Make The Right Choice Of Smart Phone With This iPhone4s Versus The iPhone5 Review

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					Make The Right Choice Of Smart Phone With This iPhone4s
Versus The iPhone5 Review

Smartphones are the “in” thing these days, and Apple’s iPhone series have been
tenaciously holding on to the top spot. This gadget has many advantages that clearly
overshadow its downsides, which makes it very sellable. But just how do you choose
between two consecutive installments to the series such as the iPhone 4s and the newly
released iPhone 5? This article will look into the differences deeper.
There was quite a huge number of people who were disappointed with the iPhone 4s when
it was released in 2011, primarily because it turned out to be just a spruced-up version of
the iPhone 4. A year later, the iPhone 5 was released, and it was received positively, and
cited as the biggest Apply milestone after the inception of the first generation of iPhones.
Let’s take a look at the comparison:
Both phones have the same foundational design. The iPhone 5 is longer and much lighter
and skinnier than the iPhone 4s. That makes it much more comfortable to hold. Plus, the
brushed aluminum rear gives it a cleaner look which is more appealing than the glass
surface of iPhone 4s. iPhone 5 has buttons that give a springier response.
Now this gets interesting, the iPhone 5 has bigger and wider retina display. Also the
brightness, color production is far better in the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4s displays more
distortion at varied viewing angles while iPhone 5 retains its sharp clarity and is better
looking in direct sunlight.
Interface and Functionality
Both the phones run on the same IOS6 so there is not much difference in the experience
since they are almost identical. However, because the iPhone 5 has a larger display, there
is an extra row of icons in the homescreen panel, which means a single page displays
more data.
Coming to the core organizer apps, they are identical as the platform experiences are the
Processor and Memory
The iPhone5 packs a newer chipset in the form of a 1GHz dual-core Apple A6 processor
with 1 GB of RAM. Also, it was expected to see higher storage capacities in the iPhone 5.
Internet and Connectivity
Both these models have the same memorable web browsing experience with mobile
Safari. But again the bonus points go to the iPhone 5 for its 4G LTE connectivity.
Camera and Multimedia
The iPhone 5’s improved camera quality was a little over-hyped as one doesn’t practically
find much difference in the camera quality of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s.
Call Quality
Here the iPhone 5 definitely wins! Apple has made a considerable amount of growth in
terms of the calling quality. Again, the noise-cancellation feature is an added plus point
for the iPhone 5. It is able to mute any wind noise and gives a smooth noise-free calling
experience to its users. The iPhone 4s loses here as there is a lot of background noises are
heard over the other end.
There is not much difference in the battery life of the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5. Of
course, we have to consider the 4G LTE, because of which the iPhone 5’s will drain out
much quicker and in addition to that the larger display and faster processor of iPhone 5.
There is huge competition in the market when it comes to choosing the best phone.
Customers who want the iPhone 5 are torn between choices and here you can take
advantage of the help gained from reading any iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 comparison.
Right from the display to the call quality, reviews will cover everything that you need to
know about a phone device. There have been a lot of changes made by Apple in the
iPhone 5 so make sure that you are up to date and have all of the information that you
need to make the right decision.

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