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! Eligibility   to   the   Big   Ticket   cash   incentives   or   overseas   trips   are   subject   to   adherence   to   the   new  
  discount  policy.
! Incentive  applies  to  all  seasons  on  sale  for  the  period  26  December  2011  –  29  February  2012.
! Nine  in  house  targets  are  classed  as:  1)  Mainstream,  2)Style  Collection,  3)  Neilson,  4)  Club  1830  &  
  Big  Snow  Festival,  5)  Thomas  Cook  Sports,  6)  London  2012,  7)  Scheduled  Brands,  8)  Flexibletrips  
  and  9)  Cruise.
! Mainstream,   Style   Collection,   Neilson,   Club   18-­30,   Thomas   Cook   Sports   and   London   2012   targets  
  are  all  based  on  passengers  and  include  IT  Package  passengers  only.
! Scheduled  Businesses,  Flexibletrips,  Cruise  and  Attraction  World  targets  are  all  based  on  sales.  
! Holiday  types/brochures  included  in  each  target  are  listed  below:
         o Mainstream: Thomas Cook, Airtours, Manos, Escapades
         o Style Collection: Villas with Style, Holidays with Style, Ultimate Style, Adult Style, MyStyle
         o Neilson: Neilson Ski, Neilson Beachclubs, Neilson Lakes and Mountains, Neilson
              Adventures, Neilson Sailing, Swiss Travel Service Lakes and Mountains Swiss Travel Service
         o Club 18-30: IT Packages. Includes The Big Snow Festival
         o London 2012 and Paralympics - Packages
         o Thomas Cook Sport (excludes Holiday Clubs bookings)
         o Scheduled Businesses: Flight only, Car Hire, Hotel only, Netflights packages, TC Tours
              packages, TCS packages, TCS Hotel only, Cresta Packages, Elegant Resorts packages,
              Pure Luxury packages, Gold Medal packages, Gold Medal hotels, Gold Medal car hire and
              Gold Medal flight only.
         o Flexibletrips: Packages, Flight Only, Accomm Only, Transfer Only, Eurostar Package,
              Eurostar Only, Airport Hotel Only, Airport Hotel with Parking, UK Breaks Hotel Only &
              Package, Flexi Cruise, Attraction World.
         o Cruise: All Cruise Suppliers (same target as received on 1st December – sales to date will
! Airport  Parking,  Travel  Insurance  and  In-­Flight  meals  are  all  based  on  %  conversion.
! Minimum   numbers   required   by   store   size   during   incentive   period   for  Airport   Parking,   Insurance   and  
  In-­flight  Meals.  See  below.

! Travel Insurance
     Store  Size  1  =  80  pax
     Store  Size  2  =  120  pax
     Store  Size  3  =  180  pax
     Store  Size  4  =  250  pax
     Store  Size  5  =  500  pax
     Store  Size  6  =  750  pax

! Airport Parking
     Store  Size  1  =  15  bookings
     Store  Size  2  =  25  bookings
     Store  Size  3  =  40  bookings
     Store  Size  4  =  60  bookings
     Store  Size  5  =  90  bookings
     Store  Size  6  =  140  bookings

! In-flight meals
     Store  Size  1  =  20  pax
     Store  Size  2  =  40  pax
     Store  Size  3  =  60  pax
     Store  Size  4  =  80  pax
     Store  Size  5  =  100  pax
     Store  Size  6  =  120  pax

! ‘Big   Ticket   Extras’   include   Attraction   World   –   (Disney,   Universal,   Seaworld),   airport   parking   and  
     insurance  and  In-­flight  Meals.  Thomas  Cook  and  Going  Places  stores  book  these  via  Thomas  Cook  
     Essentials  and  Co-­op  stores  book  via  Holiday  Extras  and  Insurance  via  White  Horse.
! All  incentive  updates  and  Leader  Boards  will  be  updated  on  Thomas  Cook  World  weekly.  No  update  
     will  be  emailed  to  stores.
! Store   bonus   amounts   earned   through   the   Big   Ticket   Incentive   will   be   paid   via   budget   transfer   to  
  stores  in  April  and  will  show  on  April  contribution  statements.
! Receipts  for  any  store  night  out  must  be  obtained  and  retained  in  store  for  inspection  by  Operations  
  Audit  and  Taxation.
! Any  Tax  and  NI  liability  will  be  paid  by  the  company.
! Incentives   remain   non   contractual   and   can   be   changed   or   withdrawn   at   any   time   and   there   is   no  
  confirmation  of  ongoing  entitlement
! Any   results   which   are   obtained   through   inappropriate   business   conduct,   excessive   discounting   or  
  falsification  of  data  will  result  in  disqualification  from  the  scheme  and  may  lead  to  formal  disciplinary  
! Performance  will  be  based  upon  centrally  held  figures  and  not  those  on  Web  Rio  and  will  be  net  of  
  any  cancellations
! Prizes  awarded  will  be  subject  to  individual  non-­negotiable  terms  and  conditions  as  specified  by  the  
  Tour  Operator.
! Where  results  have  been  achieved  through  non  compliance  or  excessive  discounting,  the  prize  may  
  be  withheld  irrespective  of  performance.

Overseas Trips
! Of   those   stores   that   hit   all   9   in   house   targets,   top   10   stores   with   highest   percentage   over   target  
   combined  will  win  trip  for  the  store.
! Overseas  Trips  will  be  announced  either  during  or  at  the  end  of  the  incentive  but  at  the  latest  by  31  
   March  2012.
! Overseas  trips  are  for  the  whole  store  and  employees  must  still  be  employed  at  the  date  of  travel  to  
   remain  eligible  and  not  be  under  notice.
! Trips  are  applicable  to  all  employees  within  the  store.  The  employees  eligible  to  participate  must  have  
   worked  for  the  whole  period  of  the  incentive.
! Parental  consent  may  be  required  for  any  individual  under  18  years  old.
! Attendees  on  overseas  trips  must  comply  with  any  applicable  local  laws.
! If  any  individual  is  unable  to  travel  for  any  reason  then  no  compensation  will  be  offered  in  lieu  of  the  
! General  Terms,  Conditions  &  Business  Conduct  Policy  relating  to  travelling  on  company  business  will  
   be  applicable.
! Prizes  are  non-­transferable.
! Any  Tax  and  NI  liability  will  be  paid  by  the  company.
! Where  an  individual  transfers  out  of  the  business  area,  providing  that  they  were  in  the  eligible  role  for  
   the  full  period  of  the  incentive,  they  will  still  qualify.
! Performance  will  be  based  upon  centrally  held  figures  and  not  those  on  Web  Rio  and  will  be  net  of  
   any  cancellations
! Prizes  awarded  will  be  subject  to  individual  non-­negotiable  terms  and  conditions  as  specified  by  the  
   Tour  Operator.
! Where  results  have  been  achieved  through  non  compliance  or  excessive  discounting,  the  prize  may  
   be  withheld  irrespective  of  performance.
! Any  Tax  and  NI  liability  will  be  paid  by  the  company.
! Winners  are  responsible  for  ensuring  they  have  a  valid  passport  and  for  acquiring  relevant  visas.
! It   is   at   the   RSM’s/Head   of   Sales   discretion   to   exclude   anyone   from   the   scheme   on   the   grounds   of:  
   Poor  performance,  Disciplinary  Action,  Inaccurate  accountancy  of  bookings,  Unacceptable  Audits.
! Employees  who  are  working  their  notice  or  who  have  left  the  company  will  be  excluded.
! The  winners  will  be  required  to  participate  in  Thomas  Cook  supported  PR  opportunities.
! In  the  event  of  a  draw,  winner  to  be  decided  by  Head  Office.
! Eligibility  may  be  withdrawn  or  pro-­rated  in  the  event  of  long  term  absence  (sickness,  unpaid  leave,  

  ! All  updates  will  appear  on  Thomas  Cook  World  under  the  Big  Ticket  section  on  TC  World.
  ! First  Big  Ticket  update  will  be  available  on  Friday  6th  January  2012.

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