6 most idiotic questions by paradoks2202


									6 most idiotic questions that science has ever been asked
Sometimes just amazed, watching what the "important" issues solve the most lucid minds
of the planet:
1. "As a male turkey will respond to the severed head of the female?"

In the 60 years of poultry experts noticed that the female chooses a turkey on the basis of
how it would look with her head. To prove this conclusively, they cut off the head female,
planted it on a stick and put before the turkey ... But first things first:
In 1965, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Martin Shein and Edgar Hale began
to experiment to find out if you need a gobbler for mating females or complete enough one
single head. To do this, they made several models of turkey and slipped them
turkeys. Those substitutions are not noticed and dealt with them as any normal turkey
would have done with the usual female. They then cut to the models legs, wings and tail,
but the turkey is also not at all embarrassed.
Scientists gradually cut off from artificial turkey on a piece, until, finally, did not remain
alone head. But even in such a model is not lost for turkeys sex appeal.
They then moved on to the next part of the experiment, in which turkeys offered to mate
with females real beheaded. The result was the same.
2. "Can I get a turtle yawn, yawn if front of her

Everyone knows that yawning is contagious. One yawn - at least in the office, even on the
bus - and started a chain reaction. And this happens not only with people - try to
experiment with your dog. A group of scientists interested in this phenomenon and decided
by all means to find out whether he turtles.
For a start should teach at least one turtle yawn on command, so you can check the
response to her yawning at other turtles. Therefore, Dr. Anna Wilkinson of the University of
Lincoln (UK) currently selected red-turtle and spent six months on what to teach her yawn.
The learning process was: Uilkilson spent hours putting his charge before the red
cardboard box, and as soon as she opened her mouth and made a motion like a yawn,
giving her a piece of lettuce. After a few months the turtle has learned to open his mouth
without lettuce, just the sight of a red cardboard.
After that, they hoisted yawning reptile to her relatives and ... nothing happened. It was
found that yawning turtle is not contagious. It turned out that this was more a social
phenomenon, not peculiar to animals' lower order. "
Commenting on the results of his research, Wilkinson noted that any information on the
social behavior of reptiles may be useful for the conservation of endangered species.
3. "As the voice of the monkey sounds under the influence of helium?"

In order to answer this crucial question for humanity, an expert on primates at the
University of Kyoto (Japan), Takeshi Nishimura planted gibbon in a helium-filled
chamber. The result? Instead of this type of characteristic cry of a gibbon was to go
something like moaning ghosts frightened to death.
Although, in fairness it should be noted that this experiment was not as pointless as it may
seem.Nishimura was trying to understand the mechanism by which gibbons extract
sounds, and it was found that this system works are practically the same as us, but we
specialize in speaking, and they - on singing.
4. "What happens if a male dolphin lodge with human female?"
In 1965, dolphins, John Lilly and his team conducted an experiment in which for 10 weeks
of the dolphin taught the basics of human language, including concepts of colors and
numbers. The training took place with the help of games with special cards.
Lilly found that the establishment of an ideal contact is best to experiment to isolate the
male dolphin from neighbors, put him in a separate pool with a person of the opposite
sex. As the latter was chosen student Maggie Howe. She lived in a room where all the
furniture was half sunk to dolphin Peter could swim to it at any time.

In general, Peter Maggie came to the heart, if not more.
First dolphin behaved like a true gentleman, expressing their feelings through offerings of
frozen fish. But Maggie did not take seriously courting that Peter, as it turned out, were not
favorable. He started to bite her, and even beat the means available to it to bruises - to
send a message about their uniquely sexually harassed.
Scientists became concerned and decided from time to time send hot dolphin females the
corresponding species. But nothing they did not work, because Peter was one-woman
man and decided by all means the favor of Maggie.
As a result, for the sake of the experiment, Maggie agreed to stimulate the penis when a
dolphin kick, and when the hand in exchange for Peter to take part in a number of
important experiments.
After the experiment Maggie wrote a very indecent report.
Lilly took this study a great success, as Peter did mastered some basic linguistic concepts.
5. "Can the chimpanzee to know each other in the ass?"
Fortunately, unlike the first experiment with turkeys, to answer this question, scientists did
not occur to cut chimps ass. At this time it was much more humane - Franz de Uaal
Pokorni and Jennifer made a lot of photos of the fifth point of the different chimpanzee.
Then they took six of the most clever chimpanzee and showed them the pictures, of which
they would find familiar. And the monkey managed! This, say the researchers, shows that
chimpanzees, like humans, are able to form an idea about the body as a whole - unlike
cats, for example, which can enthusiastically chasing its own tail.
6. "What kind of a person would face if to make him cut the head off a rat?"
In 1924, graduate student named Carney Landis had a very strange experiment. He
scored volunteers painted on their faces a few lines to make it easier to follow, as will
change expression, and forced to do things that were to cause disgust: pet frogs,
considered pornographic pictures ... all that stuff. And the time it took off their faces.
In the final, he handed out the white rat and asked to cut the animal's head. Amazingly,
most of the subjects completed the task. Over a third of people who refused, did the
scientists themselves.
As a result, Landis found only that there is a universal for all the grimaces of disgust. Here
are some of the photos:
Pay attention to the child's photo 7 and 9. The boy is only 13 years old, he was careless
enough to go to the laboratory, where he worked for Landis when doctors suspected that
his disease is partly psychological roots. Maybe Landis just wanted to see whether science
grow from an ordinary boy of poor health of the serial killer.
Who will decide that they, the scientists ...

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