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									Natural Healing Options for Poor Circulation

Circulation problems should not be taken lightly. Ignoring arm and leg circulation problems puts you at
risk for many serious diseases.

Hidden Dangers of Leg Circulation Problems

       Brain problems: Approximately one-fifth of the blood pumped by the heart goes to the brain.
        This is the amount required by the brain to function properly. If there’s not enough blood
        flowing to the brain, you might get a headache or feel dizzy or unable to concentrate and think
        clearly. Severe circulation problems can even lead to dementia and paranoia. Narrowing of
        blood vessels in the brain due to cholesterol buildup inhibits blood flow. Increased blood
        pressure can cause vessels to rupture, a potentially fatal condition known as stroke.

       Heart problems: As the central organ of the circulatory system, the heart pumps the blood that
        the arteries carry to the cells of the body. The veins then send the blood back to the heart.
        Inadequate blood flow to the heart not only jeopardizes the heart itself, but also your entire
        body: The less blood the heart receives, the less it pumps out. Long-term risks of leg circulation
        problems include heart attack, angina and heart failure.

       Liver problems: The liver is the organ responsible for removal of dead cells and toxins from the
        body as well as the metabolism of fats, protein and carbohydrates. Poor blood circulation to the
        liver leads to poor appetite, lethargy and jaundice.

You should not wait for circulation problems to turn into major health issues. As soon as you notice
symptoms of leg circulation problems, you should take steps to deal with the issue. Natural healing
options are available for those who want to improve their health and wellness without resorting to
prescription medications.

Adopting a healthy diet is an effective way to promote natural healing for leg circulation. Aerobic
exercise strengthens the muscles and dilates the blood vessels, while yoga and other stretching
exercises increase blood flow to the muscles. Herbal extracts such as Heart and Body Extract also
support circulatory health. This popular natural healing for leg circulation corrects imbalances in your
body for increased vitality and energy. It provides the following advantages over fresh herbs:

       It doesn’t have an unpleasant taste or odor.

       As it is already formulated, it doesn’t require preparation.

       It contains the active ingredients of herbs for immediate relief.

       You get the same potency in every spoonful of extract.

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