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                       44                                                                                                  October 2012                                                                                                               

   The Official Publication of the United Transportation Union

                                             Which candidate earned your vote?
                                   See the list of UTU-endorsed candidates inside

Nov. 6: Vote your paycheck, benefits, safety
   Election Day 2012 matters only if the ability                                                                The article on page 3 of this issue contrasts the
to negotiate a favorable contract and your job                                                               Democratic and Republican Party platforms,
security, workplace safety, pensions, Medicare,                                                              offering a chilling warning of what a
and preservation of Amtrak are important to                                                                  Romney/Ryan victory and conservative Republi-
you.                                                                                                         can control of Congress would deliver.
   In ballot choices, working families are present-                                                             On page 10, five state legislative directors
ed with one of the clearest contrasts in genera-                                                             speak out. The page also contains a graphic show-
tions.                                                                                                       ing how middle-class family income has declined
   The choice is between President Obama and            who would stand with Mitt Romney and Paul            as union membership in America declined, pro-
Vice President Biden, who understand, respect           Ryan to introduce and pass anti-labor legislation    viding a potent warning that an anti-union
and support the agenda of working families; and         that undermine our jobs and pensions.
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, who support an                  In deciding how to cast your ballot, read the
anti-union agenda – an agenda that would erad-
icate collective bargaining, safety regulations
                                                        columns inside this issue by National Legislative
                                                        Director James Stem and Alternate National
                                                                                                                Anti-union Congress could
and Amtrak, fold Railroad Retirement into               Legislative Director John Risch (page 4), and Bus       undermine labor progress
Social Security (causing the retirement age to          Department Vice President Bonnie Morr (page
                                                        11), who provide solid reasons why the Oba-
                                                        ma/Biden ticket and UTU-endorsed congression-        administration and anti-union Congress could
 Obama and Biden understand                             al candidates deserve your vote.                     spell significant financial damage for working
                                                                                                             families and retirees.
 and respect working families                              The centerfold of this issue contains the names
                                                        of UTU-endorsed candidates, arranged alphabet-          If your job security, safety in the workplace,
                                                        ically by state. While working families have many    pension and Medicare are important to you, then
rise to 67), and replace Medicare with a voucher        more friends in the Democratic Party, note that      you and your voting-eligible family members
system requiring seniors to purchase health care        there are many labor-friendly Republicans            have a strong incentive Nov. 6 to vote for UTU-
insurance in private markets and at a higher cost       endorsed by the UTU, reflecting our union’s his-
than the vouchers they are given.                                                                            endorsed candidates.
                                                        torical bipartisan approach. What matters is that
   The choice also is between labor-friendly con-       a candidate has a demonstrated record of support        Paychecks, benefits, workplace safety and pen-
gressional candidates and political conservatives       for working families and organized labor.            sions are all on the line this Election Day.

Previsich elevated to asst. president/vice president
  John Previsich has been elevated from UTU             was elected five times by acclamation – repre-       Railroad of St. Louis, Louisiana & Northwest
International vice president to assistant presi-        senting brakemen, assistant conductors, conduc-      Railroad, Dakota Minnesota & Eastern, Great
dent/vice president by the UTU Board of Direc-          tors, firemen, hostlers, engineers and train dis-    Lakes Aviation and Lynx Aviation pilots’ group.
tors, succeeding Arty Martin, who retired Sept. 1.      patchers on short lines, passenger lines and Class      He also was assigned to assist the National Leg-
  UTU International President Mike Futhey               I railroads.                                         islative Office in passage of the Rail Safety
                   said of Martin’s departure, “It is      As an elected Local 31 delegate, Previsich        Improvement Act of 2008, and serves on behalf
                   difficult to lose a talent like      attended International conventions in 1991,
                   Arty Martin with all the insti-      1995 and 1999. Additionally, he served on the                                 Continued on page 10
                   tutional knowledge he has            peer support committee for UP’s Operation Red-
                   gained through his years of          Block (1993 to 1998), UP’s Safety Assurance and
                   service to UTU members. We                                                                    CN trainman struck;
                                                                                                               loses foot, breaks arms
                   certainly wish him and Cindy
                   the best on their retirement
                                                             He succeeds Arty Martin,
                      “In turn, we are truly fortu-              who has retired                                  A UTU-represented trainman employed
                                                                                                              by Canadian National Railway subsidiary
nate to have someone like John Previsich willing                                                              Illinois Central was seriously injured at
to take on the responsibilities of assistant presi-     Compliance Program, chairperson of the UTU’s          Millington, Tenn., early Sept. 5 when
dent/vice president,” Futhey said.                      Union Pacific General Chairperson Association         reportedly struck by a passing train on a
  Previsich, age 58 and a member of Local 31            for three terms (2002-2006), and as the UTU’s         mainline while performing duties on an
(San Jose, Calif.), began his railroad service with     representative on Southern Pacific’s 401(k) Plan      adjacent track. Millington is a suburb
Southern Pacific (now part of Union Pacific) in         board of directors.                                   north of Memphis.
1973, working in yard, road and engine service.            Previsich was elected an International vice            Shawn D. Hall, 34, married with four
He currently holds seniority as a switchman,            president in 2007 and re-elected in 2011. His         children, reportedly lost one foot as well
brakeman, conductor, fireman and engineer on            assignments have included assisting general com-      as suffering broken arms, ribs and internal
UP, and worked in commuter and long-distance            mittees on UP, BNSF, Kansas City Southern,            injuries in the accident. Hall, a member of
passenger rail service for 10 years.                    CSX, CN/IC, Canadian Pacific, Delaware &              Local 753 in Memphis, has eight years of
  He was elected to numerous positions, includ-         Hudson, San Joaquin Valley Railroad, Kyle Rail-       service. He was treated at Regional
ing local chairperson, vice general chairperson         road, Nebraska Central, Birmingham Southern,          Medical Center in Memphis.
and general chairperson – the latter to which he        Amtrak, Progressive Rail, Connex, Terminal
Page 2                                                                                                                             October 2012 UTU News

                      Around the UTU
Local 202, Denver                                                                                                    she would be reinstated to service with full back
  A new website for members of this joint Union                                                                      pay and benefits, Moss said. “All of our members
Pacific/BNSF local is online at,                                                                 are excited about the news and are standing with
Local Secretary Jeff Maxfield reports. The site                                                                      the union in its endeavor to achieve better work-
has information about local and general commit-                                                                      ing conditions and job security.”
tee agreements, membership rights, the Family
Medical Leave Act, state and national legislative
                                                                                                                     Local 1741, San Francisco
                                                                                                                       Local Chairperson Paul Stein, Vice Local
updates and local meeting times. Members can
                                                                                                                     Chairperson Shane Hoff and Legislative Rep.
also use the site to report unsafe working condi-
                                                                                                                     David Kush attended a fundraiser Sept. 13 for
tions and defective equipment. “This a very com-
                                                                                                                     Tom Ammiano, the representative for the Cali-
prehensive website and I hope all the members of                                                                     fornia Assembly’s 13th District. “Ammiano is a
Local 202 will take advantage of the services it                                                                     very strong supporter of the UTU, especially our
provides,” Maxfield said.                                                                                            San Francisco school bus drivers,” Stein said.
                                                           Norfolk Southern conductor Paul Tucker and his
Local 240, Los Angeles                                     wife, Gwen, stand in front of the barbecue grill at the
                                                                                                                     “Much thanks goes to State Legislative Director
  Local Chairperson Harry Garvin Jr. reports                                                                         J.P. Jones for his support, and the Futhey admin-
                                                           Cornerstone of Recovery’s annual alumni reunion.
that the 10th annual reunion and retirement din-                                                                     istration for recognizing the importance of sup-
                                                                                                                     porting progressive friends of labor.”
ner for employees of UP, SP, Pacific Electric,             Cooking keeps conductor
Metrolink, Amtrak and AT&SF (Locals 240, 32,
1422, 1770, 1813 and 1846) will be held Nov. 2,
                                                           on the road to recovery
from 3-9 p.m., at Sierra Lakes Golf Course, 16600            Following his recovery from substance
Club House Dr., in Fontana. The cost is $40 per           abuse that almost cost him his job, Norfolk
person or $75 per couple, with a reservation              Southern conductor Paul Tucker just want-
deadline of Oct. 26. The cost will be $45 per per-        ed “to give back to the people that really
son at the door. For more information, call               helped me.”
Garvin at (909) 261-8878 or (909) 481-7261.                  And that is what this Local 865 member
Send checks or money orders to Garvin at P.O.             has done for the past six years.
Box 8396, Alta Loma, CA 91701-0395, and                      After failing to stay available for drug
include names, address, telephone number, rail-           screening when reporting for work six years
road and years of service, as well as your menu           ago, Tucker was removed from service. The
choice of tri-tip roast or chicken.                       only way to return to work was to enter a sub-
                                                                                                                                    Kush, Ammiano and Hoff
Locals 363 & 706, Roanoke, Va.                            stance abuse treatment program, so Tucker
  Locals 363 and 706 participated in Roanoke’s first      packed his bags and left his North Carolina                Local 1869, Williamson, W. Va.
Labor Day parade in more than 50 years, State Leg-        home for a six-month stay at the Corner-                     The members of this local held their 11th
islative Director Pat Corp reports. Included in the       stone of Recovery facility in Alcoa, Tenn.                 annual family picnic Aug. 11 at Grants Branch
UTU contingent were Corp, Local Chairperson                  Prior to leaving the facility for a week-               Park in Stone, Ky., Local Vice President Stephen
Bubba Chandler (363), Local Chairperson Jamie             end visit home, Tucker asked the adminis-                  Mosley reports. “This picnic is something all our
Wallace (706) and his son, Bryce.                         trators if he could bring his barbecue grill               members look forward to each year. It is a great
                                                          with him upon his return. They gave him                    opportunity for our families to get to know each
Local 583, Fond du Lac, Wis.                              the green light.                                           other, as well as to see fellow union brothers and
  Local Secretary & Treasurer Andy Hauck has                 “I just enjoy cooking,” Tucker said. “It is             sisters who have retired,” Mosley said. Members
established a fund to assist the family of member Lar-    peace of mind for me. I created a sauce that               and their families played games, raffled prizes and
ry Polk, whose six-year-old stepdaughter, Layla           a lot of people seemed to enjoy, so I began                shared hot dogs, hamburgers and all of their sum-
Jones, was gunned down in a drive-by shooting             cooking more on my grill and catering on                   mer favorites. “Our picnic is only possible due to
while visiting family in Saginaw, Mich. Checks            the side.”                                                 the donations we receive each year and to the
payable to the “Layla Jones Memorial Fund” may be            Tucker returned with his grill and prepared             hard work of our members who volunteered.”
sent to US Bank, 111 North Main St., Oshkosh, WI          a barbecue for some staff and other facility
54901, with account number 182376091522 on the            residents.
memo line. In other news, members of this local last         Following his successful treatment at Cor-
month honored retiring member Neil A. Johnson             nerstone, Tucker returned to service with
for his assistance in bringing UTU representation to      Norfolk Southern and stayed connected to
the employees of Wisconsin Central in 1997 and in         the facility and his new friends through their
establishing the earliest agreements on the property.     alumni program. And for the past six years,
                                                          Tucker, his wife Gwen and his grill have
Local 756, San Antonio                                    returned to the Cornerstone campus to pre-
  While cooking on Local Chairperson John                 pare a barbecue banquet at the alumni’s
Dunn’s pit barbecue Aug. 21 at San Antonio’s              annual weekend reunion.
Kirby Yard, officers and members from Locals
489, 756 and 857 were able enroll 60 new UTU                 “I just wanted to give back to the people
PAC contributors. Working at the PAC drive                that really helped me. They changed my
                                                                                                                     Pictured, from left, are Pat Sullivan, State Legislative
                                                          view on life. They helped me learn a lot
were State Legislative Director Connie English,                                                                      Director Mark Mewshaw, Local President Chad Black-
                                                          about myself,” he said.                                    burn, Secretary & Treasurer Jim Browning, UTUIA
Legislative Rep. Russell Castillo (489), Legisla-
tive Rep. Brian English (756), Scott Wood                    GO 898 General Chairperson Mark                         Field Supervisor Malcolm “T-Bone” Morrison and Ken-
(857), Vice President J. Louis DuBose (857) and           Cook, who attended the latest alumni                       tucky State Legislative Director Jared Cassity.
Secretary & Treasurer Burt Gonzales (857).                reunion this past Labor Day weekend, con-

Local 1175, Duluth, Minn.
                                                          tinues to sing Tucker’s praises. And not only
                                                          for his barbecue.                                              Assistance sought for
  With the assistance of the state legislative               “Paul is a stand-up, straight-up good per-                  UTU hurricane victims
board, this local has established the “UTU                son. He has impressed me from the time I met                    In the wake of devastating Hurricane
Duluth Flood Relief Fund” to assist active and            him,” Cook said.                                             Isaac, which caused significant property
retired members who were affected by severe                  Cook has spoken with NS about using                       damage and loss to scores of UTU members
flooding in June. Contributions can be made at            Tucker as a peer counselor, but has not heard                in its path along the Gulf Coast in August,
any US Bank or can be sent to US Bank/Spirit              back from them. “There is no doubt in my                     the UTU is soliciting donations to assist
Valley Office, 5330 Grand Ave., Duluth, MN                mind that Paul would be a great asset helping                those struggling brothers and sisters.
55807. Contact Local Legislative Rep. Geoff               others,” he said.                                               To speed the collection and disbursement
Bowen at (218) 349-6849 for more information.
                                                                                                                       of donations, the UTU is using the same spe-
Local 1409, Kansas City, Kan.                            a televised event this fall and we have been
                                                                                                                       cial bank account that was established to aid
  This Union Pacific local presented a check for                                                                       our brothers and sisters in the wake of Hurri-
                                                         assured that UTU stickers will be on each of the
more than $700 to Leroy Shull of “Fishing for                                                                          cane Katrina in 2005. Thus, checks to aide
                                                         boats,” Bonawitz said.
Freedom,” an organization that provides military                                                                       UTU brothers and sisters in need of assistance
veterans suffering from post traumatic stress dis-       Local 1715, Charlotte, N.C.                                   following Hurricane Isaac should be made
order (PTSD) a weekend of fishing at no cost,              General Chairperson Kevin Moss and Vice                     payable to Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund at:
Legislative Rep. Dan Bonawitz Jr. reports. Trav-         General Chairperson Hasson Trent won their                       United Transportation Union, Attn:
el, lodging, gas, fishing licenses and meals are all     second arbitration case July 18 since taking office           Cheryl Sneed, 24950 Country Club Blvd.,
provided. The organization’s website can be              nearly one year ago. Bus operator Wilma Kinard                Suite 340, North Olmsted, OH 44070-5333
found at “This will be         and her fellow workers were pleased to learn that
October 2012 UTU News                                                                                                                                                 Page 3

Democrats vs. Republicans: Where they stand
   In comparing the platforms of the Democratic            Congress were blocked by a House Republican                         Former CBS newsman Wes Vernon wrote in
and Republican parties, Steven Greenhouse of               majority from enacting legislation giving labor                  2009: “For nearly 40 years, every president has
The New York Times says the GOP platform “calls            unions the right to demand card check in organ-                  viewed passenger rail with everything from
for numerous steps that could significantly weak-          izing campaigns.                                                 benign neglect to outright contempt – until
en America’s labor unions – public-sector and                                                                               [Barack Obama].” In his 2011 State of the Union
private-sector ones – and help speed organized                             Medicare                                         message, President Obama advocated a nation-
labor’s overall decline.”                                                                                                   wide 17,000-mile network of high-speed and
   Rather than take his word, here are compar-             Democratic Party platform statement:                             higher-speed trains that could provide 80 percent
isons of the Democratic and Republican plat-               “Democrats adamantly oppose any efforts to pri-                  of the American population access to train trav-
forms on issues of concern to labor-union mem-             vatize or voucherize Medicare; unlike our oppo-                  el by 2036.
bers and working families:                                 nents we will not ask seniors to pay thousands of                Republican Party platform statement: “It is
                                                           dollars more every year while they watch the val-                long past time for the federal government to get
   Organizing and                                          ue of their Medicare benefits evaporate. Democ-                  out of way and allow private ventures to provide
collective bargaining                                      rats believe that Medicare is a sacred compact                   passenger service to the Northeast Corridor. The
                                                           with our seniors.”                                               same holds true with regard to high-speed and
Democratic Party platform statement:                       Republican Party platform statement:                             intercity rail across the country.”
“Democrats believe that the right to organize and          “[S]ave Medicare by modernizing it [moving                          Critics warn there is little private sector inter-
collectively bargain is a fundamental American             Medicare] away from their current unsustainable                  est in operating passenger trains elsewhere than
value; every American should have a voice on               defined-benefit entitlement model to a fiscally                  the Northeast Corridor, and the wholesale cur-
the job and a chance to negotiate for a fair day’s         sound defined-contribution model…we call for a                   tailment of nationwide Amtrak service would put
pay after a hard day’s work. We will continue to           transition to a premium-support model for                        most of Amtrak’s 20,000 workers out of a job.
fight for the right of all workers to organize and         Medicare, with an income-adjusted contribution                      When they cease paying into Railroad Retire-
join a union. [W]e oppose the attacks on collec-           toward a health plan of the enrollee’s choice.”                  ment, the system would be financially crippled
tive bargaining that Republican governors and                                                                               and likely force Railroad Retirement to be elimi-
state legislatures are mounting in states around                                                                            nated and folded into Social Security, significant-
the country.”
                                                            Railroad Retirement
                                                                                                                            ly reducing pension benefits to railroad retirees.
Republican Party platform statement: “We                    and Social Security
support the right of states to enact right-to-work         Democratic Party Platform statement: “Find
laws and encourage them to do so to promote                a solution to protect Social Security for future                    Don’t let others
greater economic liberty. Ultimately, we support           generations [and] block Republican efforts to
the enactment of a national right-to-work law to           subject Americans’ guaranteed retirement
                                                                                                                              decide our future
promote worker freedom and to promote greater              income to the whims of the stock market through                     “We must not back down in defense
economic liberty. We salute the Republican gov-            privatization.”                                                   of what we have achieved. We must
ernors and state legislators who have saved their
states from fiscal disaster by reforming their laws
                                                           Republican Party platform statement: “[Cre-                       have every member, every spouse
                                                           ate] personal investment accounts as supple-                      and every family member of voting
governing public employee unions. We urge
                                                           ments to the system.”                                             age cast a ballot on Election Day to
elected officials across the country to follow their
lead….”                                                                                                                      help protect job security, good wages,
   Additionally, the Republican platform sup-                                 Amtrak                                         safety and retirement.
ports a law ending the use of “card check” as a                                                                                “Elections have consequences, and
means for workers to gain union representation.            Democratic Party platform statement: “We                          this November the stakes are too high
Card check allows employers to grant union                 support long-term investments in our infrastruc-                  to let others decide our future.”
recognition once a majority of workers sign                ture [including] rail and public transit sys-
authorization cards saying they wish to join a             tems…all critical to economic growth, as they                        -- International President Mike Futhey
labor union. President Obama and Democrats in              enable businesses to grow.”

                                  JUST THE FACTS…
                                                       Mitt Romney said what?
                    “I support…Gov. Kasich’s effort to restrict collective bargaining in Ohio.”
                                                             Cincinnati Enquirer, Oct. 26, 2011
                        “I’ve taken on union bosses before. I’m happy to take them on again.”
                                                                  Detroit News, Feb. 16, 2012
                                 “I would…encourage more states to adopt right-to-work laws.”
                                                           Greenville News, S.C., Sept. 24, 2011

    Paul Ryan voted for what?                              Mitt Romney did what as                                      The Obama/Biden record
       As a Republican congressman from Wisconsin,         Massachusetts governor?                                        •Directed $8.4 billion in stimulus funds for
    Paul Ryan voted:                                                                                                    transit;
                                                             •Vetoed a bill banning foreign outsourcing;
      •To abolish more equitable union election                                                                           •Directed $8 billion in stimulus funds for high-
                                                             •Sent $7.1-million worth of public sector jobs
    rules for rail and aviation workers;                                                                                er- and high-speed rail;
                                                           to India;
      •Nine times to eliminate or cut funding for
                                                             •Supported bills to curtail collective bargain-             •Directed $1.3 billion in stimulus funds for rail
                                                           ing rights.                                                  projects to states and Amtrak;
      •Against “buy America” laws for publicly fund-
                                                            (Sources: WashTech, Boston Globe, Press Associates, Inc.)     •Directed $1.3 billion in stimulus funds for avi-
    ed transportation projects;
      •To allow foreign companies to take over U.S.                                                                     ation improvements;
    airlines;                                                                                                            •Fought Republican proposals to gut mass transit;
      •To gut flight attendant security training;                                                                         •Their Federal Motor Carrier Safety Adminis-
      •To zero out security funding for bus companies;                                                                  trator cracked down on unsafe, low-wage bus
      •Against security checks on foreign-based                                                                         companies;
    mechanics who repair U.S. aircraft;
                                                                                                                          •Their OSHA-appointed officials cracked
      •Against public employee funding to prevent                                                                       down on railroad practices of harassing and
    layoffs.                                                                                                            intimidating workers who report workplace
      (Source: House of Representatives roll-call votes)                                                                injuries and safety concerns.

Page 4                                                                                                                        October 2012 UTU News

Obama deserves your vote; here are the reasons
         TU endorsements for Presi-                                                                                             Returning President Obama and

U        dent of the United States
         and election to Congress are
undertaken      with     considerable
                                                                Of ficers’ Column                                            Vice President Biden to office is not
                                                                                                                             enough. We must also work to pre-
                                                                                                                             vent conservative Republicans from
thought, responsibility and account-                                     By National Legislative Director                    gaining control of the Senate and
ability.                                                                         James Stem                                  retaining control of the House of
   Prior to issuing these endorse-                                                                                           Representatives.
ments, we did an exhaustive job                                                                     After reviewing the records and
evaluating the candidates’ positions                                                                                         pledges of President Obama and
on transportation, collective bar-                                                                                           Gov. Romney, the choice was an
gaining, workplace safety, pensions       know it, and supports public-             conservative Republican budget pro-      easy one and is why we proudly
and benefits, and Medicare.               employee pension plans and collec-        posal that turns Medicare into a         endorse Barack Obama and Joe
   The endorsements for President         tive bargaining rights;                   voucher program. Instead of guaran-      Biden for another term.
Obama and congressional candi-               •Vice President Biden, who, as a       teed lifetime medical benefits, bene-       The recommendations for the
dates (which appear in the center-        U.S. senator for 30 years, rode           ficiaries would be given an inade-       House and Senate are printed in the
fold of this newspaper) are based on      Amtrak more than any other fare-
the following:                            paying person in America, commut-
   •President Obama has demon-            ing daily between Washington,                    President Obama cannot fulfill his promises
strated by action strong support for      D.C., and his Delaware home. He
                                          has a lifetime U.S. Senate voting
                                                                                                 without the support of Congress
Amtrak, transit, high-speed rail,
Social Security, Railroad Retire-         record of 97 percent on issues vital to
ment, Medicare, workplace safety,         UTU members;                              quate lump sum to buy private insur-     centerfold of this newspaper.
                                                                                    ance, and pay the rest out of pocket;       President Obama cannot fulfill his
                                                                                       •The Paul Ryan-authored budget        promises to working families without
  President Obama supports Amtrak, high-speed rail,                                 proposal would “conform Railroad         the support of Congress.
      Railroad Retirement and workplace safety                                      Retirement benefits to those of
                                                                                    Social Security.” If this becomes law,
                                                                                                                                We encourage you to consider
                                                                                                                             your job security, wages, benefits,
                                                                                    our retirement date would move           Railroad Retirement, Social Securi-
collective bargaining and the right          •Mitt Romney, by contrast,             from age 60 to 67, and we would lose     ty, Medicare, workplace safety and
to organize and belong to a labor         emphatically promises to eliminate        our occupational disability and other    collective bargaining rights carefully
union;                                    all funding for Amtrak and high-          Railroad Retirement benefits.            prior to casting your vote Nov. 6.
   •President Obama dedicated bil-        speed rail;
lions of dollars for high- and high-         •Mitt Romney supports the
er-speed passenger rail and public        Republican platform approved in
                                                                                                                    Contact the UTU:
transit;                                  Tampa in August, which takes mon-                                         Phone (216) 228-9400; fax (216) 228-5755
   •President Obama supported and         ey from transit and rail to pour more
approved grant and loan programs          concrete for highways;                                Mike Futhey, UTU International President
for new and expanded freight trans-          •Mitt Romney has pledged to                            
portation that railroads have used to     eliminate regulations that benefit                John Previsich, Assistant President/Vice President
improve operations, which have            unions and to regulate unions so                          
added hundreds of construction and        they cannot effectively represent                  Kim Thompson, General Secretary and Treasurer
operating jobs;                           their members. He supports national                          
   •President Obama supports a            right-to-work (for-less) legislation,                 James Stem, National Legislative Director
“hands-off” approach to Railroad          which would drive down wages                            
Retirement, opposes privatization of      across America;                                      For the latest news, visit; also, sign up
Social Security, opposes the Repub-          •Mitt Romney’s vice presidential                  on the UTU website to receive news alerts via email.
lican plan to end Medicare as we          choice, Paul Ryan, is the author of a

Your one vote can make a huge difference
        ongressional elections do                                                                                            worker bills; and Mitt Romney, if

C       matter. They make a differ-
        ence when it comes to our
job security, wages, benefits, retire-
                                                                Of ficers’ Column
                                                                                                                             elected, will sign them into law.
                                                                                                                                Yes, elections do matter. This elec-
                                                                                                                             tion will make a difference in job
ment and our safety in the work-                                   By Assistant National Legislative Director                security, our safety in the workplace,
place.                                                                                                                       our pensions and whether trans-
   President Obama and labor-                                                    John Risch                                  portation workers can effectively
friendly congressional representa-                                                                    bargain collectively.
tives and senators not only believe                                                                                             No matter the result, National
in supporting public transit, Amtrak                                                                                         Legislative Director James Stem and
and high-speed rail, they assured                                                                                            I, with help from state legislative
funding was available to purchase         leases. Then, a Democratic con-           speed rail, Amtrak and transit, with
                                          trolled Senate assured these nomi-        no protections for adversely affected    directors and our new SMART part-
more equipment, expand service,
                                          nees were confirmed to their posts.       workers who lose their jobs. Some        ners in the Sheet Metal Workers
repair equipment, provide training
and enhance minimum safety                                                          conservative Republicans also want       International Association, will work
                                             A “President Romney” will nomi-
requirements.                                                                       to privatize Social Security, replace    to educate all elected lawmakers and
                                          nate management-friendly individu-
                                                                                    Medicare with a voucher program,         appointed regulators.
                                                                                    make it more difficult to join a            Our efforts to protect UTU member
            The president chooses who regulates                                     union, enact a national right-to-        jobs, paychecks, benefits, retirement
                                                                                                                             and workplace safety will be consider-
                                                                                    work (for less) law, and criminalize
              job security and workplace safety
   One of the most important              als to regulatory agencies such as the             If conservatives control Congress, unions
responsibilities of a president is to     FRA, the National Labor Relations                        and working families will suffer
nominate members of federal regula-       Board, the National Mediation
tory agencies. President Obama            Board, the Surface Transportation
nominated former UTU Illinois             Board, the Federal Motor Carrier          many labor union activities.             ably easier if we elect labor-friendly
State Legislative Director Joe Szabo      Safety Administration, OSHA and              It is only because Democrats con-     candidates to Congress and return
to head the Federal Railroad Admin-       the National Transportation Safety        trol the Senate (and labor-friendly      Barack Obama to the White House.
istration; and former UTU Associate       Board.                                    Republicans who vote with them)             I urge you to review the UTU vot-
General Counsel Dan Elliott to               Conservative Republicans who           that these terrible bills did not        ing recommendations in the center-
chair the Surface Transportation          now control the House of Represen-        become law. If conservative Repub-       fold of this issue and recognize the
Board, which determines labor pro-        tatives have pushed to reduce, and        licans take control of the House and     importance to you and your family of
tection in rail mergers, line sales and   even eliminate, funding for high-         Senate, they will pass these anti-       voting Nov. 6.
October 2012 UTU News                                                                                                                                                   Page 5

State Watch                                                                News from UTU State Legislative Boards
Illinois                                                    Ohio
   State Legislative Director Bob Guy has been
appointed by Gov. Pat Quinn to the Midwest
Interstate Passenger Rail Commission (MIPRC).
   The commission was established by the
                    Midwestern states to coordi-
                    nate their passenger-rail
                    development efforts and to
                    advocate for state and feder-
                    al funding.
                       Guy said he was pleased
                    with his appointment because
                    it comes at a time of “tremen-
        Guy         dous promise” for passenger
                    rail in the Midwest.
   “Within two years, Illinois and Michigan each
will have more than 200 miles of 110-mph track
in operation on their busiest rail routes, Chica-
go-St. Louis and Chicago-Detroit,” he said, call-           From left are Assistant State Legislative Director and Norfolk Southern General Chairperson Dave Otten; Brown; Gardner;
ing the faster new train service “both a challenge          Norfolk Southern General Chairperson Jason Boswell and Assistant General Chairperson Guy Frederick.
and an opportunity.
   “Think what that’s going to mean for ridership             The Ohio State Legislative Board was invited                  discussed our concerns: the attack on Railroad
and job creation,” he said. “Ridership already is           to attend the Columbus Clippers baseball game,                  Retirement, the lack of high-speed passenger rail
growing at seven to eight percent per year.                 and Sen. Sherrod Brown stopped by to say hello.                 development in the state, and the need to pre-
   “When the trains start going 30 mph faster                 “Senator Brown wanted to thank the UTU for                    serve FELA. Sen. Brown was most receptive to
and the on-time performance improves even                   our support of him in this difficult election,”                 our appeals, and I urge all members in the Buck-
more, the ridership is going to shoot through the           State Legislative Director Stu Gardner said. “We                eye State to support his re-election.”
   “I expect the Illinois and Michigan passenger-           Minnesota                                                       Arizona
rail programs to become something of a model
for the rest of the nation – as well as for Mid-
western states such as Ohio, Indiana and Wis-
consin that are still bashful about going all-in on
passenger-rail development,” Guy said.
   “It’s an exciting time and I’m proud to be rep-
resenting our members as we look forward to
improving and expanding the rail industry.”


                                                            From left are Alternate State Legislative Director Dan
                                                            Paradise, Local 1000 (Minneapolis) Legislative Rep.
                                                            Wayne Newton, Klobuchar and Qualy.

                                                               Members of the Minnesota State Legislative
                                                            Board met with Sen. Amy Klobuchar to affirm
                                                            their support for her re-election.
                                                               “The UTU has had a longstanding relation-                       Congressional candidate Ann Kirkpatrick
                                                            ship with Sen. Klobuchar; we helped her get her                 cooked burgers for the members of Local 113,
                                                            political start back in 1996 when she ran for                   Winslow, at the group’s annual picnic.
                                                            county attorney,” State Legislative Director Phil                  “Members of Local 113, along with myself, will
                                                            Qualy said. “Her door is always open to us when                 be featured in the Kirkpatrick campaign’s televi-
                                                            we need to speak with her about rail-safety issues.             sion ad,” State Legislative Director Greg Hynes
                                                               “I would encourage all members in Minnesota                  said. “Ann Kirkpatrick is sympathetic to the
                                                            to support President Barack Obama, Sen.                         needs of working men and women, and I urge all
                                                            Klobuchar and all the UTU-endorsed candi-                       Arizonans to support her with their votes.”
Carl Smith (left) presents a plaque from the members of
Local 202 to Rick Johnson. Smith is succeeding Johnson as   dates,” Qualy said. “I would also urge members to
Colorado state legislative director.                        reject the voter ID constitutional amendment; it                Kansas
                                                            is bad policy.”
                                                                                                                              State Legisla-
   The members of Local 202, Denver, recently                                                                              tive Director Ty
honored Rick Johnson, who retired in August as              Georgia                                                        Dragoo attend-
state legislative director.                                                                                                ed the Demo-
   “Rick has served several roles in Local 202 over                                                                        cratic National
a 20-plus year span, and has served as state leg-                                                                          Convention.
islative director for more than 12 years,” said Jeff                                                                          “As far as I’m
Maxfield, secretary of the local. “He will be sore-                                                                        aware, I’m the only
ly missed by his fellow brothers and sisters.”                                                                             UTU member that
   Johnson, 60, started railroading in 1974 as a                                                                           was elected to be a
brakeman on Burlington Northern (now part of                                                                               national delegate; I
BNSF). He became interested in the affairs of his                                                                          was elected from a
union and was elected local chairperson for yard                                                                           field of 116 peo-
workers in 1991.                                                                                                           ple,” he said.
   He was elected local president in 1993 and                                                                                 “The fact that
local legislative representative in 1999. He was                                                                           Republicans added language to their platform
elected state legislative director in 2000.                                                                                against passenger- and high-speed rail is very dis-
   “I am grateful for the union for what it’s done          State Legislative Director Matt Campbell, at the Demo-         turbing. I stressed to the delegates that Democ-
for the members and me personally,” Johnson                 cratic National Committee convention in Charlotte,             rats should support this crucial mode of trans-
said, “and I wish all the best to Carl Smith and all        N.C., in August with Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), a               portation, not only for its environmental benefits
the members in Colorado for their support over              strong congressional advocate on behalf of Railroad Retire-    but the economic impact rail development brings
the years.”                                                 ment and Amtrak.                                               in construction, as well as operating jobs.”
Page 6                                                                                                                   October 2012 UTU News                    October 2012 UTU News                                                                                                                          Page 7

                                 These candidates deserve your vote!
                                       Congressional Recommendations                                                                                                                                    Congressional Recommendations
            Alabama                                Colorado                                   Illinois                                 Maryland                 Dist. 3      Eric Mayer (D)            Dist. 4      Carolyn McCarthy (D)*      Dist. 15     Steve Stivers (R)*     Dist. 9      Al Green (D)*
    House of Representatives              House of Representatives                  House of Representatives                            Senate                  Dist. 4      Teresa Hensley (D)        Dist. 5      Gregory W. Meeks (D)*      Dist. 16     Betty Sutton (D)*      Dist. 14     Nick Lampson (D)
 Dist. 1  Jo Bonner (R)*               Dist. 1  Diana DeGette (D)*               Dist. 1  Bobby Rush (D)*                            Ben Cardin (D)*            Dist. 5      Emanuel Cleaver II (D)*   Dist. 6      Grace Meng (D)                                                 Dist. 15     Ruben Hinojosa (D)*
 Dist. 2  Therese Ford (D)             Dist. 2  Jared Polis (D)*                 Dist. 2  Jesse Jackson Jr. (D)*                                                Dist. 6      Kyle Yarber (D)           Dist. 7      Nydia M. Velazquez (D)*                                        Dist. 18     Sheila Jackson Lee (D)*
 Dist. 3  John Harris (D)                                                                                                       House of Representatives        Dist. 7      Jim Evans (D)             Dist. 8      Hakeen Jeffries (D)                                            Dist. 20     Joaquin Castro (D)
                                       Dist. 3  Sal Pace (D)                     Dist. 3  Daniel Lipinski (D)*
 Dist. 4  Daniel Boman (D)             Dist. 4  Brandon Shaffer (D)                                                          Dist. 2  C.A. Ruppersberger (D)*   Dist. 8      Jo Ann Emerson (R)*       Dist. 9      Yvette D. Clarke (D)*                                          Dist. 21     Candace Duval (D)
                                                                                 Dist. 4  Luis Gutierrez (D)*
 Dist. 5  Charlie Holley (D)           Dist. 6  Joe Miklosi (D)                                                              Dist. 3  John Sarbanes (D)*                                               Dist. 10     Jerrold Nadler (D)*                                            Dist. 23     Pete Gallego (D)
                                                                                 Dist. 5  Mike Quigley (D)*
 Dist. 6  Spencer Bachus (R)*                                                                                                Dist. 4  Donna Edwards (D)*                                               Dist. 11     Michael Grimm (R)*                                             Dist. 27     Rose Meza Harrison (D)
                                       Dist. 7  Ed Perlmutter (D)*               Dist. 7  Danny Davis (D)*
 Dist. 7  Terri A. Sewell (D)*                                                                                               Dist. 5  Steny H. Hoyer (D)*                                              Dist. 12     Carolyn B. Maloney (D)*                                        Dist. 28     Henry Cuellar (D)*
                                                                                 Dist. 8  Tammy Duckworth (D)                Dist. 6  John Delaney (D)
                                                 Connecticut                     Dist. 9  Jan Schakowsky (D)*
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Dist. 13     Charles B. Rangel (D)*                                         Dist. 29     Gene Green (D)*
             Alaska                                Senate                        Dist. 10 Brad Schneider (D)
                                                                                                                             Dist. 7  Elijah E. Cummings (D)*                                          Dist. 14     Joe Crowley (D)*                                               Dist. 30     Eddie Bernice Johnson (D)*
                                                                                                                             Dist. 8  Chris Van Hollen (D)*                                            Dist. 15     Jose E. Serrano (D)*                                           Dist. 32     Katherine Sayers McGovern (D)
    House of Representatives                    Chris Murphy (D)                 Dist. 11 Bill Foster (D)
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Dist. 16     Eliot L. Engel (D)*                                            Dist. 33     Marc Veasey (D)
 At Large Don Young (R)*                                                         Dist. 12 William Enyart (D)                        Massachusetts
                                          House of Representatives                                                                                                                                     Dist. 17     Nita M. Lowey (D)*                                             Dist. 35     Lloyd Doggett (D)*
                                                                                 Dist. 13 David Gill (D)                                 Senate                                                                                                      Sherrod Brown (D)*
             Arizona                   Dist. 1  John Larson (D)*                 Dist. 15 John Shimkus (R)*                        Elizabeth Warren (D)
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Dist. 18     Sean Patrick Maloney (D)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      U.S. Senate, Ohio
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dist. 36     Max Martin (D)
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Dist. 19     Chris Gibson (R)*
             Senate                    Dist. 2  Joe Courtney (D)*                Dist. 17 Cheri Bustos (D)
                                                                                                                                House of Representatives                                               Dist. 20     Paul D. Tonko (D)*                      Oklahoma                               Utah
        Richard Carmona (D)            Dist. 3  Rosa DeLauro (D)*                Dist. 18 Aaron Schock (R)*
                                                                                                                             Dist. 1  Richard Neal (D)*                                                Dist. 21     Bill Owens (D)*               House of Representatives                         Senate
                                       Dist. 4  Jim Himes (D)*                                                                                                       Claire McCaskill (D)*
    House of Representatives                                                                                                 Dist. 2  James McGovern (D)*                                              Dist. 22     Dan Lamb (D)                                                               Orrin Hatch (R)*
 Dist. 1  Ann Kirkpatrick (D)
                                       Dist. 5  Elizabeth Esty (D)                            Indiana                        Dist. 3  Niki Tsongas (D)*
                                                                                                                                                                      U.S. Senate, Missouri
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Dist. 23     Nate Shinagawa(D)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Dist. 1  John Olson (D)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Dist. 2  Rob Wallace (D)
 Dist. 2  Ron Barber (D)*                          Delaware
                                                                                               Senate                        Dist. 4  Joe Kennedy III (D)                     Montana                  Dist. 24     Daniel B. Maffei (D)*      Dist. 5  Tom Guild (D)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      House of Representatives
 Dist. 3  Raul Grijalva (D)*                                                               Joe Donnelly (D)                  Dist. 5  Edward Markey (D)*                        Senate                 Dist. 25     Louise M. Slaughter (D)*                                       Dist. 2  Jay Seegmiller (D)
                                                    Senate                                                                                                                                                                                                   Oregon                Dist. 4  Jim Matheson (D)*
 Dist. 7  Ed Pastor (D)*                                                                                                     Dist. 6  John Tierney (D)*                      Jon Tester (D)*           Dist. 26     Brian Higgins (D)*
                                                 Tom Carper (D)*                    House of Representatives                                                                                           Dist. 27     Kathy Hochul (D)*
 Dist. 9  Kyrsten Sinema (D)
                                                                                 Dist. 1  Peter Visclosky (D)*
                                                                                                                             Dist. 7  Michael Capuano (D)*
                                                                                                                                                                   House of Representatives
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  House of Representatives                       Vermont
                                          House of Representatives                                                           Dist. 8  Stephen Lynch (D)*                                                                                       Dist. 1  Suzanne Bonamici (D)*
            Arkansas                   At Large John Carney (D)
                                                                                 Dist. 2  Brendan Mullen (D)                 Dist. 9  Bill Keating (D)*         At Large Kim Gillan (D)                                                        Dist. 2  Greg Walden (R)*
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Bernie Sanders (I)*
                                                                                 Dist. 3  Kevin R. Boyd (D)
    House of Representatives
                                                                                 Dist. 4  Tara E. Nelson (D)                           Michigan                               Nebraska                                                         Dist. 3  Earl Blumenauer (D)*
 Dist. 1  Scott Ellington (D)               District of Columbia                 Dist. 5  Scott Reske (D)                                                                      Senate
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Dist. 4  Peter DeFazio (D)*            House of Representatives
 Dist. 3  Rebekah Kennedy (G)                                                                                                              Senate                                                                                              Dist. 5  Kurt Schrader (D)*         At Large Peter Welch (D)*
                                          House of Representatives               Dist. 6  Bradley T. Bookout (D)                                                             Bob Kerrey (D)
 Dist. 4  Gene Jeffress (D)                                                                                                          Debbie Stabenow (D)*
                                       At Large Eleanor Holmes Norton (D)*       Dist. 7  Andre Carson (D)*
                                                                                                                              U.S. House of Representatives        House of Representatives                                                               Pennsylvania                            Virginia
           California                                                            Dist. 8  David Crooks (D)
                                                                                                                             Dist.1     Gary McDowell (D)       Dist. 1  Korey L. Reiman (D)                                                                 Senate                               Senate
            Senate                                  Florida                      Dist. 9  Shelli Yoder (D)
                                                                                                                             Dist. 3    Steve Pestka (D)        Dist. 2  John W. Ewing Jr. (D)                                                             Bob Casey (D)*                       Tim Kaine (D)
       Dianne Feinstein (D)*                         Senate                                                                  Dist. 5    Dale Kildee (D)         Dist. 3  Mark Sullivan (D)
                                                 Bill Nelson (D)*                                                            Dist. 7    Kurt Haskell (D)                                                                                          House of Representatives            House of Representatives
    House of Representatives                                                                                                 Dist. 9    Sander Levin (D)*
                                                                                                                                                                               Nevada                          Peter King (R)*                 Dist. 1  Robert A. Brady (D)*       Dist. 1  Adam Cook (D)
 Dist. 1  Jim Reed (D)                    House of Representatives                                                           Dist. 10 Candice Miller (R)*                       Senate                   U.S. Representative, New York         Dist. 2  Chaka Fattah (D)*          Dist. 2  Paul Hirschbiel Jr. (D)
 Dist. 2  Jared Huffman (D)            Dist. 5  Corrine Brown (D)*                                                           Dist. 11 Syed Taj (D)                         Shelley Berkley (D)                                                 Dist. 3  Missa Eaton (D)            Dist. 3  Bobby Scott (D)*
 Dist. 3  John Garamendi (D)*          Dist. 9  Alan Grayson (D)                                                             Dist. 12 John Dingell (D)*
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  North Carolina               Dist. 4  Harry Perkinson Jr. (D)    Dist. 4  Ella Ward (D)
                                                                                                                                                                   House of Representatives               House of Representatives
 Dist. 4  Jack Uppal (D)               Dist. 13 Jessica Ehrlich (D)                                                          Dist. 13 John Conyers (D)*                                                                                        Dist. 5  Charles Dumas (D)          Dist. 5  John Douglas (D)
 Dist. 5  Mike Thompson (D)*                                                                                                                                    Dist. 1  Dina Titus (D)                Dist. 1  G.K. Butterfield (D)*
                                       Dist. 18 Patrick Murphy (D)                                                           Dist. 14 Gary Peters (D)*                                                                                         Dist. 6  Manan Trivedi (D)          Dist. 6  Andy Schmookler (D)
 Dist. 6  Doris Matsui (D)*                                                                                                                                     Dist. 2  Mark Amodei (R)*              Dist. 3  Walter Jones (R)*
                                       Dist. 21 Ted Deutch (D)*                                                                                                                                                                                Dist. 7  Patrick Meehan (R)*        Dist. 7  Wayne Powell (D)
 Dist. 7  Ami Bera (D)                 Dist. 23 Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D)*                                                         Minnesota                 Dist. 3  John Oceguera (D)             Dist. 4  David Price (D)*               Dist. 8  Michael Fitzpatrick (R)*   Dist. 8  Jim Moran (D)*
 Dist. 8  Paul Cook (R)                                                                                                                Senate                   Dist. 4  Steven Horsford (D)           Dist. 7  Mike McIntyre (D)*
                                       Dist. 24 Frederica Wilson (D)*                                                                                                                                                                          Dist. 9  Bill Shuster (R)*          Dist. 9  Anthony Flaccavento (D)
 Dist. 9  Jerry McNerney (D)*          Dist. 25 Mario Diaz-Balart (R)*                   Dave Crooks (D)                           Amy Klobuchar (D)*                     New Hampshire                Dist. 8  Larry Kissell (D)*             Dist. 10 Phil Scollo (D)            Dist. 10 Kristin Cabral (D)
 Dist. 10 Jose Hernandez (D)           Dist. 26 David Rivera (R)*                                                                                                                                      Dist. 9  Jennifer Roberts (D)           Dist. 11 Gene Stilp (D)             Dist. 11 Gerry Connolly (D)*
                                                                                U.S. Representative candidate, Indiana          House of Representatives           House of Representatives
 Dist. 11 George Miller (D)*           Dist. 27 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R)*                                                                                                                               Dist. 10 Patsy Keever (D)               Dist. 12 Mark Critz (D)*
 Dist. 12 Nancy Pelosi (D)*                                                                                                  Dist. 1  Tim Walz (D)*             Dist. 1  Carol Shea-Porter (D)         Dist. 11 Heyden Rogers (D)              Dist. 13 Allyson Y. Schwartz (D)*               Washington
 Dist. 13 Barbara Lee (D)*                                                                      Iowa                         Dist. 2  Michael Obermueller (D)   Dist. 2  Ann McLane Kuster (D)         Dist. 12 Mel Watt (D)*                  Dist. 14 Michael F. Doyle (D)*                      Senate
                                                                                    House of Representatives                 Dist. 3  Brian Barnes (D)
 Dist. 14 Jackie Speier (D)*                                                                                                                                                 New Jersey                                                        Dist. 16 Aryanna Strader (D)                   Maria Cantwell (D)*
 Dist. 15 Fortney “Pete” Stark (D)*                                              Dist. 1  Bruce Braley (D)*                  Dist. 4  Betty McCollum (D)*
                                                                                                                                                                                Senate                             North Dakota                Dist. 17 Matt Cartwright (D)
 Dist. 16 Jim Costa (D)*                                                         Dist. 2  Dave Loebsack (D)*                 Dist. 5  Keith Ellison (D)*                                                               Senate                                                         House of Representatives
                                                                                                                                                                          Robert Menendez (D)*                                                 Dist. 18 Tim Murphy (R)*
 Dist. 17 Mike Honda (D)*                                                        Dist. 3  Leonard Boswell (D)*               Dist. 6  Jim Graves (D)                                                              Heidi Heitkamp (D)                                               Dist. 1  Susan DelBene (D)
                                                                                                                             Dist. 7  Collin Peterson (D)*
 Dist. 18 Anna Eshoo (D)*                                                        Dist. 4  Christie Vilsack (D)
                                                                                                                             Dist. 8  Rick Nolan (D)
                                                                                                                                                                   House of Representatives                                                               Rhode Island             Dist. 2  Rick Larsen (D)*
 Dist. 19 Zoe Lofgren (D)*                                                                                                                                      Dist. 1  Robert E. Andrews (D)*           House of Representatives                         Senate                  Dist. 6  Bill Driscoll (R)
 Dist. 20 Sam Farr (D)*                                                                       Kansas                                                            Dist. 2  Frank A. LoBiondo (R)*        At Large Pam Gulleson (D)                    Sheldon Whitehouse (D)*        Dist. 7  Jim McDermott (D)*
 Dist. 21 John Hernandez (D)                                                        House of Representatives                                                    Dist. 3  Jon Runyan (R)*                                                                                           Dist. 9  Adam Smith (D)*
 Dist. 22 Otto Lee (D)                                                           Dist. 2  Tobias Schlingensiepen (D)                                            Dist. 4  Christopher Smith (R)*                                                   House of Representatives         Dist. 10 Denny Heck (D)
 Dist. 23 Terry Phillips (I)                                                     Dist. 4  Rob Tillman (D)                                                       Dist. 5  Adam Gussen (D)                                                       Dist. 1  David Cicilline (D)*
 Dist. 24 Lois Capps (D)*                    Corinne Brown (D)*                                                                                                 Dist. 6  Frank Pallone Jr. (D)*                                                Dist. 2  James Langevin (D)*
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              West Virginia
 Dist. 25 Lee Rogers (D)                   U.S. Representative, Florida                      Kentucky                                                           Dist. 7  Upendra J. Chivukula (D)                                                                                              Senate
 Dist. 26 Julie Brownley (D)                                                                                                                                    Dist. 8  Albio Sires (D)*                                                                 South Carolina                  Joe Manchin III (D)*
 Dist. 27 Judy Chu (D)*                             Georgia                         House of Representatives
                                                                                                                                                                Dist. 9  Bill Pascrell Jr. (D)*                                                   House of Representatives            House of Representatives
 Dist. 28 Adam Schiff (D)*                House of Representatives               Dist. 1  Ed Whitfield (R)*
                                                                                                                                                                Dist. 10 Donald Payne Jr. (D)                                                  Dist. 6  James Clyburn (D)*         Dist. 1  David B. McKinley (R)*
 Dist. 29 Tony Cardenas (D)            Dist. 2  Sanford Bishop (D)*              Dist. 2  David Lynn Williams (D)
                                                                                                                                                                Dist. 11 Rodney Frelinghuysen (R)*                                                                                 Dist. 2  Shelly Moore Capito (R)*
 Dist. 32 Grace Napolitano (D)*        Dist. 4  Henry Johnson (D)*               Dist. 3  John Yarmuth (D)*
                                                                                                                                                                Dist. 12 Rush Holt (D)*                                                                   South Dakota             Dist. 3  Nick Joe Rahall II (D)*
 Dist. 33 Henry Waxman (D)*            Dist. 5  John Lewis (D)*                  Dist. 4  Bill Adkins (D)                          Chris Gibson (R)*                                                                                              House of Representatives
 Dist. 34 Xavier Becerra (D)*          Dist. 11 Patrick Thompson (D)             Dist. 5  Kenneth Stepp (D)                   U.S. Representative, New York                 New Mexico                        Heidi Heitkamp (D)               At Large Matt Varilek (D)                        Wisconsin
 Dist. 35 Joe Baca (D)*                Dist. 12 John Barrow (D)*                 Dist. 6  Ben Chandler (D)*                                                                     Senate                 U.S. Senate candidate, North Dakota                                                        Senate
 Dist. 36 Raul Ruiz (D)                Dist. 13 David Scott (D)*                                                                      Mississippi                          Martin Heinrich (D)                                                             Tennessee                          Tammy Baldwin (D)
 Dist. 37 Karen Bass (D)*                                                                    Louisiana                                  Senate                                                                         Ohio                       House of Representatives
                                                                                                                                                                   House of Representatives                                                                                           House of Representatives
 Dist. 38 Linda Sanchez (D)*                        Hawaii                          House of Representatives                        Albert Gore Jr. (D)
                                                                                                                                                                Dist. 1  Michelle Lujan Grisham (D)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Senate                  Dist. 2  John J. Duncan Jr. (R)*
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dist. 1  Rob Zerban (D)
 Dist. 39 Jay Chen (D)                                                                                                                                                                                            Sherrod Brown (D)*           Dist. 4  Eric Stewart (D)
                                                    Senate                       Dist. 1  Gary W. King (R)                      House of Representatives        Dist. 2  Evelyn Madrid Erhard (D)
 Dist. 40 Lucille Roybal-Allard (D)*                                                                                                                                                                                                           Dist. 5  Jim Cooper (D)*            Dist. 2  Mark Pocan (D)
 Dist. 41 Mark Takano (D)                      Mazie K. Hirono (D)               Dist. 2  Cedric L. Richmond (D)*            Dist. 1  Brad Morris (D)           Dist. 3  Ben Ray Luján (D)*               House of Representatives                                                 Dist. 3  Ron Kind (D)*
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Dist. 9  Steve Cohen (D)*
 Dist. 43 Maxine Waters (D)*                                                     Dist. 3  Ron Richard (D)                    Dist. 2  Bennie G. Thompson (D)*                                          Dist. 3  Joyce Beatty (D)                                                   Dist. 4  Gwen Moore (D)*
 Dist. 44 Janice Hahn (D)
                                          House of Representatives
                                                                                                                                                                              New York                 Dist. 5  Angela Zimmann (D)                            Texas                Dist. 7  Pat Kreitlow (D)
 Dist. 45 Sukhee Kang (D)              Dist. 1  Colleen Hanabusa (D)*                          Maine                                   Missouri                              Senate                    Dist. 6  Charlie Wilson (D)                           Senate                Dist. 8  Jamie Wall (D)
 Dist. 46 Loretta Sanchez (D)*         Dist. 2  Tulsi Gabbard (D)                             Senate                                     Senate                      Kirsten E. Gillibrand (D)*        Dist. 7  Joyce Healey-Abrams (D)                    Paul Sadler (D)
 Dist. 47 Alan Lowenthal (D)                                                                Angus King (I)                         Claire McCaskill (D)*                                               Dist. 9  Marcy Kaptur (D)*                                                                Wyoming
 Dist. 49 Jerry Tetalman (D)                         Idaho                                                                                                         House of Representatives            Dist. 10 Michael Turner (R)*               House of Representatives            House of Representatives
 Dist. 51 Juan Vargas (D)                 House of Representatives                  House of Representatives                    House of Representatives        Dist. 1  Timothy H. Bishop (D)*        Dist. 11 Marcia Fudge (D)*              Dist. 6  Kenneth Sanders (D)        At Large Chris Henrichsen (D)
 Dist. 52 Scott Peters (D)             Dist. 1  Jimmy Farris (D)                 Dist. 1  Chellie Pingree (D)*               Dist. 1  William Lacy Clay (D)*    Dist. 2  Peter T. King (R)*            Dist. 12 Pat Tiberi (R)*                Dist. 7  James Cargas (D)
 Dist. 53 Susan Davis (D)*             Dist. 2  Nicole LeFavour (D)              Dist. 2  Michael Michaud (D)*               Dist. 2  Glen Koenen (D)           Dist. 3  Steve J. Israel (D)*          Dist. 13 Timothy Ryan (D)*              Dist. 8  Neil Burns (D)                  * denotes incumbent

                                            /                                                                                                                                  /
Page 8                                                                                                                                   October 2012 UTU News

  u     Al                  UTU Alumni Association
   News, information for members of the UTU Alumni Association

Two retired UTU International officers die
   Former UTU International officers Daniel W.                 Friends recall an oft-repeated comment by          trade union program at Harvard University, and in
Collins and Paul J. McNamara have died.                     Collins: “Come down from the bleachers and get        1975 earned the Cardinal Cushing Award for
   Daniel W. Collins, age 90, who retired in 1992           into the game!”                                       Excellence in Labor Management Relations.
as UTU assistant general secretary & treasurer,                Former UTU International President Tom                McNamara is survived by his wife of 72 years,
was a member of the 40-person committee that                DuBose observed of Collins’ success, that “it was     Doris, two daughters, seven grandchildren and 19
laid the groundwork for merger of the predecessor           the sum total of merit, and hard work, and espe-      great-grandchildren.
                   unions that formed the UTU               cially, the choices that he alone made for himself
                                                                                                                     He was a New York Central Railroad employee,
                   in 1969. At the time, he was             that determined the direction his life would take.
                   general secretary & treasurer            He fought the battles that                            where he was elected a general chairperson.
                   of the Switchmen’s Union of              were required of him and                                                     McNamara stayed current
                   North America (SUNA),                    had a capacity to learn              Collins helped form UTU;                on UTU activities well
                   which came together in merg-
                   er with the Order of Railway
                                                            and a capacity to listen.”       McNamara was vice president States Legislative Director
                                                                                                                                         into his 90s. New England
                                                               Collins is survived by
                   Conductors, the Brotherhood              his wife of 69 years, Mar-                                                   George Casey said McNa-
      Collins      of Railroad Trainmen and the             garet, 10 children, 27 grandchildren and 19 great-    mara attended his 2008 legislative department
                   Brotherhood of Locomotive                grandchildren.                                        reorganization meeting, and in 2004 McNama-
                   Firemen and Enginemen.                   Paul J. McNamara                                      ra attended the UTU regional meeting in Boston,
                      A native of Olean, N.Y.,                 McNamara, age 97, and a native of Massachu-        where he engaged former Massachusetts governor
                   Collins hired on as a brakeman           setts, retired in 1980 as an International vice pres- and presidential candidate Michael Dukakis in a
                   with former New York Central             ident. A 70-year UTU member, he completed the         lively chat.
                   Railroad (now part of CSX).
                   He left the railroad twice – to
                   serve in the U.S. Navy during

                   World War II and again during
                   the Korean conflict – and later
                                                               UTU offers steamboat cruise of Mississippi
                   earned a degree in economics                  The UTU Alumni Association is offering
from Canisius College. He was first elected to a              a nine-day steamboat cruise of the Mississip-
SUNA office in 1948 and as SUNA GS&T in                       pi River next year for its members.
1955, and held the position of UTU assistant                     The cruise will depart Oct. 26, 2013,
GS&T until his retirement in 1992.                            from St. Louis and end Nov. 2 in New
   During his UTU service, Collins was chairper-              Orleans.
son of a joint labor/management task force that                  Travel is aboard the American Queen,
sought to promote rail service in the face of                 the largest steamboat ever built.
trucking industry growth, and was appointed by                   Although filled with today’s modern
former Ohio Gov. Richard Celeste to the Ohio                  amenities, the American Queen’s rooms and
High-Speed Rail Commission.                                   accommodations display the opulence of the American Victorian era. Glistening woodwork, fresh flow-
   He helped to establish the industry’s substance            ers and antiques adorn her interior spaces. Outside, lacy filigree evokes memories of the many stately
abuse prevention program and served on a                      river steamers that preceded her and so inspired her designers.
labor/management advisory committee of the                       The itinerary includes a welcome-aboard dinner; two days of leisurely “steamboating;” a narrated tour
National Council of Alcoholism. He also helped                of Memphis, Tenn., including the National Civil Rights Museum; stops in Natchez, Miss., and Baton
to promote Operation RedBlock on Amtrak.                      Rouge, La.; a tour of the Houmas House, La., plantation and gardens of the “Sugar Palace,” a 16-room
   Following his retirement, Collins was appoint-             antebellum estate, and incomparable New Orleans.
ed to the Amtrak Board of Directors by President                 Prices start at $1,995 per person. (If booked by Dec. 20, save $200 per cabin.) All arrangements are
Clinton. He also served as a consultant to Cor-               being handled by Landfall Travel, the Alumni Association’s designated travel provider.
nell University’s School of Industrial and Labor                 For more information call (800) 835-9233, or see the Alumni Association page at
Relations, where he helped create a collection of    You do not need to be a member of the Alumni Association to take advantage of this offer.
railroad history and labor documents.

                                                T       H     E         F      I    N     A     L          C         A    L      L

        Following are the names of recently deceased members who maintained annual membership in the UTU Alumni Association, according to reports received
        at UTU International Headquarters. These brothers and sisters will be missed by their many friends and by fellow UTU Alumni Association members.
Local    Name                           City/State          Local    Name                            City/State          Local    Name                           City/State
    6   Bradburn Jr., Edward S.   Indianapolis, Ind.          544   Engleston, D.A.                 Havre, Mont.          1117   Pierson, Dan H.              Las Vegas, Nev.
   60   Allen, J.S.                   Neptune, N.J.           556   Shuckhart, Norman J.          Tacoma, Wash.           1221   Pickering, Hugh L.               Tampa, Fla.
  195   Gordon, Nathaniel             Galesburg, Ill.         645   Wigginton, Richard F.         Lady Lake, Fla.         1252   Shahan, Harold E.            Rio Dell, Calif.
  202   Carville, James E.     Mountain Home, Ark.            771   Penry Jr., William L.    Mojave Valley, Ariz.         1308   Trotter, Joe A.                  Paris, Tenn.
  238   Hampton, Richard P.         Clearfield, Utah          771   Thomas Jr., Joseph R.         Needles, Calif.         1377   Schultz, Maynard E. Highland Heights, Ky.
  243   Hall, Charles F.       Mountain Home, Ark.            811   Farris, Herbert A.                Lolo, Mont.         1390   McGlynn Jr., Lawrence P.       Levitown, Pa.
  298   Canfield, Robert E.             Garrett, Ind.         838   Newell, David J.          Southampton, N.J.           1393   Collins, Daniel W.     North Olmsted, Ohio
  298   Vanhorn, Francis E.           Findlay, Ohio           838   Walsh, Francis D.           Manchester, N.J.          1409   Gallipeau, Charles D.      Kansas City, Kan.
  303   Timby, Robert M.            Springfield, Mo.          866   Knapp, Ronald L.               Rawlins, Wyo.          1445   Newkirk, Louis H.               Linden, N.J.
  309   Harclerode, Glenn M.          Curryville, Pa.         911   Bjork, Gordon W.         Chippewa Falls, Wis.         1473   McNamara, Paul J.         Glouchester, Mass.
  318   Fidiam, Thomas J.             Dunmore, Pa.            911   Mars, James T.          Brooklyn Park, Minn.          1518   Harris, George M.          Indianapolis, Ind.
  318   Rabuck, Ronald G.       Northumberland, Pa.           945   Blair, Thomas D.            Henderson, Nev.           1545   Avery, Wiley R.              McGehee, Ark.
  378   Fogarty, James D.               Avon, Ohio            980   Piatz, Edward C.              Bismarck, N.D.          1594   McCaughan, James A.                Darby, Pa.
  386   Ulrich, Harry J.                 Hellam, Pa.         1007   Croteau, Joseph D.       Central Square, N.Y.         1760   Soucey, Alvin B.              Redford, Mich.
  426   Klassen, Harry F.           Spokane, Wash.           1031   Sullivan Sr., Thomas J.       Savannah, Ga.           1790   Rogers Sr., Ralph             Fitzgerald, Ga.
  464   Hicks, Merlyn R.               Monroe, Ga.           1035   Shipley, Kyle W.               Lakeland, Fla.         1948   Hake, Randall L.                 Niles, Ohio
  469   Yencarelli, Anthony          Bradenton, Fla.         1042   Taylor, Dan L.          Oklahoma City, Okla.          1948   Mellott Jr., Victor V.   Canal Fulton, Ohio
  500   Enger, Larry J.               Poteau, Okla.          1043   Gervais, Gerald J.             Portola, Calif.        1962   Richardson, Gordon L.            Clio, Mich.
  513   Busby, Thomas W.            Ardmore, Okla.           1058   Anderson, Paul I.         Glenns Ferry, Idaho         1973   Burkhart, Richard L.     Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  525   Nelson, Lyle S.              Bismarck, N.D.          1059   Allmaras, Thomas C.           Sun City, Ariz.         1974   Embrey, Allan L.             Sherwood, Ark.
  528   Baldwin, Robert G.          Spring Hill, Fla.        1067   Waters, Dale W.                Superior, Wis.

October 2012 UTU News                                                                                                                                                          Page 9

                                                     Protection for your loved ones
                                                               Peace of mind for you
                                                               Young families have very little discretionary cash. In fact, most young families rely on the income of both
                                                               spouses to make ends meet.
                                                               You’ve thought about how your family would carry on if something happened to you. But you put the thought
                                                               out of your mind because, after all, you’re young. Nothing’s going to happen to you. Right?
                                                               What if something were to happen to you? Would there be enough money to provide for even the barest of neces-
                                                               sities, especially since it takes both incomes to make ends meet?
                                                               If you could protect the financial well-being of your loved ones for just a few dollars a month, wouldn’t you
                                                               do whatever it takes to set aside those few dollars to ensure the financial well-being of your family? Of course
                                                               you would!
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                                                               We can provide the peace of mind you’re looking for. Contact us toll-free at (800) 558-8842.

                                                                 Information, please
                                                     I would like more information on UTUIA’s term life insurance.

                                                                                                           Please print

    For more information,
  return the coupon at right,
                                                     Full name                                                                   Date of birth              UTU local number

         call toll free                              Address                                                   City                               State                   ZIP

       (800) 558-8842                                Telephone number with area code
                                                                                                                                                          Sex:   K Male K Female
           or email:                               Complete and mail to: UTUIA Sales Dept., 24950 Country Club Blvd., Suite 340, North Olmsted, OH 44070-5333 10/12

      Show your union pride with union gear
            American Products offers line of union-made SMART and UTU gear, clothing
      It’s not too early to begin your holiday
   shopping and the UTU website is just the
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      Members may also download and print a
   custom order form that can be mailed to
   UTU, 1600 N. Clinton
   Ave., Rochester, NY 14621.
      Apparel prices may vary depending on
   size. Visit the UTU online store for com-
   plete details about prices and available sizes.

                                                          Navy SMART Joplin polo                        Green SMART polo                                  UTU portfolio

Page 10                                                                                                                  October 2012 UTU News

Is this your most crucial vote ever?
                    Ohio                                            Wisconsin                                                  Iowa
                      Railroad   Retirement,                                  Each of our votes mat-                               This election will be the
                   Medicare, the Affordable                                ters and has the same                                most significant most of us
                   Care Act and Amtrak are all                             weight as the vote of a                              will face in our careers.
                   on the chopping block if                                CEO. Nobody will deprive                             Never has the danger to
                   conservative extremists                                 a UTU member of the right                            rail-labor gains been so
                   gain control of the White                               to vote except the UTU                               much at risk.
                   House and Congress.                                     member, and the only way                                It is not just the threat to
                      In Ohio, we are a top                                that can happen is by not                            Railroad Retirement. Mitt
                   battleground state, and I                               casting a vote. On Nov. 6,                           Romney’s comments on
 urge you to cast ballots for UTU-endorsed              vote your union, paycheck, benefits, afford-         labor policy make clear he wants to disman-
 candidates: President Obama, Sen. Sherrod              able health care, workplace safety, retirement       tle safety and labor laws to amend the out-
 Brown, and congressional candidates Marcy              and family security. If you cannot go to the         dated portions of the existing statutory frame-
 Kaptur, Betty Sutton, Michael Turner, Marcia           polls Election Day, vote early or via absentee       work [and make them] “appropriate to con-
 Fudge, Pat Tiberi, Timothy Ryan, and Steve             ballot by mail.                                      temporary conditions.”
 Stivers, as well as Joyce Healy-Abrams,                                                                        Your job, your family and your personal
 Charlie Wilson, Joyce Beatty, and Angela                             — SLD Craig Peachy                     safety depend on your vote Nov. 6.
    These are our friends and will be with us                                                                                  — SLD Jim Garrett
 when we need their help.

             — SLD Stuart Gardner
                                                                                                             Unscripted Mitt Romney
                 Florida                                                                                        speaks his mind
                                                                                                                It is in off-the-cuff comments, rather than
                       Each of us has made
                                                                                                             scripted press conferences, staged public
                    commitments to our children,
                    parents, spouses, houses of                                                              speaking events or political advertisements
                    worship, community and                                                                   on television, that often best reveal the “real”
                    charities. The Declaration of                                                            candidate and their thoughts.
                    Independence recognizes                                                                     These off-the-cuff comments by Mitt
                    our right to the pursuit of hap-                                                         Romney, at a $50,000-per-person fundraiser
                    piness. The path to those                                                                in Boca Raton, Fla., in May, when he didn’t
                    commitments and happiness                                                                realize a camera was rolling and microphone
 is a good-paying job.                                                 Virginia                              present, reveal the “real” candidate:
    You can’t expect your union to deliver bet-
                                                                              If you wonder if your            “There are 47 percent of the people who
 ter wages and benefits while voting for candi-
                                                                           vote matters, remember            will vote for the president no matter what.
 dates who will weaken working families’ abili-
                                                                           that a few hundred votes          All right, there are 47 percent who are with
 ties to protect your interests.
                                                                           cast in Florida in 2000           him, who are dependent upon govern-
              — SLD Andres Trujillo                                        changed the course of our         ment, who believe that they are victims,
                                                                           nation for a decade. Think        who believe the government has a
                                                                           of those who went before          responsibility to care for them, who
                                                                           us who struggled, and
                                                                                                             believe that they are entitled to health
                                                                           even died, to put in place
                                                                                                             care, to food, to housing, to you name it….
                                                        labor laws that allow us to bargain collective-
                                                                                                             And the government should give it to
Previsich elevated
                                                        ly for our wages. That effort paved the way for
                                                        the lifestyles we enjoy today.                       them. They will vote for this president no
                                                                                                             matter what…. These are people who pay
                                                           Vote for candidates who will work to pre-
Continued from page 1                                   serve our union and our way of life. Vote for
                                                                                                             no income tax.
                                                        UTU-endorsed candidates who have stuck                 “My job is not to worry about these peo-
of the UTU on the act’s safety advisory commit-         with us. Now is the time to stick with them.         ple. I’ll never convince them they should
tee, the FRA Medical Standards Working Group,                                                                take personal responsibility and care for
the Positive Train Control Advisory Committee                           — SLD Patrick Corp                   their lives.”
and the Close Call Reporting System (C3RS).
   He and his wife, Kathy, have four children.

                                                       Members okay contracts on EJ&E, TP&W
                      Arty Martin, age 66, is a
                    fourth generation railroader,
                    having been elected assistant
                    president in 2007 and re-elect-       UTU-represented                                              Chairpersons Mike Caudillo and Ed
                    ed in 2011.                        employees of Elgin, Joliet &                                        Cox for “the exceptional effort put
                      He signed on with Union          Eastern Railway and Toledo,                                           forth during the long and diffi-
                    Pacific in Pocatello, Idaho, in    Peoria & Western Railway                                                  cult negotiations that result-
                    1966 while attending Idaho         have ratified new five-year                                                  ed in an agreement with
      Martin       State University, where he          agreements.                                                                   dramatic improvements
                   earned a degree in business            Negotiating assistance on                                                in wages and benefits, and
administration, with a minor in labor law. An Air      both railroads was provided                                              provides employment security
Force veteran, he also played minor league base-       by International Vice Presi-                                          and parity for members.”
ball as a catcher, including one professional sea-     dent Dave Wier.                                                      On TP&W, the ratified contract
son in Alaska.                                            On EJ&E, the ratified contract provides that                provides for wage increases with addi-
   Martin was promoted to engineer in 1975.            conductors, brakemen and yardmen receive wage        tional compensation for conductors certified as
Frustration over railroad treatment of employees       increases, back pay, an employment guarantee         engineers, participation in the RailAmerica
encouraged him to run successfully in 1977 for         with furlough protection, guaranteed extra           Incentive Compensation Plan (with an opt-out
UTU Local 78 vice local chairperson, represent-        boards, elimination of rate progression for con-     provision providing an additional one percent
ing engineers. He subsequently was elected vice        ductors/foremen, and 90 percent entry rates for      annual wage increase), improved working condi-
general chairperson and general chairperson. In        brakemen and helpers that rises to 100 percent       tions and special allowances.
1992, Martin merged the enginemen general              after one year of service.
                                                                                                               Wier congratulated General Chairperson Rob
committee with one representing conductors,               Also established by the new agreement is a        Ferrier (GO TPW) and Local 198 (Peoria, Ill.)
brakemen and yardmen, and today that general           401(k) plan and disability insurance, more liber-    Vice Local Chairperson Steve Benedict for “the
committee represents more than 5,000 UP train          al qualification for vacations, and coverage under
and engine workers.                                                                                         outstanding effort put forth. The wage increases,
                                                       the National Railway Health and Welfare Plan
                                                                                                            coupled with quarterly incentive payments, pro-
   His mother, father and grandfather were UP          that includes early retirement and four months of
                                                                                                            vide members with outstanding pay increases.”
employees, and his great-grandfather ran steam         additional health care insurance for dismissed or
locomotives on New York Central Railroad (now          furloughed employees.                                   EJ&E, a Class II railroad and a U.S. subsidiary
part of CSX).                                             Wier praised the efforts of General Chairper-     of Canadian National Railway, operates in Illi-
   Martin and his wife, Cindy, have four children,     sons Cory Mayberry (GO 329) and Rich Baran-          nois and Indiana suburbs surrounding Chicago.
including Brian, who is a UTUIA field supervisor,      dela (GO 330), Vice General Chairperson Kevin           TP&W, a short line and RailAmerica property,
and Dallas, who is a UP conductor in Portland.         Wright (GO 329), and Local 740 (Joliet, Ill.)        operates in Illinois and Indiana.

October 2012 UTU News                                                                                                                                       Page 11

 Your jobs, retirement are at stake this election
        s we consider how we will                                                                                                been the majority in the Senate as

A       cast our votes on Election
        Day, let us all remember that
under the Obama administration
                                                                   Bus Depar tment
                                                                                                                                 well as the House, many of our bus
                                                                                                                                 operations would have been priva-
                                                                                                                                 tized, our collective bargaining rights
and the Affordable Care Act, we                                                   By Vice President                              would have been curtailed, and our
have been able to keep our children                                                                                              wages, benefits and work rules would
on our health care insurance poli-                                                  Bonnie Morr                                  be in jeopardy.
cies until age 26, we no longer face a                                                            All brothers and sisters in organ-
maximum lifetime cap on benefits,                                                                                                ized labor face attack by conservative
contraception is included in cover-                                                                                              Republicans. On Election Day, we
age, and we and our children cannot                                                                                              must take the time and effort to cast
be denied coverage because of pre-          have publicly congratulated the            the right of all workers to organize      our ballots – and encourage others to
existing conditions.                        conservative Republican governors          and join a union.”                        cast their ballots – to return Presi-
   Conservative Republicans Mitt            of Wisconsin and Ohio who pushed              We in the transit industry have        dent Obama and Vice President
Romney and Paul Ryan are commit-            to curtail and eliminate those rights      held our own in these difficult eco-      Biden to the White House and cast
ted to repealing the Affordable Care        – especially for public employees.         nomic times because the Obama             ballots for the labor-friendly candi-
Act.                                        Contrast that attack on collective         administration and our labor-friend-      dates identified in the centerfold of
                                                                                       ly allies in Congress – labor-friendly    this newspaper.
      Conservative Republicans Romney and Ryan                                         Republicans as well as Democrats –           This election is about saving our

         want to repeal the Affordable Care Act
                                                                                                  Romney and Ryan have made it clear:
   Conservative Republicans also
are committed to privatizing Social
                                            bargaining rights with the Demo-
                                            cratic Party platform position,
                                                                                                 They will reduce transportation funding
Security and turning Medicare into          which is also the Obama/Biden
a voucher program with more costs           position:                                  fought to preserve transit funding.       middle class. Let us stand strong
coming out of retirees’ pockets. By            “Democrats believe that the right       We know what would happen to              against those corporate-backed can-
contrast, President Obama is com-           to organize and collectively bargain       transit funding if conservative           didates who want to destroy labor
mitted to preserving Social Security        is a fundamental American value;           Republicans control the White             unions and curtail worker collective
and Medicare as we know it.                 every American should have a voice         House and Congress, as they have          bargaining rights.
   When it comes to collective bar-         on the job and a chance to negotiate       made clear they would reduce tran-           Our job security, pay checks,
gaining rights, conservative Repub-         for a fair day’s pay after a hard day’s    sit funding.                              health care and retirement are at
licans Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan            work. We will continue to fight for           Had conservative Republicans           stake.

OSHA expands rail worker harassment enforcement
   Even when railroads return workers to their                NS initially claimed the injury was fabricated,        because OSHA said NS had under-calculated the
jobs with full back pay after wrongly terminating          and fired the conductor for allegedly making a            amount of back pay.
them for suffering a workplace injury, significant         false injury report. A public law board subse-               OSHA also ordered NS to provide all workers
monetary sanctions may still be imposed by the             quently ordered the railroad to rehire the conduc-        in its Decatur yard with a copy of an OSHA fact
Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and              tor with full back pay – 10 months after the work-        sheet on whistleblower protection, to post in the
Health Administration (OSHA).                              place injury – and he continues to work for NS.           yard a notice explaining worker rights under the
   Norfolk Southern was ordered to pay damages             During those 10 months of unemployment, the               Federal Railroad Safety Act, and to expunge from
in excess of $580,000 in                                                          conductor endured signifi-         the conductor’s personnel file all records of his
August after violating the                                                        cant financial distress.           termination and OSHA claim.
Federal Railroad Safety Act’s                                                        A UTU designated legal             “This decision sends a powerful message that
worker protections against                                                        counsel, who brought a             terminating an employee for an injury creates
employer harassment, intimi-                                                      complaint before OSHA,             financial exposure for the railroad far beyond just
dation, discipline and termi-                                                     said NS contended there            having to put him back on the job with back pay,”
nation in retaliation for                                                         were no damages to be              said UTU International President Mike Futhey.
reporting workplace injuries or safety concerns.           assessed because the conductor had been put               “No longer can a railroad simply calculate the
   Railroads have been hit with millions of dol-           back to work with full pay.                               worse-case scenario as having only to provide
lars in sanctions by OSHA over the past year for              OSHA said the NS arguments were baseless               back pay.”
such behavior, but this case is significant in that        and that the railroad should be punished for vio-
the railroad unsuccessfully claimed it should not
be sanctioned because after terminating the
                                                           lating the conductor’s rights under the Federal
                                                           Railroad Safety Act.
                                                                                                                     Bus operators ratify
worker, it reinstated him with full back pay.                 OSHA then ordered NS to pay the conductor              two new contracts
   The unidentified conductor, who suffered a              – in addition to the back pay already received –             Members of Local 1596, Charlotte, N.C., have
shoulder injury, had been riding the lead car to           more than $580,000 to cover pain and suffering,           finalized new contracts with Transit Manage-
protect a shove at NS’s Decatur, Ill., yard when           punitive damages, loss of employer-paid benefits          ment of Charlotte and First Transit of Con-
several cars behind him derailed due to poorly             during the period of unemployment, attorney’s             cord/Kannapolis.
maintained rail ties.                                      fees and additional lost wages plus interest
                                                                                                                        The three-year agreements provide for wage
                                                                                                                                         increases, improvements in

UTU seeks arbitration with Great Lakes Airlines                                                                                          pensions, an increase in the
                                                                                                                                         employer contribution to
   The airline industry is in a sorry state. From          bad-faith bargaining by Great Lakes manage-                                   health care insurance, an
the bungled merger of U.S. Airways with Amer-              ment, the UTU has asked the National Media-                                   additional number of personal
ica West, to the efforts by American Air-                    tion Board (NMB) to declare an impasse in                                   leave days and better work
lines to use bankruptcy to cancel union                          talks and proffer binding arbitration, said                             rules.
contracts, the industry is seeking                                  Assistant President John Previsich.                                     Leading the negotiations
profitability at the expense of                                          If the NMB does make that proffer,                Hughes
                                                                                                                                         with Transit Management of
employees.                                                                                                                               Charlotte    were    General
                                                                       and Great Lakes rejects it, the clock
   Throughout      the      turmoil,                                                                                 Chairperson Alvy Hughes, Local Chairperson
                                                                       will start on a 90-day countdown to a         Craig Patch and Vice Local Chairperson Billy
employees of the nation’s airlines                                     negotiated settlement, presidential
continue to show up for work and                                                                                     Belcher.
                                                                      emergency board recommendations for
staff more than 25,000 flights daily.                                                                                   Leading the negotiations with First Transit of
                                                                    settlement or a work stoppage.                   Concord/Kannapolis were General Chairperson
UTU members flying for Great Lakes
Airlines are no exception – at least for the                       “The UTU’s desire is that the parties             Alvy Hughes, Local Chairperson Darryl Boykin,
time being. Local 40 (Denver) flight attendants            reach a mutually satisfactory agreement and               Vice Local Chairperson April Rogers, and Local
were at the bargaining table with Great Lakes              avoid any interruption in service,” Previsich said.       Secretary Ben Blankey.
management for 10 years; and Local 40 pilots               “The airline refuses to pay a living wage while              Hughes praised local officers on the negotiat-
have been facing a negotiating stone wall for              reaping millions in profit. The UTU will do               ing committees for “expert preparation and tire-
three years.                                               whatever it takes to improve the conditions for           less efforts to achieve the accomplishments in a
   Following years of fruitless negotiations and           our members.”                                             difficult economic environment.”

                                                                                                       Periodicals Postage          Volume 44                                                                                         October 2012
                                                                                                     PAID at Cleveland, Ohio,        N um be r 1 0
                                                                                                          and Additional /                                                                               Mailing Offices

        OCTOBER 2012
        ISSN 0098-5937
Published monthly (except for                                                                                                                                                                     
combined months of Dec-
ember/January and July/August)
                                                                                                                                     The Official Publication of the United Transportation Union

                                                                                                                                    Want to kill Amtrak? Then vote Romney
5333 • Periodicals postage paid
at Cleveland, Ohio, and addi-
tional mailing offices • Mike
Futhey, International President;
Kim Thompson, General Secre-                                                                                                           The Republican Party, at its nation-                                             we could expect their business plan to
tary & Treasurer • This publi-
cation available on microfilm                                                                                                       al convention in August, made it offi-                                              include canceling collective bargain-
from National Archive Publishing,                                                                                                   cial and in writing: The Republican                                                 ing rights so as to lower wages and
P.O. Box 998, Ann Arbor, MI                                                                                                         Party platform – supported by Mitt                                                  benefits, and to eliminate worker cov-
48106.                                                                                                                              Romney and Paul Ryan – advocates                                                    erage under Railroad Retirement.
POSTMASTER: Send address                                                                                                            ending federal funding for Amtrak.                                                     Even then they would struggle to
changes to UTU News, 24950
Country Club Blvd., Suite 340,                                                                                                         Here is what the Republican plat-                                                become the first private venture able
North Olmsted, OH 44070-                                                                                                            form says about Amtrak:                                                             to turn a profit operating passenger
                                                                                                                   Please recycle      “Amtrak continues to be, for the                                                 trains.
                                                                                                                                    taxpayers, an extremely expensive rail-                                                Were Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan
                                                                                                                                    road…. It is long past time for the fed-                                            successful in ending federal funding

                                      Photo of the month                                                                            eral government to get out of the way
                                                                                                                                    and allow private ventures to provide
                                                                                                                                    passenger service to the Northeast
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        for Amtrak, the result would be the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        loss of 20,000 Amtrak jobs.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The loss of those jobs and the pay-
    The UTU International is                                                                                                        Corridor.”                                                                          roll taxes paid into the Railroad
always looking for good pho-
tos, and awards UTU gear to                                                                                                            What neither the Republican plat-                                                Retirement Trust Fund by Amtrak
monthly photo winners.                                                                                                              form nor Romney and Ryan acknowledge is that no pas-           and its workers would so adversely impact the trust fund
    The UTU seeks photographs
or digital images of work-relat-                                                                                                    senger rail system in the world earns a profit, and few pri-   that future Railroad Retirement benefits would be in
ed scenes, such as railroad, bus                                                                                                    vate sector firms have expressed interest in operating pas-    jeopardy for all railroaders nationwide.
or mass transit operations, new
equipment photos, scenic                                                                                                            senger trains – in the Northeast Corridor or over                 The Romney/Ryan plan to end Amtrak subsidies is as
shots, activities of your local, or                                                                                                 Amtrak’s other intercity rail passenger routes.                bad for America, which would lose its passenger trains,
photos of your brothers and sis-
ters keeping America rolling.                                                                                                          End federal funding for Amtrak and passenger trains in      as it would be for Amtrak, commuter- and freight-rail
    Printed photographs should                                                                                                      America would become history.                                  workers and current railroad retirees, all of whom would
be mailed to UTU News,
24950 Country Club Blvd.,                                                                                                              And, per chance a private sector firm did step forward      suffer reductions in, or total loss of, Railroad Retirement
Suite 340, North Olmsted, OH                                                                                                        to operate Northeast Corridor or other Amtrak routes,          benefits.
    High-resolution digital pho-
tographs should be in the JPEG

                                                                                                                                                       Inside this issue of the UTU News:
format and e mailed to
    With each photograph,
please include your name and
UTU local number, the names
of the persons in the photo (left
to right), where the photo was
taken, and all other pertinent
    All photographs submitted
become property of the UTU.
    Remember to review your
employer’s policies regarding
use of cameras on the property
or during work hours.
                                      This photo was taken in the 1970s by retired member E. Clyde Stickley, a member of
                                      Local 1313, Amarillo, Texas. “I was a Santa Fe conductor working out of Amarillo. This        Norfolk Southern con-            Colorado State Legisla-       UTU-endorsed congres-            A new line of SMART
                                      is an eastbound train approaching Waynoka, Okla. The brakeman looking up the train            ductor Tucker cooks to           tive Director Johnson         sional candidates can be         merchandise is avail-
                                      is Local 1313 member Sam Jefferson,” Stickley said.                                           pay thanks. See page 2.          pulls the pin. See page 5.    found on pages 6 & 7.            able. See page 9.

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