; Atlanta Rapper Future Gives The City of Tampa a Shot Out
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Atlanta Rapper Future Gives The City of Tampa a Shot Out


CCA, Club Underground and Hip-Hop Star Future Make Major Moves

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									        Atlanta Rapper Future Gives The City of Tampa a Shot Out
             CCA, Club Underground and Hip-Hop Star Future Make Major Moves

Tampa, FL, January 01, 2013 - 2012 was a really good year for Atlanta rapper "Future." Not only
has his music made him a huge success on Hip-Hop radio and in the clubs but his new major
recording deal with Epic Records is about to take him even further. Over the holidays Future was
touring across the country and made a stop at Tampa's premier night life spot, Club Underground.
Future gave a stellar performance and it didn't go unnoticed. Fans and club-goers got a chance to
see Future perform some of his chart topping hits such as; “Tony Montana,” “Magic,” “Same Damn
Time,” and “Turn On the Lights.”

If having one of the biggest records of 2012 wasn't enough, Future has also been spotted and
paired up with fellow Atlanta native, recording artist Ciara. It was rumored that Miss Cee-Cee was
supposed to make an appearance at his Tampa show, but that never happened. The way things
look, there might just be a bright future for Future and his career. The Atl Hip-Hop star has taken
to Twitter.com to promote his upcoming shows and this is what he had to say about Club
Underground. "@1future: The love I received in Tampa, words can't describe, Salute Florida from
the bottom 2da top of my hear." Tweeted Future

Holiday Show Dates:
12/22: LC Pavilion-Columbus, OH
12/25: The Palace-Atlanta, GA
12/26: Club Underground-Tampa, FL
12/29: Boardwalk Hall-Atlantic City, NJ
12/31: Cameo-Miami, FL

According to sources Future had no comment regarding his relationship with Ciara, but he did
express excitement about his new venture with La Reid and Epic Records. In a recent Dec.17th
interview with Allhiphop.com Future had this to say about his new business move, "LA Reid and
the team at Epic made a great impact on my career helping me to reach an incredible level of
success with Pluto.” “It made perfect sense to fully partner with them with my label Freebandz.”

Future is preparing to release a new mixtape titled “Future Presents: FBG: The Movie,” on January
13, 2013. He also has several other major projects in the works. For more information about
Future and his whole FUTURE/FREEBANDZ camp follow him on twitter at @1future. To attend a
live performance or book an event at Club Underground call 813-221-3582 or check them online
at twitter: @Theundalive or www.underground-live.com. Club Underground is centrally located in
downtown Tampa at: 802-806 East Whiting Street Tampa, Florida.

CCA boasts a very successful track record booking major talent for events from coast to coast and
all across the globe. Capital Connections’ pool of A-list talent turns the night life into a real cash
cow for club owners and venues every year. CCA has location on the East and West Coast, Paris,
Spain and in Canada. CCA has been providing talent for over a decade and they do not plan to
stop offering quality talent any time soon. You can find more information about Capital Connection
Agency at: 1-866-785-1117 www.capitalconnectionsagency.com or

Darnell Clark
646 Antone Street
Atlanta, GA 30318


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