Fiscal Cliff Follow-up at the Biggest and First Hedge Fund Networking of 2013 in New York City on January 8 by staronepr


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									Fiscal Cliff Follow-up at the Biggest and First Hedge Fund Networking
                  of 2013 in New York City on January 8
  Hedge Fund, Alternative Investments, Private Equity, High-Frequency, Algorithmic and
  Proprietary Trading Managers, Investors, Executives and Professionals From the Most
 Prestigious Firms Getting Together for Networking and Cocktails at Golden Networking's
                          Hedge Funds Happy Hour, January 8.

                            New York City, NY, USA (January 3, 2013) -- The first day of the year,
                            the U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill undoing tax
                            increases for more than 99% of households, providing a temporary
                            victory to President Obama and Democrats as Republicans vowed to
                            fight them in the upcoming months for spending cuts in exchange for
                            raising the debt ceiling. What will be the impact of the fiscal cliff debate
                            resolution on the hedge fund industry and the economy in general?

                            Golden Networking is inviting hedge fund managers and investors to
                            discuss this impact in its first Hedge Funds Happy Hour
( on Tuesday, January 8, from 6PM-9PM, at Midtown East's Prime
333. Prospective attendees are suggested to come prepared not only with their pockets filled with
business cards to exchange with fellows attendees but also with the best spirit to enjoy the most
upscale networking. Hedge fund professionals can register for free at

Hedge Funds Happy Hour will celebrate the market-beating returns of hedge fund superstars,
those that shine far and above an industry with nearly 8,000 participants (and rising). The top
decile of managers has served up returns of over 30% in the past year 2012, according to Hedge
Fund Research. But a third have lost money, including some of the stars of yesteryear: John
Paulson, celebrated as an investment wizard in 2007 for having foreseen America's housing
bubble, reportedly saw his flagship fund lose 17% in the first ten months of 2012, after a 51% fall in

Golden Networking's Hedge Funds Happy Hour ( networking
receptions have become popular among executives and professionals with a focus on alternative
investments. Hedge Funds Happy Hour is produced by Golden Networking
(, the premier networking community for business executives,
entrepreneurs and investors. Panelists, speakers and sponsors are invited to contact Golden
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