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									                                    Will Early Retirement Harm You?

Will you live longer if you retire at age 55? Sounds nice. More time for relaxation, travel, and other
leisure activities. Reduced stress, easy living, right?

However, if you’ve worked all your life, retirement may not help you live longer. The change in your
lifestyle may even bring about an earlier death. Shell Oil employees were surveyed over a 30 year
period. People who retired when they were 55 years old died at a younger age and at a significantly
higher rate than their peers who retired at age 65.

In fact, death was almost twice as likely for the younger retirees in comparison. As the retirement age
increased, study participants experienced improved life expectancy. Except for failing health as a reason
for retirement, study results showed that association with longer life expectancy is not the case for early

The specific findings of the study included:

       Mortality rates for participants who retired when they turned 55 were significantly higher than
        for those who retired at 65.

       The range varied by socioeconomic groups. Those who retired at age 55 in the high
        socioeconomic group were 20 percent more at risk of death. Those in the lowest socioeconomic
        group saw a 60 percent increase in terms of risk.

       Men were 80 percent more likely to die than women if they retired early.

       Clear indications from the study say that busy people are blessed by longer lives.

Stay Involved if Retired or Not

Working may keep you busy. However, staying active and involved with life is really the key to enjoyable
and healthy longevity. Being active and engaged in the community, making contributions to your
community, will help you live longer whether you are retired or not.

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