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									 Published by the Lake Waubeeka Association, June 2012                           

               This is what we do...
Hello, Lake Waubeeka!                                           Your Committee Chairs work hard, all year
                                                             long, to make sure our Community continues to
                                                             be what we want it to be. We are looking more
   Can’t believe that another Winter has come
                                                             beautiful than ever; we are more secure; and
and gone. We’re going to have yet another
                                                             we are anticipating yet another Season of great
wonderful Summer season. And, yes, before you
                                                             Community activities. We hope that many of you
say it, those floats will be in the Lake within the
                                                             will join in and help make it all happen.
next few weeks. We needed to wait for the
Budget approval before moving forward with
                                                               As The Season opens this month, we naturally
some of our projects. In the meantime, our crew
                                                             focus on the “Fun Stuff”. Our Entertainment
has been busy getting The Mountain ready for
                                                             Chair, Jacki Johnson, has put together another
the Season. And our carp have been busy, as
                                                             Summer of great memories. We have the French
well. The Lake is looking very clear again, and
                                                             Cookin’ Blues Band booked for our celebration
weed-free this year. A lot more people can be
                                                             on July 1 at the Paul Street Beach; the first
seen these days swimming in the Lake.
                                                             ever Raspberry Festival mid-July; the Cabaret;
                                                             the Art Show/Coffee House Night in August; the
   Speaking of the budget... It passed by a two
                                                             Therapy Band for Labor Day; and so much more.
to one margin at our May 27 meeting. The Board
                                                             Check out this issue for details on some of these
is tasked with providing a balanced budget, one
                                                             events, and more to come!
that addresses the needs of our Community. We
had to make some tough choices this year. At
                                                               A note about parking for events at the Paul
the end of the day–while not everyone may have
                                                             Street Beach: It’ going to be tight! If you can
voted for it–I’m sure we can all agree that Lake
                                                             walk, swim, or boat to the beach, that would
Waubeeka will be a much better place for it. I
                                                             be great. If you drive, please park at the top of
want to thank all of you for the great turnout
                                                             Paul Street and help those who need closer
at this year’ meeting, and for all your questions
                                                             access get to the beach.
and concerns. The turnout was incredible–one of
the largest in the last years.
                                                               Mark your calendars, and get ready for yet
                                                             another great Waubeekan Summer!
   The water main replacement project continues,
as it has for the last few years. This year, we
                                                               I look forward to seeing you all out and
will be doing upper Danfred and Sage Roads.
                                                             around, on our roads, on our beaches, and at
(Once again, I want to say “Sorry” in advance for
                                                             every event this Summer! Be safe!
the noise and dust!) The work being done in this
area should eliminate the water leakage there,                                                            Bill
and solve the severe drainage problems. This will
save our Community a great deal of the money
spent to run our pumps ceaselessly to keep our
system pressurized. We hope to have the roads                           Get involved!
newly paved prior to our 4th of July celebration                  All our activities count on you.
(on July 1). In the meantime, please drive very                 Contact any of the contributors listed
carefully in that area. The roads are steep and,
                                                                  in this issue, and join in the fun.
with the roads open, sand and dirt, combined
with excessive speed could cause a disastrous
                                                                        You’ll be glad you did!
lack of traction. So be careful!

Nine Things You Need to Know                                   Please inform your guests that they cannot call
  About The Lake Waubeeka                                   you using their cell phones and have you raise the
                                                            gate. Only the dialer call works.
   Access Control System
                                                              Each clicker has two batteries. If your clicker
   Our access control gates have been in place              stops working, the battery is probably dead. The
since 2003. Please note the following information.          nearest store with batteries is Radio Shack in the
                                                            Mall. Be sure to put both batteries facing the same
  All requests for entry codes, access control              way in the clicker. Broken or damaged clickers are
passes and clickers, or dialer telephone numbers            NOT replaced free by LWA. You have to purchase
must be submitted on standard forms available at            a new one and give LWA the code on the broken
the Access Control Request boxes at the exit gate,          one so we can deactivate it.
or on the LWA website as downloadable PDFs.                                               ...submitted by Paul Schultz
The Board reserves the right to deny codes.

  Anyone requesting a Vendor Gate Entry Code                 Boat Registration Required!
for a contractor, nurse, cleaning service or other
                                                              In an ongoing effort to keep our beaches and
regular vendor must fill out a copy of the Access
                                                            shoreline clean and safe, the Board of Directors
Control Agreement. The vendor agreement can
                                                            has initiated a boat registration program.
be obtained at our LWA website (just print it and
complete it); by calling 203-798-1183 and leaving
                                                              Of particular concern is the transfer of any boat
your name and address to which the form may be
                                                            from any other body of water into Lake Waubeeka.
sent; or by emailing the request to lwasecurity@
                                                            Invasive species, carried on boats, can have an Vendor Codes are given directly to the
                                                            enormously detrimental impact on the health of
vendors and are not for any use other than vendor
                                                            our Lake!
access on service projects for residents.
                                                              Consequently, we are requiring all Community
  Tenants who wish to have their names included
                                                            members who own canoes, sailboats, or any other
on the Guest Gate dialer must provide a copy
                                                            boats currently in our Lake, on either beach, on
of their current lease to the Access Control
                                                            the shoreline, or stored on their property, to
Committee at the 137 Post Road Mailbox. Lease
                                                            register them. We hope to have this initiative
information will be kept confidential. Access will be
                                                            completed no later than mid-August 2012.
granted only for the lease period, and the system
automatically terminates access one day after the
                                                             It is incumbent upon all residents to notify
lease expires.
                                                            Jesse Uhrman with information regarding their
                                                            boat(s), such as type and location, and an
  Only a new lease/lease renewal document can
                                                            address where registration stickers can be
change the access period. Landlords are
responsible for furnishing up to two gate passes
to their tenants from their own card inventory.
                                                              Information will be provided as to where to place
Tenants may request additional wave passes from
                                                            these registration stickers on your boat(s). If boats
the Access Control Committee. Landlords are
                                                            are not registered by a date to be announced in
responsible for informing the Access Control
                                                            the near future, our maintenance crew will remove
Committee what pass IDs have been issued to
                                                            those boats and place them in a designated area
their tenants, and for collecting passes from
                                                            behind the Community House, and offered for sale
tenants at the end of the lease term.
                                                            to Community members.
  The number of passes that any homeowner may
                                                              Again, especially for our snowbirds, you still
possess is limited by the access control system’s
                                                            have plenty of time to complete this process! If
capacity. The Board reserves the right to deny
                                                            you have further questions or concerns, please
additional passes to any homeowner who already
                                                            email Jesse at
has been issued the maximum of five passes and
two clickers.                                                                           ...submitted by Jesse Uhrman

  Guests using the Visitor lane can find the name
of a resident on the dialer, using the UP or DOWN                      BATTERs UP!
arrows. When the name is found (highlighted),
the CALL button must be pressed in order to dial
                                                             Okay, Adult Waubeekans, get out
your telephone number. Alterntively, if they know                 those gloves and bats,
their DIALER CODE NUMBER, they can dial your                   and put on your Game Face!
number by pressing the key with a telephone
picture, and then enter that code using the keypad.
                                                                 Adult Softball Game on
When the dialer rings your phone, you must press             Saturday, June 30, at 11:00 am,
“9” to raise the gate. The dialer will hang up                at–of course–the ball field...
immediately after you press “9”.

Water System Report                                                     Dues Are Due!
    In mid-May, the Board was contacted by our                     The 2012-2013 Lake Waubeeka budget was
LBG consultant, Mike Shortell, saying that our                  approved at our annual Budget Meeting on May
plan has been approved. As of this date, we have                27, 2012. Dues were set at $3,095, and payable,
not yet received a formal letter stating that. Given            on a new quarterly schedule, as follows:
that we have not seen what conditions might be
attached to that approval, we are still waiting.                  The first installment of $773.00 is due and
   One of the major issues pending is the level of              payable on June 1, 2012. Interest will accrue
service we will need from our “official operator”,              from June 1 on payments received after June 30.
Water Systems Specialties. WSS has provided us                    The second installment of $774.00 is due and
with an estimate of the cost of seven-day-a-week                payable on September 1, 2012. Interest will
monitoring would be, and that cost is significant.              accrue from June 1 on payments received after
The present value of this level of annual cost                  September 30.
increase would become the largest component of                    The third installment of $744.00 is due and
this system change. We are hoping that this level               payable December 1, 2012. Interest will accrue
of monitoring will not be imposed upon us.                      from June 1 on payments received after
   We have gotten two cost estimates to date for                December 30.
other work that will be required. The “variable                   The fourth installment of $744.00 is due and
drive equipment” (VFD) for our well motors – to                 payable March 1, 2013. Interest will accrue from
remove pressure spiking on startup and shutdown                 June 1 on payments received after March 31,
– will allow us to remove a large surge tank and                2013.
pressure relief mechanisms from the new
filtration house.                                                 Interest is charged at an annual APR of 18%
   Due to the high system water pressures (210                  per year. Email reminders will be sent to everyone
psi) which we will experience, we asked our                     a week prior to the September and December
pumping systems supplier, Stephen B. Church,                    installment due dates. If we do not have your
to review the adequacy of our piping and valves.                email address, we will attempt to reach you by
They recommend increasing the working pressure                  phone, but we cannot guarantee that you will
capability to 300 psi, and gave us a cost estimate              receive such phone notice.
for accomplishing that.                                           On your check payment, please indicate the
   Assuming that we receive the expected system                 Lake Waubeeka street address for which you are
approval letter from the DPH, the next step will be             paying. (There is no need to put the Lot # on the
to seek cost estimates for all the new equipment,               payment.) Please mail your payments to The Lake
and to lay out a time schedule and work plan                    Waubeeka Association, 137 Post Road, Danbury,
for implementation. We will also be requesting a                CT 06810.
further extension of our current “November 2012
Final Implementation Date”, based on that work

   We also anticipate receiving the final plans for
the new filtration building in the near future. Upon
receipt of those plans, we can initiate the permit
seeking process with the City of Danbury.
                                                                      Pumping Services
  We ask all residents to keep in mind that we                      COMPLETE SEPTIC SERVICES
are involved in a precedent-setting process here,                    & PORTABLE RESTROOMS
concerning a resource of “exquisite value” to
everyone in our Community, both now and in the
future – our water.                                                SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS
                              ...submitted by Bruce Clark
                                                                     FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED
                                                                                SINCE 1971
                                                                           and proud to serve the
                                                                        Lake Waubeeka Community
                                                                         for more than forty years!

                                                                           45 Beaver Brook Road
                                                                            Danbury, CT 06810
                                                                       203-746-1424 or 203-790-8975
                                                                              Fax: 203-790-0521

 Across The Board                                                 Congratulations to our
  The Board of Directors did not have an official                 Wonderful Waubeekan
meeting on Sunday, May 20th, due to the lack of
a quorum. Community members who attended
the meeting did share and/or ask questions about
the May 27 Budget Meeting and the Waubeekan                             The following students have graduated
Facebook site.                                                           this year from various area schools:
  The next LWA Board Meeting will take place                      Joshua Dempsey
on Sunday, June 17, at 9:00 am, upstairs at the                   – Danbury High School
Community House. As always, all residents                         Oren Fishman
are invited to attend.                                            – Heschel High School
                                                                  Megan Glaser
       ...submitted by Leah Kimmet, Corresponding Secretary
                                                                  – Rogers Park Middle School
                                                                  Shakhed Hadaya
                                                                  – School of Visual Arts, NYC
                                                                  Jacob Keller
                                                                  – Rogers Park Middle School
                                                                  Cameron Matthews
                                                                  – Rogers Park Middle School
                                                                  Julia Merfogel
                                                                  – Redding Elementary School
                                                                  Devon Ramos – Danbury High School
                                                                  Cody Slingerland
                                                                  – Rogers Park Middle School
                                                                  Kyra Sterzinger
                                                                  – Abbott Tech
                                                                  Tyler Vittorini
                                                                  – AIS Magnet School
                                                                  Morgan Weck
                                                                  – King Street Intermediate School

                                                                      Our best wishes to all the graduates,
                                                                        and to their very proud families!

                                                                  If you know a recent graduate whose name does
                                                                   not appear here, please let Your Faithful Editor
                                                                   know, and we will be delighted to put it in the
                                                                           next issue of The Waubeekan.

                                                                            Got a question?
                                                                        Need some information?

                                                                      Call the LWA Voice Mailbox

    Beautification Thanks                              To The Editor...
to our Beautiful Volunteers!                           An open letter to my fellow Waubeekans:

          Second Approach Hill                           Comng from a different generation, and not the “dot
            Cleanup Results                            com” generation, and knowing little about social media
                                                       other than what my grandchildren have taught me, I
   Our Approach Hill Cleanup was an amazing            posted a photo and a complaint, out of frustration, on
   success, even though we were only a Force           Facebook.
           of Seven! Thanks go out to:
                                                         Much to my horror, the banter soon escalated, and
                Joel Berkowitz                         the point I was trying to make became a casualty of the
                  Cheryl Chin                          dialogue going on, as I watched our Community being
                 Chris Hamman                          torn in many different directions, and the point I was
                 Kevin Monthie                         attempting to make was just a sideline.
                and Lenny Stein
                                                       I am writing this letter to give everyone a “heads up”
for their incredibly hard work of dragging brush       that before using an instrument like Facebook to get a
 off the rocky hillside, and hauling out the cut       point across, be careful; it might come back to bite you.
   logs that Kevin so kindly provided for them.
   Chris Zwang and I were also in attendance.          So please think long and hard before resorting to this
We have more to do, but it may take longer than        type of communication.
       we anticipated. I’ll keep you posted!
  We will have more – much smaller and more                                           Your Fellow Waubeekan,
 manageable – cleanup projects coming up this
     year. We have to review and decide what                                                        Herb Krate
         warrants our attention the most.
               Thank you all again!                    Your Faithful Editor thanks Herb for his thoughtful
                                                       contribution to this issue.
Sandy Ritter                        Chris Zwang
203-791-1631                       203-743-1451

                                                        Visit our Community on line!
  IT’S PIZZA PARTY                             
  Yes! Back by popular demand!
        Pizza Parties on
     the Paul Street Beach
on the following Friday evenings,
       starting at 6:00 pm.

            Friday, June 22
             Friday July 13
            Friday, July 27
           Friday, August 10
           Friday, August 24

         Cost is $12.00 for the first pie,
          and $11.00 for additional pies
               for the same family.
    A sign will be posted early in the week
         announcing that Friday’ party.
        Sign-up sheets will be posted at
      both beaches, and will be collected
       by 3:00 pm the day of the party.
      You will be charged for your pie(s)
    unless you cancel by 4:00 pm that day!

        For questions or offers to help,
      call Lynne Powell at 203-743-3777  .

     Talkin’ Trash...                                   Leaves and yard debris should be left curbside,
                                                        and are normally picked up by LWA staff on
                                                        Mondays and Thursdays.
                                                        Plastic bags are accepted for recycling by most
General Garbage and Trash information:                  grocery stores.
  Garbage and recyclables are picked up at              Construction and demolition waste removal is
curbside every Monday throughout the year,              the homeowner’s responsibility! It should never be
except on holidays, when pick-up is the follow-         disposed of in the dumpster. Anyone doing so will
ing day. There is a second pick-up for garbage          be fined.
only during June, July and August. Garbage may          Computers and other electronics – The Mom
always be disposed of in the dumpster behind the        and Pop Drop Off and Recycle Center at 30 White
Community House; recyclable material is never to        Street accepts up to 7 eletronic devices per visit
be disposed of in the dumpster!                         for free recycling. Permits, free to Danbury
                                                        residents, are required to visit the facility.
 Recyclable materials include:                          Hazardous waste – Save hazardous waste for
 –Paper milk, juice, and egg cartons; cereal,           Danbury’s annual hazardous waste disposal event
  cracker, and similar boxes                            scheduled for the last Saturday in September.
 –Steel, tin, and aluminum cans, aluminum foil,         More information relative to disposal of motor oil,
  and aluminum containers, such as pie plates           batteries, construction waste and other materials,
 –Phone books, hardback and paperback books             plus information about recycling in general, is
 –Paper bags and cardboard                              available on the Housatonic Resource Recovery
 –Newspapers, inserts, magazines, catalogs,             Authority’s website at Also, there
  junk mail, school paper                               is a guide entitled “What Do I Do With It?” for
 –Office paper, folders, greeting cards, and            getting rid of an extensive list of household items
  shredded paper                                        on the Department of Environmental Protection’s
 –Glass bottles and jars                                site,
 –#1-#7 plastic bottles, jugs, jars, tubs;                                           ...submitted by Gail Adams
  plastic caps and lids; small plastic toys
 –Pots and pans
 –Metal and plastic hangers                                       Got a dog that poops?
 –Plastic flower pots
  Place all these items together for pick up in:
                                                                      CLEAN IT UP!!
 –Clear or blue recycling bags                             (And we don’t mean the dog...!)
 –Blue recycling bins or containers of various
  sizes (available from many internet and
  other vendors)
 –Any small lidless container in which the
  recyclable contents are visible and obvious
  from the outside

Items that are not acceptable recyclables
         include, but are not limited to:
  –Motor oil, oil-based paint cans or containers
  –Plastic bags
  –Pizza boxes
  –Regular garbage or trash

     BULLETIN BOARD                                                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY,
                                                                          M. FLO!
            In Memoriam                                                from all your friends here
     We note with great sadness the passing of
                                                                           on The Mountain.
            Pearl Bucholt                                         We wouldn’t be the Community we are
                                                                    without your tireless dedication.
on Saturday, May 12, 2012, peacefully, at her home.

     A memorial service was held on Saturday,                     We thank you for all you do!
    June 2, 2012, at the Jewish Center in NYC.

 Pearl was a long-time resident of our Community,
  and contributed much – as a wife, mother, artist,
gardener, Board member, and active participant in so
   many Community events, throughout her life.                    A big THANK YOU to Shirley Sampson
                                                                          for shedding some light
 Our sincere condolences go out to her husband of
                                                                   at the bottom of our entrance hill.
  more than seventy years, Joe; to their children
   Geraldine Levey and Carl Bucholt; to their                        Next time you drive up or down
      grandchildren and great-grandchildren;                    the Mountain, take note of the lovely new
             and to their many friends.                               light on top of our stone pillar
                                                                    at the entrance to our Community.
       “Pearly” will be sorely missed by all...                                    NICE!

                                                                   CALLING ALL BIBLIOPHILES!
                                                                  If you like books, enjoy talking about
                                                               books, and sharing great reads with others,
                                                               contact Lenny at and
                                                                      let him know you’re interested.
Contact The Waubeekan                                               s
                                                                  It’ a great way to get together with
                                                                 neighbors, expand your reading list, and
 This is your newspaper, a voice of our Community.                keep those brain cells in tip-top form!
   Send your thoughts, ideas, and comments to
   Your Faithful Editor at
        We look forward to hearing from you!

     Upcoming Waubeekan issues & deadlines:                       Some Notes About Advertising
        July, 2012 – Saturday, June 23, 2012                           in The Waubeekan
        August, 2012 – Friday, July 20, 2012
                                                                The Waubeekan accepts paid advertising, from
 We mail copies of The Waubeekan to homeowners                 companies and individuals, that we feel will be of
      and to renters at the address they specify.                   interest to the Community as a whole.
 If you have a renter who is not receoving an issue,            HOWEVER, the appearance of an ad in this
please provide us with his or her name and address.              publication should never be construed to
                                                                  imply any specific recommendation or
           IMPORTANT NOTICE!                                   endorsement by the LWA Board of Directors,
   Each issue of The Waubeekan is posted on our                             or by this publication.
       website the day paper copies are mailed.
  If you would prefer to receive The Waubeekan                 The Waubeekan will happily print FREE “ads”
   ONLY on the web at,
                                                               from young Waubeekans (under the age of 18)
please contact your Faithful Editor by email at the
          above address, with your name(s)                          who wish to offer their services to the
                and your LWA address.                          Community, or would like to let the Community
 This will affect only your receipt of The Waubeekan.             know about a special project with which
  All other notices will continue to be sent by regular                         they are involved.
           mail to you at your official address.                So if you’re a dog-walker, pet-sitter, lawn-mower,
                                                                 or have something else to share, let us know!

Lake Waubeeka Association
137 Post Road
Danbury, CT 06810
                                        and Fun,
                               s Ne      mer ..
                            Due of Sum Inside.
                             Lots hat’s

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