teacher wish list by xiaoyounan


									                                      Teacher Wish List
          Mrs. Y Rodgers
          #2 Pencils             motivational stickers        electric stapler
          crayola crayons        baby wipes                   watercolor markers
          brad fasteners         ziploc sandwich bags
          books on tape          adult scissors
          Ms. J Rodgers
          Hi-Ho Cheerio board game                            White Cardstock
          Cranium Hullabaloo board game                       Bright/Bold Green Printer Paper
          Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed board game   Bright/Bold Blue Printer Paper
          Memory Card game                                    Bright/Bold Yellow Printer Paper
          Eric Carle's The Hungry Caterpillar board game      Bright/Bold Orange Printer Paper
          Lincoln Logs
          Lego Building Set (tub of regular legos)
          Mrs. McGann
          Crayola Crayons, 24 pack                            velcro dots
          Thermal lamination sheets (found at Sam's Club)     magnetic strip
          White Cardstock for centers                         hot glue gun sticks - large size
          plastic forks                                       Miss Bindergarten Stays Home (book)
          paper plates
          Mrs. Foulk-Libby
          Electric Pencil Sharpener
          Kindergarten Chair Pockets
          Hand held pencil sharpeners
          velcro dots
          magnetic tape

First Grade
           Mrs. Irvin
           ziploc gallon bags
           ziploc quart bags
           electric pencil sharpener
           Mrs. Umberger
           ziploc gallon bags
           ziploc quart bags
           electric pencil sharpener
           Mrs. Murschell
           ziploc bags: gallon, quart, sandwich sizes
           paper towels
           hand sanitizer
           Mrs. McQuillan
           3M document clips (6)                              animal puppets
           standard pocket chart                              board games - Trouble, Scrabble Jr.
           glue bottles - a large refill bottle               tennis balls for bottoms of chairs
           any books by Helen Lester or Mo Williams           Listening centers - CD w/3 books
           recess toys - football, hula hoops, jump rope      Electric Company DVD's
           magnet men                                         Markers
           lots of printer paper                              Crayons
                                                              Puzzles - 100 pieces or less

Second Grade
          Mrs. Yashinski
          Electric stapler                                                       various size paper plates
          3 hole punch                                                           composition books
          ziploc bags, all sizes                                                 folders
          manual pencil sharpener that sticks to surfaces                        everday school supplies
          hand soap                                                              small denomination gift cards to:
          manual mini sharpeners - w/container to catch the trash                Target, Walmart, Michaels,
          brown paper lunch size bags                                            bookstores, etc for classroom
          popsicle sticks                                                        supplies/materials
          assorted craft items
          Mrs. Schuster
          sandwich size ziploc bags                                   composition books
          gallon size ziploc bags                                     folders
          manual pencil sharpener that sticks to surfaces             everyday school supplies
          brown paper lunch size bags                                 small denomination gift cards to:
          popsicle sticks                                             Target, Walmart, Michaels,
          various size paper plates                                   bookstores, etc for classroom
          assorted craft items                                        supplies/materials
          Mrs. Robinson
          small liquid hand soap
          glue sticks
          clorox wipes
          manual pencil sharpener
          Yarn, one skein of each - yellow, blue, white, red, green, orange, black, brown, purple
          Expo dry erase markers
          Mrs. Taylor
          sandwich size ziploc bags                                   assorted craft items
          gallon size ziploc bags                                     composition books
          manual pencil sharpener that sticks to surfaces             folders
          brown paper lunch size bags                                 everyday school supplies
          popsicle sticks                                             small denomination gift cards to:
          various size paper plates                                   Target, Walmart, Michaels,
                                                                      bookstores, etc for classroom
Third Grade
          Mrs. Villani
          industrial strength electric sharpener and stapler          markers
          single subject notebooks for the whole class                colored pencils
          curtains for her windows                                    whiteboard markers
          pencils                                                     construction paper
          Mrs. Gaudiosi
          electric pencil sharpener
          3 hole punch
          electric pencil sharpener
          Mr. O'Connor
          3 hole punch                         paper clips
          manual pencil sharpener              binder clips
          colored cardstock
          Mrs. Gordon
          glue sticks              paper clips
          pencil sharpener         clorox wipes (any brand)

Fourth Grade
          Mrs. Mahoney
           2 boxes gallon baggies              dry erase markers
           tissues                             erasers for whiteboard
           2 boxes overhead paper
           Mrs. Womack
           easy stapler (staples sells one that you barely need to squeeze)
           gallon size ziploc bags
           hand sanitizer
           clorox wipes
           band aids
           red pens
           black pens
           Mrs. Romeo
           glue sticks
           (6) student scissors
           Connect 4
           Guess Who

Fifth Grade
           Mr. Darno
           4 X 6 notecards         glue
           6 X 8 notecards         glue sticks
           dry erase markers       quart sized ziploc bags
           crayola markers         8.5 X 11 graph paper
           crayola crayons         pencils
           colored pencils
           Mr. Cerwinske
           post it notes (any color except yellow)                      glue sticks
           gallon, quart, sandwich size ziploc bags                     tape dispenser
           electric pencil sharpener                                    clear plastic cups, assorted sizes
                                                                        plastic bowls
           Mrs. Twentey
           ziploc gallon bags                 writing paper - wide ruled
           ziploc sandwich bags               #2 pencils
           tissues                            bandaids
           hand soap                          dry-erase markers, all colors
           hand sanitizer                     stapler
           electric pencil sharpener

           Mrs. Wilco                                        Mrs. Shaver
           Tissues                                           post it notes
Paper Towels                                ziploc gallon bags
hand soap                                   electric pencils sharpener
clear plastic cups (8-12 oz)                post it cover up tape
a dozen or so baby food jars                thin tipped markers

Mrs. Perkins
post it notes
glue sticks

Mr. Enders
2-3 boxes of tissues               wide masking tape
1-2 bottle of hand sanitizer       stick tack (putty for hanging posters)
1 bottle brown tempura paint
1 bottle white tempura paint
Mrs. Trochan
ziploc gallon bags
electric pencil sharpener
new or used: beach balls, basketballs, soccer balls, pool noodles
Ms. Kopasek
3 hole punch
paper towels
electric or manual pencil sharpener
Mrs. Clearwater
bulletin board outside her room
baby wipes
electric pencil sharpener
Mrs. Thaete
3 hole punch                       tissues
lysol wipes                        baby wipes
post-its (smallest size)
Mrs. Massey
6 digital cameras - one for every grade level - Kodak M863, Costco $99.99 each
Mrs. Chamberlain
ziploc gallon bags
manual pencil sharpener
accordian folders for students, from Target w/handle
Nurse Kay
child sized socks
child sized underwear

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