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The basics:
1) It’s a drug. Considered a Class A one.
2) Highly addictive. (so don’t try it kiddies)
3) Comes from the seedpod of the opium Asian
   poppy plant.
4) It’s used as a painkiller & recreational drug
5) It is a legally prescribed controlled drug... In
   some countries
  Keen on trying out some new words?...
These are the “STREET” names for Heroin:
  - SMACK...(“Yo! Can I have some smack gee!”)
  - JUNK...(“Bro. Do you do Junk?”)
  - SKA                       -SKAG
  -H                          -DOPE
  -BLACKSTAR                  -HORSE
  -BROWN SUGAR                -MUD

(we suggest you don’t go round saying that; you’ll look like a complete
What it looks like:
 In its purest form it is usually a white powder.
 Less pure forms have varied colours vary from
 white to brown like “Black Tar” heroin which is
 dark and sticky.

Who uses it:
 There is no specific stereotype. Anyone of any
 age, of any background could be heroin users.
How is it used?
 Heroin can be injected into a users veins,
 smoked or snorted.

Recreational uses           Medicinal uses
-Euphoria                   - Painkiller
-Relaxation                 -Cough Suppressant
                            - Anti-diarrheal
The effects.... *GASP!
       Some effects on Hauora...
Spiritual:             Social:
  -Stress relief        -Lose your friends/
  -Your religion may     family
    disown you          -make you a social
Mental:                   outcast
  - Euphoria            -increase social status
  - Mood swings        Physical Effects:
  -Memory loss          -vomiting
       The aftermath of Heroin.
This is what a heroin user will look like...
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