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 Florida Redevelopment Association Awards
                           From the President

                         This year for me has been about Building Better Partnerships and
                         using collaboration with others to achieve our collective goals.
                         So, in trying to pick the President’s Award winner, I found myself drawn
                         to those projects which reached beyond our comfortable borders
                         to combine creativity, collaboration, and a comprehensive approach.
                         The 2010 Award Winners found in this “Best Book” were culled
                         from 75 submittals. With incredible pride and respect to all projects,
                         four projects particularly embodied this spirit: the Realize Bradenton
                         Strategic Marketing Program; the Tavares Seaplane Base/Marina
                         Wooton Park Project: West Palm Beach’s Investor DVD; and Keystone
                         Heights’ CRA Downtown Improvement and Beautification Projects.

                         But there can only be one President’s Award recipient. So, if you want
                         to turn “no” into “yes”, turn $500 into more than $50,000, implement
                         15 facade grants, build a new beach sign, get two vehicles, plant trees,
                         save history, promote economic development, and change “lime green”
                         into “sage” all on a $50,000 annual budget, look only as far as the
                         Keystone Heights CRA, the 2010 President’s Award Winner. Their team
                         proves that in CRAs, “size does not matter.” Exemplary for creativity,
                         collaboration, problem solving, and an example of how to “get it done”,
                         Keystone Heights is a true winner among all submittals, which to me,
                         were all truly winners.

                         Keep on doing what you’re doing, Florida CRA’s. You are going to be
                         the leaders in successfully rescuing the state from the economic woe’s
                         of today.


                         Rochelle Lawandales, AICP
                         Florida Redevelopment Association

Cover: 2009 President’s Award – Urban Infill Housing Development Program, Boynton Beach CRA
                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
                             2    About the Florida Redevelopment Association

                             3    About the FRA Awards Program & Best Book

                             4    Thomas Mills Jr. Award

                             4    Roy F. Kenzie Awards
Everything that is
new or uncommon
                             5    2010 Winners

raises a pleasure            6    President’s Award
in the imagination,
                             8    Capital Projects/Beautification
because it fills
the soul with an
                             9    Creative Organizational Development & Funding

agreeable surprise,          10   Cultural Enhancement
gratifies its curiosity,
                             11   Management Programs/Creative Partnerships
and gives it an idea
of which it was not
                             12   Marketing & Communications

before possessed.            13   Out of the Box
– Joseph Addison             14   Outstanding Affordable Housing Project

                             15   Outstanding New Building Project

                             16   Outstanding Rehabilitation, Renovation or Reuse Project

                             17   Planning Studies

                             18   Transportation/Transit Enhancements

                                                   The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book            1
                      About the Florida Redevelopment Association

                   Cities throughout Florida are rediscovering their roles as crossroads for
                   commerce, as meccas for culture and entertainment, and as stimulating places
                   to live. These urban centers are experiencing exciting changes brought about by
                   innovative approaches to design, activity mix and cooperative development.

                   The Florida Redevelopment Association (FRA) brings together
                   professionals from around the state who are involved in preserving and improving
                   Florida’s communities. The FRA was founded in 1974 to promote redevelopment
                   and growth of downtowns. The focus was later broadened to encompass
                   Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs) and Main Street Program
                   cities. Today, the FRA also includes nonprofit organizations, consultants, private
                   developers, and cities that do not have Downtown Development Authorities,
                   CRAs or main street programs. Our goal is a comprehensive association of all
                   players in Florida’s urban revitalization network.

                   The FRA is an independent association governed by a Board of Directors elected
                   by the membership and it is staffed through an annual contractual agreement
                   with the Florida League of Cities, Inc. FRA’s mission is to provide a forum for
                   members to share knowledge and common experiences regarding redevelopment
                   opportunities and problems, encourage adoption of legal and financial tools and
                   programs favorable to community redevelopment, and serve as a statewide
                   clearinghouse for redevelopment information.

                   For more information on the Florida Redevelopment Association and resources to
                   help your community, please contact:

                   Florida Redevelopment Association        Carol Westmoreland, Executive Director
                   301 S. Bronough Street, Suite 300        E-mail: cwestmoreland@flcities.com
                   Tallahassee, FL 32301-1757
                   (850) 701-3608                           Jan Piland, Executive Assistant
                   Fax: (850) 222-3806                      E-mail: jpiland@flcities.com

2   The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
 About the FRA Awards and Best Book

The Florida Redevelopment Association Awards Program
recognizes the best in redevelopment in Florida. It is open to any member
of the association. Winners of the Roy F. Kenzie Award are evaluated on
how effectively their projects demonstrate innovation, positively impact their
community and provide applicability to other Florida communities, among
other criteria. Within the 12 juried categories, the Florida Redevelopment
Association Awards showcase and celebrate the most innovative and effective
redevelopment programs in Florida. The 12 categories are: Planning
Studies; Marketing and Communications; Capital Projects/
Beautification; Management Programs/Creative Partnerships;
Creative Organizational Development and Funding; Outstanding
Rehabilitation, Renovation or Reuse Project; Outstanding New
Building Project; Transportation/Transit Enhancements; Cultural
Enhancement; Outstanding Affordable Housing Project; Out of the
Box; and President’s Award.

To recognize the projects and people involved in redevelopment throughout
the state, three award series have been established. The Roy F. Kenzie and
Thomas J. Mills Awards are given for outstanding examples of redevelop-
ment and leadership, respectively, in Florida. The President’s Award is given
for the “Best of the Best,” to honor the best project overall across all catego-
ries. A winning entry from the Florida Redevelopment Association provides an
acknowledgment of excellence for the work an organization is doing.

The Best Book highlights this year’s winners and all of the quality entries
received to celebrate the innovative redevelopment work transforming Florida
every day. The Florida Redevelopment Association encourages you to use the
Best Book as a tool to gather innovative ideas and communicate those ideas
within your community for they are true success stories.

                                     The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book                 3
     2010 W. Thomas Mills Jr. Award Winner
                   The communities located in the six square mile area just west of the University
                   of South Florida’s Tampa’s campus once represented gross crime, blight, decay,
                   and poverty. Today, the area, formerly known as “Suitcase City,” stands as a
                   testament to Senator Victor Crist’s leadership and a testimonial to the importance
                   of redevelopment to a community.

                   Senator Crist recognized that the first step was to create strength in numbers and
                   merge disparate civic groups to become the lead community organization for the
                   area, soon to be known generally as the University Area Community Association.
                   Toiling through two years of community meetings, studies and reviews, Senator
                   Crist and a cadre of tireless volunteers and stakeholders conducted an assessment
Victor D. Crist    and created a plan of action for revitalization through grassroots organization and
Senator            advocacy.

                   By 1993, there were more than 2,000 street lights in place. By 1994, the University
                   Area Community was selected as one of only 15 target areas nationwide to
                   receive a coveted Federal Weed & Seed designation. This $2.2 million grant,
                   renewed on three separate occasions, leveraged millions of federal dollars to
                   weed out crime and seed redevelopment. By 1998, there were miles of new
                   sidewalks, major infrastructure and drainage improvements, as well as the new
                   District 1 Sheriff’s Command Center.

                   Through these efforts, the University of South Florida Area Community Civic
                   Association helped to provide a hand up rather than a hand out to the more than
                   40,000 at-risk children and adults. In 2009, this once-desolate, blighted area now has
                   the award-winning University Area Community Center Complex as its anchor.

                   Senator Crist has served the greater community as well. He was elected to the
                   Florida Senate in 2000, after serving eight successful years in the Florida House of
                   Representatives. Currently, Crist is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Crimi-
                   nal and Civil Justice Appropriations, where he is responsible for creating Florida’s
                   budget for both public safety and the court system. Senator Crist is also currently
                   serving on the Senate Committee on Commerce, the Committee on Criminal
                   Justice, the Committee on Governmental Oversight and Accountability, the Policy &
                   Steering Committee on Ways and Means, and the Senate Rules Committee.

4   The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
2010 Roy F. Kenzie Award Winners
 6   President’s Award
         Keystone Heights Community Redevelopment Agency
 8   Capital Projects/Beautification
         Fort Myers Redevelopment Agency
 9   Creative Organizational Development & Funding
         City of Satellite Beach
10   Cultural Enhancement
         Pensacola CRA
11   Management Programs/Creative Partnerships
         Collier County Bayshore Gateway Triangle CRA
12   Marketing & Communications
         City of Oviedo/Land Design Innovations, Inc.
13   Out of the Box
         City of North Port/WilsonMiller, Inc.
14   Outstanding Affordable Housing Project
         Miami Beach Community Development Corporation
15   Outstanding New Building Project
         City of Lauderdale Lakes CRA
16   Outstanding Rehabilitation, Renovation or Reuse Project
         Gainesville CRA
17   Planning Studies
         East Tampa CRA
18   Transportation/Transit Enhancements
         West Palm Beach DDA
                               The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book   5

Before (constructed in 1925)

6   The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
                                President’s Award Winner:
                                Capitol Projects/Beautification




   Downtown Improvement and Beautification Projects
   Keystone Heights Community Redevelopment Agency
   More info: (352) 473-4807 • mayorhildreth@aol.com

   The City of Keystone Heights (pop. 1,400) is a relatively new CRA that receives approximately $50,000 in
   annual revenue. The small size and low level of funding has not stopped them from maximizing their ability
   to make improvements downtown. In less than four years, they have completed three projects and are
   in Phase II of their fourth, which includes new signage at the City beach, a new parking area, new trees
   lining the business corridor and an extremely successful façade grant program. It was a major cooperative
   success, not only in the results, but in the funding partnerships that were involved.

                                                                      The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book             7
                             Capitol Projects/Beautification

Downtown Streetscape
Fort Myers CRA
More info: (239) 321-7100 • dpaight@cityftmyers.com

How do you keep a busy city thriving for four years while large sections are closed for a 54-block
Downtown Utility Replacement and Streetscape Improvements Project? The Fort Myers
CRA succeeded through active public communication and creative business support, resulting in citizen
volunteers cleaning reusable historic bricks, the creation of a community destination, and gaining 18 new
businesses in spite of an economic downturn. Using a symbiotic partnership between city government,
which funded utility replacement, and the CRA, which funded the streetscape, this project is believed to
be one of the largest of its kind in the country.

8   The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
                             Creative Organizational Development & Funding

Hightower Beach Park
City of Satellite Beach
More info: (321) 773-4409 • lcanady@satellitebeach.org

Faced with a shortage of funds to accomplish the Hightower Beach Park redevelopment project,
the Satellite Beach CRA worked creatively with the City of Satellite Beach, the Florida Department of
Environmental Protection, a local developer and a local civic organization to secure the necessary funds
and in-kind contributions. This was consistent with the collaborative way in which Hightower Beach Park
was first created. The City of Satellite Beach partnered with the Florida Department of Community Affairs
and Brevard County to acquire the land, which was developed into this half-mile-long oceanfront park with
pristine beach and natural habitat.

                                                               The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book                9
                              Cultural Enhancement

Pelican Drop – New Year’s Celebration
Pensacola CRA
More info: (850) 435-1695 • bbray@ci.pensacola.fl.us

On December 31, 2008, the Pensacola CRA launched its first ever Pelican Drop,™ a New Year’s
Eve celebration on the streets of downtown Pensacola. The ‘New York’ style street party and signature
countdown to midnight was launched as part of the CRA’s initiative to enliven public spaces with free
public events. It is specifically programmed to help stimulate additional economic activity in downtown
retail shops, restaurants, entertainment establishments and hotels. New York has its crystal ball, Atlanta
has its peach and now Pensacola has a one-of-a-kind pelican.

10    The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
                            Management Programs/Creative Partnerships

                                     After (artist’s rendering)

Collaborative Funding CRA/MSTU Partnership
Collier County CRA
More info: (239) 643-1115 • jeanjourdan@colliergov.net

The Bayshore Gateway Triangle Community Redevelopment Agency developed an innovative
partnership with the Bayshore Beautification Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU). The Bayshore
Beautification MSTU is administered under the Collier County Board of Commissioners. In a collaborative
effort, the MSTU and CRA lobbied the Board of Commissioners to move the administrative duties of the
MSTU from under Board of Commissioners to under the Bayshore Gateway Triangle CRA. By developing
this strategic partnership, the two agencies work together effectively augmenting the cost of improvements.
This is done efficiently by leveraging tax incremental funds with service taxes.

                                                                  The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book        11
                              Marketing & Communications

City of Oviedo Redevelopment & Economic Development Brochure
City of Oviedo/Land Design Innovations, Inc.
More info: (407) 975-1273 • crowe@landbiz.com

The City of Oviedo’s redevelopment and economic development brochure was created as part of
a comprehensive redevelopment program for the city. The brochure creatively and attractively aligns
information from disparate sources into a single, streamlined marketing tool and reference guide designed
to appeal to both potential business and residential population segments. Business-critical statistics,
opportunity sites and descriptions of available economic incentive programs are skillfully interwoven with
the engrossing story of Oviedo’s evolution from its pioneer heritage to its current innovation economy. The
brochure vividly illustrates both the financial benefits and the superior quality of life offered by the city.

12    The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
                             Out of the Box

Vision North Port – A Citizen’s Master Plan
City of North Port/WilsonMiller, Inc.
More info: (813) 223-9500 • michaelenglish@wilsonmiller.com

In late 2009, armed with a precedent-setting $100,000 planning grant from the Gulf Coast Community
Foundation of Venice, Vision North Port commissioned WilsonMiller to produce a Citizen Master Plan,
working in close cooperation with the community. It was to be a clear reflection of the consensual wishes
and aspirations of the community. This Citizen Master Plan was completed in February, 2010 copies were
commercially produced and distributed to the community. The plan is specifically intended to provide
the basis for public and private sector policy decisions and expenditures well into the future-guiding the
investment of the public, private and community sectors to accomplish the goals set forth in the plan.

                                                              The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book              13
                             Outstanding Affordable Housing Project

Villa Maria Apartments
Miami Beach Community Development Corporation
More info: (305) 672-4782 • denis@miamibeachcdc.org

Working together, a community coalition was able to preserve and rehabilitate one of the iconic
historic buildings of Miami Beach, and to preserve and develop affordable housing for the benefit
of low-income elderly tenants. Then Commissioner Matti Bower, now the city’s mayor, heard from
elderly tenants about plans to demolish Villa Maria Apartments and replace it with a luxury high rise
condo tower. She spearheaded a community response that galvanized the city, MDPL preservation
advocates, and the Miami Beach CDC to prevent demolition. The result was a beautiful rehabilitation
of the building and maintained affordable housing for the community.

14    The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
                             Outstanding New Building Project

Lauderdale Lakes Library/Community Education and Cultural Center
City of Lauderdale Lakes CRA
More info: (954) 535-2740 • anitat@lauderdalelakes.org

Adopted in 2004, the Lauderdale Lakes Citizen’s Master Plan was crafted from feedback generated during
an intensive charrette that finalized almost a year of work in research/analysis and urban and architectural
design. The plan is the “blueprint” that directs public and private investment for key projects that are
revitalizing the city’s commercial corridors. Among the plan’s components was a vision and concept for a
mixed-use town center. Today, the new 20,237-square-foot, $6.5-million Lauderdale Lakes Library &
Community Cultural and Educational Center is at the heart of the 25-acre Bella Vista Town Center.
This project is a result of a partnership between Broward County and the Lauderdale Lakes CRA.

                                                               The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book             15
                              Outstanding Rehabilitation, Renovation
                              or Reuse Project

Bethel Station Adaptive Reuse
Gainesville CRA
More info: (352) 334-2205 • fisherkh@gainesvillecra.com

The Gainesville CRA has transformed the Bethel Service Station, built c.1927, from a vacant, neglected
structure into a bustling sidewalk cafe. Despite Bethel’s prominent downtown location, there were serious
challenges revitalizing the tiny building: overcoming negative perceptions regarding its proximity to an
underutilized plaza; identifying a business willing/able to operate in only 380 square feet; structuring a small
business incubation plan that included public/private cost-sharing; and crafting meticulous renovation plans
utilizing every square inch of space. The result is The Lunchbox Café, a quirky hub of activity that breathes
new life into the Bethel Station and rejuvenates a once-dreary corner of downtown.

16    The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
                            Planning Studies

East Tampa Strategic Action Plan
East Tampa CRA
More Info: (813) 242-3806 • ed.johnson@tampagov.net

The East Tampa Strategic Action Plan (SAP) consists of a series of innovative recommendations
to improve the quality of life for residents, businesses and stakeholders within East Tampa. The SAP was
developed to address specific planning and financial options and to identify short and long-term strategic
investment projects to attract private investment. The five main strategies proposed by the SAP include
investing in neighborhoods, improving the appearance of major gateways and corridors, providing incentives
to catalytic projects, fostering business growth, and preparing for light rail and mass transit. These key
strategies will enable East Tampa to become a more vibrant community.

                                                             The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book            17
                             Transportation/Transit Enhancements

Clematis District Trolley Program
West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority
More info: (561) 833-8873 • rclemente@westpalmbeachdda.com

The Clematis District Trolley Program is a free trolley circulator operating in the core of downtown
West Palm Beach. The route has two main nodes: the Clematis District, the traditional retail and entertain-
ment area of the city; and CityPlace, a new urbanist infill redevelopment project completed in 2000. The
program has been in operation since 1998, carrying more than 500,000 passengers per year along the 1.5
mile route through downtown. The service provides stops at key downtown destinations, residential areas,
entertainment, shopping, and government offices.

18    The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
                               W. Thomas Mills Jr. Redevelopment
                               Champion Award Entries
Siegi Constantine                      Her drive and belief in what some    She is a true motivator because
Executive Director,                    would consider impossibilities are   she believes in Oakland Park and
Oakland Park Main Street               what made projects like the Jaco     Oakland Park Main Street whole-
                                       Pastorius Mural and the Oktober-     heartedly. Despite many bumps in
Siegi Constantine has been the         fest celebration become realities.   the road, she continues to spread
Executive Director of Oakland                                               the word about Oakland Park and
Park Main Street for over six          Siegi is able to make anyone and     its redevelopment. She is truly a
years. She has led this organiza-      everyone feel comfortable and lis-   CHAMPION!
tion and its volunteer Board to        tened to. This unique skill makes
many successes, all with the goals     her the ideal moderator, cham-
of Main Street as a guide. Siegi       pion, partner, manager, leader,
commits herself (and her husband       care-giver and friend. The City
at times) fully to this organization   of Oakland Park is an incredible,
and to the City of Oakland Park.       diverse city and Siegi welcomes
She works overtime and on week-        everyone.
ends to make sure the task at
hand is addressed. Ironically, Siegi
doesn’t even live in Oakland Park.
She lives in Deerfield Beach, a
twenty minute drive north.

Her passion for the City of
Oakland Park and Main Street is
evident when you see her speak
at monthly Commission Meetings,
Main Street’s Annual Meetings
and at fund-raising events. It is
her passion that allows her to
motivate others to ‘do’. During
times of budget shortfalls, Siegi
has selflessly suspended her
salary. She is a big-picture thinker
and a dreamer and it’s that way
of living that motivates the Board.

                                                                The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book            19
                               W. Thomas Mills Jr. Redevelopment
                               Champion Award Entries
Peter Feldman                           to include Jack and Jill, Boy’s       pursued and fought for the re-
Resident, City of Fort                  and Girl’s Clubs, Children’s Home     development initiatives that have
Lauderdale                              Society, and Greater Fort Lau-        become a reality. He spearheaded
                                        derdale Chamber of Commerce.          the creation of the Flagler Village
The late Peter Feldman is the           He did not seek recognition but       Improvement Association to cre-
2010 winner of the City of Fort         always wanted to help make            ate a brand for Flagler Heights
Lauderdale’s Distinguished Citizen      things better. He looked at the       that would enhance redevelop-
Award. This award is presented          potential in everyone and worked      ment opportunities for an area
to that resident of the community       to develop that potential. He was     that was historically slum and
who has contributed to the devel-       a member of the Fort Lauderdale       blighted. Insightful and passionate
opment of the community over a          Community Development Corpo-          he visualized the future of this in-
number of years (i.e., a pioneer).      ration for over ten years and was     clusive neighborhood with people
Peter Feldman exemplifies the           a strong supporter of its mis-        from all walks of life - rich, middle
definition of the award.                sion to create quality affordable     class and poor. Each and every
                                        homes for low to very low-income      day for over 25 years he worked
Not only because of his patience,       residents of our City. Peter was      toward that goal until his Flagler
determination and perseverance          very generous and his financial       Village vision became a reality in
but because he also represents          contributions often came anony-       2007.
Thomas Mills’ spirit of being a tire-   mously or through an in-kind gift
less champion of redevelopment          to a vendor needing work. He
does the City of Fort Lauderdale        always tried to find a way to keep
Community Redevelopment                 an unbroken chain of prosperity.
Agency believe that it is fitting to
nominate Peter Feldman for the          Peter’s civic responsibility saw no
W. Thomas Mills, Jr. Redevelop-         end. He worked tirelessly to es-
ment Champion Award.                    tablish the Northwest-Progresso
                                        Flagler Community Redevelop-
Peter was an imaginative, creative      ment Agency to plan and define
thinker who contemplated how to         redevelopment opportunities for
move Fort Lauderdale to a new           northwest Fort Lauderdale. Peter
phase with character and the            also served on the CRA advisory
amenities of a new urban city.          board for many years and was a
Peter was a friend to all. Peter        pioneer; he could see the poten-
supported several organizations         tial of the CRA area and diligently

20    The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
                             Roy F. Kenzie Award Entries
CAPITAL PROJECTS/                     naturally gravitate toward areas       transformed an underutilized mu-
bEAUTIFICATION                        that they can quickly identify and     nicipal park into a showpiece and
                                      recognize, so increasing the traffic   gathering place for the city. The
Bradenton Wayfinding                  to certain destinations or to the      new park features a stage area
Bradenton Downtown                    area in general may also help          for special events, concerts, play
Development Authority                 stimulate economic vitality.           structure, café area, interactive
Wayfinding is the art of using vi-                                           water feature, and a boardwalk.
sual information such as signage,     Gateway Triangle                       In addition, the park incorporates
maps, landmarks or icons to help      Stormwater Pond                        low-impact development ele-
navigate pedestrians and vehicles     Collier County CRA                     ments, such as recycled materials,
through an unfamiliar and complex     After nine years of planning, in       Florida-friendly landscaping, as
environment. These environmental      fall 2008 the Gateway Triangle         well as a reuse irrigation system.
clues direct users to a destination   neighborhood was home to a 3.6-        Kiosks installed throughout the
and allow them to experience the      acre stormwater pond to facilitate     park teach the public about envi-
city without confusion, creating      drainage in an area known for          ronmental best practices. The new
a positive feeling and a sense of     its severe flooding problem. This      Lake Concord Park is the focal
comfort and security. Unfamiliar      pond has been made possible            point of the Casselberry commu-
urban environments make special       by the partnership of the Collier      nity for recreational, educational,
demands on visitors. Beyond           County Stormwater Department,          and stormwater management
navigation and ease of move-          the South Florida Water Manage-        activities.
ment, consistent and thorough         ment District and the Bayshore
wayfinding can contribute greatly     Gateway Triangle CRA. Ground           Chess Park Historic Court
to the identity and sense of place    broke in spring 2008. Today there      House Plaza
within a city. When visitors easily   is a 3.6- acre regional storm-         DeLand – Downtown CRA
recognize a consistent aesthetic      water pond directly servicing          Chess Park features chess-board-
throughout a city composed of         99 residential and commercial          topped tables nestled beneath
elements such as gateways, ve-        buildings assessed at a value of       Winged Elm trees. A giant chess
hicular and pedestrian directional    $25,514,292 by the Collier County      board, and its two-foot-tall pieces,
signs, parking signs and branding/    property appraiser.                    is the focal point. A stage area,
logo elements, they may have                                                 water feature and numerous
greater confidence that the area      Lake Concord Park                      benches provide a new venue for
safer, more established, more         Redevelopment                          downtown activities. The public
cared for and generally more          City of Casselberry                    restroom facility incorporates
positive than places that have        Lake Concord Park, the first piece     architectural elements from the
no clear identity. People often       of Casselberry’s City Center plan,     masonry of a professional building

                                                                The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book               21
                               Roy F. Kenzie Award Entries
and a mural on the west wall of         Keystone Heights Downtown              designed to soften the appear-
the Ticor building serves as a re-      Improvement & Beautification           ance of older, physically declining
minder of the past. The tranquility     Keystone Heights CRA                   commercial and residential areas,
and beauty of Chess Park offers         The City of Keystone Heights           and to provide visual continuity.
a fitting atmosphere for a game         (pop. 1400) is a relatively new        The effective streetscape design
of chess, or a lunch hour respite       CRA that receives approximately        dramatically improved the aesthet-
from the bustle of office life.         $50,000 in annual revenue. The         ics of the community and provides
                                        CRA’s small size and low level of      an attractive investment image to
Dunedin Main Street                     funding has not stopped it from        potential investors. Thus, the gate-
City of Dunedin                         maximizing its ability to make         way improvements met the goals
A $1 million road reconstruction        improvements downtown. In less         of the redevelopment plan and
project set the stage for signifi-      than four years, three projects        provided the city with the impetus
cant redevelopment in downtown          have been completed and the            needed to attract redevelopment
Dunedin. The state-grant-funded         CRA is in Phase II of the fourth       to the area, which in turn increas-
road project allowed the City of        project, within new signage at the     es the tax base.
Dunedin and the Dunedin CRA to          city beach, a new parking area,
move forward with redevelopment         new trees lining the business          W. Canal Streetscape
activities in the area, including the   corridor and an extremely suc-         New Smyrna Beach CRA
planned Dunedin Gateway, a $30          cessful façade grant program. It       The W. Canal Streetscape and
million mixed-use redevelopment         was a major cooperative success        Drainage Improvements Project is
planned for a 4.1-acre site at the      – not only in the results but in the   a Florida Department of Trans-
entrance to the city’s downtown.        funding partnerships that were         portation design/build project
The Main Street reconstruction          involved.                              that is being administered by the
project, completed through a                                                   City of New Smyrna Beach CRA
public-private partnership with         Gateways                               through a Local Agency Program
Pizzuti Solutions LLC, included         Lake Worth CRA                         (LAP) agreement. The project
relocating utilities underground,       The 6th Avenue South and the           consists of streetscape ameni-
reducing highway lanes from four        10th Avenue North gateway              ties and drainage improvements
to two, establishing angled street      projects were undertaken in an         to the historic Turnbull Canal.
parking, and installing of brick        effort to further the goal of creat-   The streetscape amenities will
pavers, sidewalks, landscaping          ing a safe and efficient circulation   incorporate a gateway feature in
and decorative street lighting.         system in the district. According      Myrtle Avenue Park (including an
                                        to the Lake Worth CRA Rede-            archway with coquina finish and
                                        velopment Plan, streetscapes on        colored pavement stamped with a
                                        these two corridors should be          herringbone pattern), planter box-

22    The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
                                Roy F. Kenzie Award Entries
es throughout the project with a         Plaza de Luna                          ated a timeless conceptual design
coquina finish matching the arch-        City of Pensacola, CRA                 to redevelop the iconic plaza into
way, colored crosswalks stamped          Plaza de Luna is the City of           an aesthetically pleasing, inviting
with a herringbone pattern               Pensacola’s newest park. The           gathering space that offers shade,
matching the pavement surface            two-acre park provides scenic          seating and enhanced pedestrian
treatment in the gateway area,           vistas of Pensacola Bay with           safety. The square plays an impor-
sidewalks stamped with a window          broad lawns and 1,800 lineal feet      tant role as a fun and festive gath-
pane design, four-foot striped bike      of waterfront. It is a popular set-    ering place for community and
lanes (both directions), bike racks,     ting for organized events such as      seasonal events, contributing to
benches with center arm rests,           weddings, visiting ships and live      the redevelopment of private busi-
trash receptacles and decorative         music, as well as casual activities    nesses and increased vibrancy of
roadway/pedestrian streetlights.         including fishing, jogging, interac-   the city’s downtown.
The historic Turnbull Canal will         tive fountain play, kite-flying or
be improved by installing a 54”          just enjoying an ice cream cone        Robert L. Cole Sr.
culvert/piping within the sidewalls      from the onsite concession. The        Community Lake
of the existing canal box culvert to     park features a significant bronze     East Tampa CRA
facilitate drainage. A new decora-       Spanish Conquistador statue            The East Tampa Ponds Revital-
tive side walk will cap off the top      commemorating the 450th an-            ization Project is a pilot project
of the existing canal. Installation of   niversary of the founding of Pen-      aimed at renovating three existing
the culvert is currently underway        sacola by the park’s namesake,         stormwater retention ponds in
and is being carefully monitored         Don Tristán de Luna y Arellano.        East Tampa. The Robert L. Cole
by archaeologists to preserve any                                               Community Lake has been trans-
historical artifacts that may be un-     Magnolia Square                        formed into a multi-use, functional
covered. The project limits extend       Redevelopment                          open space for residents and stu-
from Myrtle Avenue to the Florida        City of Sanford/Land Design            dents. The lake includes benches
East Coast Railway lines. The total      Innovations, Inc.                      along the walking path, a large
cost for this project is $2,585,541,     Magnolia Square is at the heart of     array of mostly native greenery
with state and federal funding           historic Sanford’s quaint down-        and vegetation, a belvedere deck,
amounting to $2,301,470. The             town. Early designs of this public     and adult fitness station. The proj-
City of New Smyrna Beach/Com-            space lacked a focal point and         ect includes an educational kiosk
munity Redevelopment Agency              a cohesive design, leaving the         in partnership with University of
contributed $284,000.                    square uninviting and underuti-        South Florida and local schools.
                                         lized. Drawing on community input      Today, this lake is a source of
                                         and the city’s historic character,     community pride for the neighbor-
                                         Land Design Innovations, Inc. cre-     hood, while increasing awareness
                                                                                of environmental issues.
                                                                   The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book               23
                             Roy F. Kenzie Award Entries
Vilano Town Center                   spray areas. It is an event space     ed to take action and begin Phase
St. Johns County/Reynolds,           with a performance area and           I of its 22nd Street Improvement
Smith and Hills, Inc.                large open viewing area. Most of      Project. Today, 22nd Street is well
The recently restored Vilano         all, it is now the downtown’s gath-   on its way to being the heart and
Town Center preserves the            ering spot. The dramatic minarets     soul of this energetic community.
unique sense of place and historic   of the University of Tampa and        The redevelopment has improved
culture of one of the East Coast’s   the Hillsborough River provide a      sidewalks, streetscapes, traffic
most valued waterfront destina-      backdrop for concerts, art shows      congestion and more. It is the
tions. Often dubbed “St. Augus-      and family picnics. LED lighting      hope of the UACDC that these
tine’s best kept seaside secret,”    on towers within the park and on      enhancements will eventually
Vilano Beach was developed in        the face of the Tampa Museum          bring new businesses and new
the 1920s. Construction of an        of Art provides illumination that     life to the community.
intracoastal bridge in the 1990s,    serves as a beacon to residents
however, diverted traffic away       who gather at the park to enjoy       CREATIVE ORGANIZATIONAL
from its town center, devastating    evenings with their families. In a    DEVELOPMENT & FUNDING
local businesses. To spur econom-    short period of time, Curtis Hixon
ic development, St. Johns County,    Waterfront Park has exceeded          Property Improvement Grants
the North Shores Improvement         everyone’s expectations of what a     New Smyrna Beach CRA
Association and consultant RS&H      park could be.                        Over the past 20 years, the Prop-
revitalized the area through road-                                         erty Improvement Grant Program
way, parking, stormwater man-        North 22nd Street Master              has provided seed money to
agement and other infrastructure     Plan Phase I                          assist in the revitalization of busi-
improvements. The project has        University Area Community             ness facades in order to make
reinvigorated the community and      Development Corporation               them inviting to shoppers and fa-
brought life back to Vilano Beach.   (Tampa)                               cilitate an increase in commercial
                                     In the 1980s, the University Area     activity. In the first ten years (1989
Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park         Community experienced a dra-          to 1999), the maximum amount
City of Tampa, Downtown CRA          matic decline in the quality of the   awarded was $3,000. In 1999, the
This eight-acre park, funded by      community. As a result, the main      maximum amount was increased
the Downtown CRA, is designed        road of this once-vibrant neigh-      to $5,000 in an attempt to offset
to provide a multitude of func-      borhood, 22nd street, was struc-      the rising cost of construction
tions. A great lawn sets off two     turally deteriorating and adversely   materials and labor. The CRA has
new museums. It is play space for    affecting the area. The University    seen an increase in the volume of
residents with a children’s play-    Area Community Development            “larger” projects since the 1999
ground, dog park and two water       Corporation, Inc. (UACDC) decid-      increase. Now, in one of the worst

24    The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
                              Roy F. Kenzie Award Entries
economic declines in decades,          the Florida State Committee of        tured in the sponsoring galleries,
the overall ability for investment     the National Museum of Women          created by more than 100 tal-
in local business expansion or         in the Arts, Inc., Volusia County     ented Florida artists. The popular
enhancement has weakened as            ECHO and the City of DeLand           event features painting, jewelry,
the business community focuses         Downtown Community Redevel-           ceramics, glass blowing, sculpture,
on maintaining profits through         opment Agency.                        fabric arts and more.
existing operations. Therefore,
the CRA increased the maximum          Light Up Sistrunk                     Jazz at MOCA
grant amount under the Property        City of Fort Lauderdale CRA           North Miami CRA
Improvement Grant Program              The City of Fort Lauderdale           In 2006, the North Miami Com-
in 2009 to $10,000 per grant           CRA’s Light Up Sistrunk is a cel-     munity Redevelopment Agency
application. All other criteria of     ebration of the winter season and     began work on physical en-
the Property Improvement Grant         a celebration of history and prog-    hancements to North Miami’s
Program will remain unchanged.         ress. This event allows a cross-      Civic Center, such as landscape
                                       section of residents and business     improvements both in and around
CULTURAL ENHANCEMENT                   owners to come together and talk      the plaza adjacent to the Museum
                                       about what they want to see on        of Contemporary Art (MOCA). In
Florida Museum for Women               the corridor in the future, while     tandem with physical redevelop-
Artists                                observing the current progress.       ment projects in MOCA plaza, the
DeLand – Downtown CRA                                                        CRA began funding an important
The Florida Museum for Women           Flagler Art Walk                      cultural event: Jazz at MOCA, a
Artists opened on November 14,         City of New Smyrna Beach              free outdoor jazz concert that is
2009. The museum is the only           CRA                                   held in the MOCA plaza at the
venue in the Southeast United          Art Walk on historic Flagler          civic heart of North Miami. On the
States to showcase exclusive           Avenue in New Smyrna Beach            last Friday of each month, Jazz
works of art and other artis-          is held from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00       at MOCA concerts attract 400 to
tic disciplines by women. The          p.m. on the fourth Saturday of        600 people of all ages to enjoy
7,300-square-foot space includes       each month, along the quaint          some of the finest jazz around.
three galleries, a gift shop, cafe,    five-blocks from the river to the
meeting and lecture space, and a       ocean. Visitors attending Art Walk    Christmas on Canal Street
curatorial area. Exhibitions include   can take a fascinating stroll along   New Smyrna Beach CRA
contemporary art, collections and      Flagler Avenue while enjoying a       Christmas on Canal Street was
traveling exhibits from quality        variety of works of art by several    coordinated by a team of mer-
institutions. The project came         visiting artists under canopies.      chants on Canal Street along with
to fruition by collaboration with      They can also view artwork fea-       the New Smyrna Beach Parks

                                                                The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book              25
                              Roy F. Kenzie Award Entries
and Recreation Department, the        Agency has forged a unique              average loan amount of $3,326
Canal Street Historic District,       public private partnership with         per household.
Friends of Historic Canal Street,     Magna Entertainment, Forest
the Historical Society, the Cham-     City Enterprises and the Village        Polk County Neighborhood
ber of Commerce and the Flagler       at Gulfstream Park Community            Stabilization Program
Merchants Association. This           Development District (CDD). The         Polk County/SWAN Advisors
great event created an environ-       partnership highlights the compo-       The Polk County Neighborhood
ment in the Canal Street area         nents critical to success and how       Stabilization Program is a public/
that drew many patrons to the         a unique partnership stimulated         private partnership that was de-
businesses. A marketing cam-          The Village at Gulfstream Park          veloped in an attempt to access
paign was created for Christmas       by sharing both the risks and           to more than $14 million provided
on Canal Street that involved         rewards in a declining market.          by U.S. Department of Hous-
Central Florida radio, county and                                             ing and Urban Development for
statewide newspapers, Web sites,      Mortgage Foreclosure                    investment in foreclosed homes.
direct mail, email, handouts, post-   Prevention Program                      This unique public/private partner-
ers, and banners. All of the events   North Miami CRA                         ship allows the expertise of each
were free, making them acces-         In partnership with the City of         partner organization – public,
sible to a wide-ranged customer       North Miami, the North Miami            private and nonprofit – to provide
base. Funding commitments were        CRA decided that it was time to in-     specialized skills and resources
obtained through vendor fees          tervene in the growing foreclosure      toward revitalizing Polk County’s
and sponsors. The budget for          crisis affecting City of North Miami    neighborhoods. The Polk County
this event was $45,100, of which      residents. The CRA established a        Neighborhood Stabilization
$15,000 was contributed by            program providing loans to eligible     Program is a model of teamwork
the Community Redevelopment           home owners who were having             and efficiency that has been
Agency through its Grants and         difficulties making their mortgage      recognized by national experts as
Aids Program.                         payments. Assisting struggling          innovative and important to the
                                      home owners is not just beneficial      field of community redevelopment
MANAGEMENT                            to the applicant home owners,           and affordable housing.
PROGRAMS/CREATIVE                     but it also help to stabilize home
PARTNERSHIPS                          values across the entire neighbor-
                                      hood, maintaining the tax base and
Public Private Partnership            allowing more funds to become
Hallandale Beach                      available to the CRA for other re-
The City of Hallandale Beach          development activities. In total nine
Community Redevelopment               households were assisted, with an

26    The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
                             Roy F. Kenzie Award Entries
MARKETING and                         Deerfield Beach CRA 2010              expenses; a list all projects under-
COMMUNICATIONS                        Annual Report                         taken by the CRA and their costs,
                                      Deerfield Beach CRA                   and any changes to CRA area
Realize Bradenton Strategic           The Deerfield Beach CRA               boundaries, etc. The North Miami
Marketing Program                     underwent many changes in FY          CRA Annual Activity Report com-
Bradenton Downtown                    2009-2010, including hiring a         plies with all requirements of the
Development Authority                 full-time director and launching      statute, but also serves as an in-
The Realize Bradenton marketing       three multi-million dollar capital    depth narrative of all the projects
program integrates print, electron-   improvements projects. When it        undertaken by the CRA, complete
ic and social media to promote        came time to prepare the annual       with illustrative photos and maps.
downtown Bradenton by making          report, the CRA decided to use
it a unique and preferred cultural    it as a marketing and educational     North Miami CRA Web Site
destination for residents, visitors   tool, instead of something that       North Miami CRA
and private investors. A new pub-     just fulfilled statutory reporting    The North Miami CRA recognizes
lic-private partnership of the Bra-   requirements. The CRA hired the       the importance of transparency
denton Downtown Development           Holistic Planning Group to create     to the public and community
Authority and Realize Bradenton,      the annual report in a way that       input. Keeping the public up to
a cultural development nonprofit,     reflected Deerfield Beach’s image     date with the latest information
merges place making and place         as a fun oceanfront recreation        on CRA meetings, projects and
branding. Marketing decisions         and business investment destina-      other activities is therefore an
were guided by two planning           tion. The design communicates         important goal. The CRA Web
studies: Downtown by Design –         the professionalism that the CRA      site acts as a showcase for all
the Bradenton CRA Master Plan         injects into all of its operations.   the work performed and funded
and Realize Bradenton – the
                                                                            by the CRA; it is a repository for
city’s Cultural Master Plan. Major    North Miami CRA FY 2008-              public records such as meeting
recognitions, new sustainable         2009 Annual Activity Report           materials, contracts, resolutions
partnerships and impressive prog-     North Miami CRA                       and studies, and it hosts interac-
ress on audience development          All CRAs in the State of Florida      tive Web applications, such as a
have resulted through the work of     are required by state statutes to     searchable vacant lots database.
a collaborative design team using     submit an annual audit and an
evidence-based design.                annual report on their activities.    Downtown Oakland Park
                                      The report is required to include     Oakland Park Main Street
                                      a complete financial statement        Oakland Park Main Street is a
                                      setting forth the CRA’s assets,       not-for-profit organization whose
                                      liabilities, income and operating     purpose is to provide a sense

                                                               The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book               27
                              Roy F. Kenzie Award Entries
of place while striving to be the     Sebring and to promote busi-        OUT OF THE bOX
catalyst in creating cultural and     nesses and business clusters.
economic vitality for Downtown        Recommendations include brand,      360° Unlimited
Oakland Park. Oakland Park Main       image and marketing activities      Lakeland CRA
Street created a fully integrated     focused on retail and investment    360° Unlimited showcases how
and multiple media marketing          opportunities.                      simple programs can help prop-
campaign including Web and print                                          erty and business owners fulfill
media to promote, educate and         Downtown West Palm Beach            their desires for exterior improve-
encourage the community and           Investor DVD                        ments in ways that meet local
investors to see Oakland Park as      West Palm Beach Downtown            design standards and enhance
a desirable place to live, work and   Development Authority               the overall business district. This
invest. With increased business,      In May 2009, the Downtown De-       dramatic renovation used a com-
community events and a beautiful      velopment Authority of West Palm    bination of Design Assistance and
new park, Main Street is clearly      Beach directed and launched a       Façade Improvement Matching
accomplishing its goals.              Downtown Investor DVD. The          Grant programs. These tools gave
                                      DVD was produced to show-           the property new life, with an
Sebring CRA Market                    case the many redevelopment         exterior improvement that reflects
Analysis & Marketing Plan             plans, vibrant atmosphere and       the fun, funky vintage clothing
Sebring CRA/Swan                      unparalleled investment opportu-    and housewares business inside.
Advisors                              nity available in Downtown West     With a total project cost of only
The Sebring CRA charged Swan          Palm Beach. The DVD was also        $30,000, this project has been a
Advisors and Kingston Partners        distributed to attendees at the     catalyst for business and invest-
with completing a market analysis     International Council of Shopping   ment activities in this CRA district
and developing a marketing plan       Centers (ICSC) convention in        and has illustrated how simple
to support downtown growth and        Las Vegas and Orlando in May        programs can have significant
redevelopment at two levels: 1) as    2009. The DVD is distributed        impact.
a downtown and 2) for retailers,      to all potential prospects and is
both with equal importance. The       also currently running on West      Extreme Martin Makeover
marketing plan is based on analy-     Palm TV 18, the city’s local news   – East Stuart Economic
sis of the physical and regulatory    channel, as well as http://www.     Development
environments, and how they inter-     westpalmbeachdda.com/               City of Stuart
act and influence investment and      dda-investor-video.asp.             Once vibrant and self-sufficient,
market activity. The plan includes                                        economic and social pressures
goals, objectives and recommen-                                           have led to poor maintenance,
dations to promote downtown                                               litter and deteriorated landscap-

28    The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
                               Roy F. Kenzie Award Entries
ing in East Stuart. Cleanups have      platform, and a wedding pavilion       The Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park
short-term success, but a lack         in the second phase in 2011. The       serves as a model for redevelop-
of community investment and            new venue for the multiple events      ment.
decreasing Tax Increment Funding       has created businesses and em-
monies necessitated a fresh ap-        ployment opportunities in down-        Ybor Flavors Television Show
proach. With the Extreme Martin        town Tavares. The new downtown         Ybor City Development
Makeover – East Stuart Edition,        entertainment district is growing      Corporation
the Stuart CRA maximized public-       each day. Visitors can find an         Ybor Flavors is an exciting show
private partnerships, participa-       abundance of places to eat, enjoy      that highlights Ybor City, Tampa’s
tion, improvements and funds.          leisurely activities, and enjoy the    National Historic District. The
The CRA successfully leveraged         waterfront location more than          show regularly features the
$6,771.00 in funds with $6,200 in      ever. Tavares’ vision has become       district’s unique retail, delicious
cash donations, more than $3,000       a reality.                             dining experiences, living history
in equipment and materials, more                                              and blend of culture. Ybor Flavors
than $9,500 in repairs and in-kind     Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park           won the 2009 Hometown Video
services, and more than 3,000          City of Tampa/Reynolds,                Award for the category Profes-
volunteer hours. This project is       Smith & Hills, Inc.                    sional Entertainment Talk Show
now an annual event.                   The Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park,      from the Alliance for Community
                                       located in the heart of downtown       Media (ACM). Veronica Swiatek,
Seaplane Base/Marina/                  Tampa, is more than just a park –      the show’s host and YCDC chair-
Wooton Park Project                    it’s a new, vibrant, out-of-the-box,   man, has done an excellent job
City of Tavares                        cultural resource, representing an     capturing the events, history and
Completed in March 2010, the           urban renaissance for an entire        flavors that attract folks to visit
Tavares multi-modal project has        region. Transformed from a once        Ybor City.
transformed downtown Tavares           underutilized space into a center
from a place where primarily           for civic activity and pride, the      OUTSTANDING AFFORDAbLE
local residents enjoyed the park       park embodies the essence of           HOUSING PROJECT
and water-related amenities into       sustainability with open green
a regional “destination” venue,        space, water reclamation, and pe-      Pleasant Street Model Block
attracting an estimated 110,000        destrian-friendly accommodations.      – Phase II
annual visitors to downtown Tava-      The park’s connection to adjacent      Gainesville CRA
res. The project includes rebrand-     museums and the cultural arts          In 2003, the CRA purchased prop-
ing the city, a certified seaplane     district has also sparked a new        erty in the Fifth Avenue/Pleasant
base, ship store, marina, children’s   sense of creativity and community      Street community, promising to
splash park, events pad, train         to this major metropolitan region.     transform the vacant, dilapidated

                                                                The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book               29
                               Roy F. Kenzie Award Entries
sites into a “model block” for          the Las Ventanas community to          structures which posed a dilemma
community revitalization. By 2008,      include both luxury residences         for long time residents of Naples
three homes were rehabilitated          and spaces for prominent retail,       who perceived such structures as
and sold for homeownership.             creating an oasis-style community      scale-less, gloomy, unsightly behe-
While successful, the program           that not only transforms residents’    moths foreign to the intimately
progressed slowly and faced             and visitors’ experience when          scaled character of the Naples
significant challenges navigating       they first enter Boynton Beach,        5th Avenue area. The implement-
an increasingly volatile real-estate    but is also one of the first of its    ed design solution for the first two
market. In response, the CRA up-        kind in the area.                      parking structures, the second of
dated the program’s administrative                                             which (twin to the first structure)
policies/procedures, secured new        Flagler Village                        was completed in 2009, turned
financing, and simultaneously con-      City of Fort Lauderdale CRA            the tide of public opinion. It is
structed three infill homes on the      Flagler Village has a 282 unit;        much celebrated for its sensitivity
remaining vacant lots. The homes        320,709 square foot building that      to the scale and garden city tradi-
are beautiful, efficient, affordable,   was developed by Trammell Crow         tion of Naples’ downtown.
and cohesive to the community’s         Residential. It was developed on
historic architecture. To date, one     a site that is approximately four      City Center – The People’s
has sold and the remaining two          acres. It is part of Flagler Village   Place
are under contract!                     an area undergoing redevelopment       City of West Palm Beach, CRA
                                        in downtown Fort Lauderdale,           With redevelopment efforts
OUTSTANDING NEW                         which also includes a 218 unit,        unfocused, the City of West Palm
bUILDING PROJECT                        228,653 square foot building devel-    Beach declared its intention to de-
                                        oped by ZOM Flagler Village LP.        fine its nucleus by establishing the
Las Ventanas                                                                   first central city “civic campus,”
City of Boynton Beach/                  Naples 6th Avenue South                designed so it would embrace
Woolpert, Inc.                          Parking Garage                         the vibrant diversity embodied in
Located on 15 acres at the              Naples CRA                             its citizens. The City established
northwest corner of US 1 and            In 1994, the City of Naples            “City Center” to be the heart of
Woolbright in Boynton Beach,            commissioned Andres Duany to           its thriving downtown. City Center
the Las Ventanas property was           create a blueprint for redevel-        functions as a “Main Street” by
a brownfield with an abandoned          opment in the downtown main            centralizing City and community
lumberyard that sat at the main         street area. This blueprint became     services on site to be more ef-
southern entry point for the city.      the Regulating Plan for the 5th        ficient, productive and cost effec-
Working closely with the CRA,           Avenue South Overlay District.         tive. The leading edge City Center
Epoch properties developed              The plan included new parking          Library has become the crown

30    The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
                             Roy F. Kenzie Award Entries
jewel of the city and will enhance    man, submitted a plan to the CRA       from elderly tenants about plans
the lives of its citizens for many    to develop certain parcels of land     to demolish Villa Maria Apart-
years to come.                        owned by the developer for the         ments and replace it with a
                                      “Sixth Street Plaza”. The construc-    luxury high rise condo tower.
OUTSTANDING REHAbILI-                 tion also consists of 8,000 square     She spearheaded a community
TATION, RENOVATION OR                 feet of new office space and the       response that galvanized the City,
                                      renovation of 14,000 square feet       MDPL preservation advocates,
                                      of existing retail and office space.   and Miami Beach CDC to prevent
SAT Building
                                      The total amount of capital invest-    demolition, beautifully rehabilitate
City of Fort Lauderdale CRA
                                      ment is $2,041,000. The CRA            the building and maintain afford-
S.A.T. has proposed building con-
                                      has provided $1,166,334.50 in          able housing for the community.
struction and an expansion at its
                                      grants and loans. This project will
site, located at 700 West Sunrise
                                      serve as the cornerstone of the        Rehabilitation of the Arnold’s
Boulevard (901 NW 7 Avenue).                                                 Royal Castle
                                      CRA’s efforts to restore Sistrunk
S.A.T. approached the CRA for a                                              North Miami CRA
                                      Boulevard to its proper place
forgivable loan in the amount not                                            The North Miami CRA Commer-
                                      as the centerpiece of business,
to exceed $161,500.00. The fund-                                             cial Rehabilitation Grant Program
                                      culture and entertainment in the
ing would provide for improve-                                               offers grants of 50% of the ap-
                                      City’s northwest community. Sixth
ments in the right-of-way of NW                                              proved total project cost up to a
                                      Street Plaza is expected to be a
7th Avenue and Sunrise Bou-                                                  maximum of $80,000 for commer-
                                      catalyst for additional private sec-
levard, consisting of sidewalks,                                             cial façade rehabilitation. Arnold’s
                                      tor investment and redevelopment
landscaping, irrigation, driveways                                           Royal Castle burger restaurant
                                      opportunities in and around the
and curbs, along with a decorative                                           is one such grant awardee. The
                                      Sistrunk corridor.
fence, building signage and a new                                            restaurant had occupied the same
monument on the property.                                                    spot on NW 7th Avenue since
                                      Villa Maria Apartments
                                      Miami Beach CDC                        1956, until a fire shut it down in
Sixth Street Plaza                                                           2005. Due to the importance of
                                      Working together a community
City of Fort Lauderdale CRA                                                  this establishment to the North
                                      coalition was able to preserve
The Sixth Street Plaza project in-                                           Miami community, restrictions
                                      and rehabilitate one of the iconic
cludes the renovation of two exist-                                          on the use of grant funds to pay
                                      historic buildings of our city and
ing buildings and the construction                                           for internal work and roof repair
                                      to preserve and develop afford-
of a new facility located at 914                                             were waived by the CRA Board.
                                      able housing for the benefit of
N.W. 6th Street (corner of N.W.                                              The total project cost was over
                                      low-income elderly tenants. Then
Sixth Street and N.W. Ninth Av-                                              $200,000. The CRA awarded
                                      Commissioner Matti Bower –
enue). The developer, Maria Free-                                            the maximum grant amount of
                                      now the City’s Mayor – heard

                                                                The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book               31
                               Roy F. Kenzie Award Entries
$80,000.00. In the first five days    Improvement Program is a public/      a result of a visionary renovation,
back open, over 8,000 burgers         private investment program that       the City of Tampa and consultant
were served.                          provides up to $50,000 in match-      firm RS&H have revived NCNB
                                      ing grant funds to improve the ap-    Plaza (commonly known as Kiley
Stirling Commons                      pearance of commercial buildings      Gardens) to again reflect Kiley’s
City of Dunedin/J. Kokolakis          within the city’s two redevelop-      unique vision. The project, which
Contracting, Inc.                     ment districts. Since September       sits atop a parking garage in the
Stirling Commons is comprised         2007, nine commercial façade          heart of downtown, transforms
of two 50-year old structures situ-   renovations have been completed,      this under-used space and pre-
ated on the corner of Broadway        matching $355,000 of CRA              serves this important landmark for
and Main Street. Both buildings       investment with nearly $1.5 million   future generations.
were vacant and scheduled to          in building improvements. This is
be demolished. The site was           one of the CRA’s most popular         Paint Plant & Pave
purchased from the bank after         programs. Through this program,       City of West Palm Beach CRA
foreclosure and plans for adap-       commercial corridors within           The Paint Plant and Pave Program
tive reuse immediately began.         the CRA’s two redevelopment           were designed to aesthetically
The renovated structures now          districts are experiencing major      improve and beautify single-family,
offer nine retail storefronts;        improvements, with dilapidated,       owner-occupied properties within
seven executive suites; twelve art    underutilized and vacant buildings    the Northwest and Pleasant City
studios; and two art classrooms.      being renovated into attractive       Neighborhoods in a simple yet
The combined renovation of 730        and vibrant destinations.             creative manner. The Program
and 748 Broadway is singularly                                              centered on the recognition that
responsible for drawing foot traf-    NCNB Plaza                            the existing housing stock was
fic from Main Street south onto       City of Tampa/Reynolds,               outdated and dilapidated, primar-
Broadway. Through this redevel-       Smith & Hills, Inc.                   ily due to poor maintenance. This
opment, existing merchants have       Within twenty years of its open-      was a result of declining econom-
realized a significant increase in    ing, Tampa’s NCNB Plaza, a mas-       ic resources and increased rental
traffic, tourism, and sales.          terwork of pioneering modernist       occupied housing units, as well
                                      landscape architect Dan Kiley,        as a suburban flight movement of
Tallahassee CRA Commercial            had become infamous for its           the affluent households who were
Façade                                deteriorating condition. Preser-      financially stable. Although the
Tallahassee CRA                       vationists and cultural historians    program is available to any home-
The City of Tallahassee Com-          held up the plaza as the poster       steaded households located in the
munity Redevelopment Agency’s         child for vanishing modern land-      geographic areas, it is primarily
(CRA) Commercial Façade               scapes across the globe. Now, as      centered on senior residents who

32    The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
                              Roy F. Kenzie Award Entries
have been residents of the neigh-     community. Immokalee’s differenc-      provide low-maintenance green
borhoods for generations and are      es, once perceived as challenges,      relief and canopy. Paving pattern,
categorized as “pioneers”.            are now embraced as its greatest       landscape palette and site furnish-
                                      assets. Immokalee has embarked         ing selections all reinforce the
PLANNING STUDIES                      on a comprehensive Master Plan-        beach “infusion” design concept.
                                      ning Initiative, which includes 1)
Smart Charlotte 2050                  the Immokalee Area Master Plan,        Margate City Center Small
Charlotte County Government           2) Immokalee CRA Public Realm          Business Development
While laying the groundwork for       Plan, and 3) Central Business Dis-     Program
the development of Charlotte          trict Form-Based Guidelines. This      Margate CRA
County's new Smart Charlotte          comprehensive and unified plan-        The Margate Community Rede-
2050 Comprehensive Plan, growth       ning effort is currently working its   velopment Agency and the South
management staff decided that         way through final approval and is      Florida Regional Planning Coun-
it was critical to involve more       already reaping positive benefits.     cil received a grant through the
interests than just the traditional   Immokalee is well-positioned to        U.S. Department of Commerce/
development and environmental         attract new industry, improve its      Economic Development Admin-
community stakeholders. They had      infrastructure, revitalize its down-   istration for the development of
learned through the prior compre-     town, and celebrate its cultural       a small business development
hensive plan's 115 public meetings    diversity.                             incubation program for the pro-
that such an approach to plan                                                posed Margate City Center. The
development did not assure good       Downtown Jacksonville                  strategy for the development of
public participation or good plan-    Beach Streetscape Design               this program combines both tradi-
ning. A better method for public      Master Plan                            tional incubator space, as well as
involvement was required, and         Jacksonville Beach CRA                 the unique opportunity for shared
the web-based Public Insight and      The Downtown Jacksonville              equity ownership, to purchase
Comment Tool (PICT) was born.         Beach Streetscape Master Plan          properties or construct retail and
                                      redesigns 1st Street North as          service based live-work units un-
Immokalee CRA, Master                 a “Festival Street”. The street        der a shared equity ownership.
Planning Initiative                   features flush curbs to maximize
Immokalee Community                   barrier-free pedestrian space and      CRA Master Plan Update
Redevelopment Agency/                 to provide flexibility for special     New Smyrna Beach CRA
RWA, Inc.                             events. The vehicular way is nar-      The CRA contracted with Glatting
The Immokalee Master Plan Vi-         rowed and curved (“chicaned”) to       Jackson to update its overall plan
sioning Committee and the CRA         calm traffic. Landscape planters       and evaluate its goals, objec-
have defined a new vision of their    with palms and native grasses          tives, and direction – including

                                                               The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book               33
                              Roy F. Kenzie Award Entries
its Capital Improvement Plan and       economic development through            CRA Target Areas Special
projected cost of projects, with an    coordinated efforts with the local      Development Plan
added emphasis on developing a         business community, in projects         City of Ocoee
financially sound redevelopment        that enhance the overall economic       Located at a regionally significant
plan. Additionally, the CRA is         climate of the CRA area.                crossroads, the Ocoee Community
coordinating with local community                                              Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and
partners including Volusia County      Urban Land Institute                    the City of Ocoee have undertak-
and the Southeast Volusia Hospi-       Technical Assistance Panel              en a major planning effort to plan
tal District to provide solutions to   North Miami CRA                         for the city’s redevelopment area.
further the redevelopment goals        The CRA contracted with the             Building on input from citizens,
of the area, prioritize existing       Urban Land Institute (ULI) to           developers, property owners,
projects and lay the groundwork        convene a two-day technical             and city staff, the plan lays out an
for the future of the CRA. The         assistance panel to discuss             ambitious future for the develop-
CRA last updated its redevelop-        specific issues related to how to       ment and redevelopment of an
ment plan in 1995. Since that time,    best position the city’s central        important, yet overlooked part of
a number of projects have been         business district for revitalization    the City. The plan establishes three
successfully implemented, includ-      and redevelopment in light of           framework plans for transportation,
ing the Canal Street and Flagler       the city’s and nation’s current         open space, and land use. From
Avenue Streetscapes, City Ma-          economic uncertainties. Some of         these plans, the City has targeted
rina, Flagler Avenue Boardwalk,        the recommendations made by             three specific areas upon which to
and various parks and parking          the ULI Panel were: diversify and       focus intense planning efforts and
facilities. This update included all   strengthen the retail mix, capitalize   to establish regulatory mecha-
relevant elements, including but       on North Miami’s distinguishing         nisms for urban design.
not necessarily limited to, profes-    educational and cultural assets,
sional land planning, economic de-     create a signature public realm,        Madison Square Mixed Use
velopment, retail market research      and brand and market what               Development Project
and planning, financial/grants         makes North Miami such a great          City of South Miami/LaRue
                                       location. The CRA Board passed          Planning & Management
research, existing conditions/base
mapping, property/parcel informa-      a resolution formally adopting
                                                                               The South Miami Community
tion, existing and future land uses,   the recommendations of the ULI
                                                                               Redevelopment Agency (SMCRA)
land use regulations, multi-modal      Panel and the CRA has begun
                                                                               requested LaRue Planning and
transportation assessment and          to implement a number of new
                                                                               Management Services, Inc. to an-
capital improvements planning.         projects with the aim of fulfilling
                                                                               alyze the highest and best use for
With this plan update, the CRA         those recommendations.
                                                                               the assembled parcels focusing
will continue to promote local

34    The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
                                Roy F. Kenzie Award Entries
on the overall compatibility and         ment quality that the community is    and attract both individual inves-
intensity of the proposed project.       seeking. This balanced approach       tors and large-scale developers.
The analysis is a realistic assess-      to future land use will help to       This effort now serves as the
ment balancing the current needs         ensure that the transformation of     basis for revising the CRA Plan,
of the neighborhood and deter-           land use patterns that will occur     Comprehensive Plan, and land
mining the most appropriate size         as a result of fixed guideway tran-   development code.
of a development in terms of scale,      sit for a more livable community.
height, density, floor area ratio and                                          TRANSPORTATION/
future affordability of the units. The   Riviera Beach CRA Citizens’           TRANSIT ENHANCEMENT
financial feasibility of the project     Master Plan 2010
for any future developer was a           City of Riviera Beach/                Bridge of Lions Rehabilitation
part of the assessment process,          Treasure Coast Regional               City of St. Augustine/
                                         Planning Council                      Reynolds, Smith & Hills, Inc.
along with the regulatory strate-
                                         The Riviera Beach Community           The rehabilitation of the Bridge
gies to achieve the new vision.
                                         Redevelopment Agency (CRA)            of Lions in St. Augustine, Florida,
                                         contracted with the Treasure          has preserved one of the
Tampa/Hillsborough Transit
Oriented Development                     Coast Regional Planning Council       city’s most defining landmarks
Comprehensive Plan Policies              (TCRPC) to engage the public          while enhancing transportation
– 2010                                   and re-evaluate the redevelop-        connectivity between downtown
Hillsborough County/                     ment strategy for the CRA area.       and Anastasia Island. In 2000,
WilsonMiller, Inc.                       For nearly a decade, the CRA          after years of debate over
The Tampa/Hillsborough Transit           had been guided by an overly          whether to replace or restore
Oriented Development Compre-             ambitious plan, using one master      the bridge, which is listed
hensive Plan Policies create an          developer for the redevelopment       on the National Register of
innovative and clear policy/imple-       of the downtown- waterfront core.     Historic Places, FDOT began the
mentation framework for the City         TCRPC held a week-long char-          rehabilation led by RS&H and
of Tampa and Unincorporated Hill-        rette, attended by over 200 citi-     Skanska. The bridge closed to
sborough County. This will allow         zens, in a transparent evaluation     traffic in 2006 and re-opened in
successful TOD to occur within           of the current plan. The Citizens’    March 2010 after four years of
future fixed-guideway station            Master Plan and Charrette Report      reconstruction. This one-of-a-kind
location areas. The policies are         establishes a clear vision for        project represents a significant
flexible and adaptable to the many       future development, outlines step-    step in preserving the historic
contexts in which they will have to      by-step priorities for implementa-    character of St. Augustine, the
operate, while clearly articulating      tion, and broadens the strategy, to   nation’s oldest continuously
the urban design and develop-            capitalize on the city’s strengths    occupied city.

                                                                  The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book              35
When you look at a city, it’s like
reading the hopes, aspirations and
pride of everyone who built it.
– Hugh Newell Jacobsen                   2010 FRA Board of Directors
      President                                Steven G. Lindorff                  East Central
      Rochelle W. Lawandales, AICP             Jacksonville Beach CRA              Gus Gianikas
      Rockledge CRA                            slindorff@jaxbchfl.net              City of Mount Dora
      rwlawandales@lpaplans.com                                                    gianikasg@ci.mount-dora.fl.us
                                               Don Paight
      Past President                           Fort Myers Redevelopment Agency     Thomas Harmer
      J. Gary Rogers                           dpaight@cityftmyers.com             The Pizzuti Companies
      Lauderdale Lakes CRA                                                         tharmer@pizzuti.com
      jgaryr@lauderdalelakes.org               Vince Pardo
                                               Ybor City Development Corporation   Northeast
      President-Elect                          vince.pardo@tampagov.net            Terry Lorince
      Kurt Easton, AICP                                                            Downtown Vision, Inc.
      Urban Networks, LLC                      Michael Parker                      terry@downtownjacksonville.org
      kurteaston@vzw.blackberry.net            City of Tallahassee
                                               michael.parker@talgov.com           South
      Treasurer                                                                    Marwan Mufleh, P.E.
      Marc Mondell                             Paul R. Rutledge, CLS, SCSM         Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
      City of Ocala                            Casto Lifestyle Properties          marwan.mufleh@kimley-horn.com
      mmondell@ocalafl.org                     prutledge@castolp.com
      Elected Officials                        Tamara Sakagawa                     Leigh Eby-Scrabis
                                               City of Lakeland                    Fort Myers Redevelopment Agency
      The Honorable Joy Cooper                 tamara.sakagawa@lakelandgov.net     lscrabis@cityftmyers.com
      Mayor, City of Hallandale Beach
      jcooper@hallandalebeachfl.gov            Richard D. Sala, AICP, ICMA-CM      Patrick Vanasse
                                               Calvin Girodano & Associates        RWA, Inc.
      The Honorable Eric Haynes                rsala@calvin-giordano.com           pvanasse@consult-rwa.com
      Commissioner, City of Lauderdale Lakes
      erich@lauderdalelakes.org                Rick Stauts                         Tampa Bay
                                               Florida City CRA                    Leigh Kellett Fletcher
      Directors                                craexdir@floridacityfl.gov          Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff &
                                                                                   Sitterson, P.A.
      Brenna Durden, Attorney                  General Counsel                     lfletcher@swmwas.com
      Lewis, Longman & Walker                  Clifford B. Shepard
      bdurden@llw-law.com                      Shepard, Smith & Cassady, P.A.      Treasure Coast
                                               cshepard@shepardfirm.com            Grace Joyce
      Jeremy Earle, ASLA, AICP                                                     City of West Palm Beach
      Dania Beach CRA                          Regional Representatives            gjoyce@wpb.org
                                               Apalachee                           Jason R. Nunemaker
      Dennis E. Haynes                         Rick McCraw, AICP                   City of Fellsmere
      Burkhardt Construction, Inc.             City of Tallahassee                 citymanager@cityoffellsmere.org
      dennis@burkhardtconstruction.com         mccrawr@talgov.com
                                                                                   West Florida
      Robert Ironsmith                         Central                             Ray Greer, AICP
      City of Dunedin                          Bruce W. Lyon                       WilsonMiller Stantec
      rironsmith@dunedinfl.net                 President                           raymondgreer@wilsonmiller.com
                                               Swan Development Advisors, Inc.
      Georgia Katz                                                                 Peggy Fowler
      St. Johns County                                                             Land Design Innovations, Inc.
      gkatz@co.st-johns.fl.us                  Greg Witherspoon
                                               Canin Associates
      Dottie Keedy                                                                 Withlacoochee
      Lake County BOCC                                                             David Connolly
      dkeedy@lakecountyfl.gov                                                      Withlacoochee Regional Planning Council

      36      The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book   37
38   The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
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40   The 2010 FRA AwARds BesT Book
2010 FRA Awards Best Book

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