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Jeremy S French


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									Jeremy S. French
36 Chestnut Dr Glen Rock, NJ 07452 201-612-3449 "Life is like a grindstone - whether it grinds you down or polishes you up depends on you". - Thomas L. Holdcroft

Certified Advanced ColdFusion Programmer and Proven System Architect. Strong Relational Database Designer. Management Experience in Limited but Very Positive Quantities. Solid, Extensive Business Understanding in Diverse Industries. Excellent Intuitive User Interface Developer. Cooperative, Big-Picture Thinker with Team-Oriented Mindset and Motivation.

Acquired Skills
Technical ColdFusion
1999-Present My language of choice, I started with CF with version 3 and followed it up through CFMX 7. I'm intimately familiar with CFC and tag-library constructs, as well as more recent advancements such as built-in reporting functions and on-the-fly chart generation.

Flex 2/Apollo
2007 Flex is poised to usher in an exciting new era in web development, and Apollo may very well change the way we think about software. The technologies are a bit too new for me to claim “expert” status in them, but I’m always on the cutting edge and well-versed in these latest Rich Internet Application technologies.

MS SQL Server
2000-present Right at home forming or maintaining complex, nested queries, stored procedures, user functions, as well as tools such as Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer.

1999-Present Including DHTML, I've "grown up" with JavaScript as the client-side scripting language for simple validation and interface manipulation. I even will use ColdFusion to dynamically write JavaScripts as well as pass data between client & server via WDDX.

AJAX isn't really a technology; it's more a trick. But it's a trick I know and have been using in various implementations for a long time before someone decided to give it a name.

Flash and Flash Remoting
2003-2005 Though not a graphic artist, I'm heavily versed in Macromedia's Flash and ActionScript, well enough to take a visual concept and flesh it out, including Flash Remoting (Data-Driven Flash). I've designed and developed two Flash-based shopping carts.

2000-Present Where given the leeway, I design all Visual elements with Cascading Style She

Technical (cont'd) Java
2004-2005 Very comfortable in Java, I can write simplistic classes, especially as used for ColdFusion, but don't have the knowledge of existing libraries needed to be really efficient.

Non-Tech Interaction with Customers
1999-2000 Often making people understand a technical project is the most important hurdle to overcome. I excel at explaining to non-techsavvy stakeholders not only what I'm recommending, but why, and what pros or cons other alternatives may present as well.

ASP Classic/ .NET
2004-2005 Though not my favorite, I've written and designed projects in ASP and benefited from the cross-pollination of ideas and concepts. I developed briefly in ASP.NET, but found it restrictive and have avoided it since.

Relational Database Design
1999-Present Readily Design and Implement fully-normalized database structures, and optimize both structure and queries for performance.

Graphic Manipulation
1999-Present Fluent in Photoshop, ImageReady, Fireworks, and can even get around in Freehand.

Intuitive UI Design
1999-Present Excellent ability to create highly intuitive User Interfaces that work so instinctively, little or no documentation or help files are required.

ColdFusion/JRun Administration
1999-Present Practiced in administering ColdFusion and JRun, not just from a setup perspective, but optimizing for performance.

ERP Integration
2001-Present Integrating with legacy systems can be an exercise in patience and trial-and-error, but when it's necessary, it helps to have lots of tricks up your sleeve and the creativity to pick the best one.

Business Processes Frameworks
2205-Present Studied various Frameworks and System Design Methodologies including n-tiered, MVC, FuseBox, Mach II, Model-Glue, and I even developed my own, which I consider to be better than any of the existing frameworks for ColdFusion. I think and design natively in Object-Oriented principals.

Management Project Management
2000-Present Almost every position I've held has involved designing the end solution, planning the development, providing accurate estimates, and distributing tasks in an organized and efficient manner, as well as keeping bosses and customers apprised of the ongoing progress.

1999-Present Very familiar with the ins and outs of Ecommerce and the mentality of the online shopper. Have a rich experience of which tactics work and which don't.

Personnel Management
2000-Present I employ a Natural Leadership honed with book-and personal- study of human motivation and what factors multiply or cripple productivity output. I tend to inspire loyalty in my subordinates, which goes a long way in both retaining good, qualified people, and being able to ask them to go the extra mile.

Business Sense
I'm not sure how else to explain this, other than some employees think in terms of their job, while others think on the level of the entire business and what makes sense from a corporate standpoint. I'm one of the latter.

Professional History 12/06 – Current, Director of Research and Development Brought in to oversee and head the creation of a new department designed specifically to implement best-practice software development. Lead a complete redesign and overhaul of an intensely feature-rich ecommerce platform, restructuring for stability and flexibility while maintain an established set of features that would be expected by existing clients. Developed a multitiered framework architecture specifically for that purpose. Corralled run-away morale problems and brought unification and developer investment and enthusiasm to a team of written-off programmers, and inspired creativity and a productivity increase of 200% Primary Technologies Used: ColdFusion, MS SQL Server, Flex 2, JavaScript, Visual-Paradigm UML, OnTime Software Management Shindigz 3/06 – 11/06, Sr ColdFusion Developer Hired as Sr Developer in a team of two. Tasked with maintaining and improving 12 E-commerce sites running on a core set of shared code and integrating with a legacy ERP system with 15 year old software. Also was surprised to find myself in charge of setting up and administering two production ColdFusion servers in a clustered environment, even without any prior experience or training. But I jumped in and learned on the fly, and have maintained a zero-down-time standard for several months running. Primary Technologies Used: ColdFusion, MS SQL Server, JavaScript, CSS, XML, SOAP Atabia, Inc. 10/01 – 3/06, President Approached by former Cirrus employees to start a business on our own, I presided over a fledgling web development business with 5 employees and no start-up capital in the worst economic downturn of the last 20 years. Managed to keep it alive and floating for over 5 years with many satisfied customers. Managed successful, profitable relationships with outside vendors and remote subcontractors, even over long distances. Primary Technologies Used: ColdFusion, ASP Classic, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, Flash/Flash Remoting, JavaScript, XML, CSS Cirrus ABS Corp 1/01 – 10/01, Director of Development Supervised a team of programmers, graphic artists, and HTML jockeys to build highly functional and innovative websites on a very demanding time table. Primary Technologies Used: ASP Classic, ASP.NET, JavaScript, MS SQL Server InnoSite 9/00 – 12/00, Systems Analyst Tried my hand at a Systems Architect, selling highly documented designs for custom web applications which could be implemented by lesser and cheaper developers. The idea didn't sell. Primary Technologies Used: Microsoft Word, Visio TechServices 6/00 – 9/00, Web Development Team Leader Lead a new web development arm of an existing business. Brought a 20% increase in profitability in 2 months. Was summarily fired for politely disagreeing with the owner on the viability of a potential project. The company went out of business 6 months later, and I had the pleasure of interviewing the solicitor of the would-be project as a candidate for a position in a different company. Primary Technologies Used: ASP Classic, MS SQL Server, JavaScript, Sharepoint, Macromedia Flash. Independent Contractor 5/98 – 12/98, 1/00 – 6/00

Between formal jobs, I've worked as a freelance developer or general IT contractor, which honed my abilities in customer relations and forced me to work though all aspects of the business, from sales to billing. Primary Technologies Used: Visual FoxPro, ColdFusion, MS Access, JavaScript Fort Wayne Internet 12/98 – 1/00, Senior Web Programmer Hired as Tech-Support for a local ISP, transferred to Web Development team after two weeks when I wrote an app for the support team to log calls. Given a book on something called "ColdFusion." I consumed the book and started writing dynamic websites, quickly surpassing the other ColdFusion programmer and being promoted to Senior Web Programmer. Primary Technologies Used: ColdFusion, HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, MS Access

Formal Education
Indiana University at Fort Wayne 9/98 – 12/98 Computer Science Finally serious about going back for my degree, I buckled down in a field I now had working experience in. However, I eventually realized I was pursuing a 4-year degree in an industry that turned itself on its head every two years. I finished up the semester and stopped to pursue my career, which was educating me faster than my education. My GPA was 4.0 at the time. Cedarville College 1/93 – 6/95 Multimedia Technologies More interested in putting some effort into my studies, but still interested in social behavior, particularly in the dating field. GPA 2.5 Grove City College 9/91 – 5/92 Mechanical Engineering Fresh out of high school, I was very interested in being on my own and the fun and social aspects of college. GPA 1.5

Macromedia ColdFusion MX7 Advanced Developer. Passing score is 70%. 85% is required for "Advanced" status. I scored 95%.

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