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					  The official monthly publication of the Peachtree MG Registry, Atlanta Ga.

                            The         Registry
                              NOVEMBER 2008
                                       by Mike Cook
                st     nd
November 1 & 2
– SBCC Chatta-                                           Close to 30 cars were outside the Harp Irish
nooga Choo Choo                                          Pub with a 1932 M type parked on the side-
British Car Show                                         walk. The reason for the gathering was a joint
                                                         meeting of the S.E.T Registry and our club to
                                                         celebrate the first meeting of the MG Car Club
November 9th – 5:30                                      that was held 78years to the day on October
pm—PMGR Monthly                                          12th 1930 at the Roebuck Inn, Stevenage, Eng-
Meeting – Nominat-                                       land We were honored with the attendance of
ing Meeting for                                          Peter Wickenden, British Deputy Consul Gen-
2009 officers and              eral who gave an update of the current and future plans for MG produc-
chairpersons                   tion at Longbridge, England and Peter Thornley O.B.E. who narrated with
                               his usual witty aplomb some nostalgic film footage of “old” Abingdon.

November 15 – Tech                                                             While many attendees
Session – TBD                                                                  mentioned that this was
                                                                               one of the best meetings
                                                                               in recent years and one
December 7th –                                                                 that should be repeated
PMGR Christmas                                                                 in the future, it will cer-
Party – Maggianno’s                                                            tainly be hard to equal.
at Perimeter Mall –                                                            Maybe we should cele-
1:30 PM                                                                        brate the 79th anniver-

    Send in your
pictures, stories and
 newsletter ideas to
 Mary Wiley, Editor

You may recall that in a recent Pulpit article I mentioned that on my route to work in Alpha-
retta each day I have 19 soon to be 20 sets of traffic lights. 20 sets in a 6 mile stretch of
black top, is this over kill or not? To add insult to injury there are 2 sets with those pesky
cameras, these are the ones that when erected we were told that they were there for our
own good, would make it safer and would reduce accidents. Well, are lights with camera
surveillance safer?
Recently MSNBC drew attention to this claim with 2 separate reports from the great state
of Texas, the first is from Dallas. The situation reads like a good news bad news joke
because while drivers are paying greater attention to the cameras , fewer people are run-
ning the red light therefore fewer tickets are being issued and revenue is way down. So
far down that the camera system is costing more to operate than the revenue from tickets
and yes the cameras have been decommissioned.
The second story is from Lubbock. Accidents increased at the “camera lights”, why? You
guessed it people slammed on their brakes to avoid running a red and were consequently
rear ended.
Red light cameras have long been the target of some civil-liberties organizations, they
claim that they are unconstitutional because those accused of traffic violations cannot con-
front their accuser— a mechanical device— in court.
Guess what? Today I did see a rear-ender at one of “camera lights” on the way to work.

                                                             Mi ke Cook
 President – Mike Cook - (770-641-8291)
 Vice President & Events Coordinator—Tom George—mgbtgkg@bellsouth (770-565-8373)
 Secretary/Treasurer – Steve Logan – (770-587-4141)
 Membership – Barbara and Paul Flexner – – (770-220-3022)
 Technical Director – Larry Norton – – (404-386-1151)
 Historian – Tim O’Brien – (404-705-9279)
 Regalia – Tom Nadelhoffer — (770-887-8877)
 Newsletter Editor— Mary Wiley— (770-642-8076)
 Webmeister—Joe Rushing - (770-447-8423)

                                Membership Renewal TIME!!!

Once a year, every year, we turn to the membership with this notice. Yes, it is time for everyone
to renew their membership to the Peachtree MG Registry. As you know, the cost is minimal
when compared with all of the fun and excitement and car talk that comes with being a part of
this wonderful group of people with their beautiful Little British Cars.

So, take a few minutes and find the membership form either in this newsletter (page 8) or on the
web site, fill it out, write your check, and mail it to the Flexner’s. Once again, we ask all mem-
bers to complete the form with ALL of the information so that the Registry has the correct infor-
mation about you and your cars. Mail this in with your check for $25.00.

Of course, you can pay your dues using Pay Pal which you will find on our website – but please
also send in your form. (One caution that we discovered last year. If you paid your dues in the
past, it is likely that on the anniversary of that payment date, Pay Pal will charge your credit card
again and you will be paid for another year. If you think this happened to you last year [as it did
for a number of you], please check with us to see if your 2009 dues have already been paid.)

Your continued involvement is what makes the Peachtree MG Registry one of the premier MG
organizations in the country.

Barbara and Paul Flexner
Membership Chairs

    By Mike Cook

          Answer on page 9

                                                     By Tom George, Vice President
Elections and Nominations!
If you are reading this in the first few days of November, then the U. S. elections are just a few days away. If
you can vote and are registered to vote, by all means please do so. Voting is one of the best privileges that
our Constitution affords us. So please make sure you get to the polls, regardless of your chosen candidate.

In the PMGR By-Laws, our constitution, we are afforded the same privilege as well as the opportunity to partici-
pate directly in the nomination process for our club Officers and Chairpersons. Our November meeting will be
open to nominations from the membership for any position available from Vice-President on down the list. As
you may be aware, the current VP ascends to President for the coming year. Hence the VP position is a mini-
mum two-year commitment.

Although the Board of Directors also prepares a slate for presentation to the membership, it is vital that we
have the opportunity as members to nominate any willing candidate for any position he or she feels fit to hold.
Any person nominated for and accepting a nomination for a position will be placed on a ballot for voting at the
December meeting. So I encourage you to participate not only in our nominating meeting in November, but
also in our election process in December.

Also coming up is our January Planning Meeting. This meeting is just as important as it sets the stage for
events for 2009. Every member is welcome to not only suggest items for our events calendar, but also to vol-
unteer for any event for which they may feel a passion. I feel this way about the 3 Square Meals Tour and will
volunteer to host this event again in 2009. So if there is an existing event that you would like to host or a new
event you would like to promote or host, the January meeting is your time to speak up. The Planning Meeting
is truly the member’s meeting as far as the agenda; whatever you want to do, now is your time to be heard.

Also in December is the Christmas Party, held this year on the 7th at Maggianno’s at Perimeter Mall at 1:30
PM. Price this year is $15.00 per person, which includes everything but your alcohol. Please look elsewhere
in the newsletter for information on your reservation.

Safety Fast

      The Salvation Army’s Family Shelter located on Marietta Street in Downtown Atlanta has re-
      cently undergone a renovation of their family rooms and common areas. They now have the
      capability of housing 21 families who are in need of their services. Sadly, during the renova-
      tion, much of the Christmas décor stored from previous years was discarded in error. The cen-
      ter is in need of Christmas trees, ornaments, lights, wreaths and anything appropriate for fami-
      lies to help decorate the facility. If you have anything to donate, Nancy DeLoatch would be
      happy to drop your items off to the center if you bring them to the Christmas Party on the
      7th. Donations are tax deductible. If you have questions, please contact Nancy at 678-222-
      0375 during the day, or you may call the center directly at 404-486-2723 and ask for Alicia
                         Peachtree Registry at Euro Fest
Our numbers were small but we made a big splash. The Euro Auto Festival 2008 at the BMW plant
took place on October 18th with 3 members of the registry present with their MG’s along with a fourth
good friend and future member. The show attracts about 500 cars. The featured marques this year
was the Volvo and Saab. Other marques present were BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW from
Germany, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo from Italy and a full range of British marques – MG,
Austin Healy, Triumph, Morris Minor, Mini’s (old and new), Morgan, Jaguar, Lotus, and, of course,
Rolls Royce and Bentley. Euro Fest spreads over the full weekend and includes a delightful 2 hour
rally on Sunday morning.

                                                     In the MG Midget class, Ray McCaleb was
                                                     awarded 1st Place and Jack and Kathy Orkin
                                                     were awarded 2nd Place. In the MGA class,
                                                     the Flexner’s received 1st Place. And, Knight
                                                     Martorell was the winner in the Jaguar class
                                                     with his XK120 which many of us saw at both
                                                     Dillard and on the Fall Tour in Highlands, NC.

                                                     In addition, the Flexner’s MGA was chosen as
                                                     the Outstanding Members MG in Show by the
                                                     MG Drivers Club. The MG Drivers Club is
                                                     headquartered in New Jersey and currently
                                                     has over 700 members throughout the conti-
                                                     nent. Twenty four of the members who live in
                                                     the Southeast brought their MG’s to Euro Fest.

                                   Ric Cline
                      British Car Specialist
                Performance, Repair & Restoration

                                1611 Davidson Road
                               Shady Dale, GA 31085

       Pick-up and Delivery Available for the Cost of Fuel!

                  Call 770-778-0843 for an Appointment

                           : November     2008 Tech Article
   I get most of my ideas from customers. Now that I am back in business working on
British cars, I hope to be getting a lot of new subjects to write about. I need some more
customers so I can quit picking on several of my good friends. Sorry Bill, Mike, Tom,
Jack, etc. but y’all have given me some stories to tell. I cannot tell some of the funniest
here but the car problems I can. Unfortunately, there have been no real problems,
(unfortunate for me but good for you) except one. And this is one I found on two cars
within a week.
   In the past, we have had tech sessions and articles about tuning your cars. Maybe it is
time for another tech session on some of this stuff. Both cars had a very minor bog on
acceleration. One, a constant show winner in a beautiful raspberry color had a small
miss, uneven running when driven and a slight bog. We checked the timing with a de-
greed timing light, less than $60 at Sears, and found the timing bouncing about 10 de-
grees at high rpm. Either point bounce or a worn distributor causes this problem. The
dist. had a worn shaft that when wiggled, it would double the point gap or close it com-
pletely. When I went to pull the distributor, I found the vacuum line from the vacuum ad-
vance unit to the manifold still attached. Watching the timing at a steady 2,000 rpm and
then opening the throttle to accelerate showed the timing momentarily retarding itself
and then coming back up.
   The port on the manifold had vacuum at anytime the engine was running except for
when you quickly cracked open the throttle plates; as when you step on the gas to accel-
erate. This retards the timing if your vacuum advance unit is working. This is opposite of
what you want for acceleration. I have found that the car will run better if you disconnect
the vacuum tube from the manifold and plug the port, a short piece of tubing with a
screw stuffed into it works fine, and the timing set a little differently as I have preached in
the past.
  Warm the engine and set the timing at 30 degrees before top dead center, TDC, at
3,000 rpm. You could go a little more, to 32 degrees if you want but watch out for pinging
when you drive it. Then just check it at idle, it should be around 10 to 12 degrees. But do
not worry too much about where it is. Just adjust the idle and mixture to make the car
idle it’s best. The mixture setting is still done the same way, by lifting the piston in the
carb about 1/32” and listening to what the idle does.
   The idle should pick up just a tad, a small measurement that has no definitive amount
or size, and then return to what is was. With the age of some of the carbs out there, you
may have a little trouble hearing the change so just get it as close as you can and test
drive it. You will know when you get it close enough.
    A day or two after this car, there was what turned out to be the nicest MG BGT in
blue also with a slight bog on acceleration and it had the same problem. Same fix for it
and a readjust on the carbs worked great. It is unusual to get two cars with the same
problem so close together. It goes to show you that after all the years I worked as tech
director and all the tech clinics we had, not all problems get discovered. Both of these
cars had been at most of the tech sessions and I have been under the hood of both, I
never noticed the incorrect connections.
                                                                                 (Continued on page 9)

          7    Richard S. Lambert                   7   Tim Walter
          8    Harrison Trey Siegrist               8 Betsy Tom
          12 Debra Nadelhoffer                      16 Carol Franklin
          16 Harry E Siegrist III                   17 Patricia Memler
          21 Alice Grotnes                          22 Tim O’Brian
          23     Bob Anderson                       23 Neil Harmon

PMGR Upcoming Events – November 2008
November 1st & 2nd – SBCC Chattanooga Choo Choo British Car Show – - Contact Perky & Charles Long for more info – 423-614-8897 or

November 9th – PMGR Monthly Meeting – Nominating Meeting for 2009 officers and chairper-
sons – Harp Irish Pub – Roswell, GA – 5:30 PM

November 15 – Tech Session – TBD (scheduled) – Check your e-mail for more details or visit
the web site at


December 7th – PMGR Christmas Party – Maggianno’s at Perimeter Mall – 1:30 PM - $15.00 per
person includes everything but your alcoholic beverages. See the article elsewhere in the
newsletter for reservation information.

December 27th – Polar Bear Run with the Georgia Triumph Association -
calendar.htm for more details.

January – 2009

January 11, 2009 – PMGR 2009 Planning Meeting – Harp Irish Pub – Roswell, GA – 5:30


           MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FOR YEAR 2009                                    (_) RENEWAL            (_) NEW MEMBER

Name: _____________________________________________________ Birthday (Month/Day)___________________
       Please Print CLEARLY
Spouse/Partner Name: ________________________________________Birthday (Month/Day___________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________________________ State: _____________ Zip Code: _____________

Phone: (H) __________________________(W) __________________________(C) ____________________________

E-Mail: ___________________________________________ Referred By: ___________________________________

Please List Your British Vehicles:

YEAR          MAKE/MODEL            COLOR         COMMENTS




List memberships in other car clubs _________________________________________________________________

What types of meetings, events, or newsletter info would you like to see? _________________________________

Would you be interested in volunteering for a committee or club event? If so, what kind? ____________________

Peachtree MG Registry dues are $25 per year, due in January. ew members joining after June 30th receive a reduced rate of $15 for
the balance of the calendar year. Please make checks payable to The Peachtree MG Registry. Complete, sign, and mail this form
to: The Peachtree MG Registry, c/o Paul & Barbara Flexner, 4930 orth Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30338.

 ame Badges: Please order Name Badges at a cost of $7.50 each. The name(s) I would like to be on the Badge(s) is/are :
_________________________________________. Enclosed with my dues check is $_____ for # ___badges.

  OTICE: In consideration for and the acceptance of this application and payment of dues to The Peachtree MG Registry, the under-
signed hereby releases The Peachtree MG Registry, other clubs, event sponsors and participants from any and all liability resulting in
damage to my car and/or property and to the property of others, and all injuries not limited to but including death, while participating
in, or traveling to or from events, meetings, tours, rallyes, or shows sponsored in whole or in part by The Peachtree MG Registry.
This waiver applies to any and all claims made by myself, co-participants or members and my/their heirs against The Peachtree MG
Registry, its officials and sponsors, for any illness, injury or death that may result directly or indirectly from my participation in The
Peachtree MG Registry. I further state that the vehicles used in event participation are insured and comply with the Motor Vehicle
Laws of the State of Georgia.

(Signed by all persons listed on the application above)                                 DATE

(Signed by all persons listed on the application above)                                 DATE

(Continued from page 6)
     One other thing before I stop typing. I had another car in that had a battery problem. It had
 sat for a while, over a year, and the battery was a little weak. I checked the terminals and
 found them nice and clean so I charged the battery some so I could adjust the valves and
 start the car. It still would not last very long so further investigation found that the ground
 strap connection to the body had a lot of rust. I removed the cable and wire brushed the ter-
 minal and scraped the body where the strap was bolted. When I reinstalled the cable, I
 placed a star lock washer between the cable end and the body and a new bolt. This will make
 a very good connection. The car left the shop after cranking for me several times and check-
 ing the valve adjustment but died on the way home. The battery did not have enough juice to
 keep going. I think it is a bad battery but Sears says it just did not have enough charge or the
 alternator is bad. I will check that out today and see.
    Before you put your car away for the winter rest, clean the terminals and pay attention to
 where the ground strap attaches to the car. Put a little petroleum jelly over the terminals and
 a penny in the middle of the top to keep the corrosion way down. If the battery is the slightest
 bit weak, fully charge it after cleaning the terminals. This way, if you get a nice day or week-
 end during the winter and find the need to go for a drive, you can just get in the car and go
 and not have to hassle with a dead battery and have to drag out the charger and fool around
 with all that and possibly get so discouraged and fed up, you decide the hell with it and take a
 Japanese car.
    I should have the answer to his problem by my next article and will let you know what I
 found. Or, you could bring your car in for some repairs and find yourself the subject of my
 next tech article. I could use the ideas and the work. Log homes are not selling right now so I
 Patty says I need to do something to earn a living, the free ride on her is about over. Thanks
 for reading this and I look forward to any suggestions you have for future articles. As always,
 I am available to answer any questions you may have about your car. You can reach me at
 770-578-6925 Monday thru Thursday or leave a message any time.
 Barry Rosenberg

        By Mike Cook

                          Were you right?

                            Peachtree MG Registry Christmas Party 2008

It is hard to believe that it is time already to start thinking and planning for the
club Christmas party. Where has the year gone? Here is the information to

Date: Sunday December 7th
Time: 1PM
Place: Maggiano’s – Perimeter Mall
Check their web page for directions -

We will be having a Family Style Lunch which includes two appetizers, two
salads, two pasta dishes, two entrees, and two desserts. The club will be pick-
ing up a portion of the cost of the meal. Your cost is $30 per couple or
$15 for an individual. You will need to RSVP to Patty Rosenberg at no later then Wednesday November 26th. Then you need to mail a check
made payable to the Peachtree MG Registry to me at 1666 Whitlock Road, Marietta, GA 30066. I
must have your check no later then Monday December 1st. The club will then pay Maggiano’s for
dinner. There will be a cash bar for those who would like something more then tea, coffee or soda with their

Our charity for this holiday season will be “Toys for Tots”. Bring an unwrapped new toy. For every $10 or
over toy that you donate, you will be given a raffle ticket. During dinner we will draw one of those tickets and
award a $100 VISA gift card. Put the date on your calendar, make your reservation and get those
checks in!

 DECATUR, GA. 30030

 404-299-5775 LOCAL
 800-241-0869 TOLL FREE
 404-299-6155 FAX

            is the only url you need to know!!
   Use the “QUICKCART” function to easily and quickly order your parts using Moss Motors part numbers. Browse the
   catalog listing to find the parts you need. Place your orders with us and don’t worry, we are a secure, certified site.
   We receive the orders immediately via e-mail, and if the parts are in our warehouse, we ship the next day (same day
   if the order is received before 2 pm. EST.). Confirmed local Georgia British Car Club members receive free ground

                      Hope everyone is doing well, getting lucky and finding gas!!!

       Don't forget our new website, in addition to The sites use the same database, but work totally differ-
      ent. Englishparts is totally search engine driven, Atlantaimported is catalog driven. We
      are redoing our pricing policies this month to reflect a better structure and better pricing
      while eliminating our volume discounts we have had in the past. We have found that
      many people do not realize our prices get cheaper the more they buy and may look at a
      couple of individual prices, see we are not much cheaper and decide to go elsewhere.
       So effective on October 15th, we will have a totally new pricing structure with each individ-
      ual part discounted as much as we can, with no further volume discounts given.
      We hope this stops any confusion, and makes our prices even better than they were be-
       All the prices will be the same on both websites, as well as in the store. As usual, club
      members will still get the additional savings of free freight on any orders over $100 net.

   UPS shipping (on minimum $100 orders) in addition to great service and better prices!!
   We are your one stop shop for all your British car parts needs. We are the largest Moss Motors authorized distributor
   on the East Coast. On staff we have over 20 years of British car mechanical and service experience. Give us a try,
   you will be glad you did!!


                                       Is Back
                      I am back working on British cars.
                                  I have missed getting greasy and gritty and hope you
                                  have missed me. My new location is very convenient
                                  compared to Villa Rica. I am located at 1666 Whitlock
                                  Rd. in Marietta. This is just off of Sandy Plains Rd. near
                                  Sprayberry High School and Canton Highway. The shop
                                  is smaller; but the service is as good or better than be-
                                  fore. And I do not appear to have forgotten anything
                                  about the cars!

My labor rate is $55.00 for any British car club members and $65.00 for non-members.
With just two hours work, it pays to join a club. I accept cash and checks but no credit
cards. You may also pay me with Paypal where you can use a credit card.

On parts, I am willing to split my discount from list with you from whoever I get parts. Some
parts will be higher than what you see listed in catalogs if I can get original equipment
parts. Original parts are much better than reproductions from Moss or Victoria Brit, or who-
ever else we have to go thru. They may cost a little more but will last a lot longer and fit
without modifications or repairs.

I am equipped to perform any mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical repair work you may
need. As most of you know, my experience goes back over 35 years working on British
cars. I had been the Peachtree MG club’s tech director for many many years before I quit
to build a log cabin and did not have the spare time anymore. I put on dozens of tech clin-
ics and still freely respond to anyone’s questions about their cars. My tech articles should
start to show up again and I need customers to get ideas from.

If you need any repairs, or just have a question, please give me a call at 770-578-6925 or
770-689-7573 between 8:00am and 6:00 pm or email me at I
would appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Barry Rosenberg

                          ATTENTION POLAR BEARS:
                    The Georgia Triumph Association is pleased to announce
                                 Polar Bear Run IX
                            Saturday, December 27, 2008
                           This year’s destination is the Classic City:
                                          Athens, GA

Meet at the Outback parking lot near Stone Mountain East Park Place Blvd at the east
end of the Stone Mountain Freeway (US 78)
                         Drivers’ Meeting at 9:00 AM
Come visit the shops, restaurants, pubs, and home of the UGA Bulldogs. Visit the many
cultural attractions that are available, or just relax and enjoy the scenery. The down-
town area will be decorated for the holidays and everyone will be happy to see us.
The spirit of our event is to encourage all sports and classic motoring enthusiasts to
meet for a scenic drive and share some fun on the last weekend of the year. Everyone is
welcome to participate with your most interesting auto – or bring the family in the mini-
The drive is a leisurely tour. All cars will receive a set of detailed directions, so that no-
body gets lost or left behind. Stops will be provided along the way. Atlanta area resi-
dents will have the opportunity to participate fully and be home before dark.
Out-of-towners have made the Polar Bear Run a weekend travel destination. There are a
number of motels in the Stone Mountain area for Friday night (including a Holiday Inn
Express within walking distance of the starting point). Athens has a large number of
rooms available to allow an extended visit to this great city.
Mark your calendars for December 27 and don’t miss the largest winter driving event in
the Southeast. The event takes place rain or shine.
The starting point is located east of Atlanta at the end of the Stone Mountain Freeway.
From the east Permieter (I-285), take US 78 about 9 miles to the first traffic light.
Turn left on East Park Place and into the parking lot on the right, behind Hardee’s,
Arby’s, and McDonald’s. Fuel is available nearby, so please top off before the start, as
there will be only a limited number of gas stops available along the route. Snacks and
drinks are a good idea, too.
For more information and the latest updated, visit the Georgia Triumph Association’s
web site: Email with any questions,
or call 770-845-4484 on the day of the event. We’re looking forward to seeing you
                                               TH E O F F I CI A L M O N TH LY

     The        Registry
     C/O Mary Wiley, Editor
     1590 Ridgefield Dr.
     Roswell, GA 30075                                                                                First Class

     Forward & Address Correction

                                                                                 2008 At a Glance
           January 08                                                              February 08                         March 08
13 Meeting at Harp                                                     10    Meeting at Harp                 1 Tech Session
19 Tech Session                                                        16-17 All British Car Show in FL      8 Tech Session
26 Polar Bear Run                                                      23    Tech Session                    9 Meeting at Harp
                                                                                                             15 Wine & Cheese
                                                                                                             29 Ga Tech Auto Show
                 April 08                                                                  May 08                        June 08
5         Chris Gore Spring Mtn Tour                                   1-4         Mitty Challenge           31-8 Drive Your LBC Week
11-13     GOF XLII–Silver Springs, FL                                  16-17       BMCD Rome                 7    Summer Charity Drive
13        Meeting at Harp                                              24          Tech Session              8    Meeting at Harp
18-21     Pensacola British Car                                        26          Memorial Day              21    Tech Session
26        Tech Session                                                                                       25-29 MG 2008 Valley Forge

                 July 08                                                                  August 08                     September 08
4    Dunwoody 4th of July Parade                                       2         Fins & Dogs @ GA Aquarium   1    Labor Day
6    Ice Cream Run                                                     9         Vogle Picnic & Meeting      6     British Car Fayre Norcross
13   Meeting at Harp                                                   16        Ice Cream Run               14    Meeting at Harp
19    Pool Party                                                       23        Gymkahna Run                18-21 Dillard Show
26   3 Square Meals & a Drive

                 October 08                                                      November 08                           December 08
3-5        Fall Mountain Tour                                          1-2 SBCC Show Chattanooga TN          7 Christmas Party
11         Apple Festival Car Show                                     7 Damn the Torpedos                   25 Christmas
12         Meeting at Harp                                             8 Model Car Show                      27 Polar Bear Run GTA
17-19      Euro Fest Greenville SC                                     9 Meeting at Harp
                                                                       15 Tech Session
                                                                       27 Thanksgiving

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