.f ayrennow, ayrednowL aeroplane            balegva n.f balegvaow balcony
ayrewnans n.m ayrewnansow (=                       balgh adj arrogant
 ayrownansL) air conditioning                      ball n.f ballow pest; plague
ayrgregi vb hang-glide                             ballad n.m ballads ballad
ayrlinen n.f ayrlinennow, ayrlinednowL             balweyth n.m mining
 airline                                           balyer n.m balyeryow barrel. kravas goles
ayrlorgh n.f(m) ayrlorhow aerial                    an balyer scrape the barrel
ayrosol n.m ayrosolys aerosol                      banadhel n.coll banadhlen broom (plant);
ayrownansL n.m ayrownanjow (=                       besom
 ayrewnans) air conditioning                       banadhlek n.f banadhlegi broom-brake
ayrplayn n.m ayrplayns aeroplane                   banana n.m bananas banana
ayrsketh n.m ayrskethow airstrip                   baner n.m baneryow, baners flag;
ayrstanch adj airtight                              standard
aysel n.m vinegar                                  Bangladesh n.m Bangladesh
azalea n.m azaleas azalea                          banken n.f bankennow, bankednowL
baban n.m babanes baby doll; baby                   bank
babi n.m babiow baby                               banket n.m bankettys banquet
bacheler n.m bachelers bachelor                    banknota n.m banknotys banknote
bachelerieth n.f bacheleriethow                    bankskwattyans n.m bankswattyansow
 bachelor's degree                                  bankruptcy
backen n.m bacon                                   bankskwattyes adj bankrupt
bad I adj bad II adv badly                         bann n.m bannyow (= badnL) prominence
badh (1) n.m badhys bath                           banna (= badnaL) I n.m banahow drop; bit

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
bannek                                                                               bedhekter

 II adv at all                                       barrlennel) laptop
bannek adj (= badnekL) prominent                    barrlennel n.f barrlenellow (=
banow n.f banowes, bynewi sow                        barrlednelL) laptop
banyshya vb banish                                  barthekL adj (= barthusek) marvellous;
'bar'L prp (= a-barth) in the name of; on            wonderful
 behalf of; for the sake of; along with             barthusek adj (= barthekL) marvellous;
bara n.m bread. bara byhan, bara bian n.m            miraculous; wonderful
 roll. bara gwaneth n.m wheaten bread.              barv n.m barvow beard. barv gaver n.m
 bara leun n.m wholemeal bread. bara                 goatee
 sugal n.m rye bread. losowen an bara n.f           barvus I adj bearded II n.m barvusi,
 coriander. torth (a) vara n.f loaf of bread         barvujiL cod
baramanyn n.m baramanynnow,                         bas adj shallow
 baramanydnowL sandwich                             basa vb stun
barbakoa n.m barbakoas barbecue                     basar n.m basars bazar; jumble sale
barbour n.m barbours barber; hairdresser            Bask n.m Baskyon (male) Basque
bardh n.m berdh (male) bard; poet                   Baskek n.m Basque language
bardhes n.f bardhesow (female) bard;                baskek adj Basque
 poetess                                            Baskes n.f Baskesow (female) Basque
bardhonek n.m bardhonogow poem                      basket n.m baskettys basket
bardhonieth n.f poetry                              basnet n.m basnettys, basnettow helmet
bargen n.m bargennyow, bargednyowL                  bason n.m basonys basin
 bargain; deal. bargen tir n.m farm                 bastard n.m bastardyon bastard
bargesi vb hover                                    bat n.m battys bat
bargos n.m bargoses, bargojesL buzzard              batalyas vb do battle; fight. batalyas orth
bargydnyaL vb (= bargynnya) bargain;                 fight against
 deal; negotiate; engage in horse-trading           batel n.f batalyow battle
bargynnya vb (= bargydnyaL) bargain;                bath n.m bathow coin
 deal; negotiate; engage in horse-trading           bathva n.f bathvaow mint (for money)
barkado n.m barkados densely packed pile            batri n.m batriow battery
 of fish for curing                                 batti n.m battiow mint (for money)
barlen n.f barlennow, barlednowL lap                bay n.m bayow kiss
barlys n.coll barlysen barley                       baya (1) vb kiss
barna vb judge                                      baya (2) n.m bayys bay
barner n.m barnoryon, barneryow (male)              bayros n.coll bayrosen oleander
 judge; (male) critic                               bayt n.m baytys byte
barnores n.f barnoresow (female) judge;             baywedhL n.coll baywedhen (= baywydh)
 (female) critic                                     bay-trees
barometer n.m barometrow barometer                  baywydh n.coll baywedhen (= baywedhL)
barr (1) n.m barrow summit                           bay-trees
barr (2) n.m barrys bar; pub                        bedh n.m bedhow grave; tomb. men bedh
barren n.f barennow, barednowL twig;                 n.m grave-stone
 sprig. barren spas n.f space bar                   bedha vb dare; presume; venture
barrgod n.m barrgodys bar-code                      bedhek adj daring
barrlednelL n.f barrlenellow (=                     bedhekter n.m bedhekteryow

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
bedhros                                                                                   berya

 presumption                                         benfisogyon (male) beneficiary
bedhros n.f bedhrosow graveyard                     benfisoges n.f benfisogesow (female)
bedhygla vb bellow                                   beneficiary
bednathL n.f benathow (= bennath)                   bengorfonieth n.f gynaecology
 blessing                                           bengorfoniethel adj gynaecological
bedn'vasL n.f benenes mas (= ben'vas)               bengorfydh n.m bengorfydhyon (male)
 housewife; madam                                    gynaecologist
begel (1) n.m begelyow navel                        bengorfydhes n.f bengorfydhesow
begel (2) n.m begelyow nuisance; annoying            (female) gynaecologist
 person                                             benithaL adv (= bynitha) ever. bys
beggya vb beg                                        venithaL forever. rag nevra venithaL
beggyer n.m beggyers (male) beggar                   forever
beggyores n.f beggyoresow (female)                  benkL n.f benkys (= bynk) workbench;
 beggar                                              platform
begh n.m behow burden; load                         bennath n.f benathow (= bednathL)
beghya vb burden; impose upon; overload              blessing
behatnaL adj (= byhanna) smaller                    benow adj female; feminine
behus adj burdensome; onerous                       ben'vas n.f benenes mas (= bedn'vasL)
beisterL n.f beistri window                          housewife; madam
bejeth n.f bejethow face; visage. liw bejeth        benyga vb bless
 n.m make-up                                        benygys adj blessed; hallowed
bejydhL n.m bejydhyow (= besydh)                    benyn n.f benenes woman. benyn bries n.f
 baptism                                             bride. benyn jentyl n.f gentlewoman
Belarus n.m Belarus                                 benynreydh n.f benynreydhow female;
Belarussek n.m Belarusian language                   womankind
belarussek adj Belarusian                           bern (1) n.m bernyow heap; mound; pile
Belarussian n.m Belarussians (male)                 bern (2) n.m bernyow source of concern;
 Belarusian                                          interest
Belarussianes n.f Belarussianesow                   bern (3) vb (3sg only) concerns; matters. ny
 (female) Belarusian                                 vern, na vernL it doesn't matter
beler n.coll beleren cress. beler lowarth           bernikL n.coll bernigen (= brennik)
 n.coll rocket                                       limpets
Belg n.m Belgyon (male) Belgian. Pow Belg           bernya vb matter
 n.m Belgium                                        berr (1) n.f berrow calf (of leg)
belgek adj Belgian                                  berr (2) adj short; brief
Belges n.f Belgesow (female) Belgian                berrhe vb abbreviate; shorten; (garment)
bell n.m war. gostla bell wage war                   take up
ben (1) n.m benyow foot; base                       berrheans n.m berrheansow abbreviation
ben (2) n.f woman. an eyl hy ben n.f (only          berrik adj fatty; obese; plump; gross
 use of the word ben) one another                   berrskrif n.m berrskrifow abstract;
benejikter n.m (= benesikterM) sanctity              summary
benenes ladies                                 berrskrifa vb summarise
benesikterM n.m (= benejikter) sanctity             berrwelyek adj short-sighted
benfisek I adj beneficiary II n.m                   berya vb run through; stab

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
besL                                                                                       bledhen

besL (1) cnj (= mes (1)) but                           live on something
besL (2) n.m besow world. dres oll an besL            bewder n.m (= bowderL) liveliness; agility
 all over the world; worldwide                        bewedh n.m bewedhow lifestyle
besL (3) n.m besies (= bys (1)) digit; finger.        bewek adj lively; vital
 bes broasL thumb. bes ragL n.m index                 bewheL vb (= bywhe) activate; animate;
 finger. bes kresL n.m middle finger. bes              quicken
 besowL n.m ring finger. bes bianL n.m little         bewheansL n.m bewheanjow (=
 finger. bes troosL n.m toe                            bywheans) activation; animation
besiL adj (= bysi) busy; important;                   bewhesL (= bywhes) activated; animated
 pressing. besi ew dhebmL I must; it's a              bewin n.m (= bowinL) beef
 hard task                                            bewnans n.m bewnansow (= bownansL)
besjon n.m besjons vision                              life; living. dendyl bewnans earn a living
besont n.m besons bezant                              bewonieth n.f biology
besow n.coll besowen birches. besowen                 bewskrif n.m bewskrifow biography
 Hav n.f maypole                                      Beybel n.m Beyblys Bible
besowL n.m besowyer (= bysow) ring. bes               bian adj (= byhan) little; small. an dus vian
 besowL n.m ring finger. besow skovarnL                the fairies
 n.m earring                                          bianheL vb (= byhanhe) reduce; make
besselL n.coll besslen (= meskel) mussels              smaller
besslaL vb (= meskla) gather mussels                  Bibel n.m Biblow Bible
best n.m bestes animal; beast. best hwel              biblek biblical
 n.m working animal                                   bibyn bubyn n.m bibynes bubyn prawn;
bestelL n.f (= bystel) bile; gall                      shrimp
besyaL vb (= bysya) finger                            bilen I adj villainous; thuggish II n.m bilens
besydh n.m besydhyow (= bejydhL)                       villain; gangster; thug. bilen pur n.m an
 baptism                                               accomplished villain
besydhya vb christen; baptise                         bili n.coll bilien pebbles
besydhyans n.m besydhyansow                           bilvil2 num bilvilyow billion; milliard
 christening                                          bilyon num bilyonow billion; milliard
besyel adj digital                                    bis n.f bisyow (tool) vice
bethL adv (= byth) ever. beth moyL nor yet;           bismer n.m bismeras scandal; infamy. gul
 still more. beth pan2L whenever                       bismer dhe2 scandalise
bettegensL adv (= byttegyns) however;                 blam n.m blamys blame
 nevertheless                                         blamya vb blame; find fault with. blamya
betteleL adv (= byttele) nonetheless                   nebonan rag ev dhe wul neppyth blame
betys n.coll betysen beet. betys rudh n.coll           somebody for doing something
 beetroots. betys sugra n.coll sugar beets            blas n.m blasow smell; stench; flavour;
beudhi vb drown; swamp                                 taste
bever n.m bevers beaver                               blasa vb smell; taste. blesys da palatable.
bewL adj (= byw) active; agile; alive; lively;         blesys sherp hot; spicy
 living; switched on. arhans bewL n.m                 blaser n.m blaser blazer
 quicksilver. goli bewL n.m ulcer. yn fewL            bledhen n.f bledhynnyow, bledhydnyowL
 (of an event) live                                    year. bledhen lamm, bledhen labmL n.f
bewa vb live; be alive. bewa orth neppyth              leap year. kyns penn bledhen, kens pedn

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
bledhydnyekL                                                                            bollen

 bledhenL before the year is out. nessa           bodhar adj deaf
 bledhen next year                                bodhara vb become deaf
bledhydnyekL (= bledhynnyek) annual;              bodharek I adj half-deaf; hard of hearing II
 yearly                                            n.m bodharogyon half-deaf person
bledhynnyek adj (= bledhydnyekL)                  bodharhe vb deafen
 annual; yearly                                   bodhek I adj willing; voluntary II
blessya vb bless                                   bodhogyon n.m (male) volunteer
bleudh adj delicate; tender; soft                 bodhel adj consensual
bleudhder n.m tenderness; delicacy                bodhesiges n.f bodhesigesow (female)
bleudhya vb soften; weaken                         amateur
bleujen n.f bleujyow blossom; flower.             bodhesik I adj amateurish II n.m
 bleujen an gog n.f bluebell. bleujen              bodhesigyon (male) amateur
 tulyfant n.f tulip                               bodhoges n.f bodhogesow (female)
bleujyowa vb blossom; flower                       volunteer
bleujyowek n.f bleujyowegi flower bed             Bodisatva n.m Bodisatvaow Boddhisattva
bleus n.m bleusyow flour. bleus hesken            bogalek adj vocalic
 n.m sawdust. bleus leun n.m wholemeal            bogalen n.f bogalennow, bogalednowL
blew n.coll blewen hair. blew lagas n.coll         vowel
 eyelashes. liw blew lagas n.m mascara            bogh (1) n.f bohow, dl diwvogh cheek. liw
blewek adj hairy; long-haired. kath vlewek         diwvogh n.m blusher
 n.f hairy caterpillar                            bogh (2) n.m bohes he-goat
bleydh n.m bleydhes wolf                          bohes adj few; little; slight
bleyn n.m bleynyow point; tip                     bohojekL (= bohosek) I adj poor; destitute
bleynya vb sharpen; point; tip                     II n.m bohojogyon poor person
blogh adj baldʃ                                   bohojekheL vb (= bohosekhe) impoverish
blonegek adj greasy                               bohosek (= bohojekL) I adj poor; destitute;
blonek n.m fat; grease; lard                       impoverished II n.m bohosogyon poor
bloodh n.m years of age                            person
blou adj blue                                     bohosekhe vb (= bohojekheL) impoverish
bo cnj (= po) or                                  bohosogneth n.f poverty; destitution
bobba n.m bobbys idiot; fool                      bojet n.m bojettys budget
bobmL n.m bobmyn (= bomm) blow;                   boks (1) n.m boksys box. box tanbren n.m
 bump; crash; punch; slam                          matchbox
bobmenL n.f bomednow (= bommen)                   boks (2) boksow (punch) box
 stroke; (strike) buffet                          boksujiL vb (= boksusi) box; punch
bocka n.m bockas, bockyas gnome; goblin;          boksusi vb (= boksujiL) box; punch
 scarecrow; bogeyman. bocka du n.m bad            bold adj bold; daring
 ghost. bocka gwynn, bocka gwydnL n.m             bolder n.m presumption
 good ghost. bocka lugarn n.m genie               bolgh n.m bolhow breach; gap; opening
bockla vb buckle                                  bolhen n.f bolhennow, bolhednowL boll;
bockyl n.m bocklys buckle                          capsule. klout bolhen n.m tripe
bodh n.m bodhow wish; will; consent. orth         boll adj transparent
 bodh y vrys, ort bodh y vresL                    bolla n.m bollys bowl
 intentionally                                    bollen n.f bolennow, bolednowL bulb

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
bollyn                                                                               brabmaL

bollyn n.m bolynnow, bolydnowL bulletin           Bosni n.f Bosnia
bolonjedh n.m bolonjedhow wish; will              Bosnian n.m Bosnians (male) Bosnian
bomm n.m bommyn (= bobmL) blow;                   Bosnianes n.f Bosnianesow (female)
 bump; crash; punch; slam                          Bosnian
bommel n.f bomellow buffer                        bosniek adj Bosnian
bommen n.f bomennow (= bobmenL)                   bost n.m bostys, bostow boast
 stroke; (strike) buffet                          bosti n.m bostiow restaurant
bond n.m bondys, bondow band. bond                bostya vb boast; swank
 ledan n.m broadband. hesken vond n.f             bostyans n.m bostyansow boasting; swank
 bandsaw                                          bostyer vb bostyoryon (male) boaster;
bonden n.f bondennow, bondednowL tyre              (male) swank
bones vb (= bos) be. bones ena attend.            bostyores vb bostyoresow (female)
 bones war beware; take precautions.               boaster; (female) swank
 dones ha bones become. mones ha bones            bosva n.f bosvaow existence
 bevome. na yll bones, na ell bonesL              botas n.coll botasen boot. botas palvek
 impossible                                        n.coll flippers
bonk n.m bonkys bang; knock                       botel n.m botellow bottle
bonkya bump; knock. karr bonk n.m                 botellas n.m botelasow bottleful
 dodgem                                           both n.f bothow hump
bonus n.m bonusys bonus                           bothek adj protuberant
bool n.f bolyow axe                               bothel n.f bothellow blister
boos n.m bosow food; meal; fare. boos atal        bothen n.f bothennow, bothednowL lump;
 n.m junk food                                     swelling
boosa vb feed                                     bothkrom adj convex
bora n.m boraow dawn                              boton n.m botonyow, botonsL button;
boragweyth n.f boragweythyow morning               game counter
 twilight                                         bouben n.f boubennow, boubednowL
bord n.m bordys, bordow (= bordh)                  wick
 board. bord du n.m blackboard. bord              Bouddiek adj buddhist
 hornella n.m ironing board. bord lestri          Bouddieth n.f Buddhism
 n.m sideboard                                    Bouddydh n.m Bouddydhyon (male)
bordh n.m bordhow (= bord) board; table.           Buddhist
 bordh du n.m blackboard. bordh hornella          Bouddydhes n.f Bouddydhesow (female)
 n.m ironing board. bordh lestri n.m               Buddhist
 sideboard                                        bowderL n.m (= bewder) liveliness; agility
boreles n.m borelesyow daisy                      bowinL n.m (= bewin) beef
borger n.m borgers burger. borger bewin,          bowji n.m bowjiow cowshed
 borger bowinL n.m beef burger                    bownansL n.m bownanjow (= bewnans)
Borlowen n.f morning star                          life; living. dendyl bownansL earn a living
borr adj overweight                               bownder n.f bownderyow lane
bos vb be; become; exist. bos ena attend.         bra n.m bras bra
 bos war beware; take precautions. dos ha         brabmL n.m brebmyn (= bramm) fart.
 bos become. mos ha bos become. na yll             brabm an gath!L int fiddlesticks!
 bos, na ell bosL impossible                      brabmaL vb (= bramma) fart

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
brag                                                                                      Breten

brag n.m bragow malt                                  bregh n.f brehow, dl diwvregh arm
braga vb brew                                         breghL n.f brehi (= brygh) pox; smallpox.
brager n.m bragoryon (male) brewer                     bregh AlmaynkL n.f rubella. bregh rudhL
braggya vb menace; threaten                            n.f measles. bregh yarL n.f chicken-pox
bragji n.m bragjiow brewery                           bregys adj brewed
bragores n.f bragoresow (female) brewer               brehel n.m breholow sleeve
brall n.m brallow dent                                brehellik n.m breheligow bracelet
brallya vb dent                                       brendya vb frown
bramm n.m bremmyn (= brabmL) fart.                    brennik n.coll brenigen (= bernikL)
 bramm an gath! int fiddlesticks!                      limpets
bramma vb (= brabmaL) fart                            brennyas n.m brenysi (= brednyasL) mate
bran n.f brini crow. bran vras, bran                   (on a ship)
 vroasL raven                                         brentinL adj (= bryntin) grand; great;
branjenL n.f branjednow (= briansen)                   noble
 throat. fagel vranjenL n.f laryngitis                bresL (1) n.m bresyow (= brys (1)) mind;
bras (1) adj (= broasL) big; bulky; large. dre         opinion; thought; psyche. orth bodh ow
 vras adv generally; mainly; for the most              bresL intentionally. orth ow bresL to my
 part. yn fras adv greatly                             mind; in my opinion. dhe'm bres vy*L to
bras (2) n.m brasow conspiracy; plot                   my mind; in my opinion
brasa vb conspire; plot                               bresL (2) n.m bresyow (= brys (2)) uterus;
braser n.m brasoryon (male) conspirator;               womb
 (male) plotter                                       bresel n.f breselyow dispute; war. garm
Brasil n.m Brazil                                      vresel n.f battle cry
braslavar n.m braslavarow boast; threat               breselL (1) adj (= brysel) mental
brasoberys adj (= broasoberysL)                       breselL (2) adj (= brysel) mental
 magnificent                                          breselek militant
bras-oberys adj magnificent                           breseler n.m breseloryon (male) militant
brasores n.f brasoresow (female)                      breseli vb go to war
 conspirator; (female) plotter                        breselores n.f breseloresow (female)
brassa adj bigger; major. (an) brassa (the)            militant
 biggest                                              breselyans n.m warfare
braster n.m brasterow (= broasderL) size;             bresoniethL n.f (= brysonieth) psychology
 bulk                                                 bresoniethelL adj (= brysoniethel)
brastereth n.f majesty                                 psychological
brastir n.m brastiryow continent.                     bresonydhL n.m bresonydhyon (=
 dryftyans an brastiryow n.m continental               brysonydh) (male) psychologist
 drift                                                bresonydhesL n.f bresonydhesow (=
brastiryel adj continental                             brysonydhes) (female) psychologist
brath n.m brathow bite                                brest (1) n.m brass
bratha vb bite                                        brest (2) n.m brestys breast; chest
brav adj fine; grand                                  bretednekL adj (= bretennek) British
bre n.f breow hill                                    Breten n.f Britain. Breten Veur n.f Great
brederedh n.m brotherhood                              Britain. Breten Vyhan, Breten Vian n.f
brednyasL n.m brenyji (= brennyas) mate                Brittany

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
bretennek                                                                                    bros

bretennek adj (= bretednekL) British                briel n.m brili mackerel
Breton n.m Bretonyon (male) Breton                  brigad n.m brigadow brigade
Bretonek n.m Breton language                        brin n.m brinyow brine
bretonek adj Breton                                 brith I adj streaked; striped II n.coll tartan
Bretones n.f Bretonesow (female) Breton             britha vb mottle; dapple; streak
breujiL vb (= breusi) judge; sentence;              brithednekL (= brithennek) freckled
 doom                                               brithel n.m brithyli mackerel
breus n.f breusow judgement; doom;                  brithen n.f brithennow, brithednowL
 opinion; sentence; verdict. breus uhel n.f          freckle
 high esteem. ri breus, rei breusL give an          brithennek adj (= brithednekL) freckled
 opinion                                            brithlen n.f brithlennow, brithlednowL
breusel adj critical; judgmental                     tapestry
breusi vb (= breujiL) judge; sentence;              brithweyth n.m brithweythyow mosaic
 criticise; doom                                    brithys adj dappled; mottled; spotted
breuslys n.m court; court of law                    bro n.f broyow country; land
breusyades n.f breusyadesow (female)                broasL adj (= bras (1)) big; bulky; large. dre
 judge                                               vroasL generally; mainly; for the most part.
breusyans n.m breusyansow critique;                  en froasL greatly
 review                                             broasderL n.m broasderow (= braster)
breusyas n.m breusysi, breusyjiL (male)              size; bulk
 judge                                              broasoberysL adj (= brasoberys)
brew (= browL) I adj broken; bruised II n.m          magnificent
 brewyon bruise; sore; wound. kresten               brocha n.m brochys brooch
 vrew n.f shortcrust. tesen vrew n.f                broder n.m breder brother. broder da n.m
 shortbread                                          brother-in-law. hanter-broder n.m
brewgik n.m (= browgikL) minced meat                 half-brother
brewi vb (= browiL) bruise; crumble; mash.          brodnL (1) n.f brodnow, dl diwvron (=
 aval dor brewys n.m mashed potato                   bronn (1)) breast; hill
brewyon n.coll brewyonen (= browyonL)               brodnL (2) n.coll brodnen (= bronn (2))
 crumbs                                              rushes
breyn adj rotten; putrid                            brodnaL vb (= bronna) breast-feed
breyna vb decay; rot                                brogh n.m brohes badger
breynans n.m breynansow decay                       broghki n.m broghkeun dachshund
breynder n.m rot                                    broklo n.m broklos broccoli
bri n.f distinction; esteem; importance;            bronkitis n.m bronchitis
 relevance; reputation; value; prominence. a        bronn (1) n.f bronnow, dl diwvron (=
 vri famous; prominent; relevant;                    brodnL (1)) breast; hill
 renowned; significant. gul vri a2 take             bronn (2) n.coll bronnen (= brodnL (2))
 notice of. heb bri irrelevant. heb meur a           rushes
 vri mediocre. meur y vri, meur hy bri              bronna vb (= brodnaL) breast-feed
 outstanding                                        bronnvil n.m bronnviles mammal
brialli n.coll briallen primroses                   brons n.m bronze
briansen n.f briansennow (= branjenL)               bros (1) adj searing hot; blazing
 throat. fagel vriansen n.f laryngitis              bros (2) n.m brosow goad; prick

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
brosa                                                                              Bulgarianes

brosa vb goad; prick; provoke                      brys (1) n.m brysyow (= bresL (1))
brosans brosansow provocation                       intention; mind; opinion; thought; psyche.
brosweyth n.m embroidery                            orth bodh ow brys intentionally. orth ow
brosyans n.m brosyansow provocation                 brys to my mind; in my opinion. dhe'm
brottel adj frail; unsteady; transitory.            brys vy* to my mind; in my opinion
 brottel y jer moody                               brys (2) n.m brysyow (= bresL (2)) uterus;
browL (= brew) I adj broken; bruised II n.m         womb
 browyon bruise; sore; wound. kresten              brysel adj (= breselL (1)) mental
 vrowL n.f shortcrust. tesen vrowL n.f             brysonieth n.f (= bresoniethL) psychology
 shortcrust                                        brysoniethel adj (= bresoniethelL)
browagh n.m horror                                  psychological
broweghyades n.f broweghyadesow                    brysonydh n.m brysonydhyon (male)
 (female) terrorist                                 psychologist
broweghyas n.m browehysi (male)                    brysonydhes n.f brysonydhesow (=
 terrorist                                          bresonydhesL) (female) psychologist
browehereth n.f terrorism                          Brython n.m Brythonyon (male) Briton
browehi vb terrify; terrorise                      Brythones n.f Brythonesow (female)
browehus adj alarming                               Briton
browgikL n.m (= brewgik) minced meat               bual n.m bualyon bison; buffalo
browiL vb (= brewi) bruise; crumble. tetti         buan adj quick; lively
 browysL n.m mashed potato                         budh n.m budhow profit
brows n.coll crumbled material; groundbait         budhek adj victorious. karten vudhek n.f
browsi vb crumble                                   trump card
browsyon n.coll browsyonen crumb                   budhyn n.m budhynnow, budhydnowL
browyonL n.coll browyonen (= brewyon)               meadow
 crumbs                                            budji n.m budjies budgerigar
Brussel n.m Brussels                               buffe n.m buffes (food counter) buffet
brybour n.m brybours vagabond                      bugel n.m bugeledh (male) shepherd;
bryck n.m bryckys brick                             (male) pastor
brygh n.f brehi (= breghL) pox; smallpox.          bugeles n.f bugelesow shepherdess
 brygh Almayn n.f rubella. brygh rudh n.f          bugelya vb herd
 measles. brygh yar n.f chicken-pox                bugh n.f buhes cow. bugh godra n.f milch
bryghlin n.m bryghlinyow vaccine                    cow. gwelen vuhes n.f cattle prod
bryghlina vb vaccinate                             bughwas n.m bughwesyon cowboy. fylm
bryghlinans n.m bryghlinansow                       bughwesyon n.m Western
 vaccination                                       buhik n.f buhigesow little cow. buhik
bryjyon vb boil. gorra an galter dhe                Dhuw n.f ladybird
 vryjyon put the kettle on                         Bulgarek n.m Bulgarian language
bryjys adj boiled. oy bryjys n.m boiled egg        bulgarek adj Bulgarian
brykedh n.coll brykedhen apricots                  Bulgari n.f Bulgaria
brynk n.coll brynken (respiratory organ)           Bulgarian n.m Bulgarians (male)
 gill                                               Bulgarian
bryntin adj (= brentinL) grand; great;             Bulgarianes n.f Bulgarianesow (female)
 noble; superb                                      Bulgarian

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
bulhorn                                                                                       cellulos

bulhorn n.m bulhornes snail                            bysow n.m ring finger. bys byhan n.m little
buluk n.coll bulugen earthworm                         finger. bys troos n.m toe
burjes n.m burjysi; burjyjiL (male) citizen;          bys (2) n.m bysow (= besL (2)) world. dres
 townsman                                              oll an bys all over the world; worldwide
burjesek adj bourgeois                                bys (3) prp until; till. bys dhe2 prp up to.
burjeseth n.f bourgeoisie                              bys di to the place. bys may5 cnj until; till.
burjestra n.m burjestrevow borough;                    bys pan2 cnj until; till. bys yn prp (with
 municipality                                          nouns) until; till; (places) all the way to. bys
burjyses n.f burjysesow (female) citizen;              vynitha, bys venithaL forever. bys yn, bys
 townswoman                                            enL all the way to
burm n.coll burmen yeast                              bysi adj (= besiL) busy; important;
burokrat n.m burokratyon (male)                        pressing. bysi yw dhymm I must; it's a
 bureaucrat                                            hard task
burokrates n.f burokratesow (female)                  byskathL adv (= bythkweth) ever (in the
 bureaucrat                                            past); never
burokratieth n.f bureaucracy                          byskon n.f byskonyow thimble. byskon
burow n.m burowyow bureau; office                      mes n.f acorn cup
busel n.m cow dung                                    bysow n.m bysowyer (= besowL) ring. bys
bush n.m bushys crowd; mass; bush. bush                bysow n.m ring finger. bysow skovarn n.m
 a2 masses of                                          earring
but n.m butys (archery) butt                          bysowek n.f bysowegi keyboard
bydnerL adv (= bynner) never                          bystel n.f (= bestelL) bile; gall
byhan adj (= bian) little; small. an dus              bystyon adj nasty
 vyhan the fairies                                    bysya vb (= besyaL) finger
byhanhe vb (= bianheL) reduce; make                   byt n.m byttys (computer) bit
 smaller                                              byth adv (= bethL) ever. byth moy nor yet;
byhanna adj (= behatnaL) smaller                       still more. byth pan2 whenever
byjyon n.m byjyons rubbish tip; midden                bythkweth adv (= byskathL) ever (in the
bykken adv ever. bys vykken forever                    past); never (in the past)
byldya vb build                                       byttegyns adv (= bettegensL) however;
bynari adv ever. bys vynari forever;                   nevertheless
 evermore                                             byttele adv (= betteleL) nonetheless
bynitha adv (= benithaL) ever. bys vynitha            byw adj (= bewL) active; agile; alive; lively;
 forever. rag nevra vynitha forever                    living; switched on. arhans byw n.m
bynk n.f bynkyow (= benkL) platform;                   quicksilver. goli byw n.m ulcer. yn fyw (of
 workbench                                             an event) live
bynner adv (= bydnerL) (negative optative)            bywhe vb (= bewheL) activate; animate;
 never. bynner re wrello… may he never                 quicken
 do…                                                  bywheans n.m bywheansow (=
byrla vb hug                                           bewheansL) activation; animation
byrlans n.m byrlansow hug                             bywhes adj (= bewhesL) activated;
bys (1) n.m besies (= besL (3)) digit; finger.         animated
 bys bras n.m thumb. bys rag n.m index                celder n.m celders cellar
 finger. bys kres n.m middle finger. bys              cellulos n.m cellulose

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
celluloyd                                                                              chonsya

celluloyd n.m celluloid                             office. chei udnikL n.m detached house
centimeter n.m centimetrow centimetre              Chek n.m Chekyon (male) Czech
certan adj certain. yn certan adv certainly        chek (1) n.m chekys cauldron; kettle. chek
certifia vb certify                                 te n.m tea kettle
certifiys adj certified                            chek (2) adj Czech. Repoblek Chek n.f
cessya vb cease; give over                          Czech Republic
chal n.m chalys jowl; jaw                          chekas n.m chekasow kettleful
chalenj n.m chalenjys challenge; claim             Chekek n.m Czech language
chalenjya vb challenge                             Chekes n.f Chekesow (female) Czech
challa n.m challys jawbone; mandible               chenon n.m chenons canon
chambour n.m chambours bedroom                     cher n.m cheryow mood; state of mind;
chanj n.m chanjyow change. kevradh                  cheer. fekyl cher hypocritical. gwellha
 chanj n.m exchange rate                            dha jer! cheer up! brottel y jer moody
chanjus adj variable                               cherita n.f charity
chanjya vb alter; change; modify. chanjya          chersya vb cherish; fondle; pet. chersya re
 chi, chanjya cheiL move house                      pamper
chanjyans n.m chanjyansow modification             cherya vb cheer up
chanjyel n.f chanjyellow (software) editor         cheson n.m chesonys, chesonyow (=
chapel n.m chapelyow chapel                         acheson) motive; occasion; reason
charj n.m charjys charge; undertaking;             chevalri n.m chivalry
 responsibility                                    chevisya vb borrow
charjya vb charge; upload                          chi n.m chiowM, treven (= cheiL) house. chi
chartour n.m chartours charter; deed                dolli n.m doll's house. chi golyow n.m
chassya vb chase                                    holiday home. chi gweder n.m greenhouse.
chastia vb chastise; restrain                       chi tiek n.m farmhouse. chi unnik n.m
chatelydh n.m chatelydhyon (male)                   detached house
 capitalist                                        chif adj I chief; main; principal; premier II
chatelydhes n.f chatelydhesow (female)              n.m chifys boss; chief
 capitalist                                        chifcita n.f chifcitys capital city
chatelydhieth n.f capitalism                       chilader n.m chiladron (male) burglar
chayn n.m chaynys chain                            chiladrans n.m chiladransow burglary
chaynya vb chain                                   chiladres n.f chiladresow (female) burglar
chayr n.m chayrys chair                            China n.f China
cheL prn (= ty) (sg) you. che dha honan            Chinek n.m Chinese language
 yourself                                          chinek adj Chinese
checken n.f checkennow, checkednowL                choha n.m chohys chough
 cheque. checken ygor, checken egorL n.f           choklet n.m choklets chocolate
 blank cheque                                      chons n.m chonsyow chance; luck; odds;
checkva n.f checkvaow checkpoint                    opportunity. chons da! good luck! chons
checkya vb check                                    vyth! no chance! nothing going! towl
cheiL n.m treven house. chei dolliL n.m             chons n.m stroke of luck
 doll's house. chei golyowL n.m holiday            chonsus adj casual; random
 home. chei gwederL n.m greenhouse. chei           chonsya vb chance. chonsya dhe2 (+ verb)
 tiekL n.m farmhouse. chei postL n.m post           happen to

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
chorl                                                                                        dans

chorl n.m chorlys (derogatory) pleb; prole         dalhednansL n.m dalhenanjow (=
churra nos n.m churrys nos nightjar                 dalhennans) chemical suspension
chyften n.m chyftens chieftain                     dalhednasL n.m dalhenasow (=
chymbla n.m chymblys chimney                        dalhennas) arrest; holding
cider n.m ciders cider                             dalhen n.f dalhennow, dalhednowL grasp;
cidi n.m cidis CD; compact disc                     grip; hold
cigar n.m cigarow cigar                            dalhenna vb (= dalhednaL) arrest; grasp;
cigarik n.m cigarigow cigarette                     grip; lay hands on; seize
cinema n.m cinemas cinema                          dalhennans n.m dalhenansow (=
cirk n.m cirkow circus                              dalhednansL) chemical suspension
cita n.f citys city                                dalhennas n.m dalhenasow (=
civil adj civil                                     dalhednasL) arrest; holding
da adj good. da lowr OK; alright; mediocre.        dalhus adj inclusive
 bos da gans be liked by                           dalhuster n.m inclusivity; capacity
dadder n.m goodness                                dall adj blind. fordh dhall, for' dhallL n.f
dadhel n.f dadhlow argument; discussion;            cul-de-sac; dead end
 dispute                                           dalla vb blind
dadhelor n.m dadheloryon (male) orator;            dallaL (= dalleth) I n.m dalethow
 (male) debater                                     beginning; opening; origin; start II vb
dadhelores n.f dadheloresow oratress;               begin; originate; set in. dalla trigaL set up
 (female) orator; (female) debater                  house
dadhelva n.f dadhelvaow debate                     dalleth (= dallaL) I n.m dalethow
dadhla vb argue; discuss; debate                    beginning; opening; origin; start II vb
daffar n.m equipment; gear; kit; material;          begin; originate; set in. dalleth triga set up
 outfit; provision; stuff. daffar ilow n.m          house
 musical instrument. daffar ladhva n.m             dallhe vb blind; dazzle
 ammunition. daffar lymm, daffar lebmL             dalva n.f dalvaow quarrel
 n.m cutlery                                       dama n.f damyow dame; mother. dama
dager n.m dagrow tear. dagrow Duw              goth n.f black sea bream. dama wynn,
 fuchsia. devera dagrow, skollya dagrow             dama wydnL n.f grandmother. myrgh hy
 shed tears                                         dama, mergh hy damaL herself
dagren n.f dagrow drop (of fluid). skollya         damach n.m damajys damage
 liv a dhagrow cry one's eyes out                  dampnya vb damn
dagrewi vb weep; shed tears                        damsel n.f damsels (girl) miss
dalathvos n.m beginning; onset; origin             Dan n.m Danyon (male) Dane
dalether n.m dalethoryon (male)                    Danek n.m Danish language
 beginner; (male) novice                           danek adj Danish
dalethores n.f dalethoresow (female)               Danes n.f Danesow (female) Dane
 beginner; (female) novice                         danjer n.m danjeryow danger; scruple;
dalgh n.m dalhow content                            reluctance. heb danjer safely
dalhasedh n.m capacitance                          Danmark n.m Denmark
dalhedh n.m volume                                 danonL vb (= danvon) dispatch; send
dalhednaL vb (= dalhenna) arrest; grasp;           dans n.m dens tooth. dans dhelergh n.m
 grip; lay hands on; seize                          back tooth. dans keyn n.m wisdom tooth.

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
dansel                                                                            dasserhi

 dans lagas n.m canine tooth. dans lew n.m         darvos n.m darvosow event
 dandelion. dans olifans n.m ivory. dans           das n.f deys stack; rick. das wora n.f
 rag n.m front tooth. dans sugna n.m milk           haystack
 tooth                                             das- prfx re-; again
dansel n.f dansellow cog                           dasa vb stack
danvon vb (= danonL) dispatch; send                dasanedhi vb resettle
danvonadow n.m transmission;                       dasarvedh vb retaliate
 instructions                                      dashwithra vb review; re-examine
da-ober n.m da-oberow good deed                    dashwithrans n.m dashwithransow
dar n.m deri oak                                    review; re-examination
dar! int why! what!                                daskavos vb recover; get back
daras n.m darasow, darjow door. war                daskelwel vb recall; call back
 dharas through a door                             daskemeres vb resume
darasik darasigow wicket                           dasknias vb chew cud
darbar n.m darbarow preparation;                   daskor vb restore; give up
 provision                                         daskwertha vb retail
darbarer n.m darbaroryon (male)                    daskwerthans n.m daskwerthansow
 assistant                                          retail
darbari vb equip; prepare                          daskwerther n.m daskwerthoryon (male)
darbarores n.f darbaroresow (female)                retailer
 assistant                                         daskwerthores n.f daskwerthoresow
darbolla vb convince                                (female) retailer
dardhyghtya vb dictate (to a secretary)            daslev n.m daslevow echo
dargan n.f darganow forecast; prediction;          dasleverel vb say again; repeat
 prophecy. herwydh an dhargan according            dasliv n.m feedback
 to the forecast                                   dasliva vb feedback
dargana vb forecast; predict                       dasoberi vb react
darlesa vb broadcast; televise                     dasoberor n.m dasoberoryon reactor.
darlesans n.m darlesansow broadcast                 dasoberor nuklerek n.m nuclear reactor
darleverel vb predict                              dasoberyans n.m dasoberyansow reaction
darn n.m darnow bit; fragment; part; piece.        daspernaL vb (= dasprena) buy back;
 darn paper n.m slip of paper                       ransom; redeem
darnas n.m darnasow portion                        daspren n.m dasprenyow ransom;
daromdak n.m daromdagow traffic jam                 redemption
daromres I n.m daromresow traffic;                 dasprena vb (= daspernaL) buy back;
 intercourse; oscillation II vb frequent.           ransom; redeem
 daromres karnal n.m sexual intercourse            dasprintya vb reprint
darsewya vb prosecute                              dasprintyans n.m dasprintyansow reprint
darsewyades n.f darsewyadesow (female)             dasseni vb echo
 prosecutor                                        dasserghyans n.m dasserghyansow
darsewyans n.m darsewyansow                         revival; resurrection
 prosecution                                       dasserhi vb revive; resurrect. Kernewek
darsewyas n.m darsewysi, darsewyjiL                 Dasserhys, Kernowek DasserhysL n.m
 (male) prosecutor                                  Revived Cornish

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
dasskrif                                                                              deges

dasskrif n.m dasskrifow rewrite; copy             debriL vb (= dybri) eat
dasskrifa vb rewrite; copy                        debron n.m debronow itch
dasson n.m dassonyow echo                         decessya vb die; decease
dastardh n.m dastardhow resurgence                decevya vb deceive; mislead
dastarlesans n.m dastarlesansow                   dedhL n.m dedhyow (= dydh) day; date.
 (broadcasting) repeat                             dres an jedhL all day long. hanter dedhL
dastewydnyaL vb (= dastewynnya) reflect            midday; noon
dastewynnya vb (= dastewydnyaL) reflect           dedhewadow n.m dedhewadowyow
dastrehevel vb reconstruct                         promise. an Tiredh a Dhedhewadow n.m
dastrehevyans n.m dastrehevyansow                  the Promised Land
 reconstruction                                   dedhewi vb promise. dedhewys heb
dasunya vb reunify                                 keweras an unkept promise
dasunyans n.m dasunyansow                         dedhleverL n.m dedhlevrow (=
 reunification                                     dydhlyverM) diary
daswel n.f daswelyow review; revision             dedhweythL n.m (= dydhweyth) daytime
dasweles vb review; revise                        dedhwi vb lay (eggs)
daswerth n.f daswerthow resale. pris              dedhya vb date (a document)
 daswerth n.m resell price. toll dhaswerth        dedhyas n.m dedhyasow (specific) date.
 n.f value added tax                               dedhyas diwedh n.m date of expiry
daswertha vb resell                               dedhyek adj daily
daswerther n.m daswerthoryon (male)               defendya vb defend; eliminate; erase
 reseller                                         defendyans n.m defendyansow erasure
daswerthores n.f daswerthoresow                   defens n.m defence; resistance
 (female) reseller                                defia vb defy
daswrians n.m daswriansow remake;                 defians n.m defiansow defiance
 reproduction                                     defolya vb defile; pollute; rape; ravage
daswriansek iterative                             defolyans n.m defolyansow defilement;
daswul vb redo; remake                             pollution; rape
dates n.coll datesen (fruit) dates                defowt n.m defowtow default; defect;
davas n.f deves sheep; ewe. kig davas n.m          failing; failure
 mutton                                           deg num ten
de adv yesterday. de vyttin, de vettinL           dega n.m degedhow tithe
 yesterday morning                                degadow adj portable
de'L abbr (= dy') day. de'gol n.m holiday;        degea vb close; enclose
 vacation. de'LunL n.m Monday. de'MeurthL         degemeres vb accept; receive; take up.
 n.m Tuesday. de'MerherL n.m Wednesday.            degemeres a-berth admit
 de'YowL n.m Thursday. de'GwenerL n.m             degemerus adj hospitable
 Friday. de'SadornL n.m Saturday. de'SulL         degemerva n.f degemervaow reception
 n.m Sunday                                        area
debatya vb debate; discuss; argue                 degemeryans n.m degemeryansow
debisya vb debit; charge                           reception; receipt
deboner adj gracious                              degenseteL adv (= dygynsete) on the day
debradowL (= dybradow) edible                      before yesterday
debreni vb itch                                   deges adj unopened; shut

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
degevi                                                                              de'MeurthL

degevi vb pay tithe                                  be so kind as to
degi vb (= don) carry; bear; wear                   dela n.f deledhow yardarm
deglena vb shiver                                   delanwes n.m delanwesow influence
de'golL n.m de'golyow (= dy'gol) feast-day;         delatya vb defer; delay; postpone; put back;
 holiday; vacation. de'gol kebmynL bank              drag one's feet; procrastinate
 holiday. De'gol Maria Mis MeurthL n.m              delay n.m delays delay
 Annunciation. De'gol StefanL Boxing Day            delednekL adj (= delennek) leafy
degoodh vb is due; is fitting                       delek adj leafy
degowek I adj teenage II n.m degowogyon             delen n.f delyow, delkyowL leaf
 (male) teenager                                    delennek adj (= delednekL) leafy
degowoges n.f degowogesow (female)                  delenwel vb influence
 teenager                                           deleva vb yawn
degre n.m degrys degree; rank                       delinya vb draw; represent
degves num tenth. degves ha tri ugens,              delinyans n.m delinyansow drawing;
 degves ha trei-ugensL seventieth                    layout
degvledhen n.f degvledhynnyow,                      delit n.m delitys fun; delight; pleasure
 degvledhydnyowL decade                             delitya vb delight
de'GwenerL n.m (= dy'Gwener) Friday.                delivra vb deliver; free. delivra dhyworth
 de'Gwener dhe nosL Friday night.                    (delivra dhyworth) deliver from; free from.
 de'Gwener an GrowsL n.m Good Friday                 delivra dhe2 deliver up. delivra dhe wari
de'gweythL n.m dedhyow gweyth (=                     liberate; set free
 dy'gweyth) weekday                                 delivrans n.m delivransow deliverance;
degynsywa impend                                     riddance
degynsywek adj imminent; impending                  delk n.m delkow necklace
dehen n.m dehennow, dehednowL cream.                delni n.m blindness
 dehen howl n.m sun cream. dehen rew                delow n.f delwow statue; icon
 n.m ice cream. dehen molys n.m clotted             de'LunL n.m (= dy'Lun) Monday. de'Lun
 cream. tesen dhehen n.f cream cake                  dhe nosL Monday night. de'Lun PenkostL
dehesi vb cast; fling; hurl; throw violently         Witmonday
dehwelans n.m dehwelansow (=                        delvresL n.m delvresyow (= delvrys) ideal
 dehwelyans) return; comeback                       delvresekL adj (= delvrysek) ideal
dehweles vb return; come back; go back;             delvrys n.m delvrysyow (= delvresL) ideal
 turn back                                          delvrysek adj (= delvresekL) ideal
dehwelyans n.m dehwelyansow (=                      delyowek adj leafy
 dehwelans) return; comeback                        demedha vb (= demedhi) marry
deklaracyon n.m deklaracyons                        demedhi vb (= demedha) marry
 declaration                                        demedhyans n.m demedhyansow
deklarya vb announce; declare                        marriage
deklinya vb decline                                 demedhys adj married
deklinyans deklinyansow declension                  de'MerherL n.m (= dy'Merher)
del n.coll delen leaves. del bleujyow n.coll         Wednesday. de'Merher dhe nosL
 petals                                              Wednesday night
del2 cnj how; as. del hevel as it seems; del        de'MeurthL n.m (= dy'Meurth) Tuesday.
 grysav as I believe. del y'm kyrri please;          de'Meurth dhe nosL Tuesday night

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
demma                                                                                    de'SadornL

demma n.m demmys dime; halfpenny                     denses n.m humanity
Demokrat n.m Demokratyon (member of                  dentethyel adj delicious
 US Democratic party) (male) Democrat                denti adj dainty; delicate; fastidious; fussy.
demokratek adj democratic                             tamm denti, tabm dentiL n.m (food)
Demokrates n.f Demokratesow (member                   delicacy
 of US Democratic party) (female) Democrat           departya vb part
demokratieth n.f demokratiethow                      der (= dre2) prp (before a vowel) through;
 democracy                                            by means of; per. der anow verbal
demond n.m demondys demand                           Personal forms (RMC): 1sg dredhov, 2sg dredhos,
demondya vb demand                                    3sgm dredho, 3sgf dredhi, 1pl dredhon, 2pl
                                                      dredhowgh, 3pl dredha(ns)
den n.m tus man; guy; human; person. den             Personal forms (RLC): 1sg dredhamL, dredha vyL,
 bal n.m (male) miner. den ergh n.m                   2sg dredhasL, dredha chyL, 3sgm dredho, der evL,
 snowman. den jentyl n.m gentleman. den               3sgf dredhi, dre heiL, 1pl dredhanL, dredha neiL,
 mas n.m good man. den vyth, den vethL                2pl dredhowgh, dredha hweiL, 3pl dredhans, der
 nobody. den y'n bys, den e'n besL nobody             anjeiL
 at all                                              deray n.m derays chaos; disorder; mess
dena vb absorb; suck                                 deraylya vb rail
denaha vb withdraw; retract; refuse; reject          derevelL vb (= drehevel) build; construct;
dendyl vb deserve; earn; merit. dendyl                erect; lift; raise
 bewnans, dendyl bownansL earn a living.             derivador n.m derivadoryon (male)
 dendylys yn ta, dendylys en taL well                 reporter
 deserved                                            derivadores n.f derivadoresow (female)
dengerenjedhekL adj (=                                reporter
 dengerensedhek) humanitarian                        derivadow n.m account; manifesto.
dengerensedhek adj (=                                 Derivadow an Gemynegoryon n.m the
 dengerenjedhekL) humanitarian                        Communist Manifesto
dengibya vb abduct                                   derivas I n.m derivasow account;
denjekL (= densek) I adj jagged II n.m                narration; report; relation; statement II vb
 denjoges (fish) pike; hake                           inform; tell; relate; report. derivas dhe
denladh n.m denladhow homicide;                       nebonan, derivas orth nebonan inform
 manslaughter                                         somebody. derivas ledan n.m a sweeping
denladha vb commit manslaughter                       statement
denladra vb abduct; kidnap                           dermatologieth n.f dermatology
denladrans n.m denladransow abduction;               dermatologydh n.m dermatologydhyon
 kidnap                                               (male) dermatologist
denledhyades n.f denledhyadesow                      dermatologydhes n.f
 (female) killer; (female) assassin; (female)         dermatologyhdesow (female)
 murderer                                             dermatologist
denledhyas n.m denledhysi (male) killer;             dernigel adj fragmentary
 (male) assassin; (male) murderer                    derow (1) n.m derowyow beginning; start.
densa n.m good man                                    derow nos n.m nightfall
densek (= denjekL) I adj jagged II n.m               derow (2) n.coll derwen, derowen oaks
 densoges (fish) pike; hake                          derowel vb original
densel vb munch; crunch                              dervyn vb deserve; demand; merit
                                                     de'SadornL n.m (= dy'Sadorn) Saturday.

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
desedha                                                                                 devnydh

 de'Sadorn dhe nosL Saturday night                    (female) learner
desedha vb adapt; adjust; fit; locate; suit          deskrifa vb describe
desedhans n.m situation; adjustment                  deskrifans n.m deskrifansow description
desedhva n.f desedhvaow set (in theatre)             deskrifus adj descriptive
deseha vb dry out; dry up                            deskydnusL adj (= diyskynnus)
desempis adj abrupt; immediate; instant.              descending. en aray deskydnusL in
 koffi desempis n.m instant coffee.                   descending order
 messach desempis n.m instant message                deskydnyaL vb (= diyskynna, = 'skynnya,
deservya vb deserve                                   'skydnyaL) descend; go down; alight
desev n.m desevow assumption                         deskysL adj (= dyskys) learned; educated;
desevos vb assume; expect; imagine;                   erudite. deskys broasL scholarly
 speculate                                           desper n.m despair
desin n.m desinyow design                            despisya vb despise
desiner n.m desinoryon (male) designer               despit n.m despityow contempt; despite;
desinores n.f desinoresow (female)                    insult. despit heb y dhyli undeserved
 designer                                             contempt. yn despit dhe2 in despite of. yn
desinya vb design                                     despit dh'an fowtow warts and all
desiradow adj desirable                              despitya vb insult
desk n.m deskys, deskow desk                         desta vb testify; certify; witness
deskadresL n.f deskadresow (=                        destna vb destine
 dyskadores) (female) teacher; (female)              destnans n.m fate
 trainer; (female) instructor; (female) tutor        destnys adj destined
deskajorL n.m deskajoryon (= dyskador)               destryppya vb strip
 (male) teacher; (male) trainer; (male)              destys adj certified
 instructor; (male) tutor                            de'SulL n.m (= dy'Sul) Sunday. de'Sul dhe
deskansL n.m deskanjow (= dyskans)                    nosL Sunday night
 lesson; instruction; tuition; tutorial. rei         determya vb determine. bos determys
 deskans dhe2 educate. feow deskansL             dhe2 be determined to; have decided upon
 tuition fees                                        determys adj determined
deskansusL adj (= dyskansus) tutorial                deu adj ended; finished; over
deskasL n.m deskasow (= dyskas)                      deur vb concerns; (3sg only) interests
 teaching; doctrine                                  deuv n.m deuvyon son-in-law
deskerL n.m deskoryon (= dysker) (male)              devedhyans n.m devedhyansow arrival;
 learner                                              advent; origin; source
deskevresL n.m deskevresow (=                        dever n.m deverow duty
 dyskevres) syllabus                                 devera vb drip; leak; trickle; shed. devera
deskiL vb (= dyski) (intransitive) learn;             dagrow shed tears. devera goos lose
 (transitive) teach; train; instruct. deski           blood
 genL learn from. deski dhe nebonan gwul             devis n.m devisyow device; notion
 neppethL teach/train somebody to do                 deviser n.m devisoryon (male) inventor
 something                                           devisores n.f devisoresow (female)
deskleverL n.m desklevrow (=                          inventor
 dysklyverM) text-book                               devisya vb devise; invent; plan; scheme
deskoresL n.f deskoresow (= dyskores)                devnydh n.m devnydhyow use; material;

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
devnydhya                                                                                         dhortL

 ingredient; stuff. gul devnydh a2 make use            dewynnyans n.m dewynynansow (=
 of; utilise. gul devnydh da a2 put to good             dewydnyansL) radiation
 use. devnydh tardha n.m explosive                     dewynyadel n.f dewynyadellow radiator
devnydhya vb utilise                                   dewynyador n.m dewynyadoryon
devnydhyer n.m devnydhyoryon (male)                     radiator
 user                                                  de'YowL n.m (= dy'Yow) Thursday. de'Yow
devnydhyores n.f devnydhyoresow                         dhe nosL Thursday night
 (female) user                                         dha prn (sg) your
devnydhys adj used                                     dh'aga3 contr to their
devorya vb devour                                      dh'agan contr to our
devos n.f devosow ritual                               dh'agas contr to your (pl.)
devosek adj ritual                                     dhana cnj then
devosel adj ritual                                     dhe2 prp to; for; at. dhe dhiw eur
devri I adj definite II adv yn tevri certainly;         androweyth at two in the afternoon. dhe
 indeed; seriously                                      wari liberated. spit dhe2 in spite of
devydnaL vb (= devynna) quote                          Personal forms (RMC): 1sg dhymm, 2sg dhis, 3sgm
devyn n.m devynnow, devydnowL quote;                    dhodho, 3sgf dhedhi, 1pl dhyn, 2pl dhywgh, 3pl
 quotation. nos devyn n.m quotation mark               Personal forms (RLC): 1sg dhebmL, dhe vyL, 2sg dhis,
devynna vb (= devydnaL) quote                           dhe jyL, 3sgm dhodho, dhe evL 3sgf dhedhi, dhe
dew num, n.m two. an dhew adj, prn both                 heiL, 1pl dhenL, dhe neiL, 2pl dhewghL, dhe hweiL,
dewana vb penetrate; permeate                           3pl dhodhansL, dhedhan'jeiL, dhe anjeiL
dewblek adj double                                     dhe-denewen adv to one side
dewbries n.m married couple                            dhe-dre adv homewards
dewdhegves num twelfth                                 dhe-hesL adv (= dhe-hys) at length
dewdhek I num twelve II n.m dewdhegow                  dhe-hys adv (= dhe-hesL) at length
 dozen. dewdhek den jury                          dhe'm contr (= dh'ow3) to my
dewdhen n.m couple; pair                               dhe'n contr to the
dewek adj binary                                       dherag prp before. dherag dorn
dewfrik n.dl nostrils; muzzle; nose. uhel y             beforehand
 dhewfrik stuck up                                     Personal forms (RMC): 1sg dheragov, 2sg dheragos,
                                                        3sgm dheragdho, 3sgf dherygdhi, 1pl dheragon,
dewi vb kindle                                          2pl dheragowgh, 3pl dheragdha(ns)
dewis I n.m dewisyow choice; option; pick;             Personal    forms    (RLC):    1sg    dheragamL,
 selection II vb choose; pick; select. dre              dheraga'ma  L, 2sg dheragasL, 3sgm dheragtoL,

 dhewis optional. ken dewis n.m                         dherag evL, 3sgf dheragtiL, dherag heiL, 1pl
 alternative                                            dheragon, dheraga neiL, 2pl dheragowgh,
                                                        dheraga hweiL, 3pl dheragtansL, dherag anjeiL
dewisel adj optional
                                                       'dhesempis adv (= a-dhesempis)
Dewnens top Devon
                                                        forthwith; immediately
dewreydhel adj bisexual
                                                       dhe'th5 contr to your (sg.)
dew-ugens num forty
                                                       dhe-ves adv away; off. ke dhe-ves! go
dew-ugensves num fortieth
                                                        away! (sg.). kwit dhe-ves completely gone
dewydnyansL n.m dewynynansow (=
                                                       dhi adv to there, thither
 dewynnyans) radiation
                                                       dhortL prp (= dhyworth) from
dewyn n.m dewynnow, dewydnowL ray.                     Personal forms (RLC): 1sg dhortamL, dhorta vyL, 2sg
 dewyn X n.m X-ray                                      dhortesL, dhorta jyL, 3sgm dhortoL, dhort evL, 3sgf

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
dh'ow3                                                                                         didhaner

 dhortiL, dhort heiL, 1pl dhortenL, dhorta neiL, 2pl        diarhen adj barefoot
 dhortowgh, dhorta hweiL, 3pl dhortansL, dhort              dibalster n.m dibalsteryow austerity
                                                            dibarder n.m dibarderyow inequality
dh'ow3 contr (= dhe'm) to my
                                                            dibarow I adj separate; (numbers) odd II
dh'y2 contr to his; to its
                                                             adv separately
dh'y3 contr to her; to its
                                                            dibarth n.f dibarthow departure;
dhywar2 prp (= dywar2) from on, from
 over, from on top of
Personal forms (RMC): 1sg dhywarnav, 2sg
                                                            dibayn adj painless
 dhywarnas,      3sgm      dhywarnodho,    3sgf             dibednL adj (= dibenn) endless; eternal
 dhywarnedhi, 1pl dhywarnan, 2pl dhywarnowgh,               dibednaL vb (= dibenna) behead; crop; top
 3pl dhywarnedha(ns)                                        dibenn adj (= dibednL) endless; eternal
Personal forms (RLC): 1sg dhywarnamL, dhywarna              dibenna vb (= dibednaL) behead; crop; top
 vyL 2sg dhywarnas, dhywarna chyL, 3sgm
 dhywarnodho, dhywar evL, 3sgf dhywarnedhi,
                                                            diber n.m dibrow saddle. diber dowr n.m
 dhywar heiL, 1pl dhywara neiL, 2pl dhywara                  broad-brimmed hat
 hweiL, 3pl dhywarnedhans, dhywar anjeiL                    dibersonel adj impersonal
dhywarlinen adj offline                                     diberth vb (= diberthiL) (intransitive)
dhyworth prp (= dhortL) from                                 depart; leave; part; (transitive) segregate;
Personal forms (RMC): 1sg dhyworthiv, 2sg                    separate
 dhyworthis, 3sgm dhyworto, 3sgf dhyworti, 1pl              diberthiL vb (= diberth) (intransitive)
 dhyworthyn,     2pl   dhyworthowgh,       3pl
                                                             depart; leave; part; (transitive) segregate;
di adv to there, thither. bys di up to the                   separate
 place                                                      diberthva n.f diberthvaow ward.
di-2 prfx un-; -less; non-; without                          diberthva vamoleth n.f maternity ward
diabetiges n.f diabetigesow (female)                        diberthys adj separate
 diabetic                                                   dibita adj heartless; pitiless; ruthless
diabetik I adj diabetic II n.m diabetigyon                  diblans adj distinct; distinctive; separate;
 (male) diabetic                                             unrelated
diagnosa vb diagnose                                        diblanseth n.f distinctiveness; separateness
diagnosans n.m diagnosansow diagnosis                       dibobel adj deserted; depopulated
dial n.m revenge; retribution                               diboll adj senseless
diala vb avenge; take revenge                               diboltra vb dust (off)
dialhwedha vb unlock                                        diboos adj unimportant
dialkohol adj non-alcoholic                                 dibowes adj restless
diallos adj incapable; incompetent;                         dibreder adj careless; irresponsible; rash;
 powerless; unable                                           unwise
diambos adj unaccountable                                   dibries adj unmarried
diamovyans adj emotionless; clinical                        dibystik adj unharmed; unhurt
diank I diankow n.m escape II vb escape;                    didakla vb dismantle
 run away                                                   didal adj gratis
diannedh adj uninhabited; unoccupied;                       didhan I adj amusing; entertaining II n.m
 homeless                                                    didhenyow amusement; entertainment
dianowi vb yawn                                             didhana vb amuse; delight; entertain
diantel I adj dangerous; unsteady; unstable                 didhanedh n.m entertainment
 II vb (trap) set off                                       didhaner n.m didhanoryon (male)

                               SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
didhanores                                                                           difun

 entertainer                                   dielvenna vb (= dielvednaL) analyse
didhanores n.f didhanoresow (female)           dielvennans n.m dielvenansow (=
 entertainer                                    dielvednansL) analysis
didhanus adj amusing                           dien adj complete; entire; thorough; utter.
didhehednaL vb (= didhehenna) skim              yn tien, ettienL adv completely; wholly;
didhehenna vb (= didhehednaL) (of milk)         utterly; thoroughly
 skim                                          dienebys adj unopposed
didhelen adj leafless                          dieneth n.f completeness
didhemedhi vb divorce                          dierbydnaL vb (= dier-bynna) encounter
didhemedhyans n.m didhemedhyansow              dier-bynna vb (= dierbydnaL) encounter
 divorce                                       dieskis adj barefoot
didhemedhys adj divorced                       dieth n.m shame. dieth yw it's a shame
didheurek adj interesting                      difastya vb unfasten
didhiwedh adj endless; infinite                difednerL n.m difenoryon (= difenner)
didhiwedhter n.m infinity                       (male) defendant
didhoth adj tactless; uncivil                  difednysL adj (= difennys) prohibited
didhregydnusL adj (= didhregynnus)             difen vb forbid; prohibit
 harmless                                      difenner n.m difenoryon (= difednerL)
didhregynnus adj (= didhregydnusL)              (male) defendant
 harmless                                      difennys adj (= difednysL) prohibited
didhuwieth n.f atheism                         difenores n.f difenoresow (female)
didhuwydh n.m didhuwydhyon (male)               defendant
 atheist                                       difeyth I adj barren; waste II n.m
didhuwydhes n.f didhuwydhesow                   difeythyow wasteland; desert
 (female) atheist                              difeythtir n.m difeythtiryow desert
didhynnargh adj inhospitable; unwelcome        difinweth adj unlimited
didoll vb tax-free                             diflows adj straightforward; homely
didon adj tuneless                             difres I n.m difresow relief II vb defend;
didorr adj continuous                           protect; relieve; save. difres nebonan a
didowl adj unintentional                        neppyth relieve somebody of something
didreylya vb avert; divert                     difresek adj spare
didro adj direct; straightforward              difresyades n.f difresyadesow (female)
didrogentra vb unscrew                          defender
didrossa vb unpack                             difresyans n.m difresyansow protection;
diduel adj neutral                              relief
diegi n.m laziness; lethargy; sloth            difresyas n.m difresysi, difresyjiL (male)
diegrys adj shocked; terrified;                 defender
 thunderstruck                                 difreth adj insipid; dull
diek adj idle; lazy                            difudhel n.f difudhellow extinguisher
diekter n.m laziness; indolence                difudhi vb put out; extinguish. den difudhi
dieli adj incurable                             n.m firefighter. benyn dhifudhi n.f
dielvednaL vb (= dielvenna) analyse             (female) firefighter
dielvednansL n.m dielvenanjow (=               difun adj awake; sleepless. pur dhifun
 dielvennans) analysis                          wide awake

                        SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
difuna                                                                                   dinethorL

difuna vb wake. heb difuna dormant                     digreft adj inexpert; unskilled
difunel n.f difunellow alarm clock                     digrejadowL (= digrysadow) incredible
difygas n.m difygasow deficit                          digresednansL n.m (= digresennans)
difygel adj deficient                                   devolution
difygya vb cease; fail; fall short; run out (of        digresennans n.m (= digresednansL)
 sth.)                                                  devolution
difyk n.m difygyow deficiency                          digrysadow (= digrejadowL) incredible
digelmi vb resolve; disentangle                        diguv adj unkind; unfriendly
digelmys adj undone                                    dihanow adj anonymous; nameless
digempen adj untidy                                    dihares I n.m apology II vb apologise.
digemyska vb sort                                       diharesow! int sorry!
digessenyans n.m digessenyansow                        dihaval adj different; unlike. different
 anomaly; dissonance                                    from dihaval orth
digeudh adj carefree                                   dihevelebi vb alter; disfigure
diglevejiL vb (= diglevesi) disinfect                  dihevelep adj unlike; divergent
diglevesi vb (= diglevejiL) disinfect                  dihevelepter n.m dihevelepterow
diglon I adj desperate; (cheerless) desolate            difference
 II n.f desperation                                    dihwans adv staight away
dignas adj unkind                                      dilaha adj lawless
digodedniL (= digodenni) decode;                       dilasva n.f dilasvaow wardrobe. mestres
 decipher                                               dilasva n.f wardrobe lady
digodenni vb (= digodedniL) decode;                    dilea vb abolish; cancel; delete; eliminate;
 decipher                                               remove
digoledniL vb (= digolenni) depress;                   dileans n.m dileansow abolition; deletion;
 discourage                                             elimination
digolednysL adj (= digolennys)                         dilestra vb disembark
 disheartened                                          dillas n.coll dilasen clothes; suit. dillas
digolenni vb (= digoledniL) depress;                    gwia n.coll knitwear. dillas nos n.coll
 discourage                                             pyjamas. dillas omvadya n.coll bathing
digolennys adj (= digolednysL)                          suit
 disheartened                                          dilowr adj unsatisfactory
digolm n.m digolmow solution                           din n.m dinyow fort
digolodnaL vb (= digolonna) core                       dinas n.m dinasow fort
digolodnusL adj (= digolonnus)                         dinasydh n.m dinasydhyon (male) civilist
 discouraging                                          dinasydhes n.f dinasydhesow (female)
digolonna vb (= digolodnaL) core                        civilist
digolonnus adj (= digolodnusL)                         dinatur adj abnormal; unnatural
 discouraging                                          diner n.m dinerow penny
digompes adj irregular; uneven                         dineren n.f dinerennow, dinerednowL
digomposter n.m digomposteryow                          penny coin
 irregularity                                          dinerth adj forceless; powerless
digorf adj ethereal                                    dinethiL vb (= dinythi) generate; give birth
digosk adj sleepless                                   dinethorL n.m dinethoryon (= dinythor)
digoweth adj lonely; without friends                    generator. dinethor tredanL n.m electric

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
dinethyansL                                                                        diskwedhes

 generator                                          discernyans n.m discernyansow savvy;
dinethyansL n.m dinethyansow (=                      taste
 dinythyans) generation; birth;                     disebilya vb unplug
 reproduction                                       diseha vb refresh; quench (thirst)
dinythi vb (= dinethiL) generate; give birth        diseher n.m disehoryon wiper;
dinythor n.m dinythoryon (= dinethorL)               windscreen wiper
 generator. dinythor tredan n.m electric            disel n.m diesel
 generator                                          disenor n.m disenors dishonour
dinythyans n.m (= dinethyansL)                      disenora vb dishonour
 generation; birth; reproduction                    diserri vb placate
diod n.m diodys diode                               dises n.m disesys disease; disquiet;
diogel adj secure; reliable; certain. diogel         inconvenience
 rag gossen rustproof                               disesya vb put ill at ease; molest
diogeledh n.m security. grugys diogeledh            disevel vb upset; trip; throw down
 n.m safety belt                                    disfavera vb discriminate against
diogeli vb secure; safeguard                        disfaverus adj unfavourable
diomborth adj unbalanced                            diskansa vb scale (a fish)
diown adj fearless                                  diskar n.m diskarow collapse
diplomen n.f diplomennow,                           diskara vb collapse; fall apart
 diplomednowL diploma                               diskarga vb unload; discharge
diras adj graceless                                 diskargans n.m diskargansow discharge
direson adj irrational                              diskeverans n.m diskeveransow outing
direwl (= dirowlL) I adj irregular; anarchic        diskevra vb uncover
 II n.m irregularity; anarchy                       di'ski vb (= diwiska) undress; take off
direwlyades n.f direwlyadesow (=                    diskians I adj ignorant II n.m ignorance
 dirowlyadesL) (female) anarchist                   diskler adj indistinct; opaque; unclear;
direwlyas n.m direwlysi (= dirowlyasL)               vague. kows diskler n.m mumble
 (male) anarchist                                   disklerya vb declare
direydh adj neuter                                  diskleryans n.m diskleryansow
dirolya vb unroll                                    declaration
dirowlL (= direwl) I adj irregular; anarchic        disklos adj homeless
 II n.m irregularity; anarchy                       disklosya vb disclose
dirowlyadesL n.f dirowlyadejow (female)             diskont n.m diskontow discount
 anarchist                                          diskontentys adj discontented; unsatisfied
dirowlyasL n.m dirowlyji (= direwlyas)              diskontya vb discount
 (male) anarchist                                   diskortes adj impolite; rude
diruska vb peel; skin; flay                         diskrewya vb unscrew
diruskel n.m diruskellow (tool) peeler              diskryjyk I adj sceptical II n.m
dis n.m disyow dice                                  diskryjygyon sceptic
dis- prfx un-                                       diskudha vb discover; expose; reveal;
disakord n.m disakordow disagreement                 uncover
disakordya vb disagree                              diskudhans n.m diskudhansow discovery;
disawor adj unpleasant                               revelation
discernya vb discern; discriminate                  diskwedhes vb show; appear. diskwedhes

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
diskwedhyans                                                                        diswrys

 an meus thumb a lift                             disposya vb dispose
diskwedhyans n.m diskwedhyansow                   dispresya vb despise; look down on;
 exhibition; show; revelation                      neglect; slight
diskwedhyn n.f diskwedhynnow,                     dispresyans n.m dispresyansow
 diskwedhydnowL exhibit                            contempt; neglect; slight
diskwir adj non-standard                          disprevi vb disprove
diskwitha vb relax; repose; rest                  disputya vb argue; dispute. disputya orth
diskwithans n.m relaxation                         argue with
diskwithus adj relaxing                           dissaytya vb deceive
disledniL vb (= dislenni) unveil                  dissembla vb dissemble
dislen adj faithless; unfaithful                  dissent n.m dissent
dislenni vb (= disledniL) unveil                  dissentya vb dissent; disagree
disliw adj pale; dull; drab                       dissentyer n.m dissentyoryon (male)
disliwa vb fade                                    conformist
dismaylya vb unwrap                               dissentyores n.f dissentyoresow (female)
dismygel adj imaginary                             conformist
dismygi vb figure out; find out; guess;           distag adj detached
 imagine; invent                                  distaga vb (intransitive) come away;
dismygriv n.m dismygrivow estimate                 (transitive) detach. come away from
dismygwari I n.m dismygwariow                      distaga dhyworth, distaga dhortL
 improvisation II vb improvise                    distagyn n.f distagynnow, distagydnowL
dismygyaL vb (= dismygi) figure out; find          military detail
 out; guess; invent                               distempra vb upset
dismygyans n.m dismygyansow                       distemprys adj upset
 imagination; invention                           disto adj homeless
dismyk n.m dismygow riddle                        distowgh adv suddenly; staight away;
disobaya vb disobey                                directly; dreckly
dison I adj quiet; soundless II adv               distributya vb distribute
 forthwith; without another word                  distrui vb destroy; do for
disonest adj dishonest                            distruksyon n.m distruksyons destruction
disonester n.m dishonesty                         distruyans n.m distruyansow destruction
disordyr n.m disordyrs disorder                   distyr adj insignificant; of no account
dispar adj unequal                                diswar adj unwary; unaware; unconscious
dispersya vb disperse                             diswaytus adj disappointing
displegya vb develop; explain; unfold. heb        diswaytyans n.m diswaytyansow
 displegya undeveloped                             disappointment
displegyans n.m displegyansow                     diswaytyas vb disappoint
 development; explanation                         diswaytys adj disappointed
displesour n.m displesours displeasure            diswresL adj (= diswrys) done for; undone;
displesya vb displease                             ruined
displesyans n.m displeasure                       diswrians n.m diswriansow ruin;
displesys adj displeased                           destruction; undoing
displetya vb display; unfold                      diswrys adj (= diswresL) done for; undone;
displetyans n.m displetyansow display              ruined

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
diswul                                                                             diyskynnus

diswul vb undo; spoil; dismantle                    diwedhys adj late; over; ended
disynklevya vb disinfect                            diwel adj (unseen)
disynklevyans n.m disynklevyansow                   diweres adj helpless
 disinfection                                       diwerth adj valueless; worthless
disynklevyas n.m disynklevysi,                      diwes n.m diwosow drink
 disynklevyjiL disinfectant                         diwettha adj last; later; latest; latter;
divagli vb disentangle; separate                     extreme
divaren n.f divarennow, divarednowL                 diweyth adj unemployed
 constant                                           diweythieth n.f unemployment
divarva vb shave. ewon divarva n.coll               diwirhaval adj unlikely; improbable
 shaving foam                                       diwiska vb (= di'ski) undress; take off
divedhow adj sober                                  diwiskieth n.f nudism
diveri vb pour                                      diwiskydh n.m diwiskydhyon (male)
divern adj unconcerned; carefree                     naturist; (male) nudist
divers adj diverse; miscellaneous; varied;          diwiskydhes n.f diwiskydhesow (female)
 various                                             naturist; (female) nudist
diversita n.m diversitys diversity                  diwith adj unprotected
diveth adj shameless                                diwiver n.m diwiveryow wireless; radio
divlas adj disgusting; gross; offensive;            diwodhav adj intolerable
 revolting; unpleasant                              diwosa vb (transitive) bleed
divlasa vb (transitive) disgust; offend;            diwotti n.m diwottiow pub; tavern
 (intransitive) be disgusted; feel revulsion        diwreydhya vb eradicate; stamp out
divroa vb migrate                                   diwros n.f diwrosow bicycle
divroans n.m divroansow migration                   diwrosa vb cycle; ride a bike
divroeges n.f divroegesow (female)                  diwvogalen n.f diwvogalennow,
 migrant                                             diwvogalednowL diphthong
divroek n.m divroegyon (male) migrant               diwvrodnerL n.m diwvronoryon (=
divroyades n.f divroyadesow (female)                 diwvronner) bra
 emigrant                                           diwvronner n.m diwvronoryon (=
divroyas n.m divroysi, divroyjiL (male)              diwvrodnerL) bra
 emigrant                                           diwweyth adv twice. diwweyth mar dha
divyn vb chop; mince                                 twice as good
diw num, n.f two. an dhiw adj, prn both             diwyethek adj bilingual
diwedh n.m diwedhow end; outcome.                   diwyethogeth n.f bilinguialism
 dedhyas diwedh n.m date of expiry. heb             diwysyans n.m diwysyansow industry
 diwedh eternal. war an diwedh at long              diwysygneth n.f diligence
 last; in the long term                             diwysyk adj conscientious; diligent;
diwedha vb end; expire                               earnest; hard-working; industrious;
diwedhans n.m diwedhansow expiry                     zealous; observant
diwedhes adj late                                   diwysykter n.m zeal
diwedhva n.f diwedhvaow ending                      diyskynna vb (= deskydnyaL, = 'skynnya,
diwedhyn adj stiff; inflexible                       'skydnyaL) descend; go down; alight
diwedhynder n.m diwedhynderyow                      diyskynnus adj (= deskydnusL)
 inflexibility                                       descending. yn aray diyskynnus in

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
dobyl                                                                                  dout

 descending order                                 dorge n.m dorgeow earthwork
dobyl adj double                                  dorgel n.m dorgellow cellar; vault
dogen n.m dognow dose                             dorgrys n.m dorgrysyow earthquake
dognya vb dose                                    dorhok n.m dorhokys nightjar
dognyans n.m dognyansow dosage                    dorn n.m dornow, dl dewdhorn fist; hand;
dogvednekL adj (= dogvennek)                       handle. dhe dhorn nearby; near at hand.
 documentary                                       dherag dorn beforehand. dre dhorn
dogvennek adj (= dogvednekL)                       manual(ly). fardellow dorn
 documentary                                       hand-luggage. padel dhorn n.f saucepan
dohajedhL n.m dohajedhyowL (=                     dorna vb bash; beat; punch; strike; thrash
 dohajydh) afternoon. dohajedh daL good           dornas n.m dornasow fistful; handful
 afternoon                                        dornbel n.f dornbelyow handball
dohajydh n.m dohajydhyow (=                       dornel (1) n.f dornellow whisk
 dohajedhL) afternoon. dohajydh da good           dornel (2) n.f dornellow manual
 afternoon                                        dornella vb whip (cream)
doktour n.m doktours doctor                       dornla n.m dornleow door handle
doktourieth n.f doctor's degree                   dornleverL n.m dornlevrow handbook
dol n.m dole                                      dornlyverM n.m dorlyvrow (= dornleverL)
dolli n.f doliow doll                              handbook
dolor n.m dolors pain                             dornskrif n.m dornskrifow manuscript
domhwel vb revolt                                 dornskrifa vb write by hand
domhwelans n.m domhwelansow                       dornskrifans n.m dornskifansow
 (political) revolution; revolt                    handwriting
domhweler n.m domhweloryon (male)                 dornweyth n.m dornweythyow handicraft
 revolutionary                                    doronieth n.f geography
domhwelores n.f domhweloresow                     dororieth n.f geology
 (female) revolutionary                           dos vb come; arrive. dos er-bynn, dos
domhwelus adj revolutionary                        war-bydnL encounter. dos dhe weles
domino n.m domino                                  come and see. dos ha happen to. dos ha
don vb (= degi) carry; bear; wear                  bos become. dos nes come close;
dones vb (= dos) come; arrive                      approach. dos yn-rag, dos en-ragL come
doneson n.m donesonow donation                     on
dons n.m donsyow dance                            dosedh n.m dosedhow (in physics) density
donsya vb dance                                   doth adj discreet; tactful; well behaved
donsyer n.m donsyoryon (male) dancer              dothenep n.m tact
donsyores n.f donsyoresow (female)                dothter n.m prudence; tact
 dancer                                           dotya vb dote; go mad
doos adj dense                                    dour adj intensive; rigorous
dooth I adj prudent; sage II n.m dothyon          dourwith n.m intensive care
 sage                                             doust n.m dust
dor n.m doryow earth; ground. dhe'n dor           dout (1) cnj lest. kemmer with dout ty dhe
 down; to the ground. dor bras, dor broasL         godha, kebmer with dout che dhe
 n.m mainland. know dor n.coll peanuts;            godhaL mind you don't fall
 groundnuts                                       dout (2) n.m doutys doubt; scruple. heb

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
doutus                                                                                     dres

 dout without doubt; of course;                 playwright
 undoubtedly                                   drayl n.m draylyow drag
doutus adj doubtful                            draylel n.f draylellow sleigh
doutya vb doubt; fear                          draylya vb drag
doutys adj jittery                             draylyer n.m draylyoryon trailer
dov adj tame; pet. eneval dov n.m pet          dre2 prp (= der) (before a consonant)
dova vb tame                                    through; by means of; per. dre hap by
dover n.m dovoryon (male) tamer. dover          chance; by the way; incidentally. dre lev
 lewyon n.m (male) lion tamer                   vocal. dre reson because. dre vras, dre
dovores n.f dovoresow (female) tamer.           vroasL generally; mainly; for the most part
 dovores lewyon n.f (female) lion tamer        Personal forms (RMC): 1sg dredhov, 2sg dredhos,
down adj deep                                   3sgm dredho, 3sgf dredhi, 1pl dredhon, 2pl
                                                dredhowgh, 3pl dredha(ns)
downder n.m downderyow depth                   Personal forms (RLC): 1sg dredhamL, dredha vyL,
downfria vb deep-fry                            2sg dredhasL, dredha chyL, 3sgm dredho, der evL,
downhe vb deepen                                3sgf dredhi, dre heiL, 1pl dredhanL, dredha neiL,
downrewi vb deep-freeze                         2pl dredhowgh, dredha hweiL, 3pl dredhans, der
dowr n.m dowrow water; (in names of             anjeiL
 rivers) river. dowr ewonek n.m mineral        dre2L cnj that. maga pell dr'allama
 water. dowr sall n.m salt water. Dowr          gwelesL as far as I can see
 Tamar n.m River Tamar. dowr tomm,             dredhL prp through
 dowr tobmL n.m brandy. dowr tomm              drefen cnj because of; on account of
 molas, dowr tobm molasL n.m rum. dowr         dregydnaL vb (= dregynna) wrong
 tonek n.m tonic water                         dregydnusL adj (= dregynnus) harmful;
dowra vb water; (of an airplane) ditch          mischievious
dowrargh n.m dowrarhow water tank              dregyn n.m dregynnow, dregydnowL
dowrfols n.m dowrfolsyow leak                   harm; mischief
dowrgi n.m dowrgeun otter                      dregynn n.f dregynnow, dregydnowL
dowrgleudh n.m dowrgleudhyow canal              mischief
dowrhe vb irrigate; water                      dregynna vb (= dregydnaL) wrong
dowrlam n.m dowrlammow,                        dregynnus adj (= dregydnusL) harmful;
 dowrlabmowL waterfall                          mischievous
dowrliw n.m dowrliwyow water-colour            drehedhes vb reach; access; arrive
dowrvargh n.m dowrvergh hippopotamus           drehedhyans n.m drehedhyansow
dowrya vb moisten                               attainment; reach
dragon n.f dragones dragon                     drehevel vb (= derevelL) build; construct;
drama n.m dramas drama                          erect; lift; raise
dramasek adj dramatic                          drehevyans n.m drehevyansow building;
dramasydh n.m dramasydhyon (male)               construction; erection
 dramatist                                     dreiL vb (= dri) bring; persuade
dramasydhes n.f dramasydhesow                  dremedal n.m dremedales dromedary
 (female) dramatist                            dren n.m dreyn thorn; fishbone
dramatydh n.m dramatydhyon (male)              drenek adj thorny
 playwright                                    dres adv, prp beyond; over; through;
dramatydhes n.f dramatydhesow (female)          during; past; in the course of. dres an jydh,
                                                dres an jedhL, dres an jorna all day long.

                        SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
dreslebmelL                                                                                   dustuni

dres henna, dres hednaL besides. dres                       scoundrel
keyn afterwards. dres oll particularly;                    drogura vb smear
primarily. dres ehen adj extraordinary;                    drogurans n.m droguransow smear
adv extraordinarily. dres musur                            drogwas n.m drogwesyon rogue;
extremely. dres nivera redundant. dres                      delinquent
nos overnight. dres penn ha diwskovarn,                    drokoleth n.f wrong; wickedness
dres pedn ha diwskovarnL head over                         drokter n.m wickedness
heels. dres pols, dres poljL temporarily                   drolla n.m drollys folk tale; story; yarn.
Personal forms (RMC): 1sg dresov, 2sg dresos, 3sgm          derivas drolla spin a yarn
 dresto, 3sgf dresti, 1pl dreson, 2pl dresowgh, 3pl        droppya vb drop
                                                           drubmL n.m drubmyow (= drumm) ridge
dreslebmelL vb (= dreslemmel) jump over.
                                                           drudh adj cherished; favourite; precious
 dreslebmel an lostL jump the queue
                                                           drumm n.m drummyow (= drubmL) ridge
dreslemmel vb (= dreslebmelL) jump over.
                                                           dryftbren n.m dryftbrennyer,
 dreslemmel an lost jump the queue
                                                            dryftbrednyerL driftwood
dreweskel vb buffet
                                                           dryftya vb drift
drewydh n.m drewydhyon druid
                                                           dryftyans n.m dryftyansow drift.
dreys n.coll dreysen bramble
                                                            dryftyans an brastiryow n.m continental
dreysa vb tangle
dri vb (= dreiL) bring; persuade
                                                           dryljiL n.m (= drylsi) monotonous,
drivya vb drive. drivya yn-mes, drivya
                                                            annoying noise
 en-mesL drive out
                                                           drylsi n.m (= dryljiL) monotonous,
drog I adj bad; evil; invalid; naughty;
                                                            annoying noise
 wicked; nasty II n.m drogow bad; ill; harm;
                                                           Du n.m November
 hurt. drog dans n.m toothache. drog penn,
                                                           du adj black. pur dhu pitch black
 drog pednL n.m headache. drog dres ehen
                                                           duhe vb blacken
 abysmal. drog-pes adj displeased;
                                                           duik adj blackish
 dissatisfied; in a bad mood. drog yw
                                                           duk n.m dukys duke
 genev, drog ew genamL I'm sorry
                                                           dukes n.f dukesow duchess
drog-atti n.m epilepsy
                                                           duketh n.f dukethow duchy
drogbrederys adj malicious
                                                           dulas adj dark green
drogdybi vb suspect
                                                           dur n.m steel
drogedh n.m drogedhow (moral weakness)
                                                           durdadhehweiL idiom (= durdadhehwi)
                                                            good day
drogfara vb behave badly
                                                           durdadhehwi idiom (= durdadhehweiL)
drog-gerys adj infamous
                                                            good day
droghandla vb mishandle; abuse
                                                           Durnostadha idiom good night
droglam n.m droglammow, droglabmowL
                                                           Dursona idiom God bless!
 accident; crash; mishap
                                                           durya vb last; continue; endure
drogober n.m drogoberow crime
                                                           duryadow adj lasting; durable
drogoberor n.m drogoberoryon (male)
                                                           duryer n.m duryoryon (male) survivor
 criminal; (male) culprit
                                                           duryores n.f duryoresow (female)
drogoberores n.f drogoberoresow
 (female) criminal; (female) culprit
                                                           dustuni n.m dustuniow evidence;
drog-polat n.m drog-polatys rascal;

                               SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
dustunia                                                                                 dynedh

 testimony; witness                                  hairdresser
dustunia vb testify                                 dyghtyores n.f dyghtyoresow (female)
dustunier n.m dustunioryon (male)                    manager. dyghtyores wols n.f (female)
 witness                                             hairdresser
dustuniores n.f dustunioresow (female)              dyghtys adj treated; processed. keus
 witness                                             dyghtys n.m processed cheese
Duw n.m (Jewish, Christian & Muslim) God.           dy'gol n.m dy'golyow (= de'golL) feast-day;
 awos Duw for crying out loud; for God's             holiday; vacation. dy'gol kemmyn n.m
 sake. dagrow Duw fuchsia. molleth              bank holiday. Dy'gol Maria Mis Meurth
 Duw! damn!                                          n.m Annunciation. Dy'gol Stefan Boxing
duw n.m duwow god                                    Day
duwena vb sadden                                    dy'Gwener n.m (= de'GwenerL) Friday.
duwenhe vb grieve; sadden                            dy'Gwener dhe nos Friday night.
duwenhes adj grieved; saddened                       dy'Gwener an Grows n.m Good Friday
duwenik depressed                                   dy'gweyth n.m dedhyow gweyth (=
duwes n.f duwesow goddess                            de'gweythL) weekday
duwon n.m grief; sadness                            dygynsete adv (= degenseteL) on the day
duwonieth n.f theology                               before yesterday
duwonydh n.m duwonydhyon (male)                     dyhow adj (opposite of left) right;
 theologian                                          right-handed; southern
duwonydhes n.f duwonydhesow (female)                dyhowbarth n.f south
 theologian                                         dyji n.m dyjiow small cottage
dy' abbr (= de'L) day. dy'gol n.m holiday;          dyjyn n.m dyjynnow, dyjydnowL dot;
 vacation. dy'Lun n.m Monday. dy'Meurth              speck; mite; little piece. dyjynnow an
 n.m Tuesday. dy'Merher n.m Wednesday.               veusva (DAV) dots per inch (DPI)
 dy'Yow n.m Thursday. dy'Gwener n.m                 dyllans n.m dylansow edition; issue
 Friday. dy'Sadorn n.m Saturday. dy'Sul             dyller n.m dyloryon (male) publisher
 n.m Sunday                                         dyllo vb edit; issue; release; leak; publish;
dybradow adj (= debradowL) edible                    (gun) set off
dybri vb (= debriL) eat                             dylores n.f dyloresow (female) publisher
dydh n.m dedhyow (= dedhL) day; date.               dy'Lun n.m (= de'LunL) Monday. dy'Lun
 dres an jydh all day long. hanter dydh n.m          dhe nos Monday night. dy'Lun Penkost
 midday; noon                                        Witmonday
dydhlyverM n.m dydhlyvrow diary; (=                 dy'Merher n.m (= de'MerherL)
 dedhleverL)                                         Wednesday. dy'Merher dhe nos
dydhweyth n.m (= dedhweythL) daytime                 Wednesday night
dyffrans I adj different; divergent; various        dy'Meurth n.m (= de'MeurthL) Tuesday.
 II n.m dyffransow difference; distinction           dy'Meurth dhe nos Tuesday night
dyghtya vb treat; dictate; manage; serve;           dynamegieth n.f dynamics
 trim. dyghtya krehyn tan leather                   dynamek adj dynamic
dyghtyans n.m dyghtyansow procedure;                dynamit n.m dynamite
 treatment; therapy; management                     dynamitya vb dynamite
dyghtyer n.m dyghtyoryon (male)                     dynamo n.m dynamoyow dynamo
 manager. dyghtyer gols n.m (male)                  dynedh n.m inductance

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
dynerhi                                                                                     edrygys

dynerhi vb greet; welcome                             erudite. dyskys bras scholarly
dynita n.m dignity                                   dy'Sul n.m (= de'SulL) Sunday. dy'Sul dhe
dynnargh n.m dynarhow greeting;                       nos Sunday night
 welcome                                             dyth n.m dythow recitation; saying
dynya vb fascinate                                   dythya vb recite
dynyanjekL adj (= dynyansek) fascinating;            dywar2 prp (= dhywar2) from on, from
 tempting                                             over, from on top of
dynyans n.m dynyansow fascination                    Personal forms (RMC): 1sg dywarnav, 2sg
dynyansek adj (= dynyanjekL) fascinating;             dywarnas, 3sgm dywarnodho, 3sgf dywarnedhi,
                                                      1pl   dywarnan,       2pl    dywarnowgh,    3pl
 tempting                                             dywarnedha(ns)
dynyek adj tempting                                  Personal forms (RLC): 1sg dywarnamL, dywarna vyL
dyowl n.m dyowlow (= jowl) devil                      2sg dywarnas, dywarna chyL, 3sgm dywarnodho,
dyowles n.f dyowlesow she-devil                       dywar evL, 3sgf dywarnedhi, dywar heiL, 1pl
dy'Sadorn n.m (= de'SadornL) Saturday.                dywara     neiL,   2pl    dywara    hweiL,  3pl
                                                      dywarnedhans, dywar anjei   L
 dy'Sadorn dhe nos Saturday night
                                                     dy'Yow n.m (= de'YowL) Thursday. dy'Yow
dyskador n.m dyskadoryon (= deskajorL)
                                                      dhe nos Thursday night
 (male) teacher; (male) trainer; (male)
                                                     eL prn (= ev) he
 instructor; (male) tutor
                                                     ea int (= yaL) yes
dyskadores n.f dyskadoresow (=
                                                     ebel n.m ebeli colt
 deskadresL) (female) teacher; (female)
                                                     ebil n.m ebilyow, ebilyer bolt; peg. ebil
 trainer; (female) instructor; (female) tutor
                                                      horn n.m iron bolt
dyskans n.m dyskansow (= deskansL)
                                                     ebilya vb plug
 lesson; instruction; tuition; tutorial. ri
                                                     ebilyer n.m ebilyer, ebilyorow (electrical)
 dyskans dhe2 educate. feow dyskans
 tuition fees
                                                     e-bost n.m e-bostow e-mail
dyskansus adj (= deskansusL) tutorial
                                                     e-bostya vb e-mail
dyskas n.m dyskasow (= deskasL)
                                                     Ebrel n.m April
 teaching; doctrine
                                                     ebron n.f sky
dysker n.m dyskoryon (= deskerL) (male)
                                                     -edh sffx (abstract noun suffix)
                                                     edhen n.f ydhyn edhnowL bird
dyskevres n.m dyskevresow (=
                                                     edhomM n.m edhommow (= odhom)
 deskevresL) syllabus
                                                      necessity; want; need. edhom a'm beus
dyski vb (= deskiL) (intransitive) learn;
                                                      anodhoM I need it. dres edhomM
 (transitive) teach; train; instruct. dyski
 gans learn from. dyski dhe nebonan gul
                                                     edhommekM (= odhommek, odhobmekL)
 neppyth teach/train somebody to do
                                                      I adj needy II n.m odhomogyon needy
dysklyverM n.m dysklyvrow (=
                                                     'Edhow n.m 'Edhewon (= Yedhow) Jew
 deskleverL) text-book
                                                     'Edhowek adj (= Yedhowek) Jewish
dyskores n.f dyskoresow (= deskoresL)
                                                     'Edhowes n.f (= Yedhowes) Jewish woman
 (female) learner
                                                     edrega vb regret
dyskybel n.m dyskyblon pupil; disciple;
                                                     edrek n.m edregow regret. edrek a'm
                                                      beus, yma edrek dhymm I regret
dyskys adj (= deskysL) learned; educated;
                                                     edrygys adj sorry

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
efan                                                                                      eli

efan adj, adv broad; vast; plainly                 Egyptian
efander n.m range; latitude                       Ejyptyones n.f Ejyptyonesow (female)
efani vb expand                                    Egyptian
efanvos n.m space                                 -ek sffx -ish; -ic; -y
efanyans n.m expansion                            eko- prfx eco-
efarnL n.m efarnow (= yfarn) hell                 ekologieth n.f ecology
efarnekL adj (= yfarnek) hellish                  ekologydh n.m ekologydhyon (male)
EfenL n.m (= Metheven) June                        ecologist
effeyth n.m effeythyow effect. effeyth            ekologydhes n.f ekologydhesow (female)
 Doppler n.m Doppler effect. effeyth chi           ecologist
 gweder, effeyth chei gwederL n.m                 ekonomieth n.f economy
 greenhouse effect                                ekonomydh n.m ekonomydhyon (male)
effeythadow adj efficient                          economist
effeythi vb effect                                ekonomydhes n.f ekonomydhesow
effeythus adj effective                            (female) economist
egerelL n.f egerellow (= ygerel) opener.          eksamnya vb examine; check; inspect; vet
 egerel gannysL n.f tin-opener                    eksamnyer n.m eksamnyoryon (male)
egeriL vb (= ygeri) open; explain                  examiner
egeryansL n.m egeryansow (= ygeryans)             eksamnyores n.f eksamnyoresow
 opening                                           (female) examiner
egerysL adj (= ygerys) opened. hanter             eksekutya vb execute; run (a programme)
 egerysL ajar; half opened                        eksekutyans n.m eksekutyansow
egin n.m eginyow shoot; bacterium                  execution
egina vb sprout; shoot                            eksistya vb exist
eglos n.f eglosyow church. eglos tegL n.f         ekskludus adj exclusive
 temple                                           ekskludya vb exclude
egorL adj (= ygor) open. checken egor n.f         eksotek adj exotic
 blank cheque                                     eksperyans n.m eksperyansow experience
egwal n.m egwalys equivalent                      eksperyansys adj experienced
ehek n.m ehoges, ehogyon salmon                   ekspres adj express
ehen n.f ehennow, ehednowL kin; kind;             ekstasi n.m ecstasy
 sort; species; type; variety. a lies ehen        ekstatek adj ecstatic
 varied; heterogeneous. a unn ehen, a udn         ekwal n.m ekwals copy; equal; facsimile
 ehenL uniform. awos ehen at all costs.           el n.m eledh angel
 dres ehen exceedingly; outstanding;              -el (1) sffx -al; -ile
 extremely. ehen beryllys n.f endangered          -el (2) sffx (denotes tools and appliances)
 species                                          -el (3) sffx (verbal noun suffix)
'ehesL n.m (= yehes) health. 'ehes da!L           elastek adj elastic
 cheers! 'ehes korfek n.m physical fitness        elek adj angelic
ehoka vb fish for salmon                          elektron n.m elektrons electron
Ejyp n.m Egypt                                    elektronek adj electronic
Ejyptek n.m Egytpian language                     elester n.coll elestren iris
ejyptek adj Egytpian                              elgeth n.f elgethyow chin
Ejyptyon n.m Ejyptyonyon (male)                   eli n.m eliow balm; ointment; remedy;

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
elia                                                                                                en-nansL

 salve. eli gweus n.m lip balm; lip salve                   underneath. en-dadn dor underground
elia vb anoint                                              Personal forms (RLC): 1 sg en-dadnamL, 2sg
elin n.m elinnyow, elidnyowL, dl dewelin                     en-dadnasL, 3sgm en-dadn evL, 3sgf en-dadn heiL,
                                                             1pl en-dadna neiL, 2pl en-dadna hweiL, 3pl
 elbow; angle. elin pedrek n.m right angle                   en-dadn anjeiL, en-dadnansL
ellas int alas                                              endellaL adv (= yndella) like that. endella
elow n.coll elowen elms                                      re boL int so be it; amen
elowek n.f elowegi elm grove                                endelmaL adv (= yndelma) like this
els n.m elsyon stepson                                      endelnaL adv (= yndelna) like that
elses n.f elsesow stepdaughter                              endurya vb endure
elvednekL adj (= elvennek) basic;                           enebi vb face; oppose
 elementary                                                 enebieth n.f opposition
elven n.f elvennow, elvednowL element;                      enep n.m enebow face
 factor; spark                                              enesega vb insulate
elvennek adj (= elvednekL) basic;                           enesek I adj insular II n.f enesegi
 elementary                                                  archipelago. Enesek Syllan n.f Isles of
elynL adj (= ylyn) clear; limpid;                            Scilly
 transparent. gober elynL n.m net pay                       enesik n.f enesigow islet
e'mannL adv (= yn-bann) up; upward;                         enethL adv (= unweyth) once; only;
 upwards; uphill                                             incidentally
emayl n.m enamel                                            enev n.m enevow (= ena (1)) soul. daskor
emaylhe vb enamel                                            y enev give up one's ghost
e'medhL vb (= yn-medh) says; quoth                          eneval n.m enevales animal. eneval dov
emperes n.f emperesow empress                                n.m pet
emperour n.m emperours emperor                              engrys adj angered; angry
emperouregek adj imperialistic                              en-honsL adv (= yn-hons) over there;
emperouregieth n.f imperialism                               yonder
emperoureth n.f emperourethow empire                        enjoya vb enjoy
emperourethek adj imperial                                  en-kerhynL prp (= yn-kerhyn) around;
emskemuna vb ban; excommunicate                              upon
en5L part (= yn5) -ly. en fasL properly. en                 Personal forms (RLC): 1sg et ow herhynL, 2sg en dha
 feurL greatly                                               gerhynL, 3sgm en y gerhynL, 3sgf en hy herhynL,
enL prp (= yn) in; (with placenames) at;                     1pl et agan kerhynL, 2pl et agas kerhynL, 3pl et
 into; on. bys enL all the way to. en koskL                  aga herhynL
 asleep; dormant. en leL in place of; instead               en-keverL adv, prp (= yn-kever) (used with
 of. en udn2 -ing                                            poss. adjectives) concerning; with regard to;
 Personal forms (RLC): 1sg ennamL, 2sg ennasL, 3sgm          regarding
  enno (ev)L, etto (ev)L, 3sgf enni (hei)L, 1pl enna        Personal forms (RLC): 1sg et ow heverL, 2sg en dha
  neiL, 2pl enna hweiL, 3pl et anjeiL, ettansL               geverL, 3sgm et y geverL, 3sgf en hy heverL, 1pl et
ena (1) n.m enevow (= enev) soul. daskor                     agan keverL, 2pl et agas keverL, 3pl et aga heverL
 y ena give up one's ghost                                  en-mesL adv (= yn-mes) out; outwards.
ena (2) adv there; then                                      en-mes a2L out of
enaL n.f enevow (= enev) soul                               en-meskL prp (= yn-mysk) amid; among; in
enamel n.m enamel                                            the middle of; in the midst of
                                                            Personal forms (RLC): 1pl e'gan meskL, 2pl e'gas
enamelhe vb enamel                                           meskL, 3pl e'ga meskL
en-dadnL prp (= yn-dann2) under; beneath;                   en-nansL adv (= yn-nans) down

                                SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
en-nesL                                                                                        erhen

en-nesL adv (= yn-nes) closer; nearer              er (2) n.m erys (male) heir; (male)
eno over there; yonder                              successor
enor n.m enorys honour                             er (3) n.m eryow, dl dewer temple
enora vb honour                                    er (4) n.m challenge; defiance; heresy;
enoradow adj honourable                             insistence; stubbornness
enorys adj honourable; honoured                    erba n.m erbys herb
enos adj, adv over there; yonder                   erber erberow, erbers n.m kitchen garden;
enowel n.f enowellow lighter                        arbour
enowi vb kindle; switch on                         erbydnerL n.m erbynoryon (= erbynner)
enowys adj lit                                      (male) opponent
en-ragL adv (= yn-rag) forward; onward;            er-bynn (= war-bynn, = war-bydnL) prp
 on; ahead. mos en-rag go forward;                  against; versus; in preparation for; by.
 proceed                                            er-bynn Nadelik by Christmas. dos
ensL vb (= yns) they are                            er-bynn encounter; fall on. er-bynn an
ensampel n.m ensamplys, ensamplow                   gwias against the grain. er-bynn an laha
 example; instance. rag ensampel for                against the law
 instance; for example                             Personal forms (RMC): 1sg er ow fynn, 2sg er dha
en-solL int (= yn-sol) arise! up!                   bynn, 3sgm er y bynn, 3sgf er hy fynn, 1pl er agan
                                                    pynn, 2pl er agas pynn, 3pl er aga fynn
entertaynour n.m entertaynouryon
                                                   erbynner n.m erbynoryon (= erbydnerL)
                                                    (male) opponent
entra vb enter. entra a-ji, entra a-jeiL go
                                                   erbynores n.f erbynoresow (female)
 inside. entra dhe2 neb le, entra yn neb le
 enter some place
                                                   erbysek adj economic
entrans n.m entransow entrance
                                                   erbysi vb save (money); economise
envi (1) n.m envi enemy
                                                   erbysiedh n.m erbysiedhow economy
envi (2) envy; enmity; grudge
                                                   erbysieth n.f economics
envius adj envious. bos envius war-bynn,
                                                   erbysus adj economical
 bos envius war-bydnL be jealous of
                                                   erbysyades n.f erbysyadesow (female)
enys n.f enesow island. Enys Morris n.f
 Mauritius. Enys Vanow n.f Isle of Man
                                                   erbysyas n.m erbysysi, erbysyjiL (male)
enysegans n.m enysegansow insulation
enysekter n.m (state of) isolation
                                                   erbysydh n.m erbysydhyon (male)
enyshe vb isolate
enysheans n.m enysheansow (process of)
                                                   erbysydhes n.f erbysydhesow (female)
enyshes adj isolated
                                                   erbysyon savings
eos n.f eosow nightingale. klogh an eos n.m
                                                   eres n.f eresow (female) heir; (female)
epskobes n.f epskobesow (female) bishop
                                                   ergh n.coll erhen snow. den ergh n.m
epskobeth n.f epskobethow bishopric
                                                    snowman. karow ergh n.m reindeer
epskop n.m epskobow (male) bishop
                                                   erghslynk n.m erghslynkys,
epyk I adj epic II n.m epygys epic
                                                    erghsklynkow avalanche
epystyl n.m epystlys epistle
                                                   erhek adj snowy
er (1) n.m eryon, eres eagle
                                                   erhen n.f erhennow, erhednowL

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
erhi                                                                                           et anL

 snowflake                                              eskerenjaL n.f (= eskerensa) enmity
erhi vb bid; command; decree; order;                    eskerensa n.f (= eskerenjaL) enmity
 require. erhi der an post mail order                   eskis n.f eskisyow, 'skijyowL shoe. eskis
erna2(g) cnj until; till. erna vo klewys                 sport n.f trainer
 neppyth ken, erna vo klowys neppeth                    eskorra vb output
 kenL until further notice                              eskorrans n.m eskoransow output
erotek adj erotic                                       esoterek adj esoteric
erow n.f erewi acre                                     esperthi vb export
error n.m errors error                                  esporth n.m esporthow export
errya vb err; deviate                                   essenjiL vb (= yssynsi) contain
ertach n.m ertajys heritage. Ertach                     essensek adj essential
 Kernow n.m Cornish Heritage                            Est n.m August
erthygel n.m erthyglow (text) article                   est n.m east. a'n est eastern
ervin n.coll ervinen turnips                            estem n.m admiration; esteem
ervira vb decide; resolve                               estemya vb admire; esteem; estimate
ervirans n.m erviransow verdict                         ester n.coll estren oysters
ervirys adj determined                                  estewlel vb (= estowlelL) eject
ervys adj armed. ervys bys y'n dhiwen                   esthetek adj aesthetic
 armed to the teeth                                     Estoni n.f Estonia
erya vb challenge; defy; fly in the face of             Estonian n.m Estonians (male) Estonian
es (1) I adj easy II n.m ease; comfort                  Estonianes n.f Estonianesow (female)
es (2) cnj (= ages) than. moy es kans over a             Estonian
 hundred                                                Estoniek n.m Estonian language
Personal forms (RMC): 1sg essov, 2sg essos, 3sgm        estoniek adj Estonian
 esso, 3sgf essi, 1pl esson, 2pl essowgh, 3pl           estowlelL vb (= estewlel) eject
                                                        estrek n.f estregi oyster-bed
-es sffx -esow (female suffix)
                                                        estren I adj alien; strange II n.m estrenyon
esedh n.f esedhow seat. esedh fenester n.f
                                                         (male) alien; (male) outsider; (male)
 window seat. esedh gasel n.f aisle seat.
 grugys esedh n.m seat belt
                                                        estrenes n.f estrenesow (female) alien;
esedha vb sit; take a seat. esedha war
                                                         (female) outsider; (female) stranger
 skavel an gow slander; gossip
                                                        estrenya vb alienate
esedhek n.m esedhogow session
                                                        estrigys adj absent. perhen estrigys n.m
esedhva n.f esedhvaow living room;
                                                         absentee landlord; second-homer
 lounge; lounge room
                                                        estrik n.m estrigow absence
esedhvos n.m esedhvosow session;
                                                        estyllen n.f estylennow, estylednowL shelf
                                                        esya (1) adj (comparative of es) easier
esel n.m eseli member. esel senedh n.m
                                                        esya (2) vb ease; put at ease; accommodate;
 member of parliament (MP). galar eseli
 n.m rheumatism. kleves eseli n.m
                                                        esyans n.m esyansow accommodation
                                                        etL prp (used before the article an and before
eseleth n.f eselethow membership
                                                         possessive pronouns beginning in a vowel)
esi adj easy
eskar n.m eskerens adversary; enemy
                                                        et anL contr (= y'n (1)) in the
eskarogeth n.f enmity

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
etek                                                                                   ewnhynsek

etek num eighteen                                     euth n.m horror; panic. kemeres euth
etekves num eighteenth                                 panic
eternal adj eternal                                   euthega vb terrify
eth (1) num eight                                     euthekter n.m terror
eth (2) n.m ethow odour; scent                        euthvil n.m euthviles monster.
eth (3) vb went (3psg pret)                            Euthvil-Neyj an Spaghetti n.m the Flying
eth (4) n.m ethys hearth                               Spaghetti Monster
-eth sffx (abstract noun suffix)                      euthyk (= ithikL) I adj awful; frightful;
'ethL n.f 'ethow (= yeth) language. 'eth               ghastly; horrible; terrible; terrific;
 teythyekL n.f vernacular language                     tremendous II adv awfully; horribly;
ethednaL vb (= ethenna) evaporate                      terribly. euthyk bras enormous. euthyk
ethegel adj ethical                                    tra very much indeed
ethek n.f ethics                                      euver adj valueless; worthless
ethen n.f ethennow, ethednowL odour;                  euvergryjyk adj superstitious
 scent                                                ev prn (= eL) he; him
ethenna vb (= ethednaL) evaporate                     eva vb drink; absorb
ethnek adj ethnic. karth ethnek n.m ethnic            evor n.coll evoren hogweed
 cleansing                                            evredh n.m evredhyon disabled (male)
ethol n.m etholow choice                               person
etholans n.m etholansow ballot; election              evredhek adj disabled
etholer n.m etholoryon (male) elector                 evredhes n.f evredhesow disabled
etholi vb elect                                        (female) person
etholores n.f etholoresow (female) elector            evy prn (emphatic) me
ethves I n.m ethvesow octave; eighth II               ewL vb (= yw) he/she is
 num eighth                                           ewin (1) n.m ewines claw; fingernail; talon;
ettienL adv entirely; wholly; utterly;                 toenail. ewin kennin n.m clove of garlic.
 thoroughly                                            gwernis ewines n.f nail varnish
eur n.f euryow hour; o'clock. pub eur                 ewin (2) n.coll ewinen yew
 always. py eur yw, pe eur ewL what is the            ewinrew n.m numbness
 time. war euryow now and then                        ewinrewys adj numb
eurdal n.m eurdalow hourly rate                       ewl n.f ewlow craving. ewl voos n.f
Europa n.m Europe                                      appetite
European n.m Europeanyon (male)                       ewn adj (= ownL) fair; correct; just; proper;
 European                                              right; accurate. yn ewn fairly
Europeanes n.f Europeanesow (female)                  ewna vb (= ownaL) correct; make right;
 European                                              mend; repair
europek adj European. Unyans Europek                  ewnans n.m ewnansow (= ownansL)
 (UE) n.m European Union (EU)                          correction; repair
Eurosenedh n.m European Parliament                    ewnder n.m (= ownderL) fairness; justice
euryador n.m euryadoryow timetable                    ewngryjyk adj (= owngryjykL) orthodox
euryor n.f euryoryow watch                            ewnhe vb fix; repair
eus vb (3sg. pres. long form of bos; used with        ewnheans n.m ewnheansow repair
 indefinite subjects) there is; is. eus mona          ewnhynsek adj (= ownhenjekL) just;
 genes? do you have any cash on you?                   upright; virtuous

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
ewnhynseth                                                                                 fastya

ewnhynseth n.f (= ownhenjethL) integrity;            faladow n.m faladowyow failure. heb
 fairness                                             faladow without fail; doubtless
ewnran n.f ewnrannow (= ownranL)                     falhun n.m falhunes falcon
 ration                                              fall n.m fallow failure; loss
ewnranna vb (= ownradnaL) ration                     fals adj false; cheating; insincere;
ewnter n.m ewntres (= ownterL) uncle                  treacherous; adulterous. fekyl fals n.m
ewon n.coll ewonen foam; froth. ewon                  hypocrite
 divarva n.coll shaving foam                         falsgober n.m falsgobrow bribe
ewonek adj foamy; frothy. dowr ewonek                falsgobra vb bribe
 n.m mineral water                                   falsuri n.m insincerity; treachery
ewoni vb froth                                       falsvowes falsvowysi (female) cheater;
eyl prn one of two; second. an eyl y gila n.m         (female) fraud; (female) impostor
 one another (male); mutual. an eyl hy ben           falswas n.m falswesyon (male) cheater;
 n.f one another (female); mutual. an eyl             (male) fraud; (male) impostor
 wosa y gila successive                              famya vb (intransitive) starve
eyla vb (= eylya) second                             fanci n.m fancis fancy
eyles n.coll eylesen sundew                          fangla vb contrive
eylgelghya vb (= eylgylghyaM) recycle                fantasi fantasis fantasy
eylgelghyans n.m (= eylgylghyansM)                   fantasiek adj fantastic
 recycling                                           fanya vb fan
eylgylghyaM vb (= eylgelghya) recycle                fara I n.m conduct; behaviour II vb behave;
eylgylghyansM n.m (= eylgelghyans)                    fare
 recycling                                           fardel n.m fardellow package; parcel.
eylskrif n.m eylskrifow copy                          fardellow luggage
eylskrifa vb copy                                    fardella vb pack; package
eylya vb (= eyla) second                             fardellik n.m fardeligow packet
Eynda n.f India                                      fardellow luggage. roos fardellow n.f
Eyndek n.m Eyndogyon (male) Indian                    luggage rack
eyndek adj Indian. Keynvor Eyndek n.m                Faro n.m Faros Pharaoh
 Indian Ocean                                        farwell n.m farewell; goodbye. ri farwell
Eyndoges n.f Eyndogesow (female) Indian               gans an leuv, rei farwell gen an leuvL
eyrin n.coll eyrinen sloes                            wave goodbye
eythin n.coll eythinen furze; gorse                  farya vb fare
faborden I adj bass II n.m fabordenyon               fas n.m fassow face; visage. sawya fas save
 bass. gitar faborden n.m bass guitar                 face
fagel n.f faglow flame; inflammation. fagel          faskor I adj Fascist II n.m faskoryon (male)
 avi n.f hepatitis. fagel kilwagrennow,               Fascist
 fagel kilwagrednowL n.f tonsillitis. fagel          faskores n.f faskoresow (female) Fascist
 las n.f gastritis. fagel skevens n.f                fast adj stable; steady; permanent
 pneumonia. fagel vriansen n.f laryngitis            faster n.m stability
fagla vb inflame                                     fasthe vb ratify
faglen n.f faglennow, faglednowL torch               fastheans n.m fastheansow ratification
fakt n.m faktys fact                                 fastya vb attach; confirm; establish; fasten;
faktor n.m faktorow factor                            tighten; secure

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
fastyans                                                                                filosofores

fastyans n.m fastyansow confirmation                  fer n.m feryow fair
fatel2 adv how                                        ferla n.m ferleow fairground
fatla adv how                                         ferror n.m feroryon blacksmith
fav n.coll faven bean                                 fers adj fierce
favera vb favour; discriminate in favour of           feryl n.m ferylyow (male) chemist
faverus adj favourable                                feryles n.f ferylesow (female) chemist
favour n.m favours favour                             ferylva n.f ferylvaow pharmacy
faw n.coll fawen beeches                              feskL adj (= fysk) I adj hasty; impulsive;
fay (1) n.m faith                                      rushed II n.m haste; hurry; rush
fay (2) n.f fayys fairy                               feskiL vb (= fyski) rush; hurry; dash; bustle
faynt adj feeble                                      fesont n.m fesons pheasant
fayntys n.m hypocrisy                                 fest adv extremely; indeed
fe (1) n.m feow fee. feow dyskans, feow               fesya vb cast out; chase off
 deskansL tuition fees. feow parkya              feth n.m fethow fact parking fees                                    fetha vb beat; conquer; defeat; overcome;
fe (2) n.m feow feudal estate; fief                    top; vanquish
federal adj federal                                   fethans n.m fethansow conquest; defeat
fedhL n.f fedhyow (= fydh) faith                      fether n.m fethores (male) conqueror;
fednaL vb (= fenna) overflow                           (male) victor
fekla vb (transitive) flatter; (intransitive)         fethesik n.m fethesigow victim
 pretend                                              fethores n.f fethoresow (female)
feklans n.m flattery                                   conqueror; (female) victor
fekler n.m fekloryon (male) hypocrite                 fethus adj smart; luxuriant
feklores n.f fekloresow (female) hypocrite            fethyel adj factual
fekyl I adj flattering; perfidious II n.m             feus n.m chance; luck
 hypocrite. fekyl cher hypocritical                   feusik adj (= fujikL) fortunate; lucky
fel adj astute; crafty; sly; shrewd                   fevyr n.m fevyrs fever; temperature
felgh felghyow spleen                                 fewdal adj feudal
felghya vb mow                                        feyth adj fertile
felhel n.f felhellow mower                            fi int fie
fell adj grim; cruel                                  fia (1) vb flee; run away. fia dhe'n fo take
fella adj (= pella) (mutated form of pella             flight
 following na) further                                fia (2) vb despise; disdain
felon n.m felons felon; delinquent                    fiadow adj despicable
felshyp n.m felshyps fellowship; company              fians n.m contempt
fencya vb (receive or sell stolen goods) fence        fienasow anxiety; suspense; fret
fenesterM n.f fenestri window. esedh                  figur n.m figurys figure
 fenesterM n.f window seat                            figura vb figure
fenestrek adj windowed                                figys n.coll figysen figs
fenil n.f fennel                                      figysen n.f figysennow, figysednowL fig
fenna vb (= fednaL) overflow                          filosofek adj philosophical
fenogel n.f fennel                                    filosofer n.m filosofers (male) philosopher
fenten n.f fentynnyow, fentydnyowL                    filosofieth n.f filosofiethow philosophy
 fountain; spring; well                               filosofores n.f filosoforesow (female)

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
fin                                                                                             fols

 philosopher                                        floren n.f florennow, florednowL
fin (1) n.f finyow end; limit                        door-lock
fin (2) adj fine; astute; delicate; refined;        florennik n.f florenigow (= florednikL)
 sensitive                                           locket
finder n.m sensibility                              floryshya vb flourish; thrive
findheskysL adj (= findhyskys) cultured             flosh n.m floshys flush
findhyskys adj (= findheskysL) cultured             floshya vb flush
finek adj final                                     flou n.f influenza
finel adj final                                     flour (1) n.m flourys flower
finsya vb finish; end                               flour (2) adj perfect; eminent
finweth n.f finwethow limit. finweth tooth          flour (3) n.m flouryow deck
 n.f speed limit. heb finweth unlimited             flownen n.f flownennow, flownednowL
finwetha vb limit                                    (female) flirt; minx
fion n.coll fionen narcissi                         flows n.m nonsense; idle talk
fisegel adj physical                                flyckra vb flicker
fisten n.m hurry; haste                             flyckrans n.m flyckransow flicker
fistena vb hurry; make haste; rush                  flynt n.m flyntys (= flentL) flint
flamek n.m flameges flamingo                        flyrtya vb flirt
flamm n.m flammow flame                             foesiges n.f foesigesow (female) fugitive;
flappya vb flap                                      (female) runaway
flattra vb delude; wind up; have on                 foesik I adj fugitive; runaway II n.m
flehik n.m flehesigow, flehigyow infant              foesigyon (male) fugitive; (male) runaway
flentL n.m flentys (= flynt) flint                  fog n.m fogow focus; furnace; hearth. mes a
fler n.m fleryow smell; stench; stink                fog out of focus
flerya vb stink; smell                              fogella vb focus
flerys adj pungent; stinking                        fogellys adj focussed
flock n.m flockys flock                             fol I adj foolish; mad; absurd II n.m felyon
flogh n.m flehes child; kid. flogh byhan n.m         madman
 baby. flogh besydh, flogh bejydhL n.m              folednikL n.f folenigow (= folennik)
 godchild. flogh gwynn, flogh gwydnL n.m             brochure; flyer; leaflet; pamphlet
 grandchild. flogh yn-dann oos, flogh               folen n.f folennow, folednowL page; leaf;
 en-dadn oosL n.m minor. gans flogh                  sheet
 pregnant. medhegieth flehes n.f                    folenep n.m folenebow foolish face;
 paediatrics                                         foolishness; folly
floghgovia vb baby-sit                              folennik n.f folenigow (= folednikL)
floghgovier n.m floghgovioryon (male)                brochure; flyer; leaflet; pamphlet
 baby-sitter                                        foli n.m folly
floghgoviores n.f floghgovioresow                   foljaL vb (= folsa) split. folja blewL nit-pick;
 (female) baby-sitter                                quibble
floghva n.f floghvaow nursery;                      foljansL n.m foljanjow (= folsans) splitting.
 kindergarten                                        fɔljans blewL n.m quibble
flohel adj puerile                                  folji n.m foljiow asylum; mental hospital
florednikL n.f florenigow (= florennik)             folneth n.f folly; foolishness
 locket                                             fols n.m folsyow cleft; fissure; rift; split

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
folsa                                                                                        FrenkL

folsa vb (= foljaL) split. folsa blew nit-pick;         figure; mould; shape
 quibble                                               formel adj formal
folsans n.m folsansow (= foljansL)                     formya vb (= furvya) form; figure
 splitting. folsans blew n.m quibble                   formyer n.m forvyoryon creator
fon n.m fons telephone; phone. niver fon               forn n.f fornow oven. forn gorrdon n.f
 n.m telephone number                                   microwave oven
fondacyon n.m fondacyons foundation                    fors n.m forsow force; heed. na fors never
fondya vb found; establish; lay foundations             mind; no matter. na fors pyneyl
fondyans n.m fondyansow establishment;                  irrespective of; no matter if
 foundation                                            forsakya vb abandon; desert; forsake
fonya vb telephone                                     forsedh n.m (in physics) force
foon n.m new-mown hay                                  forster n.m forstoryon (male) forester
for'L n.f for'ow (= fordh) way; road;                  forstores n.f forstoresow (female) forester
 manner. dhe hanter an for'L midway. e'n               fortudnyesL adj (= fortunnyes) lucky
 for' aralL on the other hand. e'n for' maL in         fortun n.m fortunnyow, fortudnyowL
 this way. en neb for'L anyway. for' a-droL             fortune
 n.f (traffic) roundabout. for' dhallL n.f             fortunnyes adj (= fortudnyesL) lucky
 cul-de-sac; dead end. for' dhibarthL n.f              fos n.f fosow wall
 junction. for' dremen n.f bypass. for' lanL           fosforos n.m phosphorus
 n.f clearway; thoroughfare. for' veurL vb             foul n.m foulys fool
 highway. fowt for' aralL as a last resort.            fouton n.m foutonyow futon
 heb for'L trackless. mos e'n for'L be on              fow n.f fowys cave
 one's way. war ow for' hirL in the long run;          fowt n.m fowtys, fowtow deficiency; fault;
 in the end                                             lack; want. fowt bri n.m insignificance.
fordh n.f fordhow (= for'L) way; road;                  fowt dyskans, fowt deskansL n.m
 manner. dhe hanter an fordh midway.                    ignorance. fowt fordh aral as a last resort.
 fordh a-dro n.f (traffic) roundabout. fordh            fowt perthyans n.m intolerance. fowt styr
 dhall n.f cul-de-sac; dead end. fordh                  n.m insignificance. yn despit dh'an
 dhibarth n.f junction. fordh dremen n.f                fowtow warts and all
 bypass. fordh lan n.f clearway;                       fram n.m framyow frame
 thoroughfare. fordh veur n.f highway. fowt            framya vb frame; adapt; formulate; put
 fordh aral as a last resort. heb fordh                 together; structure
 trackless. mos y'n fordh be on one's way.             frank adj frank; free; candid
 war ow fordh hir in the long run; in the              frankedh n.m liberty
 end. y'n fordh aral on the other hand. y'n            franklondya vb smuggle
 fordh ma in this way. yn neb fordh                    frankres adj free-range. oy frankres
 anyway                                                 free-range egg. yar frankres n.f free-range
fordhlet n.m fordhlettys, fordhlettow                   hen
 road-block                                            frappya vb beat; knock; strike
forgh n.f fergh fork                                   frappyans n.m percussion
forlel n.f forlellow whisk                             frappyansek adj percussive
forlya vb whip; whisk                                  fraws n.m fraud
form (1) n.m(f) formys bench                           frawsus adj fraudulent
form (2) n.m(f) formys (= furv) form;                  FrenkL (= Frynk) I n.m France II n.m

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
FrenkekL                                                                                  Fynn

 Frenkyon Frenchman                                 n.m electric current
FrenkekL n.m (= Frynkek) French                    frosa vb flow
 language                                          frothus adj fertile
frenkekL adj (= frynkek) French                    frut n.m frutys fruit
FrenkesL n.f Frenkesow (= Frynkes)                 Frynk (= FrenkL) I n.m France II n.m
 Frenchwoman                                        Frynkyon Frenchman
fres n.m freight                                   Frynkek n.m (= FrenkekL) French
fresk adj fresh                                     language
freth adj eager; fluent; outspoken;                frynkek adj (= frenkekL) French
 unabated                                          Frynkes n.f Frynkesow (= FrenkesL)
frethter n.m eagerness; facility                    Frenchwoman
freudh n.m freudhow commotion; violence            fug I adj counterfeit; fake II n.m fugyow
freudhek adj violent                                feint; forgery. hanow fug n.m incognito
fria (1) vb fry. oy friys n.m fried egg            fug-2 prfx pseudo-
fria (2) vb liberate                               fugieth n.f fiction
frig n.m frigow, dl dewfrik nostril. frigow        fugya vb counterfeit; fake; feign; forge. nose. uhel y dhewfrik stuck up                fugya an akontys cook the books
frigow (= frig) nose                          fugyans n.m fugyansow forgery
frikhwethL n.m frikhwethow (=                      fujikL adj (= feusik) fortunate; lucky
 frikhwyth) sniff                                  fumado n.m fumados sardine
frikhwetha vb (= frikhwythaM) sniff                fun n.f funyow cable
frikhwyth n.m frikhwythow (=                       fur adj sensible; prudent; well advised; wise
 frikhwethL) sniff                                 furneth n.m wisdom
frikhwythaM vb (= frikhwetha) sniff                furv n.f furvow, furvyow (= form (2))
friys adj fried. oy friys n.m fried egg             form; figure; mould; shape
frobmusL adj (= frommus) edgy                      furvya vb (= formya) form; figure
frodnL n.f frodnow (= fronn) brake;                furvyer n.m furvyoryon creator
 restraint. gweskel an frodnL slam on the          furvyores n.f furvyores creatress
 brakes                                            fusen n.f fusennow, fusednowL rocket
frodnaL vb (= fronna) brake; restrain;             fust n.f fustow club; cudgel
 restrict                                          fusta vb beat (with a club); batter; thresh
frodnansL n.m fronanjow (= fronnans)               fycycyen n.m fycycyens physician
 restriction                                       fydh n.f fedhyow (= fedhL) faith
frommus adj (= frobmusL) edgy                      fydhya vb trust. fydhya war2 rely on
fronn n.f fronnow (= frodnL) brake;                fydhyans n.m trust
 restraint. gweskel an fronn slam on the           fyll n.m fyllys, fyllow fiddle; violin
 brakes                                            fyllel vb fail; miss; be missing; lose; fall
fronna vb (= frodnaL) brake; restrain;              short. fyllel a2 lack. fyllel dhe2 fail
 restrict                                           somebody. fyllel gweles overlook; fail to
fronnans n.m fronansow (= frodnansL)                notice
 restriction                                       fylm n.m fylmow film; movie (US). fylm
frooth n.coll frothen fruit. sugen frooth           bughwesyon n.m Western
 n.m fruit juice                                   fylmya vb film
fros n.m frosow current; flow. fros tredan         Fynn n.m Fynnys (male) Finn

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
Fynndir                                                                                              gas

Fynndir n.m Finland                                  galwydh n.m galwydhyon pager
Fynnek n.m Finnish language                          gam n.m game (hunting target)
fynnek adj Finnish                                   'gan prn (infixed) we, us; (poss. adj.) we, us;
Fynnes n.f Fynesow (female) Finn                      our
fyrv adj firm                                        ganow n.m ganowow mouth; (of a gun)
fysegieth n.f physics                                 muzzle. der anow, war anow verbal
fysek n.f medicine                                   ganowas n.m ganowasow mouthful
fysk (= feskL) I adj impulsive; hasty; rushed        ganowek I adj big-mouthed II n.m
 II n.m haste; hurry; rush                            ganowogyon (human) big-mouth person;
fyski vb (= feskiL) rush; hurry; dash; bustle         (fish) anchovy
fyslek adj annoying; fussy; troublesome              gans prp (= genL) with; by. gans ganow by
fyt n.m fyttys, fyttow sports match                   word of mouth. gans golow alight; lit. gans
fyttya vb prepare                                     tan on fire
'ga3 adj (infixed) them; (poss. adj.) their          Personal forms (RMC): 1sg genev, 2sg genes, 3sgm
gaja n.m gajys pledge                                 ganso, 3sgf gensi, 1pl genen, 2pl genowgh, 3pl
gal n.m galyon, galow villain; outcast               Personal forms (RLC): 1 sg genamL, gena vyL, 2sg
galadewder n.m galadewderyow potential                genes, gena jyL, 3sgm ganjoL, gans evL, 3sgf genjiL,
galadow adj potential                                 gans heiL, 1pl genen, gena neiL, 2pl genowgh,
galar n.m galarow grief. galar eseli n.m              gena hweiL, 3pl ganjansL, gans anjeiL
 rheumatism                                          garaL vb (= gasa) allow; leave; let; permit;
galarek adj miserable                                 abandon. gara mewghL jump bail. gara
galari vb grieve; lament; mourn                       spas dhe2L make way for. gerowgh nei
galarow agony                                    dhe weles!L (periphrastic imperative) let's
gallon n.m gallons gallon                             see! [rə]
gallos I n.m galosow ability; capability;            garan n.f garanes crane. koll garan n.coll
 know-how; might; power II vb can; be able            cranberries
galojekL adj (= galosek) capable;                    garen n.f garennow, garednowL stalk
 competent; mighty; potent; powerful                 garlont n.f garlons wreath
galosedh n.m (in physics) power                      garm n.f garmow shout; whoop; yell. garm
galosegi vb enable                                    argemynna, garm argemydnaL n.f
galosek adj (= galojekL) capable;                     advertising slogan. garm wormola n.f
 competent; mighty; potent; powerful                  ovation. garm vresel n.f battle cry. pas
galow n.m galowyow call; calling; appeal;             garm n.m whooping cough
 invitation; vocation. galow a-bell n.m              garma vb cry out; whoop; yell. garma yn
 long-distance call. galow pellgows n.m               lowen cheer
 telephone call                                      garnisyon n.m garnisyons garrison
galwansek adj vocational                             garow adj brutal; coarse; crude; fierce;
galwen n.f galwennow, galwednowL call.                grim; harsh; rough; savage
 galwen bellgows n.f telephone call                  garowder n.m violence; brutality
galwesigeth n.f galwesigethow profession;            garr n.f garrow, dl diwar leg
 calling; vocation                                   garren n.f garennow, garednowL calf (of
galwesik adj professional                             leg)
galweyth n.m galweythow crime                        garth n.m garthow courtyard; enclosure;
galweythel adj criminal                               yard. garth gwari n.m playground
                                                     gas n.m gassys gas

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
'gas                                                                                             gidleverL

'gas prn (infixed, pl) you; (poss. adj., pl) your            Genver n.m January
gasa vb (= garaL) allow; leave; let; permit;                 genys adj born. genys orth born of.
 abandon. gasa mewgh jump bail. gasa                          nowyth genys newborn
 spas dhe2 make way for. gas dha son! shut                   ger n.m geryow word. ger alhwedh n.m
 up! geswegh ni dhe weles! (periphrastic                      keyword. ger da n.m good reputation. ger
 imperative) let's see!                                       kesstyr n.m synonym. ger mell n.m article
gasadow n.m gasadowyow balance (of a                          (grammar). ger rag ger idiom word by
 bank account); residue                                       word. ger tremena n.m password
gast n.f gesti bitch; female dog                             gerda n.m fame
gava vb forgive; pardon. gava dhe nebonan                    gerdhelni n.m dyslexia
 forgive somebody                                            gerenogeth n.f verbosity
gavel n.f gavelyow grasp; capacity                           gerhdal adj dyslexic
gavelieth n.f capacitance                                    gerleverL n.m gerlevrow (= gerlyverM)
gaver n.f gyvres, gever goat. barv gaver                      dictionary; lexicon
 n.m goatee. gaver hal n.f snipe. gaver vor                  gerlyverM n.m gerlyvrow (= gerleverL)
 n.f crawfish                                                 dictionary; lexicon
gebmL n.m gebmow (= gemm) gem                                gerva n.f gervaow vocabulary
gednL n.m gednow (= genn) wedge                              gerya babble; be verbose
gednaL vb (= genna) wedge                                    geryel adj verbal
gelforn n.f gelfornow forge                                  gerysL adj (= gesys) left
gell adj (light) brown                                       gerys-da adj well spoken of; famous;
gelvin n.m gelvines beak; bill                                popular; renowned
gelvinek n.m gelvinoges, gelvinogyon                         ges n.m gesyow joke; jeer; mockery;
 curlew                                                       ridicule; satire. gul ges vb joke. gul ges a2
gelwel vb call; appeal; invite; summon                        lampoon; mock; ridicule
gemm n.m gemmow (= gebmL) gem                                gesedh n.f gesedhow irony
gemweyth n.m jewellery                                       gesya vb jeer; mock
gen n.f genyow, dl diwen jaw. ervys bys                      gesyer n.m gesyoryon (male) comedian
 y'n dhiwen armed to the teeth. serr dha                     gesyores n.f gesyoresow (female)
 dhiwen! shut up!                                             comedian
genL prp (= gans) with; by. gen ganowL by                    gesys adj (= gerysL) left
 word of mouth. gen golowL alight; lit. gen                  getto n.m gettos ghetto
 tanL on fire                                                gevel (1) n.m gevellyon, gevellas (male)
Personal forms (RLC): 1 sg genamL, gena vyL, 2sg              twin
 genes, gena jyL, 3sgm ganjoL, gans evL, 3sgf genjiL,        gevel (2) n.f gevelyow tongs
 gans heiL, 1pl genen, gena neiL, 2pl genowgh,
 gena hweiL, 3pl ganjansL, gans anjeiL
                                                             geveligow pliers
genamL prp (= gans) with me                                  gevelji n.m geveljiow semi-detached house
genamaL prp with me                                          gevelles n.f gevelesow (female) twin
genesiges n.f genesigesow (female) native                    gevelya vb (= govelya) forge
genesigeth n.f genesigethow birth                            gevyans n.m gevyansow forgiveness;
genesik I adj native II n.m genesigyon                        pardon
 (male) native                                               gew n.m gewow woe
genn n.m gennow (= gednL) wedge                              gid n.m gidys guide
genna vb (= gednaL) wedge                                    gidleverL n.m gidlevrow (= gidlyverM)

                                SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
gidlyverM                                                                                    gober

 guidebook                                             glebya vb (= glybyaM) moisten; wet
gidlyverM n.m gidlyverow (= gidleverL)                 glena vb stick; adhere. glena orth stick to;
 guidebook                                              adhere to
gidya vb guide; conduct. gidya                         glenus adj adhesive
 menestrouthi conduct an orchestra                     glenysen n.f glenysennow, glenysednowL
gigabayt n.m gigabaytys gigabyte; abbr GB               sticker
gik n.m gikys peep. heb gul gik na mik                 glesin n.m glesinyow lawn. jynn glesin n.m
 stock-still. na gik na mik not a sound                 lawn-mower
gil n.m guile; deceit. heb toll na gil                 glew adj sharp; intense; vivid
 sincerely                                             glewder n.m glewderyow intensity
gis n.m gisyow fashion; guise; style;                  glin n.m glinyow, dl dewlin, dowlinL knee.
 (grammar) mood. herwydh an gis stylish;                penn glin, pedn glinL n.m knee-cap. war
 fashionable. gis islavarek n.m subjunctive             benn glin, war bedn glin kneeling
 mood. gis menegek n.m indicative mood.                gloos n.f glosow ache; anguish; pang;
 gis skrifa n.m literary style                          spasm
gitar n.m gitaryow guitar. gitar tredanek              glori n.m glory
 n.m electric guitar                                   gloryus adj glorious
gladnL n.f gladnow (= glann) bank; verge.              glow n.coll glowen coal
 gladn galishL n.f hard shoulder. gladn                glowor n.m gloworyon collier
 vedhelL n.f soft shoulder                             glowva n.f glowvaow colliery
glan adj I adj clear; clean; pure II adv quite.        glujekL adj (= glusek) sticky; adhesive
 fordh lan, for' lanL n.f clearway;                    glus n.m glusow, glujowL gum; adhesive;
 thoroughfare                                           glue. glus gwedhyn n.m rubber
glanhe vb clean                                        glusa vb glue
glann n.f glannow (= gladnL) bank; verge.              glusek adj (= glujekL) sticky; adhesive
 glann gales n.f hard shoulder. glann                  gluth n.m gluthow dew
 vedhel n.f soft shoulder                              gluthvelhwen n.f slug
glanyth adj tidy                                       glybM adj (= gleb) moist; damp; wet
glas adj blue; green; grey                             glybor n.m (= gleborL) moisture; damp;
glasik adj bluish                                       wetness
glasneth n.f vegetation                                glybyaM vb (= glebya) moisten; wet
glasrudh adj purple                                    glydnL n.m glydnow (= glynn) deep
glaveri vb drivel; drool; slobber                       wooded valley; glen
glavor n.m drivel; drool; slobber                      glynn n.m glynnow (= glydnL) deep
glaw n.m rain. gul glaw rain (verb)                     wooded valley; glen
glawas n.m rainfall                                    gnas n.f gnasow character; nature; quality
glawek adj rainy                                       gnasek adj natural
glawen n.f glawennow, glawednowL drop                  gnasen n.f gnasennow, gnasednowL trait
 of rain                                               go int woe. go vy! woe is me!
glawlen n.f glawlennow, glawlednowL                    gobalas vb skim (in digging or mining)
 umbrella                                              gobans n.m gobansow dingle; hollow
gleb adj (= glybM) moist; damp; wet                    gober n.m gobrow income; pay; reward;
gleborL n.m (= glybor) moisture; damp;                  salary; wage; remuneration. gober dilavur
 wetness                                                n.m unemployment benefit. gober

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
gobmonL                                                                                  gofenL

 ispoyntel n.m minimum wage. gober                  godhonydhes n.f godhonydhesow
 kleves n.m sick pay. gober omdennans,               (female) scientist
 gober omdednansL n.m pension. gober                go'dhor n.f godhow dor mole
 tew n.m gross pay. gober ylyn, gober               godhosek adj (= godhojekL) sedimentary
 elynL n.m net pay. feow parkya                godhvedhys adj known
 parking fees                                       godhvil n.m godhviles wild animal
gobmonL n.coll gomonen kelp; (=                     godhvos (= goffosL) I n.m godhvosow
 gommon); seaweed                                    ability; knowledge II vb know; be qualified
gobra vb reward; remunerate. gobrys da               to; can; acknowledge. a wodhes ta kewsel
 well paid                                           Kernewek? can you speak Cornish?
gobrena vb rent                                      godhvos a2 know about. godhvos gras a2
gobrener n.m gobrenoryon (male) tenant               give thanks for
gobrenores n.f gobrenoresow (female)                godhynya vb tempt
 tenant                                             godnL n.m godnys (= gonn) gun. godn hirL
gocki I adj daft; foolish; stupid; absurd II         n.m rifle
 n.m gockies fool                                   godnerL n.m gonoryon (= gonner) (male)
gockineth n.f stupidity; folly                       gunner
goderri vb interrupt; disrupt                       godom adj lukewarm
godevesik adj adolescent                            godor n.m godorrow interruption
godh n.f godhow mole                                godra vb milk
Godhal n.m Godhyli Irishman; (male) Gael            godrabmL n.m godrabmow (= godramm)
Godhalek n.m Gaelic language                         cramp
godhalek adj Gaelic                                 godramm n.m godrammow (= godrabmL)
Godhales n.f Godhalesow Irishwoman;                  cramp
 (female) Gael                                      godrehi vb trim
godhan n.m godhanes moth                            godrek n.m first milk; colostrum
godhav vb suffer; bear; tolerate                    godrev n.f godrevi small farm
godhen n.m godhnow sole                             godreva adv (= godrevedhM) in three days'
godhes n.m godhosow grounds; sediment                time; the third day from now
godhevek adj passive. ranngemeryans                 godrevedhM adv (= godreva) in three days
 godhevek n.m passive participle                     time; the third day from now
godhevel vb suffer; bear; tolerate                  godriga vb visit
godhevus adj patient; passive                       godriger n.m godrigoryon (male) visitor
godhevyades n.f godhevyadesow patient               godrigores n.f godrigoresow (female)
godhevyans n.m suffering                             visitor
godhevyas n.m godhevysi patient                     godrik n.m godrigow visit
godhik n.m godhigow gosling                         godros I godrosow n.m threat II vb
godhojekL adj (= godhosek) sedimentary               threaten
godhoniador n.m godhoniadoryon                      godrosus adj threatening
 encyclopaedia                                      godybi vb hypothesise
godhonieth n.f godhoniethow science                 godybieth n.f godybiethow hypothesis
godhoniethek adj scientific                         gofednusL adj (= govynnus) curious;
godhonydh n.m godhonydhyon (male)                    inquisitive
 scientist                                          gofenL (= govyn) I n.m gofednow question;

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
goffosL                                                                                   golyores

 query; request II vb ask; inquire; question;         place. golghva gerri n.f car wash
 request. govyn orth nebonan ask a                   golgi n.m golgeun watchdog
 question of somebody                                golhas n.m golhasow washing
goffosL (= godhvos) I n.m goffosow ability;          golhi vb wash; bathe
 knowledge II vb know; be qualified to; can;         goli n.m goliow injury; wound. goli byw,
 acknowledge. a wodhes ta kowsel                      goli bewL n.m ulcer
 Kernowek?L can you speak Cornish?                   golia vb wound
 goffos a2L know about. goffos gras a2L give         goliesiges n.f goliesigesow (female)
 thanks for                                           casualty
gogosk n.m gogoskow nap                              goliesik n.m goliesigow (male) casualty
gogow n.f gogowyow cave                              golinyans n.m golinyansow diagram
gogrys n.m suspicion                                 gologva n.f gologvaow outlook
gogrysek I adj suspect II n.m gogrysogyon            golohas n.m worship
 (male) suspect                                      golok n.f look; presence. golok
gogrysi vb to be suspicious; suspect                  war-dhelergh n.f retrospect
gogrysoges n.f gogrysogesow (female)                 golokwedrow spectacles
 suspect                                             golow I adj luminous II n.m golowys light;
gogrysus adj suspicious                               glow. gans golow alight. krevder golow
gohasa vb dislike                                     n.m luminous intensity
goheles vb avoid. sevel orth goheles face            Golowan n.m Midsummer
 up to                                               golowboyntya vb highlight
gohelus adj shy; timid                               golowbren n.m golowbrennyer,
gohi n.coll gohien wasp                               golowbrednyerL lamp-post
gohydh n.f gohydhow daughter-in-law                  golowhe vb illuminate; glow; light up;
goi vb digest                                         lighten
gojekL adj (= gosek) bloody; gory; (of meat)         golowi vb illuminate; glow; light up; lighten;
 rare                                                 shine
gojogenL n.f gojogednow (= gosogen)                  golowji n.m golowjiow lighthouse
 black pudding                                       golowyans n.m enlightenment; lighting
gol n.m golyow goal                                  golowyn n.m golowynnow, golowydnowL
golans n.m golansow small valley                      ray. golowyn X n.m X-ray
goleder n.f goledrow incline; tilt; tip              golowys adj lit
golegi vb edit                                       gols n.coll hair. kempenner gols n.m
goles n.m golesow bottom; base. kravas                (male) hairdresser. kempenores wols n.f
 goles an balyer scrape the barrel                    (female) hairdresser
golesen n.f golesennow, golesednowL                  golusek I adj rich; wealthy II n.m
 pettycoat                                            golusogyon rich man
golewder n.m golewderyow brightness;                 golusoges n.f golusogesow rich woman
 glory                                               golvan n.m golvanes sparrow
golf n.m golf                                        golya (1) vb sail. skath wolya n.f sailing
golgh n.m golhow washing; wash                        boat
golghlin n.m golghlinyow lotion                      golya (2) vb keep watch
golghti n.m golghtiow laundry                        golyer n.m golyoryon (male) sailor
golghva n.f golghvaow bathroom; washing              golyores n.f golyoresow (female) sailor

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
gommon                                                                            gorhemmyn

gommon n.coll gomonen (= gobmonL)                   gordermyn n.m overtime
 kelp; seaweed                                      gordhya vb worship; respect; adore
gomodnaL vb (= gomonna) gather seaweed              gordhyans n.m glory; worship; adoration
gomonna vb (= gomodnaL) gather seaweed              gordhyllo vb dismiss; fire
gonis I n.m gonisyow service; work II vb            gorebmaL vb (= gorhemmyn) order
 cultivate; labour. gonis has vb sow seed.          gorebmenL n.m goremednow (=
 gonis tir vb farm. Gonis Yehes n.m Health           gorhemmyn) command; order
 Service                                            goredhomM n.m goredhommow (=
gonisek n.m gonisogyon (male) servant.               gorodhom) emergency
 gonisek civil n.m (male) civil servant             GorefenL n.m (= Gortheren) July
gonisoges n.f gonisogesow (female)                  gorer n.m goreryow adverb
 servant. gonisoges civil n.f (female) civil        goresek vb jog
 servant                                            goreser n.m goresoryon (male) jogger
gonisogeth n.f gonisogethow culture                 goresores goresoresow (female) jogger
gonisogethel adj cultural                           gorewnter n.m gorewntres great-uncle
gonn n.m gonnys (= godnL) gun. gonn hir             gorfednaL vb (= gorfenna) finish;
 n.m rifle                                           terminate
gonner n.m gonoryon (= godnerL) (male)              gorfen n.m gorfennow, gorfednowL
 gunner                                              conclusion; finish
gonores n.f gonoresow (female) gunner               gorfenna vb (= gorfednaL) finish;
goodh adj wild                                       terminate
gool (1) n.m golyow fair; festival; feast;          gorfordh n.f gorfordhow motorway
 vigil; wake. chi golyow, chei golyowL n.m          gorfydhyans n.m gorfydhyansow
 holiday home. Gool Enys n.m carnival                overconfidence
gool (2) n.m golyow sail                            gorfydhyansek adj overconfident
goolan n.f golanes gull; seagull                    gorge n.m gorgeow low hedge
goon n.f gonyow down; moor; moorland                gorgemerys adj obsessed
goos n.m gosow blood; bloodline. devera             gorgevren n.f gorgevrennow,
 goos lose blood; bleed. tomm y woos,                gorgevrednowL hyperlink
 tobm y woosL hot-blooded                           gorgi n.m gorgeun male dog
gooth (1) n.m pride                                 gorgudha vb overlap
gooth (2) n.f gothi vein; channel                   gorgudhans n.m gorgudhansow overlap
gor- prfx over-                                     gorharga vb overcharge; overload
gora n.m hay                                        gorhel (1) n.m gorholyon ship. gorhel
gorambos n.m gorambosow (financial)                  kenwerth n.m merchant ship. gorhel
 bond                                                golyow n.m sailing ship. gorhel tan n.m
gorawen n.f ecstasy                                  steamship. gorhel trethysi, gorhel
gorawena vb gloat                                    trethyjiL n.m passenger ship. gorhel
gorawenus adj ecstatic                               efander n.m spaceship
gorbassya vb surpass                                gorhel (2) adj lavish
gorbeski vb spoil                                   gorhelas n.m gorholasow shipload;
gorbollek I adj mad II n.m gorbologyon               shipment
 mad person; nutter                                 gorhemmyn gorhemynnow (=
gorcita gorcitys metropolis                          gorebmenL) I n.m command; order II vb

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
gorhemynadow                                                                       gorvydnekL

 order                                              gorrans n.m goransow lift (in a car); ride.
gorhemynadow greetings; regards.                ri gorrans, rei gorransL give a lift
 gorhemynadow a'n gwella best regards;              gorreydh n.m male
 kind regards                                       gorsav n.m gorsavow station
gorhemynek adj prescriptive                         gorsedh n.f gorsedhow gorseth; meeting of
gorher n.m gorheryow cover; lid                      bards. Gorsedh Kernow n.f The Cornish
gorheri vb cover                                     Gorseth
gorholeth n.m gorholethow demand                    gorth adj obstinate; perverse; stubborn;
gorilla n.m gorilles gorilla                         uppity
gorladhva n.f gorladhvaow massacre                  gorth- prfx anti-
gorlanwes n.m gorlanwesow spring-tide               gorthargyadow adj controversial
gorlanwesek adj luxurious                           gorthargyans n.m gorthargyansow
gorleski vb incinerate; scorch                       controversy
gorlewin n.f West                                   gorthebi vb answer; counter; respond;
gorliwa vb exaggerate                                reply. gorthebi yn tont answer back
gorliwans n.m gorliwansow exaggeration              gorthebus adj responsive
gorlosk n.m incineration                            gortheneba vb counter; oppose
gorloskel n.f gorloskellow incinerator              gorthenep n.m gorthenebow reverse side;
gorlost n.coll gorlosten earwigs                     opposite side
gorm adj (dark) brown                               Gortheren n.m (= GorefenL) July
gormel vb applaud; praise                           gorthprevL n.m gorthprevyow (=
gormesi vb bully                                     gorthpryv) insecticide
gormesyer n.m gormesyoryon (male)                   gorthpryv n.m gorthpryvyow (=
 bully                                               gorthprevL) insecticide
gormesyores n.f gormesyoresow (female)              gorthter n.m opposition; stubbornness
 bully                                              gorthtreylya vb reverse
gormola n.f gormoledhow applause;                   gorthtro n.f gorthtroyow inversion
 praise; glory. garm gormola n.f ovation            gorthuher n.m gorthuherow evening.
gornaturel adj supernatural                          gorthuher da good evening
gorodhom n.m gorodhobmow (=                         gorthuherweyth adv evening time
 goredhomM) emergency                               gorthwedh n.f gorthwedhow contrast
gorour n.m gorwer hero                              gorthyp n.m gorthebow answer; response
goroures n.f gorouresow heroine                     gortos vb await; wait; remain. ha henna ow
gorow adj male; masculine                            kortos, ha hedna ow kortosL in the
gorra vb put; place; set. gorra a-bervedh            meantime
 insert. gorra a-denewen set aside;                 gortosva n.f gortosvaow waiting room
 reserve. gorra dhe2 apply (paint etc.).            goruhel adj sublime; supreme
 gorra dhe-ves take away. gorra marth yn            gorvarhas n.f gorvarhasow supermarket
 amaze. gorra own yn alarm. gorra poos              gorvegh n.m gorveghyow overload
 war2 stress. gorra war2 apply (paint etc.).        gorveghya vb overload
 gorra yn bagas, gorra en bagasL group.             gorvodrep n.f gorvodrebedh great-aunt
 gorra yn geryow, gorra en geryowL put              gorvok n.m gorvogow exhaust
 into words; express. gorra yn-mes, gorra           gorvryjyon vb simmer
 en-mesL expel; put out                             gorvydnekL adj (= gorvynnek) jealous

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
gorvynnek                                                                               gownagh

gorvynnek adj (= gorvydnekL) jealous                gostytter n.m obedience
gorwedha vb (= growedha) lie; couch;                Gothek n.m Gothic language
 recline                                            gothek adj Gothic. pennserneth wothek
gorwedhva n.f gorwedhvaow (=                         n.f Gothic architecture
 growedhva) couch                                   gothus adj arrogant; proud
gorwel n.f gorwelyow horizon                        gour n.m gwer husband. gour ambosys
gorweles vb oversee; supervise                       n.m fiancé
gorwelyek adj horizontal                            gour-2 prfx male
gorwewL adj (= gorwiw) fantastic                    gourel adj manly; masculine
gorwir adj surreal                                  gourti n.m husband
gorwitha vb mind                                    gourvleydh n.m gourvleydhes (male)
gorwiw adj (= gorwewL) fantastic                     werewolf m
gorwolok n.f gorwologow overview                    gourvleydhes n.f gourvleydhesow
gorwolyades n.f gorwolyadesow (female)               (female) werewolf
 monitor; (female) overseer; (female)               gov n.m govyon smith; blacksmith
 supervisor                                         govedhow adj tipsy
gorwolyas n.m gorwolysi, gorwolyjiL                 govel n.f govelli forge
 (male) monitor; (male) overseer; (male)            govelya vb (= gevelya) forge
 supervisor                                         govenek n.m govenegow hope; petition
gorwul vb overdo                                    gover n.m goverow brook; stream
gosa vb (intransitive) bleed                        governa vb govern; administer
gosek adj (= gojekL) bloody; gory; (of meat)        governans n.m governansow government
 rare                                               govis n.m govisyon regard
goskes n.m shade                                    govyn (= gofenL) I n.m govynnow
goskeusi vb shade; harbour                           question; query; request II vb ask; inquire;
goskotter n.m shade                                  query; question; request. govyn orth
goslowes vb listen. goslowes orth listen to          nebonan ask a question of somebody
goslowva n.f goslowvaow hearing                     govynador n.m govynadoryon
goslowyades n.f goslowyadesow (female)               questionnaire
 listener                                           govynadow n.m enquiry; inquiry
goslowyas n.m goslowysi, goslowyjiL                 govynnus adj (= gofednusL) curious;
 (male) listener                                     inquisitive
gosogen n.f gosogennow (= gojogenL)                 govynva n.f govynvaow enquiry office
 black pudding                                      gow n.m gowyow lie; untruth. gow diveth
gossen n.f rust. diogel rag gossen                   barefaced lie. heb wow really; truly.
 rustproof                                           leverel gow tell a lie
gossenek adj rusty                                  gowek I adj lying; dishonest; treacherous II
gosseni vb rust                                      n.m gowygyon (male) liar
gostel n.m gostlow hostage; riot                    gowl n.f gowlow fork; crotch
gostla vb pawn; wage. gostla bell wage              gowlek adj forked
 war. gostla neppyth a2 pawn something              gowleverel vb lie; tell a lie
 for (a certain price)                              gowli n.m perjury
gostydh adj susceptible                             gowlia vb perjure
gostyth adj obedient                                gownagh n.f gownahes calfless cow

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
gowoges                                                                               growan

gowoges n.f gowogesow (female) liar             grek adj Greek. Pow Grek n.m Greece
goyeyn adj cool; chilly                         Greka n.m Greek language
goyeynder n.m chill                             Grekes n.f Grekesow (female) Greek
goyeynhe vb cool                                 person
grabalyas cling; clutch                         Gres n.f Greece
gradh n.m gradhow degree; grade. gradh          greun n.coll greunen grain. ris greun berr
 uhella n.m superlative                          n.coll short grain rice. ris greun hir n.coll
gradhegi vb grade                                long grain rice
gradhel adj gradual                             greunaval n.m greunavalow pomegranate
gradhesiges n.f gradhesigesow (female)          greunek adj cereal
 graduate                                       greunji n.m greunjiow granary; grange
gradhesik n.m gradhesigyon (male)               greunva n.f greunvaow granary
 graduate                                       greunvos n.m greunvosow cereal
gradhya vb graduate                             greuv n.m greuvow face; front
gradhyans n.m gradhyansow graduation            grev n.m grevow bother; distress
grafegel adj graphical                          grevus adj distressing
grafek n.f grafegow graphics                    grevya vb bother; distress; grieve; give
grahel n.f grahellow heap                        trouble. grevya dhe nebonan give
grajek adj grateful                              somebody trouble
gral n.m grail                                  grija n.m grijow starry ray; thornback
gramasek I adj grammatical II n.f               gris n.m grisys, grisyow step; stair
 gramasegow grammar                             grodnL n.m grodnow (= gronn) bunch;
gramer n.m grameryow grammar. skol               bundle
 ramer n.f grammar school                       grodnaL vb (= gronna) amass
gramm n.m grammow gram(me)                      grodnedhL n.m (= gronnedh) (in physics)
grappa n.m grappys, grappow grape                mass
gras n.m grassow grace; thanks. meur ras        gromerci int thanks a lot; thank you very
 a2 thanks for. meur ras dhe2 thanks to          much
grasek adj (= grajek) grateful                  grommya vb growl
grassa vb thank. grassa dhe nebonan a           grommyans n.m grommyansow growl
 neppyth thank somebody for something           grond n.m grondys, grondow foundation;
grassyes adj graceful; gracious                  base; basis
grastal n.m grastalyow (money) tip              grondya vb ground; found; lay foundations
gravath n.f gravathow barrow; litter;           gronn n.m gronnow (= grodnL) bunch;
 stretcher. gravath ros n.f wheelbarrow          bundle
gravedh n.m gravedhow gravity                   gronna vb (= grodnaL) amass
gravya engrave; sculpt                          gronnedh n.m (= grodnedhL) (in physics)
gravyans n.m gravyansow sculpture                mass
gravyer n.m gravyoryon (male) sculptor          gront n.m grontys, grontow grant;
gravyores n.f gravyoresow (female)               permission
 sculptor                                       grontya vb accord; grant
gre (1) n.f greow flock; herd                   grot n.m grotys (silver coin) groat
gre (2) n.m greys position                      grow n.coll growen gravel
Grek n.m Grekys (male) Greek person             growan n.m growenyow granite

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
growedha                                                                                  gwari

growedha vb (= gorwedha) lie; couch;                gwakter n.m gwakteryow emptiness;
 recline                                             vacuum
growedhva n.f growedhvaow (=                        gwalgh n.m fill; repletion. kavos y walgh a2
 gorwedhva) couch                                    have one's fill of
grows n.coll growsen gooseberries                   gwall n.m gwallow accident; defect;
growsvos n.m growsvosow gooseberry                   neglect. dre wall by accident
 bush                                               gwaluster n.m casualty
grudh n.f grudhow jaw; mandible                     gwan n.f gwanyow sting; jab; prick
grug n.m grugow heath; heather; ling                gwana vb pierce; stab; sting
grugyar n.f grugyer partridge                       gwander n.m weakness
grugys n.m grugysyow belt; girdle. grugys           gwandra vb wander; hike
 diogeledh n.m safety belt. grugys esedh            gwandrans n.m gwandransow hike; range
 n.m seat belt. grugys sawya n.m lifebelt            (of an animal)
gryll n.m grylles crawfish; (insect) cricket        gwandryades n.f gwandryadesow
gryllya vb chirp                                     (female) wanderer; (female) nomad
grymm adj grim                                      gwandryas n.m gwandrysi, gwandryjiL
grysel adj frightful                                 (male) wanderer; (male) nomad
grysla vb bare one's teeth; grin; snarl             gwaneth n.coll wheat
gul vb (= gwulL) do; create; make. gul bos          gwann adj (= gwadnL) faint; frail; weak.
 unverhes reconcile. gul devnydh a2 make             gwann y golon weak-hearted. hanow
 use of. gul dhe glamdera stun. gul dhe              gwann n.m adjective
 nebonan gul neppyth make somebody do               gwanna vb (= gwadnaL) weaken
 something. gul ges joke; kid; mock. gul            gwannhanow n.m gwannhenwyn insulting
 hwel work. gul lost queue. gul tronkys              nickname; rude name
 have a bath. gul war-lergh imitate                 gwannhe vb (= gwadnheL) weaken
guw n.m guwow spear                                 gwannliwek adj (= gwadnliwekL) pale
guwa vb spear                                       gwara n.coll gwaren goods; merchandise;
gwadnL adj (= gwann) faint; frail; weak.             wares. gwara boos n.coll groceries
 gwann y golon weak-hearted. hanow                  gwaraji n.m gwarajiow warehouse
 gwadnL n.m adjective                               gwardya vb guard
gwadnaL vb (= gwanna) weaken                        gwareger n.m gwaregoryon (male) archer
gwadnheL vb (= gwannhe) weaken                      gwaregieth n.f archery
gwadnliwekL adj (= gwannliwek) pale                 gwaregores n.f gwaregoresow (female)
gwag I adj blank; empty; hollow; hungry;             archer
 unoccupied; unfurnished; vacant II n.m             gwarek n.m gwaregow arc; bow; arch; (in
 gwagyon cave                                        street signage) crescent. hesken warek n.f
gwagen n.f gwagennow, gwagednowL                     bow saw
 blank                                              gwari I n.m gwariow game; fun; pastime;
gwagla n.m gwagleow vacancy                          play II vb play; act. delivra dhe wari
gwagren n.f gwagrennow, gwagrednowL                  liberate; set free. garth gwari n.m
 gland. gwagren hwys, gwagren hwesL n.f              playground. gwari bord n.m board game.
 sweat gland                                         gwari dall n.m lottery. gwari gans gwelen
gwagva n.f gwagvaow vacuum                           dhewblek play a double game. gwari
gwakhe vb vacate empty                               gwydhyow n.m video game. gwari ilow

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
gwariel                                                                               gwednL

 n.m musical. gwari kan n.m opera; musical.        gwastya vb waste
 gwari kartennow, gwari kartednowL n.m             gwav n.m gwavow (= gwoavL) winter. dres
 card game. gwari mildam n.m jigsaw                 an gwav all winter. y'n gwav in winter
 puzzle. gwari mir n.m miracle play.               gwavek adj wintry
 Gwariow Olympek Olympic Games.               gwavi vb pass the winter
 gwari pelyow n.m bowling. gwari rann,             gwavos n.f gwavosow winter dwelling
 gwari radnL n.m role playing game (RPG).          gwaya I n.m gwayow move II vb move.
 gwari sagh n.m raffle. gwari sebon n.m             gwaya mir n.m cinema
 soap opera. gwari war eryow n.m, vb pun.          gwayadow adj movable
 plen an gwari n.m playing place                   gwayans n.m gwayansow movement;
gwariel n.f gwariellow toy. gwerthji                motion
 gwariellow n.m toy-shop                           gwayn n.m gwaynyow gain; win; winning
gwarier n.m gwarioryon (male) actor;               gwaynya vb gain; procure; profit; win
 (male) player; (male) performer                   gwaynyer n.m gwaynyoryon (male)
gwariji n.m gwarijiow theatre                       winner
gwariores n.f gwarioresow actress;                 gwaynyores n.f gwaynyoresow (female)
 (female) player; (female) performer                winner
gwariva n.f gwarivaow theatre; stage               gwaytyas vb watch out; mind; expect; hope
gwarnya vb warn; proclaim; notify                   (for). gwayt + verbal noun see that you …!
gwarnyans n.m gwarnyansow warning;                  (sg.). gwaytyewgh + verbal noun see that
 proclamation                                       you …! (pl.)
gwarr n.f gwarrow curve                            gwayvya vb go away quickly; get out;
gwartha adj higher; upper; top                      scarper; scram; split. gwayv ow golok! get
gwarthek n.coll horned cattle                       out of my sight! buzz off!
gwarthevya vb dominate                             gweder n.m gwedrow glass. gweder mires
gwarthevyans n.m gwarthevyansow                     n.m mirror. dewweder n.dl glasses;
 domination; supremacy                              spectacles
gwarthevyek adj dominant                           gwedhL n.coll gwedhen (= gwydh) trees.
gwas n.m gwesyon chap; fellow; guy;                 gwedh krabbysL n.coll crab-apple trees.
 servant. gwas hwel n.m workman. gwas ti            gwedh NadelikL n.coll Christmas trees
 n.m housemaker. yn kettep gwas, en                gwedhan n.m gwedhanes weevil
 kettep gwasL to the last man                      gwedhek n.f gwedhegi woodland
gwask n.f gwaskow press; stress; nip. an           gwedhow I adj widowed II gwedhowyon
 Wask n.f the Press. gwask pryntya n.m              n.m widower. gour gwedhow n.m
 printing press                                     widower. benyn wedhow n.f widow
gwaska vb press; lobby; nip. gwaska                gwedhra vb wither
 yn-mes, gwaska en-mesL squeeze out;               gwedhrosL n.coll gwedhrosen (=
 express                                            gwydhvos) honeysuckle
gwaskans n.m gwaskansow impression;                gwedhwes n.f gwedhwesow widow
 squeezing                                         gwedhyn adj flexible; pliable; elastic;
gwaskedh n.m (in physics) pressure                  supple
gwaskel n.f gwaskellow compressor                  gwedhynder n.m gwedhynderow
gwastas adj (of land) flat; open; plain             flexibility; elasticity; suppleness
gwastel n.f gwastellow sweet cake                  gwednL n.m gwednow (= gwenn) anus

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
gwednelL                                                                            gweresores

gwednelL n.f gwenili (= gwennel) (bird)              gweljow ewinesL nail scissors
 swallow                                            gwell adj, adv (SEE da) better; superior.
gwedrednasL n.f gwedrenasow (=                       bos gwell gans be preferred by. gwell es
 gwedrennas) glassful                                better than; superior to
gwedren n.f gwedrennow, gwedrednowL                 gwella adj, adv (SEE da) best
 drinking glass                                     gwellhe vb improve; (intransitive) get well;
gwedrennas n.f gwedrenasow (=                        (transitive) make well; enhance; upgrade
 gwedrednasL) glassful                              gwellheans n.m gwellheansow
gwedrik n.m gwedrigow lens. gwedrik                  improvement
 kestav n.m contact lens                            gwels n.coll gwelsen grass
gwel (1) n.m gwelyow field. gwel golf n.m           gwelsen n.f gwelsennow (= gweljenL)
 golf course                                         blade of grass
gwel (2) n.f gwelyow sight; view; vision            gwelsigow scissors
gwel (3) n.coll gwelen canes; poles; rods;          gwelsow (= gweljowL) scissors; shears.
 sticks                                              gwelsow ewines nail scissors
gwel (4) n.m gwelow leaven; yeast                   gwelva n.f gwelvaow viewpoint
gweladewder n.m visibility                          gwen n.f gwenyow smile
gweladow adj visible                                gwenen n.coll gwenenen bee. kowel
gwelednikL n.f gwelenigow (= gwelennik)              gwenen n.m beehive
 chopstick                                          Gwener n.f Friday; Venus
gwelen n.f gwelynni cane; rod; pole; stick;         gwenn n.m gwennow (= gwednL) anus
 wand. gwelen byskessa, gwelen                      gwennel n.f gwenili (= gwednelL) (bird)
 beskechaL n.f fishing rod. gwelen gala n.f          swallow
 straw. gwelen garr n.f pole (of a car).            gwennen n.f gwenennow blister; sore
 gwelen hus n.f magic wand. gwelen vuhes            gwenogen n.f gwenogennow,
 n.f cattle prod. gwelen vusur n.f dipstick.         gwenogednowL wart
 gwelen ski n.f ski pole                            gwenon n.m gwenenyow poison
gwelennik n.f gwelenigow (= gwelednikL)             gwenonek adj poisonous; toxic
 chopstick                                          gwenton n.m spring
gweles vb see. klewes-gweles adj                    gwer (1) adj green. an Parti Gwer the
 audio-visual. dha weles goodbye; see you            Green Party. an Re Wer the Greens
 (sg.). agas gweles goodbye; see you (pl.).         gwer (2) gents
 skonya gweles turn a blind eye                     gwerekL adj useful
gwelesek adj visual                                 gweres (1) I n.m help; aid; assistance II vb
gwelesigeth n.f gwelesigethow vision                 help; aid; assist. arhans gweres n.m
gweli n.m gweliow bed. gweli ros n.m                 subsidy. gweres nebonan ow kul
 pram. gweli a dri, gweli a dreiL n.m                neppyth, gweres nebonan ow kul
 ménage-à-trois. skanyer gweli n.m                   neppethL help somebody do something
 flatbead scanner                                   gweres (2) n.m gweresow ground; soil
gwelivedhes n.f gwelivedhesow midwife               gweresek adj accessory; helpful; subsidiary
gwelivos n.m childbed; labour                       gwereser n.m gweresoryon (male)
gweljenL n.f gweljednow (= gwelsen)                  accessory
 blade of grass                                     gweresores n.f gweresoresow (female)
gweljowL (= gwelsow) scissors; shears.          accessory

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
gwerghL                                                                          gweythresans

gwerghL adj (= gwyrgh) virgin                      gwerthveurhe vb appreciate
gwerhes n.f gwerhesow maiden; (female)             gwerthveurheans n.m
 virgin                                             gwerthveurheansow appreciation
gwerik adj greenish                                gwerwyn adj light green
gwerin n.f common people; folk;                    gweskel vb beat; hit; strike. gweskel an
 proletariat. kan werin n.f folk song. yeth         fronn, gweskel an frodnL slam on the
 an werin n.f informal meeting of Cornish           brakes. gweskel nebonan gans pellen
 speakers                                           shoot somebody (with a bullet). gweskel
gwerinek adj proletarian                            nebonan gans seth shoot somebody (with
gwerinel adj democratic                             an arrow). gweskel tabour beat a drum;
gwerinieth n.f gweriniethow democracy               drum
gweriniether n.m gweriniethoryon (male)            gwester n.m gwestoryon (male) guest
 democrat                                          gwesti n.m gwestiow guesthouse
gweriniethores n.f gweriniethoresow                gwestores n.f gwestoresow (female) guest
 (female) democrat                                 gwestva n.f hospitality
gwerinor n.m gwerinoryon (male) peasant            gweth adj, adv (SEE drog) worse; inferior
gwerinores n.f gwerinoresow (female)               gwethafor I adj pessimistic II n.m
 peasant                                            gwethaforyon (male) pessimist
gwern (1) n.f gwernow mast                         gwethafores n.f gwethaforesow (female)
gwern (2) n.coll gwernen marshland                  pessimist
Gwernenys n.f Guernsey                             gwethaforieth n.f pessimism
gwernis n.f gwernisyow varnish. gwernis            gwethhe vb aggravate; deteriorate; worsen
 ewines n.f nail varnish                           gwethheans n.m gwethheansow
gwernisya vb varnish                                deterioration
gwers n.f gwersyow verse                           gwettha adj worst (SEE drog)
gwersella vb encamp                                gweun n.m gossamer
gwersellans n.m gwerselansow                       gweus n.f gweusyow, dl diwweus lip. eli
 encampment                                         gweus n.m lip balm; lip salve. lenter
gwerth n.f gwerthow sale; price. reken              gweus n.m lip gloss. liw gweus n.m lipstick
 gwerth n.m bill of sale                           gwevya vb wave
gwertha vb sell; vend. gwertha a2 sell for         gwewL adj (= gwiw) worthy; suitable;
gwerthas n.f gwerthasow sale                        suitable
gwerther n.m gwerthoryon salesman;                 gwewderL n.m (= gwiwder) fitness;
 (male) seller; (male) vendor. gwerther             worthiness
 jornalys n.m (male) newsagent. gwerther           gwewen n.f gwewennow, gwewednowL, dl
 leth n.m milkman. gwerther losow n.m               diwwewen heel
 (male) greengrocer                                gweyth (1) n.f gweythyow instance;
gwerthji n.m gwerthjiow shop; store.                occasion. lower gweyth often
 gwerthji gwariellow n.m toy-shop                  gweyth (2) n.f gweythyow work; work-day
gwerthores n.f gwerthoresow                        gweytha vb apply; set to work
 saleswoman; (female) seller; (female)             gweythor n.m (male) worker; workman
 vendor. gwerthores jornalys n.f (female)          gweythores n.f gweythoresow,
 newsagent. gwerthores losow n.f (female)           gweythorejowL (female) worker
 greengrocer                                       gweythresans n.m gweythresansow

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
gweythresek                                                                              gwithyades

 activation; implementation                              gwiryow kemmyn, gwiryow kebmynL
gweythresek adj active; functional              civil rights. y'n gwir really. yn hwir
gweythva n.f gweythvaow factory                          actually
gwi n.f gwiow web. gwi bysefan n.f World                gwirbryntyans n.m gwirbryntyansow
 Wide Web                                                copyright
gwia vb knit; weave                                     gwirhaval adj likely; plausible; probable
gwiader n.m gwiadoryon (male) weaver                    gwirhe vb verify
gwiadores n.f gwiadoresow (female)                      gwirhevelepter n.m likelihood; plausibility
 weaver                                                 gwir-pryntya n.m gwiryow-pryntya
gwias n.m gwiasow web; fabric; tissue;                   copyright
 consistency. er-bynn an gwias, war-bydn                gwirvos n.m gwirvosow reality
 an gwiasL against the grain. gwias kevnis,             gwirya vb verify
 gwias kenesL n.m cobweb; spider web                    gwiryon adj genuine; truthful
gwiasedh n.m gwiasedhow texture                         gwiryonedh n.m gwiryonedhow (=
gwiaspost n.m gwiaspostow webmail                        gwrionedhL) truth
gwiasva n.f gwiasvaow website                           gwiryonedhek adj factual
gwiasvester n.m gwiasvestrysi (male)                    gwis n.f gwisi sow
 webmaster                                              gwisk n.m gwiskow clothes; wear. gwisk
gwiasvestres n.f gwiasvestresow (female)                 horn n.m iron armour
 webmaster                                              gwiska vb clothe; dress; wear
gwibes n.coll gwibesen midges; gnats                    gwiskas n.m gwiskasow costume; layer;
gwibessa vb waste time                                   coating
gwiek adj webbed                                        gwiskti n.m gwisktiow wardrobe; vestry
gwig n.f gwigow village                                 gwiskva n.f gwiskvaow changing room
gwihal vb squeak                                        gwith n.m care; custody; guard; retention.
gwikor n.m gwikoryon (male) merchant;                    yn-dann with, en-dadn withL care of; c/o.
 (male) peddler; (male) trader. gwikor                   gwith an kreslu n.m police custody.
 frank n.m (male) smuggler                               kemmer with!, kebmer with!L (sg. only)
gwikores n.f gwikoresow (female)                         take care!
 merchant; (female) peddler; (female)                   gwitha vb guard; keep; preserve; protect;
 trader. gwikores frank n.f (female)                     reserve; retain; safeguard. gwitha rag
 smuggler                                                preserve from; protect from. gwitha war2
gwin n.m gwinow wine. gwin gwynn; gwin                   look after; watch over. gwitha klevyon
 gwydnL n.m white wine. gwin rudh n.m                    nurse (the sick)
 red wine. gwin skaw n.m elderberry wine                gwithans n.m conservation
gwinbren n.m gwinbrennyer,                              gwithti n.m gwithtiow museum
 gwinbrednyerL vine                                     gwithva n.f gwithvaow reserve;
gwinlan n.f gwinlannow, gwinladnowL                      storehouse. gwithva natur n.f nature
 vineyard                                                reserve
gwinwel n.coll gwinwelen maple-trees                    gwithyades n.f gwithyadesow (female)
gwinwelen n.f gwinwelennow,                              custodian; (female) guard; (female)
 gwinwelednowL maple                                     guardian; (female) keeper; (female)
gwir I adj true; genuine; real; right; actual II         retainer; (female) warden; chaperone.
 n.m gwiryow right. dhe wir really.                      gwithyades gres n.f policewoman.

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
gwithyas                                                                               gwydh

 gwithyades wol n.f (female) goalkeeper            gwresL adj (= gwrys) done; made
gwithyas n.m gwithysi, gwithyjiL (male)            gwresek adj ardent; enthusiastic
 custodian; (male) guard; (male) guardian;         gwre'ti n.f housemaker; housewife.
 (male) keeper; (male) retainer; (male)             gwann-wre'ti, gwadn-wre'tiL n.f
 warden. gwithyas gol n.m (male)                    adulteress
 goalkeeper. gwithyas kres n.m policeman           gwreydh n.coll gwreydhen roots.
gwithyasel adj conservative                         gwreydhen bedrek n.f square root
gwius adj intricate                                gwreydhek adj original
gwiver n.coll gwivren wire                         gwreydhyel adj radical
gwivren n.f gwivrennow, gwivrednowL                gwreydhyoleth n.f radicalism
 single wire                                       gwri n.m gwriow stitch
gwiw adj (= gwewL) appropriate; fit;               gwrians n.m gwriansow act; activity;
 suitable                                           action; deed; manufacture. gwrians dres
gwiwder n.m (= gwewderL) fitness;                   ehen n.m feat. gwrians war-lergh n.m
 worthiness                                         imitation; impression
gwiwer n.m gwiweres, gwiwerow squirrel             gwrias vb stitch; sew. jynn gwrias n.m
gwlan n.coll (= gwloanL) wool                       sewing machine
gwlanek I adj woollen; woolly II n.m               gwrier n.m gwrioryon (male) creator;
 gwlanogow jersey; jumper; pullover. aval           (male) maker; (male) manufacturer
 gwlanek n.m peach                                 gwrionedhL n.m gwrionedhow (=
gwlas n.f gwlasow country; land                     gwiryonedh) truth
gwlasek adj pertaining to a country;               gwriores n.f gwrioresow creatress;
 country-                                           (female) maker; (female) manufacturer
gwlaskar adj patriotic                             gwruthyl vb build; carry out; create; make;
gwlaskarer n.m gwlaskaroryon (male)                 manufacture; perform
 patriot                                           gwrydnyaL vb (= gwrynnya) wring;
gwlaskarores n.f gwlaskaroresow                     squeeze
 (female) patriot                                  gwryhonek adj sparkling
gwlaskerenjaL n.f (= gwlaskerensa)                 gwrynnya vb (= gwrydnyaL) wring;
 patriotism                                         squeeze
gwlaskerensa n.f (= gwlaskerenjaL)                 gwrys adj (= gwresL) done; made
 patriotism                                        gwryth n.f gwrythow performance; deeds
gwlaskor n.f gwlaskordhow kingdom;                 gwrythyans n.m gwrythyansow
 realm                                              performance
gwledh n.f gwledhow banquet                        gwulL vb (= gul) do; create; make. gwul
gwloanL n.coll (= gwlan) wool                       gesL joke; kid; mock. gwul devnydh a2L
gwoavL n.m gwavow (= gwav) winter. dres             make use of. gwul dhe glamderaL stun.
 an gwoavL all winter. e'n gwoavL in winter         gwul dhe nebonan gwul neppethL make
gwradhel adj radial                                 somebody do something. gwul hwelL
gwragh n.f gwrahes hag; witch; (fish)               work. gwul kabm war-bydnL wrong. gwul
 wrasse. gwragh oles n.f woodlouse                  lostL queue. gwul tronkysL have a bath
gwreck n.m gwreckys wreck                          gwydh n.coll gwedhen (= gwedhL) trees.
gwreg n.f gwragedh wife                             gwydh krabbys n.coll crab-apple trees.
gwregel adj feminine                                gwydh Nadelik n.coll Christmas trees

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
gwydhbol                                                                                   hal

gwydhbol n.m chess                                 gwynsella vb fan
gwydhvos n.coll gwydhvosen (=                      gwyrdh adj green
 gwedhrosL) honeysuckle                            gwyrgh adj (= gwerghL) virgin
gwydhyow n.m gwydhyowyow video                     gwythi n.coll gwythien vein. gwythien an
gwydnL (= gwynn) I adj white; fair; blessed         konna, gwythien an kodnaL jugular vein
 II n.m gwydnow white. gwydn oyL n.m egg           gwythiek adj bloodshot
 white                                             gyllys adj gone
gwydnekL n.m gwynoges (= gwynnek)                  gymnastek n.m gymnastics
 whiting                                           gyth n.m gythyow complaint
gwydnelL vb (= gwynnel) struggle                   habadolya n.m racket; uproar
GwydngalaL n.m (= Gwynngala)                       hackya hack; chop. hackya dhe-ves hack
 September                                          off
gwydnikL adj (= gwynnik) whitish                   ha(g) cnj and; plus; (before present
gwydnvesL adj (= gwynnvys) blessed;                 participle) while. hag ew owth oberi while
 fortunate; lucky                                   he was working. war-tu ha(g) prp
gwyles n.m gwylesow lovage                          toward(s)
gwylgos n.m gwylgosow jungle                       ha'ga3 contr and their
gwyll n.m gwyllyow tramp; vagrant                  ha'gan contr and our
gwyls adj wild; fierce; savage; violent.           ha'gas contr and your (pl.)
 benyn wyls n.f (female) savage. den gwyls         hagensoll adv moreover
 n.m (male) savage                                 hager adj bad; n.m hideous; nasty
gwylvos n.m gwylvosow wilderness                   hager-awel n.f hager-awelyow storm;
gwynder n.m whiteness                               squall; tempest
gwynjekL adj (= gwynsek) windy                     hager-brevL n.m hager-breves,
gwynk n.m gwynkow wink                              hager-brevyon (= hager-bryv) serpent
gwynkya vb wink                                     (in the book of Genesis)
gwynn (= gwydnL) I adj white; fair; blessed        hager-bryv n.m hager-breves,
 II n.m gwynnow white. gwynn oy n.m egg             hager-brevyon (= hager-brevL) serpent
 white                                              (in the book of Genesis)
gwynnek n.m gwynoges (= gwydnekL)                  hager-dowl n.m hager-dowlow stroke of
 whiting                                            bad luck
gwynnel vb (= gwydnelL) struggle                   hager-dros n.f hager-drosow cacophony
Gwynngala n.m (= GwydngalaL)                       hager-gowas n.f hager-gowasow deluge;
 September                                          downpour
gwynnik adj (= gwydnikL) whitish                   hager-ober n.m hager-oberow crime
gwynnrudh adj pink                                 hager-vargen n.m a bad deal; something
gwynnvys adj (= gwydnvesL) blessed;                 gone wrong. hager-vargen yw hemma!
 fortunate; lucky                                   hager-vargen ew hebma!L this has gone
gwyns (1) n.m gwynsow wind. gwyns                   all wrong!
 a-dro n.m cyclone. skew wyns n.f                  hager-viaj n.m bad business
 windscreen                                        hagoll adv moreover
gwyns (2) n.f gwynsys winch                        hagra vb disfigure; make ugly; uglify
gwynsek adj (= gwynjekL) windy                     hakter n.m ugliness; eyesore
gwynsel n.f gwynsellow fan                         hal n.f halow marsh; moor. gaver hal n.f

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
halya                                                                                    hasa

 snipe                                           hanter n.m hanteryow half. dhe hanter an
halya vb haul; heave; tow                         fordh midway. hanter-broder n.m
halyans n.m halyansow haulage; heave              half-brother. hanter-dydh, hanter-dedhL
ha'm contr and my                                 n.m midday; noon. hanter-hwor n.f
hamster n.m hamsters hamster                      half-sister. hanter-mis n.m fortnight.
ha'n (1) contr and our                            hanter-nos n.f midnight. hanter-our n.m
ha'n (2) contr and the                            half-hour
hanaf n.m hanafow (= hanathL) cup;               hanter- prfx half-; hemi-
 beaker                                          hantera vb halve
hanafas n.m hanafasow (= hanathasL)              hanterbogalen n.f hanterbogalennow,
 cupful                                           hanterbogalednowL semi-vowel
hanajaL vb (= hanasa) murmur; sigh;              hanter-dedhL n.m (= hanter-dydh)
 groan; whisper                                   meridian
hanajen n.f hanajennow, hanajednowL (=           hanter-dydh n.m (= hanter-dedhL)
 hanas) murmur; sigh; groan; whisper              meridian
hanas n.m hanasow (= hanajen) murmur;            hantergelgh n.m hantergelghyow (=
 sigh; groan; whisper                             hantergylghM) hemisphere
hanasa vb (= hanajaL) murmur; sigh;              hantergylghM n.m hantergylghyow (=
 groan; whisper                                   hantergelgh) hemisphere
hanathL n.m hanathow (= hanaf) cup;              hanterkans num fifty
 beaker                                          hanterkansves num fiftieth
hanathasL n.m hanathasow (= hanafas)             hanter-nos n.f hanter-nosow midnight
 cupful                                          hanwans n.m hanwansow religious
handla vb handle; manipulate; sort out.           denomination
 handla yn hwarow, handla en hwarowL             hap n.m happys chance; luck. dre hap by
 manhandle                                        chance; by the way; incidentally
handlans n.m handlansow handling;                happya vb happen. happya war2 come
 manipulation                                     across
haneth adv this evening; tonight. haneth         hapriv n.m haprivow random number
 dhe nos just before night falls                 hapwari vb gamble
hangya vb hang                                   harber n.m harbers asylum; haven; place
hanow n.m henwyn name; noun;                      of refuge
 substantive. benyn meur hy hanow n.f            harbereth n.f asylum. harbereth wlasek
 (female) celebrity. den meur y hanow n.m         n.f political asylum
 (male) celebrity. hanow gwann, hanow            hardh adj bold; brave; fearless; game; strict
 gwadnL n.m adjective. hanow gwari n.m           hardigras n.m severity
 stage name. hanow kensa, hanow kynsaM           hardlych adj exactly; precisely; stringently
 n.m forename. hanow pluven n.m pen              harmonika n.f harmonikas harmonica;
 name. hanow teylu n.m surname. kavos             mouth organ
 hanow, kawas hanowL gain a reputation.          harow int help!
 py hanow os ta? pe hanow os ta?L what is        harth n.m harthow bark (of a dog); baying
 your (sg.) name? yn hanow, en hanowL            hartha vb bark; bay
 nominally                                       has n.coll hasen seed; sperm
hansel n.m hanselyow breakfast                   hasa vb sow

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
haslet                                                                                          hel

haslet n.m haslettow contraceptive                       hebmaL prn (= hemma) this (one) f
haslettyans n.m haslettyansow                            hebtu adj neutral
 contraception                                           hebtueth n.f neutrality
hast n.m haste; hurry                                    hedardh adj explosive
hastya vb hasten                                         hedeuth adj soluble
hat n.m hattys, hattow hat. hat Bowler n.m               hedh n.m hedhow halt; pause; respite
 Bowler                                                  hedhadow adj accessible; reachable
ha'th contr and your (sg.)                               hedhas n.m hedhasow access
hatya vb hate                                            hedhes vb achieve; attain; manage; reach
hav n.m havow, havyow summer.                            hedheuryer n.m hedheuryerow stopwatch
 besowen Hav n.f maypole                                 hedhi vb cancel; cease; halt; pause. heb
haval adj alike; similar; resembling. haval               hedhi perpetually; continually; non-stop
 dhe2 like; similar to. bos haval dheL                   hedhlor n.m hedhloryon ploughman
 resemble                                                hedhyans n.m hedhyansow
havek adj summery                                         accomplishment; attainment
havi vb pass the summer. tyller havi, teller             hedhyw adv today. hedhyw vyttin,
 haviL n.m holiday resort                                 hedhyw vettinL this morning. hedhyw y'n
havos n.f havosow summer dwelling;                        jydh, hedhyw e'n jedhL earlier today. y'n
 holiday home                                             jydh hedhyw, e'n jedh hedhywL
havyas n.m havysi tourist                                 nowadays
ha'w contr and my                                        hednL prn (= henn) that. hedn ewL namely
hawn n.m hawnys, hawnyow haven                           hednaL prn (= henna) that (one) m. woja
hay n.f hayow enclosure                                   hednaL after that; later
ha'y2 contr and his                                      hedor adj fragile
ha'y3 contr and her                                      Hedra n.m October
heb prp without; un-. heb danjer safely.                 hedre2 cnj while; as long as. hedre ven
 heb difuna dormant. heb dout without                     byw, hedre ven bewL as long as I live
 doubt; of course; undoubtedly. heb fordh,               hefordh adj navigable; passable
 heb for'L trackless. heb gul gik na mik                 hegar adj affectionate; kind; kindly;
 stock-still. heb hedhi continually;                      amicable
 perpetually; non-stop. heb kost free of                 hegaredh n.m affection
 charge. heb let incessantly. heb mar                    hegas adj wretched
 without doubt; of course. heb mebel                     heglewM adj (= heglow) audible; loud;
 unfurnished. heb par unequalled. heb                     resonant
 styryans unaccountable. heb toll na gil                 heglow adj (= heglewM) audible; loud;
 sincerely. heb tyli unpaid. heb wow truly                resonant
Personal forms (RMC): 1sg hebov, 2sg hebos, 3sgm         hegol adj credulous; superstitious
 hebdho, 3sgf hebdhi, 1pl hebon, 2pl hebowgh, 3pl        hegoledh n.m hegoledhow superstition
                                                         hegos adj ticklish
hebask adj calm; serene; peaceful. Keynvor
                                                         hegov adj memorable
 Hebask n.m Pacific Ocean
                                                         heiL prn (= hi) she
hebaska vb calm
                                                         hel (1) n.f helyow hall. hel an dre n.f the
hebaskhe vb calm; put to rest; soothe
                                                          town hall. hel sport n.f gymnasium
heblek adj folding
                                                         hel (2) adj benevolent; generous;
hebleth adj flexible; supple

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
helder                                                                            henwys

 hospitable; liberal                             henavoges* n.f henavogesow (female)
helder n.m benevolence; generosity;               elder; (female) senior
 hospitality                                     hendas n.m hendasow ancestor; forefather
heledh n.m heledhow amplitude                    hendedhyow the olden days. an
helergh adj late                                  hendedhyow brav the good old days
helerghyades n.f helerghyadesow                  hendheskoniethL n.f archaeology
 (female) detective. helerghyades privedh        hendheskoniethelL adj (=
 n.f (female) private detective; (female)         hendhyskoniethel) archaeological
 private eye                                     hendheskonydhL n.m hendheskonydhyon
helerghyas n.m helerhysi, helerhyjiL              (= hendhyskonydh) (male) archaeologist
 (male) detective. helerghyas privedh n.m        hendheskonydhesL n.f
 (male) private detective; (male) private         hendheskonydhesow (=
 eye                                              hendhyskonydhes) (female)
helerhel n.f helerhellow detector                 archaeologist
helerhi vb detect; track                         hendhillas n.coll hendhilasen jumble; old
helgh n.m helhow hunt; chase; frantic             clothes
 search                                          hendhyskonieth n.f (= hendheskoniethL)
helghya vb hunt; chase; drive out                 archaeology
helghyades n.f helghyadesow (female)             hendhyskoniethel adj (=
 pursuer                                          hendheskoniethelL) archaeological
helghyas n.m helhysi, helhyjiL (male)            hendhyskonydh n.m hendhyskonydhyon
 pursuer                                          (= hendheskonydhL) (male) archaeologist
helgi n.m helgeun hound (for hunting)            hendhyskonydhes n.f
helgik n.m game (meat). ladra helgik              hendhyskonydhesow (female)
 poach                                            archaeologist
helhi vb hunt; chase                             hendra n.f hendrevow home farm
helhor n.m helhoryon (male) hunter               henedh n.m henedhow generation
helhores n.f helhoresow (female) hunter;         hengov n.m hengovyow tradition
 huntress                                        hengovek adj traditional
hell adj reluctant                               henhwedhel n.m henhwedhlow legend
helosk adj flammable                             henlavar n.m henlavarow proverb
helyk n.coll helygen willow                      henlavarek adj proverbial
hembrenkyades n.f hembrenkyadesow                henledan henledanen plantains
 (female) leader; (female) conductor             henn prn (= hednL) (used before yw and o)
hembrenkyas n.m hembrenkysi,                      that. henn yw namely
 hembrenkyjiL (male) leader; (male)              henna prn (= hednaL) that (one) m. wosa
 conductor                                        henna after that; later
hembronk vb lead                                 hensL n.m henjow, henji* (= hyns) course;
hemma prn (= hebmaL) this (one) m                 path; road; way. hens hornL n.m railway.
hen adj (precedes the noun; archaic) old;         Hens Sen JamysL n.m Milky Way. hens
 long-standing                                    tiraL n.m runway
henavek* I adj elder; elderly II                 hensaL (= hynsa) fellows; peers
 henavogyon n.m (male) elder; (male)             henwel vb name
 senior. tus henavek* elderly               henwys adj named

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
henys                                                                                hirbernaL

henys n.m old age                                 heuthhe vb ease; be eased; gladden; be
hepfordh adj impassable; trackless                 gladdened
hepken adv just; only                             heveladow adj apparent
hepkor vb abandon; do without; give up;           hevelenep n.m hevelenebow likeness
 relinquish; yield                                hevelep n.m likeness; resemblance; image.
heptu adj neutral; non-aligned                     yn hevelep a2, yn hevelep dhe2 in the
heptueth n.f neutrality                            likeness of
her n.m heryon heir                               hevelepter n.m similarity; correspondence
herdhya vb push; shove. kador herdhya n.f         heveli vb (intransitive) seem; come across
 push-chair. herdhys war-barth crowded             as; (transitive) liken; compare. del hevel as
 together                                          it seems; probably
herdhyans n.m herdhyansow push                    hevis n.m hevisyow blouse
hermesek adj hermetic; airtight                   hevlena adv this year
hern n.coll hernen pilchards; sardines.           hevleni adv this year
 hern gwynn, hern gwydnL herrings                 hewel adj conspicuous; manifest;
hernes n.m hernessow harness                       noticeable; obvious
hernessya vb put on a harness; put on             heweledh n.m heweledhow manifestation
 equipment; equip                                 heweres adj helpful; auxiliary;
hernya vb shoe                                     user-friendly
herwydh prp according to; on the authority        hewol adj attentive; vigilant
 of. herwydh an dhargan according to the          hewul adj practical
 forecast. herwydh an laha lawful.                heyjik n.m heyjigow duckling
 herwydh an our hourly. herwydh reson             heyl n.m heylyow estuary; river-mouth
 logical. herwydh usadow as usual. yn             heylyn n.m heylynnow, heylydnowL creek
 herwydh, en herwydhL adjoining; in the           hi prn (= heiL) she
 vicinity of                                      hick n.m hickow hiccup
herya vb inherit                                  hickas vb hiccup
hes n.f hesow flock; shoal; swarm                 hidrojen n.m hydrogen
hesL n.m (= hys) extent; length.                  hidrolek adj hydraulic
 hes-ha-hesL altogether; end to end               higen n.f higennow, higednowL hook;
hesk n.coll hesken saw-grass. hesk an              fish-hook
 tewes n.coll marram grass                        hil n.f hilyow ethnicity; race
heskednaL vb (= heskenna) saw                     hilegydh n.m hilegydhyon (male) racist
hesken n.f heskennow, heskednowL saw.             hilegydhes n.f hilegydhesow (female)
 bleus hesken n.m sawdust. hesken gadon            racist
 n.f chainsaw. hesken vond n.f bandsaw.           hilgasieth n.f racism
 hesken warek n.f bow saw                         hin n.f hinyow climate
heskenna vb (= heskednaL) saw                     hinek adj climatic
hester n.m hesteryow trough                       hir adj long. hir y vlew long-haired. hir y
hesya vb flock                                     gows long-winded
heudh adj glad; joyful; merry                     hirbedrek I adj rectangular; oblong II n.m
heudhadow adj enjoyable                            hirbedrogow rectangle
heudhi vb be glad                                 hirbernaL vb (= hirbrena) purchase; buy
heudhik adj glad                                   on hire

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
hirbrederi                                                                         hornel

hirbrederi vb contemplate                        steak and kidney pie
hirbren n.m hirbrenyow hire purchase. yn        hogh n.m hohes hog; pig; swine. hogh Gyni
 hirbren, en hirbrenL on hire purchase           n.m Guinea pig
hirbrena vb (= hirbernaL) purchase; buy         hok n.m hokys hawk. hok karyn n.m
 on hire                                         vulture
hirder n.m tallness; length                     holan n.coll holanen salt
hireth n.f hirethow longing; loneliness;        holanek adj salty
 nostalgia; yearning                            holanen n.f holanennow, holanednowL
hirethek adj homesick; lonely; longing;          grain of salt
 yearning                                       holograf n.m holografow holograph
hirgelgh n.m hirgelghyow (= hirgylghM)          holya vb follow
 ellipse; oval                                  holyans n.m holyansow sequence
hirgelhek adj (= hirgylhekM) elliptical;        holyer n.m holyoryon (male) follower
 oval                                           holyores n.f holyoresow (female) follower
hirgorn n.m hirgern trumpet                     homeli n.m homelis homily
hirgrednenL n.f hirgrenednow (=                 homma prn (= hobmaL) this (one) f
 hirgrennen) cylinder                           honan prn (= honen) oneself; self; alone;
hirgren adj cylindrical                          one's own. ow honan myself. dha honan
hirgrennen n.f hirgrenennow (=                   yourself. y honan himself. hy honan
 hirgrednenL) cylinder                           herself. agan honan ourselves. agas
hirgylghM n.m hirgylghyow (= hirgelgh)           honan yourselves. aga honan themselves
 ellipse; oval                                  honangonstrinus adj compulsive
hirgylhekM adj (= hirgelhek) elliptical;        honanieth n.f honaniethow identity.
 oval                                            honanieth usyer n.m user identity
hirhe vb lengthen                               honanus adj selfish
hirneth n.f a very long time; tedium            honanuster n.m selfishness
hirra adj longer. an hirra longest              hond n.m hons (used as terms of abuse)
hirwelyek adj long-sighted                       hound
hoba n.m hobas pony                             honen prn (= honan) oneself; self; alone;
hobadolya n.m hobadolyas clamour; row            one's own. ow honan myself. dha honan
hobi n.m hobis hobby                             yourself. y honan himself. hy honan
hobihors n.m hobihorsys hobby-horse              herself. agan honan ourselves. agas
hobmaL prn (= homma) this (one) f                honan yourselves. aga honan themselves
hocki n.m hockey                                honna prn (= hodnaL) that (one) f
hockya vb falter; hesitate. heb hockya          hons adv yonder; over there
 without further ado                            hor'L n.m hor'es (= hordh) ram
hockyans n.m hockyansow hesitation              hora n.f horys prostitute; whore
hod n.m hodys hood                              hordh n.m hordhes (= hor'L) ram
hodnaL prn (= honna) that (one) f               horji n.m horjiow brothel
hodya vb injure                                 horn n.m iron. gwisk horn n.m iron
hodys adj injured                                armour. horn margh n.m horseshoe. lorgh
hogen (1) adv even; still                        horn n.f(m) crowbar
hogen (2) n.f hogennow, hogednowL pie;          hornek adj iron; ferric
 oggy; pastry. hogen vewin ha loneth n.f        hornel n.f hornellow (pressing) iron

                        SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
hornella                                                                        hwarvosek

hornella vb iron                                Hungarian n.m Hungarians (male)
horner n.m hornoryon (male) ironmonger           Hungarian
hornores n.f hornoresow (female)                Hungarianes n.f Hungariesow (female)
 ironmonger                                      Hungarian
horsen n.m horsens son-of-a-bitch               huni prn one. kettep huni everyone. lies
hos n.m heyji duck                               huni many a one. pub huni everyone
hosan n.f hosanow stocking. hosanow        hunlevM n.m hunlevow (= hulla)
 tights; hose (clothing)                         nightmare
hostelri n.m hostelriow inn; tavern             hunros n.m hunrosow dream. hunros
hou int hello; hi                                jorna n.m daydream; reverie
howl n.m howlyow sun. towl howl n.m             hunrosa vb dream
 sunstroke. liw howl n.f suntan; tan            hunyek adj sleepy
howldrehevel n.m howldrehevelyow (=             hurlya vb hurl
 howldrevel) sunrise; east. an                  hurtya vb hurt; ache
 Howldrehevel n.m the Orient                    hus n.m husow charm; enchantment;
howldrevel n.m howldrevelyow (=                  illusion; magic; spell; sorcery
 howldrehevel) sunrise; east. an                husa vb charm; enchant; create an illusion
 Howldrevel n.m the Orient. a'n                 hwadnL n.coll hwadnen (= hwann) fleas
 howldrevel eastern                             hwaff n.m hwaffys punch; gust
howllen n.f howllennow, howllednowL             hwaffa vb punch
 parasol                                        hwann n.coll hwannen (= hwadnL) fleas
howlleski vb tan                                hwans n.m hwansow desire; want; wish
howlleskys adj sunburnt; tan                    hwansa vb desire
howllosk n.m howlloskow sunburn                 hwansek adj desirous; keen. bos hwansek
howlsedhes n.m howlsedhesow West;                wish
 sunset. a'n howlsedhes adj western             hwar adj meek; mild; tame
howlvleujen n.f howlvleujennow,                 hware adv immediately; at once; dreckly;
 howlvleujednowL sunflower                       directly; presently
howlwedrow sunglasses                      hwarfedhyans n.m hwarfedhyansow
howlyek adj sunny                                occurrence
howtyn adj haughty; arrogant                    hwarhe vb civilise; domesticate
hudel adj magical                               hwarheans n.m hwarheansow civilisation
huder n.m hudoryon (male) magician              hwarhes adj civilised; domesticated
hudores n.f hudoresow (female) magician         hwarth n.m hwarthow laugh; laughter
hujes adj enormous; huge                        hwarthus adj comic; laughable; ludicrous;
huk n.f hukys riding hood. Huk Vyhan             ridiculous
 Rudh, Huk Vian RudhL n.f Little Red            hwarthuster n.m humour
 Riding Hood                                    hwarvedhyans n.m hwarvedhyansow
hulla n.m hulevow (= hunlevM) nightmare          incident
hunek n.coll hunegen dormice                    hwarvos I n.m hwarvosow event;
hungan n.f hunganow lullaby                      happening II vb happen; occur; come to
Hungarek n.m Hungarian language                  pass; take place. pandr'a hwer? what's
hungarek adj Hungarian                           going on? what's up?
Hungari n.m Hungary                             hwarvosek adj incidental

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
hwath                                                                                   hwithrans

hwath adv still; yet. na hwath not yet                 ola half laughing half crying
hwattya vb slap                                       hwesL (1) n.m (= hwys) sweat. gwagren
hwedh n.m hwedhow swelling; tumour                     hwesL n.f sweat gland
hwedhel n.m hwedhlow tale; story;                     hwesL (2) n.m hwesow (= hwys)
 narrative                                             perspiration
hwedhi vb swell                                       hwesa vb sweat; perspire
hwedhla vb narrate; tell tales                        hwesker n.coll hweskeren insects
hwedhlek adj narrative                                hwetegves num sixteenth
hwedhlor n.m hwedhloryon (male)                       hwetek num sixteen
 narrator                                             hwethL n.m hwethow (= hwyth) breath;
hwedhlores n.f hwedhloresow (female)                   puff
 narrator                                             hwetha vb (= hwythaM) blow; breathe;
hwednenL n.f hwenednow (= hwennen)                     inflate; puff; play (a wind instrument)
 nipple                                               hwethans n.m hwethanjow (=
hwedner n.m sixpence                                   hwythansM) inflation
hweffesL num (= hweghves) sixth                       hwethen n.f hwethennow, hwethednowL
hweg adj sweet; dear; gentle; kind; nice;              (= hwythenM) bubble
 pleasant; pleasing. pompyon hweg n.m                 hwethfi vb (= hwythfiM) bubble
 melon                                                Hwevrel n.m (= HwevrerM) February
hwegen n.f hwegennow, hwegednowL                      HwevrerM n.m (= Hwevrel) February
 darling; pet; piece of candy; lozenge                hwi prn (= hweiL) (pl) you; (= hweiL)
hweger n.f hwegrow mother-in-law                       (enclitic, pl) you
hwegh num six                                         hwias vb address someone as 'you'
hweghmis n.m hweghmisyow semester                     hwiban n.m whistle
hweghves num (= hweffesL) sixth                       hwibana vb whistle
hwegoll I adj darling; delightful; sweetest II        hwibanans n.m hwibanansow whistle
 n.m darling                                           (noise)
hwegron n.m hwegronyon father-in-law                  hwibanowl n.f hwibanowlow whistle
hwegys n.coll hwegysen maize                           (instrument)
hweiL prn (= hwi) (pl) you; (enclitic, pl) you        hwigen n.f hwigennow, hwigednowL
hweja vb (= hwyjaM) vomit; throw up                    breadcrumb
hwekhe vb sweeten                                     hwil n.m hwiles beetle. hwil du n.m
hwel n.m hwelyow work; mine-work;                      cockroach. hwil tan n.m moped
 labour. best hwel n.m working animal. gul            hwilas vb seek; look for; attempt; try;
 hwel work. hwel ober n.m industry                     search
hweldro n.f hweldroyow (mechanical)                   hwilva n.f hwilvaow laboratory
 revolution                                           hwiogen n.f hwiogennow, hwiogednowL
hwelji n.m hweljiow workshop                           pasty
hwenn n.coll hwennen weed                             hwiski n.m hwiskiow whisky
hwennen n.f hwenennow (= hwednenL)                    hwithra vb inspect; investigate; look into;
 nipple                                                probe; search
hwerow adj bitter; harsh; sharp                       hwithrans n.m hwithransow check-up;
hwerthin vb laugh. sevel orth hwerthin                 inspection; research; search; quest.
 keep a straight face. ynter hwerthin hag              hwithrans medhek n.m medical

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
hwithrer                                                                             islavrek

 examination                                       ilewydh n.m ilewydhyon (male) musician
hwithrer n.m hwithroryon (male)                    ilewydhes n.f ilewydhesow (female)
 inspector; (male) researcher                       musician
hwithrores n.f hwithroresow (female)               ilow* n.f music
 inspector; (female) researcher                    ilowari n.m ilowariow musical
hwithrus adj observant; investigative              ilowek adj musical
hwor n.f hwerydh sister. hanter-hwor n.f           imach n.m imajys image; picture; statue
 half-sister                                       Inglond n.m England
hwyjaM vb (= hweja) vomit; throw up                inocent I adj innocent II n.m inocens
hwyp n.m hwyppys whip                               innocent
hwyppya vb whip                                    ion n.m ions ion
hwys n.m (= hwesL (1)) sweat. gwagren              ionek adj ionic
 hwys n.f sweat gland                              ironek adj ironic
hwystra vb whisper                                 is- prfx lower; deputy; vice; sub-
hwystren n.f hwystrennow,                          isel adj low; modest; vulgar. a bris isel
 hwystrednowL whisper                               cheap
hwyth n.m hwethow (= hwethL) breath;               Iseldiryades n.f Iseldiryadesow (female)
 puff                                               Dutch
hwythaM vb (= hwetha) blow; breathe;               Iseldiryas n.m Iseldirysi, IseldiryjiL
 inflate; puff; play (a wind instrument)            (male) Dutch
hwythansM n.m hwythansow (=                        Iseldiryek n.m Dutch language
 hwethans) inflation                               iseldiryek adj Dutch
hwythel n.f hwythellow whistle                     Iseldiryow Netherlands
hwythenM n.f hwythennow (= hwethen)                iselhe vb lower; decrease
 bubble                                            iselheans n.m iselheansow lowering;
hwythfiM vb (= hwethfi) bubble                      decrease
hy3 prn her                                        isella adj lower; lowest; inferior
hyg n.f hygow trick; fiddle; swindle               iselweyth n.m iselweythyow depression
hyga vb cheat; fiddle; swindle; trick              isetholans n.m isetholansow by-election
hyli n.m salt water                                iskaderyer n.m iskaderyoryon
hymna n.m hymnys hymn                               vice-chairman; deputy chairman
hyns n.m hensyow, hensi* (= hensL)                 iskaderyores n.f iskaderyoresow
 course; path; road; way. hyns horn n.m             vice-chairwoman; deputy chairwoman
 railway. Hyns Sen Jamys n.m Milky Way.            iskarg n.m iskargow download
 hyns tira n.m runway                              iskarga vb download
hynsa (= hensaL) fellows; peers               iskevresek adj subsequent
hynt n.m hyntys hint                               iskowethyans n.m iskowethyansow
hyntya vb hint                                      subsidiary
hys n.m (= hesL) extent; length. hys-ha-hys        Islam n.m Islam
 altogether; end to end                            Islamek adj Islamic; Muslim
i prn (= anjeiL) they; (enclitic) they             islavarek adj subjunctive. gis islavarek
idhyow n.coll idhyowen ivy                          n.m subjunctive mood
ikon n.m ikonys icon                               islavrek n.m islavrogow underpants;
ikonek adj iconic                                   knickers

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
islewydh                                                                                    jip

islewydh islewyhdyon (male)                       istorior n.m istorioryon historian
 vice-president                                   istoriores n.f istorioresow historian
islewyhdes n.f islewydhesow (female)              isyeth n.f isyethow slang
 vice-president                                   Italek n.m Italian language
islinya vb underline                              italek adj Italian
islonk n.m islonkow abyss                         Itali n.f Italy
islonkel adj abyssal                              Italian n.m Italians (male) Italian
ismegen n.f ismegennow, ismegednowL               Italianes n.f Italianesow (female) Italian
 (= ismek) (individual) salve                     ithikL (= euthyk) I adj awful; frightful;
ismek n.m ismegow (= ismegen) salve                ghastly; horrible; terrible; terrific;
isobar n.m isobarow isobar                         tremendous II adj awfully; horribly;
isogloss n.m isoglossow isogloss                   terribly. ithik traL very much indeed. ithik
isotop isotopow isotope                            broasL enormous
isotopek adj isotopic                             IwerdhonM n.f (= Wordhen) Ireland
ispan n.m ispannow, ispadnowL lining              IwerdhonekM n.m (= Wordhenek) Irish
ispoynt n.m ispoyntys, ispoyntow                   language
 minimum                                          iwerdhonekM adj (= wordhenek) Irish
ispoyntegieth n.f minimalism                      jagg n.m jaggys jar; jolt; shock. jagg tredan
ispoyntel adj minimal. gober ispoyntel             n.m electric shock
 n.m minimum wage                                 jamm n.m jammys jam
isradhek adj undergraduate                        jamm' adv (= jammes) never
isradhesiges n.f isradhesigesow (female)          jammes adv (= jamm') never
 undergraduate                                    jangal n.m janglow jungle
isradhesik n.m isradhesigyon (male)               jardin n.m jardinyow (= jarnL) garden
 undergraduate                                    jarnL n.m jarnyow (= jardin) garden
Israel n.m Israel                                 jarrik n.m jarigow small jar
Israelyades n.m Israelyadesow (female)            jayler n.m jaylers jailer; gaoler
 Israeli                                          jazz n.m Jazz
Israelyas n.m Israelysi, IsraelyjiL (male)        jeiL prn (= i) they
 Israeli                                          jell n.m jellow gel
israelyek adj Israeli                             jeneral (1) adj general
isrudh adj infrared                               jeneral (2) n.m jenerals (army) general
issavonek adj substandard                         jentyl adj gentle; pleasing. den jentyl n.m
isskrifik n.m isskrifigow caption                  gentleman. benyn jentyl n.f gentlewoman
istednaL vb (= istenna) subtract                  jentylys n.m graciousness
istednansL n.m istenanjow (= istennans)           jerkyn n.m jerkynnow, jerkyns jerkin;
 subtraction                                       jacket. jerkyn strooth n.m straight-jacket
istenna vb (= istednaL) subtract                  Jersenys n.f Jersey
istennans n.m istenansow (= istednansL)           jest n.m jestys jest
 subtraction                                      jestya vb jest
istitel n.m istitlow, istitlys subtitle           jet n.m jettys jet plane
istitla vb subtitle                               jevan n.m jevanow fiend
istorek adj historical                            jins jeans
istori n.m istoris history                        jip n.m jipys jeep

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
jiraf                                                                                   kabmL

jiraf n.m jirafes giraffe                          jynjer n.coll jynjeren ginger
jogler n.m joglers, jogloryon (male)               jynjyber n.coll jynjyberen ginger
 juggler                                           jynn n.m jynnys, jynnow engine; machine;
joglores n.f jogloresow (female) juggler            motor. jynn amontya n.m computer. jynn
joglya juggle                                       diwros n.m motorcycle. jynn ebron n.m
jolif adj jolly                                     aeroplane. jynn fusta n.m thresher. jynn
jorna n.m jorneow day; date. dres an                glesin n.m lawn-mower. jynn golhi n.m
 jorna all day long. hunros jorna n.m               washing machine. jynn gorthebi n.m
 daydream; reverie. unweyth y'n jorna,              answering machine. jynn gwrias n.m
 eneth e'n jornaL once a day                        sewing machine. jynn krommgentra n.m
jornal n.m jornalys journal. gwerther               stapler. jynn palas n.m digger. jynn
 jornalys n.m (male) newsagent.                     plottya n.m plotter. jynn rolya n.m roller.
 gwerthores jornalys n.f (female)                   jynn skeusen n.m camera. jynn skrifa n.m
 newsagent. jornal seythennyek, jornal              typewriter. jynn tan n.m fire engine. jynn
 seythednekL n.f weekly                             tokyn n.m ticket machine. jynn tewlel,
jornalyades n.f jornalyadesow (female)              jynn towlelL n.m projector. jynn tomma,
 journalist                                         jynn tobmaL n.m heater. jynn yskyn n.m
jornalyas n.m jornalysi, jornalyjiL (male)          escalator
 journalist                                        jynner n.m jynoryon (male) mechanic
jouta n.m jute                                     jynnji n.m jynnjiow engine house
Jovyn n.m Jovinian                                 jynnskrifa vb type; typewrite
jowdyn n.m jowdyns rascal                          jynnskrifer n.m jynnskriforyon (male)
jowel n.m jewel                                     typist
jowl n.m jowlow (= dyowl) (found after             jynnskrifores n.m jynnskriforesow
 unn/udnL and an) devil. jowl lemmel,               (female) typist
 jowl lebmelL n.m jack-in-the-box. lo an           jynnweyth n.f jynnweythow machinery;
 jowl n.f trapdoor. re'n jowl by the devil          mechanism
joy n.m joyys joy; bliss                           jynnweythek adj mechanical
Jubyter n.m Jupiter                                jynnweythor n.m jynnweythoryon (male)
juj n.m jujys judge                                 mechanic
jujment n.m jujments judgement; sentence           jynnweythores n.f jynnweythoresow
jujmentus adj judgmental; critical                  (female) mechanic
jujya vb judge; criticise                          jynores n.f jynoresow (female) mechanic
junya vb connect; join; link. nos junya n.m        Jypson n.m Jypsonyon (male) gipsy
 hyphen. junya dhe, junya orth connect to;         jypsonek adj gipsy
 join with                                         Jypsones n.f Jypsonesow (female) gipsy
junyans n.m junyansow connection;                  kabel n.m kablow accusation; blame; libel
 joining-up                                        kabinet n.m kabinettys (government)
justifia vb justify                                 cabinet
justis n.m justisyow justice; magistrate           kabla vb blame; accuse; libel
justisek adj juridical                             kabli vb criticise; find fault with; revile
jy prn (enclitic, sg) you                          kablus adj guilty
jyg n.m jygyow jig                                 kabluster n.m (legal) guilt
jynevra n.m jynevrys gin                           kabmL (1) (= kamm (1)) I adj bent; crooked;

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kabmL                                                                                    kalter

 erroneous; wrong II n.m kabmow error;            kajekL adj unwell
 wrong. war an tu kabmL offside                   kaken n.f kakys sweet cake
kabmL (2) n.m kabmow (= kamm (2)) pace;           kaktus n.m kaktusow cactus
 step; track                                      kal n.m kalyow (= kalghM) penis
kabmaL vb (= kamma) curve                         kala n.coll kalaven straw. gwelen gala n.f
kabmasL n.f kamajow (= kammas) bay;                straw stalk
 bend                                             kalan n.m kalannow, kaladnowL first of
kabmdhavasL n.f kabmdhavasow (=                    the month; calends. Kalan Genver n.m
 kammneves) rainbow                                New Year's Day. Kala' Me n.m May Day.
kabmdybiL vb (= kammdybi) err.                     Kalan Gwav n.m All Hallows
 kabmdybi war2L think wrong of                    kalaven n.f kalavennow, kalavednowL
kabmdybyansL n.m kabmdybyanjow (=                  straw
 kammdybyans) error                               kalder n.m cunning; slyness
kabmdybysL adj (= kammdybys) mistaken             kalender n.m kalenderyow calendar
kabmgonvedhesL (= kammgonvedhes)                  kales adj (= kalishL) hard; tough; difficult.
 misunderstand                                     penn kales obstinate; stubborn. lyver
kabmonderstondyaL vb (=                            kudhlen galesM n.m hardback
 kammonderstondya) misunderstand                  kalesen n.f kalesennow, kalesednowL
kabmusyaL vb (= kammusya) misuse                   (toy) marble
kabmweythL n.m (= kammweyth)                      kalesweyth n.m hardware
 misdeed; trespass                                kalesyans n.m (4th state mutation)
kabmwulL vb (= kammwul) err                        provection
kaboli vb mix up; stir                            kaletter n.m kaletterow hardness;
kabolva n.f kabolvaow mix; mix-up                  difficulty
kachya vb catch                                   kalgh n.m limestone
kachyans n.m kachyansow catch; take               kalghM n.m kalghyow (= kal) penis
kaderyer n.m kaderyoryon chairman                 kalishL adj (= kales) hard; tough; difficult.
kaderyores n.f kaderyoresow                        pedn kalishL obstinate; stubborn. lever
 chairwoman                                        kudhlen galishL n.m hardback
kadnasL n.f kanajow (= kannas)                    kaljL n.m kaljow (= kals) heap; abundance
 ambassador; messenger                            kalkor n.m kalkoryon (male) calculator
kadon n.f kadonyow chain; mountain                kalkores n.f kalkoresow (female)
 range. hesken gadon n.f chainsaw. kadon           calculator
 baper n.f paper chain                            kalkya vb calculate
kadona vb chain                                   kall adj cunning; sly
kador n.f kadoryow chair; seat. kador             kalmydh n.m kalmydhyon tranquiliser
 dreth n.f deck-chair. kador herdhya n.f          kalmynjiL n.m (= kalmynsi) calm;
 push-chair. kador ros n.f wheelchair.             tranquility
 kador vregh n.f armchair. kador yskyn n.f        kalmynsi n.m (= kalmynjiL) calm;
 chairlift                                         tranquility
kaffler n.m kafflers gatherer; collector          kalori n.m kaloris calorie
kagla vb spatter with filth; soil                 kals n.m kalsow (= kaljL) heap; abundance
kaha vb defecate; shit                            kalter n.f kaltoryon kettle. gorra an galter
kaja n.f kajow daisy                               dhe vryjyon put the kettle on

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kamera                                                                                kanik

kamera n.m kameras camera                           misjudge
kamfor n.m camphor                                 kammweyth n.m (= kabmweythL)
kamil n.coll kamilen camomile                       misdeed; trespass
kamm (1) (= kabmL (1)) I adj bent; crooked;        kammwonis I n.m kammwonisyow
 erroneous; wrong II n.m kammow error;              blunder II vb blunder
 wrong. war an tu kamm offside                     kammwrians n.m kammwriansow error
kamm (2) n.m kammow (= kabmL (2))                  kammwul vb (= kabmwulL) err
 pace; step; track                                 kamp n.m kampow camp
kamma vb (= kabmaL) curve                          kampol n.m comment; mention
kammamseren n.f kammaserennow,                     kampolla vb (= komplaL) comment;
 kammamserednowL anachronism                        mention
kammamseryek anachronistic                         kampollys adj mentioned. an pyth
kammas n.f kamasow (= kabmasL) bay;                 kampollys diwettha, an peth kampollys
 bend                                               diwetthaL the latter. an peth kampollys
kammdremena vb trespass                             kensa, an pyth kampollys kynsaM the
kammdremener n.m kammdremenoryon                    former
 (male) trespasser                                 kampva n.f kampvaow encampment
kammdremenores n.f                                 kampya vb camp; encamp
 kammdremenoresow (female) trespasser              kan n.f kanow song; poem. gwari kan n.m
kammdreylya vb zigzag                               opera; musical. kan werin n.f folk song
kammdro n.f kammdroyow zigzag                      kana vb sing
kammdybi vb (= kabmdybiL) err.                     kanabys n.coll cannabis
 kammdybi war2 think wrong of                      Kanada n.m Canada
kammdybyans n.m kammdybyansow (=                   kanadek adj Canadian
 kabmdybyansL) error                               Kanadian n.m Kanadians (male) Canadian
kammdybys adj (= kabmdybysL) mistaken              Kanadianes n.f Kanadianesow (female)
kammen I adv in no way; not at all II n.f           Canadian
 kamennow pace; step. kammen vyth in               kanajaL vb (= kanasa) delegate
 no way at all                                     kanajedhL n.m kanajedhow (= kanasedh)
kammgemeryans n.m                                   n.m delegation; deputation
 kammgemeryansow mistake                           kanari n.m kanaris canary
kammgemerys adj mistaken; wrong                    kanasa vb (= kanajaL) delegate
kammgonvedhes vb (= kabmgonvedhesL)                kanasedh n.m kanasedhow (= kanajedhL)
 misunderstand                                      n.m delegation; deputation
kammhynsek unjust; unrighteous; wicked             kanasedhi vb (electorate) represent
kammledya vb mislead                               kanaseth n.f kanasethow mission;
kammneves n.f kammnevesow (=                        (mission) embassy
 kabmdhavasL) rainbow                              kanatti n.m kanattiow (building) embassy
kammonderstondya vb (=                             kanel (1) n.f kanolyow channel. kanel
 kabmonderstondyaL) misunderstand                   bellwolok n.f television channel
kammusya vb (= kabmusyaL) misuse                   kanel (2) n.coll kanellen cinnamon
kammvreujiL vb (= kammvreusi)                      kaner n.m kanoryon (male) singer
 misjudge                                          kangarou n.m kangarous kangaroo
kammvreusi vb (= kammvreujiL)                      kanik n.f kanigow ditty; jingle

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kanister                                                                                karten

kanister n.m kanisters canister                    kares n.f karesow girlfriend; mistress;
kanker n.m kankres crab; cancer                     relation; (female) relative
kann adj bright white                              karetys n.coll karetysen carrot
kanna n.m kannys, kannow can                       karg n.m kargow burden; cargo; freight;
kannas n.f kanasow (= kadnasL)                      load
 ambassador; messenger                             karga vb load; charge
kanndir n.m kanndiryow quartz                      kargedh n.m kargedhow electric charge
kanon n.m kanonyow cannon                          karhar n.m karharow fetter; shackle.
kanores kanoresow (female) singer                   karhar prenn, karhar prednL n.m pillory;
kanou n.m kanouyow canoe                            stocks
kans num kansow hundred                            karhara vb detain; imprison; incarcerate;
kanskradh n.m kanskradhow centigrade                pillory; shackle
kanskweyth adv a hundred times                     karharans n.m karharansow
kansplek adv hundredfold                            incarceration; detention; imprisonment
kansran n.f kansrannow, kansradnowL                karigel n.f karigellow trolley
 percent; percentage                               karleyth n.f karleythow ray
kanstel n.f kanstellow basket. pel ganstel         karn (1) n.m karnow rock-pile; tor
 n.f basketball                                    karn (2) n.m karnow hoof. karn kollan n.m
kansves num hundredth                               knife-handle
kansvledhen n.f kansvledhynnyow,                   karnal adj carnal; sexual. daromres karnal
 kansvledhydnyowL century                           n.m sexual intercourse
kantol n.f kantolyow candle                        karnedh n.m karnedhow cairn
kantolbrenM n.m kantolbrennyer (=                  karnival n.m carnival
 koltrebyn) candlestick                            karolli vb dance
kapel n.m kaplys cable                             karores n.f karoresow (female) lover;
kappa n.m kappys, kappow cap                        girlfriend
kapten n.m kaptens, kaptenow captain               karow n.m kerwys stag. karow ergh n.m
kapyas n.m kapyasow writ of arrest                  reindeer
kar n.m kerens parent; relation; (male)            karpenter n.m karpentoryon, karpenters
 relative                                           carpenter
kara vb love; like; care for. del y'm kyrri        karr n.m kerri car. gwelen garr n.f pole (of
 please; be so kind as to                           a car). karr bonk n.m dodgem. karr klavji,
karadow adj beloved; fond; loving                   karr kloa'jiL n.m ambulance. karr kreslu
karamel n.m karamels caramel                        n.m police car. karr slynk n.m sleigh. karr
karate n.m karate                                   stret n.m tram. karr tan n.m motor-car. yn
karavan n.m karavans caravan                        karr, en karrL by car
karbohydrat n.m karbohydratow                      karrek n.f kerrek, karygi rock
 carbohydrate                                      karrji n.m karrjiow garage
karbon n.m carbon                                  karrostel n.m karrostelyow motel
kardamon n.coll cardamom                           karten n.f kartennow, kartednowL card.
kardigan n.m kardigans, kardiganow                  karten benn-bloodh, karten
 cardigan                                           bedn-bloodhL n.f birthday card. karten
karer n.m karoryon (male) lover;                    bost n.f postcard. karten gresys n.f credit
 boyfriend                                          card. karten vona n.f cash card. karten

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
karth                                                                                     kebren

 vudhek n.f trump card. sewt kartennow,               katalonek adj Catalan
 sewt kartednowL n.m suit of cards                    Kataloni n.f Catalonia
karth n.m karthyon cleansing; purge.                  kath n.f kathes cat. kath vlewek n.f hairy
 karth ethnek n.m ethnic cleansing                     caterpillar. prena kath yn sagh, perna
kartha clean out; cleanse; purge; flush                kath en saghL buy a pig in a poke. losow
karven n.f karvenow caravan; van; wagon                an gath n.coll catmint; catnip
karya vb carry; transport                             kathek adj feline
karyans vb karyansow transport. karyans               kathik n.m kathigow kitten
 poblek n.m public transport                          Katholiges n.f Katholigesow (female)
karyn n.m karynyes carrion. hok karyn                  Catholic
 n.m vulture                                          Katholigieth n.f Catholicism
kas (1) n.f kasow battle; armed conflict              Katholik Katholigyon I adj Catholic II n.m
kas (2) n.m kasys case; circumstance. y'n              (male) Catholic
 gwella kas, e'n gwella kasL ideally. y'n             kation n.m kations cation
 kas, e'n kasL under the circumstances. y'n           kav n.m kavyow cave
 kas arbennek ma, e'n kas arbednek maL                kavach n.m kavajys cabbage
 in this particular case. yn neb kas anyway;          kavadow adj available
 in any case; at any rate                             kavanedhi vb occupy
kas (3) n.m hate; hatred; dislike. kas yw             kavas n.m kavasow (container) tin
 genev, kas ew genamL I hate                          kavos vb (= kawasL) find; acquire; get;
kasa vb hate; dislike                                  have; obtain. kavos chons dhe2 get round
kasadow adj hateful; revolting                         to. kavos hanow gain a reputation
kasek n.f kasegi mare. kasek koos n.f                 kavylek adj argumentative; contentious
 woodpecker                                           kawasL vb (= kavos) find; acquire; get;
kasel n.f kaselyow, dl diwgasel armpit;                have; obtain. kawas chons dhe2 get round
 aisle. esedh gasel n.f aisle seat                     to. kawas hanowL gain a reputation
kashya vb cash                                        kawdarn n.m kawdarns cauldron
kaskyrgh n.m kaskyrhow campaign                       kawgh n.m dung; excrement; faeces; shit
kaskyrher n.m kaskyrhoryon (male)                     kaws n.m kawsys reason
 campaigner                                           kawsya vb cause
kaskyrhes vb campaign                                 kay n.m kayys, kayow quay; dock; jetty;
kaskyrhores n.f kaskyrhoresow (female)                 pier; platform. kay peulyow n.m pier
 campaigner                                           kayak n.m kayakys, kayagow kayak
kasor n.m kasoryon (male) fighter                     ke n.m keow hedge; fence. war an ke
kasorek adj militant; military                         abstaining; on the fence
kasores n.f kasoresow (female) fighter                keas vb hedge; fence; enclose with a hedge;
kast n.m kastys trick                                  enclose with a fence. keas mes exclude
kastek adj tricky                                     kebmynL adj (= kemmyn) common;
kastel n.m kastylli, kestel castle; hill fort.         ordinary; vulgar. gwiryow kebmynL
 kastel tewes n.m sandcastle                           civil rights. kocha kebmynL n.m bus. mona
kastya vb trick                                        kebmynL n.m currency
Katalan n.m Katalans (male) Catalan                   kebmysL adv (= kemmys) as many as; as
Katalanes n.f Katalanesow (female)                     much as; equivalent
 Catalan                                              kebren n.f kebrennow, kebrednowL rafter

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kechap                                                                          kelhigow

kechap n.m ketchup                               kegi vb cook
kedhel n.m kedhlow tale                          kegin n.f keginow kitchen
kedhla vb inform; tell                           kegina vb cook
kedhlow information                         keginer n.m keginoryon (male) chef
kedhor n.coll kedhoren pubic hair                keginieth n.f cookery
kedhorek adj pubic                               keginores n.f keginoresow (female) chef
kedhorieth n.f puberty                           kegis n.coll kegisen hemlock. kegis hweg
kedhorva n.f kedhorvaow groin; pubes              n.coll celery
kedhow n.m mustard                               kehaval adj alike; equal
kednL n.m kednow (= kenn) peel; scum;            kehavalen n.f kehavalennow,
 skin                                             kehavalednowL equation
kednaL vb (= kenna) coat with film               kehejedhL n.m kehejedhow (= kehysedh)
kednekL adj scummy                                equator
kednenL n.f kenednow (= kennen) film;            keher n.coll keheren muscles
 membrane                                        keherek adj burly; muscular
kedrydnL n.f kedrydnow (= kedrynn)               kehesL adj (= kehys) of the same length.
 quarrel; dispute                                 kehes haL of the same length as
kedrydnaL vb (= kedrynna) quarrel;               keheveli vb compare; equate
 dispute; bicker                                 kehevelyans n.m kehevelyansow
kedrynn n.f kedrynnow (= kedrydnL)                comparison
 dispute; quarrel; trouble                       kehys adj (= kehesL) of the same length.
kedrynna vb (= kedrydnaL) quarrel;                kehys ha of the same length as
 dispute; bicker                                 kehysedh n.m kehysedhow (= kehejedhL)
keek adj hedged                                   equator
keffresL adv (= keffrys) also; likewise;         keiL n.m keun (= ki) dog
 moreover                                        kekebmysL adv (= kekemmys) as many as;
keffresekL adj (= keffrysek) federal              as much as
keffresiadesL n.f keffresiadejow (=              kekemmys adv (= kekebmysL) as many as;
 keffrysiades) (female) ally                      as much as
keffresiasL n.m keffresyji (= keffrysias)        kekesow n.coll Cornish heath
 (male) ally                                     kel I adj hidden; secret II n.m kelyow
keffresyansL n.m keffresyanjow (=                 hideout. yn-dann gel, en-dadn kelL in
 keffrysyans) alliance                            secret; secretly
keffresysL adj (= keffrysys) allied              kelegel n.m keleglow chalice
keffrys adv (= keffresL) also; likewise;         keles vb conceal; hide
 moreover                                        kelester n.m kelesteryow pebble; flint
keffrysek adj (= keffresekL) federal             kelgh n.m kelghyow (= kylghM) circle;
keffrysiades n.f keffrysiadesow (=                hoop; ring; round
 keffresiadesL) (female) ally                    kelghlavar n.m kelghlavarow (=
keffrysias n.m keffrysysi (= keffresiasL)         kylghlavarM) circumlocution
 (male) ally                                     kelghvusur n.m kelghvusuryow (=
keffrysyans n.m keffrysyansow (=                  kylghvusurM) perimeter
 keffresyansL) alliance                          kelhek adj (= kylhekM) circular
keffrysys adj (= keffresysL) allied              kelhigow (= kylhigowM) hoop-la

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kell                                                                                  kendon

kell n.f kellow, kellyow, dl diwgel cell;            kemmyn n.coll currency
 testicle                                           kemmys adv (= kebmysL) as many as; as
kellgowser n.m kellgowsoryon cell-phone;             much as; equivalent
 mobile phone                                       kemmysk n.m kemyskow mix
kelli (1) vb lose. kelli liw vb pale                kempednaL vb (= kempenna) set in order;
kelli (2) n.f keliow grove                           tidy
kellik n.coll keligen razor fish                    kempen adj neat; tidy
kellyn n.coll kelynnen duckweed                     kempenna vb (= kempednaL) set in order;
kellys adj lost                                      tidy
kelmi vb bind; knot; tie. kelmi X orth Y tie        kempenner n.m kempenoryon (male)
 X to Y                                              orderly. kempenner gols n.m (male)
kelmys adj related                                   hairdresser
kelorn n.m kelern bucket; pail                      kempenores n.m kempenoresow (female)
Kelt n.m Keltyon (male) Celt                         orderly. kempenores wols n.f (female)
keltek adj Celtic                                    hairdresser
Keltes n.f Keltesow (male) Celt                     kemper n.m kemperyow confluence;
kelvydh adj fashionable; stylish                     junction of streams
kelyfydhys adj confidential                         kemusur I adj symmetrical II n.m
kelyllik n.f kelyligow pocket knife                  kemusuryow proportion; symmetry
kelyn n.coll kelynnen, kelydnenL hollies            kemusurel adj proportional
kelyon n.coll kelyonen flies. kelyon garan          kemynegor n.m kemynegoryon (male)
 n.coll craneflies. kelyon kig n.coll                communist. Derivadow an
 bluebottle flies. kelyon margh n.coll               Gemynegoryon n.m the Communist
 gadflies                                            Manifesto
Kembra n.f Wales                                    kemynegorek adj communist
Kembrek n.m Welsh language                          kemynegores n.f kemynegoresow
kembrek adj Welsh                                    (female) communist
Kembres n.f Kembresow Welshwoman                    kemynegoreth n.f communism
Kembro n.m Kembrion Welshman                        kemynskrif n.m kemynskrifow will
kemeneth n.f kemenethow community.                  kemyska vb mingle; mix; jumble
 kresen gemeneth n.f community centre               kemyskans n.m kemyskansow mixture
kemeradow adj acceptable                            kemyskel n.f kemyskellow mixer
kemeres vb take; receive; subtract.                 kemysker n.m kemyskoryon mixer
 kemeres euth panic. kemeres merci a2               ken (1) I adj other; else; different;
 have mercy on. kemeres meth be                      alternative II adv otherwise
 ashamed. kemeres own rag take fright               ken (2) n.m kenyow lawsuit
 from. kemeres rann, kemeres radnL take             ken- prfx co-; con-; mutual
 part; participate. kemeres truedh a2 have          kendegi vb (electricity) conduct
 pity on. kemeres with take care; take              kenderow n.m kenderwi (male) cousin
 heed. kemeres X a2 Y subtract X from Y             kendon n.f kendonow debt; liability. kavos
kemeryans n.m kemeryansow reception                  kendon borrow. kodha yn kendon,
kemmyn adj (= kebmynL) common;                       kodha en kendonL get into debt. mos
 ordinary; vulgar. gwiryow kemmyn               a-berth yn kendon, mos a-berth en
 civil rights. kocha kemmyn n.m bus. mona            kendonL run into debt. ri kendon, rei

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kenedhel                                                                                  kerdher

 kendonL lend. ri neppyth yn kendon dhe               before. kens lemmyn, kens lebmynL
 nebonan, rei neppeth en kendon dhe                   before now; hitherto. kens ena before that.
 nebonanL lend something to someone                   kens oll notably
kenedhel n.f kenedhlow nation. an                    kensa num (= kynsaM) first; initial. y'n
 Kenedhlow Unys the United Nations               kensa le, e'n kensa leL primarily. hanow
kenedhlegi vb nationalise                             kensa n.m forename
kenedhlek adj national. Servis Kenedhlek             kenskrif n.m kenskrifow brief
 an Yehes (SKY) n.m the National Health              kensskrifL n.m kensskrifow (= kynsskrif)
 Service (NHS). Trest Kenedhlek n.m                   preface
 National Trust                                      kentel n.m kentelyow occasion; event;
kenedhloger n.m kenedhlogoryon (male)                 lesson*. pub kentel on every occasion
 nationalist                                         kenter n.f kentrow nail; spike
kenedhlogeth n.f kenedhlogethow                      kentra vb nail; spike; tack. kentra… orth…
 nationality                                          nail…to…
kenedhlogores n.f kenedhlogoresow                    kentrevek n.m kentrevogyon (male)
 (female) nationalist                                 neighbour
kenedlegieth n.f nationalism                         kentreveth n.f kentrevethow
kenertha vb boost                                     neighbourhood
kenerthas n.m kenerthasow booster                    kentrevoges n.f kentrevogesow (female)
kenesL n.coll kenesen (= kevnis) spider.              neighbour
 gwias kenesL n.m cobweb; spider web                 kentrewi vb nail with many nails
kengrel n.f kengrellow girdle                        kentrik n.m kentrigow tack. kentrik spis
kenhanow kenhenwyn alias                              n.m clove
keninen n.f (= kennin) bulb of garlic; garlic        kenwerth n.m kenwerthow commerce;
 plant                                                trade
keniterow n.f keniterwi (female) cousin              kenwertha vb trade
keniver adj as many; so many; everyone.              kenwerthel adj commercial
 keniver den everyone. keniver jorna                 kenwes n.m kenwesow feast
 every day. keniver onan every single one.           kenwostel n.m kenwostlow bet; wager
 keniver traL everything                             kenwostla vb bet; wager
kenjoghwaL n.m (= kynseghwa) forenoon                kenwra n.m kenwraow prototype
kenn n.m kennow (= kednL) peel; scum;                kepar adv (= pekarL) like; alike. kepar del2
 skin                                                 just as. kepar del via as it were. yn kepar
kenna vb (= kednaL) coat with film                    maner similarly
kennek adj (= kednekL) scummy                        ker (1) adj dear; precious
kennen n.f kenennow (= kednenL) film;                ker (2) n.f kerow, keryow fort; fortress; hill
 membrane                                             fort; city
kennin n.coll keninen garlic. ewin kennin            ker'L adv (= yn-kerdh) away. deun ker'L
 n.m clove of garlic. kennin sevi n.coll              let's be off. ladra ker'L abduct
 chives                                              kerdh n.m kerdhow walk; journey.
kennys adj canned                                     yn-kerdh, ker'L away
kenreydhek adj heterosexual                          kerdher n.m (male) walker; (male)
kens (= kynsM) I adj former; previous;                pedestrian. kerdher lovan n.m (male)
 sooner II adv formerly; rather III prp               tightrope walker. treusva gerdhoryon n.f

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kerdhes                                                                                 keseren

 pedestrian crossing                                KernewegerM n.m Kernewegoryon (=
kerdhes vb walk; get along                           Kernoweger) (male) Cornish speaker
kerdhores n.f kerdhoresow (female)                  KernewegoresM n.f Kernewegoresow (=
 walker; (female) pedestrian. kerdhores              Kernowegores) (female) Cornish speaker
 lovan n.f (female) tightrope walker                KernewekM n.m (= Kernowek) Cornish
kerdhva n.f kerdhvaow footpath                       language
keredhi vb scold; reproach; tell off; rebuke        kernewekM adj (= kernowek) Cornish
kerenjaL n.f (= kerensa) love; charity.             KernewekheM vb (= Kernowekhe)
 kerenja gudhysL n.f affair. kloav dre               Cornicise
 gerenjaL love-sick. rag kerenjaL for the           KernewesM n.f Kernewesow (=
 sake of; for the love of                            Kernowes) Cornishwoman
kerenjedhekL adj (= kerensedhek) loving             Kernow I n.f Cornwall II n.m Kernowyon
kerens parents                                  Cornishman
kerensa n.f (= kerenjaL) love; charity.             Kernoweger n.m Kernowegoryon (=
 kerensa gudhys n.f affair. klav dre                 KernewegerM) (male) Cornish speaker
 gerensa love-sick. rag kerensa for the             Kernowegores n.f Kernowegoresow (=
 sake of; for the love of                            KernewegoresM) (female) Cornish
kerensedhek adj (= kerenjedhekL) loving              speaker
kerensel adj parental                               Kernowek n.m (= KernewekM) Cornish
keres n.coll keresen cherries                        language
keresik I adj darling; dear II n.m                  kernowek adj Cornish
 keresigyon darling; sweetheart                     Kernowekhe vb (= KernewekheM)
kergh n.coll kerhen oats                             Cornicise
kerhen n.f kerhennow, kerhednowL oat                Kernowes n.f Kernowesow (=
 flake                                               KernewesM) Cornishwoman
kerhes vb fetch; get                                kerrik n.m kerigow cart; carriage. kerrik
kerhydnaL vb (= kerhynna) surround                   flogh n.m baby carriage
kerhydnedhL n.m kerhynedhow (=                      kert n.m kertys, kertow cart; lorry; truck
 kerhynnedh) environment                            kerth n.f kerthow property
kerhyn n.m kerhynnow, kerhydnowL                    kertik n.m kertigow van
 environs; vicinity                                 kervya vb carve
kerhynedhor n.m kerhynedhoryon (male)               keryn n.f kerynyow butt; tub; vat
 environmentalist                                   kes- prfx co-; con-; mutual
kerhynedhores n.f kerhynedhoresow                   kesakordyans n.m kesakordyansow
 (female) environmentalist                           consensus
kerhynna vb (= kerhydnaL) surround                  kesareth n.f kesarethyow seminar
kerhynnedh n.m kerhynedhow (=                       kesassoylyans n.m kesassoylyans
 kerhydnedhL) environment                            compromise
kern n.m kernyow (= kren) shake. kavos              keschanj n.m keschanjyow exchange;
 kern have a fit                                     interchange; swap
kernL adj (= krenn) round                           keschanjadow adj interchangeable
kernaL vb (= krena) tremble; shiver; shake          keschanjya vb exchange; interchange; swap
kernansL n.m kernanjow (= krenans)                  keser n.coll keseren hail. gul keser vb hail
 vibration                                          keseren n.f keserennow, keserednowL

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kesfurvyas                                                                          kesskrifans

 hailstone                                           keskowethyans n.m keskowethyansow
kesfurvyas n.m kesfurvysi, kesfurvyjiL                partnership. Keskowethyans an Yeth
 (male) conformist                                    Kernewek n.m (name of organisation) The
keskal n.m keskalyon (male) accomplice                Cornish Language Partnership
keskales n.f keskalesow (female)                     keskows n.m keskowsow chat;
 accomplice                                           conversation; dialogue
keskan n.f keskanow (vocal) concert                  keskowselL vb (= keskewsel) converse;
keskar I n.m dispersion; parting; scattering;         chat
 separation II vb disperse; part; scatter            keskowsva n.f keskowsvaow chat room
keskarieth n.f separatism                            keskreuni vb concentrate
keskarydh n.m keskarydhyon (male)                    keskussulyans n.m keskussulyansow
 separatist                                           conference
keskarydhes n.f keskarydhesow (female)               keslinek adj cognate; parallel
 separatist                                          keslowena n.f congratulations
keskelmi vb relate; liaise; link. liase with         keslowenhe vb congratulate
 keskelmi orth                                       kesoberek adj cooperative
keskerdh n.m keskerdhow march;                       kesoberi vb cooperate; go along
 procession                                          kesoberyans n.m cooperation
keskerdhes vb march                                  kesordena vb coordinate
keskeverek adj convergent                            kesordenans n.m kesordenansow
keskeverya vb converge                                coordination
keskeveryans n.m keskeveryansow                      kesordenek I adj coordinate II n.m
 convergence                                          kesordenogyon coordinate
keskewsel vb (= keskowselL) converse;                kesow n.coll turf. kesen n.f sod of turf
 chat                                                kespar n.m kesparow (= kespares) (male)
keski vb tell off; exhort                             partner
keskiansek adj conscientious                         kespares n.f kesparesow (= kespar)
kesklappya vb chat. kesklappya yn unn                 (female) partner
 sklandra gossip                                     kesplegadow adj compatible
keskolodnekL adj (= keskolonnek)                     kespos n.m kesposow balance;
 sympathetic                                          equilibrium. kespos arhantti bank balance
keskolon adj unanimous                               kesresek adj serial. niver kesresek n.m
keskolonekter n.m sympathy                            serial number
keskolonnek adj (= keskolodnekL)                     kesrosweyth n.m internet
 sympathetic                                         kessedhek n.m kessedhogyon committee
keskomunya vb communicate                            kessenegow harmonics
keskomunyans n.m keskomunyansow                      kesseni vb accord; harmonise
 communication                                       kessenyans n.m kessenyansow harmony
keskorra vb (transitive) assemble; collate;          kesservyas n.m kesservysi, kesservyjiL
 put together                                         attendant
keskoweth n.m keskowetha (male)                      kesskol n.f kesskolyow comprehensive
 partner                                              school
keskowethes n.f keskowethesow (female)               kesskrifa vb (writing) correspond
 partner                                             kesskrifans n.m kesskrifansow

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kesskrifer                                                                          kettooth

 correspondence; exchange of letters              (female) compatriot
kesskrifer n.m kesskriforyon (male)              kestrevesik n.m kestrevesigyon (male)
 correspondent                                    compatriot
kesskrifores n.f kesskriforesow (female)         kestrothys adj compact
 correspondent                                   kesunses n.m kesunsesow amalgam
kesskwat n.m kesskwattow collision               kesunya vb merge; amalgamate; unite;
kesskwattya vb collide                            combine
kessonednelL adj (= kessonennel)                 kesunyans n.m kesunyansow union;
 consonantal                                      league; combination. kesunyans lavur n.m
kessonen n.f kessonennow,                         trade union
 kessonednowL consonant                          kesva n.f kesvaow assembly; board. Kesva
kessonennel adj (= kessonednelL)                  an Taves Kernewek n.f (name of
 consonantal                                      organisation) the Cornish Language Board
kesstrif n.m kesstrifow contest;                 kesvargydnyaL vb (= kesvargynnya)
 competition. kesstrif tenna, kesstrif            barter
 tednaL n.m tug-of-war. kesstrif trehi           kesvargynnya vb (= kesvargydnyaL)
 konna, kesstrif trehi kodnaL n.m                 barter
 cut-throat competition                          kesvewa vb live together
kesstriver n.m kesstrivoryon (male)              keswel n.m keswelyow interview
 competitor                                      kesweles vb interview
kesstrivores n.f kesstrivoresow (female)         kesweyth n.m kesweythow structure
 competitor                                      keswlasek adj international. politegieth
kesstrivus adj competitive                        keswlasek n.f international politics
kesstrivya vb compete; keep up                   kesyewa vb conjugate
kesstrotha vb compact                            kesyewans kesyewansow conjugation
kesstudh n.m kesstudhyow circumstance.           keth (1) adj identical; same. an keth ha the
 y'n kesstudhyow, e'n kesstudhyowL                same as. an keth onan the same one
 under the circumstances                         keth (2) I adj captive; servile II n.m
kesstyr adj synonymous. ger kesstyr n.m           kethyon (male) captive; (male) slave
 synonym                                         kethes n.f kethesow (female) captive;
kessydhya vb punish                               (female) slave
kessydhyans n.m kessydhyansow                    kethneth n.f captivity; slavery
 punishment                                      kethreydhel adj homosexual; gay
kestalkya vb converse                            kethsam adj identical
kestav n.m kestavow contact. gwedrik             kettel2 adv as soon as
 kestav n.m contact lens                         kettep adj each; every. kettep huni
kestava vb contact; get in touch; keep in         everyone. yn kettep gwas, en kettep
 touch. keep in touch with kestava gans           gwasL to the last man
kesten n.coll kestenen chestnut                  kettermyn n.m meantime. yn kettermyn in
kesteudhans n.m kesteudhansow fusion              the meantime; at the same time
kestevyn n.m kestevynnow,                        kettermynyek adj simultaneous
 kestevydnowL concrete                           kettesten n.f kettestennow,
kestew n.m kestewow batter                        kettestednowL context
kestrevesiges n.f kestrevesigesow                kettooth adv as soon. kettooth ha as

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kettost                                                                                  kevrinva

 quickly as; as soon as. kettooth ha'n ger           kevernya vb compile
 no sooner said than done; instantly                 kevernyans n.m kevernyansow
kettost adj as soon. kettost ha as soon as            compilation
kettres n.m kettresow contour                        kevewi n.m kevewiow party; feast
kettuel adj parallel                                 kevewya vb party; celebrate
keudh n.m keudhow grief                              keveylya vb accompany
keudhi vb (intransitive) grieve; (transitive)        keveylyans n.m keveylyansow
 make sorry                                           accompaniment
keudhyjigeth n.f regret                              kevnis n.coll kevnisen (= kenesL) spider.
keudhyjik adj sorry                                   gwias kevnis n.m cobweb; spider web
keun (1) dogs                                   kevos adj contemporary
keun (2) n.coll keunen reeds                         kevothek adj powerful; rich
keunegi n.coll keunegen bogs; reed-beds              kevradh n.m kevradhow rate. kevradh
keunek I adj reedy II n.f keunegi marsh               chanj n.m exchange rate. kevradh
keunji n.m keunjiow kennel                            mernans n.m death rate. kevradh oker
keunva n.f keunvaow kennel                            n.m interest rate. kevradh toll n.m tax rate
keunys n.coll keunysen (= kunysL)                    kevradnorL n.m kevranoryon (=
 firewood; fuel                                       kevrannor) (male) shareholder
keur n.m keuryow choir                               kevrannor n.m kevranoryon (=
keus n.m keusyow cheese. tesen geus n.f               kevradnorL) (male) shareholder
 cheesecake. keus dyghtys n.m processed              kevranores n.f kevranoresow (female)
 cheese                                               shareholder
keuswask n.f keuswaskow cheese press                 kevrednaL vb (= kevrenna) share
kev- prfx co-; together                              kevrednekL (= kevrennek) I adj
kevals n.m kevalsyow joint                            participating II n.m (male) participant;
kevambos n.m kevambosow contract;                     (male) stakeholder. bos kevrednek a2L
 contract; treaty                                     share in; partake in; participate in
Kevardhu n.m December                                kevren n.f kevrennow, kevrednowL bond;
kevarhewi vb invest                                   link; share
kevarhow n.m kevarhowyow investment                  kevrenna vb (= kevrednaL) share
kevarwodha vb direct; guide; indicate                kevrennek (= kevrednekL) I adj
kevarwodher n.m kevarwodhoryon                        participating II n.m (male) participant;
 (male) guide; (male) director                        (male) stakeholder. bos kevrennek a2
kevarwodhores n.f kevarwodhoresow                     share in; partake in; participate in
 (female) guide; (female) director                   kevrenoges n.f kevrenogesow (female)
kevasran n.f kevasrannow,                             participant; (female) stakeholder
 kevasradnowL faculty                                kevres n.m kevresyow series; suite;
kevednaL vb (= kevenna) memorise                      sequence
kevelek keveloges woodcock                           kevresek adj serial; sequential
kevelin n.m kevelinnyow, kevelidnyowL                kevreyth n.m kevreythyow system
 cubit; half a yard                                  kevri vb contribute
kevenna vb (= kevednaL) memorise                     kevrin n.m kevrinyow mystery; secret
keverang n.f keverangow (administrative              kevrinek adj secret; esoteric; mysterious
 division) Hundred                                   kevrinva n.f kevrinvaow lodge; secret

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kevriv                                                                                   kilva

 meeting place                                       German shepherd dog
kevriv n.m kevrivow tally                           kibel n.f kibellow bath; skip
kevriva vb tally                                    kibya vb snatch
kevriyades n.f kevriyadesow (female)                kidnyowL kinyewow (= kinnyow) dinner
 contributor                                        kig n.m kigyow meat; flesh. kig bewin, kig
kevriyas n.m kevriysi (male) contributor             bowinL n.m beef. kig davas n.m mutton.
kevro n.m kevrohow contribution                      kig dens n.m (anatomical) gum. kig
kevrol n.f kevrolyow (book) volume                   divynys n.m minced meat. kig mogh n.m
kew n.f kewyow hollow                                pork; bacon. kig yar n.m chicken meat.
kewar adj accurate; exact                            patatys ha kig n.coll hot-pot. yn kig yn
kewargh n.coll kewarhen (= kowarghL)                 kneus, en kig en kneusL in the flesh
 hemp. porven gewargh n.f (cannabis                 kiger n.m kigoryon (male) butcher
 cigarette) joint; reefer                           kigliw adj pink
kewer n.f weather. kewer vas n.f fine               kigores n.f kigoresow (female) butcher
 weather                                            kigti n.m kigtiow butcher's shop
kewera vb fulfil; keep a promise                    kiji n.m kijiow kennel
keweras n.m fulfilment; perfection.                 kil n.m kilyer back; nape of neck; nook;
 dedhewys heb keweras an unkept                      reverse
 promise                                            kila (1) n.m companion. an eyl y gila n.m
kewerder n.m accuracy                                (only use of the word kila) one another
keweronieth n.f meteorology                          (masc.); mutual. an eyl wosa y gila
keweroniethel adj meteorological                     successive
kewni n.coll kewnien moss; mildew                   kila (2) vb recede
kewniek adj mossy                                   kilans n.m kilansow recession
keworansel adj additional                           kildednaL vb (= kildenna) back off;
keworansus adj supplementary                         withdraw
keworra vb add; supplement                          kildednansL n.m kildenanjow (=
keworrans n.m keworansow addition                    kildennans) withdrawal
kewselM vb (= kowsel, kowsL) speak; talk.           kilden n.m kildennow, kildednowL retreat
 kewsel a-dreusM interrupt. kewsel yn               kildenna vb (= kildednaL) back off;
 tisklerM mumble. kewsel orthM speak to;             withdraw
 address                                            kildennans n.m kildenansow (=
keyn n.m keynow back; keel; ridge. an                kildednansL) withdrawal
 keyn a-rag back to front. a'n keyn spinal.         kildhans n.m kildhens molar
 askorn keyn n.m backbone. dres keyn                kildro n.f kildroyow backward turn;
 afterwards. keyn to n.m ridge (of a house).         reversal
 mell keyn n.m spine. payn keyn n.m                 kilfia vb desert; jump ship
 backache                                           kilgi n.m kilgeun coward
keynres n.m keynresyow torrent                      kilgieth n.f cowardice
keynvor n.m keynvoryow ocean. Keynvor               kilobayt n.m kilobaytys kilobyte
 Atlantek n.m Atlantic Ocean. Keynvor               kilogram n.m kilogrammow kilogramme
 Eyndek n.m Indian Ocean. Keynvor                   kilokalori n.m kilokaloris kilocalorie
 Hebask n.m Pacific Ocean                           kilometer n.m kilometrow kilometre
ki n.m keun (= keiL) dog. ki bleydh n.m             kilva n.f kilvaow background

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kilwagren                                                                               klewesM

kilwagren kilwagrennow,                                klavor n.m leprosy
 kilwagrednowL tonsil                                  klavorek n.m klavorogyon (male) leper
kinda n.m kindys kind. er-bynn kinda,                  klavoroges n.f klavorogesow (female)
 war-bydn kindaL unnatural                              leper
kinnyow n.m kinyewow (= kidnyowL)                      kledh adj left; northern
 dinner                                                kledha n.m kledhedhyow sword. kledha
kinyewel vb dine                                        kromm, kledha krobmL n.m scimitar
kiogh n.f kioghyon (bird) snipe                        kledhbarth n.f north
kiosk n.m kioskys kiosk                                kledhek adj left-handed; awkward; clumsy
kist n.f kistyow box. kist lytherow, kist              kledhren n.f kledhrennow, kledhrednowL
 letherowL n.f letterbox. kist nos n.f                  rail
 nightclub                                             klefni n.m lameness
kisten n.f kistennow kistednowL small                  kleger n.m klegrow cliff; crag; precipice
 box. kisten liwyow n.f paint box                      kleghti n.m kleghtiow belfry
kisya vb damage                                        klehi n.coll klehien icicles
kisyans n.m kisyansow damage                           klehik n.m klehigow small bell
kius adj canine                                        klejaL vb (= klesa) shelter
klamder n.m klamderyow faint; swoon                    klem n.m klemys plea
klamdera vb faint; fall unconscious; lose              kler adj clear. yn kler adv clearly
 consciousness; swoon. gul dhe glamdera                klerfordh n.m klerfordhow expressway
 stun                                                  klerhe vb brighten; clarify
klamderek liable to faint; unconscious                 klerheans n.m klerheansow clarification
klamderyas n.m klamderysi, klamderyjiL                 klesa vb (= klejaL) shelter
 anaesthetic                                           kleudh n.m kleudhyow ditch
klap n.m chatter. syns dha glap! sens dha              kleudhik n.m kleudhigow groove
 glap!L shut up!                                       kleudhya vb dig a trench; ditch; excavate
klapkodh n.f klapkodhow cell-phone;                    klevejiL vb (= klevesi) infect
 mobile phone                                          kleves n.m klevesow, klevejyowL illness;
klappya vb chatter; gabble; talk                        malady; medical complaint. kleves
klass n.m klassys, klassow category; class.             Alzheimer n.m Alzheimer's disease. kleves
 stevel an klass n.f classroom                          an myghtern, kleves an my'ternL n.m
klassa vb classify                                      scrofula. kleves bras n.m leprosy. kleves
klassans n.m klassansow classification                  eseli n.m rheumatism. kleves kogh n.m
klassek adj classical                                   scarlet fever. kleves marhogyon n.m
klassya vb class                                        haemorrhoids; piles. kleves melyn n.m
klatter n.m chatter                                     jaundice. kleves melys n.m diabetes.
klattra vb chatter                                      kleves seson n.m ague; chills and fever;
klav (= kloavL) I adj ill; sick; invalid II n.m         malaria
 klevyon sick person; invalid. kodha klav              klevesans n.m klevesansow infection
 fall ill                                              klevesi vb (= klevejiL) infect
klavji n.m klavjiow (= kloa'jiL) hospital.             klew n.m (= klowL) hearing
 klavji brys n.m mental hospital                       klewelM n.f klewellow (= klowel) hearing
klavjior n.m klavjioryon (male) nurse                   aid
klavjiores n.f klavjioresow (female) nurse             klewesM vb (= klowes) hear; feel; sense;

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
klewwelyek                                                                                 kodha

 perceive. klewes a2M hear about. klewes                aid
 gansM hear from. klewes-gwelesM adj                   klowes (= klewesM) hear; feel; sense;
 audio-visual                                           perceive. klowes a2 hear about. klowes
klewwelyek adj audio-visual                             gans hear from. klowes-gweles adj
kliens n.m kliensow (male) client                       audio-visual
klienses n.f kliensesow (female) client                klub n.m klubys club. klub nos n.m
kloa'jiL n.m kloa'jiow (= klavji) hospital.             nightclub
 kloa'ji bresL mental hospital                         klubya vb go clubbing
kloavL adj (= klav) I adj ill; sick; invalid II        klun n.f klunyow, dl diwglun hip
 n.m klevyon sick person; invalid. kodha               klyji n.coll klyjienn toffee
 kloavL fall ill                                       klys adj cosy; snug
klock n.m klockys, klockow clock                       klysa vb make snug
klof                                                   kneus n.coll skin. yn kig yn kneus, en kig
klog n.f klogow cliff; crag                             en kneusL in the flesh
klogh n.m klegh bell. klogh an eos n.m                 knew n.m knewyow fleece
 harebell. klogh meur n.m church bell                  knias vb chew
kloghbren n.m kloghbrennyer,                           knouk n.m knoukys knock
 kloghbrednyerL gallows                                knoukya vb knock
klojyaL vb (= klosya) harrow                           knoukyer n.m knoukyers gnome; mine
klok n.m klokys cloak                                   spirit; knocker
k'lonkaL vb (= kolenki) swallow                        know n.coll knowen, knofenL nuts. know
kloos n.f klosyow fence; rack                           dor n.coll peanuts; groundnuts. know
klopen n.m klopennow, klopednowL skull                  Frynk, know FrenkL n.coll walnuts. know
kloppek adj I adj lame; limping II n.m                  koll n.coll hazelnuts. know koko n.coll
 kloppogyon (male) lame or limping                      coconuts. know muskat n.coll nutmeg.
 person                                                 know toos n.coll doughnuts
kloppoges n.f kloppogesow (female) lame                knowa vb gather nuts
 or limping person                                     knyvyas vb fleece
kloppya vb limp                                        kober n.m copper
klor adj mild; moderate; modest; meek                  kobmolL n.coll komolen (= kommol)
klorder n.m modesty                                     clouds. komolen sugra n.f candy-floss
klorek n.m klorogyon clergyman; clerk                  kocha n.m kochys carriage. kocha dybri,
klorin n.m chlorine                                     kocha debriL n.m dining car. kocha
klos adj I close; stuffy; secluded II adv               kemmyn, kocha kebmynL n.m bus
 closely. skath klos n.f raft. tyller klos,            kod n.m kodys code. kod post n.m
 teller klosL n.m secluded spot                         postcode
klosya vb (= klojyaL) harrow                           kodedniL vb (= kodenni) encode
klot n.m klottow gob; wad of spit                      koden n.f kodennow, kodednowL code
kloud n.m kloudys cloud                                kodenni vb (= kodedniL) encode
klout n.m koutys clout; patch; wad. klout              kodh n.m kodhow fall; tumble. kodh glaw
 bolhen n.m tripe. klout skav n.m flip                  n.m rainfall. kodh ergh n.m snowfall
kloutya vb clout; patch                                kodha vb fall; tumble; happen. kodha
klowL n.m (= klew) hearing                              dhelergh fall back. kodha klav, kodha
klowel n.f klowellow (= klewelM) hearing                kloavL fall ill

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kodnaL                                                                                         kolpes

kodnaL n.m konaow (= konna) neck.                     kolgh n.m kolhow spike
 gwythien an kodnaL jugular vein. kodna               kolhes n.f kolhesow duvet; quilt
 bregh n.m wrist. kolm kodnaL n.m necktie.            kolji n.m koljiow college
 kodna tir n.m peninsula. trehi kodnaL                koll (1) n.m kollow loss. mos dhe goll be
 cut-throat                                            lost; go missing
kodnykL (= konnyk) skilled I adj clever;              koll (2) n.coll kollen hazel-trees. koll garan
 cunning; gifted; skilled II n.m cunning; wits         n.coll cranberries
 III n.m konygyon (male) expert                       kollel n.f kellyl, kelylli knife. kollel bleg n.f
kofen n.f kofennow, kofednowL container;               penknife. kollel lesa n.f octopus
 pasty. kofen gig n.f meat pasty                      kollenwel vb fulfil; achieve; accomplish;
kofer n.m kofrow coffer; chest. kofer saw              complete; fill up. kollenwel an tank tank
 n.m safe. kofer horn n.m iron safe                    up
koffenL n.m koffednow (= kohyn) coffin                kolles n.f kolesow loss
 mine                                                 kollor n.m koloryon (male) loser
koffi n.m koffiow coffee                              kollverk n.m kollverkys apostrophe
koffiji n.m koffijiow café                            kolm n.m kolmow knot; bind; link; tie.
koffiva n.f koffivaow cafeteria                        kolm konna, kolm kodnaL n.m necktie
kofhe vb remind; (transitive) remember                kolmek adj knotty
kofrik n.m kofrigow small coffer. kofrik              kolmen n.f kolmennow, kolmednowL knot
 erbys n.m piggy-bank; money box                      kolodhyon n.coll kolodhyonen guts
kofryn n.m kofrynnow, kofrydnowL                      kolodnekL adj (= kolonnek) brave; cordial;
 casket                                                courageous; fearless; hearty; kindly
kog (1) n.m kogow (male) cook; (male) chef            kolodnenL n.f kolonednow (= kolonnen)
kog (2) n.f koges cuckoo. bleujen an gog n.f           core
 bluebell. les an gog n.m marigold                    kolom n.f kelemmi, kelebmiL dove; pigeon
koges n.f kogesow (female) cook; (female)             kolon n.f kolonnow, kolodnyowL heart.
 chef                                                  gans oll ow holon vy sincerely yours.
kogforn n.f kogfornow cooker                           gwann y golon, gwadn y golonL
kogh adj blood-red; crimson; scarlet; (of              weak-hearted. powes kolon n.f heart
 meat) lean. kleves kogh n.m scarlet fever             attack. shora kolon n.m heart attack. tan
kohyn n.m kohynnow (= koffenL) coffin                  y'n golon, tan e'n golonL n.m enthusiasm
 mine                                                 kolonekter n.m courage; valour
K.O.K. abbr B.C.E.; B.C.                              kolonnek adj (= kolodnekL) brave; cordial;
Kok n.m cocaine; (beverage) Coke                       courageous; fearless; hearty; kindly
kok (1) n.coll coke; treated coal                     kolonnen n.f kolonennow (= kolodnenL)
kok (2) n.m kokow fishing boat                         core
Koka-Kola n.m coca-cola; Coke                         kolor n.m kolors, kolorys colour; paint.
kokayn n.m cocaine                                     kolors (colloquial) make-up
koklys n.coll koklysen cockles                        koloren n.f kolorennow, kolorednowL, dl
kola vb heed; trust. kola orth nebonan                 diwgoloren collar-bone
 trust somebody. kol orthiv! heed my                  kolores n.f koloresow (female) loser
 words! (sg.)                                         koloven n.f kolovennow, kolovednowL
kolenki vb (= k'lonkaL) swallow                        column; pillar
koler n.m rage                                        kolpes n.m kolpesow lever

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kolpon                                                                                     konsel

kolpon n.m kolpons coupon                             (female) composer
kolter n.m koltrow coulter                           komprehendya vb include
koltrebyn n.m koltrebynnyer,                         kompressa vb oppress
 koltrebydnyerL (= kantolbrenM)                      kompressyans n.m kompressyansow
 candlestick                                          oppression
kolva n.f kolvaow state of loss                      komptyer n.m komptyoryon counter
kolyn n.m kelyn cub; puppy                           kon n.f konyow dinner
komedi n.m komedis comedy                            konL n.m konys sugar cone
komendya vb introduce; present;                      kona vb dine
 recommend; approve                                  koncevya vb conceive; imagine
komendyans n.m komendyansow                          konsyans n.m konsyansow conscience
 introduction; recommendation; approval              kondom n.m kondoms condom
komik n.m komigow comic; cartoon                     konduk n.m conduct
komma n.m kommas comma. poynt ha                     koneri vb rage
 komma semicolon                                     koneryek adj furious; rabid
kommol n.coll komolen (= kobmolL)                    konfessor n.m konfessors confessor
 clouds. komolen sugra n.f candy-floss               konfessya vb confess
komner n.m komners commoner; plebeian                konfirmya vb confirm
komodyta n.m komodytys facility                      konfondya vb confound
komolek adj cloudy; overcast                         konfort n.m konforts comfort
komondya vb command; order                           konfortya vb comfort
kompani n.m kompanis company                         konin n.m konines rabbit
komparek adj specific                                konjorya vb implore
komparriv n.m komparrivow ratio                      konkludya vb conclude; refute; settle
komparya compare                                     konkwerrour n.m konkwerrours
kompassus adj comprehensive                           conqueror
kompella vb compel                                   konkwerrya vb conquer; beat; defeat;
kompes adj even; balanced; level; plain;              vanquish
 right; accurate. bos kompes gans be level           konna n.m konaow (= kodnaL) neck.
 with                                                 gwythien an konna jugular vein. konna
komplaL vb (= kampolla) comment;                      bregh n.m wrist. kolm konna n.m necktie.
 mention                                              konna tir n.m peninsula. trehi konna
komplegeth n.f complexity                             cut-throat
komplek adj complex                                  konnar n.f fury; mania; rage. gorra konnar
komposa vb fulfil; level; sort out; validate;         yn vb enrage
 verify                                              konnyk (= kodnykL) I adj clever; cunning;
komposter n.m komposteryow                            gifted; skilled II n.m cunning; wits III n.m
 correctness; equilibrium; validity                   konygyon (male) expert
komposya vb compose; put together                    kons (1) n.m konsys, konsow pavement;
komposyans n.m komposyansow                           causeway
 composition                                         kons (2) n.f konsow, konsyow vagina
komposydh n.m komposydhyon (male)                    konsel n.m konsels council. Konsel
 composer                                             Kernow n.m Cornwall Council. Konsel
komposydhes n.f komposydhesow                         Stenegow Kernow n.m The Cornish

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
konseler                                                                                 korn

 Stannary Parliamentʃ                               konvedhes I n.m understanding II vb
konseler n.m konseloryon (male)                      understand; realise; recognise
 councillor. konseler a'n dre n.m (male)            konyges n.f konygesow (female) expert
 town councillor                                    koog adj worthless; vain
konselores n.f konseloresow (female)                kool n.f kolyow omen
 councillor. konselores a'n dre n.f (female)        koos n.m kosow forest
 town councillor                                    kooth adj excellent
konsidrus adj considerate                           kopel n.m koplow couple; pair
konsolen n.f konsolennow,                           kor (1) n.coll wax. koren n.f cake of wax
 konsolednowL console. konsolen                     kor (2) n.m korow manner; style; work
 gwariow gwydhyow n.f video game                     shift. war neb kor somehow
 console                                            kor'L n.m korevow (= korev) beer; ale
konstrina constrain; compel                         kora vb wax
konstrinus adj compulsory                           Korawys n.m Lent. lili Korawys n.coll
konsumya vb consume                                  daffodils
konsumyans n.m konsumyansow                         korbel n.m korblys bracket
 consumption                                        kord n.m kordys chord
konsumyer n.m konsumyoryon (male)                   korden n.f kerdyn cord
 consumer                                           kordh n.m kordhow tribe
konsumyores n.f konsumyoresow                       Korea n.f Korea. Korea Gledh n.f North
 (female) consumer                                   Korea. Korea Dhyhow n.f South Korea
konsya vb pave                                      Korean n.m Koreans (male) Korean
konsystya vb consist                                Koreanes n.f Koreanesow (female) Korean
kontaynya vb contain                                Koreek n.m Korean language
kontentya vb satisfy                                koreek adj Korean
kontentys adj contented; pleased                    koren n.f korennow, korednowL cake of
konter I adj opposite II n.m konters                 wax
 opposite                                           korev n.m korevow (= kor'L) beer; ale
konternot n.m descant                               korf n.m korfow body; person. korf laha
konteth n.f kontethow county                         n.m constitution
kontradia vb contradict                             korflan n.f korflannow, korfladnowL
kontradians n.m kontradiansow                        cemetery; graveyard
 contradiction                                      korfliw n.m korfliwyow tattoo
kontradiek adj contradictory                        korforeth n.f korforethow corporation.
kontrari I adj contrary II adv otherwise III         korforeth lieskenedhlek n.f multinational
 n.m kontraris opposite. dhe'n kontrari on           corporation
 the contrary. y'n kontrari part on the             koriander n.m coriander
 other hand                                         korkydnaL vb (= korkynna) cork
kontrewaytya vb ambush; intercept                   korkyn n.m korkynnow, korkydnowL
kontrewaytyans n.m kontrewaytyansow                  cork
 ambush; interception                               korkynna vb (= korkydnaL) cork
kontrolya vb control                                korn (1) n.m kern, dl dewgorn horn. korn
kontron n.coll kontronen maggots                     kewsel, korn kowselL n.m megaphone
konvedhadow adj comprehensible                      korn (2) n.m kernow corner

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kornel                                                                                 kough

kornel n.f kornellow corner                       asleep; dormant
kornella vb corner                               koska vb sleep; go mouldy. sagh koska n.m
kornet n.m kornettow corner                       sleeping bag
kornya vb butt                                   koskor troop; retinue; suite
korr n.m korryon (male) dwarf; (male)            koskti n.m kosktiow dormitory
 midget                                          kosmek adj cosmic
korr- prfx micro-; mini-; miniature              kosmetek adj cosmetic
korrbrevL n.m korrbreves, korrbrevyon            kosmonieth n.f cosmology
 (= korrbryv) germ; microbe                      kosmos n.m cosmos
korrbryv n.m korrbryves, korrbryvyon             kosoleth n.f quiet; quietness; tranquility
 (= korrbrevL) germ; microbe                     kossya vb curse; swear
korrdon korrdonnow, korrdodnowL                  kost (1) n.m kostys, kostow cost; charge;
 microwave. forn gorrdon n.f microwave            expense. heb kost free of charge. kostow
 oven                                             arhantti bank charges. kostow
korres n.f koresow (female) dwarf;                mentons maintenance costs
 (female) midget                                 kost (2) n.m kostys coast; district; region
korrgowsel n.f korrgowsellow                     kostednaL vb (= kostenna) target
 microphone                                      kostek adj costly; expensive; dear
korrik n.m korigow gnome. korrik                 kosten n.f kostennow, kostednowL goal
 lowarth n.m garden gnome                        kostenna vb (= kostednaL) target
korrvarvus n.m korrvarvusi haddock               kostrel n.m kostrels flask. kostrel
korrwelek adj microscopic                         gwakter n.m vacuum flask
korrwelel n.f korrwelellow microscope            kostrelas n.m kostrelasow flaskful
kors n.m korsow course; movement; spell.         kostya vb cost
 kors dyski, kors deskiL n.m curriculum          koswik n.f koswigow forest. koswik law
korsen n.f korsennow, korsednowL cable            n.f rain forest
korset n.m korsettys corset                      kot adj short; brief. skrif kot n.m abstract
korsyer n.m korsyoryon cruiser                   kota n.m kotys, kotow coat. kota glaw n.m
kort n.f kortys court of law                      raincoat
kortes adj courteous; polite                     koth adj old; familiar. lavar koth n.m
kortesi n.m kortesis courtesy                     proverb
kortesies n.m kortesiesow compliment             kothe adj shorten; abridge
korynt n.m koryns currant. korynt du n.m         kotheans n.m kotheansow contraction;
 blackcurrant                                     shortening. heb kotheans unabridged
kos n.f kosow itch                               kothes adj abridged
kosa vb itch                                     kothhe vb age; grow old
kosel adj calm; quiet; non-violent; restful.     kothman kothmans n.m comrade; friend;
 yn kosel, en koselL adv calmly; gently           mate
koselhe vb lull; pacify; placate; soothe;        kothni n.f old age
 quieten                                         koton n.m kotenyow cotton. gwlan koton
kosfinel n.coll kosfinellen thyme                 n.coll cotton wool
kosin n.m konsins cousin; good friend            kottha adj older; elder; senior. an kottha
kosk (1) n.m (fungus) mould                       oldest; eldest
kosk (2) n.m sleep. yn kosk, en koskL            kough n.m kouhow bonnet; hood; hull

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
koukou                                                                             kowlik

koukou n.f koukous cuckoo                      kowesi vb shower
kov n.m kovyow memory; recollection. er        koweth n.m kowetha (male) companion;
 kov in memory of. kyv kov n.m memory           comrade; friend; mate
 stick. men kov n.m monument; memorial.        kowethas n.m(f) kowethasow association.
 perthi kov (a2) recall; recollect              Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek n.m, n.f
kovaL vb remember                               (name of organisation) The Cornish
kovadh n.m kovadhow record                      Language Fellowship. kowethas
kovadha vb record                               yowynkneth n.m, n.f youth club
kovaytya vb covet                              kowethasek adj social
kovaytys n.m selfishness                       kowethegeth n.f friendship
kovia vb cherish; incubate                     kowethek adj friendly
kovnotyans n.m kovnotyansow minute (of         kowethes n.f kowethesow (female)
 a meeting)                                     companion; comrade; friend
kovro n.m kovrohow, kovroyow                   kowethleverL n.m kowethlevrow (=
 keepsake; memento; souvenir                    kowethlyverM) manual; handbook
kovskrifa vb register                          kowethlyverM n.m kowethlyvrow (=
kovskrifans n.m kovskrifansow                   kowethleverL) manual; handbook
 registration                                  kowethus adj gregarious
kovskrifla n.m kovskrifleow registry           kowethyades n.f kowethyadesow
kovva n.f kovvaow (= kudhvaM) hideout;          (female) colleague
 lair                                          kowethyans n.m kowethyansow
kow I adj hollow II n.f kowyow hollow           company; communion (of saints);
kowa vb excavate                                organisation. Kowethyans an Kenedhlow
kowal I adj entire; thorough; utter II adv      Unys (KKU) n.m United Nations
 entirely; thoroughly; utterly                  Organisation (UNO)
kowan n.f kowannow, kowadnowL owl              kowethyas n.m kowethysi, kowethyjiL
kowans n.m kowansow excavation                  (male) colleague
koward I adj cowardly II n.m kowardys          kowfordh n.f kowfordhow tunnel
 coward                                        kowgrom adj concave
kowarghL n.coll kowarhen (= kewargh)           kowl (1) n.coll kowlen cabbage; kale
 hemp. porven gowarghL n.f (cannabis           kowl (2) n.m kowlow broth; soup
 cigarette) joint; reefer                      kowl- prfx whole; wholly
kowas n.f kowasow shower. kowas wyns           kowla vb clot; congeal; congest; curdle
 n.f gust. kowas niwl n.f thick mist. men      kowlans n.m kowlansow congestion
 kowas n.m meteorite                           kowlbernaL vb (= kowlbrena) buy up
kowbal n.m kowbalow ferry                      kowlbrena vb (= kowlbernaL) buy up
kowbalhensL n.m kowbalhensyow (=               kowldevys adj full-grown
 kowbalhyns) ferry crossing                    kowlednikL n.f kowlenigow (=
kowbalhyns n.m kowbalhensyow (=                 kowlennik) Brussels sprout
 kowbalhensL) ferry crossing                   kowlennik n.f kowlenigow (=
kowel n.m kowellow basket; cage. kowel          kowlednikL) Brussels sprout
 gwenen n.m beehive. kowel kankres n.m         kowles n.coll kowlesen curd; jelly. kowles
 crab-pot. kowel lesk n.m cradle                lymmaval n.coll lemon curd
kowella vb cage                                kowlik n.m kowligow Brussels sprout

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kowlleski                                                                         krefter

kowlleski vb burn up; consume by fire         koyntnans n.m countenance; visage
kowlniver n.m kowlniverow integer             koyntys n.f koyntysyow curiosity; oddity;
kowlvleujen n.f kowlvleujennow,                weirdness
 kowlvleujednowL broccoli; cauliflower        kraban n.m krabanow claw
kowlwerth adj wholesale                       krack n.m krackys crack; crunch
kowlwertha vb sell wholesale                  krackya vb break; crack. krackya konna,
kowlwresL vb (= kowlwrys) accomplished         krackya kodnaL adj breakneck
kowlwrians n.m kowlwriansow                   kradnL n.coll (= krann) bracken; scrub
 accomplishment; achievement                  kradnekL adj (= krannek) scrubby
kowlwrys adj (= kowlwresL) accomplished       kraf I adj greedy; miserly II n.m krefyon
kowlwul vb accomplish; achieve; complete;      miser
 execute; fulfil; implement                   krag n.coll kragen sandstone
kowlys adj clotted; curdled. leth kowlys      kragh n.m krehi scab
 n.m curdled milk                             krambla vb climb; mount; scale
kownans n.m kownansow ravine                  krambler n.m krambloryon (male)
kowr n.m kewri (male) giant                    climber
kowr- prfx macro-; mega-; giant               kramblores n.f krambloresow (female)
kowrek adj enormous; giant; gigantic; king     climber
 size; immense; massive                       krampoth n.coll krampothen pancakes.
kowres n.f kowresow (female) giant             krampoth mowesi n.coll pennywort.
kowrgarow n.m kowrgerwys elk                   krampoth oyow n.coll omelettes
kowrogeth n.f kowrogethow enormity            kramvil n.m kramviles reptile
kowrvalow n.m kowrvalowyow hibiscus           kramvilek adj reptilian
kowrvargh n.m kowrvergh camel                 kramya vb crawl; creep; grovel
kows n.m kowsow talk; speech. kows            krann n.coll (= kradnL) bracken; scrub
 diskler n.m mumble                           krannek adj (= kradnekL) scrubby
kowsL vb (= kowsel, kewselM) speak; talk.     krap n.m grip
 kows a-dreusL interrupt. kows der vaner      kras adj crisp; parched; toasted
 disklerL mumble. kows ortL speak to;         krasa vb parch; toast
 address                                      krasel n.f krasellow toaster
kowsel vb (= kewselM, kowsL) speak; talk.     krasyor n.m krasyoryon toaster
 kowsel a-dreus vb interrupt. kowsel orth     kravas I n.m kravasow scratch II vb claw;
 speak to; address. kowsel yn tiskler          scrape; scratch. kravas goles an balyer
 mumble                                        scrape the barrel
kowser n.m kowsoryon (male) speaker.          kravel n.f kravellow hoe
 kowser a vyhan n.m (male) native speaker     kravlost n.m kravlostow (mine spirit)
kowses n.m kowsesyow conscience;               knocker
 conviction                                   kraw n.m krawyow perforation; socket
kowsores n.f kowsoresow (female)              kreador n.m kreadors creator
 speaker. kowsores a vyhan n.m (female)       kreatur n.m kreaturs creature
 native speaker                               krefhe vb strengthen
kowva n.f kowvaow cavity                      krefni n.f greed
koynt adj odd; weird; curious; peculiar;      kreft n.f kreftow trade; craft; workmanship
 quaint                                       krefter n.m strength; stability

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kreftor                                                                                  kris

kreftor n.m kreftoryon craftsman                kressys adj increased
kreftores n.f kreftoresow craftswoman           krestednekL n.m krestenogyon (=
kreftus adj artificial. skians kreftus n.m       krestennek) crustacean
 artificial intelligence                        kresten n.coll krestennen, krestednenL
kreg adj hoarse                                  crust. kresten vrew, kresten vrowL n.f
kregans n.m kregansow suspension                 shortcrust
kregi vb hang. kregi war2 depend on             krestennek n.m krestenogyon (=
kreiL n.m kreiow (= kri) cry; call; shout        krestednekL) crustacean
kreiaL vb (= kria) cry; call; yell; name        Kresvor n.m Mediterranean Sea
kreiysL (= kriys) adj called; named             kresvorek adj Mediterranean
krejiL vb (= krysi) believe                     kreswas (1) n.m kreswesyon centre
krejyansL n.m krejyanjow (= kryjyans)            (rugby)
 religion; belief                               kreswas (2) n.m kreswesyon policeman
krellas n.m krellow rough or ruined hut         kreswedhek adj medium
kren n.m krenyow (= kern) shake. kavos          kresydh n.m kresydhyon (male) pacifist
 kren have a fit                                kresydhes n.f kresydhesow (female)
krena vb (= kernaL) tremble; shiver; shake       pacifist
krenans n.m krenansow (= kernansL)              kresydhieth n.f pacifism
 vibration                                      kresys (1) adj toasted
Krener n.m Krenoryon (male) Quaker              kresys (2) n.m kresysow credit. karten
krenn adj (= kernL) round                        gresys n.f credit card
Krenores n.f Krenoresow (female) Quaker         kreun n.m kreunyow reserve; reservoir;
kres (1) I adj central; mid II n.m kresyow       stockpile
 centre; middle; waist. tommheans kres,         kreunel n.f kreunellow accumulator
 tobmheans kresL n.m central heating            kreuni vb accumulate; congest
kres (2) n.m peace                              kreunyer n.m kreunyoryon accumulator
kresednaL vb (= kresenna) centralise            krev adj strong; forceful; powerful; robust;
kresek I adj average; medium II n.m              substantial
 kresogow average                               krevder n.m krevderyow strength;
kresel adj central                               intensity. krevder golow n.m luminous
kresen n.f kresennow, kresednowL centre          intensity
 (building or institution). kresen brenassa     krey n.m kreyow chalk
 n.f shopping centre. kresen gemeneth n.f       kreyon n.m kreyonyow crayon
 community centre. kresen yowynkneth            kreyth n.coll kreythen scars
 n.f youth centre                               kreythtya vb scar
kresenna vb (= kresednaL) centralise            kri n.m kriow (= kreiL) cry; call; shout
kresfoesik adj centrifugal                      kria vb (= kreiaL) call; cry; yell
kreshwilus adj centripetal                      krib n.f kribow comb; reef
kresik n.m kresigow (potato) crisp              kribas vb comb
kreslu n.m police. gwith an kreslu n.m          kriben n.f kribennow, kribednowL ridge.
 police custody. sodhva greslu n.f police        kriben vel n.f honeycomb
 station                                        krin adj arid
kresosel adj medieval                           kris n.m vigour. gans meur a gris
kressya vb increase                              vigorously

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
krisek                                                                             krug

krisek adj enthusiastic                        dermatologist. tew y grohen insensitive
Krist n.m Christ                              krohendanow adj sensitive
Kristonedh n.m Christianity                   krokodil n.m krokodiles crocodile
Kristones n.f Kristonesow (female)            kromm adj (= krobmL) curved; rounded
 Christian                                    krommen n.f kromennow (= krobmenL)
Kristyon I adj Christian II n.m Kristonyon     crescent; curve
 (male) Christian                             krommlegh n.f krommlehow cromlech;
kriv adj raw; crude; fresh; uncooked;          dolmen
 unripe. leth kriv n.m unpasteurised milk     krommvagh n.f krommvahow bracket;
krivder n.m rawness; crudity                   parenthesis
kriys adj (= kreiysL) called                  kronegyn n.m kronegynnow,
kro* adj (of food) fresh                       kronegydnowL little toad. kronegyn
kroadur n.m kroaduryon creature                hager du n.m ugly black little toad
Kroat n.m Kroatyon (male) Croat               kronek I adj skinny II kronoges n.m toad.
Kroatek n.m Croatian language                  kronek ervys n.m tortoise. kronek ervys
kroatek adj croatian                           mor n.m turtle. kronek du n.m toad.
Kroates n.f Kroatesow (female) Croat           skavel gronek n.f toadstool
Kroati n.f Croatia                            kronk n.m kronkys stroke; thump; wallop
kroban n.m krobanes tortoise                  kronkya vb beat; bash; strike; tan; thump;
krobmL adj (= kromm) curved; rounded           wallop
krobmenL n.f kromednow (= krommen)            kronogas vb hop
 crescent; curve                              kropya vb penetrate; probe
kroch n.m krochys, krochow, dl dewgroch       kroth n.f krothow (bird's) crop
 crutch                                       kroust n.m kroustys, kroustyow lunch;
kroder n.m krodrow riddle; strainer;           picnic
 coarse sieve. kroder krohen n.m bodhran;     krow (1) n.m krowyow hut; shed; sty. krow
 hold-all                                      deves n.m sheep-cot. krow mogh n.m
krodhvol n.m krodhvolyow complaint;            pigsty. krow prenn, krow prednL n.m
 grumble; protest                              chalet. krow yer n.m chicken shed
krodhvolas vb complain; grumble; protest      krow (2) n.m bloodshed; gore
krodra vb sift                                krowd n.m krowdys violin
krog n.f krogow hang; suspension; tug         krowji n.m krowjiow cottage; cabin
krogbren n.m krogbrennyer,                    krows n.f krowsow cross. y'n krows on the
 krogbrednyerL gallows                         cross
krogen n.f kregyn shell. krogen benn,         krowsek adj cross-shaped; cross-tempered;
 krogen bednL n.f skull. krogen brierin,       irritable; testy
 krogen Sen Jamys n.f scallop                 krowseryow crossword
krogla n.m krogleow gibbet                    krowsfordh n.f krowsfordhow crossroads
kroglen n.f kroglennow, kroglednowL           krowslinek adj diagonal
 curtain                                      krowslinen n.f krowslinennow,
krohen n.f krehyn hide. dyghtya krehyn         krowslinednowL diagonal
 tan leather. krohen lagas n.f eyelid.        kruel adj cruel
 medhek krohen n.m (male) dermatologist.      kruelder n.m kruelderyow cruelty
 medhoges krohen n.f (female)                 krug n.m krugow mound; tumulus

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
krullya                                                                        kussulyek

krullya vb curl                                 allegation
krullys adj curly. kudyn krullys n.m curl      kuhudhys adj alleged
kruskyn n.m kruskynnow, kruskydnowL            kukomber n.m kukomberyow cucumber
 mug                                           kul adj narrow
krycket n.m (sport) cricket                    kuldremenva n.f kuldremenvaow
kryghlam n.m kryghlammow,                       corridor
 kryghlabmowL jig                              kulyek n.m kulyoges cockerel
kryhylli vb jolt                               kumin n.coll cumin
kryjusL adj credible                           kummyas n.m kumyasow (= kubmyasL)
kryjyans n.m kryjyansow (= krejyansL)           leave; licence; permission; permit.
 religion; belief                               kummyas entra n.m admittance.
kryjyk adj religious                            kummyas lewya n.m driving licence.
kryllas n.m krylasow ruin (of a dwelling)       kummyas mamoleth n.m maternity leave
krys n.m krysyow shirt. krys nos n.m           kuner n.m kunoryon lighter
 nightshirt                                    kuntel I n.m kuntellow collection II vb
krysadow adj credible                           collect; gather; pick; accumulate
krysi vb (= krejiL) believe                    kunteller n.m kunteloryon (male)
kryspows n.f kryspowsyow waistcoat              collector
krytika vb criticise                           kuntelles n.m(f) kuntelesow assembly;
krytykel adj critical                           congress; meeting
kub n.m kubow cube. kub rew n.m ice cube       kuntellyans n.m kuntelyansow
kubek adj cubic                                 congregation
kubmyasL n.m kumyasow (= kummyas)              kuntelores n.f kunteloresow (female)
 leave; licence; permission; permit.            collector
 kubmyas entraL n.m admittance.                kuntilow n.m kuntilowyow music album
 kubmyas lewyaL n.m driving licence.           kunysL n.coll kunysen (= keunys)
 kubmyas mamolethL n.m maternity leave          firewood; fuel
kudh adj hidden; secret; concealed             kur n.m kurys, kuryow cure; remedy
kudha vb conceal; hide. kudha rag hide         kuriek n.m kuriogas, kuriegi pimple; spot
 from                                          kurri n.m kurris curry
kudhlen n.f kudhlennow, kudhlednowL            kurun n.f kurunyow crown. kurun spern
 cover. lyver kudhlen galesM, lever             n.f crown of thorns; hangover
 kudhlen galishL n.m hardback. lyver           kurunik n.f kurunigow tiara
 kudhlen vedhelM, lever kudhlen vedhelL        kurunyans n.m kurunyansow coronation
 n.m paperback                                 kurya vb cure
kudhoberys adj underhand                       kussul n.f kussulyow advice; council;
kudhvaM n.f kudhvaow (= kovva) hideout;         counsel; opinion; suggestion. Kussul an
 lair                                           Taves Kernowek n.f (name of
kudhys adj veiled                               organisation) the Cornish Language
kudyn n.m kudynnow, kudydnowL lock              Council
 (of hair); problem. kudyn krullys n.m curl    kussulya vb advise; consult; suggest
kugol n.m kugollow hood                        kussulyans n.m kussulyansow
kuhudha vb accuse; allege                       consultation
kuhudhans n.m kuhudhansow accusation;          kussulyek adj advisory

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kussulyer                                                                         kynsaM

kussulyer n.m kussulyoryon (male)             kyhwedhla vb gossip
 adviser                                      kyjya vb unite; copulate; fuck; have sexual
kussulyores kussulyoresow (female)             intercourse; screw
 adviser                                      kyjyans n.m kyjyansow sexual intercourse;
kussyn n.m kussynnow, kussydnowL kiss          fuck
kuv I adj dear; kind; amicable II n.m         kylasednaL vb (= kylasenna) slate
 kuvyon darling; beloved. kuv kolon n.m       kylasenna vb (= kylasednaL) slate
 sweetheart                                   kylghM n.m kylghyow (= kelgh) circle;
kuvder n.m kindness                            hoop; ring; round
kwackya vb quack                              kylghlavarM n.m kylghlavarow (=
kwadrant n.m kwadrantys quadrant               kelghlavar) circumlocution
kwalifia vb qualify                           kylghvusurM n.m kylghvusuryow (=
kwalifians n.m kwalifiansow qualification      kelghvusur) perimeter
kwalita n.m quality                           kylhekM adj (= kelhek) circular
kwarel n.m kwarels pane                       kylhigowM hoop-la
kwarter n.m kwartrys quarter                  kyllas n.coll kylasen slates
kwartron n.m kwartronys quarter; zone         kymygen n.f kymygennow, kymygednowL
kwartrona vb quarter; cut in four              chemical
kwestyon n.m kwestyons, kwestyonow            kymygieth n.f chemistry
 question                                     kymygiethel adj chemical. arwodh
kweth n.f kwethow cloth. kweth ponn,           gymygiethel n.f chemical symbol
 kweth podnL n.f duster                       kymygydh n.m kymygydhyon (male)
kwetha vb cover with a cloth; clothe           scientific chemist
kwethyn n.m kwethynnow, kwethydnowL           kymygydhes n.f kymygydhesow (female)
 napkin                                        scientific chemist
kwilkyn n.m kwilkynyow frog                   kymyk adj chemical
kwit adv completely; deservedly. kwit         kymyst n.m kymystyon (male) dispensing
 dhe-ves completely gone                       chemist; (male) pharmacist
kwoffi vb binge; gorge; overeat               kymystes n.f kymystesow (female)
kwys n.m kwysyow quiz                          dispensing chemist; (female) pharmacist
kwytya vb quit                                kyn5(th) cnj although; though
kwytyans n.m kwytyansow exit                  kyngel n.f kynglow girdle
kydnyadhL n.m kydnyadhow (= kynnyav)          kyni vb lament; moan; mourn; wail
 autumn                                       kynnik I n.m kynigow offer; bid II vb offer;
kyf n.m kyfyon log                             bid
kyfeyth n.m kyfeythyow jam; confection;       kynnyav n.m (= kydnyadhL) autumn
 preserves. kyfeyth owraval n.m orange        kynsM (= kens) I adj former; previous;
 marmalade                                     sooner II adv formerly; rather III prp
kyfya vb confide                               before. kyns lemmynM before now;
kyfyans n.m confidence                         hitherto. kyns enaM before that. kyns ollM
kyfyansek adj confident                        notably
kygel n.f kygelyow distaff                    kynsaM num (= kensa) first; initial. hanow
kyhwedhel n.m kyhwedhlow rumour                kynsaM n.m forename. y'n kynsa leM
 gossip                                        primarily

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
kynseghwa                                                                       larchwydh

kynseghwa n.m (= kenjoghwaL) forenoon            ophthalmology. pyncel lagas n.m eye-liner.
kynser n.m kynseri (male) apprentice             yn lagas an bys, en lagas an besL in the
kynseres n.f kynseresow (female)                 limelight
 apprentice                                     lagasek adj (= lagajekL) big-eyed;
kynserneth n.m kynsernethow                      goggle-eyed
 apprenticeship                                 lagatta vb stare; eye
kynsskrif n.m kynsskrifow (= kensskrifL)        lagen n.f lagennow, lagednowL pond;
 preface                                         puddle
kynvan n.m kynvannow, kynvadnowL                laghyades n.f laghyadesow (female)
 lament; lamentation; moan; mourning             attorney; (female) lawyer
kyttrin n.m kyttrinyow bus                      laghyas lahysi, lahyjiL (male) attorney;
kyttrinva n.f kyttrinvaow bus stop               (male) lawyer
kywlet n.m kywlettys coverlet. kywlet           lagya vb splash
 pluv n.m duvet                                 lagyans n.m splash
labedha vb stone                                laha n.f lahys law. herwydh an laha lawful.
label n.m labelyow label                         laha an lovan n.f lynch law. sewya dre
labmL n.m labmow (= lamm) jump; hop;             laha sue
 leap. bledhen labmL n.f leap year              lakka adj (SEE drog) worse; worst
labmaL vb (= lamma) jump; hop; leap             lamm n.m lammow (= labmL) jump; hop;
labol adj striped                                leap. bledhen lamm n.f leap year
lader n.m ladron (male) thief; (male)           lamma vb (= labmaL) jump; hop; leap
 robber. alarm ladron n.m burglar alarm         lammleder n.f lammledrow precipice
ladha vb kill; put down; slaughter              lammlen n.f lammlennow, lammlednowL
ladher n.m ladhoryon (male) killer; (male)       parachute
 murderer                                       lank I adj adolescent II n.m lankyow (male)
ladhores n.f ladhoresow (female) killer;         adolescent
 murderess                                      lankes n.f lankesow (female) adolescent
ladhva n.f ladhvaow killing; slaughter.         lann n.f lannow (= ladnL) yard
 daffar ladhva n.m ammunition                   lannergh n.m lanerhi glade
ladnL n.f ladnow (= lann) yard                  lanow n.m rising tide
ladra vb rob. ladra helgik poach                lantern n.m lanterns lantern
ladrans n.m ladransow theft; robbery            lanwes n.m flood; abundance; fill. lanwes
ladres n.f ladresow (female) thief; (female)     mor n.m tide
 robber                                         lappa n.m lappys lobe; flap
ladrynjiL n.m (= ladrynsi) theft; robbery       lappya vb perform gymnastics
ladrynsi n.m (= ladrynjiL) theft; robbery       lappyans n.m gymnastics
lafyl adj lawful                                lappyer n.m lappyoryon (male) acrobat
lagajekL adj (= lagasek) big-eyed;              lappyores n.f lappyoresow (female)
 goggle-eyed                                     acrobat
lagas n.m lagasow, lagajowL, dl dewlagas        laptop n.m laptops laptop
 eye. aval lagas n.m eyeball. blew lagas        lapya vb lap; lick
 n.coll eyelashes. krohen lagas n.f eyelid.     larchwedhL n.coll larchwedhen (=
 liw lagas n.m eye-shadow. medhegieth            larchwydh) larches
 lagasow, medhegieth lagajowL n.f               larchwydh n.coll larchwedhen (=

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
las                                                                                   leelieth

 larchwedhL) larches                           law adj miserable
las (1) n.m lasow lace                         lawd n.m lawdys laud
las (2) n.m lasow alcohol; liquor              lawdya vb laud
lasek adj alcoholic                            lawlL vb (= leverel) say; tell; pronounce
lasnaher n.m lasnahoryon (male)                lay n.f layys religious law
 teetotaller                                   le (1) n.m leow place; position; situation;
lasnahores n.f lasnahoresow (female)            venue. yn le, en leL in place of; instead of
 teetotaller                                   le (2) adj, adv, prn less; lesser; minor; small
lasnahus adj teetotal                          lebanek adj Lebanese
lasogeth n.f alcoholism                        Lebanon n.m Lebanon
lastedhes n.m scum; filth                      Lebanyades n.f Lebanyadesow (female)
lath n.f lathow staff; stick; yard              Lebanese
latimer n.m latimers (male) interpreter        Lebanyas n.m Lebanysi, LebanyjiL (male)
latimores n.f latimoresow (female)              Lebanese
 interpreter                                   lebmL adj (= lymm) acute; sharp; keen;
Latin n.m Latin language                        piercing. daffar lebmL n.m cutlery
latinek adj Latin                              lebmaL cnj (= le may5(θ)) where
latti n.m lattiow abbatoir                     lebmelL vb (= lemmel) jump; hop; leap.
Latvi n.f Latvia                                lebmel lovanL skip (with a rope)
Latvian n.m Latvians (male) Latvian            lebmynL adv (= lemmyn) now
Latvianes n.f Latvianesow (female)             lecher n.m lechers frying pan
 Latvian                                       lecyans n.m lecyansow permit
Latviek n.m Latvian language                   led n.m ledyow electrical lead
latviek adj Latvian                            ledan adj broad. amendyansow ledan
lava n.m lava                                   sweeping reforms. lo ledan n.f ladle
lavar n.m lavarow expression; idiom;           ledanhe vb widen
 sentence; utterance. lavar koth n.m           leder n.f ledrow slope
 proverb; saying                               ledher n.m ledhrow leather
lavaren n.f lavarennow, lavarednowL            ledhrek adj leather
 phrase                                        ledhyades n.f ledhyadesow (female) killer.
lavasos vb claim; dare; presume; venture        ledhyades lowena n.f (female) killjoy
lavrek n.m lavrogow trousers. lavrek           ledhyas n.m ledhysi, ledhyjiL (male) killer.
 byhan n.m underpants; briefs. lavrek jin       ledhyas lowena n.m (male) killjoy
 n.m jeans                                     lednL n.f lednow (= lenn) cloth; blanket.
lavur n.m lavuryow labour; toil; work.          ledn dhuL n.f blind
 kesunyans lavur n.m trade union. lavur        ledniL vb (= lenni) cover
 tre n.m housework                             lednusL adj (= lennus) legible
lavurya vb labour; work; toil; slave           ledrek adj sloping
lavuryades n.f lavuryadesow (female)           ledri vb slope
 labourer                                      ledya vb lead; conduct
lavuryans n.m toil                             ledyer n.m ledyoryon (male) leader
lavuryas n.m lavurysi, lavuryjiL (male)        ledyores n.f ledyoresow (female) leader
 labourer                                      leel adj local
lavurys adj worn-out                           leelieth n.f localism

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
leftenant                                                                         lesrenyades

leftenant n.m leftenants lieutenant              lergh n.m lerhow trace; track; trail
leg I adj lay II n.m legyon layman               les (1) n.m lesow advantage; gain; benefit;
leges n.f legesow laywoman                        interest; importance; profit; utility;
legessa vb catch mice                             welfare. dhe les adv advantageous;
legest n.m legesti lobster                        interesting. meur y les absorbing;
legh n.coll lehen slates                          beneficial. stat an les n.m the welfare state
legras n.m legrasow corruption; decadence        les (2) n.m lesyow plant. les an gog n.m
legri vb corrupt                                  marigold
legrys adj corrupted                             les (3) n.m lesyow breadth; width
lehe vb lessen; mitigate; reduce; shrink         les (4) cnj in case
lel adj genuine; loyal; reliable; trusty.        lesL n.m lesow (= lys) court
 dhywgh hwi yn lelM sincerely yours              lesa vb expand; spread; unfold
lelder n.m loyalty                               lesans n.m lesansow expansion; spread
Lelyades n.f Lelyadesow Loyalist                 lesbian adj lesbian
Lelyas n.m Lelysi Loyalist                       lesbianes n.f lesbianesow lesbian
le may5(θ) cnj (= lebmaL) where                  lesek adj interesting; profitable
lemen but; only; save                            lesel adj beneficial
lemmel vb (= lebmelL) jump; hop; leap.           lesh n.m leshyow leash; lead
 lemmel lovan skip (with a rope)                 leshanow n.m leshenwyn pseudonym
lemmyn adv (= lebmynL) now                       leshwor n.f leshwerydh stepsister
len adj faithful                                 leshyans n.m leshyansow licence
lendya vb lend                                   lesk n.m leskow swing. lesk lovan n.m
lenelL vb (= lenwel) fill. lenel a2L fill with    swing
lenes n.f lenesow, lenejowL nun; ling-fish       leska vb rock; swing. margh leska n.m
lenji n.m lenjiow nunnery                         rocking horse
lenki vb swallow; absorb                         leskadnasL n.f leskanajow (= lyskannas)
lenn n.f lennow (= lednL) cloth; blanket.         diplomat
 lenn dhu n.f blind                              leskanajedhL n.m (= lyskanasedh)
lenna vb read                                     diplomacy
lenner n.m lenoryon (male) reader                leskanajekL adj (= lyskanasek) diplomatic
lenni vb (= ledniL) cover                        lesken n.f leskennow, leskednowL fuse
lennus adj (= lednusL) legible                   leski vb burn
lenores n.f lenoresow (female) reader            lesradnaL vb (= lesranna) distribute
lens n.m lensys, lensow lens                     lesradnansL n.m lesrananjow (=
lent adj slow. yn lent adv slowly                 lesrannans) distribution
lenter n.m gloss; shine. lenter gweus n.m        lesranna vb (= lesradnaL) distribute
 lip gloss                                       lesrannans n.m lesranansow (=
lenthe vb slow down                               lesradnansL) distribution
lentri vb gleam                                  lesrednyasL n.m lesrenyji (= lesrennyas)
lentrus adj gleaming                              (male) distributor
lentvil n.m lentviles sloth                      lesrennyas n.m lesrenysi (= lesrednyasL)
lenwel vb (= lenelL) fill. lenwel a2 fill with    (male) distributor
leowta n.m loyalty                               lesrenyades n.f lesrenyadesow (female)
leper n.m lepers leper                            distributor

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
lesson                                                                              leverL

lesson n.m lessons lesson                       lethwrek n.f lethwragedh milkmaid
lesta vb prevent; thwart. lesta nebonan         leti n.m letiow dairy
 rag gul neppyth, lesta nebonan rag gwul        lettrys adj literate
 neppethL prevent somebody from doing           lettryseth n.f literacy
 something                                      lettya vb block; check; hinder; impede;
lestans n.m                                      prevent
lestas n.m lestasow stepfather                  letus n.coll letusen lettuce
lester (1) n.m lestri vessel; dish; ship.       leugh n.m leuhi calf
 lester gwari n.m yacht. lester bleujyow,       leun adj full; complete; thorough. leun a2
 lester flourys n.m vase. lester sedhi n.m       full of. leun a dus crowded. leun a styr
 submarine. mes a'n lester overboard.            meaningful
 porth lestri, por' lestriL n.m dock            leunder n.m fullness; fill
lester (2) n.m width                            leunhe vb fill
lestrier n.m lestrieryow dresser; kitchen       leur n.m leuryow floor; ground. leur
 dresser                                         a-woles n.m ground floor
lestriva n.f lestrivaow dockyard                leurlen n.f leurlennow, leurlednowL
lestryn n.m lestrynnow, lestrydnowL              carpet
 container                                      leurnedh n.m leurnedhow area
lesvam n.f lesvammow, lesvabmowL                leuv n.f leuvyow, dl diwleuvM, diwla hand.
 stepmother                                      shackya leuv shake hands
lesvroder n.m lesvreder stepbrother             leuvtosa vb massage
leswedh n.m leswedhow frying pan                leuvtosans leuvtosansow massage
lesyeth n.f lesyethow regional accent           leuvvedhegel adj surgical
let n.m lettys, lettow barrier; check;          leuvvedhegneth n.f leuvvedhegnethow
 obstacle; obstruction. heb let incessantly      surgery. leuvvedhegneth kosmetek n.f
leth n.m lethow milk. leth didhehen n.m          cosmetic surgery
 skimmed milk. leth kowlys n.m curdled          leuvvedhek n.m leuvvedhogyon (male)
 milk. leth kriv n.m unpasteurised milk          surgeon
letherL n.m letherow (= lytherM) letter.        leuvvedhoges n.f leuvvedhogesow
 kist letherow n.f letterbox. lether             (female) surgeon
 nowodhowL n.m newsletter                       leuvwelen n.f leuvwelynni, leuvwelydniL
letherdolL n.m letherdollow (=                   baton
 lytherdolM) postage                            lev n.m levow voice. dre lev vocal
letherednaL vb (= lytherennaM) spell            leven adj level; plain
letherednekL n.f letherenegi (=                 levenhe vb level
 lytherennekM) alphabet                         leverL n.m levrow (= lyverM) book. argh
letherenL n.f letherednow (= lytherenM)          levrowL n.f bookcase. lever akontysL n.m
 letter; character. herwydh an letherenL         account book. lever dedhyowL n.m
 literal; literally                              calendar. lever kudhlen galishL n.m
lethervo'sL n.f lethervo'si (=                   hardback. lever kudhlen vedhelL n.m
 lythervowesM) postwoman                         paperback. lever kuntelL n.m album. lever
letherwasL n.m letherwesyon (=                   notednowL n.m notebook. lever skolL
 lytherwasM) postman                             schoolbook. lever termynL n.m magazine;
lethwas n.m lethwesyon milkman                   periodical

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
leverel                                                                              linednaL

leverel vb (= lawlL) say; tell; pronounce        lien gweli n.m bedsheet. lien konna, lien
leverjiL n.m leverjiow (= lyverjiM)              kodnaL n.m scarf. lien paper n.m paper
 bookshop; bookstore                             tissue. lienyow gweli bedding
levervaL n.f levervaow (= lyverva) library      lien (2) n.m liennow, liednowL literature.
leveryadesL n.f leveryadejow (=                  lien gwerin n.m folklore
 lyveryades) (female) librarian                 liennek adj (= liednekL) literary
leveryans n.m leveryansow pronunciation         lies adj, prn many; a lot of; numerous. a lies
leveryasL n.m leveryji (= lyveryas) (male)       ehen varied; heterogeneous. lies gweyth
 librarian                                       many times; often. pana lies, py lies, pe
levna vb press                                   liesL how many
levrenL n.f levrednow (= lyvryn) booklet        lies- adj multi-
levrith n.m sweet milk                          liesek adj various; multiple; plural
lew (1) n.m lewyow rudder                       liesgonisogethek adj multicultural
lew (2) n.m lewyon lion                         lieshe vb multiply. lieshes gans multiplied
lewa vb (= lewya) drive                          by
lewd adj lewd; indecent; obscene                liesheans n.m liesheansow multiplication
lewdnes n.m lewdnessys obscenity                liesheor n.m liesheoryon multiplier
lewes n.f lewesow lioness                       lieskenedhlek adj multinational.
lewik n.m lewigow lion cub                       korforeth lieskenedhlek n.f multinational
lewpard n.m lewpardes leopard                    corporation
lewsel vb (= lowselL) free; loosen              lieskweyth adv many times; often
lewya vb (= lewa) drive                         lieskweythresek adj multifunctional
lewyader n.f lewyadoryon (male) pilot           liesleur adj multi-storey
lewyadores n.f lewyadoresow (female)            liesplek I adj multiple II n.m liesplegow
 pilot                                           plural
lewydh n.m lewydhyon helmsman; (male)           liesporpos adj multipurpose
 president                                      liesskrif n.m liesskrifow photocopy
lewydhes n.f lewydhesow helmswoman;             liesskrifa vb photocopy
 (female) president                             liesskrifel n.f lesskrifellow photocopier
lewyer n.m lewyoryon (male) driver.             liester n.m liesteryow abundance;
 lewyer kyttrin n.m (male) bus driver.           multiplicity; plurality
 lewyer tren n.m (male) train driver            liestu adj multilateral
lewyores n.f lewyoresow (female) driver.        liesyethek adj multilingual
 lewyores kyttrin n.f (female) bus driver.      lili n.coll lilien lilies. lili Korawys n.coll
 lewyores tren n.f (female) train driver         daffodils
leys n.m leysyow mud; slime                     lim n.m cement
leysek n.f leysegi mire                         limaval n.m limavalow lime
li (1) n.f livyow (= livM) lunch                lin (1) n.coll linen linen; flax
li (2) n.m liow oath                            lin (2) n.m linyow fluid; liquid; lotion. lin
lia vb swear; take an oath                       sebon n.m detergent; washing-up liquid
liednekL adj (= liennek) literary               lin (3) n.m linyow line
lien (1) n.m liennyow, liednowL linen cloth;    linas n.coll linasen nettles
 kerchief. lien baban n.m nappy. lien diwla     linasek n.f linasegi bed of nettles
 n.m napkin. lien dorn n.m handkerchief.        linednaL vb (= linenna) sketch. pyncel

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
linednelL                                                                              lommas

 linednaL n.m liner                                liw n.m liwyow colour; dye; paint. kelli liw
linednelL n.f linenellow (= linennel)               pale. liw bejeth n.m make-up. liw blew
 straight-edge                                      lagas n.m mascara. liw diwvogh n.m
linednerL n.m linenoryon (= linenner)               blusher. liw gweus n.m lipstick. liw howl
 linesman                                           n.m suntan; tan. liw lagas n.m eye-shadow.
linen n.f linennow, linednowL line. linen           liw min n.m lipstick. liw rudh n.m blush
 denewen n.f touch-line                            liwa vb colour; dye; paint
linenna vb (= linednaL) sketch. pyncel             liwans n.m liwansow painting
 linenna n.m liner                                 liwus adj colourful
linennans n.m linenansow sketch                    liwyans n.m liwyansow picture; painting
linennel n.f linenellow (= linednelL)              liwys adj coloured; dyed
 straight-edge                                     lo n.f loyow spoon. lo an jowl n.f trapdoor.
linenner n.m linenoryon (= linednerL)               lo balas n.m trowel. lo de n.f teaspoon. lo
 linesman                                           ledan n.f ladle. lo vras, lo vroasL n.f
linyek adj linear                                   tablespoon
linyel adj fluid; liquid                           lobmL adj (= lomm) bare; naked
lion n.m lions lion                                lobmasL n.m lomajow (= lommas) small
lisiw n.m lisiwyow washing powder                   bream
liter n.m litrow litre                             lobmheL vb (= lommhe) bare; strip bare
lith n.f lithes plaice                             lockL n.m luck
Lithuani n.f Lithuania                             loder n.m lodrow stocking. lodrow nilon
Lithuanian n.m Lithuanians (male)          nylons
 Lithuanian                                        lodhen n.m lodhnow (= lodnL, = lonn)
Lithuanianes n.f Lithuanianesow (female)            bullock; young ox
 Lithuanian                                        lodnL n.m lodnow (= lodhen, = lonn)
Lithuaniek n.m Lithuanian language                  bullock; young ox
lithuaniek adj Lithuanian                          lodrik n.m lodrigow sock
liv (1) n.f livyow file                            log logow cell
liv (2) n.m livyow flood. skollya liv a            logel n.m logelyow coffin; tomb
 dhagrow cry one's eyes out                        logh (1) n.m lohow inlet
livM n.f livyow (= li (1)) lunch                   logh (2) adj (lax)
liva vb flood; swamp                               logos n.coll logosen, logojenL mice
livra vb liberate                                  logystek n.f logistics
livrel adj (politically) liberal. Parti Livrel     loheth n.f laxity
 Gwerinel n.m Liberal Democratic Party             lojowL n.coll lojowen herbs; plants. lojow
livreson n.m livresons delivery; liberation;        debriL vegetable
 release. livreson uskis n.m express               lojyk n.m logic. herwydh lojyk logical;
 delivery                                           logically
LivWer adj, abbr LibDem. an re LivWer              lok n.m presence. y'm lok in my presence the LibDems                                  lokust n.m lokustes locust
livwolowys floodlights                        lolla vb lull
livya (1) vb lunch                                 lomder n.m bareness
livya (2) vb file; scrape                          lomm adj (= lobmL) bare; naked
livyet n.f livyetow floodgate                      lommas n.m lomasow (= lobmasL) small

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
lommhe                                                                             lowenhe

 bream                                           catmint; catnip. losow mogh n.coll
lommhe vb (= lobmheL) bare; strip bare           hogweed. lowarth losow n.m market
lonchya vb launch                                garden
londer n.m londrys gutter                       losowa vb gather plants
loneth n.f lonethi kidney. hogen vewin ha       losowedh n.m vegetation
 loneth n.f steak and kidney pie                losoweger n.m losowegoryon (male)
longya vb belong                                 vegetarian
lonn n.m lonnow (= lodhen, = lodnL)             losowegores n.f losowegoresow (female)
 bullock; young ox                               vegetarian
loor n.f loryow moon                            lost n.m tail; queue. gul lost vb queue
loos adj grey; mouldy                           lostek I adj big-tailed; bushy-tailed II n.m
looth n.m lothow tribe                           lostoges, lostogyon fox
lorden n.m lordenyon clown                      losten n.f lostennow, lostednowL skirt.
lorek I adj lunatic; psychotic II n.m            losten Albanek, losten vrith n.f kilt.
 lorogyon (male) lunatic; (male) maniac;         losten vrith Kernewek, losten vrith
 (male) psychotic                                KernowekL n.f Cornish kilt
lorel (1) n.f lorellow satellite                lostledan n.m lostledanes beaver
lorel (2) adj lunar                             lostleverel vb promt
lorgh n.f(m) lorhow staff; cane; pole. lorgh    lostya vb queue; form a queue
 horn n.f(m) crowbar                            losvelyn adj beige
loroges n.f lorogesow (female) lunatic;         loub n.m loubyow sludge
 (female) maniac; (female) psychotic            louba vb lubricate
los adj soiled                                  Loundres n.m London
losanj n.m losanjys lozenge. losanj pas n.m     lovan n.f lovanow rope. laha an lovan n.f
 cough lozenge; cough sweet                      lynch law. skeul lovan n.f rope ladder
loselwas n.m loselwesyon tramp                  lovryjyon leprosy
losi vb go mouldy                               lowarn n.m lewern fox
losk n.m loskow burn                            lowarnik n.m lewernigow fox cub
loskaberth n.m loskaberthow holocaust           lowarth n.m lowarthyow garden. lowarth
loskadow adj flammable                           losow n.m market garden. toul lowarth
loskriades n.f loskriadesow (female)             n.m gardening tool
 arsonist                                       lowarther n.m lowarthoryon (male)
loskrians n.m loskriansow arson                  gardener
loskrias n.m loskriysi (male) arsonist          lowarthores n.f lowarthoresow (female)
loskven n.m loskveyn sulphur                     gardener
loskvenaL n.m loskvenydhyow (=                  lowen adj glad; happy. pur lowen delighted
 loskvenydh) volcano                            lowena n.f lowenedhow happiness; bliss;
loskvenydh n.m loskvenydhyow (=                  cheer; joy. lowena dhis/dhywgh!
 loskvenaL) volcano                              greetings!
losonieth n.f botany                            lowender n.m mirth. Lowender Peran n.m
losoniethek adj botanical                        'Perran's Mirth' (Celtic music festival)
losow n.coll losowen herbs; plants. losow       lowenek adj cheerful; gay; happy; joyful;
 an hav n.coll lilies of the valley. losow an    merry
 bara n.coll coriander. losow an gath n.coll    lowenhe vb (intransitive) rejoice;

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
lower                                                                             lyverjiM

 (transitive) make happy; delight                lymmelidnyowL acute angle
lower adj many; much                            lymna vb illustrate; paint
lown n.m lownyow blade; flake                   lymnans n.m lymnansow illustration;
lownek adj flaky                                 painting; picture
lownya vb flake                                 lymner n.m lymnoryon (male) painter;
lowr I adj adequate; ample; considerable;        artist; illustrator
 enough; plenty; sizeable II adv quite;         lymnores n.f lymnoresow paintress;
 sufficiently. da lowr OK; alright. lowr a2      (female) artist; (female) illustrator
 enough of; galore. lowr a bewasow prizes       lynn n.f lynnyn (= lydnL) lake
 galore                                         lys n.m lysow (= lesL) court
lows adj loose                                  lyskanasedh n.m (= leskanajedhL)
lowselL vb (= lewsel) free; loosen               diplomacy
lu n.m luyow army; military; troop. lu lestri   lyskanasek adj (= leskanajekL) diplomatic
 n.m navy                                       lyskannas n.f lyskanasow (= leskadnasL)
luck I adj enough; sufficient II adv             diplomat
 sufficiently                                   lysten n.f lystennow, lystednowL bandage;
lugarn n.m lugern lamp; lantern. bocka           nappy
 lugarn n.m genie                               lytherM n.m lytherow (= letherL) letter.
luhes n.coll luhesen lightning                   kist lytherowM n.f letterbox. lyther
luhesen n.f luhesennow, luhesednowL              nowodhowM n.m newsletter
 bolt of lightning; flash                       lytherdolM n.m lytherdollow (=
luhesi vb flash                                  letherdolL) postage
lujuL n.coll lujuen (= lusu) ashes              lytherenM n.f lytherennow (= letherenL)
lujuegynL n.m luguegydnow (= lusuegyn)           letter; character. herwydh an lytherenM
 ashtray                                         literal; literally
lujuekL adj (= lusuek) ashen                    lytherennaM vb (= letherednaL) spell
lulyn n.f lulynnow anchorage                    lytherennekM n.f lytherenegi (=
Lun n.m Monday                                   letherednekL) alphabet
lust n.m lustys lust                            lythervowesM lythervowysi (=
lusu n.coll lusuen (= lujuL) ashes               lethervo'sL) postwoman
lusuegyn n.m lusuegynnow (= lujuegynL)          lytherwasM n.m lytherwesyon (=
 ashtray                                         letherwasL) postman
lusuek adj (= lujuekL) ashen                    lyven n.f lyvennow, lyvednowL leaf; page
lut n.m lutys lute                              lyverM n.m lyvrow (= leverL) book. argh
lycklod n.m likelihood. dres lycklod             lyvrowM n.f bookcase. lyver akontowM n.m
 probably                                        account book. lyver dedhyowM n.m
lydnL n.f lydnow (= lynn) lake                   calendar. lyver kudhlen galesM n.m
lyftya vb lift                                   hardback. lyver kudhlen vedhelM n.m
lyha adj least; minimal. dhe'n lyha at least     paperback. lyver kuntelM n.m album. lyver
lyjyon n.m lyjyons legion                        notennowM n.m notebook. lyver skolM n.m
lymm adj (= lebmL) acute; sharp; keen;           schoolbook. lyver termynM n.m magazine;
 piercing. daffar lymm n.m cutlery               periodical
lymmaval n.m lymmavalow lemon                   lyverjiM n.m lyverjiow bookshop;
lymmelin n.m lymmelinnyow,                       bookstore

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
lyverva                                                                    mammrowlL

lyverva n.f lyvervaow (= levervaL) library     magor n.f magoryow ruin
lyveryades n.f lyveryadesow (=                 magores n.f magoresow nanny; wet nurse
 leveryadesL) (female) librarian               magus adj nutritious
lyveryas n.m lyverysi (= leveryasL) (male)     majenta adj magenta
 librarian                                     Makedoni n.f Macedonia
lyvrik n.m lyvrigow booklet                    Makedonian n.m Makedonians (male)
lyvryn n.f lyvrynnow (= levrenL) booklet       Macedonian
'm prn (infixed) I; me                         Makedonianes n.f Makedonianesow
ma (1) prn this. an gath ma this cat           (female) Macedonian
ma (2) vb (= yma) there is                     Makedoniek n.m Macedonian language
-ma prn (enclitic pronoun) I; me               makedoniek adj Macedonian
ma3L prn (mutates p and t only) my             mal int pest
mab n.m mebyon son. mab den n.m                mala vb grind
 humankind. mab meythrin n.m foster-son.       malan n.m malanes devil
 mab wynn, mab wydnL grandson. mab y           malbew int plague. malbew damm,
 das n.m himself. Mebyon Kernow           malbew dabmL plague take
 Sons of Cornwall (party)                      malel n.f malellow grinder
maban mebyn little son                         maler n.m maloryon grinder
mab-gov n.m mebyon-gov smith's                 mall n.m mallow haste; keenness;
 apprentice                                    eagerness. mall yw genev hy metya, mall
mabmL n.f mabmow (= mamm) mother.              ew genam hy metyaL I am eager to meet
 an vamm n.f spleen. mabm vejydhL n.f          her
 godmother                                     mallborth n.m mallborthow emergency
mabmikL n.f mamigow (= mammik) mum             exit
mabyar n.f mabyer chick                        malow n.coll malowen mallow
madama n.f madamys madam; milady               Malta n.m Malta
maga vb feed; foster; nourish; nurse;          Maltek n.m Maltese language
 nurture; raise; rear                          maltek adj Maltese
maga5 cnj as. maga ta as well; also            Maltyades n.f Maltyadesow (female)
ma'gan contr so that we                        Maltese
ma'gas contr so that you                       Maltyas n.m Maltysi, MaltyjiL (male)
magereth n.f nurture                           Maltese
maghteth n.f maghtethyon maid; maiden;         mamm n.f mammow (= mabmL) mother.
 virgin                                        an vamm n.f spleen. mamm vesydh n.f
maglednaL vb trap; tangle; change gear.        godmother. mamm wynn n.f grandmother
 magledna 'badnL change up. magledna           mammeth n.f mamethow wet nurse;
 'nansL change down                            foster-mother
maglen n.f maglennow, maglednowL               mammfurv n.f mammfurvow,
 (mechanical) gear; trap. maglen dhelergh      mammfurvyow original; original version
 n.f reverse gear                              mammik n.f mamigow (= mabmikL) mum
maglenna vb (= maglednaL) trap; tangle;        mammrewl n.f mammrewlys (=
 change gear. maglenna 'bann change up.        mammrowlL) matriarchy
 maglenna 'nans change down                    mammrowlL n.f mammrowlys (=
magli vb tangle                                mammrewl) matriarchy

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
mammskrif                                                                       marhoges

mammskrif n.m mammskrifow original              'manynL n.m 'manydnow (= amanyn)
text                                             butter
mammvro n.f mammvroyow mother                   mappa n.m mappys, mappow map
country; motherland                             mar n.m doubt. heb mar without doubt; of
mammyeth n.f mother tongue                       course
mamoleth n.f motherhood; maternity.             mar2 adv as; so. mar2… avel (used with a
kummyas mamoleth, kubmyas                        noun or pronoun) as… as. mar2… del2 (used
mamolethL n.m maternity leave.                   with a verb) as… as
diberthva vamoleth n.f maternity ward           mar4 cnj if. mar pleg (if you) please
managh n.m menegh monk                          mara4 cnj if
managhti n.m managhtiow monastery               maras cnj if
manahes n.f manahesow nun                       marbel n.m (rock) marble
manek n.f manegow glove. manek blat n.f         marblen n.f marblennow, marblednowL
gauntlet                                         (toy) marble
maner (1) n.m maners, manerow manner;           marchont n.m marchons merchant;
custom; way. maners, manerow                salesman; trader
morals. yn ken maner, en ken manerL             margarin n.m margarine
otherwise. yn kepar maner, en kepar             margh n.m mergh horse. margh asen n.m
manerL similarly. y'n keth maner, e'n            jackass. margh dall n.m blind man's buff.
keth manerL similarly                            margh leska n.m rocking horse. margh
maner (2) n.m maners, manoryow manor             skrifa n.m easel. nader margh n.f
manerji n.m manerjiow manor house                dragonfly
manerus adj affected                            marghnerth n.m marghnerthow
maneruster affectation                           horse-power
manga n.m mangas manga; Japanese comic          marghredik n.m marghredigow
mango n.m mangos mango                           horseradish
mann I n.m nothing; nil; naught II num zero     marghti n.m marghtiow stable
III adv at all                                  marhador n.m marhador (male) merchant
mann-2 prfx petty                               marhadores n.f marhadoresow (female)
mannbluv n.coll mannbluven down; fine            merchant
feathers; fluff                                 marhas n.f marhasow, marhajowL market.
mannvona n.coll petty cash                       marhas puskes n.f fish market. marhas
Manow n.f Isle of Man; Man                       stock n.f stock market. tyller marhas,
Manowek n.m Manx language                        teller marhasL n.m market place
manowek adj Manx                                marhasa vb (= marhasnaL) market; shop;
mansyon n.m mansyons mansion                     trade
mantedh n.coll stones (in the body)             marhasans n.m marketing
mantel n.f mantylli cloak; coat; mantle.        marhasnaL vb (= marhasa) market; shop;
mantel nos n.f dressing gown. mantel law         trade
n.f raincoat                                    marhasva n.f marhasvaow market place
mantol n.f mantolyow balance; scales            marhek n.m marhogyon knight; (male)
manykyn n.m, n.f manykyns fashion model          rider. kleves marhogyon n.m
manylya vb detail                                haemorrhoids; piles
manylyon details                           marhoges n.f marhogesow (female)

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
marhogeth                                                                   medhegieth

knight; (female) rider                        mason n.m masons (male) mason
marhogeth I n.f marhogethow ride (on a        masones n.f masonesow (female) mason
horse) II vb ride (a horse)                   mata n.m matys mate
marksydh n.m marksydhyon (male)               mater n.m maters, materyow issue;
Marxist                                       matter. pandr'yw an mater? pandr'ew an
marksydhek adj Marxist                        mater?L what's the matter?
marksydhes n.f marksydhesow (female)          mathematik n.m mathematics
Marxist                                       matras n.m matrassow mattress
Marksydhieth n.f Marxism                      maw n.m mebyon boy; lad. maw stret n.m
markyans n.m markyansow marking               street urchin
marmelada n.m marmeladys marmalade            mawL n.m maws sandwich
marnas cnj (= ma's) except; unless            may5(th) prn which. (rag) may5 cnj so that
marner n.m marners mariner; sailor;           maylya vb wrap; bind
seaman                                        maylyans n.m maylyansow wrapping
marow I adj dead; switched off II n.m re      maylyer n.m maylyers envelope
varow dead person                             mayn n.m maynys means; agency;
marowvor n.m (= marvor) neap-tide             instrument; mediator
mars cnj if                                   maynek adj instrumental
martesen adv maybe; perhaps; possibly         mayni n.m mayniow crew; household;
marth n.m marthow amazement; surprise;        troop
wonder. marth yw genev, yma marth             maynor n.m maynoryon (male) agent
dhymm I am surprised. gorra marth yn,         maynores n.f maynoresow (female) agent
gorra marth enL amaze                         maynorieth n.f maynoriethow agency.
marthek adj remarkable                        maynorieth asvaba n.f adoption agency
marthus n.m marthusyon, marthusi,             maystri n.m control; mastery. gul maystri
marthusow marvel; miracle                     war2 exercise control over; face down;
marthys I adj amazing; fabulous;              tyrranise
marvellous; remarkable; wonderful II adv      Me n.m May
amazingly; fabulously; marvellously;          mebel n.m furniture. heb mebel
remarkably; surprisingly; wonderfully         unfurnished
marvor n.m (= marowvor) neap-tide             mebla vb furnish
marwel adj deadly; mortal                     medalen n.f medalennow, medalednowL
marwostel n.m marwostlow mortgage             medal. medalen vras n.f medallion
marwostla vb mortgage                         meder n.m medrow aim
marya marry                                   medh n.m mead; hydromel. medh oy n.m
maryach n.m maryajys marriage                 egg flip
mas adj good; respectable; moral. yn fas,     medhador n.m medhadoryon (male)
en fasL properly                              mediator
ma's cnj (= marnas) except; unless            medhadores n.f medhadoresow (female)
maseth n.f masethow morality                  mediator
mask n.m maskow mask. mask oksyjen            medhegel adj medical
n.m oxygen mask                               medhegieth n.f medical science.
maskara n.m mascara                           medhegieth flehes n.f paediatrics.
maskot n.m maskotys mascot                    medhegieth lagasow, medhegieth

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
medhegneth                                                                       melyas

lagajowL n.f ophthalmology                     medynor n.f medynoryow hinge
medhegneth n.f medhegnethow medicine;          megabayt n.m megabaytys megabyte
medication                                     megi vb smoke; fume. megi difennys, megi
medhegva n.f medhegvaow clinic; doctor's       difednysL no smoking
surgery                                        megrim n.m migraine
medhegvael adj clinical                        megyans n.m nutrition
medhek n.m medhogyon (male) doctor;            megys adj nourished; reared. megys orth
(male)physician. hwithrans medhek n.m          nourished by
medical examination. medhek brys,              mekanek n.f mechanics
medhek bresL n.m (male) psychiatrist.          Meksikan n.m Meksikans (male) Mexican
medhek dens n.m (male) dentist. medhek         meksikan adj Mexican
flehes n.m (male) paediatrician. medhek        Meksikanes n.f Meksikanesow (female)
krohen n.m (male) dermatologist. medhek        Mexican
lagasow, medhek lagajowL n.m (male)            Meksiko n.m Mexico
ophthalmologist. medhek mayni n.m              mel n.m honey
(male) general practitioner                    melder n.m melderyow sweetness;
medhel adj soft. lyver kudhlen vedhelM,        darling; (terms of endearment) love
lever kudhlen vedhelL n.m paperback            melhwen n.f melhwennow,
medhelhe vb soften; lenite; absorb (a shock    melhwednowL slug
or blow)                                       melhwes n.coll melhwesen, melhwejenL,
medhelheans n.m medhelheansow                  melhwyjenL snail; slug
lenition                                       melhwessa vb catch snails
medhelweyth n.m software                       melhwioges n.f melhwiogesow tortoise
medhoges n.f medhogesow (female)               melin n.f melinyow, melidnyowL mill.
doctor; (female) physician. medhoges           melin buber n.f pepper mill. melin dhowr
brys, medhoges bresL n.f (female)              n.f water mill. melin wyns n.f windmill
psychiatrist. medhoges dens n.f (female)       meliner n.m melinoryon (male) miller
dentist. medhoges flehes n.f (female)          melinji n.m melinjiow millhouse
paediatrician. medhoges krohen n.f             melinores n.f melinoresow (female) miller
(female) dermatologist. medhoges               mell n.m mellow joint; link; connection.
lagasow, medhoges lagajowL n.f (female)        mell dorn n.m knuckle. mell keyn n.m
ophthalmologist. medhoges mayni n.f            spine
(female) general practitioner                  mellek adj jointed
medhow adj drunk; intoxicated                  mellya vb meddle; interfere
medhwenep n.m drunkenness; intoxication        mellyans n.m melyansow interference
medhwi vb make drunk; intoxicate               mellyer n.m melyoryon (male) meddler;
mednasL n.m menasow (= mynnas)                 (male) busybody. mellyer dadder n.m
purpose; intent; intention                     (male) do-gooder
mednesL vb (= mynnes) wish; will; want;        mellyon n.coll melyonen clover; violets.
intend. wish for somebody to do                mellyonen beder del n.f four-leaf clover
something mednes orth nebonan gwul             melodi n.m melodis melody
neppethL                                       melodius adj melodious
medra vb aim                                   melon n.m melonyow melon
medras n.m medrasow aim; goal; object          melyas vb grind

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
melyn                                                                         menyster

melyn I adj yellow; fair; blonde II n.m       sanctuary
melynyow yellow. kleves melyn n.m             menek n.m menegow indication; mention
jaundice. melyn hy blew n.f blonde. melyn     menestrouthi n.m (instrumental) music;
oy n.m egg yolk                               minstrelsy
melyores n.f melyoresow (female)              mengleudh n.m mengleudhyow quarry
meddler; (female) busybody. melyores          mengleudhyer n.m mengleudhyoryon
dadder n.f (female) do-gooder                 quarryman
melys adj very sweet; honeyed                 menhe vb petrify
melyshe vb sweeten                            menhesen n.f menhesennow,
melyssand n.m melyssandys dessert;            menhesednowL fossil
pudding                                       mening n.m meaning
melysugen n.m melysugenyow syrup              menowes n.f menowesow awl
men n.m meyn stone. men bedh n.m              menowgh adj frequent; often. bohes
gravestone; tombstone. men bras, men          venowgh adv seldom. yn fenowgh, en
broasL n.m megalith. men du n.m jet. men      fenowghL adv frequently; regularly
hir n.m longstone; menhir. men kov n.m        menowghter n.m menowghteryow
monument; memorial. men kowas n.m             frequency
meteorite. men pobas n.m griddle              menowhedh n.m menowhedhyow
menaL n.m menydhyow (= menydh, =              frequency
menedhL) mountain; hill. war venaL on a       menoyl n.m menoylys petrol
mountain; uphill                              mensL (= myns) I prn as many as II n.m
mencyon n.m mencyons mention. gul             mensow amount; quantity
mencyon a2, gwul mencyon a2L mention          mensekL adj (= mynsek) considerable;
something/somebody                            sizeable
mendya vb mend                                mensoniethL n.f geometry
menedhL n.m menydhyow (= menydh, =            menstrel n.m menstrels musician;
menaL) mountain; hill.                        minstrel
menedhek adj (= menedhyek)                    menta n.f mint (herb)
mountainous                                   mentena vb (= mentenya) maintain
menedhorieth n.f mountaineering               mentenour n.m
menedhyek adj (= menedhek)                    mentenouryon,mentenours (male)
mountainous                                   maintainer; (male) conservative
menedhyer n.m menedhyoryon (male)             mentenoures n.f mentenouresow
mountaineer                                   (female) maintainer; (female) conservative
menedhyores n.f menedhyoresow                 mentenya vb (= mentena) maintain
(female) mountaineer                          mentons n.m maintenance. kostow
menegek adj indicative. gis menegek n.m       mentons maintenance costs
indicative mood                               menweyth n.m masonry
meneges vb admit; confess; indicate;          menya vb mean; signify
mention; state                                menydh n.m menydhyow (= menaL, =
menegva n.f menegvaow index; catalogue        menedhL) mountain; hill. war venydh on a
menegyans n.m menegyansow statement           mountain; uphill
menehi n.m menehiow asylum; refuge            menyster n.m menystrys, menystroryon
menehiji n.m menehijiow place of asylum;      (male) minister

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
menystra                                                                          methek

menystra vb administer; manage;                flame) go out
supervise                                      meryw n.coll merywen junipers
menystracyon n.m menystracyons                 mes (1) cnj (= besL (1)) but
administration                                 mes (2) I adv out; outside II n.m mesyow
menystrans n.m menystransow                    open country. keas mes exclude. mes a'n
administration; management; ministry;          lester overboard. mes a'y skians out of his
supervision                                    mind
menystrek adj administrative                   mes (3) n.coll mesen acorns. byskon mes
menystrer n.m menystroryon (male)              n.f acorn cup
administrator                                  meskL n.m (= mysk) midst. e'gan meskL
menystres n.f menystresow (female)             among us. e'gas meskL among you (pl).
minister                                       e'ga meskL among them
menystrores n.f menystroresow (female)         meskaL vb (= myska) blend; involve;
administrator                                  mingle
meppik n.m meppigow little son                 meskel n.coll mesklen (= besselL) mussels
mer (1) n.m meryon (male) mayor                meskla vb (= besslaL) gather mussels
mer (2) n.m (bone) marrow                      messach n.m messajys message. messach
mera vb snivel                                 desempis n.m instant message
merci n.m mercy. kemeres merci a2 have         messajya vb message
mercy on. kria merci war nebonan rag           messejer n.m messejers messenger
neppyth, kreia merci war nebonan rag           messianek adj messianic
neppethL beg mercy from somebody               messias n.m messiasow messiah
meres n.f meresow mayoress                     mester n.m mestrysi, mestryjiL master;
merghL n.f merhes (= myrgh) daughter.          mister; (male) boss. mester cirk n.m
mergh an pla n.f annoying woman;               ringmaster
(euphemistically) she-devil. mergh hy          Mestres n.f Mestresow Ms; Miss (adult
damaL n.f herself. mergh veythrinL n.f         woman)
foster-daughter                                mestres n.f mestresow mistress; (female)
Merher n.m Mercury                             boss. mestres dilasva n.f wardrobe lady
meri adj merry                                 Mestresik n.f Mestresigow Miss (girl)
merit n.m meritys merit                        mestrev n.f mestrevow suburb
merji merjiow home of the mayor                mestronieth n.f mestroniethow master's
merk n.m merkys mark                           degree
merkya vb mark; note; perceive; notice         mestrynses n.m dominion
merkyl n.m merklys miracle                     mesya vb field
merlosow n.coll merlosowen asparagus           metaboledh n.m metaboledhow
mernans n.m mernansow death. kevradh           metabolism
mernans n.m death rate. ronk mernans           metabolek adj metabolic
n.m death rattle                               metelyek metallic
merther n.m mertheryon (male) martyr           meter n.m metrow metre
mertheres n.f mertheresow (female)             meth n.f methow shame. kemeres meth
martyr                                         be ashamed. rag meth! for shame!
mertherya vb martyr                            methardak n.m methardagow stalemate
merwel vb die; decease; pass away; (light,     methek adj ashamed; bashful; shy

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
Metheven                                                                          minliw

Metheven n.m (= EfenL) June                   meythrin vb foster; raise (a child); rear.
method n.m methodys method                    mab meythrin n.m foster-son. myrgh
Methodek adj Methodist                        veythrin, mergh veythrinL n.f
methodek adj methodical                       foster-daughter
Methodydh n.m Methodydhyon (male)             meythrinva n.f meythrinvaow nursery
Methodist                                     mik n.m mikow squeak. heb gul gik na
Methodydhes n.f Methodydhesow                 mik stock-still. na gik na mik not a sound
(female) Methodist                            mikrofon n.m mikrofonyow microphone
methus adj shameful; embarassing              mil n.m miles animal
metol n.m metols, metelyow metal              mil2 num, n.f milyow thousand
metolyek adj metallic                         milblek adj thousandfold
mettinL n.m mettidnow (= myttin)              mildam n.m jigsaw
forenoon; morning                             mildir n.m mildiryow mile
mettinweythL n.m (= myttinweyth) I adv        miliga vb curse; revile
in the morning II n.m mettinweythyow          milimeter n.m milimetrow millimetre
morning time                                  milonieth n.f zoology
metya vb meet; encounter. metya nebonan       milus adj brutal
meet somebody. metya gans nebonan             miluster n.m brutality
meet with somebody. metya orth                milva n.f milvaow zoo
nebonan encounter somebody                    milvedhek n.m milvedhogyon vet,
metyans n.m metyansow meeting;                veterinary surgeon
encounter                                     milves num thousandth
meur adj great; grand; large; substantial.    milvil2 num milvilyow million
Breten Veur n.f Great Britain. meur a2 a      milvilves num millionth
lot of; many; much. meur y golon              milvilvowes n.f milvilvowysi (female)
magnanimous. tir meur n.m mainland. yn        millionaire
mar veur del2 for as much as. yn feur, en     milvilwas n.m milvilwesyon (male)
feurL greatly                                 millionaire
meur-2 prfx great-; major                     milvilweyth adv a million times
meuredh n.m majesty                           milvledhen n.f milvledhynnyow,
meurgerys adj beloved                         milvledhydnyowL millennium
meurlith n.f meurlithes halibut               milwell adj far better
Meurth n.m March; Mars                        milweth adj far worse
meus n.m meusi thumb. diskwedhes an           milweyth adv a thousand times
meus thumb a lift                             milyon num milyonow million
meusva n.f meusvaow inch                      mim n.m mimyow mime; mimic
meusya vb hitchhike                           mimya vb mime; mimic
mewgh n.m mewghyow guarantee; bail;           min n.m minow, minyow, minyon mouth.
bond. gasa mewgh, gara mewghL jump            liw min n.m lipstick. rudh min n.m lipstick
bail                                          mingow adj lying; dishonest
mewghya vb guarantee; stand bail              mingreft n.m make-up
mewl n.m bad luck. re'gas bo mewl! bad        minhwarth n.m minhwarthow smile
luck to you! (pl.)                            minhwerthin vb smile
meyl n.m meyli (fish) mullet                  minliw n.m minliwyow lipstick

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
minor                                                                             moon

minor n.m minors minor                         mogh pigs; swine. kig mogh n.m pork;
minoryta n.m minorytys minority                bacon
minvlew n.coll minvlewen moustache             mogha adj, adv most
minvlewen n.f minvlewennow,                    moghhe vb amplify; augment; increase
minvlewednowL whisker                          mol n.m molyow hardened blood
miow n.m meow                                  mola vb clot
miowal vb meow; mew                            Moldavek n.m Moldavian language
mir n.m mirow appearance; look. gwari          moldavek adj Moldavian
mir n.m miracle play                           Moldavian n.m Moldavians (male)
miraj n.m mirajys mirage                       Moldavian
mirer n.m miroryon (male) spectator            Moldavianes n.f Moldavianesow (female)
mires vb look; behold. mires dhe2 watch        Moldavian
over. mires orth look at (a specific object    Moldova n.f Moldova
or person); regard. mires orth an              moldra vb murder
bellwolok watch television. mires stark        moldrans n.m moldransow murder
orth stare at. mires sur orth check. mires     moldrer n.m moldroryon (male) murderer
war2 look upon; consider; contemplate          moldrores n.f moldroresow (female)
mirores n.f miroresow (female) spectator       murderer
mirour n.m mirours mirror                      molekulen n.f molekulennow,
mirva n.f mirvaow gallery; exhibition room     molekulednowL molecule
mis n.m misyow month. hanter mis n.m           molethi vb curse
fortnight. mis Genver n.m January. mis         molgh n.f molhi thrush. molgh dhu n.f
Hwevrel, mis HwevrerM n.m February.            blackbird. molgh las n.f fieldfare. molgh
mis Meurth n.m March. mis Ebrel n.m            loos n.f song thrush
April. mis Me n.m May. mis Metheven, mis       molleth n.f molothow curse. molleth
EfenL n.m June. mis Gortheren, mis             Duw! damn!
GorefenL n.m July. mis Gwynngala, mis          molothek adj cursed
GwydngalaL n.m September. mis Hedra            molys vb clotted. dehen molys n.m clotted
n.m October. mis Du n.m November. mis          cream
Kevardhu n.m December                          momentom n.m momentum
misek adj, adv monthly                         mon n.m manure
miskemeryans n.m miskemeryansow                mona n.coll cash; change; money. mona
mistake                                        kemmyn, mona kebmynL n.coll currency
miskemerys adj mistaken                        mones vb (= mos) go; become
mistal n.m mistalyow monthly rate              monesek adj monetary
misyek adj, adv monthly                        mong n.f mongow mane
misyow menstruation                       mongel n.f mongellow collar
mo n.m moyow dusk                              mongleudh n.m mongleudhyow opencast
mockya vb mock                                 mine
modem n.m modems modem                         monopolegieth n.f monopoly
modern adj modern                              monopoli n.m monopolis monopoly
modrebik n.f modrebigow aunty                  mool adj bald; bare
modrep n.f modrebedh aunt                      moon (1) adj thin; slim; slender
mog n.m smoke; fume                            moon (2) n.m monyow mineral

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
moos                                                                            mostedhes

moos n.f mosow table. settya moos set the       morlu n.m morluyow navy
table                                           mornajedhL n.f mornajedhow (=
mooth n.m mothow breakdown                      mornaswydh) compass
mor (1) n.coll moren berries. mor du n.coll     mornaswydh n.f mornaswydhow (=
blackberries                                    mornajedhL) compass
mor (2) n.m moryow sea. atal mor n.m            mornya vb mourn
flotsam and jetsam. dres mor overseas;          morrep n.m morebow seashore
abroad. mor Adriatek n.m Adriatic. mor          morthol n.m mortholyow hammer
bras, mor broasL n.m ocean. gaver vor n.f       mortholya vb hammer
crawfish. pleg mor n.m bay. yn mor, en          mortid n.m mortidys tide
morL at sea                                     morverk n.m morverkys buoy
mora (1) vb put to sea                          morviaj n.m morviajys, morviajyow sea
mora (2) vb gather berries                      journey; cruise
moral adj moral                                 morviajya vb cruise
morben n.m morbennow, morbednowL                morvil n.m morviles whale
mallet                                          morvleydh n.m morvleydhes shark
morblek n.m morblegow gulf                      morvoren n.f morvoronyon mermaid
mordardh n.m surf                               morvran n.f morvrini cormorant
mordardha vb surf                               morvugh n.f morvuhes walrus
mordhos n.f mordhosow, dl diwvordhos            morwas n.m morwesyon mariner
thigh; haunch. mordhos hogh n.f ham             moryon n.coll moryonen ants;
Mordir Nowyth n.m New Zealand                   (derogatory) tourists; foreigners
mordon n.f mordonnow, mordodnowL                mos vb go; become. mos dhe arvow take
seawave                                         up arms. mos dhe goll be lost; go missing.
mordrik n.m low tide                            mos dhe-ves go away. mos ha bos
mordu adj navy                                  become. mos re bell go too far; exaggerate.
moredh n.m moredhow grief; melancholy           mos war-barth ha, mos 'bar'haL
moredhek adj miserable; unhappy;                accompany someone. mos y'n fordh, mos
sorrowful; sorry                                e'n for'L be on one's way. mos yn-mes,
morek adj maritime                              mos en-mesL go out. mos yn-mes gans,
moren n.f morenyon lass; wench                  mos en-mes genL date (a person)
moresk n.coll moresken sea-sedge                mo'sL n.f mo'si (= mowes) girl; lass. mo's
morfordh n.f morfordhow seaway                  ambosysL n.f fiancée
morgaryans n.m lighterage                       mosegi vb stink; smell
morgi n.m morgeun dogfish                       mosek adj stinking; pungent; rank
morgowles n.coll morgowlesen jellyfish          mosk n.m moskow mosque
morgroban n.m morgrobanes turtle                moskito n.m moskitos mosquito
morhogh n.m morhohes porpoise                   Moslem Moslemyon I adj Muslim II n.m
morlader n.m morladron (male) pirate            (male) Muslim
morladres n.f morladresow (female)              Moslemes n.f Moslemesow (female)
pirate                                          Muslim
morladrynjiL n.m (= morladrynsi) piracy         mosokter n.m stink; pungency
morladrynsi n.m (= morladrynjiL) piracy         mostard n.m mustard
morlanow n.m morlanowyow high tide              mostedhes n.m dirt; filth

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
mosten                                                                         myrgh

mosten n.f mostennow, mostednowL stain        drive insane; (intransitive) go mad; go
mostya vb make dirty; soil                    insane
motorydh n.m motorydhyon (male)               muskoges n.f muskogesow madwoman;
motorist                                      insane woman; (female) lunatic
motorydhes n.f motorydhesow (female)          muskok I adj crazy; insane; mad II n.m
motorist                                      muskogyon madman; insane man; (male)
moutya vb sulk                                lunatic
moutyans n.m moutyansow sulk                  muskotter n.m madness; insanity
movadow adj (spiritually) movable             musur n.m musuryow measure;
movya vb move; arouse; incite; motivate;      moderation. dres musur extremely
persuade. es y vovya emotionally unstable;    musura vb measure; moderate. podik
nervous. movya nebonan may hwrello            musura n.m measuring jug
neppyth persuade somebody to do               musurans n.m musuransow measurement
something                                     musurel n.f musurellow tape measure
movyans n.m movyansow movement;               my prn I
motivation. Movyans Skolyow Meythrin          myghtern n.m myghternedh (= my'ternL
n.m Nursery School Movement                   (1)) king; (male) monarch
mowa n.m mowys grimace. gul mowa vb           myghternes n.f myghternesow (=
grimace                                       my'ternesL) queen; (female) monarch
mowes n.f mowysi (= mo'sL) girl; lass.        myghterneth n.f myghternethow (=
mowes ambosys n.f fiancée                     my'ternethL) kingdom
moy adj, adv more; another; extra. byth       myghternses n.m (= my'ternsesL)
moy, beth moyL nor yet; still more. moy       kingship; monarchy
ha moy increasing(ly). moy po le more or      mygla vb cool off
less                                          mygyl adj lukewarm; tepid; half-hearted
moyha adj, adv most; maximum                  myjer n.m myjoryon reaper
mujoven mujovennow, mujovednowL               myji vb harvest; reap
ridge                                         myll n.f mylles poppy
mul n.m mules (male) mule                     mynn n.coll mynnen kid goats
mules n.f mulesow (female) mule               mynnas n.m mynasow (= mednasL)
munys adj tiny; little; minute; miniature;    purpose; intent; intention
small                                         mynnes vb (= mednesL) wish; will; want;
munysen n.f munysennow, munysednowL           intend. wish for somebody to do
miniature                                     something mynnes orth nebonan gul
murder n.m murders murder                     neppyth
mus I adj mad II n.m musyon madman;           myns (= mensL) I prn as many as II n.m
nutter                                        mynsow amount; quantity
musellek adj thick-lipped                     mynsek adj (= mensekL) considerable;
musician n.m musicians (male) musician        sizeable
musicianes n.f musicianesow (female)          mynsonieth n.f (= mensoniethL) geometry
musician                                      mynysen n.f mynysennow, mynysednowL
musik n.f music                               minute
musikel adj musical                           myrgh n.f myrhes (= merghL) daughter.
muskegi vb (transitive) madden; derange;      myrgh an pla n.f annoying woman;

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
myshyv                                                                               nans

 (euphemistically) she-devil. myrgh hy          nacyon n.m nacyons nation; rank
 dama n.f herself. myrgh veythrin n.f           nacyonal adj national
 foster-daughter                                Nadelik n.m Christmas. Dydh Nadelik,
myshyv n.m myshevys disaster                     Dedh NadelikL n.m Christmas day. gwydh
mysk n.m (= meskL) midst. y'gan mysk             Nadelik, gwedh NadelikL n.coll Christmas
 among us. y'gas mysk among you (pl). y'ga       trees. Nadelik lowen! merry Christmas!ʃ
 mysk among them                                nader n.f nadres adder. nader margh n.f
myska vb (= meskaL) blend; involve;              dragonfly
 mingle                                         nadh n.m chopping
mysterden n.m mysterdens craftsman              nadha vb chop
mysteri n.m mysteris mystery                    nag I cnj nor II part not; that not
mysterlu n.m mysterluyow trade union            na'ga contr nor their
mystrest n.m mistrust                           na'gan contr nor our
mystrestya vb mistrust                          na'gas contr nor your
my'ternL (1) n.m my'ternyow (=                  nagh n.m nahow refusal
 myghtern) king; (male) monarch                 nagonan prn no-one; none; not one
my'ternL (2) n.m my'ternedh,                    nagonen prn no-one
 my'ghternyow (= myghtern) monarch              naha vb deny; decline; object; refuse;
my'ternesL n.f my'ternesow (=                    renounce
 myghternes) queen; (female) monarch            nahen adv no more
my'ternethL n.f my'ternethow (=                 nahensL adv (= nahyns) not earlier
 myghterneth) kingdom                           nahyns adv (= nahensL) not earlier
my'ternsesL n.m (= myghternses)                 najedhL n.f najedhow (= naswydh) needle
 kingship; monarchy                             naker n.m nakrys kettle-drum
myth n.m mythys myth                            nakeviL vb (= ankevi) forget
mythologieth n.f mythology                      na'm contr nor my
myttin n.m myttinyow (= mettinL)                namenowgh adv rarely; seldom
 forenoon; morning                              nameur adv not many; not much
myttinweyth n.m (= mettinweythL) I adv          namm n.m nammow (= nabmL) spot; stain;
 in the morning II n.m myttinweythyow            exception. heb namm adv utterly
 morning time                                   namma vb (= nabmaL) spot; stain
'n prn (infixed) we; us                         nammys (= nabmysL) blemished; faulty;
na (1) I adj no II adv not. na… na… neither…     stained
 nor…. na hwath not yet. na fella no longer.    namna2(g) adv nearly
 na fors no matter                              namnygen adv just now
na (2) int no; nay                              namoy adv (not) any more; no more. nevra
na (3) prn that. an gath na that cat             namoy nevermore
na2 I cnj that not; nor II part (negative       naneyl prn neither. na… naneyl… neither…
 verbal particle) not                            nor…
nabmL n.m nabmow (= namm) spot; stain;          nanjL part (= nans (2)) now. nanj ewL ago.
 exception. heb nabmL adv utterly                nanj ew pemp bledhenL five years ago.
nabmaL vb (= namma) spot; stain                  nanj ew neppellL not long ago. nanj ew
nabmysL adj (= nammys) blemished;                pellL long ago
 faulty; stained                                nans (1) n.m nansow dale; valley

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
nans                                                                                 neuvella

nans (2) part (= nanjL) now. nans yw ago.          negys n.m negysyow affair; business;
 nans yw pymp bledhen five years ago.               errand; transaction. mones negys go on an
 nans yw neppell not long ago. nans yw              errand. negys kamm, negys kabmL n.m
 pell long ago                                      racket; scam
nantei int no! (emphatic); surely not!             negysyans n.m negysyansow negotiation
nas n.f nasyow feature. fylm nas n.m               negysyas vb negotiate
 feature film                                      negysydh n.m negysydhyon businessman;
naswydh n.f naswedhow (= najedhL)                   (male) negotiator
 needle                                            negysydhes n.f negysydhesow
nasya vb affect                                     businesswoman; (female) negotiator
nath n.m nathes puffin                             nehi vb fret
na'th contr nor your (sg.)                         nehus adj fretful
natur n.f nature                                   neiL prn (= ni) we; us; (enclitic) we;
naturel adj natural                                 (emphatic) we; us
natureth n.f nature                                nektar n.m nektars nectar
naw num nine                                       nell n.m nellow power; strength
nawhesL num (= nawves) ninth                       nen n.m nenyow ceiling
nawves num (= nawhesL) ninth                       nena adj then
na'y2 contr nor his                                nenbren n.m nenbrennyer, nenbrednyerL
na'y3 contr nor her                                 ridge-pole
neb I adv any II cnj who III prn some. neb         neppell adv not far. nans yw neppell, nanj
 a2 prn (relative) who; whom; that. neb le          ew neppellL not long ago
 anywhere. neb lies not many. neb prys,            neppethL prn (= neppyth) anything
 neb presL at any time; sometime. neb tra          neppyth prn (= neppethL) anything
 anything. neb tu anywhere; somewhere.             nerth n.m nerthow, nerthyow might;
 neb tyller, neb tellerL anywhere;                  power; strength; force; energy
 somewhere. neb unn, neb udnL a                    nerthek adj energetic; powerful; robust
 particular                                        nerven n.f nervennow, nervednowL nerve
nebes I adj few; little; slight; some II adv a     nervus adj nervous; jittery
 little III n.m few; some. nebes ha nebes          nes adj, adv nearer; close. dos nes come
 little by little; piecemeal                        close; approach
nebonan prn (= nebonen) anyone;                    nesa vb approach
 anybody; somebody                                 neshe vb approach; near; close
nebonen prn (= nebonan) anyone;                    neshevin n.m neshevin relative; next of
 anybody; somebody                                  kin; (lexicon) cognate
nebreydh adj neuter                                neskar n.m neskerens kin; relation; near
nedh n.coll nedhen nits                             relative
nedha vb twist                                     nesogas adj approximate
negedhek adj negative                              nessa adj nearest; next; second. pub nessa
negedhen n.f negedhennow,                           dydh, pub nessa dedhL every other day
 negedhednowL negative                             nester n.m proximity
negedhys I adj apostate II n.m                     neus n.coll neusen, neujenL threads; yarns
 negedhysyon apostate; turncoat                    neuvel n.f neuvellow float
negh n.m nehow embarassment; fret                  neuvella vb float

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
neuvwisk                                                                          normalhe

neuvwisk n.m swimsuit                          nikotin n.m nicotine
neuvya vb swim                                 nilon n.m nylon. lodrow nilon nylons
neuvyer n.m neuvyoryon (male) swimmer          nith n.f nithow (= noythL) niece
neuvyores n.f neuvyoresow (female)             nitrojen n.m nitrogen
 swimmer                                       nivel n.m nivelyow level; tier. nivel A n.m A
nev n.m nevow heaven. a nev heavenly            level. nivel O n.m O level
nevek adj heavenly                             niver n.m niverow number. niver
nevra adv ever (in the present or future);      kesresek n.m serial number. niver
 never (in the present or future). nevra        pellgowser; niver fon n.m phone number
 namoy nevermore                               nivera vb count; number. dres nivera
Nevyon Neptune                                  redundant
new n.f newyow washbasin; sink; trough         niverednansL n.m niverenanjow (=
newrel adj neural                               niverennans) numbering. niverednans
newrologieth n.f neurology                      an folednowL n.m pagination
newrologydh n.m newrologydhyon                 niverek adj numerical
 (male) neurologist                            niverel n.f niverellow counter; counting
newrologydhes n.f newrologydhesow               device
 (female) neurologist                          niveren n.f niverennow, niverednowL
newrologyl adj neurological                     numeral
newrosys n.m neurosis                          niverennans n.m niverenansow (=
newrotek I adj neurotic II n.m                  niverednansL) numbering. niverennans
 newrotogyon (male) neurotic                    an folennow n.m pagination
newrotoges n.f newrotogesow (female)           niveronieth n.f niveroniethow arithmetic
 neurotic                                      niveroniethel adj arithmetic
newtron n.m neutron                            niverus adj numerous
neyj n.m neyjow flight                         niveryans n.m niveryansow census; count
neyja vb fly; float                            niwl n.m niwlow fog; haze; mist
neyjer n.m neyjoryon (male) aviator;           niwlek adj misty; hazy; vague
 (male) flyer                                  nobyl I adj noble II n.m noblys noble;
neyjores n.f neyjoresow (female) aviator;       nobleman
 (female) flyer                                nogadh nogadhow (animal bedding) litter
neyjwisk n.m swimsuit                          nojejekL adj (= nosedhek) notable
neyth n.m neythow nest                         nomber n.m nombers number
neythik n.m neythigow alcove                   nombra vb number
ni prn (= neiL) we; us; (enclitic) we          noorL n.m north
'niaL vb (= ania) annoy; irk; worry (a         Norgagh n.m Norway
 person or animal). parys dhe 'niaL            Norgaghyades n.m Norgaghyadesow
 disruptive                                     (female) Norwegian
nicita n.m ignorance; folly                    Norgaghyas n.m Norgahysi, NorgahyjiL
Nijeri n.m Nigeria                              (male) Norwegian
Nijerian n.m Nijerians (male) Nigerian         Norgahek n.m Norwegian language
nijerian adj Nigerian                          norgahek adj Norwegian
Nijerianes n.f Nijerianesow (female)           normal adj normal
 Nigerian                                      normalhe vb normalise

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
normalheans                                                                     odhobmekL

normalheans n.m normalheansow                    nownsegves num (= nownjegvesL)
 normalisation                                    nineteenth
normalita n.m normalitys normality               nownsek num (= nownjekL) nineteen
north n.m north                                  nowodhow news. nowodhow orth…
north-est n.m north-east                          news about…. lyther nowodhow, lether
north-west n.m north-west                         nowodhowL n.m newsletter. paper
NorvesL n.m (= Norvys) Earth                      nowodhow n.m newspaper
Norvys n.m (= NorvesL) Earth                     nowyth adj, adv new; fresh; newly; novel.
nos (1) n.f nosow night. nos da good night.       flamm nowyth, nowyth flamm brand
 churra nos n.m nightjar. derow nos n.m           new. nowyth genys newborn. nowyth
 nightfall. dres nos overnight. pows nos n.f      gwrys yw genev, nowyth gwres ew
 nightdress. pub nos every night; nightly.        gene'vyL I just did it
 skol nos n.f night-school. yn nos, en nosL      noy n.m noyens nephew
 at night                                        noys n.m noysys noise
nos (2) n.m nosow mark; token. nos devyn         noythL n.f noythes (= nith) niece
 n.m quotation mark. nos junya n.m hyphen        nuklerek adj nuclear
nosedhek adj (= nojejekL) notable                ny2 part not
nosweyth I adv at night II n.m                   nygromons n.m necromancy; sorcery
 nosweythyow night-time                          nyhewer adv last evening; last night;
nosya notate                                      yesterday evening
nosyans n.m nosyansow notation                   nyni prn (emphatic) we; us
noten n.f notennow, notednowL note.              nynj part (= nyns) not
 lyver notennow, lever notednowL n.m             nyns part (= nynj) not
 notebook. noten arhantti n.f banknote           obaya vb obey
noter n.m notoryon (male) notary; (male)         obayans n.m obedience
 solicitor                                       ober n.m oberow work; act; deed; exercise.
noth adj bare; naked; nude                        ober tre n.m homework
nothedh n.m nudity                               oberador n.m oberadoryon (male)
notores n.f notoresow (female) notary;            operator
 (female) solicitor                              oberadores n.f oberadoresow (female)
notya vb note                                     operator
notyans n.m notyansow memo                       oberedh n.m (in physics) work
notyes adj (= notys) notable                     oberen n.f oberennow, oberednowL task;
notys adj (= notyes) notable                      job
nougat n.m nougat                                oberer n.m oberoryon (male) worker
novel n.m novelys novel                          oberi vb act; create; operate; work
nowedhi vb renew; update                         oberores n.f oberoresow (female) worker
nowejyn n.m nowejynnow, nowejydnowL              oberwas n.m overwesyon (male) servant
 variable                                        oberyans n.m oberyansow operation
nown n.m hunger                                  objeta n.m objetys grammatical object
nownek adj hungry                                obmaL adv (= omma) here
nownjegvesL num (= nownsegves)                   obtaynya vb obtain
 nineteenth                                      od n.m odys ode
nownjekL num (= nownsek) nineteen                odhobmekL (= odhommek, edhommekM)

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
odhom                                                                               omborth

 I adj needy II n.m odhomogyon needy            ola vb cry; weep. ynter hwerthin hag ola
 person                                          half laughing half crying
odhom n.m odhommow, odhobmowL (=                oles n.f olesow fireplace; hearth. astel an
 edhomM) necessity; want; need. odhom            oles n.f mantelpiece
 a'm beus anodho I need it. dres odhom          olew n.m olewow olive oil
 superfluous                                    olewi vb anoint
odhommek (= edhommekM, odhobmekL)               olifans n.m olifanses elephant
 I adj needy II n.m odhomogyon needy            oliv n.coll oliven olives
 person                                         oll I adj all II adv entirely. dres oll
odour n.m odours aroma; odour                    particularly; primarily. kyns oll, kens ollL
odyansL n.m odyansow town hall                   notably. oll an gwella all the best. pub eur
oferedniL vb celebrate mass                      oll all the time. oll yn komposter alright
oferen n.f oferennow, oferednowL mass;          olldalhus adj comprehensive; global
 church service; religious offering             ollgallos n.m ollgallosow omnipotence
oferenni vb (= oferedniL) celebrate mass        ollgalojekL adj (= ollgalosek) omnipotent
offendya vb offend; resist                      ollgalosek adj almighty
offens n.m offencys offence                     ollgebmynL adj (= ollgemmyn) general
offensus adj offensive                          ollgemmyn adj (= ollgebmynL) general
officer n.m officers officer                    ollvesL n.m universe
offis n.m officys office; function; position    ollveselL adj (= ollvysel) global; universal.
offra vb offer                                   tobmheans ollveselL n.m global warming
O.G. n.f A.D.                                   ollvys n.m (= ollvesL) universe
ogas I adj close; near; adjoining II adv        ollvysel adj (= ollveselL) global; universal.
 almost; nearly III n.m vicinity. yn ogas, en    tommheans ollvysel n.m global warming
 ogasL nearby. ogas dhe2 approximately.         olva n.f olvaow weep
 ogas ha approximately. ogas ha bledhen         om- prfx one another; oneself
 almost a year. ogas lowr approximate           omach n.m omajys homage
ogasti adv (= ogatti) almost; nearly            omajer n.m omajers vassal; one who pays
ogatti adv (= ogasti) almost; nearly             homage
ogh int ugh; oh; alas                           omaskusya vb excuse oneself
ohen oxen                                  omassaya vb exercise; test oneself;
ojyon n.m ohen ox                                practise; rehearse
O.K. abbr C.E.; A.D.                            ombareusi vb (= ombarujiL) get ready;
okasyon n.m okasyons occasion                    prepare oneself
oker n.m (financial) interest. kevradh oker     ombarujiL (= ombareusi) get ready;
 n.m interest rate                               prepare oneself
okkupya vb occupy                               ombellhe vb distance oneself; withdraw
oksid n.m oksidys oxide                         omberthi vb balance
oksyjen n.m oxygen. mask oksyjen n.m            omblaL vb (= omladh) fight; struggle; scrap
 oxygen mask                                    omblegya vb bow; back down. omblegya
oktav n.m oktavow octave                         dhe2 give way to
oktet n.m oktets octet                          omblegyans n.m omblegyansow bow
ol n.m olow trail; track. ol troos n.m          omborth I adj balanced; poised II n.m
 footprint                                       omborthow balance; poise

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
ombraysya                                                                    omglewes

ombraysya vb praise oneself; show off          omdhivasa vb orphan
ombrederi vb ponder; reflect                   omdhivases n.f omdhivasesow (female)
ombrevi vb prove oneself                        orphan
ombrofya vb apply (for a post)                 omdhivlamya vb apologise
ombrofyans n.m ombrofyansow                    omdhivroa vb emigrate
 application; candidacy                        omdhivroans n.m omdhivroansow
ombrofyer n.m ombrofyoryon (male)               emigration
 applicant; (male) candidate                   omdhon vb bear children; be pregnant;
ombrofyores n.f ombrofyoresow (female)          conceive (a child)
 applicant; (female) candidate                 omdhoon I n.m behaviour II vb behave;
omdava vb get into contact. omdava orth         conduct oneself
 get into contact with                         omdowl n.m wrestling
omdednaL vb (= omdenna) withdraw;              omdowlaL vb (= omdewlel) wrestle;
 distance onself; log out; log off; retire;     struggle
 shrink                                        omdowler n.m omdowloryon (male)
omdednansL n.m omdenanjow (=                    wrestler
 omdennans) withdrawal; retirement.            omdowlores n.f omdowloresow (female)
 gober omdednansL n.m pension                   wrestler
omdednysL adj (= omdennys) retired             omdreylya vb revolve; turn around
omdenna vb withdraw; distance onself; log      omdroghya vb have a bath
 out; log off; retire; shrink                  omdyghtya vb order oneself
omdennans n.m omdenansow (=                    omgavos vb find oneself
 omdednansL) withdrawal; retirement.           omgelmi vb log in; log on
 gober omdennans n.m pension                   omgemeres vb undertake; take
omdennys adj (= omdednysL) retired              responsibility. omgemeres rag become
omdewlel vb (= omdowlaL) wrestle;               responsible for
 struggle                                      omgemeryades n.f omgemeryadesow
omdhal vb quarrel                               (female) undertaker
omdhalgh n.m omdhalhow attitude                omgemeryans n.m omgemeryansow
omdhegi vb behave                               undertaking; responsibility
omdhegyans n.m omdhegyansow bearing;           omgemeryansek adj responsible
 behaviour; comportment                        omgemeryas n.m omgemerysi,
omdhesedha vb correspond; match.                omgemeryjiL (male) undertaker
 omdhesedha orth correspond to                 omgerenjaL n.f (= omgerensa) smugness;
omdhidhana vb amuse oneself                     self-love
omdhifuna vb wake                              omgerenjedhekL adj (= omgerensedhek)
omdhisevel vb trip                              smug; self-loving; vain
omdhi'skans n.m omdhi'skansow strip            omgerensa n.f (= omgerenjaL) smugness;
omdhi'ski vb undress; strip                     self-love
omdhiskwedhes vb appear; feature               omgerensedhek adj (= omgerenjedhekL)
omdhivades n.f omdhivadesow (female)            smug; self-loving; vain
 orphan                                        omglewans n.m omglewansow (=
omdhivarva vb shave one's beard off             omglowansL) feeling
omdhivas n.m omdhivasow (male) orphan          omglewes vb (= omglowesL) feel

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
omglowansL                                                                omvrowyansL

omglowansL n.m omglowansow (=                  omrowlL n.f omrowlys (= omrewl)
 omglewans) feeling                             self-rule; home-rule
omglowesL vb (= omglewes) feel                 omsatysfiys adj smug; self-satisfied
omgnoukya vb (fight) scrap                     omsav n.m omsavow insurrection;
omgomendya vb introduce oneself                 insurgency; uprising; political movement
omgonfortya vb comfort oneself                 omsedhes n.m subsidence
omgregi vb hang oneself                        omsedhi vb subside
omgudha vb hide. omgudha rag hide from         omsenjiL vb (= omsynsi) think oneself to
omguntel vb (intransitive) assemble; gather     be
omgussulya consult; discuss. omgussulya        omsettya vb attack; oppose; set oneself.
 a-dro dhe'n mater have a discussion            omsettya dhe2 undertake to. omsettya
 about the issue                                orth oppose. omsettya war2 attack
omgussulyans n.m omgussulyansow                 suddenly; fall on
 discussion; dialogue                          omsettyans n.m omsettyansow attack;
omhedhi vb abstain                              onslaught; raid
omheveli vb resemble; take after               omsettyer n.m omsettyoryon (male)
omhowla vb sunbathe                             attacker
omhweles vb fall down; tip over                omsettyores n.f omsettyoresow (female)
omjastya vb criticise oneself                   attacker
omjersya vb be at ease. omjersyewgh! int       omsevel vb rise up; rebel; revolt
 make yourselves comfortable                   omsevyades n.f omsevyadesow (female)
omjerya vb cheer oneself up                     insurgent
omjunya vb (intransitive) join; connect        omsevyans n.m omsevyansow insurgency
omladh (= omblaL) I omladhow n.m fight;        omsevyas n.m omsevysi, omsevyjiL (male)
 scrap II vb fight; scrap. powes omladh n.m     insurgent
 truce                                         omsewya vb follow; result
omladha vb commit suicide; kill oneself        omskoodhya vb support oneself.
omladhans n.m omladhansow suicide               omskoodhya war2 fall back on
omladhus adj suicidal                          omsynsi vb (= omsenjiL) think oneself to
omlavar adj mute                                be
omlena vb adhere. omlena orth adhere to        omvedhwi vb get drunk; tank up
omlenans n.m omlenansow adherence              omveskaL vb (= omvyska) (intransitive)
omlesa vb expand                                involve; blend in
omlesans n.m omlesansow expansion              omveskansL n.m omveskanjow (=
omlesus adj expansive                           omvyskans) involvement
omlet n.m omlettys, omlettow omelette          omveskysL adj (= omvyskys) involved
omlowenhe vb (intransitive) celebrate;         omvodhek adj selfish
 enjoy oneself; rejoice                        omvodhogeth n.f selfishness
omma adv (= obmaL) here                        omvrewi vb (= omvrowiL) fragment
omoberi vb exercise (physically)               omvrewyans n.m omvrewyansow (=
omrewl n.f omrewlys (= omrowlL)                 omvrowyansL) fragmentation
 self-rule; home-rule                          omvrowiL vb (= omvrewi) fragment
omri vb surrender; apply                       omvrowyansL n.m omvrowyanjow (=
omrians n.m omriansow surrender                 omvrewyans) fragmentation

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
omvyska                                                                              orna

omvyska vb (= omveskaL) involve; blend         onlafyl adj unlawful
 in                                            onour n.m onours honour
omvyskans n.m omvyskansow (=                   onpossybyl adj impossible
 omveskansL) involvement                       onwordhi adj unworthy
omvyskys adj (= omveskysL) involved            onyon n.coll onyonen onions
omwana vb stab oneself                         oojL n.m ojow (= oos) age; period; epoch;
omwaya vb move oneself; budge. skonya           era. et y ooj ever. ooj omdednaL n.m
 omwaya refuse to budge; dig one's heels in     retirement age
omweles vb visit                               oor adj glacial; icy
omwellhe vb recover (from an illness); get     oos n.m osow (= oojL) age; period; epoch;
 over                                           era. oos omdenna n.m retirement age. yn y
omwen vb wince; wriggle                         oos ever
omwetha vb pine away                           openli adv openly
omwiska vb clothe oneself; dress up; get       opera n.m operaow opera. opera sebon
 dressed; put on clothes                        n.m soap opera
omwith n.m reserve; self-control               opportunystieth n.f opportunism
omwitha vb keep oneself; preserve oneself;     oppressya vb oppress
 protect oneself. omwitha rag protect          oppressyans n.m oppressyansow
 oneself from                                   oppression
omwithek adj conservative                      optycyan n.m optycyans (male) optician
omwithys adj reserved; restrained              optycyanes n.f optycyanesow (female)
omwodhvos n.m consciousness                     optician
omwolhi vb wash (oneself); bathe               opyn adj open; candid
 (oneself). stevel omwolhi n.f bathroom        or (1) adj bitterly cold
omwovyn vb ask oneself; wonder                 or (2) n.f oryon boundary; border; frontier
omwul vb pretend; claim to be; turn into       ordena vb ordain; appoint; arrange; decree;
omynvroa vb immigrate                           organise
omynvroans n.m omynvroansow                    ordenans n.m ordenansow decree;
 immigration                                    ordinance
omyttya vb omit                                order n.m orders order; rank
on (1) n.m eyn lamb                            ordyr n.m ordyrs religious order
on (2) vb we are                               organ (1) n.m organs (musical instrument)
on- prfx un-                                    organ
onan prn, num (= onen) one. keniver onan       organ (2) n.m organow (anatomical) organ.
 every single one                               riyas organow n.m (male) organ donor.
onderstondya vb understand                      riyades organow n.f (female) organ donor
onen prn, num (= onan) one. keniver onen       organedh n.m organedhow organism
 every single one                              organek adj organic
ones n.f onesow ewe lamb                       organs n.coll oregano
onest adj honest; decent; seemly               orgelus adj arrogant
onester n.m honesty; decency                   orgraf n.f orgrafow orthography
onfytti adj unacceptable                       Oriant n.m Orient
ongrassyes adj graceless; ungrateful           orkestra n.m orkestras orchestra
onkynda adj unkind                             orna vb organise; put in order

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
ors                                                                                              own

ors n.m orses bear. ors gwynn, ors gwydnL                  Austrian
 polar bear                                               ostya vb lodge; accommodate
orsik n.m orsigow teddy-bear                              ostyades n.f ostyadesow (female) guest;
ortL prp (= orth) at; against. ma'n gador                  (female) lodger
 ort an fosL the chair is against the wall.               ostyans n.m ostyansow accomodation;
 genys ortL born of. megys ortL nourished                  lodging
 by. ort an sawghL by the load. ort bodh                  ostyas n.m ostysi (male) guest; (male)
 ow bres vyL intentionally. ort niverL in                  lodger
 number. ort ow bres vyL to my mind.                      osweyth n.f osweythyow epoch; era.
 sevel ortL resist; abstain from                           Osweyth Kemmyn, Osweyth KebmynL
Personal forms (RLC): 1sg ortamL, orta vyL, 2sg            Common Era; C.E.. Kyns Osweyth
 ortesL, orta jyL, 3sgm ortoL, ort evL, 3sgf ortiL, ort    Kemmyn, Kens Osweyth KebmynL Before
 heiL, 1pl ortenL, orta neiL, 2pl ortowgh, orta hweiL,
 3pl ortansL, ort anjeiL
                                                           Common Era; B.C.E.
orth prp (= ortL) at; against. yma'n gador                ot int here is
 orth an fos the chair is against the wall.               otta int here is; behold!
 genys orth born of. megys orth nourished                 ottena int there is; look there
 by. orth an sawgh by the load. orth bodh                 ottobmaL int (= ottomma) here is; look
 ow brys intentionally. orth niver in                      here
 number. orth ow brys to my mind. sevel                   ottomma int (= ottobmaL) here is; look
 orth resist; abstain from                                 here
Personal forms (RMC): 1sg orthiv, 2sg orthis, 3sgm        ottra vb utter
 orto, 3sgf orti, 1pl orthyn, 2pl orthowgh, 3pl           oula n.m oulys owl; small-eyed ray
 orta(ns)                                                 oulya vb howl
orthopedek I adj orthopaedic II n.f                       our n.m ourys hour; hour's duration. a-ji
 orthopaedics                                              dhe our, a-jei dhe ourL within an hour. a'n
orthopedydh n.m orthopedydhyon (male)                      our see you later. hanter-our half-hour
 orthopaedician                                           Ouranos n.m Uranus
orthopedydhes n.f orthopedydhesow                         out int out; oh
 (female) orthopaedician                                  outray n.m outrayow outrage; atrocity.
os vb you (sg) are                                         gans outray furiously
ost n.m ostys host; landlord; innkeeper. ost              outraya vb outrage
 ayr n.m air steward                                      outrayus adj outrageous; atrocious
ostel n.f ostelyow hotel; hostel. ostel                   outya vb hoot
 yowynkneth n.f youth hostel                              ov vb I am
ostes n.f ostesow hostess; landlady;                      over-2 prfx over-
 innkeeper. ostes ayr n.f air hostess                     overdevi vb overgrow
ostralek adj Australian                                   overdevys adj overgrown
Ostrali n.f Australia                                     overkomya vb overcome; vanquish
Ostralian n.m Ostralians (male) Australian                ow3 prn my
Ostralianes n.f Ostralianesow (female)                    ow4(th) part (before consonants) -ing
 Australian                                               owgh vb you (pl) are
Ostri n.f Austria                                         own n.m fear; fright; scare; alarm. gorra
Ostrian n.m Ostrians (male) Austrian                       own dhe2 scare; frighten. gorra own yn
ostrian adj Austrian                                       alarm. kemeres own rag take fright from.
Ostrianes n.f Ostrianesow (female)

                                 SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
ownL                                                                            Palestinyades

 rag own for fear                                  friys n.m fried egg. oy skramblys n.m
ownL adj (= ewn) fair; correct; just; proper;      scrambled egg
 right; accurate. der vaner ownL fairly           oygel n.f oygellow ovary
ownaL vb (= ewna) correct; make right;            oyl n.m oylys oil. podik oyl n.m oil can.
 mend; repair                                      tanker oyl n.m oil tanker
ownansL n.m ownansow (= ewnans)                   oylek I adj oily II n.f oylegi oilfield
 correction; repair                               oynment n.m oynmentys ointment
ownderL n.m (= ewnder) fairness; justice          pab n.m pabow pope
ownek I adj afraid; alarmed; cowardly;            pabel (1) n.f pabellow pavillion
 edgy; fearful; scared; timid II n.m              pabel (2) adj papal
 ownogyon (male) coward                           pacifia vb pacify
ownekhe vb intimidate                             padel n.f padellow pan. padel benn glin,
ownekheans n.m ownekheansow                        padel bedn glinL n.f kneecap. padel bonn,
 intimidation                                      padel bodnL n.f dustpan. padel dhorn n.f
owngryjykL adj (= ewngryjyk) orthodox              saucepan. padel fria n.f frying pan. padel
ownhenjekL adj (= ewnhynsek) just;                 horn n.f iron pan. padel ynken n.f
 upright; virtuous                                 cuttlefish
ownhenjethL n.f (= ewnhynseth) integrity;         padellik n.f padeligow saucer. padellik
 fairness                                          neyja n.f flying saucer; UFO
ownoges n.f ownogesow (female) coward             pader n.m paderow Lord's Prayer
ownradnaL vb (= ewnranna) ration                  padera vb repeat prayers
ownranL n.f ownradnow (= ewnran)                  paderen n.f paderennow, paderednowL
 ration                                            bead
ownterL n.m owntres (= ewnter) uncle              padyn n.m padynnow, padydnowL pad
ownus adj apprehensive                            pagan I adj pagan II n.m paganys,
owr n.m gold                                       paganyon (male) pagan
owraval n.m owravalow orange. sugen               paganes n.f paganesow (female) pagan
 owraval n.m orange juice                         paganieth n.f paganism
owravalik n.m owravaligow kumquat                 paja n.m pajys page (boy)
owrbeskL n.m owbuskes (= owrbysk)                 pajarL num, n.m (= peswar) four
 goldfish                                         pajarkornL n.m pajarkern (=
owrbysk n.m owrbuskes (= owrbeskL)                 peswarkorn) quadrangle
 goldfish                                         pajarpawL n.m pajarpawes (=
owrek adj (= owryek) golden                        peswarpaw) newt; lizard
owrgi n.m owrgeun jackal                          pajar-ugensL num (= peswar-ugens)
owrlin n.m owrlinyow silk. pryv owrlin,            eighty
 prev owrlinL n.m silkworm                        pajworaL num (= peswora) fourth
owrlinus adj silky                                pal n.f palyow spade
owryek adj (= owrek) golden                       palas vb dig; excavate. lo balas n.f trowel.
oy n.m oyow egg. gwynn oy, gwydn oyL               palas yn-dann, palas en-dadnL
 n.m egg white. melyn oy n.m egg yolk. ny          undermine
 dal oy it isn't worth anything. ny rov oy I      Palestin n.m Palestine
 don't give a damn. oy bryjys n.m boiled          palestinek adj Palestinian
 egg. oy frankres n.m free-range egg. oy          Palestinyades n.f Palestinyadesow

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
Palestinyas                                                                           parujiL

 (female) Palestinian                           papynjay n.m papynjays parrot
Palestinyas n.m Palestinysi, PalestinyjiL       par I adj equal II parow n.m (male) equal;
 (male) Palestinian                              match; sort. a'n par na that kind of; of that
pali n.m velvet                                  sort. heb par unequalled
paljiL n.m paljis (= palsi) palsy; paralysis    para n.m parys gang; group; herd; team. an
paljyaL vb (= palsya) paralyse                   para Oll Du n.m the All Blacks
paljyesL (= palsyes) paralysed                  parabolek adj parabolic
pall n.m pallow mantle                          parabolen n.f parabolennow,
palmwedhL n.coll palwedhen (=                    parabolednowL parable; parabola
 palmwydh) palm-trees                           parabyl n.m parablys parable
palmwydh n.coll palwedhen (=                    paradhis n.f paradise
 palmwedhL) palm-trees                          paragraf n.m paragrafys, paragrafow
palores n.f paloresow chough                     paragraph
pals adj abundant; copious; numerous;           parasitek adj parasitic
 plentiful; many; much; lots of                 parchemin n.m parcheminyow parchment
palsi n.m palsis (= paljiL) palsy; paralysis    parde int by God!
palster n.m palsteryow abundance                parder n.m parderyow equality
palsya (= paljyaL) paralyse                     pardon n.m pardonow pardon
palsyes adj (= paljyesL) paralysed              pardona vb pardon
palv n.f palvow palm of hand                    pares n.f paresow (female) equal
palva vb stroke; caress                         pareth n.f parethow parity
palvala vb grope                                pareusi vb (= parujiL) prepare; cook; edit;
palvas n.m palvasow caress; stroke               make ready
palys n.m palesys, palesyow palace              parhap adv perhaps
pan adj what                                    park n.m parkow field; enclosure; park.
pa'n contr when… it/him/her                      park kerri n.m car park. park
pan2 cnj when. byth pan2 adv whenever            omdhidhana n.m amusement park
pana2 adj, prn what; such. pana dermyn          parkya (1) vb park. feow parkya
 when; at which time. pana lies how many         parking fees
panch n.m (drink) punch                         parkya (2) vb enclose
panda n.m panda                                 parkyans n.m parking
pandra prn what                                 parledh n.m parledhow parlour
panel n.m panellow panel                        parodi n.m parodis parody
panellya vb panel                               parodia vb parody
panes n.coll panesen parsnips                   paros n.m parosyow screen; party wall
pannweyth n.coll pannweythen textiles           parow adj even
pans n.m pansow dell; dingle; hollow            parsel n.m parsellow set of people
panyk n.m panic                                 parson n.m parsonys parson; vicar
paper n.m paperyow paper. paper fos n.m         part n.m partys part
 wallpaper. paper gweder n.m sandpaper.         parth n.f parthow part; act; behalf; side;
 paper grow n.m sandpaper. paper                 zone. y'n barth aral on the other hand
 nowodhow n.m newspaper. paper                  parti n.m partiow political party. Parti
 privedhyow n.m toilet paper. paper skrifa       Lavur n.m Labour Party
 n.m writing paper                              parujiL vb (= pareusi) prepare; cook; edit;

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
parya                                                                       pedndheskajorL

 make ready                                     payntya vb paint
parya vb couple; pair                           payntyer n.m payntyoryon (artisan)
parys adj ready; handy; convenient; about        (male) painter
 to. parys dhe derri yw it's about to break.    payntyores n.f payntyoresow (artisan)
 ros parys n.f spare wheel                       paintress
pas (1) n.m pasow cough. losanj pas n.m         paynya vb (= payna) pain
 cough lozenge; cough sweet. pas garm n.m       payon n.m payones peacock
 whooping cough                                 payoni vb show off; strut; swagger; swank
pas (2) n.m passys step; pace                   payonyades n.f payonyadesow (female)
pasa vb cough                                    swank
Pask n.m Easter. Pask Byhan, Pask Bian          payonyans n.m payonyansow swagger;
 n.m Low Sunday. war Bask at Easter              swank
pasport n.m pasportow passport                  payonyas n.m payonysi, payonyjiL (male)
passya vb pass; go by; overtake                  swank
passyes adj (= passys) past; bygone. yn         pe vb pay
 termyn eus passyes, en termyn eus              peL prn (= py) what; which
 passyesL in the past; once upon a time         peber n.m peboryon (male) baker
passys adj (= passyes) past; bygone. yn         peblys adj populated
 termyn eus passys, en termyn eus               pebores n.f peboresow (female) baker
 passysL in the past; once upon a time          peder num four f
past n.m pastow paste; pastry. past pyff        pediatrek I adj paediatric II n.f paediatrics
 n.m puff pastry. past brew, past browL n.m     pedn-L adj (= penn-) main; premier; top
 short crust pastry                             pednL n.m pednow (= penn) head; end;
pasta n.coll pasta                               top. pedn a-ragL n.m bow (of a ship). pedn
pastel n.f pastellow morsel; scrap. pastel       barvusL n.m rockling. pedn bobbaL n.m
 dir n.f smallholding. pastel vro n.f            idiot. pedn darasL n.m lintel. pedn duL n.m
 constituency; district                          blackhead; tadpole. Pedn GlasL n.m 'Obby
pasteurya vb pasteurise                          'Oss. pedn glinL n.m knee-cap. pedn
pasti n.m pastiow pasty                          gwydnL n.m penguin. pedn hensL n.m
patatys n.coll patatysen potatoes. patatys       terminal. pedn kalishL obstinate;
 ha kig n.coll hot-pot                           stubborn. pedn medhow kothL n.m an old
patent n.m patentys. patent yn-dann              soak. pedn pystL n.m idiot. pedn saghL n.m
 hwithrans, patent en-dadn hwithransL            mumps. pedn tirL n.m headland. pedn
 patent pending. torva patent n.f patent         war2L superior to
 infringement                                   pedn-ahelL n.m(f) pednow-ahel,
patron n.m patronyow model; pattern              {pedn-aghlow} (= penn-ahel)
paw n.m pawyow paw; claw                         geographical pole. Pedn-Ahel an NorthL
pawgen n.m pawgennow, pawgednowL                 n.m(f) the North Pole. Pedn-Ahel an SothL
 sock; slipper                                   n.m(f) the South Pole
payn n.m paynys pain. payn dens n.m             pedn-bloodhL n.m pednow-bloodh (=
 toothache. payn keyn n.m backache. payn         penn-bloodh) birthday; anniversary
 merwel n.m capital punishment                  pedncitaL n.f pedncitys (= penncita)
payna vb (= paynya) pain                         capital city
paynt n.m payntys, payntow paint                pedndheskajorL n.m pedndheskajoryon

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
pedndheskajoresL                                                                             pell

 (= penndhyskador) (male) principal;              pedri vb rot; spoil; corrupt
 headmaster                                       pegL n.m (= pyg) bitumen; pitch; tar
pedndheskajoresL n.f                              pega vb cover with pitch; tar
 pedndheskajoresow (=                             pegans n.m (= pygansM) means;
 penndhyskadores) (female) principal;              wherewithal. war-lergh pegans
 headmistress                                      means-tested
pedn-droL (= penn-dro) I adj dizzy; giddy         pegebmysL adv (= pygemmys) how much
 II n.f dizziness; giddiness; nausea; vertigo     pegh n.m pehow sin; guilt
pedn-drogL adj (= penn-drog) wicked               peha sin; offend
pedneglosL n.f pedneglosyow (=                    pehador n.m pehadoryon (male) sinner
 penneglos) cathedral                             pehadores n.f pehadoresow (female)
pednekL adj (= pennek) big-headed                  sinner
pednfentenL n.f pednfentydnyow (=                 pehes n.m pehosow sin
 pennfenten) source                               pehus adj sinful
pednjustisL n.m pedjustisyow (=                   pejadow n.m (= pysadowM) prayer
 pennjustis) chief justice                        pejiL vb (= pesi, = pysiM) ask; beg; pray;
pednlugarnL n.m pednlugern (=                      request. peji genL pray for. peji nebonan a
 pennlugarn) headlight                             wul neppethL ask somebody to do
pednplasL n.m pednplassow (= pennplas)             something. peji war2L pray to
 headquarters                                     pejyaL vb (= pesya) continue; endure; last
pednpusornL n.m pednpusornow (=                   pejyansL n.m pejyanjow (= pesyans)
 pennpusorn) refrain                               continuation
pednrowlL n.f pednrowlys (= pennrewl)             pekarL adv (= kepar) like; alike. pekar del2
 premise; basic principle. pennrewlys         just as. pekar del via as it were. en pekar
 basics                                            manerL similarly
pedn-seythenL n.m(f) pedn-seythednow,             pel n.f pelyow ball; sphere; orb. gwari
 pednow-seythen (= penn-seythen)                   pelyow n.m bowling. pel ayr n.f balloon.
 weekend                                           pel dhorn n.f handball (sport). pel droos
pedn-soghL adj (= penn-sogh)                       n.f football. pel vas n.f baseball. pel ganstel
 hare-brained                                      n.f basketball. pel an norvys n.f globe
pednsyvigesL n.f pednsyvigesow (=                 pelder n.m pelderyow distance; long time;
 pennseviges) princess                             remoteness
pednsyvikL n.m pednsyvigyon (=                    peldrosyades n.f peldrosyadesow (female
 pennsevik) prince; noble; chief                   professional) footballer
pednynL n.m penydnow (= pennyn)                   peldrosyas n.m peldrosysi, peldrosyjiL
 tadpole                                           (male professional) footballer
pedrega vb square                                 peldrosyer n.m peldrosyoryon (male)
pedrek I adj square II pedrogow n.m                footballer
 square                                           peldrosyores n.f peldrosyoresow (female)
pedrekL adj upright                                footballer
pedren n.f pedrennow, pedrednowL, dl              pelednikL n.f pelenigow (= pelennik) pill
 diwbedren bottom; buttock; haunch                pelennik n.f pelenigow (= pelednikL) pill
pedrevan n.f pedrevanes lizard; newt              pelikan n.m pelikan pelican
pedrevanas vb crawl                               pell adj distant; far; long; remote. mos re

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
pella                                                                           penneglos

 bell go too far; exaggerate. nans yw pell,    Penkost n.m pentecost
 nanj ew pellL long ago. pell alemma, pell     penkost n.m penkostow Pentecost;
 alebmaL a long way from here                   Whitsun
pella I adj extreme; further; furthest;        penn n.m pennow (= pednL) head; end;
 utmost II adv moreover. na fella adv no        top. penn a-rag n.m bow (of a ship). penn
 further                                        barvus n.m rockling. penn bobba n.m
pellen n.f pelennow, pelednowL bullet;          idiot. penn daras n.m lintel. penn du n.m
 bag pudding; dumpling                          blackhead; tadpole. Penn Glas n.m 'Obby
peller n.m peloryon (male) white witch          'Oss. penn glin n.m knee-cap. penn gwynn
pellgewsel vb (= pellgowselL) phone             n.m penguin. penn hyns n.m terminal.
pellgomunyans n.m pellgomunyansow               penn kales obstinate; stubborn. penn
 telecommunication                              medhow n.m drunkard. penn medhow
pellgowselL vb (= pellgewsel) phone             koth n.m an old soak. penn pyst n.m idiot.
pellgowselM n.f pellgowsellow cell-phone;       penn sagh n.m mumps. penn tir n.m
 mobile phone                                   headland. penn war2 superior to
pellgowser n.m pellgowseryow telephone;        penn- adj (= pedn-L) main; premier; top
 phone. niver pellgowser n.m telephone         penn-ahel n.m(f) pennow-ahel,
 number                                         {penn-aghlow} (= pedn-ahelL)
pellhe vb move away; send away; banish          geographical pole. Penn-Ahel an North
pellskrifa vb fax                               n.m(f) the North Pole. Penn-Ahel an Soth
pellskrifen n.f pellskrifennow,                 n.m(f) the South Pole
 pellskrifednowL fax; telegram                 penn-bloodh n.m pennow-bloodh (=
pellvotonek n.m pellvotonegi remote             pedn-bloodhL) birthday; anniversary
 control                                       penncita n.f penncitys (= pedncitaL)
pellweler n.m pellweloryow telescope            capital city
pellwolok n.f pellwologow TV; television.      penndegys adj confused
 PW abbr TV. pellwolok gapel cable             penndhyskador n.m penndhyskadoryon
 television                                     (= pedndheskajorL) (male) principal;
pelores n.f peloresow (female) white witch      headmaster
pelva n.f pelvaow bowling green                penndhyskadores n.f
pelyek adj spherical                            penndhyskadoresow (=
pemdhegvesL num fifteenth                       pedndheskajoresL) (female) principal;
pemdhekL num (= pymthek) fifteen                headmistress
pemont n.m pemonts payment                     penndom adj extremist. den penndom n.m
pempL num (= pymp) five                         (male) extremist. benyn benndom n.f
pempbesL n.m pempbeses (= pympbys)              (female) extremist
 starfish                                      penndomereth n.f extremism
pempesL num (= pympes) fifth                   penn-dro (= pedn-droL) I adj dizzy; giddy;
penag prn whoever; whichever; whatever.         nauseous II n.f dizziness; giddiness;
 pe le penag adv wherever. penag oll            nausea; vertigo
 whosoever; whatsoever                         penn-drog adj (= pedn-drogL) wicked
penans n.m penance                             penndroppya vb nod
peneylL prn (= pyneyl) whichever; which        penneghlek adj polar
 (of two)                                      penneglos n.f penneglosyow (=

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
pennek                                                                        perhennek

 pedneglosL) cathedral                         pennskrifer n.m pennskriforyon (male)
pennek adj (= pednekL) big-headed               editor
pennfenten n.f pennfentynnyow (=               pennskrifer n.m pennskriforyon (male)
 pednfentenL) source                            editor
pennfrodnaL vb muzzle                          pennskrifores n.f pennskriforesow
pennfron n.f pennfronnow,                       (female) editor
 pennfrodnowL muzzle                           penn-sogh adj (= pedn-soghL)
pennfronna vb muzzle                            hare-brained
pennhembrenkyas n.m                            pennvenyster n.m pennvenystrys,
 pennhembrenkysi general                        pennvenystroryon (male) Prime Minister;
pennjustis n.m pennjustisyow (=                 (male) premier
 pednjustisL) chief justice                    pennvenystres n.f pennvenystresow
pennlinen n.f pennlinennow,                     (female) Prime Minister; (female) premier
 pennlinednowL heading; headline               pennyn n.m penynnow (= pednynL)
pennlugarn n.m pennlugern (=                    tadpole
 pednlugarnL) headlight                        pensyon n.m pensyons pension
pennobereth n.f pennoberethow                  pensyonydh n.m pensyonydhyon (male)
 masterpiece                                    pensioner
pennplas n.m pennplassow (= pednplasL)         pensyonydhes n.f pensyonydhesow
 headquarters                                   (female) pensioner
pennpusorn n.m pennpusornow (=                 per n.coll peren pears
 pednpusornL) refrain                          percevya vb perceive
pennrewl n.f pennrewlys (= pednrowlL)          performans n.m performansow
 premise; basic principle. pennrewlys      performance
 basics                                        performya vb perform
pennser n.m pennseri (male) architect          performyer n.m performyoryon (male)
pennseres n.f pennseresow (female)              performer
 architect                                     performyores n.f performyoresow
pennserneth n.f architecture.                   (female) performer
 pennserneth romanek n.f Romanic               perfydh adj perfect. amser berfydh n.f
 architecture. pennserneth wothek n.f           perfect tense
 Gothic architecture                           perfydhder n.m perfection
pennseviges n.f pennsevigesow (=               perhednaL vb (= perhenna) own; possess
 pednsyvigesL) princess                        perhednekL n.m perhenogyon (=
pennsevigeth n.f pennsevigethow                 perhennek) (male) owner; (male)
 principality                                   proprietor
pennsevik n.m pennsevigyon (=                  perhen n.m perhennow, perhednowL
 pednsyvikL) prince; noble; chief               owner. perhen estrigys n.m absentee
penn-seythen n.m(f) pennseythennyow,            landlord; second-homer
 pennow-seythen (= pedn-seythenL)              perhenegi vb take over; claim
 weekend                                       perhenna vb (= perhednaL) own; possess
pennskav adj dizzy                             perhennek n.m perhenogyon (=
pennskol n.f pennskolyow university             perhednekL) (male) owner; (male)
pennskrif n.m pennskrifow editorial             proprietor

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
perhenoges                                                                    peswardhegves

perhenoges n.f perhenogesow (female)             perthynek adj relative
 owner; (female) proprietor                      perthynyans n.m perthynyansow relation
perhenogeth n.f perhenogethow                    perthyores n.f perthyoresow (female)
 ownership; possession                            patient
perhenogyl adj proprietary                       peruken n.f perukennow, perukednowL
perhenores n.f perhenoresow proprietor            wig
perherin n.m perherinyow (male) pilgrim          pervedh n.m pervedhow interior
perherines n.f perherinesow (female)             pervedhek adj interior; internal
 pilgrim                                         peryl n.m peryllow, peryllyow danger;
perherinses n.m perherinsesow                     risk; peril
 pilgrimage                                      peryllus adj dangerous; risky
periodek adj periodic                            peryllya vb endanger
perl n.m perlys pearl                            peryllys adj endangered. ehen beryllys n.f
perm n.m permyow perm                             endangered species
permya vb perm                                   pes (1) adj paid. pes da content; pleased;
pernaL vb (= prena) buy; purchase;                satisfied. drog-pes displeased; dissatisfied;
 acquire. perna kath en saghL buy a pig in a      in a bad mood
 poke. perna neppeth a2L buy something           pes (2) adv (before sg. noun) how many
 for (a certain price). perna neppeth orthL      pesL n.coll pesen (= pys) peas
 purchase something by (a certain quantity)      peseulL adv (= pyseulM) how many. peseul
perpetual adj perpetual                           a2L how much (of)
persekutya vb persecute                          pesi vb (= pysiM, = pejiL) ask; beg; pray;
persekutyans n.m persekutyansow                   request. pesi gans pray for. pesi nebonan
 persecution                                      a wul neppyth ask somebody to do
persil n.coll persilen parsley                    something. pesi war2 pray to
person n.m persons person                        peskL n.m puskes (= pysk) fish
personel adj personal                            peskadorL n.m peskadors (= pyskador)
personoleth n.f personolethow                     fisherman
 personality                                     peskadoresL n.f peskadorejow (=
perswadus adj convincing                          pyskadores) fisherwoman
perswadya vb persuade                            peskechaL vb (= pyskessa) fish. gwelen
perswadyans n.m persuasion                        beskechaL n.f fishing rod
perth n.f perthi brake; thicket                  pesklynL pesklydnow (= pysklyn)
perthi vb bear; endure; put up with; suffer;      fishpond
 tolerate. perthi avi orth be jealous of; bear   pesknowL n.coll pesknofen peanuts;
 malice against. na borth ahwer! don't            groundnuts
 worry! perthi kov (a2) remember. perthi         peskvaL n.f peskvaow (= pyskva)
 meth (a2) be ashamed (of). perthi own            aquarium
 (a2) be afraid (of). perthi orth hold out       peskweyth adv how many times; as often.
 against                                          peskweyth may5 (followed by a verb) as
perthyans n.m patience; endurance;                often as; whenever
 tolerance. heb perthyans impatient              peskytter adv whenever
perthyer n.m perthyoryon (male) patient          peswar num, n.m (= pajarL) four
perthygel n.m perthyglow particle                peswardhegves num fourteenth

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
peswardhek                                                                            plans

peswardhek num fourteen                         piga vb sting; goad; incite
peswarkorn n.m peswarkern (=                    pigel n.f pigellow hoe; pick
 pajarkornL) quadrangle                         pigorn n.m pigern cone
peswarpaw n.m peswarpawes (=                    pigornek adj conical
 pajarpawL) newt; lizard                        piktour n.m piktours picture
peswartenwennel adj quadrilateral               pil n.m pilyow pile. pil hern koth n.m scrap
peswartrosek adj fourfooted                      heap
peswar-ugens num (= pajar-ugensL)               pildra n.f pildrevow slum
 eighty                                         pilednekL adj (= pilennek) ragged
peswora num (= pajworaL) fourth                 pilen n.f pilennow, pilednowL rag
pesya vb (= pejyaL) continue; endure; last      pilennek adj (= pilednekL) ragged
pesyans n.m pesyansow (= pejyansL)              pilya vb peel; strip
 continuation                                   pilyek I adj useless II n.m pilyogyon
petal n.m petalys petal                          spider-crab; useless person
pethL (= pyth) I n.m pethow thing;              pin n.coll pinen pine tree
 possession; material; matter; property II      pinaval n.m pinavalow pineapple
 prn what; that which. peth ha daL              pinta n.m pintys pint
 possessions. pethowL belongings           pis n.m pisys piece
pethekL adj (= pythek) concrete                 pisa vb urinate; pee; piuss
petisyon n.m petisyons petition                 pisas n.m urine; pee; piss
petrol n.m petrols petrol                       pistyl n.m pistyllow little waterfall; spout
petrolva n.f petrol station; service station    pistylla vb spout
peub prn (= pobL) all; everyone; everybody      pisva n.f pisvaow urinal; toilet
peul n.m peulyow pole; stake; post; pylon.      pita n.m pitys pity
 kay peulyow n.m pier                           pitethus adj pitiful
peulge n.m peulgeow railing                     pith adj greedy
peuns n.m peunsow pound                         pithneth n.f greed
p'eur5 adv when                                 pitsa n.m pitsas (= pizza) pizza
peurel n.f peurellow (= porelL) browser         piw prn who; whom; whose
peuri vb (= poriL) browse; graze                pizza n.m pizzas (= pitsa) pizza
peurva n.f peurvaow pasture                     pla n.m plaow nuisance; pest; plague. mab
pewas n.m pewasow (= powasL) award;              an pla n.m annoying man;
 prize; reward                                   (euphemistically) devil. myrgh an pla,
pewiL vb (= pywa) own                            mergh an plaL n.f annoying woman;
piano n.m pianos piano                           (euphemistically) she-devil. pla gwynn, pla
pianydh n.m pianydhyon (male) pianist            gwydnL tuberculosis
pianydhes pianydhesow (female) pianist          plag n.m plagys plague
pib n.f pibow pipe. pibow sagh             plagus adj contagious
 bagpipes                                       plagya vb afflict; pester; plague
piba vb pipe                                    plagys adj afflicted; plagued
pibel n.f pibellow pipe                         planet n.m planetys, planetow planet
piben n.f pibennow, pibednowL duct; tube.       planetva n.f planetvaow planetarium
 piben dhowr n.f hosepipe                       plankton n.coll planktonen plankton
pies n.coll piesen magpies                      plans n.m plansow plant

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
plansa                                                                                  pobL

plansa vb plant; stick. plansa yn, plansa          plesys adj pleased
 enL stick in(to)                                  ple'th contr where
plas n.m plassow place; mansion                    plisk n.coll plisken shells. plisk know
plasen n.f plasennow, plasednowL disc;              n.coll nutshells
 (vinyl) record. plasen arhansek n.f CD;           plit n.m plitys plight; condition;
 compact disc. plasen gales n.f hard disk           predicament; situation; state
plastek I adj plastic II n.m plastogow             plobmL n.m (= plomm) (metal) lead
 plastic                                           plobmerL n.m plomoryon (= plommer)
plaster n.m plastrow plaster                        (male) plumber
plastra vb plaster                                 plomm n.m (= plobmL) (metal) lead
plat I adj flat II n.m platys, platyow plate.      plommer n.m plomoryon (= plobmerL)
 plat niver n.m number plate                        (male) plumber
platas n.m platasow helping; plateful;             plommwedhek adj vertical
 serving                                           plomores n.f plomoresow (female)
platinom n.m platinum                               plumber
plattya vb (intransitive) crouch; (transitive)     plontyans n.m propaganda
 flatten                                           plos adj dirty; filthy; nasty
playn I adj plain; evident; obvious II n.m         plot n.m plottys plot; scheme
 playnys plane                                     plottya vb plot; scheme. jynn plottya n.m
playnya vb plane                                    plotter
ple5 adv where                                     ploum n.coll ploumen plums. ploum sygh,
pledya vb plead                                     ploum seghL n.coll prunes
pledyans n.m pledyansow plea                       Plouton n.m Pluto
pleg n.m plegow bend; crease; fold. pleg           plowghya vb splash
 mor n.m bay                                       plural adj plural
plegadow adj pleasing                              pluralita n.m pluralitys plurality
plegya (1) vb bend; fold; give way. plegya         plustren n.f plustrennow, plustrednowL
 tal, plegya toalL frown; knit one's brows          mole; skin mark
plegya (2) vb please. mar pleg please. na          pluv n.coll pluven plumage
 bleg dhe dus unpopular. plegya dhe2,              pluvek n.f pluvogow cushion; pillow
 plegya gans be pleasing to                        pluven n.f pluvennow, pluvednowL
plegyans n.m plegyansow tendency; bow               feather; pen; quill. hanow pluven n.m pen
ple'ma contr where is                               name. pluven belvleyn n.f biro; ballpoint
plen adj plain. yeth plen n.f prose                 pen. pluven leuvban n.f felt-tip pen.
plenli adv plainly                                  pluven blomm, pluven blobmL n.f pencil
plenta adj plenty                                  pluw n.f pluwow parish
plenteth n.f plenty; abundance                     pluwek I adj parochial II n.m pluwogyon
plentyades n.f plentyadesow (female)                (male) parishioner
 plaintiff                                         pluwoges n.f pluwogesow (female)
plentyas n.m plentysi, plentyjiL (male)             parishioner
 plaintiff                                         plynch n.m plynchys wink
plesont adj pleasant; pleasing                     plynchya vb wink
plesour n.m plesours pleasure                      po cnj (= bo) or. po… po cnj either… or
plesya vb please                                   pobL prn (= peub) all; everyone; everybody

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
pobas                                                                                    popa

pobas vb bake                                   pool. poll holan n.m salt pond. poll
pobel n.f poblow people                         neuvya n.m swimming pool. poll pri n.m
pobla vb populate                               clay pit. poll sten n.m tin pit. poll troyllya
poblans n.m poblansow population                n.m whirlpool
poblek adj public. karyans poblek n.m          poll (2) n.m pollow reason; intelligence
 public transport                              pollek adj intelligent; brainy
poblikan n.m poblikans Roman                   pollen n.f polennow, polednowL puddle
 tax-collector; (Bible) publican               Polonek n.m Polish language
pochya vb (cooking) poach                      polonek adj Polish
pocket n.m pocketys, pocketow pocket           Poloni n.f Poland
pockya vb thrust                               pols n.m polsyow (= poljL) instant;
poder adj rotten                                moment; pulse; short time. dres pols
podik n.m podigow jug. podik musura n.m         temporarily. y'n pols ma at the moment
 measuring jug. podik oyl n.m oil can          polsa vb (= poljaL) pulse
podkast n.m podkasts, podkastow                polsya vb polish
 podcast                                       polta adv a good while; quite a bit
podnL n.m (= ponn) dust; powder. kweth         polter n.m polteryow powder; dust
 podn n.f duster. padel bodnL n.f dustpan      poltra vb (sprinkle with) dust
podnekL adj (= ponnek) dusty                   polyenL n.f polyednow pole
podrek adj corrupt; putrid; rotten             pomp n.m pompys, pompyow pump.
podyn n.m podyns pudding; dessert               pomp petrol n.m petrol pump
pok n.m pokyow poke; prod                      pompel n.f pompellow pump
poken or else I adv else II cnj otherwise.     pompik n.m pompigow courgette
 poken… po either… or                          pompya vb pump
pokya vb poke; prod                            pompyon n.m pompyons pumpkin; gourd.
Polak n.m Polakyon (male) Pole                  pompyon hweg n.m melon
Polakes n.f Polakesow (female) Pole            pomster n.m pomsters quack doctor
polar adj polar                                pon n.m ponow pain
polat n.m polatys chap                         ponn n.m (= podnL) dust; powder. kweth
polici n.m policis policy                       ponn n.f duster. padel bonn n.f dustpan
politeger n.m politegoryon (male)              ponnek adj (= podnekL) dusty
 politician                                    ponsfordh n.f ponsfordhow viaduct
politegieth n.f politics. politegieth          ponvos n.m ponvosow misery
 a-bervedh n.f domestic politics.              ponvosek adj miserable
 politegieth keswlasek n.f international       ponya vb run; trot
 politics                                      ponyans n.m run; trot
politegores n.f politegoresow (female)         poos I adj heavy II n.m posow weight;
 politician                                     emphasis; importance; pressure. gorra
politek adj political                           poos war2 stress
poljL n.m poljyow (= pols) instant;            poosa vb weigh
 moment; pulse; short time. dres poljL         poos-lev n.m poos-levow accent;
 temporarily. e'n polj maL at the moment        emphasis; stress
poljaL vb (= polsa) pulse                      pooth adj hot; scorching
poll (1) n.m pollow anchorage; pit; pond;      popa n.m popys puffin

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
popet                                                                               power

popet n.m popettys, popettow doll; puppet        PortyngalyjiL (male) Portuguese
popti n.m poptiow bakery                        porv n.coll porven candle-wick
por n.coll poren leeks                          porven n.f porvennow, porvednowL rush;
por'L n.m porthow (= porth) port; cove;          wick. porven gewargh, porven gowarghL
 gate; harbour; haven; porch. por' klosL n.m     n.f (cannabis cigarette) joint; reefer
 docks. por' lestri n.m dock                    posa vb lean. posa war-rag lean forward
poran adv, adj exactly; just; precise;          posedhek adj positive
 precisely; quite                               posek adj important
por'bugel n.m por'bugeledh porbeagle            positiv adj positive
porelL n.f porellow (= peurel) browser          posleva vb accentuate; emphasise; stress;
porhel n.m porhelli young pig                    underline
porhellik n.m porheligow piglet; sucking        posna vb poison
 pig                                            posnys poisoned
poriL vb (= peuri) browse; graze                possessyon n.m possession
pornografek adj pornographic                    possybyl adj possible
pornografieth n.f pornography                   possybylta n.m possybyltas possibility
porogaL vb (= pregoth) preach                   post (1) n.m post; mail. erhi der an post
porpos n.m porposys purpose                      mail order. karten bost n.f postcard. kod
porposya vb purpose; decide                      post n.m postcode. sodhva bost n.f post
porres adv absolutely; urgently; of              office
 necessity                                      post (2) n.m postow post; pillar. post
pors n.m porsys purse                            arwodh n.m sign-post
porsek porsogyon marsupial                      poster n.m posterow heaviness; thunder
porser porsoryon (male) bursar                   cloud
porsores n.f porsoresow (female) bursar         postya vb post; mail
portal n.m portals portal; porch                pot (1) n.m potow kick
porth n.m porthow (= por'L) port; cove;         pot (2) n.m pottys, pottow pot. pot paynt
 gate; harbour; haven; porch. porth klos         n.m paint pot. pot te n.m teapot. pot
 n.m docks. porth lestri n.m dock                gwynn, pot gwydnL n.m hasty-pudding
porther n.m porthoryon (male) porter;           potencyal adj I adj potential II n.m
 (male) janitor                                  potencyals potential
portheres n.f portheresow porter                potha vb heat; scorch
porthores n.f porthoresow (female)              pottya vb lay; put
 porter; (female) janitor                       potya kick
porthorji n.m porthorjiow gatehouse;            pow n.m powyow country; region; land.
 lodge                                           Pow Belg n.m Belgium. Pow Densher n.m
porthva n.f porthvaow wharf                      Devon. Pow Grek n.m Greece. Pow Sows,
portrayans n.m portrayansow portrait             Pow an Sowson n.m England. Pow Swis
Portyngal n.m Portugal                           n.m Switzerland
Portyngalek n.m Portuguese language             powasL n.m powasow (= pewas) award;
portyngalek adj Portuguese                       prize; reward
Portyngalyades n.f Portyngalyadesow             powdir n.m countryside
 (female) Portuguese                            powek adj rural
Portyngalyas n.m Portyngalysi,                  power n.m powers power

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
powes                                                                                  prenyas

powes I n.m powesow stop; break;                     ranter; (female) rabble-rouser
 interval; halt; pause; rest II vb halt; pause;     predhek n.m predhegow rant; noisy
 repose; rest. powes kolon n.m heart                 speech
 attack. powes omladh n.m truce                     prednL n.m prednyer (= prenn) bar; beam;
powesva n.f powesvaow resting place                  log; timber; (gambling) lot. karhar prednL
pows n.f powsyow frock; dress; gown;                 n.m pillory; stocks. ser prednL n.m (male)
 tunic. pows nos n.f nightdress; nightie             carpenter
poynt n.m poyntys, poyntow point; item.             prednaL vb (= prenna) bar; lock
 poynt a skians n.m maxim. poynt ha                 preferya vb prefer
 komma semicolon                                    pregoth I n.m pregothow sermon; homily
poyntya vb point; indicate; punctuate                II vb preach
poyntyans n.m poyntyansow punctuation               pregowther n.m pregowtoryon (male)
poyson n.m poysons poison                            preacher
prag5 adv why; what for. reson prag                 pregowthores n.f pregowthoresow
 because                                             (female) preacher
praga I adv why; what for II n.m reason             preiL n.m preiow (= pri) clay; mud. poll
pragmatek adj pragmatic                              preiL n.m clay pit
pragmatieth n.f pragmatism                          prena vb (= pernaL) acquire; buy;
pragmatydh n.m pragmatydhyon (male)                  purchase. prena kath yn sagh buy a pig in
 pragmatist                                          a poke. prena neppyth a2 buy something
pragmatydhes n.f pragmatydhesow                      for (a certain price). prena neppyth orth
 (female) pragmatist                                 purchase something by (a certain quantity)
praktis n.m praktisyow exercise; practice           prenas n.m prenasow purchase
praktisya vb practise; exercise                     prenassa vb shop; go shopping. kresen
pramm n.m prammys, prammow pram                      brenassa n.f shopping centre
pras n.m prasow meadow; common                      prenasser n.m prenassoryon (male)
 pasture                                             shopper
prat n.m prattys lark; trick; prank                 prenassores n.f prenassores (female)
prays n.m praysys praise; compliment                 shopper
praysya vb praise; compliment                       prener n.m prenoryon (male) buyer;
precyous adj precious                                (male) purchaser
preder n.m prederow thought; worry;                 prenn n.m prennyer (= prednL) bar; beam;
 anxiety; care; heed                                 log; timber; (gambling) lot. karhar prenn
prederi vb consider; concentrate; ponder;            n.m pillory; stocks. ser prenn n.m (male)
 reflect                                             carpenter
prederus adj careful; conscientious;                prenna vb (= prednaL) bar; lock
 considerate; thoughtful; worrying; anxious         prennek adj wooden; woody
prederyans n.m prederyansow opinion;                prennweyth n.m woodwork
 reflection                                         prenores n.f prenoresow (female) buyer;
prederys adj worried                                 (female) purchaser
predheger n.m predhegoryon (male)                   prenyades n.f prenydesow (female)
 ranter; (male) rabble-rouser                        professional purchaser
predheges vb rant                                   prenyas n.m prenysi (male) professional
predhegores n.f predhegoresow (female)               purchaser

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
presL                                                                               profyas

presL n.m prejyow (= prys) time; season.         prisnores n.f prisnoresow (female)
 e'n gwella presL fortunately; luckily. e'n       prisoner
 gwettha presL unfortunately. neb presL at       prison n.m prisons, prisonyow prison; jail;
 any time; sometime. pres boosL n.m               gaol. tremena termyn yn prison spend
 meal-time. pres gweliL n.m bedtime               time in prison
presens n.m presence                             prisonya vb imprison; incarcerate
present n.m presens present                      prisonyans n.m prisonyansow
presentya vb present                              imprisonment
presep n.m presebow manger                       prisya vb price
presont n.m present                              privedh adj private; personal. helerghyas
prest I adj ever II adv always; readily; still    privedh n.m (male) private detective;
presumya vb presume                               (male) private eye. helerghyades privedh
presweythL n.m presweythyow (=                    n.f (female) private detective; (female)
 prysweyth) instant; occasion                     private eye
prevL n.m preves, prevyon (= pryv) worm;         privedhyow toilet; lavatory. paper
 crawling animal; grub; insect. prev delL         privedhyow n.m toilet paper
 n.m caterpillar. prev owrlinL n.m               privetter n.m privacy
 silkworm. prev prednL n.m woodworm              priweyth n.m pottery
preventya vb prevent                             priweythor n.m priweythoryon (male)
previ vb prove; experience; taste; tax; test;     potter
 try. previ an perthyans try one's patience      priweythores n.f priweythoresow
prevya vb experiment                              (female) potter
prevyans n.m prevyansow experience. heb          priweythva n.f priweythvaow pottery;
 prevyans inexperienced                           clay-works
preydh n.m preydhyow booty; loot;                problem n.m problemys problem
 plunder; spoil                                  problemek adj problematic
preydha vb loot; plunder                         procedya vb proceed
pri n.m priow (= preiL) clay; mud. poll pri      process n.m processys process
 n.m clay pit                                    processya vb process
prierin n.m prierinyon pilgrim. krogen           processyon n.m processyons procession;
 brierin n.f scallop                              march
pries priosow, dl dewbries I adj married II      professor n.m professoryon (male)
 n.m spouse; mate                                 professor
prilehen n.f prilehennow, prilehednowL           professores n.f professoresow (female)
 tile                                             professor
priosel adj conjugal; matrimonial                profet n.m profetys prophet
priosoleth matrimony                             profil n.m profilys profile
pris n.m prisyow price; reputation. a bris       profos n.m profosi prophet
 outstanding; renowned; significant. a bris      profya vb suggest; offer; propose; bid
 isel cheap. pris daswerth n.m resell price.     profyades n.f profyadesow (female)
 pris viaj n.m fare                               bidder
prism n.m prismow prism                          profyans n.m profyansow suggestion;
prisner n.m prisners, prisnoryon (male)           offer; proposal; bid
 prisoner                                        profyas n.m profysi, profyjiL (male) bidder

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
prokurya                                                                             pur2

prokurya vb procure                           pryncipata n.m pryncipatys principality
promys n.m promysys, promysyow                pryntya vb print
 promise                                      pryntyans n.m pryntyansow print-run
promysya vb promise                           pryntyer n.m pryntyoryon printer (male
prononcya vb pronounce                         or machine)
pronter n.m pronteryon parson; priest         pryntyores n.f pryntyoresow (female)
pronterji n.m pronterjiow vicarage             printer
prosperya vb prosper                          prys n.m presyow (= presL) time; season.
prosternya vb lay low                          neb prys at any time; sometime. prys boos
Protestant n.m Protestans (male)               n.m meal-time. prys gweli n.m bedtime.
 Protestant                                    prys te n.m teatime. y'n gwella prys
protestant adj Protestant                      fortunately; luckily. y'n gwettha prys
Protestantes n.f Protestantesow (female)       unfortunately
 Protestant                                   prysk n.coll prysken thicket; shrub; bushes
protestya vb protest                          prysweyth n.m prysweythyow (=
protestyans n.m protestyansow                  presweythL) instant; occasion
 (organised) protest                          pryv n.m preves, prevyon (= prevL) worm;
protestyer n.m protestyoryon (male)            crawling animal; grub; insect. pryv del n.m
 protester                                     caterpillar. pryv owrlin n.m silkworm.
protestyores n.f protestyoresow (female)       pryv prenn n.m woodworm
 protester                                    pryvylej n.m pryvylejys privilege
protokol n.m protokolys protocol              pub adj each; every. dhe bub le all
proton n.m protons proton                      directions. pub le everywhere. pub huni
prout adj proud; arrogant                      everybody. pub kentel on every occasion.
prov n.m provow proof; test. gul prov,         pub prys, pub presL all the time. pub
 gwul provL prove                              termyn all the time; always. pub torn at
provadow adj provable                          every turn; every time
provia vb provide; supply                     pubdedhyek adj daily
provians n.m proviansow provision             puber n.m puberyow pepper
provier provioryon (male) supplier;           pubonan prn (= pubonen) everyone.
 (male) provider                               pubonan war-barth all together
proviores n.f provioresow (female)            pubonen prn (= pubonan) everyone.
 supplier; (female) provider                   pubonen war-barth all together
provokya vb provoke                           pub presL adv (= pub prys) always
provyns n.m provynsys province                pub prys adv (= pub presL) always
prow n.m advantage; benefit; profit. bos      pubra vb pepper
 meur a brow come in handy                    pubren n.f pubrennow, pubrednowL bell
prowus adj beneficial                          pepper
pryck n.m pryckow (degree) pitch              punshya vb punish
prydydh n.m prydydhyon poet                   puptra prn everything
prydydhes n.f prydydhesow poetess             pur adj pure; absolute; accomplished;
prydydhieth n.f poetry                         outright; through and through
prydydhyek adj poetic                         pur2 adv very. pur dha excellent. pur
prynceth n.f pryncethow principality           lowen delighted

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
purek                                                                           pystiga

purek adj snotty                             pymthegves num (= pemdhegvesL)
purhe vb purify; refine                       fifteenth
purheans n.m purheansow purification         pymthek num (= pemdhekL) fifteen
purieth n.f purism                           pynagM prn (= penag) whoever; whichever;
Puritan I adj Puritan II n.m Puritanyon       whatever. py le pynagM adv wherever.
 (male) Puritan                               pynag ollM prn whosoever; whatsoever
Puritanes n.f Puritanesow (female)           pynakyl n.m pynaklys pinnacle
 Puritan                                     pyncel n.m pyncels brush. pyncel lagas
Puritanieth n.f Puritanism                    n.m eye-liner. pyncel linenna, pyncel
purpur adj purple                             linednaL n.m liner. pyncel plomm, pyncel
purra adj thoroughest; veriest; absolute      plobmL n.m pencil
pursewya vb pursue                           pyncer n.m pynceryow pincers
pursewyans n.m pursewyansow pursuit          pynchya vb pinch
purva adj purvaow refinery                   pyneyl prn (= peneylL) whichever; which
purydh n.m purydhyon (male) purist            (of two)
purydhes n.f purydhesow (female) purist      pynn n.m pynnow (= pydnL) pin; peg.
pusketti n.m puskettiow aquarium              pynn meus n.m drawing pin
pusorn n.m pusornow bale; bundle             pynna vb (= pydnaL) pin
pusornas vb bale                             pyramid n.m pyramidow pyramid
py prn (= peL) which; what                   pyramidek adj pyramidal
pych n.m pychys (musical) pitch              pys n.coll pesen (= pesL) peas
pycher n.m pychers pitcher; jug              pysadowM n.m (= pejadow) prayer
pychya vb pitch; pierce                      pyseulM adv (= peseulL) how many. pyseul
pychyans n.m pychyansow piercing              a2M how much (of)
pyckel n.m pyckels pickle                    pysiM vb (= pesi, = pejiL) ask; beg; pray;
pyckla vb pickle                              request. pysi gansM pray for. pysi
pydnL n.m pydnow (= pynn) pin; peg. pydn      nebonan a wul neppythM ask somebody
 meus n.m drawing pin                         to do something. pysi war2M pray to
pydnaL vb (= pynna) pin                      pysk n.m puskes (= peskL) fish
pyffyer n.m pyffyers dolphin                 pyskador n.m pyskadoryon (= peskadorL)
pyg n.m (= pegL) bitumen; pitch; tar          fisherman
pygansM n.m (= pegans) means;                pyskadores n.f pyskadoresow (=
 wherewithal. war-lergh pygansM               peskadoresL) fisherwoman
 means-tested                                pyskessa vb (= peskechaL) fish. gwelen
pygemmys adv (= pegebmysL) how much           byskessa n.f fishing rod
pyjama n.m pyjamas pyjamas                   pysklyn n.m pysklynnow (= pesklynL)
pyksel n.m pyksels, pykselyow pixel           fishpond
pylla vb rifle; fleece                       pysknow n.coll pysknowen (= pesknowL)
pyllar n.m pyllars pillar                     peanuts; groundnuts
pyment n.m pymentys spiced wine              pyskva n.f pyskvaow (= peskvaL)
pymp num (= pempL) five                       aquarium
pympbys n.m pympbyses (= pempbesL)           pyst n.m pystyon fool. penn pyst, pedn
 starfish                                     pystL n.m idiot
pympes num (= pempesL) fifth                 pystiga vb ache; hurt

                        SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
pystik                                                                                           rahaya

pystik n.m pystigow hurt; lesion                        atti out of spite. rag own in case. rag
pystol n.m pystolys, pystolow pistol                    tecken momentarily. rag tro temporarily
pystri n.m magic; sorcery                               Personal forms (RMC): 1sg ragov, 2sg ragos, 3sgm
pystrier n.m pystrioryon sorcerer;                       ragdho, 3sgf rygdhi, 1pl ragon, 2pl ragowgh, 3pl
 warlock; wizard                                        Personal forms (RLC): 1sg ragamL, raga'maL, 2sg
pystriores n.f pystrioresow sorceress                    ragos, 3sgm ragdho, rag evL, 3sgf ryghdhi, rag
pyt n.m pyttys pit                                       heiL, 1pl ragon, raga neiL, 2pl ragowgh, raga
pyth (= pethL) I n.m pythow thing;                       hweiL, 3pl ragtansL, rag anjeiL
 possession; material; matter; property II          rag- prfx pre-; fore-
 prn what; that which. pyth ha da                   ragavon n.f ragavonyow, ragavenow
 possessions. pythow belongings                 tributary
pythek adj (= pethekL) concrete                     ragbreder n.m ragbrederow precaution
pywa vb (= pewiL) own                               ragbren n.m ragbrenow subscription
rach n.m caution; care. gans rach careful;          ragbrena vb subscribe
 carefully                                          ragbrener n.m ragbrenoryon (male)
racka n.m rackow anecdote                            subscriber
racket n.m racketys, racketow racket; bat           ragbrenores n.f ragbrenoresow (female)
radar n.m radar                                      subscriber
radelM n.m radellow (= rajel) scree                 ragdas n.m ragdasow forefather
radikal I adj radical II n.m radikalys              ragdres n.m ragdresow project
 radical                                            ragdresa vb devise a project; project
radnL n.f radnow (= rann) share; lot; part;         rager n.m rageryow preposition
 portion; role. kalish radnL n.f a hard fate.       ragerhi vb book; reserve
 kemeres radnL take part; partake;                  ragerhys adj booked; reserved
 participate. radn oberL n.f task. radn             ragilow n.m ragilowyow overture
 vrassa a2L a greater part of; a majority of        raglavar n.m raglavarow introduction;
radnaL vb (= ranna) divide; part. radnys             preface
 gans/gen divided by. radna ynter dewL              raglev n.m raglevow vote
 halve                                              ragleva vb vote
radnansL n.m rananjow (= rannans)                   ragober n.m ragoberow preparation
 division; partition                                ragresegydh n.m ragresegydhyon (male)
radyo n.m radyos, radyoyow radio                     predecessor
radyologieth n.f radiology                          ragresegydhes n.f ragresegydhesow
radyologiethel adj radiological                      predecessor
radyologydh n.m radyologydhyon (male)               ragresek vb pioneer
 radiologist                                        ragresor n.m ragresoryon (male) pioneer
radyologydhes n.f radyologydhesow                   ragresores n.f ragresoresow (female)
 (female) radiologist                                pioneer
radyoweythres n.m radioactivity                     ragsel n.m ragselyow premise
radyoweythresek adj radioactive                     ragskrif n.m ragskrifow preface
raff adj worthless                                  ragvreus n.f ragvreusow bias; prejudice.
rag I cnj because; in order to; for II prp for;      heb ragvreus unprejudiced
 for the purpose of; from. ev a omgudhas            ragvreusek adj biased; bigoted; prejudiced
 rag an bleydh he hid from the wolf. rag            ragwir n.m ragwiryow priority
                                                    rahaya vb sneeze

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
rajek                                                                                        reken

rajek adj (= rasek) graceful; gracious          r.e. abbr e.g.
rajel n.m rajellow (= radelM) scree             re2 (1) part (optative particle) may. lowena
rakan n.m rakanow rake                           re'fo may you be happy (sg.); (perfective
rakhanow n.m rakhenwyn pronoun                   particle). ev re dheskas Kernewek dres
ralli n.m rallis rally                           moy es deg bledhen he has learnt Cornish
rann n.f rannow (= radnL) share; lot; part;      for more than ten years
 portion; role. kales rann n.f a hard fate.     re2 (2) prp (in oaths) by; upon. re Jovyn by
 kemeres rann take part; partake;                Jove
 participate. rann ober n.f task. rann          re2 (3) I adv too; excessively II prn too
 vrassa a2 a greater part of; a majority of      many; too much. re (a2) adv too many (of);
ranna vb (= radnaL) divide; part. rynnys         too much (of)
 gans divided by. ranna ynter dew halve         rebL adj (= ryb) beside; near to; next to. reb
rannans n.m ranansow (= radnansL)                tenewenL alongside
 division; partition                                Personal forms (RLC): 1sg rebamL, reba vyL, 2sg
ranndir n.m ranndiryow district; region              rebasL, reba jyL, 3sgm rebdhoL, reb evL, 3sgf
                                                     rebdhiL, reb heiL, 1pl rebanL, reba neiL, 2pl
ranndirek adj regional                               rebowghL, reba hweiL, 3pl rebdhansL, reb anjeiL
ranndiryel adj regional                         rebel n.m rebels rebel; insurgent
ranndra n.f ranndrevow suburb                   rebellya vb rebel
ranngemeryans n.m ranngemeryansow               rebellyans n.m rebelyansow,
 participle. ranngemeryans godhevek n.m          rebelyanjowL rebellion; insurgency;
 passive participle                              insurrection; revolt; uprising
rannji n.m rannjiow apartment; flat             receva vb receive; accept; adopt (a motion)
rannskrif n.m rannskrifow paragraph             recevans n.m recevansow reception;
rannvro n.f rannvroyow province; state           welcome; receipt
rannvroek adj provincial                        reden n.coll redenen fern
rannyeth n.f rannyethow dialect; idiom          redik n.coll redigen radish
ras n.m rasow virtue                            rednyasL n.m renyjiL (= rennyas) steward
rasek adj (= rajek) graceful; gracious          redya vb read
rask n.m raskow plane (tool)                    redyans n.m redyansow reading
raska vb plane                                  redyer n.m redyoroyn (male) reader
rastel n.f restel grill                         redyores n.f redyoresow (female) reader
rath n.f rathes rat                             refusya vb refuse
ratha vb scrape; rasp                           re'gan contr (perfective/optative particle +
rathella vb grate                                infixed pronoun 'us')
ravna vb ravage; maraud; mug; rape              re'gas contr (perfective/optative particle +
ravnans n.m ravnansow rape                       infixed pronoun 'you (pl.)')
ravner n.m ravnoryon (male) bandit;             reiL vb (= ri) give; grant; present. rei artaL
 (male) marauder                                 give back. rei gweres arhansL subsidise;
ravnores n.f ravnoresow (female) bandit;         support financially
 (female) marauder                              rejL part (= res (3)) (perfective/optative
ray n.m rayys ray (of light)                     particle; used before vowels with mos)
raylya vb rail; abuse                           rejoycya vb rejoice
re prn ones. an re ma these ones. an re na      reken n.m reknow account; bill; invoice.
 those ones. re erel other ones                  heb reken irrespective. reken gwerth n.m

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
rekenva                                                                                   restra

 bill of sale                                     representya vb represent
rekenva n.f rekenvaow check-out; till             res (1) I adj necessary; obligatory II vb
rekna vb reckon; calculate; count                  need; must. a res essential; obligatory. res
reknans n.m reknansow calculation                  porres an absolute necessity. res yw
reknel n.f reknellow pocket calculator             dhymm, res ew dhebmL I must
rekoncilya vb reconcile                           res (2) n.m resow race; course; flow. res
rekoncilyans n.m rekoncilyansow                    a-dro n.m roundabout; merry-go-round;
 reconciliation                                    carousel
rekord n.m rekordys record                        res (3) part (= rejL) (perfective/optative
rekorda n.m rekordys (musical                      particle; used before vowels with mos)
 instrument) recorder                             re's (1) contr (perfective/optative particle +
rekordya vb record                                 infixed pronoun 'her', 'it')
rekwirya vb require                               re's (2) contr (perfective/optative particle +
relyjyon n.m relyjyons religion                    infixed pronoun 'them')
re'm (1) contr (perfective particle + infixed     resL n.f resyow (= rys) ford
 pronoun 'me')                                    resayt n.m resaytys, resaytyow recipe
re'm (2) contr by my                              resegva n.f resegvaow run; (race) course;
remaynya vb remain                                 career; orbit
remedi n.m remedis solution; remedy. heb          resek vb I n.m resegow race II vb run;
 remedi incurable                                  (liquids and powders) flow; race. resek
remembra vb remember; recollect                    jynn diwros n.m motocross. resek kerri
remenant n.m remenans, remenantys                  n.m motor racing
 remainder; rest. avel remenant residual          resel n.f resellow cursor
remmM n.m rheumatism                              reser n.m resoryon (male) runner
remova vb budge; (transitive and                  resin n.coll resinen raisins
 intransitive) move; remove                       reski n.m reskeun hound (for racing)
re'n (1) contr (perfective particle + infixed     resna vb reason
 pronoun 'him; it')                               resnadow adj reasonable; fair
re'n (2) contr by the                             resnans n.m resnansow reasoning;
rendra vb render; provide                          speculation
renk n.m renkow, renkyow rank                     resnel adj rational
renka vb arrange; class; rank in order            reson n.m resons reason; logic. dre reson
renkas n.m renkasow social class                   because. herwydh reson logical; logically.
renki vb croak; snore                              reson prag because
renkyades n.f renkyadesow (female)                resonus adj reasonable
 snorer                                           resores n.f resoresow (female) runner
renkyas n.m renkysi, renkyjiL (male)              resort n.m resortys resort
 snorer                                           resortya vb resortya
rennyas n.m renysi (= rednyasL) steward           rester n.f restri arrangement; scheme.
rent n.m rentys, rentow rent; revenue              rester geryow n.f vocabulary (list)
rentya vb rent                                    restorita n.m restoritys restitution;
repentya vb repent                                 amends. gul restorita, gwul restoritaL
repoblek n.f repoblegi republic                    make amends
reportya vb report                                restra vb arrange; organise

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
restrans                                                                              robbyer

restrans n.m restransow organisation            rewlelM n.f rewlellow ruler (tool)
restrednaL vb (= restrenna) (document)          rewlya vb (= rowlyaL) rule; control;
 file                                            regulate
restren n.f restrennow, restrednowL             rewlyades n.f rewlyadesow (=
 (document) file                                 rowlyadesL) (female) ruler
restrenna vb (= restrednaL) (document)          rewlyas n.m rewlysi (= rowlyasL) (male)
 file                                            ruler
restrenva n.f restrenvaow filing cabinet        rewlys adj regular
reswisk n.m reswiskow track-suit                rewys adj frozen; icy
re'th contr (perfective/optative particle +     reydh n.f reydhow gender
 infixed pronoun 'you (sg.)')                   reydhel adj sexual
reudh n.m distress                              reyn n.m reynys reign
reudhi vb distress                              reynya vb reign
reun n.m reunes, reunyon seal (animal)          reyth adj I adj right; regular II n.f reythyow
rev n.f revow oar. rev dhewbennek, rev           religious law. yn reyth, der vaner reythL
 dhewbednekL n.f paddle                          rightly
revedh I adj astonishing; surprising II n.m     ri vb (= reiL) give; grant; present. ri arta
 revedhow wonder                                 give back. ri gweres arhans subsidise;
revelacyon n.m revelacyons revelation            support financially
reverthi I n.f reverthiow spring-tide II vb     'Ria good heavens
 flood; overwhelm                               riel adj regal; royal
revrond reverend                                rim n.m rimyow rhyme
revrons n.m respect; reverence. gul             rimya vb rhyme
 revrons dhe2 respect                           rin n.m rinyow mystery
revya vb paddle; row                            ris n.coll risen rice. ris bryjys n.coll boiled
rew (1) n.m rewyow ice; frost. dehen rew         rice. ris friys n.coll fried rice. ris glusek,
 n.m ice cream. kub rew n.m ice cube. skes       ris glujekL n.coll sticky rice. ris greun berr
 rew n.m ice skate                               n.coll short grain rice. ris greun hir n.coll
rew (2) n.m rewyow row; line. yn rew, en         long grain rice
 rewL successively                              risen n.f risennow, risednowL grain of rice
reward n.m rewardys reward                      riv n.m rivow number
rewardya vb reward                              riva vb number
Rewenys n.f Iceland                             rivbost n.m rivbostow e-mail
Rewenysek n.m Icelandic language                rivel n.f rivellow dial
rewenysek adj Icelandic                         riven n.f rivennow, rivednowL digit
Rewenysyades n.f Rewenysyadesow                 riw n.f riwyow rise; slope
 (female) Icelander                             riyades n.f riyadesow (female) donor
Rewenysyas n.m Rewenysysi,                      riyas riysi, riyjiL (male) donor
 RewenysyjiL (male) Icelander                   ro n.m rohow, royow gift; present; offering.
rewer n.m rewyoryon freezer                      ro a natur n.m gift of nature; talent
rewi vb freeze                                  roas n.m roasow talent
rewiva n.f rewivaow glacier                     roasek adj talented
rewl n.f rewlys (= rowlL) regulation; rule.     robbya vb rob
 rewl voos n.f diet                             robbyer n.m robbyoryon (male) robber

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
robbyores                                                                                 rudh

robbyores n.f robbyoresow (female)                 luggage rack
 robber                                           ros (1) n.coll rosen roses
robot n.m robotys, robotow robot                  ros (2) n.f rosow wheel. kador ros n.f
rock n.m rock music                                wheelchair. ros lewya n.f steering wheel.
rogh n.m rohow grunt                               ros melin n.f mill wheel. ros parys n.f
roha (1) vb grunt                                  spare wheel
roha (2) n.m rohys (fish) ray; thornback.         ros (3) n.m rosyow hill-spur; promontory;
 roha bros n.m stingray                            moor
rol n.f rolyow list; index; inventory; menu;      rosella vb spin; rotate
 roll. rol an warioryon n.f cast (of a play).     rosellans n.m roselansow rotation
 rol voos n.f restaurant menu. rol negys n.f      rosik n.f rosigow castor
 agenda                                           roskis n.m roskisyow roller skate
rolas n.m rolasow catalogue                       rosleverL n.m roslevrow (= roslyverM)
rolbren n.m rolbrennyer, rolbrednyerL              netbook
 wooden roller; rolling pin                       roslyverM n.m roslyvrow (= rosleverL)
rolven n.m rolveyn stone roller                    netbook
rolwedhen n.f rolwedhennow,                       rost n.m rostys roast
 rolwedhednowL menu tree                          rostel n.f rostellow skateboard
rolya vb roll                                     rostella vb skateboard
Rom n.m Romyon (male) Romany                      rostya vb roast
romanek adj Romanic. pennserneth                  rosva n.f rosvaow avenue; boulevard;
 romanek n.f Romanic architecture                  promenade
Romani n.f Romania                                rosweyth n.m rosweythyow network
Romanian n.m Romanians (male)                     rosya vb hike; surf (the internet)
 Romanian                                         rosyans n.m rosyansow hike
Romanianes n.f Romanianesow (female)              roth n.m rothow shape
 Romanian                                         roum n.m roumys room
Romaniek n.m Romanian language                    rout n.m routys mob
romaniek adj Romanian                             routabaga n.m routabagys swede
romans n.m romansow novel                         routh n.f routhow crowd; throng
romansek adj romantic                             routya vb lord it over; control
romansogeth n.f romanticism                       routyel n.f routyellow router
Romek n.m Romany language                         roweth n.m importance; prestige
romek adj Romany; gypsy                           rowlL n.f rowlys (= rewl) regulation; rule.
Romes n.f Romesow (female) Romany                  rowl voosL diet
romm n.m rum                                      rowlyaL vb (= rewlya) rule; control;
rond adj round; rounded                            regulate
rondenep n.m roundness                            rowlyadesL n.f rowlyadejow (=
ronk I adj croaky; hoarse II ronkow n.m            rewlyades) (female) ruler
 croak; snore. ronk mernans n.m death             rowlyasL n.m rowlyji (= rewlyas) (male)
 rattle                                            ruler
ronson n.m ronsons ransom                         rudh adj red. liw rudh n.m blush; red
ronsona vb ransom                                  colour. penn rudh, pedn rudhL n.m
roos n.f rosow net. roos fardellow n.f             readhead. rudh min n.m lipstick

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
rudhek                                                                                        sav

rudhek n.m rudhogyon robin                          sab n.coll saben pine tree; conifer
rudhik adj reddish                                  sad adj constant; earnest; serious; solemn;
rudhvelyn adj orange                                 stable
rudhya vb blush; redden                             Sadorn n.m Saturday; Saturn
rugbi n.m rugby                                     safran n.m saffron. tesen safran n.f saffron
rugla vb rattle                                      cake
ruglen n.f ruglennow, ruglednowL rattle             saga n.m sagas saga
rumen n.f rumennow, rumednowL                       sagh n.m seghyer bag; sack. gwari sagh
 denomination                                        n.m raffle. prena kath yn sagh, perna
run n.f runyow hillside; slope                       kath en saghL buy a pig in a poke. sagh
rusk n.coll rusken peels; barks                      keyn n.m backpack; rucksack. sagh koska
ruskek adj rough-barked                              n.m sleeping bag. pibow sagh bagpipes
Russek n.m Russian language                         saha vb (put in a) bag
russek adj Russian                                  sakra vb consecrate; ordain
Russi n.f Russia                                    sakrifia vb sacrifice
Russian n.m Russians (male) Russian                 sakrifis n.m sakrificys sacrifice; sacrificial
Russianes n.f Russianesow (female)                   victim
 Russian                                            sakrifisa vb sacrifice
rust adj rough                                      salad n.m salad
rutya vb rub                                        salami n.m salamis salami
rutyans n.m rutyansow rub                           sall adj salty
rutyer n.m rutyeryow rubber; eraser                 salla vb salt; cure; pickle
ruvanes n.f ruvanesow queen                         salm n.m salmow psalm
ruvaneth n.f ruvanethow kingdom.                    salow adj safe; unharmed
 Ruvaneth Unys (RU) n.f United Kingdom              salowder n.m security; safety
 (UK)                                               saluji vb greet
ryb adj (= rebL) beside; near to; next to. ryb      salvacyon n.m salvacyons salvation
 tenewen alongside                                  salvador n.m salvadoryon saviour
Personal forms (RMC): 1sg rybov, 2sg rybos, 3sgm    sampel n.m samplow sample; specimen
 rybdho, 3sgf rybdhi, 1pl rybon, 2pl rybowgh, 3pl   sampla vb sample
                                                    sand n.m sandys course (of a meal); dish
rych adj rich; sumptuous
                                                    sandal n.m sandalys sandal
rychedh n.m rychedhow richness
                                                    sans I adj holy II n.m sens (male) saint
rychhe vb enrich
                                                    sansel adj saintly; pious
rychys n.m riches; wealth
                                                    sanses n.f sansesow (female) saint
ryddya vb rid
                                                    sansoleth n.f sanctity; piety
rydh adj free
                                                    Sarcyn n.m Sarcyns Moor
rydhses n.m freedom; liberty
                                                    sarf n.f serf serpent. sarf gonna, sarf
ryg n.m rygyow cattle wart
                                                     godnaL n.f scarf. sarf neyja n.f (toy) kite
rypsav n.m rypsavow lay-by
                                                    Sarsyn n.m Sarsyns Saracen; (informal)
rys n.f rysyow (= resL) ford
rythhe vb free
                                                    satysfia vb satisfy
ryver n.m ryvers river
                                                    satysfians n.m satysfiansow satisfaction
's prn (infixed, pl) your; (poss) their; them;
                                                    sav n.m savow stand
 (infixed) she

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
saven                                                                                  senjiL

saven n.m savnow cleft; gully                    sedhores n.f sedhoresow (female) diver.
savla n.m savleow standpoint; halt;               sedhores dhownvor n.f (female) deep-sea
 position; stance; stop. savla kyttrin bus        diver
 stop                                            seghL adj (= sygh) arid; dry
savon n.f savonow standard                       segi vb soak
savonek adj standard                             seha vb dry; wipe
savyour n.m savyours saviour                     sehans n.m sehansow wipe
saw (1) but; except                              sehen n.f sehennow, sehednowL dead tree
saw (2) adj safe; secure. kofer saw n.m safe     sehes n.m thirst. bos sehes dhe2 thirsty, be
sawder n.m security; safety. skwych               thirsty
 sawder n.m safety catch                         sekerder n.m security. sekerder socyal
sawgh n.m sawhow burden; load;                    n.m social security
 horse-load. orth an sawgh by the load           sekond (1) n.m sekondys second
sawja n.m (herb) sage                            sekond (2) num second
sawment n.m therapy                              sekret adj secret
sawna n.m sawnas sauna                           sekretli adv secretly
sawor n.m saworyow aroma; flavour; taste.        seks n.m sex
 sawor poos n.m nasty smell; stench              seksi adj sexy
saworen n.f saworennow, saworednowL              sel (1) n.m selyow foundation; base
 condiment                                       sel (2) n.f selys, selyow seal; signet;
sawrek adj tasty                                  (printing) impression
sawya vb heal; rescue; save. sawya a2            sellys adj salted; salty
 rescue from; heal from. grugys sawya n.m        selsik n.coll selsigen sausages
 lifebelt. skath sawya n.f lifeboat. sawya fas   selva n.f selvaow military base
 save face                                       selven n.m selveyn foundation stone
sawyades n.f sawyadesow (female)                 selvenel adj basic
 rescuer                                         selwel vb (in the context of salvation) save
sawyans n.m sawyansow rescue                     selwyans n.m selwyansow salvation
sawyas n.m sawysi (male) rescuer                 selwyas n.m selwysi saviour
'sayaL vb (= assaya) try                         selya vb establish; found
se n.m seys, seow throne; seat                   selyek adj basic
sebon n.m sebonow soap. gwari sebon n.m          semlant n.m semlans appearance;
 soap opera                                       expression
seboni vb soap                                   semli adj seemly; handsome
sedh n.m sedhow dive                             sempel adj simple; homely; ordinary; plain;
'sedhaL vb (= esedha) sit; take a seat.           primitive
 'sedha war skavel an gowL slander;              sempelhe vb simplify
 gossip                                          Sen n.m (title) Saint
sedher n.m sedhoryon (male) diver.               senedh n.m senedhow parliament. esel
 sedher downvor n.m deep-sea diver                senedh n.m member of parliament (MP)
sedhes n.m sedhesow setting; sinking;            senedhek adj parlimentary
 submersion                                      seni vb play (an instrument); ring (a bell);
sedhi vb dive; submerge; (sun) set. lester        (transitive and intransitive) sound
 sedhi n.m submarine                             senjiL vb (= synsi) hold; detain; grasp;

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
senjysL                                                                                     sewya

 keep; seize. senji e'n bresL concentrate on.     sesyans n.m sesyansow occupation
 sens dha glap!L shut up! sens dha vin!L          set n.m settys set; suite. set kartennow,
 shut up!                                          set kartednowL n.m deck of cards
senjysL adj (= synsys) held; beholden             seth (1) n.f sethow arrow
sens n.m sensys sense                             seth (2) n.m sethow large jar
sensour n.m sensours detector; sensor             sethL adj (= syth) direct; upright
separatya vb separate                             setha vb shoot
ser n.m seri craftsman. ser prenn, ser            sethas n.m sethasow jarful
 prednL n.m (male) carpenter                      sether n.m sethoryon (male) archer
Serb n.m Serbyon (male) Serb                      sethores n.f sethoresow (female) archer
Serbek n.m Serbian language                       settya vb set; place; put. settya orth resist.
serbek adj Serbian                                 settya moos set the table
Serbes n.f Serbesow (female) Serb                 seudh n.m seudhow depression
Serbi n.f Serbia                                  seudhel n.m seudhelyow heel
seres n.f seresow craftswoman                     seul adv so many; so much; whoever
serpont n.m serpons, serpentys serpent;           seulabresL adv (= seulabrys) already;
 snake                                             formerly; in the past
serra n.m serrys (= syrra) sir                    seulabrys adv (= seulabresL) already;
serri (1) vb (intransitive) be angry; get          formerly; in the past
 angry; (transitive) annoy; aggravate;            seuladhedhL adv (= seuladhydh) long
 irritate; make angry. serri orth be angry         since
 with; get angry with                             seuladhydh adv (= seuladhedhL) long
serri (2) shut. serr dha dhiwen! shut up!          since
serrys adj angry; indignant; vexed                sevel vb (intransitive) stand; arise; get up;
serth adj abrupt; vertical; upright; stiff;        rise; halt; (transitive) raise up; erect. sevel
 steep                                             orth, sevel ortL resist; abstain from. sevel
serthals n.f serthalsyow, serthaljyow              orth goheles face up to. sevel orth
 precipice                                         hwerthin keep a straight face
servabyl adj serviceable                          sevi n.coll sevien strawberries. kennin
servadow adj makeshift; temporary;                 sevi n.coll chives
 serviceable                                      sevur adj earnest; serious
servis n.m servisyow service. Servis              sevureth n.f severity
 Kenedhlek an Yehes (SKY) n.m the                 sewen adj (= sowenL) successful;
 National Health Service (NHS)                     prosperous
servya vb wait upon; serve                        sewena n.f (= sowenaL) success;
servyades n.f servyadesow (female)                 prosperity; welfare. heb sewena
 servant; waitress                                 unsuccessful; unsuccessfully
servyas n.m servysi (male) servant; waiter        seweni vb (= soweniL) succeed; get on;
servyour n.m servyours tray                        prosper; thrive; win out
seson n.m sesons, sesonyow season;                sewenyans n.m prosperity
 period of time. kleves seson n.m ague;           sewt n.m sewtys suit. sewt kartennow,
 chills and fever; malaria                         sewt kartednowL n.m suit of cards
sesya vb seize; confiscate; lay hold of;          sewya vb follow; result. a sew following.
 occupy; take prisoner                             sewya dre laha sue

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
sewyans                                                                                  skav

sewyans n.m sewyansow outcome; result;          SIDA n.m AIDS
 consequence; sequel. yn sewyans, en            silikon n.m silicon
 sewyansL consequently                          sim n.m simes monkey
seytegves num seventeenth                       sin n.m sinys, sinyow signal; sign;
seytek num seventeen                             symptom
seyth num seven                                 sina vb sign
seythednekL adj (= seythennyek) weekly.         sinans n.m sinansow signature
 jornal seythednek n.m weekly                   sinel n.f sinellow signal
seythen n.f seythennyow, seythednowL            sinya vb indicate; signal
 week. an jorna ma war seythen today            sira n.m sirys father; sire. sira da n.m
 week. pub seythen adv weekly. seythen           father-in-law. sira wynn, sira wydnL n.m
 an dhewbries nowyth n.f honeymoon               grandfather
seythennyek adj (= seythednekL) weekly.         siw n.m siwyon bream
 jornal seythennyek n.m weekly                  skafhe vb lighten
seythves num seventh                            skajenL n.m skajednow (= skajyn) tramp
shackya vb shake. shackya leuv shake            skajyn n.m skajynnow (= skajenL) tramp
 hands                                          skala n.m skalys dish; saucer
shackyans n.m shackyansow shake.                skaldya vb scald; blight
 shackyans leuv n.m handshake                   skaldyans n.m skaldyansow blight
shafta n.m shaftys shaft                        skalpyon pickles
sham n.m shame                                  skampi n.coll scampi
shamya vb shame                                 skans n.coll skansen flakes; scales
shap n.m shapys shape. shap adamant n.m         skansek adj flaky; scaly
 lozenge                                        skant I adv barely; hardly; scantily II adj
shapya vb model; shape                           scanty; scarce
shara n.m sharys share                          skantlin n.m skantlins ruler (tool)
sheft n.m sheftys shaft                         skantlowr adv barely; hardly; scantily;
sherp adj sharp. blesys sherp hot; spicy         scarcely
shinya shine                                    skantlyn n.m skantlyns pattern
shogra I n.m sugar II vb sugar                  skantys panties
shoppa n.m shoppys shop; store. shoppa          skanyer n.m skanyoryon scanner. skanyer
 lyvrowM, shoppa levrowL n.m bookshop;           gweli n.m flatbead scanner
 bookstore. shoppa hwegennow, shoppa            skapya vb escape; slip out. skeul skapya n.f
 hwegednowL n.m sweetshop                        fire escape
shora n.m shorys fit; seizure                   skat n.m skattys, skattow (= skwat) hit;
showr n.m showrys mass; large quantity.          blow; slap
 showr a2 masses of                             skath n.f skathow boat. skath hir n.f barge.
showyaL vb show                                  skath klos n.f raft. skath revya n.f
shyndya vb harm; hurt; impair; injure; ruin      rowboat. skath sawya n.f lifeboat. skath
shyndyans n.m shyndyansow injury                 tan n.f motor-boat. skath wolya n.f sailing
shyndys adj damaged; hurt; injured               boat
si vb fancy                                     skattra vb scatter
sia vb buzz; hiss; rustle                       skav adj light; agile; flimsy; nimble; slight;
sians n.m siansow notion                         quick

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
skavder                                                                               skol

skavder n.m speed; agility; quickness            mind. meur y skians knowledeable.
skavel n.f skavellow stool. skavel droos n.f     skians kreftus n.m artificial intelligence
 footstool. skavel gronek n.f toadstool;        skiansek I adj intellectual; intelligent;
 mushroom                                        knowledeable II n.m skiansogyon (male)
skaw n.coll skawen elder. yrin skaw n.coll       intellectual
 elderberry. gwin skaw n.m elderberry           skiansoges n.f skiansogesow (female)
 wine                                            intellectual
skentel adj adept; brainy; clever;              skiber n.f skiberyow barn
 intelligent; learned; skilled                  skiens n.m skiensow science; (in trad.
skentoleth n.f wisdom                            texts) knowledge; wisdom
sker n.coll skeren barnacles                    skiensek adj scientific
skeri vb skim                                   skiensydh n.m skiensydhes (male)
skes n.m skesow skate. skes rew n.m ice          scientist
 skate                                          skiensydhes n.f skiensydhesow (female)
skesya vb skate. skesya war rew ice skate        scientist
sketh n.m skethow strip                         skientek adj intelligent
skethen n.f skethennow, skethednowL             skila n.f skilys cause; reason
 strip                                          skinen n.f skinennow, skinednowL earring
skeujekL adj (= skeusek) suspicious; shady      skit n.m diarrhoea
skeul n.f skeulyow ladder; scale. skeul         skitel n.f skitellow syringe
 lovan n.f rope ladder. skeul skapya n.f fire   skithL adj (= skwith) weary; tired; sleepy
 escape                                         skithaL vb (= skwitha) tire; exhaust; weary
skeulya vb scale                                skithterL n.m (= skwithter) weariness
skeus n.m skeusow reflection; shadow            skitya vb inject
skeusednerL n.m skeusenoryon (=                 skityans n.m skityansow injection.
 skeusenner) (male) photographer                 skityans petrol n.m fuel injection
skeusek adj (= skeujekL) suspicious; shady      sklander n.m sklanderyow slander;
skeusen n.f skeusennow, skeusednowL              scandal
 photograph                                     sklandra vb slander; scandalise
skeusenieth n.f photography                     skobmL n.m skobmow (= skommen) chip;
skeusenner n.m skeusenoryon (=                   potato chip; jetsam
 skeusednerL) (male) photographer               skochfordh n.f skochfordhow alleyway
skeusenores n.f skeusenoresow (female)          skochkelgh n.m skochkelghyow (=
 photographer                                    skochkylghM) short circuit
skeusenweyth n.f photography                    skochkylghM n.m skochkylghyow (=
skeusi vb escape; evade capture. skeusi rag      skochkelgh) short circuit
 escape from                                    skodhyores n.f skodhyoresow (female)
skevens lung                                supporter; (female) fan
skew n.f skewyow screen. skew wyns n.f          skogyn n.m skogynnow, skogydnowL
 windscreen                                      idiot; half-wit
ski n.m skis, skiow ski                         skol n.f skolyow school. lyver skol, lever
skia vb ski                                      skolL schoolbook. skol elvennek, skol
skians n.m skiansow intellect; knowledge;        elvednek n.f elementary school. skol
 sense; wisdom. mes a'y skians out of his        nessa n.f high school. skol nos n.f

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
skoler                                                                               skrifleverL

 night-school. skol ramer n.f grammar              shoulder
 school. skol veythrin n.f kindergarten.          skoodhya vb assist; back; help; second;
 skol stat n.f state school                        support
skoler n.m skoloryon (male) scholar               skoodhyans n.m skodhyansow assistance;
skolheygel adj scholarly                           help; support. skoodhyans an bobel n.m
skolheyges n.f skolheygesow (female)               grass-roots support
 student; (female) scholar                        skoodhyer n.m skodhyoryon (male)
skolheygieth n.f scholarship                       supporter; (male) fan
skolheyk n.m skolheygyon (male) student;          skoos n.m skosow shield
 (male) scholar                                   skorn n.m skornys scorn
skolji n.m skoljiow schoolhouse                   skornya vb scorn
skolk n.m skolkyow sneak                          skorr (1) n.m skorrow branch
skolkya vb sneak                                  skorr (2) n.coll skorren branches; veins of
skoll n.m rubbish; waste. tewlel dhe skoll,        ore
 towlel dhe skollL throw away                     skorren n.f skorennow, skorednowL vein
skollya vb waste; shed; spill; tip. skollya liv   Skot n.m Skotyon (male) Scot
 a dhagrow cry one's eyes out                     skotek adj Scottish
skollyans n.m skolyansow spill                    Skotes n.f Skotesow (female) Scot
skollyek adj wasteful                             skovarn n.f skovornow, dl diwskovarn
skollyon pieces of junk; slop                 ear; handle (of a jar)
skolores n.f skoloresow (female) scholar          skovarnek skovarnogyon, skovarnoges I
skolva n.f skolvaow wastefulness                   adj big-eared II n.m hare
skolvaw n.m skolvebyon schoolboy                  skovarnigow headphones
skolvester n.m skolvestrysi, skolvestryji         skovva n.f skovvaow shelter; haven
 schoolmaster                                     skowl n.m skowles (bird) kite
skolvestres n.f skolvestresow                     skrambla vb scramble. oy skramblys n.m
 schoolmistress                                    scrambled egg
skol veythrin nursery school                      skravinyas vb claw
skolvo'sL n.f skolvo'si (= skolvowes)             skrew n.m skrewys screw
 schoolgirl                                       skrewya vb screw
skolvowes n.f skolvowysi (= skolvo'sL)            skriba n.m skribys scribe
 schoolgirl                                       skrif n.m skrifow article; document. skrif
skomm n.coll skommen (= skobmL)                    kot n.m abstract
 splinter; jetsam                                 skrifa vb write. gis skrifa n.m literary style
skommen n.f skomennow (= skobmL)                  skrifedh n.f skrifedhow writ
 chip; splinter; potato chip. skommow        skrifednyasL n.m skrifenyji (=
 wreckage                                          skrifennyas) (male) secretary
skon adv at once; soon; quickly                   skrifennyas n.m skrifenysi (=
skons n.coll skonsen scones                        skrifednyasL) (male) secretary
skonya vb refuse. acheson rag skonya n.m          skrifenyades n.f skrifenyadesow (female)
 objection. skonya a2 abstain from. skonya         secretary
 gweles turn a blind eye. skonya omwaya           skrifenyaseth n.f secretariat
 refuse to budge; dig one's heels in              skrifer n.m skriforyon (male) writer
skoodh n.f skodhow, dl diwskodh                   skrifleverL n.m skriflevrow (=

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
skriflyverM                                                                       Slovenek

 skriflyverM) notebook                          sweepings
skriflyverM n.m skriflyvrow (=                 skudel n.f skudellow bowl; dish; plate.
 skrifleverL) notebook                          skudel loerel n.f satellite dish
skrifores n.f skriforesow (female) writer      skwachyaL vb (= skwattya) hit; slap;
skrifsagh n.m skrifseghyer briefcase            smash; squash
skrifwas n.m skrifwesyon clerk                 skwardya vb rip
skrifyades n.f skrifyadesow (female            skwat n.m skwattow (= skat) hit; blow;
 professional) writer                           slap
skrifyas n.m skrifysi, skrifyjiL (male         skwattya vb (= skwachyaL) hit; slap;
 professional) writer                           smash; squash
skrij n.m skrijow scream                       skwir I adj standard II n.m skwirys
skrija vb scream                                standard; set-square
skrin n.f skrinyow screen; monitor             skwith adj (= skithL) weary; tired; sleepy
skrinva n.f skrinvaow gnashing                 skwitha vb (= skithaL) tire; exhaust; weary
skriptor n.m skriptors scripture               skwithter n.m (= skithterL) weariness
skrisel n.f skrisellow poster                  skwithus adj boring; tedious; irksome
skriven n.f skrivennow, skrivednowL            skwithys adj bored; exhausted
 article; document                             skwych n.m skwychys switch; catch;
skruth n.m skruthow shudder; revulsion;         twitch. skwych sawder n.m safety catch
 panic                                         skwychel n.f skwychellow switch
skrutha vb shudder                             skwychella vb switch
skruthus adj creepy; ghastly                   skwychya vb switch; twitch. skwychya yn
skrybla vb scribble; doodle                     farow, skwychya en farowL switch off.
skryblans n.m skryblansow scribble;             skwychya yn fyw, skwychya en fewL
 doodle                                         switch on
skrynk n.m skrynkow grin; snarl                'skydnyaL vb (= 'skynnya, = diyskynna, =
skrynkya vb grin; snarl                         deskydnyaL) descend; go down; alight
skryp n.m skryppys wallet                      'skydnynansL n.m (= yskynnans) take-off
skub n.m skubyon sweeping                      skyll n.coll skyllen sprouts; shoots
skubel n.f skubellow broom; brush. skubel      skylla vb sprout; shoot
 sugna n.f vacuum cleaner. skubel wolhi n.f    'skynnya vb (= 'skydnyaL, = diyskynna, =
 mop                                            deskydnyaL) descend; go down; alight
skubellik n.f skubeligow paintbrush            skyppya vb skip
skuber n.m skuboryon (male) sweeper            skyrmya vb fence
skubores n.f skuboresow (female)               slackya vb abate; let up; slacken
 sweeper                                       sley adj clever; skilful; competent; skilled
skubus adj sweeping                            sleyneth n.f skill; dexterity
skubya vb brush; sweep                         slim n.m slimys slime
skubyllen n.f skubylennow,                     Slovak n.m Slovakyon (male) Slovak
 skubylednowL broom; brush. skubyllen          slovakek adj Slovak
 bast n.f pastry brush. skubyllen baynt n.f    Slovakes n.f Slovakesow (female) Slovak
 paintbrush. skubyllen dhens n.f               Slovaki n.f Slovakia
 toothbrush                                    Sloven n.m Slovenyon (male) Slovene
skubyon n.coll skubyonen refuse;               Slovenek n.m Slovenian language

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
slovenek                                                                               soon

slovenek adj Slovenian                          soffra vb suffer; tolerate
Slovenes n.f Slovenesow (female) Slovene        sogh (1) adj blunt; dull; obtuse. penn-sogh,
Sloveni n.f Slovenia                             pedn-soghL adj hare-brained
slynk I adj slippery II n.m slynkys,            sogh (2) n.m soghyow ploughshare
 slynkow slide. karr slynk n.m sleigh           sohelin n.m sohelinnyow, sohelidnyowL
slynkya vb glide; drag oneself along             obtuse angle
smat n.m smatys thug; tough guy                 sojet n.m sojets subject (of a monarch)
smodh adj smooth                                sojeta n.m sojetys grammatical subject
smurf n.m smurfes smurf                         sokor n.m aid. sokor kensa, sokor kynsaM
snell I adj quick; speedy; active II adv         n.m first aid
 quickly                                        sokra vb aid
snobbyn n.m snobbynnow, snobydnowL              soled I adj solid II n.m soledow solid
 snob                                           solem adj solemn
snod n.m snodys, snodow ribbon; tape            solempnita n.m solempnitys ceremony;
sobmL n.m sobmow (= somm) sum; total             solemnity
sobmenL n.f somednow (= sommen) total;          solempnya vb celebrate
 sum                                            solempnyans n.m solempnyansow
socyal adj social. sekerder socyal n.m           celebration
 social security                                solempnyel adj ceremonial
socyalieth n.f socialism                        soler n.m soleryow attic; balcony; gallery;
socyalydh n.m socyalydhyon (male)                loft
 socialist                                      solo n.m solos solo
socyalydhek adj socialist                       sols n.m solsow shilling
socyalydhes n.f socyalydhesow (female)          solva n.f solvaow establishment
 socialist                                      somfL n.m somfys sink
socyologieth n.f sociology                      somm n.m sommow (= sobmL) total; sum
socyologiethek adj sociological                 sommen n.f somennow (= sobmenL) total;
socyologydh n.m socyologydhyon (male)            sum
 sociologist                                    sompna vb summon
socyologydhes socyologydhesow (female)          son n.m sonyow sound; noise. gas dha son!
 sociologist                                     shut up! heb gul son silently
soda n.m sodas soda                             sona vb bless; charm
sodha vb serve; hold an office                  sondyans n.m sondyansow poll
sodhek n.m sodhogyon (male) officer;            sonek adj sonic
 (male) official                                sonel n.f sonellow (item) charm
sodhogel adj official                           sonet n.m sonettys sonnet
sodhoges n.f sodhogesow (female) officer;       sonlergh n.m sonlerghyow soundtrack
 (female) official                              sononieth n.f acoustics
sodhva n.f sodhvaow office; bureau.             sononiethel adj acoustic
 sodhva bost n.f post office. sodhva doll n.f   sonskrif n.m sonskrifow recording
 tax office. sodhva greslu n.f police station   sonskrifa vb record (audio)
sodones n.coll sodonesen sultanas               soodh n.f sodhow employment;
sodron n.coll sodronen horse-flies               occupation; office
sofa n.m sofas sofa                             soon n.m sonyow blessing

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
soov                                                                                spaven

soov n.m suet; tallow                             sovereign
soper n.m soperyow supper                        sovranedh n.m sovereignty
soppojaL vb (= sopposya) suppose; intend.        sowdhan I n.m confusion; bewilderment II
 del ew soppojysL supposedly                      adv yn sowdhan astray
sopposya vb (= soppojaL) suppose; intend.        sowdhanas vb (= sowdheni) amaze; be
 del yw sopposys, del ew sopposysL                confused; confuse; stupefy; surprise
 supposedly                                      sowdheni vb (= sowdhanas) amaze; be
soprano n.m sopranos soprano                      confused; confuse; stupefy; surprise
sordya vb (transitive) arouse; evoke;            sowdhenys adj bewildered; confused
 instigate; provoke; (intransitive) arise;       sowenL adj (= sewen) successful;
 emerge; mutiny. sordya marth yn                  prosperous
 nebonan impress somebody. usi ow                sowenaL n.f (= sewena) success;
 sordya, uji ow sordyaL emerging; nascent         prosperity; welfare. heb sowenaL
sordyans n.m sordyansow instigation;              unsuccessful; unsuccessfully
 mutiny; uprising                                soweniL vb (= seweni) succed; get on;
sorn n.m sornow corner                            prosper; thrive; win out
sorr n.m anger; wrath. don sorr y'n golon,       soweth int alas; oh dear
 don sorr e'n golonL harbour anger.              sowl n.coll stubble; thatch
 kemeres sorr take umbrage                       sowlednaL vb (= sowlenna) thatch
sorrvan n.m indignation                          sowlenna vb (= sowlednaL) thatch
sort (1) n.m sortow kind; sort; variety. a       sowman n.m sowmans salmon
 bub sort miscellaneous. a lies sort varied;     sowndya vb sound
 heterogeneous                                   Sows n.m Sows Englishman
sort (2) n.m sortes hedgehog. sort mor n.m       Sows- prfx Anglo-
 sea urchin                                      sows n.m sowsys, sowsow sauce
sortya vb sort                                   Sowses n.f Sowsesow Englishwoman
sos n.m sos friend; mate; pal                    Sowsneger n.m Sowsnegoryon (male)
sosten n.m sustenance; nutrition                  English speaker; (male) anglophone
sostena vb sustain                               sowsneger adj anglophone
sostenadewder n.m sustainability                 Sowsnegores n.f Sowsnegoresow (female)
sostenadow adj sustainable                        English speaker; (female) anglophone
sotel adj crafty; subtle                         Sowsnek n.m English language
sotelneth n.f subtlety                           sowsnek adj English
soth n.m south                                   sowsnekhe vb anglicise
soth-est n.m south-east                          sowter n.m sowters psalter
soth-west n.m south-west                         spadha vb castrate; neuter; spay
souba vb soak                                    spadhesik n.m spadhesigyon eunuch
souben n.f soubennow, soubednowL                 spal n.m spalyow fine; penalty
 morsel                                          spala vb fine
souder n.m soudoryon, soudrys (male)             spar I adj spare II sparyon n.m spare part
 soldier                                         sparya vb spare; economise
souderji n.m souderjiow barracks                 spas n.m spassow space; opportunity;
soudores n.f soudoresow (female) soldier          room
sovran I adj sovereign II n.m sovrans            spaven n.f spavennow, spavednowL lull;

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
spavenhe                                                                                 stat

 intermission                                    splanna vb (= spladnaL) shine
spavenhe vb lull                                 splat n.m splattys, splattow plot
spavnel n.f spavnellow lull                      splattya vb plot
Spayn n.m Spain                                  spong n.m spongow sponge
Spaynek n.m Spanish language                     sport n.m sportys, sportow sport; pastime
spaynek adj Spanish                              sportva n.f sportvaow stadium
Spaynyer n.m Spaynyoryon (male)                  sportyades n.f sportyadesow
 Spaniard                                         sportswoman
Spaynyores n.f Spaynyoresow (female)             sportyas n.m sportysi, sportyjiL
 Spaniard                                         sportsman
specyli adv especially; particularly             spralansedh n.m (in physics) resistance
speda n.f prosperity                             sprall n.m sprallow inhibition
spedhas n.coll spedhasen briars                  spralla vb inhibit
spedya vb succeed; progress; get on.             sprujekL adj (= sprusek) nuclear. atal
 spedya marthys da work like a charm              sprujekL n.m nuclear waste. arv sprujekL
spena vb spend; exhaust                           n.f nuclear weapon
spencer n.m spencers butler                      sprus n.coll sprusen kernels
spendya vb spend; exhaust                        sprusek adj (= sprujekL) nuclear. atal
spens n.m spensow larder                          sprusek n.m nuclear waste. arv sprusek
spenys adj exhausted                              n.f nuclear weapon
spera n.m sperys spear                           sprusen n.f sprusennow, sprusednowL
spern n.coll spernen thorns. kurun spern          pip
 n.f crown of thorns; hangover. spern            spryngya vb spring up
 gwynn, spern gwydnL n.coll hawthorn.            spyrys n.m spyrysyon, spyryjyonL fairy
 spern melen n.coll barberries                   spys n.m spysow (= spesL) period; interval
spernek adj thorny                               stacyon n.m stacyons station
spesL n.m spesow (= spys) period; interval       stag (1) I adj attached; fixed; stuck II n.m
spik n.m spikys spike                             stagow tether. mos yn stag, mos en stagL
spinach n.m spinach                               get stuck
spis n.m spisys, spisyow spice                   stag (2) n.m stagow mire; mud
spisa vb spice                                   staga vb attach; fix; tether
spisek adj spicy                                 stagel vb stagellow attachment
spiser n.m spisoryon grocer                      stalacyon n.m stalacyons installation
spisti n.m spistiow grocery                      stamp n.m stampys, stampow (postage)
spit n.m spite; malice. spit dhe2 in spite of     stamp
spitus adj spiteful                              stampya vb stamp
spladnL adj, adv (= splann) bright; brilliant;   stanch adj staunch; waterproof
 gleaming; gorgeous; luminous; shining;          stanchura vb waterproof
 superb. en jedh spladnL in broad daylight       standard I adj standard II n.m standardys
spladnaL vb (= splanna) shine                     standard
splander n.m gloss; polish                       stank n.m stankyow tread; stamp of foot
splann adj, adv (= spladnL) bright; brilliant;   stankya vb tread; trample; stamp
 gleaming; gorgeous; luminous; shining;          stark adj fixedly. mires stark orth stare at
 superb. yn jydh splann in broad daylight        stat n.m statys, statow state; situation;

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
statydh                                                                             strolyek

 estate. an Statys Unys the United           stiwenna vb (= stiwednaL) slap
 States (of America). stat an les n.m the         stlavedh I adj lisping II n.m lisp
 welfare state                                    stlevi vb lisp
statydh statydhyon statesman                      stock n.m stockys block
statydhes n.f statydhesow stateswoman             stoff n.m stoffys material; stuff
statystek n.f (science) statistics                stoffki n.m stoffkeun junkie
statystyk n.m statystygyon statistic              stons n.m stonsys stance; attitude
stayr n.m stayrys stair                           stoppya vb stop; block
sten n.m tin                                      stoppyer n.m stoppyers plug
stenek n.f stenegow stannary                      stordi adj sturdy
stenor n.m stenoryon tinner                       stori n.m storis story
stenores n.f stenoresow tinner                    stout adj proud
ster n.coll steren stars                          straft adj immediate; straight away
stergelgh n.m stergelghyow (=                     straght adj immediate
 stergylghM) zodiac                               stranjer n.m stranjers stranger
stergylghM n.m stergylghyow (=                    stras n.m strasow flat valley
 stergelgh) zodiac                                strel n.m strelyow mat; rug
sterji n.m sterjiow planetarium                   strem n.m stremys stream
sterlester n.m sterlestri spaceship;              stret n.m stretys, stretow street. karr
 starship                                          stret n.m tram. maw stret n.m street
stervarner n.m stervarnoryon (male)                urchin. stret unfordh n.m one-way street
 astronaut                                        strethur n.f strethurow structure
stervarnores stervarnoresow (female)              strethurek adj structural
 astronaut                                        stretwikor n.m stretwikoryon (male)
steus n.f steusow course                           street-trader
steuv n.f steuvow warp                            stretwikores n.f stretwikoresow (female)
steuvi vb warp                                     street-trader
stevel n.f stevellow room. stevel an klass        stretyn n.m stretynnow, stretydnowL
 n.f classroom. stevel an lys, stevel an lesL      alley; little street
 n.f courtroom. stevel dhybri, stevel             strif n.m strifow strife; struggle
 dhebriL n.f dining room. stevel omwolhi          strifwerth n.m strifwerthow auction
 n.f bathroom. stevel wortos n.f waiting          strifwertha vb auction
 room                                             strifwerther n.m strifwerthoryon (male)
stevnik n.f stevnigow palate                       auctioneer
stif n.m stifow jet; squirt                       strifwerthores n.f strifwerthoresow
stifa vb jet; squirt                               (female) auctioneer
stifek n.m stifoges squid                         strik adj nimble; active
stifella vb spray                                 strivya vb strive; contend; contest
stifjyn n.m stifjynnys, stifjynnow jet            strivyans n.m strivyansow contention
 engine                                           striw n.m striwyow sneeze
stiflinder n.m jet lag                            striwi vb sneeze
stifliv n.m jet stream                            strol n.m mess; litter; untidiness
stiwednaL vb (= stiwenna) slap                    strolya vb litter
stiwen n.m slap                                   strolyek adj dirty; messy

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
strooth                                                                             syndrom

strooth adj tight; strict; squeezed. jerkyn      vacuum cleaner
 strooth n.m straight-jacket                    sugnek adj juicy
strotha vb bind; restrict; squeeze; wring       sugra I n.m sugar II vb sugar
strothans n.m strothansow squeeze               sujestiv adj suggestive
strothys adj limited; squeezed                  Sul n.m Sunday. dres an Sul over the
strus n.m strusyow ostrich                       weekend
stubmL n.m stubmow (= stumm) position           sulfur n.m sulphur
studh n.m studhyow condition; situation;        Sulgweyth I adv on a Sunday II n.m
 state                                           Sulgweythyow (time) Sunday
studhla n.m studhleow studio                    sur adj, adv sure; surely; certain; certainly
studhva n.f studhvaow (room) study              surhe vb assure; insure
studhya vb study                                surheans n.m surheansow insurance
studhyans n.m studhyansow (piece of             surneth n.f surnethow certainty
 work) study                                    surredi adv certainly
studhyer n.m studhyoryon (male) student         swan n.m swans swan
studhyores n.f studhyoresow (female)            Swed n.m Swedys (male) Swede
 student                                        Swedek n.m Swedish language
studhyus adj studious                           swedek adj Swedish
stumm n.m stummow bend; turn; turning           Sweden n.m Sweden
stumma vb wind; twist; warp. stumma             Swedes n.f Swedesow (female) Swede
 troha (be inclined; move towards) tend         Swis n.m Swisys (male) Swiss
 towards                                        swis adj Swiss
stummans n.m stumansow tendency                 Swisalmaynek n.m Swiss German language
stummys adj twisted; warped; gnarled            Swises n.f Swisesow (female) Swiss
styr n.m styryow meaning; sense;                syg n.f sygow attachment; leash; trace (of a
 significance. leun a styr meaningful            harness)
styrrya vb move                                 syger adj slow; idle; lazy; lethargic. termyn
styrya vb mean; define; explain; gloss;          syger n.m leisure
 interpret; signify. henn yw dhe styrya,        sygerneth n.f idleness; laziness; lethargy
 hedn ew dhe styryaL namely                     sygerus adj, adv leisurely; at leisure
styryans n.m styryansow explanation;            sygh (= seghL) adj arid; dry
 definition; interpretation. heb styryans       syght n.m sight
 unaccountable                                  sylaben n.f sylabennow, sylabednowL
styward n.m stywards steward                     syllable
substans n.f substansow substance               Syllan n.f Scilly. Enesek Syllan n.f Isles of
substansek adj substantive                       Scilly
sudron n.coll sudronen drones                   sylli n.f sylies eel
sugal n.coll sugalen rye. bara sugal n.m rye    symfoni n.m symfonis symphony
 bread                                          synaga n.m synagys synagogue
sugen n.m sugenyow juice; sap; essence.         syndrom n.m syndromow syndrome.
 sugen aval n.m apple juice. sugen frooth        syndrom Down n.m Down's syndrome.
 n.m fruit juice. sugen kig n.m gravy. sugen     Syndrom an Imundhifyk Akwirys (SIDA)
 owraval n.m orange juice                        n.m Acquired Immune Deficiency
sugna vb suck; absorb. skubel sugna n.f          Syndrome (AIDS)

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
synsi                                                                             tangasores

synsi vb (= senjiL) hold; detain; grasp;         talas n.m talasow payment
 keep; seize. syns dha glap! shut up! syns       talben n.m talbennow, talbednowL knob
 dha vin shut up! synsi y'n brys                 talek I adj big-browed II n.m taloges (fish)
 concentrate on                                   roach; dace
synsys adj (= senjysL) held; beholden            talenep n.m talenebow facade
Synt n.m (title) Saint                           talgabmaL vb (= talgamma) frown
Synta n.f (title) Saint                          talgam adj sullen
synthesek adj synthetic                          talgamma vb (= talgabmaL) frown
syr n.m sir                                      talgel n.f talgellow pantry
syrop n.m syropys syrup                          talletherenL n.f talletherennow (=
syrra n.m syrrys (= serra) sir                    tallytheren) initial
system n.m systemow system                       tallyour n.m tallyours tray
systemasek adj systematic                        tallytheren n.f tallytherennow (=
syth adj (= sethL) direct; upright                talletherenL) initial
ta prn (enclitic, sg) you                        talsogh I adj stupid; dull; unintelligent II
-ta prn (enclitic pronoun) you (sg.)              n.m talsoghyon dimwit; dullard
tabel n.m tablys table                           talsoha vb dumb down
tabmL n.m tebmyn (= tamm) bit; fragment;         talvedhys adj worth
 morsel; piece; scrap. tabm dentiL n.m           talvesa vb to be worth
 (food) delicacy. tabm ha tabmL bit by bit;      talvos vb be priced; rate
 gradually; little by little; piecemeal          talvosek adj valuable
tabou I adj taboo II n.m tabous taboo            talvosogeth n.f worth; value; usefulness
tabour n.m tabours, tabouryow drum.              Tamar n.m Tamar. Dowr Tamar n.m River
 gweskel tabour beat a drum; drum                 Tamar
tabourer n.m tabouroryon (male)                  tamm n.m temmyn (= tabmL) bit;
 drummer                                          fragment; morsel; piece; scrap. tamm
tabourores n.f tabouroresow (female)              denti n.m (food) delicacy. tamm ha tamm
 drummer                                          bit by bit; gradually; little by little;
tackya (1) vb attach; fasten                      piecemeal
tackya (2) vb clap. tackya diwleuvM,             tan n.m tanyow fire. gans tan alight; on
 tackya diwla clap one's hands                    fire. tan y'n golon, tan e'n golonL n.m
tag n.m tagow choking; traffic jam                enthusiasm
taga vb choke; clog; strangle; suffocate         tanbelednikL n.m tanbelenigow (=
tagel tagellow n.f (fleshy appendage) wattle      tanbelennik) explosive shell
takla (1) vb adorn; deck; furnish; trim          tanbelennik n.m tanbelenigow (=
takla (2) (football) tackle                       tanbelednikL) explosive shell
taklans n.m taklansow (football) tackle          tanbellen n.f tanbelennow, tanbelednowL
taklen n.f taklennow, taklednowL thing;           bomb
 gear; object                                    tanbren n.m tanbrennyer, tanbrednyerL
taksi n.m taksiow taxi                            match. box tanbren n.m matchbox
taktek n.m taktegow tactics                      tangasor n.m tangasoryon (male)
tal n.f(m) talyow (= toalL) brow; forehead;       firefighter
 front; temple                                   tangasores n.f tangasoresow (female)
talar n.m talarow headland (in a field)           firefighter

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
tanjerin                                                                             tebel-el

tanjerin n.m tanjerines tangerine                tasegi vb patronise
tanjys n.m tanjysow (= tansysM) bonfire          tasegus adj condescending; patronising
tank n.m tankow fish tank. tank puskes           tasek n.m tasogyon patron
 n.m fish tank                                   tasik n.m tasigow daddy
tanker n.m tankeryow tanker. tanker oyl          tasoleth n.f fatherhood; paternity
 n.m oil tanker. tanker petrol n.m petrol        tasrewl n.f tasrewlys (= tasrowlL)
 tanker                                           patriarchy
tanlu n.m tanluyow fire brigade                  tasrowlL n.f tasrowlys (= tasrewl)
tanow adj lean; thin; flimsy; tenuous; rare;      patriarchy
 scarce                                          tassans n.m patron saint
tanowder n.m tanowderyow thinness;               tast n.m tastys taste
 rarity                                          tastya vb (transitive) taste
tanowhe vb thin out                              tasveth n.m tasvethow foster-father
tansysM n.m tansysyow (= tanjys) bonfire         tatou n.m tatous tattoo
tanta vb court                                   tava I n.m tavaow touch; feel; stroke II vb
tanweyth n.coll tanweythen fireworks              touch; feel; stroke. yn-dann dava in touch
tap n.m tappys, tappow tap                       tavas n.m tavosow (= taves) language
tapa n.m tapys tape                              tavel n.f tavellow antenna; feeler; probe
tar n.m tar                                      taver n.m tavoryon feeler
taran n.f tarennow, tarednowL thunder.           tavern n.m tavernyow tavern; inn
 taran sonek n.f sonic boom                      tavernor n.m tavernoryon barman; (male)
tarder n.m terder drill                           publican; (male) innkeeper
tardh n.m tardhow bang; burst; explosion.        tavernores n.f tavernoresow barmaid;
 tardh taran n.m thunderclap. tardh dydh,         (female) publican; (female) innkeeper
 tardh dedhL n.m daybreak                        taves n.m tavosow (= tavas) language
tardha vb (transitive) set off; blow up;         tavlinednelL tangential
 burst; (intransitive) explode; erupt            tavlinen n.f tavlinennow, tavlinednowL
tardhans tardhansow n.m (volcanic)                tangent
 eruption                                        tavlinennel adj tangential
tardhel n.f tardhellow outlet                    tavol n.coll tavolen dock-plants
tardra vb bore; drill; tap                       tavosa vb scold; tell off
tarednaL vb (= tarenna) thunder                  tavosek adj talkative; verbose
tarenna vb (= tarednaL) thunder                  tavoseth n.f idiom; jargon
tarosvadnusL adj (= tarosvannus) ghostly         taw n.m silence; quiet
tarosvan n.m tarosvannow,                        tawel n.f tawellow silencer
 tarosvadnowL ghost                              tawesek adj quiet; taciturn
tarosvannus adj (= tarosvadnusL) ghostly         tayshL n.m tayshys mole; skin mark
tarow n.m terewi bull                            te n.m tea
tart n.m tartys tart                             tebel I adj evil; wicked II n.m tebeles evil
tarten n.f tartennow, tartednowL tart             person. an Tebel El n.m the Devil
tarya vb tarry; linger; loaf                     tebeldyghtya vb abuse; mistreat; misuse
tas n.m tasow father; dad. Tas Nadelik n.m       tebeldyghtyans n.m tebeldyghtyansow
 Father Christmas. tas besydh, tas bejydhL        abuse; misuse
 n.m godfather. tas gwynn n.m grandfather        tebel-el n.m devil

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
tebelfara                                                                               tenn

tebelfara vb misbehave                            tellyas n.m telysi, telyjiL (male) tax
tebel-hanow n.m tebel-henwyn bad name;             inspector
 bad reputation                                   tellys adj holed
tebelvest n.m tebelvestes monster                 teloges n.f telogesow pock-marked
tebmikL n.m temigow (= temmik) little bit          woman; (female) ragamuffin
tebot n.m tebottys, tebottow teapot               telyades n.f telyadesow (female) tax
tecken n.f teckennow, teckednowL                   inspector
 moment. rag tecken momentarily                   telydnekL adj (= telynnek) lyric
tednL n.m tednow (= tenn) pull; tug; shot;        telydnyaL vb (= telynnya) play the harp
 (cigarette) drag; (drawing) plan                 telydnyerL n.m telynyoryon (= telynnyer)
tednaL vb (= tenna) pull; draw; attract; tug;      (male) harpist
 fire; shoot. tedna dhe2L shoot at. tedna         telyn n.f telynnow, telydnowL harp. telyn
 en-mesL withdraw (money). trog tednaL             Geltek n.f Celtic harp
 n.m drawer                                       telynnek adj (= telydnekL) lyric
tednansL n.m tenanjow sketch                      telynnya vb (= telydnyaL) play the harp
teg I adj beautiful; fair; fine; handsome;        telynnyer n.m telynyoryon (= telydnyerL)
 pretty II adv quite. eglos tegL n.f temple.       (male) harpist
 ass yw hemma gwari teg! ass ew hebma             telynyores n.f telynyoresow (female)
 gwari teg!L what fun!                             harpist
tegen n.f tegennow, tegednowL jewel;              temmik n.m temigow (= tebmikL) little bit
 ornament; pretty thing                           tempel n.m templow temple
tegh n.m tehow flight; retreat                    templa n.m templys temple
tegyrin n.coll tegyrinen orchid                   tempores n.f temporesow moderator
tehes vb flee                                     tempra vb moderate; temper
tekel n.m tekels kettle                           tempredh n.m tempredhow temperature
tekhe vb adorn; beautify; decorate                tempredhel n.f tempredhellow
teknegieth n.f technology                          thermometer
teknegydh n.m teknegydhyon technician             tempredhlinen n.f temprednlinennow,
teknogel adj technical                             tempredhlinednowL isotherm
teknologieth n.f technology                       temprer n.m temproryon (male)
tekst n.m tekstow text                             moderator
tekter n.m beauty; finery; loveliness. dre        temprores n.f temproresow (female)
 dekter adv gently                                 moderator
tektonek adj tectonic                             temprys adj moderate. temprys y
tektonieth n.f tectonics                           dybyansow (politically) moderate
televisyon n.m television                         temptya vb tempt
tellek I adj pock-marked; riddled II n.m          temptyans n.m temptyansow temptation
 telogyon pock-marked man; (male)                 tender adj tender; sensitive
 ragamuffin                                       tenewen n.m tenwennow, tenwednowL
tellerL n.m teleryow (= tyller) location;          side. linen denewen n.f touch-line.
 place; mansion. teller haviL n.m holiday          tenewen an fordh n.m roadside. ryb
 resort. teller vethL n.m nowhere. teller          tenewen, reb tenewenL alongside
 marhasL n.m market place                         tenkys n.f tenkysyow fate
telli vb drill; bore                              tenn n.m tennow (= tednL) pull; tug; shot;

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
tenna                                                                                testament

 (cigarette) drag; (drawing) plan                  future. termyn an mis n.m menstruation.
tenna vb (= tednaL) pull; draw; attract; tug;      termyn bewnans, termyn bownansL n.m
 fire; shoot. tenna dhe2 shoot at. tenna           lifetime. termyn syger n.m leisure. (yn)
 yn-mes withdraw (money). trog tenna               neb termyn, (en) neb termynL sometime.
 n.m drawer                                        yn termyn eus passys once upon a time
tennis n.m tennis. tennis moos n.m table          termynL cnj when
 tennis                                           terneyja vb flutter
tennlester n.m tennlestri tug-boat                ternos adv the day after; the next day.
tennros n.f tennrosow drag net; pulley             ternos vyttin, ternos vettinL the morning
tennven n.m tennvenow magnet                       after
tennvenek adj magnetic                            terosa n.m terosedhow disaster
tennvenieth n.f magnetism                         terosus adj disastrous
tennvenya vb magnetise                            terosva n.f terosvaow disaster area
tennvos n.m tennvosow attraction                  terras terassys, terassow terrace
tennvosek adj attractive; tempting                terri vb break; (of flowers) pick
tenor n.m tenoryon tenor                          terros n.m terosow calamity; doom;
tent n.m tentys tent                               downfall
tenva n.f tenvaow rifle range                     terrys adj broken
ter (1) adj clear                                 terthednekL adj (= terthennek) feverish
ter (2) I adj insistent II n.m insistence         terthen n.f terthennow, terthednowL
ter- prfx intermittent                             fever; temperature; malaria; flu
terabayt n.m terabaytys terabyte; abbr TB         terthennek adj (= terthednekL) feverish
terder n.m eagerness; gusto                       tervans n.m tervansow tumult; turmoil
terderus adj avid                                 terveskL n.m terveskow (= tervysk)
terdhegvesL num (= tredhegves)                     muddle
 thirteenth                                       terveskaL vb (= tervyska) muddle
terdhekL num (= tredhek) thirteen                 tervysk n.m tervyskow (= terveskL)
terebo until; till. terebo nessa! until next       muddle
 time!                                            tervyska vb (= terveskaL) muddle
tereylya vb alternate                             terweythusL adj (= treweythus)
tereylyans n.m tereylyansow alternation            occasional; rare
tergoska vb sleep fitfully                        terweythyowL adv (= treweythyow) at
terhi vb coil                                      times; now and again; occasionally
teri vb insist                                    tes n.m heat
terlebmelL vb (= terlemmel) skip; jump            tesa vb heat
 about                                            tesek adj hot
terlemmel vb (= terlebmelL) skip; jump            tesel adj thermal
 about                                            tesen n.f tesennow, tesednowL cake. tesen
terlentri vb glisten; sparkle                      benn-bloodh, tesen bedn-bloodhL n.f
term n.m termys term                               birthday cake. tesen gales n.f biscuit. tesen
termyn n.m termynyow time; period. a               geus n.f cheesecake. tesen safran n.f
 dermyn dhe dermyn fropm time to time.             saffron cake. tesen vrew, tesen vrowL n.f
 mes a'y dermyn untimely. pub termyn all           shortbread
 the time; always. termyn a dheu n.m              testament n.m testamens (Biblical)

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
testen                                                                                   tiores

 testament. an Testament Koth n.m the Old        n.m projector. tewlel dhe skoll throw
 Testament. an Testament Nowyth n.m the          away. tewlel dhe-ves throw away; scrap.
 New Testament                                   tewlel imach project a picture. tewlel
testen n.f testennow, testednowL topic;          towl make a plan; project. tewlel yn-mes
 subject                                         throw out
testifia vb testify                             tewlhe vb darken
testskrif n.m testskrifow certificate           tewlwolow n.m dusk; half-light
tesvusurel n.f tesvusurellow thermometer        tewolgow darkness
teth n.f tethi teat                             tewyn n.m tewynnow, tewydnowL dune
tethen n.f tethennow, tethednowL nipple;        teyl n.m manure
 teat; udder                                    teylu n.m teyluyow family. hanow teylu
tetivali int what nonsense!                      n.m surname
tetti n.m tettis potato                         teyr3 num, n.f three
teudh adj molten                                teyrgweyth adv three times
teudha vb (= teudhi) melt; thaw                 teyrros n.f teyrrosow tricycle
teudhans n.m teudhansow solution                teythi attributes; abilities; traits
teudhi vb (= teudha) melt; thaw                 teythyek I adj local; native II n.m
teudhla n.m teudhleow foundry                    teythyogyon (male) local; (male) native
teuregel adj parasitic                          teythyoges n.f teythyogesow (female)
teurek n.coll teurogen parasites                 local; (female) native
tevesiges n.f tevesigesow (female) adult        'th5 prn (infixed, sg) you; (infixed, sg) your
tevesik I adj adult II n.m tevesigyon (male)    thL part (= y5(th)) (verbal particle)
 adult                                          thema n.m themys, themow theme
tevi vb grow                                    themasek adj thematic
tevyans n.m tevyansow growth                    theorem n.m theoremow theorem
tew adj fat; bulky; dense. gober tew n.m        thermometer n.m thermometers
 gross pay                                       thermometer
tewal adj (= tewl) dark; gloomy; murky;         ti (1) vb I n.m tiow oath; vow II vb swear;
 somber                                          vow. bedhav y di I dare say
tewder n.m tewderow density; thickness;         ti (2) vb roof
 bulk; consistency                              tiaL vb (= ti (1)) swear; vow
tewedh n.m tewedhow storm                       tiara n.m tiaras tiara
tewedha vb weather                              tiek n.m tiogow (male) farmer
tewel vb be silent                              tigen n.f tigennow, tigednowL handbag
tewes n.coll tewesen sand. kastel tewes         tiger n.m tigres, tigri tiger
 n.m sandcastle                                 tin n.f tinyow arse. kraver tin n.m (male)
tewesek adj sandy                                toady; (male) creep. kravores din n.f
tewesen n.f tewesennow, tewesednowL              (female) toady; (female) creep
 grain of sand                                  tioges n.f tiogesow (female) farmer;
tewhe vb thicken                                 farmer's wife
tewl adj (= tewal) dark; gloomy; murky;         tior n.m tioryon (male) thatcher; (male)
 obscure                                         slater
tewlder n.m darkness                            tiores n.f tioresow (female) thatcher;
tewlel vb (= towlelL) throw. jynn tewlel         (female) slater

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
tipek                                                                                tomma

tipek adj typical                              tokynner n.m tokynoryon (= tokydnerL)
tir n.m tiryow land. tir meur n.m mainland.     (male) ticket inspector
 yn tir, en tirL on land                       tokynores n.f tokynoresow (female) ticket
tira vb land; come ashore                       inspector
tiredh n.m tiredhow territory; region. an      tokynva n.f tokynvaow ticket-office
 Tiredh a Dhedhewadow n.m the                  toll (1) n.m tell hole; burrow; orifice;
 Promised Land                                  (low-class bar) dive; opening. toll alhwedh
tirlanow n.m landfill                           n.m keyhole. toll boton n.m button hole.
tirnos n.m tirnosow landmark                    toll konin n.m rabbit burrow. toll y'n fos,
tirwedh n.f tirwedhow landscape                 toll e'n fosL n.m cash dispenser. toll lavrek
titaniom n.m titanium                           n.m (in trousers) fly
titel n.m titlys, titlow title                 toll (2) n.f tollow duty; tax; toll; rate;
tiyades n.f tiyadesow (female) juror            customs. kevradh toll n.m tax rate. sodhva
tiyas n.m tiysi, tiyjiL (male) juror            doll n.f tax office. toll an penn, toll an
tnow n.m tnowi dale; valley-bottom              pednL n.f poll tax. toll annedh n.f property
to n.m tohow roof. keyn to n.m ridge (of a      tax. toll brenas n.f purchase tax. toll
 house)                                         dhaswerth n.f value added tax. toll dhowr
toalL n.f(m) talyow (= tal) brow; forehead;     n.f water rate. toll dir n.f land tax. toll
 front; temple                                  wober n.f income tax
tobacko n.m tobacco                            toll (3) n.m deceit; disappointment; fraud.
tobmL adj (= tomm) warm; hot. dowr              heb toll na gil sincerely
 tobmL n.m brandy. tobm y woosL                tolla vb cheat; deceive; delude; disappoint;
 hot-blooded                                    kid; mislead
tobmaL vb (= tomma) (transitive) warm;         tollborth n.m tollborthow toll-gate
 (intransitive) become warm. jynn tobmaL       tollek adj holed; leaky; perforated
 n.m heater                                    tollgorn n.m tollgern flute; cornet.
tobmenL n.f tomednow (= tommen) dyke;           tollgorn Sowsnek n.m recorder
 embankment                                    tolli vb tax; levy taxes
tobmheL vb (= tommhe) heat                     tollva n.f tollvaow toll booth. Tollva an
tobmheansL n.m heating. tobmheans kresL         Wlas n.f Inland Revenue
 n.m central heating                           tollvowes n.m tollvowysi (female) customs
toch n.m tochys touch                           officer
tochpad n.m tochpadys touch-pad                tollwas n.m tollwesyon (male) customs
tochskrin n.m tochskrinyow touch-screen         officer
tochya vb touch; mention. ow tochya            tollwisk n.m tollwiskow disguise; fancy
 concerning; as regards. tochya pib light a     dress
 pipe                                          tollwiska vb disguise
todnL n.f todnow (= tonn) wave                 tollys adj cheated; deluded; disappointed
todnekL adj (= tonnek) wavy                    tomder n.m heat; warm
tokydnerL n.m tokynoryon (= tokynner)          tomm adj (= tobmL) warm; hot. dowr
 (male) ticket inspector                        tomm, dowr tobmL n.m brandy. tomm y
tokyn n.m toknys token; ticket; sign;           woos hot-blooded
 symbol. tokyn mos ha dos n.m return           tomma vb (= tobmaL) (transitive) warm;
 ticket                                         (intransitive) become warm. jynn tomma

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
tommen                                                                                 towlargh

 n.m heater                                         tornyaseth n.f tourism
tommen n.f tomennow (= tobmenL) dyke;               torr (1) n.m torrow break; fracture
 embankment                                         torr (2) n.f torrow abdomen; belly;
tommhe vb (= tobmheL) heat                           stomach; womb. torr an dhorn n.f palm of
tommheans n.m (= tobmheansL) heating.                hand
 tommheans kres n.m central heating                 torras n.m torasow litter (of animals)
ton n.m tonyow tone; melody; tune                   torrbyff n.m torrbyffow burp
ton-lev n.m ton-levow intonation; pitch             torrbyffya vb burp
 accent                                             torrek adj big-bellied; pregnant
tonn n.f tonnow (= todnL) wave                      torth n.f torthow loaf. torth (a) vara n.f
tonnas n.m tonasow ton                               loaf of bread
tonnek adj (= todnekL) wavy                         torthel n.f torthellow bun
tonnhesL n.m tonnhesow (= tonnhys)                  torva n.f torvaow breach; breakdown;
 wavelength                                          fracture; rupture. kert torva n.m
tonnhys n.m tonnhysow (= tonnhesL)                   breakdown lorry m. torva ambos n.f
 wavelength                                          breach of contract. torva patent n.f patent
tont adj cheeky; impertinent; impudent;              infringement. torva demedhyans n.f
 insolent                                            divorce. torva gwir-pryntya n.f copyright
tonteth n.f impertinence; impudence;                 infringement
 insolence                                          tosa vb knead
tontya vb taunt; tease                              tost adv soon
tontyans n.m tontyansow taunt                       tothya vb speed
tonya vb tune                                       toul n.m toulys tool; implement. toul
toos (1) n.m tosow tuft; bunch                       lowarth n.m gardening tool
toos (2) n.m dough. know toos n.coll                toulgist n.f toulgistyow toolbox
 doughnuts. toos alamandys n.m marzipan.            touna n.m tounas tuna
 toos gwari n.m playdough                           tour n.m touryow tower; keep. tour
tooth n.m speed; hurry. finweth tooth n.f            korslynk n.m helter skelter. tour routya
 speed limit                                         n.m control tower
top n.m toppys top; peak; summit                    tourik n.m tourigow turret
Personal forms (RLC): 'kɛrɛx                        tourist n.m touristys tourist
toppyn n.m toppynnow, toppydnowL tip                touristieth n.f tourism
torchen n.f torchennow, torchednowL                 towargh n.coll towarhen peat
 electric torch                                     towel n.m towellow towel
torek n.coll torogen (arachnids) mites              towl n.m towlow cast; throw; goal;
torgh (1) n.f tergh coil; collar; torque             intention; move (in a game); plan; project.
torgh (2) n.m torhes hog                             tewlel towl, towlel towlL make a plan.
Tori n.m Toris (male) Tory                           towl chons n.m stroke of luck. towl howl
Tories n.f Toriesow (female) Tory                    n.m sunstroke. towl unnik, towl udnikL
torment n.m tormentys torment                        n.m express purpose
tormentya vb torment                                towla vb (= tewlel, towlelL) throw. towla
tormentys adj afflicted                              towl make a plan
torn n.m tornys, tornow tour; turn. pub             towladow adj disposable
 torn at every turn; every time                     towlargh n.m towlarhow budget
tornyas n.m tornysi tourist

                               SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
towlednansL                                                                           trefyaL

towlednansL n.m towlenanjow (=                  transformya vb transform
 towlennans) planning                           transmyttya vb transmit; hand down
towlednerL n.m towlenoryon (=                   transyekM n.m (= tranjyek) ecstasy
 towlenner) (male) planner; (male)              travalya vb travel; labour
 programmer                                     travel n.m travellys trip
towlelL vb (= tewlel) throw. jynn towlelL       trayson n.m treason
 n.m projector. towlel dhe skollL throw         trayta vb betray
 away. towlel dhe-vesL throw away; scrap.       traytour n.m traytours (male) traitor
 towlel en-mesL throw out. towlel imachL        traytoures n.f traytouresow (female)
 project a picture. towlel towlL make a          traitor
 plan; project                                  traytouri n.m treachery
towlen n.f towlennow, towlednowL                traytus treacherous
 programme; scheme. towlen bellwolok n.f        tre I adv at home; back II n.f trevow
 television programme                            farmstead; home; town; village. hel an dre
towlennans n.m towlenansow (=                    n.f the town hall. ri tre, rei treL give back
 towlednansL) planning                          trebmynL n.m tremydnow (= tremmyn)
towlenner n.m towlenoryon (=                     look. trebmyn settysL n.m stare
 towlednerL) (male) programmer; (male)          trebuchya vb (intransitive) stumble; totter;
 planner                                         tumble; fumble; (transitive) invert; trip up
towlenores n.f towlenoresow (female)            trebuchyans n.m trebuchyansow stumble;
 programmer; (female) planner                    tumble
towler n.m towloryon (male) thrower.            trebyl n.m trebylyon (music) treble
 towler pel n.m (male) bowler                   trecen n.f trecennow, trecednowL trace;
towlhesL n.m (= towlhys) range of a              graph
 weapon                                         trecya vb trace
towlhys n.m (= towlhesL) range of a             tredan n.m electricity. fros tredan n.m
 weapon                                          electric current. jagg tredan n.m electric
towlores n.f towloresow (female) thrower.        shock
 towlores bel n.f (female) bowler               tredanek adj electric. tren tredanek n.m
toyt n.m trifle                                  electric train
tra n.f taklow, traow thing; item; object.      tredanel adj electrical
 keniver traL everything. neb tra anything.     tredaner n.m tredanoryon (male)
 tra vyth, tra vethL nothing                     electrician
traL n.f zero                                   tredanhe vb electrify
trad n.m tradys way; trade                      tredanores n.f tredanoresow (female)
tradicyon n.m tradition                          electrician
tradicyonal adj traditional                     tredanva n.f tredanvaow power plant;
traffik n.m traffic                              power station
trajedi n.m trajediow tragedy                   tredhL between
trajek adj tragic                               tredhegves num (= terdhegvesL)
traktor n.m traktors tractor                     thirteenth
tram n.m tramyow tram                           tredhek num (= terdhekL) thirteen
tramor adj abroad; overseas                     trednL n.m junk; rubbish
tranjyek n.m (= transyekM) ecstasy              trefyaL vb (= trewa) spit

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
tregeredh                                                                     treusplansans

tregeredh n.f tregeredhow mercy                 trenk adj acid; sour; sharp
tregeredhus sympathetic                         trenken n.f trenkennow, trenkednowL
tregh n.m trehow cut; section; slice. tregh      acid
 Cesarek n.m Caesarean section                  trenkles n.m rhubarb
treghL (= trygh) I adj triumphant;              trenyans n.m trenyansow training
 victorious; superior II n.m victory;           tresor n.m tresorys, tresoryow treasure
 conquest                                       tresorva n.f tresorvaow treasury
tregyn n.m tregynnow, tregydnowL                tresoryer n.m tresoryoryon (male)
 drawer                                          treasurer
treher n.m trehoryon (male) tailor              tresoryores n.f tresoryoresow (female)
treherieth n.f tailoring                         treasurer
trehi vb cut; slice. trehi dhe-ves cut off;     tressa (= tryja) I adv thirdly II num third.
 amputate. trehi mes a ven sculpt                tressa rann n.f third
trehores n.f trehoresow (female) tailor         trest n.m trust; reliance. Trest Kenedhlek
trehwelek adj rebellious                         n.m National Trust
trehweles vb upset                              trestadow adj dependable; trustworthy
trehys adj cut                                  trestya vb trust. trestya yn, trestya enL
trei3L num, n.m (= tri3) three. gweli a dreiL    trust in. trestya dhe2 rely on. trestya
 n.m ménage-à-trois                              nebonan trust somebody
trei-ugensL num (= tri-ugens) sixty. deg ha     treth n.m trethow sand; beach; seashore
 trei-ugensL seventy                            tretha (1) vb ferry
trei-ugensvesL num (= tri-ugensves)             tretha (2) vb digest
 sixtieth                                       trethek adj sandy
trelebbaL cnj till; until                       trethor n.m trethoryon ferryman
trelesans n.m trelesansow diffusion             trethtegans n.m constipation
treloubya vb stir                               trethtegys adj constipated
trembla vb tremble                              trethyades n.f trethyadesow (female)
tremen n.m tremenow passage                      passenger
tremena vb pass; pass away; cross; go by;       trethyas n.m trethysi, trethyjiL (male)
 pass over. tremena orth pass by                 passenger
tremenadow vb transitory                        trettya vb trample
tremengubmyasL n.m tremengumyasow               treudhow n.m threshold
 (= tremengummyas) passport                     treus adj stubborn; uppity
tremengummyas n.m tremengumyasow                treusfurvya vb transform
 (= tremengubmyasL) passport                    treusi vb pass over; cross
tremenva n.f tremenvaow gangway; lobby          treuskorra vb transmit; hand down
tremenyas n.m tremenysi traveller               treuskorrel n.f treuskorellow transmitter
tremenys adj passed away; deceased; late        treuspas n.m treuspassow trespass;
tremmliw n.m make-up; cosmetics                  offence
tremmyn n.m tremynnow (= trebmynL)              treuspassya vb trespass
 look. tremmyn settys n.m stare                 treusperthedh n.m conductance
tren n.m trenow train. tren uskis n.m           treusperthi vb transport; transfer
 express train                                  treusplansa vb transplant
trenja adv on the day after tomorrow            treusplansans n.m treusplansansow

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
treusporth                                                                               tristys

 transplant                                      trewesi adj forceful
treusporth n.m treusporthow transport;           treweythus adj (= terweythusL)
 transfer                                         occasional; rare
treuster n.m treusters, treustrow                treweythyow adv (= terweythyowL) at
 cross-beam                                       times; now and again; occasionally
treustremen n.m treustremenow transit            trewyas n.m spittle
treustremena vb transit                          treylouba vb stir
treustremenva n.f treustremenvaow                treylva n.f treylvaow modification; turning
 transit area                                     point
treustrum n.m treustrummow bait                  treylya vb convert; modify; sprain; turn;
treusva n.f treusvaow crossing. treusva           translate; wrench. treylya an keyn orth
 gerdhoryon n.f pedestrian crossing.              nebonan give somebody the cold shoulder.
 treusva hyns horn, treusva hens hornL            treylya dhelergh reverse. treylya dhe-ves
 n.f level crossing. treusva labol n.f zebra      avert. treylya dhyworth turn away from
 crossing                                        treylyans n.m treylyansow conversion;
treusvesyekL adj (= treusvysyek)                  mutation; sprain; translation. treylyans
 worldwide                                        ger rag ger n.m literal translation
treusvewa vb survive                             treynya vb hang back; lag
treusvewans n.m treusvewansow survival           tri3 num, n.m (= trei3L) three. gweli a dri
treusvysyek adj (= treusvesyekL)                  n.m ménage-à-trois
 worldwide                                       tria vb try; test
treusworra vb transfer                           trial n.m trials trial
treusworrans n.m transfer                        trib n.m tribys tribe
treuswrians n.m treuswriansow                    trig n.m low tide
 transaction                                     triga vb remain; stay; dwell. bos trigys
treuswul vb transact                              reside; live (at a place). yn toll y'n nor yth
trev n.coll treven farmsteads                     esa hobbit trigys, en toll e'n nor th era
trevas n.f trevasow crop; harvest                 hobbit trigysL in a hole in the ground there
trevasa vb crop; harvest                          lived a hobbit. bos trigys yn argel live at
trevbark n.m trevbarkow housing estate            the back of beyond
treveglos n.f treveglosyow, trevow eglos         triger n.m trigoryon (male) inhabitant;
 village; churchtown                              (male) dweller
trevek adj urban                                 trigores n.f trigoresow (female)
trevel adj urban                                  inhabitant; (female) dweller
trevesiga vb settle                              trigva n.f trigvaow address; abode;
trevesiges n.f trevesigesow                       residence; dwelling
 countrywoman; (female) villager                 trigys adj settled. bos trigys live (at a
trevesik n.m trevesigyon countryman;              certain place)
 (male) villager                                 trihorn n.m trihern triangle
treveth n.f trevethow homestead;                 trihornek adj triangular
 residence; occasion                             trist adj sad; mournful. bos trist warlergh
trevlu n.m trevluyow militia                      miss
trew n.m spittle                                 tristhe vb sadden
trewa vb (= trefyaL) spit                        tristys n.m sadness

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
tri-ugens                                                                              trymis

tri-ugens num (= trei-ugensL) sixty. deg ha      take a bath
 tri-ugens num seventy                          troos (1) n.m treys, dl dewdros foot. a
tri-ugensves num (= trei-ugensvesL)              droos adv on foot. tros-hys, tros-hesL n.m
 sixtieth                                        foot (length). ol troos n.m footprint
tro n.f troyow cycle; turn; occasion; round;    troos (2) n.m treysi (= trojen) starling
 (film) take. rag tro makeshift; temporarily;   trop n.m tropys trope; figure of speech
 temporary. tro askel n.f helicopter. war       tropek adj tropical
 neb tro at any time                            tros n.m trosow clamour; noise; sound
trobel n.m troblys, troblow trouble             trosek (1) adj noisy
trobla vb trouble; bother                       trosek (2) adj big-footed
trobmL adj (= tromm) immediate                  trosel n.f trosellow pedal
trobol n.m trobollow whirlpool                  trosella vb pedal
troboynt n.m troboyntys, troboyntow             trosla n.m trosleow pedal
 turning point                                  troswiek adj (of feet) webbed
troboyntel adj critical; crucial                trosya vb plod
trog n.m trogow boot; case; suitcase. trog      trovadnelL adj (= trovannel) tropical
 tenna, trog tednaL n.m drawer                  trovan n.m trovannow, trovadnowL tropic
trogelgh n.m trogelghyow (= trogylghM)          trovannel adj (= trovadnelL) tropical
 circuit                                        trovya vb discover
trogenter n.f trogentrow screw                  troyll n.m(f) troyllyow spiral; swirl; ceilidh
trogentra vb screw                              troyllya vb spin; swirl. poll troyllya n.m
trogentrel n.f trogentrellow screwdriver         whirlpool
trogh I adj cut; (of skin, limbs, hearts)       troyllyek adj spiral
 broken II n.m trohow cut                       tru int alas
troghya vb immerse                              truan adj miserable; wretched; unfortunate
troghyans n.m troghyansow immersion             trubyt n.m tribute
trogylghM n.m trogylghyow (= trogelgh)          truedh n.m pity. kemeres truedh
 circuit                                         (war2/a2) have pity on
troha(g) prp towards                            truedha vb look after; tend
troher n.m troheryow coulter                    truedhek adj pathetic; pitiful; plaintive; sad
trojen n.f trojennow, trojednowL (= troos       trufla vb trifle; toy (with)
 (2)) starling                                  truflen n.f truflennow, truflednowL trifle
trolergh n.m trolerhow footpath                 trumach n.m trumajys, trumajow voyage
tromm adj (= trobmL) immediate                  truth n.m truthes, truthow trout
trompa n.m trompys trumpet                      try- prfx triple
tron (1) n.m tronow, tronyow nose; point        tryflek adj threefold; treble; triple
 (of land); snout; (in RLC) tunnel              trygh (= treghL) I adj triumphant;
tron (2) n.m tronys throne. tron sedha n.m       victorious; superior II n.m victory;
 throne                                          conquest
tron-droghya adj nosy                           tryhi vb conquer; vanquish
tronek adj curious; nosy                        tryja (= tressa) I adv thirdly II num third.
tronekter n.m curiosity                          tryja rann, tryja radnL n.f third
trongornvil n.m trongornvil rhinoceros          trymis n.m trymisyow trimester; quarter
tronkys n.m bath; ablutions. gul tronkys         (of a year)

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
trymisyek                                                                              ughsonek

trymisyek adj quarterly                            tyli vb owe; reward; pay. despit heb y
trynn n.f trynnow fuss                              dhyli undeserved contempt. ev a dal gul
tu n.m tuyow direction; side; bearing. an tu        henna he should do that. ny dal mann it
 aral n.m the flip side. tu a-ves n.m exterior      isn't worth anything. heb tyli unpaid
tuedh n.m tuedhow tendency; trend                  tyller n.m tyleryow (= tellerL) location;
tulyfant n.m tulyfantys turban. bleujen             place; mansion. tyller havi n.m holiday
 tulyfant n.f tulip                                 resort. tyller vyth n.m nowhere. tyller
turant n.m turans (male) tyrant; (male)             marhas n.m market place
 dictator                                          tymber n.m timber
turantes n.f turantesow (female) tyrant;           tynder n.m tension
 (female) dictator                                 tynkyal I n.m tynkyalyow jingle II vb jingle
turantiel adj tyrannical; dictatorial              tynn adj (= tydnL) cruel; intense; painful;
turantieth n.f tyranny; dictatorship                tense; tight; sharp; sore; strict. pesi tynn,
Turk n.m Turkys (male) Turk                         pysi tynnM solicit; ask urgently
Turkek n.m Turkish language                        tynnedh n.m tynedhow (= tydnedhL)
turkek adj Turkish. koffi turkek n.m                intensity
 Turkish coffee. melyssand turkek n.m              tynnhe vb (= tydnheL) tighten
 Turkish delight                                   tynnow (= tydnowL) tights
Turkes n.f Turkesow (female) Turk                  tyska vb gather corn
Turki n.f Turkey                                   tysken n.f tyskennow, tyskednowL sheaf
turnypen n.f turnypennow,                          tythya vb hiss
 turnypednowL turnip                               udnL (= unn) I num one II prn a certain III
tus (plural of den) people                     adj one; only; sole; single. a udn ehenL
ty prn (= cheL) (sg) you. ty dha honan              uniform. neb udnL a particular
 yourself                                          udnegvesL num (= unnegves) eleventh
tyas vb address someone as 'thou'                  udnekL num (= unnek) eleven
tybel adj abstract                                 udnikL adj (= unnik) individual; only. towl
tybi vb imagine; hold an opinion; fancy             udnikL n.m express purpose
tybieth n.f tybiethow theory                       ufern n.m ufernyow, dl dewufern ankle
tybiethel adj theoretical                          ugens num twenty
tybyans n.m tybyansow concept; idea;               ugensves num twentieth
 thought; notion; opinion                          ugh- prfx major; over-; up-
tyckli adj critical; delicate; problematic         ughboynt n.m ughboyntys, ughboyntow
tyckya vb tick                                      maximum; zenith
tydnL adj (= tynn) cruel; intense; painful;        ughhewol adj wide awake
 tense; tight; sharp; sore; stressful. peji        ughkarg n.m ughkargow upload
 tydnL solicit; ask urgently                       ughkarga vb upload
tydnedhL n.m tynedhow (= tynnedh)                  ughlamma vb (= ughlebmelL) high jump
 intensity                                         ughlebmelL vb (= ughlamma) high jump
tydnheL vb (= tynnhe) tighten                      ughradha vb upgrade
tydnowL (= tynnow) tights                     ughsommysM n.m ughsommysow,
tykki Duw n.m tykkiow Duw, tykki                    ughsommyses bat
 Duwes butterfly. tykki Duw nos n.m moth           ughson n.m ughsonyow ultrasound
tylda n.m tyldys, tyldow tent                      ughsonek adj ultrasonic

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
ughviolet                                                                                 us

ughviolet adj ultraviolet                         unnek num (= udnekL) eleven
uhel adj high; grand; loud. uhel y dhewfrik       unnik adj (= udnikL) individual; only. towl
 stuck up. yn uhel, en uhelL aloud                 unnik n.m express purpose
uheldas n.m uheldasow patriarch                   unplek adj singular
uhelder n.m height; loudness. uhelder             unran adj one-piece
 ebron n.m zenith                                 unsel adv only
uhelgowser n.m uhelgowsoryon                      unses n.m unity; unit
 loudspeaker                                      untu adj one-sided; unilateral
uhelhwans n.m uhelhwansow ambition                unver adj agreed; unanimous; in agreement
uhelhwansek adj ambitious                         unverhe vb agree. gul bos unverhes
uhella adj higher. an uhella highest. gradh        reconcile
 uhella n.m superlative                           unverheans n.m unverheansow
uhelor n.m uheloryon noble                         accordance; agreement; reconciliation;
uhelvam n.f uhelvammow, uhelvabmowL                understanding
 matriarch                                        unweyth adv (= enethL) once; only;
uhelvar n.m mistletoe                              incidentally. unweyth arta once more
ujL n.m ujow (= us (1)) yell; scream              unwos adj related
ujaL vb (= usa) yell; scream; bellow              unya unite
ujiL vb (= usi) (3sg. pres. long form of bos;     unyans n.m unyansow union. Unyans
 used with definite subjects) is                   Europek (UE) n.m European Union (EU)
Ukrayn n.f Ukraine                                unyansydh n.m unyansydhyon (male)
Ukraynek n.m Ukrainian language                    unionist
ukraynek adj Ukrainian                            unyansydhel adj unionist
Ukraynian n.m Ukraynians (male)                   unyansydhes n.m unyansydhesow
 Ukrainian                                         (female) unionist
Ukraynianes n.f Ukraynianesow (female)            unyent n.m unyentys ointment
 Ukrainian                                        unyethek I adj monoglot; monolingual II
un- prfx mono-; uni-                               n.m unyethogyon (male) monoglot
undon adj monotonous                              unyethoges n.f unyethogesow (female)
unfordh adj one-way. stret unfordh n.m             monoglot
 one-way street                                   unys adj united. an Kenedhlow Unys
unform n.m unformys uniform                        the United Nations. Ruvaneth Unys n.f
unigyn n.m unigynnow, unigydnowL                   United Kingdom. an Statys Unys the
 individual                                        United States (of America)
unikter n.m remoteness; loneliness                ura vb lubricate; anoint
unita n.m unity                                   uraniom n.m uranium
univers n.m universe                              uras n.m urasow salve; lubricant
universel adj universal                           urdh n.f urdhyow order
universita n.m universitas university             urdhas n.m urdhasow hierarchy
unlagasek adj one-eyed                            urdhya vb initiate
unn (= udnL) I num one II prn a certain III       urdhyans n.m urdhyansow initiation
 adj one; only; sole; single. a unn ehen          urin n.m urine
 uniform. neb unn a particular                    urnel n.m urnels urinal
unnegves num (= udnegvesL) eleventh               us (1) n.m usow (= ujL) yell; scream

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
us                                                                                                 vilta

us (2) n.m usyow, usadow use; custom;             varyes adj deranged; insane
 habit                                            'vas adj beneficial; passable; suitable;
usa vb (= ujaL) yell; scream; bellow               serviceable; useful. nyns yw 'vas useless.
usadow adj usual; habitual. herwydh                ny wra 'vas useless
 usadow adv as usual; habitually. nyns ywa        vayl n.f vaylys veil
 ow usadow, nag ewa ow usadowL I'm not            vegan adj vegan
 used to it                                       veksya vb irk; irritate
usi vb (= ujiL) (3sg. pres. long form of bos;     vektor n.m vektors, vektorow vector
 used with definite subjects) is                  'velL adv (= avel) 1 as; like. I did it as a
uskis I adj fast; express; quick; rapid;           joke me a'n grug vel gesL a than. gwell ew
 speedy II adv quickly; speedily                   gwitha 'vel gofenL It is better to keep than
uskisel n.f uskisellow accelerator                 to ask
uskishe vb accelerate                                 Personal forms (RMC): 1sg 'velov, 2sg 'velos, 3sgm
uskisheans n.m uskisheansow                            'vello, 3sgf 'velli, 1pl 'velon, 2pl 'velowgh, 3pl
                                                  velvet n.m velvet
uskitter n.m uskitteryow velocity
                                                  venjya (transitive) avenge; vb (intransitive)
uskittredh n.m uskittredhow (physical
                                                   take revenge; retaliate
 quantity) velocity
                                                  venjyans n.m revenge; retaliation;
usya vb use; wear out; utilise
usyans n.m usyansow use. yn usyans in
                                                  venym n.m venymyow poison
                                                  venymys adj poisonous; toxic
usyer n.m usyoryon user
                                                  verb n.f verbow verb
usys adj used; accustomed; usual; worn.
                                                  verbel adj verbal
 bos usys dhe2 vb tend. bos usys gans be
                                                  vers n.f versyow verse
 accustomed to. del yw usys as usual;
                                                  versyon n.m versyons version
 usually. nyns yw usys genev I'm not used
                                                  vertu n.f vertus virtue
 to it
                                                  vesta n.m vestys vest
uvel adj humble; lowly; modest
                                                  vethL (= vyth) no; none; not any. na
uvelder n.m humility
                                                   wruga'vy gweles golow vethL I did not
-va (1) prn (enclitic pronoun) him
                                                   see any light. den vethL nobody. tra vethL
-va (2) sffx (place or abstract idea)
                                                   n.f nothing
vajyaL vb (= viajya) travel; journey
                                                  vethollL adv (= vytholl) at all; not at all
vali n.m valis valley
                                                  viaj n.m viajys, viajyow voyage; trip.
vandal n.m vandal
                                                   hager-viaj n.m bad business. pris viaj n.m
vandalieth n.f vandalism
vandalisa vb vandalise
                                                  viajya vb (= vajyaL) travel; journey
vanilla n.m vanilla
                                                  video n.m videos video
vansya vb vanish
                                                  viktori n.m viktoris victory. an viktori eth
variednekL adj (= variennek) variant
                                                   genev the victory was mine
varien n.f variennow, variednowL variant
                                                  viktoryes adj victorious
variennek adj (= variednekL) variant
                                                  viktual n.m viktuals victual; foodstuff;
varya vb derange; drive insane; madden
varyans n.m varyansow variance;
                                                  vil adj vile; despicable
                                                  vilta n.f vileness

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
virus                                                                                    war-not

virus n.m virusys virus                            3sgm warnodho, 3sgf warnedhi, 1pl warnan, 2pl
visa n.m visas visa                                warnowgh, 3pl warnedha(ns)
                                                  Personal forms (RLC): 1sg warnamL, warna vyL 2sg
visach n.m visajys visage                          warnas, warna chyL, 3sgm warnodho, war evL,
visitya vb visit                                   3sgf warnedhi, war heiL, 1pl warnan, wara neiL,
visour n.m visours mask; visor                     2pl wara hweiL, 3pl warnedhans, war anjeiL
vitamyn n.m vitamynnow, vitamydnowL             war-barth adv together; jointly. pubonan
 vitamin                                        war-barth all together. war-barth ha
vodka n.m vodkas vodka                          together with
vokacyon n.m vokacyons vocation                 war-bydnL prp (= war-bynn) against;
volt n.m voltow volt                            versus; in preparation for; by. dos
voltedh n.m voltedhow voltage                   war-bydnL encounter; fall on. war-bydn
vota n.m votys vote                             an gwiasL against the grain. war-bydn an
voter n.m votoryon (male) voter                 lahaL against the law. war-bydn NadelikL
votores n.f votoresow (female) voter            by Christmas
votya vb vote                                     Personal forms (RLC): 1sg war ow fydnL, 2sg war
votyans n.f votyansow poll                         dha bydnL, 3sgm war y bydnL, 3sgf war hy fydnL,
                                                   1pl war 'gan pydnL, 2pl war 'gas pydnL, 3pl war
voward n.m vowardys vanguard                       'ga fydnL
voydya vb go away; vanish. voydama! I'm         war-bynn prp (= war-bydnL, = er-bynn)
 off!                                           against; versus; in preparation for; by. dos
vu n.m vuys view; sight                         war-bynn encounter; fall on. war-bynn an
vy prn (enclitic) I; me                         laha against the law
vynyard n.m vynyardys vineyard                    Personal forms (RMC): 1sg war ow fynn, 2sg war
vyrjyn n.f vyrjyns virgin                          dha bynn, 3sgm war y bynn, 3sgf war hy fynn, 1pl
vysytya vb visit                                   war agan pynn, 2pl war agas pynn, 3pl war aga
vysytyans n.m vysytyansow visit                    fynn
vysytyer n.m vysytyoryon visitor                warden n.m wardens warden
vysytyores n.f vysytyoresow visitor             war-dhelergh adv back; backwards; to the
vyth adj (= vethL) no; none; not any. ny        back
 welis vy golow vyth I did not see any light.   war-jeiL adj (= war-ji) inwards
 den vyth n.m nobody. tra vyth n.f nothing      war-ji adj (= war-jeiL) inwards
vytholl adv (= vethollL) at all; not at all     warlena adv last year
waffer n.m waffers wafer                        warleni adv last year
waja n.m wajys wage; perk                       war-lergh prp after; behind; according to.
walkya adj walk                                 gul war-lergh imitate
                                                  Personal forms (RMC): 1sg war ow lergh, 2sg war
walts n.m waltsys waltz                            dha lergh, 3sgm war y lergh, 3sgf war hy lergh,
waltsya vb waltz                                   1pl war agan lergh, 2pl war agas lergh, 3pl war
war adj aware; cautious; conscious; wary.          aga lergh
 bos war beware; take precautions               warlinen adj, adv online
war2 prp on; upon. penn war2, pedn war2L        warn contr (used in numbers from 21 to 39)
 superior to. war an ke abstaining; on the      on the
 fence. war anow oral. war dharas through       war'n contr on the
 a door. war euryow now and then. war           war-nans adv downwards; downhill
 gamm, war gabmL backwards. war yew             warneth n.f awareness
 onward                                         war-not adv at once
Personal forms (RMC): 1sg warnav, 2sg warnas,

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
war-nuk                                                                                   yehes

war-nuk adv by return                           initially
war-rag adv forwards                            worth prp (= orth) at; against. yma'n
war-tu adv towards. war tu ha(g) prp            gador worth an fos the chair is against the
towards                                         wall. worth bodh ow brys intentionally.
war-vann adv upward, upwards; upstairs;         worth niver in number. worth ow brys to
up                                              my mind
war-ves adv outside; outwardly                    Personal forms (RMC): 1sg worthiv, 2sg worthis,
war-wartha adv upstairs                            3sgm worto, 3sgf worti, 1pl worthyn, 2pl
                                                   worthowgh, 3pl wortha(ns)
war-woles adv (direction) down;
                                                wor'tiwedh adv (= wos'tiwedh) at last;
downwards; downstairs; under
                                                 finally; in the long term; ultimately
warya vb watch out; beware
                                                wosa prp (= wojaL) after. wosa henna after
wast (1) adj waste
                                                 that; later
wast (2) n.m wastys waist
                                                wos'talleth adv (= wor'talleth) at first;
wastya vb lay waste
watch n.m watchys watch
                                                wos'tiwedh adv (= wor'tiwedh) at last;
wattedh n.m wattedhow wattage
                                                 finally; in the long term; ultimately
well! int well
                                                wrappya vb wrap
west I n.m West II adj western. a'n west adj
                                                wrynch n.m wrynchys deceit; knack; trick.
                                                 res yw usya wrynch ganso, res ew usya
wicket n.m wicketys wicket
                                                 wrynch gans evL there's a knack to it
wicketor n.m wicketoryon (male) wicket
                                                X-dewynya vb X-ray
                                                y2 prn his
wicketores n.f wicketoresow (female)
                                                y5(th) part (= thL) (verbal particle)
wicket keeper
                                                yaL int (= ea) yes
wojaL prp (= wosa) after. woja hednaL
                                                yagh adj healthy; fine; fit
after that; later
                                                yaghhe vb (transitive) cure; heal;
wojow dessert(s); pudding
                                                 (intransitive) recover; heal
woles adj lower
                                                yaghheans n.m yaghheansow therapy;
wolkobmaL vb (= wolkomma) greet;
                                                yahus adj healthy; wholesome
wolkobmusL adj (= wolkommus)
                                                yalgh n.f yalhow purse
welcoming; hospitable
                                                yar n.f yer chicken; hen
wolkom I adj welcome II n.m welcome;
                                                yaswan n.f yaswanyow thrill
                                                yaswanus adj thrilling
wolkomma vb (= wolkobmaL) greet;
                                                ydhil adj feeble; meagre; puny
                                                ydnL adj (= ynn) narrow
wolkommus adj (= wolkobmusL)
                                                ydyot n.m ydyotys idiot
welcoming; hospitable
                                                Yedhow n.m Yedhewon (= 'Edhow) Jew
Wordhen n.f (= IwerdhonM) Ireland
                                                Yedhowek adj (= 'Edhowek) Jewish
Wordhenek n.m (= IwerdhonekM) Irish
                                                Yedhowes n.f Yedhowesow (= 'Edhowes)
                                                 Jewish woman
wordhenek adj (= iwerdhonekM) Irish
                                                yehes n.m (= 'ehesL) health. Servis
wordhi adj worthy; honourable
                                                 Kenedhlek an Yehes (SKY) n.m the
wor'talleth adv (= wos'talleth) at first;
                                                 National Health Service (NHS). yehes da!

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
yehesek                                                                                ynjynores

 cheers! yehes korfek n.m physical fitness        transparent. gober ylyn n.m net pay
yehesek adj sanitary                             y'm (1) contr in my
yeheswith n.m healthcare                         y'm (2) contr (object) me
yerji n.m yerjiow hen-house                      yma vb (= ma (2)) there is
yet n.f yetys, yetow gate; wicket. yet           ymprovisa vb improvise
 dhowr n.f lock; flood gate                      ymprovisans n.m ymprovisansow
yeth n.f yethow (= 'ethL) language. yeth an       improvisation
 werin n.f informal meeting of Cornish           ympydnyonL (= ympynnyon) brain.
 speakers. yeth plen n.f prose. yeth              a'n ympydnyonL cerebral
 teythyek n.f vernacular language                ympynnyon (= ympydnyonL) brain.
yethador n.m yethadoryow grammar                  a'n ympynnyon cerebral
yethonieth n.f linguistics                       yn prp (= enL) in; (with placenames) at;
yethor n.m yethoryon (male) linguist              into; on. bys yn all the way to. yn kosk
yethores n.f yethoresow (female) linguist         asleep; dormant. yn le in place of; instead
yeunadow n.m yeunadowyow craving;                 of. yn unn2 -ing
 yearning                                         Personal forms (RMC): 1sg ynnov, 2sg ynnos, 3sgm
yeuni vb crave; miss; yearn                        ynno, 3sgf ynni, 1pl ynnon, 2pl ynnowgh, 3pl
yew n.f yewow yoke. war yew onward
                                                 y'n (1) contr (= et anL) in the
yey n.m ice
                                                 y'n (2) contr (object) him; it
yeyn adj cold
                                                 yn5 part (= en5L) -ly. yn fas properly. yn
yeynder n.m cold
                                                  feur greatly
yeynel n.f yeynellow fridge; refrigerator
                                                 yn-bann adv (= e'mannL) up; upward,
yeyner n.m yeynoryon fridge; refrigerator
                                                  upwards; uphill
yeynhe vb (transitive) chill; (intransitive)
                                                 yn-dann2 prp (= en-dadnL) under; below;
 become cold
                                                  beneath; underneath. yn-dann dhor
yeyn-nowodhow bad news
                                                  underground. yn-dann dava in touch
yfarn n.m yfarnow (= efarnL) hell                    Personal forms (RMC): 1sg yn-dannov, 2sg
yfarnek adj (= efarnekL) hellish                      yn-dannos, 3sgm yn-danno, 3sgf yn-danni, 1pl
y'ga3 contr in their                                  yn-dannon, 2pl yn-dannowgh, 3pl yn-danna(ns)
ygam-ogam n.m zigzag                             yndella adv (= endellaL) like that. yndella
y'gan (1) contr in our                            re bo int so be it; amen
y'gan (2) contr (object) us                      yndelma adv (= endelmaL) like this
y'gas (1) contr in your (pl.)                    yndelna adv (= endelnaL) like that
y'gas (2) contr (object) you (pl.)               yngist n.f ynygistyow (e-mail) inbox
ygerel n.f ygerellow (= egerelL) opener.         yn-hons adv (= en-honsL) over there;
 ygerel gannys n.f tin-opener                     yonder
ygeri vb (= egeriL) open; explain                ynia vb exhort; incite; press; urge. ynia
ygeryans n.m ygeryansow (= egeryansL)             war2 insist on
 opening                                         yniadow I adj urgent II n.m urgency
ygerys adj (= egerysL) opened. hanter            ynians n.m yniansow incitement
 ygerys ajar; half opened                        yniedh n.m yniedhow impulse
ygor adj (= egorL) open. checken ygor n.f        ynjynor n.m ynjynoryon engineer
 blank cheque                                    ynjynores n.f ynjynoresow (female)
ylyn adj (= elynL) clear; limpid;                 engineer

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
ynjynorieth                                                                                 yonkores

ynjynorieth n.f engineering                             on; ahead. mos yn-rag go forward;
ynk n.m ink                                             proceed
yn-kerdh adv (= ker'L) away. deun                      yns vb (= ensL) they are
 yn-kerdh let's be off                                 ynsidhla vb infiltrate
yn-kerhyn prp (= en-kerhynL) around;                   ynsidhlans n.m ynsidhlansow infiltration
 upon                                                  ynsidhler n.m ynsidhloryon (male)
Personal forms (RMC): 1sg yn ow herhyn, 2sg yn          infiltrator; (male) plant
 dha gerhyn, 3sgm yn y gerhyn, 3sgf yn hy herhyn,      ynsidhlores n.m ynsidhloresow (female)
 1pl y'gan kerhyn, 2pl y'gas kerhyn, 3pl y'ga
                                                        infiltrator; (female) plant
ynkerth n.f ynkerthow acquisition                      yn-sol int (= en-solL) arise! up!
yn-kever adv, prp (= en-keverL) (used with             ynspirya vb inspire
 poss. adjectives) concerning; with regard to;         ynstallya vb install
 regarding                                             ynstallyans n.m ynstalyansow installation
Personal forms (RMC): 1sg yn ow hever, 2sg yn dha      ynstruktya vb instruct
 gever, 3sgm yn y gever, 3sgf yn hy hever, 1pl y'gan   yntana vb excite
 kever, 2pl y'gas kever, 3pl y'ga hever                yntanus adj exciting
ynkladhva n.f ynkladhvaow cemetery;                    yntanys adj excited
 graveyard                                             yntendya vb intend
ynkleudhyans n.m ynkleudhyansow                        ynter prp (= yntra) (used before vowels)
 burial; funeral                                        between
ynkleudhyas vb bury                                      Personal forms (RMC): 1sg yntredhov, 2sg
ynkleudhyer n.m ynkleudhyoryon (male)                     yntredhos, 3sgm yntredho, 3sgf yntredhi, 1pl
 undertaker; (male) funeral director                      yntredhon, 2pl yntredhowgh, 3pl yntredha(ns)
ynkleudhyores n.f ynkleudhyoresow                      ynterfas n.m ynterfassow interface
 (female) undertaker; (female) funeral                 yntra prp (= ynter) (used before
 director                                               consonants) between
                                                         Personal forms (RMC): 1sg yntredhov, 2sg
ynklinya vb bow; incline; tilt                            yntredhos, 3sgm yntredho, 3sgf yntredhi, 1pl
ynkorfora vb incorporate                                  yntredhon, 2pl yntredhowgh, 3pl yntredha(ns)
ynkorforans n.m ynkorforansow                          ynvroyades n.f ynvroyadesow (female)
 incorporate                                            immigrant
ynkressya vb increase; enhance                         ynvroyas n.m ynvroysi, ynvroyjiL (male)
yn-medh vb (= e'medhL) says; quoth                      immigrant
yn-mes adv (= en-mesL) out; outside;                   ynwedh adv (= y'wedhL) also; likewise;
 outwards. yn-mes a2 out of                             besides
yn-mysk prp (= en-meskL) amid; among; in               ynworra vb input
 the middle of; in the midst of                        ynworrans n.m ynworansow input
Personal forms (RMC): 1pl y'gan mysk, 2pl y'gas        ynyal adj deserted; desolate
 mysk, 3pl y'ga mysk
                                                       yogort n.m yogortys, yogortow yoghurt
ynn adj (= ydnL) narrow
                                                       yonkL adj (= yowynk) young; juvenile
yn-nans adv (= en-nansL) down
                                                       yonkaL adj (= yowynka) younger. an
yn-nes adv (= en-nesL) closer; nearer
                                                        yowynka youngest
ynni n.m yniow urge
                                                       yonker n.m yonkers, yonkoryon (male)
ynperthi vb import
                                                        youth; (male) youngster
ynporth n.m ynporthow import
                                                       yonkores n.f yonkoresow (female) youth;
yn-rag adv (= en-ragL) forward; onward;

                               SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012

 (female) youngster                             appendix; extension; supplement
yorgh n.f yorhes roe-deer                      ystyn vb extend; put out; pass; reach out;
yos n.m gruel; puree. yos avalow n.m apple      supplement
 puree. yos kergh n.m porridge                 ystynnans n.m ystynansow (=
you int hi; hello                               ystydnansL) appendix; extension;
Yow n.m Thursday; Jupiter                       supplement
yow int hi; hello                              y'th5 (1) contr in your (sg.)
yown n.m yownes (fish) bass                    y'th5 (2) contr (object) you (sg.)
yowynk adj (= yonkL) young; juvenile           ytho I adv therefore II cnj then; so
yowynka adj (= yonkaL) younger. an             yurl n.m yurlys earl; count
 yowynka youngest                              yw vb (= ewL) he/she is
yowynkneth n.f youth. kowethas                 y'wedhL adv (= ynwedh) also; likewise
 yowynkneth n.m, n.f youth club. kresen        zebra n.m zebras zebra
 yowynkneth n.f youth centre. ostel            zodiak n.m zodiac
 yowynkneth n.f youth hostel                   zombi n.m zombis zombie
yr adj fresh                                   zynk n.m zinc
yredi adv readily                              zyp n.m zyppys zip
ys n.coll ysen corn. ys hweg n.coll maize;
 sweetcorn. ys pop n.coll popcorn. ys rudh
 n.coll cranberries
-ys (1) sffx (VA suffix) -ed
-ys (2) sffx (plural suffix; mostly in
 loan-words) -(e)s
-ys (3) sffx (masc. abstract noun suffix)
y's (1) contr (object) her; it
y's (2) contr (object) them
ysek adj abounding in corn
yskans n.coll yskansen corn flakes
yskar n.m sackcloth; sacking; cloth
yskydnaL vb (= yskynna) ascend; go up;
yskydnelL n.f yskynellow (= yskynnel) lift;
yskydnusL adj (= yskynnus) ascending. en
 aray yskydnusL in ascending order
yskynna vb (= yskydnaL) ascend; climb; go
 up; mount
yskynnans n.m (= 'skydnynansL) take-off
yskynnel n.f yskynellow (= yskydnelL)
 elevator; lift
yskynnus adj (= yskydnusL) ascending. yn
 aray yskynnus in ascending order
yssynsi vb (= essenjiL) contain
ystydnansL n.m ystynanjow (= ystynnans)

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012

   PDF Version, May 1st, 2012


   SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
a                                                                                       access

a art (a certain) unn; udnL                     absolve vb assoylya
abandon vb hepkor; forsakya; gasa; garaL        absorb vb lenki; sugna; dena; (a liquid) eva;
abate vb slackya                                 (a shock or blow) medhelhe
abbatial adj abasel                             absorbing adj meur y les
abbatoir n latti m, lattiow                     abstain vb omhedhi; (abstain from) skonya
abbess n abases f, abasesow                      (a2); (go without) sevel orth; sevel ortL; (in
abbey n abatti m, abattiow                       a vote) triga heb votya; bos heb tu
abbot n abas m, abasow                          abstaining adj war an ke
abbreviate vb berrhe                            abstract I adj tybel; anpythek; anpethekL II
abbreviation n berrheans m, berrheansow          n berrskrif m, berrskrifow; skrif kot m,
abdomen n torr f, torrow                         skrifow kot
abduct vb denladra; ladra ker'L; (snatch)       absurd adj fol; gocki
 dengibya                                       abundance n lanwes m, lanwesow; liester
abduction n denladrans m, denladransow           m, liesteryow; plenteth f; palster m,
abhorr vb abhorrya                               palsteryow
ability n (physical) gallos m, galosow;         abundant adj pals
 (learned) godhvos m, godhvosow                 abuse I n tebeldyghtyans m,
able adj abel. be able gallos; bos abyl. more    tebeldyghtyansow; (of a substance)
 able appla                                      drog-usyans m, drog-usyansow II vb
-able sffx -adow                                 abusya; droghandla; tebeldyghtya; (orally)
abnormal adj anreyth; dinatur                    raylya
abode n trigva f, trigvaow; annedh f,           abysmal adj drog dres ehen
 anedhow                                        abyss n islonk m, islonkow
abolish vb dilea                                abyssal adj islonkel
abolition n dileans m, dileansow                academic I adj akademek II n akademek m,
abort vb astel                                   akademogyon; akademoges f,
about I adv (around) a-dro; (at the point of)    akademogesow
 parys. it is about to break parys dhe derri    academically adv yn akademek; dre vaner
 yw; (round about) a-dhedro II prp a-dro         akademekL
 dhe2                                           academy n akademi m, akademiow
above I adv a-ugh II prp a-ugh dhe2             accelerate vb uskishe
abridge vb kothe                                acceleration n uskisheans m, uskisheansow
abridged adj kothes                             accelerator n uskisel f, uskisellow
abroad I adj tramor II adv a-les; (overseas)    accent n (regional accent) lesyeth f,
 dres mor                                        lesyethow; (in writing) ughverk m,
abrupt adj desempis; serth                       ughverkow; (stress) poos-lev m,
absence n estrik m, estrigow                     poos-levow; (pitch accent) ton-lev m,
absent adj estrigys                              ton-levow. from your accent dre dha er
absentee n estriger m, estrigoryon;             accentuate vb posleva
 estrigores f, estrigoresow. absentee           accept vb (receive) degemeres; receva;
 landlord perhen estrigys m, perhennow           (admit) amyttya; avowa
 estrigys, perhednow estrigysL                  acceptable adj kemeradow
absolute adj pur; purra; absolut                access I n hedhas m, hedhasow II vb
absolutely adv porres                            drehedhes

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
accessible                                                                              across

accessible adj hedhadow                           account of awos; drefen. take account of
accessory I adj gweresek II n gwereser m,         gul vri a2; gwul vri a2L
 gweresoryon; gweresores f, gweresoresow         accountant n akontydh m, akontydhyon;
accident n droglam m, droglammow,                 akontydhes f, akontydhesow; akontyas m,
 droglabmowL; gwall m, gwallow                    akontysi, akontyjiL; akontyades f,
accidental adj dre wall                           akontyadesow
accidentally adv dre wall                        accumulate vb kreuni; kuntel
accommodate vb (host) ostya; (facilitate)        accumulator n kreunel f, kreunellow;
 esya                                             kreunyer m, kreunyoryon
accommodation n (hosting) ostyans m,             accuracy n kewerder m
 ostyansow; (favour) esyans m, esyansow          accurate adj kewar; kompes; ewn; ownL
accompaniment n keveylyans m,                    accurately adv yn kewar; der vaner
 keveylyansow                                     gompesL
accompany vb (accompany someone) mos             accusation n kuhudhans m, kuhudhansow;
 gans; mos war-barth ha; mos 'bar'haL;            kabel m, kablow; akusacyon m, akusacyons
 (musically) keveylya                            accuse vb kuhudha; kabla; akusya
accomplice n keskal m, keskalyon; keskales       accustomed adj usys. be accustomed to
 f, keskalesow                                    bos usys gans; bos usys genL
accomplish vb kowlwul; kollenwel                 ace n onan m, onanow; onen m, onenow
accomplished adj (successfully completed)        ache I n gloos f, glosow II vb pystiga; hurtya
 kowlwrys; kowlwresL; (expert) perfydh. an       achieve vb kowlwul; kollenwel; hedhes
 accomplished villain bilen pur m                achievement n kowlwrians m,
accomplishment n kowlwrians m,                    kowlwriansow
 kowlwriansow; (attainment) hedhyans m,          acid I adj trenk II n trenken f, trenkennow,
 hedhyansow                                       trenkednowL; dowr trenk m, dowrow trenk
accord I n akord m II vb (cause to agree)        acknowledge vb aswon; ajonL; (admit;
 akordya; agria; kesseni; (grant) grontya; ri;    accept) amyttya; avowa; alowa; (express
 reiL. according to herwydh; war-lergh.           gratitude) godhvos; goffosL
 according to the forecast herwydh an            acknowledgement n aswonvos m,
 dhargan                                          aswonvosow
accordance n unverheans m,                       acorn n mesen f, mes. acorn cup byskon
 unverheansow                                     mes f, byskonyow mes
account I n (financial) reken m, reknow;         acoustic adj akoustek; sononiethel
 akont m, akontys, akontow; (report)             acoustics akoustek f; sononieth f
 derivadow m; derivas m, derivasow II vb         acquaintance n aswonvos m, aswonvosow
 akontya; synsi; senjiL. account book lyver      acquire vb akwirya; kavos; kawasL; (buy)
 akontowM m, lyvrow akontow; lever                prena; pernaL
 akontysL m, levrow akontys. bank account        acquisition n ynkerth f, ynkerthow; tra
 akont arhantti m, akontys arhantti,              gevys f, taklow kevys, traow kevys
 akontow arhantti. by all accounts del lever     acre n erow f, erewi
 pubonan. current account akont kesres m,        acrobat n lappyer m, lappyoryon; lappyores
 akontys kesres, akontow kesres. deposit          f, lappyoresow
 account akont arhow m, akontys arhow,           across I adv a-dreus II prp a-dreus dhe2;
 akontow arhow. of no account distyr. on          dres

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
acrylic                                                                                 adult

acrylic I adj akrylek II n akrylek m,            adhesion n arlenans m, arlenansow
 akrylogyon                                      adhesive adj I adj glenus; glusek; glujekL II
act I n ober m, oberow; akt m, aktys;             n glus m, glusow, glujowL
 gwrians m, gwriansow; (of a play) parth f,      adjective n hanow gwann m, henwyn
 parthow II vb aktya; gwari; oberi                gwann; hanow gwadnL m, henwyn gwadn
action n gwrians m, gwriansow                    adjoining adj ogas; nessa; yn herwydh; en
activate vb bywhe; bewheL; gorra dhe              herwydhL
 gerdhes                                         adjust vb desedha
activated adj bywhes; bewhesL                    adjustment n desedhans m, desedhansow
activation n bywheans m, bywheansow;             administer vb menystra; governa; (of
 bewheansL m, bewheanjow; gweythresans            medicine) ri; reiL
 m, gweythresansow                               administration n menystrans m,
active adj byw; bewL; gweythresek; strik;         menystransow; menystracyon m,
 snell                                            menystracyons
activity n aktivita m, aktivitys; gwrians m,     administrative adj menystrek
 gwriansow                                       administrator n menystrer m,
actor n gwarier m, gwarioryon                     menystroryon; menystrores f,
actress n gwariores f, gwarioresow                menystroresow
actual adj gwir                                  admiration n estem m
actually adv y'n gwir; yn hwir; yn               admire vb estemya
 gwiryonedh; en gwrionedhL                       admission n amyttyans m, amyttyansow
acute adj lymm; lebmL                            admit vb (acknowledge) amyttya; (confess)
A.D. abbr B.A.; Bledhen agan Arludh f;            avowa; meneges; (let in) degemeres
 (Common Age) O.K.; Osweyth Kemmyn f;             a-berth
 Oos Kemmyn m                                    admittance n kummyas entra m,
adamant adj adamantek                             kumyasow entra; kubmyas entraL m,
adapt vb aswiwa; framya; desedha                  kumyasow entra. no admittance entrans
adapter n aswiwer m, aswiworyon                   difennys; entrans difednysL
add vb keworra; addya                            admittedly adv res yw avowa; res ew
adder n nader f, nadres                           avowaL
addition n keworrans m, keworansow;              adolescent I adj lank; godevesik II n lank m,
 addyans m, addyansow                             lankyow; lankes f, lankesow
additional adj keworansel                        adopt vb (a child) adoptya; asvaba; (a policy
address I n (location) trigva f, trigvaow;        or motion) degemeres; receva
 (speech) areth f, arethyow II vb (write         adoption n adoptyans m, adoptyansow;
 address on) skrifa trigva war2; (speak to)       asvabans m, asvabansow. adoption
 kowsel orth; kewsel orthM; kowsel ort.           agency maynorieth asvaba f,
 address someone as 'thou' tyas. address          maynoriethow asvaba
 someone as 'you' hwias                          adoration n gordhyans m
adequate adj lowr                                adore vb gordhya
adhere vb glena; omlena. adhere to glena         adorn vb afina; tekhe; (furnish) takla
 orth; omlena orth                               Adriatic n mor Adriatek m
adherence n omlenans m, omlenansow               adult I adj tevesik II n tevesik m,
adherent n dyskybel m, dyskyblon                  tevesigyon; tevesiges f, tevesigesow

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
adulterer                                                                           aggressive

adulterer n avoutrer m, avoutrers,                 affectionate adj hegar
 avoutroryon                                       affirm vb afia; affirmya
adulteress n avoutres f, avoutresow;               afflict vb plagya
 gwann-wre'ti f; gwadn-wre'tiL f                   afflicted adj duwenhes; (plagued) plagys;
adulterous adj (approx.) fals                       (tortured) tormentys
adultery n avoutri m                               afford vb affordya
advance I n avonsyans m, avonsyansow II            affordable adj affordyadow
 vb avonsya                                        afraid adj ownek. become afraid of
advanced adj avonsys                                kemeres own rag
advantage n les m; prow m                          Africa top Afrika m
advantageous adj dhe les                           African I adj afrikan II n Afrikan m,
advent n devedhyans m, devedhyansow.                Afrikans; Afrikanes f, Afrikanesow
 Advent (eccles.) Asvens m                         aft adv (at the back) a-dhelergh; (to the
adventure n aventur m, aventurys,                   back) war-dhelergh
 aventuryow                                        after prp (time only) wojaL; wosa; (time and
adventurous adj aventurus                           space) war-lergh
adverb n adverb m, adverbow; gorer m,              afternoon n dohajydh m, dohajydhyow;
 goreryow                                           dohajedhL m, dohajedhyowL; androw m,
adversary n eskar m, eskerens                       androwyow; (afternoon-time) androweyth
advertise vb argemynna; argemydnaL                  m, androweythyow. good afternoon
advertisement n argemmyn m,                         dohajydh da; dohajedh daL
 argemynnow; argebmynL m, argemydnow               afternoon-time adv dohajydhweyth;
advice n kussul f, kussulyow; avis m,               dohajedhweythL
 avisyow                                           afterwards adv a-wosa; a-wojaL; dres keyn;
advise vb kussulya                                  war-lergh henna; war-lergh hednaL
adviser n kussulyer m, kussulyoryon;               again adv arta; das-. say again dasleverel.
 kussulyores f, kussulyoresow                       do again daswul
advisory adj kussulyek; a gussul                   against prp (opposition) er-bynn;
aerial I adj a'n ayr; ayrek II n ayrlorgh f (m),    war-bynn; war-bydnL; (spatial) orth; ortL.
 ayrlorhow                                          against the grain er-bynn an gwias;
aeroplane n jynn ebron m, jynnys ebron,             war-bydn an gwiasL. against the law
 jynnow ebron; ayrplayn m, ayrplayns;               er-bynn an laha; war-bydn an lahaL. guard
 ayren f, ayrennow, ayrednowL                       against gwitha rag
aerosol n ayrosol m, ayrosolys                     age I n oos m, osow; oojL m, ojow II vb
aesthetic adj esthetek                              kothhe. old age henys m; kothni f
afar adv a-bell                                    agency n mayn m, maynys; maynorieth f,
affair n (business) mater m, maters,                maynoriethow
 materyow; negys m, negysyow;                      agenda n rol negys f, rolyow negys
 (relationship) kerensa gudhys f; kerenja          agent n maynor m, maynoryon; maynores f,
 gudhysL f                                          maynoresow
affect vb nasya                                    aggravate vb (worsen) gwethhe; (irritate)
affectation n maneruster m                          serri
affected adj manerus                               aggression n argas m, argasow
affection n hegaredh m                             aggressive adj argasus

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
aggressor                                                                                   all

aggressor n argasor m, argasoryon;               gasel f, esedhow kasel
 argasores f, argasoresow                       ajar adj hanter ygerys; hanter egerysL
agile adj byw; bewL; skav                       -al sffx -el
agility n bewder m; skavder m                   alarm I n (clock) difunel f, difunellow;
agitate vb amovya                                (electric) alarm m, alarmow; (feeling) own
agitated adj amovys                              m II vb gorra own yn. burglar alarm alarm
agnostic I adj agnostek II n agnostek m,         ladron m, alarmow ladron. fire alarm
 agnostegyon; agnosteges f, agnostegesow         alarm tan m, alarmow tan
ago adv nans yw; nanj ewL. long ago nans        alarm clock n difunel f, difunellow
 yw pell, nanj ew pellL. not long ago nans      alarmed adj ownek
 yw neppell, nanj ew neppellL                   alarming adj browehus
agony n galarow dl                              alas int ellas; soweth; tru; ogh
agree vb akordya; agria; (transitive)           Albania top Albani f
 unverhe; (intransitive) bos unver; bos         Albanian I adj albaniek II n (language)
 unverhes. agree with akordya gans;              Albaniek m; (person) Albanian m,
 akordya orth; assentya gans; bos unver          Albanians; Albanianes f, Albanianesow
 gans; bos unverhes gans                        albeit cnj kyn fo
agreed adj akordys; (unanimous) unver           album n albom m, albomow; (book) lyver
agreement n akord m; ambos m, ambosow;           kuntelM m, lyvrow kuntel; lever kuntelL m,
 unverheans m, unverheansow                      levrow kuntel; (music) kuntilow m,
agriculture n ammeth f; abmethL f                kuntilowyow
ague n kleves seson m                           alchemy n alkemi m
ah int a                                        alcohol n alkohol m; las m, lasow
ahead adv yn-rag; en-ragL                       alcoholic I adj alkoholek; lasek II n
aid I n gweres m, gweresow; sokor m II vb        alkoholek m, alkohologyon; alkohologes f,
 gweres; sokra. first aid n sokor kensa m;       alkohologesow
 sokor kynsaM m. hearing aid klowel f,          alcoholism n alkohologeth f; lasogeth f
 klowellow; klewelM f, klewellow                alcove n neythik m, neythigow
AIDS n SIDA m; Syndrom an Imundhifyk            ale n korev m, korevow; kor'L m, korevow
 Akwirys m                                      A level nivel A m, nivelyow A
aim I n meder m, medrow; (objective)            algebra n aljebra m
 amkan m, amkanow II vb medra                   alias n kenhanow m, kenhenwyn
air n ayr m. air conditioning n ayrewnans       alibi n alibi m, alibis
 m, ayrewnansow; ayrownansL m,                  alien I adj estren II n alyon m, alyons;
 ayrownanjow. air hostess n ostes ayr f,         estren m, estrenyon; estrenes f, estrenesow
 ostesow ayr. air steward n ost ayr m, ostys    alienate vb estrenya
 ayr                                            alight I adj gans tan; gans golow II vb
airline n ayrlinen f, ayrlinennow,               (dismount) diyskynna; deskydnyaL
 ayrlinednowL                                   align vb alinya
airmail n ayrbost m. by airmail der ayrbost     alignment n alinyans m, alinyansow
airport n ayrborth m, ayrborthow                alike adj kehaval
airstrip n ayrsketh m, ayrskethow               alive adj byw; bewL
airtight adj ayrstanch; hermesek                all I adj oll II prn peub. all the time pub eur
aisle n kasel f, kaselyow. aisle seat n esedh    oll. all the way to bys yn; bys enL. not at

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
allegation                                                                             amiable

 all mann. the All Blacks an para Oll Du m        alternation n tereylyans m, tereylyansow
allegation n alejyans m, alejynsow;               alternative I adj aral; ken II n ken dewis m,
 kuhudhans m, kuhudhansow                          ken dewisyow
allege vb alejya; kuhudha                         although cnj (before consonants) kyn5;
alleged adj alejys; kuhudhys                       (before vowels and h-) kynth
allergic adj alergek                              altogether adv hys-ha-hys; hes-ha-hesL
allergy n alergedh m, alergedhow                  aluminium n aluminiom m
alley n stretyn m, stretynnow, stretydnowL        always adv pub prys; pub presL; pub
alleyway n skochfordh f, skochfordhow              termyn; prest
alliance n keffrysyans m, keffrysyansow;          Alzheimer's (disease) n kleves Alzheimer
 keffresyansL m, keffresyanjow                     m
allied adj keffrysys; keffresysL                  amalgam n amalgam m, amalgamys;
alligator n aligator m, aligators                  kesunses m, kesunsesow
allow vb gasa; garaL; alowa                       amalgamate vb kesunya
ally n keffrysias m, keffrysysi; keffresiasL m,   amass vb gronna; grodnaL
 keffresyji; keffrysiades f, keffrysiadesow;      amateur n bodhesik m, bodhesigyon;
 keffresiadesL f, keffresiadejow                   bodhesiges f, bodhesigesow
almighty adj ollgalosek                           amateurish adj bodhesik
almond n alamand m, alamandys,                    amaze vb gorra marth yn; gorra marth enL;
 alamandow                                         sowdhanas; sowdheni
almost adv (before an adjective) ogas;            amazement n marth m, marthow
 (before a noun) ogas ha; (before a verb)         amazing adj marthys
 namna2; namnag; (used independently)             amazingly adv marthys
 ogatti; ogasti. he almost won ev a waynyas       ambassador n kannas f, kanasow; kadnasL
 ogatti                                            f, kanajow
alms n alusen f, alusennow, alusednowL            amber n amber m, ambrys
aloes aloes pl                               ambiguous adj amstyryus
aloft a-vann; a-vadnL                             ambition n uhelhwans m, uhelhwansow
alone adj honan; honen                            ambitious adj uhelhwansek
along adv a-hys; a-hesL                           ambulance n ambulans m, ambulansys;
alongside adv, prp ryb tenewen; reb                karr klavji m, kerri klavji
 tenewenL                                         ambush I n kontrewaytyans m,
aloof adv a-denewen                                kontrewaytyansow II vb kontrewaytya
aloud adv yn uhel; en uhelL                       amen int yndella re bo; endella re boL
alphabet n abecedari m, abecedaris;               amends amends pl. make amends gul
 lytherennekM f, lytherenegi; letherednekL f,      amendys; gwul amendysL; gul restorita;
 letherenegi                                       gwul restoritaL; astiveri
Alps top Alpys pl                                 America top Amerika m; (United States of
already adv seulabrys; seulabresL                  America) an Statys Unys
alright adv da lowr; oll yn komposter             American I adj amerikanek II n Amerikan
also adv ynwedh; y'wedhL; keffrys; keffresL;       m, Amerikanyon; Amerikanes f,
 maga ta                                           Amerikanesow. American football n pel
alter vb chanjya; dihevelebi                       droos amerikanek f
alternate vb tereylya                             amiable adj hegar. amiable towards

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
amicable                                                                       anonymous

 someone hegar orth nebonan                    angel el m, eledh
amicable adj hegar; kuv                        angelic adj elek
amid prp yn-mysk; en-meskL                     anger n sorr m
ammunition n daffar ladhva m                   angle n elin m, elinnyow, eldidnyowL. acute
amnesty n amnesti m, amnestis                   angle lymmelin m, lymmelinnyow,
among prp yn-mysk; en-meskL                     lymmelidnyowL. obtuse angle sohelin m,
amount n myns m, mynsow; mensL m,               sohelinnyow, sohelidnyowL. right angle
 mensow                                         elin pedrek m, elinnyow pedrek, elidnyow
ample adj lowr                                  pedrekL
amplifier n argrevel f, argrevellow            Anglican I adj Anglikan II n Anglikan m,
amplify vb moghhe                               Anglikanyon; Anglikanes f, Anglikanesow
amplitude n heledh m, heledhow                 Anglicanism n Anglikanieth f
amputate vb trehi dhe-ves                      anglicise vb sowsnekhe
amuse vb didhana. amuse oneself                Anglo- prfx Sows-
 omdhidhana                                    anglophone I adj sowsneger II n
amusement n didhan m, didhenyow.                Sowsneger m, Sowsnegoryon; Sowsnegores
 amusement park park omdhidhana m,              f, Sowsnegoresow
 parkow omdhidhana                             angry adj serrys; engrys. be angry, get
amusing adj didhan; didhanus                    angry, make angry serri; angra. get angry
anachronism n kammamseren f,                    with serri orth
 kammamserennow, kammamserednowL               anguish n angos m; gloos f
anachronistic adj kammamseryek                 animal n best m, bestes; eneval m, enevales;
anaemia n anemia m                              mil m, miles. wild animal godhvil m,
anaemic adj anemek                              godhviles
anaesthetic I adj klamderus II n               animate vb bywhe; bewheL
 klamderyas m, klamderysi, klamderyjiL         animated adj bywhes; bewhesL
analogue adj analog                            animation n bywheans m, bywheansow;
analogy n analogieth f, analogiethow            bewheansL m, bewheanjow
analyse vb dielvenna; dielvednaL               anion n anion m, anions
analysis n dielvennans m, dielvenansow;        ankle n ufern m, ufernyow, dl dewufern
 dielvednansL m, dielvenanjow                  anniversary n penn-bloodh m,
anarchist n direwlyas m, direwlysi;             pennow-bloodh; pedn-bloodhL m,
 dirowlyasL m, dirowlyji; direwlyades f,        pednow-bloodh
 direwlyadesow; dirowlyadesL f,                announce vb deklarya
 dirowlyadejow                                 annoy vb ania; 'niaL; serri
anarchy n direwl m; dirowlL m                  annoying adj fyslek
ancestor n hendas m, hendasow                  annual adj bledhynnyek; bledhydnyekL
anchor n ankor m, ankoryow                     annually adv pub bledhen
anchorage n ankorva f, ankorvaow; poll m,      Annunciation n Dy'gol Maria mis Meurth
 pollow. fleet anchorage lulyn f, lulynnow      m; De'gol Maria mis MeurthL m
anchovy n ganowek m, ganowogyon                anoint vb ura; elia; olewi; anoyntya
and cnj (before consonants) ha; (before        anomaly n digessenyans m,
 vowels) hag                                    digessenyansow
anecdote n racka m, rackow                     anonymous adj dihanow

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
anorak                                                                                    Arab

anorak n anorak m, anorakys                       m, appelyow II vb gelwel
another I adj aral; ken; moy II prn aral.        appear vb apperya; diskwedhes;
 another one onan aral; ken onan. one             omdhiskwedhes
 another an eyl y gila m; an eyl hy ben f        appearance n semlant m, semlans; mir m,
answer I n gorthyp m, gorthebow II vb             mirow
 gorthebi. answer back gorthebi yn tont.         appendix n ystynnans m, ystynansow;
 answering machine jynn gorthebi m,               ystydnansL m, ystynanjow
 jynnys gorthebi, jynnow gorthebi                appetite n ewl voos f, ewlow boos
ant n moryonen f, moryon                         applaud vb gormel
Antarctic top Antarktek m                        applause n gormola f, gormoledhow
antenna n tavel f, tavellow                      apple n aval m, avalow. wild apple n aval
anthem n antempna m, antempnys,                   goodh m, avalow goodh
 antempnow                                       applicant n ombrofyer m, ombrofyoryon;
anti- prfx gorth-                                 ombrofyores f, ombrofyoresow
anus n gwenn m, gwennow; gwednL m,               application n ombrofyans m,
 gwednow                                          ombrofyansow
anxiety n ahwer m; preder m, prederow;           apply vb (bring into operation) gweytha;
 fienasow pl                                      (for a post) ombrofya; (oneself) omri; (paint
anxious adj prederus                              etc.) gorra war2; gorra dhe2
any adj (in negative expressions) vyth; vethL.   appoint vb apoyntya; ordena
 I did not see any light ny welis vy golow       appointment n apoyntyans m,
 vyth                                             apoyntyansow
anybody prn nebonan; nebonen                     appreciate vb gwerthveurhe
anymore adv na fella; namoy                      appreciation n gwerthveurheans m,
anyone prn nebonan; nebonen                       gwerthveurheansow
anything prn (in positive phrases) neppyth;      apprehensive adj ownus
 neppethL; neb tra; (in negative phrases) tra    apprentice n kynser m, kynseri; kynseres f,
 vyth; tra vethL                                  kynseresow. smith's apprentice mab-gov
anyway adv yn neb kas; en neb kasL; yn neb        m, mebyon-gov
 fordh; en neb for'L                             apprenticeship n kynserneth m,
anywhere adv neb le; neb tyller; neb tu           kynsertnethow
apart adv a-les                                  approach vb dos nes; neshe; nesa
apartment n rannji m, rannjiow                   appropriate adj gwiw
ape n apa m, apys                                approval n komendyans m, komendyansow
apologise vb dihares; omdhivlamya                approve vb komendya
apology n dihares m, diharesow                   approximate adj nesogas; ogas lowr
apostate I adj negedhys II n negedhys m,         approximately adj ogas dhe2; ogas ha
 negedhysyon                                     apricot n brykedhen f, brykedh
apostle n abostel m, abesteli                    April n Ebrel m; mis Ebrel m
apostrophe n kollverk m, kollverkys              apron n apron m, apronnyow, aprodnyowL
apparel n aparel m                               aquarium n pyskva f, pyskvaow; peskvaL f,
apparent adj apert; heveladow                     peskvaow; pusketti m, puskettiow
apparently adv del hevel                         Arab n Arab m, Arabyon; Arabes f,
appeal I n galow m, galowyow; (law) appel         Arabesow

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
Arabian                                                                                    as

Arabian I adj arabek II n Arab m, Arabyon;     arm I n (body part) bregh f, brehow, dl
 Arabes f, Arabesow                             diwvregh; (weapon) arv f, arvow II vb arva.
Arabic n Arabek                                 take up arms mos dhe arvow
arbour n erber m, erberow, erbers              armature n armatur m, armaturyow
arc n gwarek m, gwaregow                       armchair n kador vregh f, kadoryow bregh
arch n gwarek f, gwaregow                      armed adj ervys. armed to the teeth ervys
archaeological adj hendhyskoniethel;            bys y'n dhiwen
 hendheskoniethelL                             armour n arvwisk m. iron armour gwisk
archaeologist n hendhyskonydh m,                horn m
 hendhyskonydhyon; hendhyskonydhes f,          armpit n kasel f, kaselyow, dl diwgasel
 hendhyskonydhesow; hendheskonydhL m,          arms arvow pl
 hendheskonydhyon; hendheskonydhesL f,         army n lu m, luyow
 hendheskonydhesow                             aroma n odour m, odours; sawor m,
archaeology n hendhyskonieth f;                 saworyow
 hendheskoniethL f                             around I adv a-dro. all around a-derdro II
archangel n arghel m, argheledh                 prp a-dro dhe2; yn-kerhyn; en-kerhynL
archbishop n arghepskop m,                     arouse vb sordya; movya
 arghepskobow                                  arrange vb araya; ordena; renka; restra
archer n gwareger m, gwaregoryon;              arrangement n aray m, arayow; rester f,
 gwaregores f, gwaregoresow; sether m,          restri
 sethoryon; sethores f, sethoresow             arrest I n dalhennas m, dalhenasow;
archery n gwaregieth f                          dalhednasL m, dalhenasow II vb dalhen.
archipelago n enesek f, enesegi                 writ of arrest kapyas m, kapyasow
architect n pennser m, pennseri; pennseres     arrival n devedhyans m, devedhyansow
 f, pennseresow                                arrive vb dos; drehedhes
architecture n pennserneth f                   arrogant adj gothus; howtyn; orgelus;
ardent adj gwresek                              prout; balgh
area n arenebedh m, arenebedhow;               arrow n seth f, sethow
 leurnedh m, leurnedhow                        arse n tin f, tinyow
Argentina top Arhantina f                      arson n loskrians m, loskriansow
Argentinian I adj arhantinek II n              arsonist n loskrias m, loskriysi; loskriades f,
 Arhantinan m, Arhantinans; Arhantines f,       loskriadesow
 Arhantinesow                                  art n art m, artys
argue vb argya; dadhla; debatya; disputya;     article n (text) erthygel m, erthyglow;
 kewsel a-dreus. argue with argya orth;         artikel m, artiklow; skrif m, skrifow;
 disputya orth. don't argue! na gows            skriven f, skrivennow, dl skrivednowL;
 a-dreus!                                       (grammatical) ger mell m, geryow mell
argument n argument m, argumentys;             artificial adj kreftus. artificial intelligence
 dadhel f, dadhlow; argyans m, argyansow        n skians kreftus
arid adj krin; sygh; seghL                     artist n artydh m, artydhyon
arise vb sevel; sordya. arise! yn-sol!         as I adv avel; 'velL. I did it as a joke my a'n
 en-sol!L                                       gwrug avel ges II cnj del2. as I said to him
arithmetic I adj niveroniethel II n             del leveris dhodho; as I believe del grysav.
 niveronieth f, niveroniethow                   as it seems del hevel. as it were kepar del

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
as… as                                                                                attach

 via. as usual del yw usys; herwydh            assistance n skoodhyans m, skodhyansow;
 usadow. as well maga ta. be dressed as         gweres m, gweresow
 bos gwiskys yn. for as much as yn mar         assistant n darbarer m, darbaroryon;
 veur del2. twice as good diwweyth mar          darbarores f, darbaroresow
 dha                                           association n kowethas m (f), kowethasow
as… as cnj (with nouns) mar2… avel. as         assume vb desevos
 white as snow mar wynn avel ergh; (with       assumption n desev m, desevow
 verbs) mar2… del2. as simple as it seemed     assure vb afydhya; surhe
 mar sempel del hevelis. as long as hedre2.    astonish vb gorra marth yn
 as many as prn myns; mensL; adv kemmys;       astonishing adj revedh
 kebmysL; kekemmys; kekebmysL. as soon         astray I adv yn sowdhan; war stray II vb go
 as adv kettel2. as quickly as adv kettooth     astray mos yn sowdhan; sowdhanas; mos
 ha                                             war stray; mos dhe stray
ascend vb yskynna; yskydnaL                    astronaut n stervarner m, stervarnoryon;
ascending adj yskynnus; yskydnusL. in           stervarnores f, stervarnoresow
 ascending order yn aray yskynnus; en          astute adj fin; fel
 aray yskydnusL                                asylum n (place) menehiji m, menehijiow;
ashamed adj methek. be ashamed                  harber m, harbers; (state) harbereth f;
 kemeres meth                                   menehi m, menehiow; (mental hospital)
ashen adj lusuek; lujuekL                       folji m, foljiow. political asylum harbereth
ashes lusu coll; lujuL coll                wlasek f
ashtray n lusuegyn m, lusuegynnow;             at prp (spatial) orth; ortL; (with placenames)
 lujuegynL m, lujuegydnow                       yn; enL; (temporal) dhe2. at two in the
Asia top Asi f; Asya f                          afternoon dhe dhiw eur androweyth. at all
Asian I adj asiek II n Asian m, Asians;         vytholl; banna; badnaL; mann. it does not
 Asianes f, Asianesow                           concern me at all ny'm deur mann; at this
aside adv a-denewen                             time y'n tor' ma. at first wos'talleth;
ask vb (question) govyn; (request) pesi;        wor'talleth. at home tre. at last
 pysiM; pejiL. ask a question of someone        wor'tiwedh; wos'tiwedh. at sea yn mor. at
 govyn orth nebonan. ask oneself                night yn nos
 omwovyn. ask someone to do something          atheism n didhuwieth f
 pesi nebonan a wul neppyth; pysi nebonan      atheist n didhuwydh m, didhuwydhyon;
 a wul neppythM; peji nebonan a wul             didhuwydhes f, didhuwydhesow
 neppethL. ask urgently pesi tynn; pysi        athlete n athlet m, athletys; athletes f,
 tynnM; peji tydnL                              athletesow
asleep adj yn kosk                             athletic adj athletek
asparagus n merlosowen f, merlosow             athletics athletek f
assassin n denledhyas m, denledhysi;           Atlantic adj atlantek. Atlantic Ocean
 denledhyades f, denledhyadesow                 Keynvor Atlantek m
assemble vb (transitive) keskorra;             atom n atom m, atomow
 (intransitive) omguntel                       atomic adj atomek
assembly n kesva f, kesvaow; kuntelles m       atrocious adj outrayus
 (f), kuntelesow                               atrocity n outray m, outrayow
assist vb skoodhya                             attach vb fastya; staga; tackya

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
attached                                                                                away

attached adj stag                               aunt n modrep f, modrebedh
attachment n syg f, sygow; (to a document       aunty n modrebik f, modrebigow
 or e-mail) stagel f, stagellow                 aura n awra m, awras
attack I n omsettyans m, omsettyansow II        austerity n dibalster m, dibalsteryow
 vb omsettya war2. heart attack n powes         Australia top Ostrali f
 kolon m; shora kolon m                         Australian I adj ostralek II n Ostralian m,
attacker n omsettyer m, omsettyoryon;            Ostralyans; Ostralianes f, Ostralianesow
 omsettyores f, omsettyoresow                   Austria top Ostri f
attain vb hedhes                                Austrian I adj ostrian II n Ostrian m,
attainment n drehedhyans m,                      Ostrians; Ostrianes f, Ostrianesow
 drehedhyansow                                  author n awtour m, awtours
attempt I n assay m, assays; attent m,          authoritarian adj awtoritaus
 attentys II vb assaya; hwilas                  authoritarianism n awtoritauster m
attend vb attendya; (be present) bos ena        authority n awtorita m, awtoritas. on the
attendance n attendyans m, attendyansow          authority of herwydh
attendant n kesservyas m, kesservysi;           automatic adj awtomatek
 kesservyades f, kesservyadesow                 autumn n kynnyav m, kynyavow;
attention n attendyans m, attendyansow.          kydnyadhL m, kydnyadhow
 pay attention attendya                         auxiliary adj heweres
attentive adj hewol                             avail I n. it is of no avail ny amont II vb
attic n soler m, soleryow                        avaylya; amontya
attitude n stons m, stoncys; omdhalgh m,        available adj kavadow
 omdhalhow                                      avalanche n erghslynk m, erghslynkys,
attorney n laghyas m, lahysi, lahyjiL;           erghslynkow
 laghyades f, laghyadesow                       avenge vb venjya
attract vb tenna; tednaL                        avenue n rosva f, rosvaow
attraction n tennvos m, tennvosow               average I adj kresek II n kresek m,
attractive adj tennvosek                         kresogow
attribute vb askrifa                            avert vb treylya dhe-ves; didreylya
attributed adj askrifys                         aviator n neyjer m, neyjoryon; neyjores f,
attributes teythi pl                        neyjoresow
auction n I n strifwerth m, strifwerthow II     avid adj terderus
 vb strifwertha                                 avocado n avokado m, avokados
auctioneer n strifwerther m,                    avoid vb avoydya; goheles
 strifwerthoryon; strifwerthores f,             await vb gortos
 strifwerthoresow                               awake adj difun. wide awake pur dhifun;
audible adj heglow; heglewM                      ughhewol
audience n goslowysi pl                         award n pewas m, pewasow; powasL m,
audio-visual adj klewwelyek;                     powasow
 klewes-gweles                                  aware adj war
audit I n arhwilyans m, arhwilyansow II vb      awareness n warneth f
 arhwilas                                       away adv dhe-ves. go away! ke dhe-ves!
augment vb moghhe                                yn-kerdh; ker'L. throw away tewlel
August n Est m; mis Est m                        dhe-ves; towlel dhe-vesL; tewlel dhe skoll;

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
awful                                                                                 banish

 towlel dhe skollL                              bag I n sagh m, seghyer II vb (put in a bag)
awful adj euthyk; ithikL                         saha. sleeping bag sagh koska m, seghyer
awfully adv euthyk; ithikL                       koska
awkward adj kledhek                             bagpipes pibow sagh pl
awl n menowes f, menowesow                      bail n mewgh m, mewghyow. stand bail
axe n bool f, bolyow                             mewghya. jump bail gasa mewgh; gara
axle n ahel f, aghlow                            mewghL
azalea n azalea m, azaleas                      bait n treustrum m, treustrummow
babble vb gerya                                 bake vb pobas
baby n babi m, babiow; flogh byhan m,           baker n peber m, peboryon; pebores f,
 flehes vyhan; (also: baby doll) baban m,        peboresow
 babanes. baby carriage kerrik flogh m,         bakery n popti m, poptiow
 kerigow flogh                                  balance I n kespos m, kesposow; omborth
baby-sit vb floghgovia                           m, omborthow; (device) mantol f,
baby-sitter n floghgovier m,                     mantolyow; (bank account) gasadow m,
 floghgovioryon; floghgoviores f,                gasadowyow II vb omberthi
 floghgovioresow                                balanced adj omborth
bachelor n bacheler m, bachelers.               balcony n balegva f, balegvaow; soler m,
 bachelor's degree bachelerieth f,               soleryow
 bacheleriethow                                 bald adj mool; blogh. bald person penn
back I adv arta; tre; war-dhelergh II n keyn     pilys m; pedn pilysL m
 m, keynow; kil m, kilyer III vb skoodhya. at   bale n I n pusorn m, pusornow II vb
 the back a-dhelergh. back down                  pusornas
 omblegya. back off kildenna; kildednaL.        ball n pel f, pelyow
 back to front an keyn a-rag. to the back       ballad n ballad m, ballads
 war-dhelergh                                   balloon n pel ayr f, pelyow ayr
backache n payn keyn m, paynys keyn             ballot n etholans m, etholansow
backbone n askorn keyn m, eskern keyn           ballpoint pen n pluven belvleyn f,
background n kilva f, kilvaow                    pluvennow pelvleyn, pluvednow pelvleynL
backpack n sagh keyn m, seghyer keyn            balm n eli m, eliow. lip balm, lip salve eli
backward(s) adv war-dhelergh; war                gweus m, eliow gweus
 gamm; war gabmL. backward turn kildro f,       ban vb emskemuna
 kildroyow                                      banana n banana m, bananas
bacon n backen m; kig mogh m                    band n bond m, bondys, bondow; (group)
bacterium n egin m, eginyow; bakteriom m,        bagas m, bagasow
 bakteria                                       bandage n lysten f, lystennow, lystednowL
bad adj drog; bad; (preceding the noun)         bandit n ravner m, ravnoryon; ravnores f,
 hager. bad deal hager-vargen m. bad deed        ravnoresow
 bad-ober m, bad-oberow. bad news               bandsaw n hesken vond f, heskennow
 yeyn-nowodhow pl                                bond, heskednow bondL
badge n arwodhik m, arwodhigow                  bang n (explosion) tardh m, tardhow;
badger n brogh m, brohes                         (knock) bonk m, bonkys
badly adv bad; yn trog; en trogL                Bangladesh top Bangladesh m
badminton n badminton m                         banish vb pellhe; banyshya

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
bank                                                                              bathroom

bank n (money) arhantti m, arhanttiow;          barley n barlys coll, barlysen
 (river bank) glann f, glannow; gladnL f,       barmaid n tavernores f, tavernoresow
 gladnow; (topography) banken f,                barman n tavernor m, tavernoryon
 bankennow, bankednowL. bank account            barn n skiber f, skiberyow
 akont arhantti m, akontow arhantti. bank       barnacle n skeren f, sker
 balance gasadow m, gasadowyow; kespos          barometer n barometer m, barometrow
 arhantti m, kesposow arhantti. bank            barracks n souderji m, souderjiow
 charges kostow arhantti pl. bank holiday       barrel n balyer m, baleryow
 dy'gol kemmyn m, dy'golyow kemmyn;             barren adj difeyth
 de'gol kebmynL m, de'golyow kebmyn             barrier n let m, lettys, lettow
banker n arhanser m, arhansoryon;               barrow n gravath f, gravathow
 arhansores f, arhansoresow                     barter vb kesvargynnya; kesvargydnyaL
banknote n noten arhantti f, notennow           base n ben m, benyow; goles m, golesow;
 arhantti, notednow arhanttiL; banknota m,       grond m, grondys, grondow; sel f, selyow.
 banknotys                                       military base selva f, selvaow
bankrupt adj bankskwattyes; skat                baseball n pel vas f
bankruptcy n bankskwattyans m,                  bash vb dorna; kronkya
 bankswattyansow                                bashful adj methek
banner n baner m, baneryow, baners              basic adj selvenel; selyek; elvennek;
banquet n gwledh f, gwledhow; banket m,          elvednekL
 bankettys                                      basics pennrewlys pl; pednrowlysL pl
baptise vb besydhya                             basin n bason m, basonys
baptism vb besydh; bejydhL                      basis n grond m, grondow
bar I n prenn m, prennyer; prednL m,            basket n basket m, baskettys; kanstel f,
 prednyer; (pub; law) barr m, barrys II vb       kanstellow; kowel m, kowellow.
 prenna; prednaL; barrya                         waste-paper basket atalgist f, atalgistyow
barbecue n barbakoa m, barbakoas                basketball n pel ganstel f
barber n barbour m, barbours                    Basque I adj baskek II n (language) Baskek
barberry n spernen velen f, spern melen          m; (person) Bask m, Baskyon; Baskes f,
bar-code n barrgod m, barrgodys                  Baskesow
bard n bardh m, berdh; bardhes f,               bass (1) I adj (music) faborden II n faborden
 bardhesow                                       m, fabordenyon. bass guitar gitar faborden
bare adj I adj lomm; lobmL; (bald) mool;         m, gitaryow faborden
 (naked) noth II vb lommhe; lobmheL. bare       bass (2) (fish) yown m, yownes
 one's teeth grysla                             bastard n bastard m, bastardyon
barefoot adj diarhen; dieskis                   bat (1) n (animal) askel grohen f, eskelli
barely adv skant; skantlowr                      krohen; ughsommysM m, ughsommysow
bareness n lomder m                             bat (2) (sporting) bat m, battys
bargain I n bargen m, bargennyow,               batch n bagasik m, bagasigow
 bargednyowL II vb bargynnya; bargydnyaL        bath n kibel f, kibellow; badh m, badhys
barge n skath hir f, skathow hir                bathe vb badhya; (trans.) golhi; (intrans.)
bark (1) I n (of a dog) harth m, harthow II      omwolhi. bathing suit dillas omvadhya coll
 vb hartha                                      bathroom n golghva f, golghvaow; stevel
bark (2) n (of a tree) rusken f, rusk            omwolhi f, stevellow omwolhi

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
baton                                                                                   behead

baton n leuvwelen f, leuvwelynni,                   bevers
 leuvwelydniL                                      because cnj awos; drefen; rag; dre reson;
batter (1) n (cooking) kestew m, kestewow           reson prag
batter (2) vb (beat) fusta                         become vb dos ha bos; mos ha bos; mos.
battery n batri m, batriow                          become cold yeynhe. become hot tomma;
battle I n kas f, kasow; batel f, batalyow II       tobmaL. become tired skwitha. I have
 vb batalyas                                        become old my re gyllys koth
bay (1) n (coastal feature) pleg mor m,            bed n gweli m, gweliow
 plegow mor; baya m, bayys; kammas f,              bedding n lienyow gweli pl; liednow gweliL
 kamasow; kabmasL f, kamajow                        pl
bay (2) n (tree) baywedhen f, baywydh,             bedroom n chambour m, chambours
 baywedhL                                          bedsheet n lien gweli m, lienyow gweli
bay (3) vb (hound) hartha                          bedtime n prys gweli m, presyow gweli;
bazar n basar m, basars                             pres gweliL m, presyow gweli
B.C. abbr K.O.K.; Kyns Osweyth Kemmyn;             bee n gwenenen f, gwenen
 Kens Osweyth KebmynL                              beech n fawen f, faw
B.C.E. abbr K.O.K.; Kyns Osweyth Kemmyn;           beef n kig bewin m; kig bowinL m
 Kens Osweyth KebmynL                              beehive n kowel gwenen m, kowellow
be vb bos; bones. let's be off deun                 gwenen
 yn-kerdh; deun ker'L. the powers that be          beer n korev m, korevow; kor'L m
 an awtoritas pl. so be it yndella re bo;          beetle n hwil m, hwiles
 endella re boL                                    beetroot n betysen rudh f, betys rudh
beach n treth m, trethow                           before prp (spatial) a-dherag; dherag;
bead n paderen f, paderennow,                       (temporal) kens; kynsM. before now kyns
 paderednowL                                        es lemmyn; before that kyns ena
beak n gelvin m, gelvines                          beforehand adv dherag dorn; kens
beaker n hanaf m, hanafow; hanathL m,               lemmyn; kyns lemmynM; kens lebmynL
 hanathow                                          beg vb beggya; pesi; pysiM; pejiL. beg mercy
bean n faven f, fav                                 from somebody kria merci war nebonan;
bear (1) n (animal) ors m, orses                    kreia merci war nebonanL. I beg you my
bear (2) vb (endure) perthi; godhav;                a'th pys; me a'th pejL
 godhevel; (carry) don; degi; (children)           beggar n beggyer m, beggyers
 omdhon                                            begin vb dalleth; dallaL
beard n barv m, barvow                             beginner n dalether m, dalethoryon;
bearded adj barvus                                  dalethores f, dalethoresow
bearing n (comportment) omdhegyans m,              beginning n dalleth m, dalethow; dallaL m,
 omdhegyansow; (direction) tu m, tuyow              dalethow; dalathvos m, dalathvosow;
beast n best m, bestes                              derow m, derowyow
beat vb (strike) dorna; frappya; gweskel;          behalf n parth f, parthow. on behalf of
 kronkya; (with a club) fusta; (defeat) fetha;      a-barth
 konkwerrya. beat a drum gweskel tabour            behave vb fara; omdhon; omdhegi
beautiful adj teg                                  behaviour n omdhoon m; fara m;
beautify vb tekhe; afina                            omdhegyans m, omdhegyansow
beaver n lostledan m, lostledanes; bever m,        behead vb dibenna; dibednaL

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
behind                                                                              big-tailed

behind adv, prp a-dryv; a-drevL; a-dhelergh      bent adj kamm; kabmL
behold I int awotta; ot; otta II vb mires        berry n moren f, mor
beholden adj synsys; senjysL                     beside prp ryb; rebL
beige adj losvelyn                               besides adv dres henna; dres hednaL;
Belarus top Belarus m                             ynwedh; pella
Belarusian I adj belarussek II (language)        besom n banadhlen f, banadhel
 Belarussek m; Belarussian m, Belarussians;      bespoke adj a-vusur
 Belarussianes f, Belarussianesow                best adj, adv (an) gwella
belfry n kleghti m, kleghtiow                    bet I n kenwostel m, kenwostlow II vb
Belgian I adj belgek II n Belg m, Belgyon;        kenwostla
 Belges f, Belgesow                              betray vb trayta
Belgium top Pow Belg m                           better adj, adv gwell. far better milwell
belief n kryjyans m, kryjyansow; krejyansL       between prp (before consonants) yntra;
 m, krejyanjow                                    (before vowels) ynter; terL; tredhL
believe vb krysi; krejiL                         beware vb bos war; warya
bell n klogh m, klegh. bell pepper pubren f,     bewildered adj sowdhenys
 pubrennow, pubrednowL. church bell              beyond prp dres
 klogh meur m, klegh meur. small bell            bezant n besont m, besons
 klehik m, klehigow                              bias n ragvreus f, ragvreusow
bellow vb bedhygla; usa; ujaL                    biased adj ragvreusek
belly n torr f, torrow                           Bible n Bibel m, Biblow; Beybel m, Beyblys
belong vb longya                                 biblical adj biblek
belongings pyth m, pythow; pethL m,         bicker vb kedrynna; kedrydnaL
 pethow                                          bicycle n diwros f, diwrosow
beloved I adj karadow; meurgerys II n kuv        bid I n profyans m, profyansow; kynnik m,
 m, kuvyon                                        kynigow II vb (at an auction) profya;
below I adv a-woles II prp a-woles dhe2;          kynnik; (request) erhi
 yn-dann2; en-dadnL. down below a-barth          bidder n profyas m, profysi, profyjiL;
 a-woles                                          profyades f, profyadesow
belt n grugys m, grugysyow. seat belt            big adj bras; broasL. big-bellied adj torrek.
 grugys esedh m, grugysyow esedh                  big-eyed adj lagasek; lagajekL. big-headed
bench n form m (f), formys                        adj pennek; pednekL
bend I n pleg m, plegow; stumm m,                big-bellied adj torrek
 stummow; kammas f, kamasow; kabmasL f,          big-browed adj talek
 kamajow II vb plegya                            big-eared adj skovarnek
beneath prp yn-dann2; en-dadnL. from             big-eyed adj lagasek; lagajekL
 beneath a-dhann2; a-dhadnL                      big-footed adj trosek
beneficial adj lesel; meur y les m; meur hy      bigger adj brassa
 les f; prowus; 'vas                             biggest adj (an) brassa
beneficiary I adj benfysek II benfisek m,        big-headed adj pennek; pednekL
 benfisogyon; benfisoges f, benfisogesow         big-mouthed adj ganowek
benefit n les m; prow m                          bigot n den ragvreusek m, tus ragvreusek
benevolence n helder m                           bigoted adj ragvreusek
benevolent adj hel                               big-tailed adj lostek

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
bile                                                                                      blind

bile n bystel f; bestelL f                           m, horsens
bilingual adj diwyethek                             bite I n brath m, brathow II vb bratha
bilinguialism n diwyethogeth f                      bitter adj hwerow
bill (1) n (financial) reken m, reknow. bill of     bitumen n pyg m; pegL m
 sale reken gwerth m, reknow gwerth                 black adj du. pitch black pur dhu. the All
bill (2) n (of a bird) gelvin m, gelvines            Blacks an para Oll Du m
billion num bilvil2 m, bilvilyow; bilyon m,         blackberry n moren dhu f, mor du
 bilyonow                                           blackbird n molgh dhu f, molhi du
bin n argh f, arhow                                 blackboard n bordh du m, bordhow du
binary adj dewek                                    blackcurrant n korynt du m, koryns du
bind I n kolm m, kolmow II vb kelmi;                blacken vb duhe
 strotha; maylya                                    blackhead n penn du m, pennow dhu; pedn
binge vb kwoffi                                      duL m, pednow dhu
biography n bewskrif m, bewskrifow                  blackish adj duik
biology n bewonieth f                               blacksmith n gov m, govyon; ferror m,
birch n besowen f, besow                             feroryon
bird n edhen f, ydhyn, edhnowL                      blade n lown m, lownyow. blade of grass
biro n pluven belvleyn f, pluvennow                  gwelsen f, gwelsennow; gweljenL f,
 pelvleyn, pluvednow pelvleynL                       gweljednow
birth n genesigeth m, genesigethow;                 blame I n blam m, blamys; kabel m, kablow
 dinythyans m, dinythyansow; dinethyansL             II vb blamya; kabla. blame somebody for
 m, dinethyansow. give birth dinythi;                doing something blamya nebonan rag ev
 dinethiL                                            dhe wul neppyth
birthday n penn-bloodh m,                           blank I adj gwag II n gwagen f, gwagennow,
 pennow-bloodh; pedn-bloodhL m,                      gwagednowL. blank cheque checken ygor
 pednow-bloodh. birthday cake tesen                  f, checkennow ygor; checken egorL f,
 benn-bloodh f, tesennow penn-bloodh;                checkednow egor
 tesen bedn-bloodhL f, tesednow                     blanket n lenn f, lennow; lednL f, lednow
 bedn-bloodh. birthday card karten                  blazer n blaser m, blasers
 benn-bloodh f, kartennow penn-bloodh;              bleed vb (intransitive) gosa; devera goos;
 karten bedn-bloodhL f, kartednow                    (transitive) diwosa
 pedn-bloodh                                        blemished adj nammys; nabmysL
biscuit n tesen gales f, tesennow kales,            bless vb benyga; sona; blessya. God bless
 tesednow kalesL                                     Dursona
bisexual adj dewreydhel                             blessed adj benygys; gwynn; gwydnL;
bishop n epskop m, epskobow; epskobes f,             gwynnvys
 epskobesow                                         blessing n bennath f, benathow; bednathL f,
bishopric n epskobeth f, epskobethow                 benathow; soon f, sonyow
bison n bual m, bualyon                             blight I n skaldyans m, skaldyansow II vb
bit n (morsel) tamm m, temmyn; tabmL m,              skaldya
 tebmyn; darn m, darnow; (computer) byt             blind I adj dall. blind man's buff margh
 m, byttys. a little bit temmik m; tebmikL.          dall m II n (blackout blind) lenn dhu f,
 bit by bit tamm ha tamm; tabm ha tabmL              lennow du; ledn dhuL f, lednow du III vb
bitch n gast f, gesti. son-of-a-bitch horsen         dalla; dallhe

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
blindness                                                                          botanical

blindness n delni m                              oy bryjys m, oyow bryjys
bliss n lowena f; joy m, joyys                  bold adj bold; hardh
blister n gwennen f, gwenennow; bothel f,       boll n bolhen f, bolhennow, bolhednowL
 bothellow                                      bolt n (fastening) ebil m, ebilyow. iron bolt
block I n stock m, stockys II vb lettya;         n ebil horn m, ebilyow horn
 stoppya                                        bomb n tanbellen f, tanbelennow,
blonde I adj melyn II n melyn hy blew f          tanbelednowL
blood n goos m, gosow. blood-red adj kogh.      bond n kevren f, kevrennow, kevrednowL;
 hardened blood n mol m, molyow                  (financial) gorambos m, gorambosow;
blood-red adj kogh                               (bail) mewgh m, mewghyow
bloodshed n krow m                              bone n askorn m, eskern
bloodshot adj gwythiek                          bonfire n tanjys m, tanjysow; tansysM m,
bloody adj gosek; gojekL                         tansysyow
blossom I n bleujen f, bleujyow II vb           bonnet n kough m, kouhow
 bleujyowa                                      bonus n bonus m, bonusys
blouse n hevis m, hevisyow                      book n lyverM m, lyvrow; leverL m, levrow.
blow I n bomm m, bommyn; bobmL m,                account book lyver akontowM m, lyvrow
 bobmyn; skwat m, skwattys, skwattow;            akontow; lever akontysL m, levrow akontys
 skat m, skattys, skattow II vb hwythaM;        bookcase n argh lyvrowM m, arhow lyvrow;
 hwetha                                          argh levrowL m, arhow levrow
blue adj glas; blou                             booklet n lyvryn f, lyvrynnow; levrenL f,
bluebell n bleujen an gog f, bleujyow an gog     levrednow; lyvrikM m, lyvrigow
bluish adj glasik                               bookstore n lyverjiM m, lyverjiow; leverjiL
blunder I n kammwonis m,                         m, leverjiow; shoppa lyvrowM m, shoppys
 kammwonisyow II vb kammwonis                    lyvrow; shoppa levrowL m, shoppys levrow
blunt adj sogh                                  boost vb kenertha
blush I n liw rudh m, liwyow rudh II vb         booster n kenerthas m, kenerthasow
 rudhya                                         boot n (footwear) botasen f, botas; n (car)
blusher n liw diwvogh m                          trog m, trogow
boar n badh m, badhes                           booty n preydh m, preydhyow
board (wooden board) bord m, bordys,            border n or f, oryon; amal m, emlow
 bordow; (committee) kesva f, kesvaow. the      bore vb (a hole) telli; tardra
 Cornish Language Board Kesva an Taves          bored adj skwithys
 Kernewek coll                                  boring adj skwithus
boast I n braslavar m, braslavarow; bost m,     born adj genys. born of genys orth
 bostys, bostow II vb bostya                    borough n burjestra f, burjestrevow
boat n skath f, skathow                         borrow vb chevisya; kavos kendon
Boddhisattva n Bodisatva m, Bodisatvaow         Bosnia top Bosni f
bodhran n kroder krohen m, kroder krohen        Bosnian I adj bosniek II n (person) Bosnian
body n korf m, korfow                            m, Bosnians; Bosnianes f, Bosnianesow
bog n keunegen f, keunegennow,                  boss n mester m, mestrysi, mestryjiL;
 keunegednowL                                    mestres f, mestresow, mestrejowL; chif m,
bogeyman n bocka m, bockas, bockyas              chifys
boil vb bryjyon. boiled bryjys. boiled egg      botanical adj losoniethek

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
botany                                                                                bride

botany n losonieth f                           brain n ympynnyon pl; ympydnyonL pl
both adj, prp an dhew m; an dhiw f             brainy adv pollek; skentel
bother I n grev m, grevow; ankombrynsi m;      brake (1) I n (vehicle) fronn f, fronnow;
 ankombrynjiL m II vb ankombra; grevya;         frodnL f, frodnow II vb fronna; frodnaL
 trobla                                        brake (2) n (thicket) perth f, perthi
bottle n botel m, botellow                     bramble n dreysen f, dreys
bottleful n botellas m, botelasow              branch n skorren f, skorr; skorr m, skorrow
bottom n (base) goles m, golesow; (buttock)    brass n brest m
 pedren f, pedrennow, pedrednowL, dl           brave adj kolonnek; kolodnekL; hardh
 diwbedren                                     Brazil top Brasil m
boulevard n rosva f, rosvaow                   breach n torva f, torvaow; (gap) bolgh m,
bounce I n aslam m, aslammow, aslabmowL         bolhow; aswa f, aswaow; ajwaL f, ajwaow
 II vb aslamma; aslabmaL                       bread n bara m. rye bread n bara sugal m.
boundary n or f, oryon                          wheaten bread n bara gwaneth m
bourgeois adj burjesek                         breadth n les m, lesyow
bourgeoisie n burjeseth f                      break I n torr m, torrow II vb terri; krackya
bow (1) I n (gesture) plegyans m,              breakdown n mooth m, mothow; torva f,
 plegyansow; omblegyans m,                      torvaow. breakdown lorry n kert torva m,
 omblegyansow II vb plegya; omblegya;           kertow torva
 ynklinya                                      breakfast n hansel m, hanselyow
bow (2) (arc) gwarek m, gwaregow; (of a        breakneck adj krackya konna; krackya
 ship) penn a-rag m, pennow a-rag; pedn         kodnaL
 a-ragL m, pednow a-rag                        bream n siw m, siwyon. black sea bream
bowl n bolla m, bollys; skudel f, skudellow     dama goth f, damyow koth. small bream
Bowler n (hat) hat Bowler m, hattys             lommas m, lomasow; lobmasL m, lomajow
 Bowler, hattow Bowler                         breast n bronn f, bronnow, dl diwvron;
bowler n towler pel m, towloryon bel;           brodnL f, brodnow, dl devron
 towlores bel f, towloresow pel                breath n anal f; hwyth m, hwethow; hwethL
bowling n gwari pelyow m                        m, hwethow
box (1) n kist f, kistyow; boks m, boksys.     breathe vb anella; hwythaM; hwetha
 small box n kisten f, kistennow kistednowL    breeze n awel glor f, awelyow glor
box (2) vb (punch) boks m, boksow; boksusi;    Breton I adj bretonek II (person) Breton m,
 boksujiL                                       Bretonyon; Bretones f, Bretonesow;
Boxing Day n Dy'gol Stefan m; De'gol            (language) Bretonek m
 StefanL m                                     brew vb braga
boy n maw m, mebyon                            brewed adj bregys
boyfriend n karer m, karoryon                  brewer n brager m, bragoryon; bragores f,
bra n diwvronner m, diwronoryon;                bragoresow
 diwvrodnerL m, diwvronoryon; bra m, bras      brewery n bragji m, bragjiow
bracelet n armel m, armels; brehellik m,       briar n spedhasen f, spedhas
 breheligow                                    bribe I n falsgober m, falsgobrow II vb
bracken n krann coll; kradnL coll               falsgobra
bracket n korbel m, korblys; (punctuation)     brick n bryck m, bryckys
 krommvagh f, krommvahow                       bride n benyn bries f, benenes pries

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
brief                                                                                  bullet

brief I adj berr; kot II n kenskrif m,          brown adj (light brown) gell; (dark brown)
 kenskrifow                                      gorm
briefcase n skrifsagh m, skrifseghyer           browse vb peuri; poriL
briefs lavrek byhan m, lavrogow byhan      browser n (internet) peurel f, peurellow;
brigade n brigad m, brigadow. fire brigade       porelL f, porellow
 tanlu m, tanluyow                              bruise I n brew m, brewyon; browL m,
bright adj splann; spladnL                       browyon II vb brewi; browi
brighten vb klerhe                              bruised adj brew; browL
brightness n golewder m                         brush I n skubel f, skubellow; (of an artist)
brilliant adj splann; spladnL                    pyncel f, pyncels II vb skuba
brine n brin m, brinyow                         Brussels top Brussel m. Brussels sprout
bring vb dri; dreiL                              kowlik m, kowligow
Britain n Breten f. Great Britain n Breten      brutal adj milus; garow
 Veur f                                         brutality n miluster m; garowder m
British adj bretennek; bretednekL               bubble I n hwythenM f, hwythennow;
Briton n Brython m, Brythonyon;                  hwethen f, hwethennow, hwethednow II vb
 Brythones f, Brythonesow                        hwythfiM; hwethfi
Brittany n Breten Vyhan f; Breten Vian f        bucket kelorn m, kelern
broad adj efan; ledan. in broad daylight yn     buckle I n bockyl m, bocklys II vb bockla
 jydh splann; en jedh spladnL                   Buddhism n Bouddieth f
broadband n bond ledan                          buddhist I adj Bouddiek II n Bouddydh m,
broadcast I n darlesans m, darlesansow II        Bouddydhyon; Bouddydhes f,
 vb darlesa                                      Bouddydhesow
broccoli n broklo m, broklos; kowlvleujen f,    budge vb remova; omwaya
 kowlvleujennow, kowlvleujednowL                budgerigar n budji m, budjies
brochure n folennik f, folenigow; folednikL     budget n bojet m, bojettys; towlargh m,
 f, folenigow                                    towlarhow
broken adj terrys; brew; browL; (of skin,       buffalo n bual m, bualyon
 limbs, hearts) trogh                           buffer n (train) bommel f, bomellow
bronchitis n bronkitis m                        buffet (1) I n (strike) bommen f, bomennow;
bronze n brons m                                 bobmenL f, bomednow II vb dreweskel
brooch n brocha m, brochys                      buffet (2) n (food counter) buffe m, buffes
brook n gover m, goverow                        build vb drehevel; derevelL; gwruthyl;
broom n skubel f, skubellow; (small brush,       byldya
 mop) skubyllen f, skubylennow,                 building n drehevyans m, drehevyansow
 skubylednowL; (plant) banadhlen f,             bulb n bollen f, bolennow, bolednowL
 banadhel                                       Bulgaria top Bulgari f
broom-brake n banadhlek f, banadhlegi           Bulgarian I adj bulgarek II n (language)
broth n kowl m, kowlow                           Bulgarek f; Bulgarian m, Bulgarians;
brothel n horji m, horjiow                       Bulgarianes f, Bulgarianesow
brother n broder m, breder                      bulk n braster m; broasderL m; tewder m
brotherhood n brederedh m                       bulky adj bras; broasL; tew
brother-in-law n broder da m, breder dha        bull n tarow m, terewi
brow n (forehead) tal f (m), talyow             bullet n pellen f, pelennow, pelednowL

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
bulletin                                                                                 buzz

bulletin n bollyn m, bolynnow, bolydnowL           m, kyttrinyow. bus driver n lewyer kyttrin
bullock n lodhen m, lodhnow; lodnL m,              m, lewyoryon kyttrin; lewyores kyttrin f,
 lodnow                                            lewyoresow kyttrin. bus station n gorsav
bully I n gormesyer m, gormesyoryon;               kyttrin m, gorsavow kyttrin. bus stop n
 gormesyores f, gormesyoresow II vb                savla kyttrin m, savleow kyttrin; kyttrinva
 gormesi                                           f, kyttrinvaow
bump I n bomm m, bommyn; bobmL m,                 bush n prysken f, prysk; bush m, bushys
 bobmyn II vb bonkya                              bushy-tailed adj lostek
bun n torthel f, torthellow                       business n negys m, negysyow. bad
bunch n bagas m, bagasow, bagajow; gronn           business hager-viaj m
 m, gronnow; grodnL m, grodnow; toos m,           businessman n negysydh m, negysydhyon
 tosow                                            businesswoman n negysydhes f,
bundle n pusorn m, pusornow; gronn m,              negysydhesow
 gronnow; grodnL m, grodnow                       bustle vb fyski; feskiL
buoy n morverk m, morverkow                       busy adj bysi
burden I n begh m, behow; karg m, kargow;         busybody n mellyer m, melyoryon;
 sawgh m, sawhow II vb beghya                      melyores f, melyoresow
burdensome adj behus                              but cnj (yet) mes; besL; (except, save) saw;
bureau n burow m, burowyow; sodhva f,              lemen
 sodhvaow                                         butcher n kiger m, kigoryon; kigores f,
bureaucracy n burokratieth f                       kigoresow. butcher's shop n kigti m,
bureaucrat n burokrat m, burokratyon;              kigtiow
 burokrates f, burokratesow                       butler n spencer m, spencers
burger n borger m, borgers. beef burger n         butt I (container) keryn f, kerynyow;
 borger bewin m, borgers bewin; borger             (target) but m, butys II vb kornya
 bowinL m, borgers bowin                          butter n amanyn m, amanynnow; 'manynL
burglar n chilader m, chiladron; chiladres f,      m, 'manydnow
 chiladresow. burglar alarm alarm ladron          butterfly n tykki Duw m, tykkiow Duw,
 m, alarmow ladron                                 tykki Duwes
burglary n chiladrans m, chiladransow             buttock n pedren f, pedrennow,
burial n ynkleudhyans m, ynkleudhyansow            pedrednowL, dl diwbedren
burly adj keherek                                 button n boton m, botonyow, botonsL.
burn I n losk m, loskow II vb leski. burn up       button hole n toll boton m, tell boton.
 kowlleski                                         push a button pokya boton
burp I n torrbyff m, torrbyffow II vb             buy vb prena; pernaL. buy a pig in a poke
 torrbyffya                                        prena kath yn sagh; perna kath en saghL.
burrow n toll m, tell. rabbit burrow toll          buy back dasprena; daspernaL. buy off
 konin m, tell konin                               falsgobra. buy on hire purchase hirbrena;
bursar n porser m, porsoryon; porsores f,          hirbernaL. buy the farm merwel. buy up
 porsoresow                                        kowlbrena; kowlbernaL
burst I n tardh m, tardhow II vb tardha           buyer n prener m, prenoryon; prenores f,
bury vb ynkleudhyas                                prenoresow
bus n kocha kemmyn m, kochys kemmyn;              buzz n sia. buzz off! voyd alemma! voyd
 kocha kebmynL m, kochys kebmyn; kyttrin           alebma!L; gwayv ow golok!

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
buzzard                                                                                canary

buzzard n bargos m, bargoses, bargojesL          dedhyowL m, lyvrow dedhyow; lever
by prp (agent) gans; genL; (until) bys;          dedhyowL m, levrow dedhyow
 er-bynn; war-bydnL; (next to) ryb; rebL. by    calf n (young cattle) leugh m, leuhi; (of leg)
 bus gans an kyttrin. by car yn karr. by         berr f, berrow; garren f, garennow,
 Christmas er-bynn Nadelik; war-bydn             garednowL
 NadelikL. by day and by night dres an jydh     call I n galow m, galowyow; (telephone)
 ha'n nos; dres an jedh ha'n nosL. by God        galwen f, galwennow, galwednowL II vb
 parde; bar' Duw. by now er-bynn lemmyn;         gelwel. long-distance call galow a-bell m,
 war-bydn lebmynL. by rail gans an tren;         galowyow a-bell. telephone call galow
 gen trenL. by the load orth an sawgh. by        pellgows m, galowyow pellgows
 the sea ryb an mor; reb an morL. by the        called adj kriys; kreiysL; (named) henwys. a
 way dre hap. little by little nebes ha nebes    bloke called Simon gwas, Simon a'y ewn
by-election n isetholans m, isetholansow         hanow. I am called Meriasek Meryasek
bygone adj passys; passyes                       yw ow hanow; Meryasek ew ow hanow vyL;
bypass n fordh dremen f, fordhow tremen          y'm gylwir MeryasekM
byte n bayt m, baytys                           calling n galwesigeth f, galwesigethow;
cab n taksi m, taksiow                           galow m, galowyow
cabbage n kowlen f, kowl; kavach m,             calm I adj kosel; hebask II n kalmynsi m;
 kavajys                                         kalmynjiL m III vb hebaska
cabin n krowji m, krowjiow                      calorie n kalori m, kaloris
cabinet n (government) kabinet m,               camel n kowrvargh m, kowrvergh
 kabinettys. bedside cabinet amari gweli f,     camera n kamera m, kameras; jynn skeusen
 amaris gweli; ambri gweli f, ambris gweli       m, jynnys skeusen, jynnow skeusen
cable n fun f, funyow; kapel m, kaplys;         camomile n kamil coll, kamilen
 korsen f, korsennow, korsednowL. cable         camp I n kamp m, kampow II vb kampya
 television pellwolok gapel f                   campaign I n kaskyrgh m, kaskyrhow II vb
cacophony n hager-dros f, hager-drosow           kaskyrhes
cactus n kaktus m, kaktusow                     campaigner n kaskyrher m, kaskyrhoryon;
café n koffiji m, koffijiow                      kaskyrhores f, kaskyrhoresow
cafeteria n koffiva f, koffivaow                camphor n kamfor m
cage I n kowel m, kowellow II vb kowella;       can (1) vb (be able to) gallos. a yll'ta tewlel
 gorra yn kowel; gorra en kowelL                 an men poos ma? a ell'ta towlel an men
cairn n karnedh m, karnedhow                     poos ma?L are you able to throw this
cake n tesen f, tesennow, tesednowL. cake        heavy stone? (be qualified to) godhvos;
 of wax koren f, korennow, korednowL.            goffosL. I can speak Cornish my a wor
 sweet cake kaken f, kakys; gwastel f,           kewsel Kernewek, me a wor kowsel
 gwastellow                                      KernowekL
calamity n terros m, terosow                    can (2) I n (metal container) kavas m,
calculate vb kalkya; rekna                       kavasow; kanna m, kannow II vb kavasa
calculation n reknans m, reknansow              Canada top Kanada m
calculator n (device) reknel f, reknellow;      Canadian I adj kanadek II n Kanadian m,
 (human) kalkor m, kalkoryon; kalkores f,        Kanadians; Kanadianes f, Kanadianesow
 kalkoresow                                     canal n dowrgleudh m, dowrgleudhyow
calendar n kalender m, kalenderyow; lyver       canary n kanari m, kanaries

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
cancel                                                                                     carry

cancel vb dilea; hedhi                              car n karr m, kerri. car park n park kerri m,
cancer n kanker m, kankres                           parkow kerri. car wash n golghva gerri f,
candid adj apert; frank; opyn                        golghvaow kerri. police car karr kreslu m,
candidacy n ombrofyans m, ombrofyansow               kerri kreslu
candidate n ombrofyer m, ombrofyoryon;              caramel n karamel m, karamels
 ombrofyores f, ombrofyoresow                       caravan n karavan m, karavans; karven f,
candle n kantol f, kantolyow. candle-stick           karvenow
 n kantolbren m, kantolbrennyer,                    carbohydrate n karbohydrat m,
 kantolbrednyerL                                     karbohydratow
candlestick n kantolbrenM m,                        carbon n karbon m
 kantolbrennyer; koltrebyn m,                       card n karten f, kartennow, kartednow L.
 koltrebynnyer, koltrebydnyerL                       credit card n karten gresys f, kartennow
candy n hwegennow pl; hwegednowL pl                  kresys, kartednow kresysL. cash card n
candy-floss n komolen sugra f; blew sugra            karten vona f, kartennow mona, kartednow
 coll                                                monaL. trump card karten vudhek f,
cane n gwelen f, gwelynni; lorgh f (m),              kartennow budhek, kartednow budhekL
 lorhow                                             cardamom n kardamon coll
canine adj kius; kepar ha ki; pekar ha keiL         cardigan n kardigan m, kardigans,
canister n kanister m, kanisters                     kardiganow
cannabis n kanabys coll; kewargh coll,              care I n (keeping) gwith m; (caution) rach
 kewarhen; kowarghL pl, kowarhen                     m; (worry) preder m, prederow II vb (care
canned adj kennys                                    for) kara. care of (address) yn-dann with;
cannon n kanon m, kanonyow                           en-dadn withL. I don't care ny'm deur.
canoe n kanou m, kanouyow                            intensive care dourwith m. take care!
canon n chenon m, chenons                            kemmer with! kebmer with!L; kemerewgh
cap n kappa m, kappys, kappow                        with! pl
capability n gallos m, galosow                      career n resegva f, resegvaow
capable adj galosek; galojekL                       carefree adj digeudh; divern
capacitance n dalhasedh m; gavelieth f              careful adj prederus; gans rach
capacity n (mental ability) gavel f,                carefully adv gans rach
 gavelyow; (maximum content) dalhuster m            careless adj dibreder
capital n (financial) chatel coll; kevalav f.       caress I n palvas m, palvasow II vb palva
 capital city penncita f, penncitys;                cargo n karg m, kargow
 pedncitaL f, pedncitys; chifcita f, chifcitys.     carnal adj karnal
 capital punishment payn merwel m                   carnival n Gool Enys m; karnival m
capitalism n chatelydhieth f                        carousel n res-a-dro m, resow-a-dro
capitalist n chatelydh m, chatelydhyon;             carpenter n ser prenn m, seri brenn; ser
 chatelydhes f, chatelydhesow                        prednL m, seri bredn; karpenter m,
capsule n bolhen f, bolhennow, bolhednowL            karpentoryon, karpenters
captain n kapten m, kaptens, kaptenow               carpet n leurlen f, leurlennow, leurlednowL
caption n isskrifik m, isskrifigow                  carriage n kocha m, kochys
captive I adj keth II n keth m, kethyon;            carrion n karyn m, karynyes
 kethes f, kethesow                                 carrot n karetysen f, karetys
captivity n kethneth f                              carry vb don; degi; (transport) karya; (bear)

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
cart                                                                                        cellar

 perthi. carry out gwruthyl                        cathedral n penneglos f, penneglosyow;
cart n kert m, kertys, kertow                       pedneglosL f, pedneglosyow
carve vb kervya; (meat) trehi kig                  Catholic I adj Katholik II n Katholik m,
case n (box) trog m, trogow; (circumstance)         Katholigyon; Katholiges f, Katholigesow
 kas m, kasys; mater m, maters, materyow.          Catholicism n Katholigieth f
 in any case yn neb kas; en neb kasL. in           cation n kation m, kations
 case rag own; rag dout; les. in this              catmint n losowen an gath f, losow an gath
 particular case y'n kas arbennek ma; e'n          catnip n losowen an gath f, losow an gath
 kas arbednek maL. in that case mars yw            cattle n.coll buhes pl; (horned cattle)
 taklow yndelma                                     gwarthek coll. cattle wart ryg m, rygyow.
cash I n mona coll II vb kashya. cash card          cattle prod gwelen vuhes f, gwelynni
 karten vona f, kartennow mona, kartednow           buhes, gwelydni buhesL
 monaL. cash dispenser toll y'n fos m, tell        cauldron n kawdarn m, kawdarns; chek m,
 y'n fos; toll e'n fosL m, tell e'n fos. petty      chekys
 cash mannvona coll                                cauliflower n kowlvleujen f,
casket n kofryn m, kofrynnow, kofrydnowL            kowlvleujennow, kowlvleujednowL
cast I n towl m, towlow; (of a play) rol an        cause I n kaws m, kawsys; skila f, skilys II
 warioryon f II vb tewlel; towlelL; (hurl)          vb kawsya
 dehesi. cast a vote votya. cast iron horn         causeway n kons m, konsys, konsow
 teudhys m. cast out fesya                         caution n rach m; (warning) gwarnyans m,
castle n kastel m, kastylli, kestel                 gwarnyansow
castor n rosik f, rosigow                          cautious adj war
castrate vb spadha                                 cave n kav m, kavyow; fow f, fowys; gwag m,
casual adj (informal) anfurvus; (random)            gwagyon; gogow f, gogowyow
 chonsus                                           cavity n kowva f, kowvaow
casually adv yn anfurvus                           CD n plasen arhansek f, plasennow
casualty n gwaluster m; goliesik m,                 arhansek, plasednow arhansekL; cidi m,
 goliesigow; goliesiges f, goliesigesow             cidis
cat n kath f, kathes                               C.E. abbr O.K.; Osweyth Kemmyn f
Catalan I adj katalonek II n (language)            cease vb hedhi; astel; cessya; difygya
 Katalonek m; Katalan m, Katalanyon;               ceilidh n troyll m (f), troyllyow
 Katalanes f, Katalanesow                          ceiling n nen m, nenyow
catalogue n menegva f, menegvaow; rolas            celebrate vb solempnya; (mass) oferenni;
 m, rolasow                                         oferedniL
Catalonia top Kataloni f                           celebration n solempnyans m,
catch I n (fish etc.) kachyans m,                   solempnyansow
 kachyansow; (snag) maglen f, maglennow,           celebrity n den meur y hanow m, tus meur
 maglednowL II vb kachya. catch fish                aga hanow; benyn meur hy hanow f,
 pyskessa; peskechaL. catch mice legessa.           benenes meur aga hanow
 catch snails melhwessa                            celery n kegisen hweg f, kegis hweg
category n klass m, klassys                        cell n (prison) bagh f, bahow; (biology) kell f,
caterpillar n pryv del m, preves del; prev          kellow, kellyow; log f, logow
 delL m, preves del; (hairy) kath vlewek f,        cellar n celder m, celders; dorgel f,
 kathes blewek                                      dorgellow

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
cell-phone                                                                             chatter

cell-phone n klapkodh f, klapkodhow;            chairman n kaderyer m, kaderoryon
 pellgowsel f, pellgowsellow; kellgowser m,     chairwoman n kaderyores f, kaderyoresow
 kellgowsoryon                                  chalet n krow prenn m, krowyow prenn;
celluloid n celluloyd m                          krow prednL m, krowyow predn
cellulose n cellulos m                          chalice n kelegel m, keleglow
Celt n Kelt m, Keltyon; Keltes f, Keltesow      chalk n krey m, kreyow
Celtic adj keltek                               challenge I n chalenj m, chalenjys; er m II
cement n lim m                                   vb chalenjya; erya
cemetery korflan f, korflannow,                 chance I n chons m, chonsyow; feus m; hap
 korfladnowL; ynkladhva f, ynkladhvaow           m, happys II vb chonsya. by chance dre
census n niveryans m, niveryansow                hap
centigrade n kanskradh m, kanskradhow           change I n (alteration) chanj m, chanjyow;
centimetre n centimeter m, centimetrow           (money) mona coll II vb chanjya. changing
central adj kres; kresel. central heating        room n gwiskva m, gwiskvaow
 tommheans kres m; tobmheans kresL m            channel n gooth f, gothow; kanel f,
centralise vb kresenna; kresednaL                kanolyow. television channel kanel
centre n (middle) kres m, kresyow;               bellwolok f, kanolyow pellwolok
 (building; institution) kresen f, kresennow,   chaos n deray m, derays
 kresednowL; (rugby player) kreswas m,          chap n gwas m, gwesyon; polat m, polatys
 kreswesyon                                     chapel n chapel m, chapelyow
centrifugal adj kresfoesik                      chaperone n gwithyades f, gwithyadesow
centripetal adj kreshwilus                      character n (quality) gnas f, gnasow;
century n kansvledhen f,                         (letter) lytheren f, lytherennow; letherenL f,
 kansvledhynnyow, kansvledhydnyowL               letherednow
cereal I adj greunek II n greunvos m,           charge I n (fee) kost m, kostys, kostow;
 greunvosow                                      (responsibility) charj m, charjys;
cerebral adj a'n ympynnyon; a'n                  (electricity) kargedh m, kargedhow II vb
 ympydnyonL                                      (make responsible) charjya; (debit) debisya;
ceremonial adj solempnyel                        (electricity) karga. free of charge heb kost
ceremony n solempnita m, solempnitys            charity n (body) aluseneth f, alusenethow;
certain adj certan; sur; diogel. a certain       (virtue) cherita m; kerensa f; kerenjaL f;
 one prn unn                                     alusen f, alusennow, alusednowL
certainly adv devri; yn tevri; sur; surredi;    charm I n hus m, husow; soon m, sonyow;
 yn surredi; yn certan                           (item) sonel f, sonellow II vb husa; sona.
certainty n surneth f, surnethow                 work like a charm spedya marthys da
certificate n testskrif m, testskrifow          chart n tresen f, tresennow, tresednowL
certified adj destys; certifiys                 chase I n helgh m, helhow II vb chassya;
certify vb desta; certifia                       helghya; helhi. chase off fesya
chain I n kadon f, kadonyow; chayn m,           chastise vb chastia
 chaynys II vb kadona; chaynya                  chat I n keskows m, keskowsow II vb
chainsaw n hesken gadon f, heskennow             keskewsel; keskowselL. chat room
 kadon, heskednow kadonL                         keskowsva f, keskowsvaow
chair n kador f, kadoryow; chayr m, chayrys     chatter I n klap m; klatter m II vb klappya;
chairlift n kador yskyn f, kadoryow yskyn        klattra

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
cheap                                                                                 chopstick

cheap adj a bris isel                              cherry n keresen f, keres
cheat vb hyga; tolla                               chess n gwydhbol m
cheated adj tollys                                 chest n (body) brest m, brestys; diwvron dl;
cheater n falswas m, falswesyon; falsvowes          (container) argh f, arhow; kofer m, kofrow;
 f, falsvowysi                                      (money box) argh vona f, arhow mona.
cheating adj fals                                   chest of drawers argh dhillas f, arhow
check I n let m, lettys, lettow II vb checkya;      dillas
 (hold back) lettya; (examine) eksamnya;           chestnut f kestenen f, kesten
 mires sur; hwithra. check a calculation           chew vb knias. chew cud vb dasknias
 ewna reknans; owna reknansL                       chick n mabyar f, mabyer
check-out n rekenva f, rekenvaow                   chicken n yar f, yer. chicken meat kig yar
checkpoint n checkva f, checkvaow                   m. chicken shed krow yer m, krowyow yer
check-up n hwithrans m, hwithransow                chicken-pox n brygh yar f; bregh yarL f
cheek n bogh f, bohow, dl diwvogh                  chief I adj chif-; penn-; pednL- II n chif m,
cheeky adj tont                                     chifys; pennsevik m, pennsevigyon;
cheer I n cher m, cheryow; lowena f II vb           pednsyvikL m, pednsyvigyon
 (comfort; gladden) cherya; (shout with joy)       chieftain n chyften m, chyftens
 garma yn lowen. cheer oneself up                  child n flogh m, flehes
 omjerya. cheer up! gwellha dha jer!               childbed n gwelivos m
cheerful adj lowenek                               chill I n anwos m, anwosow; goyeynder m II
cheers! int yehes da! 'ehes da!L                    vb yeynhe. chills and fever kleves seson m
cheese n keus m, keusyow. processed                chilly adj anwosek; goyeyn
 cheese keus dyghtys m, keusyow dyghtys            chimney n chymbla m, chymblys
cheesecake n tesen geus f, tesennow keus,          chin n elgeth f, elgethyow
 tesednow keusL                                    China top China f
chef n keginer m, keginoryon; keginores f,         Chinese I adj chinek II n (language) Chinek
 keginoresow; kog m, kogow; koges f,                m
 kogesow                                           chip n I n asklosen f, asklos; skobmL m,
chemical I adj kymyk; kymygiethel II n              skobmow II vb asklosi. chip shop n asklotti
 kymygen f, kymygennow, kymygednowL.                m, asklottiow
 chemical symbol arwodh gymygiethel f,             chirp vb gryllya
 arwodhyow kymygiethel                             chivalry n chevalri m
chemist n feryl m, ferylyow; feryles f,            chive n keninen sevi f, kennin sevi
 ferylesow; (dispensing) kymyst m,                 chlorine n klorin m
 kymystyon; kymystes f, kymystesow;                chocolate n choklet m, choklets
 (scientist) kymygydh m, kymygydhyon;              choice n dewis m, dewisyow; ethol m,
 kymygydhes f, kymygydhesow                         etholow
chemistry n kymygieth f                            choir n keur m, keuryow
cheque n checken f, checkennow,                    choke vb taga
 checkednowL. blank cheque checken ygor            choking n tag m, tagow
 f, checkennow ygor; checken egorL f,              choose vb dewis
 checkednow egor                                   chop vb divyn; nadha; hackya
cherish vb kovia; chersya                          chopping n nadh m
cherished adj drudh                                chopstick n gwelennik f, gwelenigow

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
chord                                                                               clearway

chord n kord m, kordys                          pedncitaL f, pedncitys; chifcita f, chifcitys
chough n palores f, paloresow; choha m,        civil adj civil. civil rights gwiryow kemmyn
 chohys                                         pl; gwiryow kebmyn. civil servant gonisek
Christ name Krist m                             civil m, gonisogyon civil; gonisoges civil f,
christen vb besydhya                            gonisogesow civil
christening n besydhyans m,                    civilian n dinasydh m, dinasydhyon;
 besydhyansow                                   dinasydhes f, dinasydhesow
Christian I adj Kristyon II n Kristyon m,      civilisation n hwarheans m, hwarheansow
 Kristonyon; Kristones f, Kristonesow          civilise n.coll hwarhe
Christianity n Kristonedh m                    civilised adj hwarhes
Christmas n Nadelik m. Christmas Day           claim I n chalenj m, chalenjys II vb (assert)
 Dydh Nadelik, Dedh NadelikL m. Christmas       lavasos; (demand) perhenegi. claim to be
 pudding podyn Nadelik m, podyns Nadelik.       omwul
 Christmas tree gwedhen Nadelik f, gwydh       clamour n tervans m, tervansow;
 Nadelik, gwedh NadelikL. merry                 hobadolya m, hobadolyas; (noise) tros m,
 Christmas! Nadelik lowen!                      trosyow
church n eglos f, eglosyow. church bell        clap vb tackya. clap one's hands tackya
 klogh meur m, klegh meur                       diwleuvM; tackya diwla
churchtown n treveglos f, treveglosyow,        clarification n klerheans m, klerheansow
 trevow eglos                                  clarify vb klerhe
cider n cider m, ciders                        class I n klass m, klassys, klassow II vb
cigar n cigar m, cigarow                        klassya; renka. social class renkas m,
cigarette n cigarik m, cigarigow                renkasow
cinema n cinema m, cinemas; gwaya mir m,       classical adj klassek
 gwayow mir                                    classification n klassans m, klassansow
cinnamon n kanel coll                          classify vb klassa
circle n kylghM m, kylghyow; kelgh m,          classroom n stevel an klass f, stevellow an
 kelghyow                                       klass
circuit n trogelgh m, trogelghyow;             claw I n ewin m, ewines; kraban m,
 trogylghM m, trogylghyow. short circuit        krabanow; (of crab) paw m, pawyow II vb
 skochkelgh m, skochkelghyow;                   kravas; skravinyas
 skochkylghM m, skochkylghyow                  clay n pri m; preiL m. clay pit poll pri m;
circular adj kelhek; kylhekM                    poll preiL m. clay-works n priweythva f,
circumlocution n kelghlavar m,                  priweythvaow
 kelghlavarow; kylghlavarM m,                  clean I adj glan II vb glanhe. clean out
 kylghlavarow                                   kartha. come clean avowa puptra
circumstance n kesstudh m, kesstudhyow;        cleanse vb kartha
 kas m. under the circumstances y'n kas;       cleansing n karth m, karthyon. ethnic
 y'n kesstudhyow                                cleansing karth ethnek m, karthyon ethnek
circus n cirk m, cirkow                        clear adj kler; ter; (transparent) ylyn; elynL;
citizen n burjes m, burjysi, burjyjiL;          (pure) glan
 burjyses f, burjysesow                        clearly adv yn kler
city n cita f, citys; ker f, kerow, keryow.    clearway n fordh lan f, fordhow glan; for'
 capital city penncita f, penncitys;            lanL f, for'ow glan

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
cleft                                                                                   colleague

cleft n saven m, savnow; fols m, folsyow           clover n melyonen f, mellyon. four-leaf
clergyman n klorek m, klorogyon                     clover melyonen beder del f, melyon peder
clerk n klorek m, klorogyon; skrifwas m,            del
 skrifwesyon                                       clown n lorden m, lordenyon
clever adj konnyk; skentel; sley                   club I n (society) klub m, klubys; (heavy
client n kliens m, kliensow; klienses f,            stick) fust f, fustow II vb (beat with a club)
 kliensesow                                         fusta. go clubbing klubya
cliff n als f, alsyow, aljyow; klog f, klogow;     clumsy adj kledhek
 kleger m, klegrow                                 clutch vb grabalyas
climate n hin f, hinyow; ayredh m,                 co- prfx ken-; kes-; kev-
 ayredhow                                          coal n glow coll
climatic adj hinek                                 coarse adj garow
climb vb yskynna; ascendya; krambla                coast n arvor m, arvoryow; kost m, kostys
climber n krambler m, krambloryon;                 coat n kota m, kotys, kotow; mantel f,
 kramblores f, krambloresow                         mantylli
cling vb grabalyas                                 cobweb n gwias kevnis m, gwiasow kevnis
clinic n medhegva f, medhegvaow                    cocaine n kokayn m
clinical adj (pertaining to a clinic)              cockerel n kulyek m, kulyoges
 medhegvael; (devoid of emotion)                   cockles koklys coll
 diamovyans                                        cockroach n hwil du m, hwiles du
cloak n klok m, klokys                             coconut n knowen goko f, know koko
clock n klock m, klockys, klockow                  cod n barvus m, barvusi, barvujiL
clog vb taga                                       code n kod m, kodys; koden f, kodennow,
close I adv ogas; klos; nes. come close!            kodednowL
 deus nes! II vb (shut) degea; (approach)          coffee n koffi m, koffiow
 neshe                                             coffin n logel m, logelyow
closed adj deges                                   cog n dansel f, dansellow
closely adv klos; yn ogas                          cognate I adj keslinek II n neshevin m,
closer I adj nes II adv yn-nes; en-nesL             neshevin
clot vb kowla; mola                                coil I n torgh f, tergh II vb terhi
cloth n kweth f, kwethow; yskar m                  coin n bath m, bathow
clothe vb gwiska; kwetha. clothe oneself           Coke n (beverage) Kok m; Koka-Kola m
 omwiska                                           coke n (treated coal) kok coll
clothes n.coll dillas coll. put on clothes         cold I n (temperature) yeynder m; (illness)
 omwiska                                            anwos m. I have a cold yma anwos
clotted adj kowlys; molys                           warnav, ma anwos dhebmL II adj yeyn.
cloud n kloud m, kloudys; komolen f,                bitterly cold adj or. to catch cold anwosi
 kommol, kobmolL. thunder cloud poster             collapse I n diskar m, diskarow II vb
 m, posterow                                        diskara
cloudy adj komolek                                 collar n mongel f, mongellow; torgh f, tergh
clout I n (patch) klout m, kloutys;                collar-bone n koloren f, kolorennow,
 (influence) bri f II vb kloutya                    kolorednowL, dl diwgoloren
clove n (aromatic bud) kentrik spis m,             collate vb keskorra
 kentrigow spis; (of garlic) ewin m, ewines        colleague n kowethyas m, kowethysi,

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
collect                                                                      compensation

 kowethyjiL; kowethyades f,                      m, goremednow II vb erhi
 kowethyadesow                                  commandment n arhadow m,
collect vb kuntel                                arhadowyow. the Ten Commandments an
collection n kuntel m, kuntellow                 Deg Arhadow
collector n kunteller m, kunteloryon;           commence vb dalleth; dallaL
 kuntelores f, kunteloresow; kaffler m,         comment I n kampol m, kampollow II vb
 kafflers                                        kampolla
college n kolji m, koljiow                      commerce n kenwerth m
collide vb kesskwattya                          commercial adv kenwerthel
collier n glowor m, gloworyon                   committee n kessedhek m, kessedhogow
colliery n glowva f, glowvaow                   common adj kemmyn; kebmynL
collision n kesskwat m, kesskwattow             commoner n komner m, komners
colour I n liw m, liwyow; kolor m, kolors,      commotion n freudh m, freudhow
 kolorys II vb liwa                             communicate vb keskomunya
coloured adj liwys                              communication n keskomunyans m,
colourful adj liwus                              keskomunyansow
colt n ebel m, ebeli                            communism n kemynegoreth f
column n koloven f, kolovennow,                 communist I adj kemynegorek II n
 kolovednowL                                     kemynegor m, kemynegoryon;
comb I n krib f, kribow II vb kribas             kemynegores f, kemynegoresow. the
combination n kesunyans m,                       Communist Manifesto Derivadow an
 kesunynansow                                    Gemynegoryon m
combine vb kesunya                              community n kemeneth f, kemenethow
come vb dos; dones. come across happya          compact I adj kesstrothys II vb kesstrotha.
 war2. come across as heveli. come away          compact disc plasen arhansek f,
 from distaga dhyworth; distaga dhortL.          plasennow arhansek, plasednow arhansekL
 come and see dos dhe weles. come in            companion n koweth m, kowetha;
 handy bos meur a brow. come on! deun            kowethes f, kowethesow
 yn-rag. come round to dos ha. come to          company n kowethyans m, kowethyansow;
 pass hwarvos                                    kompani m, kompanis; felshyp f, felshyps
comeback n dehwelans m, dehwelans;              compare vb heveli; komparya; keheveli
 dehwelyans m, dehwelyansow                     comparison n kehevelyans m,
comedian n gesyer m, gesyoryon; gesyores         kehevelyansow
 f, gesyoresow                                  compass n mornaswydh f, mornaswydhow;
comedy n komedi m, komedis                       mornajedhL f, mornajedhow
comfort I n es m; konfort m, konforts II vb     compatible adj kesplegadow
 konfortya; (oneself) omgonfortya               compatriot n kestrevesik m,
comfortable adj attes. make yourselves           kestrevesigyon; kestrevesiges f,
 comfortable! omjersyewgh!                       kestrevesigesow
comic I adj hwarthus II n (cartoon) komik       compel vb gul dhe2; gwul dhe2L; konstrina;
 m, komigow                                      kompella
comma n komma m, kommas                         compensate vb astiveri
command I n arhadow m, arhadowyow;              compensation n astiveryans m,
 gorhemmyn m, gorhemynnow; gorebmenL             astiveryansow

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
compete                                                                        confident

compete vb kesstrivya                         concealed adj kudh
competent adj galosek; galojekL; sley         conceive vb (a child) omdhon
competition n kesstrif m, kesstrifow          concentrate vb keskreuni; (mind) prederi.
competitive adj kesstrivus                     concentrate on synsi y'n brys; senji e'n
competitor n kesstriver m, kesstrivoryon;      bresL
 kesstrivores f, kesstrivoresow               concept n tybyans m, tybyansow
compilation n kevernyans m,                   concern I n bern m, bernyow II vb (3sg
 kevernyansow                                  only) deur; bern. it is of no concern ny
compile vb kevernya                            vern; it does not concern me at all ny'm
complain vb krodhvolas                         deur mann
complaint n krodhvol m, krodhvolyow;          concerning prp a-dro dhe; ow tochya; (used
 gyth m, gythyow; (medical) kleves m,          with poss. adjectives) yn-kever; en-keverL
 klevesow                                     concert n keskan f, keskanow
complete I adj dien; leun II vb kowlwul;      conciliatory adj akordus
 kollenwel                                    conclude vb konkludya
completely adv yn tien; ettienL; kwit         conclusion n gorfen m, gorfennow,
completeness n dieneth f                       gorfednowL
complex adj komplek                           concrete (1) n kestevyn m, kestevynnow,
complexity n komplegeth f                      kestevydnowL
compliment I n kortesies m, kortesiesow;      concrete (2) adj pythek; pethekL
 prays m, praysys II vb praysya               condescending adj tasegus
comportment n omdhegyans m,                   condiment n saworen f, saworennow,
 omdhegyansow                                  saworednowL
compose vb komposya                           condition n (premise) ragsel m, ragselyow;
composer n komposydh m, komposydhyon;          (state) studh m, studhyow; plit m, plitys
 komposydhes f, komposydhesow                 condom n kondom m, kondoms
composition n komposyans m,                   conduct I n fara m; konduk m II vb gidya;
 komposyansow                                  hembronk; ledya; (electricity) kendegi.
comprehensible adj konvedhadow                 conduct an orchestra gidya menestrouthi.
comprehensive adj kompassus; olldalhus.        conduct oneself omdhoon
 comprehensive school kesskol f,              conductance n treusperthedh m
 kesskolyow                                   conductor n hembrenkyas m, hembrenkysi,
compressor n gwaskel f, gwaskellow             hembrenkyjiL; hembrenkyades f,
compromise n kesassoylyans m,                  hembrenkyadesow
 kesassoylyansow                              cone n pigorn m, pigern
compulsive adj honangonstrinus                confection n kyfeyth m, kyfeythyow
compulsory adj konstrinus; res                conference n keskussulyans m,
computer n jynn amontya m, jynnys              keskussulyansow
 amontya, jynnow amontya                      confess vb avowa; konfessya; meneges
comrade n kothman m, kothmans; koweth         confession n avowans m, avowansow
 m, kowetha; kowethes f, kowethesow           confessor n konfessor m, konfessors
con- prfx kes-; ken-                          confide vb kyfya
concave adj kowgrom                           confidence n kyfyans m
conceal vb kudha; keles                       confident adj kyfyansek

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
confidential                                                                        consult

confidential adj kelyfydhys                     consent I n bodh m, bodhow II vb assentya
confirm vb afydhya; fastya; konfirmya           consequence n sewyans m, sewyansow
confirmation n fastyans m, fastyansow           consequently adv yn sewyans
confiscate vb sesya                             conservation n gwithans m
confluence n kemper m, kemperyow                conservative I adj gwithyasel; (in physics)
confound vb konfondya                            omwithek II n (political) mentenour m,
confuse (mix up) kemyska; (bewilder)             mentenouryon, mentenours; mentenoures
 sowdheni; sowdhanas                             f, mentenouresow; Tori m, Toris; Tories f,
confused adj sowdhenys; penndegys                Toriesow
confusion n (state of mind) sowdhan m           consider vb prederi; mires war2
congeal vb kowla                                considerable adj lowr; mynsek
congest vb kreuni; kowla                        considerate adj konsidrus; prederus
congestion n kowlans m, kowlansow               consideration n avis m, avisyow
congratulate vb keslowenhe                      consist vb konsystya
congratulations keslowena f                consistency n kessenyans m; (of fabric)
congregation n kuntellyans m,                    gwias m, gwiasow; tewder m, tewderow
 kuntelyansow                                   consistent adj kesson. be consistent with
congress n kuntelles m (f), kuntelesow           akordya y golon gans. consistent with yn
conical adj pigornek                             akord gans; en akord genL
conifer n saben f, sab                          console n konsolen f, konsolennow,
conjugal adj priosel                             konsolednowL. video game console
conjugate vb kesyewa                             konsolen gwariow gwydhyow f
conjugation n kesyewans m, kesyewansow          consonant n kessonen f, kessonennow,
connect vb (transitive) junya; (intransitive)    kessonednowL
 omjunya                                        consonantal adj kessonennel, dl
connection n (act of connecting) junyans m,      kessonednelL
 junyansow; (existing link) mell m, mellow      conspicuous adj hewel
conquer vb tryhi; fetha; konkwerrya             conspiracy n bras m, brasow
conqueror n fether m, fethoryon; fethores f,    conspirator n braser m, brasoryon;
 fethoresow; konkwerrour m,                      brasores f, brasoresow
 konkwerrours                                   constable n sodhek an kreslu m, sodhogoyn
conquest n trygh m, tryhow; fethans m,           an kreslu; sodhoges an kreslu f,
 fethansow                                       sodhogesow an kreslu
conscience n kowses m, kowsesyow;               constant I n (physics) divaren f,
 konsyans m, konsyansow                          divarennow, divarednowL II adj sad
conscientious adj diwysyk; keskiansek;          constipated adj trethtegys
 prederus                                       constipation n trethtegans m
conscious adj war                               constituency n pastel vro f, pastellow bro
consciousness n omwodhvos m. lose               constitution n korf laha m, korfow laha
 consciousness klamdera                         constrain vb konstrina
consecrate vb sakra                             construct vb drehevel; derevelL
consensual adj bodhel                           construction n drehevyans m,
consensus n kesakordyans m,                      drehevyansow
 kesakordyansow                                 consult vb (intransitive) omgussulya;

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
consultation                                                                   cooperate

 (transitive) kussulya                        contraction n kotheans m, kotheansow
consultation n kussulyans m,                  contradict vb kontradia
 kussulyansow                                 contradiction n kontradians m,
consume vb konsumya; (by fire) kowlleski       kontradiansow
consumer n konsumyer m, konsumyoryon;         contradictory adj kontradiek
 konsumyores f, konsumyoresow                 contrary adj kontrari
consumption n konsumyans m,                   contrast n gorthwedh f, gorthwedhow
 konsumyansow                                 contribute vb kevri
contact I n kestav m, kestavow II vb          contribution n kevro m, kevrohow
 kestava. contact lens gwedrik kestav m,      contributor n kevriyas m, kevriysi,
 gwedrigow kestav. get into contact            kevriyjiL; kevriyades f, kevriyadesow
 omdava orth                                  contrive vb fangla
contagious adj plagus                         control I n maystri m II vb kontrolya;
contain vb yssynsi; essenjiL; kontaynya        rewlya; rowlyaL; routya. control tower
container n kofen f, kofennow, kofednowL;      tour routya m, touryow routya
 lestryn m, lestrynnow, lestrydnowL           controversial adj gorthargyadow
contemplate vb hirbrederi; mires war2         controversy n gorthargyans m,
contemporary adj kevos                         gorthargyansow
contempt n dispresyans m; fians m             convenience n es m. conveniences
contemptible adj                               (toilets) privedhyow pl
contend vb strivya                            convenient adj parys
content (1) n dalgh m, dalhow                 converge vb keskeverya
content (2) adj pes da                        convergence n keskeveryans m,
contented adj kontentys; pes da                keskeveryansow
contention n strivyans m, strivyansow         convergent adj keskeverek
contest I n kesstrif m, kesstrifow II vb      conversation n keskows m, keskowsow
 strivya                                      converse vb keskewsel; keskowselL;
context n kettesten f, kettestennow,           kestalkya
 kettestednowL                                conversion n treylyans m, treylyansow
continent n brastir m, brastiryow             convert vb treylya
continental adj brastiryel. continental       convex adj bothkrom
 drift dryftyans an brastiryow m              conviction kowses m, kowsesyow
continually adv heb hedhi                     convince vb darbolla
continuation n pesyans m, pesyansow;          convincing adj perswadus
 pejyansL m, pejyanjow                        cook vb I n kog m, kogow; koges f, kogesow
continue vb durya; pesya; pejyaL               II vb kegina; kegi; (prepare) pareusi;
continuous adj didorr                          parujiL. cook the books fugya an akontys.
contour n kettres m, kettresow                 cook up an excuse dismygi askus. what's
contraception n haslettyans m,                 cooking? pandr'a hwer?
 haslettyansow                                cooker n kogforn f, kogfornow
contraceptive n haslet m, haslettow           cookery n keginieth f
contract n ambos m, ambosow; kevambos         cool I adj goyeyn II vb goyeynhe. cool off
 m, kevambosow. breach of contract torva       mygla
 ambos f                                      cooperate vb kesoberi

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
cooperation                                                                            couch

cooperation n kesoberyans m,                     Cornish Kernow ov vy m; Kernowes ov vy f
 kesoberyansow                                  Cornishman n Kernow m, Kernowyon
cooperative adj kesoberek                       Cornishwoman n Kernowes f,
coordinate I adj kesordenek II n                 Kernowesow; KernewesM f, Kernewesow
 kesordenek m, kesordenogyon III vb             Cornwall top Kernow
 kesordena                                      coronation n kurunyans m, kurunyansow
coordination n kesordenans m,                   corporation n korforeth f, korforethow.
 kesordenansow                                   multinational corporation korforeth
cope vb. cope with ardyghtya                     lieskenedhlek f, korforethow lieskenedhlek
copious adj pals                                correct I adj ewn; ownL II vb ewna; ownaL
copper n (element) kober m                      correction n ewnans m, ewnansow;
copulate vb kyjya                                ownansL m, ownanjow
copy I n dasskrif m, dasskrifow; eylskrif m,    correctness n komposter m,
 eylskrifow; ekwal m, ekwals II vb dasskrifa;    komposteryow
 eylskrifa                                      correspond vb (writing) kesskrifa; (match)
copyright n gwir-pryntya m,                      omdhesedha. correspond to omdhesedha
 gwiryow-pryntya; gwirbryntyans m,               orth
 gwirbryntyansow. copyright                     correspondence n (writing) kesskrifans m,
 infringement torva gwir-pryntya f,              kesskrifansow; (similarity) hevelepter m,
 torvaow gwir-pryntya                            hevelepterow
cord n korden f, kerdyn                         correspondent n kesskrifer m,
cordial adj kolonnek; kolodnekL                  kesskriforyon; kesskrifores f,
core I n kolonnen f, kolonennow; kolodnenL       kesskriforesow
 f, kolonednow II vb digolonna; digolodnaL      corridor n kuldremenva f, kuldremenvaow
coriander n koriander m; losowen an bara f      corrupt I adj podrek II vb legri; pedri
cork I n korkyn m, korkynnow, korkydnowL        corrupted adj legrys
 II vb korkynna; korkydnaL                      corruption n legras m, legrasow
corkscrew n alhwedh korkyn m,                   corset n korset m, korsettys
 alhwedhow korkyn                               cosmetic I adj kosmetek II n tremmliw m,
cormorant n morvran f, morvrini                  tremmliwyow. cosmetic surgery
corn n (cereal) ysen f, ys. abounding in         leuvvedhegneth kosmetek f,
 corn adj ysek. corn flakes yskans coll,         leuvvedhegnethow kosmetek
 yskansen                                       cosmic adj kosmek
corner I n kornel f, kornellow; kornet m,       cosmology n kosmonieth f
 kornettow; korn m, kernow; sorn m,             cosmos n kosmos m
 sornow II vb kornella                          cost I n kost m, kostys, kostow II vb kostya.
Cornicise vb Kernowekhe; KernewekheM             at all costs awos ehen
Cornish adj kernowek; kernewekM.                costume n gwiskas m, gwiskasow
 Cornish language n Kernowek m;                 cosy adj klys
 KernewekM m. Cornish speaker                   cottage n krowji m, krowjiow. small
 Kernoweger m, Kernowegoryon;                    cottage dyji m, dyjiow
 KernewegerM m, Kernewegoryon;                  cotton n koton m, kotenyow. cotton wool
 Kernowegores f, Kernowegoresow;                 gwlan koton coll, gwlanen goton
 KernewegoresM f, Kernewegoresow. I am          couch I n gorwedhva f, gorwedhvaow;

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
cough                                                                         craftswoman

 growedhva f, growedhvaow II vb                 resegva f, resegvaow; (meal) sand m,
 gorwedha; growedha                             sandys. golf course gwel golf m, gwelyow
cough I n pas m, pasow II vb pasa. cough        golf. in the course of dres. of course heb
 lozenge losanj pas m, losanjys pas.            mar; heb dout. of course not na, yn certan.
 whooping cough pas garm m                      race course resegva f, resegvaow
coulter n kolter m, koltrow; troher m,         court (1) n (residence) lys m, lysow; (court
 troheryow                                      of law) kort f, kortys; breuslys m,
council n kussul f, kussulyow; konsel m,        breuslysow
 konsels. Cornwall Council Konsel Kernow       court (2) vb tanta
 m. the Cornish Language Council Kussul        courteous adj kortes
 an Taves Kernowek f                           courtesy n kortesi m, kortesis
councillor n konseler m, konseloryon;          courtroom n stevel an lys f, stevellow an
 konselores f, konseloresow                     lys; stevel an lesL f, stevel an les
counsel n kussul f, kussulyow                  courtyard n garth m, garthow
count (1) I n (census) niveryans m,            cousin n kosin m, kosins; kenderow m,
 niveryansow II vb amontya; nivera; rekna       kenderwi; keniterow f, keniterwi
count (2) n (title) yurl m, yurlys             cove n porth m, porthow
countenance n koyntnans m                      cover I n gorher m, gorheryow; (of a book)
counter (1) n (shop) komptyer m,                aden f, adenyow; kudhlen f, kudhlennow,
 komptyoryon; (counting device) niverel f,      kudhlednowL II vb gorheri; lenni; ledniL;
 niverellow; (in games) boton m, botonyow,      (with a cloth) kwetha
 botonsL                                       coverlet n kywlet m, kywlettys
counter (2) vb (answer) gorthebi; (oppose)     covet vb kovaytya
 gortheneba                                    cow n bugh f, buhes. calfless cow gownagh
counterfeit I adj fug II vb fugya               f, gownahes. cow dung busel m. milch cow
country n pow m, powyow; bro f, broyow;         bugh godra f, buhes godra
 gwlas f, gwlasow. mother country n            coward n ownek m, ownogyon; ownoges f,
 mammvro f, mammvroyow. open country            ownogesow; kilgi m, kilgeun; koward m,
 mes m, mesyow. pertaining to a country         kowardys
 gwlasek                                       cowardice n kilgieth f
countryman n trevesik m, trevesigyon           cowardly adj ownek; koward
countryside n powdir m                         cowboy n bughwas m, bughwesyon
countrywoman n trevesiges f,                   cowshed n bowji m, bowjiow
 trevesigesow                                  crab n kanker m, kankres
county n konteth f, kontethow                  crab-apple n (tree) gwedhen krabbys f,
couple I n kopel m, koplow; dewdhen m II        gwydh krabbys, gwedh krabbysL
 vb parya. young couple dewbries dl            crab-pot n kowel kankres m, kowellow
coupon n kolpon m, kolpons                      kankres
courage n kolonekter m                         crack I n krack m, krackys II vb krackya
courageous adj kolonnek; kolodnekL             cradle n kowel lesk m, kowellow lesk
courgette n pompik m, pompigow                 craft n kreft m, kreftow
course n (study) steus f, steusow; kors m,     craftsman n kreftor m, kreftoryon; ser m,
 korsow; (direction) hyns m, hensyow,           seri; mysterden m, mysterdens
 hensi*; hensL m, henjow, henji*; (orbit)      craftswoman n kreftores m, kreftoresow;

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
crafty                                                                                  crop

 seres f, seresow                               (applied indiscriminately to worms,
crafty adj fel; sotel                           caterpillars and other insects) pryv m,
crag n klog f, klogow; kleger m, klegrow        preves, prevyon; prevL m, preves, prevyon
cramp n godramm m, godrammow;                  crescent n krommen f, kromennow;
 godrabmL m, godrabmow                          krobmenL f, kromednow; (in street signage)
cranberry n kollen aran f, koll garan; ysen     gwarek f, gwaregow
 rudh coll, ys rudh                            cress n beler coll, beleren
crane n garan f, garanes                       crew n mayni m, mayniow
cranefly n kelyonen aran f, kelyon garan       cricket n (sport) krycket m; (insect) gryll m,
crash n bomm m, bommyn; bobmL m,                grylles
 bobmyn; (accident) droglam m,                 cricketer n gwarier krycket m, gwarioryon
 droglammow, droglabmowL                        krycket; gwariores krycket f, gwarioresow
crave n yeuni                                   krycket
craving n ewl f, ewlow; yeunadow m,            crime n drogober m, drogoberow; galweyth
 yeunadowyow                                    m, galweythow; hager-ober m,
crawfish n gaver vor f, gever mor; gryll m,     hager-oberow
 gryllys                                       criminal I adj galweythel II n drogoberor
crawl vb pedrevanas; kramya                     m, drogoberoryon; drogoberores f,
crayon n kreyon m, kreyonyow                    drogoberoresow
crazy adj muskok                               crimson adj kogh
cream n dehen m, dehennow, dehednowL.          crisp I adj kras II n (snack) kresik m,
 cream cake tesen dhehen f, tesennow            kresigow
 dehen, tesednow dehenL. sun cream dehen       critic n barner m, barnoryon, barneryow;
 howl m, dehennow howl, dehednow howlL          barnores f, barnoresow; arvreusyas m,
crease n pleg m, plegow                         arvreusysi, arvreusyjiL; arvreusyades f,
create vb gwruthyl; oberi                       arvreusyadesow. theatre critic barner
creative adj awenek                             gwariva m, barnoryon wariva
creativity n awenekter m                       critical adj (crucial) tyckli; troboyntel;
creator n gwrier m, gwrioryon; formyer m,       (judgmental) breusel; jujmentus; (literary)
 formyoryon; furvyer m, furvyoryon;             krytykel
 kreador m, kreadors                           criticise vb (evaluate) arvreusi; (judge)
creatress n gwriores f, gwrioresow              breusi; jujya; krytika; (find fault) kabli.
creature n kroadur m, kroaduryon; kreatur       criticise oneself omjastya
 m, kreaturs                                   criticism n arvreus f, arvreusow
credible adj krysadow; kryjusL                 critique n breusyans m, breusyansow
credit n kresys m. credit card karten          croak I ronk m, ronkow II vb renki
 gresys f, kartennow kresys, kartednow         Croat n Kroat m, Kroatyon; Kroates f,
 kresysL                                        Kroatesow
credulous adj hegol                            Croatia top Kroati f
creek n heylyn m, heylynnow, heylydnowL        Croatian I adj kroatek II n (language)
creep (1) vb kramya                             Kroatek m
creep (2) n (toady) kraver tin m, kravoryon    crocodile krokodil m, krokodiles
 din; kravores din f, kravoresow tin           cromlech n krommlegh f, krommlehow
creepy adj skruthus. creepy-crawly             crop I (of a bird) kroth f, krothow; (harvest)

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
cross                                                                                     curl

 trevas f, trevasow II (cut short) dibenna;      dewgroch
 (harvest) trevasa                              cry I n kri m, kriow; kreiL m, kreiow II vb
cross I n krows f, krowsow II vb (river,         kria; kreiaL; (weep) ola. cry one's eyes out
 bridge) tremena; (stage, room) treusi           skollya liv a dhagrow. for crying out loud
cross-beam n treuster m, treusters,              awos Duw
 treustrow                                      cub n kolyn m, kelyn. fox cub lowarnik m,
crossing n treusva f, treusvaow. level           lewernigow. lion cub lewik m, lewigow
 crossing n treusva hyns horn f, treusvaow      cube n kub m, kubow
 hyns horn; treusva hens hornL f, treusvaow     cubic adj kubek
 hens horn. pedestrian crossing treusva         cubit n kevelin m, kevelinnyow,
 gerdhoryon f, treusvaow kerdhoryon              kevelidnyowL
crossroads krowsfordh f,                   cuckoo n kog f, koges; koukou f, koukous
 krowsfordhow                                   cucumber n kukomber m, kukomberyow
cross-shaped adj krowsek                        cudgel n fust f, fustow
cross-tempered adj krowsek                      cul-de-sac n fordh dhall f, fordhow dall; for'
crossword n krowseryow pl                        dhallL f, for'ow dall
crotch n gowl f, gowlow                         culprit n drogoberor m, drogoberoryon;
crouch vb plattya                                drogoberores f, drogoberoresow
crow n bran f, brini                            cultivate vb gonis
crowbar n lorgh horn f (m), lorhow horn         cultural gonisogethel
crowd n bush m, bushys; routh f, routhow        culture n gonisogeth f, gonisogethow
crowded adj leun a dus. crowded together        cultured adj (of a person) findhyskys;
 herdhys war-barth                               findheskysL
crown n kurun f, kurunyow                       cumin n kumin coll
crucial adj troboyntel                          cunning I adj kall II n kalder m
crude adj garow; kriv                           cup n hanaf m, hanafow; hanathL m,
crudity n krivder m                              hanathow. acorn cup byskon mes f,
cruel adj fell; kruel; tynn; tydnL               byskonyow mes
cruelty n kruelder m, kruelderyow               cupboard n amari f, amaris; ambriL f,
cruise I n morviaj m, morviajys,                 ambris
 morviajyow II vb morviajya                     cupful n hanafas m, hanafasow; hanathasL
cruiser n korsyer m, korsyoryon                  m, hanathasow
crumb n brewyonen f, brewyon;                   curd n kowles coll, kowlesen. lemon curd
 browyonenL f, browyon; browsyonen f,            kowles lymmaval coll
 browsyon; (of bread) hwigen f, hwigennow,      curdle vb kowla
 hwigednowL                                     curdled adj kowlys
crumble brewi; browiL; browsi. crumbled         cure I n kur m, kurys II vb (remove an
 material brows coll                             illness) kurya; (restore to health) yaghhe;
crunch I n krack m, krackys II vb densel         (preserve) salla
crust n krestennen f, kresten; krestednenL f,   curiosity n (inquisitiveness) tronekter m;
 kresten                                         (oddity) koyntys f, koyntysyow
crustacean n krestennek m, krestenogyon;        curious adj (strange) koynt; (inquisitive)
 krestednekL m, krestenogyon                     govynnus; gofednusL; (nosy) tronek
crutch n kroch m, krochys, krochow, dl          curl I n kudyn krullys m, kudynnow krullys,

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
curlew                                                                                     dark

 kudydnow krullysL II vb krullya                    hirgrednenL f, hirgrenednow
curlew n gelvinek m, gelvinoges,                   cylindrical adj hirgren
 gelvinogyon                                       Czech I adj chek II n (language) Chekek m;
curly adj krullys                                   (person) Chek m, Chekyon; Chekes f,
currency n mona kemmyn coll; mona                   Chekesow. Czech Republic Repoblek Chek
 kebmynL coll                                       f
current n fros m, frosow. electric current         dace n (fish) talek m, taloges
 fros tredan m, frosow tredan                      dachshund n broghki m, broghkeun
curriculum n kors dyski m, korsow dyski;           daddy n tasik m, tasigow; tas m, tasow
 kors deskiL m, korsow deski                       daffodil n lilien Gorawys f, lili Korawys
curry n kurri m, kurris                            daft adj gocki
curse I n molleth f, molothow II vb molethi;       daily adj dedhyek; pubdedhyek
 kossya; miliga                                    dainty adj denti
cursed adj molothek                                dairy n leti m, letiow. dairy produce askor
cursor n resel f, resellow                          lethek m
curtain n kroglen f, kroglennow,                   daisy n boreles m, borelesyow; kaja f, kajow
 kroglednowL                                       dale n (valley) nans m, nansow; tnow m,
curve I n gwarr f, gwarrow; krommen f,              tnowi
 kromennow; krobmenL f, kromednow II vb            dam n arge m, argeow
 kamma; kabmaL                                     damage n I n damach m, damajys; kisyans
curved adj kromm; krobmL                            m, kisyansow II vb kisya; (by weather)
cushion n pluvek f, pluvogow                        arnewa
custodian n gwithyas m, gwithysi,                  damaged adj shyndys
 gwithyjiL; gwithyades f, gwithyadesow             damn I int molleth Duw! II vb dampnya. I
custody gwith m. police custody gwith an            don't give a damn ny rov oy
 kreslu m                                          damp I adj glyb; glebL II n glybor m; gleborL
custom n maner m, maners, manerow; us               m
 m, usyow, usadow                                  dance I n dons m, donsyow II vb donsya;
custom-made adj a-vusur                             karolli
customs toll f, tollow. customs officer       dancer n donsyer m, donsyoryon;
 tollwas m, tollwesyon; tollvowes f,                donsyores f, donsyoresow
 tollvowysi                                        dandelion n dans lew m, dens lew
cut I adj trogh; trehys II n trogh m, trohow;      Dane n Dan m, Danyon; Danes f, Danesow
 (cut of meat) tregh m, trehow III vb trehi        danger n peryl m, peryllow, peryllyow;
cutlery n daffar lymm m; daffar lebmL m             danjer m, danjeryow
cut-throat adj trehi konna; trehi kodnaL.          dangerous adj peryllus; diantel
 cut-throat competition kesstrif trehi             Danish I adj danek II n (language) Danek m
 konna m, kesstrifow trehi konna; kesstrif         dapple adj britha
 trehi kodnaL m, kesstrifow trehi kodna            dappled adj brithys
cuttlefish n padel ynkyn f, padellow ynkyn         dare I n bedhas m, bedhasow II vb bedha;
cycle I n tro f, troyow II vb (ride a bicycle)      lavasos. bedhav y di I dare say
 diwrosa                                           daring adj bedhek; bold
cyclone n gwyns a-dro m, gwynsow a-dro             dark I adj tewal II n tewolgow pl. fear of
cylinder n hirgrennen f, hirgrenennow;              the dark own rag an tewolgow

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
darken                                                                                decline

darken vb tewlhe                                deafen vb bodharhe
darkness n tewlder m; tewolgow pl               deal I n bargen m, bargennyow,
darling I adj hwegoll; keresik II n hwegen f,    bargednyowL II vb bargynnya; bargydnyaL
 hwegennow, hwegednowL; melder m,               dear adj kuv; (expensive) kostek; (in letters)
 melderyow; keresik m, keresigyon; kuv           ker; hweg. dear George a Jori ker; a Jori
 kolon m, kuvyon kolon                           hweg
dash vb fyski; feskiL                           death n mernans m, mernansow. Death
date (1) I n (day) dydh m, dedhyow; dedhL        (also personified) Ankow m. death rate
 m, dedhyow; jorna m, jorneow; (specific         kevradh mernans m, kevradhow mernans.
 date) dedhyas m, dedhyasow II vb (a             death rattle ronk mernans m, ronkow
 person) mos yn-mes gans; (a document)           mernans
 dedhya. date of expiry dedhyas diwedh m,       debate I n dadhelva f, dadhelvaow II vb
 dedhyasow diwedh                                dadhla; debatya
date (2) n (fruit) datesen f, dates             debater n dadhelor m, dadheloryon;
daughter n myrgh f, myrhes; merghL f,            dadhelores f, dadheloresow
 merhes. daughter-in-law gohydh f,              debit vb debisya
 gohydhow                                       debt n kendon f, kendonow. get into debt
dawn n bora m, boraow                            kodha yn kendon; kodha en kendonL
day n dydh m, dedhyow; dedhL m, dedhyow;        decade n degvledhen f, degvledhynnyow,
 jorna m, jorneow. day-to-day pub dydh oll;      degvledhydnyowL
 pub dedh ollL. on the day before               decadence n legras m
 yesterday adv dygynsete; degenseteL. on        decay I n breynans m, breynansow II vb
 the day after tomorrow adv trenja. once         breyna
 a day unweyth y'n jorna; eneth e'n jornaL.     decease vb merwel; decessya
 that will be the day! my a'n krys pan          deceased adj tremenys
 welav! me a'n kres pan wela'vy!L. the next     deceit n toll m; wrynch m, wrynchys
 day ternos. the good old days an               deceive vb tolla; decevya; dissaytya
 hendedhyow brav                                December n Kevardhu m; mis Kevardhu m
daybreak n tardh dydh m, tardhow dydh;          decency n onester m
 tardh dedhL m, tardhow dedh                    decent n onest
daydream I n hunros jorna m, hunrosow           decide vb ervira; porposya. I have decided
 jorna II vb hunrosa y'n jorna; hunrosa e'n      upon determys ov vy dheL
 jornaL                                         decipher vb digodenni; digodedniL
daylight n golow dydh m; golow dedhL pl.        deck (1) n flour m, flouryow. deck of cards
 in broad daylight yn jydh splann; en jedh       set kartennow m, settys kartennow; set
 spladnL                                         kartednowL m, settys kartednow
daytime n dydhweyth m; dedhweythL m             deck (2) vb takla
dazzle vb dallhe                                deck-chair n kador dreth f, kadoryow treth
dead adj marow. dead end fordh dhall f,         declaration n diskleryans m,
 fordhow dall; for' dhallL f, for'ow dall        diskleryansow; deklaracyon m,
deadly adj marwel                                deklaracyons
deaf adj bodhar. become deaf vb bodhara.        declare vb disklerya; deklarya
 half-deaf bodharek. half-deaf person           declension n deklinyans m, deklinyansow
 bodharek m, bodharogyon                        decline vb naha; deklinya

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
decode                                                                               democrat

decode vb digodenni; digodedniL                     bacheleriethow. doctor's degree
decorate vb afina; tekhe                            doktourieth f, doktouriethow. master's
decorative adj afinus                               degree mestronieth f, mestroniethow
decrease I n iselheans m, iselheansow II vb        delay I n ardak m, ardagow; delay m, delays
 iselhe                                             II vb delatya
decree I n ordenans m, ordenansow II vb            delegate I n kannas f, kanasow; kadnasL f,
 erhi; ordena                                       kanajow II vb kanasa; kanajaL. delegate to
deed n (action) gwrians m, gwriansow;               gul kannas a2; gwul kadnas a2L
 (legal document) chartour m, chartours.           delegation n kanasedh m, kanasedhow;
 bad deed bad-ober m, bad-oberow. good              kanajedhL m, kanajedhow
 deed da-ober m, da-oberow                         delete vb dilea
deep adj down                                      deletion n dileans m, dileansow
deepen vb downhe                                   deliberate adj a-borpos
deep-freeze vb downrewi                            deliberately adv a-borpos
deep-fry vb downfria                               delicacy n (tenderness) bleudhder m;
default n defowt m, defowtow                        (dainty food) tamm denti m, temmyn denti;
defeat I n fethans m, fethansow II vb fetha;        tabm dentiL m, tebmyn denti
 konkwerrya                                        delicate adj bleudh; denti; fin; tyckli
defecate vb kaha                                   delicious adj dentethyel
defect n gwall m, gwallow; defowt m,               delight I n delit m, delitys II vb delitya;
 defowtow                                           didhana; lowenhe
defence n defens m                                 delighted adj pur lowen
defend vb defendya; difres                         delightful adj hwegoll
defendant n difenner m, difenoryon;                delinquent n drogwas m, drogwesyon;
 difednerL m, difenoryon; difenores f,              felon m, felons
 difenoresow                                       deliver vb delivra. deliver from delivra
defender n difresyas m, difresysi, difresyjiL;      dhyworth. deliver up delivra dhe2
 difresyades f, difresyadesow                      deliverance n delivrans m, delivransow
defer vb delatya                                   delivery n livreson m, livresons. express
defiance n defians m, defiansow; er m               delivery livreson uskis m, livresons uskis
deficiency difyk m, difygyow; fowt m,              dell n pans m, pansow
 fowtys, fowtow                                    delude vb tolla; flattra
deficient adj difygel                              deluded adj tollys
deficit n difygas m, difygasow                     deluge n liv m, livyow; (heavy shower)
defile vb defolya                                   hager-gowas f, hager-gowasow
defilement n defolyans m, defolyansow              demand I n gorholeth m, gorholethow;
define vb styrya                                    demond m, demondys II vb dervyn;
definite adj devri                                  demondya
definitely adv yn tevri; en tevriL                 democracy n gwerinieth f, gweriniethow;
definition n styryans m, styryansow                 demokratieth f, demokratiethow
defy vb defia; erya                                democrat n gweriniether m,
degree n (angle or temperature) gradh m,            gweriniethoryon; gweriniethores f,
 gradhow; (rank) degre m, degrys.                   gweriniethoresow. Democrat (member of
 bachelor's degree bachelerieth f,                  US Democratic party) Demokrat m,

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
democratic                                                                          detective

 Demokratyon; Demokrates f,                   descriptive adj deskrifus
 Demokratesow                                 desert (1) n difeyth m, difeythyow;
democratic adj gwerinel; demokratek            difeythtir m, difeythtiryow
Denmark top Danmark m                         desert (2) vb (intransitive) kilfia; (transitive)
denomination n (category) rumen f,             forsakya
 rumennow, rumednowL; (religious)             deserted adj dibobel; ynyal
 hanwans m, hanwansow                         deserve dendyl; deservya; dervyn
dense adj tew; doos                           deservedly adv kwit
density n tewder m, tewderow; (physics)       design I n desin m, desinyow II vb desinya
 dosedh m, dosedhow                           designer n desiner m, desinoryon;
dent I n brall m, brallow II vb brallya        desinores f, desinoresow
dentist n medhek dens m, medhogyon            desirable adj desiradow
 dens; medhoges dens f, medhogesow dens       desire I n (need) hwans m, hwansow II vb
deny vb naha                                   hwansa
depart vb diberth                             desirous adj hwansek
department n asran f, asrannow,               desk n desk m, deskys, deskow
 asradnowL                                    desolate adj (of a place) ynyal; (of a person)
departure n dibarth f, dibarthow               diglon
depend vb. depend on kregi war2               despair n desper m
dependable adj trestadow                      desperate adj diglon
depopulated adj dibobel                       desperation n diglon f
depress vb digolenni; digoledniL              despicable adj fiadow; vil
depressed adj duwenik                         despise vb fia; dispresya; despisya
depression n (mental; economic) iselweyth     despite n despit m, despityow. in despite
 m; (topographical) seudh m, seudhow           of yn despit dhe2
depth n downder m, downderyow                 dessert n podyn m, podyns; melyssand m,
deputation n kanasedh m, kanasedhow;           melyssandys; wojow pl
 kanajedhL m, kanajedhow                      destine vb destna
deputy adj is-. deputy chairman               destitute adj bohosek; bohojekL
 iskaderyer m, iskaderoryon. deputy           destitution n bohosogneth f
 chairwoman iskaderyores f,                   destroy vb distrui
 iskaderyoresow                               destruction n diswrians m, diswriansow;
derange vb varya; muskegi                      distruyans m, distruyansow; distruksyon
deranged adj varyes                            m, distruksyons
dermatologist n medhek krohen m,              detach vb distaga. detach from distaga
 medhogyon krohen; medhoges krohen f,          dhyworth; distaga dhortL
 medhogesow krohen; dermatologydh m,          detached adj distag
 dermatologydhyon; dermatologydhes f,         detail I vb manylya II details manylyon
 dermatologydhesow                             pl; (military) distagyn f, distagynnow,
dermatology n dermatologieth f                 distagydnowL
descant n konternot m                         detailed adj manylys
descend vb diyskynna; deskydnyaL              detain vb synsi; senjiL; karhara
describe vb deskrifa                          detect vb helerghi
description n deskrifans m, deskrifansow      detective n helerghyas m, herlerhysi,

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
detector                                                                                   dinner

 herlerhyjiL; helerghyades f,                        diary n dydhlyverM m, dydhlyvrow;
 helerghyadesow                                       dedhleverL m, dedhlevrow
detector n helerhel f, helerhellow; (sensor)         dice n dis m, disyow
 sensour m, sensours                                 dictate vb (impose) dyghtya; (to a secretary)
detention n karharans m, karharansow                  dardhyghtya
detergent n lin sebon m, linyow sebon                dictator n turant m, turans; turantes f,
deteriorate vb gwethhe                                turantesow
deterioration n gwethheans m,                        dictatorial adj turantiel
 gwethheansow                                        dictatorship n turantieth f
determine vb determya                                dictionary n gerylver m, gerlyvrow;
determined adj determys; ervirys                      gerleverL m, gerlevrow
develop vb displegya                                 die vb merwel; (decease) decessya
development n displegyans m,                         diesel n disel m
 displegyansow                                       diet n rewl voos f, rewlow boos; rowl voosL
deviate vb errya                                      f, rowlow boos
device n devis m, devisyow                           difference n dihevelepter m,
devil n dyowl m, dyowlow; malan m,                    dihevelepterow
 malanes. the Devil n an jowl m; an tebel-el         different adj ken; dihaval; dyffrans.
 f; (euphemistically) mab an pla m. by the            different from dihaval orth; dyffrans orth
 Devil re'n jowl                                     difficult adj kales
devise vb devisya                                    difficulty n kaletter m, kaletterow;
devolution n digresennans m;                          ankombrynsi m; ankombrynjiL
 digresednansL m                                     diffusion n trelesans m, trelesansow
Devon top Dewnens; Pow Densher                       dig vb palas. dig a trench kleudhya
devour vb devorya                                    digest vb tretha; goi
dew n gluth m, gluthow                               digger (machine) jynn palas m, jynnys
dexterity n sleyneth f                                palas, jynnow palas
diabetes n kleves melys m                            digit n riven f, rivennow, rivednowL;
diabetic I adj diabetik II n diabetik m,              (finger) bys m, besies; besL m, besies
 diabetigyon; diabetiges f, diabetigesow             digital adj besyel
diagnose vb diagnosa                                 dignity n dynita m
diagnosis n diagnosans m, diagnosansow               diligence n diwysygneth f
diagonal I adj krowslinek II n krowslinen f,         diligent adj diwysyk
 krowslinennow, krowslinednowL                       dime n demma m, demmys
diagram n golinyans m, golinyansow                   dimwit n talsogh m, talsoghyon
dial I n rivel f, rivellow; dial m, dialys II vb     dine vb kinyewel; kona. dining room n
 dialya                                               stevel dhybri f, stevellow dybri; stevel
dialect n rannyeth f, rannyethow                      dhebri f, stevellow debri. dining car n
dialogue n (conversation) keskows m,                  kocha dybri m, kochys dybri; kocha debriL
 keskowsow; (discussion) omgussulyans m,              m, kochys debri
 omgussulyansow                                      dingle n gobans m, gobansow; pans m,
diamond n adamant m, adamantys,                       pansow
 adamantow                                           dinner n kinnyow m, kinyewow; kidnyowL
diarrhoea n skit m                                    m, kinyewow; kon f, konyow

                              SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
dinosaur                                                                            disobey

dinosaur n arghpedrevan m,                    disclose vb disklosya
 arghpedrevanes                               discontented adj drog-pes; diskontentys
diode n diod m, diodys                        discount I n diskont m, diskontow II vb
diphthong n diwvogalen f, diwvogalennow,       diskontya
 diwvogalednowL                               discourage vb digolenni; digoledniL
diploma n diplomen f, diplomennow,            discouraging adj digolonnus; digolodnusL
 diplomednowL                                 discover vb diskudha; trovya
diplomacy n lyskanasedh m; leskanajedhL       discovery n diskudhans m, diskudhansow
 m                                            discreet adj doth
diplomat n lyskannas f, lyskanasow;           discriminate vb discernya. discriminate
 leskadnasL f, leskanajow                      against disfavera. discriminate in favour
diplomatic adj lyskanasek; leskanajekL         of favera
dipstick n gwelen vusur f, gwelynni musur     discuss vb (discuss sth.) dadhla; (have a
direct I adj didro; syth; sethL II vb          discussion) omgussulya; debatya. have a
 kevarwodha                                    discussion about the issue omgussulya
direction n tu m, tuhow                        a-dro dhe'n mater
directly adv distowgh; hware                  discussion n dadhel f, dadhlow;
dirt n mostedhes m                             omgussulyans m, omgussulyansow
dirty adj plos; strolyek. make dirty vb       disdain vb fia
 mostya                                       disease n dises m, disesys
disabled adj evredhek. disabled person        disembark vb dilestra
 evredh m, evredhyon; evredhes f,             disfigure vb dihevelebi; hagra
 evredhesow                                   disguise I n tollwisk m, tollwiskow II vb
disadvantage I adj anles II vb gorra           tollwiska
 yn-dann anles                                disgust vb divlasa. be disgusted divlasa
disagree vb dissentya; disakordya             disgusting adj divlas
disagreement n disakord m, disakordow         dish n (food) sand m, sandow; (bowl) skudel
disappoint vb diswaytyas; tolla                f, skudellow; lester m, lestri; (saucer) skala
disappointed adj diswaytys; tollys             m, skalys. wash the dishes golhi an lestri
disappointing adj diswaytus                   disheartened adj digolennys; digolednysL
disappointment n diswaytyans m,               dishonest adj disonest; gowek; mingow
 diswaytyansow; toll m                        dishonesty n disonester m
disaster n terosa m, terosedhow; myshyv       dishonour I n disenor m, disenors II vb
 m, myshevys. disaster area terosva f,         disenora
 terosvaow                                    disinfect vb diglevesi; diglevejiL;
disastrous adj terosus                         disynklevya
disc plasen f, plasennow, plasednowL.         disinfectant n disynklevyas m,
 compact disc n (CD) plasen arhansek f,        disynklevysi, disynklevyjiL
 plasennow arhansek, plasednow                disinfection n disynklevyans m,
 arhansekL; cidi m, cidis                      disynklevyansow
discern vb discernya                          dislike I n kas m II vb kasa; gohasa
discharge I n diskargans m, diskargansow      dismantle vb didakla; diswul
 II vb diskarga; (debt) akwytya               dismiss vb gordhyllo
disciple n dyskybel m, dyskyblon              disobey vb disobaya

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
disorder                                                                                   dock

disorder n deray m, derays; disordyr m,          lesradnansL m, lesrananjow
 disordyr                                       distributor n lesrennyas m, lesrenysi;
dispatch vb danvon; danonL                       lesrednyasL m, lesrenyjiL; lesrenyades f,
disperse vb keskar; dispersya                    lesrenyadesow
dispersion n keskar m                           district n ranndir m, ranndiryow; kost m,
display I n displetyans m, displetyansow II      kostys; pastel vro f, pastellow bro
 vb displetya                                   disturb vb ankresya; ankombra; ania
displease vb displesya                          disturbance n ankresyans m,
displeased adj drog-pes; displesys               ankresyansow
displeasure n displesour m, displesours;        ditch I n kleudh m, kleudhyow II vb (dig a
 displesyans m                                   trench) kleudhya; (discard) hepkor;
disposable adj (impermanent) towladow            (crash-land in water) dowra
dispose vb disposya                             ditty n kanik f, kanigow
disprove vb disprevi                            dive I n (submersion) sedh m, sedhow;
dispute I vb kedrynn f, kedrynnow;               (plunge) lamm penn yn-rag m, lammow
 kedrydnL f, kedrydnow II vb disputya;           penn yn-rag; labm pedn en-ragL m, labmow
 kedrynna; kedrydnaL                             pedn en-rag; (low-class bar) toll m, tell II vb
disquiet I ankres m; anes m; dises m II vb       (submerge) sedhi; (plunge) lamma y'n
 ankresya                                        dowr; labma e'n dowrL; (plummet) kodha
disrupt vb goderri                              diver n sedher m, sedhoryon; sedhores f,
disruptive adj parys dhe ania                    sedhoresow. deep-sea diver n sedher
dissatisfied adj drog-pes                        downvor m, sedhoryon dhownvor;
dissemble vb dissembla                           sedhores dhownvor f, sedhoresow
dissent I n dissent m II vb dissentya            downvor
dissonance n digessenyans m,                    divergent adj dihevelep; dyffrans
 digessenyansow                                 diverse vb divers (+sg. or pl. noun)
distaff n kygel f, kygelyow                     diversity n diversita m, diversitys
distance I pelder m, pelderyow II vb            divert vb didreylya
 distance oneself omdenna; omdednaL;            divide vb ranna; radnaL. divided by rynnys
 avoydya; ombellhe. long-distance call           gans; radnys genL
 galow a-bell m, galowyow a-bell                division n rannans m, ranansow; radnansL
distant adj pell                                 m, rananjow
distinct adj diblans                            divorce I n didhemedhyans m,
distinction n (difference) dyffrans m,           didhemedhyansow; torva demedhyans f,
 dyffransow; (honour) bri f                      torvaow demedhyans II vb didhemedhi
distinctive adj arbennek; arbednekL;            divorced adj didhemedhys
 diblans                                        dizziness n penn-dro f; pedn-droL f
distinctiveness n diblanseth f                  dizzy adj pennskav; penn-dro; pedn-droL
distress I n grev m, grevow; reudh m II vb      do vb gul; gwulL. do for distrui. do in ladha.
 grevya; reudhi                                  do time spena termyn y'n toll; spena
distressing adj grevus                           termyn e'n tollL. do up fastya. do without
distribute vb lesranna; lesradnaL;               hepkor
 distributya                                    dock (1) n (for ships) kay m, kayow. docks
distribution n lesrannans m, lesranansow; porth klos m; por' klosL

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
dock                                                                             downstairs

dock (2) n (plant) tavolen f, tavol               skrybla
dockyard n lestriva f, lestrivaow                doom I n (judgment) breus f, breusow;
doctor n (title) doktour m, doktours;             (fate) terros m, terosow II vb breusi;
 (medical) medhek m, medhogyon;                   breujiL
 medhoges f, medhogesow. doctor's degree         door n daras m, darasow, darjow. door
 doktourieth f, doktouriethow. doctor's           handle n dornla m, dornleow. through a
 surgery n medhegva f, medhegvaow                 door war dharas
doctrine n dyskas m, dyskasow; deskas m,         dormant adj yn kosk; en koskL; heb difuna
 deskasow                                        dormitory n koskti m, kosktiow
document n skrif m, skrifow; skriven f,          dormouse n hunegen f, hunek
 skrivennow, skrivednowL                         dosage n dognyans m, dognyansow
documentary adj dogvennek; dogvednekL            dose I n dogen m, dognow II vb dognya
dodgem n karr bonk m, kerri bonk                 dot n dyjyn m, dyjynnow, dyjydnowL. dots
dog n ki m, keun; keiL m, keun. male dog n        per inch (DPI) dyjynnow an veusva (DAV)
 gorgi m, gorgeun. female dog n gast f, gesti     pl
dogfish n morgi m, morgeun                       dote vb dotya
dole n (benefit) dol m                           double adj dewblek; dobyl
doll dolli f, doliow; popet m, popetow. doll's   doubt I n dout m, doutys; mar m II vb
 house n chi dolli m, chiow dolli; chei dolliL    doutya. without doubt heb dout; heb mar
 m, treven dolli                                 doubtful adj doutus
dolmen n krommlegh f, krommlehow                 doubtless adv heb dout; heb faladow
dolphin n pyffyer f, pyffyers                    dough n toos m
domain n arlotteth f, arlottethow                doughnut n knowen doos f, know toos
domestic adj a'n mayni; a-bervedh.               dove n kolom f, kelemmi, kelebmiL
 domestic politics politegieth a-bervedh f       down (1) I adv yn-nans; en-nansL;
domesticate vb hwarhe                             war-woles; dhe'n dor II vb (food or drink)
domesticated adj hwarhes                          lenki. don't let yourself down! gwith dha
dominant adj gwarthevyek                          hanow da rag meth. down below a-barth
dominate vb gwarthevya                            a-woles. down-to-earth heb flows. down
domination n gwarthevyans m,                      under yn Ostrali. dumb down talsoha.
 gwarthevyansow                                   hand down treuskorra; transmyttya. put
dominion n mestrynses m                           down (animal) ladha; (name) ri y hanow;
domino n domino m                                 rei y hanowL. shout down usa a-dreus; uja
donate vb argevri                                 a-dreusL
donation n argevro m, argevrohow;                down (2) n (fine feathers) mannbluven f,
 doneson m, donesonow                             mannbluv
done adj gwrys; gwresL. done for diswrys;        down (3) n (moorland) goon f, gonyow
 diswresL                                        downfall terros m, terosow
donkey n asen m, asenes                          downhill adj war-nans
donor n riyas m, riysi, riyjiL; riyades f,       download I n iskarg m, iskargow II vb
 riyadesow. organ donor riyas organow m,          iskarga
 riysi organow, riyji organowL; riyades          downpour n hager-gowas f,
 organow f, riyadesow organow                     hager-gowasow
doodle I n skryblans m, skryblansow II vb        downstairs adv a-woles; war-woles

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
downwards                                                                                   dung

downwards adv war-woles; war-nans                   drivya yn-mes, drivya en-mesL
dozen n dewdhek m, dewdhegow                       drivel I n (drool) glavor m; (nonsense) flows
drab adj disliw                                     m II vb (drool) glaveri; (talk nonsense)
drag I n (pull) drayl m, draylyow;                  leverel flows; lawl flowsL
 (cigarette) tenn m, tennow; tednL m,              driver n lewyer m, lewyoryon; lewyores f,
 tednow; (women's clothes) kadys f II vb            lewyoresow. bus driver n lewyer kyttrin
 draylya. an awful drag ankombrynsi                 m, lewyoryon kyttrin; lewyores kyttrin f,
 euthyk m; ankombrynji ithikL m. drag net           lewyoresow kyttrin. train driver n lewyer
 tennros f, tennrosow. drag oneself along           tren m, lewyoryon tren; lewyores trenow f,
 slynkya. drag one's feet delatya. drag             lewyoresow trenow
 queen arlodhes kadys f, arlodhesow kadys          dromedary n dremedal m, dremedales
dragon n dragon f, dragones                        drone n sudronen f, sudron
dragonfly n nader margh f, nadres margh            drool I n glavor m II vb glaveri
drama n drama m, dramas                            drop I n (fluid) banna m, banahow; badnaL
dramatic adj dramasek                               m, banahow; dager m, dagrow; (of rain)
dramatist n dramasydh m, dramasydhyon;              glawen f, glawennow, glawednowL II vb
 dramasydhes f, dramasydhesow                       droppya
draw vb (sketch) delinya; (pull) tenna;            drown vb beudhi
 tednaL                                            druid n drewydh m, drewydhyon
drawer n tregyn m, tregynnow,                      drum I n tabour m, tabouryow II vb
 tregydnowL; trog tenna m, trogow tenna;            gweskel tabour
 trog tednaL m, trogow tedna                       drummer n tabourer m, tabouroryon;
drawing n delinyans m, delinynansow.                tabourores f, tabouroresow
 drawing pin n pynn meus m, pynnow                 drunk adj medhow. get drunk omvedhwi.
 meus; pydn meusL m, pydnow meus                    make drunk medhwi
dream I n hunros m, hunrosow II vb                 drunkard n penn medhow m, pennow
 hunrosa                                            medhow
dreckly adv hware                                  drunkenness medhwenep m
dress I n pows f, powsyow II vb gwiska;.           dry I adj sygh; seghL II vb seha. dry out
 dressing gown n mantel nos f, mantylli             deseha. dry up deseha
 nos. dress up omwiska. fancy dress n              duchess n dukes f, dukesow
 gwisk kewewi m. get dressed omwiska               duchy n duketh f, dukethow
dresser n (furniture) lestrier m, lestrieryow      duck n hos m, heyji
drift I n dryftyans m, dryftyansow II vb           duckling n heyjik m, heyjigow
 dryftya. continental drift dryftyans an           duckweed n kellyn coll
 brastiryow m                                      duke n duk m, dukys
driftwood n dryftbren m, dryftbrennyer,            dull adj (blunt) sogh; (insipid) difreth; (not
 dryftbrednyerL                                     bright) disliw
drill I n tarder m, terder II vb telli; tardra     dullard n talsogh m, talsoghyon
drink I n diwes m, diwosow II vb eva               dumb I adj avlavar; (US: stupid) talsogh II
drip vb devera                                      vb dumb down talsoha
drive vb lewa; lewya; drivya. drive insane         dumpling n pellen f, pelennow, pelednowL
 muskegi; varya. drive out helghya;                dune n tewyn m, tewynnow, tewydnowL
 hembronk yn-mes; hembronk en-mesL;                dung n kawgh m

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
durable                                                                             ecstatic

durable adj duryadow                             early adv a-varr; a-brys; a-bresL. not
during prp dres                                   earlier nahyns; nahensL
dusk n tewlwolow m; mo m, moyow                  earn vb dendyl
dust I n ponn m; podnL m; doust m; polter        earnest adj diwysyk; sad; sevur
 m, polteryow II vb (remove dust) diboltra;      earnings n gober m, gobrow
 (sprinkle) poltra                               earring n bysow skovarn m, bysowyer
dustbin n atalgist f, atalgistyow                 skovarn; besow skovarnL m, besowyer
duster n kweth ponn f, kwethow ponn;              skovarn; skinen f, skinennow, skinednowL
 kweth podnL f, kwethow podn                     Earth n (planet) (an) Norvys m; (an)
dustpan n padel bonn f, padellow ponn;            NorvesL
 padel bodnL f, padellow podn                    earth n dor m, doryow
dusty adj ponnek; podnekL                        earthquake n dorgrys m, dorgrysyow
Dutch I adj iseldiryek II n (language)           earthwork n dorge m, dorgeow
 Iseldiryek m; Iseldiryas m, Iseldirysi,         earthworm n bulugen f, buluk
 IseldiryjiL; Iseldiryades f, Iseldiryadesow     earwig n gorlosten f, gorlost
duty n (responsibility) dever m, deverow;        ease I n es m II vb esya; heuthhe. at ease
 (tax) toll f, tollow                             attes. be at ease omjersya. put at ease
duvet n kolhes f, kolhesow; kywlet pluv m,        esya. put ill at ease disesya
 kywlettys pluv                                  easel n margh skrifa m, mergh skrifa
dwarf n korr m, korryon; korres f, koresow       easier adj esya
dwell vb triga                                   east n est m; howldrehevel m
dweller n triger m, trigoryon; trigores f,       Easter n Pask m. at Easter war Bask
 trigoresow                                      easterly adj a-dhia an est
dwelling n annedh f, anedhow; trigva f,          eastern adj a'n est
 trigvaow. winter dwelling gwavos f,             eastwards adj war-tu ha'n est
 gwavosow                                        easy adj es; esi; (comfortable) attes
dye I n liw m, liwyow II vb liwa                 eat vb dybri; debriL
dyed adj liwys                                   echo I n (general) dasson m, dassonyow; (of
dyke n (embankment) tommen f,                     voice) daslev m, daslevow II vb dasseni
 tomennow; tobmenL f, tomednow; (slang:          eco- prfx eko-
 lesbian) lesbianes f, lesbianesow               ecologist n ekologydh m, ekologydhyon;
dynamic adj dynamek                               ekologydhes f, ekologydhesow
dynamics n dynamegieth f                         ecology n ekologieth f
dynamite I n dynamit m II vb dynamitya           economic adj erbysek
dynamo n dynamo m, dynamoyow                     economical adj erbysus
dyslexia n gerdhelni m                           economics n erbysieth f
dyslexic adj gerhdal                             economise vb erbysi; sparya
each adj pub; kettep                             economist n ekonomydh m,
eager adj freth. I am eager to meet you           ekonomydhyon; ekonomydhes f,
 mall yw genev hy metya                           ekonomydhesow
eagerness n frethter m; mall m; terder m         economy n ekonomieth f; erbysiedh m
eagle n er m, eryon, eres                        ecstasy n tranjyek m; transyekM m; ekstasi
ear n skovarn f, skovornow, dl diwskovarn         m; gorawen f
earl n yurl m, yurlys                            ecstatic adj gorawenus; ekstatek

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
-ed                                                                                   e-mail

-ed sffx (VA suffix) -ys                        eisteddfod n esedhvos m, esedhvosow
edge n amal m, emlow                            either… or cnj po… po; poken… po
edgy adj ownek; frommus; frobmusL               eject vb estewlel; estowlelL
edible adj dybradow; debradowL                  elastic adj elastek; gwedhyn
edit vb (publication) pennskrifa; dyllo;        elasticity n gwedhynder m, gwedhynderow
 pareusi; parujiL; (alter) chanjya; golegi      elbow n elin m, elinnyow, elidnyowL, dl
edition n dyllans m, dylansow                    dewelin
editor n pennskrifer m, pennskriforyon;         elder (1) I adj henavek* II n henavek* m,
 pennskrifores f, pennskriforesow                henavogyon; henavoges* f, henavogesow
editorial n pennskrif m, pennskrifow            elder (2) n (tree) skawen f, skaw
educate vb adhyski; adheskiL; ri dyskans        elderberry n yrinen skaw f, yrin skaw.
 (dhe2); rei deskans (dhe2)L                     elderberry wine n gwin skaw m
educated adj dyskys; deskysL                    elderly I adj henavek* II tus henavek*
education n adhyskans m, adhyskansow;           eldest adj an kottha
 adheskansL m, adheskansow                      elect vb etholi
educational adj adhyskansel; adheskanselL       election n etholans m, etholansow
eel n sylli f, sylies                           elector n etholer m, etholoryon; etholores f,
effect I n effeyth m, effeythyow II vb           etholoresow
 effeythi. Doppler effect effeyth Doppler m.    electric adj tredanek. electric current fros
 greenhouse effect effeyth chi gweder m;         tredan m, frosow tredan
 effeyth chei gwederL m                         electrical adj tredanel
effective adj effeythus                         electrician n tredaner m, tredanoryon;
efficiency n effeythadewder                      tredanores f, tredanoresow
efficient adj effeythadow                       electricity n tredan m
effort n assay m, assays                        electrify vb tredanhe
e.g. abbr r.e.                                  electron n elektron m, elektrons
egg n oy m, oyow. egg cup hanaf oy m,           electronic adj elektronek
 hanafow oy; hanath oyL m, hanathow oy.         element n elven f, elvennow, elvednowL
 egg white gwynn oy m, gwynnow oy;              elementary adj elvennek; elvednekL
 gwydn oyL m, gwydnow oy. egg yolk melyn        elephant n olifans m, olifanses
 oy m, melynyow oy. free range-egg oy           elevator n yskynnel f, yskynellow;
 frankres m, oyow frankres. lay eggs             yskydnelL f, yskynellow
 dedhwi. not worth an egg ny dal oy             eleven num unnek; udnekL
Egypt top Ejyp m                                eleventh unnegves; udnegvesL; abbr 11ves
Egyptian I adj ejyptek II n (language)          eliminate vb defendya; dilea
 Ejyptek m; (person) Ejyptyon m,                elimination n dileans m, dileansow
 Ejyptyonyon; Ejyptyones m, Ejyptyonesow        elk n kowrgarow m, kowrgerwys
eight num eth                                   ellipse n hirgelgh m, hirgelghyow;
eighteen num etek                                hirgylghM m, hirgylghyow
eighteenth num etekves; abbr 18ves              elliptical adj hirgelhek; hirgylhekM
eighth num ethves; abbr 8ves                    elm n elowen f, elow. elm grove elowek f,
eightieth num peswar-ugensves;                   elowegi
 pajar-ugensvesL; abbr 80ves                    else I adj ken II cnj poken
eighty num peswar-ugens; pajar-ugensL           e-mail I n e-bost m, e-bostow II vb e-bostya

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
embankment                                                                           English

embankment n tommen f, tomennow;               enclose vb degea. enclose with a hedge vb
 tobmenL f, tomednow                            keas; parkya
embarassment n negh m, nehow;                  enclosed adj klos
 ankombrynsi m; ankombrynjiL m                 enclosure n garth m, garthow; park m,
embarrassed adj ankombrys                       parkow; hay f, hayow
embarrassing adj ankombrus; methus             encode vb kodenni; kodedniL
embassy n kanaseth f, kanasethow;              encounter I n metyans m, metyansow II vb
 (building) kanatti m, kanattiow                dier-bynna; dierbydnaL; dos er-bynn; dos
embroidery n brosweyth m                        war-bydnL; metya (orth)
emerge vb dos yn-mes; dos en-mesL; sordya      encyclopaedia n godhoniador m,
emergency n goredhomM m,                        godhoniadoryon
 goredhommow; gorodhom m,                      end I n diwedh m, diwedhow; penn m,
 gorodhobmow. emergency exit mallborth          pennow; pednL m, pednow; fin f, finyow II
 m, mallborthow                                 vb diwedha; finsya. dead end fordh dhall f,
emerging adj usi ow sordya; uji ow sordyaL      fordhow dall; for' dhallL f, for'ow dall. end
emigrant n divroyas m, divroysi, divroyjiL;     to end hys-ha-hys; hes-ha-hesL
 divroyades f, divroyadesow                    endanger vb peryllya. endangered species
emigrate vb omdhivroa                           ehen beryllys f, ehennow peryllys,
emigration omdhivroans m,                       ehednow peryllysL
 omdhivroansow                                 endangered adj peryllys
eminent adj flour                              endeavour I n assaya II vb attent m,
emotion n amovyans m, amovyansow                attentys
emotionless adj diamovyans                     ended adj deu
emperor n emperour m, emperours                ending n diwedhva f, diwedhvaow
emphasis n poos-lev m, poos-levow; poos        endless adj didhiwedh; dibenn; dibednL
 m, posow                                      endurance n perthyans m, perthyansow
emphasise vb posleva                           endure vb (last) pesya; pejyaL; (tolerate)
empire n emperoureth f, emperourethow           perthi; endurya; durya
employ vb arveth                               enemy n eskar m, eskerens; envi m, envi
employee n arvethesik m, arvethesigyon;        energetic adj nerthek
 arvethesiges f, arvethesigesow                energy n nerth m, nerthow, nerthyow
employer n arvethor m, arvethoryon;            engaged adj (to be married) ambosys
 arvethores f, arvethoresow                    engagement n (to be married) ambos
employment n soodh f, sodhow                    demedhyans m, ambosow demedhyans
empress n emperes f, emperesow                 engine n jynn m, jynnys, jynnow. engine
emptiness n gwakter m                           house n jynnji m, jynnjiow
empty I adj gwag II vb gwakhe                  engineer n ynjynor m, ynjynoryon;
enable vb galosegi                              ynjynores f, ynjynoresow
enamel I n emayl m; enamel m II vb             engineering n ynjynorieth f
 emaylhe; enamelhe                             England top Pow an Sowson m; Pow Sows
encamp vb kampya; gwersella                     m; Inglond m
encampment n kampva f, kampvaow;               English I adj sowsnek II n (language)
 gwersellans m, gwerselansow                    Sowsnek m. English speaker n Sowsneger
enchantment n hus m, husow                      m, Sowsnegoryon; Sowsnegores f,

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
Englishman                                                                              error

 Sowsnegoresow                                  kerhynedhoryon; kerhynedhores f,
Englishman n Sows m, Sowson                     kerhynedhoresow
Englishwoman n Sowses f, Sowsesow              environs kerhyn m, kerhynnow,
engrave vb gravya                               kerhydnowL
enhance vb (improve) gwellhe; (increase)       envy n avi m; envi m
 ynkressya                                     epic I adj epyk II n epyk m, epygys
enjoy vb kemeres plesour dre2; bos da gans;    epilepsy n drog-atti m
 enjoya. enjoy oneself omlowenhe               epistle n epystyl m, epystlys
enjoyable adj heudhadow                        epoch n osweyth f, osweythyow; oos m,
enlighten vb golowi                             osow; oojL m, ojow
enlightenment n golowyans m                    equal I adj par; kehaval II n par m, parow;
enmity n avi m; envi m; eskarogeth f,           pares f, paresow; ekwal m, ekwals
 eskarogethow; eskerensa f; eskerenjaL f       equality n parder m, parderyow
enormity n kowrogeth f, kowrogethow            equate vb keheveli
enormous adj hujes; kowrek; euthyk bras;       equation n kehavalen f, kehavalennow,
 ithik broasL                                   kehavalednowL
enough adj lowr; luck. good enough da          equator n kehysedh m, kehysedhow;
 lowr                                           kehejedhL m, kehejedhow
enquire vb govyn                               equilibrium n kespos m, kesposow;
enquiry n govynadow m. enquiry office n         komposter m, komposteryow
 govynva f, govynvaow                          equip vb darbari; hernessya
enrage vb serri; gorra konnar yn; gorra        equipment n daffar m. put on equipment
 kodnar enL                                     hernessya
enrich vb rychhe                               equivalent I adj kemmys; kebmysL II n
ensure vb surhe                                 egwal m, egwalys. equivalent to kemmys
enter vb entra                                  ha
enterprise n aventur m, aventuryow             era n osweyth f, osweythyow; oos m, osow;
entertain vb didhana                            oojL m, ojow
entertainer n didhaner m, didhanoryon;         eradicate vb diwreydhya
 didhanores f, didhanoresow; entertaynour      erase vb defendya
 m, entertaynouryon                            eraser n rutyer m, rutyeryow
entertainment n didhan m; (an                  erasure n defendyans m, defendyansow
 entertainment) didhanedh m                    erect I adj a'y sav; sevys; serth II vb sevel;
enthusiasm n tan y'n golon m                    drehevel; derevelL
enthusiastic adj gwresek                       erection n drehevyans m, drehevyansow
entire adj dien; kowal                         erotic adj erotek
entirely adv oll; kowal; yn tien; ettienL      err vb errya; (in deed) kammwul;
entrance n entrans m, entransow                 kabmwulL; (in thought) kammdybi;
envelope n maylyer m, maylyers                  kabmdybiL
envious adj envius                             errand n negys m, negysyow. go on an
environment n kerhynnedh m,                     errand mones negys
 kerhynedhow; kerhydnedhL m,                   erroneous adj kamm; kabmL
 kerhynedhow                                   error n (in deed) kammwrians m,
environmentalist n kerhynedhor m,               kammwriansow; (in thought)

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
erudite                                                                          examination

 kammdybyans m, kammdybyansow; (in                eunuch n spadhesik m, spadhesigyon
 general) error m, errors                         Europe top Europa m
erudite adj dyskys; deskysL                       European I adj europek II n European m,
erupt vb tardha                                    Europeanyon; Europeanes f,
eruption n tardhans m, tardhansow                  Europeanesow. European Parliament
-(e)s sffx (plural suffix) -ys                     Eurosenedh m. European Union (EU)
escalator n jynn yskyn m, jnnys yskyn,             Unyans Europek (UE) m
 jynnow yskyn                                     evaluate vb arvreusi
escape I n diank, diankow II vb diank;            evaluation n arvreusyans m,
 skeusi; skapya. escape from skeusi rag.           arvreusyansow
 fire escape skeul skapya f, skeulyow             evaporate vb ethenna; ethednaL
 skapya                                           even I adj (balanced) kompes; (numbers)
esoteric adj esoterek; kevrinek                    parow II adv hogen. get even diala
especially adv yn arbennek; der vaner             evening n gorthuher m, gorthuherow.
 arbednekL; specyli                                evening time gorthuherweyth. this
espionage n aspians m, aspiansow                   evening haneth. last evening nyhewer
essay n assay m, assays                           event n hwarvos m, hwarvosow
essence n sugen m, sugenyow                       eventually adv wos'tiwedh; wor'tiwedh
essential adj a res; essensek                     ever I adj prest II (in the past) bythkweth;
essentially adj yn essensek; en essesnekL          byskathL; bykken; bynari; bynitha;
establish vb fastya; fondya                        benithaL; (in the present or future) nevra
establishment n fondyans m, fondyansow;           evermore adv bys vykken; bys vynari; rag
 solva f, solvaow                                  nevra vynitha; rag nevra venithaL
estate n stat m, statys; (property)               every adj pub; kettep. every day pub
 perhenogeth m. feudal estate fe m, feow.          dydhM; keniver jorna. on every occasion
 housing estate trevbark m, trevbarkow             pub kentel. every time pub torn
esteem I n estem m; bri f; breus uhel f II vb     everybody prn peub; pobL; pubonan; pub
 estemya                                           huni; keniver
estimate I n (numerical) dismygriv m,             everyone prn pubonan; peub; pobL; keniver
 dismygrivow II vb estemya                        everything prn puptra; keniver traL
Estonia top Estoni f                              everywhere adv pub le
Estonian I adj estoniek II n (language)           evidence n dustuni m
 Estoniek; (person) Estonian m, Estonians;        evident adj playn
 Estonianes f, Estonianesow                       evil adj drog; tebel; tebel-. evil person n
estuary n heyl m, heylyow                          tebel m, tebeles
etc. abbr (et cetera) h.e.; hag erel              evoke vb sordya
eternal adj heb diwedh; eternal; dibenn;          ewe davas f, deves. ewe lamb n ones f,
 dibednL                                           onesow
ethereal adj digorf                               exact adj kewar
ethical adj ethegel                               exactly adv poran; hardlych
ethics ethek f                               exaggerate vb gorliwa; mos re bell
ethnic adj ethnek. ethnic cleansing karth         exaggeration n gorliwans m, gorliwansow
 ethnek m, karthyon ethnek                        examination n apposyans m, apposyansow.
ethnicity n hil f, hilyow                          oral examination apposyans war anow m,

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
examine                                                                            express

 apposyansow war anow. medical                  diskwedhydnowL
 examination hwithrans medhek m,               exhibition n diskwedhyans m,
 hwithransow medhek. written                    diskwedhyansow
 examination apposyans skrifys m,              exhort vb keski; ynia
 apposyansow skrifys                           exist vb bos; eksistya
examine vb eksamnya; (test by questions)       existence n bosva f, bosvaow
 apposya                                       exit n (e.g. of an actor) kwytyans m,
examiner n arholyas m, arholysi;                kwytyansow. emergency exit mallborth m,
 arholyades f, arholyadesow; eksamnyer m,       mallborthow
 eksamnyoryon; eksamnyores f,                  exotic adj eksotek
 eksamnyoresow                                 expand vb efani; lesa; (intransitive) omlesa
example n ensampel m, ensamplys,               expansion n efanyans m; lesans m,
 ensamplow                                      lesansow; omlesans m, omlesansow
excavate vb palas; kleudhya; kowa              expansive adj omlesus
excavation n kowans m, kowansow                expect vb (hope for) gwaytyas; (assume)
excellent adj pur dha                           desevos
except cnj marnas; ma's; saw; a-der            expense n kost m, kostys, kostow
exception n namm m, nammow; nabmL m,           expensive adj kostek
 nabmow                                        experience I n prevyans m, prevyansow;
exceptional adj ankoth                          eksperyans m, eksperyansow II vb previ
excessively adv re                             experienced adj eksperyansys
exchange I n keschanj m, keschanjyow II vb     experiment I n arbrov m, arbrovow II vb
 keschanjya                                     arbrevi; prevya
excite vb yntana                               expert n konnyk m, konygyon; konyges f,
excited adj yntanys                             konygesow
exciting adj yntanus                           expire vb diwedha; (breathe out) anella
exclude vb keas mes; ekskludya                  mes; (die) merwel
exclusive adj ekskludus                        expiry n diwedhans m, diwedhansow. date
excommunicate vb emskemuna                      of expiry dedhyas diwedh m, dedhyasow
excrement n kawgh m                             diwedh
excuse I n askus m, askusyow II vb askusya.    explain vb styrya; displegya; ygeri; egeriL
 excuse oneself omaskusya                      explanation n styryans m, styransow;
execute vb eksekutya; (carry out) kowlwul       displegyans m, displegyansow
execution n eksekutyans m, eksekutyansow       explode vb tardha
exercise I n assay m, assays; ober m,          explosion n tardh m, tardhow
 oberow; praktis m, praktisyow II vb           explosive I n devnydh tardha m,
 (practice) praktisya; (physical) omoberi;      devnydhyow tardha II adj hedardh
 (try out) assaya; (test oneself) omassaya     export I ['ɛkspɔ:(r)t] n esporth m,
exhaust I n gorvok m, gorvogow II vb            esporthow II [ɪks'pɔ:(r)t] vb esperthi
 skwitha; spena; spendya. exhaust pipe n       expose adj diskudha
 piben worvok f, pibennow gorvok,              express I adj ekspres; uskis II vb (put in
 pibednow gorvokL                               words; state) meneges; gorra yn geryow;
exhausted adj skwithys; spenys                  gorra en geryowL; (squeeze out) gwaska
exhibit n diskwedhyn f, diskwedhynnow,          yn-mes; gwaska en-mesL. express delivery

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
expression                                                                            faithless

 livreson uskis m, livresons uskis. express       paint paynt bejeth m, payntys bejeth,
 purpose towl unnik m; towl udnikL m.             payntow bejeth. face up to sevel orth
 express train tren uskis m, trenow uskis         goheles. foolish face folenep m, folebebow.
expression n (of speech) lavar m, lavarow;        fly in the face of erya. keep a straight
 (on face) semlant m, semlans                     face sevel orth hwerthin. save face sawya
expressway n klerfordh m, klerfordhow             fas
extend vb ystyn                                  facility n (fluency) frethter m; (equipment)
extension n ystynnans m, ystynansow;              komodyta m, komodytys
 ystydnansL m, ystynanjow                        facing prp a-dal; a-doalL
extent n hys m; hesL m                           facsimile n ekwal m, ekwals
exterior I adj a-ves II n tu a-ves m             fact n feth m, fethow; fakt m, faktys
external adj a-ves                               factor n elven f, elvennow, elvednowL
extinguish vb difudhi                            factory n gweythva f, gweythvaow
extinguisher n difudhel f, difudhellow           factual adj fethyel; gwiryonedhek
extra I adj moy II adv moy; dres henna;          faculty (mental) teythi pl; (university)
 dres hednaL                                      kevasran f, kevasrannow, kevasradnowL
extraordinary adj dres ehen; koynt               fade vb disliwa
extreme adj pella; diwettha                      faeces n kawgh m
extremely adv fest; dres ehen; dres musur        fail I n fall m; faladow m, faladowyow II vb
extremism n penndomereth f                        fyllel; difygya. fail somebody fyllel dhe2.
extremist I adj penndom II n den penndom          without fail heb faladow; heb fyllel
 m; benyn benndom                                failing defowt m, defowtow
eye I n lagas m, lagasow, lagajow, dl            failure n fall m; faladow m, faladowyow;
 dewlagas II vb lagatta. private eye              defowt m, defowtow
 helerghyas privedh m, helerhysi brivedh,        faint I adj faynt; gwann; gwadnL II n
 helerhyji brivedhL; helerghyades privedh f,      klamder m, klamderyow III vb klamdera.
 helerghyadesow privedh. turn a blind eye         liable to faint klamderek
 skonya gweles                                   fair I adj (attractive) teg; gwynn; gwydnL;
eyeball n aval lagas m, avalow lagas              (colouring) melyn; (just) ewn; ownL;
eyebrow n abrans m, abransow, dl                  resnadow II n fer m, feryow; gool m,
 dewabrans                                        golyow
eyelash n blewen lagas f, blew lagas             fairground n ferla m, ferleow
eyelid n krohen lagas f, krehyn lagas            fairly adv (equitably) yn ewn; der vaner
eye-liner n pyncel lagas m, pyncels lagas         ownL; (reasonably) nebes
eye-shadow n liw lagas m, liwyow lagas           fairness n ewnhynseth f; ownhenjethL f;
eyesore n hakter m                                ewnder m; ownderL m
fable n henhwedhel m, henhwedhlow                fairy n spyrys m, spyrysyon, spyryjyon; fay
fabric n gwias m, gwiasow                         m, fayys. fairy tale hwedhel a'n dus vyhan
fabulous adj anethek; marthys                     m, hwedhlow a'n dus vyhan; hwedhel a'n
fabulously adv marthys                            dus vian m, hwedhlow a'n dus vian
facade n talenep m, talenebow                    faith n fydh f, fedhyow; fedhL f, fedhyow; fay
face I n bejeth f, bejethow; enep m, enebow;      m
 fas m, fassow; greuv m, greuvow II vb           faithful adj len; lel
 enebi. face down gul maystri war2. face         faithless adj dislen

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
fake                                                                                   favourite

fake I adj fug II vb fugya                          tiekL m, treven tiek
falcon n falhun m, falhunes                        farming n ammeth f; abmethL f. organic
fall (1) I n kodh m, kodhow II vb kodha. fall       farming ammeth organek f; abmeth
 apart diskara. fall back on omskoodhya             organekL f
 war2. fall behind kodha dhelergh. fall            fart I n bramm m, bremmyn; brabmL m,
 down omhweles. fall flat kodha yn plat;            brebmyn II vb bramma; brabmaL
 kodha en plat. fall for a trick bos tollys.       farther adj pella
 fall for somebody kara nebonan yn fol.            farthest adj pella
 fall on (encounter) dos er-bynn; dos              fascinate vb dynya
 war-bydnL; (attack suddenly) omsettya             fascinating adj dynyansek; dynyanjekL;
 war2. fall out over strivya a-dro dhe2. fall       meur y dhynyans m; meur hy dynyans
 short difygya; fyllel. fall unconscious           fascination n dynyans m, dynyansow
 klamdera                                          Fascist I adj faskor II n faskor m, faskoryon;
fall (2) n (US: autumn) kynnyav m;                  faskores f, faskoresow
 kydnyadhL m                                       fashion n gis m, gisyow. according to the
false adj fals                                      fashion herwydh an gis. follower of
falter vb hockya                                    fashion holyer gis m, holyoryon is;
fame n bri f; gerda m                               holyores is f, holyoresow gis. out of
familiar adj aswonnys; koth                         fashion yn-mes a'n gis
family n teylu m, teyluyow                         fashionable adj kelvydh; herwydh an gis
famous adj a vri; gerys-da                         fast adj uskis
fan (1) I n (device) gwynsel f, gwynsellow II      fasten vb fastya; tackya
 vb gwynsella; fanya                               fastidious adj denti
fan (2) n (supporter) skoodhyer m,                 fat I n blonek m, blonegow II adj tew
 skodhyoryon; skodhyores f, skodhyoresow           fatal adj marwel
fancy I n sians m, siansow; fanci m, fancis II     fate n feus m; destnans m; tenkys f,
 vb si; tybi. fancy dress tollwisk m,               tenkysyow. a hard fate kales rann f; kalish
 tollwiskow                                         radnL f
fantastic adj fantasiek; (superb) gorwiw;          father I n tas m, tasow; sira m, sirys; Tas
 gorwewL; (ghostly) tarosvannus;                    Nadelik m II vb bos tas dhe2. Father
 tarosvadnusL                                       Christmas
fantasy n fantasi m, fantasis                      fatherhood n tasoleth f
far adj pell. far better milwell. far worse        father-in-law n hwegron m, hwegronyon;
 milweth                                            sira da m, sirys da
fare I n (transportation fee) pris viaj m,         fatty adj berrik
 prisyow viaj; (food) boos m, bosow II vb          fault I n fowt m, fowtys, fowtow II vb
 fara                                               blamya; kabli. find fault with blamya;
farewell int farwell                                kabli
farm I n bargen tir m, bargenys tir,               faulty adj nammys; nabmysL
 bargennyow tir, bargednyow tirL II vb             favour I n favour m, favours II vb favera. in
 gonis tir; amethi. home farm hendra f,             favour of a-barth
 hendrevow. small farm godrev f, godrevi           favourable adj faverus
farmer n tiek m, tiogow; tioges f, tiogesow        favourite adj mogha kerys; moyha kerys;
farmhouse n chi tiek m, chiow tiek; chei            drudh

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
fax                                                                                         fierce

fax I n pellskrifen f, pellskrifennow,            feminine adj gwregel; (grammatical
 pellskrifednowL II vb pellskrifa                  gender) benow. feminine noun ger benow
fear I n own m II vb doutya. fear of the           m
 dark own rag an tewolgow. for fear rag           fence (1) I n (enclosure) kloos f, klosyow; ke
 own; rag dout. I shouted for fear that you        m, keow II vb keas. on the fence (also fig.)
 would fall my a armas rag own ty dhe              war an ke
 godha                                            fence (2) vb (swordplay) skyrmya
fearful adj ownek                                 fence (3) vb (receive or sell stolen goods)
fearless adj diown; kolonnek; kolodnekL;           fencya
 hardh                                            fennel n fenogel f; fenil f
feast n gool m, golyow; (convivial event,         fern n redenen f, reden
 party) kevewi m, kevewiow; kenwes m,             ferric adj hornek
 kenwesow. feast-day dy'gol m; de'golL            ferry I n kowbal m, kowbalow II vb tretha.
feat n gwrians dres ehen m                         ferry crossing n kowbalhyns m,
feather n pluven f, pluvennow, pluvednowL          kowbalhensyow; kowbalhensL m,
feature I n nas f, nasyow II vb apperya;           kowbalhensyow
 omdhiskwedhes. feature film fylm nas m,          ferryman n trethor m, trethoryon
 fylmow nas                                       fertile adj frothus; feyth
February Hwevrel m; mis Hwevrel m;                festival n gool m, golyow
 HwevrerM m; mis HwevrerM m                       fetch vb kerhes
federal adj keffrysek; keffresekL; federal        fetter I n karhar m, karharow II vb karhara
fee n fe m, feow; gober m, gobrow. parking        feudal adj fewdal. feudal estate fe m, feow
 fees feow parkya pl. tuition fees feow           fever n terthen f, terthennow, terthednowL;
 dyskans m; feow deskansL m                        fevyr m, fevyrs. chills and fever kleves
feeble adj difreth; gwann; gwadnL; faynt;          seson m. scarlet fever kleves kogh m
 ydhil                                            feverish adj terthennek; terthednekL
feed vb maga; boosa                               few I adj bohes; nebes II n nebes m
feedback I n dasliv m II vb dasliva               fewer adj le
feel I n tava m, tavaow II vb (sense) klewes;     fiancé n gour ambosys m, gwer ambosys
 klowesL; (be aware) omglewes; omglowesL;         fiancée n mowes ambosys f, mowysi
 (be of opinion) synsi; senjiL; (touch) tava       ambosys; mo's ambosysL f, mo'si ambosys
feeler tavel f, tavellow; taver m, tavoryon       fiction n fugieth f
feeling n omglewans m, omglewansow;               fiddle (1) n (instrument) fyll m, fyllys, fyllow
 omglowansL m, omglowansow                        fiddle (2) I n (swindle) hyg f, hygow II vb
feign vb fugya                                     hyga
feint n fug m, fugyow                             fiddlesticks! int bramm an gath! brabm an
feline adj kathek; kepar ha kath; pekar ha         gath!L
 kathL                                            fie int fi; agh
fellow n gwas m, gwesyon                          fief n fe m, feow
fellows hynsa pl; hensaL pl                  field I n park m, parkow; gwel m, gwelyow
fellowship n felshyp m, felshyps                   II vb mesya
felon n felon m, felons                           fieldfare n molgh las f, molhi glas
female I n benynreydh f, benynreydhow II          fiend n jevan m, jevanow
 adj benow                                        fierce adj fell; fers; goodh; gwyls; garow

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
fifteen                                                                           fisherwoman

fifteen num pymthek; pemdhekL                       besies rag; bes ragL m, besies rag. middle
fifteenth num pymthegves; pemdhegvesL;              finger bys kres, besies kres; bes kresL m,
 abbr 15ves                                         besies kres. ring finger bys bysow m,
fifth num pympes; pempesL; abbr 5es                 besies bysow; bes besowL m, besies besow.
fiftieth num hanterkansves; abbr 50ves              little finger bys byhan m, besies byhan;
fifty num hanterkans, hanterkansow; deg ha          bes bianL m, besies bian
 dew-ugens                                         fingernail n ewin m, ewines
fig n figysen f, figysennow, figysednowL,          finish I n gorfen m, gorfennow, gorfednowL
 figys                                              II vb gorfenna; gorfednaL; finsya
fight I n omladh m, omladhow II vb omladh;         finished adj deu
 (do battle) batalyas. fight against batalyas      Finland n Fynndir m
 orth                                              Finn n Fynn m, Fynnys; Fynnes f, Fynesow
fighter n kasor m, kasoryon; kasores f,            Finnish I adj fynnek II n Fynnek m
 kasoresow                                         fire I n tan m, tanyow II vb (a weapon)
figure I figur m, figurys; (form) furv f,           tenna; tednaL; (dismiss) gordhyllo. fire
 furvow; form m (f), formys II vb figura;           brigade tanlu m, tanluyow. fire engine
 (form) furvya. figure of speech trop m,            jynn tan m, jynnys tan, jynnow tan. fire
 tropys. figure out dismygi; dismygyaL              escape skeul skapya f, skeulyow skapya.
file (1) I n (document) restren f, restrennow,      on fire gans tan
 restrednowL II vb restrenna; restrednaL.          firefighter n tangasor m, tangasoryon;
 filing cabinet restrenva f, restrenvaow            tangasores f, tangasoresow; den difudhi m,
file (2) I n (tool) liv f, livyow II vb livya       tus difudhi; benyn dhifudhi f, benenes
fill I n lanwes m; leunder m; gwalgh m II vb        difudhi
 lenwel; lenelL; leunhe. fill up kollenwel. fill   fireplace n oles f, olesow
 with lenwel a2; lenel a2L. have one's fill of     firewood n keunysen f, keunys; kunysenL f,
 kavos y walgh a2                                   kunys
film I (cinema) fylm m, fylmow; (covering)         firework n tanweythen f, tanweyth
 kennen f, kenennow; kednenL f, kenednow           firm adj (steadfast) fyrv
 II (make a film) fylmya. coat with film           first num kensa; kynsaM; abbr 1a. at first
 kenna; kednaL                                      wos'talleth; wor'talleth. first aid n sokor
filth n lastedhes m; mostedhes m                    kensa m; sokor kynsaM m
filthy adj plos                                    fish I n pysk m, puskes; peskL m, puskes II
fin n askel f, eskelli                              vb pyskessa; peskechaL. fish for
final adj finek; finel                              compliments hwilas gormola. fish for
finally adv wor'tiwedh; wos'tiwedh                  salmon ehoka. fishing boat kok m, kokow.
financial adj arhansek                              fishing rod gwelen byskessa f, gwelynni
find vb kavos; kawasL. find oneself                 pyskessa; gwelen beskechaL f, gwelydni
 omgavos. find out dismygi                          peskecha. fish market marhas puskes f,
fine I adj (refined) fin; (beautiful) teg;          marhasow puskes, marhajow puskesL. fish
 (excellent) brav; (healthy) yagh II n              tank tank puskes m, tankow puskes
 (penalty) spal m, spalyow III vb (penalise)       fishbone n dren m, dreyn
 spala                                             fisherman n pyskador m, pyskadoryon;
finger I n bys m, besies; besL m, besies II vb      peskadorL m, peskadors
 bysya; besyaL. index finger bys rag m,            fisherwoman n pyskadores f,

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
fish-hook                                                                                    flush

 pyskadoresow; peskadoresL f,                       (defraud) pylla
 peskadorejow                                      flesh n kig m, kigyow. in the flesh yn kig yn
fish-hook n higen f, higennow, higednowL            kneus; en kig en kneusL
fishpond n pysklyn m, pysklynnow;                  flexibility n gwedhynder m
 pesklynL m, pesklydnow                            flexible adj gwedhyn; hebleth
fissure n fols m, folsyow                          flicker I n flyckrans m, flyckransow II vb
fist n dorn m, dornow, dl dewdhorn                  flyckra
fistful n dornas m, dornasow                       flies (in trousers) toll lavrek m, tell
fit (1) I adj (suitable) gwiw; (healthy) yagh II    lavrek
 vb desedha                                        flight n neyj m, neyjow; (escape) tegh m,
fit (2) n (seizure; outburst) shora m, shorys.      tehow. take flight fia dhe'n fo
 have a fit kavos kren; kasvos kern                flimsy adj skav; tanow
fitness n (suitability) gwiwder m; gwewderL        fling vb dehesi
 m; (physical) yehes korfek m                      flint n kelester m, kelesteryow; flynt m,
five num pymp; pempL                                flyntys; flentL m, flentys
fix vb (fasten, affix) staga; (repair) ewnhe       flip I n klout skav m, kloutys skav II vb
fixed adj stag                                      treylya. egg flip medh oy f. the flip side an
flag n baner m, baneryow, baners                    tu aral m
flake I n skansen f, skans; lown m, lownyow        flipper n botasen balvek f, botas palvek
 II vb lownya                                      flirt I n (female) flownen f, flownennow,
flaky adj skansek; lownek                           flownednowL II vb flyrtya
flame n flamm m, flammow; fagel f, faglow          float I n (fishing) neuvel f, neuvellow II vb
flamingo n flamek m, flameges                       neuvella; neyja
flammable adj helosk; loskadow                     flock I n flock m, flockys; (animals) gre f,
flap I n lappa m, lappys II vb flappya              greow; (birds) hes f, hesow II vb hesya
flash I n luhesen f, luhesennow,                   flood vb I n liv m, livow II vb liva; reverthi.
 luhesednowL II vb luhesi                           flood gate yet dhowr f, yetys dowr, yetow
flask n kostrel m, kostrels. vacuum flask           dowr
 kostrel gwakter m                                 floodgate n livyet f, livyetow
flaskful n kostrelas m, kostrelasow                floodlights n livwolowys pl
flat I adj plat; gwastas II n rannji m,            floor n leur m, leuryow. ground floor leur
 rannjiow                                           a-woles m
flatten vb plattya                                 flour n bleus m, bleusyow
flatter vb fekla                                   flourish vb floryshya
flattering adj fekyl                               flow I n fros m, frosow II vb frosa; (liquids
flattery n feklans m                                and powders) resek
flavour n sawor m, saworyow; blas m,               flower I n bleujen f, bleujyow; flour m,
 blasow                                             flourys. flower bed n bleujyowek f,
flax n lin coll, linen                              bleujyowegi II vb bleujyowa
flay vb diruska                                    flu n flou m; anwosva coll
flea n hwannen f, hwann; hwadnenL f,               fluent adj freth
 hwadn                                             fluff n mannbluven f, mannbluv
flee vb fia; fia dhe'n fo; tehes                   fluid I adj linyel II n lin m, linyow
fleece I n knew m, knewyow II vb knyvyas;          flush I n flosh m, floshys II vb floshya;

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
flute                                                                                     forgery

 kartha                                             (professional) peldrosyas m, peldrosysi,
flute n pib m, pibow; tollgorn m, tollgern          peldrosyjiL
flutter vb terneyja                                footpath n trolergh m, trolerhow; kerdhva f,
fly I n (insect) kelyonen f, kelyon; (in            kerdhvaow
 trousers) toll lavrek m, tell lavrek II vb        footprint n ol troos m, olow troos
 neyja. bluebottle fly n kelyonen gig f            footstool n skavel droos f, skavellow troos
flyer (aviator) neyjer m, neyjoryon;               for cnj, prp rag. as for ow tochya; yn kever.
 neyjores f, neyjoresow; (leaflet) folennik f,      for breakfast dhe hansel. for ever bys
 folenigow; folednikL f, folenigow                  vykken. for three months trymis. for
foam n ewon coll, ewonen. shaving foam              shame! rag meth. look for hwilas. thank
 ewon divarva coll                                  you for meur ras a2. what for? praga; rag
foamy adj ewonek                                    fraL
focus I n fog m, fogow II vb fogella. out of       forbid vb difen
 focus mes a fog                                   force n nerth m, nerthow, nerthyow; fors m,
focussed adj fogellys                               forsow; (in physics) forsedh m
fog n niwl m, niwlow                               forceful adj trewesi; krev
foggy adj niwlek                                   forceless adj dinerth
fold I n pleg m, plegow II vb plegya               ford n rys f, rysyow; resL f, resyow
folding adj heblek                                 forecast n dargan f, darganow
folk n gwerin f. folk song n kan werin f,          forefather n hendas m, hendasow; ragdas
 kanow gwerin                                       m, ragdasow
folklore n lien gwerin m                           forefinger n bys rag m, besies rag; bes ragL
follow vb (physical) holya; (outcome)               m, besies rag
 sewya; omsewya                                    forehead n tal f (m), talyow
following adj (which follows) a syw; a sewL        foreign adj estren; astranj
folly n foli m; folenep m, folenebow; folneth      foreigner n estren m, estrenyon; estrenes f,
 f; gockineth f; nicita m                           estrenesow; (derog.) moryonen f, moryon
fond adj karadow                                   forename n hanow kensa m, henwyn kensa;
fondle vb chersya                                   hanow kynsaM m, henwyn kynsa
food n boos m, bosow                               forenoon n myttin m, myttinyow; mettinL
foodstuff n viktual m, viktuals                     m, mettinyow; kynseghwa m; kenjoghwaL
fool n bobba m, bobbys; gocki m, gockies;           m
 foul m, foulys; pyst m, pystyon                   forest n koswik f, koswigow. rain forest
foolish adj fol; gocki. foolish face folenep        koswik law f, koswigow glaw
 m, folebebow                                      forester n forster m, forstoryon; forstores f,
foolishness n folneth f; folenep m,                 forstoresow
 folenebow                                         forever adv bys vykken; bys vynari; bys
foot n (body part) troos m, treys, dl               vynitha; bys venithaL; rag nevra vynitha;
 dewdros. on foot adv a droos; (base) ben           rag nevra venithaL
 m, benyow; (length) tros-hys m, treys-hys;        forge I n gelforn f, gelfornow; govel f, govelli
 tros-hesL m, treys-hes                             II vb (form metal) gevelya; govelya;
football n pel droos f, pelyow troos                (counterfeit; falsify) fugya
footballer n peldrosyer m, peldrosyoryon;          forgery n fug m, fugyow; fugyans m,
 peldrosyores f, peldrosyoresow;                    fugyansow

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
forget                                                                                        free

forget vb ankevi; nakeviL                         foul adj hager
forgive vb gava. forgive somebody gava            found vb fondya; grondya; selya
 dhe nebonan                                      foundation n fondyans m, fondyansow;
forgiveness n gevyans m, gevyansow                 fondacyon m, fondacyons; (basis) grond m,
fork n (tool) forgh f, fergh; (Y-shape) gowl f,    grondys, grondow; sel m, selyow.
 gowlow                                            foundation stone selven m, selveyn. lay
forked adj gowlek                                  foundations fondya; grondya
form I n (shape) furv f, furvow; form m (f),      foundry n teudhla m, teudhleow
 formys II vb furvya; formya                      fountain n fenten f, fentynnyow,
formal adj formel                                  fentydnyowL
former adj kens; kynsM. the former an peth        four num peswar m; pajarL m; peder f
 kampollys kensa; an pyth kampollys               fourfooted adj peswartrosek
 kynsaM                                           fourteen num peswardhek
formerly adj seulabrys; seulabres; kens;          fourteenth num peswardhegves; 14ves
 kynsM                                            fourth num peswora; pajworaL; abbr 4a
fort n din m, dinyow; dinas m, dinasow. hill      fox n lowarn m, lewern; lostek m, lostoges,
 fort ker f, kerow, keryow; kastel m, kastylli,    lostogyon. fox cub n lowarnik m,
 kestel                                            lewernigow
forthwith adv a-dhesempis; 'dhesempis;            fracture n torva f, torvaow; torr m, torrow
 dison                                            fragile adj hedor
fortieth num dew-ugensves; abbr 40ves             fragment I n darn m, darnow; tamm m,
fortnight n diw seythen; hanter-mis m,             temmyn; tabmL m, tebmyn II vb omvrewi;
 hanter-misyow                                     omvrowiL
fortress n din m, dinyow; ker f, kerow,           fragmentary adj dernigel; kepar ha
 keryow                                            brewyon; pekar ha browyonL
fortunate adj feusik; fujikL; gwynnvys            fragmentation n omvrewyans m,
fortunately adv y'n gwella prys; e'n gwella        omvrewyansow; omvrowyansL m,
 presL                                             omvrowyanjow
fortune n fortun m, fortunnyow,                   frail adj brottel; gwann; gwadnL
 fortudnyowL; feus m                              frame I n fram m, framyow II vb framya
forty num dew-ugens                               France top (Pow) Frynk; (Pow) FrenkL
forward adv a-rag; yn-rag. go forward mos         frank adj frank
 yn-rag. lean forward posa war-rag                fraud n (deceit) toll m; fraws m; (person)
forwards adv war-rag                               falswas m, falswesyon; falsvowes f,
fossil n menhesen f, menhesennow,                  falsvowysi
 menhesednowL                                     fraudulent adj frawsus
foster vb maga; meythrin                          freckle n brithen f, brithennow,
foster-daughter n myrgh veythrin f,                brithednowL
 myrhes meythrin; mergh veythrinL f,              freckled adj brithennek; brithednekL
 merhes meythrin                                  free I adj rydh; frank II vb (set free, deliver)
foster-father n tasveth m, tasvethow               rythhe; delivra; (cut loose) lewsel; lowselL.
foster-mother n mamveth f, mamvethow               free of charge heb kost. go free bos
foster-son n mab meythrin m, mebyon                delivrys. is this table free? usi nebonan
 veythrin                                          orth an voos ma? uji nebonan orth an voos

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
freedom                                                                                   furious

 ma?L. set free delivra dhe wari                  alebmaL; (from there) alena. from now on
freedom n frankedh m; rydhses m                   alemma rag; alebma ragL. from on, from
free-range adj frankres. free-range egg oy        over, from on top of a-dhywar2; dhywar2;
 frankres m, oyow frankres                        dywar2
freeze vb rewi                                   front I adj a-rag II n tal f (m), talyow; toalL f
freezer n rewer m, rewyoryon                      (m), talyow; (front of body) greuv m,
freight n fres m; karg m, kargow                  greuvow. back to front an keyn a-rag. in
French I adj frynkek; frenkekL II n               front adv a-rag. in front of a-dherag
 (language) Frynkek m; FrenkekL m                frontier n or f, oryon
Frenchman n Frynk m, Frynkyon; FrenkL            frost n rew m, rewyow
 m, Frenkyon                                     froth I n ewon coll, ewonen II vb ewoni
frequency n menowhedh m,                         frothy adj ewonek
 menowhedhyow                                    frown vb talgamma; brendya; plegya tal
frequent I adj menowgh II vb daromres            frozen adj rewys
frequently adv yn fenowgh                        fruit n frothen f, frooth; frut m, frutys. fruit
fresh adj fresk; yr; (new) nowyth; (brand         juice n sugen frooth m, sugenyow frooth
 new) flamm nowyth; (of food) kro*; (raw,        fry vb fria. frying pan n padel fria f,
 uncooked) kriv                                   padellow fria; leswedh m, leswedhow;
fret I n negh m, nehow; fienasow pl II vb         lecher m, lechers
 nehi                                            fuchsia n dagrow Duw pl
fretful adj nehus                                fuck I n kyjyans m, kyjyansow II vb kyjya
Friday n Gwener f; dy'Gwener m;                  fuel n keunysen f, keunys; kunysenL f, kunys
 de'GwenerL m. Good Friday n dy'Gwener           fugitive I adj foesik II n foesik m, foesigyon;
 an Grows m; de'Gwener an GrowsL m.               foesiges f, foesigesow
 Friday night dy'Gwener dhe nos;                 -ful sffx -as, -asow
 de'Gwener dhe nosL                              fulfil vb kewera; kowlwul; komposa;
fridge n yeynel f, yeynellow; yeyner m,           kollenwel
 yeynoryon                                       fulfilment n keweras m
fried adj friys. fried egg n oy friys m, oyow    full adj leun. full of leun a2. full-grown adj
 friys                                            kowldevys
friend n koweth m, kowetha; kowethes f,          fumble vb trebuchya
 kowethesow; kothman m, kothmans;                fume I n mog m II vb megi
 (mate) sos m, sos; (familiar) koth m, re goth   fun n delit m; gwari m, gwariow. make fun
friendly adj kowethek                             of gul ges a2. what fun! ass yw hemma
friendship n kowethegeth f                        gwari teg! ass ew hebma gwari teg!L
fright n own m. take fright from kemeres         function n (office) offis m, officys
 own rag                                         functional adj gweythresek
frighten vb gorra own dhe2                       fund I n arhas m, arhasow II vb arhasa;
frightful adj grysel; euthyk; ithikL              provia arhans rag
frock n pows f, powsow                           funding n arhasans m
frog n kwilkyn m, kwilkynyow                     funeral n ynkleudhyans m,
from prp dhyworth; dhortL; a2; (since)            ynkleudhyansow
 a-dhia2. from beneath, from under               funny adj hwarthus
 a-dhann2; a-dhadnL. from here alemma;           furious adj koneryek

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
furiously                                                                                  gear

furiously adv gans outray                           Olympek. role playing game (RPG) n
furnace n fog m, fogow                              gwari rol m, gwariow rol; gwari rann m,
furnish vb mebla; takla                             gwariow rann; gwari radnL m, gwariow
furniture n mebel m                                 radn. video game n gwari gwydhyow m,
further adj pella. any further (usually in          gwariow gwydhyow. play a double game
 negative sentences) na3 fella. without             gwari gans gwelen dhewblek
 further ado heb na hirra lavarow                  game (2) n (hunt) gam m; (meat) helgik m
furthest adj pella                                 game (3) adj (bold) hardh. I'm game parys
fury n konnar f                                     ov
furze n eythinen f, eythin                         gang n para m, parys; bagas m, bagasow,
fuse n lesken f, leskennow, leskednowL              bagajow
fusion n kesteudhans m, kesteudhansow              gangster n bilen m, bilens
fuss n trynn f, trynnow                            gangway n tremenva f, tremenvaow
fussy adj (making a fuss) fyslek; (fastidious)     gaol n prison m, prisonyow
 denti                                             gaoler n jayler m, jaylers
futon n fouton m, foutonyow                        gap n bolgh m, bolhow; aswa f, aswaow;
future n termyn a dheu m, termynyow a               ajwaL f, ajwaow
 dheu; termyn a vedn dosL                          garage n karrji m, karrjiow
gabble vb klappya                                  garden n lowarth m, lowarthyow; jardin m,
gadfly n kelyonen vargh f, kelyon margh             jardinyow; jarnL m, jarnyow. kitchen
Gael n Godhal m, Godhyli; Godhales f,               garden erber m, erberow, erbers
 Godhalesow                                        gardener n lowarther m, lowarthoryon;
Gaelic I adj godhalek II n (language)               lowarthores f, lowarthoresow
 Godhalek m                                        garlic n keninen f, kennin
gain I n gwayn m, gwaynyow; les m II vb            garrison n garnisyon m, garnisyons
 gwaynya. gain a reputation kavos hanow;           gas n gas m, gassys
 kawas hanowL                                      gastritis n fagel las f
galaxy n galaksi m, galaksiow                      gate n yet f, yetys, yetow; porth m, porthow.
gale n awel f, awelyow                              flood gate yet dhowr f, yetys dowr, yetow
gall n bystel f; bestelL f                          dowr
gallery n (balcony) soler m, soleryow;             gatehouse n porthorji m, porthorjiow
 (exhibition room) mirva f, mirvaow                gather vb (transitive) kuntel; (intransitive)
gallon n gallon m, gallons                          omguntel. gather apples avalowa. gather
gallows n krogbren m, krogbrennyer,                 berries mora. gather corn tyska. gather
 krogbrednyerL; kloghbren m,                        flowers terri. gather mussels meskla;
 kloghbrennyer, kloghbrednyerL                      besslaL. gather nuts knowa. gather
galore adj lowr a2. prizes galore lowr a            seaweed gomonna; gomodnaL
 bewasow                                           gatherer n kaffler m, kafflers
gamble vb hapwari                                  gauntlet n manek blat f, manegow blat
game (1) n (play) gwari m, gwariow. board          gay adj (joyful) lowenek; (homosexual)
 game n gwari bord m, gwariow bord. card            kethreydhel
 game n gwari karennow m, gwariow                  gaze vb lagatta
 kartennow; gwari kartednowL m, gwariow            gear n (equipment) taklen f, taklow; daffar
 kartednow. Olypmic Games Gwariow              m; (clothes) aparel m; (mechanical) maglen

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
gel                                                                                  ginger

 f, maglennow, maglednowL. change gear           language) Almaynek m; (German person)
 maglenna; maglednaL                             Alman m, Almanyon; Almanes, Almanesow.
gel n jell m, jellow                             German shepherd dog ki bleydh m, keun
gem n gemm m, gemmow; gebmL m,                   bleydh
 gebmow                                         Germany top Almayn m. Federal Republic
gender n reydh f, reydhow                        of Germany Republik Keffrysek Almayn m
general (1) adj (universal) ollgemmyn;          get vb kavos; kawasL; (obtain) kerhes. get
 ollgebmynL; jeneral. general practitioner       about mos a-dro. get along kerdhes. get
 medhek mayni m, medhogyon mayni;                angry with serri orth. get back kavos arta,
 medhoges mayni f, medhogesow mayni              kawas artaL. get cracking dalleth; dallaL.
general (2) n (army) pennhembrenkyas m,          get dressed omwiska. get drunk
 pennhembrynkysi; jeneral m, jenerals            omvedhwi. get even diala. get ill kodha
generally adv dre vras                           klav. get into debt kodha yn kendon;
generate vb dinythi; dinethiL                    kodha en kendonL. get on (progress)
generation n (process) dinythyans m,             spedya; seweni; soweniL. get out of here!
 dinythyansow; dinethyansL m,                    voyd alemma! voyd alebma!L. get out of
 dinethyansow; (of people in family) henedh      my sight! gwayv ow golok! get over
 m, henedhow                                     omwellhe. get ready ombareusi;
generator n dinythor m, dinythoryon;             ombarujiL. get round to kavos chons dhe2;
 dinethorL m, dinethoryon. electric              kawas chons dhe2L. get wind of something
 generator n dinythor tredan m,                  klewes son a neppyth; klowes son a
 dinythoryon tredan; dinethor tredanL m,         neppethL. get up sevel. I have got my a'm
 dinethoryon tredan                              beus; yma dhymm; ma dhebmL
generosity n helder m                           ghastly adj euthyk; ithikL; skruthus
generous adj hel                                ghetto n getto m, gettos
genie n bocka lugarn m, bockas lugarn,          ghost n tarosvan m, tarosvannow,
 bockyas lugarn                                  tarosvadnowL. good ghost n bocka gwynn
genius (muse) awen f; (especially gifted         m, bock(y)as wynn; bocka gwydnL m,
 person) awenydh m, awenydhyon;                  bock(y)as wydn. bad ghost n bocka du m,
 awenydhes f, awenydhesow                        bock(y)as dhu. ghost train n tren tarosvan
gentle adj hweg; jentyl                          m, trenow tarosvan. give up the ghost
gentleman n den jentyl m, tus jentyl             daskor y enev
gentlewoman n benyn jentyl f, benenes           ghostly adj tarosvannus; tarosvadnusL
 jentyl                                         giant I adj kowrek; kowr- II kowr m, kewri;
gently adv yn kosel; dre dekter                  kowres f, kowresow
gents (signage) gwer pl                    gibbet n krogla m, krogleow
genuine adj lel; gwir; gwiryon                  giddiness n penn-dro f; pedn-droL f
geography n doronieth f                         giddy adj penn-dro; pedn-droL
geology n dororieth f                           gift n ro m, rohow, royow
geometry n mynsonieth f; mensoniethL f          gifted (talented) konnyk; kodnykL
germ n (microbe) korrbryv m, korrbryves,        gigabyte n gigabayt m, gigabaytys; abbr GB
 korrbryvyon; korrbrevL m, korrbreves,          gill n (respiratory organ) brynken f, brynk
 korrbrevyon                                    gin n (drink) jynevra m
German I adj almaynek II n (German              ginger n jynjyber coll; jynjer coll

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
gipsy                                                                               godmother

gipsy I adj jypsonek; romek II n Jypson m,          gormola f
 Jypsonyon; Jypsones f, Jypsonesow; Rom m,         gloss I n lenter m; splander m II vb gorra
 Romyon; Romes f, Romesow                           lenter war2; (explain) styrya. lip gloss
giraffe n jiraf m, jirafes                          lenter gweus m
girdle n grugys m, grugysyow; kengrel f,           glove n manek f, manegow
 kengrellow; kyngel f, kynglow                     glow I n golow m, golowys II vb golowi
girl n mowes f, mowysi; mo'sL f, mo'si             glue n I glus m, glusow, glujowL II vb glusa
girlfriend n kares f, karesow                      gnarled adj stummys
give vb ri; reiL. give back ri tre; rei treL; ri   gnashing n skrinva f, skrinvaow
 arta; rei artaL. given that a-ban2. give off      gnat n gwibesen f, gwibes
 (sound) seni; (smell) flerya. give over           gnome n korrik m, korigow; (mine spirit)
 cessya. give or take a-dro dhe2. give              knoukyer m, knoukyers; (goblin) bocka m,
 trouble gul trobel. give up daskor; hepkor.        bock(y)as. garden gnome korrik lowarth
 give way plegya                                    m, korigow lowarth
glacial adj oor                                    go vb (move; travel) mos; (function) oberi.
glacier n rewiva f, rewivaow                        go along (cooperate) kesoberi. go away
glad adj lowen; heudh; heudhik. be glad             avodya; mos dhe-ves. go by (be called) bos
 heudhi; heuthhe                                    henwys; (pass) passya; tremena. go down
gladden vb heuthhe                                  diyskynna; deskydnyaL. go mad dotya;
glade n lannergh m, lanerhi                         muskegi; varya. go missing mos dhe goll.
gland n gwagren f, gwagrennow,                      go on an errand mones negys. go out mos
 gwagrednoL                                         yn-mes; (of a flame) merwel. go over to
glass n (material; mirror) gweder,                  treusi dheL. go up yskynna; yskydnaL
 gwedrow; (vessel) gwedren f, gwedrennow,          goad I n bros m, brosow II vb brosa; piga
 gwedrednowL                                       goal n (target) amkan m, amkanow; kosten
glasses dewweder dl                            f, kostennow, kostednowL; towl m, towlow;
glassful n gwedrennas f, gwedrenasow;               (sports) gol m, golyow
 gwedrednasL f, gwedrenasow                        goalkeeper n gwithyas gol m, gwithysi wol,
gleam vb lentri                                     gwithyji wolL; gwithyades wol f,
gleaming adj lentrus; splann; spladnL               gwithyadesow gol
glen n glynn m, glynnow; glydnL m, glydnow         goat n gaver f, gever, gyvres. he-goat n
glide vb slynkya                                    bogh m, bohes
glisten vb terlentri                               goatee n barv gaver m, barvow gaver
gloat vb gorawena                                  gob n klot m, klottow
global adj (worldwide) ollvysel; ollveselL;        goblin n bocka m, bock(y)as
 dres oll an bys; dres oll an besL;                god n duw m, duwow; (Jewish, Christian &
 (comprehensive) olldalhus. global                  Muslim God) Duw m. God bless! Dursona!
 warming tommheans ollvysel m;                      Duw re sonno!
 tobmheans ollveselL m                             godchild n flogh besydh m, flehes vesydh;
globe n pel an norvys f, pelyow an norvys           flogh bejydhL m, flehes vejydh
gloom n (darkness) tewlder m                       goddess n duwes f, duwesow
gloomy adj tewal; trist                            godfather n tas besydh m, tasow vesydh;
glorious adj gloryus                                tas bejydhL m, tasow vejydh
glory n glori m; golewder m; gordhyans m;          godmother n mamm vesydh m, mammow

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
goggle-eyed                                                                       granite

 besydh; mabm vejydhL f, mabmow bejydh         wothek f
goggle-eyed adj lagasek; lagajekL             gourd n pompyon m, pompyons
gold n owr m                                  govern vb governa
golden adj owrek; owryek                      government n governans m, governansow
goldfish n owrbysk m, owrbuskes;              gown n pows f, powsyow
 owrbeskL m, owrbuskes                        grace n gras m, grassow
golf n golf m. golf course gwel golf m,       graceful adj grassyes; rasek; rajek
 gwelyow golf                                 graceless adj diras; ongrassyes
gone adj gyllys                               gracious adj deboner; grassyes; rasek;
good da; (morally good; respectable) mas.      rajek
 good day dydh da; dedh daL; durdadhehwi;     graciousness n jentylys m
 durdadhehweiL. good morning myttin da;       grade I n gradh m, gradhow II vb gradhegi
 mettin daL. good evening gorthuher da.       gradual adj gradhel
 good heavens re Varia; 'Ria. good night      gradually adv tamm ha tamm; tabm ha
 nos da; Durnostadha                           tabmL
goodbye I int (sg) Duw genes; dha weles;      graduate I n gradhesik m, gradhesigyon;
 farwell dhis; (pl) Duw genowgh; agas          gradhesiges f, gradhesigesow II vb gradhya
 gweles; farwell dhywgh II n farwell m.       graduation n gradhyans m, gradhyansow
 wave goodbye ri farwell gans an leuv; rei    grail n gral m
 farwell gen an leuvL                         grain n greunen f, greun
goodness n dadder m. goodness knows           grammar n (system of rules) gramer m,
 Duw hepken a wor                              grameryow; gramasek f, gramasegow;
goods n gwara coll; (possessions) pyth ha      (book) yethador m, yethadoryow
 da; peth ha daL                              grammatical adj gramasek
goose n goodh f, godhow                       gram(me) n gramm m, grammow
gooseberry n growsen f, grows.                granary n greunva f, greunvaow; greunji m,
 gooseberry bush growsvos m,                   greunjiow
 growsvosow                                   grand adj bryntin; brentinL; brav; meur;
gore n krow m                                  uhel. grand piano n piano bras m, pianos
gorge vb kwoffi                                bras
gorgeous adj splann; spladnL                  grandchild n flogh gwynn m, flehes wynn;
gorilla n gorilla m, gorilles                  flogh gwydnL m, flehes gwydn
gorse n eythinen f, eythin                    grandfather n tas gwynn m, tasow wynn;
gorseth gorsedh f, gorsedhow. The Cornish      sira wynn m, sirys wynn; sira wydnL m,
 Gorseth Gorsedh Kernow f                      sirys wydn
gory adj gosek; gojekL                        grandmother n mamm wynn f, mammow
gosling n godhik m, godhigow                   gwynn; dama wynn f, damyow gwynn;
gospel n aweyl f, aweylys, aweylyow            dama wydnL f, damyow gwydn
gossamer n gweun m                            grandparents n kerens wynn pl; kerens
gossip I vb kyhwedhla; kesklappya yn unn       wydnL pl
 sklandra; esedha war skavel an gow II n      grandson n mab wynn m, mebyon wynn;
 kyhwedhel m, kyhwedhlow                       mab wydnL m, mebyon wydn
Gothic I adj gothek II n (language) Gothek    grange n greunji m, greunjiow
 m. Gothic architecture pennserneth           granite n growan m, growenyow

                         SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
grant                                                                                grocer

grant I n gront m, grontys, grontow II vb        gwyrdh; gwer II n (colour) liw glas m;
 grontya; ri; reiL                               (grass) glesyn m, glesynnow, glesydnowL.
grape n grappa m, grappys, grappow               bowling green pelva f, pelvaow. dark
grapefruit n aval paradhis m, avalow             green adj dulas. light green adj gwerwyn.
 paradhis                                        the Green Party an Parti Gwer. the
graph n trecen f, trecennow, trecednowL          Greens an Re Wer pl
graphical adj grafegel. graphical user          greengrocer n gwerther losow m,
 interface (GUI) ynterfas usyer grafegel m,      gwerthoryon losow; gwerthores losow m,
 ynterfassow usyer grafegel; abbr YUG            gwerthoresow losow
graphics grafek f, grafegow                greenhouse n chi gweder m, chiow geder;
grasp I n dalhen f, dalhennow, dalhednowL;       chei gwederL m, treven gweder.
 gavel f, gavelyow II vb dalhenna;               greenhouse effect effeyth chi gweder m;
 dalhednaL; synsi; senjiL                        effeyth chei gwederL m
grass n gwels coll, gwelsen. blade of grass     greenish adj gwerik
 n gwelsen f. grass-roots support n             greet vb dynerhi; saluji; wolkomma;
 skoodhyans an bobel m                           wolkobmaL
grate vb rathella                               greeting n dynnargh m, dynarhow.
grateful adj grasek; grajek                      greetings gorhemynadow pl; idiom
gratis adj didal                                 lowena dhis! (sg); lowena dhywgh! (pl)
grave n bedh m, bedhow. grave-stone n           gregarious adj kowethus
 men bedh m, meyn bedh                          grey adj loos; (also: blue, green) glas
gravel n grow coll                              griddle n men pobas m, meyn pobas
gravestone n men bedh m, meyn bedh              grief n duwon m; galar m, galarow; anken
graveyard n bedhros f, bedhrosow; korflan        m, ankenyow; keudh m, keudhow;
 f, korflannow, korfladnowL                      (melancholy) moredh m, moredhow
gravity n gravedh m, gravedhow                  grieve vb grevya; keudhi; (afflict) duwenhe;
gravy n sugen kig m, sugenyow kig                (mourn) galari
graze vb peuri; poriL                           grieved adj duwenhes
grease n blonek m, blonegow                     grievous adj ankensi
greasy adj blonegek                             grill I n rastel f, restel; II vb rastella
great I adj meur II int splann! spladnL!        grim adj asper; fell; garow; grymm
 bryntin! brentinL!                             grimace I n mowa m, mowys II vb gul
great-aunt n gorvodrep f, gorvodrebedh           mowa
Great Britain top Breten Veur f                 grin vb I n skrynk m, skrynkow II vb grysla;
greatly adv yn feur; en feurL; yn fras; en       skrynkya
 froasL                                         grind vb mala; melyas
great-uncle n gorewnter m, gorewntres           grinder n (tool) malel f, malellow; (person)
Greece top Pow Grek m; Gres f                    maler m, maloryon
greed n krefni f; pithneth f                    grip I n dalhen f, dalhennow, dalhednowL;
greedy adj kraf; pith                            krap m II vb dalhenna; dalhednaL
Greek I adj grek II n (language) Greka m;       groan I n hanajen f, hanajennow,
 (person) Grek m, Grekys; Grekes f,              hanajednowL II vb hanaja
 Grekesow                                       groat n grot m, grotys
green I adj (natural) glas; (artificial)        grocer n spiser m, spisoryon

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
groceries                                                                            haddock

groceries gwara boos coll                   guide I n kevarwodher m,
grocery n spisti m, spistiow                      kevarwodhoryon; kevarwodhores f,
groin n kedhorva f, kedhorvaow                    kevarwodhoresow; gid m, gidys II vb
groove n kleudhik m, kleudhigow                   kevarwodha; gidya
grope vb palvala                                 guidebook n gidlyverM m, gidlyvrow;
gross adj berrik; (repulsive) divlas              gidleverL m, gidlevrow
ground I n (surface of the earth) dor m,         guilt n (law) kabluster m; (moral) pegh m
 doryow; (floor) leur m, leuryow; (soil)         guilty adj kablus. not guilty ankablus
 gweres m, gweresow II vb (touch the             guinea pig n hogh Gyni m, hohes Gyni
 ground; base on; connect to the ground)         guitar n gitar m, gitaryow. electric guitar n
 grondya. from the ground up a'n dalleth;         gitar tredanek m, gitaryow tredanek
 a'n dallaL. ground floor leur a-woles m. to     gulf n morblek m, morblegow
 the ground dhe'n dor                            gull n goolan f, golanes
groundnut n knowen dhor f, know dor;             gully n saven f, savnow
 knofen dhorL f, know dor; pysknowen f,          gum (1) n (anatomical) kig dens m, kigyow
 pysknow; pesknofenL f, pesknow                   dens
grounds n (dregs) godhes m                       gum (2) n (substance) glus m, glusow,
group I n para m, parys; bagas m, bagasow,        glujowL
 bagajow II vb gorra yn bagas; gorra en          gun n gonn m, gonnys; godnL m, godnys
 bagasL                                          gunner n gonner m, gonoryon; godnerL m,
grove n kelli f, kelliow                          gonoryon; gonores f, gonoresow
grovel vb kramya                                 gust n kowas wyns f, kowasow gwyns;
grow vb tevi. grow up adhvesi; adhvejiL           hwaff m, hwaffys
growl I n grommyans m, grommyansow II            gusto n terder m. with gusto yn freth; en
 vb grommya                                       frethL
growth n tevyans m, tevyansow                    gut n kolodhyonen f, kolodhyon
grub n pryv m, preves; prevL m, preves           gutter n londer m, londrys
gruel n yos m                                    guy n den m, tus; gwas m, gwesyon. tough
grumble I n krodhvol m, krodhvolow II vb          guy n smat m, smatys
 krodhvolas                                      gymnasium n hel sport f, helyow sport
grunt I n rogh m, rohow II vb roha               gymnastics n gymnastek m; lappyans m.
guarantee I n mewgh m, mewghyow II vb             perform gymnastics lappya
 mewghya                                         gynaecological adj bengorfoniethel
guard I gwith m; (person) gwithyas m,            gynaecologist n bengorfydh m,
 gwithysi; gwithyades f, gwithyadesow II vb       bengorfydhyon; bengorfydhes f,
 gwardya; gwitha                                  bengorfydhesow
guardian n gwithyas m, gwithysi;                 gynaecology n bengorfonieth f
 gwithyades f, gwithyadesow                      gypsy I adj romek II n (language) Romani
Guernsey top Gwernenys f                          m; Rom m, Romyon; Romes f, Romesow
guess vb dismygi                                 habit n us m, usyow, usadow; (garment)
guest n gwester m, gwestoryon; gwestores          goon m, gonyow
 f, gwestoresow; ostyas m, ostysi; ostyades f,   habitual adj usadow
 ostyadesow                                      hack vb hackya. hack off hackya dhe-ves
guesthouse n gwesti m, gwestiow                  haddock n korrvarvus m, korrvarvusi

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
haemorrhoids                                                                           hard

haemorrhoids kleves marhogyon m             e'n for' aralL. right hand dorn dyhow m.
hag n gwragh f, gwrahes                          shake hands shackya leuv
hail I n keser coll, keseren II vb gul keser    handbag n tigen f, tigennow, tigednowL
hailstone n keseren f, keserennow,              handball n (sport) pel dhorn f; (offence in
 keserednowL                                     football) dornbel f, dornbelyow
hair n blewen f, blew; gols coll                handbook n kowethlyverM m,
hairdresser n kempenner gols m,                  kowethlyvrow; kowethleverL m,
 kempenoryon wols; kempenores wols f,            kowethlevrow; dornlyverM m, dornlyvrow;
 kempenoresow gols; dyghtyer gols m,             dornleverL m, dornlevrow
 dyghtyoryon wols; dyghtyores wols f,           handful n dornas m, dornasow
 dyghtyoresow gols; barbour m, barbours;        handicraft n dornweyth m, dornweythyow;
 barboures f, barbouresow                        kreft f, kreftow
hairy adj blewek                                handkerchief n lien dorn m, lienyow dorn
hake n densek m, densoges; denjekL m,           handle I n dornla m, dornleow; (of a door or
 denjoges                                        wheelbarrow) dorn m, dornow; (of a knife)
half n hanter m, hanteryow. go halves with       karn m, karnow II vb handla
 mos hanter ha hanter gans. half laughing       handling n handlans m, handlansow
 half crying ynter hwerthin hag ola             handshake n shackyans leuv m,
half-brother n hanter-broder m,                  shackyansow leuv
 hanter-breder                                  handsome adj teg; semli
half-hearted adj mygyl                          handwriting n dornskrifans m,
half-hour n hanter-our m, hanter-ourys           dornskrifansow
halfpenny n demma m, demmys                     handy adj (convenient) parys; (skilled)
half-sister n hanter-hwor f,                     konnyk; kodnykL
 hanter-hwerydh                                 hang I n krog f, krogow II vb kregi; hangya.
half-wit n skogyn m, skogynnow,                  get the hang of konvedhes. hang back
 skogydnowL                                      treynya. hang oneself omgregi
halibut n meurlith f, meurlithes                hang-glide vb ayrgregi
hall n hel f, helyow. the town hall hel an      hangover n (headache) kurun spern m,
 dre f                                           kurunyow spern
hallowed adj benygys                            happen vb happya; hwarvos; kodha;
halt I n hedh m, hedhow; savla f, savleow II     'skynnya; 'skydnyaL. happen to dos ha.
 vb hedhi; powes; sevel                          what's happening? pandr'a hwer? what
halve vb hantera; ranna ynter dew; radna         has happened to you? pandr'eus 'skynnys
 ynter dewL                                      warnowgh? pandr'eus 'skydnys warnowgh
ham n mordhos hogh f                             hwei?L
hammer I n morthol m, mortholyow II vb          happening n hwarvos m, hwarvosow
 mortholya                                      happily adv yn lowen
hamper vb ankombra                              happiness n lowena f
hamster n hamster m, hamsters                   happy adj lowen; lowenek
hand n leuv f, leuvyow, dl diwleuvM, diwla;     harbour I n porth m, porthow; por'L m,
 dorn m, dornow. hand-luggage n fardellow        porthow II vb goskeusi. harbour anger
 dorn pl. left hand dorn kledh m; dorn           don sorr y'n golon; don sorr e'n golonL
 glikin m. on the other hand y'n fordh aral;    hard adj kales; kalishL. a hard fate kales

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
hardback                                                                          headmaster

 rann f; kalish radnL f. hard disk n plasen        yw genev vy
 gales f, plasennow kales, plasednow kalesL.      hateful adj kasadow
 hard of hearing bodharek                         hatred n kas m
hardback n lyver kudhlen galesM m, lyvrow         haughty adj howt; howtyn
 kudhlen gales; lever kudhlen galishL m,          haul vb halya
 levrow kudhlen galish                            haulage n halyans m, halyansow
hardly adv (+ neg.) skant; skantlowr              haunch n mordhos m, mordhosow; pedren
hardness n kaletter m                              f, pedrennow, pedrednow, dl diwbedren
hardware n kalesweyth m                           have vb kavos; kawasL; (own) pywa. be had
hard-working adj diwysyk                           up bos dres dherag an justis. have a bath
hare n skovarnek m, skovarnogyon,                  omdroghya; gul tronkys. have a meal
 skovarnoges                                       kavos boos, kawas boosL. have to (must)
harebell n klogh an eos m, klegh an eos            bos res dhe2… a2…. have someone on
hare-brained adj penn sogh; pedn soghL             flattra. I have (in my possession) y'm
harm I n dregyn m, dregynnow,                      beus; yma dhymm; ma dhebmL. I have a
 dregydnowL; drog m, drogow II vb shyndya          cold yma anwos warnav; ma anwos
harmful adj dregynnus; dregydnusL                  dhebmL. I will have that my a'm bydh
harmless adj didhregynnus; didhregydnusL           henna! me a'm bedh hednaL. I have with
harmonica n harmonika m, harmonikas                me yma genev; ma gene'vyL
harmonics kessenegow pl                      haven n hawn m, hawnys, hawnyow; porth
harmonise vb kesseni                               m, porthow; por' m, porthow; harber m,
harmony n kessenyans m, kessenyansow               harbers; (shelter) skovva f, skovvaow
harness n hernes m, hernessow. put on a           hawk n hok m, hokys
 harness hernessya                                hawthorn n spernen wynn f, spern gwynn;
harp n telyn f, telynnow, telydnowL. Celtic        spernen wydnL f, spern gwydn
 harp n telyn Geltek f, telynnow Keltek,          hay n gora m. new-mown hay foon m
 telydnow KeltekL. play the harp telynnya;        haystack n das wora f, deys gora
 telydnyaL                                        haze n niwl m, niwlow
harpist n telynnyer m, telynyoryon;               hazelnut n knowen goll f, know koll
 telydnyerL m, telynyoryon; telynyores f,         hazy adj niwlek
 telynyoresow                                     he prn ev; (enclitic) e(v); va; (infixed) 'n
harrow vb klosya; klojyaL                         head n penn m, pennow; pednL m, pednow
harsh adj asper; garow; hwerow; lymm;             headache n drog penn m, drogow penn;
 lebmL                                             drog pednL m, drogow pedn
harvest I n trevas f, trevasow II vb trevasa;     heading (textual) titel m, titlys, titlow;
 myji; mejiL                                       pennlinen f, pennlinennow, pennlinednowL
haste n hast m; mall m; (hurry) fisten; fysk      headland n penn tir m, pennow tir; pedn
 m; feskL m. make haste fistena                    tirL m, pednow tir; (in a field) talar m,
hasten vb hastya; fistena                          talarow
hasty adj fysk; feskL                             headlight n pennlugarn m, pennlugern;
hat n hat m, hattys, hattow.                       pednlugarnL m, pednlugern
 broad-brimmed hat diber dowr m,                  headline n pennlinen f, pennlinennow,
 dibrow dowr                                       pennlinednowL
hate I n kas m II vb kasa; hatya. I hate kas      headmaster n penndyskador m,

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
headmistress                                                                         hemi-

 penndyskadoryon; pedndeskajorL m,              heaven n nev m, nevow
 pedndeskajoryon                                heavenly adj nevek; a nev
headmistress n penndyskadores f,                heavy adj poos
 penndyskadoresow; pedndeskajoresL f,           hedge n ke m, keow; (low or broken down
 pedndeskajoresow                                hedge) gorge m, gorgeow
headphones skovarnigow pl                  hedged adj keek
headquarters n pennplas m, pennplassow;         hedgehog n sort m, sortes
 pednplasL m, pednplassow                       heed I n fors m; preder m II vb kola orth;
headway n avonsyans m, avonsyansow               bos war. take heed kemeres with
heal vb yaghhe; sawya                           heel n gwewen f, gwewennow,
health n yehes m; 'ehesL. good health!           gwewednowL, dl diwwewen; seudhel m,
 cheers! yehes da! ehes da! the National         seudhelyow. head over heels dres penn ha
 Health Service (NHS) Servis Kenedhlek an        diwskovarn; dres pedn ha diwskovarnL. dig
 Yehes (SKY) m                                   one's heels in skonya omwaya
healthcare n yeheswith m                        height n uhelder m; (high place) ardh m,
healthy adj (not ill) yagh; (health-giving)      ardhow
 yahus                                          heir n er m, erys; eres f, eresow; her m,
heap n bern m, bernyow; grahel f,                heryon
 grahellow                                      held adj synsys; senjysL
hear vb klewes; klowesL. hear about             helicopter n askel dro f, eskelli tro; tro
 klewes a2; klowes a2L. hear from klewes         askel f, troyow askel
 gans; klowes genL                              hell n yfarn m, yfarnow; efarnL m, efarnow.
hearing n (sense) klew m; klowL m; (legal)       a hell of a noise tros yfarnek m; tros
 goslowva f, goslowvaow. hard of hearing         efarnekL m
 bodharek. hearing aid klowel f, klowellow;     hellish adj yfarnek; efarnekL
 klewelM f, klewellow                           hello int hou; yow
heart n kolon f, kolonnow, kolodnyowL.          helmet n basnet m, basnettys, basnettow
 heart attack n powes kolon m; shora kolon      helmsman n lewydh m, lewydhyon
 m                                              helmswoman n lewydhes f, lewydhesow
hearth n oles f, olesow; eth m, ethys; fog f,   help I int harow! II n gweres m; skoodhyans
 fogow                                           m, skodhyansow III vb gweres; gul gweres
heartless adj dibita                             dhe2; gwul gweres dhe2; skoodhya. help
hearty adj kolonnek; kolodnekL                   me! (sg) gweres vy; (pl) gweresewgh vy.
heat I n tes m; tomder m II vb tesa;             help somebody do something gweres
 tommhe; tobmheL                                 nebonan ow kul neppyth. help yourself!
heater n jynn tomma m, jynnys tomma,             tann dhis dha honan
 jynnow tomma                                   helper n gwereser m, gweresoryon;
heath n grug m, grugow. Cornish heath            gweresores f, gweresoresow
 kekesow coll                                   helpful adj heweres; gweresek
heather n grug m, grugow                        helping n platas m, platasow
heating n tommheans m; tobmheansL m.            helpless adj diweres
 central heating tommheans kres m;              helter skelter n tour korslynk m, touryow
 tobmheans kresL m                               korslynk
heave I n halyans m, halyansow II vb halya      hemi- prfx hanter-

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
hemisphere                                                                         hitchhike

hemisphere n hantergelgh m,                      hideous adj hager
 hantergelghyow; hantergylghM m,                 hideout n kovva f, kovvaow; kudhvaM f,
 hantergylghyow                                   kudhvaow; kel m, kelyow
hemlock n kegis coll, kegisen                    hierarchy n urdhas m, urdhasow
hemp n kewarhen f, kewargh; kowarhenL f,         high adj uhel. high jump vb ughlamma;
 kowargh                                          ughlebmelL. high place n ardh m, ardhow
hen n yar f, yer. free-range hen yar             higher adj uhella; (in placenames) gwartha
 frankres f, yer frankres                        highest adj uhella
hence adv ahanan; alemma; alebmaL                highlight vb golowboyntya
hen-house n yerji m, yerjiow                     highway n fordh veur f, fordhow meur
hepatitis n fagel avi f                          hike I n gwandrans m, gwandransow;
her prn hi; heiL; (infixed) hy3. by her gensi;    rosyans m, rosyansow II vb gwandra; rosya
 genjiL. for her rygdhi. of her anedhi. to her   hilarious adj pur hwarthus
 dhedhi. with her gensi; genjiL                  hill bre f, breow; bronn f, bronnow; brodnL
herb n erba m, erbys; losowen f, losow            f, brodnow; (big hill) menydh m,
herd I n gre f, greow; para m, parys II vb        menydhyow. hill fort ker f, kerow, keryow;
 bugelya                                          kastel m, kastylli, kestel
here adv omma; obmaL. from here                  hillside n run f, runyow
 alemma; alebmaL. here is otta; ottomma;         hill-spur n ros m, rosyow
 ottobmaL                                        hilltop n top menydh m, toppys
heresy n er m                                     menydhyow
heritage n ertach m, ertajys. Cornish            him prn ev; -va; (infixed) y2. by him ganso;
 Heritage Ertach Kernow m                         ganjoL. for him ragdho. of him anodho. to
hermetic adj hermesek                             him dhodho. with him ganso; ganjoL
hero n gorour m, gorwer                          himself prn y honan; mab y das
heroine n goroures f, gorouresow                 hinder vb lettya
herring n hernen wynn f, hern gwynn;             hinge n medynor f, medynoryow
 hernen wydnL f, hern gwydn                      hint I n hynt m, hyntys II vb hyntya
herself prn hy honan; myrgh hy dama;             hip klun f, klunyow, dl diwglun
 mergh hy damaL                                  hippopotamus n dowrvargh m, dowrvergh
hesitate vb hockya                               hire I n arveth m, arvethow II vb (employ)
hesitation n hockyans m, hockyansow               arveth; (rent) gobrena. hire purchase
heterogeneous adj a lies ehen; a lies sort        hirbren m, hirbrenyow. on hire purchase
heterosexual adj kenreydhek                       yn hirbren
hi int hou; you                                  his prn y2
hibiscus n kowrvalow m, kowrvalowyow             hiss vb tythya; sia
hiccup I n hick m, hickow II vb hickas           historian n istorior m, istorioryon;
hidden adj kudh; kel                              istoriores f, istorioresow
hide (1) n (skin) krohen f, krehyn               historical adj istorek
hide (2) vb (transitive (hide                    history n istori m
 something/someone)) kudha; keles;               hit I n skwat m, skwattys, skwattow; skat m,
 (intransitive (hide oneself)) omgudha. hide      skattys, skattow II vb gweskel; skwattya;
 from (transitive) kudha rag; (intransitive)      skwachyaL
 omgudha rag                                     hitchhike vb meusya

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
hitherto                                                                          horrible

hitherto adv bys dhe'n eur ma; kyns              f, omrowlys
 lemmyn; kens lebmynL                           homesick adj hirethek
hoarse adj hos; kreg; ronk                      homesickness n hireth f
hobby n hobi m, hobis                           homestead treveth f, trevethow
hobby-horse hobihors m, hobihorsys;             homewards adv dhe-dre
 ('Obby 'Oss) Penn Glas m; Pedn GlasL m         homework n ober tre m, oberow tre
hockey n hocki m                                homicide n denladh m, denladhow
hoe n kravel f, kravellow; (pick) pigel f,      homily n pregoth m, pregothow; homeli m,
 pigellow                                        homelis
hog n hogh m, hohes; torgh m, torhes            homosexual adj kethreydhel
hogweed n evoren f, evor; losowen vogh f,       honest adj onest
 losow mogh                                     honesty n onester m
hold I n dalhen f, dalhennow, dalhednowL II     honey n mel m
 vb synsi; senjiL. hold out against perthi      honeycomb n kriben vel f, kribennow mel,
 orth. hold an office sodha                      kribednow melL
hold-all n kroder krohen m, krodrow             honeyed adj melys
 krohen                                         honeymoon n seythen an dhewbries
hole n toll m, tell                              nowyth f
holed adj tollek; tellys                        honeysuckle n gwydhvosen f, gwydhvos;
holiday n dy'gol m, dygolyow; de'golL m,         gwedhrosenL f, gwedhros
 de'golyow. holiday home havos f,               honour I n enor m, enorys; onour m, onours
 havosow; chi golyow m, chiow golyow; chei       II vb enora
 golyowL m, treven golyowL                      honourable adj enorys; enoradow; wordhi
hollow I adj kow; gwag II n kew f, kewyow;      honoured adj enorys
 kow f, kowyow; pans m, pansow; gobans m,       hood n hod m, hodys; kugol m, kugollow;
 gobansow                                        kough m, kouhow. riding hood huk f,
holly n kelynnen f, kelyn; kelydnenL f, kelyn    hukys
holocaust n loskaberth m, loskaberthow          hook n higen f, higennow, higednowL; bagh
holograph n holograf m, holografow               f, bahow
holy adj sans. the Holy Spirit an Spyrys        hoop n kelgh m, kelghyow; kylghM m,
 Sans                                            kylghyow
homage n omach m, omajys. one who pays          hoop-la n kylhigowM pl; kelhigow pl
 homage omajer m, omajers                       hoot vb outya
home n tre f, trevow. at home tre; y'n chi;     hop I n lamm m, lammow; labmL m, labmow
 e'n cheiL. from home a-dre. holiday home        II vb lamma; labmaL; lemmel; lebmelL;
 chi golyow m, chiow golyow; chei golyowL        kronogas
 m, treven golyow; havos f, havosow. go         hope I n govenek m, govenegow II vb
 home mos tre. old people's home annedh          gwaytyas; bos govenek dhe. I hope yma
 tus koth f, anedhow tus koth                    govenek dhymm; ma govenek dhebmL;
homeless adj diannedh; disklos; disto            govenek a'm beus
homely adj sempel; diflows                      horizon n gorwel m, gorwelyow
home-made adj gwrys y'n chi; gwres e'n          horizontal adj gorwelyek
 cheiL                                          horn n korn m, kern, dl dewgorn
home-rule n omrewl f, omrewlys; omrowlL         horrible adj euthyk; ithikL

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
horribly                                                                               hundredth

horribly adv euthyk; ithikL                         move house chanjya chi; chanjya cheiL;
horror n euth m; browagh m                          chanjya trigva. semi-detached house
horse n margh m, mergh. horse trading               gevelji m, geveljiow. set up house dalleth
 (fig.) bargynnya; bargydnyaL                       triga
horse-fly n sodronen f, sodron                     household n meni m, meniow
horse-load n sawgh m, sawhow                       housemaker n gwas ti m, gwesyon chi;
horse-power n marghnerth m,                         gwre'ti f, gwragedh chi
 marghnerthow                                      housewife n gwre'ti f
horseradish n marghredik m,                        housework n lavur tre m, lavuryow tre
 marghredigow                                      hover vb bargesi
horseshoe n horn margh m, horn mergh               how I adv (before conjugated verbs) fatel2;
hosepipe n piben dhowr f, pibennow dowr,            (in other positions) fatla II int ass; assa III
 pibednow dowrL                                     cnj del2. how fine the weather is ass yw
hospitable adj degemerus; hel;                      brav an gewer. how nice of you ass os ta
 wolkommus; wolkobmusL                              kuv. how are you (sg) fatla genes? (pl)
hospital n klavji m, klavjiow; kloa'jiL m,          fatla genowgh? fatla erowgh hwei ow kul?L.
 kloa'jiow. mental hospital folji m, foljiow        how come prag. how many pana lies; py
hospitality n gwestva f; helder m; wolkom           lies; pes; pyseulM; peseulL. how many
 m                                                  times peskweyth. how much pygemmys;
host n ost m, ostys                                 pegebmysL. how often py lies termyn;
hostage n gostel m, gostlow                         pana lies gweyth
hostel n ostel m, ostelyow                         however adv byttegyns; bettegensL
hostess ostes f, ostesow; (air hostess) ostes      howl vb oulya
 ayr f, ostesow ayr                                hug I n byrlans m, byrlansow II vb byrla
hot adj tesek; pooth; (warm) tomm; tobmL;          huge adj hujes; bras dres ehen; broas dres
 (extremely hot; blazing) bros; (spicy) blesys      ehenL; euthyk bras; ithik broasL
 sherp. hot chocolate choklet tomm m;              hull n kough m, kouhow
 choklet tobmL m                                   human n den m, tus
hot-blooded adj tomm y woos; tobm y                humanitarian adj dengerensedhek;
 woosL                                              dengerenjedhekL
hotel n ostel m, ostelyow                          humanity n denses m
hot-pot n patatys ha kig coll                      humankind n mab den m; denses m
hound n hond m, hons; (hunting) helgi m,           humble adj uvel
 helgeun; (racing) reski m, reskeun                humility n uvelder m
hour n (o'clock) eur f, euryow; (duration)         humorous adj hwarthus
 our m, ourys. within an hour a-ji dhe our;        humour n hwarthuster m
 a-jei dhe ourL                                    hump n both f, bothow; bothen f,
hourly adj, adv herwydh an our. hourly              bothennow, bothednowL
 rate eurdal m, eurdalow                           Hundred n (administrative division)
house n chi m, chiow; cheiL m, treven.              keverang f, keverangow
 country house manerji m, manerjow.                hundred num kans m, kansow. a hundred
 detached house chi unnik m, chiow unnik;           times kanskweyth
 chei udnikL m, treven udnik. full house           hundredfold adv kansplek
 (poker) gwariji leun m; dornas leun m.            hundredth num kansves m, kansvesow;

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
Hungarian                                                                                 illegal

 abbr 100ves                                     n skes rew m, skesow rew; vb skesya war
Hungarian I adj hungarek II n (language)         rew
 Hungarek m; (person) Hungarian m,              Iceland top Rewenys f
 Hungarians; Hungarianes f, Hungarianesow       Icelander n Rewenysyas m, Rewenysysi,
Hungary top Hungari                              RewenysyjiL; Rewenysyades f,
hunger n nown m                                  Rewenysyadesow
hungry adj nownek; gwag. I am hungry            Icelandic n (language) Rewenysek m
 nown a'm beus; gwag ov vy; yma nown            icicle n klehien f, klehi
 dhymm; ma nown dhebmL                          icon n ikon m, ikonys; (computer desktop)
hunt I n helgh m, helhow II vb helghya;          arwodhik m, arwodhigow; (representation
 helhi                                           of a Saint) delow f, delwow
hunter n helhor m, helhoryon; helhores f,       iconic adj ikonek
 helhoresow                                     icy adj rewys; oor
huntress n helhores f, helhoresow               idea n tybyans m, tybyansow
hurl vb dehesi; hurlya                          ideal I adj delvrysek; delvresekL II n delvrys
hurling n (game) hurlya                          m, delvrysyow; delvresL m, delvresyow
hurry I n hast m; tooth m; fysk m; feskL m II   ideally adv y'n gwella kas
 vb fistena; fyski; feskiL. hurry up (sg.)      identical adj keth; kethsam
 fisten; (pl.) fistenewgh. I am in a hurry      identity n honanieth f, honaniethow
 mall yw genev                                  idiom n (turn of phrase) lavar m, lavarow;
hurt I adj shyndys II vb shyndya; pystiga;       (peculiar style of expression) tavoseth f;
 hurtya                                          (regional variety) rannyeth f, rannyethow
husband n gour m, gwer; gourti m                idiot n bobba m, bobbys; penn bobba m,
hush int (sg.) taw; taw tavas; (pl.) tewewgh;    pennow bobba; pedn bobbaL m, pednow
 tewewgh tavas                                   bobba; penn pyst m, pennow pyst; pedn
hut n krow m, krowyow; (rough or ruined          pystL m, pednow pyst; skogyn m,
 hut) krellas m, krellow                         skogynnow, skogydnowL; ydyot m, ydyotys.
hydraulic adj hidrolek                           you goggle-eyed idiot ty penn bobba
hydrogen n hidrojen m                            lagasek; che pedn bobba lagajekL
hydromel n medh m                               idle n diek; syger. idle talk flows m
hymn n hymna m, hymnys                          idleness n sygerneth f
hyperlink n gorgevren f, gorgevrennow,          if cnj a4; (before consonants) mar4; mara4;
 gorgevrednowL                                   (before vowels) mars; maras; (unlikely
hyphen n nos junya m, nosow junya                conditions) a4; (negative) mar ny2; mar na2L
hypocrisy n fayntys m                           ignorance n nicita m; fowt dyskans m,
hypocrite n fekler m, fekloryon; feklores f,     fowtys dyskans; fowt deskansL m, fowtys
 fekloresow; fekyl fals m                        deskans
hypocritical adj fekyl cher                     ignorant adj diskians
hypothesis n godybieth f, godybiethow           ignore vb sevel orth aswon; skonya aswon
hypothesise vb godybi                           -ile sffx -el
I prn my; (enclitic) vy; (infixed) 'm           ill adj (sick) klav; kloavL; (bad) drog. fall ill
-ic sffx -ek                                     kodha klav; kodha kloavL
ice n rew m; yey m. ice cream dehen rew m.      illegal adj anlahel; er-bynn an laha;
 ice cube kub rew m, kubow rew. ice skate        war-bydn an lahaL

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
illiteracy                                                                          improve

illiteracy n anlettryseth f                     imperfect adj anperfydh. imperfect tense
illiterate adj anlettrys                         amser anperfydh f
illness n kleves m, klevesow                    imperial adj emperourethek
illuminate vb golowi; (artistically) afina      imperialism n emperouregieth f
illusion n hus m, husow. create an illusion     imperialistic adj emperouregek
 husa                                           impersonal adj dibersonel
illustrate vb lymna                             impertinence n tonteth f
illustration n lymnans m, lymnansow             impertinent adj tont
illustrator n lymner m, lymnoryon;              implement I n toul m, toulys II vb kowlwul
 lymnores f, lymnoresow                         implementation n gweythresans m,
image n imach m, imajys; hevelep m,              gweythresansow
 hevelebow; aven m, avenyow                     implore vb konjorya
imaginary adj dismygel                          impolite adj diskortes
imagination n dismygyans m,                     import I ['ɪmpɔ:(r)t] n ynporth m,
 dismygyansow; (poetic) awen f                   ynporthow II [ɪm'pɔ:(r)t] vb ynperthi
imagine vb desevos; dismygi; koncevya;          importance n bri f; poos m; les m; roweth
 tybi                                            m
imbalance n angespos m, angesposow              important adj posek; bysi. it's important
imitate vb gul war-lergh                         for you to go bysi yw dhis mos
imitation n gwrians war-lergh m,                impossible adj onpossybyl; na yll bos
 gwriansow war-lergh                            impostor n falswas m, falswesyon;
immature adj anadhves                            falsvowes f, falsvowysi
immediate adj desempis; tromm; trobmL;          impoverish vb bohosekhe; bohojekheL
 straght; straft                                impoverished adj bohosek; bohojekL
immediately adv a-dhesempis;                    impractical adj (person) kledhek y dowlow
 a-dhistowgh; hware; heb let                     m; kledhek hy thowlow f; (thing) kales dhe
immense adj kowrek                               wul
immerse vb troghya                              imprecise adj andhiblans
immersion n troghyans m, troghyansow            impress I n merk m, merkys; stampa m,
immigrant n ynvroyas m, ynvroysi,                stampys II vb merkya; stampya. be
 ynvroyjiL; ynvroyades f, ynvroyadesow           impressed by bos kemerys gans. impress
immigrate vb omynvroa                            somebody sordya marth yn nebonan
immigration n omynvroans m                      impression n (printing) sel f, selys, selyow;
imminent adj degynsywek                          (retained effect or feeling) argraf m,
immoral adj anvas                                argrafyow; (pressure) gwaskans m,
immorality n anvaseth f, anvasethow              gwaskansow; (humorous imitation)
immune adj (legal) antavadow; (medical)          gwrians war-lergh m, gwriansow war-lergh
 anklevesadow                                   imprison vb prisonya; karhara
impair vb aperya; shyndya                       imprisonment n prisonyans m,
impassable adj hepfordh                          prisonyansow; karharans m, karharansow
impatient adj heb perthyans                     improbable adj diwirhaval
impede vb lettya                                improper adj anwiw; anwewL
impend vb degynsywa                             improve vb (transitive and intransitive)
impending adj degynsywek                         gwellhe

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
improvement                                                                           indolence

improvement n gwellheans m,                        income n gober m, gobrow
 gwellheansow                                      incompatible adj ankesplegadow
improvisation n ymprovisans m,                     incompetent adj diallos
 ymprovisansow; (music, theatre etc.)              incomplete adj andhien
 dismygwari m, dismygwariow                        incomprehensible adj ankonvedhadow
improvise vb ymprovisa; (music, theatre            inconvenience I n ankombrynsi m;
 etc.) dismygwari                                   ankombrynjiL m; dises m, disesys II vb
impudence n tonteth f                               ankombra
impudent adj tont                                  inconvenient adj ankombrus
impulse n yniedh m, yniedhow                       incorporate vb ynkorfora
impulsive adj fysk; feskL                          incorporation n ynkorforans m,
in prp yn; enL. in agreement with unver             ynkorforansow
 gans. in front (of) a-rag. in place of yn le;     incorrect adj anewn; anownL; ankewar
 en leL. in the y'n; e'nL. in three days' time     increase vb kressya; ynkressya; moghhe
 godreva; godrevedhM. in which way pana            increased adj kressys
 vaner. is he in? usi va yn tre? uji va en tre?L   increasing adj usi owth ynkressya; moy ha
inaccuracy n ankewerder m                           moy
inaccurate adj ankewar                             increasingly adv moy ha moy
inactive adj anweythresek                          incredible adj digrysadow; digrejadowL
inbox n (e-mail) yngist f, yngistyow               incubate vb kovia
incapable adj anabel; anteythi; diallos            incurable adj dieli; heb remedi
incarcerate vb karhara; prisonya                   indecent adj lewd
incarceration n karharans m, karharansow           indeed adv devri; yn tevri; fest. euthyk tra,
inception n dalleth m, dalethow; dallaL m,          ithik traL very much indeed
 dalethow                                          independence adj anserhogeth f
incessantly adv heb let                            independent adj anserhek
inch n meusva f, meusvaow                          indescribable adj andheskrifadow
incident n hwarvedhyans m,                         index n menegva f, menegvaow; rol f,
 hwarvedhyansow                                     rolyow
incidental adj hwarvosek                           India top Eynda f
incidentally adv dre hap; unnweyth; enethL         Indian I adj eyndek II n Eyndek m,
incinerate vb gorleski                              Eyndogyon; Eyndoges f, Eyndogesow
incineration n gorlosk m                           indicate vb kevarwodha; meneges;
incinerator n gorloskel f, gorloskellow             poyntya; sinya
incite vb movya; ynia; piga                        indication n menek m, menegow
incitement n ynians m, yniansow                    indicative adj menegek. indicative mood
incline I n goleder f, goledrow II vb               gis menegek m
 ynklinya                                          indignant adj serrys
include vb komprehendya                            indignation n sorrvan m
inclusive adj dalhus                               indirect adj andhidro
inclusivity n dalhuster m                          indistinct adj diskler; andhiblans
incognito I adj yn-dann hanow fug;                 individual I adj unnik; udnikL II n unigyn m,
 en-dadn hanow fugL II n hanow fug m,               unigynnow, unigydnowL
 henwyn fug                                        indolence n diekter m

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
indoors                                                                             insecticide

indoors adv a-bervedh; a-ji; a-jeiL             inhabit vb anedhi
inductance n dynedh m                           inhabitant n triger m, trigoryon; trigores f,
industrious adj diwysyk                          trigoresow; anedhyas m, anedhysi,
industry n diwysyans m, diwysyansow;             anedhyjiL; anedhyades f, anedhyadesow
 hwel ober m, hwelyow ober                      inhabited adj anedhys
ineffective adj aneffeythus                     inherit vb herya
inefficient adj aneffeythus                     inhibit vb spralla
inequality n dibarder m, dibarderyow            inhibition n sprall m, sprallow
inexpensive adj a bris isel                     inhospitable adj didhynnargh
inexperienced adj heb prevyans                  initial I adj kensa; kynsaM II n tallytheren f,
inexpert adj digreft                             tallytherennow
infamous adj drog-gerys                         initially adj wos'talleth; wor'talleth
infamy n bismer m, bismeras                     initiate vb urdhya
infant n flehik m, flehesigow, flehigyow        initiation urdhyans m, urdhyansow
infect vb klevesi; klevejiL                     inject vb skitya
infection n klevesans m, klevesansow            injection n skityans m, skityansow. fuel
inferior adj isella; gweth                       injection skityans petrol
infiltrate vb ynsidhla                          injure vb hodya; shyndya
infiltration n ynsidhlans m, ynsidhlansow       injured adj hodys; shyndys
infiltrator n (infiltrator) ynsidhler m,        injury n shyndyans m, shyndyansow; goli
 ynsidhloryon; ynsidhlores f, ynsidhloresow      m, goliow
infinite adj didhiwedh                          injustice n anjustis m
infinity n didhiwedhter m                       ink n ynk m
inflame vb fagla                                inlet n logh m, lohow
inflammation n fagel f, faglow                  inn n tavern m, tavernyow; hostelri m,
inflate vb hwythaM; hwetha                       hostelriow
inflation n hwythansM m, hwythansow;            inner adj nessa dhe'n kres
 hwethans m, hwethanjow                         innkeeper n ost m, ostys; ostes f, ostesow;
inflexibility n diwedhynder m                    tavernor m, tavernoryon; tavernores f,
inflexible adj diwedhyn                          tavernoresow
influence I n delanwes m, delanwesow;           innocent I adj ankablus; inocent II n
 awedhyans m, awedhyansow II vb                  inocent m, inocens
 delenwel; awedhya                              inorganic adj anorganek
influenza n anwosva f; flou f                   input vb I n ynworrans m, ynworansow II
inform vb derivas; kedhla. inform                vb ynworra
 somebody derivas dhe nebonan; derivas          inquire vb govyn
 orth nebonan                                   inquiry n govynadow m
informal adj anfurvus                           inquisitive adj govynnus; gofednusL;
information n kedhlow pl                        insane adj muskok; varyes. go insane
infrared adj isrudh                              muskegi. drive insane muskegi; varya
infrequent adj anvenowgh                        insanity n muskotter m
-ing sffx (before consonants) ow4; (before      insect n pryv m, preves; prevL m, preves;
 vowels) owth; yn unn2; en udn2                  hweskeren f, hwesker
ingredient n devnydh m, devnydhyow              insecticide n gorthpryv m, gorthpryvyow;

                          SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
insecure                                                                            intention

 gorthprevL m, gorthprevyow                      instructor n dyskador m, dyskadoryon;
insecure adj andhiogel                            deskajorL m, deskajoryon; dyskadores f,
insecurity n andhiogeledh m,                      dyskadoresow; deskadresL f, deskadresow
 andhiogeledhow                                  instrument n (means) mayn m, maynys;
insensitive adj tew y grohen                      (music) daffar ilow m
insert vb gorra a-bervedh                        instrumental adj maynek
inside I adv a-bervedh; a-ji; a-jeiL II prp      insufficient adj anlowr
 a-bervedh yn; a-ji dhe2; a-jei dhe2             insular adj enesek
insignificance n fowt styr m; fowt bri m         insulate vb enesega
insignificant adj distyr                         insulation n enysegans m, enysegansow
insincere adj fals                               insult I n despit m, despitys; arvedhen f,
insincerity n falsuri m                           arvedhennow, arvedhednowL II vb
insipid adj difreth                               despitya; arvedh
insist vb teri. insist on ynia war2              insurance n surheans m, surheansow
insistence n ter m; er m                         insure vb surhe
insistent adj ter                                insurgency n omsav m, omsavow;
insolence n tonteth f                             omsevyans m, omsevyansow; rebellyans m,
insolent adj tont                                 rebelyansow
inspect vb hwithra; eksamnya                     insurgent n omsevyas m, omsevysi,
inspection n hwithrans m, hwithransow             omsevyjiL; omsevyades f, omsevyadesow;
inspector n hwithrer m, hwithroryon;              rebel m, rebels
 hwithrores f, hwithroresow                      insurrection n omsav m, omsavow;
inspiration n awen f                              omsevyans m, omsevyansow; rebellyans m,
inspire vb ynspirya; aweni                        rebelyansow
install vb ynstallya; settya yn y dyller;        integer n kowlniver m, kowlniverow
 settya et y dellerL                             integrity n ewnhynseth f; ownhenjethL f
installation n ynstallyans m, ynstalyansow;      intellect n skians m, skiansow
 stalacyon m, stalacyons                         intellectual I adj skiansek II n skiansek m,
instance n gweyth f, gweythyow; ensampel          skiansogyon; skiansoges f, skiansogesow
 m, ensamplys, ensamplow. for instance           intelligence n poll m, pollow
 rag ensampel                                    intelligent adj skentel; skiansek; skientek;
instant I adj desempis II n pols m, polsyow;      pollek
 prysweyth m, prysweythyow; presweythL           intend vb mynnes; mednesL; sopposya;
 m, presweythyow. instant coffee koffi            yntendya
 desempis m. instant message n messach           intense adj tynn; tydnL; glew
 desempis m, messajys desempis; vb               intensity n krevder m, krevderyow;
 messajya desempis                                tynnedh m, tynedhow; tydnedhL m,
instantly adv a-dhesempis; kettooth ha'n          tynedhow; glewder m, glewderyow
 ger                                             intensive adj dour. intensive care
instead adv yn le; en leL. instead of her yn      dourwith m
 hy le, en hy leL                                intent n mynnas m, mynasow; mednasL m,
instigate vb sordya                               menasow
instruct vb dyski; deskiL; ynstruktya            intention n mynnas m, mynasow; mednasL
instructions danvonadow m                    m, menasow; towl m, towlow

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
intentional                                                                            Irish

intentional adj a-borpos                        intolerable adj anporthadow; diwodhav
intentionally adv orth bodh ow brys             intolerance n fowt perthyans m
intercept vb kontrewaytya                       intonation n ton-lev m, ton-levow
interception n kontrewaytyans m,                intoxicate vb medhwi
 kontrewaytyansow                               intoxicated adj medhow
interchange I n keschanj m, keschanjyow II      intoxication n medhwenep m
 vb keschanjya                                  intricate adj gwius
interchangeable n keschanjadow                  introduce vb komendya. introduce
intercourse n daromres m, daromresow.            oneself omgomendya
 sexual intercourse daromres karnal m;          introduction n (people) komendyans m,
 (coarse) kyjyans m, kyjyansow. have             komendyansow; (book) raglavar m,
 sexual intercourse kyjya                        raglavarow
interest I n (concern) bern m, bernyow; les     invalid I adj (false) drog; (incapacitated)
 m; (financial) oker m II vb (3sg only) deur.    klav; kloavL II n klav m, klevyon
 it does not interest me ny'm deur; see if      invent vb devisya; dismygi
 it interests you mir mara'th teur. interest    invention n dismygyans m, dismygyansow
 rate kevradh oker m, kevradhow oker            inventor n deviser m, devisoryon;
interesting didheurek; dhe les; lesek            devisores f, devisoresow
interface n ynterfas m, ynterfassow             inventory n rol f, rolyow
interfere vb mellya                             inversion n gorthtro f, gorthtroyow
interference n mellyans m, melyansow            invert vb gorra an pyth a-wartha dhe
interior I adj a-bervedh; pervedhek II n         woles; gorra an peth a-wartha dhe-wolesL;
 pervedh m, pervedhow                            trebuchya
intermittent adj ter-                           invest vb kevarhewi
internal adj a-bervedh; pervedhek               investigate vb hwithra
international adj keswlasek                     investigative adj hwithrus
internet n kesrosweyth m. surf the              investment n kevarhow m, kevarhowyow
 internet rosya an kesrosweyth                  invisibility n anweladewder m
interpret vb styrya                             invisible adj anweladow
interpretation n styryans m, styryansow         invitation n galow m, galowyow
interpreter n latimer m, latimers; latimores    invite vb gelwel
 f, latimoresow                                 invoice n reken m, reknow
interrogate vb apposya                          involve vb omvyska; omveskaL
interrupt vb goderri; (speech) kewsel           involved adj omvyskys; omveskysL
 a-dreus; kowsel a-dreusL                       involvement n omvyskans m,
interruption n godor m, godorrow                 omvyskansow; omveskansL m,
interval n (short break) powes m,                omveskansow
 powesow; (period) spys m, spysow               inwards adv war-ji; war-jeiL
interview I n keswel m, keswelyow II vb         ion n ion m, ionow
 kesweles                                       ionic adj ionek
intimidate vb ownekhe                           Ireland top Wordhen f; IwerdhonM f
intimidation n ownekheans m,                    iris n (plant) elestren f, elester
 ownekheansow                                   Irish I adj wordhenek; iwerdhonekM II n
into prp yn; enL                                 (language) Godhalek Wordhen m;

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
Irishman                                                                                    jaw

 Godhalek IwerdhonM; Wordhenek m;                 isotope n isotop m, isotopow
 IwerdhonekM m                                    isotopic adj isotopek
Irishman n Godhal m, Godhyli                      Israel top Israel m
Irishwoman n Godhales f, Godhalesow               Israeli I adj israelyek II n Israelyas m,
irk vb ania; 'niaL; veksya                         Israelysi, IsraelyjiL; Israelyades f,
irksome adj skwithus                               Israelyadesow
iron I adj hornek; horn II n (metal) horn m;      issue I n (publication) dyllans m, dylansow;
 (laundry) hornel f, hornellow III vb              (topic) mater m, maters II vb dyllo
 hornella. cast iron horn teudhys m. iron         it prn ev m; va m; (after imperatives) e m; hi
 armour gwisk horn m. ironing board n              f; (object) 'n m; 's f
 bord hornella m, bordys hornella, bordow         Italian I adj italek II n (language) Italek m;
 hornella                                          (person) Italian m, Italians; Italianes f,
ironic adj ironek                                  Italianesow
ironmonger n horner m, hornoryon;                 Italy top Itali m
 hornores f, hornoresow                           itch I n debron m, debronow; kos f, kosow II
irony n gesedh m, gesedhow                         vb debreni; kosa
irrational adj direson                            item n (on a list) poynt m, poyntys,
irreducible adj anlehadow                          poyntow; (thing) tra f, taklow, traow
irrefutable adj na yll bos disprevys              iterative adj daswriansek
irregular adj avrewlys; direwl; digompes          itself prn ev y honan m; hi hy honan f; hei
irregularity n digomposter m,                      hy honanL f
 digomposteryow                                   ivory n dans olifans m
irrelevant adj heb bri                            ivy n idhyowen f, idhyow
irrespective adj heb reken. irrespective of       jackal n owrgi m, owrgeun
 na fors pyneyl                                   jackass n margh asen m, mergh asen
irresponsible adj dibreder                        jacket n jerkyn m, jerkyns, jerkynnow
irrigate vb dowrhe                                jack-in-the-box n jowl lemmel m, jowlow
irritable adj krowsek                              lemmel; jowl lebmelL m, jowlow lebmel
irritate vb serri; veksya                         jagged adj densek; denjekL
-ish sffx -ek                                     jail n prison m, prisonyow
Islam n Islam m                                   jailer n jayler m, jaylers
Islamic adj Islamek                               jam n kyfeyth m, kyfeythyow; jamm m,
island n enys f, enesow                            jammys
Isle of Man top Manow f; Enys Vanow f             janitor n porther m, porthoryon; porthores
Isles of Scilly top Syllan f; Enesek Syllan f      f, porthoresow
islet n enesik f, enesigow                        January n Genver m; mis Genver m
isobar n isobar m, isobarow                       jar (1) n (vessel) seth m, sethow. small jar
isogloss n isogloss m, isoglossow                  jarrik m, jarigow
isolate vb enyshe                                 jar (2) n (shock) jagg m, jaggys
isolated adj enyshes                              jarful n sethas m, sethasow
isolation n (state) enysekter m; (process)        jargon n tavoseth f
 enysheans m, enysheansow                         jaundice n kleves melyn m
isotherm n tempredhlinen f,                       jaw n awen f, awennow, awednowL, dl
 tempredhlinennow, tempredhlinednowL               diwawen; gen f, genyow, dl diwen; grudh f,

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
jawbone                                                                                      jump

 grudhow; challa m, challys; chal m, chalys          joint n mell m, mellow; kevals m,
jawbone challa m, challys                             kevalsyow; (cannabis cigarette) porven
Jazz n jazz m                                         gewargh f, porvennow kewargh; porven
jealous adj gorvynnek; gorvydnekL; avius;             gowarghL f, porvednow gowargh
 envius. be jealous of someone perthi avi            jointed adj mellek
 orth nebonan; bos envius war-bynn                   jointly adv war-barth
 nebonan; bos envius war-bydn nebonanL               joke I n ges m, gesyow II vb gul ges
jealousy n avi m                                     jolly adj jolif
jeans n jins pl; lavrek jin m, lavrogow jin          jolt I n jagg m, jaggys II vb kryhylli
jeep n jip m, jipys                                  journal n jornal m, jornalys
jeer I n ges m, gesyow II vb gesya                   journalist n jornalyas m, jornalysi,
jelly n kowlesen f, kowles                            jornalyjiL; jornalyades f, jornalyadesow
jellyfish n morgowlesen f, morgowles                 journey I n viaj m, viajys, viajow; kerdh m,
Jersey top Jersenys f                                 kerdhow II vb viajya; vajyaL
jersey n gwlanek m, gwlanogow                        jowl n chal m, chalys
jest I n jest m, jestys II vb jestya                 joy n lowena f, lowenedhow; joy m, joyys
jet (1) I n (stream) stif m, stifow; (plane) jet     joyful adj heudh
 m, jettys II vb stifa. jet engine stifjyn m,        judge I n barner m, barnoryon, barneryow;
 stifjynnys, stifjynnow. jet lag stiflinder m.        barnores f, barnoresow; juj m, jujys;
 jet stream stifliv m                                 breusyas m, breusysi, breusyjiL;
jet (2) n (mineral) men du m                          breusyades f, breusydesow II vb barna;
jetsam n skomm coll, skommen; skobmL                  breusi; breujiL; jujya
 coll, skobmen                                       judgement n jujment m, jujments; breus f,
jetty n kay m, keyow                                  breusow
Jew n Yedhow m, Yedhewon; 'Edhow f,                  judgmental adj jujmentus; breusel
 Edhewon; Yedhowes f, Yedhowesow;                    jug n podik m, podigow; pycher m, pychers.
 'Edhowes f, 'Edhowesow                               measuring jug podik musura m, podigow
jewel n jowel m, jowelys; tegen f, tegennow,          musura
 tegednowL                                           juggle vb joglya
jewellery n gemweyth m; tegennow pl;                 juggler n jogler m, joglers, jogloryon;
 tegednowL pl                                         joglores f, jogloresow
Jewish adj Yedhowek; 'Edhowek                        jugular adj a'n konna; a'n kodnaL. jugular
jig n (dance) jyg m, jygyow; (movement)               vein gwythien an konna f, gwythi an
 kryghlam m, kryghlammow, kryghlabmowL                konna; gwythien an kodnaL f, gwythi an
jigsaw n (puzzle) gwari mildam m, gwariow             kodna
 mildam                                              juice n sugen m, sugenyow. apple juice
jingle I n tynkyal m, tynkyalyow; (as part of         sugen aval m. fruit juice sugen frooth m.
 advertisement) kanik f, kanigow II tynkyal           orange juice sugen owraval m
jittery adj doutys; nervus                           juicy adj sugnek
job n oberen f, oberennow, oberednowL                July n Gortheren; GorefenL; mis Gortheren;
jog vb goresek                                        mis GorefenL
jogger n goreser m, goresoryon; goresores            jumble I n hendhillas coll, hendhilasen II vb
 f, goresoresow                                       kemyska. jumble sale basar m, basars
join vb junya                                        jump I n lamm m, lammow; labmL m,

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
jumper                                                                                       kill

 labmow II vb lamma; labmaL; lemmel;               kayak n kayak m, kayakys, kayagow
 lebmelL. jump about terlemmel;                    keel n keyn m, keynow
 terlebmelL. jump bail gasa mewgh; gara            keen adj (sharp) lymm; lebmL; (eager)
 mewghL. jump over dreslemmel;                      hwansek. I am keen to mall yw genev a2
 dreslebmelL. jump ship kilfia. jump the           keenness n mall m, mallow
 queue dreslemmel an lost; dreslebmel an           keep I n (castle) tour m, touryow II vb
 lostL                                              gwitha; synsi; senjiL. keep a promise
jumper n (athlete) lammer m, lamoryon;              kewera. keep in touch kestava. keep
 labmerL m, lamoryon; lamores f,                    oneself omwitha. keep to a rule synsi
 lamoresow; (sweater) gwlanek m,                    rewl; senji rowlL. keep up kesstrivya
 gwlanogow                                         keeper n gwithyas m, gwithysi; gwithyades
junction (road) fordh dhibarth f, fordhow           f, gwithyadesow
 dibarth; (streams) kemper m, kemperyow            keepsake n kovro m, kovrohow
June n Metheven; mis Metheven; mis EfenL           kelp n gommon coll; gobmonL coll
jungle n gwylgos m, gwylgosow; jangal m,           kennel n kiji m, kijiow; keunji m, keunjiow;
 janglow                                            keunva f, keunvaow
juniper n merywen f, meryw                         kerchief n lien m, liennyow, liednyowL
junk n atal m; skollyon pl; trednL m. junk         kernel n sprusen f, sprus
 food n boos atal m                                ketchup n kechap m
junkie n (drug addict) stoffki m, stoffkeun        kettle n kalter f, kaltoryow; tekel m, tekels;
Jupiter n Jubyter m; Yow m                          (cooking vessel) chek m, chekys. tea kettle
juridical adj justisek; a'n laha                    n chek te m, chekys te. put the kettle on
jurisdiction n arlottes m                           gorra an galter dhe vryjyon
juror n tiyas m, tiysi, tiyjiL; tiyades f,         kettle-drum n naker m, nakrys
 tiyadesow                                         kettleful n chekas m, chekesow
jury n dewdhek den pl                              key n (lock) alhwedh m, alhwedhow;
just I adj ewn; poran; ewnhynsek;                   (typing) alhwedhen f, alhwedhennow,
 ownhenjekL II adv (only) hepken. just as           alhwedhednowL
 kepar del2; par del2; pekar del2L; kar del2L.     keyboard n bysowek f, bysowegi
 just as it is par del yw. just now                keyhole n toll alhwedh m, tell alhwedh
 namnygen. I have just done it nowyth              keyword n ger alhwedh m, geryow
 gwrys yw genev; nowyth gwres ew                    alhwedh
 gene'vyL                                          kick I n pot m, potow II vb potya
justice n (virtue) ewnder m; justis m;             kid I n (child) flogh m, flehes; (goat)
 (magistrate) justis m, justiyow. chief             mynnen f, mynn II vb gul ges; tolla. are you
 justice n pennjustis m, pennjustisyow;             kidding? es'ta ow kul ges?
 pednjustisL m, pednjustisyow                      kidnap vb argibya; dengibya; denladra
justifiable adj avowadow                           kidnapping n argibyans m, argibyansow;
justify vb avowa; justifia                          denladrans m, denladransow; dengibyans
jute n (fabric) jouta m                             m, dengibyansow
juvenile adj yowynk; yonkL                         kidney n loneth f, lonethi. steak and
kale n kowlen f, kowl                               kidney pie hogen vewin ha loneth f,
kangaroo n kangarou m, kangarous                    hogennow bewin ha loneth
karate n karate m                                  kill vb ladha

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
killer                                                                                    knot

killer n ladher m, ladhoryon; ladhores f,       kiss I n amm m, ammow; abmL m, abmow;
 ladhoresow; denledhyas m, denledhysi;           bay m, bayow; kussyn m, kussynnow,
 denledhyades f, denledhyadesow;                 kussydnowL II vb amma; abmaL; baya. kiss
 (professional or hired) ledhyas m, ledhysi,     somebody amma dhe nebonan; abma dhe
 ledhyjiL; ledhyades f, ledhyadesow              nebonanL. kiss me! amm dhymm! abm
killing n ladhva f, ladhvaow                     dhebm!L
killjoy n ledhyas lowena m, ledhysi lowena,     kit n daffar m
 ledhyji lowenaL; ledhyades lowena f,           kitchen n kegin f, keginow. kitchen
 ledhyadesow lowena                              dresser n lestrier m, lestrieryow. kitchen
kilobyte (recte kibibyte) kilobayt m,            garden erber m, erberow, erbers
 kilobaytys; abbr KB                            kite n (bird) skowl m, skowles; (toy) sarf
kilocalorie n kilokalori m, kilokaloris          neyja f, serf neyja
kilogramme n kilogram m, kilogrammow;           kitten n kathik m, kathigow
 abbr kg                                        knack n wrynch. there's a knack to it res
kilometre n kilometer m, kilometrow; abbr        yw usya wrynch ganso; res ew usya
 km                                              wrynch gans evL
kilt n losten Albanek f, lostennow Albanek,     knead vb tosa
 lostednow AlbanekL; losten vrith f,            knee n glin m, glinyow, dl dewlin, dowlinL.
 lostennow brith, lostednow brithL. Cornish      knee-cap n penn glin m, pennow glin; pedn
 kilt losten vrith Kernewek f, lostennow         glinL m, pednow glin; padel benn glin f,
 brith Kernewek; losten vrith KernowekL f,       padellow penn glin; padel bedn glinL f,
 lostednow Kernowek                              padellow pedn glin
kin n neskar m, neskerens; ehen f, ehennow,     kneel vb mos war benn dewlin; mos war
 ehednowL. next of kin neshevin coll             bedn dowlinL
kind (1) adj (amiable) hegar; hweg; kuv.        kneeling adj war benn glin; war bedn glinL
 kind regards gorhemynadow a'n gwella.          knickers n islavrek m, islavrogow
 be so kind as to del y'm kyrri                 knife n kollel f, kellyl, kelylli. pocket knife
kind (2) n (variety) ehen f, ehennow,            kelyllik f, kelyligow
 ehednowL; kinda m, kindys. that kind of        knife-handle n karn kollan m, karnow
 a'n par na                                      kollan
kindergarten n floghva; skol veythrin f,        knight n marhek m, marhogyon; marhoges
 skolyow meythrin                                f, marhogesow
kindle vb dewi; enowi                           knit vb gwia. knit one's brows plegya tal;
kindly hegar; kolonnek; kolodnekL                plegya toalL
kindness n kuvder m                             knitwear n dillas gwia coll
king n myghtern m, myghternedh; my'ternL        knob n talben m, talbennow, talbednowL
 m, my'ternyow. king size kowrek                knock I n bonk m, bonkys; knouk m,
kingdom gwlaskor f, gwlaskordhow;                knoukys II vb bonkya; knoukya; frappya.
 myghterneth f, myghternethow;                   knock-out competition kesstrif dilea m,
 my'ternethL f, my'ternethow; ruvaneth f,        kesstrifow dilea
 ruvanethow. United Kingdom top                 knocker n (mine spirit) knoukyer m,
 Ruvaneth Unys f; Glwaskor Unys f                knoukyers; kravlost m, kravlostow; (door)
kingship n myghternses m; my'ternsesL m          morthol daras m, mortholow daras
kiosk n kiosk m, kioskys                        knot I n kolm m, kolmow; kolmen f,

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
knotty                                                                                  last

 kolmennow, kolmednowL II vb kelmi              lameness n klefni m
knotty adj kolmek                               lament I n kynvan m, kynvannow,
know-how n gallos m, galosow                     kynvadnowL II vb kyni; galari
knowledge n skians m, skiansow;                 lamentation n kynvan m, kynvannow,
 aswonvos m, aswonvosow                          kynvadnowL
knowledgeable skiansek; meur y skians m;        lamp n lugarn m, lugern. lamp-post n
 meur hy skians f; meur aga skians pl            golowbren m, golowbrennyer,
known adj aswonys; godhvedhys. well              golowbrednyerL
 known godhvedhys yn ta                         lampoon vb gul ges a2
knuckle n mell dorn m, mellow dorn              land I n tir m, tiryow; (country) bro f,
Korea top Korea f. North Korea Korea             broyow; (nation) gwlas f, gwlasow; (region)
 Gledh f. South Korea Korea Dhyhow f             pow m, powyow II vb tira. Land's End
Korean I adj koreek II n (language) Koreek;      Penn an Wlas m; Pedn an WlasL m. on land
 (person) Korean m, Koreans; Koreanes f,         yn tir. the Promised Land an Tiredh a
 Koreanesow                                      Dhedhewadow m
kumquat n owravalik m, owravaligow              landfill n tirlanow m
label I n label m, labelyow II vb staga label   landlady n ostes f, ostesow
 orth                                           landlord n ost m, ostys
laboratory n arbrovji m, arbrovjiow; hwilva     landmark n tirnos m, tirnosow
 f, hwilvaow                                    landscape n tirwedh f, tirwedhow
labour I n hwel m, hwelyow; lavur m,            lane n bownder f, bownderyow
 lavuryow; (childbirth) gwelivos m II vb        language n taves m, tavosow; tavas m,
 lavurya; gonis; travalya. Labour Party          tavosow; yeth f, yethow; 'ethL f, 'ethow
 Parti Lavur m                                  lantern n lugarn m, lugern; lantern m,
labourer n lavuryas m, lavurysi, lavuryjiL;      lanterns
 lavuryades f, lavuryadesow                     lap (1) n barlen f, barlennow, barlednowL
lace n las m, lasow                             lap (2) vb lapya
lack n I n fowt m, fowtys II vb fyllel. tra     laptop n laptop m, laptops; barrlennel f,
 vyth ny fyll dhyn we don't lack anything;       barrlenellow
 we have everything we need                     larch n larchwedhen f, larchwydh,
lad n maw m, mebyon                              larchwedhL
ladder n skeul f, skeulyow                      lard n blonek m, blonegow
ladies (signage) benenes pl                larder n spens m, spensow
ladle n lo ledan f, loyow ledan                 large adj bras; broasL
lady n arlodhes f, arlodhesow                   lark (1) n (bird) ahwesydh m, ahwesydhes
ladybird n buhik Dhuw f, buhigesow Duw          lark (2) n (prank) prat m, prattys
lag vb treynya                                  laryngitis n fagel vriansen f
lair n kovva f, kovvaow; kudhvaM f,             larynx n aval briansen m, avalow briansen
 kudhvaow                                       lass n moren f, morenyon; mowes f,
lake n lynn f, lynnyn; lydnL f, lydnow           mowysi; mo'sL f, mo'si
lamb n on m, eyn                                last I adj diwettha II vb pesya; pejyaL;
lame adj klof; kloppek. lame person              durya. at last wos'tiwedh; wor'tiwedh. last
 kloppek m, kloppogyon; kloppoges f,             night nyhewer. last week y'n seythen usi
 kloppogesow                                     passy(e)s; e'n seythen uji passy(e)sL. last

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
lasting                                                                               learned

 year warlena; warleni                           dedhwi. lay hands on dalhenna;
lasting adj duryadow                             dalhednaL. lay hold of sesya. lay low
late I adj diwedhes; helergh; (deceased)         prosternya. lay open apertya. lay waste
 tremenys II adv a-dhiwedhes                     wastya
lately adv a-gynsow; a-gensowL; a-lergh         lay-by n rypsav m, rypsavow
later I adj diwettha II adv wosa henna; woja    layer n gwiskas m, gwiskasow
 hednaL. see you later (sg) dha weles; (pl)     layman n leg m, legyon
 agas gweles; a'n our                           layout n aray m, arayys, arayow; delinyans
latest adj diwettha                              m, delinyansow
Latin I adj latinek II n (language) Latin m     laywoman n leges f, legesow
latitude n efander m                            laziness n diegi m; diekter m; sygerneth f
latter adj diwettha. the latter an pyth         lazy adj diek; syger
 kampollys diwettha; an peth kampollys          lead (1) I n (electrical) led m, ledyow; (for a
 diwetthaL                                       dog) lesh m, leshyow II vb hembronk; ledya
Latvia n Latvi f                                lead (2) n (metal) plomm m; plobmL m
Latvian I adj latviek II n (language) Latviek   leader n hembrenkyas m, hembrenkysi;
 m; (person) Latvian m, Latvians; Latvianes      hembrenkyades f, hembrenkyadesow;
 f, Latvianesow                                  ledyer m, ledyoryon; ledyores f,
laud I n lawd m, lawdys II vb lawdya             ledyoresow
laugh I n hwarth m, hwarthow II vb              leaf n (of plants) delen f, delyow, delkyowL;
 hwerthin                                        (page) folen f, folennow, folednowL; (paper)
laughable adj hwarthus                           lyven f, lyvennow, lyvednowL
laughter n hwarth m, hwarthow                   leafless adj didhelen
launch vb lonchya                               leaflet n folennik f, folenigow; folednikL f,
laundry n golghti m, golghtiow                   folenigow
lava n lava m                                   leafy adj delek; delennek; delednekL;
lavatory n attesva f, attesvaow; privedhyow      delyowek
 pl                                             league n (union) kesunyans m,
lavish adj gorhel                                kesunyansow
law n laha f, lahys; (act) reyth f, reythyow.   leak I n dowrfols m, dowrfolsyow II vb
 court of law breuslys f, breuslysyow; kort      devera; dyllo dowr
 f, kortys. lynch law laha an lovan f.          leaky adj tollek
 religious law lay f, layys                     lean (1) adj tanow; (of meat) kogh
lawful adj lafyl; herwydh an laha               lean (2) vb posa. lean forward posa
lawless adj dilaha                               war-rag
lawn n glesin m, glesinyow                      leap I n lamm m, lammow; labmL m,
lawn-mower n jynn glesin m, jynnys glesin,       labmow II vb lamma; labmaL; lemmel;
 jynnow glesin                                   lebmelL. leap year bledhen lamm f,
lawsuit n ken m, kenyow                          bledhynnyow lamm; bledhen labmL f,
lawyer n laghyas m, lahysi, lahyjiL;             bledhydnyow labm
 laghyades f, laghyadesow                       learn vb dyski; deskiL. learn from
lax adj logh                                     someone dyski gans nebonan; deski gen
laxity n loheth f                                nebonanL
lay I adj leg II vb laya; pottya; (eggs)        learned adj dyskys; deskysL

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
learner                                                                                  liar

learner n dysker m, dyskoryon; dyskores f,       lensow. contact lens n gwedrik kestav m,
 dyskoresow; deskerL m, deskoryon;               gwedrigow kestav
 deskores f, deskoresow                         Lent n Korawys m
leash n lesh m, leshyow; syg f, sygow           leopard n lewpard m, lewpardes
least adj lyha. at least dhe'n lyha             leper n klavorek m, klarvorogyon;
leather I adj ledhrek II n ledher m, ledhrow     klavoroges f, klavorogesow; leper m, lepers
leave I n kummyas m, kumyasow;                  leprosy n lovryjyon pl; klavor m; kleves
 kubmyasL m, kumyasow II vb gasa; garaL;         bras m; kleves broasL m
 (depart) diberth; diberthi                     lesbian I adj lesbian II n lesbianes f,
leaven n gwel m, gwelow                          lesbianesow
Lebanese I adj lebanek II n (person)            lesion n pystik m, pystigow
 Lebanyas m, Lebanysi, LebanyjiL;               less adv, adj, prn le
 Lebanyades f, Lebanyadesow                     lessen vb lehe
Lebanon top Lebanon m                           lesser adj le
lecture I n areth f, arethyow II vb arethya     lesson n dyskans m, dyskansow; deskansL
lecturer n arethor m, arethoryon; arethores      m, deskanjow; lesson m, lessons
 f, arethoresow                                 lest cnj dout; rag own. take care lest you
leek n poren f, por                              fall (=mind you don't fall) kemmer with
left adj (remaining) gesys; gerysL; (opposite    dout ty dhe godha; kebmer with dout che
 of right) kledh. on the left of a-gledh dhe2    dhe godhaL
left-handed adj kledhek                         let vb (allow) gasa; garaL; (prevent) lettya.
leg n garr f, garrow, dl diwar                   don't let yourself down! gwith dha hanow
legal adj (lahel)                                da rag meth. let up slackya. let me help
legend n henhwedhel m, henhwedhlow               you gas vy dhe'th gweres
legible adj lennus; lednusL                     lethargic adj syger
legion n lyjyon m, lyjyons                      lethargy n diegi m; sygerneth f
leisure n termyn syger m. at leisure            letter n (epistle) lytherM m, lytherow;
 sygerus                                         letherL m, letherow; (character) lytherenM
leisurely adv sygerus                            f, lytherennow; letherenL f, letherednow
lemon n lymmaval m, lymmavalow. lemon           letterbox n kist lytherow f, kistyow
 curd n kowles lymmaval coll                     lytherow; kist letherowL f, kistyow
lend vb lendya; ri kendon; rei kendonL. lend     letherow
 something to someone ri neppyth yn             lettuce n letusen f, letus
 kendon dhe nebonan; rei neppeth en             level I adj kompes; leven II n nivel m,
 kendon dhe nebonanL                             nivelyow III vb komposa; levenhe. be level
length n hys m, hysow; hesL m, hesow;            with bos kompes gans
 hirder m, hirderyow. at length dhe-hys;        lever n kolpes m, kolpesow
 dhe-hesL. of the same length as kehys ha;      lewd adj lewd
 kehes haL                                      lexicon n gerlyverM m, gerlyvrow; gerleverL
lengthen vb hirhe                                m, gerlevrow
lenite vb medhelhe                              liability n kendon f, kendonow
lenition n (2nd state mutation)                 liaise vb keskelmi. keskelmi orth liaise
 medhelheans m, medhelheansow                    with
lens n gwedrik m, gwedrigow; lens f,            liar n gowek m, gowygyon; gowoges f,

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
libel                                                                                       limpid

 gowogesow. you are just liars nyns owgh           gorra tan yn; gorra tan enL; (candle, lamp,
 lemen gowogyon                                    cigarette etc.) enowi. light up golowi;
libel I n kabel m, kablow II vb kabla              golowhe
liberal adj (generous) hel; (tolerant) livrel.    lightbulb n bollen f, bolennow, bolednowL
 Liberal Democratic Parti n Parti Livrel          lighten (1) vb (make less heavy) skafhe
 Gwerinel m. the LibDems n an re LivWer           lighten (2) vb (illuminate) golowi
 pl                                               lighter n enowel f, enowellow; kuner m,
liberate vb livra; fria                            kunoryon
liberated adj livrys; friys; dhe wari             lighterage n morgaryans m
liberation n livreson m, livresons                lighthouse n golowji m, golowjiow
liberty n frankedh m; rydhses m                   lighting n golowyans m, golowyansow
librarian n lyveryas f, lyverysi; lyveryades f,   lightning n luhes coll. bolt of lightning
 lyveryadesow; leveryasL m, leveryji;              luhesen f, luhesennow, luhesednow
 leveryadesL f, leveryadejow                      like (1) I adj haval; hevelep II prp avel; 'velL;
library n lyverva f, lyvervaow; levervaL f,        kepar (ha); pekar (ha)L. like hell malbew
 levervaow                                         damm. like that yndella; endellaL. like this
licence n leshyans m, leshyansow;                  yndelma; endelmaL
 kummyas m, kumyasow; kubmyasL m,                 like (2) vb kara. be liked by bos da gans. I
 kumyasow. driving licence n kummyas               like da yw genev, da ew genamL
 lewya m, kumyasow lewya; kubmyas                 likelihood n lycklod m; gwirhevelepter m
 lewyaL m, kumyasow lewya                         likely adj gwirhaval
lick vb lapya                                     liken vb heveli
lid n gorher m, gorheryow                         likeness n hevelep m, hevelebow. in the
lie (1) n I n (untruth) gow m, gowyow II vb        likeness of yn hevelep a2; yn hevelep dhe2
 gowleverel; leverel gow. barefaced lie gow       likewise adv keffrys; keffresL; ynwedh;
 diveth m, gowyow diveth                           y'wedhL
lie (2) vb (recline) gorwedha; growedha           lily n lilien f, lili. lily of the valley losowen
lieutenant n leftenant m, leftenants               an hav f, losow an hav
life n bewnans m, bewnansow; bownansL m,          limb n esel m, eseli
 bownanjow                                        lime n (fruit) limaval m, limavalow
lifebelt n grugys sawya m, grugysyow              limelight n kalghwolow m,
 sawya                                             kalghwolowyow. in the limelight yn lagas
lifeboat n skath sawya f, skathow sawya            an bys; en lagas an besL
lifestyle n bewedh m, bewedhow                    limestone n kalgh m
lifetime n termyn bewnans m, termynyow            limit I n fin f, finyow; finweth f, finwethow
 bewnans; termyn bownansL m, termynyow             II vb finwetha
 bownans                                          limited adj strothys
lift I n (elevator) yskynnel f, yskynellow;       limp vb kloppya. walk with a limp kerdhes
 yskydnelL f, yskynellow; (in a car) gorrans       yn unn gloppya; bos kloppek. limping
 m, goransow II vb drehevel; derevelL;             person kloppek m, kloppogyon; kloppoges
 lyftya. give a lift gorra; ri gorrans; rei        f, kloppogesow
 gorransL. thumb a lift diskwedhes an meus        limpet n brenigen f, brennik; bernigenL f,
light (1) adj (not heavy) skav                     bernik
light (2) I n golow m, golowys II vb (fire)       limpid adj ylyn; elynL

                            SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
line                                                                                        load

line n linen f, linennow, linednowL; lin m,        tan
 linyow; (row) rew m, rewyow                      literacy n lettryseth f; gallos redya coll
linear adj linyek                                 literal adj herwydh an lytherenM; herwydh
linen n linen f, lin                               an letherenL. literal translation treylyans
liner n (cosmetics) pyncel linenna m,              ger rag ger
 pyncels linenna; pyncel linednaL m, pyncels      literary adj liennek; liednekL
 linedna                                          literate adj lettrys
linesman n linenner m, linenoryon;                literature n lien m, liennow, liednowL
 linednerL m, linenoryon                          Lithuania top Lithuani f
ling n grug m, grugow                             Lithuanian I adj lithuaniek II n (language)
linger vb tarya                                    Lithuaniek m; (person) Lithuanian m,
ling-fish n lenes f, lenesow, lenejow              Lithuanians; Lithuanianes f,
linguist n yethor m, yethoryon; yethores f,        Lithuanianesow
 yethoresow                                       litre n liter m, litrow
linguistics n yethonieth f                        litter I n (transportation) gravath f,
lining n ispan m, ispannow, ispadnowL              gravathow; (animal bedding) nogadh m,
link I n (of a chain) mell m, mellow; (tie)        nogadhow; (animal brood) torras m,
 kolm m, kolmow; (internet) kevren f,              torasow; (rubbish) strol m II vb strolya
 kevrennow, kevrednowL II vb keskelmi;            little I adj byhan; bian; bohes; munys II adv
 junya                                             nebes III n nebes m. little son maban m,
lintel n penn daras m, pennow daras; pedn          mebyn. little by little nebes ha nebes;
 darasL m, pednow daras                            tamm ha tamm; tabm ha tabmL
lion n lew m, lewyon; lion m, lions. lion cub     live I adv (event) yn fyw; yn fewL II vb (be
 lewik m, lewesigow. lion tamer dover              alive) bewa; (at a place) bos trigys. he lives
 lewyon m, dovoryon lewyon; dovores                at St. Ives yma va trigys yn Porth Ia, ma va
 lewyon f, dovoresow lewyon                        trigys en Por' IaL. live together kesvewa.
lioness n lewes f, lewesow                         live at the back of beyond bos trigys yn
lip n gweus f, gweusyow, dl diwweus. lip           argel. live on something bewa orth
 balm eli gweus m, eliow gweus. lip gloss          neppyth
 lenter gweus m. lip salve eli gweus m,           liveliness n bewder m
 eliow gweus                                      lively adj byw; bewL; bewek; (quick) buan;
lipstick n liw gweus m, liwyow gweus; liw          dyllo
 min m, liwyow min; rudh min m                    liver n avi m, aviow
liquid I adj linyel II n lin m, linyow.           living I adj byw; bewL II n bewnans m,
 washing-up liquid (detergent) lin sebon           bewnansow; bownansL m, bownansow.
 m, linyow sebon                                   earn a living dendyl bewnans; dendyl
liquor n las m, lasow                              bownansL. among the living yn-mysk an
lisp I n stlavedh m II vb stlevi                   re vyw; en-mesk an re vewL. where are
lisping adj stlavedh                               you living? ple'th os ta trigys? within
list n rol f, rolyow                               living memory a-ji dhe gov den; a-jei dhe
listen vb goslowes. listen to goslowes orth        gov denL
listener n goslowyas m, goslowysi,                living-room n esedhva f, esedhvaow
 goslowyjiL; goslowyades f, goslowyadesow         lizard n pedrevan f, pedrevanes
lit adj golowys; enowys; gans golow; gans         load I n karg m, kargow; sawgh m, sawhow;

                           SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
loaf                                                                                         lot

 begh m, behow II vb karga                         pell; pell dhe'n eur ma; termyn pell
loaf (1) n (of bread) torth f, torthow             alemma; termyn pell alebmaL.
loaf (2) vb (waste time) tarya                     long-distance call galow a-bell m,
lobby I n (pressure group) bagas gwaskas           galowyow a-bell. no longer na fella
 m, bagasow gwaskas, bagajow gwaskasL;            longer adj hirra
 (corridor) tremenva f, tremenvaow II vb          longest adj an hirra
 gwaska                                           long-haired adj blewek; hir y vlew m; hir
lobe n lappa m, lappys                             hy blew f; hir aga blew pl
lobster n legest m, legesti                       longing I adj hirethek II n hireth f, hirethow
local I adj teythyek; leel II n teythyek m,       long-sighted adj hirwelyek
 teyhtyogyon; teythyoges f, teythyogesow          long-standing adj hen
localism n leelieth f                             longstone n men hir m, meyn hir
locality n tyller m, tyleryow                     long-winded adj hir y gows f; hir hy hows f;
locate vb desedha                                  hir aga hows pl
location n tyller m, tyleryow; tellerL m,         look I (gaze) golok f, gologow; tremmyn m,
 teleryow                                          tremynnow; (appearance) mir m, mirow II
lock I n (on a door) floren f, florennow,          vb mires. look after gwitha war2. look at
 florednowL; (water) yet dhowr f, yettys           mires orth. look down on dispresya. look
 dowr II vb alhwedha; prenna; prednaL              for hwilas. look here int ottomma;
locker n amari m, amaris; ambriL m, ambris         ottobmaL. look into hwithra. look out
locket n florennik f, florenigow; florednikL f,    kemeres with. look there int ottena. look
 florenigow                                        upon mires war2
locust n lokust m, lokustes                       loose adj lows
lodge I (gatehouse) porthorji m,                  loosen vb lewsel; lowselL
 porthorjiow; (of a secret organisation)          loot I n preydh m, preydhyow II vb preydha
 kevrinva f, kevrinvaow II vb ostya               lord I n arludh m, arlydhi II vb lord it over
lodger n ostyas m, ostysi; ostyades f,             routya. House of Lords Chi an Arlydhi;
 ostyadesow                                        Chei an ArlydhiL. Lord's Prayer pader m,
lodging ostyans m, ostyansow                       paderow
loft n soler m, soleryow                          lorry n kert m, kertow. lorry driver lewyer
log I n prenn m, prennyer; prednL m,               kert m, lewyoryon gert; lewyores kertL f,
 prednyer; kyf m, kyfyon II vb (log in)            lewyoresow kert
 omgelmi; (log out) omdenna; omdednaL             lose vb (mislay; be deprived of) kelli; (be
logic n reson m; lojyk m                           defeated) fyllel. lose consciousness
logical adj herwydh reson; herwydh lojyk           klamdera. lose out on fyllel a2
logistics n logystek f                            loser n kollor m, koloryon; kolores f,
London top Loundres                                koloresow
loneliness n hireth f; (of a place) unikter m     loss n koll m, kollow; kolles f, kolesow;
lonely adj (person) digoweth; hirethek;            (defeat) fall m, fallow. danger of loss argol
 (place) pell dhyworth tus                         m. state of loss kolva f, kolvaow
long adj hir; pell. all day long dres an jydh;    lost adj kellys. be lost mos dhe goll
 dres an jedhL; dres an jorna. as long as         lot n (share) rann f, rannow; radnL f,
 hedre2. in the long term war an diwedh;           radnow; (gambling) prenn m, prennyer;
 wos'tiwedh; wor'tiwedh. long ago nans yw          prednL m, prednyer. a lot of meur a2 (+pl);

                             SWF dictionary, PDF version, 01/05/2012
lotion                                                                                         mad

 lies (+sg)                                         lukewarm adj mygyl
lotion n lin m, linyow; golghlin m,                 lull I n spaven f, spavennow, spavednowL;
 golghlinyow                                         spavnel f, spavnellow II vb spavenhe;
lottery n gwari dall m, gwariow dall                 koselhe; lolla
loud adj uhel; heglow; heglewM                      lullaby n hungan f, hunganow
loudness n uhelder m, uhelderyow                    luminous adj golow; splann; spladnL.
loudspeaker n uhelgowser m,                          luminous intensity krevder golow m
 uhelgowsoryon                                      lump n bothen m (f), bothennow,
lounge n esedhva f, esedhvaow                        bothednowL
lovage n gwyles m, gwylesow                         lunar adj lorel
love I n kerensa f; kerenjaL f; (terms of           lunatic I adj muskok; badus; lorek II n
 endearment) melder m, melderyow II vb               muskok m, muskogyon; muskoges f,
 kara. love-sick klav dre gerensa                    muskogesow; lorek m, lorogyon; loroges f,
loveliness n tekter m                                lorogesow
lovely adj teg                                      lunch I n li f, livyow; livM f, livyow; (picnic
lover n karer m, karoryon; karores f,                lunch) kroust m, kroustyow II vb livya
 karoresow                                          lung n skevens pl
loving adj karadow; kerensedhek;                    lust n lust m, lustys
 kerenjedhekL; kuv                                  lute n lut m, lutys
low adj isel                                        luxuriant adj fethus
lower I adj woles; is- II adv a-woles; a-is III     luxurious adj gorlanwesek
 vb iselhe                                          luxury n gorlanwes m
lowest adj isella                                   -ly sffx yn5
lowly adj uvel                                      lying (1) adj (dishonest) gowek; mingow
loyal adj lel                                       lying (2) adj (reclining) a'y worwedh
Loyalist n Lelyas m, Lelysi; Lelyades f,            lynch vb lynchya. lynch law laha an lovan f
 Lelyadesow                                         lyric adj telynnek; telydnekL
loyalty n lelder m; leowta m                        lyrics geryow pl
lozenge n losanj m, losanjys; (shap