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					                        What kind of nursing jobs are there?

A nurse is a healthcare professional trained. Nurses have many roles. They can help patients as they
recover from an illness, to educate the general public on how to stay healthy, participate in public
health efforts and work in scientific research. A job as a nurse may mean taking on many different
tasks in different contexts.

Hospital nurses

Hospital nurses care for patients who receive hospital treatment. A hospital nurse may work in any
area of the hospital. It can help monitor a patient dialysis, give a new mother in the proper
techniques of breastfeeding, give someone pain after surgery or who should be seen first in a
emergency room. Hospital nurses usually work in two shifts of 8 or 12 hours. Meanwhile, they
interact with physicians and other health workers colleagues, make sure that the hospital is able to
treat patients in an efficient and timely time.

School of Nursing

School nurses working in primary schools, secondary schools and higher education institutions to
ensure that the medical needs of students and teachers are met. A school nurse can help newly
diagnosed diabetics learn to inject insulin, check the student evidence of diseases such as scoliosis, or
working with local authorities to ensure that the student population has been vaccinated against
contagious. It can also help teachers and other faculty members who may have health problems
during ensure their health needs are handled correctly.

Skilled nursing

Many nurses choose to specialize in a specific field of nursing as anesthesia or neonatal care. To
become a nurse, must first receive at least one year of training. This leads to certification as a LPN or
licensed practical nurse. Nurses can receive additional training at a community college and obtain
licensure as a registered nurse. Once they have completed their undergraduate requirements may
complete additional years of training and certification. For example, to become a nurse anesthetist, a
nurse must complete a bachelor's degree, 2 years of full-time work in a capacity where anesthesia is
routinely administered and then apply for a 2 year program to be certified as an anesthesiologist

Travel nursing.

Travel nurses take on temporary assignments throughout the country. They work with organizations
to assign areas that have a shortage of nurses. The employment contract is usually 3 to 6 months. It
can be extended or converted into a full-time job if the nurse and ease of tuning to do. Travel nurses
are paid an hourly wage and bonuses for completion of contracts.

Nursing academic
Nursing schools employ teachers to teach nursing students and conduct research on the best way to
provide care to patients. School nurses must generally perform a Master of Science in Nursing and
have many years of practical experience in the field.

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