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									General Counsel Consulting Career Feature

Arthur Meyer, DPL and The Dayton Power and Light Company
By Rebecca Neely

On September 20, 2010, DPL Inc. announced that Arthur Meyer was appointed General Counsel of DPL and The Dayton Power and
Light Company (DP&L).

As general counsel, he will be responsible for all legal            Meyer is involved in numerous community and professional
activities for the company. He will retain his current duties as    activities including Chair of the Ohio Electric Utility Institute,
Senior Vice President, Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, which      Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Montgomery County
includes regulatory activities, environmental and corporate         Transportation Improvement District, Member of the Board
safety, communications and government relations. Previously,        of Directors of the Capitol Square Foundation, and former
Meyer held the positions of Director of Financial Activities and    Chairman of Think TV Board of Trustees, the Dayton area
Investor Relations, Treasurer, and Vice President of Legal and      public television network.
Corporate Affairs with DPL. Aged 60, Mr. Meyer joined DP&L in
1992.                                                               Meyer replaces Douglas Taylor, who recently resigned as
                                                                    General Counsel from the company.
In the article at, Paul Barbas, president and
CEO, was quoted as saying: ‘’He brings a wealth of experience       DPL is a regional energy company. DPL, through its
to the position. Art has been involved in a broad range of          subsidiaries, owns and operates approximately 3,700
strategic activities over his 18-year career with the company       megawatts of generation capacity, of which 2,800 megawatts
and has provided valuable counsel to the Board and executive        are low cost coal-fired units and 900 megawatts are natural
teams over that period.’’                                           gas and diesel peaking units. DPL’s principal subsidiaries
                                                                    include The Dayton Power and Light Company (DP&L); DPL
Meyer is a graduate of Wittenberg University and Capital            Energy, LLC (DPLE); and DPL Energy Resources, Inc. (DPLER).
University Law School. Prior to joining DPL, he was an Ohio         DP&L, a regulated electric utility, provides service to over
Assistant Attorney General, Director of the Ohio Board of Tax       500,000 retail customers in West Central Ohio; DPLE engages
Appeals, and Chief of Staff of the Ohio Lieutenant Governor’s       in the operation of merchant peaking generation facilities; and
Office.                                                             DPLER is a competitive retail electric supplier in Ohio, selling
                                                                    to major industrial and commercial customers.


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