Why does wood worm attacking the old types of plywood and avoid modern types by yosifmasr


									 ?Why does wood worm attacking the old types of plywood and avoid modern types

The first attempts to make plywood (which is glued layers of wood compressed on top
of each other to form a single piece of wood without the emergence of what keeps her
 out) bad in terms of strength and ability and cohesion afford to use. And was always
prone to invasion Dodd Wood. The modern species that appeared at the beginning of
  the sixties were wonderful and strong and do not suffer any problems. What is the

Carpenters were using in the past many types of glue extracted from animal products,
  and one of the most famous kind used in the manufacture of wooden tools, was
   extracted from the milk. The most famous type of glue, was extracted from the
 cooked bones of animals (cattle) and boiled well with water. Here are aware of the
   cause of the problems of timber later. Because the glue was absorbs water very
                  .strongly, which spoil the piece made of plywood

                           ?But what about the worm wood

    Worm wood is the arch-enemy of wooden furniture, where its presence leads to
  sabotage large in the trunks of felled trees, consisting of boats and rafts and home
   result prior malice, but they do so to generate furnishings. These worms not eat
   .enough energy to live and multiply so struggling to build the nutrients you need

    Among the most important food groups that you need are nitrogen compounds
 consisting of building proteins. The timber lacks this kind, so have the worm to eat a
large amount of wood relative to their size, of course. In general, the Dodd Wood eats
 any kind of wood, whether harsh or fragile, and of course the big energy spent by the
 worm in Waltham Hardwood there would be a larger amount of food groups that you
    take. If it was like this, to allocate worms in certain types of wood, because the
offerings of food. But the truth is different, wood Vdod follow general rules. However
  human intervention when making plywood and use of animal origin glue provides
   Dodd became an important protein that is ready to eat. No wonder the worms are
attracted towards this kind. Not that it must have been for them equal to the stock dish
                       .grilled steak in front of a very hungry person

 But unfortunately there is no so-called free food, as the situation does not continue
 forever. With the increased use of glue industrial complex starting from the sixties,
   the good varieties of plywood became excellent in terms of durability and water
 resistance At the same time, the Dodd Wood has his chance easy in the presence of
            .protein-ready so that it became for this type thing of the past

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