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July 3rd - Precious Blood Parish_ Glen Walter _ St. Joseph Parish


									  Saturday / samedi                                                                July 2

  14h30     LAN       Wedding: Jamie Léger & Annie-Laurie Contant

  16h00     LAN       Pro Populo

  17h30     GW        Roland Roy by Jean-Louis & Suzanne Martineau

  Sunday / dimanche                                                              July 3 juillet

  9h00      GW        Roger Gratton by Richard & Liliane Parisien

  11h00     LAN       Marie-Jeanne Poirier by Jean et les enfants

  Tuesday / mardi                                                                July 5 juillet

  18h00     GW        Yvonne Marleau par Claire & Robert Ranger

  Wednesday / mercredi                                                           July 6 juillet

  9h00      LAN       Paul Connolly par Mike & Daryl Kostin

  Thursday / jeudi                                                               July 7 juillet

  9h00      GW        St. Antoine par Floriant et Irene Lalonde

  Friday / vendredi                                                              July 8 juillet

  9h00      LAN       Eucharistic Adoration

  9h30      LAN       M. & Mme Omer Dupuis & Yves Dupuis par Francoise Dupuis-Barrow

  Saturday / samedi                                                                July 9

  16h00     LAN       Pro Populo

  17h30     GW        Thérèse Boulerice par Gaetan & Rollande Ménard

  Sunday / dimanche                                                             July 10 juillet

  9h00      GW        Raymond Lalonde by St. Matthew High School

  11h00     LAN       Joanne Vanderburgh by Mike Fontaine and the Vanderburgh Family

   Parish web site…. and

St-Joseph Parish Supper - We will be having a scheduled meeting
         to prepare this great event. The dates are JULY 19th, and
           AUGUST 16th at 7:00pm… If you are interested in helping
            out in a small way please call Sr. Jeannine Bissonnette at
            613-347-1589 or Deacon Rick Jarvis at 613-347-1754.
                      PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR
 The Supper will be held on Sunday, Sept. 11th, 2011
Father Smith was testing on the commandments. He gave an example and
asked the children to tell him what commandment was broken. First he said
he was tired one Sunday and decided to stay home. Eager hands went up:
“Third Commandment, keep holy the Lord’s Day.” Next he said that he saw
Jimmy’s bike and took it home to keep. Again, eager hands: “Seventh
Commandment, thou shalt not steal.” Finally he said he was walking along and saw John’s
dog. He started pulling the dog by the tail. Hands went up and quickly down. The one
hesitant little voice said, “I don’t know the number but it goes like this, ‘What God has joined
together, let no man pull apart’.”
                                        JOURNEY TO THE FATHER 2011
What is this conference about? YOU!
     - Enjoy amazing live music that uplifts your spirit.
     - Hear speakers who understand your hopes and your fears.
            They speak straight from their hearts.
     - Make peace with the Father and feel that peace in your life.
     - Experience your faith in an exciting new way.
     - Meet other teens just like you.
For more information please contact Father Jacques or Cathie
Jarvis. Places are limited; therefore register now for an exciting
spirit-filled conference for high school aged students.
                             160th Aniversary / 160e anniversaire
 St. Alexander’s Parish is celebrating its160th anniversary of foundation this year. To mark this
 event, a Thanksgiving Mass, presided by Bishop Paul-André Durocher, will be celebrated in
 Lochiel on Sunday, July 10th, 2011 at 1:00pm followed by a visit to the parish cemetery. You are
 invited to attend this mass. A light lunch will be served and a 50/50 draw will take place in the
 afternoon. Welcome to all!
 La paroisse Saint-Alexandre célèbre son 160ème anniversaire de fondation cette année. Pour
 marquer cet évènement, une messe d’action de grâce, présidée par Mgr Paul-André Durocher,
 sera célébrée à Lochiel, le dimanche 10 juillet 2011, à 13h00. Vous êtes cordialement invité à
 prendre part à cette eucharistique, suivie d’une visite au cimetière paroissial, un léger goûter sera
 servi. Un tirage 50/50 aura lieu en fin d’après-midi. Bienvenue à tous!

        In honour of Aliya Grace Roy                      En l’honneur de Aliya Grace Roy
             Blood Donor Clinic                                   Collecte de Sang
      Ramada Inn & Conference Centre                    Ramada Inn & Centre de conférences
        805 Brookdale Ave, Cornwall                       805, avenue Brookdale, Cornwall
             Simon Fraser room,                                  Salle Simon Fraser
          Wednesday, July 6, 2011                             Le mercredi, 6 juillet 2011
    12 pm to 3:30pm and 5pm to 7:30 pm                      de 12h à 15h30 et 17h à 19h30
      Call 1 888 2 DONATE to book an                    téléphonez au 1 866 JE DONNE pour
                appointment                                     prendre rendez-vous

The Catholic Information Centre offers 15% off: July – Books, bibles, holy pictures,
cards August – Religious articles (statues, CDs, rosaries, crucifixes). Please be reminded
that we also carry religious gifts and cards for baptisms and marriages. Please note: We will
be closed on Saturdays for July and August
Le Centre d’information catholique vous offer 15% de rabais: juillet – livres, bibles,
images, cartes août – articles religieux (statues, CD, chapelets, crucifix). Un rappel que
nous avons aussi des articles religieux et des cartes pour les baptêmes, les mariages, etc…
À noter: Nous serons fermés les samedis pour les mois de juillet et août

                          35th Annual St.Raphael’s Galarama
Sunday, July 24th, 2011 – Gates open at 12:00 Noon to 7 pm – St.Raphael’s Parish grounds (next to
the Ruins) – Admission: Adults $8.00; students $4.00; children under 12 FREE – Many booths,
games of chance and activities for all ages. Program from 1 to 6:30 pm includes: The
Brigadoons; Sonny Best Band from Montreal; McLeod Fiddlers; Andrew Munroe (piper); Murray
Dancers; Glengarry Massed Fiddlers; Alp-Horn Players, Neil Emberg; McCulloch dancers; Fridge
Full of Empties; Msgr. D.B. MacDougald; and Hughie McDonell from Nova Scotia. Food, treats, cool
refreshments & back this year, our “Beef on bun” all available on the grounds. Games of chance,
50/50 draw and the Silent Auction booth with many great prizes to bid on (cash or cheques only for
payment). “Bring your own chair and enjoy some great Glengarry hospitality and

GVSS/GVIS CLOSING…                         Homecoming weekend planned for July 22-23,
2011. The festivities start with a Wine and Cheese, on July 22nd. Breakfast, sports and the
official closing will take place on July 23rd. More details may be obtained by phoning the
school directly at 613-933-5500 or through the web site:
Please pass this information on to any alumni, former teachers and administrators.
                      Increase of cost for Candles…
  Due to the increase of the price for candles and the transportation,
  we must in turn increase the price for the candles in the parish. The
  new price for a large candle will be $4.00 and the small candles will
  be $1.00. I hope that this will not be a major problem for you and
  that you will all understand.

                                      A WILDERNESS ADVENTURE THROUGH THE
                                      SACRAMENTS Come explore with Jesus this summer!
                                      If you are between the ages of 4 and 12, you are invited to
                                      participate in a fun-filled Vacation Bible School sponsored by
                                      the diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall. There will be cool crafts,
                                      games, exciting songs and learning aimed at unraveling the
                                      wonders of God and the 7 Sacraments. There are different
                                      camps happening throughout July and August. The week
                                      long camp runs from 9 to noon. The cost is just $20 a child
or $50 for a family. For more information and to register contact Dominique at 933-1138, ext. 26 or You can also check out our website:
Camp 1: July 11-15 at St. Peters                     Camp 3: August 1-5 at Blessed Sacrament
Camp 2: July 25-29 at St. Félix-de-Valois (francais) Camp 4: August 8-12 at Williamstown
Real Academic Freedom
One of the areas where this sin has done damage recently is in Catholic higher education.
During recent decades, some influential Catholic academics have been promoting a false brand of
academic freedom. Real academic freedom simply means that professors and researchers should
be allowed to follow the truth wherever careful analysis and evidence leads them. This was violated,
for example, in Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany. If professors in those regimes questioned the
reigning political wisdom, they were punished - severely. But the ideal of academic freedom can also
be abused. It can be raised as a banner for relativism, a worldview that says all opinions are of equal
value, since no truth can be known for certain anyway. But if truth cannot be known, then academic
freedom has no real meaning. Education would just be a popularity contest or a power-play in which
each professor tries to impose his own personal truth on his students by force or seduction, not by
rational argument. Like the arrogance of the Pharisees, relativism closes off the mind from God's light
and wisdom. This false academic freedom has infiltrated many institutions of higher learning, even
Catholic ones. As a result, many Catholic families make great financial sacrifices to send their
children to Catholic colleges, only to find out later that those very colleges are teaching against the
truths of the Catholic faith. And that relativistic teaching has a ripple effect on the rest of college
culture, so that students are encouraged, among other things, to experiment with immoral behavior,
since moral truth, the relativists say, is as unsubstantial as academic truth. The results? Many
Catholic colleges have the same rates of drug and alcohol abuse, depression, suicide, unwanted
pregnancies, abortions, and sexually-transmitted diseases as the non-Catholic colleges - all because
of this diabolical sin of intellectual pride.
"Teachers and administrators, whether in universities or schools, have the duty and privilege to
ensure that students receive instruction in Catholic doctrine and practice. This requires that public
witness to the way of Christ, as found in the Gospel and upheld by the Church's Magisterium, shapes
all aspects of an institution's life, both inside and outside the classroom. Divergence from this vision
weakens Catholic identity and, far from advancing freedom, inevitably leads to confusion, whether
moral, intellectual or spiritual."
Pope Benedict XVI, Speech to Catholic Educators, Washington, D.C., 17 April 2008.

During the vacation months, a sacred time for holidays, a good number of our parishioners will
probably be participating in Holy Mass in other parishes. We invite you to use your envelopes
anywhere in the diocese Alexandria/ Cornwall and they will come back to us. We hope that you will
not forget your parish during the vacation time. Summer or not, expenses continue. And we must
be able to depend on “its entire people” for support. Thank you for you cooperation.

Parish web site…. or

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