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vintage watches


Whether you want latest series of watches or looking for second hand cheap pieces, is a good option for vintage watches collection.

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									       ANTIQUE WATCH CO UK
                                                                                                         Home | Contact us | About us
                                                                                           19 CLERKENWELL ROAD
       , LONDON EC1M 5RD
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         repair Breitling watch repair

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military - Tissot - Pocket Watches

         Mechanical movements and information for Second hand
         Wrist Watches.
         The Repairs shop, Full of information about men's and ladies swiss Pre-owned fine watches or Vintage Watch Repair, Gold
         and Silver Watches Pocket Watch, or Contact us!
         Qualified Repairers Clean Parts and services, on Automatic, Chronograph, Divers, or the Moon watch, all Brands of Rolex,
         Omega, Breitling, Accurist, Cyma, Buren, Cartier, Longines,
         Military, Tissot, Rotary, Seiko, And many more. full service and overhaul watch repair restored to original look, our top
         professional watch maker. Watch repair or Email

         Wrist watches 1
                                                                                           HISTORY OF OUR ANTIQUE
         Wrist watches 2                                                                   WATCH SHOP AND
         Wristwatches 3
                                                                                           about vintage ladies and men
         Wristwatches 4                                                                    Preowned watches or old
                                                                                           watches. Our timepieces for sale
         Wristwatches 5
                                                                                          have been cleaned and restored to
         Secure order page                                                                there full glory, They are becoming
                                                                                          rare and collecting, if you buy one
         Wristwatches Category                                                            now they be an investment in the
         Intro                                                                            future. we offer a full service watch
                                             repair from quartz to mechanical with a full cover for all our watches from trench
                                             world war one to the funky sixties and seventies to Chronograph, or Moon watch
         Accurist                            etc. Listed building over two hundred years old, 19 Clerkenwell Road . has a
         Breitling                           history of being famous for its watch making and watch repairs, case making,
         Bravingtons                         silversmiths, jewelry making, engraving, clock repair, Watch parts and Materials,
         Buren                               it was the place to go to have your watch serviced, We have now been online
         Cartier                             selling for the past 8 years, our brands and timepieces are original old quality
         Cyma                                and rare, A collection of time precision, we stock various parts to enable us to fix
                                             most brands within in our shop, various shops have changed hands in
                                             clerkenwell and only few shops remain, However we have been in Clerkenwell
         Eterna                              road for 35 years serving the public with watch sales of Rolex, Omega, Logines,
         Gucci                               Breitling, Rotary, And many more.We will try to stay in business and keep the
         Garard                              tradition of watch making and horology going on for many years to come. Email
         Heuer                               Me ! .
         Omege                               Hello my name is Jon Welcome to my family shop.
         Omega Page 1                        Opening times. Mon-Fri 11.00-5.00
         Omega Page 2                        Tel: Shop(00) (44) 0207 250 3734.Mobile: 07976597110 ( please for Watch
                                             orders or Urgent only)
         Omega Info
                                             Email: Watch Order (Email Me) on Watch repairs
                                             We Buy Old Watches Wanted, Omega, Breitling, Rolex,
         Military Page Two                   Military, Second Hand or New, Movements and Parts, Gold
         Rolex                               and Silver...
         Rolex Page Two                      if you want to sell your watch to me in good clean condition, i will pay good prices,
         Royking                             let me know the price you want and we will buy them, ( Please only email me)
                                             If you want to sell your watches, Omega, Rolex, movements, etc, We pay more
                                             money for Gold and Silver items than scrap, send to the address at the top page,
                                             well packed and insured it with your Telephone and email address and details we
         Retro 60-70s                        will get back to you with our price. if you don't accept just send the post and we will
         J.W.Benson                          return you items.
         Jeager Lecoultre
         Tissot Watches
                                             THE PLACE FOR THE SPECIALIST
         Trebex                              Have you ever taken your Grand Father's or Grand mothers watch taken to you
         Tressa                              local watch repairers, he says's he can't repair its parts because its obsolete or
         Smiths                              Antique. Well try us, many people send their watch to us for repairs, Customers
         Smiths page two                     are very pleased after they receive the watch looking like a new watch again. Do
         Seike                               you want a vintage wrist watch or Pocket watch? Try us you now know where
         Sitemap                             we are and have traded here for 35 years in this very shop Father and son.. if
                                             you live to far, send it to us or if you have watches to sell or repair, send it to us.
         Swiss military
         Pocket watches                      This is the shop, we have been established since 1975, I have been interested
         Bargain basement                    and involved in vintage wristwatches since the age Thirteen, my uncle was a
         Zenith                              professional watchmaker and was taught by his father when he was was a boy.
         Watch repairs                       Before the war he was an apprentice at Rolex, and worked in a factories like
         watch repair                        J.W.Benson, and Garrard's. Finally he opened his watch shop in 1938. My uncle
         Related Link                        was later called up to serve his country the1940s, he was a Desert Rat with
         Related Link                        Monty, His job was to repair the soldiers wrist watch and to also scout the
                                             dessert to raid German tanks or mobile units, Disable hit or bombed Tanks and
         Related Link
                                             such and collect all the clock and instruments for intel, then take them to strip
         Related Link                        the clock down to see how they worked and access how the enemy were
         Related Link                        improving as far as technology, My Uncle would tell me stories about his
         Related Link                        younger days, Teach me the art of fixing, problem solving and repairing the
                                             watches, that's how i became
                                             Antique Watch CO UK.
         Watch Repair Category               NEW FOR JANUARY.
         Watch repair inquiries              NEW FOR THIS MONTH. stock is arriving, Vintage watches are available for all
         Watch repairs                       our customers. Brows the pages and feel free to ask sencible questions. We try
         Vintage Watch repair                to update daily and also have stock which is not on show. Make an order and we
         Omega watch repair                  will find your desired timepiece. PLEASE do not be in a rush, picking the right
         Rolex watch repair                  watch takes time. we will do our very best to help.
         Longines watch repair
         Breitling watch repair

                                                                                    Omega                                     Straps and
            Watches sold Category
                                                                                    wrist                                     Bracelets
            Sold Wristwatches 1                                                     watches                                                   Online Cuff
            Sold Wristwatches 2                                                     Page                                      leather         Watch Store
            Sold Military 1
                                                                                    Omega                                     straps and                …
            Sold Military 2
                                                                                    watches.                                  bracelets.
            Sold Longines                                                                                                     Large              Over 150
            Sold Omega 1                                                            This are
                                                                                    many                                      selections of      Genuine
            Sold Omega 2                                                                                                      leather
                                                                                    different                                                  Leather Cuff
            Sold Rolex 1                                                                                                      straps of
                                                                                    models to
            Sold Rolex 2                                                            choose                                    sizes in        Style Oversized
                                                                                    from, They                                22mm.

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                                                                 from, They                              22mm.            Stainless Steel
   Watches Information                                           have been                               20mm.               Watches
                                                                 cleaned and                             18mm.
                                                                 serviced                                16mm.
                                                                 and ready                               14mm.12mm
   Omega Models                                                                                          etc. main
   Omega History                                                 to sell there
                                                                 are covers                              colors Black
   Omega Adverts                                                                                         or Brown.
                                                                 of 6 to 12
   Rolex History                                                                                         Gilt or
   Rolex Adverts                                                 depending                               Chrome
                                                                 on its age,                             Buckles, in
   Watch Links Category                                          to see the                              sizes. Click
   Link Pages                                                    watch you                               Here!.
   Link Pages 2                                                  must have                               Straps and
                                                                 an                                      bracelets or
   Site Map Categorist                                           appointment                             we can
                                                                 as all                                  Order.
   Site Map
                                                                 watches are
                                                                 not in the
                                                                 shop. Click
 Top 50 watch                                                    Omega
                                                                 there are a
                                                                 of history of
 Click our wrist watches                                         Omega.
 and watch repair blog page
 to see information
                                                                 Swiss                                   Rolex
                                                                 Military                                Watches
                                                                 New                                     Rolex page.
                                                                 arrivals.                               This is the
                                                                 many                                    page of
                                                                 models of                               Rolex fine
                                                                 watches                                 watches
                                                                 with styles                             many styles
                                                                 for military                            in gold or
                                                                 or fashion                              silver or
                                                                 watches;                                steel, dates,
                                                                 Mostly                                  automatices
                                                                 steel. one                              or manuel. A
                                                                 year                                    well quality
                                                                 guarantees,                             precision, all
                                                                 with Straps                             watches for
                                                                 or                                      rolex has a
                                                                 bracelets,                              six to 12
                                                                 Quality                                 month cover.
                                                                 Men's or
                                                                 Ladies, very
                                                                 style watch.
                                                                 A watch
                                                                 waitting for
                                                                 a present.

                                                                 Pocket                                  Omega
                                                                 Watches                                 Buckles
                                                                 Pocket                                  Omega
                                                                 watches.                                Buckles .
                                                                 Silver or                               Old vintage
                                                                 gold in                                 Buckles;
                                                                 Hunter Half                             Please ask
                                                                 hunters Key                             before you
                                                                 Wind Fusse                              order incase
                                                                 or Top                                  has sold and
                                                                 winds in                                waiting to
                                                                 British                                 replace.
                                                                 Swiss or
                                                                 have been
                                                                 Verge J.W.
                                                                 BENSON, if
                                                                 you wish to
                                                                 see the
                                                                 watch for a
                                                                 present or
                                                                 like a nice
                                                                 Watch .

                              Capsule Story
                              The Tellegraph
                              Where's the best place in London to shop for men's vintage watches?
                              If you're in the market for a watch that'll truly stand the test of time, go
                              vintage. Here's are our recommendations for London's best vintage watch

                              By Michael Pegrum
                              London-based writer and founder 1:49PM BST 08 Jul

                              In the Know question: Where's the best place in London to shop for men's
                              vintage watches? Answer: Vintage enthusiast and lead singer of The
                              Correspondents, Ian Bruce, recommends Glitterati , on Columbia Road. This
                              is a magpie's paradise, with a large selection of shiny vintage watches.
                              Unfortunately it's not somewhere to browse - make an appointment to view
                              their collection (call 020 7739 7739). They can also get your old ticker tocking
                              again, with a vintage watch repair service. For fantastic pre-owned watches
                              from the big names - Rolex, Omega, Breitling – go to Austin Kaye , on The
                              Strand. They have hundreds of timepieces to choose from and offer a two-
                              year guarantee on purchases.Housed in a beautiful listed building in
                              Clerkenwell, is The Antique Watch Company , which has been restoring
                              watches for more than 200 years. Their collection is awesome, covering every
                              shape, metal, size and price you could care to mention.

                              Ask our In the Know experts a question about London here

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