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									Expanding Medicaid Will Be a Cheap Choice for States

Under the original terms of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act all states
would have had to expand Medicaid eligibility to include anyone earning up to 133% of
the federal poverty limit. However, after the Supreme Court ruled the expansion
requirement unconstitutional, states now have the option to choose to expand or not.

Several states have already chosen to expand Medicaid, while a handful of others have
chosen not to. Now, a new study from the Kaiser family foundation shows that states
that choose to implement the expansion will not incur a significant cost increase.

Released in late November, the study shows that state Medicaid spending would rise by
less than 1% if they adopt the expansion. That would equate to about $8 billion
nationally if all states chose to expand Medicaid. The federal government would be
responsible for paying the majority of the expansion costs, and it would see Medicaid
expenditures increased by about 12%, or $800 billion, if all states chose to implement
the expansion.

Under the terms of the expansion provisions the federal government would be
responsible for paying 100% of the expansion costs in the initial years. As time goes by,
states would be responsible for adopting more of those costs, but no more than 10% by
2020. The remaining 90% of the costs would be paid for by the federal government.

The Kaiser family foundation is a non-partisan health care research organization that
investigates matters of public and global health.

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