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Andrew Olive
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Matthew McCamley
General Manager
John Croaker
                                                                                           BrahmanNews                                                    SEPTEMBER 2012
Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brahman House

                                           Rockhampton Q 4700
                                                             183 East Street
Postal. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PO Box 796     We face another bull selling season with our northern industry still recovering
                                          Rockhampton Q 4700
                                                                                           from the impact of the Government imposed suspension of the live export
Phone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 07 4927 7799           trade with Indonesia in June last year.
     Accounts               ......................          07 4927 7690                   It was interesting to note the remaining quota for this year of 98,000 head was released
     Advertising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 07 4921 2506                        earlier than expected in response to rising beef prices in Indonesian markets. From all
                                                                                           reports beef prices have continued to rise, increasing by 20% in the last month because
                                                                                           of reduced supply and large sections of traditional beef trader areas of wet markets
     Kerri Arnott . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 07 4921 4726                     remaining vacant.
Fax . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 07 4922 5805
                                                                                           It is of some comfort to know that the real demand for beef is still evident in the market
Email. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                 when the access issues can be resolved and the ability of local supply to contribute to
Website. . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                      self-sufficiency may be an over estimate.

TROPICAL BEEF TECHNOLOGY                                                                   We are fortunate most of the northern areas have experienced an excellent season
SERVICES                                                                                   providing the opportunity for many producers to re-build female numbers.
Contact . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Paul Williams
                                                                                           While these better seasons have been good, it has also given our competitors an opportunity
Mobile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0427 018 982
                                                                                           to sell promises trading off the adaptability of Brahman base herds.
Email . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Web . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                     We have proven no other breed can match Brahmans, survival, feed efficiency credentials
The Australian Brahman Breeders’ Association
                                                                                           and profitability on grass.
Limited reserves the right to accept or reject any
advertisement submitted for publication in                                                 We have also demonstrated the feed efficiency also applies to feedlots where we may
“Brahman News”.                                                                            not be able to match the gains on euro crosses but the reduced cost of gain puts Brahmans
While every effort will be made to publish                                                 back in the profit picture.
advertisements as ordered, no responsibility is
taken for the failure of an advertisement to appear                                        The success of the Ascot Brahman Stonegrill at Beef 2012 showed clearly that Brahman
as ordered.                                                                                cattle can meet MSA specifications with 100% grading MSA and 92 of 94 into boning
Opinions expressed in “Brahman News” are not                                               group 11 or lower and 36 in boning group 6-8.
necessarily those of the Association.
                                                                                           In future we will be much better able to confront challenges if we have more evidence
Photographic & Editorial Credits
                                                                                           of our genetic progress in the traits other than survival and adaptability.
Queensland Country Life; Mark Coombe;
McCaffrey’s Australian Livestock                                                           The tools are available through the Breedplan system to do this and hopefully the gene
Marketing; Beef Central; Meat Trade
                                                                                           marker technology will make a contribution but it won’t work if it is not used.
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Meat & Livestock Australia
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                                                                                                                                                           Gympie sale
                                                                                                                                                   pg 22   Rugby lessons come into
                                                                                                                                                           to play in a life of service
                                                                                                                                                   pg 36   Fun in the rain at Rocky
                                                                                                                                                           Junior Beef Show
                                                                                                                                                   pg 58   Big sale celebrations
                                                                                                                                                           planned for Wilangi 25th
pg 3 Heavyweight result for                                                 pg 30 Kenrol Valentine wins          pg 16 10,000 top at ALC sale
                                                                                                                                                   pg 74   Profit Based Selection
     Whitaker Mr Avo in                                                           hearts in Rockhampton
                                                                                                                                                           using Brahman Selection
Closing date for next issue ... FRIDAY, 2ND NOVEMBER 2012                                                                       Artwork & photos required by Friday, 9th November 2012

                                                                                                                                                                         September 2012 1
  President’s paragraph
  I would firstly like to thank the              Our previous 2 Congresses in 1983 and
  members of our Australians                     2002 were very successful promotions and
                                                 we want to ensure we keep up the standard.
  delegation to the World Brahman
  Congress in Panama for their                   Congratulations to the Rockhampton Junior
  contribution to promoting our breed            Beef Show Commit tee on another
  and association and congratulate               successful event held in the first week of
                                                 the school holidays. With over 100
  them on a job well done.                       participants again this year it is certainly
  It was an enjoyable experience and we all      one of the largest events of this type in
  gained a different appreciation of the value   Queensland and it was pleasing to see a
  of time. A more detailed report has been       lot of new faces this year.
  included in this issue of Brahman News.
                                                 While the situation with live exports to
  The next World Brahman Congress will be        Indonesia is far from resolved it is interesting   their own promotional efforts will be well
  in South Africa in September 2014.             to note the media reports that the beef            rewarded.
                                                 price in Indonesia is increasing, pointing
  We will be looking to once again take a        to a very tight supply situation.                  Finally I would like to remind members,
  delegation to promote our breed and our                                                           our Annual General Meeting is on Sunday,
  out 2016 World Congress.                       We can only hope that this will lead to an         September 30 at 1.00pm.
                                                 increase in permit numbers in the next
  We have started the process of organising      round of permit allocations.                       I hope to see as many members as possible
  the Congress and we would welcome any                                                             there.
  suggestions members may have for things        I would like to wish members all the best
  to go in the Congress programme.               for the spring bull sale season and hopefully      Andrew Olive

2 September 2012
Heavyweight result for Whitaker
Mr Avo in Brisbane                                                                                                         by Lindel GREGGERY
                                                                                                          Photos by QUEENSLAND COUNTRY LIFE

The sheer “weight, volume and
capacity” of Whitaker Mr Avo
impressed the judges and the
crowd alike at the 2012 Royal
Queensland Show in Brisbane, the
impressive grey bull walking away
with the highly coveted senior and
grand bull championships.
The 36-month-old was the heaviest Brahman
on the ground, weighing in at 1074kg and
boasting an eye muscle area of 145 sq cm.
Judge Matthew McCamley, Lancefield,
Dululu said: “Look at the meat on that bull,
the weight, the volume, the capacity. He
carries that weight very well.”
“He’s very strong, very sirey, very mobile
and very long.”
Mr Avo was exhibited by Clint and Robyn
Whitaker, Whitaker stud, Mundubbera, and
continued his winning form, having
previously being sashed the reserve senior     Judge Matthew McCamley and his wife Janelle are pictured sashing the Grand Champion bull Witaker Mr
champion bull at Beef 2012, the senior and     Avo held by Clint Whitaker. Also pictured are Associate Judge Logan Kirk, (kneeling) with the ABBA trophy,
grand champion Brahman and supreme             Prudence Barwick, Virbac Australia, Michael Smith, Elders Stud Stock who presented the Elders Shield of
                                               Excellence and Louise Smith, Cobble Foundry who presented a bronze bull sculpture
male at Rockhampton Show, the supreme
beast of the show at Nanango Feature
Show and the supreme male of the show
at Bundaberg.
He is a son of ABBA Sire of the Year Eureka
Creek Marksman and the Carinya M The
Don cow, Whitaker D199.
Although numbers at the Ekka this year
were down, following the strong roll-up
at Beef 2012, the 52 head presented from
22 studs were of exceptional quality.
Mr McCamley was assisted in selecting the
winners by associate judge Logan Kirk,
Hazelton stud, Blackwood, Middlemount.
They selected Cambil Tommy Rocket as
the reserve champion senior bull, the grey
placing second to Mr Avo in the 30-under
42 months class. Tommy Rocket was shown
by Lawson and Sophie Camm, Cambil stud,
Proserpine and weighed 862kg at 34
months, with an EMA of 130 sq cm. He is
by JDH Atlas Manso 328/3 (imp) and out
of the Tartrus Rembrandt Manso cow,
Cambil Empress 3243.
Mr McCamley said Tommy Rocket was the          Sandra Bishop, Garglen stud, Gympie sashed the Grand Champion Female, Raglan Matilda held by Roxanne
                                               Olive. Also pictured are Sue Innes, Brisbane who presented the Phyllis Innes Memorial Trophy, Prudence
complete package.                              Barwick , Virbac Australia, Lisa Hedges, Elders Stud Stock, who presented the Elders Shield of Excellence , Judge
“He’s got lovely pigment, very good bone,      Matthew McCamley, Lancefield M stud, Dululu and Associate Judge Logan Kirk, Hazelton stud, Middlemount
good testicles, and he’s a very complete
all round bull.”
                                               Roxanne Olive, Raglan stud, Raglan. Laxargo                “I love the carcase qualities, he’s very long,
The junior bull championship was awarded       followed up on wins as the male calf                       got lots of natural muscling and stands on
to Raglan Laxargo, an IVF son of BNA Bar       reserve champion at Beef 2012 and                          good bone, feet and legs.”
Manso 387/7 Lexington (imp) and                Rockhampton Show.
Hamdenvale Rocky. The March 2011-drop                                                                     John Weise and Tim and Sally North
bull weighed 668kg, with an EMA of 122         Mr McCamley said Laxargo was                               exhibited the 14-16 months class winner
sq cm, and was exhibited by Andrew and         “outstanding”.                                                                                   4
                                                                                                                                               September 2012 3
  Heavyweight result for Whitaker Mr Avo in Brisbane
  and junior bull reserve champion, Jay W                      old bull calf at foot by PBF Rutherford.                    Elrose Springtime 8575, was one of the
  Caribbean Manso. The son of JDH Mr                           Matilda, who is by Brahrock Details and out                 hardest judging tasks he had undertaken.
  Dwayne Manso 837/3 (imp) and PBF Calipso                     of Raglan Miss Emily 311 (by Apis Creek
                                                                                                                           “These are two outstanding females and
  Manso 5/9, weighed 570kg.                                    Carter), was the winner of the 30-under 48
                                                               months class.                                               both are extraordinarily good females in
  Raglan and Elrose shared the female broad                                                                                their own right. They are very long, very
  ribbons, with the female grand                               Mr McCamley said deciding the senior                        feminine, tremendous females.”
  championship going to the senior cow                         championship between Raglan Matilda
  Raglan Matilda, paraded with a three-week-                   and the 24-under 30 months class winner,                                                                             6

  Sophie Camm, Cambil stud, Proserpine sashed the Senior Champion bull Whitaker            Exhibitor Lawson Camm, Cambil stud, Proserpine is pictured with Lyn Weiring, Etna, Hughenden
  Mr Avo held by Clint Whitaker                                                            who sashed the Reserve Senior Champion bull Cambil Tommy Rocket held by Terry Connor

  Joy Deguara, Hamdenvale stud, Mackay sashed the Reserve Senior Champion                  Lorena Jefferis, Elrose stud , Cloncurry sashed the Junior Champion bull, Raglan
  Female, Elrose Springtime held by Dean Rasmussen                                         Mr Laxargo held by Jacquie Olive

  Exhibitor John Weise is pictured with Margaretta Morgan, Walubial stud, Condamine who    Amanda Hunter, WH stud, Cairns is pictured sashing the Junior Champion Heifer,
  sashed the Reserve Junior Champion bull Jay W Carribean Manso 400 held by Terry Connor   Elrose Miss Didor 9314 held by Dean Rasmussen

4 September 2012
September 2012 5
  Heavyweight result for Whitaker Mr Avo in Brisbane
  “The grand champion is very feminine, very                champion Elrose Miss Didor. Both of their              daughter of JDH Prophet Manso (imp) and
  long, good underneath and anyone would                    heifers are by JDH Modelo Manso (imp)                  Raglan Miss Lyla 445, who is by the noted
  be proud to own her,” Mr McCamley said.                   and won the Pair of Females class as well              sire WHS Andy Imperator (imp).
  Elrose Springtime, who was also the reserve               as being part of the winning Progeny                   Whitaker finished off a winning day by
  champion senior female at Beef 2012, was                  Stakes Group.                                          showing the first placed Breeder’s Group
  heavily in calf to JDH Sir Alamo Manso.                   Raglan collected the junior female reserve             and Pair of Bulls.
  The Jefferis family claimed the junior female             championship with their 14-under 16
  championship with their Beef 2012 calf                    months class winner Raglan Loretta, a

  Rachel Bishop, Garglen stud, Gympie sashed the Reserve Junior Champion heifer,       Shane Bishop, Garglen stud, Gympie is pictured presenting the WR Bauer Memorial
  Raglan Loretta held by Roxanne Olive                                                 Trophy on behalf of the South Queensland Branch to Clint Whitaker, Whitaker
                                                                                       stud, Mundubbera for winning the Breeders Group class

  Leanne Sullivan, Bedrock stud, Gympie is pictured presenting the AM Sullivan         Former ABBA president Carolyn Briggs, Cona Creek, Springsure caught up with
  Memorial Trophy for the winning Sires Progeny Group won by Rodger and Lorena         Nola Croaker, Rockhampton at the Brahman judging
  Jefferis, Elrose stud, Cloncurry with progeny of JDH Modelo Manso. The team
  leader Elrose Moccasin was held by Dean Rasmussen

  Brad Passfield, Charters Towers is pictured with Rachel and Sandra Bishop, Garglen   Grant and Jo Bulmer, Mountana stud, Kyogle, NSW were keen to see the winners
  Gympie                                                                               at the Brahman judging

6 September 2012
September 2012 7
  Polled Garglen red
  tops Gympie sale
                                                                                                                                    by Lindel GREGGORY

  An unjoined polled red heifer,
  Garglen Rena, topped the 2012
  Gympie Brahman Female sale on
  June 2, selling for $11,000.
  The annual southern Queensland sale,
  sponsored by the South Qld Branch of the
  ABBA, sold 71 quality heifers for an average
  of $2359, attracting a large buying gallery
  including several New South Wales studs.

  The $11,000 top seller, offered by the Bishop
  family, Garglen, Gympie, will join the
  Mollenhagen family’s Mountain Springs
  stud, Mt Perry. Rena is a November 2010-
  drop daughter of Lanes Creek Red Ranger
  and is out of the JDH Mr Woodman Manso
  (imp) cow PBF Aravane Manso 79/7.

  The highest priced grey, at $8000, was
  Clukan Lady Texas 1113, offered by Steve
  and Therese Taylor, Clukan, Jambin and          Vendor Shane Bishop, Garglen stud, Kandanga, Landmark auctioneer, Mark Scholes, Rockhampton and
                                                  buyer Eugene Mollenhagen, Mountain Springs, Mt Perry are pictured with the $11,000 top priced female,
  purchased by Geoff Angel, Glengarry G           Garglen Rena
  stud, Kunwarara. The unjoined Lancefield
  A Kingsbury heifer is out of the FBC D
  Webke S Manso cow Clukan Genevieve
  780. The Angels also paid $5250 for the
  Kingsbury heifer Clukan T Georgia 2nd,
  offered by Taylor Partnership, Jambin.

  Clukan also collected the third best price
  of $6750, being for the unjoined full
  Hudgins heifer Clukan Casablanca 233/2.
  The daughter of JDH Mr Dwayne Manso
  837/3 (imp) and FBC R Casey Manso was
  snapped up by Bill and Vicki Gabel,
  Avee stud, Wowan. The Clukan prefix
  achieved the best sale average of $4875
  for four head.

  Leon Cunningham, Goldstar stud, Upper
  Corindi, NSW, paid $5000 for Kamir Miss
  Highlight Manso, an IVF product of Mr H
  Maddox Manso 654 (imp) and Kabala
  Illuminate. The unjoined grey heifer was
  offered by the Dunn family’s Kamir stud,
  Thangool, which averaged $3500 for four         Landmark auctioneer Peter Brazier, Dalby, vendor Therese Taylor, Clukan stud, Jambin and buyer Scott Angel,
  head. The Dunns received $4000 for Kamir        Glengarry stud, Kunwarara are pictured with the $8,000 top priced grey female, Clukan Lady Texas 1113
  Lady Patricia Manso, one of the first JDH
  Wellington Manso (imp) progeny to be
  offered. Patricia Manso, who is out of the      Clukan T stud averaged $3250 for six                    Chudley Red Jingle was the top seller from
  stud’s top donor female Shillah Park Lady       females. Their draft included $3750                     Rob Walker’s Chudley stud, Cooroy. The
  Sienna Manso 299, was knocked down to           Clukan T Elysia 2nd, by Lancefield A                    red Chudley Cajun Steel daughter sold for
                                                                                                          $3000 to Clive and Debra Dingle,
  Paul and Donna Taylor, TMB stud, Goomeri.       Kingsbury, and the $3000 Dwayne Manso
                                                                                                          Marchioness stud, Mt Perry.
                                                  daughter, Clukan T Maddie Rem 241/2.
  Wal Shepherd, Condor Cattle Co, Christmas
                                                  They sold to Ron and Yvonne Carr,                       Ashley and Shayne Gardiner, Banarra
  Creek, received $4000 for Condor Miss
                                                  Bidgee View stud, Narromine, NSW and                    Brahmans, Sandy Hollow, NSW, paid $3000
  Calibre, a polled daughter of homebred
                                                  Bruce and Debbie Godden, Ego stud,                      for Brahrock Miss Prophet Cindy 4336, an
  sire Condor Calibre Manso 400. She will
  join Garglen stud.                              Gympie, respectively.                                                                                  10
8 September 2012
September 2012 9
   Polled Garglen red tops Gympie sale

   unjoined JDH Prophet Manso (imp)                         unjoined JDH H Maddox Manso (imp) heifer,                average. Ian and Debbie Frampton, Little
   daughter from the Sommerfeld family’s                    Brahrock Miss Maddox Bella, made the                     Creek, Widgee, outlaid an average of $1821
   Brahrock stud, Maryborough. The stud’s                   same rate, going to Ced Weis, Besanther                  for seven new breeders and G. and D.
   JDH Sir Kemper Manso (imp) heifer, Brahrock              Vale, Goomeri.
   Miss Kemp Empress, who was in calf to Mr                                                                          Beddows paid $1458 avg for six head. Five
   V8 189/4, went for $3000 to Wayne Harney,                The major buyer at the sale was Ashley                   heifers at $2700 avg were snapped up by
   Sid Ney stud, Apple Tree Creek. The prefix’s             Gardiner who selected 14 heifers at $1875                Ron and Yvonne Carr.

   Steve Taylor, Clukan stud, Jambin is pictured in the selling ring with two of the   Bruce and Debbie Godden, Ego stud, Gympie are pictured with Josh Bishop,
   studs draft of 10 which sold to a top of $8,000 to average $3900                    Garglen stud, Kandanga

   Bevan Glasgow, Ruan stud, Bundaberg is pictured with Tony Fenech,                   Sharon Turner, Y3K stud, Woolooga, Cynthia Stark, Bundaleer stud, Gayndah and
   FBC stud, Wowan                                                                     Debbie Frampton, Little Creek stud, Widgee are pictured after the sale

   Ron & Yvonne Carr, Bidgee View stud, Narromine NSW who bought five Clukan           Ashley and Shayne Gardiner, Banarra stud, Tipperary NSW (right) bought 14 heifers for
   heifers for $2700 average are pictured with vendors Therese and Steve Taylor,       $1875 average are pictured with from left Chris Kemp, Sandy Hollow, NSW, Bill and Sue
   Clukan stud, Jambin                                                                 Blakeney, Warraka stud, Coondoo, Matt Gardiner and Dave Shirley, Broken Bay, NSW

10 September 2012
September 2012 11
   CBV sale attracts repeat
   buyer interest                                                                                              Editorial & photos by Andrea SCHULZ
                                                                                                                       QUEENSLAND COUNTRY LIFE
   WET conditions turned into a fine
   result for Alf Collins’ CBV sale, held
   on-proper t y at Belah Valley,
   Marlborough, last Tuesday, July 10.
   Repeat and new buyers snapped up
   250 Brahman bulls, offered with four
   generations of performance and fertility
   data behind them.

   Repeat buyer Michael Lyons, Wambiana
   Station, Charters Towers, purchased the
   sale topper and the second top-priced bull
   for $7300 and $6000 respectively.

   Mr Lyons’ said the two grey polled
   bulls he selected had everything going
   for them.

   “ They displayed a beautiful, quiet
   temperament, and had above average
   growth,” Mr Lyons said.                         Vendor Alf Collins, CBV stud, Belah Valley, Marlborough with repeat buyer Michael Lyons, Wambiana station,
                                                   Charters Towers, who purchased the top-price bull for $7300
   “They have four generations of high fertility
   behind them, and they will be joined to
   Brahman cows that have been selected            “The data we supply is meaningful in terms             which are used in a tight breeding schedule,”
   for having a calf every year.”                  of commercial return. It’s dominated by                Mr Collins said.
                                                   reproduction, speed, and reliability.
   Vendor Alf Collins said the mothers’                                                                   “Quite a number went into semi-desert
   calving intervals of Michael Lyons’ bulls       “It’s a great benefit to our clients. The data         country this year, while others went into
   were excellent.                                 we’ve collected over the past 30 years is              some of the nicest country you’ve ever
                                                   really starting to consolidate in our herd,”           seen. There will be 30 sires heading to
   “The top priced bull’s mother has had six       Mr Collins said.                                       the western side of the Northern Territory
   calves, and has a calving interval of 363                                                              as well.
   days. Her days-to-calving EBV is -8.7, which    Some of the volume buyers on the day
   is a wonderful figure,” Mr Collins said.        included AAco, who selected a draft                    “Carl and Judi Bain, Lantana Station,
                                                   of 70 bulls.                                           Cheepie, near Quilpie, have had the bulls
   “The other bull Mr Lyon’s purchased for                                                                in their care for the past eight months. The
   $6000, his mother has had six calves in a       “Dave Grif fiths and Roger Stillwell,                  bulls had been running on mulga country,
   368 day interval, and is due to calve again     Moriah Pastoral, Prairie, took home ten                and were offered in a hard, working
   in July. That cow has a days-to-calving EBV     bulls this time. The partnership would run             condition. Our bulls next year will come
   of -19.7, which is outstanding.                 over 50 of our bulls at the moment,                    off the same country,” Mr Collins said.

                                                                                                        Vendor Alf Collins CBV stud, Belah Valley, Marlborough
                                                                                                        is pictured with Ken Rowan, retired head of Gatton
                                                                                                        College Beef Cattle department and Ken Roche,
                                                                                                        KP stud, Marlborough at the CBV sale

12 September 2012
September 2012 13
14 September 2012
September 2012 15
   Glengarry most successful
   at 100th Whitsunday Show
                                                                                                                                                by Lindel GREGGERY

   Proserpine Showground played host
   to the milestone 100th Whitsunday
   Show in June, attracting close to 100
   head of stud cattle entries.
   A further 88 head of commercial cattle
   were shown and more than 60 students
   competed in the junior judging and junior
   parading competitions.

   The stud cattle were judged in interbreed
   classes by David McCamley, Lancefield D
   stud, Dingo, and associate judge Hayden

   They selected the locally-bred Brahman
   Cambil Tommy Rocket as the senior and
   grand champion all breeds bull. The
   November 2009-drop son of JDH Atlas
   Manso (imp) and the Tartrus Rembrandt
   Manso female Cambil Express was paraded
   by the Camm family, Cambil stud,                        Cambil Tommy Rocket won the Rural Supplements Grand Champion Male pictured with Lawson Camm,
   Proserpine.                                             David McCamley (Judge) and Hayden DeBoni (Associate Judge)

   Cambil also collected the reserve senior
   female championship with their over-30                  calf champion bull Glengarry McCool, both                 female. She is a daughter of Wilangi R Xerox.
   months class winner Cambil Shakeria 3670.               by their home bred sire Glengarry Sub Zero.
   The three-year-old cow is a daughter of El                                                                        John Cowen, Joco stud, Sarina, paraded
   Ja Taco MM Manso and El Ja Sherry Manso.                The bull calf championship was awarded
                                                                                                                     the calf champion female Joco Chanice.
                                                           to Jay W Caribbean Manso, shown by John
   Scott and Geoff Angel’s Glengarry stud,                 Weise and Tim and Sally North. The 9-12                   She is by PBF Augustin Manso and out of
   Kunwarara, was named most successful                    months class winner is by the import JDH                  Carrinyah Park Lady Anna Manso.
   Brahman exhibitor and most successful all               Mr Dwayne Manso 837/3 and out of the
   breeds exhibitor, collecting a number of                IVF cow PBF Calipso Manso 5/9.                            The reserve female calf championship went
   championships and winning the Breeder’s                                                                           to the under nine months class winner,
   Group and Sire’s Progeny Group classes.                 The Randall family, Crinum, Tieri, presented
                                                                                                                     Hamdenvale Duchess, a JDH Duke De Manso
                                                           the 21-24 months female class winner
   They paraded the junior champion bull                   Crinum Miss Chloe Manso, who went on                      695/7 (imp) heifer from David Deguara’s
   Glengarry Moonshine 1974 and the reserve                to be sashed the reserve junior champion                  Hamdenvale stud, Mackay.

   Success for McCamleys at 2012 CQ Carcase Classic

   Andrew Bodycoat, Pfizer Animal Health presented David and Julie    The purebred grey Brahman heifer carcase gained maximum points for marbling, meat colour and
   McCamley, Lancefield D, Dingo with the prizes for winning the      texture and also won the grassfed single trade steer of heifer, maximum 2 teeth 180-300kg class
   Reserve Champion grassfed carcase at the 2012 CQ Carcase Classic   The McCamley's pen of 3 Brahman heifers also placed third in the grassfed trade steer or heifer class

16 September 2012
September 2012 17
18 September 2012
September 2012 19
20 September 2012
September 2012 21
   Rugby lessons come into play
   in a life of service
                                                                                                                                  by Lindel GREGGERY

          Brett Coombe was one of four
          Brahman breeders honoured
           with Life Membership of the
          Australian Brahman Breeders
                Association in May.
        The ABBA Council recognised
           Brett Coombe, Brett Kirk,
     Rodger Jefferis and John Atkinson for
            their contribution to the
     advancement of the association and
      the Brahman breed at a ceremony
         held at Beef Australia 2012 in
       Rockhampton. Each of these Life
      Members will be profiled in coming
         issues of the Brahman News.

   New ABBA Life Member Brett
   Coombe, who operates Roxborough
   Brahman stud at Moura with wife
   Lyn, said the honour was unexpected,
   but much appreciated.
   His Life Membership was bestowed by the
   ABBA Council in recognition of 20 years’
   service to the association.

   Brett was ABBA president from 1998-2001,
   vice president from 1995-1998, and has
   been the treasurer since 2004.                         Pictured is cricket legend Glen McGrath presenting the ABBA Life Membership plaque and badge to
                                                          Brett Coombe at a special awards presentation at Beef Australia 2012
   His numerous other roles include 21 years
   as chairman of the Rockhampton Junior
   Beef Committee, 19 years on the Technical              Another memorable event during his time          “It teaches you to rely on your people; you
   Committee including 15 years as chairman,              as president was a trip to the                   have to have faith in other people’s ability,
   13 years on the Brahman Week Sale                      World Brahman Congress in South Africa           and you do because you know they can
   Committee, and 15 years on the Register                in 1999.                                         do the job.”
   of Renown Committee.
                                                          “I sat in Kruger Park when we beat the           He said he hoped the fact that he had
   Brett has also served for extended periods             Springboks in the last minute of the game        completed a Bachelor of Business Degree
   on the Judges’ Committee, Brahman                      when John Eales kicked a goal. It was a          in Rural Management would inspire
   S e r v i ce s B o a r d , B e e f P r o m o t i o n                                                    younger generations to study before
                                                          great moment,” he said.
   Committee, Beef ‘94 and Beef ‘97 Stud                                                                   returning to the land.
   Show Committee, MLA National Beef                      Brett said his long history of service with
   Genetics Advisory Committee and AGBU                                                                    Brett said he had learnt a lot from many
                                                          the ABBA was influenced by team and
   Consultative Committee.                                                                                 inspirational ABBA councilors over the years,
                                                          leadership lessons from playing Rugby
                                                                                                           including the late Jeff McCamley and Sam
   He said one of the highlights of his                   Union. Before retiring at 22 with a shoulder     Atkinson, and Carolyn Briggs and
   involvement with the Brahman breed was                 injury, he captained his school team, played     Keith Lansdowne.
   the establishment of the specialt y                    in the Queensland Agricultural College
   Brahman restaurant at Beef 2000, run by                A-grade side, toured New Zealand with            “Jeff McCamley taught me a lot. He had
   John Kilroy whom he describes as the                   the Queensland Under-19 and Under-21             great humility and would do anything for
   ultimate professional.                                 teams, and played Open matches against           anyone. He was the consummate
                                                          Fiji, Scotland and Argentina.                    salesman and really knew how to look
   “I think it was one of the best things we                                                               after people.
   ever did, as it was at a challenging time              “Rugby teaches you how to be in a team
   when MSA had just kicked off, and it helped            environment, and to work effectively as a        “Carolyn Briggs made a great contribution
   people realise that Brahman cattle could               captain you’ve got to lead by example,”          and was an inspiration for what she
   meet premium markets,” Brett said.                     he said.                                                                                   24
22 September 2012
September 2012 23
   Rugby lessons come into play in a life of service

   achieved for the ABBA, for Beef Australia      Brett also acknowledged his wife Lyn who        “Representing northern Australia and
   and for her own family.”                       supports him and also inspires him              getting them to better understand the
                                                  because of her high achievement as Chief        northern beef industry has been very
   He said another great role model was Alf
   Collins, for his commitment to objectively     Instructor with the Pony Club Association       important and I’ve certainly enjoyed that.”
   measuring performance to identify and          of Queensland.
                                                                                                  Over the years with the ABBA Brett said
   select better genetics.
                                                  As well as being the father of two girls,       the greatest advancement had been the
   “Alf is a great example of just believing in   aged six and eight, Brett has had a long        computerization of the herd book,
   something and doing it.”                       involvement with children through his 21        which had simplified record keeping and
   He also paid homage to the outstanding         years as chairman of the Rockhampton            made genetic selection and evaluation so
   contribution of ABBA General Manager           Junior Beef Committee.                          much easier.
   John Croaker and his staff.
                                                  “It’s the one thing that has given me more      He said he had always taken his role on
   “Their support has made my job and the         satisfaction than anything else, to see the     the ABBA council very seriously, remaining
   job of the Council a whole lot easier and      number of young people coming through.          mindful of the impacts the council’s
   it’s been a pleasure to be involved with       There was nothing like that when I was          decisions would have on members.
   the team over the past twenty or so years.”    little and I would have loved the opportunity
                                                  to attend something like that when I was        “I have always been very aware that major
   Brett said his father Ken had also been a
                                                  young,” he said.                                decisions we made could affect people
   great mentor and showed, through his
   leadership of the ABBA in the 1970s and                                                        both financially and emotionally, and that
   1980s and the evolution of the triennial       Another rewarding achievement has been          decisions needed to be fair whether
   beef expos, that hard work could produce       his 13 year involvement with Meat and           members were running two head or two
   remarkable results.                            Livestock Australia advisory groups.            thousand head.”

24 September 2012
September 2012 25
26 September 2012
September 2012 27
28 September 2012
Sire selection strength key to
Tartrus Lancefield Sale                                                                                                        MEDIA RELEASE
                                                                                                    McCaffrey’s Australian Livestock Marketing

The McCamley Families of Tartrus
and Lancefield Brahman Studs are
shaping up to their 39th Annual Sale
with a catalogue of bulls and females
of extraordinary genetic strength,
high quality, eye catching breed
character and style, and very
impressive beef industry credentials.
132 Brahman sires and 26 heifers
have been selected for the Sale to
be held at Gracemere on Monday
29th October.
The grey section of the Sale carries most
weighting with 112 sires and 18 heifers,
while 20 sires and 8 heifers support the
red section of the Sale.

Brahman breed enthusiasts will note from
the catalogue the proliferation of sons and
daughters of Tartrus and Lancefield’s own      Matthew McCamley of Lancefield Brahmans with Lot 68 of the Tartrus Lancefield Sale, Lancefield M Barassi,
                                               a son of first season sire Lancefield M Busby Manso
bulls, selected by the McCamleys as the
superior sirelines to further advance
performance and production in their herds      proven Buster, Hercules, Mr Adonis and                 93/3 (a son of the great Charley’s Jazz) and
through the next years. Tartrus Lancefield     Riddell from Lancefield, while Tartrus sires           JDH Sir Reno Manso. Strong character sire
Sale Co-Ordinator Ken McCaffrey of             Encore, Reiner and Mr Andrew Manso (a                  Mr 3X HK Potente features as the sire of a
McCaffrey’s Australian livestock Marketing     son of JDH Mr Abel Manso) and Elrose                   number of Tartrus red Sale bulls.
said the McCamleys have over the years         McMahon all have progeny in the Sale.
utilised many of the better import             Poll sires Lancefield Doncaster, Kirby,                The Vendor Studs have really strengthened
bloodlines to great effect in their breeding                                                          the heifer offering of this year’s Sale in
                                               Kingston and Colissimo, and import JME
programmes, but now progeny of                                                                        numbers and quality. “We appreciate that
                                               Mr Esto 28 in the greys, and KP Monty and
their top homebred sires are outperforming                                                            many Brahman breeders wanting to invest
most of the direct import sires most           Lancefield Roberto in the reds, all have poll
                                               sons in the catalogue.                                 in quality females travel a long way to
of the time.                                                                                          attend the Tartrus Lancefield Sale,”
Grey sirelines in the Sale include the         Those bull buyers looking for the quality              Jennifer McCamley said, “so this year we
Lancefield sires Whistler, Evolution, Elgin,   import sire in the first line of the pedigree          have commit ted to cataloguing a
Ecstacy and Enrique, all sons of JDH Mr        will have a selection of lots by the JDH               sizable selection of lovely, well bred
Echo Manso, the JDH Mr Books Manso sons        bulls, Sir Paul Manso and Sir Watts Manso,             heifers to give Studmasters a better
Barack and Busby, Reno sons Rackateer,         both representing the highly successful                choice to secure quality females from our
Romeo and Rocafella, and the industry          Lawford sireline, and also by JDH Mr Manso             best bloodlines.”

                                                                                                                                        September 2012 29
   Kenrol Valentine wins hearts
   in Rockhampton                                                                                                by Lindel GREGGERY
                                                                                                Photos by QUEENSLAND COUNTRY LIFE

   Kenrol Lady Valentine 0380 won
   plent y of hear ts at the 2012
   Rockhampton Show in June, where
   she was sashed the senior and grand
   champion female and champion of
   the breed.
   The red IVF daughter of DB Valentino 48/3
   (imp) and the VL Rojo Grande 26/8
   (imp) cow, Crystal Vale Titantic, was
   paraded by Ken and Wendy Cole,
   Kenrolstud, Gracemere.

   She won the 30 months and over class
   before graduating through the ranks to be
   the ultimate champion on the day. Kenrol
   also paraded the female calf reserve
   champion, Kenrol Jilly 0450, a polled red
   daughter of Kenrol Mr HJ Ray 0366 and
   NCC Jill 1389.

   The Rockhampton Show lineup was judged
   by Braford breeder Graham Galloway,         Interbreed supreme champion female, Kenrol Lady Valentine, pictured with Liz Bull, Rockhampton
   Ascot, Banana.                              High School, Wendy Cole and Trish Draper, Kenrol Brahmans, Gracemere, and judge Kent Ward,
                                               KB Consulting, Rockhampton

Interbreed supreme champion male, Whitaker
Mr Avo, pictured with (from left) Joanne
Brunger, Kent, England; exhibitor Clint
Whitaker, Whitaker Brahmans, Mundubbera;
Chloe Peach, Manchester, England; and judge
Kent Ward, KB Consulting, Rockhampton

30 September 2012
30 September 2012
    e e er
   Septembe 012
September 2012 31
   Kenrol Valentine wins hearts in Rockhampton

   The class runner up to Lady Valentine,               In the senior bull classes, the championship          of the home-bred Carinya M First Impression
   Whitaker Miss Ruby Red, was awarded the              went to the 30-36 months class winner                 daughter, Whitaker D122.
   senior female reserve championship. The              Whitaker Mr Avo, a successful son of Eureka
   August 2007-drop daughter of two-times               Creek Marksman. The stud prefix also                  Scott and Geoff Angel’s Glengarry stud at
   Dam of the Year, Whitaker Maggie, is by              claimed the junior bull reser ve                      Kunwarara had a winning run with progeny
   SRS Mr Profiler 729 (imp). Ruby Red carried          championship with Whitaker Yogi and the               of Glengarry Sub Zero, being awarded the
   on her winning form from the previous                junior female championship with the Eureka            male and female calf championships and
   year for owners Clint and Robyn Whitaker,            Creek Marksman daughter Whitaker Miss                 the junior bull championship. Their junior
   Whitaker stud, Mundubberra.                          Sweet Pea. Yogi is by Garwin 1199 and out             champion bull, Glengarry Moonshine, is

   Champion male calf, Glengarry McCool, exhibited by Scott Angel, Glengarry      Calf champion female, Glengarry Fantasy 2020, exhibited by Scott Angel, Glengarry
   Brahmans, Kunwarara, and sashed by Fiona Noakes, Solo Brahmans, Marlborough    Brahmans, Kunwarara

                                                                       Junior Champion
                                                                       female, Whitaker
                                                                       Miss Sweet Pea,
                                                                       exhibited by Clint
                                                                       Whitaker, Whitaker
                                                                       Mundubbera, and
                                                                       sashed by Gladys
                                                                       Angel, Glengarry

                                                                                            The Cathedral College exhibited the reserve junior champion
                                                                                            female, Solo F Lady Tilly on behalf of the Noakes family, Solo
                                                                                            Brahmans, Marlborough. It’s being sashed by Gladys Angel, Glengarry
                                                                                            Brahmans, Kunwarara

32 September 2012
September 2012 33
   Kenrol Valentine wins hearts in Rockhampton

   out of Glengarry Belle 1423, while their                Olive, Raglan stud, Raglan. The Olives also             Noakes, Solo F stud, Marlborough and
   calf champions Glengarry McCool and                     paraded the male calf reserve champion,                 paraded by students from The Cathedral
   Glengarry Fantasy 2020 were both out                    Raglan Laxargo, who is an IVF product of                College, Rockhampton.
   of home-bred cows by FBC W Jordan                       BNA Bar Manso 387/7 Lexington (imp) and
   De Manso.                                               Hamdenvale Rocky 485/9.                                 The group classes were evenly spread, with
                                                                                                                   Glengarry Sub Zero progeny winning the
   Raglan Leonardo, a January 2010-drop son                The junior female reserve championship                  Sire’s Progeny Group, Whitaker Maggie
   of WHS Andy Imperator and Spring Valley                 went to the 15-17 months class winner Solo              progeny winning the Dam’s Progeny Group
   64 Ms Tegan, claimed the senior bull reserve            F Lady Tilly. The JDH Sir Alamo Manso (imp)             and Raglan showing the blue ribbon
   championship for Andrew and Roxanne                     heifer was bred by Matthew and Fiona                    winning Group of Four Head.

   Attending the 2012 Rockhampton Show were the Noakes Family, Matthew
   and Fiona in front, (L to R at rear) Sarah, Sally, Wallace and Jessica, Solo
   Brahmans, Marlborough

   Aimee Olive, Raglan Brahmans, Raglan and Robyn Whitaker, Whitaker              Sandy Ryan leads Kenrol Lady Valentine out in Group of 4
   Brahmans, Mundubbera

   Bookings for DECEMBER 2012 Brahman News
   close Friday, 2nd November 2012.
   Advertising material due Friday, 9th November 2012.
   Call Liz on 07 4921 2506 or Email today!
34 September 2012
September 2012 35
   Fun in the rain at Rocky
   Junior Beef Show
                                                                                                                                 by Lindel GREGGERY

   Two days of persistent rain failed to
   dampen the enthusiasm of the 115
   competitors at the ABBA-sponsored
   Rockhampton Junior Beef Show on
   June 26-26.
   The annual Rockhampton Showground
   event saw aspiring young beef producers
   from Queensland, New South Wales and
   Western Australia compete in age group
   classes for prime cattle judging, stud cattle
   judging, junior parading and led steer

   The three-day program also included
   educational sessions such as basic cattle
   handling and shed manners, steer selection
   and artificial insemination.

   One popular new event was the Cook-Off
   Challenge where Kelly Payne, Matt Dorney
   and Jake Phillips from Meat Standards
   Australia (MSA) demonstrated how to break
   up a rump into sub primal cuts. The junior
   competitors then had to cook the beef
   and accompanying vegetables and plate
   them up to look appetising. A Master Chef-
   inspired atmosphere was created by having
   tiered ringside seating overlooking the
                                                   Susan Connor sashed the Junior Champion Heifer, Palmvale Miss Regal shown by Clare Webb
   barbeques on the Cattle Club verandah.

   MSA’s Jake Phillips oversaw the prime cattle
   judging which took a different format this
   year. Because the rain prevented cattle
   from being yarded at Gracemere CQLX,
   contestants judged the led steers at the
   showground. Winners (from youngest to
   oldest) of the prime cattle judging were
   Lockie MacTaggart, Riley Connor, Lucie-Ann
   Kirk, Amy Birch, Madison May-Thomas and
   Chloe Gould.

   Shane Bishop, Garglen, Gympie adjudicated
   the junior judging and the stud cattle, and
   the junior paraders were judged by Angus
   Creedon, AJC Brahman stud, Leajohn Park,

   The 18-25 age group championship was
   awarded to Chloe Gould, Mundubbera,
   who received the $1000 Landmark
   Scholarship which enables her to compete
   in the junior judging and junior paraders
   events at the 2012 Brisbane Royal Show.
   Chloe made a clean sweep, winning each
   of her classes.

   The 16-18 years championship was
   secured by Madison May-Thomas,
   Monto, who received an AI kit from
                                            38     Susan Connor sashed the Reserve Junior Champion Heifer Hazelton Beryce de Manso shown by Lucie-Ann Kirk

36 September 2012
September 2012 37
   Fun in the rain at Rocky Junior Beef Show

   Beef Breeding Services. He won both the
   stud and prime cattle judging classes for
   his age group and placed fourth in the
   junior parading.

   Abe Graham, Alton Downs, took home a
   $250 voucher from Georges Workwear and
   Country Outfitters after being named the
   14-16 years champion. Abe accrued
   championship points by placing second
   in the prime cattle judging and third in the
   junior parading.

   The Philip Bauman Memorial Award, which
   came with a $150 gift voucher from
   Commonwealth Bank Agribusiness, went
   to Lucie-Ann Kirk, Hazelton stud, Blackdown,
   Middlemount. Lucie-Ann won the junior
   judging and placed second in the stud
   cattle judging and the junior parading.

   Brothers Riley and Bow Connor, Alton
   Downs, collected the under 12 years and
   pewee group championships respectively.
   Riley received the Ross Warner Memorial
   Shield and a $150 voucher sponsored by
   DLV Finance, while Bow was presented
   with the Ken and Joan Newton Award and
   a $150 voucher from Georges Workwear
                                              40      Lynette Olive, sashed the Calf Champion Heifer, Kenrol Jilly B shown by Cassie Delahunty

   Terry Connor is pictured teaching the under 12 years group about shed manners

38 September 2012
38 September 2012
   Septe ber
    e em e
   September 2012
September 2012 39
   Fun in the rain at Rocky Junior Beef Show

   and Country Outfitters. Riley was the winner
   of the prime cattle judging and junior                                         CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS:
   parading in his age group and placed third            Pee Wee:         Bow Connor 1; Grace Sturdy 2; Georgie Coombe 3
   in the stud cattle judging. Bow was                   Under 12:        Riley Connor 1; Croyden Sturdy 2; Remmie Streeter 3
   successful in the junior parading and placed
   second in the stud cattle judging.                    12-Under 14: Lucie-Ann Kirk 1; Simon Kinbacher 2; Luke Aisthorpe 3

   All peewees also received a special                   14-Under 16: Abe Graham 1; Amy Birch 2; Brock McCamley 3
   memento of the show from Georgie                      16-Under 18: Madison May-Thomas 1; Isaac Kent 2; Sam Oppermann 3
   Connor Photography.
                                                         18-Under 25: Chloe Gould 1; Casey Carruthers 2; Abigail Lindsey 3
   The awards were presented at a special
   dinner at the Central Queensland NRL                                             HERDSMAN’S AWARDS:
   Bid Club in Rockhampton on Thursday,                  Chloe Gould 1; Croyden Sturdy 2; Isaac Kent 3; Abe Graham 4; Luke Aisthorpe 5
   June 28.

   Jody Glasson sashed the Reserve Calf Champion Heifer, JK Keisha shown by     Julie McCamley is pictured after sashing the Reserve Calf Champion Bull, Jay W
   Isaac Kent                                                                   Caribbean Manso shown by Kate Connor

   Georgie Coombe is pictured
   doing the pregnancy testing
   training using “Breeding
   Betsy” with Greg Fawcett

40 September 2012
40 September 2012
    e e er
   September 2012
September 2012 41
   2012 Junior Beef Presentations

   Committee Chairman Brett Coombe (right) thanked Andrew and Kate Chapman                       Committee Chairman Brett Coombe thanked Angus Creedon who judged the
   who have retired after 15 years service to the Junior Beef Show Committee                     paraders competition for his efforts

   ABBA President Andrew Olive representing sponsors Ron Kirk & family presented awards          Sponsor Barry Williams, Rural Supplements (second right) presented awards in
   to placegetters in the peewee (under 10 years) parading, from left, Kate Connor (second),     the under 12 years parading class, from left, Remy Streeter (second), Riley Connor
   Sam Whitaker (fifth), Georgie Coombe (fourth), Bow Connor (first) and Henry Pearce (third)    (first), Jessie Noakes (third), Jett Graham (fourth) and Elizabeth Hills (fifth)

   Sponsor Dana Leeson and daughter Mackenzie, Leeson Cattle Co. (fourth & fifth                 Placegetters in the 14 years and under 16 years parading class are, from left,
   from left) presented awards to placegetters in the 12 years and under 14 years                Sean Wright (second), Abe Graham (third), Cassie Wilson (fourth), Cassidy Watson
   parading, from left, Katherine Rose (fifth), Simon Kinbacher (first), Lucie-Ann               (fifth) and Amy Birch (first)
   Kirk (second) and Nanci Wilson (fourth). Not present Luke Aisthorpe (third)

   Sponsor Barry Williams, Rural Supplements presented awards to placegetters in the 16          Placegetters in the 18 years and under 25 years parading class were Chloe Gould
   years and under 18 years parading class, from left, Isaac Kent (second), Madison May-Thomas   (first), Abigail Lindsay (second) and Casey Carruthers (third)
   (fourth), Sarah Birch (first), Sam Oppermann (third) and Ben O’Connell (fifth)

42 September 2012
September 2012 43
   2012 Junior Beef Presentations

   Placegetters in the peewee (under 10 years) age group stud cattle judging are                           Sponsor Barry Williams, Rural Supplements presented the awards to the placegetters
   from left, Bow Connor (second), Grace Sturdy (first), Georgie Coombe (fourth),                          in the under 12 years stud cattle judging, from left, Remy Streeter (second), Jessie
   Sam Whitaker (third) and Melissa Birch (fifth)                                                          Noakes (fourth), Jemma Rowe (fifth), Riley Connor (third) and Megan Birch (first)

   Placegetters in the 12 years and under 14 years stud cattle judging are from left,                      Placegetters in the 14 years and under 16 years stud cattle judging are from left,
   Sarah Noakes (first), Lucie-Ann Kirk (second), Simon Kinbacher (third), Jarod                           Brock McCamley (first), Leah Bull (second), Clare Webb (fifth), Clevelen Camilleri
   McCamley (fourth) and Izzy Kassulke (fifth)                                                             (fourth) and Jackson Haigh (third) (not present)

   Sponsor Barry Williams, Rural Supplements (right) presented awards to placegetters in the               Sandy Ryan representing sponsor Kenrol Brahman Co. (second from left) presented
   16 years and under 18 years stud cattle judging class, from left, Madison May-Thomas (first),           awards to placegetters in the 18 years and under 25 years stud cattle judging class,
   Sam Oppermann (second), Rhys Hawkins (third), Isaac Kent (fourth) and Ben O’Connell (fifth)             from left, Chloe Gould (first), Abigail Lindsay (second) and Casey Carruthers (third)

   Sponsor, Andrew Chapman, Rowanlea Cattle Co. presented the awards to the placegetters in the            Sponsor Barry Wiliiams, Rural Supplements presented the awards to the placegetters in the
   peewee age group (under 10 years) prime cattle judging, from left, Lockie Mactaggart (first), Georgie   10 years and under 12 years age group prime cattle judging, from left, Jessie Noakes (fourth),
   Coombe (second), Sam Whitaker (fourth) and Melissa Birch (second). Not present Kurt Vella (fifth)       Jared O’Sullivan (third), Croyden Sturdy (second), Walter Wilson (fifth) and Riley Connor (first)

44 September 2012
September 2012 45
   2012 Junior Beef Presentations

   Sandy Ryan presented the awards to placegetters in the prime cattle judging 12 years and under     Placegetters in the 14 years and under 16 years prime cattle judging are from
   14 years class on behalf of sponsor Elders Stud Stock, from left, Lucie-Ann Kirk (first), Alyssa   left, Abe Graham (second), Sean Wright (fifth), Lindsey Peacock (third), Leah Bull
   Pickles (second), Jarod McCamley (third), Simon Kinbacher (fourth) and Hamish Birch (fifth)        (fourth) and Amy Birch (first)

   Sponsor Barry Williams (right) Rural Supplements presented awards to the placegetters in           Sponsor Robert McArthur (right) with son Hamish presented the awards to
   the 16 years and under 18 years prime cattle judging, from left, Isaac Kent (second), Madison      placegetters in the 18 years and under 25 years prime cattle judging, from left,
   May-Thomas (first), Sarah Birch (third), Paige Jennings (fourth) and Georgia Doyle (fifth)         Chloe Gould (first), Abigail Lindsay (second) and Casey Carruthers (third)

   Sponsor Ken Newton, Lucknow Brahmans presented the age group champion awards                       Sponsor Barry Williams, Rural Supplements presented the awards to placegetters in
   for the peewee (under 10 years) age group to, from left, Bow Connor (first), Georgie Coombe        the 10 years and under 12 years age group, from left, Croyden Sturdy (second), Remy
   (third), Sam Whitaker (fourth), Grace Sturdy (second) and Lockie Mactaggart (fifth)                Streeter (third), Jessie Noakes (fourth), Jarod O’Sullivan (fifth) and Riley Connor (first)

   Sponsor Darren Kent, Ooline Brahmans presented the awards for the 12 years and under               Lara Coombe, Roxborough Brahmans, who sponsored the awards made the presentations
   14 years age group champions to, from left, Lucie-Ann Kirk (first), Simon Kinbacher (second),      for the 14 years and under 16 years age group to, from left, Amy Birch (second), Brock
   Jarod McCamley (fourth) and Sarah Noakes (fifth). Not present Luke Aisthorpe (third)               McCamley (third), Leah Bull (fourth), Abe Graham (first) and Sean Wright (fifth)

46 September 2012
September 2012 47
   2012 Junior Beef Presentations

   Sponsor Barry Williams, Rural Supplements, presented the awards for the 16 years and              Ian Mills, Commonwealth Bank Agribusiness presented the awards for the 18 years
   under 18 years age group champions, from left, Madison May-Thomas (first), Isaac                  and under 25 years age group champions on behalf of sponsor Tartrus Brahmans
   Kent (second), Paige Jennings (fifth), Sarah Birch (fourth) and Sam Oppermann (third)             to from left, Chloe Gould (first), Casey Carruthers (second) and Abigail Lindsay (third)

   Sponsor Colin Delahunty, Inland Brahmans presented                  Sponsor Leah Sturdy, Akama Brahmans presented               Prudence Barwick, Virbac, presented the trophy for Reserve Junior
   the trophy for Reserve Champion Led Steer to Ben                    the trophy for Champion Milk Tooth Led Steer to Heidi       Champion Heifer on behalf of sponsors Fairy Springs J Brahmans
   O’Connell who showed Astro                                          Nicolls who showed Timbrel Mr Apple A                       which was won by Hazelton Beryle de Manso shown by Lucie-Ann Kirk

   Prudence Barwick, Virbac, (right) presented the trophy for Junior   Sponsor Jon Glasson, Poinciana Park Fodder                  Sponsor Tim Olive, Apis Creek Brahmans presented
   Champion Heifer on behalf of sponsor Consolidated Pastoral Co.,     Production (right) presented the trophy for Reserve         the trophy for Calf Champion Heifer won by Kenrol
   which was won by Palmvale Miss Regal, shown by Clare Webb           Calf Champion Heifer won by JK Keisha to Isaac Kent         Jilly B shown by Cassie Delahunty

   Sandy Ryan presented the trophy for Reserve Calf Champion           Julie McCamley representing sponsor Lancefield              Committee Chairman Brett Coombe thanked Jake
   Bull on behalf of sponsors Santa Gertrudis Association which        Brahmans presented the trophy for Calf Champion             Phillips, Meat Standards Australia who judged the
   was won by Jay W Carribean Manso shown by Kate Connor               Bull won by Birch Lonestar shown by Sarah Birch             prime cattle junior judging

48 September 2012
September 2012 49
50 September 2012
September 2012 51
  2012 Junior Beef Presentations

  Mark Scholes, Landmark Rockhampton presented        Greg Fawcett presented the Beef Breeding Services        Sandy Ryan presented Abe Graham with the
  the Landmark Scholarship to Chloe Gould, 18 years   award to Madison May-Thomas, 16 years and under          Georges award for 14 years and under 16 years age
  and uner 25 years age group champion                18 years age group champion                              group champion

  Monique Bauman presented the Philip Bauman Memorial Shield to Lucie-Ann        ABBA President Andrew Olive presented the Ross Warne Memorial Shield to Riley
  Kirk, 12 years and under 14 years age group champion                           Connor, 10 years and under 12 years age group champion

  Ken Newton, Lucknow Brahmans presented the Ken and Joan Newton Award           Paul Connor presented the Graham Coben Memorial Trophy and Herdsman awards
  to Bow Connor, under 10 years age group champion                               sponsored by the Charbray Society to, from left, Chloe Gould (first), Croyden Sturdy
                                                                                 (second), Isaac Kent (third) and Abe Graham (fourth). Not present Luke Aisthorpe (fifth)

                                                                                                                         Ju nior p a
                                                                                                                                     ra d i n g k e e n
                                                                                                                        (L to R) An                     ly contested
                                                                                                                                     na Mactagg                             by
                                                                                                                        Tim Conn                        a r t , L a n e St u
                                                                                                                                    o r a n d L a ra                         rdy,
52 September 2012
September 2012 53
      Kelly Paine, Jake Phillips and Matt Downey
      from Meat Standards Australia conducted a               JUNIOR BEEF
      “Cook Off Challenge” on the Tuesday evening
      of the Rockhampton Junior Beef Show.                    COOK
      Kelly demonstrated the method and breaking down
      of rump into it’s single muscle group and the correct   OFF
      way to slice each. The groups were then involved
      with the preparation and cooking of the meat to the
      predetermined level of “doneness,” preparation and
      cooking vegetable and plating a meal. Ascot Hotel
      Stonegrill sponsored the barbecue hire.

54 September 2012
September 2012 55
   Strong commercial support
   at Ponderosa bull sale                                                                                                      by Lindel GREGGERY
                                                                                                            Photos by NORTH QUEENSLAND REGISTER

   Buyers paid a healthy $3096 average
   for 166 bulls at the annual Ponderosa
   Bull Sale in Katherine, NT, on May 26.
   Sale vendors were Paul and Debbie Herrod,
   Ponderosa, Katherine, along with Central
   Queensland Brahman studs Olive, Viva, Raglan
   and Apis Creek. The sale was well supported
   by beef producers from throughout the Top
   The highest priced grey bull at $5000 was
   one of three head purchased by Chris and
   Amanda Howe, Maneroo Station, Douglas
   Bluegrass Pastoral Co, Mistake Creek, invested
   in 20 new sires including the highest priced
   red at $4250.
   The major buyer at the sale was Thames
   Pastoral Co, which secured 30 bulls for
   Tanumbirini Station, Daly Waters. Thames
   Pastoral Company is an Australian subsidiary         Peter Brazier, Landmark Stud Stock, Regan Jensen, Ross Olive, Olive Brahmans, Paul Herrod, Ponderosa
   of London-based Insight Global Farmland              Brahmans, Ryan Olive, Raglan Brahmans, AJ Davidson, Viva Brahmans, Tim Olive, Apis Creek Brahmans,
   Fund Ltd and purchased the 500,100 hectare           Andrew Olive, Raglan Brahmans and Warwick Barrett, Elders Katherine
   property from Sterling Buntine in February
   this year.
   Russell Richter from Heytesbury Beef
   purchased 20 head, with 16 greys knocked
   down to the VRD region’s Milton and
   Christina Jones, Coolibah Station.
   Mike and Jane Shaw took home a dozen
   new sires for their Spring Creek Station
   located in the East Kimberleys, while 11 head
   each sold to Bill and Kerry Darcy, Battlin
   Pastoral Station, Borroloola, and Tony Searle,
   Paspaley Pearls.
   John and Kate McLoughlin invested in 10
   grey bulls for Aroona Station, Katherine, and
   eight head sold to Robert and Fran Venturin,
   West Elsey Station, Mataranka.
   Taking home seven bulls each were John
   and Lisa Dyer, Hayfield Station, Daly Waters,
   and Raymond and Pam Murphy, Kalala
   Station, south of Katherine.
   Tony Moran was another bulk buyer,
   selecting five bulls for Victoria River Research     John and Lisa Dyer, Hayfield Station with Tim Olive, Apis Creek Brahmans
   Station, Kidman Springs.

                                                                                  Paul and Debbie Herrod, right, with Russell Simpson, Elders, purchasing agent for
   Darren Castle, Fitzroy Crossing and Reg Underwood, Bunda Station               Thame Pastoral, Tamumbirini Station

56 September 2012
September 2012 57
   Big sale celebrations planned for
   Wilangi 25th                                                                                                                      MEDIA RELEASE
                                                                                                           McCaffrey’s Australian Livestock Marketing

   The 25th Anniversary of the Wilangi
   Invitation Sale, which will be
   celebrated at Dalrymple Saleyards,
   Charters Towers on Thursday 29th
   & Friday 30th November, has
   encompassed an exciting
   programme of stud bull and
   commercial Brahman female
   auctions, a Beef Industry Forum
   presentation and an Anniversary
   Dinner, making it one of the most
   significant beef cattle industry events
   in northern Australia for 25 years.
   Ron & Bev White of Wilangi Brahman Stud
   have seen a lot of changes in the Brahman
   industry since they made the bold step to
   establish their sale at Charters Towers in
                                                       Ron & Bev White of Wilangi Brahman Stud look over the Sale catalogues of their previous Wilangi Brahman
   1988. The sale is Australia’s premier sale of       Sales dating back to 1988 as they prepare for their 25th Anniversary Sale event at Charters Towers
   grey Brahmans, and again in 2011 it was
   the leading private vendor sale for the
   Brahman breed in the nation. The Wilangi            This year’s sale event has put in place a two         industry proven bloodlines in high class
   Sale’s success at Charters Towers was the           day programme of attraction not only to               breeding females, and they will be sold in
   catalyst for a period of enormous growth            Brahman breeders but also to all participants         pen sizes to suit everyone from small hobby
   of the Brahman breed in the north. Many             in the Northern beef industry.                        farmers to large scale enterprises wanting
   new studs were established after Wilangi            On Thursday 29th November all sale lots               to invest in upgrading their breeding herd.”
   whet the appetite of cattle producers               will be penned for the inspection of
   across the northern cattle country, for high                                                              The sale will also host a Silver Anniversary
                                                       prospective purchasers from 11am. “It is a            Dinner “Under the Stars” on the night before
   quality Brahmans.
                                                       large number of 300 lots and this time
                                                                                                             sale day, giving Sale supporters from as far
   Wilangi was first to endorse and promote            gives cat tle producers a valuable
                                                                                                             back as the 1980’s a chance to catch up
   Charters Towers as a stud cattle selling            opportunity to assess the bulls they are
   centre of importance, and their early                                                                     over an appetising roast meal. The 25th
                                                       interested in before the pressure of sale
   backing of the Dalrymple Saleyards when             morning,” Ron White said.                             Anniversary Cake will be cut at the dinner.
   facilities were very basic, provided impetus                                                              Wilangi and their sale invited vendors Les
                                                       A two hour Beef Industry Forum with
   for the local council to drive saleyard                                                                   & Helen Donald of El Ja Stud, Royce & Beryl
   improvements throughout the last two                speakers on subjects such as the E.U. Market
                                                       potential for nor thern producers,                    Sommerfeld of Brahrock Stud, Stewart &
   decades. It is now recognised as one of
                                                       graziers’ land rights, and Brahman cattle             Kerry Wallace of Wallace Stud, Andrew &
   the leading saleyards for stud cattle sales
   in Australia.                                       benefits in feedlotting will take place on            Roxanne Olive of Raglan Stud, Tim & Lynette
                                                       Thursday afternoon at the Dalrymple                   Olive of Apis Creek Stud and Alistair and
   This year the Wilangi Invitation Brahman Sale       Saleyards, and is certain to be very                  Pam Davison of Viva Stud have selected,
   will sell its 7,000th lot, a tremendous             informative in addressing current key issues          and are preparing lines of outstanding bulls
   achievement for a private vendor stud cattle        for beef producers.                                   for this 25th year, and sale numbers have
   sale in Australia, and a positive measure of the
                                                       Following the forum on Thursday afternoon,            increased to 300 stud sires and herd bulls.
   success of the sale’s bloodlines in the beef
   industry over such a long period. “Many, many       a new innovation for the Wilangi Sale will            “At this 25 year milestone it is appropriate
   sales have come and gone but the Wilangi            be a quality sale of around 300 select                that we again acknowledge the tremendous
   sale made their mark right from sale one,” sale     purebred, grey Brahman commercial
                                                                                                             support of the many buyers and bidders
   auctioneer Ken McCaffrey said, “every year,         females in attractive pen lines of half-deck
                                                                                                             at our sale over the years,” Ron White said.
   always in the same week, whether drought or         lots. “These sale vendors don’t generally
                                                                                                             “We’ve had buyers at our sale from Western
   good season, tough markets or buoyant               sell many breeder heifers however,
                                                       especially for this 25th Anniversary, they            Australia, the Northern Territory, New South
   markets, the White’s and their invited vendors
   have taken a large selection of very high quality   have selected a magnificent run of high               Wales and all over Queensland, and their
   bulls, suiting studmasters and steer breeders,      quality breeder prospects, more than likely           valuable contribution towards the success
   to their sale and they always meet the market.      the best that has ever been yarded at                 of our sale is greatly appreciated.” “As we’ve
   northern cattle producers have come to know         Charters Towers,” sale co-agent Troy Trevor           done at all our sales, we will endeavour to
   they can rely on the sale and they appreciate       of Queensland Rural said, “it is a unique             make our 25th one a very positive event
   the genuineness of the vendors.”                    opportunity for cattle producers to secure            for the Brahman breed,” Ron added.
58 September 2012
September 2012 59
   15th World Congress Panama
   Over 600 delegates attended the
   16th World Brahman Congress in
   Panama from July 2 – 7 2012.
   A total of 27 countries, were represented
   including the leaders of all the major
   Brahman registers in the world and this
   event was another good occasion for our
   delegation to promote the profile of the
   Breed in Australia and the opportunity this
   presents for improved herd development
   in other countries.

   The conference programme included a
   stud cattle show which included over 300
   entries, visits to some of the leading
   Brahman studs in Panama and a visit to
   the University of Panama Ag Science
   Department and a technical conference.

   The Australian official delegation of 15 led
   by Andrew Olive included Roxanne and
   Aimee Olive, David and Joy Deguara,              Delegates attending the official opening ceremony
   Dr George Jacobs, Glen Pfeffer, Denise and
   Tom Delahunty, Graham and Delma
   Hampson, Terry Hampson and Jeannie
   Wright, Ashley Kirk and Matthew Noller.
   They were encouraged by the reception
   they received and the opportunity to build
   relationships with the leaders in the
   Brahman industry throughout the world
   and particularly the Latin American
   countries where there appears to be
   strongest interest for Australian breeders.

   The delegation members took every
   opportunity to connect with breeders from
   countries such as Honduras, Costa Rico,
   Guatemala, as well as Brazil, Colombia,
   Paraguay, Mexico and the USA to profile
   the breed in Australia. We will make every
   effort to maintain connections with leads
   generated from these discussions and keep
   members posted on developments.
                                                    ABBA President Andrew Olive presented a handcrafted Australian stock whip to the owners of the Grand
                                                    Champion Bull and Female at the show

   Judging one of the grey Brahman female classes

60 September 2012
60 September 2012
   Septe ber
    e em e
   September 2012
September 2012 61
   15th World Congress Panama

   It was beneficial to receive feedback from     discussions on sourcing from Australia                  females, 50 bulls and 500 commercial
   other delegates that Australia is recognised   which commenced during Beef 2012                        females. It is believed the proposal has
   internationally for running large numbers      in Rockhampton.                                         received favourable consideration from
   of Brahman cattle and meeting premium                                                                  the Secretary for Agriculture.
   markets, which is a strong selling point.      In follow up a proposal has been put to
                                                  the Philippines Government through the                  Although not yet finalised, reference to a
   In particular our delegation had the           President of the Federation of Cattle Raisers           possible importation was made in a
   opportunity to follow up with members          Assoc of the Philippines, Mr Billy Badillia             statement printed in the Philippines Star
   of the delegation from the Philippines on      for the importation of 1000 registered                  newspaper on 16 July 2012

                                                  Delegation member Dr George Jacobs (third left) with members of the Motta family from Panama

                                                  Delegate members with other international visitors at Ganadera Karla Mary

                                                  Pictured at the Brahman Journal stand are, (back row) Aimee Olive, Tom Delahunty, Andrew Olive, Carl Lambert
                                                  (Brahman Journal), Glen Pfeffer, (front row) Denise Delahunty, Roxanne Olive, David and Joy Deguara and
                                                  Rodolfo Garaa Pacheco

62 September 2012
62 September 2012
   Sep em er
    e e
   Septe ber 2012
September 2012 63
   15th World Congress Panama

   A meeting of the World Brahman Federation              A presentation of a hand crafted Australian       This was an important opportunity to take
   was held during the Congress which                     stockwhip was made to the owners of the           as the next congress in 2014 will be held
   among other things held a discussion on                Grand Champion Bull and Female at the             in South Africa.
   progressing the concept of a World                     show which was a positive gesture to
   Brahman genetic evaluation.                            further enhance public relations with our         Overall the congress in Panama was another
                                                          international counterparts.                       successful opportunity to profile Australian
   This meeting was attended by the                                                                         breeders to the industry
   Associations President Andrew Olive and                The congress also provided a good                 globally and on behalf of ABBA I would
   a number of other delegates. As further                opportunity to promote the Australian             like to thank all memb ers of our
   information on the progression of this                 World Congress scheduled for 2016 to a            delegation for representing the future
   matter becomes available, we will circulate            Latin American audience many of whom              interests of our organisation in a very
   details to members.                                    expressed interest in attending.                  professional manner.

   ABBA President Andrew Olive (second & left) with American Brahman Breeders    Adelyn Allen who came to Australia in 2010 under our American Youth Exchange
   Assoc. members Bob Parish and Mike and Janet Partin                           and Beau Jamieson (fourth left) are pictured with delegation members Tom
                                                                                 Delahunty, Ashley Kirk, Matthew Noller and Aimee Olive

   Delegate members at the University of Panama AI training facility             Judging in progress at the red Brahman female show

                                                                                                            ABBA President Andrew Olive (fourth from left)
                                                                                                               taking part in the official closing ceremony

64 September 2012
64 September 2012
   Sep ember
    e e e
   September 2012
September 2012 65
   10,000 top at ALC sale
                                                                                                                      Editorial & photos by Sharon HOWARD
                                                                                                                               QUEENSLAND COUNTRY LIFE
   Predictable, fertile, grass-raised
   genetics proved popular at the
   second annual ALC Brahmans bull
   sale. Roger Jefferies, Elrose Station,
   Cloncurry secured the top price bull,
   a 23 month old polled Brahman, for
   $10,000 via phone after a determined
   battle with Australian Agricultural
   company buyer, Greg Gibbons,
   Aronui, Dalby.
   Vendors, Alf, Louise and Wendy Collins,
   Gunderoo, Nebo welcomed buyers to their
   on property sale which saw 63 out of 71
   head sold for the average price of $3500.
   “We’re extremely happy with the sale results
   today. It’s gratifying to see our buyers
   recognise the value of the bull data we
   provide and use it to select their bulls,” said
   Alf. T he stud proudly focuses on
   economically important traits including                 Alf and Louise Collins, ALC Brahmans, Nebo relaxed after the sale with their sale topping bull purchased by
   fertility, muscling and temperament when                phone bidder, Roger and Loreena Jefferies, Elrose Brahmans, Cloncurry
   selecting sale bulls.
                                                           the scrotal size of the sale bulls,” said family        “Looking at the sale results, we’re
   The Australian Agricultural Company paid
                                                           spokesman, Lachlan Lynch.                               delighted to see our buyers agree with our
   the average price of $3110 for 30 bulls.
                                                                                                                   genetic selection and we look forward to
   Destined for the Victoria River group of                Russell Lethbridge, Werrington, Einasleigh              working our clients into the future,”
   properties, Delamere, Montijinni and                    purchased 10 bulls for the average price                said Alf. 13 buyers purchased 63 head at
   Camfield, the bulls will join a herd of over            o f $3650 . B i l l a n d D i a n e A l f o rd ,        the sale.
   600,000 head designed to maximise profit                Rainsby, Aramac secured 2 bulls for the
   for the company. The Lynch family, Tara                 average purchase price of $4400. Rob
   Station, Cloncurry with the guidance of                 Young, Belmont Research Station,
   DPI extension officer, Alan Laing selected
                                                                                                                                  NO: 63 HEAD
                                                           Rockhampton paid the average of $3625
   11 bulls to average $3600. The family run               for 2 bulls.                                                           TOP: $10,000
   a 3500 strong breeding herd on their 35,000
   acre property, north of Cloncurry. “We’re               2013 will see the first of the ALC branded                          AVERAGE: $3500
   selecting genetics based on fertility with              animals on offer after the relatively recent
                                                                                                                              CLEARANCE: 89%
   a definite focus on EBV data and in particular          distribution of a family partnership.

   (LtoR) Kerri-Ann French and Ben Callcott,Glenmore Station, Einasleigh caught up     Repeat buyers, Bill & Diane Alford, Rainsby, Aramac, purchased two bulls for an
   with vendor, Alf Collins, ALC Brahmans, Gundaroo, Nebo                              average $4400 at the second annual ALC Brahmans sale

66 September 2012
September 2012 67
   NCC introduces new online
   video viewing                                                                                                                    MEDIA RELEASE
                                                                                                          McCaffrey’s Australian Livestock Marketing

   Pre-Sale online video viewing of the
   NCC Brahman Sale lots will be
   available to all prospective purchasers
   this year.
   Brett Nobbs of NCC Brahmans has adopted
   the initiative to allow Brahman breeders
   everywhere to have a more detailed
   examination of the sale’s bulls and heifers
   p r i o r to s a l e d ay. T h e f u ll s a l e
   catalogue and video of each lot will be
   accessed on the new NCC Sale website “The video
   provides Studmasters and commercial
   cattle producers with a far better dimension
   than a still photograph,” Brett Nobbs said,
   “and will assist buyers greatly in making
   their sale selections.” “It is also of a more
   substantial assistance if you live in remote
   areas, can’t make it to the sale and wish to
   bid by phone,” he added. Importantly,
   each lot will be videoed in the same place
   and for the same time so that comparisons
   can be relevant to the lot.

   “It is a very professional presentation done
   to expose our quality 2012 sale draft to          Brett Nobbs of NCC Brahman Stud, Inverrio, Duaringa with Lot 7 NCC Pasadena, one of this year’s sale lots
                                                     he’ll be featuring on the NCC Online Video presentation
   cattle producers across the nation,” Brett
   said, “it will be interesting to get feedback
   from other breeders as this is the first time     stud will supply 30 sires and 6 heifers to             have progeny in the grey section of the
   a Brahman Sale has introduced this feature.”      the catalogue.                                         sale while NCC Springbok, NCC Jackson
                                                                                                            and Wandilla Zula add to sirelines in the
   The NCC sale this year has had a change           Sale pedigrees are very strong with high               red section.
   of date and will be staged on Tuesday 30th        profile Lawford son JDH Mr Elmo Manso
   October, the day after the Tartrus Lancefield     listed as the sire of 41 bulls, greys and reds,        “Our video footage will be online by
   Sale, at the Inverrio property, west of           in the catalogue as well as 6 heifers. JDH             the end of September so that it gives
   Rockhampton. One hundred and twenty               sires Sir Marri, Sir Watts, Modelo, Mr Echo            all Brahman breeders the opportunity
   two lots are catalogued with the NCC stud         and Lincoln as well as FBC Charles Manso,              to view our sale team from the comfort
   accounting for 74 sires and 12 heifers while      FBC Mr Arnie Manso, FBC Eton Manso,                    of their own of fice at home,” Brett
   Invited Vendor the Fenech family of FBC           Brahrock Settler and Brahrock Avenue all               Nobbs said.

68 September 2012
September 2012 69
70 September 2012
September 2012 71
   Calendar Combination
   Benefits Buyers                                                                                                             MEDIA RELEASE
                                                                                                    McCaffrey’s Australian Livestock Marketing

   An important re-organisation of                  the PB Fenech Brahman Sale at Sarina will        in this spring season,” Ken McCaffrey
   some sale dates in October has                   not be held in October in 2012.                  of McCaf frey’s Australian Livestock
   produced a format which will assist                                                               Marketing said.
                                                    The two day, two sale format in Central
   buyers of Brahman seedstock in their             Queensland, encompassing the Tartrus             It is expected that 181 high quality grey
   2012 travel plans to attend sales.               Lancefield and NCC sales, now brings
                                                                                                     sires, 55 attractive red sires and 44 select
                                                    together outstanding offerings of a total
   The Annual On-Property NCC Brahman                                                                stud heifers will go under the auctioneer’s
                                                    of 280 lots for buyers’ assessment and
   Sale at Inverrio, Duaringa will be held this     competition over a 48 hour period. “There        hammer over the two day period.
   year on Tuesday 30th October. It is              is no time of the year when cattle
   positioned a day after the Tartrus Lancefield                                                     “I have inspected every lot in these two
                                                    producers and studmasters are not very
   Brahman Sale at Gracemere, Rockhampton                                                            sales and the overall quality and industry
                                                    busy these days and travel is costly,
   which has maintained its traditional date                                                         appeal is exceptional,” Ken McCaffrey said.
   of Monday 29th October.                          so this October 29th & 30th scheduling of
                                                    these two premier sales has great                “I expect all Brahman enthusiasts will
   Previous years’ Oc tober sales the               benefits for all bull buyers, particularly       appreciate the opportunities the new line
   Brahman Classic Sale at Gracemere and            now that there are two less Brahman sales        up of these two sales will present.”

   Getting to know your Tropical Beef
   Technology Services Staff
   Paul was born and raised on a dairy/ beef property in the upper Brisbane River District
   in South East Qld. After finishing his studies at Queensland Agricultural College, Paul
   worked on the family property for 4 years. Following this, Paul worked for CSIRO as a
   Technical Officer for 22 years. Originally Paul was based in Brisbane where he worked on
   a variety of areas including IVF in cattle, transgenics and on Arbovirus vectors. Between
   1996 and 2011, he was based in Rockhampton and worked on a project within the Beef
   CRC. His main responsibilities involved running and assisting in all aspects of research
   projects focused on beef production in Northern Australia. This included performing
   ultrasound scanning on beef cattle for carcase and fertility traits and undertaking artificial
   breeding programs. He was firstly involved on the Northern Crossbreeding Project at
   ‘Duckponds’ looking at meat quality in CRC I. His work continued to CRC II and III where
   he specialised in ovarian and carcase scanning, studying genetic links between meat
   quality, adaptation and heifer puberty. In CRC III, he continued scanning the cows over
   six matings to study lifetime reproductive performance.
   Mobile: 0427 018 982                                 Email:

   John will need little introduction to most. For over 20 year John has worked in a senior
   beef extension role with government agricultural departments in the Northern Territory
   and Queensland. He has had a particular focus on beef cattle fertility, selection and
   genetics, regularly distilling complex research findings into practical management
   practices. On the research front, John was heavily involved in the Bullpower project which
   studied the many facets of bull fertility. He was also involved in related research being
   undertaken by the Beef CRC into bull traits (e.g. sperm morphology) as an indicator of
   daughter fertility. John also breeds performance focussed tropical composite cattle on
   his properties in the Brisbane Valley and in the Goondiwindi region.
   Mobile: 0429 932 170                                 Email:
72 September 2012
September 2012 73
   Profit Based Selection using
   Brahman Selection Indexes                                                                                                          by Paul WILLIAMS
                                                                                                                               TBTS TECHNICAL OFFICER
   The bull sale season is just about                 Jap Ox Index - The Jap Ox Index estimates
   upon us and it is important to                     the genetic differences between animals
                                                      in net profitability per cow joined for an
   understand and appreciate the                      example commercial herd targeting pasture
   genetic selection information that                 finished steers for export markets. Steers
   will be provided on many Brahman                   are assumed to be pasture grown & finished,
   Bulls this season. A very powerful                 weighing 600 kg live weight or 325 kg
   selection tool for commercial and                  carcase weight at 32 months from a
                                                      self-replacing herd run in a tropical
   seedstock producers alike are the                  environment. Daughters are retained in
   Brahman Selection Indexes.                         the industry for breeding. This Jap Ox
                                                      Index relates to typical self-replacing
   A Selection Index is effectively a single unit     Brahman herds in tropical Australia
   value predicting a breeding animal’s
                                                      targeting Jap Ox specifications.
   profitability for a defined commercial
   production system and market end-point.            Live Export Index - The Live Export Index
   They are based on weightings on                    estimates genetic differences between                  that the Brahman Selection Indexes are
   specific EBV traits deemed important for           animals in net profitability per cow joined            highly correlated, therefore selecting on
   that production system. Ranking animals            for an example self replacing commercial               one (e.g. Jap Ox) will also generally lead to
   on their Selection Index value sorts               herd (run in a tropical environment)                   a positive trend for the others (e.g. Live
   t h e m b a s e d o n t h e i r p r o g e n y ’s   targeting steers for the live export                   Export).
   expected profitability for the targeted            markets. This index assumes steers are
   production system.                                 pasture grown until entry to overseas                  2. RANK ANIMALS ON
                                                      feedlots and then feedlot finished for 120
   As a guide to using Selection Indexes, it is
                                                      days before being marketed at 470 kg
                                                                                                             SELECTION INDEX
   recommended that producers, both                                                                          Once the Selection Index of most relevance
                                                      liveweight (250 kg HSCW and 10 mm P8
   seedstock and commercial, undertake the                                                                   has been identified, the animals available
                                                      fat depth) at 26 months of age. Daughters
   following steps:                                                                                          for selection can then be ranked on that
                                                      are retained for breeding.
                                                                                                             particular Selection Index. An example of
   (i)   Identify the Selection Index of most
                                                      Selection Indexes are developed for the                this is in figure 1, where the “Published
                                                      commercial sector, as indicated by the                 Sires” list has been ranked in descending
   (ii) Rank animals on the Selection Index           descriptions above, therefore it should be             order on the Brahman Live Export using
                                                      relatively simple for a commercial producer            the Brahman online EBV Enquiry facility.
   (iii) Consider the individual EBVs of              to select one of the available Selection
         importance                                   Indexes to use in their selection decisions.           When ranking animals on the Selection
                                                      This is a slightly more complex task for               Index, producers should also take into
   (iv) Consider other traits of importance           seedstock producers as they are generally              account the following points:
        that may not be accounted for in the          providing bulls to a range of commercial
        Selection Index (e.g. temperament,                                                                   • Selection Indexes can not be used to
                                                      producers who are in a range of production
        structural soundness)                                                                                  compare animals across breeds. As with
                                                      systems and supplying a range of market
                                                      end points. In this situation we recommend               EBVs, the Selection Indexes for animals of
                                                      that Brahman seedstock producers use the                 different breeds are calculated within
   1. IDENTIFY THE                                                                                             different BREEDPLAN evaluations.
                                                      Selection Index that suits the majority of
   SELECTION INDEX                                                                                                                                        76
                                                      their commercial clients and recognize
   As mentioned above, a Selection Index
   value for an animal is effectively a single
   unit value predicting an animal’s profitability
   for a defined commercial production
   system and market end-point.
   Consequently, before using Selection
   Indexes, producers should identify the
   index that is of most relevance to their
   particular production system. For seedstock
   producers, this may be the production
   system of their bull buying clients. In order
   to identify the most relevant Selection
   Index for use, it is recommended that
   producers consider the description of each
   Selection Index available. Following are
   the descriptions for the 2 Brahman
   Selection Indexes:                                 Figure 1. Brahman Published sire list ranked in descending order on the Brahman Live Export Index

74 September 2012
September 2012 75
   Profit Based Selection using
   Brahman Selection Indexes

   • Consequently, Selection Indexes can
     only be used to compare animals with
     other animals of the same breed.
   • Producers can use Selection Indexes to
     see where an animal ranks compared to
     other animals of the same breed by
     comparing its Selection Index value to
     the current breed average value and to
     the percentile table.
   Comparing an animal with the current            Figure 2. Brahman Percentile Bands for 2010 Born Calves
   breed average Selection Index will give
   you an indication of how the animal
   compares with the current genetic level
   for the breed in terms of profitability for     catalogues etc. They are also accessible                  Selection Index of relevance but then any
   that particular production system and           from the BREEDPLAN website (http://                       animals whose individual EBVs fall outside
   market scenario. The current breed average                                    of the acceptable range be excluded
   values are located on the last row in figure                                                              from selection.
   1. If we consider the Live Export Index value
                                                   3. CONSIDER INDIVIDUAL EBVS
   of Lanes Creek Red Ranger (AI) (P) of +$57
   and compare it to the breed average value,      OF IMPORTANCE                                             4. CONSIDER OTHER TRAITS OF
   it indicates that this animal is expected to    While Selection Indexes combine all the                   IMPORTANCE
   have genetics that are more profitable          available EBV information to provide an                   While Selection Indexes take into account
   than the current genetic level of the           indication of an animal’s overall genetic                 all the available performance information
   breed if the animal is used within this         merit, it may still be important to pay                   on an animal, they do not consider all the
   production scenario.                            attention to the animal’s individual EBVs                 traits of func tional and economic
                                                   for traits of particular importance. For                  importance. Consequently, Selection
   Comparison of an animal’s Selection Index       example, producers may pay attention to:                  Indexes should be used in association
   value to the breed average can be taken
                                                                                                             with assessment for other traits of
   a step further by looking at the Percentile     • Scrotal Size and Days To Calving EBVs if
                                                                                                             importance that may not be accounted
   Bands table to determine exactly where            they want to specifically improving
   the animal ranks within the breeds. If we                                                                 for in the Index (e.g. structural soundness,
                                                     fertility in their herd
   consider the animal in the above example                                                                  temperament) and Bull Breeding Soundness
                                                   • Birth Weight if they are planning to use                Evaluation information.
   with the Live Export Index value of +$57,
   the Percentile Table below indicates that         the bull over heifers
                                                                                                             You can access further information on the
   the animal is in fact ranked in the top 1%      • Fat EBVs if they require more or less fat               Brahman Selection Indexes from the
   of the breed for that particular production       on their steers at slaughter                            B r ahm an T B T S Te chni c al O f f i cer,
   scenario and market endpoint (see circled
   information in figure 2.)                       In order to consider the animal’s individual              Paul Williams, ph: 07 4927 6066, Mobile:
                                                   EBVs, it is recommended that producers                    0427 018 982 or email:
   As with the breed average EBVs and              set maximum/minimum EBV ranges for                        or on the BREEDPL AN website
   Indexes, a Percentile Table should be           the individual traits of particular importance.           ( within
   enclosed in all BREEDPLAN reports, sale         Animals should firstly be ranked on the                   the “” link.

76 September 2012
76 September 2012
    e e e
   September 2012
September 2012 77
78 September 2012
September 2012 79
80 September 2012
September 2012 81
   Sire selection strength key to
   Tartrus Lancefield Sale                                                                                                                MEDIA RELEASE
                                                                                                               McCaffrey’s Australian Livestock Marketing

   The McCamley Families of Tartrus
   and Lancefield Brahman studs are
   shaping up to their 39th Annual Sale
   with a catalogue of bulls and females
   of extraordinary genetic strength,
   high quality, eye catching breed
   character and style, and very
   impressive beef industry credentials.
   132 Brahman sires and 26 heifers
   have been selected for the sale to
   be held at Gracemere on Monday
   29th October.
   The grey section of the sale carries most
   weighting with 112 sires and 18 heifers,
   while 20 sires and 8 heifers support the
   red section of the sale.

   Brahman breed enthusiasts will note from
   the catalogue the proliferation of sons and
   daughters of Tartrus and Lancefield’s own              Matthew McCamley of Lancefield Brahmans with Lot 68 of the Tartrus Lancefield Sale, Lancefield M Barassi,
                                                          a son of first season sire Lancefield M Busby Manso
   bulls, selected by the McCamleys as the
   superior sirelines to further advance
   performance and production in their herds              proven Buster, Hercules, Mr Adonis and                 93/3 (a son of the great Charley’s Jazz) and
   through the next years. Tartrus Lancefield             Riddell from Lancefield, while Tartrus sires           JDH Sir Reno Manso. Strong character sire
   Sale Co-Ordinator Ken McCaffrey of                     Encore, Reiner and Mr Andrew Manso (a                  Mr 3X HK Potente features as the sire of a
   McCaffrey’s Australian livestock Marketing             son of JDH Mr Abel Manso) and Elrose                   number of Tartrus red sale bulls.
   said the McCamleys have over the years                 McMahon all have progeny in the sale.
   utilised many of the better import                     Polled sires Lancefield Doncaster, Kirby,              The vendor studs have really strengthened
   bloodlines to great effect in their breeding                                                                  the heifer offering of this year’s sale in
                                                          Kingston and Colissimo, and import JME
   programmes, but now progeny of                                                                                numbers and quality. “We appreciate that
                                                          Mr Esto 28 in the greys, and KP Monty and
   their top homebred sires are outperforming                                                                    many Brahman breeders wanting to invest
   most of the direct import sires most                   Lancefield Roberto in the reds, all have
                                                          polled sons in the catalogue.                          in quality females travel a long way to
   of the time.                                                                                                  attend the Tartrus Lancefield Sale,”
   Grey sirelines in the sale include the                 Those bull buyers looking for the quality              Jennifer McCamley said, “so this year we
   Lancefield sires Whistler, Evolution, Elgin,           import sire in the first line of the pedigree          have commit ted to cataloguing a
   Ecstacy and Enrique, all sons of JDH Mr                will have a selection of lots by the JDH               sizable selection of lovely, well bred
   Echo Manso, the JDH Mr Books Manso sons                bulls, Sir Paul Manso and Sir Watts Manso,             heifers to give studmasters a better
   Barack and Busby, Reno sons Rackateer,                 both representing the highly successful                choice to secure quality females from our
   Romeo and Rocafella, and the industry                  Lawford sireline, and also by JDH Mr Manso             best bloodlines.”

   2012 Edgar Hudgins
   Memorial Scholarship
   Tess Camm, (third left) Mystery Park, St Lawrence is
   pictured after being named the 2012 Edgar Hudgins
   Memorial Scholarship winner with the interview
   panel members, Martin Pentacost, Kay Becker and
   Ken Murphy

82 September 2012
September 2012 83

        Clancy Naughton
        PO Box 1139
        Ingham 4850 Q

        Mr John Croaker
        General Manager
        PO Box 796
        Rockhampton 4700 Q
        August 20 2012
        Dear Mr Croaker
        I am writing to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to attend this year’s Rockhampton Junior Beef
        Week on the June/July school holidays.
        Being able to fly down there from Ingham in North Queensland was great and although I was nervous, I
        couldn’t wait to get there. Thank you very much for funding my airfares and the cost of the event – it
        was greatly appreciated. Mrs Elliston from your A.B.B.A. office organized everything for me, which was
        great because Mum is a ‘stresser’!
        Everyone made me feel so welcome from the first day right up until I boarded the plane for home. It was
        a wonderful learning opportunity for me and although my sister, Shelby, and I had attended R.J.B.W. many
        years ago, I feel I was able to take more in this time, being a little older. I particularly enjoyed the cattle
        judging tutorials, the parading, and of course the challenge of cutting up and cooking the rump for dinner.
        I put these skills into practice at home by winning the Junior Parader competition and placing second in
        the Junior Judging at the Ingham Show and by advising Mum in the kitchen. I might have to refine how I
        go about the second one in the future. (Women can be funny like that!) Unfortunately, due to illness, I was
        unable to compete in the Zone finals in Cairns.
        I am eager to continue my association with the cattle industry and believe my future lies within it. I would
        recommend my experience to other youth in the North and encourage them to participate in the Junior
        Beef Week in the future. I would definitely love to attend next year.
        Once again, thank you for your support. It was very much appreciated.
        Yours faithfully
        Clancy Naughton

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September 2012 101
    Grinding beef price
    to US could hit 220c/lb
                                                                                                 by Jon CONDON

    If recent history is anything to go by,
    Australian lean grinding beef into
    the US could hit prices as high as
    US215-220c/lb CIF by Christmas, a
    respected market analyst suggests.
    A combination of factors led by US beef
    herd decline, the prolonged impact of
    drought, the sharp rise in feedgrain prices
    in the US, a declining herd size in Canada
    and normal seasonal demand cycles are
    all supporting the prospect of a substantial
    rise in imported grinding beef prices by

    There is increasing trade speculation          over the last four years, in concert         low of US$1.34c/lb to $1.42c by the end of
    evident that US lean beef prices have          with the reduction in US domestic and        December, a 6pc premium. The following
    ‘nowhere to go but up’, should moisture
                                                   imported lean beef availability. The chart   year, prices during this period rose 17pc,
    conditions improve into the northern
                                                   also shows a tendency for the market to      and last year, by 13pc.
    hemisphere autumn and heading into
                                                   kick from around October through
    early next year, says Len Steiner, from
                                                   to year’s end.                               “If prices this year follow the same trend
    Steiner Consulting.
                                                                                                as a year ago, and that is a big if, we
    Also supportive of imported beef prices is     The steady increase in price has also come
                                                   against the headwind of less competitive     could see imported lean beef values pull
    the fact that some of the turbulence
                                                   Australian currency versus the US$.          back by a US10-25c by the end of September
    created by the bankruptcy and plant sales
    of AFA Foods (a large US grinder supplying                                                  and early October but then rally to
                                                   “While we could see some softening in        US$2.15 -$2.20c by the end of the year,”
    burger patties to major restaurant chains)
                                                   prices after the Labor Day holiday (first
    has now dissipated.                                                                         Mr Steiner said.
                                                   week of September), the expectation is for
    “There was plenty of pent-up demand            imported beef values to drift higher         He stressed that this assumption was
    which is now showing up in the market,”        through the end of the year,” Mr Steiner     simply looking at the trends of recent years,
    Mr Steiner said.                               said in his weekly report last week.
                                                                                                with no regard of supply conditions,
    As the chart here shows, prices for imported   In 2009, the price of imported 90CL          exchange rates, and the price of domestic
    lean grinding beef have been steadily rising   boneless beef rose from an early October     US lean beef.

102 September 2012
September 2012 103
 Failure in Males
                                                                             by Alex ASHWOOD

 Reproduction efficiency of bulls is a key         retained for breeding purposes. Bulls with
 driver of herd productivity and the               the bilateral condition produce testosterone
                                                   but are generally sterile.
 economic viability of the beef enterprise.
 It is unfortunate that some stud bulls are        HYPOPLASIA
 sold to the meat work s because of                Underdeveloped testes are small but generally
 reproductive failure.                             have normal consistency. Testicular hypoplasia
                                                   (underdevelopment) results in reduced sperm
      “Sub fertile bulls are as big a              production and less capacity to service suitable
       problem as infertile bulls”                 numbers of females. Due to the genetic nature
 Hopefully, problem bulls are identified early     of the condition and unsuitable servicing          MALFUNCTIONS
 to avoid lost production through reduced          capacity, bulls with underdeveloped testes         Inflammation of the epididymis and testes,
 numbers of replacement stock, female              should not be kept for breeding purposes.          vas deferens and vesicular glands can lead
 wastage and low calving and weaning rates.                                                           to lowered semen quality and reduced
                                                   TESTICULAR DEGENERATION
                                                                                                      fertility. Infection and/or physical injury often
 Reproduc tion dysfunc tion involves               Soft and too firm testes and abnormal              accounts for the inflammation of these
 inadequate structural and functional              changes to the size and consistency of the         structures.
 development, injuries and diseases that           testes are signs of testicular degeneration.
 compromise the maintenance and activity                                                              Overfeeding and lack of use of bulls can lead
 of the sexual organs. Other contributing            “Seasonal semen morphological                    to the increased occurrence of abnormal
 factors include poor herd and feed                      tests are a useful tool to                   semen indicating that these factors can lead
 management and various structural faults               determine degeneration”                       to retrogressive changes in sperm during
 that impair sexual behaviour.                                                                        storage in the epididymus.
                                                   Signs of degeneration are usually characterised
   “Fertility assurances by seedstock              by sperm ejaculates having an increased            Underfeeding and overuse of bulls decreases
   providers need to be fair dinkum”               abnormal sperm count, poor sperm mobility          seminal plasma, fructose, citric acid and
                                                   and abnormal semen morphology.                     probably other compounds essential for
 This article presents the key factors that lead                                                      high quality seminal fluid.
 to bull reproductive failure and support the      Degeneration can be caused by temperature
 information provided in recently published        elevation (internal and/or external), pathogenic
                                                                                                      ABNORMAL SEMEN
 reproduction articles in ABBA Journals.           invasions and the presence of tumours.
                                                   Common signs of testes degeneration include        Under normal circumstances, the quality of
                                                   inflammation of the testes (orchitis) and/or       semen is reasonably consistent. However,
 SPERMATOGENESIS                                   the epididymus (epididymitis).                     extreme stress (adverse management, hostile
 With correctly structured scrotums and testes                                                        environments, poor transport) can impact
 climatic conditions have limited effect on        Tumours are more frequently found in bulls         on bull fertility.
 semen quality and characteristics. However        over 7 years of age. Bulls with tumours in
                                                                                                      Sperm is continuously produced and takes
 any condition and structural abnormality          the testes have a higher proportion of inferior
                                                                                                      6-8 weeks from the start of production to
 that reduces thermal cooling of the testes        sperm with lower fertilising capacity.
                                                                                                      storage in the epididymis prior to ejaculation.
 markedly reduces the quantity and quality                                                            Abnormal semen samples can reflect less than
 of semen (eg overfed bulls and thermal            Temperature elevation of the testes due to
                                                   disease, high fat levels in the scrotum and        satisfactory conditions (heat, disease, stress)
 stress).                                                                                             during spermatogenesis (semen production).
                                                   testes too close to the body cause poor
    “Defective structures contribute               thermal regulation (ie cooling and sweating)       Semen evaluation is an indicator of reproduction
        to fertilisation losses”                   which leads to degeneration of the semen.          ef ficiency. However, crushside semen
                                                   Excessively pendulous scrotums and testicles       assessments do not guarantee reproductive
 Testicular abnormalities that af fec t            are prone to damage due to injuries.               soundness of the bull since there are several
 spermatogenesis (formation and maturation                                                            factors that affect full reproductive failure.
 of sperm) include cryptorchidism and              AGING
 hypoplasia. Factors that lead to the              Breeding soundness rises in the post pubertal      Failure of some young bulls to ejaculate at
 degeneration of the testes also reduce the        period then declines with age but there are        crushside semen assessments is not evidence
 quality of semen.                                 quite large individual differences due to          that the bull will not perform naturally. Similarly,
                                                   genetics and herd management factors.              low quality artificially collected semen from
 CRYPTORCHIDISM                                    Semen characteristics and fertilizing capacity     young bulls is not absolute proof that the
 Failure of the testes to descend into the         also show a gradual decline with age. As           young bull cannot produce suitable semen.
 scrotum may be unilateral or bilateral but        bulls get older mutations can affect the space     In both instances, the young bulls should
 more frequently is the former. The cause for      and function of sperm reducing conception          receive further assessment at a later date.
 failure of the testes to descend is not fully     rates. Also, as testosterone levels decline with   “Post mating assessments are a reliable
 understood. Bulls with the unilateral             age, sperm counts start to decline reducing           indicator of breeding soundness”
 condition can reproduce but should not be         the service capacity of bulls.
104 September 2012
September 2012 105
  Reproduction - Failure in Males
  SPERM ABNORMALITIES                                  BEHAVIOURAL DISTURBANCES                                     FERTILISATION FAILURE
  Morphologic (structural) abnormalities are           Intimidation of males by other males is a                    Whilst the greatest proportion of embryonic
  classified as primary if they are assumed to         phenomenon associated with multisire                         and foetal losses are attributed to the dam,
  have happened during spermatogenesis                 breeding. In addition to these behavioural
  and secondary if the mal formation has taken                                                                      some fertilisation and embryonic failures are
                                                       problems some bulls have intromission
  place in the male ducts.                                                                                          attributed to the bull (eg reproductive
                                                       without ejaculation. Failure to ejaculate
                                                                                                                    diseases). It is also possible that fertilisation
                                                       sometimes happens with bulls even when
     “All semen has a percentage of                                                                                 losses can occur due to sperm antibodies.
                                                       demonstrating high levels of libido and
            abnormal sperm”
                                                       accompanied by vigorous mounting, thrust                     Aged semen within the epididymis is also
  Morphological assessment requires that a             and penetration of the vagina. Bulls                         detrimental to fertilisation. Genetic factors
  semen sample (in a special diluent) is               experiencing pain at mounting and                            can also be involved, eg lethal genes carried
  forwarded to accredited morphologists.               intromission may defer sexual activity for
  Abnormalities fall into several categories                                                                        by the sperm are a probable cause of
                                                       several months.
  and some morphological defects are more                                                                           fertilisation failure or embryonic loss.
  serious than others (eg separation of the            In hot climates obese bulls in addition to
  head from the tail is a serious defect in                                                                         Further ABBA reading : Selection – Bull
                                                       having low quality semen are less likely to
  infertile bulls).                                    show interest and service less females than                  Reproductive Soundness, Sept 2009;
                                                       bulls of a normal weight. Obese bulls are                    Selection – Structure and Lameness, Mar
  Generally, if not more than 15 percent of the                                                                     2011; Selection – Functional Efficiency, Jun
  semen is abnormal and particularly if no             also more prone to leg and foot injuries
                                                       which reduces sexual activity. Arthritis (often              2011; Reproduction – Herd Health, Sept 2011;
  serious abnormalities predominate, fertilising
  capacity is not seriously compromised.               the result of heavy grain feeding) affecting                 Reproduction – Anatomy and Endocrinology,
                                                       the rear legs and spinal column is a secondary               Dec 2011; Reproduction – Fertility and
     “Morphological abnormalities                      cause for failure to copulate.                               Infertility, Jun 2012
  cannot be characterised in the field”
                                                       SUMMARY TABLE – PRINCIPAL ANATOMIC OR PHYSIOLOGICAL DEFECTS THAT IMPAIR
  Recent studies have examined the nucleus             REPRODUCTION PERFORMANCE
  within the sperm head and found that infertile
  bulls frequently have less DNA (deoxyribose           DEFECT                                   CAUSE(S)                            INCIDENCE
  nucleic acid) compared to normal bulls.               • Cryptochidism                          • Genetic; endocrine dysfunction;   • Congenital
                                                          (unilateral or bilateral; failure of     adhesion of testes
  Unfortunately whilst DNA determination                  testes to descend into scrotum)
  could be a useful tool in assessing bull fertility
  problems, difficulties in its measurement             • Testicular hypoplasia                  • Genetic                           • Puberty
  limit its field application.                            (undersized testes; lack of
                                                          resilience; decreased activity
                                                          of the germinal epithelium)
                                                        • Testicular atrophy (degeneration       • Possibly genetic; infection;      • 7 years or later
  Sexual behaviour is dependent upon stimuli              of former functional germinal            tumours
  transmitted through the neural centres of               epithelium)
  the lumbar portion of the spinal cord.
  Copulation failure (inadequate erection and           • Uneven testes size                     • Probably genetic and              • Congenital or later
  ejaculation) can be caused by anatomic
  defects of the sexual organs, by pain which           • Penile fracture                        • Forceful copulation with          • Injury
  prevents mounting or intromission,                                                               rupture and haemorrhage
  behavioural disturbances and structural
                                                        • Umbilical folds                        • Genetic may deflect penis          • Congenital but can be
  unsoundness (eg straight hind legs).                                                                                                 accentuated with injury and
                                                                                                                                       infections of the umbilical cord
                                                        • Prolapse of prepuce (lining of         • Genetic may also accompany        • Congenital or follows injury
  Certain congenital defects can lead to reduced          sheath hangs downward                    penile rupture due to injury
  reproduction performance. Penile tumours                externally)
  and abrasions can limit copulation due to pain.
                                                        • Phimosis (insufficient penile            • Genetic; retractor muscle         • Puberty
  Small testes are often accompanied by an                penetration)                             does not relax resulting in
  underdeveloped penis. Additionally, a bulls                                                      failure of sigmoid flexture to     • Injury or infection
  penis may be bent or spiral shaped which                                                         straighten at erection
  prevents vaginal penetration.                                                                  • Lesions and fibrous thickening
                                                                                                   of prepuce restricting full
  Much has been written about the need to                                                          movement
  avoid pendulous sheaths, however additional
  structural problems that should receive               • Corkscrew or spiral penis              • Unknown; prevents intromission    • Congenital
  similar attention include poorly structured
  and badly attached sheaths and particularly           • Penile tumours                         • Unknown                           • Anytime
  sheaths that have heavy navel folds.
106 September 2012
September 2012 107
    Brahman Week offers biggest
    numbers and best value
                                                                                                                                     by Lindel GREGGERY

    Cattle producers looking for an elite           Generous freight rebates apply to long                  The Milman-based stud will offer 13 coastal-
    stud sire or a practical herd improver          distance purchasers buying five or                      bred bulls in 2012, comprising seven greys
                                                    more bulls and rebates range from                       and six reds.
    should head to CQLX Gracemere on                $55 to $110 per head depending on the
    October 1, 2 and 3 for the mammoth                                                                      The greys sell as Lots 239-245, the pick
                                                    distance travelled.                                     being Lot 240, Batandra Mr Brandon. He is
    Rockhampton Brahman Week Sale.                                                                          an IVF son of JDH Brandon Manso (imp)
                                                    Catalogues are available from sale agents               and is from a JDH Karu Manso 800 (imp)
    A total of 916 bulls will enter the auction     Elders and Landmark or online at                        dam who goes back to JDH Mangum
    ring at Australia’s biggest and best value                                      Manso 146 (imp).
    Brahman sale, which kicks off at 8am on
    Monday, October 1, with 299 grey bulls.                                                                 Lot 245 is the Vendor’s Choice bull Batandra
                                                    BATANDR A CLOCK S UP 34                                 Mr Midas, a young sire with an impressive
    Day two sees a further 205 greys on offer,      YEARS OF SELLING AT RBWS                                pedigree, style and growth for age. He is
    followed by 117 red bulls. The sale concludes   Barry and Bev Hannam have been selling                  the first son of Eureka Creek Midas (by JDH
    on Wednesday with 302 reds.                     their Batandra bulls at Rockhamton                      Martin Manso) to be offered by the stud.
                                                    Brahman Week Sale since 1979.                                                                   110
    But don’t wait till Monday to head to the
    saleyards, as the action starts from 4pm
    on Sunday with the Rockhampton Brahman
    Week Charity Auction in support of the
    Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association
    Fund, Asthma Foundation and the Jeff
    McCamley Youth Development Fund.

    Sunday afternoon also sees a vendor’s
    choice promotion and a happy hour and
    barbecue at the saleyards.

    At last year’s sale, eager buyers took home
    818 head for an average price of $5483.
    While 13 bulls went for $22,000 or above,
    the mega-sale maintained its affordability
    for commercial buyers, with 52 percent
    of the of fering going for a median
    price of $4000.

    Eddie and Debbie Streeter, vendors of last
    year’s sale topper, $50,000 Fairy Springs
    Duracell, will again be selling at Brahman
    Week, this time offering five polled bulls      Barry Hannam, Batandra Brahmans, Milman is pictured with two bulls from their RBWS team - Lot 607
                                                    Batandra Jackson 4141 (P), a son of Pine Crest Victa (P) and Lot 605 Batandra Alister 4173 (AI) (P), son of
    by home-bred sires.                             Batandra Duracell (AI) (ET) (P)

108 September 2012
10 Se tember 2012
 08 September
108 September 2012
     ep e e
September 2012 109
    Brahman Week offers biggest numbers and best value

    Other sires represented in the grey draft
    are Lancefield D Lawler, and Brahrock Mr
    Karock who is by Karu Manso and out of a
    Mr V8 901/4 female. Dam lines include cows
    by the imports JDH Mangum Manso 146,
    JDH Mr Manso 855/8, Karu Manso and TWA
    Grande Bo 104.

    Batandra’s red draft sells as Lots 602-607
    and includes three polled bulls.

    The impressive Vendor’s Choice bull
    Batandra Jacques is “long, deep bodied,
    stands on good bone and will stamp his
    calves with quality,” Barry Hannam said.

    Lot 605, 606 and 607 are polled bulls by
    Batandra Duracell and Pine Crest Victa. Red
    sires Tartrus Redmount and Wandarri Elton
    and also represented in the Batandra draft.

    Mr Hannam said their red bulls were all out
    of dams by the polled sires Fairy Springs                Mike Peters, Bremer Vale Brahman stud, Mt Walker is pictued holding Bremer Vale Gardner Power Manso 237
                                                             (ET), who is Lot 215 in the ring at Rockhampton Brahman Week 2012, this outstanding bull will be the first
    Red Dollar and Long Acres Paul.                          Gardner to be sold out side the FBC company

    “Our bulls are bred and raised on coastal
    country to perform in harsh conditions and               Michael Peters said Bremer Vale Gardner Power          The stud is also offering two IVF bulls by
    excel on soft country,” he said.                         Manso 237 was their pick of the draft. The             JDH Mr Boswick Manso (imp). They are out
                                                             outstanding JDH Gardner Manso son was                  of PBF Britney Manso 558/5, who is by JDH
    FIRST JENSEN SONS FROM                                   supreme champion tropical breeds bull at               Palestimo R Manso (imp), and Gralei Lady
    BREMER VALE                                              Toogoolawah, Gatton and Rosewood shows                 Gran Manso, who is a daughter of JDH Mr
                                                             and won his class at Beef Australia 2012 and           Gran Manso 143/7 (imp).
    Bremer Vale Brahman stud at Mt Walker is                 the Nanango Brahman Feature Show.
    offering its first sons of FBC W Jensen De                                                                      Bremer Vale has been selling at Brahman
    Manso and JDH Gardner Manso (imp) at                     He is one of two bulls from leading                    Week for five years, achieving a best price
    Brahman Week.                                            donor female Bremer Vale Miss Power                    of $35,000 for Bremer Vale Boss Manso,
                                                             Empress 2nd who is by JDH Ebenezer                     who sold to Yenda stud. As well as having
    Vendors Michael and Jenelle Peters have                  Manso (imp). The other, Lot 216, Bremer                a success on the show circuit, the stud is
    catalogued four bulls on day one, selling                Vale Jensen Power Manso, is sired by FBC               excited to be offering its first IVF bulls at
    as Lots 215-218.                                         W Jensen De Manso.                                     Brahman Week this year.

                                                                                                                    FIRST POLLED BULLS FROM
                                                                                                                    Two sons of JME Mr Esto 28 (imp) will be
                                                                                                                    the first polled sons to be offered by Steve
                                                                                                                    and Theresa Taylor’s Clukan stud at Jambin.

                                                                                                                    The Taylors have catalogued eight bulls for
                                                                                                                    Brahman Week, headed by Clukan Esto
                                                                                                                    Power, who enters the ring as Lot 29.

                                                                                                                    “He has exceptional EBV’s, in the top five
                                                                                                                    percent, and displays plenty of length,
                                                                                                                    bone and growth for age, as well as having
                                                                                                                    a tidy underline,” Steve Taylor said.

                                                                                                                    “This polled bull will suit studmasters who
                                                                                                                    want the polled gene but don’t want to
                                                                                                                    sacrifice traits from the horned gene.”

                                                                                                                    Clukan Esto Power’s dam, Clukan Edwina
                                                                                                                    073, is the mother of the stud’s top polled
                                                                                                                    sire and has EBVs in the top one percent
    Theresa Taylor, Clukan Brahman stud, Jambin is pictured with their leading polled sire and their first Clukan
                                                                                                                    of the breed. Her progeny include the
    bred polled bull - Clukan Esto Power 223/1 which is Lot 29 selling in the RBWS ring early on Monday                                                    112
110 September 2012
September 2012 111
    Brahman Week offers biggest numbers and best value

    $44,000 Gympie Saleyard record priced                 The all grey draft offered by Tony, Joanne,           Jewel is also the dam of Lot 396, FBC Nitro
    female, Clukan Karla 141, who sold in 2007            Will and Tracey and Chris Fenech goes                 Manso, a full Hudgins sire prospect by the
    to Northern Vet Services, NT. She has also            under the hammer as Lot 178 and Lots                  JDH Gardner Manso (imp) son, FBC D
    produced two JDH Sir Tobe Manso (imp)                                                                       Charles De Manso.
    sons that averaged $15,750 at Brahman
    Week last year.                                                                                             The Wowan-based stud is offering its first
                                                          Tony Fenech said Lot 387 FBC Megatron
                                                                                                                sons of JDH Beto Manso 399/5, a bull they
    The Clukan draft also includes sons of                Manso was one of the most “complete”                  hand picked from Hudgins Ranch.
    Lancefield A Kingsbury and the JDH imports            bulls the stud had bred, and was out of a
    Madison De Manso, Mr Deeds Manso and                  “powerful” cow.                                       “We’re really excited about his progeny,
    Wellington Manso.                                                                                           they are very good bulls,” Mr Fenech said.
                                                          “He’s a complete bull, he’s got a beautiful
    The Taylors have been selling at Brahman                                                                    Sure to attract attention is a half brother
                                                          head, ample bone and he’s loaded with
    Week for 24 years, achieving the top sale                                                                   to FBC Jacko who sold for a record price
                                                          muscle,” Mr Fenech said.                              of $90,000 at the 2006 Brahman Week Sale.
    average on two occasions. Last year they
    sold 11 bulls under the Clukan prefix for an                                                                He is Lot 389, FBC Scotty Manso, who is
                                                          Megatron is by popular sire JDH Modelo
    average of $12,318, while the Taylor                                                                        out of FBC D Miss Bonny Jo Manso 392 and
                                                          Manso 268/5 (imp) and his dam, FBC D Miss             by JDH Boettcher Manso.
    Partnership’s Clukan T prefix achieved the
    best sale average of $16,125 for four head.           Jewel De Manso, is the mother of $60,000
    Their 2011 RBWS lineup included the                   FBC Harrison, $60,000 FBC Constable and               The Fenechs are also offering one full
    second top priced grey, Clukan T Trademark,           $35,000 FBC Agassi.                                   brother and two half brothers to their
    which sold for $37,500 to Yoman stud.                                                                       exciting young sire FBC Eton, who is doing
                                                          As well as an impeccable pedigree,                    a good job in the stud.
    FBC RETURNS TO BRAHMAN                                Megatron is a show champion, being
                                                                                                                Other sires represented in the FBC draft
    WEEK WITH 26 GREYS                                    awarded the senior and grand bull                     include FBC D Mr Arnie Manso, FBC D
    After a four year absence from Brahman                championship and supreme Brahman                      Jacko De Manso and imports JDH Mr Echo
    Week, FBC stud returns with 26 head                   championship at Marlborough Feature                   Manso, JDH Madison De Manso and
    including three polled bulls.                         Show, judged by Matt McCamley.                        Mr V8 51/6.

    Tony, Chris and young Harrison Fenech check on FBC D Charles De Manso 696, sire of 6 of the FBC Brahman Week sale team. FBC stud at Wowan is offering 26 greys
    at the sale

112 September 2012
September 2012 113
    Brahman Week offers biggest numbers and best value

    Scott and Geoff Angel will offer 14 head
    under their Glengarry and Glengarry G
    prefixes at Brahman Week.

    The lineup from the Kunwarara-based stud
    includes the first five sons of show
    champion Glengarry Sub Zero and the first
    three sons of Lancefield Roland Manso.

    “Sub Zero progeny won ribbons at Beef
    2012 plus running second in the Sire
    Progeny Group,” Scott Angel said.

    “We’re also offering two sons of show
    champion Glengarry Winchester, whose
    son Glengarry G Touchdown also had
    success in the show ring.”

    Mr Angel said he believed that Lot 189
    Glengarry Brooklyn Manso was the best
    bull they have ever prepared for Brahman
    Week. The full Hudgins son of Lancefield
    Roland Manso is out of a Be Os cow by JDH
    Elliot Manso (imp SA).
                                                           Scott Angel, Glengarry & Glengarry G Brahmans, Kunwarara is pictured with stud champion Glengarry Sub
    “ H e h a s co r re c t s t r u c t u re, g reat       Zero, their Rockhampton Brahman Week team includes five of his sons - Lots 175, 186, 187, 188 and 194
    co nfo r m at i o n, sire a p p ea l, g o o d
    temperament and comes from a very
    good family line of full Hudgins females,”             “All dam lines are from our top families that         POLLED REDS FROM MALABAR
    he said.                                               have produced good consistent stock for               Two polled red bulls will be offered at
                                                           us.” Mr Angel said.                                   Brahman Week from Tim and Alison Krause’s
    Their other Vendor’s Choice bull, Lot 190
    Glengarry First Rate, has very smooth                  The Glengarry G bulls enter the ring as Lots          Malabar stud at Marburg, in their third year
    muscling, good structure and plenty of                 174-177 and the Glengarry bulls from Lots             of selling in Rockhampton.
    sire appeal.                                           186-195. All will have BREEDPLAN figures.             Lot 573 Malabar Red Prince is an impressive
                                                                                                                 young bull with great growth and beef traits.
    The Glengarry draft also features sons of              The Angels have been selling at Brahman               He is by Tartrus Redmount and goes back
    Glengarry Impression, Glengarry McMaster               Week for 21 years, their bulls peaking                to Tartrus King Ferdinand on both sides.
    Manso and Kenrol Prudential.                           at $47,500.
                                                                                                                 Lot 574 Tartrus Shamus is by Edenglassie
                                                                                                                 Magnum, and Shamus’ dam Roseborough
                                                                                                                 Skye 1243 is the mother of two Malabar
                                                                                                                 bulls that made $12,000 and $10,000 at
                                                                                                                 Brahman Week last year.
                                                                                                                 “She is one of our foundation cows and has
                                                                                                                 performed extremely well both naturally
                                                                                                                 and via ET and IVF,” Tim Krause said.
                                                                                                                 He said Shamus was a pink nosed bull that
                                                                                                                 had tested in the top one percent for
                                                                                                                 tenderness. The soft, well-muscled future
                                                                                                                 sire is also in the top five percent for feed
                                                                                                                 efficiency and is poll tested PH.
                                                                                                                 Mr Krause said the stud was continuing to
                                                                                                                 build its breeder herd, focusing on fertility
                                                                                                                 and efficiency.
                                                                                                                 “We have some great looking weaners on
                                                                                                                 the ground by one of our 2011 sale bulls
                                                                                                                 and we were very pleased with how well
    Tim and Alison Krause, Malabar, Murgon, are offering two red bulls at Brahman week, Malabar Red Prince, by   our bulls sold last year.”
    Tartrus Redmount, and Malabar Shamus by Edenglassie Manum. Pictured is Lot 574 Malabar Shamus (AI) (P)                                           116
114 September 2012
September 2012 115
    Brahman Week offers biggest numbers and best value

    FIRST SIDELONG SONS FOR                               and Kandoona Sidestep who was the top                 “He is a well balanced bull with a strong
    SALE FROM MT CALLAN                                   priced bull at RBWS in 2004, at $48,000.              sirey polled head and impeccable
    The first sons of $34,000 Kandoona Sidelong                                                                 temperament,” they said.
                                                          Mr Sorley said Mt Callan 18/05, the dam of
    will go up for sale as part of the all red draft      Lot 656, Mt Callan Leichardt, was an                  Manipulator is by Mt Callan Govenor, and
    from Mt Callan stud, Dalby.                                                                                 his grand-dam is the mother of Muan
                                                          excellent breeder and had been flushed
                                                          to Kandoona Sidestep because of her high              Hercules who sold for $50,000 at Brahman
    Noel, Manny and Scott Sorley are offering
                                                          fertility, good udder and type.                       Week in 2007.
    16 bulls including 10 polled bulls and one
    homozygous poll.                                                                                            Lot 730, Muan A Max, is another young bull
                                                          “Leichardt’s grand-dam was sold at 19 years
                                                          of age after weaning her fifteenth natural            of note, being a half-brother to Muan A
    They sell on Wednesday from Lots 653-668                                                                    Indus who sold for $25,000 at RBWS in 2008.
    and include Mt Callan Leon, a polled son              calf. His sire, Kandoona Sidestep, produced
    of Kandoona Sidelong.                                 our top priced bull which sold for $55,000            Several bulls in this year’s draft are out of
                                                          in 2007.”                                             leading donor dams Muan 1697 and 1698,
    Noel Sorley said Leon had the potential to                                                                  both by Tartrus Redmount, and Muan 1660,
    be a great stud sire.                                 Lot 661 Mt Callan Lockwood has been
                                                                                                                who is by Lanes Creek Red Ranger. These
                                                          tested to be a homozygous poll and
                                                                                                                cows all share a common dam, Muan 1208,
    “He displays many top attributes including            is also sure to attract plenty of attention
                                                                                                                who is known as Wonder Woman because
    good bone, thickness, topline and a polly             from red buyers.
                                                                                                                of her good results in the stud’s IVF
    head, as well as a very tidy sheath and
                                                                                                                and ET programs. Bulls from this dam line
    wonderful temperament,” Mr Sorley said.
                                                          NINE POLLED BULLS IN                                  have been very successful at Brahman
    Leon is a maternal half brother to Mt Callan          16-HEAD DRAFT FROM MUAN                               Week sales.
    Jed who sold to Palmvale stud in 2010                 Muan studmasters Len and Peter Gibbs
                                                                                                                Other sires represented in this year’s draft
    for $32,500.                                          will offer 16 reds including nine polled bulls
                                                                                                                include the South African import NCC
                                                          at Rockhampton Brahman Week Sale.
    “Lot 660, Mt Callan Lincoln, is another                                                                     Mboma, Huonfels Jacob Rio, Muan A
    very quiet, rich red polled bull showing              The bulls, which sell under the Muan                  Ironman, Muan A Jackpot, Valuce Red Prince
    great potential.”                                     and Muan A prefixes, are catalogued as                and Muan Goliath 1700.
                                                          Lots 726-741.                                         The Biggenden-based stud has been
    The main sire represented in the Mt Callan
    draft is Mt Callan Hotshot, with five polled          The Gibbs brothers said Lot 726, Muan A               selling bulls at Brahman Week for more
    sons on offer. Other sires include Lancefield                                                               than 20 years.
                                                          Manipulator, was the standout bull in the
    D Nixon, NCC Valet, Mt Callan Sideburn,               quality draft.                                                                                     118

    Manny Sorley, Mt Callan Brahmans, Dalby is pictured with their red team of 16 bulls, including 10 polled, heading for the ring at the 2012 Rockhampton Brahman
    Week Sale

116 September 2012
September 2012 117
    Brahman Week offers biggest numbers and best value

    POLLED RED GENETICS IN                                   Those looking for polled bulls should                  “He carries a strong sirey head and an
    NESLO DRAFT                                              consider Lots 796 and 797, by the large                excellent sheath and is a good doing sire,
                                                             framed Alma Erik and out of dams by                    full of meat. A big bonus is that he was
    Andy and Marg Olsen are offering 12 bulls
                                                             Billabong Prince.                                      born a very small calf,” Mrs Mifsud said.
    at Brahman Week from their Neslo
    stud, Taroom. The all red draf t is                      The stud is also selling the first progeny of          The stud made a strong Brahman Week
    catalogued as Lots 793 to 804, on                        LB Mr Derringer Manso (imp).                           debut last year, their bulls peaking at
    Wednesday, October 3.                                                                                           $23,500 and averaging $13,000.
                                                             All are quiet natured bulls and have been
    Marg Olsen said: “Last year we believed                  prepared mainly on buffel grass and
    the bulls were overall the best draft of red             leucaena over the past couple of years.
                                                                                                                    SENATOR HEADS THE ALL RED
    sires we had offered for some time.
                                                                                                                    ROCKLEY DRAFT
    However this year we consider they are                   “The bulls all come from fertile dam lines,            Vendors Chris, Sally and Ashley Kirk, Rockley
    even better, as they make up a more evenly               as we aim to produce fertile functional                stud, Bajool, have catalogued 11 reds for
    matched group, all displaying depth, length              cattle to suit any market,” Marg said.                 Brahman Week.
    and well developed beef characteristics.”                                                                       Four of the team are polled and the quality
                                                             For more information visit
                                                                                          line of bulls will be offered for sale as
    She said the stud’s focus was increasingly
                                                                                                                    Lots 812-822.
    on polled genetics as well as tenderness
    and temperament.                                         STRONG SECOND YEAR HOPES                               The family has high hopes for Lot 812,
                                                             FOR RADELLA                                            Rockley Senator 2909.
    “At Beef 2012, we had three good-natured
                                                             Robert and Margot Mifsud will be offering
    young polled bulls on display by a sire in                                                                      “He is a big upstanding cherry red son of
                                                             bulls from their Radella stud at Sarina for
    the top five percent for tenderness.                     the second year at Brahman Week.                       NCC Essex,” Chris Kirk said.

    “In our draft for Brahman Week, we have                                                                         “Senator was shown at Beef 2012 and is
                                                             The four greys go under the hammer as
    six polled/scurred bulls, and of the two                                                                        out of an impressive Redmount cow with
                                                             Lots 474-477 and are sired by JDH Modelo
    which were tested, one is in the top                                                                            a terrific udder. He displays plenty of bone
                                                             Manso 268/5 (imp) and JDH Nieto De Manso
    10 percent and one in the top five percent                                                                      for a polled bull and carries loads of breed
                                                             646/3 (imp). All are ET progeny of
    for tenderness.”                                                                                                character and looseness.”
                                                             FBC R Samantha Manso, who is by Nieto
                                                             De Manso.                                              In addition to Senator, there are six other
    Additional gene testing results will be
    available at the sale.                                                                                          first sons of $50,000 NCC Essex to go
                                                             Margot Mifsud said they had sold six full              under the hammer as part of the Rockley
                                                             brothers by Modelo Manso and out of                    sale team.
    Nelso’s draft includes four sons of Billabong
                                                             Samantha Manso for an average of $11,416.
    Campbell, whose four sons averaged
                                                                                                                    Other sires represented in this year’s draft
    $19,000 in 2008. Progeny of Cambell’s sons,              Her pick of the Rockhampton draft is                   are NCC Kwai and Rockley Adidas. The
    Nelso Patriot, a dark red polled sire, and               Lot 475, Radella Ben Manso 378,                        Rockley team also features some notable
    Neslo Caliber, a red nosed scurred bull, will            who is “not extreme anywhere, but                      dam lines.
    also be up for grabs.                                    exceptional everywhere.”
                                                                                                                    “Our first two bulls in the draft are out
                                                                                                                    of exceptional Redmount females,”
                                                                                                                    Mr Kirk said.

                                                                                                                    Rockley Senator 2909 is out of Rockley
                                                                                                                    2389, and Lot 813, Rockley Receptor 2910,
                                                                                                                    is out of Rockley 2393.

                                                                                                                    “Both dams are big, polled cows with
                                                                                                                    excellent udders and are sired by JDH
                                                                                                                    Datapack whose females have left a mark
                                                                                                                    on the industry.”

                                                                                                                    Recent highlights for Rockley have included
                                                                                                                    the purchase of two bulls last year in
                                                                                                                    partnership with Ooline Brahmans: $15,000
                                                                                                                    NCC Sabre, who is by Topline General,
                                                                                                                    and $40,000 NCC Diplomat, by JDH Mr
                                                                                                                    Elmo Manso (imp).

                                                                                                                    Rockley has been selling at RBWS since its
                                                                                                                    inception, recording a top of $60,000
                                                                                                                    in 2008 for the Tartrus Redmount son
    Christopher Mifsud, Radella, Sarina, looks over Radella Ben Manso 378, one of four bulls being offered by the   Rockley 2391.
    family at Brahman Week                                                                                                                               120
118 September 2012
September 2012 119
    Brahman Week offers biggest numbers and best value

    Rosewood Hill Brahmans, based at Greens
    Creek via Gympie, will be offering three
    red bulls at Rockhampton Brahman Week
    Sale, catalogued as Lots 833-835.

    It is the first time the stud, run by Andrew
    Newcombe and daughter Tiffany, has
    offered bulls at Rockhampton.

    Pick of the draft is Vendor’s Choice bull, Lot
    833, Rosewood Hill Dazzler. Dazzler is a
    pink nosed, clean polled bull with lots of
    sire appeal.

    “This bull has great length and depth as
    well as a tidy sheath and great testicular
    development,” Andrew Newcombe said.

    “He is out of one of our top donor cows,
    Reldarah Bree, a Roseborough L Red Monte
    daughter. His sire, Fairy Springs Dazzler, is           New vendor Andrew Newcombe, Richmond Hill stud, Gympie will be offering three red bulls at Brahman Week
    rated seven stars for tenderness by the
    Genestar rating.”

    Mr Newcombe said two full sisters to                    HUDGINS-BLOOD GREYS FROM                              of 39cm. Apache is currently in the ABBA
    Dazzler have been retained in the stud and              SHA ANN                                               BIN Project. The growthy bull has also
    are both donor prospects.                                                                                     performed well in the show ring and was
                                                            Sha Ann Brahmans, Traveston, have
                                                                                                                  the supreme champion Brahman and
    Also included in their draft is Rosewood                catalogued three grey bulls for RBWS this
                                                                                                                  interbreed runner-up at the Gympie Show
    Hill Windsor, a polled bull featuring                   year, to go under the hammer as Lots 37-39.
                                                                                                                  in May.
    imported blood and a double cross of
                                                            Vendors David and Robyn Raymont have
    Tartrus Redmount.                                                                                             Another draft pick is the two-year-old JDH
                                                            flagged Lot 37, Sha Ann Apache Gold, as
                                                                                                                  Sir Shank Manso 51/7 (imp) son, Sha Ann
    The scurred bull Rosewood Hill Mr Texan                 the one to watch.                                     Rolling Thunder, who boasts impressive
    will also go under the hammer, and is by                                                                      growth and muscling.
    a Redmount grandson and out of a                        “Apache Gold is an upstanding sire type
    Lancefield D Diamontina cow.                            of excellent breed character and quality,”            Both of these bulls are out of daughters of
                                                            David Raymont said.                                   the stud’s leading female, BCK Ele Wattle
    The stud is sourcing quality females and
                                                            The 32-month-old PBF Hennessy Manso                   Manso 145, whose progeny have sold for
    using embr yo transfer as a way of
                                                                                                                  up to $20,000.
    expanding the herd, with the focus on                   son weighs in at 1002kg with an eye muscle
    breeding high quality polled red Brahmans.              area of 137 sq cm and a scrotal circumference         “We think highly of her as she breeds quality
                                                                                                                  every time, no matter what sire you use.
                                                                                                                  All of her offspring have been Royal
                                                                                                                  Show winners.”

                                                                                                                  All BCK Ele Wattle 145 females have been
                                                                                                                  retained in the stud and have bred on.

                                                                                                                  Their third bull for RBWS, Lot 39 Sha Ann
                                                                                                                  Roll the Dice, is by Mr V8 900/4 and is
                                                                                                                  out of a Droonoodoo cow by FBC D
                                                                                                                  Boston Manso.

                                                                                                                  The stud has had a successful year,
                                                                                                                  taking home a handful of ribbons and
                                                                                                                  plenty of great feedback on their cattle
                                                                                                                  from Beef 2012.

                                                                                                                  Sha Ann has been selling at RBWS for five
                                                                                                                  years with a top price of $20,000 recorded
                                                                                                                  in 2008 for Sha Ann Ele Wise Man, who
                                                                                                                  sold to Carinya stud.
    Sha Ann Brahmans, Traveston are selling three quality grey bulls this year, pictured is RBWS Lot 37 Sha Ann
    Apache Gold and is one to watch                                                                                                                      122
120 September 2012
September 2012 121
    Brahman Week offers biggest numbers and best value

    Six greys featuring Hudgins genetics will
    be offered at Brahman Week under the
    Solo and Solo F prefixes.

    Matthew and Fiona Noakes and Dave and
    Marie Simpson are offering sons of imports
    JDH Sir Alamo Manso, JDH Sir Winston
    Manso and JDH Sir Riddell Manso.

    They are catalogued as Lots 200-205,
    with the pick of the draft being Lot 200
    Solo F Chester.

    Chester is an “exceptionally long and
    smooth” two-year-old son of JDH Sir Alamo
    Manso whose progeny are only just coming
    onto the market in Australia.

    “Chester’s brother sold for $10,000 to
    Nogoa Pastoral Co, a repeat buyer of Solo
    bulls, at last year’s Brahman Week,”                    Donna Taylor, TMB stud, Goomeri, is pictured with TMB Neptune De Manso, catalogued as Lot 462 for Brahman
    Matthew Noakes said.                                    Week. The stud is offering four greys at the sale

    “His dam, Solo F Miss Amethyst 1505, is the
    best cow in our stud. We flushed her for                QUALITY RED GENETICS FROM                             His dam, Stockman Miss Fifi, is by Tartrus
    the first time last year and are very pleased           STOCKMAN                                              Redmount and has been the stud’s most
    to have five ET pregnancies from her due                Chris McCarthy will offer six red bulls at            successful home-bred cow, with 10 progeny
    this season,” he said.                                  Brahman Week from his Lockyer Valley-                 sold to average more than $6000.
                                                            based Stockman stud.                                  Lot 869, Stockman Red Man, and Lot 874,
    Lot 204, Solo Riverina 44, is out of $20,000
    Clukan Riverdance 2nd, who is by JDH                    Catalogued as Lots 869-874, the standout              Stockman Matlock, are out of the stud’s
    Navasota 55/1 (imp). Lot 205, Solo Victor               of the draft is Lot 870 Stockman Mr Rouge,            top donor female, $17,000 Lancefield
    42, is also out of a Navasota female and is             by Mr JS Rouge 493/5 Red Neck (imp).                  Matilda who produced the top priced heifer
    by JDH Riddell Manso (imp).                                                                                   at the 2012 Fassifern Female Sale.
                                                            The cherry red polled bull exhibits a lovely
    The stud is very happy with their progeny               softness, excellent feet and legs, good               Lot 872, Stockman Mr Blue Rouge, is a fully
    of JDH Sir Winston Manso, who has four                  sheath and testicles and a “bomb proof”               imported American embryo by top sire HK
    sons catalogued.                                        temperament, Chris McCarthy said.                     Blueprint (imp) and out of Miss JS Rouge
                                                                                                                  489/5 (imp) who is a full sister to international
                                                                                                                  champion Red Neck.

                                                                                                                  Stockman Mr Impressive, Lot 873, is out of
                                                                                                                  Palmvale Fontenot Girl, a full sister to
                                                                                                                  $44,000 Palmvale Dynamic, who was
                                                                                                                  purchased by Tartrus.

                                                                                                                  Other sires represented in the Stockman
                                                                                                                  2012 draft include Mr Winchester Magnum
                                                                                                                  999 (imp), Lancefield D Impression and
                                                                                                                  Rockley 1650.

                                                                                                                   SUPERB FEMALE BLOODLINES
                                                                                                                   IN TMB DRAFT
                                                                                                                  Grandsons of the record priced $60,000
                                                                                                                  female, FBC D Lady Lyn Manso, feature in
                                                                                                                  the four head RBWS draft from Paul and
                                                                                                                  Donna Taylor’s TMB stud, Goomeri.

                                                                                                                  The greys enter the ring as Lots 462-465,
                                                                                                                  led by TMB Neptune De Manso who is
                                                                                                                  described as having “great temperament,
    Jessie Noakes, Solo F stud, Marlborough shows the quiet nature of Lot 200 Solo F Chester, who is by JDH Sir   good muscling and a tidy underline.”
    Alamo Manso (imp)                                                                                                                                  124
122 September 2012
September 2012 123
    Brahman Week offers biggest numbers and best value

    Another standout is Lot 463, TMB Alpha De
    Manso, who is a soft, easy doing bull with
    good bone and an excellent temperament.

    All bulls are by JDH Alamo Manso 126/7
    (imp) and JDH Sir Luigi Manso 434/7 (imp)
    and are the first grandsons of FBC D Lady
    Lyn Manso to be offered for sale.

    Lady Lyn Manso was purchased at the
    Wilangi sale in 2006 and her daughters are
    performing extremely well in the stud’s
    IVF and ET programs.

    The TMB prefix, which stands for Taylor
    Made Brahmans, sold in Rockhampton for
    the first time last year, peaking at $22,500.

    CHAMPION GENETICS FROM                               Clint Whitaker, Whitaker stud, Mundbubbera, with two bulls by ABBA Sire of the Year Eureka Creek Marksman,
    WHITAKER                                             to be offered at Brahman Week

    Exhibitors of this year’s grand champion
    bull at the “Ekka”, Clint and Robyn Whitaker,        outstanding results,” Clint Whitaker said.             Whitaker stud has been selling at Brahman
    will be offering four bulls at Brahman Week                                                                 Week for five years, achieving a best result
    including one of their top ribbon winners.           “This line is fertile and offering this red sale       of $16,000 in 2011 for Whitaker Redmount.
                                                         bull gives an opportunity to acquire
    Lot 848, Whitaker Mr Pumpkin Magnate 1,              this fertility.”                                       The stud has had a very successful year in
    was the junior champion bull at Beef                                                                        the show ring, culminating in Whitaker Mr
    Australia 2012, where he weighed in at               The Mundubbera-based stud is selling                   Avo being named senior and grand champion
    790kg at 18 months, with an eye muscle               three greys, as Lots 297-299, led by Whitaker          bull in Brisbane. The prefix collected a swag
    area of 126 sq cm.                                   Mr 373 who is the first bull to be offered             of championships at 16 shows including the
                                                         at auction by Register of Renown and 2011              bull and female grand championships at
    Pumpkin Magnate is the sole red in the               Sire of the Year, Eureka Creek Marksman.               Nanango Brahman Feature Show, where
    draft and is the first progeny of Whitaker                                                                  they also took home the interbreed
    Miss Pumpkin Dot Com to be offered for               “This is a sire prospect with plenty of power          championships and supreme exhibit award.
    sale. She was the Beef 2009 calf champion            and red meat, in a very correct package.               Other wins included the reserve senior bull
    female and the 2009 Brisbane junior                  We strongly considered retaining this bull             championship at Beef Australia 2012; supreme
    champion female, and is out of the Register          in our herd,” Mr Whitaker said.                        exhibits at Toowoomba, Bundaberg and
    of Renown and three times ABBA Dam of                                                                       Rockhampton; and the interbreed breeder’s
    the Year Whitaker Maggie.                            Lot 299, Whitaker Ronald, placed fourth in
                                                                                                                group at Bell Show.
                                                         his class at Beef Australia 2012 is by resident
    “Whitaker Maggie has been naturally                  sire Garwin 1199 who sired this year’s
    mated, artificially inseminated, embryo              Toowoomba Royal Show large breeds                      LARGE LINEUP OF REDS FROM
    transferred and in vitro fertilised, with            interbreed champion bull, Whitaker Yogi.               YOMAN
                                                                                                                Sixteen reds from Stewart and Stephanie
                                                                                                                Nobbs’ Yoman stud at Moura will take to
                                                                                                                the sale ring at RBWS.

                                                                                                                They go up for auction as Lots 694-709
                                                                                                                and include sons of NCC Ability, NCC
                                                                                                                Mashaba (imp ET), Abbotsford Acta and
                                                                                                                Broadlea Evermount.

                                                                                                                Lot 701, Yoman 77/0, is the vendor’s
                                                                                                                favourite, described as being “structurally
                                                                                                                correct with a strong topline, plenty of
                                                                                                                length and a good red colour”.

                                                                                                                The stud has been selling at Brahman
                                                                                                                Week for 25 years, achieving a top
                                                                                                                price of $44,000.

                                                                                                                At Beef Australia 2012 a pen of 10 Yoman
                                                                                                                steers placed third in Class 8 for export
                                                                                                                steers 560-740kg with a maximum of
    Stewart Nobbs, Yoman, Moura, checks on Yoman 77/0 who goes under the hammer as Lot 701 at Brahman Week      four teeth.
124 September 2012
September 2012 125
126 September 2012
September 2012 127
    Tackling delayed puberty
    in Brahmans                                                                                                From Beef Bulletin Q1 - 2012
                                                                                                                   BEEF CRC PUBLICATION
    Research shows genes associated               weaning of calves and supplementary            Ms Fortes studied veterinary science as an
    with late-onset puberty in heifers            feeding can be implemented, the poorer         undergraduate at the University of Sao
                                                  reproductive rates now represent a major       Paulo in Brazil, and came to Australia in
    are also the same as those associated                                                        2008 with husband Laercio Porto Neto,
                                                  inefficiency for the beef industry.
    with late-onset puberty in bulls. This                                                       who had won a PhD scholarship to work
    means that selecting either bulls or          Beef CRC and CSIRO PhD researcher Marina       with Dr Bill Barendse at the Beef CRC.
    heifers for earlier puberty will              Fortes says the major beef breed in
                                                  Australia’s north, the Brahman, is much        Initially she worked for a year as a research
    also reduce age at puberty in their                                                          assistant in the Animal Genetics Laboratory
                                                  better adapted than the taurine breeds to
    half-sibs                                     high temperatures and humidity, parasites      (AGL) at the University of Queensland,
                                                  such as ticks, worms and buffalo flies and     before successfully applying to also
    There are major differences in cattle                                                        undertake PhD studies with the Beef CRC,
    reproductive rates in northern and southern   seasonally poor pasture quality during the
                                                  dry seasons.                                   supported by Meat and Livestock Australia.
    Australia, in part because the hardy Bos
    indicus breeds that dominate beef                                                            Delayed puberty in Brahman and Tropical
                                                  Under these conditions Brahman bull calves
    production in the tropics reproduce more                                                     Composite breeds, in combination with
                                                  typically do not reach puberty before 18
    slowly than the temperate Bos taurus                                                         the harsh production conditions, means
                                                  to 24 months of age, much later than the
    breeds, particularly when they are suckling                                                  most Brahman cows do not produce their
                                                  taurine breeds. Tropical composite breeds
    a calf.                                                                                      first calves until they are at least three
                                                  like Belmont Red, Charbray, Santa Gertrudis,
                                                                                                 years old.
    In the harsh tropical environments where      Brahman crossbreds and Senepol,
    these breeds evolved, this was a desirable    comprising various admixtures of indicus       Ms Fortes is passionate about her research,
    survival mechanism to ensure survival of      and taurine genes and grazed at                because of its potential to boost the
    the breed. However under current              pasture in the tropics also reach puberty      productivity of the beef industry in
    production systems in northern Australia,     later than British bulls reare d in            northern Australia, and in other tropical
    where management practices such as            temperate environments.                        areas throughout the world.

128 September 2012
128 September 2012
 2 September
128 September 2012
     eptem e
September 2012 129
    Tackling delayed puberty in Brahmans

    Her research has confirmed that some of          Ms For tes says the genes cluster                    Each key gene will contain at least one
    the genes associated with late-onset             within a 2-megabase (2 million DNA                   unique variation (a marker) in its DNA
    puberty in heifers are also the same as          “letters”) region of chromosome 14, where            sequence that distinguishes it from all other
    those associated with late-onset puberty         the SNPs used for genotyping are too                 variants of the same gene: i.e. the mutation
    in bulls. This means that selecting either       sparse to indicate which of the genes is
    bulls or heifers for earlier puberty will also                                                        that originally caused the functional change
                                                     the key player in early puberty. So the
    reduce age at puberty in their half-sibs.                                                             contributing to early puberty. A gene-
                                                     researchers are re-analysing the region
                                                     with the high-resolution 800K SNP chip to            testing kit to detect these markers will allow
    Marina says reducing the age of puberty
                                                     see if they can pinpoint the exact gene              breeders to screen their breeding line for
    in Bos indicus and crossbred bulls to less
    than 12 months has potential to improve          causing the differences between animals              animals carrying the gene variants once
    productivity, reduce production costs, and,      in age at puberty.                                   they are identified.
    by shortening the generation interval,
    accelerate rates of genetic gain for other       The X chromosome is another hotspot                  Ms Fortes says the impact on herd
    desirable traits. But achieving rapid gains      for earlypuberty genes, especially genes             reproduction rates from these advances
    requires a radically new breeding strategy,      that inf luence sperm qualit y and
                                                                                                          in genomics will not be immediate.
    based on highprecision genomics.                 s c ro t u m c i rc u m f e re n ce, a n o t h e r
                                                                                                          But beef producers in northern Australia
                                                     predictor of early puberty. “It’s funny to
    “As part of my PhD project, I used data          think that the female chromosome is                  will benefit as superior herd bulls selected
    from two herds of cows bred by the Beef          associated with male reproductive                    for early puberty and high fertility
    CRC, one comprising 843 Brahmans and             traits, but this is what we found,”                  progressively increase the calf output in
    the other 866 Tropical Composite cows,”          Ms Fortes said.                                      their herds.
    Marina said. “CRC researchers

    from the Animal Genetics and Breeding
    Unit (AGBU) had previously found there
                                                      USING THE 800K CHIP
    was a large variation in the age of puberty,      Genomics, the study of the organisation and function of a species’ full DNA sequence, allows
    particularly in Brahman heifers, indicating       molecular geneticists to pinpoint the very source of the differences between individuals of
    strong potential for genetic improvement          the same species, or breed.
    They had also found that age at puberty
    was highly heritable and related to other         Most genetic variation between individuals of the same species, or breed, traces to tiny
    traits such as weight gain and body               differences in DNA sequence which subtly alter the function of the protein encoded by a gene,
    composition traits.”                              or change the way the gene functions. Most of these variations involve single nucleotide
                                                      polymorphisms (SNPs – pronounced “snips”): single-letter substitutions that accumulate
    “In addition to this field data, the CRC used
    the Illumina 50K SNP chip to genotype             over evolutionary timescales through mutation.
    each animal.”                                     Genomics technology company Illumina’s BovineSNP50 chip carries an array of 50,000 short
    More recently, Beef CRC researchers used          DNA sequences from the spectrum of known SNPs from individual cattle. Beef CRC researchers
    the Illumina 800K SNP chip to screen              have used it to screen the DNA of more than 10,000 animals in a technique called a genome-
    selected Brahman and Tropical Composite           wide association study, or GWAS.
    cows, as well as some bull calves born to
    the Brahman cows. Ms Fortes then cross-           Whenever a DNA sequence on the chip detects a matching sequence in the DNA of one of the
    matched their SNP data with 22 measured           cows or bulls in the sample herd, the tiny patch of the chip carrying that SNP changes colour,
    traits recorded as part of the AGBU analyses      confirming the cow has inherited that particular variation in the DNA sequence.
    to identify candidate genes for early puberty.
                                                      The chip reveals which variants or “alleles” of the DNA sequence every animal has inherited
    She found several SNP markers on                  in 50,000 spots (SNPs). This reflects the extent to which the animals have inherited the same
    chromosome 14 that were associated with           gene variants.
    the concentration of growth-promoting
    Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF1) in blood      Checking shared SNP alleles against measurements of the full range of different carcase and
    samples of both the experimental bulls            meat quality, feed efficiency and reproduction traits in the test herds reveals associations
    and heifers.                                      between a particular trait, and particular SNPs that occur at high frequency in animals
                                                      exhibiting the desirable aspect of the trait.
    Cattle chromosome 14 turned out to be
    highly prospective: it carried several            The location of every SNP on the chip is known accurately, from a chromosomal map of the
    candidate genes for early puberty, known          cattle genome. When several SNP alleles from the same region of a particular chromosome
    rather cryptically as PLAG1, XKR4, MOS and        consistently appear in animals that for example, reach puberty early but not in animals with
                                                      delayed puberty, geneticists know an anonymous gene involved in early puberty lies nearby.
    PLAG1 is a transcription factor gene – a          The closer the SNP to the desirable gene variant, the more likely they are to be inherited
    master regulator gene – that may control
    serum levels of IGF1. The PENK gene codes
                                                      together. Rarely, a SNP marker will actually lie within the gene of interest, so its presence
    for an opioid receptor in the brain, known        guarantees the animal carries the “gold standard” allele of the gene. It is ready-made for
    to be associated with fertility, while mice       inclusion in a commercial gene-testing kit to rapidly identify animals with the potential to
    lacking a functional MOS gene are infertile.      produce early-breeding progeny.
130 September 2012
September 2012 131
                                              J udging
                                                   R esults
                                            PLACING EXHIBITOR                                        ANIMAL
    Class 1 Heifer 6 and under 9 months        1    SR & TM Taylor                   Clukan White Diamond 239/2
    Class 1 Heifer 6 and under 9 months        2    Wallton Downs Brahman Stud               Wallton Downs Juno
    Class 1 Heifer 6 and under 9 months        3    Olive Brahmans                         Olive Madam Butterfly
    Class 1 Heifer 6 and under 9 months        4    Dunn Family                         Kamir Siena Marie Manso
    Class 1 Heifer 6 and under 9 months        5    Pola Bear Brahmans                         Pola Bear Darlene
    Class 2 Heifers 9 and under 12 months      1    Hamdenvale Brahman Stud           Hamdenvale Duchess 699/1
    Class 2 Heifers 9 and under 12 months      2    Tim & Lynette Olive                  Apis Creek Lady Melissa
    Class 2 Heifers 9 and under 12 months      3    Ken & Wendy Cole                      Kenrol Lady Kayla 2552
    Class 2 Heifers 9 and under 12 months      4    Sha Ann Brahmans                      Sha Ann Miss Bonny Jo
    Class 2 Heifers 9 and under 12 months      5    El Mariah Red Brahmans                El Mariah Lady Vera 976
    Class 3 Heifer 12 and under 15 months      1    Elrose Brahmans                        Elrose Miss Didor 9314
    Class 3 Heifer 12 and under 15 months      2    John Kirk & Co.                   Carinya Miss Sophie 11/996
    Class 3 Heifer 12 and under 15 months      3    A & R Olive & Family                          Raglan Loretta
    Class 3 Heifer 12 and under 15 months      4    Whitaker Brahman Stud                  Whitaker Miss Lurleen
    Class 3 Heifer 12 and under 15 months      5    Rockley Pastoral Company             Rockley Miss Juliet 3030
    Class 4 Bulls 6 and under 9 months         1    Sha Ann Brahmans                            Sha Ann Jackpot
    Class 4 Bulls 6 and under 9 months         2    BTS Brahmans                                     BTS Picador
    Class 4 Bulls 6 and under 9 months         3    KJ & CA Randell                             Crinum Foreman
    Class 4 Bulls 6 and under 9 months         4    Dunn Family                           Kamir Signature Manso
    Class 4 Bulls 6 and under 9 months         5    Ariat Brahmans                        Ariat Sir Lockyer Manso
    Class 5 Bulls 9 and under 12 months        1    John Weise & Tim & Sally North       Jay W Caribbean Manso
    Class 5 Bulls 9 and under 12 months        2    BTS Brahmans                                    BTS Matador
    Class 5 Bulls 9 and under 12 months        3    Whitaker Brahman Stud                       Whitaker Zanoni
    Class 5 Bulls 9 and under 12 months        4    Sha Ann Brahmans                         Sha Ann High Roller
    Class 5 Bulls 9 and under 12 months        5    Bundaleer Brahmans               Bundaleer Sir Jamaica Manso
    Class 6 Bulls 12 and under 15 months       1    John Kirk & Co.                               Carinya Riddler
    Class 6 Bulls 12 and under 15 months       2    A & R Olive & Family                         Raglan Laxargo
    Class 6 Bulls 12 and under 15 months       3    GJ & GE Angel                        Glengarry G Touchdown
    Class 6 Bulls 12 and under 15 months       4    SJ & GJ Angel                              Glengarry McCool
    Class 6 Bulls 12 and under 15 months       5    Bremer Vale Brahmans             Bremer Vale Bluest Bloof 273
    Class 7 Heifers 15 and 17 months           1    SJ & GJ Angel                         Glengarry Fantasy 2020
    Class 7 Heifers 15 and 17 months           2    Dunn Family                        Kamir Magical Miss Manso
    Class 7 Heifers 15 and 17 months           3    Olive Brahmans                          Olive Miss Friday Girl
    Class 7 Heifers 15 and 17 months           4    Dunn Family                       Kamir Miss Highlight Manso
    Class 7 Heifers 15 and 17 months           5    Hazelton Brahmans                   Hazelton Beryl De Manso
    Class 8 Heifers 17 and under 19 months     1    Lancefield M Brahmans                  Lancefield M Rita 2405
    Class 8 Heifers 17 and under 19 months     2    John Kirk & Co.                  Carinya Miss Carmenj 11/586
    Class 8 Heifers 17 and under 19 months     3    MN & FM Noakes                               Solo F Lady Tilly
    Class 8 Heifers 17 and under 19 months     4    Olive Brahmans                           Olive Lady Adelaide
    Class 8 Heifers 17 and under 19 months     5    Ken & Wendy Cole                      Kenrol Red Queen 0426
132 September 2012
September 2012 133
                                              J udging
                                                   R esults
                                            PLACING EXHIBITOR                                     ANIMAL
    Class 9 Heifer 19 and under 21 months      1    RM & LA Sperling                             Rodlyn Trish
    Class 9 Heifer 19 and under 21 months      2    A & R Olive & Family                        Raglan Javana
    Class 9 Heifer 19 and under 21 months      3    Whitaker Brahman Stud            Whitaker Miss Sweet Pea
    Class 9 Heifer 19 and under 21 months      4    John Kirk & Co.               Carinya Miss Riddette 11/583
    Class 9 Heifer 19 and under 21 months      5    RM & LA Sperling                            Rodlyn Tara 2
    Class 10 Bulls 15 and under 17 months      1    A & R Olive & Family                       Raglan Mr Mac
    Class 10 Bulls 15 and under 17 months      2    SJ & GJ Angel                         Glengarry First Rate
    Class 10 Bulls 15 and under 17 months      3    Fenech Brahmans                       FBC Trampas Manso
    Class 10 Bulls 15 and under 17 months      4    Hazelton Brahmans                         Hazelton Austin
    Class 10 Bulls 15 and under 17 months      5    Dean Rasmussen                    Droonoodoo Ambitious
    Class 11 Bulls 17 and under 19 months      1    Whitaker Brahman Stud     Whitaker Mr Oumpkin Magnate 1
    Class 11 Bulls 17 and under 19 months      2    Hazelton Brahmans                    Hazelton K Theodore
    Class 11 Bulls 17 and under 19 months      3    Fenech Brahmans                    Fenech Messiah Manso
    Class 11 Bulls 17 and under 19 months      4    A & R Olive & Family                    Raglan Mr Jordon
    Class 11 Bulls 17 and under 19 months      5    Whitaker Brahman Stud                       Whitaker Yogi
    Class 12 Bulls 19 and under 21 months      1    John Kirk & Co.                             Carinya Rigby
    Class 12 Bulls 19 and under 21 months      2    Bundaleer Brahmans       Bundaleer Mr Jessie James Manso
    Class 12 Bulls 19 and under 21 months      3    Mooramin Brahmans                  Mooramin Banjo 906/1
    Class 12 Bulls 19 and under 21 months      4    SJ & GJ Angel                         Glengarry Top Score
    Class 12 Bulls 19 and under 21 months      5    Whitaker Brahman Stud                    Whitaker Ronald
    Class 13 Heifer 21 and under 24 months     1    Elrose Brahmans                    Elrose Springtime 8575
    Class 13 Heifer 21 and under 24 months     2    Arizona Brahman Stud                 Arizona Lady Dracilla
    Class 13 Heifer 21 and under 24 months     3    GML Pastoral                           Cedar Brook Zahlia
    Class 13 Heifer 21 and under 24 months     4    KJ & CA Randell                  Crinum Miss Chloe Manso
    Class 13 Heifer 21 and under 24 months     5    Diddine Brahman Stud                Diddine Jordanna 388
    Class 14 Heifer 24 and under 30 months     1    Hazelton Brahmans                         Hazelton K Tara
    Class 14 Heifer 24 and under 30 months     2    Sha Ann Brahmans                 Sha Ann Pink Champagne
    Class 14 Heifer 24 and under 30 months     3    Cambil Brahmans                         Cambil Indra 3737
    Class 14 Heifer 24 and under 30 months     4    A & R Olive & Family                    Raglan Miss Nikki
    Class 14 Heifer 24 and under 30 months     5    Pindi Brahman Stud                    Pindi Miss Magnolia
    Class 15 Cow 30 and under 36 months        1    John Kirk & Co.                             Carinya Jesica
    Class 15 Cow 30 and under 36 months        2    Ken & Wendy Cole                     Kenrol Serenjon 0386
    Class 15 Cow 30 and under 36 months        3    Whitaker Brahman Stud               Whitaker Miss Pebbles
    Class 15 Cow 30 and under 36 months        4    Cambil Brahmans                      Cambil Shakeria 3670
    Class 15 Cow 30 and under 36 months        5    A & R Olive & Family                       Raglan Matilda
    Class 16 Cow 36 and under 48 months        1    Whitaker Brahman Stud           Whitaker Miss Brindabella
    Class 16 Cow 36 and under 48 months        2    Bundaleer Brahmans Bundaleer Miss Buttons and Bows Manso
    Class 16 Cow 36 and under 48 months        3    Ken & Wendy Cole                 Kenrol Georgeena Manso
    Class 16 Cow 36 and under 48 months        4    Olive Brahmans                        Olive Lady Monique
134 September 2012
Lovely ladies and live shipping
How to attract more young people                “I have a contract buyer who does that and          the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System
to the agricultural sector is a hot             I co-ordinate with all of stakeholders that         (ESCAS), which is absolutely amazing.
                                                are involved in loading the ship such as
topic in the industry at the moment.                                                                “It has just been a really big change. It’s
                                                stevedores, truck drivers, depot operators,
                                                                                                    been a massive increase in workload in
While there is concern that there are not       port authorities and anybody else who needs
                                                                                                    terms of paperwork and traceability but I
enough agribusiness graduates coming            to know what we are doing,” she said.
                                                                                                    think it is all warranted.
out of Australian universities to fill the      “Then the Australian Quarantine Inspection
vacancies the sector has, there are still                                                           “I think if we are going to be world leaders
                                                Service (AQIS) vets come out and do the
plenty of examples of passionate, intelligent                                                       in live export, then why not do it the hard
                                                final inspections and the final paperwork
young people who are keen to make a                                                                 way and implement it overnight as we
                                                and documentation.
                                                                                                    have done.”
career in agriculture.
                                                “It’s a logistics role which keeps me very busy.”
                                                                                                    Gemma covers the Australian side of ESCAS
Take Gemma Lomax, for instance.
                                                Gemma looks after all the cattle bound for          before the cattle are handed over to the
Gemma works for Wellard Rural Exports           South East Asian markets.                           importer.
and is in charge of that firm’s livestock                                                           That then leads to the feedlots and to the
                                                “That entails is everything from booking
operations throughout northern Australia.       quarantine facilities to inspecting the cattle      abattoirs, the next part of the ESCAS.
She is in charge of co-ordinating the           as they come in for quarantine, organising
                                                                                                    Gemma said the industry was going to be
logistics, the preparation of cattle and the    the vet for the protocol, organising anything
                                                                                                    more sustainable over the longer term
loading of livestock vessels bound for          which needs to go on board, organising
                                                                                                    because of the new system.
South-East Asian markets.                       our stockman, right through to the
                                                paperwork and meeting all of the importing          “I think it was something which we weren’t
Gemma, 26, said she loved the industry          country requirements,” she said.                    doing a lot of in the north of Australia, in
and that even during the live export ban                                                            terms of recognising cattle from RFID’s and
she never considered leaving the industry,      Gemma travels to any Australian port where
                                                                                                    tracing them back to properties of origin,”
despite having to sit in an office for six      cattle are shipped to her markets and so far
                                                                                                    she said.
weeks due to no shipments .                     it has taken her to places such as Broome,
                                                Wyndham, Darwin, Fremantle and Townsville.          “It was definitely there with the NLIS
Another reason Gemma moved into the                                                                 database and the rules around NLIS, but it
live export field was her love for working      Gemma said the Federal Government’s
                                                                                                    wasn’t compulsory to tag cattle which were
with Brahman cattle.                            sudden ban on livestock exports last year
                                                                                                    going for export - but now it is.
                                                had a big impact on the whole industry.
She moved north from her birthplace of                                                              “That has been a big change for vendors
                                                “I think it hurt everybody on a personal
South Australia, where her parents ran a                                                            who were primarily focused on export.
                                                level as well as a commercial level,” she said.
dairy farm on the Fleurieu Peninsula, after                                                         “There had been a few teething problems
she completed a degree in agriculture at        “Anybody who is in this industry is passionate
                                                                                                    but that has all been ironed out one year
Roseworthy University in Adelaide and has       about their lifestyle and their cattle.
                                                                                                    in and everybody is doing a really good
never looked back.                              “I mean people don’t farm cattle and breed          job now.
So what is it about the Brahman cattle          cattle just to see them treated cruelly.
                                                                                                    “Change is always difficult but I think
which made her move from one end of             “So everybody was distraught over that              everybody right throughout the whole
the country to the other?                       and I was no different.”                            supply chain has really taken it and said
“I don’t know, they are just great cattle,”                                                         you know what, we are all in this to keep
                                                Gemma said she was disappointed in the              the industry alive and if this is what we
Gemma said.                                     way industry handled the situation.                 have got to do then we are going to do it
“They have plenty of attitude, they are very    She said it didn’t seem to come back at             and we are going to do it well.”
hearty, very loveable, just the whole animal    the activists and show any of the positives
plus the lifestyle and weather in the north                                                         Despite the hard battles over the past year,
                                                of live export, which she knows are there.          Gemma was positive about the industry’s
of Australia is just amazing.”
                                                “We made a mess of that but we learnt               future and her role within it.
In terms of her day-to-day duties, Gemma        from it,” she said.                                 “I am in it for the long haul,” she said.
looks after everything on the Australian
end of the shipping process, other than         “I think it was overdue some of the stuff           “I love live export and I am as passionate
the buying of the cattle.                       which we have now implemented, such as              about the other end as I am this end.”


                                                                                                                                   September 2012 135
                                                                                                                                    eptember 012 3 35
                                                                                                                                   September 2012 135
                                             J udging
                                                  R esults
                                           PLACING EXHIBITOR                                         ANIMAL
    Class 17 Bull 21 and under 24 months      1    Bremer Vale Brahmans      Bremer Vale Gardner Power Manso 237
    Class 17 Bull 21 and under 24 months      2    RM & LA Sperling                              Rodlyn Muscles
    Class 17 Bull 21 and under 24 months      3    Elrose Brahmans                               Elrose Moccasin
    Class 18 Bull 24 and under 30 months      1    John Kirk & Co.                           Carinya Whitewash
    Class 18 Bull 24 and under 30 months      2    A & R Olive & Family                         Raglan Leonardo
    Class 18 Bull 24 and under 30 months      3    Fenech Brahmans                         FBC Megatron Manso
    Class 18 Bull 24 and under 30 months      4    RZ & MJ Kinbacher                          Garthowen Charlie
    Class 18 Bull 24 and under 30 months      5    A & R Olive & Family                        Raglan Mr Marcus
    Class 19 Bull 30 and under 36 months      1    Whitaker Brahman Stud                       Whitaker Mr AVO
    Class 19 Bull 30 and under 36 months      2    John Kirk & Co.                                Carinya Jigsaw
    Class 19 Bull 30 and under 36 months      3    Sha Ann Brahmans                        Sha Ann Apache Gold
    Class 19 Bull 30 and under 36 months      4    A & R Olive & Family                        Raglan Mr Merlin
    Class 19 Bull 30 and under 36 months      5    Destys Red Brahmans                       Destys WB Dictator
    Class 20 Exhibitors Group                 1    John Kirk & Co.
    Class 20 Exhibitors Group                 2    Whitaker Brahman Stud
    Class 20 Exhibitors Group                 3    A & R Olive & Family
    Class 20 Exhibitors Group                 4    Sha Ann Brahmans
    Class 20 Exhibitors Group                 5    SJ & GJ Angel
    Class 21 Sires Progeny                    1    John Kirk & Co.                         Carinya Riddell 7/1326
    Class 21 Sires Progeny                    2    SJ & GJ Angel                             Glengarry Sub Zero
    Class 21 Sires Progeny                    3    A & R Olive & Family                     WHS Andy Imperator
    Class 21 Sires Progeny                    4    Sha Ann Brahmans             FBC Hennessy Manso FGB682/6M
    Class 21 Sires Progeny                    5    Elrose Brahmans                     JDH Modelo Manso 268/5
    Class 22 Dams Progeny                     1    Elrose Brahmans                                   Elrose 5602
    Class 22 Dams Progeny                     2    Bundaleer Brahmans                      Bundaleer Miss Jesica
    Class 22 Dams Progeny                     3    RM & LA Sperling                           Rodlyn Miss 76/06
    Class 22 Dams Progeny                     4    Tim & Lynette Olive                   Apis Creek Lady Chanel
    Class 22 Dams Progeny                     5    Rockley Pastoral Company                        Rockley 2409
    Calf Champion Female                           Elrose Miss Didor 9314                       Elrose Brahmans
    Reserve Calf Champion Female                   Carinya Miss Sophie 11/663                      John Kirk & Co
    Calf Champion Male                             Carinya Riddler                                John Kirk & Co
    Reserve Calf Champion Male                     Raglan Laxargo                         A & R Olive and Family
    Junior Champion Female                         Lancefield M Rita 2405/M              Lancefield M Brahmans
    Reserve Junior Champion Female                 Carinya Miss Carmen 11/586                   John Kirk and Co
    Junior Champion Male                           Whitaker Mr Pumpkin Magnate 1         Whitaker Brahman Stud
    Reserve Junior Champion Male                   Carinya Rigby                               John Kirk and Co
    Senior Champion Female                         Carinya Jesica                               John Kirk and Co
    Reserve Senior Champion Female                 Elrose Spring Time 8575                      Elrose Brahmans
    Grand Champion Female                          Carinya Jesica                               John Kirk and Co
    Senior Champion Bull                           Carinya Whitewash                           John Kirk and Co
    Reserve Senior Champion Bull                   Whitaker Mr Avo                       Whitaker Brahman Stud
    Grand Champion Bull                            Carinya Whitewash                           John Kirk and Co
136 September 2012
Project kick-starts rollout of beef
genomic breeding values                                                                                                From Beef Bulletin Q1 - 2012
                                                                                                                           BEEF CRC PUBLICATION
The owners of the animals involved               which bulls are most suited for their                 Dr Burrow said the value overall to the
in the CRC and MLA 3000 young                    pro duc tion s ys tems with greater                   industry was to improve the accuracy of
                                                 confidence. They will also improve the                selecting the next generation of young sires.
animals project will be the first in
                                                 accuracy of all BREEDPLAN traits.
Australia to receive the new genomic                                                                   “Once the genomic predictions have been
breeding values.                                 MLA’s Manager of R&D Strategy Dr Rob                  calibrated in BREEDPLAN, the technology
                                                 Banks said the key advantage for breeders             will help Australian producers increase their
A new project launched by the Beef CRC           was to gain a genetic insight into the                rates with genetic gain,” she said.
and MLA to kick-start the commercial             qualities of young animals that do not have
rollout of the Beef CRC’s genomic                                                                      “The critical thing is that this product has
                                                 any performance data recorded.                        been developed and tested on Australian
predictions for Australian beef cattle has
been oversubscribed by breeders seeking                                                                animals in Australian production systems.”
                                                 “You can’t at present, for example, measure
to participate.                                  days to calving on a young bull but if you            Dr Burrow said the inclusion of genomic
Beef CRC CEO Dr Heather Burrow said the          could use BREEDPLAN genomic data to                   information would continue to improve
number of subscribers to the 3000 young          predict days to calving with improved                 breeding accuracies with increased levels
animal projec t ref lec ted growing              accuracy, that would really help in the               of performance recording in industry herds.
confidence in the industry in the value of       decision making process for selecting the
genomics to predict commercially                 top animals,” Dr Banks said.                          “This is the path the Americans are taking
important traits.                                                                                      and Australia has to do the same to keep
                                                 The accuracy of the new blended genomic               the momentum going.”
“With the genomic prediction equations           breeding values, which include hard to
developed from the new 700K SNP chips,           measure traits such as carcase and meat               Dr Burrow said delivering the genomic
we will deliver a world-first product to                                                               prediction equations was a key milestone
                                                 quality, net feed intake and male and female
identify the genetic qualities for hard-to-                                                            of the third round of Commonwealth
                                                 reproductive performance in tropical cattle,
measure production and reproduction                                                                    funding for Beef CRC.
                                                 were released by Beef CRC Chief Scientist
traits across breeds,” Dr Burrow said.           Professor Mike Goddard at the Beef Australia          “By the time the CRC closes in June we will
The owners of the 3000 animals will be the       2012 International Beef Cattle Genetics               have met and, in some cases exceeded, all
first in Australia to receive the new            Conference in Rockhampton.                            our funding milestones,” she said.
Australian blended genomic breeding
values for their animals.

The project invited beef breed societies
and breeders to par ticipate in the
genotyping of 3,000 young animals to
predict their breeding value using the new
genomic prediction equations. Around 110
breeders representing 11 different breeds
applied to be part of the project, which
was over-subscribed.

The collection of samples for genotyping
began in January 2012.

Dr Hans Graser, Director of AGBU, who is
coordinating the project through the Beef
CRC, said the 3000 young animal project
partially supported the cost of genotyping
for breeders as part of the rollout of genomic
predictions for Australian beef cattle.

“The accuracy of these genomic predictions
will vary across breeds and across traits,”
Dr Graser said. “We are still in the process
of calibrating their accuracy for all
BREEDPLAN traits. They will be tested using
the industry sires which were genotyped
in 2011.”

If shown to be robust, the predictions will
help commercial bull-buyers to identify          Commercialisation of new genomic breeding values for Australian beef cattle

                                                                                                                                      September 2012 137
    Impressive increase in Brahman
    fertility in NT case study                                                                                         From Beef Bulletin Q1 - 2012
                                                                                                                           BEEF CRC PUBLICATION
    “We have proven, beyond many                     • Cows are culled from the herd if they
    people’s expectations, that selection              don’t raise a calf to weaning each year.
                                                       Raising a calf to weaning age each year
    can strongly influence fertility rates             proves maternal traits of calving ease,
    within a pure Brahman herd.” Tim                   mothering ability and milk production
    Schatz, Principal Pastoral Production              while maintaining good body condition
    Research Officer, NT Department of                 ready for reconception each year.
    Resources.                                       • Young bulls are selected at 12 months of
                                                       age based on scrotal size, 400-day
    Since 1994 a small team of researchers             weight, per cent normal sperm, low age
    working with 90–150 breeder cattle have            dam at calving and the dam’s ‘never miss
    achieved impressive results in fertility rates                                                     Mr Tim Schatz and the Douglas Daly Research Station
                                                       a calf’ score. These bulls are retained in      (DDRS) Brahman stud herd
    in Brahman cattle in the Tropics.                  the herd for natural mating services.
    Veterinarian and researcher Gehan                • New genetics are carefully selected
    Jayawardhana began selecting for fertility         from herds that cull empty cows each
    traits in the NT Government’s Brahman              year.Semen is used from bulls with low
    stud (DDRS) at Douglas Daly Research Farm          ‘days to calving’ and high scrotal size           Breeders run on Victoria River Research
    (DDRF) in 1994 and the work continues,             EBVs to AI 2-year-old heifers in the
    now under the watchful eye of Principal            DDRS herd.                                        Station (VRRS), 220 km south-west of
    Research Officer Tim Schatz and Research                                                             Katherine, NT. Yearling heifers mated
                                                     • Yearling mating is used to identify highly
    Officer Renee Rippon.
                                                       fertile females. Brahmans are notorious           at Daly Douglas Research Farm (DDRF),
    “We have proven, beyond many people’s              for taking longer to reach puberty than
                                                       Bos taurus breeds. This selection                 220 km south of Darwin.
    expectations, that selection can strongly
    influence fertility rates within a pure            technique favours individual females
    Brahman herd,” said Mr Schatz.                     with smaller mature size that reach
                                                       puberty earlier than the breed average.           RAINFALL AND PASTURES
    Selection pressure is put on both bulls and
                                                     The DDRS herd is now based at the                   Average rainfall at VRRS is 737 mm
    cows in the herd and has more than
                                                     Department’s Victoria River Research
    doubled yearling heifer conception rates                                                             supporting native grass pastures.
                                                     Station, 220 km south-west of Katherine.
    compared to heifers from four commercial
                                                     However, the weaner heifers are taken to            DDRF receives 1200 mm supporting
    herds, each in four different seasons.
                                                     the Douglas Daly Research Farm to grow-
                                                     out until they are mated at 12 months of            buffel grass pastures for growing out
    “Graziers in the Northern Territory have
    long accepted the lower fertility rates in       age. “Having the Douglas Daly property,             weaner heifers in preparation for
    Brahman cattle compared to Bos taurus            situated 220 km south of Darwin, gives the
                                                     heifers the best chance possible to reach           yearling mating and weaner steers for
    breeds in other places,” said Mr Schatz.
    “However, we are seeing much higher              target mating weight by 12 months of age,”          live export.
    fertility in this herd as a result of our        said Mr Schatz. “Douglas Daly is in the
    selection work and the industry is starting      monsoonal zone, receiving 1200 mm
    to show a strong interest in using our           mostly over the summer months. The fertile          OBJECTIVES
    genetics.”                                       soils and high rainfall support improved
                                                     buffel grass pastures for the heifers to graze.     To improve the fertility of a Brahman
    Throughout the project the selection             Growth rates are much higher than can be
                                                                                                         herd through objective selection,
    criterion have remained the same:                achieved at VRRS.”
                                                                                                         including identifying ‘inherently more
                                                                                                         fertile’ females using yearling mating
                                                                                                         as the selection tool.

                                                                                                         More than doubled yearling pregnancy
                                                                                                         rates compared to commercial NT
                                                                                                         herds. Higher pregnancy rates in
                                                                                                         lactating cows. Exciting improvements
    Figure 1. Days to calving EBV                    Figure 2. Scrotal size EBV                          in days to calving and scrotal size EBVs.
138 September 2012
September 2012 139
    Impressive increase in Brahman fertility
    in NT case study

    For four years heifers from the DDRS herd                “Our herd management is otherwise               Similarly, the effect on scrotal size EBV was
    have been compared with yearling heifers                 much the same as the industry norm,” said       also immediate when selection pressure
    purchased from a different, high quality                 Mr Schatz.                                      was applied to the DDRS herd. Prior to the
    commercial herd each                                                                                     project’s start the herd’s scrotal size EBV
                                                             “We don’t muster the cattle any more than       was similar to the Brahman breed average
    year. Each year the two groups of heifers                commercial operations but we probably           but has rapidly increased, raising this EBV
    have been taken to DDRF as weaners,                      do collect more information from our cattle
    grazed separately but with the same level                                                                by almost 2 units.
                                                             while they are in the yards than many
    of nutrition, and mated as yearlings. Recent                                                             Mr Schatz and his team are currently
                                                             commercial operators would do. We also
    Beef CRC research has found that the
                                                             collect calving dates to comply with            building up the herd size using embryo
    average age at puberty of Brahman heifers
                                                             BREEDPLAN requirements.”                        transfer into cows in their commercial herd.
    is 750 days, which is why most northern
    graziers do not put the bulls with their                                                                 “We are aiming to build the herd from
                                                             Using the NLIS tags, electronic readers and     about 150 breeders plus replacement
    heifers until two years of age. Heifers in the
                                                             scales the team collects data on weight,        heifers to around 300 breeders as quickly
    DDRS herd are expected to conceive by
    450 days of age. The DDRS heifers have                   body condition, pregnancy and lactation         as possible,” said Mr Schatz.
    consistently achieved an average pregnancy               status of each cow.
                                                                                                             The best bulls from the DDRS herd are kept
    rate of 65% compared to the 30% pregnancy
                                                             The NT Government’s commercial herd of          in the herd and the rest are offered by
    rate in the commercial heifer groups.
                                                             600 breeders also runs on Victoria River        tender to commercial producers. Mr Schatz
    “Commercial producers may find it difficult              Research Station. This herd provides a          said that increased interest in the DDRS
    to do the level of herd recording we do to               perfect ‘control’ line for the selection        genetic line had seen several enquiries
    track the fertility of their heifers and cows,”          project since the DDRS herd was relocated       about buying semen from the top bulls
    Mr Schatz said, “but they can easily use                 to Victoria River in 2002. Reconception rates   and also one of the larger pastoral
    fertility EBVs to help choose the bulls they             in lactating cows at the first weaning round    companies undertaking embryo transfer
    use and this alone could make a big                      muster in May have been, on average, 31%        to access the genetics and improve the
    difference to herd fertility rates across the            higher in the DDRS herd compared to the         fertility in their herd.
    northern cattle industry.”                               commercial herd.
                                                                                                             “Our work has demonstrated the value of
    Mr Schatz has observed the trend of many                 Mr Schatz says that this shows the selection    selecting for fertility and the value of using
    producers to select bulls based more on
                                                             program is having a real impact on fertility    the days to calving and scrotal size EBVs
    their growthtraits than their fertility traits.
                                                             in the herd. Figure 1 shows that prior to       when selecting bulls,” said Mr Schatz.
    “Selecting for fertility in our herd has
    favoured animals with smaller mature size,”              the selection project the DDRS herd was         “Brahmans are always going to have a place
    he said. “This means it is easier for our cows           already below the industry average for          in the north because they can handle the
    to stay in good condition and have a good                days to calving EBV but when selection          stressful environment but improving
    chance of getting back in calf every year,               pressure was applied the response was           fertility rates have been long known as the
    even under the hot, harsh conditions on                  immediate and dramatic, reducing this EBV       key to improving profitability in northern
    the native pastures at Victoria River.”                  by a further 4 units.                           grazing operations.”

    Obviously the research team have also kept
    trackof the DDRS herd’s growth traits and
    Mr Schatz said that their steers have
    continued to compete well in feedlot trials
    with commercial steers.

    Yearling mating of heifers favours smaller framed
    females that reach puberty early. As cows they find it
    easier to maintain condition and to get back in calf
    within the 12 month cycle

140 September 2012
September 2012 141
    Beef production focus for The Rivers
    The Rivers Brahman stud’s focus is            The Rivers is offering five red rising three-                 More information about the stud is
    on squarely on beef production.               year-old bulls, six grey rising three-year-olds,              av a i l a b l e o n T h e R i ve r s w e b si te
                                                  and four grey rising two-year-olds at this          
    Stud principals Peter and Sue Gray,           year’s Gold City Sale.
    Marlborough, have developed an
    honest, predictable, performance-
    based herd.
    Core females are naturally mated and the
    next generation sires come from the
    highest producing females in the herd.
    Outside genetics are used in an AI program,
    with animals selected on functional traits
    such as fertility and beef performance.

    The stud endeavours to make available
    complete cow records, measuring days to
    calving, weight at first calf weaning, calf
    weaning and growth weights, and other
    relevant data.

    Auction bulls are grown on grass and
    supplemented on a molasses based blend
    to compensate for any deficiencies in the
    coastal pastures. Sale preparation begins
    in May, when the bulls are introduced to
    a high roughage diet. They then return to
    a complete hay/grass diet prior to October,
    to be ready for sale and work.                The Rivers, offering 15 bulls at Gold City, including Lot 179 The Rivers Benton 119

    Tough economic conditions keep
    beef demand under pressure                                                                                                                    MEDIA RELEASE
                                                                                                                                        Meat & Livestock Australia
    Meat & Livestock Australia’s 2012             “Exports to Japan remain flat and exports                     sentiment in our developed markets –
    mid-year cattle projections update            to Korea are down 13% for the first half of                   Japan and Korea.”
                                                  2012, as additional local and US product
    outlines the conditions that have             entered the market, at the same time as                       “Beef is currently at a price point in many
    kept Australia’s cattle supplies tight,       consumer demand declined.”                                    markets that makes it difficult to compete
                                                                                                                with cheaper proteins, at a time when
    while tough economic conditions               “The US market for Australian beef has                        consumers are price conscious.”
    in key export markets continue to             rebounded in 2012, with exports up 46%
    put pressure on demand.                       for the first half of 2012, to 118,120 tonnes                 Exports to Russia for 2012 have been revised
                                                  swt, with total shipments for the year                        back to 55,000 tonnes swt, along with lower
    MLA Chief Economist Tim McRae said            forecast to reach 250,000 tonnes swt. The                     expectations for volumes to Indonesia.
    reduced cow slaughter and solid cattle        majority of the growth has been in                            However sustained demand from Taiwan
    prices have underpinned herd rebuilding       manufacturing beef, with the higher prices                    and the Middle East, along with an
    activities in recent years, with demand the   in the US attracting shipments away from                      improvement in access for Australian
    main challenge currently facing the           other markets such as Russia and Japan.”                      grainfed beef to the EU will assist shipments
                                                                                                                in the second half of 2012 and into 2013.
    Australian industry.                          Mr McRae said economic problems in our
                                                  developed markets currently outweigh the                      Symptomatic of the slower economic
    “While exports of beef and veal in 2012 are
                                                  benefits to be had from increased demand                      activity, especially at retail, the amount of
    forecast to increase 1% to 960,000 tonnes
                                                  from emerging markets and the tight global                    beef destined for the Australian market for
    swt, returns have been subdued in many                                                                      2012 is unchanged on previous forecast,
                                                  supply of beef.
    markets, accentuated by the high A$ and                                                                     at 740,000 tonnes cwt - up slightly on 2011
    problems in major world economies.”           “Increasing demand from the growing                           due largely to increased production.
                                                  middle class in developing economies
    Mr McRae said the outlook for demand still    across the globe remains a positive for                       The forecast for live cattle exports remains
    centres on the economic conditions in our     Australian beef. This is currently being                      unchanged at 570,000 head, 16% lower
    established markets, which have been          offset, however, by continued tough                           than 2011, with 283,000 head or 55%
    strained in recent years.                     economic conditions and weak consumer                         shipped to Indonesia.
142 September 2012
September 2012 143
    Indonesian beef price jumps 20pc
                                                                                                                                                  by Tyson CATTLE
                                                                                                                                                        Rural Press
    BEEF prices in Indonesia are on the rise. In
    a typical supply and demand principle, less
    beef from Australia has meant a shortage
    in beef in the local market, which has led
    to a sharp rise in price in the last month.

    Beef prices usually stand at about IDR
    70,000 a kilogram but in the last month
    have risen 20 per cent to IDR85,000/kg.

    The price rise may not seem like much but
    when compared to the average wage in
    Indonesia of IDR90,000 per day, the cost
    of living is tight.

    Locals believe the dramatic price rise is in
    direct relation to the live cattle import
    quota which was almost halved from
    410,000 head of cattle last year to just
    283,000 in 2012.

    When Farm Weekly travelled to a wet
    market in Lampung and spoke to some
    locals they admitted they could buy frozen
    beef cheaper (IDR60,000/kg) but frozen
    beef was not a crowd favourite.
                                                            JJAA animal welfare officer Michael Bambang (left), Wellard Rural Group South East Asian operations manager
    Most locals bought meat which they could                Nick Tonkin and Eye Sea competition winner, Helen Duncan, Ravensthorpe
    buy and eat that day, or in the case of
    Ramadan, that night.
                                                            selling for IDR38,000/kg or ‘Simba’ fish (a             Bakso is a traditional meat dish in Indonesia
    The typical Indonesian does not own a                   standard fish in Indonesia) which was                   but locals said beef prices were getting
    refrigerator and the meat comes straight                IDR25,000/kg.                                           too expensive to even make the balls.
    from the abattoir after it has been killed
    the night before or that morning.                       Locals said about 70pc of the beef which                Some locals had already turned to buying
                                                                                                                    some chicken and beef and using chicken
    Beef was also priced much higher than                   was purchased in Indonesia would be made
                                                                                                                    in the middle of the ball and wrapping it
    other meats such as chicken which was                   into Bakso Beef Balls.
                                                                                                                    in beef for a similar flavour, in an attempt
                                                                                                                    to reduce costs.

                                                                                                                    Some industry sources in Indonesia
                                                                                                                    believed beef prices could rise even more
                                                                                                                    if the 98,000 head of cattle import permits
                                                                                                                    are filled quickly, as the beef supply
                                                                                                                    becomes scarcer.

                                                                                                                    Santori feedlot manager Zamzam
                                                                                                                    Qodarrudin said the import quota was
                                                                                                                    beginning to have a major effect on
                                                                                                                    the market.

                                                                                                                    “We cut our import quota and now it is
                                                                                                                    just 283,000,” Mr Qodarrudin said.

                                                                                                                    “The effect of that is only now starting to
                                                                                                                    be realised because the price of beef has
                                                                                                                    increased in the last month.

                                                                                                                    “They are increasing the price of meat
                                                                                                                    because of the supply issues.” He said
    Where’s the beef? - The beef stalls in the Lampung wet market are left empty as a result of the import quota
                                                                                                                    Bakso Balls could only be made using fresh
                                                                                                                    meat and not frozen.
144 September 2012
September 2012 145
    Santori marks 50,000 head
    milestone under ESCAS

    It has been a year of challenges for
    Indonesia’s feedlot industry.                     Santori has provided the following details from its Management Information
                                                      System on the 50,000th animal imported since ESCAS was implemented:
    Since last year’s live export ban by Australia,
                                                      REPORT DATE : AUGUST 12, 2012
    Indonesian importers and lot feeders have
                                                      1 LNC number: # 4915
    had to deal with the strict implementation
    and additional cost of the Exporter Supply        2 Date Approval by DAFF: April 16, 2012
    Chain Assurance Scheme (ESCAS),                   3 Exported on: April 19, 2012
    significant cutbacks in cattle import permits     4 Exporter by: Wellard Rural Exports Pty. Ltd.
    by Indonesia, the threat of a 5pc import          5 Name of Ship: MC Ocean Drover - V116
    dut y on feeder cat tle, and now a                6 Loading port : Darwin
    shortage of available cattle for the market       7 Health Certificate # NT 4321
    f rom Aus tralia due to the 350 kg
                                                      8 Discharge Port: Panjang, Lampung - Indonesia
    weight restrictions.
                                                      9 Arrival Date: May 1, 2012
    For one of Indonesia’s largest cattle             10 Stevedores: PT Citra Karsa Mahesa
    importers, the Santori/Austasia group, the        11 Trucking Operator: PT Skarshindo Sejahtera Harapan
    cos t of implementing ESC A S has                 12 Importer: PT Santosa Agrindo
    exceeded $800,000.
                                                      13 Feedlot Destination: Bekri Feedlot, Desa Bumiaji-Kec. Anak Tuha,
    However, the ver tically integrated                  Kab. Lampung Tengah, Lampung-Indonesia 34177
    importing, breeding, feeding, processing          14 No of Livestock Received (heads) : 1,846
    and retailing company is not complaining.         15 Induction Date: May 10, 2012
                                                      16 No of Livestock Inducted (heads): 1,846
    Instead it is planning a celebration.
                                                      17 RFID Replacements: 16 (0.86% from total shipment)
    Proud of what it has achieved under ESCAS,        18 180 Day Due Date: October 16, 2012
    the company recently made the decision               DETAIL OF # 50,000:
    to invite the owner of the 50,000th head          19 No. R.F.I.D.: 98200018409XXXX
    of cattle imported since the animal welfare
                                                      20 No. Ear tag: 33910XXXX
    assurance system was introduced to
    personally visit its diverse Indonesian           21 N.L.I.S.: TKBT0115XBG89699
    supply chain.                                     22 Sex: Steer
                                                      23 Breed: Brahman Cross
    The trip includes inspections of the              24 POO: BRUNETTE DOWNS
    company’s world-class feedlots, traceability
                                                      25 Weight Induction (kgs): 341
    systems, approved meat processing
                                                      26 Dentition: 0
    affiliates, and a visit to the wet market to
    meet end users and purchasers of                  27 Frame Score: 4
    Australian beef.                                  28 Fat Score: 2
                                                      29 Schedule to turn off: 2nd week of September 2012
    It was then simply a case of using the            30 Entities & Facilities in accordance ‘w ESCAS : 13 Affiliate Abattoirs
    company’s triple back up traceability
                                                         – Approved by DAFF – t.b.a.
    system to identify when the 50,000th
    animal arrived.
                                                      31   Turn off Feedlot Date: ...........................................................................................................................
    Santori’s Management Information System           32   Exit Weight (kgs): .....................................................................................................................................
    (MIS) identified that the milestone was           33   Delivery Order Number: .....................................................................................................................
    achieved on May 1, 2012, when a 341kg
                                                      34   Trucking Operator: .................................................................................................................................
    Brahman cross steer from Australian
                                                      35   Affiliate Abattoir Destination - ESCAS: .......................................................................................
    Agricultural Company’s Brunette Downs
    arrived aboard Wellard Rural Export’s MV          36   No. R.F.I.D.: ...................................................................................................................................................
    Ocean Drover at the port of Panjang near          37   No. Ear tag: .................................................................................................................................................
    Lampung on the island of Sumatra.                 38   N.L.I.S.: ............................................................................................................................................................
                                                      39   Received at Affiliate Abattoir Date, Time: ................................................................................
    The steer is on a 120 -day feeding
                                                      40   Kill Date, Time: ..........................................................................................................................................
    program at Santori’s Bekri feedlot and will
    be processed in the second week of                41   Day (Feedlot - Affiliate Abattoir): ...................................................................................................
    September 2012.                                   42   Day (Received - Kill): ..............................................................................................................................
                                                      43   Carcass Yield (Wet market specification): ................................................................................
146 September 2012
Santori marks 50,000 head milestone
under ESCAS

Santori head of commercial beef feedlots,        “Santori is proud of the work they have      “All the standard operating procedures in
Guntur Pribadi, told Beef Central this week      done to comply with Australia’s wishes and   place will come under duress during these
that a representative of AA Co will be invited   feel that livestock number 50,000 is a       nex t few days due to the higher
to follow the animal’s movement through          chance to both showcase and celebrate a      throughput,” he said yesterday.
the supply chain in September.                   job well done by all breeders, shippers,
                                                 feeders, and processors,” he said.           “It is for this reason, all the senior managers
He said that since ESCAS had been                                                             are out there to give support to the animal
established, Santori had now imported            While the final week of Ramadhan is a time   welfare officers and the abattoir operators
more than 60,000 cattle to its supply            of religious celebration in Indonesia, Mr    to uphold the standard.”
chain, and wanted to use the 50,000              Pribadi said Santori / Austasia’s senior
head milestone to show that the system           management was on “high alert” instead
was working.                                     of being on holiday.

                                                                                                                              September 2012 147
  the prime objective                                                                                    with Kim Whisson and Lindel Greggery

    The high Aussie dollar and wet                   “On a weekly basis export weight Brahman          The rain most affected sales toward the
    weather have made their impact felt              and Brahman cross cattle are near the top         end of June and into July, as was evident
                                                     of results in Blackall saleyards every week.      at the June 27 sale when only 1800 head
    on Queensland beef markets over                                                                    were yarded.
    the previous few months.                         “It’s been a long, cold and hard winter – we
                                                     are left with a big body of dry feed with         Among the vendors were Shane and
    “The beef industry’s biggest issue at the        declining protein, but we are probably only       Monique Rayment, Swanvale, Jundah, who
    moment is we need to get the Australian          an inch away from getting a good green            sold 550kg Brahman bullocks to 170c/$936.
    dollar down,” said Rod Turner, Landmark          shoot coming through again. And the
    Roma senior livestock manager and key            temperatures are warming up again.”               A yarding of 5323 head met a slightly softer
    account manager Western Queensland.                                                                meatworks market on July 25. The market
                                                     Going back to mid July there were some            eased due to the sheer number presented.
    “It is affecting all areas of the industry and   top quality yardings processed through            Belfast Investments, Belfast, Winton, sold
    the economy in the bush at the moment            the saleyards.                                    a large run of 517kg Brahman bullocks for
    in general.                                                                                        173c to return $895, and 405kg Brahman
                                                     The July 26 sale yarded 4526 head. Among
    “Basically, cattle are maintaining and have                                                        steers to 175c/$710. They also sold 621kg
                                                     the highlights was a sale by the Maxwell
    plateaued at a value, but expenses are                                                             Brahman cows for 141c to realise $877 and
                                                     family, Hazelwood, Longreach, who sold
    almost overtaking. So producers these days                                                         484kg Brahman heifers for 161c/$780.
                                                     heavy boned Brahman steers to average
    need to run lean, mean operations to stay        178c and return $703.                             The Currans, Talleyrand, Longreach, sold
    in the industry.”                                                                                  419kg Brahman heifers for 131.2c/$550.
                                                     The August 2 sale brought 3243 to the
    Having said that, Mr Turner commented            Blackall saleyards in what was the biggest
    that values remained reasonable through                                                            A reduced yarding of 3200 on August 1
                                                     yarding of prime cattle for 2012. Strong          met with a softer market, with Brahman
    the Roma Saleyards despite having eased          processor and lot feeder demand pushed            cows and calves making $818.
    over the winter months.                          prices firm to dearer. The Gillies family,
    “Up until last Friday we had 39 consecutive      Devenish, Blackall, sold 613kg Brahman            Amongst the sales was Argyle Pastoral Co,
    frosts. The country was so wet over summer       bullocks for 171c/kg to return $1047. E. and      Longreach, who sold a large run of 499kg
    and so now it has really dried things out,       J. Otto, Minnamoora, Jericho, sold 965kg          Brahman bullocks to top 175c and return
    but we only need a good shower of rain           Brahman bulls for 147c/$1420. Graeme and          $850 per head, and 464kg Brahman steers
    to get us going again.”                          Ros Bauer, Greendale, Tambo, sold 492kg           for 164c/$762.
                                                     Brahman cows for 143c to return $705.
    At the August 21 Roma sale Brahmans held                                                           Cam and Julie Maxwell, Hazelwood,
    their own, with older heifers averaging          LONGREACH                                         Longreach, sold 577kg Brahman bullocks
    $750 and smaller 180-220kg Brahman                                                                 for 164c to return $948.
    feeder heifers selling to 195c/kg.               Tim Salter, branch manager Elders
                                                     Longreach, said prices had eased a little         A total of 4500 prime cattle were offered
                                                     compared with the same period last year.          on August 8 and again prices remained
    NORTH QLD                                                                                          easier. Bullocks over 600kg sold to
                                                     “For example the fat market has been a            172c/kg.
                                                     little softer because of heavier weights
    Geaney’s Livestock yarded 3151 cattle at a       coming through and numbers coming                 A large offering of Brahman feed heifers
    special store sale in Charters Towers on         through from the north as a flow-on affect        put pressure on the market with Brahman
    July 6, with some top quality lines presented.   from live export issue,” he said.                 heifers selling from 140c-150c.
    Ibis Creek Pastoral Co, Ibis Creek, Charters
    Towers, sold a line of 140 high grade grey       Four to five rain affected weeks have also        Belfast Investments, Violet Station, Winton,
    Brahman p.t.i.c. heifers to a top of $820 to     pushed more concentrated numbers                  sold a run of 176 Brahman bullocks to top
    average $740.                                    through the yards.                                at 171.2c to return $978/head.
                                                     “In the past eight weeks we have been
    CENTRAL QLD                                      consistently yarding 3,500 to 5000 head.”
                                                                                                       Falls of 10-50mm of rain fell over most of
    BLACKALL                                         On a positive note, despite the cold winter       the local area leading to a smaller yarding
    Ray White Livestock Blackall has noticed         there has been little deterioration               of only 440 head at the Gracemere sale on
    consistent good prices for Brahman               instock quality.                                  June 29. Among the vendors was Bob Beak,
    feed cattle 400-500kg over the scales in                                                           Carrara, Calliope, who sold 649kg grey
                                                     “We have an extremely good level of feed
    recent sales.                                                                                      Brahman bullocks for 165.2c to return $1072.
                                                     and our protein is pretty good here in
                                                     comparison to other years.                        A rain-affected, very mixed yarding of 770
    “Lot feeders are still pursuing well fed
    Brahman cat tle and they are still               “There is still green feed in quite a few areas   head was presented for sale on July 20.
    performing well in feedlot situation,” said      and as soon as the odd spot dried out             There was strong compettion for all
    Paton Fitzsimons, director Ray White             we had a bit of rain and it freshened             descriptions with prices fully firm to dearer
    Livestock Blackall.                              it up again.”                                                                             141
148 September 2012
the prime objective
                                                                                                 with Kim Whisson and Lindel Greggery

on the sale two weeks previous. Among           The July 23 sale yarded a better quality       MONTO
the offering were 211kg Brahman steers          gathering of cattle with averages increasing   Reduced numbers of 430 head were
offered by Rob Jenkinson, Ubobo, which          across the descriptions. The Preston family,   gathered at Monto Cattle and Country
made 208c to return $439.                       Eidsvold, sold Brahman two to eight            fortnightly prime and store sale on July 25.
The August 3 sale yarded 4000 head,             tooth bullocks from 180.2-185.2c to return     Competition was strong and resulted in
including a one-vendor line of 664 head.        $1054-$1230.                                   prices for bullocks rising 10c and cows
Among the vendors were Joe and Rachael          E. Kirk and Co, Gayndah, sold Brahman
Olive, Marlborough, who sold Brahman            cows for 145.2c to realise $775.               Bobby and Anne Dillon sold 510kg Brahman
weaner steers, weighing 245kg, to top at                                                       trade steers for 190c to realise $970. Ken
220c/kg.                                        The Marshall family, Coulston Lakes, sold      Ball, T iver ton, Bancrof t sold No.0
                                                light conditioned steers from 185.2c-190.2c    Brahman steers weighing 414kg for 188c
                                                or $450-$570.                                  to return $780.
GYMPIE                                          MURGON                                         GIN GIN
A smaller rain affected yarding of 500 cattle   Values in Murgon were firm on previous         A total of 553 store cattle were yarded to
were offered at the Sullivan Livestock          weeks at the store sale yarding on July 10.
Gympie sale on July 16. The market was                                                         a strong and dearer market at Elders Gin
                                                Export cattle were in short supply with the    Gin sale on July 30.
firm to dearer across the board. Tiloma
                                                majority of the yarding being weaner and
Pastoral, Sexton, sold Brahman steers for
                                                aged cattle. Among the prices recorded,        Jim and Jenny Bauer sold a quality line-up
184c to return $642.
                                                local 400kg Brahman heifers sold to feedlot    of 200 mostly grey Brahman No.2 weaner
                                                operators for 169c to return $672.             steers for $500-$580/head.
Burnett Livestock and Realty’s second                                                          John McCarney, Bucca Station, sold 77
Biggenden special weaner sale for 2012,         MIRIAM VALE
                                                                                               weaner No.2 Brahman steers to $535 to
on July 5, attracted 2160 head with the         A smaller yarding of 460 head met a firm       average $509. Hillbrook Cattle Co. sold 20
market holding strong.                          to strong market on July 10.                   No.1 grey Brahman steers for $630. The
The winner of the Brahman infused class                                                        lighter, younger Brahman steers sold from
                                                Cashing in on the prices was Steve Busby,
on the day was Double Diamond Rural,                                                           $440-$480.
                                                Builyan, who sold No. 2 Brahman steers for
Rosedale. Its winning 284kg Brahman steers
                                                $460. The Bode family, Miriam Vale, sold       The Clark family, Bucca, sold red Brahman
made 190.2c/kg to return $540/head.
                                                Brahman weaner steers for $465. Bigger         weaner steers for $540 and a pen of
A. and A. Trigger, Biggenden, sold Brahman      weaner steers sold from $400-$480, while       well-grown red Brahman weaner heifers
steers to average 208.1c and return $490.       smaller types sold from $300-$400.             for $425.

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                                                                                                                             September 2012 149
       1-3 October at CQLX Gracemere
               Elders • Landmark
      11-12 October at Charters Towers
               Elders • Landmark
           BREEDS SALE
                                                                                                          Kieran Nicolle and his fiance Avril Robinson have
      18-19 October at Roma Saleyards                                                                     welcomed the safe and healthy arrival of their first
            Elders • Landmark • GDL                                                                       child Sophie Jayne Nicolle into the world on the 24
                                                                                                          June 2012. First Grandchild of Tim and Vicki Nicolle,
★★★★★★★★★★★★                                                                                              Nioka Brahmans, Warialda, NSW

       29 October at CQLX Gracemere
  Elders • Landmark • McCaffreys • Brodie & Co
      30 October at Inverrio, Duaringa
         Elders • SBB • GDL • QLD Rural
    16 November at Mareeba Saleyards
         QLD Rural • Elders • Landmark
  16 November at Nebo Undercover Arena
               Elders • Landmark
  25 November at Hamdenvale
                                                 New Zealand Brahman Breeder Vanessa Corry, Karoo Brahmans is pictured on her wedding day with with her
    29-30 November at Charters Towers            pride and joy, 3 year old Brahman bull Karoo Scotty’s Hokey Pokey, so precious she had him written into the
            QLD Rural • McCaffreys               wedding vows and happened to be enjoying her honeymoon at Beef 2012 with husband Stephen

150 September 2012
September 2012 151
152 September 2012
                                                                                                                                                            SERVICES & SUPPLIERS

Baldwin Past Co & Jarvarnie ..............117                                Ooline ............................................................109

Batandra .......................................................103          Pfizer ................................................................. 25

Beef Country Brahman                                                         Pioneer Park ...............................................105
Bull Sale & Charity Auction ....... 129,131
                                                                             Polabear ...........................................................29
Big Country....................................................83
                                                                             Progressive Genetics................................63
Bill Parker ......................................................123
                                                                             Radella ..............................................................59
Bremer Vale ...................................................17
                                                                             Raglan ...............................................................67
Bulloak ..............................................................75
                                                                             RBWS Vendors Choice................... 85-101
Bundaleer .......................................................53
                                                                             Rockley .............................................................33
                                                                             Rocky Repro ........................................ IFC, 23
Cambil ............................................................113
                                                                             Roseborough............................................. 107
                                                                             Rosewood Hill ........................................... 121
Clukan ...............................................................41
                                                                             Samari Plains ..............................................105
Danarla .......................................................... 143
                                                                             Sha Ann............................................................61
Elders .................................................................37
                                                                             Stockman & Halgenaes ....................... 139
Fenech Brahmans ...............................26-28
                                                                             Suncorp ...........................................................45
Fern Hills ......................................................... 77
                                                                             Tartrus ................................................................. 9
                                                                             Teeraa Holdings ..........................................61
Garuda ........................................................... 145
                                                                             The Rivers ......................................................... 5
Glengarry ................................................ 50-51
Gold City Brahman Sale .............126-127

Hamdenvale..................................................65               Tropical Cattle ..............................................11

Hazelton ..........................................................31        Turramurra................................................... 131

Heliflite .............................................................45    Virbac ................................................................39

Jacana .............................................................. 68     Viva .....................................................................55

Kamir..................................................................69    Wallton Downs ......................................... 121

Kenrol ...............................................................BC     Walubial ........................................................ 141

Lancefield ............................................... 78-81             Wandarri .......................................................125

Little Creek .....................................................49         Wandilla .................................................... 14-15

Malabar ............................................................67       Wellcamp ........................................................53

Mogul..............................................................IBC       Whitaker ..........................................................35

Mt Callan ...................................................... 133         Wilangi................................................................ 7

Muan .................................................................43     Woodstock .....................................................73

NCC..............................................................18-21       Yenda ................................................................57

Neslo ..................................................................13   Yoman.............................................................119

                                                                                                                                                                         September 2012 153

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