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					                                        THE PEDANT
                                                                                                                  Volume 3,
                                                                                                                  Number 2
                                                                                                                  November 2010

                                A newsletter for
                                CGU students,
                                or the
                                pages 2-3:
                                campus news

                                pages 4-5:
                                feature: clubbing it
                                at CGU

                                page 6: culinary
                                info for dining at
                                the consortium

                                page 7: research
                                and awards

                                page 8:
                                events calendar        Office of Advancement Senior Research Analyst Michael Urquidez enchants Arts and Humanities
                                and more               student Jordan Perry with the funding possibilities of the new Grants Database Research Terminal.

                Terminal answer: Office of Advancement,
                GSC offer new research funding tool
                        As good as the Honnold-Mudd                    their fat bankrolls. To help allay this   private subscription service – only
                        library is, it may not have all the            dilemma, Graduate Student Council         accessible to us from the Office of
                        research materials we need. As first-          (GSC) President Shanna Livermore          Advancement’s terminal – that
                        rate as Southern California’s                  and Vice President of Advancement         contains a database of virtually every
                        libraries are, even they might not             Gregory Pierre Cox have partnered to      foundation in the country, along with
                                                                       offer students and faculty access to      searchable information on funding
                        hold a copy of the eighteenth-century
                                                                       the Office of Advancement’s Grants        priorities, funding history, financial
                        manuscript on animal husbandry                 Database Research Terminal –              resources, and more.
                        required for our dissertation on the           powered by the Foundation Center’s
                        history of backyard poultry farming –          Foundation Directory Online – a           School of Politics and Economics
                        but a library in Virginia does. With           potentially fruitful resource in the      student Soomi Lee recently used the
                        bills to pay and a belly to feed, how          effort to expand our resources.           database and found four leads (of the
                        could we possibly fly across the                                                         Glengarry variety, we expect) to fund
                        country and still make rent? Consider While the terminal is little more than             her research on the political
                        our new Grants Database Research      a computer in a quiet room that                    processes that shape public finance.
                        Terminal.                             doubles as CGU’s green-screen                      “The database is straightforward and
                                                              studio, the Foundation Directory                   easy to use,” she says.
                                                              Online is an excellent tool for
                        At CGU, we talk a lot about “research students interested in topic-specific
                        that matters,” but conducting this    grants, specialty funds, or other types
                        research often costs money; and       of directed funds for research. It is a                               (Continued on page 6)
                        graduate students aren’t known for

                                                                                                                                      Leisure with dignity 1
                                                                                                        leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers in Los Angeles
                                                                                                        to convene.” Past speakers have included gubernatorial
                                                                                                        candidate and former CEO of eBay Meg Whitman,
                                                                                                        author and humorist Dave Barry, and cofounder of the
                                                                                                        Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington. Many upcoming
                                                                                                        speakers are yet to be determined, so keep an eye on
                                                                                                        our Facebook page (
                                                                                                        claremontgraduateuniversity) or check with the forum’s
                                                                                                        website at

                                                                                                        Forums are free for all CGU students and alumni, $20
                                 Drucker Business Forum participant Arianna Huffington
                                                                                                        for everyone else. The events feature a breakfast from
                                 contemplates Peter Drucker’s legacy, eerie presence.                   7:45 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., followed by the forum, which
                                                                                                        lasts until 9:30 a.m. For additional information –
                                                                                                        including venue locales, or how to purchase tickets and
                                 Get down to Drucker                                                    RSVP – visit the forum website listed above.

                                 Business Forum
                                 For those of us who are business-minded, who consider ourselves
                                 students of the world of leadership, entrepreneurship, and             THE PEDANT is . . .
                                 innovation – or those who simply enjoy listening to two interesting
                                 people have a conversation in a large room – one of the greatest       Brendan Babish – Managing editor
                                 resources available at CGU is the Drucker Business Forum.              Kevin Riel – Head writer
                                                                                                        Liz Nurenberg – Senior colorist
                                 Featuring an impressive cast of authors and business
                                                                                                        Jordan Perry – Ranking male model, writer
                                 leaders, the forum is a twice-monthly event produced
                                 by the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate                     Rachel Tie – Chief socialite, writer
                                 School of Management that aims to provide “a vibrant                   Scott Kneece – Haute gourmet, writer
                                 and intimate exchange of ideas and a place for business

                                                                               Thanksgiving meal from Sprouts.
                                                                               With so much activity, you might think        On a final, somewhat related note,
                                                                               you don’t have the time to socialize          second-year art-student shows begin
                                                                               with other students. That might be            the first Tuesday in November.
                                                                               true, but I hope you consider cutting         Receptions are held every Tuesday
                                                                               back on some of the hours you spend           evening from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. I’m sure I
                                                                               reading Gawker or watching The Event          don’t need to convince you to check
                                                                               before you cut yourself off from your         out some great art, drink some free
                                                                               colleagues and peers.                         wine, and support our talented art
                                                                                                                             students. So that will save some time.
                                                                               Especially because the clubs and
                                                                               activities at CGU and around the              Brendan Babish
                                                                               consortium are so varied and vibrant,
                                editor’s note                                  as you can read in this issue’s feature
                                                                               article on page 4. Some are academic
                                                                               in nature, some are just for fun, but
                                As we enter the dog days of the fall           the best part is, if you don’t find a club     the Pedant
                                semester, the early thrill of a new                                                          Volume 3, Number 2
                                                                               to join, you can start one yourself.          October 2010
                                school year may be transitioning into          There’s even funding available for            Many thanks to our new student writers, as
                                anxiety over reading lists, final papers,       food and supplies. Like many things at        well as John Dulay, Shanna Livermore,
                                and reserving a pre-cooked                     CGU, where there’s a will there’s a           and Tom Bosley (RIP). No thanks to Norv
                                                                               way.                                          Turner.

 2 Otium cum dignitate
                                Scholarship and                                      Balancing act:
                                grants, hold the                                     making it to your
                                spam                                                 first conference
                                Gaudy, flashing advertisements and stock              Being a successful graduate student doesn’t    With a long tradition of dialogue and
                                photographs of attractive students should be         end with straight A’s. We’re all expected to   discourse, this annual conference
                                familiar to any past seeker of financial assistance   work on projects outside course work,          encourages emerging scholars from
                                online – they usually portend the menace of          padding that CV. Participating in              all fields of study to actively
                                1,001 spam e-mails. While Scholarships and           conferences is a crucially important           participate in a transdisciplinary
                                                                                     extracurricular activity (for reasons why      conversation that aims to establish
                                Grants ( –
                                                                                     check out our first issue at       new ways of incorporating theory
                                recently listed on our Office of Student              thepedant). Although balancing schoolwork      and practice.
                                Financing’s excellent “Searchable Scholarship        and life leaves little time for conference
                                Opportunities” webpage – may appear to possess       traveling. No need, taking part in CGU’s       Proposals of 250-300 words are
                                a similar aesthetic, beneath its exterior lies a     own annual conference might be just the        currently being accepted (with a brief
                                viable resource for students seeking assistance in   ticket.                                        CV). A more detailed list of proposal
                                financing their education.                                                                           requirements and conference
                                                                                     On Friday, March 4, CGU will hold              information is available at
                                Scholarships and Grants connects                     its 12th annual Student Research     
                                students to relevant funding opportunities           Conference and Art Exhibition.
                                                                                     Hosted by the Office of Student Life            The conference schedule will include
                                offered by various organizations, while
                                                                                     and Diversity (formerly the Minority           an art exhibition from CGU student
                                delivering a minimum of the advertising              Mentor Program), the event is open             artists, approximately five forums, a
                                fluff, such as the contests and “special              to all students of the Claremont               keynote speaker, discussion panels,
                                offers” that many scholarship and grant              Colleges and beyond.                           and a luncheon.
                                websites are synonymous with.
                                                                                     This year’s theme, The Balancing Act:          This is an excellent opportunity for
                                The website’s design is straightforward              Theory & Practice, addresses the               professional development and to
                                and uncomplicated, with scholarships                 challenges scholars face in separating         share research with peers and faculty
                                organized by field of study. Each section             research methodology from activism.            to generate constructive feedback
                                lists regularly updated links to new                 Research methods typically demand              and publicity. Even if you don’t have
                                                                                     an unbiased commitment and                     time to present this semester, show up
                                opportunities. With promotions funded by
                                                                                     detachment from a subject of study.            and support your peers; ask
                                organizations such as the Veterans of                Ironically, this distances a researcher        questions, learn what people are
                                Foreign Wars, the OP Loftbed Company,                from their subject and is often at             researching, and get ideas for next
                                and the American Nudist Research                     odds with their personal investment.           year’s conference.
                                Library, the offerings range from the
                                traditional to the surreal.

                                Additional information is provided on
                                grants and essay contests, but special
                                notice should be paid to each listing’s
                                eligibility requirements, as some
                                organizations have specific age and
                                education requirements or are seeking
                                specific qualifications.

                                Fear not a deluge of spam, check out
                                Scholarships and Grants and get funded.

                                                                                          2009’s keynote speaker (recently added to the Claremont School of Theology
                                                                                          faculty), Najeeba Syeed Miller.

                                                                                                                                                      Leisure with dignity 3
                                The Lonely

                                Guide to
                                joining and
                                starting a
                                club at CGU
                                by Rachel Tie                                       Ladies and gentlemen, your 2010 CGU Flames!

                                As a commuter school, feeling like you’re part     “When people have fun and create          typically followed by a meal or drink.
                                of a community at CGU can be fleeting.              friendships with others who have a        As a result, she’s formed connections
                                                                                   similar interest, they experience         to people she doesn’t ordinarily get to
                                Many students come just for class and leave,
                                                                                   positive emotions,” says Dulay.           interact with at school.
                                drawn away by work, family, or the                 “These positive emotions, according
                                worsening traffic on the 10. As such,               to Fredrickson, can expand a person's     Below is a list of current, non-
                                romantic visions of hours in the quad – with       thought-action-repertoire, which is       academic clubs and organizations at
                                or without someone strumming an acoustic           another way of saying that a person       CGU. Read on to see if one or more
                                guitar – are often at odds with the realities of   can potentially think and behave          strike your fancy, and find
                                graduate life. But where organic communities       more creatively. This creativity can      information for starting your own
                                may be lacking, intentionally conceived            then build physical, social, and          club at the end.
                                communities are thriving at CGU in the             cognitive resources from which a
                                form of clubs, groups, and activities.             person can draw. In other words,          Asian American Resource Center
                                                                                   when people are having fun and            (AARC)
                                Here at the Pedant, we set out to                  making friends on the softball field or
                                discover what groups are on campus                 elsewhere, the resulting positive         asian-american-resource-center
                                and how one might get involved.                    emotions can improve their quality of     The mission of the AARC is to build
                                Apart from professional                            life.”                                    a stronger sense of community
                                organizations – which focus on                                                               among Asian/Pacific Islander
                                vocational or academic development                 CGU Flame teammate Anna                   students, to raise awareness on issues
                                – there are at least 14 groups on                  Fagergren cites the monastic              affecting them, and to develop
                                campus with an ideological, lifestyle,             character of graduate life as her         student leadership.
                                or hobbyist base, and the consensus                impetus for joining the team.             Contact: Karin Mak at (909)
                                among participants is that whatever                                                          621-8639
                                the club, the benefits of membership  “I can get individualistic in my
                                far outweigh the time lost on         studies. The team has been invaluable                  Black Graduate Student
                                studying.                             to me for a sense of interdependence.                  Association (BGSA)
                                                                      We are social creatures and                  
                                J.P. Dulay, founder of the CGU        interactivity can provide a balance to                 The BGSA is a student-run
                                Flames (our beloved softball team     solitary schoolwork,” Fagergren says.                  organization dedicated to supporting
                                with a roster nearing 20 and a mean   SBOS-speak aside, becoming part of                     the Pan-African student experience.
                                neighborhood reputation to boot)      a community of like-minded people                      Contact:
                                bases his enthusiasm for group        can do wonders for your social life
                                activities on the “Broaden and Build” and overall attitude. With a common                    CGU Flames
                                theory of social psychologist Barbara interest as a base, new friendships are                Made up of students, the CGU
                                Fredrickson. (Can you tell he’s a     bound to form and a greater                            Flames softball team is part of the
                                School of Behavioral and              community at CGU will follow.                          Claremont intramural league, which
                                Organizational Sciences (SBOS)        Danielle Batol, another CGU Flame,                     regularly plays (and wins!) games
                                student?)                             says that camaraderie doesn’t end on                   against other local teams.
                                                                      the field; practices and games are                     Contact:

     4 Otium cum dignitate
                                Chicano/Latino Student                   academic resources for yourself
                                Association                              andyour peers..
                                Provides support services for
                                Chicano/Latino students through
                                academic, cultural, and social events.
                                                                         Health and Wellness Club
                                                                         This year’s activities include hikes, a
                                                                                                                   Getting Funded
                                Contact:                                 community dinner, and meditation,
                                 and a pre-finals yoga session.            Ever dream of campus yoga? Apply
                                                                         Contact:        for GSC funds, hire a teacher, and
                                Claremont Colleges Meditation                                                      you’ve got yourself a club. Wish you
                                Workshop                                 Herbivores                                and your fellow oenophiles (it means
                                Information and support for vegan,        “wine lovers” – don’t worry, we had
                                Join Claremont McKenna College           vegetarian, and raw eaters – and for      to Google it, too) had the means to do
                                Emeritus Professor of Philosophy         those who wish to learn more.             tastings together? Start a wine-
                                Steve Smith in exploring the benefits    Contact: Shanna Livermore at              appreciation guild and the GSC may
                                of a meditation practice. Wednesdays                         foot the bill. Although various
                                7:15-9:00 a.m. and 8:00-9 p.m. at the                                              schools have funding set aside for
                                McAlister Center (919 North              Soccer Sunday                             student organizations, their support
                                Columbia Avenue).                        Kick it with other CGU students,          can often be limited to professional
                                Contact:                                 Sundays on the field across from the      development. Having these types of
                                    Claremont McKenna College dining          resources is great, but getting funding
                                                                         hall at 4:00 p.m.                         through colleges and departments for
                                Claremont Colleges Poker Club            Contact: Rob Hargis and Jesse             a club that is not related to your
                                A $5 buy-in gets you unlimited play      Bettinger at                              academic field can be tough. The
                                with students from all the Claremont                GSC has a special allotment of funds
                                Colleges. Fridays at the Platt student                                             for supporting student-run clubs of
                                Center on Harvey Mudd College’s          Queer Graduate Union/Queer                any variety, and is eager to see more
                                campus, beginning at 7:30 p.m.           Resource Center                           students tap into this underutilized
                                (Though, keep in mind that the math      Educational, social, and social-          resource.
                                and engineering whiz kids at Harvey      justice-orientated programming that
                                Mudd College are probably the last       reflects the diversity within the         GSC Vice President Dallas Harris
                                people you want to play cards for        LGBTQQIA community at CGU.                encourages students with any interest
                                cash with – ed.)                         Contact:            to consider forming a club and
                                Contact:                                                 applying for funding. “We want to
                                                                         Zero-Waste Club                           see all of the diverse interests at CGU
                                Claremont Colleges Swing                 Make CGU green by helping to              expressed and supported,” says
                                 implement environmentally sound           Harris
                                Whether you are a beginner looking       policies across campus.
                                for lessons, or have experience and      Contact: Shanna Livermore at           To apply for GSC club funding, a
                                want to show off your moves at open                      club must have a minimum of 10
                                dance, the Claremont Colleges Swing                                             students plus a faculty or staff
                                club has everything from lessons to      The Zine                               advisor. New clubs must fill out a
                                competitive dance. Thursdays at 7:30              “new student club application form”
                                p.m. in the Grand Ballroom of the        Founded in 2009, the Zine is the       in addition to the “annual club status”
                                Masonic Lodge in Pasadena (200           alternative student-run publication at form (available at,
                                South Euclid Avenue.                     CGU. Write, review, edit, and design. under the heading “Organizations”).
                                CGU Flag Football                                                               Approved clubs will receive $100 to
                                Students of every discipline and                                                start plus $100 each semester that
                                gender are invited to play some not-                                            they resubmit the annual club status
                                so-rough-and-tumble flag football.                                              form, with special funding also
                                Teams are currently forming.                                                    available. Clubs are approved by a
                                Contact:                                                  majority vote of the GSC. Submit
                                                                                                                forms to the GSC mailbox in the
                                Graduate Student Council                                                        CGU mailroom (located in the
                                                                            basement of Harper Hall). Send
                                Participate in student life, plan social                                        queries to Harris, at
                                events assist in the implementation of                                

                                                                                                                                      Leisure with dignity 5
(Continued from page 1)
                                              Feasting – and fattening –
The service is available by appointment
only (that you’ll make sometime               your way through
between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Mondays
or from 9 a.m. to noon on Thursdays for       graduate school
one or two hour blocks), and may              by Scott Kneece
require the clearing of a few
bureaucratic hurdles before use. The         Dining on campus or around the 5Cs          The Hub Grill – 390 East Ninth
first step is to contact the GSC at          can be an uncertain endeavor,               Street; they’ll help you from           especially if you don’t have the time
there. Eventually, you’ll be in touch        to investigate. The following is part       Hours: Monday-Thursday, 11
with the Office of Advancement’s             of a serialized list of what’s out there,   a.m.-10:30 p.m.; Friday, 11 a.m.-2
Senior Research Analyst Michael              with some brief descriptions to let         a.m.; Saturday-Sunday, 8 p.m. (yes,
Urquidez, who will set the computer up       you know what you’re getting into.          that says p.m.)-2 a.m.
and give a five-to-10 minute tutorial on     This issue’s installment looks at
                                             Claremont McKenna College.              The nature of this place is all in the
the website to first-time users. After                                               name: “hub,” meaning a center of
that, you’re free to roam foundation         Collins Dining Hall – Corner of         activity, and “grill,” suggesting to
listings to your heart’s content.            Eighth Street and Amherst Avenue        torment as if by . . . wait, that’s not
                                                                                     right – suggesting, well, a grill. On
After you’ve found a handful of              Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-7       the CMC campus, the Hub Grill is
promising leads, you’ll need to draft        p.m.; Weekends/Holidays, 10:30          where students go to get away from
letters of inquiry and grant proposals.      a.m.-6:15 p.m.                          their studies and hang out. There’s a
While Urquidez can’t help with any                                                   lot of comfortable seating (like sofas
inquiries, the CGU Writing Center can        Like all of the dining commons on       and other furniture-type stuff)
assist in drafting and editing written       the 5C campuses, the menu options at televisions, a couple of pool tables,
proposals. It also provides the              Collins Dining Hall vary amongst the and of course food prepared on a
                                             several food stations. The basics       grill. They also have reasonably
occasional grant-writing workshop.           include a grill, salad-bar, oven, and   priced deli sandwiches for those
(Visit to          deli. They also have a station called   students who, with profound
check on upcoming workshops or to            Farm to Fork, geared toward             unnaturalness, don’t enjoy burgers.
make an appointment with a consultant.)      vegetarians and those particularly      The hours are a little tricky, intended
                                             earthy breed of eaters called vegans,   as they are to serve mostly CMC
Full access to information as detailed as    where the food is served soil to plate. students, but if you ever find yourself
this service provides can be expensive,      A favorite of students, however, is the hungry and, for some reason,
and kudos are in order to Livermore, the     @ Home station, featuring classic       wandering the CMC campus at 1
GSC, and Cox for working hard to make        comfort entrees for breakfast, lunch,   a.m. on the Lord’s Day, you know
this available.                              and dinner, just like Ma used to        where to go.
                                             make. The standard prices as a guest
                                             at any of the 5C dining halls – and
For those of us pursuing academic            keep in mind this is all-you-can-eat –
careers, learning the art of grant writing   are as follows: breakfast, $8.50;
can pay off in the future. Whether or not    brunch/lunch, $11.50; dinner, $14.50.
you find a pot ‘o gold under the terminal
desk for your research, this is a great
opportunity to get acquainted with the
kind of work you may be dealing with
later on down the professional – or
professorial – road.

                                                Open on weekends until 2 a.m., the Hub Grill could be the new late-
                                                night hub of your gastronomic life.

6 Otium cum dignitate

                                 research and awards
                                2010-2011 Hillcrest                        Proposals should be submitted by           Proposals should indicate research
                                                                           November 8, 2010, no later than 5:00       topic, readings, and names of
                                Transdisciplinary                          p.m., to Transdisciplinary Studies         participants with information about
                                Research Awards                            Program/ Hillcrest Award/                  their schools/fields, as well as the
                                                                           Attention: Mary Ellen Wanderlingh,         name of the convener (who will
                                The Transdisciplinary Studies              Administrative Assistant/ Claremont        submit receipts for reimbursement no
                                Program is accepting proposals for         Graduate University/ 150 East 10th         later than June 10, 2011).!A schedule
                                the 2010-2011 Hillcrest                    Street/ Claremont, California 91711.       of meeting dates should also be
                                Transdisciplinary Research Awards.                                                    included. Groups should plan to meet
                                The awards are designed to fund and        For more information, contact Vice         at least three times a semester.
                                encourage student transdisciplinary        Provost of the Transdisciplinary
                                research and collaboration. Ranging        Studies Program Wendy Martin               Proposals must be submitted by
                                from $500 to $1,500 per group,             (                    November 12 at 5 p.m.;
                                awards will be very competitive –                                                     announcements of awards will be
                                granted from a limited pool of funds       Transdisciplinary Reading                  made shortly thereafter. Send a hard
                                – so get on it!                                                                       copy of your proposal to the
                                                                           Groups                                     Transdisciplinary Studies Program/
                                Eligible groups must contain three or                                                 Transdisciplinary Reading and
                                more students representing at least        Proposals for transdisciplinary            Working Group/ Attention: Mary
                                three disciplines and, preferably, two     reading groups are now being               Ellen Wanderlingh, Administrative
                                schools at CGU. Proposals should           accepted for spring 2011. Grants of        Assistant/ CGU, 150 East 10th
                                include a description of the project,      $500 will be given to students and         Street/ Claremont, California 91711.
                                plan of activities and goals, list of      faculty groups to undertake readings
                                participants with a description of         and research across the disciplines on
                                their research agendas, summary of         a given topic. These grants may be
                                anticipated expenses, explanation of       used to pay for books, refreshments,
                                the transdisciplinary nature of the        and other related expenses.
                                project, and a CV for each
                                participant.                               Transdisciplinary reading groups
                                                                           should consist of students and faculty
                                Students who receive funding must          from at least three disciplines,
                                also schedule a public presentation        preferably distributed across two or
                                for the CGU community about the            three schools at CGU. Priority will be
                                results of their collaborative projects.   given to topics that show promise of
                                Presentations may include public           becoming the focus for future
                                colloquia and discussions, poster          transdisciplinary courses as well as
                                                                           proposals that combine quantitative      The more interestingly diverse your reading
                                sessions, exhibitions, or other                                                     group, the better your shot at the Benjamins.
                                formats.                                   and interpretive approaches.

                                                                                                                                        Leisure with dignity 7
                                event in                                      events calendar
                                November 6: Drucker Centennial                November 2 – MFA thesis exhibition and reception of Tania Alvarez and
                                Day is the                                    Andrew Ballstaedt. 6 p.m.-9 p.m. at the East & Peggy Phelps Galleries
                                culmination of a                              (251 East 10th Street).
                                year’s worth of events
                                                                              November 3-December 19 – “Steve Roden: when words become forms”
                                commemorating the
                                                                              consists of new paintings and a new large-scale installation created
                                life of management                            specifically for the Pomona College Museum of Art. Elements of the
                                guru Peter Drucker.                           installation will include large-scale sculptural forms, sound compositions,
                                The event spans a                             and hand drawn film/video projections. Pomona College Museum of Art
                                whole day of                                  (330 N. College Way).
                                presentations, and                            November 4 – Poetry reading by 2010 Kingsley Tufts Award winner D.A.
                                mini-classes taught by                        Powell. 4 p.m. in the Board of Trustees Room, Harper Hall.
                                Drucker faculty,
                                                                              November 6 – Drucker Centennial Day (see “event in focus”).
                                including a keynote
                                address by Tom Peters, co-author of In
                                                                              School of Religion fall lecture and reception. Professor Hamid Mavani,
                                Search of Excellence. To register, get more   “An Innovative Approach to Islamic Studies.” 1 p.m.-3 p.m. (831 North
                                information, and for a full schedule, visit   Dartmouth Avenue).
                                                                              November 8 – Drucker Institute writers-in-residence present on their
                                                                              book, The Puritan Gift: Reclaiming the American Dream Amidst Global
                                                                              Financial Chaos. 5 p.m.-6:30 p.m. in the Albrecht Auditorium.
            graduate tips                                                     November 9 – MFA thesis exhibition and reception of Jennifer Mitchell
                                                                              and (the Pedant’s very own) Liz Nurenberg. 6 p.m.-9 p.m. at the East &
                                    CGU Professors Paul                       Peggy Phelps Galleries.
                                    Gray and David E.
                                    Drew, authors of What                     November 9 – Alice Waters – chef, author, social entrepreneur, proponent
                                    They Didn’t Teach You                     of “slow food” – at Scripps College. 8 p.m. at the Garrison Theatre
                                    in Graduate School:                       (corner of 10th Street and Dartmouth Avenue)
                                    199 Helpful Hints for
                                    Success in Your                           November2 – MFA thesis exhibition and reception of Summer Grijalva
                                    Academic Career, have                     and Sharon Mealey. 6 p.m.-9 p.m. at the East & Peggy Phelps Galleries.
                                    been kind enough to
                                    allow us to publish one                   November 17 – Registration for spring 2011 begins.
                                    helpful hint from their
                                    book in each issue. This                  November 18 – GSC Thanksgiving Potluck. 4 p.m.-8:30 p.m. at the
            is so that one day you don’t raise your fist in                   Ombudsman’s Office in the McAlister Center (919 North Columbia
            the air and curse CGU for not teaching you                        Avenue).
            to . . .
                                                                              November 25-26 – Thank heavens for Thanksgiving break
            53. LEARN GRANTSMANSHIP. It is a skill
            like any other. If necessary, attend special                      December 13 – Due date for dissertation/thesis/critique and final degree
            workshops. Educate yourself about who funds                       requirements for this semester’s candidates (way to go!).
            your type of research. Don’t be snobbish! You
            may feel deep down that you did not train                         December 17 – Registration for spring 2011 closes.
            yourself for a life of the mind in order to
            become a peddler of slick prose to federal and                    December 18 – Last day of fall semester, have a terrific break and a happy
            foundation bureaucrats. But an ability to raise                   new year!
            money can have a seismic effect on your
            career. Simply imagine yourself as one of two                     January 18 – Already? Back to the grind: spring semester begins.
            finalists for the plum academic position you
            always dreamed about. Your competitor has a
            six-hundred-thousand-dollar grant and you
            don’t. What are the odds in your favor?

            8 Otium cum dignitate

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