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On behalf of DUWASA Board of Directors, I am pleased to submit an annual report for the year
2010/2011 attests to the continued growth of the Dodoma Urban Water Supply and Sewerage
Authority (DUWASA) in its quest to become one of the most efficiently managed water utilities
in Tanzania and the World at large. I am delighted to report that we qualified for and obtained a
Clean Certificate for the year 2010/2011 Audited Financial Accounts. The Authority’s financial
statements for the year ended 30th June, 2011 were duly audited by M/s. Mekonsult on behalf of
the Office of the Controller and Auditor General (CAG).

Despite the volatile business environment, which was characterised by high electricity bills,
fluctuating prices of fuel and pipes and fittings, the Authority managed to keep afloat and
perform exemplarily. Indeed, it was a very big challenge to apprehend from the level of the
Board, Management to the lowest staff level in the Authority’s hierarchy. Today, I am proud to
say that we successfully sailed through after hard work and zeal; the Authority has managed to
cover all of its operations and maintenance costs plus part of replacement and investment costs.

Financial performance shows a growth in revenue collection from Tsh. 3.922 billion in
2009/2010 to Tsh. 4.974 in 2010/2011. This is an increase of 27%.

Incomes generated from various activities like sewerage services, water connections and
reconnection fees and other incomes was also a bit higher compared to the previous year. This
is a clear indication that there is a remarkable progressive performance improvement. The
overall achievement is the bridging of the gap between annual revenue collection and overall
total operation and maintenance costs including replacement and depreciation costs.

On the other hand, customer base expanded from 20,158 customers in the year 2009/2010 to
21,934 customers in 2010/2011 thus contributing to the increase in income generated. While the
sewerage customers’ base expanded from 4060 in 2009/2010 to 4,300 in 2010/2011.

1.1 Water and Sewerage Projects
During the financial year 2010/2011, DUWASA implemented the following projects:

1.1.1 Project Implemented to Improve Water supply and Sewerage Disposal Services

Improvement of provision of water supply and sewerage disposal services to the residents of
Dodoma was the main focus of DUWASA. This is in line with Authority’s strategy of meeting
                             “MAJI KWA MAISHA SALAMA; WATER FOR SAFE LIVING”
ever increasing water demand. This “skyrocketing” increase in water demand has been
significantly contributed by establishment of higher learning institutions in the town such as
Dodoma University which has already enrolled more than 26,000 students since its
establishment in 2007 and the plan is to have about 40,000 students by the end of 2015. On the
other hand, this is taken by DUWASA as business advantage.

In an effort to overcome this challenge, DUWASA in collaboration with other development
partners implemented several water supply projects aiming at improving water supply services
to the University as well as to several urban areas of Dodoma as follows:

      Drilling of new water production boreholes at the University of Dodoma

This project was initiated with the main purpose of augmenting the amount of water supplied to
UDOM from DUWASA sources which was about 50% of the required demand. The plan was to
                                                     drill at least four (4) with a capacity of
                                                     producing at least 2,400m3/day at the
                                                     University’s neighborhood villages. The
                                                     project was successfully implemented
                                                     between March, and October, 2011 by
                                                     drilling 5 boreholes with a cumulative
                                                     production capacity of about 2,500m3/day
                                                     at a total cost of Tsh. 1.42Bil/-.

 DUWASA staff testing one of the successful completed
                Borehole at UDOM

                              “MAJI KWA MAISHA SALAMA; WATER FOR SAFE LIVING”
                                                      Construction of sewerage treatment ponds
                                                 for the Dodoma University

                                                 The project was initiated following an alarming
                                                 danger of breakdown of water related diseases to the
                                                 student community due to lack of proper waste
                                                 water treatment and disposal services.

                                                 DUWASA in collaboration with the Ministry of
                                                 Water started construction of Waste Stabilization
                                                 Ponds (WSP) in April, 2011 and completed in
                                                 September, 2011. The constructed ponds include
                                                 Anaerobic pond (1 unit), Facultative ponds (2units)
                                                 and Constructed wetland (1 unit). Total cost for
                                                 construction works is Tshs. 370mil/= and the ponds
                                                 are operational since October, 2011.
One of the completed ponds in operation at
   UDOM (College of Social Sciences)

   1.2 Water supply extension projects

   During the same financial year, the Authority through its own revenue and borrowing from
   financing institutions, managed to implement several water supply extension projects to areas of
   Ilazo, Kisasa, Miyuji kwa Mwatano, Mbwanga, Chang’ombe extension, Nkuhungu and Kizota
   Industrial area. A total of 23km of water supply distribution system was constructed at a total
   cost of Tshs 758,970,570/=. The project increased water supply distribution coverage from 245
   as per June, 2010 to 268km in June, 2011.

   1.3 Projects Under Preparation

          Water Supply Improvement Project in Dodoma Municipality Financed by Soft
           loan from the Government of South Korean
   This is a big project which is financed by soft loan from South Korea (money borrowed from
   Exim Bank – South Korea). The project aims at improving water source, transmission and
   distribution mains at an estimated cost of 49.6mil USD under phase one. The Consultant
   (Saman Corporation from Korea) signed the contract on 22nd June, 2011 and is expected to
   complete his task in December, 2011. Thereafter, construction works shall commence.

                                “MAJI KWA MAISHA SALAMA; WATER FOR SAFE LIVING”
                                        Project under Water Sector Development Programme (WSDP)
                  DUWASA has offloaded tender for construction of Dodoma University Water supply and
                  sewerage works. Bidders are expected to submit their bids on 12 October, 2011.

                                      Projects under Implementation
              The projects which were implemented in the financial year 2010/2011 is as follows:


S/N       Area /location   Distance        Start date       Completion date          project costs - Labour/works            Pipes’ costs        Fittings’ costs
                                                                                                      Other sources
                                                                                 DUWASA               (Beneficiaries)
          Ilazo west                       28th July,
 1        Block E.           200m          2010             7th August, 2010     700,000.00                 392,000.00       275,170.00                300,000.00

          Ilazo east                       30th July,
 2        Block D            200m          2010             10th August, 2010    700,000.00                 241,500.00       275,170.00                250,000.00
          Kisasa B-                        16th July,
 3        Centre             150m          2010             30th August, 2010    520,000.00                 266,000.00       204,412.00                264,000.00

          Miyuji kwa                       September,
 4        Mwatano            900m             2010            12th Oct, 2010     2,400,000.00             1,600,000.00       1,218,610.00              620,000.00

          Ilazo west                       November,         17th November,
 5        Block G.           250m            2010                 2010           1,200,000.00             1,000,000.00       345,928.00                340,000.00

          Grand total                                                               5,520,000.00        3,499,500.00             2,319,290.00       1,774,000.00


                                                                    Completi        project costs -
S/N       Area /location        Distance          Start date         on date        Labour/works                 Pipes costs                      Fittings costs
                                                                                 DUWASA                  Other sources
      1   Ilazo               19.6km                    10/3/2011   2011                  319,913,695                    0         176,610,000            34828700
          Mbwanga-                                                  August,
      2   Distribution        12km                      10/3/2011   2012                  161,125,915                    0          86,856,000           24,823,500
      3   Transmission        8.5km             20/12/2010          July, 2011            268,911,460                    0         186,287,460    21,944,000.00

          Grand total                                                             749,951,070.00                         -     449,753,460.00       81,596,200.00
          Total leght after the investment      268km

                                                        “MAJI KWA MAISHA SALAMA; WATER FOR SAFE LIVING”

    2.1 Planning and Implementation:
DUWASA pursues its vision and mission guided by the principle of stakeholders’ participation.
Stakeholders both customers and employees are consistently involved in the processes of
planning and implementation of the Authority’s goals hence increasing efficiency of the
operations. DUWASA normally conducts at least four stakeholders’ consultative meetings of
different categories annually. The programmes targeted at the following:

      Making the stakeholders informed of the implementation of the National Water Policy
       particularly the Urban Water Policy.
      The role of stakeholders towards full cost recovery in the operations and expansion of
       networks for both clean and sewerage services.
      The rights and responsibilities of both the stakeholders and the Authority towards the
       improvement of watersupply service in Dodoma urban.
      Improved Communication and information flow between the Authority and its
      The participation of stakeholders towards the improvement of water and sewerage
      The role of stakeholders in the protection of water infrastructure such as water sources,
       pipes, machines etc.
      Various challenges facing DUWASA.
      The way forward.

   The Authority has planned for more educative and sensitization programmes including
   publications and promotional materials on water supply and sewerage services for the year
   2011/2012        including      publications       and       promotional       materials.

2.1.1 Customer Service Charter
The Authority has a Customer Service Charter which stipulates well the rights and
responsibilities of both the customers and the Authority. The charter has increased customers’
awareness on the services and operations of DUWASA and contributes a lot towards the
success of the Authority.

2.1.2 Relationship with key institutional stakeholders
DUWASA has maintained mutual relationship with its key stakeholders such as Regional
Authorities, Municipality, Police, Court and CDA and the Media; the move which smoothens
operations of the Authority. Involvement of stakeholders has smoothens running of DUWASA

2.1.3 Research
The Authority gives great emphasis on research as one way of improving its services to its
customers through various modes such as interviews, questionnaires and suggestions. Research
in various operations will continuously be conducted for better performance.
                             “MAJI KWA MAISHA SALAMA; WATER FOR SAFE LIVING”
2.1.4 Future Emphasis:
It is interesting to note that Dodoma urban is now expanding very fast, day and night, left and
right due to improved water-supply services in contrast to nine years ago when water rationing
was the order of the day, thus underscoring the saying that “Maji kwa Maisha Salama; Water
for Safe Living”.

Against this background, my Authority is confronted with a challenge of coping up with the
pace of town expansion due to limited funds from its own sources to cater for water distribution
network extensions.

In order to counter the prevailing situation DUWASA will embark on the following strategies:
   Increase customers’ base by extending distribution network to various needy areas as
     Dodoma is now expanding very fast. This will be done by setting aside funds from
     monthly water collection, support from the Central Government as well as approaching
     well wisher donors.
   Connect more customers to the waste water network.

Sincerely, it is my Board’s belief and responsibility to see to it that our customers and especially
the disadvantaged people e.g. elderly, the poor, women, children etc are accorded with societal
benefits such as accessibility to clean water supply.

2.1.5 Appreciation The Ministry of Water
On behalf of the Board, I wish to acknowledge and thank for the support of the Government
through the Ministry of Water for providing guidance and strategic direction to the Authority
and above all special thanks go to the Minister, Deputy Minister, Permanent Secretary, Deputy
Permanent Secretary and Directors for their continued personal attention and assistance to our
Authority. The Board of Directors
Once again, I recognize and I am indebted to my fellow Members of the Board of Directors,
indeed, it has been a pleasure to chair a Board of Directors, which is dedicated to the success of
DUWASA. They have taken responsibility for the direction of the Authority and provided
advice, vision and assistance whenever it was needed. I thank them and look forward to our
continued cooperation, commitment and dedication. The Management, Staff and other Stakeholders
The success of the Authority during this financial year was due to the dedication and committed
management and staff working as a cohesive team with the Board. I would like to pay tribute to
this team spirit.

The achievements we have made are a result of strong teamwork, effective planning and the
continued focus to meet all challenges and to harness all opportunities. Therefore in this year of
significant achievements and excellent results, I would like to thank the Executive Management
Team, Staff and all Stakeholders for a well done job and continued dedication to the Authority.
                              “MAJI KWA MAISHA SALAMA; WATER FOR SAFE LIVING”
I would like to record my appreciation and that of my fellow Directors to the Dodoma Regional
and District Authorities, the Municipal Council, Capital Development Authority, as well as the
Law enforcement organs for their full cooperation rendered to us. I ask them again to continue
to cooperate with DUWASA to achieve even more excellent performance in the challenging
environment we are. As Mwalimu Nyerere, the first President of Tanzania said, “It can be done;
play your part”.

Dodoma Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Authority’s guiding credo is: “Maji kwa Maisha
Salama; Water for Safe Living”. In the excellence of business environment of today, nothing
could be further from the truth. It is this simple philosophy that keeps us focused in everything
we do and is the one that is ultimately responsible for our success as water Authority. We are
therefore grateful for the full support and loyalty we enjoy from our customers, which inspires
us to perform and to excel.

On the human resources development side, there has been a continued focus on our people with
a strong emphasis on staff training. We are pleased that we have continued to attract the best as
well as nurture an environment where staff can perform at their best and realise their full

Continuous learning through formal training to our staff as well as seminars and study tours for
both staff and Board Members will be given a very special emphasis by the Board; the aim is to
realise new techniques and tactics for service improvement.

                  Together, we look forward to more success in the year 2011/2012.

                                Ms. Sarah D. Mwaga

                             “MAJI KWA MAISHA SALAMA; WATER FOR SAFE LIVING”

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