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					December 2012

The Signal
The Churches’ Magazine for Sandwich   50p
            Seventh Festival
            Christmas Trees
                   in aid of St Clement’s Church
                        New Facilities Fund
                   St Peter’s Church
           Weds 5th - Sun 9th December

 Gala Open Evening
Wednesday 5th December
       6.00 pm

 Tickets for Gala Evening £5
                   (wine and canapés)
 Available from:
           DJ Jutson Limited
       & in St Clement’s Church
                    The Parish Church of St Clement Sandwich
        Our Mission Statement – to worship, serve and make known to all the living Jesus Christ

                             Rector: The Revd Canon Mark Roberts, AKC
                                        Rector of Sandwich and Worth
                          The Rectory, Knightrider Street, Sandwich, CT13 9ER
                           Tel: 613138 Email:
                    (The Rector is also a surrogate for the granting of Marriage Licences)
Assistant Priest:             The Revd Howard Pashley, 56 New Street, CT13 9BB                    612018
Deacons:                      The Revd Jasmine Roberts, The Rectory, Knightrider Street           613138
                              The Revd Robin Bendall, 24 Delfside, CT13 9RL                       617458
Reader:                       Mrs Maureen Collins, 18 Church Street, St Mary’s, CT13 9HL          614506
Churchwardens:                Dr Kathy Bennett, Alwoodley, John’s Green, CT13 ODE                 614067
                              Mr Robin Shephard, Mallard Cottage, The Butts, CT13 9HQ             612986
Deputy Churchwarden:          Mr Hugo Jordan 28 Whitefriars Meadow, CT13 9AS                      614513
PCC Secretary:                Mrs Susan Pashley, 56 New Street, CT13 9BB                          612018
Parish Treasurer and
Gift Aid Secretary:     Mr Richard Palmer, Little Acorns, King’s Avenue, Sandwich Bay, CT13 9PG 614583
Free–Will Offering:     Dr Frank Andrews, 14 Stone Cross Lees, CT13 0BZ                          613476
Electoral Roll Officer: Mrs Maggie Kasap, 12 John’s Green, CT13 0DE                              615207
Organist & Choirmaster: Mr Julian Sampson, Keymer Cottage, Longmete Road, Preston          01227 721697
Assistant Organist:     Mr Robert Tapsfield, Maxton, Carlton Road, Kingsdown                     373005
Editor:                 The Rector                                                               613138
Advertising:            Miss Megan Coates, Courtyard Offices, Harnet Street, CT13 9ES           629007
Distribution:           Mrs Beryl Sampson, Keymer Cottage, Longmete Road, Preston          01227 721697
Toddler Group:          Mrs Carole Brown, 78 New Street, CT13 9BD                                614120
Pastoral Care Group:    Mrs Brenda Turnbull, 67 Strand Street, CT13 9HN                          611389
                        Mrs Pamela Wright, Ravelrig, 110 Woodnesborough Road, CT13 0BA          448876
Catering Committee:     Mrs Gillian Robertson, Hedges, St Georges Lees, CT13 9JS                 612876
‘Coffee Pot’:           Mrs Carole Brown, 78 New Street, CT13 9BD                                614120
Bellringers:            Mr Ian Young, 14 Whitefriars Meadow                                      612913
Servers:                The Revd Jasmine Roberts, The Rectory, CT13 9ER                          613138
Flowers:                Mrs Tessa Sale, St Clement’s House, 14 Knightrider Street, CT13 9ER      612288
The Children’s Society: Mrs Gillian Robertson, Hedges, St Georges Lees, CT13 9JS                 612876
Secretary (Bookings):   Mrs Carole Brown, 78 New Street, CT13 9BD                                614120
SUNDAYS                                                     WEEKDAYS
8.00am  Holy Communion (BCP)                                 9.00am  Tuesdays – Morning Prayer (CW)
9.30am  Sir Roger Manwood’s School Service                  10.00am  Wednesdays – Holy
        (in term time)                                               Communion (BCP)
10.30am The Parish Eucharist (Common Worship)                9.00am  Thursdays – Morning Prayer (CW)
6.30pm  Evensong and Sermon
                           For other services and events see Church Notices
              Enquiries concerning Baptism and Marriage should be made to The Rector.

    Other Churches Contact Details

    Minister                      Interim Moderator Revd John Waller 01303 260417
    Local Contact                                        David Adams 01227 720585

    Priest in Charge   Father Christopher Lindlar, 149 St Richard’s Road Deal

    Anna Upton                                                                  01304 614894

    Rector                The Revd Canon Mark Roberts
    Assistant Priest      The Revd Howard Pashley, 56 New Street, CT13 9BB              612 018

    Chairman           The Revd Canon Mark Roberts
    Secretary          Mrs Anna Upton
    Treasurer          Mr John Cuss

    Please note that if you have any copy for the next issue of The Signal it should be either:
    Delivered to:     The Rectory
    or emailed to:
    by:      10th December 2012

    This month’s cover

                          O CHILD OF PROMISE, COME!
                         The Birth of Christ, The Word and Love of God

 The Rector Writes                                                                 19:7
Van Gogh once wrote of seeing eternity in the sleeping, rested face of a child. However,
watch a child’s face when awake, and not just in the excitement of Christmas morning!
Words are often neither possible or necessary to express feelings. The child has not
yet learnt to cover up and mask the power of feelings, joyful delight and simple trust.
Images of children’s faces speak to us of beauty and innocence, while the sad, tear-
stained face of a child can break a heart and make us want to reach out.
When words come it is marvellous to watch the child as those words start to come alive
in the imagination. As we watch the child become enthralled in a good story we see
the power of words. We see words come alive, sometimes in ways we never knew or
had forgotten we knew. We can forget the sheer magic of words.
The mystery of God is made real in the Word of God. That Word is Jesus, the true light
and life for the world. Just as we learn that words express our thoughts and ourselves,
so we learn that Jesus, as God’s Word made fully human with us, expresses God’s nature
and God’s thoughts towards creation and all humanity. Jesus, we believe, is the one
who completely expresses all that God is to us. Abstract words about God begin to
make sense when we look into the face of Jesus, who reveals to us, more clearly than
we yet know or can express, that God is with us.
We are called to reflect more and more of the life and love of God’s Son, in our
world, in our families, with our friends, in our community, in our personalities, in our
conversations, in our activities and yes, in our Church.
Jesus is God’s Word and reveals the Father’s heart, presence and grace, but because He
is also God’s Word spoken in our human form, Jesus also knows us in all our humanity
and understands us perfectly. God’s understanding and communication are with
us, however we may be feeling, today, now, tomorrow, or any time. Whether we
are happy or sad, surrounded by friends and family or feeling alone. Celebrating or
remembering, the birth of God’s Son reminds us that we are blessed always to know
such a companion on our way as Him. To know and be known by love’s Word and love’s
companion through all of life is the offer of the one born at Christmas.
Come to a Church this Christmas! Take part in the extraordinary story of God’s love for
the world and discover something of God’s loving welcome for you.
Jasmine joins me in wishing you a joyful, peaceful and very Happy Christmas.
Mark Roberts

    St Clement’s Church – Diary of Events
Saturday     1st     9.00 am   Churches Together Prayer Breakfast
                     8.00 am Holy Communion
                    10.30 am Parish Eucharist
                     6.30 pm ADVENT SERVICE of MUSIC and READINGS
                              - ‘Veni Emmanuel’ – with The St Clement’s Choir at
                              ST PETER and ST PAUL, WORTH
                              No Evening Service at St Clement’s
Tuesday     4th      9.00 am   Morning Prayer
Wednesday 5    th
                    10.00 am   Holy Communion
                     6.00 pm   Gala Evening for THE FESTIVAL OF TREES -
                               St Peter’s Church
Thursday   6th – Sunday 9th    FESTIVAL OF TREES in aid of St Clement’s -
                               St Peter’s Church
Friday      7th     1.30 pm    Flower Team Bridge Afternoon
                    2.15 pm    Technology School (Year 7) Carol Service
                     8.00 am Holy Communion
                     9.30 am Sir Roger Manwood’s School Service
                    10.30 am Parish Eucharist
                     6.30 pm COMPLINE Sung by The Sir Roger Manwood’s School
                             Chamber Choir and St Clement’s Church Choir -
                             CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL
                             No Evensong at St Clement’s
Tuesday    11th      9.00 am   Morning Prayer
Wednesday 12   th
                    10.00 am   Holy Communion
                     7.30 pm   PCC Meeting
Thursday   13th     9.00 am    Morning Prayer
                    5.30 pm    Churchwardens’ Meeting
Friday     14th 10.30 am       Coffee Pot Christmas Party
Saturday   15  th
                    10.00 am onwards Pre-Christmas Church Cleaning Morning
                     8.00 am Holy Communion
                     9.30 am Sir Roger Manwood’s School Service
                    10.30 am Parish Eucharist
                     6.30 pm Evensong and Sermon

                                St Clement’s Church – Diary of Events
Tuesday    18th       9.00 am   Morning Prayer
Wednesday 19th 10.00 am         Holy Communion
                2.00 pm         Sir Roger Manwood’s School Carol Service
                2.00 pm         Infant School Nativity – St Mary’s
Thursday   20th       9.00am    Morning Prayer
                     4.00 pm    Holy Communion at Wayfarers
Friday     21st            Feast of St Thomas (BCP)
           9.00 am onwards The Decoration of the Church for Christmas
Saturday   22nd      1.00 pm    Wedding
                      8.00 am Holy Communion
                     10.30 am Parish Eucharist
                      6.30 pm FESTIVAL OF NINE LESSONS AND CAROLS
Monday     24th       CHRISTMAS EVE
                      5.00 pm CHRISTINGLE CRIB SERVICE
                      7.30 pm Holy Communion (NB at St Clement’s)
                     11.30 pm THE MIDNIGHT EUCHARIST
Tuesday    25th       CHRISTMAS DAY
                      8.00 am Holy Communion
                     11.00 am CHRISTMAS MORNING FAMILY SERVICE
Wednesday 26th                  Feast of St Stephen
                                There will be No 10.00 am Communion
Thursday   27th                 Feast of St John the Evangelist
Friday     28th                 Feast of The Holy Innocents
Saturday   29   th
                                Feast of St Thomas of Canterbury
                      8.00 am Holy Communion
                     10.30 am Parish Eucharist
                               No Evensong
Monday     31st                 New Year’s Eve

    CHOIR PRACTICE is held in St Clement’s Church on Friday evening from 7.15pm.
    Further details from Julian Sampson – Organist and Choir Master.
    COFFEE POT takes place every Friday in St Clement’s Hall from 10.00 am until 12 Noon.
    Meet and chat over coffee – Everyone welcome.
    The TODDLER GROUP meets every Tuesday afternoon (in term time) from 1.30pm
    until 3.00pm in St Clement’s Hall. We are delighted to see any parents, carers and
    your children.

    United Reformed Church
Sunday Morning Worship is held each Sunday at 10.30am.
Sunday      2nd   Mr Ted Cross
Sunday      9th   Mr Donald Baldwin
Sunday     16th   Service of Lessons and Carols with the Sandwich
                  Music Group
Sunday     23rd
                  Mr Ted Cross
Tuesday    25th   Christmas Day         10am: The Elders
Sunday     30th   Communion: Revd Andrew Lorimer
                     Following worship tea and coffee will be served
                You will be made most welcome at any or all of our Services
Visitors are invited to the Monday meeting at 10.30 am for Bible reading and discussion
and to the Thursday Coffee Morning at 10 am.

    The Carpenter’s Arms – Sandwich
The Phoenix Community Centre, Jubilee Road, Sandwich.
Sundays at 10.30am
Sunday        23rd     10.30 am    ‘Messy Christingle’ Service
                                   There will be No meeting on Christmas Day
First Sunday of the month at St George’s Church ,Deal
For further details, including Messy Church, please contact
Anna Upton 01304 614894             e-mail:

    St Bart’s Chapel
Sunday          2nd    10.30 am     Holy Communion
Sunday          9th    10.30 am     Morning Worship
Sunday         16th    10.30 am     Service of Lessons and Carols
                                    followed by refreshments

                                        St Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church
Sunday’s Mass at 9.00 am
Sunday        23rd       6.00 pm         Candlelit Service of Nine Lessons and Carols at
                                         St John’s Mongeham
Monday        24th       4.00 pm         Christmas Eve Blessing of the Christmas Crib
                        11.30 pm         Midnight Mass of Christmas
                                         – Both at St John’s Mongeham
Tuesday       25th        9.00 am        Christmas Day Dawn Mass of Christmas at St Andrew’s
                         11.00 am        Mass of Christmas Day at St John’s

                                                     St Peter and St Paul – Worth
Sunday          2nd       6.30pm         Advent Service of Music and
                                         Readings - joint Service with
                                         St Clements Sandwich
Sunday          9th      9.30 am         Christingle Family Service
Sunday         16th      8.00 am         Holy Communion
Sunday         23rd      6.30 pm         Service of Lessons and Carols
                                         followed by mulled wine and mince pies
Monday       24th   4.00 pm              Crib Service for Children and their Families
Tuesday      25th  10.00 am              Christmas Day Communion
No Service on Sunday 30th

                          SUNDAY TRANSPORT NEEDED!
     We would welcome more drivers for three people who need to be picked up for the 10.30am service
    at St Clement’s on Sundays and taken home again afterwards. The more drivers we have the less often
                                     each person would be called upon.
           If you can help, please contact Robin Shephard on 612986, and/or leave a message.

    Churchwatchers Launch a New Guidebook
                          On the 18th October a good turnout of
                          St Clement’s Churchwatchers met in the South Aisle meeting
                          room to enjoy refreshments and mark the end of yet another
                          Churchwatch season. The Rector opened the meeting
                          especially welcoming again to Sandwich, the Revd Canon
                          Caroline Pinchbeck of the Canterbury Diocesan Communities
                          and Partnership Framework. He announced the launch, “hot
                          off the press that day”, of the new second edition of the full
                          colour guide book to St Clement’s. He said that the gestation
                          period had been rather long but the result was well worth
                          it. The first edition, written by Roy Tricker, was published in
                          1997 and has served us well until we ran out earlier this year.
This revised and updated edition has entirely new photographs contributed by a group
of people and a plan of the church in the 16th century. The Rector thanked all who had
contributed to and worked on the new guide and the Diocese for their financial support.
The Rector thanked all the members of the Churchwatch team for their continuing
and enthusiastic support and said it had been an important year for promoting church
visiting in the town. The launch in March of the Sandwich Spiritual Heritage Partnership
and the resulting Town Spiritual Trail had been a notable success. The Guildhall tourist
office report that the trail map has been popular with visitors to the town, copies are also
available in St Clement’s, St Mary’s and St Peter’s. We benefited also by having our own
“spiritual trail” leaflet for St Clement’s.
Canon Pinchbeck then recounted the start of the Spiritual Trail initiative and how
Sandwich was chosen for the pilot scheme because of the enthusiasm shown in the town.
She was greatly encouraged that it had been received so well and that visitors seemed to
be making good use of it. The approach would be extended to other places.
David Senior, as Churchwatch co-ordinator, thanked all the team for another very
successful season and for providing a nearly full coverage for all the week. They had
recorded 3,320 visitors who donated £1678, both figures being slightly up from last year.
The visitors again came from every continent and he recommended a couple of articles
by Radley Gorringe that had appeared in The Signal this year, which recounted the
pleasure, interest and amusement that Churchwatchers can experience in what is often
far from a lonely vigil. There was a discussion on the different ways of engaging with
visitors as they step through the north door and the best ways of providing them with the
most appropriate aids, from those that we provide, to guide them round St Clement’s.
The evening concluded with a rush of Churchwatchers to purchase the new guide book,
now on sale in the north aisle. Everyone also continued to enjoy the Kentish wine and
juice generously provided by Caroline.
David Senior

            Our Retiring Archbishop and His Chosen Successor
                                 Dr ROWAN WILLIAMS retires as the 104th Archbishop of
                                 Canterbury on 31st December after ten years in office.
                                 The whole church owes him a huge debt of gratitude
                                 and we wish him, his wife Jane and their children
                                 happiness and fulfilment as they move to Cambridge
                                 where Archbishop Rowan is to take up the post of Master
                                 of Magdalene College.
                             Many of you, I think, know that I have been immensely
                             privileged to be in recent months a member of
                             the Crown Nominations Commission tasked with
                             recommending to the Prime Minister who he should
                             recommend to Her Majesty the Queen as our new
Archbishop. There were sixteen voting members of the Commission which included six
elected members from the Diocese of Canterbury. Again let me say it has been a huge
privilege, indeed an awesome responsibility.
Over the weeks the press described the work of the Commission as variously
‘deadlocked’ or one correspondent said ‘fractious’. I am happy to tell you that it was
neither! If I ever need proof, the experience of the last few months has proved beyond
doubt, that you shouldn’t believe what you read in the press.
It is a real joy to feel the sense of pleasure and
interest with which the appointment of the
Bishop of Durham, JUSTIN WELBY, has been
greeted. He has undoubtedly the potential to
be a remarkable leader of our church.
He will take up office in the New Year, with his
formal Enthronement at Canterbury Cathedral
taking place on Thursday 21st March 2013.
We look forward greatly to welcoming Bishop
– soon to be Archbishop – Justin among us.
We earnestly pray for him and we pledge all
our support to him, in the awesome task to
which he has been called. We pray for his wife,
Caroline and for their family.
Mark Roberts

     Christmas Shoe Box Appeal
 The Carpenter’s Arms church held their Shoe Box Appeal morning on 28th October,
 at The Phoenix Centre in Sandwich. It was a great success with around 40 adults and
 children helping to wrap and fill the boxes. All boxes had toothbrushes, toothpaste,
 soap, hat, gloves and scarf, in them. Boxes were then filled with other items such as
 small toys, pencils, notepads, shampoo and toiletries.
 A total of 46 boxes were put together, twice the number from last year. This was largely
 due to the Phoenix Youth Club who raised money by washing cars and bought many of
 the items for the boxes. Many thanks to all the members of the youth club, especially
 those who came along on the morning to lend a hand with the wrapping and packing,
 you were stars! The boxes were collected by the Blythswood Care charity and will be
 sent out to Kosovo, Moldova and the Ukraine, in time for Christmas.
 Anna Upton

     The New St Clement’s Lottery
 Winners for: November
     1. J. Burton   £50             2. P. Gibson   £30        3. J. Bragg        £20
 If anybody is interested in taking part in the Lottery please contact me on 01304 615081
 or 07836 754594 – e-mail: and I will happily send an
 application form.
 Paul Graeme, Lottery Administrator*                           *(Licensed with Dover District Council)

                               SUNDAY 9th DECEMBER
                              CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL
                                        6.30 pm
                              A SERVICE OF SUNG COMPLINE
                     with the Sir Roger Manwood’s School Chamber Choir
                       and the Choir of St Clement’s Church, Sandwich
                                     All Very Welcome

                               ST CLEMENT’S
                               AT CHRISTMAS
                               All will be welcome at any time -
                               do share this information with your friends and

                               SUNDAY 23rd DECEMBER
                                               6.30 pm
                               FESTIVAL OF NINE LESSONS AND CAROLS

    7.30 pm HOLY COMMUNION             11.00 am CHRISTMAS MORNING
         (NB at St Clement’s)                  FAMILY SERVICE
 The First Communion of Christmas

     St Clement’s Pre-Christmas Cleaning Morning
 I would like to say a very big thank you to those volunteers who
 so kindly helped to clean the Church while our New Facilities were
 being created. Most weeks a huge amount of dust was created
 by the building works. Each Saturday a lot of work was needed to
 remove it before the Services could be held on Sunday. The end
 result was of course worth all the hassle and hard work. We are
 delighted with all the new facilities and the opportunities they are
 bringing. We now have an excellent cleaner for the New Facilities.
 This is good news indeed, but she only is able to clean parts of the
 main body of the church. We certainly still need volunteer cleaners
 from the congregation and supporters.
 I am again holding a cleaning morning to prepare the Church for Christmas.
                           Can you spare any time to help??
                 Saturday 15th December 2012: 10.00 am – 12.00 noon
 I will provide refreshments, prepared in our wonderful new kitchen!
 Thank you in advance to those who can spare a little time.
 Susan Pashley

     Talk About Your Oxford
 In the 1970’s I wrote down these stories, largely as I was made to repeat them many
 times. Then they were forgotten. Last Christmas I made a few copies for my family and
 friends – I was staggered by their generosity, and the second edition is out now. The
 time at Oxford takes your guide through 1960’s of Modern Pentathlon, Hunting, Polo,
 Work, the Army etc, all quite true.
 ‘A roar of laughter on almost every page...’ Bishop Michael Turnbull
 ‘This is a little flourish of a book ...’ Fi Glover, BBC Radio 4
 ‘To be young and at Oxford...’ Justin Cartwright, Author
 The Salutation Gift Shop has copies for £6.99.
 John P Moir

         Sandwich Centre For The Retired (Age Concern)
                        Carol Service
                              13th December 2012 at 1.30pm
                         Sandwich United Reformed Church
                                         All Welcome

                                                     ALL CHANGE FOR 2013
As well as having a new Archbishop for 2013 all Parish Churches will be drawing up new
Electoral Rolls. This procedure takes place every five or six years as against the checking
and revision done every year.
Practically this means that everyone who wishes to be on the Electoral Roll of St
Clement’s Church will need to apply, even if their names are on the current Roll.
Anyone living in the Parish of Sandwich, and who has been baptised is entitled to
have their name on the Roll. Those in the Parish who are of a different Christian
denomination but now worship at St Clement’s may also apply, but need to be regular
worshippers at the church. Similarly those who live outside the parish boundary but
who wish to go on the Roll may do so, but again have to be regular worshippers.
Being on the Roll means you will be invited to the Annual Church Meeting and other
important events and will be able to vote on any issues concerning St Clement’s.
Anyone who wishes to act as a Sidesman or to be on the Parochial Church Council must
firstly be on the Roll.
In early January a Notice will be posted on the church doors announcing the formation
of the new Roll. I will be writing to everyone on the current Roll inviting them to re-
apply and will have application forms for those who wish to apply for the first time.
Applications must be in by the 15th February when the Roll will be closed and then
displayed in St Clement’s Church on the three Sundays before the Annual Church
Meeting on the 6th March.
Don’t worry if you miss the deadline as names can be added after the Meeting. If
you have any queries about applying to go on the Electoral Roll or wish to make your
application before the New Year please contact me or the Rector.
Maggie Kasap (Electoral Roll Officer)        Tel: 615207

        Calling all Mums, Dads and Carers of toddlers!
             Have you thought of coming along on Tuesday afternoons
                to St Clement’s Toddlers Group in the Church Hall?

       There are lots of toys and activities for your little ones to keep them busy,
      and there is the chance for Mums and Dads (and carers) to enjoy a cup of tea
                     or coffee and to have a chat with other parents.

               Do come along! Tuesday afternoons from 1:30 to 3:00.
                           You will be very welcome.

 Come and help us celebrate at our concert : Christmas and all that jazz!
 in St Mary’s Arts’ Centre on Saturday 8th December at 7.30pm.
 Birthday cake and a celebratory drink are included in the ticket price of £10 (Students
 £5) available from Val Gould Gallery at 35,Harnet Street, Sandwich and from Mark One
 Music, Victoria Road , Deal and The Information Office in the Landmark Centre, High
 Street, Deal.

         SATURDAY 1st DECEMBER at 9.00 am
                 Our Advent Prayers and for the
                 Coming of Christ at Christmas
                        All Welcome

                           MESSY CHRISTINGLE
         Sunday 23 December at The Phoenix Centre, Jubilee Road

                         Starts at 10.30am

                           Mince Pies, Mulled Wine, tea and coffee!
                                 Songs, Crafts, Story, Lunch

         All Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
                       The Carpenter’s Arms, Sandwich

                 2013 – Another busy year has been planned for St
                                          Clement’s Church Choir
As we approach the end of 2012 we reflect on a very good and busy year for the
choir – four services at our own Canterbury Cathedral and our trip to sing Evensong at
Westminster Abbey in July. The choir have been invited to sing again at the Abbey and
the choir were thrilled to have received this accolade. These visits were all in addition
to our regular leading of worship at St Clement’s and from time to time also at Worth.
We have celebrated the Queens’ Diamond Jubilee and got to know our new home in
the “Upper Room” at St Clements. It is good to have our new choir members and reflect
on the loyal service given by all associated with music here. We would always welcome
more new members.
                                    As soon as Christmas is over we once again need to
                                    be ready for the first of our planned trips – indeed
                                    on Saturday 19th January we are singing Choral
                                    Evensong at Guildford Cathedral. As usual a warm
                                    invitation is extended to those who would wish to
                                    come with us by coach – leaving at 10.30am from
                                    Sandwich and returning after a meal in Guildford
                                    following Evensong. Please be in touch with Derek
                                    Kirkaldie on or
Guildford Cathedral                 07860723989 (after 6pm) if you wish to come.
                                    The coach will cost £15 per head.
We have been invited to sing the Sunday services at Peterborough Cathedral on Sunday 27th
October 2013 and we look forward to that, particularly as we are going to combine it with a
short choral recital in the famous Lady Chapel at Ely Cathedral on the Saturday before.

Ely Cathedral                                    Peterborough Cathedral

The choir is certainly looking forward to 2013 and indeed will need to be planning its
2014 programme otherwise we will miss the privilege of leading the worship in some of
this country’s finest cathedrals and abbeys.
Julian Sampson

Roman Blinds and CuRtains:             Foot Health
    m ade-to-measuRe
     and alteRations                   Professional
                                               Home Visiting Service
    H ilary F riend                    3
                                            Removal of corns and hard skin
                                            Treatment for hard & thickened nails
                                       3    Fungal nail conditions
                                       3    Verrucae
    Mobile: 07711 990631               3    Cracked heels
                                       3    Footcare for the elderly
                                       3    Diabetic footcare            3    Nail trimming
                                       3    All routine footcare

                                       Mary Shaw MCFHP MAFHP
                                       01304 366077
                                       0796 095 8778

                                             Foot care in the comfort of
                                                     your home

                                                          Registered Member of
                                           The British Association of Foot Health Professionals

      Your Local                  Your Local Boots Pharmacy
                               Open: Monday to Friday 8.30-18.30
                                      Saturday: 9.00-17.00
                              Our Pharmacy team are available to
                              provide a range of Pharmacy services
     PHARMACY                        and Healthcare advice.
   17 Market Street, Sandwich Telephone: (01304) 612047

                   An advert here
                   will cost just £45 for six months.
                    Is this worth thinking about?

                     For details call Meg
                     01304 629017
                                                   R.I. BUTCHER
                                                   PAINTER & DECORATOR

 EASTRY CHIROPODY                                  •   Paper Hanging
   Pound House, St. Mary’s Close
      For an appointment please ring               •   Tiling
         01304 611687                              •   Coving
              07870 385984
                                                   •   Glazing
 Mrs Zsuzsanna Snarey
                                                   90 Poulders Gardens
                                                   Sandwich Kent CT13 0AJ
 HPC Registered Qualified Surgical Chiropodist
                                                   Tel: 01304 614264
 Registered Member of the British Chiropody &
             Podiatry Association                  Mob: 07870532892

                            LE A R N                WITH

               L                                                    AT

            O                                                          I   EN
          SI      CHRIS BUSBYS                                                  T

                 DRIVING SCHOOL

                                  07866 132928
                 VILLAGE                                                RATES

     An advert here
   will cost just £45 for six months.

    Is this worth thinking about?

       For details call Meg

    01304 629017

WYMAN (Electrical) Ltd.
       NIC Registered Electrical
All types of installations undertaken.
           Free estimates.
 All types of domestic appliances.

        Established since 1959

      Tel: 01304 613113
      Fax: 01304 620178

          10 Market Street
             CT13 9DA
  Border                                           HOROLOGY REPAIRS

  Patrol                                                   T. PETTMAN

    Garden Design,                                      CLOCKMAKER
    Maintenance &
  Landscaping Service                              Specialists in Antique
                                                     Clock Restoration

   Anne Edwards BA Hons
 07540 653 551
                                                  Telephone: 01843 825050
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                9a New Street, Ashford, Kent TN24 8TN   01233 661662
                           Wednesday 5th December 2012
                           Guildhall Jury Room, at 7.30 pm
                                     Our speaker:
        EW Parkin, for many years one of the town’s archivists and an adviser to
                     Sandwich Town Council on historic buildings.
                           Slides shown by John Hennessy.
     Earlier in the evening some of you may have visited the Christmas Trees event
     at St Peter’s Church and if so do come along after and join us at the Guildhall.
             Light Refreshments will be provided. Open to all members and guests.

                        Sandwich Gets Festive from 1st December
This year’s Christmas Lights parade and carnival will be on Saturday 1st December from
midday to 8 pm. This year we will have more stalls, musicians and entertainment to
make it a great day for everyone to enjoy.
We have three outdoor venues with festive stalls, food vendors entertainment and a
fun fair. And two indoor venues with even more variety of foods, drinks, crafts and
entertainers. We will have a Santa’s grotto that will be available for children, a funfair
and rock band for the teenagers and a variety of food and drink stalls, hot mulled wine
and an all day Hog Roast for the adults.
At 6.15 pm there will be the Christmas carnival making its way around the town with
a magical mix of world famous Samba band, marching bands, costumed revellers,
Christmas cyclists, street entertainers, schools, clubs and the famous Beach buddies
Newfoundland dogs in their best Christmas attire.
All are welcome to dress up and join the parade around the town whether from a
business, local group or team of friends. The town centre will be adorned in festive LED
lighting, Christmas trees and lights displays in the windows of the shops. Or join in the
carol singing at St Peter’s and Guildhall forecourt.
Come and enjoy the start of the Christmas season with lots to see and do right on your
Happy Christmas
Paul Carter, Chairman, Sandwich Community Lights Committee
(07906 361690).
     All Saints
 From a Sermon preached by the Revd Canon Rob Mackintosh at St Clement’s Church on
 Sunday 4th November 2012.
 Harvard Surgeon and neuroscientist Eben Alexander, is a specialist in the science of the
 brain. Almost exactly four years ago, he had an unexpected and remarkable week. He
 was rushed into hospital with an extremely rare form of meningitis. His chances of survival
 were negligible, and for seven days the scans of his brain showed no activity whatever.
 Yet during this period, Eben found himself in a remarkable place – he described seeing a
 river of life and colour, waterfalls and pools of incredible hues, and higher beings singing
 indescribably gorgeous hymns and chants that lifted his soul – even though he had no idea
 who he was.
 What did this experience do for Eben Alexander? How did it change his life? He says, “I
 think I am nicer, more generous to other people, and I feel and look younger too – 10 years
 at least. But you have to ask my wife about that.”
 St John, in exile on the island of Patmos nearly 2,000 years ago, also had a remarkable
 He wrote: “Then I saw …”
 What is it that John ‘sees’?
 He sees the Holy City, a kind of ‘New Jerusalem’, coming down from heaven. We do not
 create this city with our own minds, or make it with our own hands. It comes as a gift from
 God. And John tells us, it is beautifully prepared, a city full of the redeemed, the saints,
 whose true citizenship is there; What John sees is a place where this world and the next,
 where the time-bound and the eternal, where the above and the below (heaven and earth),
 and where the now and the not yet, meet each other.
 St John tells us that the old woes – that make up our present existence (pain, heartache,
 death, disease; as well as the old distinctions between rich and poor, the powerful people
 and the little people, between citizens and slaves), these distinctions – have passed away.
 John says, these have all perished from neglect because we no longer feed them, or need
 them; A new kind of existence is coming. It is unheard of, and unprecedented. The former
 things have passed away.
 John shows us a vision from the future – from our future – a vision that transforms our
 present. This is what John sees.
 John not only saw, he also heard.
 John hears a Voice, saying: The home of God is with men and women; God is at home with
 them, and within them.
 Archbishop David Hope writes: As I survey the long line of the saints who have been formally
 named in the Church’s calendar I find the diversity and variety of people – women and men
 – breathtaking in its range; all sorts and types and conditions – and therefore tremendously
 encouraging – a source of hope for us all; we who feebly struggle whilst they in glory shine.

                                                                                All Saints
Here in the saints is no roll call of past heroes. Rather they are our sisters and brothers; they
are with us on the way – alongside us as companions and guides, sustaining us with their
prayers and guiding us by their example.
And what do these have to say to us?
“How blessed are you, the living saints, who know your need of God”.
Mary and Martha knew their need of God. Their brother Lazarus had died after a short but
fatal illness. They send for Jesus, who is waiting near the Jordan River, waiting for his last
Passover – in Jerusalem, the old, and world-weary, ‘Holy City’.
When Jesus does finally arrive at Bethany 4 days later, Lazarus is already dead and buried in
a tomb. There had been no life support for him. If only, if only Jesus had come sooner, then
Lazarus, surely, would not have died. Yes, this is true; Jesus healed many who were sick and
dying, as a sign of God’s presence with, and love for humanity. But the mere restoration of
the old, of former things, is not what Jesus comes for, as he arrives before the cold, stone
tomb. He comes, not merely as the healer, and the giver of life; he comes as Life itself.
But more than this; St John writes that, Jesus groaned. Not so much the groan of intensity
of feeling; his groan is more indignation than sorrow; truly feeling with the grief and
confusion of the two bereaved sisters, Mary and Martha. And Jesus wept – he trembled
with emotion. Our Lord’s ‘signs’ and ‘wonders’ were not done at no cost to himself. They
were his self-giving, he knew even when strangers touched him for healing; he could feel
his strength draining out of him.
Is this kind of self-giving perhaps a quality of ALL the saints? Yes, some were martyred, they
gave their lives for a New Heaven and New Earth, and their names are recorded and prayed
for in the Church’s Calendar of Intercession. But most lived their lives in daily struggle with
the harsh or the mundane, and in service to others, by the strength that God gave to them.
And the living saints, who are more in number today than all those who have gone before,
still do.
Jesus commands that they move the rock away from Lazarus’s deathly home.
We all have a place like this within us too – the heavy stone that shuts the soul into its tomb
of fear and anxiety, worry, or resentment. The light floods in, and exposes old habits that
have grown rigid with the passing of the years.
Jesus thanks God – for always listening to him and answering his prayer – not a brief
moment or two of prayer. There was never just a moment of prayer for our Lord, but a
constant thanksgiving for the Father’s unfailing answer to his prayer.
And Jesus cries with a loud voice – Lazarus comes forth! Lazarus comes out of his tomb.
He who was dead comes forth, but now to new life. The grave clothes – the old habits that
are the symptoms of sin – may cling about us, even when the sin is eradicated. And we
need one another, the help of others – the help of the Saints – to unwrap the grave clothes
that we cannot loose ourselves.
To be truly alive, is to be free from these also.

     All Saints
 Unbind him, and let him go. Loose him, and let him go home. The command to Lazarus
 – and to us – is to Go Home. To resume an ordinary life now made extraordinary by this
 knowledge, by this certainty; which is also the message that Eben Alexander brought back
 with him after seven days: we are loved. There can be no fear of death – or life – in a love
 as great as this. To ‘go home’ is the goal of our lives. To dwell with God, even now, in that
 place where the new comes down to touch the old.
 Such is the Eucharist that we celebrate this morning, a foretaste of the Great Homecoming.
 As we give thanks and break bread, as we share in the Life of our Lord at his Table, in the great
 Healing Sacrament of his Church, we touch the Life of the One who makes all things new.
 (Eben Alexander: Proof of Heaven)

     Operation Sunshine
 Thank you to everyone who came to the Operation Sunshine coffee morning at the
 United Reformed Church on Saturday 27th Oct. It was a privilege to listen to Lyn
 Callender telling us about her recent visit to Operation Sunshine projects in Zambia
 and Zimbabwe and showing us some of her photographs. We were able to see one of
 the containers being unloaded and the goods being distributed. Some of the African
 children were proudly wearing their new school uniforms – sweatshirts and blazers
 from local schools eg. Sandwich Junior School and Drapers Mill, Margate. We only
 ‘traded’ for 1½ hours but we were able to send £240 toward the next container.
 Kath & Anna

                    Closing Time on Christmas Night
                                                     At closing time on Christmas Night
                                                       the yobs fall out the pub to fight.
                                                      Fists and blood and teeth and hair,
                                                           explode in the frozen air.
                                                          Bottles fly past tinsel faded,
                                                  coloured lights flash on something bladed.
                                                          Sirens wail, Old Bill arrive,
                                                      down the back streets people dive.
                                                      In church next door a candle flame
                                                   proclaims His birth, who cured the lame
                                                   and forgave all sinners, as well we might,
                                                     at closing time on Christmas Night.
                                                                John Gisbey

                  News from Sandwich United Reformed Church
A year ago our previous minister, Revd Samuel Cyuma, moved to a new post at Wickford
in Essex. Members are naturally asking when we are likely to have a replacement and
the issue has been under consideration at the Southern Synod. We shared Samuel
with The Vale URC at Broadstairs because the Sandwich church is grouped with the five
URC churches in Thanet. There is at present no URC minister in Thanet either, although
the congregations at Margate and Ramsgate are joint URC/Methodist churches with
Methodist ministers in post. So the search is under way for one or more ministers for
Sandwich and Thanet, but the four churches currently with no minister will certainly have
to share. There are simply not enough ministers to go round every congregation, let
alone the money to pay them, and only the larger URC congregations can today expect
to have one to themselves. We are remembering the shortage of ministers in our prayers
and seeking to do more for ourselves during the interregnum. Minister or no minister,
we shall be celebrating the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ at the Carol Service on 16th
December with the assistance of the Sandwich Music Group.
Ted Cross

                                                     Sandwich Music Group
On behalf of Sandwich Music Group. I would like to thank all who came along to
support our afternoon concert at Sandwich United Reformed Church on 20th October.
It was a great success, and £225.00 was raised for Age Concern (Sandwich). I’d also like
to thank not only the musicians, including Singing for Life, but also all who helped to
make the event go smoothly.
Chris Farra

                    You are invited to a special showing of
               GREAT EXPECTATIONS (2012)
                  Starring Helena Bonham-Carter and Ralph Fiennes
                         At the Empire Cinema, Sandwich
                 on Wednesday 5th December 2012 – 6.30 for 7.30 pm
                       In aid of THE PILGRIMS HOSPICES
                               Tickets: £15 per person
          available from: Pilgrims Hospice Shop, 18 King Street (01304 614442)
                           or e-mail:

                           RAFA SANDWICH & DEAL BRANCH NEWS
 A very successful Battle of Britain service was held
 at the Sandwich War Memorial on Saturday 15th
 September, after which a most entertaining display
 was given by the band of the Deal Air Training
 Corps. A total of £634.79 was raised for the annual
 Wings Appeal, made up from both individual
 donations, and street collections in both Sandwich and Deal. Particular thanks are
 given to members of the Deal ATC for their efforts in Deal, as they collected over half
 the total monies raised.
 The Branch was represented by the Standard Bearer and members at the unveiling
 of the new Channel Dash Memorial in Dover on 22nd September, and also the annual
 Trafalgar Day Service at St George’s Church, Deal, on 20th October.
 Members were represented, and the Branch Standard paraded, at the Remembrance
 Day Service at the Sandwich War Memorial. At this service a wreath was laid on behalf
 of the RAF Association.
 The Branch Christmas Lunch will be held at the King’s Arms on Wednesday 12th
 The next Branch meeting will be held on Wednesday 2nd January 2013 at 2.30 pm at the
 Sandwich Centre for the Retired. The Annual General Meeting is provisionally arranged
 for Wednesday 6th March 2013. Anyone who would like to join the Branch will be most
 welcome to contact the Chairman on Sandwich 613241.
 Leslie Nower

                           ST CLEMENT’S CHURCH
                                 PASTORAL GROUP
                 Would you like to know more about what we do?
            Do you know anyone who would like to have a friendly visit?
                                   Contact either:
                          Brenda Turnbull 01304 611389 or
                            Pamela Wright 01304 448876

                                Sandwich Town Diary – December 2012
Saturday        1st 9.00 am          Churches Together Prayer Breakfast – St Clement’s
         12 Noon – 8.00 pm           Christmas Lights Carnival
                      8.00 pm        Tim Edey and Brendan Power – St Mary’s Arts Centre
Monday          3rd 2.15 pm          Singing for Life – United Reformed Church
                      7.00 pm        Town Council – Guildhall
                      7.30 pm        SEDFAS – Guildhall
Tuesday         4 10.30 am
                                     D&DDFAS – Guildhall
Wednesday       5th 6.00 pm          Gala Opening of Festival of Trees – St Peter’s Church
            6.30 for 7.30 pm         Charity Film Evening for Pilgrims Hospices – ‘Great
                                     Expectations’ – Empire Cinema
                      7.30 pm        Sandwich Society AGM – Guildhall
Thursday        6 - Sunday 9
                 th             th
                                     Festival of Trees – St Peter’s Church
Saturday        8th 7.30 pm          Manwood Singers Christmas Concert – St Mary’s Arts
Monday        10th    2.15pm         Singing for Life – United Reformed Church
Thursday      13 th
                      1.30 pm        Centre for the Retired Carol Service – United Reformed
Friday        14th 10.30 am          Coffee Pot Christmas Party – St Clement’s Hall
Saturday      15 1.00 – 7.00 pm Christmas Fayre and Carol Concert – Guildhall Forecourt

                      8.00 pm        Jennifer Brisk – St Mary’s Arts Centre
Sunday        16 th
                      2.30 pm        Sandwich Concert Band Christmas Concert – St Mary’s
                                     Arts Centre
Monday        17th 7.00 pm           Town Council – Guildhall
Saturday       2nd 1.00 pm           Smugglers Records Christmas Festival – St Mary’s Arts
Sunday        23rd 6.30 pm           Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols – St Clement’s
Note: If organisations would like their events announced on this page of The Signal each month,
please forward details of your programme to The Editor at The Rectory.

                            One of the bravest people I have ever met
 This year Remembrance weekend was a first for me. We were in London and on
 Saturday evening attended the British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal
 Albert Hall. On Sunday, which was actually the 11th of the 11th this year, I joined all my
 old comrades at the Cenotaph. The very first time I had done either.
 We have always watched both events on television, of course, but like so many other
 things in life nothing can compare with actually being there. The Royal Albert Hall is
 indeed a superb auditorium that we have been to many times, but this was something
 special. The Festival is first and foremost an act of remembrance and it was a wonderful
 mixture of lovely music, military displays, sincere recognition of some very brave and
 very modest men and women, hymn singing and prayers, beautifully coordinated
 with a balance of military efficiency and sincerity. Everyone, without exception, was
 friendly and helpful. The two minute silence was dignified and the last post, as always,
 extremely moving. Guided by the choirs, the hymn singing was powerful: ‘Praise my
 Soul’, ‘Great is thy Faithfulness’, ‘Abide with me’. The lesson was St. John: Chapter 15:
 “This is my commandment to you: love one another.” The service was completed by
 Sunset and the blessing.
 On Sunday morning there were literally thousands forming up on Horseguards Parade
 to march past the Cenotaph. Some great characters and many very brave men and
 women with numerous and varied decorations were there. We were the first group of
 veterans on parade and the first to march off. When we formed up, a lady joined our
 relatively small group. She was quietly spoken with a sad smile. Being naturally curious
 we asked her who she was. Her son had been killed in Afghanistan serving with 42
 Commando Royal Marines and she was wearing his medals and marching with us to
 represent him.
 One of the bravest people I have ever met.
 Radley Gorringe

     From the Parish Registers
                         We welcome into God’s family
 November 4th KEELEY CLAIRE HARDING of 55 Hazelwood Meadow
                                      We commend to God
 November 1    st
                    JACQUELINE CAROL MANSELL of 22 Beatrice Road, Margate
                    formerly of Woodnesborough Road, Sandwich, aged 61 years
             13th   SYLVIA JOYCE HOUGHAM of 84 St Bart’s Road, aged 79 years
                       We offer our sympathy to their families at this time

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