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									    CORE CAPABILITIES                                     EIT
•   Project Management                 Engineering & Information Technologies
                                       (EIT), Inc. is a woman-owned small
•   System Deployment
                                       disadvantaged business (SDB) with a nine
•   Systems Engineering                year track       record of successful past

•   Environmental/Safety Engineering
                                       performance. EIT’s areas of expertise
                                       include program management, engineering
                                                                                      YOUR CHOICE
•   Test And Evaluation                services,      environmental  and
                                       engineering, technical documentation,
                                                                            safety       FOR
•   Field Support, Training            acquisition planning, data management,
                                       configuration       management,    process
•   Web-based Development              improvement, requirements analysis and
•   Process Improvement                systems testing. EIT provides security
                                       support through risk assessments and
•   Database Development               development of security plans. EIT has
                                       extensive expertise in DT&E, OT&E and
•   Configuration Management           field testing.
•   Information Management
•   Flight Service System Support
•   Budgeting, Quality Assurance               Contract Vehicles
•   Implementation Acceptance                                  eFA ST
                                                       Flight Service Systems
•   Information Assurance                                      S WI M
                                                            DA TACOMM
•   Risk Assessments                         Fac ilities Operations & Maintenenance
•   Laboratory Setups
•   Documentation Processing            Corporate Headquarters
•   Technical Writing, Editing                         1201 New Road
                                                          Suite 131
•   Software Development                             Linwood, NJ 08221
                                                     Tel (609) 837-6275
•   Training Seminars                                   www.
                                                   Facilities Operations and Maintenance                    Flight Service Systems Support
The Electronic FAA Accelerated and Simplified     EIT is responsible f or managing and providing        EIT provides engineering and lif ecycle test
Tasks (eFAST) program is the FAA’s preferred      technical support to the FAA William J Hughes         support for National Airspace System (NAS )
                                                  Technical Center (WJHTC) Environmental,               Flight Service Automation Systems (FSAS).
acquisition vehicle for fulfilling Agency Small
                                                  Safety.     We provide t echnical support to          including Flight Service 21, Operational &
Business goals to provide comprehensive
                                                  Environmental and Safety personnel supporting         Supportability    Implementation     System
management, engineering and technical             the Environmental Engineering and Safety              (OASIS), Notices To Airmen (NOTAM),
support services. eFAST is a multi-year MOA       Program.     EIT      supports WJHTC facilities,      NOTAM Distribution System (NDS), Direct
program offering a wide array of labor            including the NAS Test and Evaluation                 Us er Access Terminal (DUAT) Services, Flight
categories with fixed ceiling rates.              Laboratories, NAS R&D Facilities, Pavements           Service Station Engineering and Test (FSS
                                                  Research Facility, Aviation Safety R&D Facility       E&T) Laboratory, Alaska Area Flight Services
EIT’s Approved Functional Areas are:              and the Human Factors Laborat ory. Our                (Odyssey, DA WN, and AFS Modernization
• Air Transportation Support (ATS)                ex perience covers all phases of Environment al &     S y stem).
• Business Admin & Management (BAM)               Safety      Engineering     support      including
                                                  understanding of US E nvironmental P rotection
                                                                                                                Airport and Aircraft Safety
• Engineering Services (ES)
                                                  Agency, State       and OSHA regulations and          EIT supported the FAA Airport and Aircraft
• Com puter/Info Systems Development
                                                  proc edures. EIT provides technical support to        Safety R& D Division, ATO-P (AAR-400) wit h
 (CSD)                                            environmental staff for training present ations,      preparing, editing, rewriting, researching, and
• Computer Systems Support (CSS)                  ISO certification processes, and coordination of      proc essing complex technical reports and
• Doc umentation & Training (D&T)                 programs wit h the FAA and Transportation             ot her technical documentation prepared by
                                                  Security Laboratory Safety Programs. We               t ec hnical program and project personnel.
eFAST is FAA’s Preferred Acquisition Vehicle      provide      space      management,        material
for Small Business Solutions and:                 management, environment al and hazardous                              Data Comm
                                                  mat erial support, and administrative functions.
                                                                                                        EIT provides security and engineering support
Available to all Federal Agencies                                                                       to the ATO Information Security team on the
• Satisfies Small Business requirements                                                                 Data Comm Program. We are responsible for
• Multiple contract types with performance-        System Wide Information Management                   documents including Security Architecture,
 based solutions available                                                                              Security     CONOPS,        ISSP,     System
                                                  EIT provides systems engineering, lifecycle test      Requirements and Security Risk Assessment.
• Streamlined procurement lead times
                                                  support, integration, maintenance, site transition,   We provided guidance to team members on
• One-stop Full Service Procurement Services      simulation development and execution. We              ISS principles and practices and identified
• Adherence to acquisition excellence             support security efforts including contingency        control according to FAA orders, policies and
• Access to trusted and reliable small business   planning, risk assessment and mitigation,             laws.
 industry partners                                vulnerability analysis, and development of
• Dedication to customer support and              security plans. We assisted the FAA in setting up
                                                                                                           Business & Program Management
 satisfaction                                     and running the SWIM prototype laborat ory for        EIT provided expertise & leadership resulting
• Proven performance track record                 the testing of concepts, system interfaces and the    in bot h the WJHTC & ADL Program achieving
• Low fee-for-service: 3 percent                  development of prototype test procedures. We          FAA iCMM Lev el 2. We developed and
                                                  als o provide lab acquisition and material support.   implemented a P rocess Improvement Training
                                                                                                        Program and conducted quality assurance,
To learn more about the program visit or email
                                                                                                        project    planning,  contract  management
                                                                                                        s upport, budgeting and OMB s upport.

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