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									               3 Steps in Transition and Estate Planning for Your Small Business

Have you taken the time to stop and think about the next phase of your business? Or what will
happen when you are ready to transition beyond your current business? Unfortunately, if you are
like most small business owners, you probably have not. But, small businesses are unpredictable,
and it is important that you make plans for your future, and the future of your business. Three
steps to make a business plan to protect your business through any transition phase are:

Step 1: Get an idea of where you want your business to go in the future.

If you want your business to come to a close when you leave the company, establish an estate
plan that clearly sets forth your exit plan. If, however, you want the next generation to take over
your business, then you need to make long-term goals for the business, and establish what
direction you want it to head.

Step 2: Identify which parties you want involved in the future of your business, and
determine their needs and goals.

Although you might know where you want the business to go, the next one in charge may have a
different vision. Identifying differences between current and future goals will help pinpoint areas
that need special attention.

Step 3: Find a consultant who can help implement the plan.

The easiest way is to have one consultant managing or coordinating the business, emotional, and
legal aspects of your business plan.

Once you’ve made your plan, be sure to review it often, and be willing to adapt the plan to any
changes that may arise.

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