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PDF format - St Bartholomew s Primary School


									         Newsletter No 5 Autumn Term 2010
Dear Parents, Carers and Governors,                                                         St Bartholomew's
Next week, the school will be receiving visiting teachers from Bangalore, India as part     Primary School
of the schools involvement in the International Voices and Connecting Classrooms Pro-
ject. Over the course of the next six months, the whole school will be involved in             Newsletter Date
these projects. I am also very please to tell you that the school has been nominated             Friday 5th
and shortlisted for a national award, the Education Business Awards will be held in
                                                                                               November 2010
London. These awards recognise schools which have made a successful investment in
education—I will let you know the outcome!
                                                                                            Special points of
We are always keen to learn about and celebrate the activities, events and hobbies          interest:
that pupils get involved in out of school. Each class will have a “Well Done” folder in
                                                                                            ☺ FOSBA
which to record these times. This may be a photograph, certificate or a piece of
writing about an activity they have been involved in and wish to share with others and      ☺ Wear It Pink!
celebrate. If your child feels proud of something they have done, been involved with,
                                                                                            ☺ Admission to school
made, let us know, so that it can be included in their class Well Done folder.
                                                                                            ☺ Park and Stride
Can I thank those parents and pupils who returned their Travel Surveys; unfortu-
nately, we only had a 69% response and therefore the Local Authority were unable to         ☺ Foundation Stage
analyse the questionnaires and provide us with data that would have been very useful          Walk
to us. I have to say, I was very disappointed with the very low percentage returned,
                                                                                            ☺ New School Nurse
perhaps this does not reflect the support parents and pupils really feel towards leav-
ing their cars behind and walking to school. As you will read on page 2 Mr & Mrs            ☺ Important Informa-
McFarlane from the Quorndon Fox are supporting the Park & Stride initiative.                  tion—Administration
Finally, please remember, on leaving the school at 3.10pm & 3.15pm (and 2.00pm on             of Medicine
Friday) do not walk through the car park with your children. The “one way” system is
still in operation, if your not sure ask your child which way to go. On “dropping off” in    Diary Dates
the morning parent/carers can leave the school via the car park, but please take care,
                                                                                             Monday 13th December
if you choose this route Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, your child’s
                                                                                             Foundation Stage & KS1
safety is of the greatest importance to us                                                  Dress rehearsal for Christ-
                                                                                                 mas Production
Yours sincerely
                                                                                             Tuesday 14th December
                                                                                             Foundation Stage & KS1
Mrs VA James                                                                                  Christmas Production
                                                                                            Wednesday 15th December
Head teacher
                                                                                             Foundation Stage & KS1
                                                                                              Christmas Production

                                                    Wear it Pink Day
                                                                                                Christmas Parties
                                               On Friday 29th October                          15th December 210

  AGM Wednesday 10th November 2010              staff raised £71.31 on                             Years 3 & 4

       7pm in the school hall.                 the Wear it Pink Day in
                                                                                               16th December 2010
  Thank you to all parents who have re-         aid of breast cancer. Yummy                  Foundation Stage & KS1
   turned the Parent Questionnaires.             pink cakes and biscuits were
                                                                                               20th December 2010
                                                 sold in the staffroom which
                                                                                                    Year 5 & 6
                                                 added to our total collected.                   End of Term
                                                                                            Tuesday 21st December
              First time school admissions Autumn 2011
                               CLOSING DATE 15th JANUARY 2011
If your child will be four years old before 1st September 2011 the closing date for applica-
tions to school is
                                          January 15th 2011
Applications received by School Admission Department at County Hall after this date will be
considered as late and will be dealt with after those received on time. If your application is
late the Schools Admissions Department at County Hall may not be able to offer your child
a place at our school if all available places have been filled.
To apply for a place at our school go to or contact School Ad-
missions for an application form (telephone number below), or pick one up from our school
For more information contact School Admissions on 0116 305 6684 or e-mail: admis-

Harvest Festival; Donations to The
   Bridge Project Loughborough                                  Park & Stride
                                     Mr & Mrs McFarlane of the Quorndon Fox pub have kindly
Many thanks for all the food         offered parking spaces for parents/carers to park their cars
and money donations given by         before and after school , in order for pupils to walk the re-
everyone at our Harvest              mainder of their journey to school. Please take advantage of
                                     this offer, it provides an opportunity for us all to get some ex-
Festival. We have received a         ercise, park in a safe place and reducing congestion on the
letter from The Bridge Pro-          roads around the school, helping to improve pupil safety.
ject explaining how our dona-        Mrs James
tions will be used along with        Head teacher
their thanks and gratitude.
We will read the letter to
the children, display the cer-
tificates of thanks, so they
are aware that their efforts
are appreciated.                            Foundation Stage Walk Around Quorn

On Wednesday 27th October, Foundation Stage went on a walk around
the village. They were looking for sign of autumn and were able to see
many beautiful autumn sights such as the leaves turning and the trees
becoming bare. However the children had decided that the main aim was
to find a hedgehog. At first this seemed impossible, luckily though a hedgehog was spotted,
all be it a toy Mrs Tigglewinkle, and happily the children continued on their walk. Thank you
to all the adults who helped and made the walk a safe and enjoyable experience.
Mrs Dakin
Foundation Stage Co-ordinator

Page 2                                                                    Newsletter No 5 Autumn Term 2010
                                                                        School Nurse
              School Uniform
                                                              This term we welcome to
                                                              our school Angela McKay,
If you have any surplus school uniform that is                from Children’s Services at
in good condition, please donate it to school.                Charnwood Mill, Barrow.
Please make sure the uniform is clean, ironed                 Angela will visit our school to meet the
and all names removed.                                        children and staff. Parents can contact
We will arrange for occa-                                     Angela on 01509 410240 for confidential
sional uniform sales
where we request a do-
nation for each item
                                                                   Administration of Medicines
                                                               The Local Authority has revised Code of Prac-
Please leave any items at                                      tice No5, Administration of Medicine June
the school office.                                             2010 and in accordance with the advice from-
                                                               the school nurse (in effect from Monday 8th
Many thanks                                                    November 2010)
                                                               •   Will no longer administer non-prescribed
                                                               medication eg calpol/nurofen/throat lozenges
                                                               •   Prescribed medicines - only in exceptional
                                                               circumstances will prescribed medicines be
                                                               administered by a member of staff on the
                                                               completion of all appropriate forms.

    Head Lice Information                                      •    Children who are acutely ill and who re-
                                                               quire a short course of prescribed medication,
                                                               e.g. antibiotics, will normally remain at home
                                                               until the course is finished. If it is felt by a
    Parents can fight the spread of head lice by working       medical practitioner that the child is fit
                                                               enough to return to school, the dosage can
•  Check your family's hair for lice regularly - once a        usually be adjusted so that it is not required in
week is ideal!                                                 school. If, however, this is not possible, by
•   Visit your local pharmacist for guidance on the various    agreement with the head teacher a parent/
treatments available                                           guardian or member of staff may administer
• Get treatment for you or your family as soon as you          it.
find live lice                                                 Inhalers – wherever possible, pupils will con-
•   Let your friends and family know as soon as you’ve         tinue to carry with them in a “bum bag” their
found live lice                                                own reliever inhalers, if this is not appropriate
•   Let school know about head lice outbreaks as soon as       the teacher in charge will keep the bum bag
they’re discovered                                             containing the reliever inhaler safe and acces-
Check out the website for           sible.
more information and advice

                                                               A full copy of the Code of Prac-
          So remember – Once a week, take a peek!
                                                               tice No 5 is available on request
                                                               or on our school website

                                                                                                            Page 3
St Bartholomew's Primary                                         School Profile
                                                    Our School Profile can be viewed on
Willowcroft                                      Http://
Quorn                                                                  profile
LE12 8HQ                                          Thank you for taking time to read the
Telephone 01509 412250
                                                   Profile which will be updated yearly.
Fax 01509 620691
                                                  Please do send any comments you may
                                                                 have to
                                                                   Mrs James.
Helping us, to help you
               support                                         Parents Corner
              your child             Christmas Night Out
                                     Everyone is welcome to join us for a Christmas meal complete with live
                                     background music, courtesy of the Quorndon Fox, High Street, Quorn.
                                     We will meet at 8pm for dinner at 8.15pm on Friday 10 December
                                     2010. It is a 3 course meal costing £16.95 each. A deposit of £5.00 is
                                     required to secure your booking with the balance payable on the
                                     night. Please contact me (phone/text 07970 669647) for a copy of the
   Our school website                menu. You need to make your menu selections and return the form to
                                     me with the deposit.
                                                     Lesley Hall. Mum to Eleanor Hall (Mrs Richardson's
                                                     class) and Samuel Hall (Miss Roulstone's class)

 Copies of this newsletter will be sent via Parentmail. A paper copy will be sent home
                            for those parents who require one.
       A larger print version for this newsletter is available from the school office.
                          This can also be accessed our website at

For anyone wishing to contact our Governing Body please email on—

  We are hoping to promote any courses and information evenings for parents to attend in
the local area that may help you to support your child or further develop your own qualifica-
                                  tions. Watch this space!!

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