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                                                                                   WINTER 2010

 17th AnnuAl toys for tots
 & teens Brings smiles to
 locAl youth And their fAmilies
 O                                                                                                                                      2
                n December 19th, the multi-media
                room at the PSB looked a little
                                                          for their age group. It was a sight to see as the kids
                                                          entered the room filled with toys, big smiles lit up
                different than it usually does – it was
                filled from floor to ceiling with toys,
                                                          their faces. The parents did not go home empty
                                                          handed either. Seventy-five parents and families also
 games, bikes and dolls! The 17th Annual Toys for         received small gifts to help out this holiday season
 Tots & Teens drive was a great success bringing in       – a $20 gift card to Publix. Participants were not
 more than $7,000 in donations from businesses            only greeted by Sheriff Al Lamberti and BSO staff,
 such as Walmart, the Florida Marlins, Sam’s Club,        they were also treated to a special visit by three-time
 Cash4Gold and Crime Stoppers of Broward County.          Grammy Award-winner MC Hammer.
 An additional $4,000 was collected in raffle ticket
 sales. BSO also received generous donations of              See TOYS FOR TOTS & TEENS continued on page 12.
 hundreds of toys from businesses, groups and
      With the money collected, thousands of
 exciting gifts were purchased for children who are

 less fortunate and would otherwise not have
 a gift to open on Christmas. A
 total of about 1,500 kids                                                                                                  BSO
 attended the Toys for Tots
 & Teens giveaway this year                                                                                                 Babies
 receiving appropriate gifts
 Sheriff Al Lamberti
 presents one deserving
 kid with an Xbox 360
 live game system.

                                                                                                                            for Charity
                                                   message from the sheriff

   stepping up prescription drug prevention
      In 2009, I announced our agency’s plans      are coming into Broward County to obtain           and high school students and child based
   to create a proactive program                   prescriptions for narcotics from pain clinics.     organizations.
   aimed at removing illegal                       These clinics are known as “pill mills”               Additionally, our agency, in partnership
   weapons from the streets.                       and the patients are “doctor-shopping”             with The United Way’s Commission
   We increased enforcement,                       – looking for willing doctors to dispense          on Substance Abuse, have held and will
   established the Gun                                 drugs. In November 2009, the Broward           continue to hold prescription drug “take
   Stoppers Unit and                                         Grand Jury recommended 18                back” programs throughout Broward
   launched a                                                    steps to clean up Florida’s “pill    County. Participants can drop off their
   multi-media                                                      mills.” The most important        unwanted or unused prescription drugs
   prevention                                                         step – implementing             with no questions asked and receive a $5
   campaign.                                                           the Prescription Drug          gift card to local stores and pharmacies.
   That                                                                 Monitoring Program               Our agency is committed to eliminating
   program                                                               (PDMP) – which is an         the prescription drug abuse problem in this
   is ongoing                                                            electronic database to       county. To those of you who are working in
   and we                                                                track excessive dispensing   our drug prevention programs, I commend
   continue                                                             of prescription drugs to      your efforts to help heal and monitor those
   to see                                                              doctor-shopping patients.      affected by the disease of addiction. For
   tremendous                                                        If these recommendations         our detectives and deputies who combat
   results. In 2010                                                are followed, it will go a long    this increasing problem, you have already
   we are stepping                                              way in eliminating prescription       made tremendous strides with enforcement
   up our prescription                                     drugs prescribed to dealers and            and investigation. I know we will continue
   drug prevention and                              addicts in Broward County.                        that momentum and see a reduction in this
   enforcement efforts.                               The Broward Sheriff’s Office continually        disturbing trend.
      The increased misuse of prescription         conducts law enforcement operations                   I thank you all for your dedication and
   drugs in Broward County has not                 to target illegal prescription drug abuse,         commitment to our agency and the citizens
   gone unnoticed by law makers or law             but in 2010 we are also implementing               you serve. I wish you and your family all
   enforcement. The Broward County Medical         an important educational component.                the best in 2010.
   Examiner had more than 500 drug-related         Through FDLE’s Byrne/JAG stimulus
   overdose deaths last year and statistics show   grant funding we were able to hire a
   that more than 25,000 people die from           prescription drug prevention specialist
   unintentional drug overdoses in our nation      – Christine Sawyer. Ms. Sawyer will
   annually.                                       provide prescription drug prevention and
      Our undercover operations revealed           education presentations to community                 — Sheriff Al Lamberti
   many out-of-state drug addicts and dealers      and homeowner associations, middle

    Welcome Home FBI National Academy Graduate
                                                      Lauderdale Lakes District Chief Andrew “Andy” Smalling can add one more
                                                   accomplishment to his list, FBI National Academy graduate! The commencement
                                                   ceremony for class #238 was held on September 18, 2009 at the FBI Academy in
                                                   Quantico, Virginia. Chief Smalling achieved both the yellow brick, for completing
                                                   the 6.2 mile obstacle course known as the yellow brick road, and the blue brick, for
                                                   swimming a total of 34 miles during the 10-week course.
                                                      “The experience I had at the FBI National Academy, especially meeting police
                                                   executives from all over the nation and the world was unmatched,” said Smalling.
                                                   He added, “The most interesting person I met came from Bagdad, Iraq. He had the
                                                   misfortune of having his home bombed by insurgents while he was attending the
                                                   academy. Fortunately no one in his family was in the house at the time.” Certainly
                                                   the most taxing part of the academy says Smalling was the 34-mile swim challenge.
                                                   “I never swam that much in my life.” The men and women of the Broward Sheriff ’s
                                                   Office congratulate Chief Smalling on his academy graduation.

2 • Winter 2010
                                                 news from bso

Presidential Volunteer Service                                                                    DOD Helps
Award Recipients                                                                                  Send Fire
Sheriff Al Lamberti was proud to present BSO’s Weston District Chief Greg Page and Sgt. Eric
Caldwell with the President’s Volunteer Service Award in his office recently. Also, a recipient
of the award is retired deputy, David Schupp. Schupp was unable to attend the ceremony,
                                                                                                  Rescue Honor
but received his award at a later date. The award recipients were selected for their years of
volunteer service and dedication to the community. Congratulations!                               Guard to
                                                                                                     In an effort to assist another BSO
                                                                                                  division, Kathleen Carter from the Main
                                                                                                  Jail took it upon herself to coordinate
                                                                                                  a bake sale to raise money for the BSO
                                                                                                  Fire Rescue Honor Guard to travel to
                                                                                                  Colorado for the Fireman’s Memorial.
                                                                                                  On October 2, several employees from
                                                                                                  the Department of Detention joined
                                                                                                  together to host the bake sale – donating
                                                                                                  their time, money and baked goods.
                                                                                                  The event demonstrates great teamwork
                                                                                                  among BSO employees and was a success
                                                                                                  bringing in $426. Thank you to all who

                                                  Update from the Editor
       As you read through this issue of           service to children and youth with             the CDTC or find out how you can
    Signal 14 you will notice the great            special health care needs. The CDTC            volunteer with this organization, please
    work of BSO employees. Many people             operates one the most comprehensive            visit
    donated time, money and offered                HIV/AIDS treatment programs for                   I look forward to next year when
    support to various charities and the           women and children in the nation.              our winter 2011 issue covers all that
    less fortunate in our community. The           Their focus is not only on the children        BSO employees have done in 2010. I
    Central Supply Unit collected money            they serve, but the entire family. Each        hope this year brings all of you
    all year for charity, our firefighters,        year, the center collects funds for their      much joy and happiness!
    communications operators and                   Thanksgiving Basket Brigade – for
    classification specialists wore pink           every $25 donated, a family of four              -Lynne Cunneen Martzall
    in support of breast cancer research,          receives a full Thanksgiving feast.
    abandoned animals were adopted,                   I was so impressed with the CDTC’s
    YIED staff handed out thousands of             desire to make a difference in the
    toys and gifts, carolers brought cheer         community, I put a call out to BSO             Four-year old Mia
    to a children’s hospital in Pompano            personnel asking for assistance. In            Hidalgo, daughter of
    Beach and personnel from DOD held              true BSO fashion, our employees                External Affairs Graphic
    a bake sale to assist the Fire Rescue          responded with not only monetary               Designer Jane Hidalgo,
    Honor Guard.                                   donations, but with their time as              walks through the
       Members of the External Affairs             well. With nearly $1,500 donated,              assembly line
    Division assisted a charitable                 60 less fortunate families received a          collecting food. “I
    organization in 2009 too. In early fall,       full Thanksgiving feast. Additionally,         wanted my children
    I had the privilege of meeting with            dozens of BSO employees and their              to understand
    Suzanne Higgins and Ana Calderon               families arrived at the CDTC on the            the importance of
    from the Children’s Diagnostic &               Sunday before Thanksgiving to fill             giving back,” said Jane.
    Treatment Center (CDTC). The                   bags with food and deliver meals to            “Donating just a few hours
    center provides comprehensive                  residents all over Broward County.             of your time to charity can
    prevention, intervention and treatment            If you would like to learn more about       make a difference.”

                                                                                                             SIGNAL 14      I • 3
                                                       news from bso

                                                        Sergeant Hernandez!
                                                        By sArA oren, externAl AffAirs
                                                            On October 23, Sgt. Maury Hernandez was surrounded by family and
                                                        friends at the PSB as he received his promotion to the rank of sergeant.
                                                       Sheriff Al Lamberti presented Maury with his new sergeant’s badge and
                                                       stripes for his uniform. Prior to being wounded in the line-of-duty, Maury
                                                       had already been on the DLE sergeant’s promotional list. “Based on how
                                                        well his recovery is going, I promoted him to sergeant this morning – a
                                                        promotion well deserved,” said Sheriff Lamberti.
                                                           After receiving his promotion, Maury – full of emotion – was nothing
                                                        but thankful. “The support from everyone has pushed me to get through
                                                        and keep going. This is a team effort and I’m proud to be part of BSO,”
                                                        said the newly promoted sergeant.
                                                         Sgt. Maury Hernandez receives his new badge and sergeant stripes from Sheriff
                                                         Al Lamberti during a small, private ceremony.

    Halloween PAL Style                                                                PAL member Joel Pardilla
                                                                                       was frightful!
    By csA Anthony floriAn, yied
      A night of “trick or treats” and          school chairs were placed outside with
   “give me something good to eat”              plaques featuring names and stories of
   became a night of education, fun and         those who were victims of teen violence.
   entertainment as the Police Athletic         In addition, a mock crime scene, which
   League (PAL) of the Youth Intervention       featured a school bus that had to make
   and Enforcement Division hosted              an emergency stop after a fight broke
   their 2nd annual Halloween Haunted           out onboard, was on display.
   House titled: “Wanna see something              There was also a haunted school.
   scary?” The theme was chosen to bring        Visitors, guided by grim reapers, walked
   awareness to teen violence. This event       through a maze and encountered
   had information booths hosted by             victims. This provided a reality of what
   organizations such as the Violence           staying silent can do to someone’s
   Intervention Program (VIP), Gang             life. The end of the maze led to the
   Resistance Education And Training            entertainment part of the night where
   (GREAT) and Crime Stoppers. All of           everyone enjoyed music, food and
   these groups distributed literature to       refreshments which were provided by
   help prevent bullying, fighting and          Capt. John Nesteruk, Lt. Anthony
   dating violence.                             DeMarco, Sgt. Dan Jackowski and
      A memorial was on display to              Sgt. Al Bonaby. BSO’s PAL would like
   remember victimized students; empty                to thank everyone who made this
                                                           event such a success.

                                                            Fire Rescue
                                                            Explorers (l. to r.):
                                                            Anthony Vanegas,
                                                            Misha Atkinson,
                                                            Jeronica Blair and
                                                            Luis Campos get
                                                            ready for the event.

   PAL participants Jameia Oliphant and Frank Medina
   put on a spooky show!
4 • Winter 2010
                                                 news from bso

Finance Award                                                                                        LEOSS
                                                                                                    During his weekly staff meeting, Sheriff Al
                                                                                                    Lamberti took a moment to congratulate
                                                                                                    Judy Couwels from our Employee Assistance
                                                                                                    Program for her efforts with the Law
                                                                                                    Enforcement Officers Stress Survey (LEOSS).
                                                                                                    Judy worked closely with Nova Southeastern
                                                                                                    University, the FBI and military to obtain a
                                                                                                    grant for this important study.
                                                                                                    Great work!

Photographed ( l. to r.) are: Executive Director of Administration John Curry, Assistant Finance
Director Ray Rahman, Staff Accountant Cathy Moore, Chief Accountant Heather Mitchell and
Director of Finance and Budget William MacDonald.
      Congratulations to the Finance Division for receiving the Certificate of Achievement for
Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA).
This is the 14th consecutive year BSO’s Finance Division has received this award. “This is
a significant accomplishment and I am proud of all the dedicated employees who work in
finance,” said Sheriff Al Lamberti.

  Fire Fighters                                    Crime Scene Kudos
  Evacuate                                        Recently, Sheriff Al Lamberti awarded Jeffrey Biegelsen of Our Community Apartments with a
                                                  certificate of appreciation. Mr. Biegelsen allows BSO’s Crime Scene to use apartments that he

  Flood Victims                                   manages to set up “mock” crime scenes. His generous assistance allows BSO’s Crime Scene to
                                                  train personnel in crime scene preservation and investigation. Photographed (l. to r.) are: Sgt.
                                                  Stewart Mosher, Sgt. Mark Suchomel, Jeffrey Biegelsen, Forensic Analyst Tom Hill, Bill Burrows
  By mike JAchles, mediA relAtions
                                                  and Sheriff Al Lamberti.
 BSO’s fire rescue crews from Pembroke
 Park evacuated a resident of the Bamboo
 Mobile Home Park in a boat on December
 18th. Residents were landlocked as severe
 flooding threatened their homes. More than
 a dozen families were evacuated from the
 mobile home park including two residents
 with special needs. Most were taken to
 an American Red Cross shelter that was
 opened in nearby Hallandale Beach.

                                                                                                               SIGNAL 14     I • 5
                                                                news from bso

      Holiday Caroling Brings Smiles
      By rocky hAuBrich, communicAtions
         What started as a small caroling event to bring smiles to
      kids’ faces has now become an annual tradition. On the
      evenings of December 14th and 22nd, carolers went bed to
      bed singing and delivering gifts to children at the Broward
      Children’s Center in Pompano Beach. The joy they bring to
      these children is clearly visible in their smiles.
         The Broward Children’s Center specializes in helping
      infants, children and young adults with special health
      care needs. It provides residential facilities and school
      programming to some of the most technologically-dependent
      and medically fragile and/or developmentally delayed children
      in South Florida.
         Gifts for these children are provided by donations from
      individuals, companies and organizations. David Meschi
      and his team at the Pompano Beach Walmart have become
      permanent sponsors of the annual wish list for the children.
      See HOLIDAY CAROLING BRING SMILES continued on page 15.

   BSO Employees are                                                             Remembering Levy
   Thankful for…                                                                 Most of you can never forget retired deputy, Paul Levy. He
                                                                                 proudly served in the Countywide Operations Division and
      In November, External Affairs put a call out to all BSO                    retired several years ago (at the time was the oldest certified
   personnel on BSOinformant asking – What are you thankful for?                 deputy sheriff at BSO). Recently, Sheriff Lamberti and BSO
   These are some of the responses received:                                     personnel threw Paul a “surprise” 90th birthday party. The real
      This year I am grateful for our military men and women who                 surprise came when a BSO firefighter showed up to help him
   have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may continue to live our          douse the flames coming from the candles on his birthday cake.
                                                                                 During the celebration, Sheriff Lamberti presented Paul with a
   lives as we have always known. I am also grateful for my wonderful
                                                                                 certificate in recognition for his years of service to the Broward
   family and friends who continue to motivate me to be true to who I            Sheriff’s Office.
   am. I hope 2010 brings our troops home and peace to the families of
   those still serving and economic recovery for all those affected so harshly
   during this recession.
      Hope Palma, Human Resources

      First, I feel thankful and blessed to be alive and healthy. I am
   thankful for the love, peace, happiness of the holiday season and the
   celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. I am blessed to have memories
   of loved ones who are no longer here as well as special childhood
      Dep. HL Coleman, Lauderdale Lakes

      I am most thankful for my beautiful wife, my two fantastic
   daughters and my grandson. We are blessed to be able to spend
   time with those who are important to us this holiday season. I am
   also thankful for my health, my job and the outstanding benefits
   that come with it. Last but not least, I am thankful for being a citizen
   of the United States of America, the greatest nation on Earth.
      Dep. Jonathan Murphy, Conte Facility
      First, I am thankful for God, my family and friends. I am also
   thankful for being employed and being able to give to others who are
   less fortunate.
     Celia Falcon, Human Resources                                                 Editor’s note:
                                                                                     Just before we went to print with Signal 14, Paul passed
         See BSO EMPLOYEES ARE THANKFUL continued on page 13.                      away. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

6 • Winter 2010
                                                           news from bso

Central Supply Gives Back
By lezlye WilliAms, centrAl supply
   At the beginning of 2009, members of           organization and were provided with a          Evert Children’s Hospital. Just before
the Central Supply Unit held a meeting            list of 19 children, ages 6 months to 7        Christmas, staff from Central Supply
and decided they wanted to “give back”            years old, their gender and their holiday      delivered the fun games and spread even
at the end of the year. Deciding what             gift wish. We divided up the list and          more joy!
organization to donate to was too stressful       each employee received $80 to shop                It does not take much effort to be
to start thinking about last January, but         for two children (one of us shopped            a blessing to someone else. Everyone
everyone agreed to start collecting $5            for three). The unwrapped toys were            in Central Supply is thankful for what
per pay period. With nine personnel, the          delivered and the unit felt they had           we have and wanted to help others.
money was sure to add up.                         made a difference in a deserving child’s       The unit was able to bring smiles to 19
   At Thanksgiving time, the unit met             life. Each of the children we shopped for      children from Kids in Distress and to
again to determine which charity would            received two or three presents.                many at the Broward Health Chris Evert
benefit from their donation – and the                After all the shopping was done for         Children’s Hospital. I want to thank
debate began. Everyone agreed that                Kids in Distress there was still some          everyone in the unit who contributed,
Kids in Distress would best benefit from          money remaining so we purchased fun            made contacts and shopped to make our
our fundraising. We approached the                games for the Broward Health Chris             efforts a success.

  Firefighters Play Santa to                                                                     Jail System
  Brighten Holidays                                                                              Award
  By mike JAchles, mediA relAtions
  BSO Fire Rescue Lt. Andrew Gadry hands a toy to 5-year-old Bryanna Jean in their
  Lauderdale Lakes apartment on December 23, while twin Bryanne and 2-year-old
  sister Sjemalla anxiously await their turn. Firefighters from Station #37 found two
  families in need and responded by taking up a collection to buy the children presents.
  The firefighters also gave the Jean family a Christmas tree and bought decorations for
  trimming. The children’s mother, Margareth (right) is currently unemployed, citing the
  economy, and was unable to buy gifts for her children this year. Chief Greg Holness,
  who spearheaded this effort, said, “As part of our commitment to community, when
  we identified these less fortunate families, we responded and hopefully will make their
  holidays a little brighter.” At left is Firefighter/Paramedic Tom Craven and standing in the
  rear is Driver/Engineer Anthony Walker.

                                                                                                   This past October, the National
                                                                                                 Commission on Correctional Health
                                                                                                 Care (NCCHC) presented BSO’s
                                                                                                 Department of Detention with the
                                                                                                 Facility of the Year Award during their
                                                                                                 National Convention in Orlando. This
                                                                                                 prestigious award is presented each year
                                                                                                 to only one facility or jail system that
                                                                                                 participates in NCCHC’s nationwide
                                                                                                 accreditation program. “This is a great
                                                                                                 accomplishment and I am very proud
                                                                                                 of the professionalism and dedication
                                                                                                 demonstrated by the DOD,” said
                                                                                                 Sheriff Al Lamberti.

                                                                                                          SIGNAL 14     I • 7
                                                              bso babies

                  BSO Babies                                                                         Jackson Thomas Palmer
                            Dep. Miguel Martinez-Newell and his               Sgt. Thomas Palmer from LBTS and
                            wife, Melissa, are excited about the arrival   his wife, Courtney Palmer from Fire
                             of their new son Miguel Eloy Martinez-        Rescue, are pleased to announce the
                              Toscano. Miguel was born September           birth of their son, Jackson Thomas
                              17, 2009, weighing 8 pounds, 7               Palmer. Jackson was born on
                                                                           October 29, 2009, weighing 7
                              ounces and was 20 ½ inches in length.        pounds, 10 ounces and measuring
                              Siblings Sebastian and Pamela are            19¼ inches. His big sister, Kaitlyn,
                             excited to welcome their new brother.         and grandfather Chief John Palmer
                         Miguel Eloy Martinez-Toscano                      from the Courthouse, also welcome
                                                                           Jackson to the family.
                      Dep. Ronnie Rodriguez from the Main Jail                Dep. Timothy Osteen from Central Intake and his wife,
      and his wife, Dayra, welcomed their daughter, Sophia Isabelle        Tonia, are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Trystan
      Rodriguez on October 1, 2009. Sophia weighed 6 pounds, 14            Jeffrey Osteen. Trystan was born on October 30, 2009,
      ounces and measured 19 ½ inches in length. Siblings Brenda,          weighing 6 pounds, 12 ounces and measuring 19 inches.
      Celine and Vinay also welcome Sophia to the family.
                                                                             Dep. Deloris Walcott and her husband, Donovan, welcomed
        Deps. Phillip and Teresa McFarlane from the Main Jail are          their daughter, Malia Walcott on November 6, 2009. Malia
                                                                           weighed 8 pounds, 14 ounces and measured 18 ½ inches.
      excited about the birth of their son, Kenneth Lee McFarlane.         Malia’s big brothers Davion and Damishe also welcome her to
      Kenneth was born on October 1, 2009, weighing 6 pounds,              the family.
      12 ounces and measuring 19 inches in length. Kenneth’s big
      brother, Phillip, also welcomes him to the family.                      Adam Jones from Communications and his wife, Brenys,
                                                                           are excited about the arrival of their daughter, Hayley Jones.
                                                                           Hayley was born on November 10, 2009, weighing 7 pounds,
        Dep. Christopher Stafford and his wife, Heather, welcomed          9 ounces and measuring 19 ½ inches. Big sister Madison also
      their daughter, Addison Rose Stafford on October 2, 2009.            welcomes Hayley to the family.
      Addison weighed 9 pounds, 5 ounces and measured 21 ½
      inches in length. Addison’s grandmother, Donna Johnson from            Dep. Monica Blair from the Main Jail welcomed her
      Weston, also welcomes her to the family.                             daughter, Zahria Monet Blair on November 22, 2009. Zahria
                                                                           weighed 6 pounds and measured 19 inches. Siblings Jeronica
                                                                           and Jahcari also welcome Zahria to the family.
        Dep. Salisia Pascoe from the Main Jail and her husband,
      Bryant, are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter,           Just in time for Thanksgiving, Dep. Mario Ginory from
      Bryanna Nevaeh Pascoe. Bryanna was born on October 17,               Tamarac and his wife, Brigitte, welcomed their daughter, Sophia
      2009, weighing 6 pounds, 15 ounces and measuring 19 ¾                Mia Ginory on November 24, 2009. Sophia weighed 7 pounds,
                                                                           4 ounces and measured 19 inches in length. Sophia’s big sister
      inches. Bryanna’s uncle, Dep. Leverett Frederick from the            Olivia also welcomes her to the family.
      Main Jail, Aunt Sheri Cook from Communications and big
      brother, Bryant, Jr. also welcome Bryanna to the family.               Deps. Jody Lintz from Central Intake and Danielle
                                                                           Lintz from North Broward are excited to welcome their
                         Dep. William “Dave” Hanks from the                granddaughter, Alysa Sofia Lintz to the family. Alysa was born
                                                                           on November 24, 2009, weighing 6 pounds, 14 ounces and
                         Civil Division and his wife, Kathleen             measuring 21 inches in length. Their son, Aaron and his wife,
                           Hanks from CPIS, are pleased to                 Frida, are Alysa’s proud parents.
                           announce the birth of their son,
                            Colin David Hanks. Colin was born                 Det. Jason Hendrick and his wife, Gina, welcomed their
                            on October 19, 2009, weighing 8                son, Ryan Alexander Hendrick on November 30, 2009. Ryan
                                                                           weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces and measured 18 inches. Ryan also
                            pounds, 12 ounces and measuring 20             received a big welcome from his big sister Brooke.
                           inches in length. Retired Sgt. Thomas
                          McCartin is Colin’s grandfather. Big               Dep. Steven Rossman from Deerfield Beach and his wife,
                        brothers, Aiden and Michael, are thrilled          Stacy Ann, announced the birth of their daughter, Tara Renee
                      to welcome Colin to the family.                      Rossman on December 4, 2009. Tara weighed 8 pounds, 9
    Colin David Hanks                                                      ounces and measured 21 inches in length. Big sister Jenna also
                                                                           welcomes her to the family.
        Dep. Kirby Dingcong from West Park and his wife, Shirley,
      welcomed their son Kyle Dingcong on October 21, 2009. Kyle              Retired Dep. Gordon Persac is proud to announce the birth
      weighed 6 pounds, 8 ounces and measured 19 ½ inches.                 of his granddaughter Madelyn Cohen on December 9, 2009.
                                                                           Madelyn was born in Savannah, GA.
        Retired Dep. Terry Randrup from the Conte Facility is                Communications Operators, Frederick McCrone and
      pleased to announce the birth of her granddaughter, Genavieve        Debra Gayle-McCrone welcomed their son, Derick Samuel
      Marie Centonze. Genavieve was born on October 28, 2009,              Artis Owen McCrone on December 5, 2009. Derick weighed
      weighing 6 pounds, 13 ounces and measuring 20 ¼ inches.              4 pounds, 14 ounces and measured 18 inches. Siblings Jordan
      Timothy and Wyonna Centonze are Genavieve’s proud parents.           and Brandon also welcome Derick to the family.
                                                                                                     See BSO BABIES continued on next page.
8 • Winter 2010
                                                   news from bso
BSO BABIES continued from previous page.

   Sharon Johnson from the Inmate
 Property Unit is pleased to announce
 the birth of her granddaughter, Imani
                                              BSO Biography
 Cearnel. Imani was born on December
 12, 2009, weighing 6 pounds, 4 ounces        Leslie Sereix,
 and measuring 19 ¼ inches in length.         Assistant Manager of Selection and Assessment, Human Resources
 Imani’s mother is Sherena Johnson.
   CSA Stephanie Blue from Weston             Joined BSO in:                             You can’t tell from looking at me
 and her husband, Daniel, are pleased to      September 1999                             that I:
 announce the birth of their daughter,                                                   Fish and bait my own hook
 Hailey Elizabeth Blue. Hailey was born       Responsibilities:
 on December 14, 2009, weighing 7             Oversee the selection process for many     In high school, I was:
 pounds, 12 ounces and measuring 20           positions within BSO.                      Shy
 inches. Hailey’s grandfather, FF/PM Greg
 Blue and uncle, Lt. David Blue, are also     Born:
                                                                                         If I could have my pick of ay car, it
 excited about the new addition to the        September 29
 family.                                                                                 would be:
                                              I live in:                                 Mercedes Benz CLK 550
   Dep. Jasmine Hines from the Conte          Cooper City with my husband and two
 Facility and Jemaine Jackson are excited     dogs                                       For a lift, I:
 about the arrival of their daughter, JaNia                                              Shop or have lunch with a friend
 Aniycia Jackson. JaNia was born on           I was born in:
 December 15, 2009, weighing 5 pounds         Gainesville, FL                            Did you know that I:
 11 ounces and measuring 18 inches.                                                      Rode the Blue Ridge Parkway on the
                                              Best decision I ever made:                 back of a motorcycle for more than
   Sgt. Kenneth Erwin from Port
 Everglades and his wife, Alisa, welcomed     Transitioning into the HR field from
                                                                                         seven hours
 their son, Kenneth King Erwin III on         accounting
 December 16, 2009. Baby Kenneth              What is the best part of your job:         Favorite website:
 weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces and                                                
 measured 19 ¾ inches.                        My co-workers
   D/E Albert Seidenstucker is pleased to     In my spare time, I:                       Recent vacation:
 announce the birth of his grandson, Noel     Garden                                     A quick trip to NYC
 Anthony Seidenstucker. Noel was born
 December 18, 2009, weighing 8 pounds,        My motto:
 8 ounces and measuring 22 inches.            If you go out of your way to help
 Noel’s proud parents are Albert and Ava      people they will remember
    Sgt. Anthony Thompson from                My hero:
 the Main Jail and his wife, Jeannette,       My mom - she is selfless
                  welcomed their twin
                      boys Adam and           One word that best describes me:
                        Aden Thompson         Compassionate
                          on December
                           23, 2009. Adam     Best advice I ever received:
                           weighed 5          Go to college straight after high school
                           pounds, 1 ounce
                           and measured       Education:
                          17 ½ inches.        Bachelor of Science Degree
                        Aden weighed 5
                       pounds, 7 ounces       If I could have any job in
                    and measured 17 ½         the world, I would want it
  Adam and Aden inches. Big sisters, Alicia
  Thompson                                    to be:
                  and Amber are happy to
 welcome their baby brothers to the family.   A chef
    Christmas came early for David Sweet      Most treasured
 of Fire Rescue and his wife, Devon           possession:
 Michelle, who welcomed a daughter,           Jewelry from
 Grace Noelle Sweet on December 24,           my mom
 2009. Grace weighed 8 pounds, 1 ounce
 and measured 21 inches. Siblings Austin
 and Cameron we excited to welcome little          Leslie Sereix
 Grace to the family.

                                                                                                  SIGNAL 14    I • 9
                                                            news from bso

     How to Do Business with BSO?
                                                                                           Elaine Dara assists a
       On November 13th, the African-American Research                                     vendor with information
     Library in Fort Lauderdale was full of small and minority                             on how to do business
     business owners interested in doing business with BSO.                                with BSO.
     The BSO Purchasing Expo was intended to provide
     one-on-one information to local business vendors and
     give them an opportunity to ask questions from BSO’s
     Purchasing Division. Agents also conducted three
     workshops throughout the day on the vendor bidding
     procedure. Overall the expo was a great success that
     provided attendees with great knowledge, information
     and contacts regarding BSO’s purchasing procedures.

   Sergeant Hernandez                                                      Commander
   Provides Valuable Insight                                               Commendation
   for Cadets                                                              By sArA oren, externAl AffAirs
                                                                             On October 24, Cmdr. Richard “Rick” Wierzbicki
   On Friday, November 13, newly promoted sergeant, Maury                  received the Community Alliance Award from the Dolphin
   Hernandez, spoke to three classes of law enforcement cadets at          Democrats for his many years of service, dedication and
   the Broward College Institute of Public Safety (IPS). Sharing his
                                                                           long lasting relationship with the Dolphin Democrats.
   story of survival and recovery, Sgt. Hernandez talked about the
   importance of teamwork and never giving up. He also spoke very            After a fulfilling career in law enforcement, Wierzbicki
   candidly and answered several questions from the cadets about           became the Chief of Police in Wilton Manors in 1999.
   his health, his plans for the future, the tactics he used during the    As chief, Wierzbicki was the first to develop a training
   incident and how he handled the trial of the man who shot him. For      program for his officers focused on hate crimes – specifically
   the cadets and the IPS staff members who were present, this was a       the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community
   special and important presentation. Associate Dean Janine Chidsey,      (GLBT). Wierzbicki served proudly as chief until 2005
   photographed with Sgt. Maury Hernandez, expressed her gratitude
                                                                           when he retired. In May 2007, however, he resumed his
   for his willingness to share such an inspiring story.
                                                                           law enforcement career when BSO hired him to serve as
                                                                           Commander within the Department of Law Enforcement.
                                                                           In September 2008, Sheriff Al Lamberti appointed Cmdr.
                                                                           Wierzbicki as the head of the newly formed BSO Hate
                                                                           Crimes/Anti-Bias Task Force – which focuses on crimes
                                                                           against GLBT groups, homeless and minority groups.
                                                                           Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition.

                                                                          Photographed (l. to r.) are: President of the Dolphin Democrats Michael
                                                                          Albetta, Cmdr. Richard “Rick” Wierzbicki and Sheriff Al Lamberti

10 • Winter 2010
                                               news from bso

 Feeding our Neighbors Who Let The Dogs
                       Out…and Kitties too?
 The very generous members of the Civil Division organized a food
 drive to provide assistance toCommunications On November 3rd,
                                  families in need.
                                 Operator Angel Johnson                   Recently, the Public Safety Building was crawling with
 an abundance of canned foods and non-perishable items were
                                 receives her badge from               precious puppies, adult dogs and playful kittens all seeking
 delivered to The Daily Food Bank, which distributes these items to
 less fortunate families living in BrowardLamberti.
                                 Sheriff Al County.                    their forever homes. The pet adoption benefited Abandoned
                                                                       Pet Rescue – a non-profit, no kill animal shelter. The event
                                                                       was a great success leading to the adoption of five furry
                                                                       friends, pet food donations and the
                                                                       collection of $1,465 from donations
                                                                       and raffle ticket sales. If you are
                                                                       interested in adopting a pet,
                                                                       the shelter is open daily from
                                                                       noon to 3:00 p.m. and is
                                                                       located at 1137 NE 9th
                                                                       Ave, Ft. Lauderdale. For
                                                                       more information, visit

                                                                                 Hope Palma from
                                                                                 Human Resources
                                                                                 cuddles with a fury friend.

Disability Mentoring Day
   On October 21, BSO participated in Disability
Mentoring Day (DMD) – a national career day where
students shadow professionals who work in career fields
that interest them. Beginning at 8:30 a.m. six students
with varying disabilities arrived at the PSB, where they met
with Sheriff Al Lamberti. Afterward, their day was filled
with various tours of BSO. Deps. Alan Barnes and Tony
Romano from YIED and Sara Oren from External Affairs
accompanied the students on tours of the BSO Crime Lab,
Fire Rescue Station 14, Communications, the ICJS facilities
and the Central Broward district.

                                                                          Sheriff Al Lamberti and the DMD student participants pose for a
                                                                          photo prior to the start of their day at BSO.
                                                                          The students had a great time asking questions at the Crime
                                                                       Lab, trying on the firefighter gear at Station 14, and seeing the
                                                                       jail cell and roll call room at Central Broward. The students
                                                                       were also impressed with the BSO gym – where they enjoyed
                                                                       a few minutes of basketball! Several participants even took a
                                                                       crack at the employee obstacle course to see if they had what it
                                                                       took to be a BSO deputy.
                                                                          The students departed from BSO with an understanding of
                                                                       what our agency is responsible for and the optimism to one
                                                                       day possibly pursue a career in the field of public safety.
                                                One of the DMD student’s suits up
                                                in firefighter gear at Station 14.                       SIGNAL 14    I • 11
                                              news from bso
   continued from cover.

       Overall the event was a huge success
   and brought joy to many Broward
   County families. All remaining toys were
   collected and donated to Saint Ruth’s
   Baptist Church in Dania, the Children’s
   Diagnostic & Treatment Center in Fort
   Lauderdale and Women in Distress in
   Fort Lauderdale. These organizations
   were extremely grateful for BSO’s kind
   contribution this holiday season.

12 • Winter 2010
                                                             news from bso

      Shop with the Sheriff                                                                                BSO EMPLOYEES ARE THANKFUL
                                                                                                           continued from page 6.

         Most children dream of waking up                                                                     I’m thankful to the Lord for having
      Christmas day to beautifully wrapped                                                                 good health, for my wonderful family and
      presents under a festively decorated                                                                 for the beautiful nation that we live in. I
      Christmas tree. Well, Christmas was a
                                                                                                           pray that in the coming year the soldiers
      little different for some children this
      year. On December 16th, 51 children                                                                  will return home, the economy will be
      from various Broward County schools                                                                  more stable and the world will be more
      attended the 4th annual Shop with the                                                                peaceful.
      Sheriff event at Walmart in Lauderdale                                                                 Sabel Fernandez, Legal Division
      Lakes. The participants are selected by
      BSO School Resource Deputies based                                                                      Many people celebrate the holiday
                         on need, behavior and                                                             season in different ways. The common
                          school performance.                                                              thread is that we are with family and
                          Each child received                                                              friends, hopefully in person and definitely
                            a $100 gift card
                                                                                                           in their hearts. I hope every one has a
                                  to purchase
                                                             10-year old twins, Sergio and                 great holiday regardless of what you call it
                                    gifts for
                                    themselves,              Daniel Rodriguez from Country Isles           or how you celebrate it.
                                                             Elementary, were first to enter the store
                                       their family          focused on getting one unique gift -            FF/PM Kenneth Loukinen, Weston
                                        and friends.         a Venus fly trap.

                                                                 The Starlight Children’s Foundation          First and foremost, I am thankful to
                                                              also participated in this year’s event       God for being there every step of the way.
                                                              bringing seven children who are struggling   Without Him I am and will be nothing.
                                                              with serious illnesses. For more than 25     I am also thankful for good health, my
                                                              years, The Starlight Children’s Foundation   loving family and great friends. I am
                                                              has been dedicated to improving the          fortunate to have a great job and a roof
                                                              quality of life for children and their       over my head. I’m hoping 2010 will be a
                                                              families who are faced with serious life-    more fruitful, less stressful year.
                                                              threatening illnesses and life-altering        Vivian Jallim, Records
                                                              injuries. “I am happy to continue this
                                                              wonderful BSO tradition,” said Sheriff Al       I am thankful for family - my beautiful
                                                              Lamberti. “Our school resource deputies      daughter, amazing husband, my mother
                                                              put so much effort into the event by         and my siblings. I have two brothers and
                                                              raising money year-round and selecting       two sisters and they are the greatest gift
                                                              the children. The Starlight kids will be a   that God could have given me. They are
11-year old Leandro Reynoso from Olsen Middle School
was so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this      welcomed addition to the fun.”               all my best friends. I am thankful that we
event. With his $100 gift card, Leandro purchased a              Overall the day of shopping was a         were able to spend the holidays together.
doll for each of his younger sisters – ages 5 and 9 – and     great success. The kids had a wonderful
a shaving kit for his 20-year old brother. For his mother,                                                 I am looking forward to cultivating an
Leandro chose a colorful nail polish and make-up set.
                                                              time and their smiles and gratitude were     even greater relationship with my family
The one special gift, however, was a Battleship board         truly priceless.
                                                                                                           in 2010 and endeavoring to be a better
game he purchased for the whole family to enjoy.
                                                                                                           person for myself and them.
                                                                                                             Sheila O’Brien - Communications

                                                                                                              I am so thankful for this job, which
                                                                                                           I enjoy. My job has changed me to be
                                                                                                           positive and grateful for what I have.
                                                                                                           I look forward to 2010 and hope that
 During the Shop with                                                                                      it brings more job opportunities and
 the Sheriff event, Sheriff                                                                                less stress for all. I am thankful for my
 Al Lamberti presented a                                                                                   strength, health and inner/outer beauty.
 special gift to 16-year old
 Matt Bondi from Pompano                                                                                   I also am so grateful for my wonderful
 Beach High School. Matt                                                                                   family, friends, and of course, God!
 received a Wii for his hard                                                                               Looking forward to a positive New Year!
 work and dedication to
 his school work. Matt is a                                                                                  Natasha Carriles - Warrants
 great student and has over
 a 3.0 GPA.

                                                                                                                  SIGNAL 14       I • 13
                                                         news from bso

   ICJS graduates two Supervisor Leadership
   Academies in 2009
   By lt. roBin lArson, icJs
      During 2009, the BSO
   Institute for Criminal
   Justice Studies
   (ICJS) graduated
   two Supervisor
   Leadership Academy
   (SLA) classes,
   which included
   27 supervisors from
   BSO and several
   other law enforcement
   agencies. During each
   graduation ceremony,
   participants were
   recognized for completing
   this challenging course of
   study, which was designed
   to prepare them to become
   the future leaders of their
   respective agency.
      Developed in partnership with
   Florida International University, the
   SLA focuses on “bridging theory and          November graduates were (l. to r.): D.O. Deidre Snyder, BSO Communications, Sgt. Michael DeVita, BSO’s
   practice” and helps first-line supervisors   Internal Affairs, Sgt. Adam Hirsch, Jupiter PD, Sgt. Karla Hines, Coral Springs PD, Manager Sherry Miller,
                                                Communications Technology, Sgt. Harrison Humphreys, BSO’s Paul Rein Facility, Sgt. Christopher Cook,
   develop their knowledge, skills and          PBSO, Supervisor Denise Foster-Burkett, BSO’s CPIS Division, Sgt. Darryl Williams, BSO’s Main Jail, Sgt.
   abilities in the areas of management,        James Jenkins, BSO’s Internal Affairs, Supervisor Said Elshazly, BSO’s Inmate Banking, Sgt. Greg Solowsky,
   leadership and interpersonal and written     Lauderhill PD, Sgt. Katrina Taylor, PBSO, Sgt. Elizabeth Groeninger, BSO’s Paul Rein Facility, Supervisor
   communication skills. The program            Tonya Marshall, BSO’s Inmate Management and Sgt. Jean McManus, BSO’s Detention Management.
   consists of 13 weeks of intensive            critical insight to effectively lead and               different agencies can work together to
   training and academics and affords           supervise personnel. The students also                 accomplish their missions.
   the students to earn up to six college       complete independent study work and                      At each graduation ceremony, the
   credits. During the program, students        engage in group discussions where they                 importance of their leadership roles
   participate in case studies that simulate    share work perspectives and learn how                  was emphasized and each student was
   real work situations which provide                                                                  encouraged to apply what they learned
                                                                                                       in the program and encouraged to
                                                                                                       continue their professional development.
                                                                                                       During the May graduation ceremony
                                                                                                       the class spokesperson was Sgt. Jennifer
                                                                                                       Arcuri from the Pembroke Pines Police
                                                                                                          Department. At the November
                                                                                                             graduation ceremony, the class
                                                                                                              spokesperson was Sgt. Karla Hines
                                                                                                              from the Coral Springs
                                                                                                               Police Department.

                                                                                                               May graduates included (l. to r.): D.O.
                                                                                                               Christine Canon, BSO Communications,
                                                                                                               Sgt. Paul Brian Katz, Sunrise PD,
                                                                                                               D.O. Sharon Rooney-Goodman-BSO
                                                                                                               Communications, Sgt. Michael Johnson,
                                                                                                               Boynton Beach PD, Admin. Coordinator
                                                                                                               Carol Roe, BSO Crime Stoppers, D.O.
                                                                                                               Wanda Williams, BSO Communications,
                                                                                                               Sgt. Jennifer Arcuri, Pembroke Pines
                                                                                                               PD, Sgt. Ron DeAngelo, BSO’s Port
                                                                                                               Everglades, D.O Jim Easom, BSO
                                                                                                               Communications, Sgt. Richard Jacobson,
                                                                                                               Delray Beach PD and D.O. Cheryl
                                                                                                               Grabowski, BSO Communications.

14 • Winter 2010
                                                           a closer look

Fire Rescue’s Technical Rescue Team
By sArA oren, externAl AffAirs
   On October 7th, I had                                  rope, confined space, vehicle
the privilege of being                                        and machinery, trench and
included in what                                                  excavation, and structural
was a typical “day                                                  collapse rescue operations.
at the office”                                                       An additional 120
for BSO Fire                                                          hours of                                                   FF/PM Samuel Corolla
                                                                                                                                 practices saving a life
Rescue’s                                                               training is                                               during basket rescue
Technical                                                              also required                                             operations training.
Rescue Team                                                            in water,
(TRT). In the                          Sara Oren from External         animal and
blazing hot                            Affairs practices basket        rapid intervention
                                       rescue operations while
Florida sun,                           attending TRT’s trainings.     training (RIT).
these men went                                                       Once on the team
through routine                                                    however, training
training of repelling                                           does not stop. All TRT
down 60 foot walls                                          members are required to attend
and saving lives while                                  approximately 240 hours of ongoing
suspended by ropes                                  training per year – not including
and harnesses. As if                             their regular required Fire Rescue
that wasn’t enough,                              training. The teams’ knowledge and
on October 22nd, I                               skills are constantly evaluated through
attended yet another                             training, performance objectives and
training of high angle stokes basket             practice drills.
operations on their 100’ tower ladder –             The main responsibility of the TRT
the height alone was frightening! These          is to respond to unique and frequently           within the state. The TRT is also
experiences were unforgettable and their         complex, dangerous situations that occur         responsible for providing various support
hard work is worthy of recognition.              countywide. As such, TRT has the use             functions for BSO’s Fire Rescue and
   The TRT is made up of 21 team                 of state-of-the-art equipment to assist          Emergency Services Division. Moreover,
members and approximately 20 alternate           them in any and all situations. Assigned         as a countywide response team, TRT also
members who fill in on Kelly days or             to TRT are a 100-foot tower ladder,              responds to requests from many agencies
when a regular member is off. Being              support truck, 50-foot tractor trailer and       within Broward County for TRT, RIT
part of the TRT is not an easy task              an ALS rescue truck – which carries as           and air and/or light support services.
– dedication and motivation are key              much equipment as a FEMA Task Force                 The skills and knowledge of BSO’s
components. There are a series of classes        truck – of which many TRT members                TRT is top notch. These firefighters
and training courses that must be taken          are familiar with as they are also part of       are able and ready to perform during
on their own time – which are costly             the FEMA Task Force in Miami. BSO’s              the most difficult situations. In the
and take nearly two years to complete.           TRT is also part of the State of Florida         emergency services profession these men
Each member is required to attend a              Light Task Force which may be called             are in a highly trained class of their own.
minimum of 360 hours of schooling                upon to respond in the event of a natural
in various rescue operations including           disaster or act of terrorism anywhere

  continued from page 6.
                                                 with Philadelphia Eagles player Corey
                                                 Simon and his wife, Natasha, and their
 This year they provided gifts of toys,
                                                 son, Corey Jr.
 books and baby items in addition to two
                                                    Armed with Santa hats and broad
 checks for a total of $2,500. A special
                                                 smiles, volunteers once again made
 gift of 113 DVDs were donated by
                                                 this event a complete success.
 Dean and Mary Jane Kachel to expand
                                                 Contributions of a little time,
 the center’s DVD library. Participation
                                                 talent and treasure can help
 was also received from The Crockett
                                                 to make all difference in
 Foundation – a South Florida based
                                                 the lives of these precious
 non-profit organization founded by
 Zack and Henri Crockett, Pompano
                                                    Thank you to everyone
 Beach natives. Henri Crockett, former
                                                 from BSO who came out
 player for the Atlanta Falcons, attended
                                                 to show your support!
 the second of the two caroling nights

                                                                                                           SIGNAL 14     I • 15
                                                             news from bso

   A Kid of Character
      Six-year old Sarah Skumatz has a genuine desire                                      as the Sun-Sentinel’s “Kid of Character” on
   to help others. Through a single act of kindness,                                        November 15th. “Sarah is a joy to be around.
   Sarah is credited with changing the attitudes                                             She brings a positive attitude to school each
   of other students in her class. A few months                                                day and continues set a great example for
   ago, during a math lecture, a student                                                        others,” says Sarah’s first-grade teacher
   with cerebral palsy was having difficulty                                                     Barbara Machado.
   getting a book out of his desk. Without                                                          When asked why she does this,
   hesitation Sarah saw his need and helped                                                      Sarah said, “I like to help people and
   her classmate get his book and turn to the                                                    make them happy. It’s fun.” Sarah’s
   correct page. Mirroring her behavior, other                                                   parents, Rachel and Matthew Skumatz,
   students have now stepped up helping with                                                    her grandmother, Gail Stambaugh of
   his books, his walker and his seat cushion.                                                 SID, and uncle, Dep. Josh Stambaugh
   They also make sure he actively shares in all        Sarah Skumatz
                                                                                            from Tamarac, are extremely proud of her
   classroom activities.                                                                  thoughtful acts of kindness.
      For her unselfish cooperation, Sarah was featured

   Helping Victims of Domestic Violence “The Gift
                                                                                             of Giving”
      October 15th, Governor Charlie Crist     Distress works with BSO Child Protective
   visited BSO headquarters to promote a pilot Investigators to assist the victims and their
   program geared to help victims of domestic  children with services.
   violence. BSO is one of seven sheriffs’ offices in        Cases of domestic violence continue to be a       Three years ago Christina
   the state to take part in this program. Since its      concern for Sheriff Al Lamberti – he launched     Flack was referred to the
                                                                                                            Community Justice Program
   inception in Broward in July 2009, BSO has             a large-scale public safety campaign focused on
                                                                                                            to complete juvenile diversion
   aided 92 women. Funded with $1.2 million               the issue in 2008. During the press conference,   services. While in the
   in federal stimulus money, the program’s goal,         Sheriff Lamberti noted that there were 12         program, Christina completed
   said Crist, quoting the U.S. Constitution,             domestic violence homicides in Broward in         various projects, one of which
   is “to ensure domestic tranquility. That’s the         2008, and a total of 18 so far in 2009. “This     had a profound impact on
   number one priority of government.”                    is an unacceptable thing and we just won’t        her. The project was a holiday
      Under the program, advocates from                   tolerate it,” said Sheriff Lamberti.              collaboration between the
   domestic violence prevention agencies work                In response to this problem, on October        diversion program and the
   full-time with sheriff ’s office abuse investigators   15th – from 6 a.m. to midnight – BSO              Everglades Community
   to make sure victims have access to the full           participated in the 7th Annual Family             Church which involved
   array of assistance available to them. In              Violence Apprehension Detail – which              donating Thanksgiving
                                                                                                            baskets and Christmas
   Broward County, a staffer from Women in
                                                          See HELPING VICTIMS continued on next page
                                                                                                            stockings to needy families
                                                                                                            and sponsoring one family
                        Photographed (l. to r.) are Governor Charlie Crist, President                       with a special Christmas gift.
                        and CEO of Women in Distress of Broward Mary Riedel,                                   This holiday season,
                        President and CEO of the Florida Coalition on Domestic                              Christina contacted her
                        Violence Tiffany Carr and Sheriff Al Lamberti.
                                                                                                            former youth counselor,
                                                                                                            Elizabeth Mayo, to volunteer
                                                                                                            and give back the way she
                                                                                                            learned while in the diversion
                                                                                                            program. On December 17th,
                                                                                                            it was a full house at the BSO
                                                                                                            Central Broward District
                                                                                                            Office to see Christina
                                                                                                            and fellow members of the
                                                                                                            Northeastern High School
                                                                                                            Drama Club perform a
                                                                                                            short play about Christina’s
                                                                                                            experience in the Community
                                                                                                            Justice Program. The play was
                                                                                                            touching and as Christina
                                                                                                            explains, “This was a very
                                                                                                            proud moment for me.”

16 • Winter 2010
                                                        news from bso

Firefighters Care Enough to Wear Pink
By mike JAchles, mediA relAtions
   BSO’s Fire Rescue joined Congresswoman Debbie
Wasserman Schultz, a breast cancer survivor, and IAFF Local
4321 reps for a jumbo check presentation from their “Care
Enough to Wear Pink” campaign to the Susan G. Komen for
the Cure® Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Affiliate on November 23rd.
During “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” BSO Fire Rescue
personnel wore pink t-shirts on duty to show their support for
Local 4321’s “Care Enough to Wear Pink” campaign, which
started in October. The pink shirts were donated by Waste
Management, Inc. of Florida, and firefighters and supporters
purchased the shirts for a minimum donation of $10. The             Photographed (l. to r.) are: Deputy Chief Todd LeDuc, IAFF Local
supply of shirts was quickly depleted, resulting in $5,500 raised   4321 Secretary Debbie Rittinghouse, Andrea I Orane, President
for breast cancer research.                                         of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, US Representative Debbie
                                                                    Wasserman Schultz and IAFF Local 4321 President Walter Dix.

 BSO Basketball                                                       Thanks from BCBA
 Tournament                                                          Photographed from l. to r. President Carlos Llorente, Sheriff Al
                                                                     Lamberti and past president Christopher Neilson. On October
 By derek hAntsBArger, fitness speciAlist/icJs                       16, the Broward County Bar Association held their Quadrennial
                                                                     Bench and Bar Convention which aims to help educate our legal
     The inaugural BSO Basketball Tournament was held                community. The BCBA presented Sheriff Al Lamberti with a trophy
  on October 24th at Pompano Beach High School. Eight                as a ‘thank you’ for BSO’s Emerald Sponsorship.
  enthusiastic BSO teams showed up and were eager to play.
  Although the atmosphere was rather competitive, our
  participants demonstrated great sportsmanship and played
  to win!
      Det. Mike Roque led his team through the heated
  competition to become our 2009 Champions. Roque’s
  first place team included Lt. Kennard Campbell and
  Deps. Travis Allen, Richard Lee and Kenneth Boynton.
  Second place went to Dep. Imani Gary’s team, which was
  composed of all Main Jail staff. Todd Nottage and his crew
  received the 3rd place spot.
     All winning teams received prizes for their outstanding
  tournament play - including customized medals, BSO
  Fitness Center t-shirts and BSO gym bags. ICJS would
  like to thank all of our participants, staff, referees and the
  Pompano Beach High School personnel for helping to make
  this inaugural basketball tournament a successful one.            HELPING VICTIMS continued from previous page.

  Before the tournament began all of the players gathered           included approximately 150 Florida sheriffs’ departments,
  together for a group photo.                                       city police departments, probation divisions and community
                                                                    agencies from 28 states. During this time, BSO deputies and
                                                                    detectives conducted a county-wide search for offenders wanted
                                                                    on domestic-related warrants – hauling 30 of them in to jail.
                                                                    Their crimes ranged from family violence, including domestic
                                                                    or dating violence, to child abuse, sexual abuse and elderly or
                                                                    disabled abuse. This collaborative effort helps raise awareness of
                                                                    homespun violence.
                                                                       Our agency will continue its commitment to protecting
                                                                    victims of domestic violence. “We want victims of domestic
                                                                    violence to know that the abuse they’re suffering is not okay,”
                                                                    said Sheriff Lamberti. “We’re here to help them, but we need
                                                                    them to build up the courage to give us a call.”
                                                                                                     SIGNAL 14      I • 17
                                              with our deepest sympathies

                  With Our Deepest Sympathies...
                   The men and women of the Broward Sheriff’s Office extend deepest sympathies to the following employees on the
                   recent loss of their loved ones:
   Lt. Robert Childs,                   Hope Palma, Human Resources       Dep. Steve Bill, Airport           Ct. Dep. Sharon Pyle,
   North Broward Facility               (grandmother Esther Gartenberg)   (father-in-law Robert Wright)      Court Services
   (mother Joan Childs)                                                                                      (brother-in-law Guy D’Ambrosio)
                                        John Permenter,                   Curtis Bradshaw,
   Dep. Lionel Davis,                   Pre-Trial Services                Pre-Trial Services                 CSA Carmen Romero, Airport
                                        (brother Lincoln Permenter)       (father Kedmeal Ottley)            (brother Abraham Romero)
   Pompano Beach
   (mother-in-law Audrey                                                                                     Aisha Snipes, Port Everglades
                                        Sgt. Jean Pierre, Pompano Beach   Dep. Ellison Brown,
   Rolle-Smith)                                                                                              (father-in-law Hedley Gilzene)
                                        (mother Dorimen Bernard)
                                                                          Conte Facility
   Dep. Richard Dungan,                 Dep. Steffenia Richardson,        (mother Susie L. Brown)            Tanya Wagna, Communications
   Paul Rein Facility                   Main Jail                                                            (father Henry Bretton)
   (grandfather Robert Dungan)          (father Deamos Jackson)           Dep. Melinda Bryan-Sims,
                                                                          Main Jail                          Steven Yuresko, Crime Scene
   Sgt. John Fandozzi, Main Jail        Det. Luis Rivera,                 (mother-in-law Effie Sims)         (mother Frances Yuresko)
   (father Joseph C. Fandozzi, Jr.)     Regional Investigations
                                        (mother Myrna Rivera)             Sgt. James Carpenter,              Dep. Rafael Amaya,
                                                                                                             Central Intake
   Col. Rick Frey, DLE and                                                Conte Facility
                                        Shereah Simmons,                                                     (grandmother Carmen Ferreira)
   Civil Dep. Linda Percival,                                             (grandfather James D. Woodard)
   Civil Division                       Fire Rescue Admin.
                                        (brother Derrick Thorpe)                                             Della Amrozewicz,
   (mother Lucille Frey. Lucille                                          Dep. Aisha Coker,                  Finance Division
   was also the mother-in-law to                                          Deerfield Beach                    (husband Charles Amrozewicz)
                                        Shanitrice Sims, CPIS
   Dep. Christopher Percival,                                             (father Durango Dacosta)
                                        (grandmother Ida Mae Burger)
   Cooper City and grandmother                                                                               Dep. Ludethia Bender,
   to Dep. Roger Frey, Oakland                                            Dep. Angela Coleman,               Paul Rein Facility
                                        Dep. Jenifer Smith,
   Park, Nicole Dadic, YIED and                                           North Broward Facility             (grandmother Carrie Hawthorne.
                                        Central Intake
                                                                          (sister Shequana Dobbin and        Carrie was also the aunt to
   Jennifer Rosinski, External          (brother Franklyn Maloney)                                           Sandra Bell, Paul Rein Facility
   Affairs)                                                               niece Madison Dobbin)
                                                                                                             and retired Dep. Janet Carter)
                                        Virginia Smith,
   Dep. Beverly Gordon,                 Inmate Management                 Tanisha Deshazior, Warrants        Lourdes Bodine,
   Central Intake                       (son Christopher Smith)           (grandmother Versie Mae Elliott)   Fire Rescue Logistics
   (mother-in-law Minnie Gordon.                                                                             (father-in-law Charles Bodine)
   Minnie was also the aunt to          Dep. Linda Thieman, Main Jail     Dep. Pedro Dotel, Main Jail
                                        (brother Johnny Washington.       (sister Ana Mercedes Sanchez)      Dep. Kenneth Brookins,
   Dep. Cedric Roberts,
                                        Johnny was also the brother-in-                                      Central Intake
   Paul Rein Facility)                  law of Dep. Vincent Thieman,
                                                                          Det. Andrew Gianino,               (grandmother Learline Brookins)
                                        Central Intake and Dep. Chanell
   Julie Hartmann, Crime Lab            Washington, Paul Rein Facility    Port Everglades
                                                                                                             Civil Dep. Linda Cady,
   (father-in-law                       and was the uncle to Dep. Randy   (brother Vincent Gianino)
                                                                                                             Civil Division
   Wendell C. Hartmann)                 Washington, Paul Rein Facility)                                      (husband Douglas Cady, Jr.)
                                                                          Sgt. Debbie Johnson, Main Jail
   Dep. Joann Johnson,                  Marcell Trotman, CPIS             (grandmother Cora Mathis)          Stephen Cantley, Fleet Control
   Paul Rein Facility                   (mother Diana Best)                                                  (lifelong companion Sora
   (grandmother Carrie Washington)                                        Diane MacDonald,                   Fletcher)
                                        Retired Dep. Terry Trout,         Finance Division
   D/E Gary McCartney,                  Court Services                    (mother Edith Holtz. Edith         Holly Davis, Communications
                                        (daughter Shelly Azzinaro)        was also the mother-in-law to      (grandmother Virginia Gattilia)
   Fire Rescue
   (father Bill McCartney)                                                William MacDonald, Finance
                                        Dep. Debra White, YIED                                               Gasner Dolcine, Deerfield Beach
                                        (grandmother Almeta Edwards)                                         (sister Idamene Destine)
   Sgt. Terrence McClover,
   Paul Rein Facility and Dep.          Elaine Wolf, Inmate Property      Retired Lt. Dennis Mihm,           Victoria Garcia,
   Jonathan McClover, Main Jail         (father Ralph Wolf )              Conte Facility                     Finance Division
   (sister Burnita Trowell. Burnita                                       (father Oscar Mihm)                (mother Phyllis Newton. Phyllis
   was also the sister-in-law of Dep.   Lyvon Battle,                                                        was also the grandmother of
   Lorraine McClover, Main Jail)        Purchasing Division               Dep. Dave Nicholson,               Dep. Stephanie Newton,
                                        (mother Joyce Battle. Joyce was   Dania Beach                        Pompano Beach)
   Dep. Sabine Moss, Main Jail          also the aunt to Sgt. Anthony     (grandmother Claira Reese)
                                        Thompson, Main Jail)                                                 See DEEPEST SYMPATHIES
   (grandmother Lise Jean Pierre)
                                                                                                             continued on next page

18 • Winter 2010
DEEPEST SYMPATHIES continued                                     We also regret the passing of ...
from previous page.
                                              Retired Detective Bruce Babcock from          Franklin Lizzi began
                                              Regional Investigations passed away on        his career with the
Dep. Salvatore Greco, Pompano Beach           October 28, 2009, after losing his battle     Broward Sheriff’s
(father-in-law William Nichols)               to cancer. Det. Babcock had a 27-year         Office in May of
                                              law enforcement career – 18 of those          2004. He worked
Jacqueline Hough, Central Intake              years serving with BSO.                       as a court deputy
(mother Annie Bookman)                                                                      until his unexpected
                                              After a long illness,                         passing on
Batt. Chief Julie Johnson, Fire Rescue        Retired Deputy                                November 3, 2009.
Admin.                                        Wilber Porter,                                Court Deputy Lizzi
(sister Jeanne Barcus)                        from the Civil                                was a Veteran of
                                              Division passed                               the Korean War. He is survived by his wife
Dep. Brian Kmiotek,                           away on October 6,                            Linda and children, Gina Childers, Maria
North Broward Facility                        2009. Dep. Porter                             Zalewski and Mark Lizzi.
(mother Linda A. Kmiotek)                     served BSO proudly
                                              for 15 years.                                 Joy Carter began her career with the
Capt. Walter Laun, Paul Rein Facility                                                       Broward Sheriff’s Office in November
(brotherErnest A. Laun. Ernest was also the   Retired Deputy Arnold Simon, from             of 1982, where she worked for five years
uncle to Dep. Pamela Murray-Laun,             Court Services passed away on October         as a Airport Safety Officer. Joy passed
Main Jail).                                   19, 2009, after a long illness. Dep.          unexpectedly on December 26, 2009.
                                              Simon served 14 proud years with BSO.         She is survived by her son William
Charmaine Lassiter Marra,                                                                   Carter.
Communications                                                             At the young
(grandfather John Mitchell)                                                age of 33,
                                                                           Deputy Brian                            At the age of 84,
                                                                           Faust passed                            Ludwig (Bill) Schilling
Ct. Dep. Nilka Navalo-Laroche,
Court Services                                                             away due to                             passed away on
                                                                           complications                           December 12, 2009.
(grandfather Lorenzo Powell)                                               from a heart                            Bill served in the
                                                                           attack. Deputy
Det. Howard Robl, DLE Administration                                                                               United States Navy
                                                                           Faust was an
(father Don Robl)                                                          eight-year                              during World War
                                                                           veteran of                              II, when he earned
Marc Rosensky, Facilities Management                                       the Broward                             a purple heart after
(father-in-law Arnold Epstein)                Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Faust was in his                            a bombing raid on
                                              third year as a school resource deputy at     his ship – the U.S.S. Wasp. After the Navy,
Duane Smiley, Day Reporting and Reentry       Marjory Stoneman-Douglas High School          Bill joined the New York Police Department,
                                              in Parkland. An outstanding deputy with
(grandfather Woodrow Grady, Sr.)                                                            where he served for 20 years. After retiring
                                              consistently high evaluations, Deputy Faust
                                              was nominated for Employee of the Month       to Fort Lauderdale with his wife Theresa, Bill
Carla Smith, Civil Division                   in April of 2009 for his work in cracking a   joined BSO where he served proudly for an
(mother Hattie Fisher)                        stolen cell phone ring. Prior to becoming a   additional 10 years. Theresa describes Bill
                                              school resource deputy he was assigned to     as a wonderful husband and her best friend.
Sheila Tillman, CPIS, Latosha Turner,         road patrol in the City of Pompano Beach.
Inmate Property and Shanta Johnson,
Conte Facility
(grandmother Lula Townsley)

Dep. Ursula Wiggins, Conte Facility
                                              Ask and You Shall Receive
                                              By sArA oren, externAl AffAirs
(brother Deon Wiggins. Deon was also the
brother-in-law to Dep. Leo McBride, North        Overwhelmed by BSO’s generosity,           is raising her five grandchildren – some
Broward Facility and the father to Retired    Linda Dixon couldn’t express her              with challenges of their own.
Dep. Aaron Wiggins,                           gratitude enough when Dep. Robert                To ensure Linda’s needs were met
North Broward Facility)                       Benanchietti and Capt. John Nesteruk          this holiday season, Sheriff Lamberti
                                              stopped by her Fort Lauderdale home           asked Capt. Nesteruk and the Youth
Hope Williams-Daley,                          on December 23rd, to make a special           Intervention and Enforcement Division
                                              holiday delivery.                             team to put together toys for her five
In-Custody Behavioral Services
                                                 Linda’s need was brought to the            grandchildren and $60 in Publix gift
(husband Neville Daley)                       attention of Sheriff Al Lamberti when         cards to help purchase food for the
                                              he received an e-mail through “Ask            home. Before leaving her home, Linda
                                              the Sheriff” from a concerned friend,         said, “I can’t thank you enough. I am
                                              Annie Miller. Annie identified that while     only able to do so much and this is a
                                              struggling with her own health, Linda         huge blessing. It will really help us all.”

                                                                                                     SIGNAL 14      I • 19
                                                        news from bso

   Oakland Park Officials
   Recognize BSO’s Best
   By chief John BukAtA, oAklAnd pArk
       In December the City of Oakland           Unit (SIU), which consists
    Park held its annual Holiday Awards          of Sgt. Rich Pisanti,
    luncheon. The ceremony is a major city       Det. Henry Lopez, Det.
    event which recognizes employees in          Anthony Costanzo, Det.
    various categories such as teamwork,         Brann Redl and Det.
    champion, great idea, customer first and     Rachel Radulic were
    performance excellence. The awards are       specifically recognized for
    based on the Governor’s Sterling Awards      their prescription and      City Manager John Stunson, (l. to r.) Vice Mayor Allegra
    criteria.                                    illegal drug enforcement Murphy, Dep. Pete Outwater, Commissioner Suzanne Boisvenue
       This year BSO’s Oakland Park district     efforts. The unit made      and Commissioner Ann Sallee.
    was lucky enough to have one of its units    an impressive 575 arrests
    recieve the top award for Performance        and seized in excess of $100,000 in 2009! Oakland Park both as a motorman and
    Excellence. The Special Investigations          Dep. Pete Outwater also was                as a member of the Oakland Park Safety
                                                 recognized as the recipient of the Safety     committee.
                                                     Award for his commitment and                 This is the second year BSO’s Oakland
                                                       attention to the roadway safety of      Park district won the city’s top award.
                                                                                               Last year Sgt. Rick LaCerra was
                                                                                               recognized for his efforts in the detective
                                                                                               bureau and his comprehensive oversight
                                                                                               of the move to the new district office.
                                                                                                  As the contractual service provider
                                                                                               to the City of Oakland Park for police
                                                                                               services, the Oakland Park district is
                                                                                               very honored to be a participant in the
                                                                                               awards luncheon and even more so to be
                                                                                               recognized with the city’s highest award
                                                                                               for two years in a row.
                                                                                              Members of Oakland Park’s SIU pose with
                                                                                              Chief John Bukata (center) after the luncheon.
                                                                                              They are (l. to r.): Det. Rachel Radulic,
                                                                                              Sgt. Rich Pisanti, Det. Brann Redl and Det.
                                                                                              Henry Lopez. Also part of the team, but not
                                                                                              photographed is Det. Anthony Costanzo.

     2009 BCCPA Civilian Employee of the Year
     By dAni moschellA, mediA relAtions
       During their Holiday Awards luncheon on           ping-pong tables, weightlifting equipment
    December 10th, BSO Community Service Aide            and cleaning supplies. Florian also works
    Anthony Florian received the 2009 Civilian           with local businesses and organizations to                         Community
                                                                                                                            Service Aide
    Employee of the Year Award from the Broward          provide field trips and special events for
                                                                                                                            Anthony Florian
    County Chiefs of Police Association.                 program participants – most of which are
       Since Florian’s assignment to BSO’s Police        at no cost to BSO – and has fostered good
    Athletic League - nearly two years ago - youth       working relationships with local radio
    participation has doubled and attendance at          stations and sports organizations to
    PAL functions has increased 250 percent! With        create opportunities for children.
    minimal supervision and direction, Florian has          Florian also acts as an advisor
    instituted several community programs in an          for the BSO Explorer program
    area of the county where youth programs had          and often donates his own time
    been lacking. These programs include: sports         working nights and weekends to
    programs, structured study and homework time         ensure the Explorer events are
    as well as fun and games. He has also facilitated    successful. Florian acts as a positive
    the donation of most of the equipment and            role model for kids and is an asset
    furniture in the facility – including pool and       to BSO and to the community.

20 • Winter 2010
                                             news from bso

                                             IRONMAN                                             PRIDE
                                                After 11 months of following a
                                             strenuous diet, exercise and training               Appreciation
                                             routine, Kevin Murtha a firefighter/
                                             paramedic from Fire Station 81 in                   By kristinA gulick,
                                             Weston, took on the Ironman challenge               director docc
                                             in Panama City on November 6th. He
                                             swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles and                    On Tuesday, November 17th,
                                             ran 26.2 miles. Throughout the event                Community Job Development
                                             more than 2,600 participants’ battled               Coordinator Thomas Lanahan
                                             choppy waters and breezy winds making               from the Department of
                                             the challenge all the more difficult. “At           Community Control received a
                                             mile 15 of the run I felt like I had ran
                                                                                                 Certificate of Appreciation from
                                             out of gas, but I got the motivation to
                                             keep going from all the people yelling              PRIDE Enterprise during their
                                             and cheering for me along the course,”              Annual Recognition Banquet in
                                             said Kevin. He completed the triathlon              Clearwater, FL. Thomas received
                                             strong with an impressive finish time               this award for his efforts in
FF/PM Kevin Murtha crosses the finish line   of 14:53:03. Congratulations on your                supporting persons in prisons and
during his very first Ironman competition.   accomplishment Ironman Murtha!                      jails and for providing support to
                                                                                                 ex-offenders released from various

Firefighters for
                                             Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue crews went on           detention facilities. Thomas
                                             a shopping spree on December 3rd at the
                                             Pembroke Pines Walmart Super Center for             works with BSO’s Employment

Charity                                      the fifth annual Children’s Cancer Caring
                                             Center Grand Holiday Party. The annual
                                             tradition brings firefighters together to
                                                                                                 Services Program to help
                                                                                                 ex-offenders gain employment
                                                purchase and collect toys for Santa, who
                                                                                                 and successfully re-enter the
                                                  then presented them to more than 400           community.
                                                      sick and less fortunate children on
                                                         Saturday, December 19th at a party,     Thomas Lanahan with PRIDE’s Mission
                                                           held at Miami Beach Convention        Program Director, Carol Tortarelli.
                                                            Center. At the December event,
                                                             BSO Captain and Local 4321
                                                              President Walt Dix (far right)
                                                               and Driver/Engineer and Local
                                                               4321 Vice President John
                                                               Kelly (front center) along with
                                                               Broward County’s Council
                                                               of Firefighters Vice President
                                                              Lt. Doug Walter presented
                                                             the Children’s Cancer Caring
                                                            Center’s CEO, Lee Klein (far
                                                          left), with a check for $2,500. This
                                                         charitable donation was derived
                                                     from the sale of Florida Firefighter
                                                 license tags.

                                                                                                       SIGNAL 14    I • 21
                                                  bso stars of the month

                    BSO Stars of the Month
       Coordinating the H1N1 vaccination for BSO employees                  addressed by the task force as well.
     was a time consuming task. It took several months of                     For their efforts, the H1N1 Task Force is recognized
     planning and coordination. Many employees were involved                with employee of the month honors. Congratulations to
     in the process of planning and administering these                     the H1N1 Task Force: Dr. Nabil El Sanadi, Asst. Chief
     vaccinations. This unprecedented feat took a tremendous                Miriam Erdman, Capt. David Erdman, Batt. Chief Julie
     amount of hard work and dedication. Locations for Points               Johnson, Chief Donn Peterson, Dir. Victor Marrero,
     of Distribution (POD) sites had to be established, each shot           Risk Management; Asst. Chief Stephen Krivjanik, Asst.
     was administered by BSO fire rescue personnel and had to               Chief Richard Sievers, Lt. Cynthia Adamsky, Dir. Wiley
     be recorded. POD security and traffic flow coordination was            Thompson, Elizabeth Parker, Major Kim Spadaro,
                                                                            Lt. George Rimel, Capt. John Nesteruk, Sgt. Daniel
                                                                            Jackowski, Courtney Harvey, Capt. Robert Arrighetti, PM
                                                                            Dalton Wood, PM Suzanne Lohbauer, Abby Landy, Sgt.
                                                                            Michael Kallman, Sgt. Michael Graham, Capt. Robert
                                                                            Schnakenberg, Gabriel De LaPena, Jennifer Bourgouin,
                                                                            Capt. Michael Coombs, Charles Van Buskirk and Capt.
                                                                            Adam Bloch.
                                                                          Several members of the H1N1 Task Force photographed here are (l. to r.):
                                                                          Sgt. Daniel Jackowski, YIED; Dir. Wiley Thompson, Human Resources;
                                                                          Manager Elizabeth Parker, Benefits; Asst. Chief Stephen Krivjanik, Fire Rescue;
                                                                          PM Suzanne Lohbauer, Fire Rescue; Capt. Michael Coombs, Fire Rescue; Fire
                                                                          Safety Inspector Charles Van Buskirk, Fire Rescue; Capt. Adam Bloch, Fire
                                                                          Rescue; Abby Landy, Fire Rescue Admin.; Asst. Chief Richard Sievers, Fire
                                                                          Rescue; Sgt. Michael Graham, Office of Homeland Security; and Sgt. Michael
                                                                          Kallman, Office of Homeland Security.

        In October, deputies responded to a call of a 15-year old boy who had been set on fire. With more than 65% of his body
     burned, the victim was airlifted to the Jackson Memorial Burn Unit in Miami in
     grave condition. Shortly after the incident deputies had determined that the victim
     had been set afire by juveniles who had fled the area.
        The Aggravated Felonies Unit was charged with conducting the investigation into
     this crime. Under the direction of Sgt. Steve Feeley, Detectives Michael Lott, Scott
     Erdelyi and Cody Gill responded to conduct the investigation. Det. Lott was the
     lead investigator, Det. Erdelyi was tasked with on-scene follow-up and Det. Gill
     canvassed the area for evidence, assisting with the apprehension and processing of
     the suspects and being the point of contact for the victim’s family.
        After thorough investigation and interviewing of witnesses, these detectives were
     able to gain enough information to arrest the juveniles involved within hours of the
     attack. Detectives were also able to obtain critical admissions from one suspect and
     a full confession from another.
        This case has become one of the most serious and comprehensive investigations
     handled by detectives in the Aggravated Felonies Unit. Sgt. Feeley and Detectives
     Lott, Erdelyi and Gill worked together as a team to put together a criminal case
     against the perpetrators of this crime. The investigation took several weeks and
     included many witness interviews, search warrants, subpoenas and countless hours
     of follow-up.                                                                        Photographed from (l. to r.): Dep. Cody Gill,
        For their exceptional investigative work and subsequent arrests all four are      Dep. Scott Erdelyi, Sgt. Stephen Feeley and
     recognized with employee of the month honors.                                        Dep. Michael Lott.

                                     Beyond his normal day-to-day operations, Sgt. Shane Owens continues to go above and
                                   beyond by ensuring his subordinates work is mistake free with regards to processing inmates.
                                       He cross checks the work and ensures each new arrest is processed correctly and without
                                         delay. Sgt. Owens is constantly training his staff and monitoring an extensive workflow
                                           process. His shift gets an overwhelming workload completed each and every day.
                                             On top of all of this, during the month of November he took the initiative to
                                               coordinate the painting of the booking area.
                                                 For his commitment to Central Intake, Sgt. Shane Owens received employee of
                                             the month honors.
                                                    Sgt. Shane Owens, Central Intake

22 • Winter 2010
                                                news from bso

             All in the Family
   Beginning her career in 1995 as a tele-typist with                         Through her busy schedule, Annette also found time to
the Pompano Beach Police Department, Annette                                 fall in love with her husband, Fredrick. The couple tied the
Stubbs-Wilson became a BSO employee after                                      knot on a special day in July 2004 – her birthday! Also
the police department merged services in 1999.                                 finding love was Jessica, who in November married her
A decade later, Annette is now working as an                                    sweetheart, Joel.
Administrative Assistant to Lt. Colonel                                                Born and raised on the beautiful Grand Bahama
Danny Wright. In March 2004, Annette’s                                                    Island, the sisters now live fairly close to one
sister, Jessica Rolle-Browne, followed                                                        another, Annette in North Lauderdale and
suit and began working for BSO                                                                  Jessica in Lauderhill.
Communications in Pompano Beach                                                                       Today, these hard–working women
– where she remains today.                                                                           continue to soar to new heights.
   Aside from dedicating many                                                                          Annette recently completed her
years to her career, Annette is a                                                                       Bachelor’s Degree in Business
dedicated mother who raised                                                                              Administration from Grand Canyon
three children. Her eldest                                                                               University. Jessica is in the process
daughter, Krystle, 26, recently                                                                          of pursuing her dream of being a
graduated with a Master’s                                                                                business owner (a business venture
Degree in Education and                                                                                  she doesn’t want to share just yet).
serves as a high school business                                                                           Aside from their busy work and
teacher in Fairburn, GA. Her                                                                           family schedules, the sisters have
son, Lofton, 21, recently enrolled                                                                   managed to take some time to relax
in McFatter Technical School in                                Annette Stubbs-Wilson (seated)
                                                               and Jessica Rolle-Brown.           during recent vacations to the Turks &
Davie, FL and her youngest daughter,                                                            Caicos Islands and St. Thomas. While they
Kyrha, 16, is sophomore at Fort                                                               both have their individual interests, the sisters
Lauderdale High School participating in                                                 favorite hobby is to go shopping together!
their Pre-Law Magnet program.

Bringing Home the Winning Belts! Supporting
B d . c “B             ”s      ,d          B
                                                                                    with Pink &
 y   ep    lem    utch     Anty     eerfield   eAch

  On November 7th and 8th, the BSO Deerfield Beach PAL participated in the
Florida State PAL Championship Tournament in Fort Pierce. More than 180 boxers
participated from all over the state with BSO bringing six kids – five of which won
championships! The team then traveled south to Homestead to participate in the
Florida Gold Coast Belt Tournament on November 14th, bringing home and                               In October, personnel from
additional two winning belts. Congratulations boxing champs!                                       Confinement Status showed their
                                                                                                   support for Breast Cancer Awareness
 C.J. Murphy, Jordan Murphy and Jake Grossman
 display their Florida State PAL Championship Belts                                                by wearing pink and white and
 won at the State PAL Tournament on November                                                       decorating their office to match.
 7th and 8th in Fort Pierce.                                                                       “This is a cause that is very close to
                                                                                                   my heart, and I am very proud of my
                                                                                                   co-workers,” said Shelby Thompkins
                                                                                                   who spearheaded the effort. More
                                                                                                   information about Breast Cancer
                                                                                                   Awareness can be obtained at Susan
                                                                                                   G. Komen’s site at

                                                 Devon Murphy and Lajuan Beltron
                                                 display their Championship Belts won at
                                                 the Florida Gold Coast Tournament on
                                                 November14th in Homestead.                               SIGNAL 14      I • 23
                                                                                                                                                 PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                                                 U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                  Ft.Laud., Fl
                                                                                                                                                Permit No. 4810
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                                                           employee accolades
Small Problem – Big Help                               A Vacation to Remember                                   Exceptional Experience from
   The smoke detector alarm battery in our home           My family and I came to Fort Lauderdale on            Exceptional People
needed to be changed and neither my husband            vacation from Columbia. We do not speak English             I was a part of the Citizens Academy Class
nor I were able to reach the alarm. We stopped         and had a difficult time figuring out how to get to      #46 and would like to send a special thank you to
by the fire station in Weston and told them about                                                               Cheryl Vara from DLE Administration. She made
                                                       our hotel. We approached Dep. Troy Santamaria
our problem. A short time later the men from                                                                    this experience a unique one and her patience,
the station stopped by our house and solved our        who tried to assist us by drawing us a map from          knowledge and willingness to help motivated and
problem within minutes. We have been residents of      the airport to our hotel; however he could tell we       encouraged all of us. She is a remarkable person and
Broward County for 40 years and this was the first     were still unsure of where we were going. Dep.           an asset to the Broward Sheriff ’s Office. I would also
time we ever needed assistance. Overall, we are very   Santamaria then told us to follow him and he drove       like to thank all the other employees who graciously
impressed with your service and professionalism.       directly to our hotel to ensure we would not get lost.   gave their time to the academy. It is your employees,
We realize this was a small problem for your staff;    We were so thankful and even offered him to have         as well as the overall experience and service you
however it was a major problem for us. FF/PM           dinner with us to which he politely declined and         provide which make BSO truly exceptional!
Richard Delgado was sure to advise us “It’s not a      informed us he had to return to his post. We know
problem. We are here to serve the public.”                                                                         Paola Bello Sanchez
                                                       this may not seem like a big deal to most people,           Pembroke Pines, FL
  Evelyn & Robert Danzinger                            but his act of kindness meant a lot to us.
  Weston, FL                                                                                                    Making an Unbearable Situation
                                                          Luis Guillermo & Perez Castillo
Outstanding Tour Guides                                   Columbia
                                                                                                                   On September 11th, my father passed away
   On October 21st, I brought a group of six                                                                    in his home in Tamarac. Dep. Larry Klarman
disabled youth from the Center for Independent         A Caring response                                        responded to the call and during a very difficult
Living’s High School to BSO to participate in
Disability Mentoring Day. The tour of the agency          On his way to school my son was robbed of his         time Dep. Klarman was extremely compassionate
was led by Deputies Alan Barnes and Anthony            iPod. Dep. Jamie Rubenstein took the report and          and helpful. I live in New York and no other family
Romano from Youth and Neighborhood Services            was very caring and polite. Dep. Rubenstein even         was able to be there to assist. Dep. Klarman went
and Sara Oren from External Affairs. These BSO         checked on my son the following day to see if he         beyond his duties – calling the doctor, conferring
employees were outstanding! They had a great sense     was okay. We were very pleased with the response         with the medical examiner, calling the funeral home,
of humor and were just amazing with the kids.                                                                   and remaining with my father until he was picked
                                                       and my friends and family were even shocked when         up. Throughout the entire ordeal Dep. Klarman
Overall, the students had a great time and learned     I told them the story. Dep. Rubenstein is to be
a lot about your agency and public service. Thank                                                               kept me up-to-date on everything. His assistance
you!                                                   commended for demonstrating compassing and               made an unbearable situation bearable and I would
                                                       professionalism.                                         like to express my deepest gratitude to him for his
  Paula Shea                                                                                                    service.
  Director of Advocacy                                    Vickie White
                                                                                                                   Allyne S. Brumbaugh
  Center for Independent Living                           Pompano Beach, FL
                                                                                                                   Pound Ridge, NY

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