Econ 2105 Principles of macroeconomics by xiaoyounan


									                                 Azerbaijan University

                                   School of Business

                      Econ 2105 Principles of Macroeconomics

                                         Fall, 2011

Instructor:         Rovshan Guliev
Office phone:       +99412 431 50 79 (106)
Phone:              +994 50 636 08 19

Class hour: see schedule
Office hour: by appointment

Course Overview
Macroeconomics studies economy of a country as a whole. In this course we will consider
such important concepts as: measurement and determination of a nation’s output and income
and other national account indexes, problems of economic growth and stability - inflation and
unemployment, fiscal and monetary policies, public debt, international trade and exchange
rate formation, structure of balance of payment.

Textbooks and Materials

Required -                1) N. Gregory Mankiw. Principles of Economics. Third Edition
                          2) Campbell R. McConnell, Stanly L. Brue. “Economics: Principles,
                             Problems, and Policies” Fourteenth edition
                          2) Slides

Grades -                  Based on performance on quizzes, one midterm exam, and a
                          comprehensive final exam. Cheaters receive automatic Fs, and
                          other measures may be taken.
                          Leaving the room with an exam, attempting to steal examination
                          sheet, copying down exam question, attempting to obtain
                          assistance from other student during an exam, using unauthorized
                          reference material (notes, texts) during an exam or turning in
                          work done by others will be considered cheating. Students are
                          expected to be honest and submit for credit only the products of
                          their own efforts. In case of suspicion of cheating, instructor
                            reserves the right to assign ultimate points only after additional
                            oral questioning on quizzing or exam material.
                            Top scores on all exams receive maximum potential points; other
                            grades are adjusted accordingly.

                            Your grade in the course will be determined based on the
                            following weights:

                            Participation:                 5%
                            Activity:                     10%
                            Quizzes:                      15%
                            Mid-term Examination:         30%
                            Final Examination:            40%
                            Total                        100%

Examinations -              Lectures may not repeat reading assignments. All lectures and
                            assignments are fair game for scheduled quizzes and exams.
                            Quizzes and Exams consist of multiple choice, true/false, short
                            answer, and problem questions.

Attending classes is an important condition for satisfactory performance. Always feel free to
participate in discussions, ask questions, and make comments. But please DO NOT TALK to
your neighbor while someone else has the floor, whether that other person is your instructor
or a student.

Failure to keep up in this course can be fatal to your grade.

                           **** NO MAKE-UPS WILL BE GIVEN****

                                  OUTLINE and SCHEDULE
     Lecture No.                                     TOPICS
       & Date
                          The principles of Economics. Thinking like an Economist. The
                          subjects of economy.
                          The types of Factors of Production. Economic Efficiency.
                          The market systems.
 3                        Private and public sectors                            Quiz #1
                          International economic relationship
                                 Quiz #2
                          Domestic Output & National Income
                                 Quiz #3
                          Basic macroeconomic relationships
                                 Quiz #4
 7                        Economic growth and instability                       Quiz #5
 8                        Midterm Exam                            (2 hours)
                          Aggregate demand and Aggregate supply
                                 Quiz #6
10                        Fiscal policy                                         Quiz #8
                          Money and Banking
                                 Quiz #8
12                        Monetary Policy
                          Deficits, Surpluses and Public Debt
                                 Quiz #9
14                        Gains from international trade
15                        Exchange Rates, the BOP Trade Deficit                 Quiz #10
                          Final Exam                 (3 Hours)

     NOTE:         The course syllabus provides a general plan for the course, deviations
                   may be necessary.

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