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                   Best Drug Free Menopause Remedies: Say Goodbye To Pain
Menopause heralds the ending of women’s menstrual cycle. It is characterized by a low
production of estrogen and progesterone which leads to the stoppage of the production of
ova or female reproductive cells. The female reproductive system decreases in function and
therefore, a woman cannot get pregnant any longer. This commonly happens around the
age 40 and up.
With this phase comes a tremendous change - both physiological and psychological - and
oftentimes, such a change is very disturbing to a woman’s normal life. The common
symptoms experienced by most women include hot flashes, night sweating, mood swings,
irritability, vaginal dryness, reduced sex urge, fluctuating periods (until they permanently
cease). Each experience is different for every woman and some symptoms may go
unnoticed at all.
A lot of women today are finding the best drug free menopausal remedies using alternative
treatments or natural therapies. There are available resources — your local health shops,
and your own doctor who can provide sound advice to rid yourself of the symptoms. A wide
array of remedies also abound in the Internet like the use of herbal treatments to reduce
hot flashes and night sweating, and also stop the symptoms of menopause. Fortunately,
there are herbs that do the job efficiently, and one example which has been used to relieve
hot flashes is the Red Clover. It also boasts of other health benefits (which you can all find
Other drug free menopause remedies highly recommended to menopausal women are
lifestyle change, regular exercise and putting an end to bad habits like smoking and drinking
alcohol. There is no better way to achieve a total healthy well-being than changing your
lifestyle. If you have been eating too much commercial meats and spicy food for the past
years, and excessively drinking coffee, tea and sweetened beverages, then think again. This
type of food and drinks only aggravate the situation. Instead, load up on lots of fruits,
vegetables, cereals, nuts and legumes and you will see amazing results after sometime.
And on top of it, have an exercise regimen that will firm up your muscles and improve blood
circulation for this gives out remarkable results to the body. But, whatever method you
choose, always consult your doctor to avoid any complications. For herbal treatments, study
carefully what these are made of and how they are to be prepared. Your friendly health
clerk can guide you in the correct way of preparing herbal medicines. Browse for more
information through our website at
where you can have a lot of choices. Now, you can say goodbye to pain, say hello to a new
age, and breeze through your menopause.

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