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									Microsoft Dynamics GP is a robust enterprise resource management system from the house
of NexTec Group that will help your organization to fight tight margins and help to increase
profitability for your business, This unique software will encompass all the key functionality
that you need to manage your business successfully. So here, in this article we will try to
focus on how this unique software solves all your management issues and helping to earn
your targeted profit in a short span of time.

NexTec Group is a leading business solutions provider, renowned for delivering
comprehensive ERP, CRM, and sales automation solutions targeting the unique needs of all
of its clients. With having more than 18 years of experience in this field, the NexTec Group
works consistently to address the industrial challenges faced by distributors,
manufacturers, professional service agencies, government organizations, healthcare
facilities, non-profit organizations , financial service firms, oil companies etc.

Why to choose Microsoft Dynamic GP as your Enterprise Management
With Microsoft Dynamic GP, you can turn your company and business vision into a reality as
it provide you with a solution that gives you total control on the overall activities of your
company and business. It helps you to take smart decisions on right time for your business
and thus helping to affect your margins and thereby improve your cash flow to a large
extent. This software has been acting as a Dynamic GP and comes with the following

      Business Intelligence & Reporting : - Microsoft Dynamic GP act as a business
       intelligence and reporting software for your business by helping you in forecasting
       and tracking report on your ongoing business performance and historic numbers.
      Act as an HR & Payroll Management: - It helps you to simplify human resource
       activities of your company with effective internal cost management and payment
       system services.
      Help To Manage Your Project : - Helps to monitor and manage project performance
       for the day to day activities of your business starting from planning to billing,
       including budgets, resources, time and equipment.
      Act as Financial Management : - The software plays a pivotal role in managing all
       your financial activities giving you a total financial control with complete
       organizational visibility. Thus helping you to take strategic decisions through real
       time data.
      Act As an Effective Supply Chain Management: - Helps with effective maintenance of
       your inventory and order management tools for a more organized warehouse.
      Service Management : - Helps in effective management of your support team,
       including customer service, dispatching, in-house and field technicians and others
       thus giving you a total control over your internal management of your company.
   Act as Manufacturing Manager : - Helps in reducing your operating costs through
    better planned production and resource allocation. Thus helping you to reach your
    goal effectively with fewer expenses.
   Management of Fixed Assets : - This very software also helps you to manage the
    fixed asset of your enterprise in an effective manner. Further, it also keeps track all
    of your depreciation and help to reconcile your data.

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