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					     Meet the Teacher

                                  RICKY FRANK
                                  CLOISONNÉ ENAMELING – A Playful Approach
                                  August 5 – 9
                                  Mendocino Art Center

             Ricky Frank is much in demand both as an instruc-     creates his own tiles – thin, textured pieces of fine silver
       tor in the art of enameling and as an artist who “draws     and 24-karat gold which he cuts up and applies mosaic
       from his background in athletics and self-growth phi-       style within the layers of his enamels. Ricky admits the
       losophy” to create his one of a kind, limited edition       pieces are still small, detailed, and obsessive, but he has
       designs. His intricate pieces are often “tiny stories       learned to have a lot of fun within a small space (like a
       hinting at life’s many personal challenges.”                cloisonné cell)! Color, pattern and texture are highly
             Ricky began enameling as a child, “sifting colors     pronounced
       onto pennies and assorted stamped shapes, and firing        in his work.
       them in a small electric hot plate kiln.” A high school     Ricky’s cloi-
       job working for his father’s electronic instrument busi-    sonné jewelry is
       ness taught him the skill of soldering tiny wires, but it   sold at high end
       wasn’t until after college that he pulled his hobbies and   craft shows and
       skills together and began creating beautiful cloisonné      at jewelry stores
       jewelry, which he calls “miniature worlds of light and      across the US.
       color in enamel.” For years he worked exclusively with           Ricky says,
       the cloisonné/enameling art form in its strictest sense,    “I want the
       but the challenge of creating a work of art for a fund-     viewer to expe-
       raiser for his daughter’s school has led him in a new,      rience the sen-
       freer and more playful direction. In his new work, he       sation of swim-
                                                                   ming through
                                                                   the rich enamel
                                                                   layers, follow-
                                                                   ing the subtle
                                                                   shading of col-
                                                                   ors and pausing
                                                                   for a moment at
                                                                   the light reflect-
                                                                   ing off the patterned silver and gold buried deep under
                                                                   the surface.”

                                                                                         Meet the Teacher

                           BRIAN DAVIS
                                                           LUMINOUS OILS
                                                                  July 27 – 31
                                                         Mendocino Art Center

                                                               takes joy in exploring and experimenting with a variety
                                                               of media, including silkscreen, airbrush, and photogra-
                                                               phy. His subject matter is quite diverse, ranging from
                                                               portraiture to landscapes and still life, each beautifully
                                                               rendered. . . Following in the steps of a centuries old
                                                               realistic painting tradition, Brian Davis has created a
                                                               painting style and aesthetic that is uniquely his. Astute
                                                               and careful observation are his hallmark, combined
                                                               with sensitive translation of color, line and form. Subtle
                                                               textures and visual translucency are skillfully captured
     Brian Davis had the luxury of growing up with             in each of his artworks. Using nature as a point of
artistic/musical parents who were always supportive of         departure, his paintings of flowers convey an exquisite
his creativity and passion for art making. He was fortu-       elegance and luminosity. Each painting has its own
nate to have that background, because his subsequent           graceful and nuanced personality. They are seductively
years studying art were anything BUT encouraging.              captivating with a radiance that engages the viewer to
He went to Cal State Los Angeles to study art, but left        embark on a visual journey of discovery and unparal-
in frustration, feeling pushed by his art instructors in       leled beauty. The paintings of Brian Davis are breath-
directions he didn’t want to go – primarily, towards           taking and magnificent examples of a master artist.”
modern art, when his affinity was for representational
art. After liberating himself from the confines of poor
art instruction, he became a successful illustrator. Then,
in 1980, he left the commercial art world to become
a fine artist, and has never looked back. Brian is best
known for his floral art paintings, but has painted many
subjects. Basically, he paints whatever he feels is worthy
of painting. Brian’s work is in seven prestigious muse-
ums, including The Huntington Library and the Los
Angeles County Museum of Art.
     In the magnificent book Brian Davis: Contemporary
Master in a Grand Tradition (Collections Editions,
Inc., 2006), Patricia Jessup-Woodlin, PhD, Associate
Professor of Art at Cal State Los Angeles, writes, “Brian
Davis is a truly gifted artist. Primarily a painter, he also

     Meet the Teacher

                                   SHA SHA HIGBY
                                   WHIRLING SILKEN VISAGES – Masks
                                   August 14 – 16
                                   August 13th, Matheson Theatre, Mendocino

             “Unique” doesn’t even begin to                    My work strives to create a path where
      describe Sha Sha Higby, what she cre-                    movement and stillness meet. Shreds of
      ates, and her legendary performanc-                      memory lace into a drama of a thousand
      es. She designs and makes fabulous                       intricate pieces, slowly moving, stirring
      cocoon-like costumes for performance                     our memory towards a sense of patience
      art – costumes made in sculptural lay-                   and timelessness. Every time we move
      ers of fabrics, leaves, twigs, seed pods,                about, the space around us is filled with
      batiks, paper, and clay, among other                     drawings, colorful sketches and complex
      things—in which she moves fluidly                        patterns. Our thoughts blend into the air
      and evocatively on the stage, like a life-               and space about us. With my “costume
      size puppet. Her costumes, masks and                     sculptures,” I want to show how we
      dances have been influenced by her                       are embraced by the elegant complexity
      travels in Japan, Indonesia, and India,                  of the atmospheres about us. Emotions
      and by her study of Noh Theatre and                      and thoughts cluster on the surface of
      shadow puppets. The San Francisco                         our bodies and then break away, fly,
      Fringe describes her performances as                      and float off. Each bundle of emotion
      “a slow unfolding of almost primor-                       becomes yet another entity in itself, split-
      dial, dreamlike, other worldly images                     ting into many facets again, and gather-
      and sounds.” In her three-day work-                       ing, and returning again to their source
      shop, Sha Sha will help her students                      . . . On the surface of our skin are mul-
      design and create performance masks,                      tiple little theaters and stages. One inch
      from clay, silk papers, and other mate-                   away from our body is already the sky
      rials, concluding with an informal per-                   under which the drama of a tiny world
      formance featuring the masks. Her                         unfolds. As the costume stirs itself, it is
      Thursday evening performance pre-                         as if every crevice of movement is filled
      cedes the workshop.                                       with thousands of smaller adventures.”
             Sha Sha says, “I approach dance
      through the medium of sculpture.
      Using the painterly manipulation of
      physical materials and textures, I make
      costumes one by one from wood, paper,
      silk, ceramic and gold leaf, interwo-
      ven with a labyrinth of delicate props.

                                                        Meet the Teacher

                                             July 27 – 28
                              DIGITAL & MIXED MEDIA
                                       July 30 – August 2

       Karen Wheeler is a profes-                  possibilities presented by combin-
sional artist, designer, and edu-                  ing and refining the capabilities of
cator with over 20 years expe-                     Photoshop with traditional media.
rience, specializing in Mixed                      She currently “integrates drawing,
Media Assemblage, Digital                          handmade paper and digital imag-
Design, Papermaking, and                           ery into mixed media assemblages.
Drawing. Like Brian Davis, she                         She begins by making special-
had the advantage of encourag-                     ized papers, combining ancient
ing parents. She “began her art-                   methods with a modern aesthetic.
ist life drawing on the wall of her                These lusciously pigmented papers
room in her childhood home                         become the base for prismacolor
near Chicago. Fortunately, this                    and ink drawings which are embel-
activity was encouraged by her                     lished with collage. The drawings
artist mother, who painted the                     are scanned into Photoshop and
wall black and provided Karen                      used as raw material for digital
and her brothers with color-                       paintings which are then combined
ful chalks.” Karen received                        with other media. Architectural
a BFA from Indiana                                         prints and references to
University and an MFA                                       the natural world blend to
in Printmaking from                                         create a joyful lyricism.”
Ohio University, then                                           Karen resided for many
specialized in drawing                                      years in North Carolina,
on her own handmade                                         where she was a profes-
papers for many years.                                      sor of art at Wingate
This work won many                                          University, and is in the
national awards and has                                     process of relocating to
been exhibited widely.                                      New Haven, Connecticut.
       In the early 1990’s,                                 Karen has a special abil-
Karen          discovered                                   ity to teach Photoshop in
Adobe Photoshop and                                         accessible terms.
ever since has immersed
herself in the endless

        CERAMICS                      Dennis Treanor             Karen Wheeler                Janet Davis
                                      September 5 – 6          July 30 – August 2       October 31 – November 1
          ANCIENT CLAY
            Vince Pitelka
             July 6 – 10
                                  MATA ORTIZ HANDBUILT                                   FIBER ARTS
                                       Jerardo Tena                                   TAPESTRY: ART FORM OF ITS
                                     September 12 – 13                                          OWN
                                                                                             Silvia Heyden
                                      PINCH-‘N-PULL                                          July 10 – 14
                                        Scott Parody
                                     September 25 – 27                                  SILK PAINTING, COLOR,
                                                                                          DESIGN & REVERSE
                                   INSTANT STIFF SLABS       PHOTOSHOP BASICS                 APPLIQUE
                                        Linda Mau                                         Susan Louise Moyer
                                                                  Janet Davis
                                       October 3 – 4                                         July 15 – 19
                                                                 August 12 – 13

            Marc Lancet               Michael Berkley                                        Karen Urbanek
                                                             BASICS AND ARTISTIC
            July 13 – 17              October 9 – 11             TECHNIQUES                   July 20 – 24
                                                                  Janet Davis
     COILING POTS IN RELATION                                    August 14 – 16             IGNITING THE
       TO THE HUMAN FORM                                                                   CREATIVE SPARK
           Karin Jarvinen                                                              Lisa Grey and Jason Pollen
                                                           LOVE YOUR COMPUTER . . .
            July 13 – 17                                           REALLY!                    July 27 – 31
                                                               Morning Hullinger
     MAKING YOUR OWN POTS                                      September 12 – 13           4-END BLOCK
           Josh DeWeese                                                                   WEAVES IN RUGS
            July 20 – 24                                                                   Jason Collingwood
                                                             BUILD AN ART BLOG!
                                                                 Dennis Freeze                August 5 – 9
                                        IMAGERY                September 19 – 20
          LARGE MOLDS                                                                     WHIRLING SILKEN
                                        Ryan Hurst
             Bill Shinn                                      INTRODUCTION TO THE          VISAGES: MASKS
                                      October 16 – 18                                       Sha Sha Higby
            July 20 – 24                                        DIGITAL CAMERA
                                                                 Larry Wagner               August 14 – 16
       SOUNDING CERAMIC              FIRE A CONE 10
                                     REDUCTION, AIR              September 26
           Brian Ransom
                                   RECUPERATING KILN
                                       Darrin Ekern         PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS
         July 27 – August 1                                     MADE EASY
                                      October 23 – 25
                                                                  Janet Davis
     BERNING SCULPTURES AND                                      October 3 – 4
             VESSELS             DIGITAL ARTS
       Kelly and Trent Berning                             INTERNET & EMAIL BASICS
             August 3 – 7          INTRODUCTION TO THE
                                                                 David Russell
                                      DIGITAL CAMERA
                                       Larry Wagner               October 10               BEGINNING AND
       HIGH EFFICIENCY KILN                                                            INTERMEDIATE WEAVING
             BUILDING                     July 18
                                                             CREATE A WEBSITE IN            Lolli Jacobsen
            Hugh Jenkins                                          ONE DAY                   August 17 – 21
           August 10 – 14        CREATE TROUBLE-FREE ADS
                                                                 David Russell
                                     Morning Hullinger
                                       July 25 – 26               October 11          SHIBORI DYEING: A STUDY
        ALTERNATIVE RAKU                                                                IN TRANSFORMATION
            Eduardo Lazo                                                                   Karen Livingstone
                                  PASSIONATE PIXELS IN     SWITCH FROM PC TO MAC
           August 17 – 21                                        SMOOTHLY                   September 5 – 7
                                                               Morning Hullinger
       YIXING TEAPOTS AND              Karen Wheeler
                                                                  October 24
            SCULPTURE                   July 27 – 28
         Xiaoping and Junya
           August 24 – 28

      BASKETRY               ILLUSTRATORS UNITE!        WATERCOLOR PENCILS               Mark Cody
       Nadine Spier          Molly Dwyer and Nancy           Gary Greene             September 19 – 20
    September 12 – 13                Collins                August 10 – 14
                                  July 13 – 17                                      MORE BEGINNING
                            BEGINNING ENCAUSTICS                                       Nancy Collins
                                   Sandi Miot                                        September 19 – 20
                                  July 13 – 14
                                INTERMEDIATE                                          LANDSCAPES
                                 ENCAUSTICS                                            Birgit O’Connor
                                   Sandi Miot                                        September 26 – 27
 CROWNS AND BRIMS:                July 16 – 19             INTRODUCTORY
 HATMAKING SURVEY                                        FLAMEWORK GLASS
      Jan Wutkowski                                         BEADMAKING            ENCAUSTICS – A NEW
                            COLLAGE FOR A STAINED                                     APPROACH
    September 19 – 20
                                 GLASS LOOK                  Harlan Simon
                                                                                    Cynthia Schildhauer
                                   Sue Siskin               August 10 – 12
 PAPERPULP SPRAYING                                                                 September 26 – 27
                                  July 17 – 19
     FOR ARTISTS                                       CONTINUING FLAMEWORK
      Susan Hersey                                       GLASS BEADMAKING           OIL PAINTING WITH
    September 26 – 27      WATERCOLOR TEXTURES &                                      ERIN DERTNER
                                                             Harlan Simon
                                TECHNIQUES                                              Erin Dertner
                             Patricia Martin Osborne        August 13 – 14
   SKIN AND STITCH                                                                      October 3 – 4
      FISHSKINS                    July 20 – 24
                                                          SPECIAL TOPICS IN
    Audrey Armstrong                                         FLAMEWORK            WATERCOLOR: COLOR
      October 2 – 4            MIX THAT MEDIA!                                        DYNAMICS
                                                             Harlan Simon
                                 Mira M. White                                         Margaret Fago
                                                              August 15
    STRINGMAKING,                July 22 – 26                                          October 3 – 4
    NETMAKING AND                                      I NEVER KNEW OIL PASTEL
     ROPEMAKING                                            COULD BE SO EASY
     Tamara Wilder                                            Jeff Leedy
     October 10 – 11                                        August 17 – 21

WEAVE A WILLOW BURDEN                                    FLOWERS IN BLOOM
        BASKET                                              Birgit O’Connor
   Julia and Lucy Parker
                                                            August 17 – 20
      October 23 – 25
                            JAPANESE WOODBLOCK
                                PRINTMAKING            TREASURES FROM THE SEA       BOLD & BEAUTIFUL:
   FINE ARTS                      Walt Padgett              Birgit O’Connor      WILDLIFE IN WATERCOLOR
                                  July 26 – 31              August 22 – 24         Patricia Martin Osborne
    LOOSEN UP WITH                                                                     October 10 – 11
       Bob Burridge                Brian Davis                Jeff Leedy          ENCAUSTIC MONOTYPE
        July 6 – 10               July 27 – 31              August 24 – 26              Sandi Miot
                                                                                      October 17 – 18
     FOR ARTISTS                  Walt Padgett                Karen Cox           ABSTRACT FIGURATIVE
      Larry Bencich               August 1 – 2              September 4 – 6            PAINTING
        July 6 – 9                                                                     Bob Burridge
                           WOW, THAT’S OUTRAGEOUS      INTERMEDIATE-ADVANCED          October 21 – 23
      LARGE SCALE                Nancy Collins                PAINTING            STUNNING ABSTRACTS
   Cynthia Schildhauer
                                 August 3 – 7                 Erik Tiemens             Mira M. White
      July 11 – 12                                         September 12 – 13          October 24 – 25
                              FEARLESS PAINTING
   THROUGH COLLAGE                                         Michael Guerriero          Birgit O’Connor
                                  August 3 – 6
       Susan Gross                                         September 12 – 13          October 24 – 25
       July 11 – 12
            Bob Burridge               Jeff Georgantes        HOT, COLD & ELECTRIC                 FOR YOU
           October 26 – 30             August 26 – 30       Jima Abbott and Peter Bailey            David Nourot
                                                              October 31 – November 2            September 19 – 20
            ON SILK                 WITH PATSY CROFT          SCULPTURE                     CUTTLEFISH BONE CASTING
         Susan Louise Moyer             Patsy Croft                                               Gert Rasmussen
       October 31 – November 2        September 1 – 5            CARVING IN SOFT                 September 25 – 27
                                                                   CAST STONE
         JEWELRY                                                  Judith Greenleaf           SAND-CAST ALUMINUM
                                                                    July 8 – 12                  SCULPTURE
       PATTERNS, PROBLEM                                                                            Walt Padgett
      SOLVING & POTPOURRI                                   BEGINNING BLACKSMITHING                 October 2 – 4
             John Paul                                            Gert Rasmussen
             July 2 – 5                                            July 15 – 16                 INTRODUCTION TO
                                                             PATTERN WELDED STEEL                    Carla Hall
          THE SEQUEL                                              Gert Rasmussen                  October 10 – 11
      Yvonne Giambrone-Martin                                      July 17 – 19
                                   3-D FLIGHTS OF METAL                                         INTERMEDIATE TO
            July 8 – 12              Katherine Palochak
                                                             SCULPTING THE HUMAN            ADVANCED BLACKSMITHING
                                     September 11 – 14                                            TECHNIQUES
                                                                 Christalene Loren                Gert Rasmussen
                                 JEWELRY FROM PRECIOUS                                            October 17 – 18
                                                                   July 23 – 26
                                      METAL CLAY
                                     Hetty Herman-Minsk
                                      September 18 – 20      CREATING SCULPTURES
                                                             WITH SURFACE BONDING
                                  INTERMEDIATE ETCHING           Christalene Loren
     MIXED MEDIA TECHNIQUES              Mona Clee
                                                                   August 6 – 9
         Diane Falkenhagen              October 3 – 4
            July 15 – 19
                                                                DARJIT FREEFORM
                                   THE BROOCH: PURELY             SCULPTURE
      CROCHETING WITH FINE         PERSONAL SCULPTURE               Brent Sumner
             WIRE                       TO WEAR
                                                                   August 12 – 14
             Joan Dulla                 Susan Chin
            July 22 – 26               October 9 – 11

        Jay Burnham-Kidwell
         July 29 – August 2

             Ricky Frank
            August 5 – 9                                      RUBBER MOLD MAKING
                                                            Paul Graf and Elizabeth Dante   Detailed workshop information
     CENTRIFUGAL CASTING FOR                                       August 20 – 22                     available at
             JEWELRY                 CUSTOM CLASPS                                          MendocinoArtCenter.org. june,
          Marirose Jelicich                                   CEMENT GARDEN ART             july and August workshops are
                                     Alison B. Antelman
           August 12 – 16                                            Sue Brown                     under “Summer.”
                                      October 15 – 18
                                                                     August 22                  September and October
       LET’S RAISE A BOWL!       BASIC FABRICATION: FOCUS                                     workshops are under “Fall.”
             Jim Dailing                                         BRONZE CASTING                  Catalogs also mailed
                                       ON SOLDERING
           August 19 – 23             Nancy Gardner          Elizabeth Dante, Paul Graf,             on request.
                                                                     Tom Brown                707 937-5818, ext. 10.
                                      October 23 – 25
                                                                   August 24 – 28

                                                                                   Gallery of Artists
                               Evonne Bishop                                         Lynne Butler
                                 Paintings In:                                       Brilliant Paintings
                             Oils, Acrylic, Mixed                                    on Handthrown
                              Media & Pastels                                        Pottery

                           Portraits, Landscapes,                                    Available at the
                           Seascapes, Still-Lifes                                    MAC Gift Shop.
                           View Paintings at:
                           artwanted.com/                                            Shown by
                                    EvonneBishop                                     appointment:
                           707-478-9499                                              707-937-1215

                   Blackberry Hill Photography                                      Jim Colling Studio
                        Photographs and CDs                                             & Gallery
                     Explore scenic Mendocino                                            Seascapes
                    through our high resolution                                       in Acylic & Oil
                  photographs which you can use
                 for personal projects, calendars,                                    “No Risk”
                     cards, vacation albums, etc.                                  Commissions!
                   Visit our web site for informa-                             1170 Sanford Ranch Rd.
                         tion about our CDs.                                   Ukiah, CA 95482
www.blackberryhillonline.com • 707 962-4372          707-463-0610    dotnjim@pocketmail.com

                            Bruce Blondin                                               Maeve Croghan
                            Photographer                                                Expressionist
                                                                                        Nature Paintings
                    Celebrating 47 years in                                             The paintings
                    Education, Landscape, Foreign                                       are begun plein
                    Travel, Location, Portraiture                                       air, conveying
                    and Commercial Imaging                                              the essence
                    Represented at Dazzling Lites                                       of my Nature
                    on the coast                      subjects. Exhibits at Mendocino Auberge Inn, Little
                    (707) 937-0837 / 226-2815         River. Studio visits by appointment. (707) 937-3475
                    brockyblondin@earthlink.net       www.maevecroghan.com

                         Carla Marie Bratt                                       Christine DeCamp
                                                                            Paintings, Prints, Cards &
                           Fine Art Gourds                                  Magnets
                                  &                                         Prints are shown at
                            Mixed media
                                                                            Mendocino Art Center.
                       “Gourd art created at a
                                                                            Contact me at
                        uniquely new level”                                 Box 195, Point Reyes, CA
                            209-245-8818                                    94956 • 415-663-9646
                   www.laughingfishstudios.com        christine@christinedecamp.com
                   carla@laughingfishstudios.com                  www.christinedecamp.com
                         Locally at the MAC                 blog: passionforpainting.blogspot.com

                             Robert Burridge                Gloria De La Cruz Designs   Murals
                             Contemporary Painter                                     -Interior &
                                                                                  exterior murals of
                             • Monthly Online
                                Newsletter.                                            any scale
                             To sign up go to www.                                  -Residential &
                             RobertBurridge.com                                      commercial
                             It’s free!                                          -Decorative painting
                             • New DVD                                             & faux finishing
                             • New Workshop           www.GloriaDeLaCruzDesigns.com - (707)320-8818
     Gallery of Artists
                               Doug Desmond                          Diego Harris
                                                            Gourd Art, Jewelry Art, Black &
                         Water Colors, Oils, Graphite,           White Photography
                             Pen & Ink, Etchings                 & Acrylic Paintings
                          May be seen at Prentice           Displayed at: Diego’s Gallery
                        Gallery, Mendocino or Studio                9495 Main St #3
                            by appointment only                      Upper Lake CA
                                                                     707 350-4209
                             fogtown@mcn.org                     www.DiegoandSherry
                           www.dougdesmond.com                        CraftArt.com

                         Patrick Doyle                               Sherry Harris
                         Fine Burlwood sculptures,              Basket Art, Gourd Art &
                         handcarved furniture, room                   Jewelry Art
                         dividers, 2 & 3 dimensional
                         pieces.                            Displayed at: Diego’s Gallery
                         www.pwdfinewoodworking             9495 Main St #3
                         .com                               Upper Lake CA
                         www.edgewatergallery.net           Classes are available.
                         (707) 367-4509                     707-350-4209
                                 Edgewater Gallery Artist   www.DiegoandSherry

                                Judith Greenleaf                   Jacquelyn Hewitt
                                     Fine Arts                    Oil Pastels, Sculpture,
                            Watercolors celebrating                  Clothing Design
                           nature, Sculpture inspired
                            by the figure in bronze,          Shown locally at Glass Fire
                              clay, and cast stone.           Gallery, Ft. Bragg, Icons &
                            Workshops in Baja and             MAC, Mendocino. Post Grad
                            Mendocino: Watercolor,            Degree Burron College of
                                                              Art, Ireland.
       Painting/Drawing, Sculpture. 707-937-0430
      www.judithgreenleaf.com     grnleaf@mcn.org                 paintblues@gmail.com

                                       Heath Frost
                                    Handmade Books &
                                                                    John Hewitt TWSA
                                       Altar Cards
                                                                    Watercolor and Oil
                                  Inspirational text
                                                                  Workshop listings and
                                  with unusual book
                                                                   Galleries see web.
                                  structures and papers.
                                  Visit my website:

                            ROJAX / Dereck Harris                     Julie Higgins
                             Storytelling Acrylic
                                  Paintings                    Original Pastels, Paintings,
                                                                        & Prints
                         Influenced by his everyday life
                         experiences & displayed at:                 Studio visits by
                         Diego’s Gallery                               707 937-4707
                         9495 Main St #3                       www.artistjuliehiggins.com
                         Upper Lake CA                         julie@artistjuliehiggins.com
                                  707 350-4209
                                                                                      Gallery of Artists
                                   Sheri Hoeger                                  Larain Matheson Art
                                       Pastel                                Mixed-media, Pastels, Acrylics
                                Sheri captures the
                               endearing personality                       Art inspired from nature, figure
                               of your pet in vibrant                      and abstract paintings, drawings,
                                   layers of color.                        multi-media experienced artist.
                                                                           Art workshops/MFA.
                              www.sherihoeger.com                          Open studio call:
         888 761-8586         Sheri@BigOakArts.com                         www.LarainMathesonArt.com

                                    David Jenks                                       Jack McBride
                                                                                      Visual Artist
                                    Original Oils
                                 & Giclees on canvas                                   An award winning
                                                                                       photographer who
                                9991 Warner Lane,                                      has been shooting
                                                                                       here since 1987.
707-937-2748                                                                           See more of his
                                                         local images at the Highlight Gallery in Mendocino
        www.djenks.com       art@djenks.com              or at www.JackMcBridePhotography.com

                                   ArtStruct                                     Mickie McCormic
                          Art doors & fine woodwork...                           Printmaking, Fiber Art
                                 specializing in
                               creative entrances.                           Image transfer workshops,
                                                                             & a new instructional DVD,
                           Yorgen Quent Kvinsland,
                                Principal Artist                             “Image Transfers on Fabric.”
                                P.O. Box 1432
                            Mendocino, CA 95460                              mccormic@charter.net
                           707 937-6242 http://www.                          www.mickiemccormic.com

                         William H. Lewis Studio                                      Leone McNeil MFA
                                                                                    Stained Glass & Painting
                            Sculpture & Painting
                                                                                     Forty years of stained
                        Studio Visits by Appointment                                   glass designing.
                                                                                    Recently returned to an
                             whlewis@mcn.org                                          old love, painting.
                    www.williamhlewisstudio.com                                     www.LeoneMcNeil.com

                                                                                    Based in Mendocino 34

                          The World of Suzi Long                             Cynthia Myers Open Studio
                                    Pastels                                   Etched Blown Glass Vases,
                                                                              Bowls, Wine Goblets, Bud
                        Suzi Marquess Long came to                          Vases, and Architectural Glass
                        the Coast to housesit, and now                           Two miles south of
                        has a successful and unique                        Mendocino, two miles up Little
                        pastel gallery in a watertower                      River Airport Rd. Open most
                        to showcase her incredible
                                                                             weekends 10-5. or by appt.
                        paintings. Don’t miss this!
                        707 937-5664                                       707-937-2355 cmyers@mcn.org
                           Suzilongonart@yahoo.com                 www.cynthiamyersglass.com
     Gallery of Artists
                                        Birgit O’Connor      Lynne Prentice                       Prentice Gallery
                                                             45110 Main St., Mendocino & 17701 N. Hwy 1, Ft. Bragg
                                       Watercolor Artist,    ph: 962-0732             www.prenticefineart.com
                                       author, Instructor

                                       Instructional DVD’s
                                        Workshops at the
                                            Art Center

     415-868-0105 • www.birgitoconnor.com

                                Walking Tractor              Glenn Rixon           Dazzling Lites on the Coast
                              And other Country Tales                               Glass & Photography Studio
                               by Bruce Patterson
                     Ranching, logging and carousing                                707-937-0837/226-2815
                     in the heart of Redwood County.                                Custom Leaded Glass
                     “An American Original.”                                        Design & Fabrication.
                     Robert Butler, Pulitzer Prize winning                          Restoration/Tuition.
                     author. 25 Stories -                                           Open House 2nd Wk/ends
                     Trade paperback - $14.95                                       & by appointment
                     Stories & Pics at www.4mules.com                               dazzlitesglass@earthlink.net
      More info at www.heydaybooks.com

                           Marine Art by Rick Pearce                               Robert Rhoades
                                        Oil                                        Paintings, Original Prints, Sculpture
                         Marine & Hawaiian Oil paint-                              Professor of Art, CRMC leads
                         ings originals or Commission.
                                                                                   exclusive painting, art,
                         Mission Statement: Through
                         donations from sales to provide                           & culture tours abroad.
                         care, research & protection of                            See web-site to view his
                         endangered marine life.                                   work & current trip info.
                                   480 251-2791                                    www.creekwoodstudios.com

                               Jan Peterson                                  Rush Studio
                               Sandpaintings                                 Custom Gold & Silver Jewelry &
                               Jan Peterson’s 25 years                       Repairs,
                               showing with the                              36 Years Experience. Showing at
                               Highlight Gallery have                        Prentice Gallery, 17701 N. Hwy 1
                               made him a favorite                           Fort Bragg, The Prentice Gallery on
                               Mendocino visual enter-                       Main St. Mendocino & The Dolphin
                               tainer. All aspects of the                    Gallery, Gualala. Unique one-of-a-
     shoreline inspire his natural sandpaintings.                            kind Jewelry.
     thehighlightgallery.com • mendocinoartists.com                          707-882-2441 RushStudio.com
     707 937-3132                                                            Mac Summer Festival Exhibitor

                                  Janis Porter                                        Cynthia Crocker Scott
                                    Watercolors                                    Paintings in oil and water media
                                    Coastal scenes, land-                         Color and light create
                                    scapes, flowers, etc.                         mood in skyscapes, sea-
                                    Shown at Edgewater
                                                                                  scapes & landscapes.
                                    Gallery, Prentice
                                    Gallery, Artists Co-op                        Shown at Highlight
                                    of Mendocino,                                 Gallery, Mendocino & the
                                    Stevenswood and the                           Mendocino Art Center.
                                    Mendocino Art Center.          www.pleinairpaintersmendocino.com
     707 964-8884        Edgewater Gallery Artist                 www.mowsart.com        ccswns@aol.com
                                                                                     Gallery of Artists
                               Sue Siskin Art                                      Studio Ferdinand
                        Shows, Instruction & Classes                                Hand-blown Glass
                      In September, a one woman
                            show at MAC in the                               Sculptural and functional art;
                                main gallery                                   Custom lighting design;
                       “My Lifetime Adventure in Art”                              Glass Furniture;
                                                                                   By Appointment
                                                                               (707) 357-3373; Yorkville
                              Mendocino, Ca.
                           La Manzanilla, Mexico                              www.studioferdinand.com

                             Shaggy Bear Studios                                   Peggy Templer
                                  Digital Services                               Non-fiction memoir
                                 by David Russell
                                                                           Country living with lots of
                             Graphic & Web Design,                         animals in Fort Bragg and
                               Multimedia Creation                         Anderson Valley. Available
                             System Troubleshooting                        at local bookstores, Amazon.
                                    Tutoring                               com, or contact author at
                                   707-962-0695                            Paperback, 128 pgs, $15.

                            Paul Stein Studio/                            Larry R. Wagner
                            Cow House Gallery                             Photographic Art and Portraits

                       Contemporary wheel thrown                          Photographer & publisher of
                       porcelain vessels, sculpture &                     Artists of the Mendocino Coast,
                                   tiles.                                 Volumes 1 & 2
                                Manchester                                www.wagnerphotoart.com
                              By appointment:                             lwagner@mcn.org
                                707-882-2686                              707 964-5063

                           Marge Stewart
                           Cloisonné Jewelry, Digital
                           Art, Graphic Design
                                                                To have your Art listed in the
                                                           Gallery of Artists in our Fall 2009 issue,
                           Jewelry shown at the                   please call David Russell
                           Mendocino Art Center.                     at 707 962-0695 or
                           Commissions available.
                           Digital Pet Portraits of              email him at drtm@mcn.org
                           your favorite pet available.
Cloisonné and Digital instruction offered.
707 937-0999 • margcrft@mcn.org

                          Molly Dwyer, MAC Webmistress and local author has been declared the
                          WINNER 2008, Historical Fiction Award, Next Generation Indie Book Awards,
                          Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group for her novel, “Requiem for
                          the Author of Frankenstein.” The award is sponsored by ForeWords Magazine.
                          The winners were announced at BookExpo America in New York City on May 29.
                          Congratulations, Molly!


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