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Microsoft Security Essentials
Virus’s and Malware can be extremely damaging
to your computer. It is important to maintain
proper protection for your devices at all times.

It is important to point out to you that virus’s
and malware can attach themselves to critical
operating components such as a DLL (Dynamic
Link Library) files. If this has happened there is
a possibility that when you run your virus
protection, it will remove the DLL while trying to
remove the virus (this could effect how the
computer runs, loads a program, etc...).

With this in mind please be aware that the
C.E.F.L.S. and ACAP, Inc. can not be held
responsible for any damage that might occur to
your computer as a result of removing virus’s or
malware from your computer.
We start at the desktop. We will need to launch an internet
 page to download Microsoft Security Essentials. Click on
 Internet Explorer (or the web browser that you normally
                 use) to launch a web page.
 Now that we have launched Internet Explorer you will have an internet page in
front of you. In this case the home page for this computer is Go to
                the address bar and type in
Your address bar will look like this one.
  You are now at the Microsoft Home Page
(remember that web pages change daily so it
  might not look the same from day to day).
Move your mouse and click on the security tab.
 That will make a dropdown menu where you
  can choose Microsoft Security Essentials.
This is the MSE home page. Click on the Free*
   download button to start the download.
A window will appear asking you if you want to “Run” or “Save” the file. In this
case the window is gold in color and at the bottom of the screen, depending on
  the version of Windows that you are using this window can be different but
 should offer you same options. Click on “Run” so we can install the file now.
The download is complete and we now get the Installation Wizard. Click “Next”
                        to continue the installation.
Now we are at the “License Terms” window. You need to
 click on “I accept” in order to continue. Click on the “I
                      accept” button.
You are now at the “Customer Experience Improvement Program” window.
 Here you need to choose if you want to automatically send information to
 Microsoft about how you use the program. This is your choice as to what
            you want to do, make a selection and click “Next”.
 Now you have to choose if you want to turn on “Windows Firewall”. I recommend
that you do this so you are sure to have a firewall active on your computer while you
           are on the internet. After making your selection click “Next”.
Now that we have setup Microsoft Security Essentials for
 installation we are ready to proceed. Click “Install”.
 Installation has begun and you are now monitoring the
“Status” bar. Simply let the installation continue until it
                     has completed.
 Now that the installation is done, you are
being prompted to finish and start scanning.
       Click on the “Finish” button.
Before the actual scan starts, MSE will search for the latest updates
  of virus definitions, update the program and then start to scan.
  Microsoft Security Essentials is now protecting your computer, because it is
downloading all the latest virus definitions and will start scanning as soon as the
                              download is complete.
Downloading and scanning is now complete. Your computer is now
 protected and will help keep virus's out of your computer. Click
              on the “X” to close out the program.
Now that you have downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials and scanned your
computer, how do you get to it again, there is no desktop icon for it? Click on
   the upward pointing triangle at the bottom right corner of the Task Bar.

                                                           Click here!
There it is! It looks like a green castle with a flag on it. The castle can appear in three
 different colors, green, gold, and red. Green means that everything is good and your
computer is protected. Gold means that it is overdue for an update or that it needs to
scan. Red means that it is very out of date or that an infection has been found. If the
         castle is gold or red, you need to take action to correct the problem.
Your computer is now protected. Happy surfing! Although you have downloaded
security software, remember that the web is full of nasty stuff. Stick to websites
  you know and don’t download anything that you did not ask for or recognize.
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